Friday, 30 July 2010

Size matters...

Hi guys,

Things have got a little quieter around here so I’ve actually found the time to update again.

First up I’d like to address comments about the Blob’s size and really the size of specials in general. I know a few people are not happy that Blob (and Sasquatch) is bigger than our Hulk figurine. According to Marvel’s handbook’s Blob is 8’ while the Hulk ranges from 6’ 7” to 7’-8’ to well over 15’.

Despite the fact that the Hulk’s size has frequently changed throughout the comics, I think the general consensus is that Hulk should be one of the biggest (normal) specials and I tend to agree. The main problem we have is that in all honesty, the Hulk should have been bigger from the start. I really like the sculpt we produced but at the time we had only just started the collection and were unsure what size and price we could produce specials at. We chose to keep in scale as much as we could and produce a smaller Hulk (similar to his first appearances and 70s comics) so that we could get the Hulk in as early as possible. As the collection has progressed, we’ve learnt a lot about producing the characters and meeting the demands the collectors. At one point we were unsure if we could make and sell figures bigger than the Hulk.

So with the Hulk setting the standard (being the first special) we’re left with two options for all specials after:

1. Restrict all specials to about the Hulk’s height (except those that are genuinely much bigger). In my eyes this would lead to characters such as Blob and Sasquatch just not looking right. Check out my rescaled figures below. Spider-Man and Hulk are at correct height, Sasquatch and Blob have been scaled down and the purple/grey areas are figure’s actual height.

2. Take each special on a case-by-case basis, while making sure the whole collection fits together. This means the Blob is bigger than the Hulk but not by a huge amount. If the Hulk from his first appearance met the 8’ Blob it’d probably be quite similar to our figures.

Unfortunately this does mean our Hulk special looks a little small compared to some of the other specials. What’s the solution? I don’t think we should restrict other specials’ heights, perhaps we can produce a new Hulk special. Is that something you guys would like? Say a bigger Hulk, in a different pose for £15.99? Let me know.

As for the height of some of the mega specials such as Galactus, Sentinel, Fin Fang Foom and the Watcher, of course these are not in perfect scale with the regular figurines or some of the other specials. The reason for this is that we have a maximum height we can produce the figurines at and so these figures all sit at that maximum. In reality, an in scale Galactus would be approximately 420mm tall! Simply put, we couldn’t afford to post the figure let alone make it.

Below I’ve rescaled Galactus and Fin Fang Foom to actual height for the collection.

Please understand that I’m not trying to make excuses, I’m just trying to explain why/how we make decisions.

Just one sneak peek this week – Triton.

And finally…
I hope to speak to the chaps on the forum and get the polls running on 9th August. These will be for three characters in the extension. Once these are chosen I’ll start a new competition. I will have more details on all of this next week.


John said...

No new Hulk. Let's move on to new characters please!

buffduffdan said...

Triton looks good :) An interesting pose and good detail on his face and scales!

As for a Hulk re-do? No thanks! The original is fine and we have such a huge list of specials still to do that repeating one seems a bit lame. Sure he's a little small but his size has never bothered me :D

I'd much rather have Lockjaw, Dragon Man, Wendigo, Shadow King, Super Adaptoid, MODOK, Mojo and a bunch of others before another Hulk!!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see Red Hulk (General Thunderbolt Ross) done before we get a redo of Hulk. And if you did Redo Hulk, perhaps King Hulk from World War Hulk would be a good choice.

But yeah, I always assumed the Hulk that was made was from before he became Super Huge. Where as Blob is from his later incarnation after his mutation evolved. So I'm fine with the size of both him and Sassy.

jarvis69 said...

Thx for the explanations Richard . For me , a new Hulk isn't a priority....but , why not the " smart " Hulk...later ?
Nice inhuman this week , the Royal family'll be happy ;)
And another good news about the poll , I'll be there ! lol

Anonymous said...

I also echo Buffduffdan's call for Dragon Man. He would be cool in the Mega Special size, due to the fact he's supposed to be 18' tall. :)

Anonymous said...

Plus Red Hulk could allow for a fairly easy repaint variant of regular Hulk. Outside of the glowing eyes, there's not much physical differences between the two Hulks. And they both wear ripped pants. So it could be easily enough done, for those who do want a larger Jade Giant.

John said...

Actually, seeing Blob next to the Hulk and Galactus helps put things into perspective. I thought he was going to be much taller. I mean, I was miffed about the huge price for a character I didn't care as much for, but more worried that his size would pull attention on the shelf. But seeing that, he should fit in nicely.

And yeah, sorry for the frankness of the first post. I just saw no one had posted yet, and wanted to make sure my view was heard. Like Buffduffdan after me, I have a HUGE list of Specials I'd like to see, and redoing a figure just pushes my list further and further away... also opening the door for a new Iron Man, Cap. Britain, Mystique, Beast, etc. etc. which are all fine figurines if you ask me.

Deadpool said...

Thanks for the update Rich .... what happened to your Mossspawn Johnny boy - I thought he would be giving us a good hard blogging.

I personally liked your starting point for the hulk - he is the character size I remember from the early Avengers.
That said, Yes please produce a big dynamic enraged Hulk as an extra special.

I like Triton too, nice stance.

May I now reiterate the call to the Mossmen to unleash the Asgardians.

While everyone is still drooling and dripping from the trailer, let's get them included as part of the next extension.


Give us some film specials.

PS Richardo, hopefully my Jovial comments haven't burned all my bridges to the putrid lair of the Mossmen - so please let me know where I can acquire unpainted figurines from the Marvel and DC collections.

You may have noticed a couple of my conversions, which are a bit of a chew on when you have to start stripping a painted figure down.

I want bare lead .... I also want a few more girlies - minus their paint jobs.

Anonymous said...

"Give us some film specials."

No. God no. We already had the less than succesful Iron Man Special. Let's stick with a related character in Comic style released at the same time as the movie instead.

Thor = Odin Special
Captain America = M.O.D.O.K. Special
Avengers = Super Adaptoid Special
X-Men First Class = Shadow King Special

Or something like that. There's a lot of choices that could be used as tie-ins without making Movie figurines. Especially since Eaglemoss has said the Iron Man one was more trouble than it was worth. Since they had to license the film footage and actor likenesses for the magazine.

SinisterVenom said...

I personally have no problems with the way Hulk turned out. Please don't waste a special slot with a remake. There are plenty more figs that can be done like Mojo, Sauron, Onslaught, Dragon Man, Shadow King etc...
Pleased with the Triton fig, how about a sneak peak at Silver Sable next?
And I echo CBR Beast's post, don't make any film figs please. I felt the Iron Man Special was just wasting a slot for another special. While the guys did a good job on the fig, I feel it shouldn't have used a special slot and the mag was too short, a waste.
No news on the comp yet? Keep us informed Rich :)
'We are SV'

jothagraz said...

I really appreciate your way of communicatíon with us as customers. Thank you! With all the other Marvel merchandise I always had the feeling some marketing guys at Marvel do whatever they want.

The size comparision pictures helped ease my feelings about the size differences. I am looking forward to how the Blob will actually look besides the other figurines.

