Friday, 23 July 2010

I'm Back...

Wow, it has been a while hasn’t it? Sorry about that, I’ve been busy helping with a number of projects at Eaglemoss and time has flown by.

Which leads into the first announcement of today. Due to spending a lot of time on other projects, I’m passing the baton of magazine editorial duties to a colleague here at Eaglemoss named John Tomlinson. John will be taking over the editing and writing elements of the magazine, while I’ll still be around to sort out the figurines – and of course this blog.

John is an exceptionally talented editor and writer who has worked at 2000AD, Marvel UK, BBC Worldwide as well as Eaglemoss.

So with John officially on board, I’ve given him the final Eaglemoss choice and he’s gone for…


The lord of the undead has been an important Marvel character for many years and it looks like he’ll making appearances in the upcoming Death of Dracula and Curse of Mutants so a great choice in my eyes.

Now straight on to the sneak peeks, below we have paint masters for Blob, Hydro Man and the Puppet Master. Hope you like them.

Talking of the Blob, I have some news about the specials. Our releases for this year have changed slightly, the running order is:

Ronan The Accuser (£10.99) – 29th July
Sasquatch and Puck (£18.99) – 23rd September
Omega Red (£10.99) – November
Blob (£18.99) – January

Now the reason for this is that to do Sasquatch any justice he needed to be nearer to the mega special size. He’s actually as big (bulk, not just height) as Lobo, Kilowog (DC Specials) and Galactus. So with Puck included as well we had to make them a mega special.

Now with DC Super Hero Collection releasing Kilowog (£18.99) followed by Trigon (£18.99), I thought it best that we didn’t follow suit and gave collectors a cheaper Special after Sasquatch and Puck.

I hope you guys can understand this and just remember, Blob’s not been dropped just pushed back one slot.

And the last bit of news is that the super hero figurine forum (our dedicated un-official messageboard) has undergone a few changes and due to their web-hosts, you'll need to Re-register at

Polls for three of the four remaining slots in the extension will go up there soon. (I'll let you know here first)

That is your lot for this week


AVENGERS -87 said...

DRACULA : BOF , not intéressing for me , i am hoped DOMINO, THUNDRA AVALANCHE , JEWEL , or MOONSTONE

Anonymous said...

Dracula! Yay!!

Hopefully in his classic duds, not in the modern incarnation. It's nice to see Marvel Horror finally recognized in the collection. Well, we had Man-Thing already.... but I consider Dracula more of the first Horror figurine in the collection.

There's the perfect pose and appearance for Dracula. Now hopefully the forum can get a GotG in like Rocket Raccoon. :D

jarvis69 said...

Welcome back Richard and congrats to John btw .
About the new figurine announce , Dracula , I hope it'll be a Gene Colan style one .
Blob , Hydro-Man and Puppet Master look greats and now , we're all waiting for the polls for the next three characters ;)

pirate adam said...

Good choice with Dracula, Hydro-Man and Puppet Master look fantastic.

What ws you thinking with Blob? why so BIG? i thought Mega's were Megas because of there height. bad choice Rich and i wont pay £18.99 for a character that should be regular special

i haven't decided about Sas and Puck yet but does Sas need to be that large also?

comparing them to Hulk, he just looks like a pewney little fart in comparison.


Colossus said...

Well, now my curiosity is killing me about whom Rich would have picked after asking us last month...

Dracula is an interesting pick, although not one I personally care about.

Anonymous said...

Because Blob is that big. He's 8' tall. We've already done size comparisons on the forum. He's not as tall as the Megas. He's pretty much the perfect height to represent his most well known appearance.

As for Sasquatch, yes he also has to be that big. Sasquatch in the comics is 10' tall. So the final figurine may actually be a bit smaller than he should be. But he turned out damn nice regardless.

Joeking said...

Dracula, that was a big surprise, cant say that i am upset though, as I used to collect the series of comics years ago.
ps Loads of good previews

Remember Warlock

Anonymous said...

Warlock and Cypher 2-Pack is one of my top 2-Pack wants right now Joeking. So don't worry, I'm not forgetting them.

1. Groot / Rocket Racccoon
2. Hulkling / Wiccan
3. Gorilla Man / M-11
4. Warlock / Cypher
5. Lockjaw / Luna
6. Awesome Andy / Mad Thinker

So many many more. Heh. :D

buffduffdan said...

Dracula is a great last pick and a much needed Horror/Supernatural character for the collection. He's been around for years, is still in current storylines and has a brilliant look - well done John!!

I'm still not entirely convinced of the height of Blob but if he goes down a little then I'll be happy. Love the pose though :) Hydro-Man is basically perfect and Puppet Master is probably the best he could be with a rather plain looking character.

Anonymous said...

Puppet Master's face is the biggest problem. He needs his warped little smile. And they gave him a constipated look instead. It's kinda disappointing. I wouldn't have minded the more modern look for him either.

pirate adam said...

blob only became 8ft tall after a further mutation, before that he was 5'10" so your point is invalid. he doesn't need to be that big.

even if the 8ft version of blob was used he still shouldn't tower over the hulk or be nearly as large as mega specials


Anonymous said...

Dracula? Oh, I am soooo doing a happy dance right now. Please, please, please make sure he's in the classic Gene Colon look. :)

Deadpool said...

Hello and goodbye Richardo.

Your departure leaves me with a heavy heart.

And so the first moss man bites the dust, metaphorically speaking.

We need to ensure that John receives the hazing that Moss-Spawn truly deserve.

Not conviced about the Blob pose.
It looks as if his nether regions are eating his costume.
I think I'll display him with his back to the front with a little speach bubble coming from his butt crack that says "Parrrrp!".

Dracula is a thumbs up.
Hydroman looks cool and will be getting the Deadpool plastic resin treatment to enhance his water effect.

Puppet Master is also ok.

I received Hawkgirl and Red Arrow today and they are excellent.

Oh and yes Bob I did use Adam Strange as the base model for Bucky Cap.
For all you who haven't seen my Bucky Cap mod check out these images.

PS Ted I am considering doing Useless Bloodstone - I think either Sentry or Doc Samson would make good starting points for the mod.

The Hood said...

Blob, Hydro Man and Puppet Master all look fantastic. I'm also very happy that Dracula has been added to the collection. Now all we need is Howard The Duck.

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

I know he has his fans, and good luck to them, but I waited a month for Dracula?!? Ugh.

The only one of the other three sneak peaks who interests me is Pupper Master and, as someone else said, his facial expression ain't great. I know, I know, he was originally drawn with a huge gob. Nevertheless, it looks wrong and unrealistic. Otherwise, the figure is pretty damn good and the colouring is vivid.

P.S. I said it once and I'll say it again: I waited a month for Dracula?

rilynil said...

