Friday, 25 June 2010

We're nearly there...

Hi guys.

Welcome back for another (late) update.

First off, I’d like to address the Pyro figure. A lot of helpful comments, even if they are mostly negative. I’m going to try and answer some of the questions regarding this sculpt:

I think the image I placed on here didn’t do the character much justice but I appreciate you may just not like it. Here’s a better pic.

First up is the size difference, in the photo I placed up Pyro was at the painted sculpt stage, which means he’s made of another material and not lead. When the figures are made in lead they shrink a little. Having got a lead version of Pyro in the office, I can confirm that he’s the same size as Spidey.

Marvel’s changes involved the paint job. We initially had the character in a different orange costume; Marvel requested the colour scheme you see now.

Unfortunately, as someone suggested in the comments, we’ve moved to the point where the pose is pretty much decided. Please bear in mind that when the Pyro sculpt was shown on this blog, the feedback was positive, as always a couple of collectors weren’t thrilled with the character but there wasn’t an outcry for the figure to be changed at the time. I promise you we do take your comments seriously and are willing to look at figures again but it may be too late for this one. I really do think that a lot of people are going to like the figure when they see it in the shops.

Other questions that popped up in the comments were regarding double packs and Northstar. I’m sorry to say I can’t confirm one yet but I do believe we’ll have Northstar and Aurora as a double pack as part of next year’s specials.

Someone also asked why competitions and polls are on the forums and not on the blog. The simple answer is that I don’t have the ability (or time) to make sure people don’t cheat on polls/comps on this blog. We have tried running a few polls in the past but it quickly became obvious that someone was cheating. When the forum chose three figures for this extension I will announce the details on this blog, giving most a chance to join and vote. Sorry but there just isn’t another way.

Anyway, that aside I’ve got two more figures to announce for the extension.

The first is Forge – a simple choice that has been requested many times and is a very popular X-Men character.

The second is….

J. Jonah Jameson.

Now I know there’s going to be a lot of debate on this one but let me say straight away that Jameson being in the collection does not mean we’ve ‘opened the floodgates for civilians’. As far as I’m concerned, Jameson is one of the most important characters in Spidey’s history and despite being a ‘normal’, is as recognizable and unique-looking (hell, probably a lot more) than the other characters in the extension.

Right, that leaves just one slot for Eaglemoss to choose before we start the polls and comp. We’ve talked about it in the office non-stop over the last few days and still can’t quite decide, so now’s your chance to give me your suggestions for the ONE character. Make your voice known in the comments section and you never know, we may be influenced and pick it.

Right that is your lot. Have a good weekend.


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ted sallis said...
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buffduffdan said...

Yay for Forge. He was probably the biggest X-Men omission so far and I'm glad he's in :)

JJJ - Oh what a marmite character he is. Personally I don't mind him being the exception to the no civvie rule and holding a paper, smoking a cigar, wearing his waistcoat will be very identifyable and fit right in amongst the Spidey figures!

Some great explanation on Pyro there too and I think he looks great in the pic you posted today. But then I never really had a problem with the last one and I'm glad your not making any changes :)

Last character in this extension - Phyla-Vell! :D or Thundra!

Anonymous said...


I'll second the choice of Thundra for the final EM choice.

Anonymous said...

Nice to finally see Forge in the collection. And hey, what happened to JJJ when we reach 200? Oh well, I am happy for his fans. There's other Spidey baddies or allies that I would prefer. The Gibbon, Grizzly, The Spot, Puma. So many more.

As for who for Eaglemoss' last choice? Why not Vance Astro, since Cosmic characters haven't gotten a lot of love lately from you guys. Or how about Patriot to kick off the Young Avengers? Since Hulkling would likely have to be a Special (perhaps packed with Wiccan?) he seems like the most logical start.

If not Vance or Patriot, how about someone fun and quirky like Gargoyle, Ghost, Rocket Raccoon (Though I'd love him in a 2-Pack with Groot), or Dark Beast.

nickwebb1980 said...


jarvis69 said...

Hey Richard

At least one good new this week..JJJ , that's all :(
I hope the other guys'll like Forge .
I'm crossing my fingers for the twins double pack but the decision is your an we're only customers.....we have nothing to hope , as usual .

Joeking said...

Given the choice I would love to see Warlock made in this collection, however I doubt that many other collectors would agree therefore My vote would have to go to DOMINO.

I am quite happy to see Forge and JJJ get into the collection. I agree that JJJ is The most recognised of all the so called civilians in the Marvel Universe, and is a more than worthy Addition.

Nightstar1441 said...

Very good choices and thank you for going into detail about Pyro.

Very excited to see that Northstar and Aurora are looking good for a double-pack.

As for the final character choice.

I see it being one of two options - a cosmic or a villian.

Vance Astro makes the most sense - there has been a strong buzz to get the original Guardians of the Galaxy started and he would be a very deserving addition.

Besides being the figurehead of the team, he also would act as a good bridge for the original incarnation and the current incarnation of the Guardians.

The other cosmic option would be to get another Herald of Galactus. This could actually satify both the cosmic and the villian aspect with a choice like Terrax or Firelord (who at times has been an ally and at times an enemy).

If there are grand plans for cosmic in the next extension - then a villian would seem to fit well here and there are plenty of viable choices from Grey Gargoyle, Baron Mordo, The Hood, The Owl and Baron Von Strucker that are really can't miss options.

Regardless of who is chosen - I know I will be buying since every character gets me one step closer to the Marvel Universe.

Hungry Son said...

Excited about Aurora and Northstar. Sounds like Alpha flight is going to be in full force (Just really need Shaman for my tastes :)

For the ONE figure, I'm going to request Crossbones. For no other reason then he is one of my favorites.

Ronin said...

Marvel Knights are running short in this extension, only Shanna. So I propose Owl, The Hood or another lady: Nico Minoru aka Sister Grimm.

Villains are also short in this extension so why not have Ronin, Silver Samurai, King Cobra or Cyber.

Ronin said...

Pyro is great by the way and I missed a thumb up for Forge and JJJ - great choices.

Hiperion said...

Great news on Jameson and Forge.

My most wanted team at the moment are the New Warriors. We only have Nova and Firestar, and the team is plenty of characters that could make awesome figurines.

I'd love to get Night Thrasher or Justice in this extension, but my vote/petition goes to NAMORITA.

A great character with a lot of appearances and connections with Namor, the Warriors or even the Fantastic Four. And she did very well in the Fantastic Four allies poll.

Namorita for the CMFC.

mighty_marvel said...

oh my god. i'm sooooooo happy that jjj will finally be in the collection. there's no deying he deserves his spot. and it makes it loads easier for me to decide who to choose for the comp! just remember for the fig - rolled up paper, spidey mask, cigar and looking like he's yelling "PARKER"

would have preferred an x-villain to forge as it's unlikely that an x-villain will make it in this extension otherwise, whereas forge was a shoo-in in the forum vote. but he's a big want of mine too and now pretty much completes all x-men up to the 90s.

pyro looks better in that pic. still a bit annoying that you have to put the base on a slight angle to see his face though. any way the fig can be turned on the base so it can be displayed straight on?

for the final EM choice fig i think the F4 family have enough representation in this extension so personally i wouldn't want thundra. an x-villain would be fantastic because as i said before it's unlikely we'll get one in this extension otherwise. sebastian shaw, selene or silver samurai would be good. not much knights representation this extension. brother voodoo would make an amazing fig or jigsaw as the punisher has no villains yet. and i know i've been spoiled with JJJ but i have to throw a suggestion of Nico Minoru out there as well.

Anonymous said...

Anyone from my new Sig Banner would make me pretty damn happy. So feel free to go wild. Loving the look of the DC Collection's Detective Chimp, so Rocket Raccoon would look cracking good if you went that direction.

Anonymous said...

Re: JJJ's Cigar..

It won't happen. Given the current No Smoking rule in effect at Marvel, there's no chance he'll be made with a cigar. So no sense requesting it.

AVENGERS -87 said...


Kal Brindle said...

Thanks for the detailed explanation on Pyro and the changes that were made. Thanks also for the new pic, it is much better than the last one.

Forge - great choice - this is really going to have an impact on the Forum Choice as he was one of the front runners and all of a sudden there are a boat load of "free" votes out there in the ether - it's now anybody's game!

JJJ - I am a huge supporter of this decision. While not a huge Spidey fan myslef, even I can attest that JJJ is Spiderman's most iconic adversary of all time. This will be unpopular with some collectors, but I say Bravo!

One more pic to go eh? Well here's my two cents - we need another villain - so my vote gos to the Grey Gargoyle.

What's not to love? French, cape, snazzy moustache, turns people to stone, oodles of history, not too many costumes to choose from - loads of great images available for Dan to use.

As for the Northstar issue, it's great to hear that a Beaubier two pack is still on the cards - but until then Northstar is confirmed for this extension right?

jarvis69 said...

I TOTALLY agree with Kal about his choice , and NOT because I'm french ;)

Iceman Drake said...

I am excited for both Forge and JJJ.