No new Hulk. I sincerely hope we will see (and buy!) a lot of new characters who have not been done in any other figure/statue/bust line.

Triton is great! Do more dynamic poses like him! Poses which are typical for the characters or represent memorable moments in their comic life.

SinisterVenom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SinisterVenom said...

Apologies for the deleted post, I posted the same message twice. Oops

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mgf said...

A new Hulk would be a good thing. No-one has said he would be taking up another space, but it is time EM started to redo some figures, perhaps outside the magazine continuity. If they wanted to do a Spider Man 2099, or a Hulkbuster Iron Man it would give a boost to sales and help the collection move forward beyond 300 issues.

Hakim said...

No new Hulk please

because in tis case , we must have a new rogue too

anyway thanks for your explanations for the sizes
and triton looks good

The Hood said...

I am quite happy with The Hulk that we already have, his height has changed a lot over the years so I dont care that he is smaller than Blob and Sasquatch. Triton looks great, and I got my Ronan fiqurine yesterday and I have to say that he is one of my favourite specials so far, keep up the good work.
Also Howard The Duck please.

Mr J said...

NO new Hulk special! The Hulk special is fine and I do not want to see a space been wasted on a character that has already been done just because a couple of people like to bitch and moan.

Triton looks good! Can we see Toad next?

jimbob said...

Did'nt care about the Hulk issue.

Triton looks interesting?

mgf said...

Mr. J. "NO new Hulk special! The Hulk special is fine and I do not want to see a space been wasted on a character that has already been done just because a couple of people like to bitch and moan."

Disagreeing with you is "bitching and moaning"?

Who died and left you in charge?

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
max_0888 said...

hey rich, i just want to say that Hulk is awesome as he is. I wouldnt buy another one. I like this collection because it has so many different characters. I dont want the collection to revisit characters already in the collection. I didnt buy iron movie special or rooftop spidey, but I love all the others.

Id prefer Mojo, Lockjaw, Strong guy, Warpath, Dragon man, Terrax, Shadowking, Sauron, Odin, Atlas and so much more before getting characters like Hulk re-done

I also want to say wow on Triton, I absolutely adore it! Thank you so much for the preview, I cannot wait to add him to my collection

Robert said...

Triton looks great. Very happy with him. Can't wait until we see Karnak!

As for the Hulk, I am happy with him. I'd probably buy a new version if it came out but would prefer if we saw a new character.

I have to agree with the calls for movie tie-ins only if they are the comic incarnations. CBRBeast's suggestions were excellent and a great starting point for a possible voting competition.

Lastly, thanks for the update, Rich. We moaned a lot about delays recently, so it's only fair we say thanks for managing to post today. Have a great weekend, everyone!

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

hulk is fine. also, with there being so few special spots i wouldn't want to see one of these given to a resculpt. on the other hand i'd be more than happy for a couple of figs per extension in the regular line-up to be resculpts. there's definitely a few that need doing.

have to say i wouldn't want red hulk. would much, much rather have general thunderbolt ross. it's in his human form that this character has had most history and impact and how he deserves to be represented.

Triton looks good. Nice to nearly have the inhumans completed. Surely lockjaw special has to be confirmed and odin to tie in with the thor movie next year.

And speaking of movie tie-ins, the runaways movie is coming as well. Nico regular and Karolina/Molly 2-pack would do nicely ;-)

One-of-Three said...

Hey Rich,

Triton looks great! You guys did a good job with him. =)

I'll have to say, no New Hulk though! We have too many other characters to focus on, why waste a spot on someone who's already in the collection with tons of other characters who should still be made.

Specials aside, we still have a ton of regular figures to make too, like The Stepford Cuckoos *CoughCough*

pirate adam said...

wow 2 weeks 2 updates, Rich must of had his wheatabix this week ;)

the Blob you showed us today looks much better and alot more to scale rather than the giant we seen last week, i'm still wont buy him 'cos the character is pants but the size is better. if blob has to be that big then...

...Yes Yes Yes lets have a new hulk, CBR mentioned Rulk and while i would love to have him in the collection to do him justice he would have to be Blob sized and yet again green looks puney, the solution...World War Hulk this was Hulk at his angriest and would look fantastic and not so wimpy next to Blob, and if you do Rulk people could always paint him green as CBR rightly mentioned.

was that bitchy and moany? if stating an opinion is bitching and moaning then everybody on this blog is a moaning bitch (no offence) some more than others

PA...moaning Pirate bitch

mighty_marvel said...

did DP finish his bloodstone custom? is there a picture of it?

Robert said...

Deadpool studios proudly presents another custome figure.

Please give a warm reception for - Ulysses Bloodstone and a group photo of all my recent customs.

(Hope you don't mind we cutting and pasting this for MM, DP.)

AVENGERS -87 said...


Anonymous said...

TRITON is beautiful.
The sculpt brings out the character's superb design.
Another masterpiece that shows all that's great about the CMFC, where so-called minor characters are treated like any other major Marvel star. It also proves an important point: if we want to see beautiful sculpts in the CMFC, the character's design (physical features, costumes and gadgets) is often more important than the character's fame, popularity and number of appearances.

HULK is already an awesome figurine that I love. We don't need another one for size increase reasons. And if we started to pursue the ideal of scale and proportion, there would be too many other figures to redo.

BLOB is a character I don't care about, regardless of size, but hey it's just my personal opinion. Sasquatch bigger than Hulk is great. I just don't like Blob so much bigger than Hulk. I prefer the resized version in Rich's picture.

Anonymous said...

@RICHARD: would you be so kind as to give us another update on the feasibility of multipacks featuring teams or 3 characters linked by a theme. Has there been any progress in assessing their production and viability? Please let us know. Thanks.

Guilherme said...

I say: give us a RED HULK, bigger than the one we have and with a green variant. This solves all problems as a Dark Beast with a blue variant(with little changes: different paints and a short hair). That would be great!!!

LAWay said...

Another update! You're spoiling us now!

I perfectly understand the size changer idea and reasoning. Just a shame that Hulk and Juggernaut were early casualties who could now be improved upon.

Personally, HELL YEAH i want a new Hulk!

Give us a World War Hulk/Planet Hulk. Reason to approach the character differently. You could test the water with a Red Hulk for scale, or even do the Maestro Hulk.

I think the main issue were people's ignorance of Blob's height, and what size 'size changers' like giantman, goliath, atlas should be.

Screw those who dont want a new hulk! That is just madness. We aint talking of a character here, we are talking about a piece of art! I cant afford to get statues and busts of cool marvel characters, but a £16 dynamic, detailed, big Hulk figurine would be EPIC. Abomination puts current Hulk to shame.
(most 'specials' on people's deam lists dont really warrant a figurine, yet alone a special. Just because a character is large in scale doesnt mean it should be made forcing us to pay up £12-£16. It would be a cruel joke.

And personally I would like to see movie specials. Spiderman, Venom, Doc Ock, Fantastic 4, Doom, Daredevil,Punisher (warzone), Whiplash, Nick Fury, Black Widow, bring them on and make mine marvel!

Anonymous said...

"I say: give us a RED HULK, bigger than the one we have and with a green variant. This solves all problems as a Dark Beast with a blue variant(with little changes: different paints and a short hair). That would be great!!!"