I LOVE that Blob figurine. Finally, the second of my two favorite supervillains will be arriving before long (Mysterio is my other favorite).
Dracula will be a much-welcomed addition to the lineup! :)

rilynil said...

I LOVE that Blob figurine. Finally, the second of my two favorite supervillains will be arriving before long (Mysterio is my other favorite).
Dracula will be a much-welcomed addition to the lineup! :)

Anonymous said...

"even if the 8ft version of blob was used he still shouldn't tower over the hulk or be nearly as large as mega specials."

Yes he should, because he's larger than The Hulk. Hulk is 7'2" on average.

And you first point.... he's been in the 8' incarnation way longer than he was the 5'10" incarnation. So it's only fitting that he's made this way.

pirate adam said...

so he is less than a foot taller than the an average Hulk, yet the sculpt looks to be over an inch taller (i may be wrong here just going of spidey) anyway an inch does not equal a foot no matter what DeadPool says :)


jimbob said...

I really,really,really,really like the Blob figurine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Understandable that Blob is a mega because of his mass,

I guess he is in the same catagory as M.O.D.O.K and Mojo which both are Mega-special cause of their width and not their height!

Puppet Master and Hydro-man look amazing.

Dont care for Dracula or Horror characters,hope EM stick to the catagories they've been doing so far,so many much neeeded characters still needes to be done.

John said...

I think Blob looks fantastic... I just wish he were smaller because I don't want to pay so much for a character I don't want as much or want such a prominent view on my shelf.

The others also looked great, maybe Puppet master looks a little... teethy?

And Dracula was a great choice. I still say they should have used the last spot to start off a new team as it will get harder to introduce teams the later the extensions go, but Dracula was still in my top 40 choices.

John said...

Now MODOK is a character I wouldn't mind paying $38 for. :)

BobDiamond said... to say that was a surprise! Like a lot of people, I was almost convinced that the position would go to Vance Astro- which would have been good.
However, I'm really thrilled that Dracula got it. I believe he is the first character to be included who was 'invented' outside of the MU first. Perhaps we could also have Frankenstein's Monster somewhere down the line, in that case...
Got to echo the sentiment from a number of you though, The Count HAS to be done in the classic Tomb of Dracula/ Gene Colan style...all other versions just don't seem to be right somehow.

Welcome aboard John, hope you survive the experience!! (to para-phase a famous X-Men cover..)
And well done for an interesting and worthy choice!


LAWay said...

Dracula? I don't like John already! lol :P

Congratz on the new position. At least we still have Rich updating the blogs and plenty of new projects? Very mysterious, would love to hear more.

Blob looks fantastic. Sadly he has the biggest cleavage of any figurine, but the sculpt is fantastic. I guess he has to be a mega because of his mass and how much lead he takes up. He's gonna be one heavy bugger. Although PA is complaining, I guess Blob could have been done the size of kingpin, but we all know him as being massive. Sad really, as juggernaut is now puny compared to all these megas and specials.

Puppet Master looks meh. Done a good job on him for sure though. Is there a new sculptor on board, because they seems to be a style pouring through with some of these newer sculpts. I dont like the face, but then again I dont like the character.

Hydroman looks immense and I only hope he will arrive as well painted as in those pictures.

I still havent been accepted on the new forums to cast my vote which is sad, and why the votes shouldnt be decided on them.

but yeh...dracula? Isn't exactly individual to Marvel and that sucks. Rotten choice. Who next, Barack Obama after his spidey appearance?

Anonymous said...

"but yeh...dracula? Isn't exactly individual to Marvel and that sucks"

Neither is....


So I guess they shouldn't have made those either, eh? So we can rule out doing Odin or any of the other Asgardians or such. :)

LAWay said...

touche' cbr beast, touche'. :P

but at least those characters have distinct designs to them rather than the suit and cape combo.

But you win this round.

Robert said...

To be fair to Leigh, the Marvel Dracula looks like the original Universal Dracula with Lugosi (1931) who looks like the Hammer Christopher Lee Dracula of the 1960s and 1970s, etc.

In contrast, what Stan and Jack did to the Asgardian and Olympian gods was take some core elements and improve upon them, especially in terms of appearance. We're not talking some tweaks here and there, either. They have been altered quite considerably - Thor should have red hair for a start.

I know the point you are making, and you're right, but the comparison doesn't stand up to close scrutiny. Dracula is physically the same. Thor, Herc, etc. have been reimagined by the genius that was King Kirby and in those forms are now distinctly "Marvel" characters.

Robert said...

Sorry, Leigh, you posted as I typed my last post.

Anonymous said...

Hercules is pretty close still to a lot of older film interpretations of the character. So that's one at least.

Marvel has gone on to make Dracula their own as well. Yes, he wears the traditional Universal Monsters type of look. But that's pretty much classic Dracula.

Robert said...

Googled Hercules films and the closest I found was a Hercules who wore a short leather kilt.

A kilt without the design or colouring that Jack gave him.

Or the strap from his kilt that diagonally crosses his torso.

Or the leather helmet-thingie.

Or the leather strappings with metal studs around the legs.

Or the mace.

That adds up to a rather odd definition of "pretty close" in anyone's book. So, that's zero, not one.

LAWay said...

yeh, that shut you up eh Rob? :P

You're right, the gods and hercules are distinct designs like I said, which makes them stand out, makes them special, makes them marvel.

theres also a disney hercules beast, who is distinctively different.

The you have dracular, frankenstein, werewolf, whatever, and they are generic in comparison.

Robert said...

I'm signing off for the night now, but how's the job going, Leigh?

P.S. Angle Crusher's legs remind me a little of the In-Betweener's legs!

Thor8 said...

WOW! I waited nearly a month for a new update and I'm totally caught off-base with the last choice. Dracula has been requested quite often so I believe he deserves to be done,but personally I would have preferred about three dozen other characters ( or more) before him. But to my fellow bloggers whom asked for the ol' blood sucker,congrats!

I like the way Hydro-Man looks,I just hope he doesn't snap at the water spout while going through the mail. Puppet Master was done close to a suggestion I gave many weeks ago,but do you think you could add the other FF members sprawled at his feet? I too find blob is just too big. He's massive no doubt about it,but I think he was made too tall.

Welcome aboard John and good luck with your new editorial duties.

Last but not least could we get a sneak peak on how the Wasp's wings project has come along and what the final decision was made(lead or resin?)Oh and make a Swordsman and Mantis double pack next,please!

LAWay said...

haha, didnt know what the hell you were talking about robert, thought you meant 'the inbetweeners', the uk sitcom based in a school. thought you were mad. then had some sense and looked up on comicvine.

interesting but not the inspiration, just drew it up like that.

The jobs going well thanks. been storyboarding and animating, the show we are working on has been picked up by a big UK children's channel I think which is great.

jothagraz said...

Hi Rich!