Regular Hopes:
1. Avalanche
2. Wolfsbane
3. Vulcan
4. Deathbird
5. Domino
6. Exodus
7. Random
8. The Spot

Special Hopes:
1. WARPATH -- far and away my favorite character remaining. Imposing, great weapons, and the x-force version has a great aesthetic. I think people would buy this figure based on the look alone.
2. Strong Guy

mighty_marvel said...

i was under the impression that the marvel smoking ban only affects characters that are designed to be identified with by children. i doubt that JJJ falls into this category. and marvel allowed jjj to smoke in the spiderman films

cloak and dagger fan said...

I love forge in the collection and jjj the first civillian in the collection.pyro is great but looks fat.I would like to have callisto to start the morlocks off.

Anonymous said...

"i was under the impression that the marvel smoking ban only affects characters that are designed to be identified with by children. i doubt that JJJ falls into this category. and marvel allowed jjj to smoke in the spiderman films"

The films are a different animal. They don't have complete control of any of the films that were licensed to other studios. That includes the Spider-Man and X-Men films. But merchandise featuring their characters isn't going to feature cigarettes or cigars.

nasia said...

Forge + JJJ excellent choices

Please Richard, confirm next week the one and only


Robert said...

Thanks for another excellent update, Rich. Always glad to hear you comment on our questions and grumbles. Not fussed about Forge but he's been popular in any forum polls shown here so can't disagree with his inclusion. As for JJJ, glad to see Eaglemoss showing imagination on the dreaded civilian topic. Hopefully, we'll see a few more in a later extension! :)

Looking over the newest extension, it's hard to predict what we might see for the last confirmed pick as the figures are quite evenly spread apart from the MK family.

It's hard to argue for one particular character. Spidey has three votes (I'm counting Hydro-Man), and still has the likes of the Jackal, Tarantula, Hammerhead, Tombstone, etc. Likewise the Avengers have three picks and still we have no Swordsman, USAgent or Mantis.

However, the cosmics have barely been touched up till now and we have only one herald, so I'd be more in favour of a cosmic. Examples: the High Evolutionary, Elders like the Gamesmaster, alien races like the Kree and Skrulls (I know, we're getting the Kree Mar-Vell and already have Super-Skrull), even the - shudder - modern Guardians of the Galaxy. So that's the direction I'd go.

However, what I think will happen is that we'll get an X-villain like Avalanche or Silver Samurai. We don't have a mutant bad guy yet...

Robert said...


I hadn't heard about that. Wow. So does that mean they don't show Wolvie or Nick smoking, either...?

LAWay said...


Good update today. Would have loved to see more WIP, but good news anyway.

Good to hear about Pyro's scale. He looks slightly better because you can see the wash on him, and its probably the best angle to display him at. Again, too late to ask, but could he be positioned at that angle, but so then the Marvel logo is front on. As is, that is his best angle, but the base has to be turned to see it so he wont line-up with others.

Happy with Forge, happy with JJJ, think he is definitely worth his weight in lead.

I look forward to casting my vote when they start. Sorry about the negative comments on Pyro, and I hope it wont lead to you guys not showing any more WIP shots of future figurines.

AVENGERS -87 said...


Squiddy said...

Forge is a good solid choice. His inclusion will hopefully open up doors for Longshot and Sage as the last two senior x-men of note.

J Jonah Jameson is going to be a marmite character. Although there are plenty of costumed spiderman characters to go such as Spot, Molten Man and Jack O Lantern. Jamesons inclusion does make sense, he is definately the most recognisable character in the extension to the general buyers. Which should equal more sales which should equal more extensions. It it helps keeping the collection going then i will accept some civvies.

As for my suggestion for character, the character i WANT the most is Longshot. BUT the character i think SHOULD be in the collection be either

Baron Mordo.
a) the Marvel Knights section is severely lacking and its about time Dr Strange had his arch rival in the collection

Vance Astro
not enough cosmics, and leader of the guardians

or Nitro
the one villain which has single handedly made the most devastating and significant impact on the MU in recent years.

bomber59 said...

i prefer forgot this update (forge and Jameson... not my cup of tea)... and concentrate my post on the EM's last choice :
IMO, Vance Astro is the logical choice... but i would campaign also for Grey Gargoyle or Thundra !

bomber59 said...
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Anonymous said...

I guess from the sound of it, there won't be another competition for a fan to choose one figurine, will there. Oh bother, there goes my hope for Beak to ever get made.

Anonymous said...


I hadn't heard about that. Wow. So does that mean they don't show Wolvie or Nick smoking, either...?"

Correct. For the most part, nobody smokes on panel in Marvel anymore. There are rare exceptions, but it's usually nasty villains like Red Skull, that Marvel expects nobody to consider "cool".

Ronin said...

In my mind there will be a comp. Look what Richard wrote: "Right, that leaves just one slot for Eaglemoss to choose before we start the polls and comp."

So maybe he just didn't count Nightstar for this extension ....

Robert said...

Thanks for answering my question, CBR Beast. I'll be keeping an eye out for it now that you've brought it to my attention.

Disgusting, unhealthy, smelly habit though it is, I'm not sure how I feel about this ban. A figure of JJJ who doesn't have a cigar hanging out of his mouth seems a bit odd. What do you guys think?

Hawkeye said...

As a long-time advocate of JJJ's inclusion in this collection can I just say.....YAHOO!

Next up for me would be Spitfire, Werewolf By Night, Hammerhead, Tommbstone, Excalibur, but I'm one happy camper..... :)

Mr J said...

Pyro looks much better in this new picture thank you for that.

Forge is a fantastic choice so thank you for that too.

The last figure slot from you I hope to see is DOMINO.

If not Domino then I think Corsair would be best as its about time we had a Starjammer.

BobDiamond said...

Wow...didn't expect that...I'm OK with these additions though- both deserving characters, not what I'd have chosen, but still OK.

Now last of these guys hopefully:

Baron Strucker
White Tiger


Ps. good to see the home page is back up-to-date. Those next 3 figs look great.

The Hood said...

Pyro looks fantastic, also i'm very happy to see Forge and JJJ in the collection, my choice for the last figure in the extension is Howard The Duck.

mighty_marvel said...

it would look odd to see jjj without his cigar. and like cbrbeast has said there are exceptions to the smoking ban with characters that are designed to not appeal to children. i'd say jjj falls into this category. also, as this is a line of lead figures aimed at adults jjj may be allowed his signature cigar as i think that the smoking ban is slightly relaxed in titles aimed at older readers. we'll have to wait and see

mighty_marvel said...


my suggestions for last spot

silver samurai
sebastian shaw

brother voodoo

nico minoru

Tamás said...

The blog and the figures are awesome, however I would say some words about this "classic" vs. "modern" issue( I didn't read the comments, so maybe you are talking about somethin else...). I have found this kind of collectable figures just right now, so I am realy new guy here, but I see realy big different between some character's original release dates in comics. I would like to create an X-Men group from '70s - '80s, for example. there are a lot of characters which I could use for this, but there are some which I couldn't. There is an Angel from '70s, an Iceman and maybe a Phoenix. I can grab them...but there is a modern Cyclops from early 2000's and a very modern Beast. Can you imagine the five founder member of the X-Men side by side on a shelf in customes of different ages? Have anybody idea, how could I solve this problem?

foxchilde said...

Pyro looks great, I never saw peoples problem was; thanks for the explanation though.

JJJ, great choice, Forge, ditto.

Character for the last slot?

Hmmm, DOMINO would be great, very striking.

I may also say SEBASTIAN SHAW (The Black King) - my X-Villains plinth feels like its missing this classic and important villains who's outfit would look unlike any other currently represented :-)

pirate adam said...

another X-Man and a Civillian,


although i am pleased for Mighty Marvel, if we could all get our biggest want it would be a happy Blog

TzAtZiKiS (no onion) said...

JJJ imho is not the best choice.

And I will propose Night Thrasher for the last addition. Please!

Anonymous said...


Cyclops, Beast, Emma Frost, Colossus, Shadowcat, and Wolverine were all sculpted to match the much touted Astonishing X-Men book from Joss Whedon. Yes, the costumes for the X-Folks in particular are often from different eras. But given the X-Men change costumes more than any other group, due to most of the time not having a Group costume... it's understandable that the figurines would be from various eras. Also, "Classic" refers to the characters themselves, not their costumes.

As for JJJ. LAWay on the SHFF posted a perfect example for how to do JJJ without his cigar which would look fantastic on the shelf.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, he has the cigar in the pic. But easy enough to simply not sculpt it on the actual figurine.

mighty_marvel said...

marvel allowed diamond select to sculpt jjj with a cigar so can't see why EM wouldn'tbe allowed

mighty_marvel said...

mighty_marvel said...

hmmmm. won't allow me to post the full link. this is the rest of it


LAWay said...

MM the post is working fine. Thats what I used as the base for my design, thought it was a bowen statue though. I think the cigar would be hard to sculpt in his mouth being so small, so I opted for between his fingers.

Its not a children's product so maybe it can be done, but i understand why they wouldnt. Dont think JJJ smokes in spectacular spiderman cartoon does he?

jimbob said...

Thanks for Pyro explination.

Forge - If he did'nt get confirmed,he would have won the polls anyways!