Problem there is Dark Beast and Beast wouldn't be such a simple repaint. As part of Doc's charm, even in his current look that is closer to 616 Beast's old one.... he still has his earrings and usually metal shorts. Eaglemoss, when you do him..... please no Dark X-Men costume. So you couldn't do a simple repaint for Beast/Dark Beast. Though I would adore a 2-Pack with the pair. :)

Natale said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I would love a BIGGER scaled/re-sized JUGGERNAUT Special!!! (Perhaps at least as tall as Colossus?)

Anonymous said...

loving the triton figurine , it looks great !!

Hulk :

i like the sculpt/pose shown on the main site and this has been mentioned before - a better pose than the one we got.
i'd be happy to buy another hulk figurine in that pose , and he could be green , blue , red or grey.
But i think that £15.99 would be too expensive , is there any chance of reducing the cost ?

Anonymous said...

i may be wrong here but i have seen the new runaways movie and it has nothing to do with marvel.
unless there is another movie coming out called the runaways ?

Robert said...

"NO new Hulk special! The Hulk special is fine and I do not want to see a space been wasted on a character that has already been done just because a couple of people like to bitch and moan."

"Screw those who dont want a new hulk!"

No names, guys, but can we keep it civil? There's no need for the confrontational and rude tone. Sorry, but someone has to say it.

P.S. Minimal interest in World War Hulk. I'd much rather have a grey Hulk (or Mr. Fixit) or the Professor Hulk, as they were much longer (and in my opinion, better) incarnations in the comics.

Dannie said...

Yea. We don't need a new Hulk.

Banshee said...

Have to agree with the majority, I'm really not feeling a new Hulk. With the one we have and the variant that would be 3 and I'd much rather have a new Special such as MODOK or Mojo.

Triton looks pretty good. Can't wait for the forum picks.

mighty_marvel said...

@ mad thinker - the one thats out now is nothing to do with marvel. marvel's runaways has just appointed a director and scriptwriter and is due out in 2012

mighty_marvel said...

good work on bloodstone DP. surprised you didn't do elsa though considering your love of female marvel characters

Captain Nikos said...

Hello everyone, hello Rich,

Triton looks really good, love the pose and the face, how he's turning back on the base as if he heard some strange noise which warned him ! a really good sculpt

the Hulk : i don't think that it was worth asking a question of a re-do of our green giant cause i'm all against the re-dos at this time in the collection especially if it's a special ... if it's just a question of scale, then EM should have made a BLOB and a Sasquatch more little than re-doing a special already made and i don't really care Hulk is not at a good scale with Blob and Sasquatch cause they gonna be on a different display and not beside each other
My answer is NO not an other Hulk please...

And at last, Rich please, could it be possible to answer to the questions you asked a long time ago now i mean : GOG versus Runaways, still Young Avengers have a chance to include the collection soon, and as Northstar seems to have been removed, could we have a double pack with his twin sister Aurora finally confirmed ?

jimbob said...

Just checked and Northstar is still on the list of confirmed characters.

Their is a EM official Hulk poll re-do on the forum if anyone wants to vote?

Robert said...

With polls not too far in the future, I just popped onto the forum with the intention of joining. I read through the rules and the last one stopped me dead in my tracks:

"Staff decisions on disciplinary action are not to be questioned on the forum and will not be tolerated. If you have a question or a concern over an action - please PM a staff member."

I am unfamiliar with forums and this may be (probably is) the norm. I'm sure the moderators are all honorable guys and we would all agree that certain behaviour is unacceptable but am I the only one who thinks it's wrong there's no open discussion? Why does any dispute have to be privately dealt with and other collectors not allowed to comment? It seems bizarre and hypocritical that on a forum whose very existence is premised on the free exchange of ideas and thoughts that an important issue that could lead to someone being censured or banned is verboten!

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BobDiamond said...

The wording in the 'rules' does come across as pretty strident Robert, I'll give you that. But I think that the guys who started the forum are just trying to make sure that nothing happens that will cause the plug to be pulled again.
As you may know, they recently had to start from scratch, because of some ' verbal abuse' issue from another forum which caused the main 'umbrella blog site thing' in America to be shut down. This was nothing to do with them, but they have to be dead careful with their own management, so that similar occurrences don't happen again.

I recently joined myself, and it is quite different in character to this one. There are some interesting aspects to it...for instance there's a Thread where you can just chat about comics, and one where you can suggest new EM Collections...and the Polling Booth is a lot of fun.

However, for sheer, good ol' shoot-the-breeze 'chumminess', nothing beats this blog!! This one is clear, straight-forward and open, and above all, you feel that everyone is treated equally.

So, I wouldn't worry about the wording- just legal stuff to cover themselves...and if you join you could sing the praises of Sal Buscema, Jim Starlin and Adam Warlock on the comic thread!- (it needs a bit of a shake-up anyway!)


PS..I'm not BD on the Forum.

PPS welcome back Mad Thinker! I looked into The Runaways movie you mentioned. It turned out to be a bio-pic about an American Girl Band from the mid 70s! Strangely enough, it's where Joan Jett started.
I think the Marvel/ Disney film will be out in 2012 however.

BobDiamond said...

Referring to Ted's Post (who was posting at the same time as me!):-

You see there Robert?
It's guys like Ted.....and Deadpool, PA, Thor8, 3in1, Leigh, SV, Yourself and a HOST of others... that make THIS place so special!!


ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BobDiamond said...

Dammit Ted!!
How did you know??!!??

Robert said...

Thanks for the feedback, guys. I see where the guys who compiled the rules are coming from more clearly now. The first rule of most things is "Cover Your Ass", with the second being "Never Assume Anything", so I suppose it's inevitable, understandable and unavoidable that they would be uber-careful.

Having said that, I said a few weeks back when Ted was banned from the prevous forum, that I thought some discussion may have led to a solution where Ted could have remained on the forum. He admitted he was imprudent with his remarks but there seemed to have been no opportunity for him to retract him comments or to apologise for them. I was under the impression that a good moderator/ negotiator tries to reconcile differences rather than simply ejecting or banning someone. I'll admit I don't know the details, just a thought.

P.S. Ted, are you on the forum? Or are you keeping shtoom on that score?

pirate adam said...

i was included in BD's list of special people, is that a good thing? are we all as special as Deadpool?

only kidding DP ;) you know i love you, in a strictly MANLY, Brotherly kind of way, not the way you want me to :)


ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

I appreciate your honesty, Ted. And the fact you accept responsibility kind of proves my point that you should have been extended some sort of solution that stopped short of a permanent ban. Even a temporary ban would have been a possibility, although an apology and a promise to avoid using blue language in future might have been enough. I mean we're all adults on here, for God's sake, even if we have to remember that children might come on to read comments. Maybe if you had already received a few warning and were on a last chance deal it would be understandable, although no one has mentioned that this was the case.

I think that the removal of whatever you wrote (which I would have been unable to read anyway, not being a member) hasn't helped. Even you don't know what you wrote that caused offence! You accept you were in the wrong but aren't sure exactly what you did to get banned! That's a bit crazy!