I am from Austria and I have read Marvel comics for some 35 years. First let me thank you all at Eaglemoss for your great work. In my opinion the CMFC is the ultimate figure collection Marvel ever got. I like to think of it as the Mini Bowen statues for the financially handicapped collectors who nevertheless want to own them all. I love the CMFC for the superb artwork at this scale and the fact that there are always new characters which means maybe I will get figurines I have not seen before like Stiltman, Cobra, Pharao Rama Tut, Mentallo & Fixer. I have done a wish list once and I am ready to buy at least another 200 figurines.
Welcoming this concept I sometimes have to make individual compromises as a collector: An unnatural pose of the Lizard, the height of the Man Wolf, the personally less favoured appearance of the Beast or the unfulfilled longing for the old (70er-80er) Iron Man.
This Friday we got a lot of good news from you, although maybe the Puppet Master could have been done still a touch better with his characteristic grin. Compromise, you know?
And then … Blob. He has a great dynamic, characteristic pose. I love it. But for the first time how utterly disappointing the scale! I looked up in the online Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe where he is described as 5’10’’ high. That’s 177,8 cm, right? Even though this on the other hand seems too small to me: Can you imagine the Blob significantly taller than the Hulk or the Juggernaut? I just don’t believe this. Take Marvel Fanfare #7 Hulk vs. Blob for instance! There is another point: Even if your scale should be right I am convinced it would be a better decision to picture him smaller because you should leave some recognizable difference to the really tall characters regardless their real scale. Imagine Blob will be only 5 mm (!) smaller than the Watcher figurine! That just does not fit into the picture of the whole collection.
The sad thing is, I will buy the Blob figurine because you probably will never do him again. And buying will confirm you that the figurine was done ok. Not in my book, Rich, it is not. Please consider these thoughts about scale more next time and keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

John said...

I keep thinking people are congratulating me, until I realize it's the new John. I'm going to need to change my name on here.

First I've got to figure out how to do that...

Bagman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jimbob said...

I would buy diffrent versions of Blob,5'10" as well as the 8ft mega-special of him,I just love the character!

Hopefully Avalanche will win the polls,so we can complete the Brotherhood of Evil mutants.

Im so glad that Blob and Sasquatch is so big,it would have been a shame to make them smaller.

And here is why Sasquatch should be bigger than Hulk!:P

Anonymous said...

Hydroman: absolutely amazing. One of the most accomplished sculpts in terms of design and pose, and for the way it captures the villain's attitude and superpower so beautifully.

Puppet Master: I'm impressed with the results, especially the paint job and the little Thing puppet.
It's a classy sculpt that perfectly depicts a classic villain.

Blob: it's a good figure, but looks
a bit too cartoony. While I'm happy for his fans who like him big, I agree with all the bloggers who complain about its massive size. I am not a fan and am not looking forward to spend £18.99 for it, in fact I plan NOT to buy it unless it's made smaller.

Dracula: the only reason I'm happy it's been included is that it gives an indication that EM can explore new unchartered areas of the Marvel Universe. I don't care about the character, but will buy the figurine to support EM's mission, hoping that some of my favourite curveball characters will make it into the collection.

Richard (the editor, not the figurine!): grateful to you for the time you dedicate to the blog, all the passionate MU research and the info you provide. Also hope you will soon find some time to comment more specifically on topics discussed in this blog. Multipacks and my MARVEL UNIVERSE FILES idea, for example! ;)

Bagman said...

I was hoping the last spot would have gone to Vance Astro but Dracula will make a welcome addition,it opens the door for Frankensteins Monster and Werewolf and if theres a chance of getting them in the collection--providing there is enough interest--- maybe theres also the slim posssibility of getting Conan,Kull and Red Sonja,licenses permitting. Anybody else like to see them in the collection?

One-of-Three said...

Dracula? I guess he can fit in with all the Vampire hype going on now. I already commented on Blob, and Hydroman on the forum, so I wont do that again here.

Puppet Master looks great as well, and I completely forgot to comment on him. If Ms. Marvel didn't look like crap, I'd have him stand next to her but instead I'll have to find someone else for him to stand next to.

As far as the final selection, I can't say I'm impressed at all, though I have to wonder why the heck did Rich even ask us to suggest a character if he was just going to let someone else decide? He likely didn't even read any of the comments, it's a little distressing. Just being honest here.

Oh well, Welcome aboard John! It's good to have you and we can't wait to see how well this collection will hopefully benefit now that Rich has turned over the baton.

Also John, as long as the Stepford Cuckoos aren't the collection you and I will get to know each other very well. ;) lol

pirate adam said...

i think that cover is slighty exagerated, although Sassy is bigger than the hulk is blob as big as Sas? i dont think so, would like to see the two of them next to each other to confirm my opinion that Blob is too tall


LAWay said...

Makes you think. We all complain about character choices and specials, costume choices and poses, but at the end of the day, we still buy them.

In reality, how can EM know if they are doing wrong if the sales remain consistent? The only way for them to notice if the collectors are unhappy is if they purposely did not buy something, and I imagine many subscribers like myself are too lazy to go through the hassle of unsubscribing, and other collectors too stubborn to have an uncomplete collection.

Endless cycle.

Bagman said...

Have to agree with you there LAway, some of the figurines have been poor Crystal,Dazzler and Cpt.Britain come to mind,but i still bought them, couldn't stand the thought of having an incomplete collection.

One-of-Three said...

LAway says: "Makes you think. We all complain about character choices and specials, costume choices and poses, but at the end of the day, we still buy them."

I don't. lol

Anonymous said...

and I'm not going to buy Blob. The notion that Blob will be as big as Galactus is just too ludicrous to even contemplate. It's not like the CMFC has comparative character size down to a science, and there have been free 'interpretations' of size (hello Cable!). So I don't see why we can't make it so that Blob is not as big as a cosmic entity. I abhor the idea.

Anonymous said...

... and, yes, I did buy Man Wolf ... but only coz I wanted to use it in a wicked game of 'Will It Blend'? Who'd have thought that a lead lycanthrope figure could be so easily pulverised. But, hey, it was.

Anonymous said...

Blob is not as big as Galactus. The height next to the Watcher has already been checked. Unless you're measuring to the to of the arms, which isn't how it works. If Blob's head wasn't thrown back, on the measuring stick he'd be 115 compared to Spider-Man's 90. Which puts him roughly around the 8 foot mark. Which is perfectly accurate.

Anonymous said...

Also, we have to note... like Pyro this is probably not a production piece. And all figurines shrink a little when they translate to production. But here..

From the Forum:

That looks about right scale wise for Colossus and Blob. Especially since Colossus isn't standing entirely straight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks CBR Beast. I hope Blob will turn out to be like you say. Rhino size would be good. Probably because I can't stand the character, I'd like him to be as less conspicuous as possible... if that's even possible with such a fatso. Oh well, maybe I will buy the figure and just put it with the Kingpin ... and leave shelf space for when they do fatso suprema Big Bertha too.

foxchilde said...