JJJ - Im happy with that.I think at this point what ever the collectors want.Doubt anymore civvies will get through for a while.

ted sallis said...
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Robert said...
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mighty_marvel said...

will still vote for bloodstone for you ted. would appreciate a vote being thrown nico minoru's way now if thats ok

Riddler83 said...

Baron Mordo, a gaping hole in the magical section of the MU at this stage. Plenty of characters deserving but he is crying out to be immortalised in lead now

AVENGERS -87 said...

MOONSTONE is a character actual and classic , for me THE GOOD CHOICE

John said...

J. Jonah Jameson!!! Its weird to come into this collection and have a list of wants and be getting so many in one extension. The Wizard and Sasquatch were my most wanted characters. JJJ was very high up there. I'm really happy. Thanks! :)

I don't really care, at all, about Forge, but I am happy for his fans. A LOT of people wanted him.

For the final figurine...
If the EM team has been throwing a few names around, unable to decide, maybe it would be fun to give us a list and have us go from there, so we're not just going "Starlord for the collection!"

Let me try and look at this logically and fairly;
X-Men has 3.
Spidey has 3.
Avengers has 3.
FF has 2.

MK has Shanna and Cosmic has Karnak... I'd like to see either a villain, MK or Cosmic character for the last placement, just as far as spreading out the types of characters.

I think now would be the best time to get a Brother Voodoo going. He's currently Sorcerer Supreme and very fresh on everyone's mind. He's had a lot of history and would fit in perfectly around Son of Satan and Ghost Rider. He also seems to get a lot of requests and would please a lot of people.

For villain, I'd actually like Grey Gargoyle. He's got a lot of recognition, appearing in numerous video games, and for comics, has battled just about everyone. Most collectors will be familiar with him, and most would be satisfied by the choice. Again, he gets a lot of requests on the forum.

For a cosmic, personally I'd prefer Rocket Raccoon, but as someone else already said, he'd be even better as a 2-Pack with Groot. And while I like Vance Astro, I don't see too much appealing/identifying about the character. I would rather see Gamora than any other cosmic (at this time.) However, I've been VERY big on Cosmic comics as of late and would like to see a LARGE number of characters (Phyla-Vell, as mentioned by another poster, or Starlord, Bug, High Evolutionary, a herald of Galactus, or Mantis would also please Avengers fans.)

End of part 1...

John said...

I also feel that if you want to have teams in the CMFC, more than one per extension can seem like overkill if fans don't like that particular team. For example, I think 1 Asgaurdian per extension is a good trade off. But that also means, if there is a team that you would like to complete, or maybe more importantly, one you'd like to start, this last place would be an extremely important decision as far as some of these teams goes.

Personally, my biggest desire for this last spot, would be to get the Agents of Atlas started. The Uranian is my current #1 want for the collection and would absolutely love to see him in his current outfit. I've seen a few others in support of this as well, but don't know how far it goes through the community. This was Marvel Comics FIRST Marvel Boy, from the 50's, and is currently featured in a major Marvel team.

And like the Agents of Atlas, I'm hoping any Young Avengers fans chime in here as well. Keep in mind, if we only get 1 character per extension on sprecific teams, it would be better to get one of these started now than later...

Young Avengers seems to mostly be down to 2 choices; Wiccan or Patriot. If we eventually got both, then I wouldn't care who started it, but my vote goes to Wiccan. I think he's the overall more liked character, but many fans would rather start with the team's leader, so... But this is a fantastic new team, with ties all over the Marvel Universe. Definitely a new area worth trying out.

I hope that helps and wasn't too long, but to sum up, I'd either look at the categories with less representation or start off or finish off a team.

And to really make my year, go with an Agent of Atlas. :)

ted sallis said...
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LAWay said...

What happened to the secret project?

Is it like the secret invasion...and clues were subtly hinted at through every blog post throughout the year?

Thor8 said...

Forge and JJJ,2 very requested figurines,so I'm glad for those who were very anxious to see these confirmed.

The new pic of Pyro does indeed do him more justice and if his size will be as you mentioned then I guess the figurine will look better than we might have anticipated. Not really sure if I'll be getting this one though.

As for whom will fill the last slot available,my #1 choice is Swordsman with White Tiger and Arachne as close seconds. There are also many classic villains who come to mind as well as some cosmics and Thunderbolts. I don't however think this last slot should be given to any X-related character,being that Forge has just been confirmed and most likely at least 2 out of 3 of those picked in the forum will most likely be X-people.

I noticed that your main site finally got an update,although getting just 5 new entries after waiting ages really doesn't quite cut it.

Can't wait to see what the comp. will be this time around.

Oh and someone asked "WHAT HAPPENED WITH JJJ AFTER #200?" and a scary thought came to my mind... What if there isn't any after #200???

Thor8 said...

I noticed some old time bloggers back in this post as well as some new "faces" A welocome aboard to you new guys and a welcome back,we've missed you to the oldies but goodies!

Steve Tanner said...

MODOK, please!

Banshee said...

Pyro does look great in that picture to be fair I really hope he's a great figurine. Also I really would love if you had the twins as a double-pack next year that would be awesome and would leave another space free which you could still fill with an Alpha Flight, maybe Shaman ;).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RICH, hear my call and make your last choice for the extension the formidible and of course beautiful MOONSTONE !!!!!!!

francesco said...

I don't have much to say about the choice of JJJ and Forge, since right now my major feeling is a sense of incompleteness. I mean, even if we have arrived to 180 regular figurines (plus special issues), too many characters are still outside the collection. At least twenty names come to my mind. It'd be redundant to list them as many are written here and there in this forum or elsewhere. So the question is: are guys at Eaglemoss' planning to reach two hundred regular numbers (plus another bunch of specials)? If the answer is "yes", I'll unveil my personal list of characters deserving to be included..

Robert said...
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Colossus said...


The poll on the forum for which YA is neck and neck between him and Patriot, but I usually get the feeling from looking at other boards and talking to YA fans, Wiccan is a bit more well-liked in general. He might also pull in a few more buyers just because he has a more interesting design, as well.

Rich also mentioned needing to strike a balance of characters that would appeal to the different fans who buy this collection. So far this extension seems to be a little more leaning to older fans with a few of the choices who reached their prime in an earlier decade. Wiccan's a popular modern character from a well-liked series with plenty of backstory and recent relevance.

My personal favorite of the bunch is actually Hulkling (with Wiccan right behind him), but I do enjoy most of the YA cast quite a bit. Hulkling, however, has to overcome the challenge of being automatically pegged as a special when I feel he could work as a reg. (I'm trying to change that feeling!) He doesn't have quite as much fan support as his boyfriend :(

As for the updates, while I'm not a fan of either, people have been calling for their inclusion for ages. Jameson, despite not being super powered, has actually racked up almost 1500 comic appearances, according to ComicVine. Given that he's also one of the most recognizable characters to mainstream fans, I think his inclusion is a pretty smart move.

One-of-Three said...

I like that JJJ was added to the collection, I'm not a fan of him whatsoever, but I think his addition was long overdue especially considering his role in Spiderman's life is pretty large and antagonistic. ;) At least he's recognizable.

I'm not a real big fan of Forge, since I find his character to be boring. He's really popular on the Superhero Figurine Forum though, which is why I saw this particular update coming.

Honestly, when it comes to the collection I can't help but feel a bit alienated since there aren't many characters I'd buy. A lot of the characters I like don't have a spot in the collection, and they're not all obscure characters either. I'm mostly talking about The Runaways and Young Avengers when I say this, as well as the New X-Men. Some of these characters are 10 years old now and should have enough history to fill a Magazine.

I understand that there are characters who have been meaning to make it in the collection, but I can't help but noticed that this extension is mostly from the 80's and backwards at best. It's hard for newer Marvel fans like myself to get into the collection when there isn't anyone made of lead they support.

I'm sure this has been said time and time again, but much like older Marvel fans which have grown up with older Marvel characters (which were considered new at the time), shouldn't newer Marvel fans get the same opportunity? Having "newer" characters in lead would be a great way to start. Especially if they haven't had anything else made of them save for Heroclix or something. (Keep in mind when I say newer Marvel fans, I don't simply mean children, I mean fans of all ages who are new to Marvel Comics in general.)

Last but not least, I want to address a couple of members on here and say thank you to both Robert and LAway for the sketch of the Stepford Cuckoos. LAway is the incredibly talented artist who drew it up, and Robert is a really stand up guy for requesting it on my behalf. Thanks guys! Sorry I haven't been around too much. :(

John said...

I'm with Colossus. Its an area I hadn't really thought of. Older vs. newer. Though to be fair, many are still major players, or at least represent major players (Inhumans, Savage land.)

I also agree that Hulkling does NOT have to be a Special as everyone is saying. He can shapeshift wings to fly on, but rarely has them just hanging out his back. I don't think its necissary and really only captures that one famous picture that always seems to be used for his inclusion. I would actually, now that I think about it, simply prefer him without large, dynamic wings. They'd just break easier and it'd be harder to place other figures around him.

Anyway, Wiccan has my support for newer character representation.

One-of-Three said...

Oops! I got caught up in the update and completely forgot to say who I would want to get in most. Obviously my choice would be:

The Stepford Cuckoos.