P.S. What exactly is a "homophobic" comment because PA just joked about Deadpool's sexuality? It's an utterly harmless joke from Adam - typical of many comments over the last year from several people (including me) - but after reading the rules on inappropriate comments I'm now questioning how PC the forum is...

BobDiamond said...

Wow Ted....
Posting cartoons with swear words!
...I suppose if you're going to go, you might as well go in style!


Robert said...

I think I know the cartoon. Charlie Brown and Lucy are standing together in water and Lucy says...

BobDiamond said...

I don't know that one Robert, how's it go?

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

Bob, the punchline is "I will not sink if you take it out, Charlie Brown!" (This is the cleaned-up version, by the way.)

On the subject of bans and suchlike, my wife has just told us to "Move on!" and stop going on about this! However, Ted, did you not feel a little funny joining a forum with the exact same people who previously banned you? You're only back on because of a non-related incident that caused the last forum to come to an end, so it's not as if your ban was lifted...

My wife says I am thinking about this to much and should go and read some Silver Surfers. Actually, if my BP Masterwork had arrived today as I expected I'd be off reading that and you wouldn't have heard boo from me tonight. Thanks for nothing FP!

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BobDiamond said...

Talking of FP...I'm still waiting for Vol 1 of the Simonson Thor saga!
(Vols 2 and 3 are waiting patiently...)


Robert said...

Bob, when the Simonson masterpieces get to you, you will understand what all the fuss is about. The greatest 1980s comics by an Asgardian mile! Imagine: someone upstaging Stan and Jack!

Ted, ah, if only I had a penny for every time I hear that! I have friends who still ridicule me because I criticised "There's Something About Mary" for letting a stalker win the girl he obsessed about for 15 years. All they did was talk about the 'hair gel' and "We Have a Bleeder" scenes.

As for your "business", I can't imagine what that means...

majin oni said...

i would love to see a new hulk special but i think a special version would be better such as Planet Hulk or maybe Red Hulk. If you do Red Hulk at least some people will buy two so they can paint one green.

Personally I don't mind that you increased the size. While it may throw off some of the scale it's better to effect a small number of statues versus all the new specials

LAWay said...

Screw those who dont understand a tongue in cheek remark!

Someone suggested a bigger red hulk and a green variant. I feel dirty even thinking that I may be cool with this.

£15 special, with a £15, possibly more expensive variant? I am tempted, but then, its just a repaint. It goes against everything I believe in.

Thor8 said...

Trying to catch up on whats come down on this blog and I think I finally made it.

About the New Hulk controversy I just have to say that I'd be happy with either decision made,be it yea or be it nay. I like the way Triton looks,but Rich,next time you're going to show us a green based character try avoiding the background being green also,that way the details of the figurine being displayed can be better appreciated. Also if the new sneak peek is going to be shown along other figurines it would be best if said figurines were somehow related to the one being announced,that way collectors would have an advanced idea of how it's going to look in their collection standing among the rest of that group.

If Northstar is going to be pulled from this extension will you be adding another character yourselves or will it be chosen in the forum polls?

And now my picks for this post:
Specials; Odin Mangog,Destroyer or Ulik.
Double pack; Swordsman+Mantis
Mega; Giant-Man (Pym)
Reg Heroes;Arachne,Stingray,USAgent
Reg Villians;Whirlwind,Immortus,Attuma
Generic; Aim,Hydra,Son of the serpent

Jared said...

I agree with John and the other posters - I prefer to see new characters instead of a revised Hulk.

John said...

Mighty Marvel: "have to say i wouldn't want red hulk. would much, much rather have general thunderbolt ross. it's in his human form that this character has had most history and impact and how he deserves to be represented."

I fully agree with this. When a classic character is given a new look, there's no telling if its going to be the one that sticks. That's how we're stuck with Winter Soldier. This is also why I'm against Bucky Cap or Iron Patriot. Iron Patriot especially as it would be a redo of a design created only to serve an event.

Kirly: "would you be so kind as to give us another update on the feasibility of multipacks featuring teams or 3 characters linked by a theme?"

I second that question. If it could pass for a Mega price and no more, I would much rather see a Warriors Three multi-pack as a movie tie-in, rather than Odin. I mean, that's THREE great designs all at once! Or looking at some teams that are surprisingly absent, like the New Warriors or Heralds of Galactus.

Robert: "Staff decisions on disciplinary action are not to be questioned on the forum and will not be tolerated."

"No names, guys, but can we keep it civil? There's no need for the confrontational and rude tone. Sorry, but someone has to say it."

And THAT is why you don't have to worry about it. :D Just make sure you join so you're voice is heard. If you start campaigning for the Recorder, he may start to gain favor with others. I mean, Sauron of all characters is the number one Special request, and that's because ONE poster is so adamant about what a great figurine he'd make.

Bobby D: "Wow Ted....
Posting cartoons with swear words!
...I suppose if you're going to go, you might as well go in style!"

I actually Laughed out loud! ;)

Thor8: "If Northstar is going to be pulled from this extension will you be adding another character yourselves or will it be chosen in the forum polls?"

Northstar doesn't fit into the 16 announced figurines. In other words, he's been confirmed by Rich, but does not factor into the placement of this extension yet.

Just to throw this out there, my dream Special would be a Groot and Rocket Raccoon 2-Pack.

What about you guys? What's your most wanted (reasonable) Special?

LAWay said...

I dont think Sauron being a favored special is due to any one guy. If it is, then people of the forums are mindless sheep in that case.

Come on, we have minds of our own. We want a Sauron figure because he is a popular X-Men baddie who also happens to be like a dinosaur-man. Win-win.

We dont need convincing of this. He is one of the biggest name 'specials' yet to be produced.

LAWay said...

Also, here is a thought guys.
Rich is thinking..THINKING...of a redo.

This could open an awesome new wave of figurines.

I know you all want new characters, but this aint the 'marvel encyclopedia of characters in lead'.
Its the 'figurine' collection, and no where does it state in that title that the figurines must all be different characters.

I say, if it makes an awesome figurines that we want, do it. I know alot of people say they dont want it, but like I said, there is no concrete definition of the collection, and it shouldjust make lots of cool figurines of every character and every costume.

If you dont like it, dont buy it. Seems like many follow that rule already yet still complain of the notion of redos, and we have already established that many dont even care of being a completest, so what is the problem?

Many had admitted they dont buy every figure and dont care if their collection isnt complete, so give us redos. As long as there isnt a redo every week or every month, people have nothing to complain about.

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said...

Well, I for one AM a completest and don't want redos. I own the Iron Man movie version and the rooftop Spidey, but I REALLY just wish they were new characters.

Can't speak for everyone of course. That's just me. But Redos are something I do NOT want in the collection.

pirate adam said...

Sauron doesn't need to be a special, sure hes tall and has wings but will he take more lead than Annihilus or NightHawk or Beta Ray Bill who we are told was verging on a special? i dont think so Sauron is very skinny and i personally dont want special slots wasted on people who can be done normal sized, give me a re-done Hulk anyday.

I'm not arguing against his inclusion just his standing in the collection


jimbob said...

EM should do two picks of Sauron,
Regular and a Special size.

But them both against the X-Villains we have already in the collection.

And then let us decide which one looks the best.

jimbob said...