I think Blob looks absolutely freaking amazing - That is gonna be a real collection highlight to me!!! Wow... he'll be worth the little longer wait. Looking at him next to the Spiderman figurine, it looks about right to me.

Hyrdomand and Puppetmaster look good too!

Great update!

BobDiamond said...

Hi Bagman,
I would certainly love to see Conan, Red Sonja and possibly King Kull in this collection.
Being a long time Marvel fan I see these guys as important to the MU as the likes of the major Avengers, X-Men and FF characters, but unfortunately they seem to be owned by other companies at the moment.

I can see that Dark Horse has the current Rights to Conan, because both Marvel and DH's versions are basically the Robert E Howard version of the character.
However, I've never understood why Red Sonja isn't fully a Marvel character, as this version was completely re-imagined by Roy Thomas for Marvel.
The REH version (Spelt SonYa) wasn't a Hyborian Age character at all, and supposedly existed in Renaissance times. Therefore, the Marvel version is (virtually) a completely NEW character (this would also make the crap Red Sonja movie with Brigitte Nielsen, technically a Marvel film!).
Further to this, Red Sonja's arch-nemesis, Kulan Gath, was WHOLLY a Marvel invention and appeared in many classic 'modern-day' stories featuring Spiderman, The X-Men and The Avengers. Quite a major villain really, and would be worthy of inclusion in this collection, if legally possible.
However, he also seems to be 'owned' by Dynamite Entertainment now....Quite a weird mix-up altogether.
BTW, Kulan Gath is going to feature in the new Red Sonja does that make it a Marvel film or a DE film?!
Coupled with this of course, is the fact that The Hyborian Age is still considered to be canon in MU history, with such items as The Serpent Crown originating from this time.
So bottom line is, in the MU, Robert E Howard's 'world' is an intrinsic part of the whole, BUT Marvel can't use the main characters of this time, INCLUDING the ones that they came up with themselves!

All very strange indeed...


Thor8 said...

LAWay brought up a subject that's quite intriguing. Do you or don't you buy figurines you do not like?

When I first discovered this collection(quite by accident)I originally wanted to purchase only those characters that were either Avengers or their foes,even though I found some others to be quite tempting such as The Angel,Kraven and others. Having purchased a set of these figurines that were up for auction on Ebay just to get The Hulk special I got hooked and started to buy nearly every figurine available I say nearly because I could never bring myself to buy Carnage or The Iron Man Special. The only reason I have Red Skull,Blade,Mystique and Captain Britain in the collection is due to them having been in the set I previously mentioned. I've now decided to go back to basics and purchase only those I'm really interested in and really like. I don't feel or think that my collection is incomplete,I may not have a complete set but I have all those I collect and desire (except Thanos he keeps avoiding me)

LAWay said...

I got a spare Thanos somewhere I think, because he was shipped to me broken. His arm fell off. Bit of glue and I think he could be good to go.

I had planned on customizing him.

Thor8 said...

LAWay; If you're willing to sell him name your price and I may purchase him. Meanwhile what do the rest of you think about the subject previously mentioned by LAWay. Do you purchase all figurines just for the sake of having a complete set,or do you buy only those that you really like?

Robert said...

In answer to Thor8's question, in the last month or two I have reassessed my attitude to this collection.

I started collecting when the figurines first came out and have most of the figures bar the more recent X-characters like Blink (who I don't know from Adam) and a couple of characters like Captain Britain and Beast because I don't like those versions. It doesn't bother me that my collection is incomplete; it would bother me more to see Chris Hoy Captain Britain and cat-Beast next to the others.

However, having recently done some rough mental arithmetic I have spent over £1000 on these figures and that's rather a lot. So, starting with Titania, I am much pickier what I buy. Of the sneak peaks I probably won't buy Hydroman and definitely won't buy Blob. (Dracula will also be a miss when he comes out.)

I already spend well over £100 a month on comics, Masterworks, etc. and it's a lot of money on one hobby.

P.S. BP Masterwork in FP today. Mine should be dropping through my door in a few days! He he he!

John said...

Originally, I just wanted my favorites that seemed rarer. So Spidey's my favorite Marvel character, but he's everywhere else, so I thought I could skip him. I got Shocker and Yellowjacket and I think Scarecrow from DC.

In about 2 weeks, I was looking at the Mandarin figurine and I just thought it was such a great sculpt. But I don't read Iron Man...

Eventually, I decided to only get Spider-Man and Batman characters, as well as any I thought were just a great sculpt. Then it started to include characters I just 'liked.' Then every character except the ones I just DON'T like. Fast forward to today where I also ended up buying Jubilee...

I am more picky with the Batman characters however. Like, I don't know anything about Batwoman or Creeper, so I skipped 'em. Can't wait for Mr. Freeze though. ;)

The Hood said...

I've bought every character so far, but I do like all of them. But even if a character that I dont like gets released i'll buy it anyway, I couldnt bear to have an incomplete collection.

pirate adam said...

i too started out to collect every issue, but have also stopped after Titania and am now just collecting the figs that i want. the reason is, the last few extensions have been rather dissapointing and X-Men heavey IMO, i'm just not interested in X-Men after the top 10 maybee.


Robert said...

Interesting to read the last few posts on who and what people buy...

Anyway, on a side topic, I am considering repainting Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel and Iceman so that they are in their original form. (I have aready repainted the first two in their Walt Simonson-era X-Factor costumes.) There will be a bit of jiggery-pokery to get Marvel Girl right but the character I can't work out how to do is (pre-furball) Beast. Is there a DC character (shudder) that is suitable for a wee modification job? Is there someone with oversized feet and hands...?

LAWay said...

Wait, hardly anyone buys all the figurines!? lol

So when I go saying I want to see variant costume choices, and get shot down, it really doesnt matter because I am a subscriber and me buying every issue is what keeps the collection going. (being extreme here, but you know the collection goes by subscription numbers more so than off the shelf sales)

god damn it I feel a fool now. Maybe i'll start not collecting every figurine. Like you have said...when you think about it, spent thousands on these things, its quite distressing thinking about it, especially when I dont like all of them and care little about alot of characters.

But the next extension is looking quite good.

give me frickin redos and unsubscribing wont cross my mind, I'll be hooked for life.

Robert said...

Hey, Leigh, for a man who's been "shot down" you're mighty perky! You must have a better healing factor than a certain Mr. Logan!

Anywho, that's only a small number of us. I think a lot, like you, do subscribe. And a lot, like me, buy the vast majority. And a few, like Deadpool, repaint the female figures with flesh-coloured paint... allegedly...

navaho said...