Lately I've been on the Super Hero Figurine Forum and started a campaign for them. I've actually gotten some pretty good feedback and now people are starting to want them in too.

At this point I don't care how they're added, since as a fan of the characters I would appreciate them in any form Rich creates them in. Though, I think they have a better chance getting in the collection as a regular figurine with people just purchasing however many they want, which could be good for sales too.

I've even gone as far as to making a mock up of the Magazine cover for The Stepford Cuckoos. ;)

I chose the alternate cover art for Phoenix Warsong for the magazine mostly because Mike Mayhew is one of my favorite artists, and it's probably the best bet for the Three-In-One (Let me know what you guys think of it!)

prnied said...

Thanks for the update. I agree with Vance Astro or one of the Heralds of Galactus

prnied said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Nice looking cover,One of Three

LAWay said...

Oh One-Of-Three...I'm blushing. Thank you. ;)

I agree with your comment though...I AM an excellent artist.
...I mean about the newer vs older debate. I am a relatively new marvel fan despite being a fan for probably 15 years because of comics, toys and top trumps. Bless them.

Alot of characters I know about purely from these comics and cartoons. I know a few more from association and a little research. Some characters are really digging deep and plucking random characters when so many from the 80s/90s onwards havent been done.

I think people get hung up on the word 'classic' meaning old, which I dont feel is the case. Marvel Legends toy series produced figures of a diverse range of characters, old and new that many are not considered 'legendary'. Its just a brand name. Like you said, characters that we have grown up loving is the same situation of older fans and how they grew up reading comics. The only different is their characters are older, doesnt make them any more classic or successful.

Anyway, its cool to see alot of new faces on here. The excitement of an update is good to see. :)

Gremlin said...

Glad to hear JJJ is in. You said it perfectly that although he is a "civvie" ihe is very distinctive looking. Not like putting Mary Jane in who could double for any generic redhead girl really.

I was surprised you included Forge. He is a great choice IMO but I would have thought you might leave him for the forum to put through considering we already have Magik and Thunderbird from the XMen side of things.

The final has to be Vance Astro. You have teased us with GOTG mentions for a few extensions now and considering he has been on both incarnations he is a natural. Also the cosmic side of the extension is quite weak at the moment and he would top it up perfectly.

sergiogf said...

I'm so happy about Forge¡ And JJJ, of course¡
Pyro sounds better and great news (we hope) about Northstar & Aurora¡

Last but not least: I think we need an x-villain, for example:
-Silver Samurai
-Sebastian Shaw

Robert said...

It was really all down to Leigh, One-of-Three, but thanks for the kind words. Now, don't be such a stranger in future, hear?

Robert said...

"Some characters are really digging deep and plucking random characters when so many from the 80s/90s onwards havent been done."

Just wondering who you were meaning, Leigh?

Colossus said...

I hadn't realized this yet, but out of the 180+ releases we've had announced thus far, (unless I missed someone) only two are characters introduced within the past ten years: Sentry (2000) and X-23 (2003/2004). I can probably add Winter Soldier (2005) to that as that's an entirely new identity and reinvention of Bucky, a character canonically dead for the past sixty years.

Yeah, I'm really thinking this collection needs to include some more recent favorites. The past decade has given us popular teams like Runaways, Young Avengers and New X-Men, as well as popular solo characters such as Sentry and Jessica Jones.

ElvenBrit said...

JJJ i'm happy about, even if he is a 'normal', not too fussed about Forge, being a non X-Man collector (Shock/Horror).

One figurine to vote on.... it has to be Meggan... or maybe Spitfire... no, Meggan... no Spitfire... arg!


One-of-Three said...

@LAway: That was super conceited. ;) Though I wont retract my compliment since I do like your drawing a lot. lol

@Robert: I'll try not to disappear again. :)

Also, I personally don't think we need anymore cosmic characters in this extension. We got two in a row last update, I think we're good. I like the idea of a newer character being announced.

Robert said...

Captain Marvel II/ Photon is mainly known for her time with the Assemblers, OoT. Her cosmic adventures are more recent and less prominent, so she isn't a cosmic character in the same way as Mar-Vell.

mighty_marvel said...


Runaways ideally

Nico or Karolina would make the best figures but the sheer awesomeness of Molly cannot be ignored

but would be happy with a young avenger too

mighty_marvel said...


so the next few specials are

sasquatch and puck
omega red

northstar/aurora (likely)

line-up is leaning towards the x-verse a little. hope this doesn't affect sauron's chances of being a special next year. but would also like to see odin, terrax, lockjaw, celestial and madame web

Robert said...

Hey, MM has made a great point. That will be six of the sixteen specials, two of the three double-packs (and even the third has close links to the X-Men), plus one of the four megas. That does seem a bit unfair.

I'm happy to see the Alpha Flighters and some of the others, but I'd like more balance. Lockjaw, Hela, Odin, Goliath, etc.

LAWay said...

Why would Sauron be a special?

He is 5'9" I read, and if he has his wings folded, like this, he can be a regular figure.

One-of-Three said...

@Thor8: Thanks, I'm glad you like it. =)

@Mighty_Marvel: I'm with you on The Runaways, though I'm more for Gertrude and Old Lace than I am for Karolina. No doubt Karolina would be amazing, I just don't see EM being able to pull her powers off. My number one Runaway want would be Molly Hayes though. It's times like these that makes me love her all the more.

I'm more for a Young Avenger though (Wiccan or Hulkling). Some New X-Men would be great too, aside from The Stepford Cuckoos I'd like to see Armor, Hellion and Dust make it in the most. Even though Armor is more prominent in Astonishing X-Men.

@Robert: I suppose, but I still personally count her as a Cosmic Character. I still think it's enough for now. =(

Suzene said...

Thanks for the updates, particularly in regards to Northstar and Aurora! Keeping my fingers crossed for that two-pack!

I do think a newer character would fit in well with the extension, and between Runaways, Avengers: Initiative, the junior X-Men, and Young Avengers, there are plenty to choose from.

Out of those teams, though, the one I'd like to see most is Wiccan from Young Avengers.

Robert said...

Leigh, according to Marvel Wiki, Sauron is 7 feet tall. He's 5 feet 9 when he's his alter-ego Lykos.

Robert said...

Oot, it would be interesting to see how many collectors see Captain Marvel/ Photon as an Avenger and how many see her as a cosmic character. I had kind of assumed she'd be considered an Avenger but now I wonder if I'm mistaken. So, folks, help us settle this: Avenger or cosmic?

LAWay said...

Yeh. I was just about to correct myself, but now that you have corrected me, I look stupid. Thanks alot.

Anyway, I saw Photon as an OLD avengers character. Didnt she then turn into like a marvel knight doing her charlies angles thing with firestar, hellcat and black cat?

I remember she was a Top Trump card that I had when I was 6. Thats why I want her.

The Dude said...

You do realise that you ae able to monitor and view he IP address of all that post here? With this in mind you would be able to root out cheating if you chose to put the effort in (or are Grim Reapers forum an easy way for you to pass the buck so you have to put in very little effort in your polls?) My choice for the slot you have offered would be Callisto.

Robert said...

Well, if you're stupid, so am I, Leigh. I needed Marvel Wiki to realise the mistake. And I only suspected it might be wrong because Rich had said a whie back that Sauron would have to be a special. So no need to be so self-critical.

Anonymous said...

OK, if you are looking for a great character to add to this extension or an entire 181-200 extension, my Gallery of 20 Characters is receiving huge feedback on the forum. Click and check this out: 20 CHARACTERS

Greg said...

My vote is for Thundra!

Robert said...

Stardust before Terrax, Gabriel, Nova or Firelord, Kirlianeyes?

LAWay said...

@The Dude
Wow, very harsh. Working out IP addresses isnt common knowledge, and if a blog like this gets 400 comments like it often does, then thats alot of work just reading through comments looking for names.

What if the person is clever and uses a pc with one name, a laptop for another, a mac at work for another? Then I imagine that idea falls flat.

Or maybe I am just thinking like a sneaky cheater.

LAWay said...


Sadly I would only want 2 out of that list. My mind could change if the character costumes were good, but as characters, I am only interested in 2.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, my Gallery of 20 Characters does not reflect my idea of prioritisation of characters. As Robert points out, Terrax for example would probably deserve priority over Stardust.

My intention was purely to showcase a wide variety of characters, and indicate possible expansions into areas of the Marvel Universe which the CMFC must begin to explore better - and sooner rather than later.

Such as...
The Mindscape (Sleepwalker)
Morlocks (Caliban)
Marauders (Vertigo)
Guardians of the Galaxy (Yondu)
Squadron Supreme (Dr Spectrum)
Atlantis (Attuma)
Sakaar (Caiera)
New Mutants (Anole)
Agents of Atlas (The Uranian)
Elders of the Universe (Grandmaster)and so on...

For those who don't know these characters, and may be thinking they don't like them, I would like to think that the CMFC figurine and magazine will make them change their minds and appreciate the beauty of their design, concepts and back stories.

Quite simply the CMFC cannot afford to leave these areas unexplored, if it wants to achieve the ideal mission to cover the entire MU.