EM really needs to start thinking about doing variants again.

But maybe without effecting special or regular line up.

Maybe haveing variants going along side the collection.

1 special with 2 regular variants a year?

Start with the Hulk and Mystique and Cable(bigger).

Archangel special with Beast and Doc ock.

Abomination with Rouge and Crystal.


BobDiamond said...

I'm off for a bit, catch you all when I get back...

Cheers for now,


pirate adam said...

jimbob makes a couple of good points there, show us some pics of Sauron reg and special and let us decide how he should be made, if he is to be made at all...

..also re-do's 2 to 3 a year alongside the regular order is a great idea and would surely bring new life into what has in my opinion become a rather boring collection with the characters we are now getting, i am only looking forward to about 7 figs out of the last 2 extensions, pretty poor when you consider some of the characters that have been missed out.


davids1970 said...

When you have come to the point where you are having to re-do characters that have already been done to fill the slots, (twice in the case of the Hulk with the grey variant and twice again with Captain Marvel if you include the white variant), you have lost your way and it is time to wind the collection down and leave on a high.

Given the length of time this collection has been going on for, the cost and the seemingly never-ending supply of extensions, I find it insulting as someone who has been here since the very beginning that we are being asked to fork out 3 times for the same character. Isn't the point of the collection individualism? Every instalment a different character not a re-hash of an 'already done' one?

Come on Richard: Shape up.

The Grim Reaper said...

Guys, we over on SHFF don't like banning is done for a reason when the person involved does not respond to gentle PM guidance...the forum has junior members and you have to ask would I like my kid to see/read that post"..

..we also run several polls for EM's and the collectors benefit benefit and as such these need to be fair (one vote) otherwise they become pointless. Rich tried to run a poll on here but it was swamped by multiple account holders, so again we have to be harsh on folk who do try and cheat ALL OF US...

Some folk will never learn no matter how many chances you give them..

AARKON, FOOLKILLER and MISTERMAKER are all accounts that have ben given a chance but have been subsequently banned for either trying to sway a poll or by making inappropriate posts (and that includes lame attempts to bypass swear filters- just have to read some posts on here to know what I mean)

so before you make out members on here to be revered heroes and we on SHFF to be the stunted traffic wardens with a is worth knowing this :ALL the named accounts above , yes ALL, belonged to Ted Salis. not only banned once but I guess maybe 4 -5 times...

I'll say no more on here, if anyone needs clarification on our rules and why they are there then please e-mail me

Francesco said...

I agree with the majority: no Hulk re-do,please.

I like Triton but I'd rather if he were slightly rotated over the base maybe by reversing the postion of his feet.

I also like the Blob (no matter about his size) but also in this case i would like a little modification. I would prefer he looks directly in front of him instead of looking at the sky-

New figurins and specials. I already posted my wish-list. I would add; US Agent and Sciaman.

Thank you for reading.

LAWay said...

I have also been with the collection since the very beginning. Which would I prefer, the collection wrapped up or continue with redos and variants?

I pick redos and variants. Does that make me and those like me a more worthy subscriber as we are committed to continue with the collection no matter what? In a business sense, since EM would still be getting more money from me, then yes, yes it does.

Why does it mean the collection is dying? When, and where in the hell does it say that every figurine must be a new character? Its some stupid rule that people have imposed on the collection themselves.

We are not talking cheap variants like the repaints of hulk, quicksilver, phoenix, and all that. I dont want them, I didnt buy them. Waste of money for something you can do yourself. We are talking about proper redos, new sculpts, new poses, new costumes. Most of these 'individual' characters coming along in these late numbers of the collection have not made an impact in the marvel universe, and yet a simple costume, Bucky, Winter Soldier, Captain America...the character has been in the spotlight in marvel with each carnation, unlike these lesser known characters.

Also, with the SHH polls being fair, I dont believe it. Reading the posts, people trading poll votes and keen on helping people get their character in the collection in return that everyone helps them out. Rather than genuinely seeing what people really want, the system is a little bent.

Its like someone enforcing their fetish on their partner and in return letting them indulge in their own personal fantasy another night.

Anyway, hope you all had a good weekend. :)

The Grim Reaper said...

Sorry LAWay, but you are off target there. The poll WILL be run fairly and certainly is not bent.

We have been doing this long enough to realise that people will campaign for their preferred figure in the main chat thread, and that is encouraged because it brings obscure characters into the limelight that other members had perhaps not considered as possible inclusions...The thing with the poll is that it will be a "blind" poll (no one will see the votes until the poll has ended ), this means members will vote for who THEY want and won't be swayed by the current leaderboard. It will be as fair as we can make it and will be run in much the same way a "General Election" is vote in private, make up your own mind (based on what you have read in the threads, on here and in the comics). If someone wants to vote for a fig that is someone else's favourite then so be it; no different to voting Labour because they promise to build the by-pass around your village if they get in. YOUR choice will be based around what YOU will get out of it.

Also, let's not forget that this is a forum vote as way of thanks from EM for the input, information, ideas and feedback WE as a forum have provided. SHFF has without doubt been a fantastic marketing tool for EM; customer feedback (both good and bad) to the extent we have supplied would have cost them a fortune using normal means. Without that feedback I very much doubt they would have taken the plunge to make Super and mega Specials, double packs or even a 70th Anniversary figure; all ideas that came from SHFF members.

Voting integrity is only as strong as the integrity of the voters and that is why we are adamant that cheating/multiple accounts will not be tolerated however there is no harm in campaigning for a favourite fig; this aspect of collecting is what fuels this blog and our forum.

The poll will open shortly , we are just waiting on a couple of answers from Rich then we will be hot to trot :-)

LAWay said...

So the SHFF is to blame for that awful idea for the 70th anniversary figurine? Thanks alot. One of the worst figurines, yet alone special. I felt robbed with that one. Of all the things to do for an anniversary to celebrate marvel...

I dont know if its a poll or whatever, maybe it should be just suggesting a character blindly to get an idea of who people want for themselves rather than being told who is on the list to have.

And while one friend helping another seems innocent enough, if we are using politics analogies, its like a communist regime for those who dont want these lesser characters but are being forced to have them because the SHFF members are teaming up to help each other to get the figurine they want made, rather than a character that is more roundly wanted by everyone.

MArketing feedback wise, I dont see how the forum is any different from the blog myself. Not turning this into a blog vs forum debate, but both offer feedback, with the EM guys posting more on the blog. Unless they have just been inactive since I have been on the forums. I would have thought Megas were a no brainer if we are talking about making a figurine of galactus. But I guess maybe there is more to this than I know about.

Robert said...

From one of my previous posts to Ted: "Maybe if you had already received a few warnings and were on a last chance deal it would be understandable, although no one has mentioned that this was the case."

The Grim Reaper: "Some folk will never learn no matter how many chances you give them.. ... Ted Salis. not only banned once but I guess maybe 4 -5 times..."

Based on previous comments here, I was under the impression it was a single isolated incident. GR's reply contradicts that notion. I will say no more at this time as Ted should be allowed to respond first.

One-of-Three said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
One-of-Three said...

@LAway: The mods at the SHFF do a good job at keeping things fair. I don't see how helping each other as a community corrupts anything at all.