Just wanted to say I'm happy with Dracula, he's important enough to warrant a place and he's been mentioned a fair few times, also horror is underrepresented in this collection.
Hydroman and Puppet Master look very good but the Blob has breasts if I'm not very much mistaken, hmmmm......not sure.
I collect every figurine and even travelled to France to pick up a green Quicksilver for €67, (I know...bloody mental!). I do it because I love Marvel and I love the collection.
Ps this extension looks fandabbydozy, very pleased.

Thor8 said...

I believe a true collector seeks,buys,trades,what he really and truly likes. I buy comics,figurines mini busts,and action figures because I truly like them and I've been doing so since I was knee high. Some people buy things because one day they might be worth a small fortune. They keep them in their original packing,locked in an airtight vault away from direct light.In my opinion these are not true collectors but investors. I like looking at my collection,rearranging them in different patterns,showing them off to friends and relatives,and as I said before I buy what I like and truly want.If someone is a Spider-Man fan and collects only Spidey related figurines,his collection is complete as far as he's concerned and I'd agree with him because he has all the figurines he's truly interested in and needs for his Spider-Man collection.So when will my collection be complete? When I have all the available figurines I truly want and that is that!

John said...

Well said Thor. A complete collection is what we make of it.

BobDiamond said...

Got to say that I DO collect all the figurines- Marvel AND DC. I just get a real buzz out of all the characters- even ones I know little about.
Obviously I have my favourites, and very occasionally there comes along a character that I care little for- but I've not got to the stage where I would refuse any(yet). BIG HOWEVER though, if the collection(s) goes on too long, I'm going to have to do some serious rethinking- as space is becoming an issue.
I've also, so far got all the binders and plinths. However, I am going to stop the plinths, as I don't really need them any more as the way I display has changed recently. I use a Acrylic boxes from Muji, and Stepped Display stands from POS Acrylics, all in Ikea display cabinets- if anybody is interested!
Side note: - how do you guys display?

I said it before though...Why can't we be offered the Green Quicksilver in this country??! Surely, It can't be any more difficult than when they did the Blue Angel etc. I just find it annoying and a little insulting, that I can't get a complete set without having to pay a third party ridiculous money over E-bay for it. I just believe that if they're going to release it, then it should be for everybody. (moan, bitch etc etc)

On a completely different note, I've been thinking how wonderful it would be to have KILLRAVEN as a fig. Colourful, dynamic and represents a unique corner of the MU. Also- he's a surprise guest-star at the end of (Spoiler alert!) Avengers 3.

Cheers for now,

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

My figures are displayed along the top of one of my shelving units in the loft I had converted. The FF, Avengers and folk like Shang-Hai are there. The rest sit along the edges of the uppermost shelves, organised into baddies, Spidey baddies, X-Men, Defenders, etc. I look forward to the day I have an Asgardian shelf!

P.S. Anyone else think their collecting shows aspects of autism?

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

Ted, go to...

... for a very positive review. Hopefully it's justified! Fingers crossed!

Banshee said...

Blob, Hydroman and Puppet Master look amazing. I have to admit I'm not thrilled with the choice of Dracula, however I will reserve judgement until I see him immortalised in lead.

Really looking forward to the poll choices to see which three come out on top. I still can't decide myself which I will opt for, so many choices still left. Let's just hope another extension is along the pipeline somewhere :)

BobDiamond said...

In response to your PS Robert - yeah, you are probably right, unfortunately!
In fact I've just spent the best part of the last 3 hours rejigging my comic collection in my hot and stuffy attic, when I could've been outside in the cool fresh air meeting real people and hearing bird-song....
Ah the strange and woeful life of the comic fan....

BD to say I LOVE it though!

jimbob said...

I too look forward to a all Asgardian shelf!

Warriors Three

The problem with most of these guys they are almost all 7ft tall, which mean EM either make some of the large regulars or make alot of them specials!

Robert said...

Hadn't thought about the height issue, jimbob. You're right, of course, about the likes of Hela and Heimdall although I would have thought Thunderstrike was the same height as Thor, and Hogun and Fandrall were marginally shorter than the Odinson. I would need to check, though. Anyway, in my opinion (and I know this will not go down well with everyone), whatever their size the Asgardians are seriously under-represented and much more deserving of future spots that the Guardians, Young Avengers, Runaways, remaining Defenders - actually, pretty much anyone except a few Avengers characters and maybe a Spidey character or two. Have to go and get my tin helmet now...

Robert said...

Just saw a photo of Odin's throne room and while I was unimpressed with what I could make out in Fandrall's and Hogun's attire, Loki is wearing his horned helmet!!! Yah!!

ted sallis said...

Thanks for the heads up Robert it was indeed an encouraging review' but i want to see live footage before i soil myself with excitement.
Oh, and Robert don't worry, scientists have conducted an extensive study that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Asgardians are the coolest of all Marvel characters. Don't ask me how they did it, it was all " sciency" like those L'Oreal adverts

Robert said...

I think I read something about that article, Ted. It originally appeared in Scientific American last summer and was roundly applauded by the intellectual communities on all continents. The editors, according to Stan, were "Marvelous" Mel Brookenstein and Johan "Stupendous" Stefenberg.

As for premature soiling, I am afraid that after seeing a tiny, blurry image of Loki and his horned helmet I was guilty of an episode of double incontinence. But fear not, I had to re-upholster these old leather chairs anyway...

Robert said...

Just had another look through my issues of Thunderstrike, jimbob, to check his height relative to Thor and he is drawn the same size. (I was fairly certain about that as I reread my Thunderstrike collection only weeks ago.) Also, Marvel Wiki has them both 6 foot 6 inches. Sooooo, if we can get Thor as a regular, we can get Strike as one, too! Now, I really need to go and check out the Warriors Three!

Robert said...

Only measurements I found were these:
Hogun 6' 3", Fandrall 6' 4", Volstagg 6' 8". So, Hogun and Frandrall are regulars. Volstagg would be a special, I guess, due to height and mass?

LAWay said...

Ok, so i know you guys dont like the marvel action figures, but very exciting announcements, and lots of variation in the characters.

I implore you to check the link:

characters i am excited about:
Black Goliath - giant
Jean Grey - Jim Lee version
Hulk - Gladiator style
Iron Man - modern armour
Havoc - classic
Archangel - with skull face
Archangel normal
Spiderman 2099
Iron Patriot
Movie Thor
Modern Sentinels + variants - giant
Mystique - white costume
Hawkeye - modern
Awesome Captain Britain
Ben Reilly Spiderman
Multiple Man classic
Ultimate Iron Man

Sorry, but that is an awesome list. I would whole heartedly welcome that as an extension regardless of redos and alternate costumes. Look at some of the characters - Goliath, Spiderman 2099, Constrictor, Wrecker, AIM as characters not done by EM after 200 magazines...and I think this figure collection is in its infancy with just 50 figures.

Maybe I should save my money from the collection and just buy these beauties.

Wish I could go to sdcc. :(

John said...

I do really want a Constrictor Figurine...