(Having appeared on Top Trumps, on the other hand, is not always the strongest criteria for wanting a character included!) ;)

jacobsen83 said...

Please make U.S. Agent the next figurine!

mighty_marvel said...


from stories on the net about the recent signing of a scriptwriter and director, the runaways movie looks reasonably certain to be released in 2012. if my calculations are correct the later figures of the 161 - 180 extension are due in 2012. what better time to release a runaways figure than to tie-in with the movie when the popularity and awareness of these great characters will be high.

Nico Minoru
Karolina Dean - i'm sure you could pull it off
Molly Hayes

any of the above would be awesome

jangles said...

I'd really want to see moonstone or us agent take the last place....but i wouldn't mind seeing molecule man or domino

Thor8 said...

Wow in less than 24hrs this post is already running over 100 comments strong.

Photon: I'm with Robert. She is better known as an Avenger more than anything else.

Runaways: They may or may not be interesting characters,but as figurines I really don't think they say much. I'll pass on these.

Lets see some more classic villains such as...

Princess Python
Molecule Man
Molten Man
Man Ape

and so forth!

John said...

Kirlianeyes, about a third of those are top wants of mine. That's a great list. There's actually only a handful that I wouldn't want.

Let the record show that there is now one and a twentieth votes for the Uranian. :D

No, but seriously, the nice part of that grouping is how it explores so many different corners. Very glad to see Stardust, Sleepwalker, and Bug especially.

Robert, I see Photon as an Avenger. I never knew she even went into space. Mar-Vell is going next to his son on my Cosmic/FF shelf, which I do feel is lacking. ...You know, if we get Phyla-Vell and Hulkling, we can complete the family.

John said...

I also like Thor8's push for classic villains.

Grey Gargoyle

And I'd hate to be a downer with this, but just to voice my own opinion in preference, I wouldn't have any interest in a Runaways character. I feel they make themselves too self contained, and thusly, I know NOTHING about them. Whereas other newer groups like the Young Avengers, Agents of Atlas, or newer X-men teams, make an effort to make their characters known across the board in various crossovers and appearances.

Soundwave said...

I'd love to see a SAGE figurine based on Salvador Larroca's work.

A unique character with a unique design.

Colossus said...

Runaways had two crossovers with the Young Avengers (Civil War and Secret Invasion) and a one-shot with the X-Men, but usually it's other characters making an appearance in their series. Iron Man and Cap, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Punisher, Kingpin, the X-Men...

They could use more exposure, but the movie should help with that.

Robert said...

Is it me or was JJJ's inclusion accepted with rather less complaint and furore than expected? I had thought this more of a divisive issue for collectors. Or is it just that people will (in some cases, reluctantly) accept Jonah but definitely rule out other civilians?

P.S. Word verification is "mistmen"!

Bagman said...

Great update, and good news for the people that pushed for J.J.J.,don't know to much about Forge, but i'm sure he'll make a lot of x-fans happy.
A while ago Rich suggested a "hypothetical" game -- Guardian of the Galaxy or a Runaway --- going by the poll on the SHFF, i'd like to think that the last slot will be given to Vance Astro, maybe in a similar pose to the Bowen mini-bust that has just been released.

cameron341 said...

Hi Richard,

Greay choice in Forge and JJJ.

My suggestion for the last Eaglemoss pick for this extention is Deaths Head. Just a cool looking character with a very interesting history in comics (even without Transformers mentioned) and a great link to British comics. Magazine could even have a section on Simon Furman, one of my own personal favourites. A good choice, yes?

AVENGERS -87 said...

for the preview of n°126 - n°130 we see ,TITANIA ; GORGON ; X-MAN ;KLAW ; GRIM REAPER . Are you changing the order , because the n° 129 annonced is ANT-MAN . What's the n° of ANT-MAN ? And the news for BLACKHEART ?

pirate adam said...

Robert just for you i will voice my displeasure again



Robert said...

While I am listening to what you're saying, Adam, one pirate doesn't equal a consensus, a firestorm or even a couple of complaints. :) I honestly expected unhinged rants and threats of self-harm. Strangely, I am both pleased to see JJJ being accepted and (unexpectedly and slightly ashamedly) disappointed no one went off on one.

Has this blog gone all civilised on us...?

Gremlin said...

I know I said Vance Astro would be a good pick to go for for the final figure from EM but thinking about it there is a pool of a bunch of characters who would be perfect...

Vance Astro
White Tiger
Brother Voodoo
Sister Grimm

All of these characters are removed from the big teams and are rich in their own history.
I personally think Moonstone, Domino and Arachne will fair very in the forum polls so by going for a cosmic/MK then it would add a balance. I would still say go for Vance above all else because of the fact he was on a popular team year ago and has successfully been brought back and is relevant today also. Plus the original GOTG don't have a rep yet and what better to bring the team in than with the most recognisble character from back then and today.

AVENGERS -87 said...

GREMLIN, imagine the suspens for the vote if MOONSTONE ,ARACHNE or DOMINO is the choice of next friday

Fabio Mucci said...

Good on JJJ and Forge.

But there's another lack of Marvel Knights' characters!

Where's Jigsaw (i believe can make an amazing figurine)? Where's Howard the Duck?

And at least where's Power Pack? And Lockjaw?

Wazaaaaaaaman said...

Sauron is a must...

LAWay said...


haha but the top trump cards are popular characters, and puts characters unknown to some people in the spotlight. Alot of other characters are unknown to everyone.

Out of 6 marvel top trumps packs I have (lol I love them), 178 cards in total (i think I lost 2) these are the characters that HAVENT been made or announced (i think):
-Agent X
-Soldier X
-Black Widow 2
-Marvel Boy
-Dragon Man
-Silver Samurai
-American Eagle
-Miracle Man

Not bad really. Out of 178, probably 50 were repeated. So 128 unique characters with over 20 never been made in lead.

Now I have spent too much time looking at my top trumps I am off to do some work.

LAWay said...

@Robert, dont visit the forums, they are crying like babies there. ;)

Deadpool said...

RICHARD - Choices for last slot: -

Original Captain Britain
Darkchylde - drool

If you can be bothered to read more of my drivvel expanding on the above, then see below: -

RICHARD - For all those poor unfortunates that don't have the Original Captain Britain make the last slot : -


This could be a tribute to this as a British collection and Original CB is true classic.

Failing that - Lionheart

Well I like JJJ ... he is a classic Marvel Villain / ne'er do well and he deserves a spot more than any number of 3rd rate mutants.


Forge ... ffs why do we need a mutant with a gammy leg when we could have any number of truly classic characters.
But I suppose EM are simply pandering to the 8 year olds who like mutants and aspire to be football players or footballers wives.

Anyway .... if Orignal CB is not your cup of tea I would like to see: -

TRITON of the Inhumans to finish off the Royal Family without needing a special.

If Richard wants to be a bit controversial then let's have a full on demonic babe in the form of DARKCHYLDE -all horny with an axe, stockings and suspenders like the cover of X-Infernus issue 1.

Deadpool said...

I think the Mossmen have denied us the type of curvaceous babes that abound in the DC collection.
Well regardless of the weird and disturbing "Preference" of the Mossmen - I want more girlies.

If my previous suggestions don't tickle yer fancy then let's have the boobylicious young anvenger -

Kate Bishop the Hawkeye girly.

She'll give the Mossmen a chance to redeem themselves with a figure that pays homage to the perfection of the female form.

Deadpool said...

Oh and one more thing before I go and make some paper flowers and do a bit of embroidery ... the web site has been updated with the next 5 figures.

Toodle ooh my "Festive" friends.

mighty_marvel said...

@ deadpool

triton's already in. will be issue #150

mighty_marvel said...


sorry but the main reasons people are giving as to why they shouldn't be in are baffling me

reason the first - 'i don't know much about them' - so go read their books. they're brilliant. full of great storylines and characters. and if nothing else you're guaranteed to love molly.

reason the second - 'they wouldn't make interesting figs' - and someone like white tiger (completely white), grey gargoyle (completely grey) or mastermind (man in a brown raincoat) would????? full on goth witch is gonna look brilliant. and if EM could pull off karolina in her full majesdanian splendour it has the potential to be the best fig of the collection

LAWay said...


Kate Bishop isnt curvy is she? She is still in high school.

Well, thats what I thought...did a quick google search. Seems to depend on the artist who seem to have *ahem* developed her further.

Guilherme said...

Richard, many thankx for the explanations around the Pyro figurine, the photo posted now does changed my impressions about the fig as the scale stuff.

FORGE! JJJ!! Beaubier double pack comming to reality next year?!!! GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a mutant fan, I would love to see an x-villan as none else were included on this extension yet:
Avalanche, Deathstrike, Selene, Sebastian Shaw, Silver Samurai, Goblin Queen, Callisto or Mastermind
IMHO, Sauron would fit better as a Special.

My other no-mutant choices are Moonstone and any Young Avenger (definitlly a Wiccan/Hulkling double pack would fit perfect!)

But if I could point an unique character as someone did with Syrin, I would ask for Sunspot! A brazilian guy, just like me, :)


Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
solo said...


I would go for a marvel knights or horror character.