EM looks at all the results, so even while someone's character will never make the top three in a forum choice, it may just catch EM's attention. There isn't anything wrong with helping each other with that.

Plus: "There are some things in this world that cannot be accomplished alone no matter how large the sacrifice."

The Grim Reaper said...


In the past we (SHFF) have run polls that have been list-based; these are quite easy to run and require a member to choose from a given limited list of figures. Now this at first glance sounds as if we are imposing our wants on everyone else but it all boils down to how the list is created in the first place. Maybe if I explain that process all will become clear..

..The first step is to create a "super-list" this includes ALL characters that members on SHFF and on the BLOG have expressed an interest in having made; now as you can imagine this would be a substantial list and not all on it could ever be made within the limitations laid down by EM (size, weight and character history) ...don't forget, Rich still has to write a magazine on the chosen fig and there isn't much to go in if the character only ever appeared in 2 comics.....
The bulk of the list does come from the mini (just for fun) polls that run constantly on SHFF.

So next step is to trim the super-list. On the last list-based poll we sent the list to Rich and he trimmed it down to to the final options; getting rid of the characters that either couldn't be done at that stage, had already been green-lighted (unbeknown to us) or ones that would never be made as standard figs for whatever reason. That shortlist then came back to us and we set up the forum polling booth accordingly.

The final step then is to go public to the members for them to choose from the options available.

Second type of POLL is what we will do this time, no list to work to and the voter names THEIR 5 favourite characters that THEY want in the collection. This type of POLL is far more difficult to manage as all the votes have to be manually checked and any minor variants slotted in to match the right base figure....Let's take Crimson Dynamo as an example.

Basically 4 choices: MK1 , Mk2, MK3 and MK4.

If 100 people vote "Crimson Dynamo" then he would have a good showing in the poll results, but if 20 folk vote MK1, 30 vote Mk2, 10 vote MK3 and 40 vote MK4 then the results are diluted and a MK4 Crimson Dynamo with only 40 votes in this example would probably not even make the top 10 on the winners list. So what I am trying to say is this; if you want a character to get into the collection then vote for that character but not for a specific variant or incarnation, the nitty-gritty detail will come later if that fig is chosen for inclusion.

This time around it will be a "blind-poll" any given voter will not know or see what has been voted for or who the winning characters are and it will be the top 3 figs that are chosen on one condition; that EM can do it and are not constrained MARVEL/licensing/manufacturing issues etc.

I hope that goes some way to explain why we do things the way we do...not a communist state by any means but a democratic process that is driven by limitations beyond the control of SHFF and, at times, beyond the control of EM.

moving on..
The Blog is vastly different to the forum and it has it's place in the grand scheme of things. It is more a place for EM (Rich) to let us all know what is happening in the world of CMFC and gives collectors a chance to voice a few words in response; what it cannot do is provide a point for images to be shown, polls to be run, debates to rage for months ;-). Debates on the forum have been raging for years!!
(Anyone want Howard the Duck?? :-)

The Grim Reaper said...


...EM and the SHFF forum.

All key EM staff are members of the forum, they can log in as and when they choose (normally daily if workload allows) and they ask questions directly to us via e-mail and we Admins/Mods do the necessary. What you may see is a poll suddenly springs up along the lines of " If EM were to make XYZ character, which costume would you prefer?"; now this isn't just us getting bored and finding something to do on a whim but will have been generated by a request or comment from either Rich, Sven of Al.

so bottom line LAWay..There is a lot more to this than you know about ;-)


@Robert..sorry bud, but I don't recall seeing anywhere a rule that says we must notify you of any previous warnings to members that we have issued prior to us (SHFF) issuing a ban. (I must have missed that one) :-) It would be unfair on the member concerned to bring it all out into public but we will if they continue to be less than honourable to us.

Sorry for the long post, but I hope it clears up a few queries and reassures everyone that the polls are run as fair as humanly I said before, my e-mail address is there, if you want to discuss things further in private then you are free to do so.


LAWay said...

ah, that sounds like a good way to do the poll. Thats what I felt, that the choices could be imposing, but if it is made up from our choice of so many characters, then thats fair. Again, as long as its blind and no one is helping others out. All it takes is the forum to decide:

'Oh, I like this member, lets all vote for his character, and then vote for my character.'

with then the 5 slots being decided by a hierarchy of the forums with people just agreeing to go with 5 of their friends.

And I think that crimson dynamo analogy is flawed, as it would show he is a popular character regardless. People should be voting for the costume. If you are voting for the costume, you are practically embracing the idea of variant figurines wanting different costumes for the characters, agreeing that a costume gives a different dimension to the character.

Now since people have expressed their opinions negatively on this subject, its a silly statement.

Only the character should be considered, and then the costume could be polled at a later date.

If 95 people want a character, but is split between 5 costumes 19 each, and another character simply had 20 votes, that shouldnt mean that that character should win the poll.

But I would imagine things like that are considered.

The Grim Reaper said...

we try to cover all bases, and I agree that the CD example is slightly flawed as he was the first one to spring to mind...there are other characters where it is not as clear cut and the real choice can be overlooked if you are not 100% knowledgeable with the Marvel Universe.

All we can do is our best..and I can't ask more than that from the team. If folk don't like the idea of us running a forum poll well they can choose not to vote and leave it in the lap of the gods as to what they get;, either we choose by asking collectors what they want or Rich makes a blanket decision and we get what we are given.

I know which option I prefer, even if it does mean characters getting through that I personally don't have a major hankering for because if it is a MAJORITY choice then EM will sell lots of figs = their accounts look good and the collection continues...seeemples

The Grim Reaper said...

More News for you.

the SHFF Choice Poll will go live 9th August and the last vote to be cast will be at Midnight BST on 31 August.

Basic rule is 1 collector / 1 set of votes; each collector will name their 5 chosen figures.

we'll explain all the whys and wherefores on the forum over the next few days.

can't wait to get it started...expect blog update this Friday which will include any last minute decisions on outstanding figures so that votes are not wasted ;-)

Robert said...

I never demanded that you notify me about anything, Grim Reaper, I just responded to what seemed an unfair and draconian punishment. If what you say is true then Ted did indeed get several warnings and bans and I was wrong to defend him. However, I was only aware of one indiscretion and, in those circumstances, a lifetime ban would appear rather severe. I make no apologies for opposing what seemed to be unfairness.

I still don't understand the need for such secrecy. You will only deal with censures away from the forum and you delete any offending correspondence. Basically, you are having a secret trial and then burying the evidence.

Nuff said on that topic. Anyway, I have no ill feeling towards anyone on the forum. Good luck with your poll. I look forward to hearing the results.

jimbob said...

LAWay- "So the SHFF is to blame for that awful idea for the 70th anniversary figurine? Thanks alot. One of the worst figurines, yet alone special. I felt robbed with that one. Of all the things to do for an anniversary to celebrate marvel..."

That was the worst decision.

To be fair EM did say that it would not effect the special line up and the guys did not expect Destroyer to be made all special size figure.

In the end i do feel that EM screwed us over!Brakeing their promise,and losing us a proper special slot.Holding C&D back,and all it was in the end was a diffrent paint job!

jimbob said...