LAWay said...

Simple, buy these awesome action figures, glue the joints solid and put them on a weighted base, you would never know the difference. ;)

Robert said...

Some very interesting choices, Leigh. Especially liked classic Ghost Rider. I had to remove the chain from mine, file down all the studs and repaint it. (And didn't make a great job of it, to be honest.)

BobDiamond said...

Just came home to a disaster!
One of my new acrylic stepped display stands had slipped into the small gap at the back of the Ikea cabinet and had brought the whole lot down. Also causing the other sections to tumble too! I had figures in a complete jumble like the aftermath of an earthquake! I couldn't even open the door to get at them, because they were all pressed against it. Used a long ruler to sort that out, and the aid of my good lady wife.
Anyway, upshot of all this, despite about 50 odd figures being involved (some had fallen from one level to the next somehow), only 2 were slightly broken- both DC guys (I'm sure you're relieved Robert!). And with a little bit of super-glue and the odd speck of paint, it's all sorted now. Whew!
I've now stuck some sticky buffer things on the back of the glass shelves to stop the steps slipping into the gap again (hopefully)
So, guys and gals, be warned of the nefarious gaps in the Ikea glass cabinets, as well as the slight-but-deadly, expandability of acrylic stepped display stands....
Here endeth the sermon,

Rev. BD

Robert said...

Sounds less like a fault with Ikea workmanship than the nefarious schemes of the Mad Titan himself! This event was no more than a preamble to the fourth part of a trilogy, the Infinity Cabinet!!

LAWay said...

Sorry to hear that BD, after you were praising your shelving choice too it betrayed you.

Although it does settle one argument. Marvel is better than DC. ;)

One-of-Three said...

Geez, Bob. That would have scared anything alive out of me. I'm glad only two figurines were damaged, it could have been worse.

If you own her, I'd blame The Phoenix on this one. Burning away what doesn't work, and I guess the DC side wasn't working to well for her. ;)

Robert said...

Best comment ever?

"Although it does settle one argument. Marvel is better than DC. ;)"

pirate adam said...

a friend of mine had a wall shelf collapse a while ago and about 30 figs came crashing down and guess what, the only 2 figs that got damaged STORM and JEAN GREY!! just goes to show the X-Men are crap aswell :)


Robert said...

And girls, too? Coincidence?

(No, my wife is NOT in the room as I type this!)

One-of-Three said...

Can't speak for Storm, but I'm sure if you left Jean on the floor long enough, she'd magically fix herself. ;)

@Robert: Good thing for that then, otherwise you'd have your own Phoenix Raptor to deal with. lol

BobDiamond said...

Thanks guys!
Your posts have really cheered me up!
What cold have been my collections 'blackest night' has turned into a 'brand new day' for them. They needed a bit of a rejigging anyway....but I could certainly do without what resembled the end of Siege issue 4, happening again soon!

Cheers again,

Robert said...

I don't quite have a Shi-like wife like Deadpool but I did make the mistake on my honeymoon of innocently asking "Don't you think Hong Kongese women are pretty?". The punch on the arm I received really should have been accompanied with a "It's Clobberin' Time!".

SinisterVenom said...

Hm typical, I didn't bother checking in on friday in case we had no update and what happens? We get an update! Oh well can't complain really.
But what I will say is, like Robert, I can't believe they made us wait a month to find out the identity of the final figurine only for it to be Dracula. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled he's in the collection, I have wanted to see more horror characters anyway but after that long wait, I was hoping for something I could really sink my teeth into (see what I did there?...Bad I know lol).
Blob and Hydro-Man look great, excellent detail. Puppet Master looks good too but what's up with his mouth? Seriously.
So does this mean the next update will have something to do with the competion? Can't wait to get involved in that!
All in all though this has still been a good update, it's like an early birthday present from Eaglemoss lol, which is tomorrow in case anyone is about to ask.
Til we come together again true believers!
'We are SV'

LAWay said...

haha what rotten puns BD. Well thought, but utterly rotten. :P

surely you should know Robert not to bring up the attractiveness of the fairer sex. Unless your partner initiates with who is pretty, deny everything and only agree with her .

'god thats a hideous outfit.'
'shes fat.'
'shes ugly.'
Just reply 'yes dear.'
And when the comment comes 'oh that person is pretty.' just reply 'oh really, didnt notice. I guess.'

No clobberin time ever again. ;)

Robert said...

Yeh, you're right of course, Leigh. Making a positive comment about another women is tantamount to stiking your head in machinery. You know what's gonna happen, so why do it?

Still, I was kind of right, too: Hong Kongese women are very pretty!

John said...

"Can't speak for Storm, but I'm sure if you left Jean on the floor long enough, she'd magically fix herself."

Hahaha! That's good. ;)

jimbob said...

Special poll updated.

Sauron 59
Lockjaw 50
Mojo 47
Strong Guy 40
M.O.D.O.K 38
Odin 32
Warpath 32
Dragon Man 18
Rockslide 16
Hulkling 14
Stilt Man 11
GOLIATH (Bill Foster) 10
Shadow King 10
Wendigo 10
Ch'od 9
Brood Queen 8
Nimrod 8
Terrax 8

Nice to see Atlas brakeing into the top 10,with Giant Man and Bill Foster not far behind.

Hopefully with Blob being a mega,surley the size changers have a great chance to be represented how they should be in this collection!

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

what difference does blob being a mega make towards getting size changers as megas? apparantly blob should be that big, people who think so are wrong but entitled to there opinion non the less, just as people wanting size changers as megas are wrong also :)


Robert said...

Have to respectfully disagree, PA. I'd love a special or mega of Giant-Man! He would look odd normal-sized when he was nearly always large in the comics.

Out of curiosity, who do you want to see as a mega, then...? (Yeh, a friendly challenge to the scourge of the seven seas!)

jimbob said...

Let's just say that a our campaign for special or mega-special size giant men are getting stronger.

EM should follow other Marvel figure manufactures and make Size-changers represented how they should be.

Robert said...

You talk a lot of sense, jimbob! It's not exactly unusual for characters to be shown manifesting their powers: we have Johnny Storm aflame as the Human Torch, Machine Man stretching out an elongated arm, even a sneak peak of a flying mutant blasting off (Cannonball, I think). Why not have size-changers as specials or megas? Maybe not all of them due to the limited number of available spots, just the more popular or long-lasting ones.

SinisterVenom said...

I got my Ronan on order now, should be with me in a couple of weeks with Cloak and Dagger, those are the only 2 specials I'm missing. Will be getting Ant-Man tomorrow too.
Though I don't think X-Man is as bad as you make out Ted. Sure he's not great but surely there are worse? He reminds me of the Nova figurine but without the helmet and add the jacket and stuff. For me, my least fave looking fig is Captain Britain, his pose just looks too plain, could have been better. But hey we've all got our own different opinions.
So guys, what would you say is your least favourite figurine in the collection so far?
'We are SV'

pirate adam said...

to answer your question Robert

Livivng Tribunal

to name but a few, basicly anyone that has to be mega because of there size


pirate adam said...

and SV the worst fig by a million miles is Johnny Storm

we are PA :)

Robert said...