I like the following characters :

Cobra or King Cobra
Brother Voodoo
White Tiger
Zombie - Simon Garth

John said...

A lot of people are saying more MK...

And a lot of people are saying Brother Voodoo...

Just pointing that out ;)

Robert said...

Darn. Stuck on 58% for a while now. Horror chapter is killing me and the mutant chapter isn't doing me many favours either. There's so much in it. Questions on Golden Age Namor up to A-Next and the Ultimate Universe, and goodness knows how many Limited Series and annuals. Unbelievably comprehenive. No way anyone has read all of these comics. I am in way over my head...

Anonymous said...

... meanwhile, in a parallel universe where reality is shaped by the dreams of Kirlian Eyes, a new EM collection is born ...

It's happening.

The campaign starts here.
See the first amazing mock-up of the thematic CMFC collection that explores unchartered MU areas to give you more of the characters
you always wanted to see together.
Click and check this out:


More thematic multipack ideas
coming soon.

Anonymous said...


Please use the below link:


Your feedback and suggestions are more than welcome.

One-of-Three said...

-Really long post warning-

After re-reading the blog, I just now realize that we're supposed to actually pitch a character to you, Rich, and convince you. Not just simply name them. So, here it goes:

To Rich,

I know you've had The Stepford Cuckoos brought to your attention before by Dan, and I know that their inclusion is unlikely, but you can't blame me for giving it a try at the very least. The Stepford Cuckoos are my favorite X-Men characters, and I'm sure anyone else would do the same to get their favorites in the collection.

Even though The Stepford Cuckoos are support characters, each and every time they've appeared their roles in the plot have been prominent and key to moving forward. The girls are one of the few remaining mutants in the world and are still relevant characters to this day. Their main task in the X-Men is to operate Cerebro, much like Professor Xavier did back in the day.

Their accomplishments since their arrival in the Marvel Universe do not fall short of astonishing, especially for a group of young Telepathic girls who are often underestimated. These girls have held their own very well.


Some of their accomplishments include:

- Single handedly fighting off some of the Shi'ar and putting an end to Cassandra Nova's reign in Xavier's body along side Emma Frost. (New X-men Vol.1)

- Stopping Quentin Quire's "coup" at Xavier's during Open day. Something which cost them their beloved sister Sophie. (New X-Men vol. 1)

- Their sister Esme killed Emma Frost (temporarily), shut down Sage&Bishop, and had a hand in Xorneto's defeat before being killed herself.(New X-Men vol. 1)

- Became a host to the Phoenix Force, stopping sublime's plot to end the mutantkind and then sealed the Phoenix Force within themselves. (Phoenix Warsong)

- Faced and had a hand in bringing down Belasco with several of the other New X-Men. (New X-Men vol. 2)

- Saved the X-men from the unstoppable Hulk and contacted several teams around the world to help deal with the Hulk. (World War Hulk)

- Kept Emma Frost alive while she fought off Telepathic Skrulls during Secret Invasion.

- A key component in bringing down Norman Osborn and his Dark X-Men. (X-Men: Dark Reign.)

Again, These are just some of the many things the Three-In-One have done, which the X-men would be up a creek without a paddle if they hadn't.


Aside from their accomplishments, the girls would make wonderful figurines for collectors. Producing a single figurine to represent the Stepford Cuckoos would give collectors the option of purchasing One, Three, or even Five (I know I would.) Knowing that there are a lot of completionist who collect these figurines, this could mean more sales, which could help continue the collection. Not to mention would provide something unique and different to the collection.

Last but not least, including these girls COULD be the first step in including story important characters who aren't exactly A-Listers. One of the things many producers of figurines, statues, etc forget is that the Marvel Universe is made up of many different characters, who should have at least some form of representation (which isn't simply a heroclix.)

Perhaps it's time to shine some light on characters who do so much for their respective teams in the Marvel Universe, but get little recognition for it. A figurine and Magazine would be the best way to start this...

If you've made it this far, then I thank you for giving your time to this devoted fan.

cool beans74 said...

it probably wont be that popular, but i would love to see a Chris Bachalo Gen-x era Chamber (Jono Starsmore) or maybe Spitfire from Mi-13?

Deadpool said...

One of three you seem to be as obsessed with the Stepford Baberehams as I am with the Horny, cloven hooved version of Darkchylde.

Either way if a girly gets in I;ll be happy.

PS. Kate Bishop for presisdent.

And no putting her down just cos she's a girly - no "Bishop bashing here please".

mighty_marvel said...


(asked this question earlier but i'm concerned it may have got lost in the sea of last EM choice requests)

i understand that it's too late to do massive changes to pyro but can he be turned on his base so that his feet are right in the corners? as this should allow the figure to be displayed straight on and his face not obscured by the flame.

Thor8 said...

Y'know I hadn't noticed until Avengers-87 made mention of it.that it's true,on the main site Ant Man who is #129 in the collection list has been omitted and Klaw (#130) and Grim Reaper (#131) are show after X-Man(#128) How come? Isure hope this is just an innocent oversight and not that Ant-Man is being moved further down the list.

If it's quite possible that Northstar will be made next year as a double pack along his sibling will we get 2 more picks next week instead of one?

max_0888 said...

Thanks Rich for this, once again, great update! JJJ and Forge are both welcome addition to the collection!

Now, since you just confirmed Forge, a mutant, I will not ask for Meggan, Monet, Longhsot or Wolfsbane as the ONE EM pick ;)

But, Moonstone and Jewel are my top pick at the moment! Especially Moonstone, since we don't have any female villain! Karla Soften is an awesome character and really needs to get in imo!

ghost14 said...


The Only Marvel Character With His Own Movie, Not Yet Released In The Collection, Strange!!??

Gremlin said...

That movie however just happens to be considered one of the worst movies of all time....I wonder if there is a link?

Captain Nikos said...

I'm happy with the two last Rich's announcements, Forge and JJJameson deserved to be included in the collection cause the first one was a big miss in my X-Men line-up and i've always considered the second as the biggest spidey's foe so i'm glad both are in now...well done Rich !
Hope JJJ will have a newspaper in hand and his cigar too...
Hope Forge will wear his blue and yellow X-Men uniform ;-)
For the last character, i think that we still miss two of the main members of the Defender which are
Gargoyle or Clea, no doubt that the first one would make an awesome fig Rich :)

Nightcrawler74 said...

Great that jjj made the extension,i also can't wait to see a sculpt of Forge, he should be awesome.

As for a figure request please,please,please consider Deathshead as the final E.M choice he is such a unique character and would look fantastic as a figure.

If not then i would love a complete set of secret wars characters as this was the story that first got me hooked on comics and in particular Marvel. There are still a few missing but as a personal favorite i would love to see Molecule man.


ghost14 said...

It's Just Not Complete With Out Howard His Movie Was 'One of A Kind' Loved It!!

ghost14 said...

Oh & of Course


But I'm Aware Thats A Long Shot :)

AVENGERS -87 said...


Anonymous said...

The campaign for a new EM Marvel collection is taking off. I give you another sneak preview...



A study on alien races and civilisations. File 1 gives you Korvus (the Shi'ar who wields the Blade of the Phoenix), Captain Atlas (the Kree warrior) and Paibok the Power Skrull.

*Remember, this new thematic collection does not exist yet, but hey let's tell EM that we want it.
Running in parallel with the CMFC and giving you more of the characters you always wanted, in quick 3-figurine doses once a month.

Deadpool said...

Kirly ... I love figures and Superheroes but I think an Amalgam set of gifures would be a much better choice for the first parallel figure series.

I would suggest that they are done by the DC team however since their figure size, detail and dynamic sculpts are far superior to Marvel.

Deadpool said...

I ofcourse meant FIGURES rather than gifures.

Gifures are rather cool too - involving Girlies in bikinis on a sun drenched beach in the Bahamas.

Deadpool said...

Mr Richard P. Mossman - how about the Marvel and DC creative teams getting together and having a chat to see if you can come up with a deal that suits the license for both collections to allow for the Amalgam characters to be produced?

For all you guys that don't know the Amalgams then check out Darkclaw - the Wolvie / Batman character or even Speed Demon the Flash / Etrigan/ Ghost Rider character. Another interesting one is Super Soldier - Captain America / Superman and the list is almost endless.

Tha characters are very cool and would make superb figurines.

I'd love a Carol Danvers / Huntress figurine.

Ok here is a suggestion for a figurine for the Marvel collection - Jackpot 777 - purely because she is a curvy girly girl.

Finally Richard - would it be possible for me to purchase unpainted / primed figures without a magazine at a much lower cost via mail order?

Anonymous said...

Hey Deadpool, great stuff.
Your ideas are welcome.

The idea is for the Marvel Universe Files to be a flexible platform for special research studies into any Marvel theme, from alien civilisations to mysterious artefacts to parallel dimensions. Please submit your ideas for MU FILES and,most importantly, please support the MU FILES campaign.

Deadpool said...

Filling the Slot - AMALGAM STYLE

For no other reason than an amalgam figure would look cool compared to the dated look of the remainder of the Marvel Universe.

The Assasins - Double pack (Girlies)
Carol Danvers - Huntress - (Drool)
The super cool SPEED DEMON.