This massage from EM on the forum.

Got a little announcement for you guys about the Forum Choice Poll.

First off - we want to confirm Northstar and Aurora will be a doublepack in 2011. For those on the fence whether to vote for them or not - this should alleviate those concerns.

The Forum Choice Poll will start August 9th and run through the rest of August ending September 1st at midnight (GBT time - I think that's the UK time bad if it is not)

This will be a BLIND poll. You will not see any votes. We have run this idea by Rich and he agrees this will help get truer results and should prevent strategic voting as in previous polls. Because this is a Blind Poll - there will be NO changes to your votes once cast so please be sure before you press that submit key.

Staff members will have voted before the polls have opened and the votes will be sent to Rich in escrow to ensure there are no changes or adjustments from our side. There will be 2 exceptions.

flash is currently vacationing and does not have internet access at this time - he will cast his vote upon his return.

Grim will cast the final vote and close the poll.

the format will be the same - you will be able to vote for any FIVE regular sized figures.

Please avoid voting for special sized characters (Sauron, Warpath), alternate costume characters of those already in the collection (ape-beast), liscenced characters that Marvel no longer owns (Rom, Conan) and alternate versions of the same character (ex. Ultimate Nick Fury) - if you are unsure - please PM us before voting

These will all be restating in the rules.

Of course we cannot stress enough that cheating will not be tolerated in any shape or form.

jimbob said...

Northstar & Aurora are finally confirmed as a double pack!

John said...

I've whittled down a Top 8 list. I need to figure out which 3 to knock off in the next week... hmm...

Anonymous said...

i'm p****d off , today i received like the 8th damaged fing fang foom special , i currently have 2 damaged fing fang foom's to go back + 2x union jack issues due to the magazine being ripped/torn in the same place - 3rd time now , and as for the new ronan special , well surprise surprise , the hammer was damaged and the paint job was terrible. i think i am going to do what others have done and simply un-subscribe as i am getting fed up with all of the damages.
it's bad enough that i am so far behind others with the collection.
the last issues i got sent to me as a subscriber were issues 110+111.

John said...

Well, I'm off to an interview to be an Elementary Art Teacher. Wish me luck ;)

hornhead said...

I would love to see some more daredevil related characters like
owl, mr fear, black tarantula, echo, white tiger or how about a special with some hand ninjas on it.

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Grim Reaper said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LAWay said...

very nasty and bitter here.
In all honesty, Ted is quite fun on the blog. He pissed me off once, but I aint insulted by his language or humour.

I think the forum may be too strict with posting content. Its the internet, everyone swears and jokes around. When you censor that, its asking for people to troll it. Like many have said, the people on the forums, that subscribe to the collection are collectors. You wont find many underage collectors, especially those that embrace the characters appearing in the collection nowadays.

So the forum should relax on the rules. Even if you allow innuendo and swearing, its not going to turn the forum suddenly into 4chan. We're all adults, and we dont need to be told how to behave, especially at our homes on the internet on an unofficial marvel message board.

Just relax guys.

The Grim Reaper said...

LAWay, maybe one reason you are not bothered by TS's language is because it seems to form part of your natural vocabulary too.

There is a time and a place for crude and offensive comments and it CERTAINLY is not on here or on any part of my forum.

I really cannot believe you condone his posts in the manner they have been made.

Kids DO read these boards, one of our founder members way way back was only just turned 12 at the time this collection started and there are many current collectors whose kids read the threads and make comment, join in the games and wishlists.

You said "We're all adults, and we dont need to be told how to behave"

I think you will find some adults DO need to be told how to behave, they have lost all sense of decency and some need reminding we are supposed to live in a civilised world. We don't even talk like that on the motorbike forums.

As for the forum relaxing rules - NOT A CAT IN HELL's CHANCE and if anyone tries to post inappropriate material they WILL be shown the door - permanently.

We certainly do not want messages half as vile as those above on our boards.

...and as for the e-mail stuff he mentions...that is guaranteed to happen if you post your e-mail address on an unsecured blog and has nothing at all to do with us.

Absolutely unbelievable comments from you both IMO.

John said...

I have to agree with Grim. As a teacher, an elementary teacher, I'm just not comfortable with such things in a public place. Some of my friends don't care, and will swear fairly loudly in, like, an Applebees or something. It really bothers me.

Now in a forum or blog, it doesn't bother me as much, but these things don't belong to you, and the rules were posted before you joined, so there's really no argument.

Editor said...

Hello, guys.

Looks like the conversation on here is getting a little out of control.

I don't mind people venting on here or having open discussion but at the end of the day this blog is part of Eaglemoss and I can't have people swearing, insulting each other with obscene/offensive language or posting/mentioning adult links and sites.

Please remember that unlike a forum, we don't have a host of mods or admins, we rely on people to keep the conversation pleasant and generally related to comics, Marvel, Marvel Figurines or other Eaglemoss products.

If stuff gets too out of hand Eaglemoss will close down the blog no matter what I say.

So having said that, you will notice a few comments have been deleted. This has been done because I think these are over the top.

Ted mate, your posts are normally informative, useful, funny... and I'd say that despite some of your controversial views (or maybe because) we like to see you post here. But lets try to stay on topic the DIY (plus extra) story seems a bit over the top and needless.

LAWay said...

I agree Ted went OTT here in response to you Grim, just sounded like the stuff he said he posted on the forum seemed...not innocent...but not vile, as opposed to what was said here.

Although I am quite hurt being compared to using the same vulgarity. I may throw up opinions that cause conflict, but never have I resorted to swearing or abuse.

Nothing should get personal here or on the forum.

Like Editor said, Ted is usually alright. I dont know exactly the comment on the forum, but his retaliation here was OTT. I was just saying you set up rules and you censor people, and you get trolls who like to abuse the system, like Ted said he enjoyed doing.

The blog doesnt have any particular rules, but there isnt obscene swearing here, racist remarks, homophobia or any links to adult websites. Like I said, we're all adults, and the blog has survived alright up til now where this blog/forum divide is getting out of hand.

LAWay said...

Lets all pretend this never happened.

By listing characters with the ability to wipe memories. Go!

Anonymous said...

Grim Reaper and co are fine ones to talk about abusive language and inappropriate behaviour. Many of you only see them in their "public" persona's but in private it is a different matter. I have personally been abused with terrible language and horrible comments on MSN via email and on other forums from several members of SHFF, I think the minuscule amount of power they have has gone to many of their heads.

I do however conceded that hypocrisy is second nature to many of those who were involved in the abuse I have mentioned so perhaps I shouldn't be too harsh on them.

The Grim Reaper said...

Certainly no Blog/forum divide as far as i'm aware. we work together pretty well..and your language is not as bad as was seen but even so I don't go around saying P####d in front of my kids and wouldn't expect it on here...but sometimes, on very rare occasions, it "may" be acceptable in a light-hearted way.

we accept not everyone wants to join the forum, likewise not everyone wants to be on here...discussion can get heated on both sites , especially where it involves a particular character someone is passionate about.