Very good suggestions, PA, and I see your point. A Celestial would look great. Ymir (how DO you pronounce that?) and Surtur would be excellent, too, and also add to the criminally underpopulated Asgardian contingent. Not quite as fussed about Eternity and the Living Tribunal but would buy them is they were released. The only suggestion I can't back is Ego. It just about works in the comics but a planet with a scowling face doesn't sound like an attractive prospect as a figurine. It's all very children's nursery rhyme-type stuff. Hmm. Okay, you're right about there being a sizeable list of candidates for the megas, Adam. Well, how about a tiny compromise and we get one of the size-changers as a mega? It HAS to be Giant-Man: absolute classic incarnation from the Silver Age! Go on, PA, you know you want to impersonate the man from Del Monte and say "Yes!"...

Worst figurine? Crystal.

jimbob said...

Livivng Tribunal

They are not even in the top 20 mate!

Their time will come,if the collection will go on that long?

It will take 4 years to get through the top 20;)

Wonder if we will get two mega-specials a year like we are haveing this year.

I think Rich said that Sasquatch is a mega?and we had Foom in jan.

The next two Megas for the collection after Blob is M.O.D.O.K and Mojo for sure.

John said...

I'm kind of shocked and sad that Dragon Man is so far down on the list. He's so iconic, with a truely original design that's all Marvel. Guest starring in just about every major book, video game appearances, every Marvel fan has to know who he is.

On the topic of size changers, I've got a couple of strong reasons (my opinion of course) why they should remain regulars.

1. The major players we have left are Atlas, Stature, Goliath, and Ant-Man (O'Grady.) Why I think of size changers, I immediately think of Hank Pym, because he discovered the Pym Particles all the size-changers are using. I would hate to put a huge Atlas on my shelf if Pym isn't a Special.

The arguement could be made that they could use the Giant-Man costume to still get Pym in, but this goes back to the old arguement of redos.

2. This one I just thought about, and it's not as big as the others, but still... Money. If you really want the character to stand out as a size changers, it may have to go for a Mega size. Just a Special might not cut it. "Give us an Atlas that's gown to SEVEN FEET TALL!!!" It just wouldn't cut it. Megas should really be saved for a character that can't be made another way, because... that's $38! (USD) I mean, I like Atlas, and it would be neat to have him large, but if I passed on Lobo for costing too much... Lobo! then I think the non-completists would pass too.

3. We get 5 Specials a year. Look at all the requests for double packs, team packs, large characters, Megas... And you want to give up a spot to someone that could fit into the regular line-up?

Here's my Special list, and I'm sure everyone has one just as long;

Dragon Man
Gorilla Man
Madame Web
Brood Queen

Livivng Tribunal
Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy

+Groot and Rocket Raccoon
Cobra and Mr. Hyde
Jackal and Kaine
Maximus the Mad and Lockjaw
Misty Knight and Colleen Wing
Wiccan and Hulkling

Team Packs:
Warriors Three

These are just my most wanted, so yeah, each Special taken up is precious to me.

Deadpool said...

Deadpool studios proudly presents another custome figure.

Please give a warm reception for - Ulysses Bloodstone and a group photo of all my recent customs.

PS I received Antman, X-Man and Ronan today.

Ronan is pretty cool but Antman is much cooler. X-Man is not my cup of tea but he's part of the collection.

Ted, Robert and Bobbit I would appreciate your feedback on Bloodstone.

I took a little bit of liberty with the colour scheme and his weapons but I think it was for the best.

Bye Bye yours truly ... Deadpool.

jimbob said...

"The major players we have left are Atlas, Stature, Goliath, and Ant-Man (O'Grady.) Why I think of size changers, I immediately think of Hank Pym, because he discovered the Pym Particles all the size-changers are using. I would hate to put a huge Atlas on my shelf if Pym isn't a Special."

Ha ha ha!

Thats the worst excuse i have ever heard.Pym as Yellow Jacket has never really used his size-changeing powers till alot later on in the comics!So Yellow Jacket as a regular does really go well.

Size changers are worthy of a special spot,they are futher up the polls than most of your special wants mate.

There is enough collectors that want Size changers special,polls result from the forum on size-changers have hopefully been sent to EM.

LAWay said...

Got my package today. X-Man is a poor figurine. Crystal is one of the worst, but there are a few that have fallen from the ugly tree.

Sauron top of the poll? I'm ok with it. I just worry about the sculpt. It could be another fing fang foom problem with breakages, as those wings wont be very sturdy if they go for any dynamic posing.

It would be nice to have size changes, but I would also want them regular size. Black Goliath isnt an important enough character to justify a mega, and really, atlas isn't either. EM missed the boat on cashing in on them to set a standard. It would look abit rubbish too. How big would they be...around sentinel size? And thats like 15 feet in scale with the rest of the figurines, but is pretty rubbish for size changes.

I would have liked a collection of size changers so they can be grouped together and what not, but having the likes of atlas and black goliath with sentinel, galactus, the would just look odd.

Nice custom DP.

John said...

Thanks for the support on size-changers, LAWay. That's exactly the point I was making that Jimmy was countering.

Still, each to their own opinion. We defend what we want in our own collections...

As for Crystal, I've heard so many people complain about her. I actually like the sculpt...

jothagraz said...

Interesting discussion. Since the scale did never fit between normal sized figures and megas like Galactus or FFF my idea is to do characters like an 8’ Blob (I have learned that he mutated further) at a relative scale between normals and megas. (I still dislike the idea of Blob standing almost as large as the Watcher or Galactus).

This solves 2 problems: First we get a recognizable difference between different heights and second we get more figures out of our money. If Blob is only a special like the Hulk, we could get somebody else for a mega. Mr. Hyde or the Executioner would have more chances to be released as slightly taller normals instead of specials (somewhat like Man Wolf who I generally think is done too tall).

As for size changers I personally would love to see first comers Giant Man/Goliath (Pym) or Goliath (Clint Barton, hint! hint!) only a little less tall as a mega and would also welcome others like Black Goliath at normal size.

BobDiamond said...

Well done Deadpool, on another brilliant sculpt! Still think the Cap Britain one is your best, but they all look very cool.
On the subject of Size-Changers....hmmm...I personally think that to do them justice, they would have to be giant (Mega) size, but only 2 in my opinion would warrant this rare position, as there are loads of other very deserving characters who need to be made mega-size.
The 2 who should be made are-
Original Giantman (with Wasp in her first costume, on his shoulder)
Atlas- who has an excellent costume, and would look stunning at that size.