Hey,shallow as it may seem, looks win over substance any day as far as I'm concerned.

We look at the figures, we covet them we drool over them we fantasise over ... oops I've said too much.

Anyway - I don't really care too much about history I simply love eye candy.

Deadpool said...

Hey Kirly - I am 100% behind the MU files.
I myself have proposed similar collections since joining this band of Miscreants, misfits, moaners and jolly rogerers.

So feel free to add the Amalgams to the MU list.

If the DC collection starts to dwindle in popularity - get their creative team onboard to beef up the Marvel and Amalgam sculpts.

Deadpool said...

Just to summarise the list of last slotters so far - so you don't need to trawl the blog ;0)

HAWKEYE Girly - Kate "Curvy" Bishop
(Do a curvy sculpt)
DARCKCHYLDE - Because she would be a cool - eye candy sculpt
AMALGAMS - Darkclaw etc.

There were some other suggestions but I'm sure everyone would agree these are the main ones to consider.

Deadpool said...

I saw a UFO the other day.
It was a metallic triangular shaped craft.
It had two large pulsating orange / yellow lights and was shrouded in a large circular red pulsating Halo.

I haven't told anyone for fear of ridicule.

That's why I'm sharing this with you guys - the friendly understanding blog nerds.

I mean that in the nicest possible way ;0)

Reading between the lines, any intelligent life on the craft would endorse the suggestions from the comment above -

Hawkeye, Darkchylde and the Amalgams.

Live long and prosper nerdlings and may the force be with you.

BobDiamond said...

Here's a few more suggestions for you Kirlianeyes...

The magazine documents the history and all the characters who have used PPs.
Figures could be any 3 from the following-

Orig. Giantman
Black Goliath/ Giantman
Yellow Jacket II
Antman III

Famous and mysterious objects in the MU (larger scale than figurines.)
3 from the following-

Cosmic Cube
Serpent Crown
Casket of Ancient Winters
Infinity Gauntlet
The Evil Eye

(Same scale as Artifacts)
3 from the following-

Thor's Hammer
Cap's Shield
Black Knights Ebony Blade
Strucker's Satan Claw (had to get that one in!)
Cap Britain's Star Sceptre (for Robert!)
Klaw's Sonic Blaster thing

(Various scales-about the size of the classic Corgi Batmobile)
Any 3 from the following-

Avenger's Quinjet
SHIELD Helicarrier
X-Men's Blackbird
Skrull Saucer

(I'd really love to have a few vehicles made!)


ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...


Night Thrasher
Rocket Raccoon
Grey Gargoyle
Molten Man
Molecule Man
hIgh evolutionary
sIlver samurai
The hood
bRother voodoo
pRincess python
kIng cobra
Molly Hayes
Nico Minoru
Man Ape
Sebastian Shaw
sImon garth zombie
wErewolf by night
Vance Astro
Dark Beast
Baron Mordo
Baron Von Strucker
The Spot
White Tiger
Howard the Duck
Stepford Cuckoo
Karolina Dean
Deaths Head
Kate Bishop
Goblyn Queen

ghost14 said...

Grey Gargoyle
Stepford Cuckoo

One-of-Three said...

@Mighty_Marvel: At first I thought you were horrible at capitalization, but then as time went on I figured it was a faulty keyboard with a lack of proofreading until I realized you were spelling out "Nico Minoru" and "Sister Grimm" over and over.

Then you got lazy and started tossing in random letters. lol

Clever though.

John said...

I just wanted to chime in a comment about Kirlianeyes' 3-Pack. The random space characters where a bit... meh, besides Paibok, but I REALLY liked seeing three Heralds together. That looked amazing.

Air-Walker, Terrax, and another herald (I'd prefer Stardust, most would say Nova, Firelord seems most deserving.) But that looked amazing.

And Robert, we're discussing figurines. ;)

Anonymous said...

A character with a distinctive body shape would be best. Rocket Raccoon of the popular Guardians of the Galaxy would be my first choice. And Modok would make a great special. I'm actually really surprised we haven't seen him in the collection yet. Warlock from New Mutants would be a cool-looking figurine. I also like the ideas of Sauron, Deathbird, Strong Guy, and Domino.

Robert said...

Guilty as charged, John. I've been thinking of taking a leaf out of OoT's book and putting forward a rational case for the inclusion of the High Evolutionary or a herald (I am undecided on which cosmic), rather than just saying "I LOVE this character more than life", then I pick up the quiz book and it doesn't get done.

Actually, I did think about some criteria for inclusion, as I thought this should be my starting point. I figured that the more boxes a character ticked, the stronger the case for inclusion. A strong case would be a character that A) has longevity, B) a decent number of appearances, C) a spread of appearances over time, D) appearances in different titles, rather than being confined to one corner or title, E) impact, i.e., has appeared in significant storylines or the birth of important characters, etc., F) aesthetics.

The High Evolutionary ticks more of these boxes than any herald except the Surfer. He is a Stan and Jack creation from 1966; has appeared in 110 issues of titles as diverse as Thor, Warlock, Hulk and X-Men; he is a father-figure to Adam Warlock; created the New Men, including Bova who is connected to Wanda and Pietro Maximoff; created the Man-Beast; fought alongside major MU teams like the FF (against Galactus) and with the X-Men against Terminus; has connections to Miles Warren, who later became the Jackal in Spidey, and then played a role in the second Carrion; he was the central character of the Evolutionary War storyline that crossed over a lot of annuals in the 1980s; I believe he has made apearances in the recent Annihilation storyline, but I may be mistaken; and so on. He has ticked all the boxes that I could think of before I started. So, I think Mr Herbert Edgar Wyndham should be next.

There, John. Now I'm off to play with my book. Did I tell you it has a 2-player option? Meet me in town later and I'll prove this is addictive as hell! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey John
Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked the Heralds of Galactus multipack idea. As for the alien characters, they are not random. The idea is for the Marvel Universe Files to cover all alien species. So, inevitably, it would include 3 different species - although an effort should be made to group those that have connected history. Also, you will find that a the Kree captain is a much wanted figurine in the CMFC fandom.
How about you submit your ideas for Marvel Universe Files project. I'd love that, and will try to produce a mockup for you.

John said...

Kirly, I gave it some thought, and honestly I had a lot of trouble thinking up a multi-pack that wasn't just "3 members from a team." (Warriors Three, New Warriors, Agents of Atlas...) That's why I thought the Heralds worked so nicely.

But, again, after some thought, I think a Clone Saga pack would be cool to see.

Looking at pros and negatives; on the one hand there are still going to be people bitter about the Clone Saga, and very vocal, but then you've got readers that don't like every corner of the MU (X-Men haters, Cosmic haters, etc.)

The positives are that these are Spider-Man characters, which have the exposure and thus sell better, they were from a MAJOR, well-known storyline, and no one can deny they had a HUGE impact on Marvel's flagship character.

So I'd say Jackal, kaine, and Spidercide or Carrion.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps eaglemoss could produce a spin off collection based on marvel characters just for multi packs.

Hogan + Fandral + Volstagg
(Warriors three)

Pile driver + Thunderball + Bulldozer
(wrecking crew)

Air walker + Nova + Firelord + Terrax
(Heralds of galactus)

Rick Jones + General Thunderbolt Ross + Betty Ross
(Hulk civilians pack)

Aunt may + Mary jane + Flash Thompson
(Spiderman civilians)

Diamondback + Asp + Black Mamba
(Bad girls inc)

Hyperion + Speed demon + Doctor spectrum
(Squadron Sinister)

Arleta Ogord + Star hawk + Yondu
+ Major victory - Vance Astro
(Guardians of the Galaxy)

Misty Knight + Colleen Wing + Tarantula
(Heroes for hire)

Brain child + Amphibius + Vertigo
+ Barbarus + Sauron
(Savage land Mutates)

Notice some team members have not been included here , this is because they have already been included in the collection as a regular issue.

Just some examples there , hope you all like the idea.

Anonymous said...

Kirlianeyes is on to something and has my full support , multi packs for the future !!
3,4, or 5 figurines and just one magazine.

marrinasmallwood said...

I'm sorry but Runaways and Young Avengers are simply not classic enough. Of course i'm bias, but i rather push to older characters with more history:
my choices are:
but any Micronaut will get mt first vote. GO BUG!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mad Thinker and John
Thanks for your support of my Marvel Universe Files sister collection campaign, and for your excellent ideas for possible Files. I will try and create mock-ups for some of them.

Anonymous said...

OK, now follow me once more to the parallel universe where reality is shaped by our dreams and the new Marvel Universe Files collection is 'really' in shops ;).

Today I give you a sneak preview
of yet another dreamed-up issue of the MARVEL UNIVERSE FILES


a study on the suboceanic world and some of its most famous inhabitants: Orka, Attuma and Namora. This multipack is designed to complement Namor & Tiger Shark in the main CMFC.

John said...

YES, Kirly! Atlantis. That would be perfect. I like the idea of 3-Packs that include characters from an area but not a team, as the characters effect more areas. (Namora in Agents of Atlas, 50's character. Orca was in Heroes For Hire. Attuma, major villain to Avengers, in video games.) Like the Heralds of Galactus, they draw up the wonder of the MU more for the Marvel fan.