Again we run polls for fun that have come from a comment posted on here; rather than having 5 or 6 regulars post their views in here, often buried amongst other chat, we can generate over 200 views in a few hours thus giving a better idea of what collectors want...without the blog we probably wouldn't get that seed of a query to get the ball rolling.

so yes, Vulcan mind-wipe, and let's all start afresh.

jimbob said...

I was wondering when EM was going to step in with all the swearing.

Ted is ok and funny at times,but he does go crazy now and then without thinking.

Dont think their is a blog/forum divide here,most of the bloggers use the forum.

Just some individulas looking for reactions.

There is no rules for here,maybe Rich needs to say something for once on the blog about it.

It has gone far too long with the swearing on here.

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
One-of-Three said...

Characters who are able to wipe minds? Why, that's just asking me to go on about the Cuckoos. <3

Only kidding, loves.

I will admit that this place has gotten a bit out of control, so I'll help everyone out a bit by making them forget and replacing that awful little memory with something better, especially now that the polls are coming up.

Everyone, listen carefully:

You all suddenly don't remember getting on the blog to act silly. It's nothing but a distant recollection until it eventually slips from your mind entirely. Instead, that gaping hole in your memory is replaced with the absolute need to have The Stepford Cuckoos in the collection. You need these girls so much, you've even made three little spots for them on your shelf next to Cyclops and Emma Frost.

And every time your hear the words "Collection", "Polls" and "Voting" you will have the uncontrollable desire to vote for The Cuckoos in the polls.


pirate adam said...

does anybody else have the unending desire to vote for the Stepford Cuckoos? wonder what that is?


SinisterVenom said...

John said...

Honestly though, I don't think anything really "got out of hand" or went crazy. Someone cussed. We said why its a bad thing on a public forum. The only thing that's really gotten out of hand is how far off topic the blog has become. ...which I'm adding to as I type this...

And I really don't think Rich or anyone from EM should say anything, because they shouldn't have to. They shouldn't have to deal with mediating something like this. It would be like scolding children.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be forward and say that I'm totally fed up with the never-ending campaign for the Stepford Cuckoos. We heard your plea, One-of-Three, but you're on the risk of self-sabotaging your campaign through overexposure.
I certainlydon't feel the urge to vote for them.

Anonymous said...

Just because there is no controller or moderator on this blog, it doesn't mean that it's cool to use swearwords or use humour that verges on the
offensive which would be unacceptable in even your work emails. I don't see how anyone can fail to understand this. Keep it in check, guys.

One-of-Three said...

@KIRLIANEYES: Aw, I don't like it when you shout, darling.

Please don't be offended, I wasn't campaigning, just joking around since LAway brought up Telepathy and the need to wipe minds. Cuckoos aside, Telepathy is my favorite mutant power so I have the urge once in a while to be a huge dork. lol

Though now that I look back on John's comment it seems my Telepathy is a bit rusty since I didn't turn him into a Zombie-who-exists-only-to-do-my-bidding. ='(

So uh, the Collection is coming along rather nicely isn't it? I can't wait to start voting in the polls.


Anonymous said...

One-of-Three, don't 'darling' me.
Not today, I'm in no mood!
The definition of telepathy is, more or less, a 'communication of messages in ethereal form of pure mind waves'. Your message in bold and its tone, on the other hand, are consistent with hypnosis. You should just think about the Stepford Cuckoos, not write, and maybe we'll get the message... if your telepathy works!

One-of-Three said...

-Going into nerd mode:

Actually, if you've read an X-Men comic (or anything else with Telepaths) then you know that Telepathy works in a lot of different ways. Hypnosis and suggestion are one of the many different facets of Telepathy. What you described seems more like how Telepathy travels.

-Exiting Nerd Mode-

Also, I'm sorry to hear you're in a bad mood. That sucks, especially when it doesn't seem like it'll get better. Just please try to be courteous and don't take it out on those around you. It's not nice, nor is it necessary here.

Anonymous said...

haha... so much for telepathy when you can't even recognise a bad mood is only in jest!

I insist: telepathy does not need words, spoken or written. It's transmission of thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I'm entering super-pedantic nerd mode and I'll quote from wikipedia:

Telepathy (from the Greek τηλε, tele meaning "distant" and πάθη, pathe meaning "affliction, experience"),[2] is the ostensible transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five senses.

Therefore spoken words or written text will spoil the purity of the telepathic message, as they need to pass through the sense of sight or hearing.

PS. I like the Stepford Cuckoos, One-of-Three, I really do.

SinisterVenom said...

Well I really hope we get a nice update tomorrow, hopefully it will take all the negative comments of late off our minds and talk about something new.
So what sneak peaks are we hoping for this time guys? I'd like to see Silver Sable, Prowler or Toad preferably.
'We are SV'

The Grim Reaper said...

Ultimately, characters like Stepford cuckoos (and others with multiple persona) are good news for EM. Why?

Well, to really appreciate the character you would need 2 or 3 of the figs grouped together; the core "I buy all" collector will take at least one of the figs as part of his subscription, the "pick and choose" collector may buy one, but if they like the character then they may dig deep and buy two or three (as happened with Madrox and to a degree with Sentinel). Hopefully the additional sold in this manner would off-set the "pick and choose" collector who doesn't buy any at all.

That said, maybe Stepford Cuckoos would be OK in the collection, but not yet....I personally don't think their time is now especially when there are far more important characters to get into the line-up.

Stepford Cuckoos : CMFC ISSUE 748 - On sale 20 April 2034 -

would be about right IMHO

LAWay said...

When I hear stepford cuckoos, I just think they are wanted for perverse reasons of being triplet school girls. lol

I am hoping Silver Samurai, Arachne or Constrictor. They are my top 3 wants.

And this negative comments section is good, as hopefully EM can cover it up with an update.

if it works, we all know what to do next time the update is a little delayed. ;)

John said...

LAWay, we have an agreement on Constrictor and Silver Samurai.

I've been a big fan of Constrictor since Avengers Initiative and would love to see just about ANY character from that.

Silver Samurai I think of more through Big Hero 6 and cameos in Alpha Flight than I think X-Men. He'd definitely go next to Sunfire, but then I'd be dyeing(sp?) for a... well any of them. Hiro and Baymax, GoGo Tomago, or Honey Lemon.

Arachne would be nice to kind of complete a team, so I'd like to see her, I'd just rather see US Agent, Gamora, or Dum Dum Dugan as "team-fillers" first.

jimbob said...

Avalanche is Silver Samurai biggest x-villain rival i think?

Avalanche must have a good chance, now we did'nt get the Pyro and Avalanche double pack,which the collectors was pleading EM to make them.

Avalanche will also complete Mustiques Brotherhood.

Either two would be fine with me.

John said...

Sorry your telepathy didn't work on me 1-of-3. I'm like Fry from Futurama, I guess. Unique brainwaves.

Too obscure?

LAWay said...

We're still on the first page for comments!


ted sallis said...
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mgf said...

Grim Reaper said:

"Guys, we over on SHFF don't like banning is done for a reason when the person involved does not respond to gentle PM guidance...the forum has junior members and you have to ask would I like my kid to see/read that post"

I've only just seen this entry but i feel I must respond. It's a lie, pure and simple, and couched in the pompous self-important style only this paranoid control freak could muster.