Now, as for worst figure in the collection...
I've always hated the leaning, drunk pose of Rogue, in her flasher's mack.
2nd worst- Crystal- extremely boring, and should have been made as a double-pack with Lockjaw IMO.

Excellent Antman and Ronan figures, and ok X-Man fig arrived today.


PS. Got to say that DC's Adam Strange figure is Amazing! Even if you aren't into DC, check this one out...

jothagraz said...

by the way ... Ant Man is done as a normal size, too!

Robert said...

Have to echo Bob, Deadpool. Another great sculpt, although Captain Britain remains my favourite (as you could have predicted).

John made a comment about being surprised Dragon Man is so far down the list. I thought the exact same about Terrax. (And, now that someone's mentioned it, Dragon Man does seem very low down, too!)

jimbob said...

I think it would be a great idea to have the size changers at diffrent scale,

Since Bill Foster is grows the shortest 15ft,he can be a special,

Atlas who can grow to 60ft can be a super-special

And then maybe Pym as Giant Man who can grow to 100ft can defo be a mega at some point in the collection.

It would be unfair for EM to deny all three of them!

The fans desrve one size changer special at least.

Scale is not a an issue anymore,Blob is as big as Galactus,Foom and Watcher.

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BobDiamond said...

Captain Beefheart Ted?!
And you think I remind YOU of Saxondale??!


PS...did I tell you I saw Hawkwind a couple of weeks ago....AMAZING!

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BobDiamond said...

Here's a game you might want to play as we're kicking our collective heels, waiting for an update....

For each of these 'families'/areas, name 1 Hero and 1 Villain only, for future inclusion. Simple...I'll have a go first...

Swordsman, Whirlwind

Longshot, Mimic

Thundra, Trapster

Clea, Xemnu

Heimdall, Executioner

White Tiger(orig), Zaran

Dum-Dum Dugan, Baron Strucker

Arachne, Hammerhead

Orig.Human Torch, Masterman

ATLAS/ 1950's
The Uranian, Yellow Claw

Starhawk, Korvac

Firelord, Grandmaster

Brother Voodoo, Nightmare

NightRider, Iron Mask

That's 14 areas covered, if you think there should be more then add them in!


Robert said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Anyone know where I can see the Thor trailer? Everywhere I tried had a comment about infinging Marvel copyright. I'm glad it looks good and now I want to see it sooooooooooo much!

My word verification is "flucklab", which somehow seems appropriate...

SinisterVenom said...

Hey Robert, I saw the trailer on youtube, check it out there. But make sure you find the right one and not the fan made ones. And I can honestly say I am looking forward to Thor more than I was to Iron Man 2 :)
And BD I agree Rogue was another disappointing figurine. I don't know if anyone else would agree but I would like to have seen her in her yellow and green costume. Basically the coat had to come off her figure. The hair could have used some work too.
Crystal and Human Torch weren't great either but I wasn't too fussed with them. Any other figurines we would like to share our disappointment on?
And finally I echo Ted's call to you all, watch the Thor trailer guys!!!
'We are SV'

jimbob said...

Thor trailer is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

Her you go.See it before it goes.

Robert said...

Thanks, jimbob! You're a top man! Enjoyed that! I tried youtube - as SV suggested - unsuccessfully, so thanks for bailing me out!

Looks good. The costuming - especially for the Warriors Three - is less recognisable than I would have liked, but at least they are in it. You can't have everything, I suppose. It's great that Thor has an adversary (rather than, say, Thor Dogs; thanks for nothing Ang Lee) and the Destroyer looks impressive. Next year can't come soon enough...

jimbob said...

Have to add the Destroyer to the Asgardian Special list i posted earlier.
He looked awsome in the trailer.

Warriors Three
Destroyer (added)

Robert said...

Hear, hear on your specials list, jimbob.

pirate adam said...


Jimbob you are my new best friend and if you want a billion different versions of Blob i will now back you all the way, well maybe not but you are a legend for finding the link to the Thor trailer. how good does the Destroyer look? gotta be a special along with Odin next year

jimbob said...

Thanks mate,Odin special must be a dead cert now!

The fight between Thor and Destroyer is going to be epic!!!!!

SinisterVenom said...

It would be perfect to have Odin when the film hits the big screen. I can't wait to see Thor take on the Destroyer :)

Bagman said...

Just watched the THOR trailer, thanks Jimbob. How good does The Destroyer look? Roll on 2011!!!

LAWay said...

The trailer isnt going anywhere, its on every major film and comicbook website and hundreds on youtube, so it aint hard to find. hardly leaked either, its not a recording of the trailer, its the trailer. But it looks better than I was expecting, and I am a little excited about it now.

Ad for jimbob's comments about size changers, I think you are wrong.
Blob isnt at the wrong scale. Its galactus and watcher who are made short, purely because it would be impossible to do them justice.

You cant do a 15ft, 60ft and 100ft characters in scale in lead. These wouldnt be figurines, more like weapons!

Galactus, Sentinel etc are about 15-20ft to scale in the collection, maybe even smaller than that. We wont see any bigger figurines, the mass and weight would be too much.

So having 3 different scale size changers, with the one who gros the most being the same size as galactus, that means the one who changes the least, by your theory, would then only be slightly larger than maybe colossus. What would be the point? If anything, this ruins the scale even more!

Like others have said, blob isnt out of scale. While Marvels ancient records has him at 5'10 or whatever, do you read comics, or watching any of the cartoons, the film, games? He is massive nowadays! That aint EM messing up, that is continuity!

Its also like complaining that we have a normal ant-man, are not a to scale antman who should be a millimeter tall.

I dont want a giant dude for the sake of making super mega specials. In that case, give me regular specials or I'll gladly spend the money on two packs.

LAWay said...

talking of displaying figurines, saw this website and looks very good for what it does.

Now, will we get an update tomorrow? I dont expect so, but Rich said 'That is your lot for this week'- did he mean for that week, or for that week of updates.

John said...

I really hope we get an update today. I don't need to see any previews or anything, I just want to know how the polls are going to go on the forum.

Or at least for him to say that they'll start them next week so more people can register and explain exactly how it'll go down. Anything that puts us in the loop and gives a timeframe.

Deadpool said...

Well blog rats ... I hate to say I told ya so .... but I did.

Oh that feels so good ...

I knew that Thor wouldn't disappoint.

All you needed was a little faith.

The trailer was rather good and the final production promises to be a winner.

Now that everyone here loves the Aesir - BY ODIN@S BEARD! - let's petition our new resident Mossling to get his puny little arse into gear and deliver us the whole cast of characters.

You heard me you little runt ... prove yourself ... bring on the Asgardians

Luv Deadpool ;0)

SinisterVenom said...

Well now that we have all the chosen figurines for the next extension I'm hoping for some info on the competition now to complete the line up.
All this of course if we actually do get an update today.
'We are SV'