My only request, if EM ever planned on an Atlantis Multi-Pack, is to give Namora her Agents of Atlas suit, to go with the other Agents that I'm sure will inevitably come. It does seem weird for me to request MORE clothing on a female character, but hey. ;)

And as for small figurines of vehicles... as long as they didn't get too big and stayed affordable ($20-$28 range) I'd be down for it if it got me a Big Wheel. Unlike Robert's suggestion of scale, however, I wouldn't worry about it too much as they'd be standing next to giant versions of their pilots anyway...

rabid_womble said...

I agree that the baddies seem to have their ranks filled.

My choices are

The Abomination (long over due)
Grey Gargoyle
Silver Samurai
Dragon Man

Mastermind (Both Toad and Mastermind are needed to complet the "Original" Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Mr Hyde (Cobra + Mr Hyde as a double pack?)

The Brood (Although The Brood Queen could be a better special)

Two that people havent suggested and I would be interested to see what people on here think of these ones.

Baron Blood (An long standing enemy of Union Jack)

Agatha Harkness (with her cat Ebony)

Anonymous said...


Toad has already been confirmed in the last extension and Abomination was made ages ago as a special , it was the one with the controversial base which was not a standard black marvel base like the rest in the collection but instead had a base that looked like a pile of rubble.
I for one still wish that eaglemoss would go back and change this !!

rabid_womble said...

The Mad Thinker.

Thanks for the heads up. I spotted that Toad was on a list after I posted. I have a bunch of figurines still unopened in boxes from when I moved house.

Are you sure about The Abomination? I've been a subscriber of the regular issues and specials from day one and I never got it and it's listed on the website either.

This may have been suggested before but has it ever been discussed putting up the prices of one or two of the specials each year to incorporate an extra figure?
I know that double packs are discussed a lot but they tend to be linked in some way such as Sasquatch and Puck.
What I am thinking of is unconnected pairings (if need be) and one being a civillian.
For example lets say The Blob is being released as a special. Include MJ Watson as a figure. The magazine would be purely about The Blob. So everything would be the same as if it were an normal special release. It would be The Blob and guest figure MJ Watson.
If such an idea was taken up it would allow the likes of MJ, Jarvis, Harry Osbourne, Fogy Nelson to get a figurine but not have to worry about the character being able to shift enough issues on it's own to cover the cost.
These smaller figurines that cost less than the bigger ones "and guest" releases could have a price point of around £18.99 which the bigger specials are anyway.

I believe that it could be a way around the "can we have civillians" requests that the collectors may be prepaired to accept.

BobDiamond said...

Hi Rabid Womble!
Mad Thinker is right- The Abamination Special came out a while ago now. Strangely enough however, as you pointed out, there is no mention of his existence on the EM site- not even on the 'Shop' page.
It's not like EM to stop making certain figures, so this is a little strange...
If you want the fig, the best thing to do would be to Phone them up- seems the best way to sort out a problem with them from my experience.

Good Luck,

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ronin said...

Let's raise a differengt topic - let's talk about next Mega-Special.

My favoourite is Red Ghost with his three Super-Apes - on one base.

What's your favourite ?

mighty_marvel said...

it'll be either MODOK or a celestial

the owl said...

Is it me or does pyro look at bit Jedward?? :)

Gremlin said...

MODOK for the mega.

A year or so ago I would have been dubious about him but now that I have seen Cannonball and that rocket man on the DC side I think MODOK could easily be done with a flame coming from the base of his seat.

jonesy said...

i think the silver samurai should be the next character because he ties in with a lot of the other characters

One-of-Three said...

Silver Samurai seems like he'd be an interesting addition, though I don't care for this character all that much.

Honestly, at this point getting any character I like confirmed this Friday would be like a great birthday gift. (though it's the 6th of July)

Either way, I hope we actually get an update this Friday rather than next Friday. lol

The Hood said...

Just got my Gorgon figurine today, i really like the way that the base is full of cracks under his foot.

As for the next mega special, I would love it to be MODOK.

jimbob said...


Any news on BLACKHEART fig!!!!

John said...

I had always just imagined him as a large Special, but I guess you guys are right...

MODOK is so unique to the MU, and hilarious in more than one way. I would absolutely love this as a figrine and he's always been high on my wants list.

Okay, MODOK as a Mega. I can definitely get behind that.

And I still say, the last figurine should either start off a new team, finish up a team, or be a MK. My vote goes to Agents of Atlas or Brother Voodoo.

francesco said...

As I wrote before in a post completely lost in the waves of this discussion, we need much more than only four spaces (left). So here it is a list of forty figurines (considering also special numbers) on which i think Eaglemoss can work. Basically my choice takes in account three criteria:
1. completeness of teams (as far as it is possible).
2. history, relationships and importance in the Marvel Universe.
3. In one word: Colours.(the less they've been used, the more i'd use them)

- Lockjaw
- Blastaar
- Terrax
- Gamora
- Marrina
- Howard the Duck
- Thundra
- High Evolutionary
- Arnim Zola
- Gray Gargoyle
- Tarantula
- Phila-Vell
- Diamondback
- Doctor Spectrum
- Hyperion
- Ursa Major
- Darkstar
- Morgana Le Fay
- Selene
- Mahkizmo
- Silver Samurai
- Namora
- Venus
- Gorilla-Man
- Avalanche
- Lionheart
- Talisman
- Marvel Boy the Uranian
- Abomination (I don't know if it came out - we have some problems with specials here in Italy)
- Red Ghost and his three Super Apes
- Quicksand
- the Destroyer (the construct created in Asgard)
- Dragon Man
- Wendigo
- Sauron
- Anti-Venom
- the Executioner
- Speedball
- Namorita
- Krang (the warlord of Atlantis)

Still, several other character are still outside of this expansion of mine. But I think we can start from this selection and then consider for another run, this time with more modern characters since my choices are more classical (as you can easily see).

John said...

I don't know that Quicksand is really that classic of a character. You've already got Speedball and Namorita. Why not Night Thrasher? He's a character I'm kind of surprised hasn't been made already.

Otherwise you've got a good variety there. And yes, Abomination was already made ;)

Question to the other collectors; Red Ghost w/ apes would be an expensive piece of lead (or pieces of lead.) Would anybody else be accepting of getting Red Ghost by himself, or do you consider it not worthwhile without his 3 apes?

Deadpool said...

May I put forward the Deadpool criteria for deciding the the final slot of this round of figurines?

No you say!
Well I'll do it anyway!

Deadpool's criteria for inclusion.

Perky bosom
Appealing hip to waist ratio
Revealing attire
Long lustrous locks
Attitude and maybe a little wicked humour

My choice that fits this exacting criteria is: -

Kate "Hawkeye Girlie" Bishop
The artistically enhanced version.

To paraphrase an earlier descriptive monologue -"Definately not a Tranny".

Sire-bd said...

Richard a single name: the Grey Gargoyle! Indeed on!

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BobDiamond said...

Ted, in a strange roundabout sort of way you've brought up a subject that has been puzzling me for years.
Namely- what is the correct pronounciation for Clea's er name??

Is it Clee-a, like 'clear' or

Clee, ryhming with 'bee' or

Clay- like the stuff you make pots from ??

Ever since I was a kid, I've sort of pronounced it like 'clear', but I think that's probably wrong...
what do you guys think??


Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
meady said...

jjj is ok i guess but no more civvies please, forge is well overdue, are you making Longshot or Stafox, can't remember whats been announced? ta

meady said...

Gargoyle from the all new defenders, you kno, the orange one! Lets build the Defenders!

Deadpool said...

Just received DC Adam Strange, Dr Fate and Jonah Hex.

Once again DC comes up with the goods.

Adam Strange demonstrates the sort of pose that we need for Marvel, but have been denied thus far.

Dr Fate is a big heavy figurine with that cloak but I don't hear any mention of him having to be a special.

Jonah Hex, even though he isn't my cup of Darjeeling, kicks Marvel Destroyers ass in the specials stakes.

Adam Strange will make a wonderful base model for my planned "Original Human Torch" .... watch this space for the next "Thrilling Episode of the Deadpool files"

Anonymous said...

Live from planet Kirlian...

It's just been announced -collectors are going crazy
for the new EM series,
the Marvel Universe Files,
and there is no stopping

Crowds gathered outside the stores, dancing in circles and chanting joyous hymns celebrating the arrival of the new awesome issue



*...OK, so the MU Files are not yet happening in our reality, but I know they are definitely happening in the collective dreamscape of all CMFC collectors.

John said...

That reminds me; any chance of getting Dark Beast and producing a blue variant for those that want regular Beast? That would satisfy Beast fans AND those like me that are against remakes of past characters.

John said...

And I always said Clea as "Clee-ah."

John said...

The Uranian
or any Agent of Atlas for the last spot, please.

Sorry, I just saw I'd be at the top of the second page. ;)

Thor8 said...

Just like John,I've always pronounced Clea's name Clee-ah.

Last spot on this extension Swordsman,White Tiger,Stingray,or some classic villain like The Collector,Whirlwind,or Attuma.

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