Friday, 6 August 2010

Forum Poll Details


As you all know we're almost ready to start the forum poll, which will help us choose 3 characters for the recent extension.

The poll will start on 9th August and will last until midnight BST on August 31st.

To vote you must go on to the forum, register and actually make a post:

The vote will be a free vote, no lists or categories.
Each member will list 5 characters in their vote.
It will be a Blind Vote. (members will not see who or what has been voted
for until poll closes).

The top three characters will make the extension.

When voting it's important to remember to vote for characters not costumes (this can be sorted out later). And to remember that characters over about 6' 6" or really bulky can not be made regular figures and would be specials.

One of the reason the forum runs these polls is that are very good at stopping cheats and will make sure that everyone casts just one vote. Something I can not do on here.

To make sure there are no complaints about mods tipping results at the end with their votes, the mods and admins will cast their votes before the start of the poll and send me.

All the rules for the poll can be found on the forum and the guys there are willing to help out.

Right, on to today's peeks.

Below are Toad and Balder.

Have a good weekend.


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Banshee said...

Really looking forward to voting in the poll. I have a firm 3 of my 5 decided on upto yet :)

Toad and Balder look amazing. I really love the pose you've gone for with the Toad figurine.

Joeking said...

Excellent scuplt of Balder, cant wait to get voting.

Please remember that dead certs do not always make it. People who assume that a Particular character will get in on the vote, for instance DOMINO , could be left out because they thought others would vote for her and tried to get an alternative character.

If you want DOMINO vote for DOMINO

If you want WARLOCK vote for WARLOCK

Dont leave it to others in case others are leaving it to you.

Holy Wolf said...

Both toad and balder look like tidy sculpts. Glad you went for that version of Toad.

As a forum mod I've ready made my votes and all I can say is that this extension is by far the hardest one to choose 5 characters. All I can say is good luck to the rest of you and I look forward to seeing the results!!

mgf said...

Both sculpts are excellent. Very happy with the quasi Quasimodo Toad.

Anonymous said...

Toad and Balder look really great.

I am very glad the poll is a blind poll. Then there won't be strategic votes. In previous polls, people (myself included) that waited toward the end, would see which characters were in the lead and vote based on bumping those characters up or down the list. Now it will truly be favorites, so it should have some interesting results. :)

buffduffdan said...

2 great figures! Love the pose for Toad and that was the best costume for Balder so well done to the sculptors on both counts :D Nice to see a figure we voted in on the last forum choice too

Can't wait to start the next poll, exciting times ahead ;)

jothagraz said...

I take it we are expected to vote 5 different characters and not 5 times the same character. Sorry to be such a nitpicker (hope this expression fits), I even considered once to become a lawyer :-)

I am happy EM goes for dynamic, typical poses. Toad is great.

Balder has a great pose, too, and I am looking forward to buy him although I had hoped he would wear his original armour from the Kirby days.

Bagman said...

Really like that pose of TOAD, amazing.
Have got 4 favourites for the poll,still undecided about the last one, do you consider BINARY a separate character or a RE-DO of MS. MARVEL?

pirate adam said...

Balder looks amazing and a great choice of costume, Toad? i really couldn't care less as its another fig i wont be getting


Nighlord said...

That is not Toad. Way to ruin the one brotherhood member I was looking forward to.
Did you not learn your mistake from Beast, Drax or Mystique, or do you people not care what the buyer really want ?

May you should have done a costume survey next time instead of giving us characters with the wrong look or costume.

It seems to me if you can do a survey for the next figurines in the collection that you should have done one for Toad's costume.

What's next? Firestar in her blue costume? Or Cannonball in that hideous purple costume for X-Force?

Ninty said...

I dont see how toad is in his wrong costume since that is his original costume and this is the classic Marvel collection afterall.

Cannonball would look so much better in his purple costume and not looking like Havok!

One-of-Three said...

Oh my gosh, Toad and Balder look amazing! As for Balder, I love the costume, it works really well and I can't wait until it's done!

I also can't wait until voting starts, that'll be exciting. :)

Travis said...

I'm really disappointed in Toad. EM should have gone with the classic look without the tongue. But I had a feeling we were going to get stuck with this Toad after seeing what they did with Drax.

After seeing characters like Dazzler, Son of Satan, and Luke Cage I really thought EM was going to go with more of the classic costumes for this collection.

I really worried that we are going to get Photon in her lame trench coat look now.

John said...

"Did you not learn your mistake from Beast, Drax or Mystique, or do you people not care what the buyer really want ?"

I'm a buyer and I actually prefer all of these costumes except Beast. I thought that look for Mystique was one of her best covers, and actually gave us a more attractive female figurine. I started reading Cosmic very heavily from Annihilation, and that's the Drax I'd wanted. The other looks silly to me. And Toad looks fantastic. I don't really know another Toad...

John said...

And speaking of current Cosmic stories, I know I'm voting Gamora, and I reeeally hope its her current (more revealing... and imposing looking) costume than her "Mysterio" look.

Travis said...

If you spent any time on the SHFF you'd see most people wanted the classic Beast and Mystique in her white dress. Drax is 50/50

I would dare say more people would buy a redo of Beast over a redo of Hulk.

SinisterVenom said...

Balder looks fantastic and I'm really happy with the way Toad turned out too. I don't see why everyone has a problem with the fact he has a long tongue just because he didn't start off with it. He has his classic costume doesn't he? And in my opinion the tongue suits his figurine more, he's turned out pretty much how I wanted him.
Moving on, I cannot wait for the poll to start. I'm now down to my last 6 and I really can't decide which one to leave out. Hmm...

AVENGERS -87 said...

BALDER is very FANTASTIC , but TOAD : your arm is very too long

LAWay said...

Now when Balder was announced, I didnt care for the character and thought it was a rubbish choice. But this sculpt is fantastic! Maybe the best figurine in the collection if the paints can do it justice. Beautiful figurine.

As for Toad. er...

I was wondering when Toad was going to get made. He is a big name X-Villain and with Blob and Pyro completing brotherhood members, I thought it was about time we saw him.

But sorry, this is UUUUUUUUUuuuuugly.

You guys say you want to hear feedback, so I am being honest. This will go down as one of the worst figurines in the collection in my books.

Pose...rubbish. An already ugly figure, in that pose can only be displayed at the front of any collection. But like I said, he is so ugly, he aint going anywhere near the front of the xmen baddies, yet alone the complete collection.

He just looks so wrong. The long arm looks too long, and broken. His other arm just looks awkward. He has the worst haircut ever.

I know the character is supposed to be ugly, but he doesnt look sculpted ugly on purpose, the figurine just looks bad.

Thanks for the dynamic pose though, rendering this figurine on display as utterly useless.

Again, Baldor is great, but Toad is completed effed up.

Robert said...

Great to have another update. Thanks, Rich.

Both sculpts look fabulous. I don't know much about Toad that isn't decades out of date, so I can't comment too much on the precise look except to say that, ignoring the tongue, that's pretty much as I remember him. The pose looks very 'alive', even without colour. Very impressive job.

Balder also looks fantastic. EXCEPT... this is not the Balder I see in my mind's eye. It looks great, no question about that, and I will of course buy him, but it's not really a classic Balder for me. I would have preferred something closer to Kirby's design, although I accept that the present look is very popular. This probably means we're also going to get modern versions of Sif and other possible future figures like the Warriors Three. Unfortunately.

John said...

I think that when the average person thinks of Toad, the main mutant power they think of is the tongue. That tongue is what makes him so identifiable. People that don't read X-Men, will either know him from the cartoon or the movie, and his tongue is the most prominent feature about the character coupled with agility. I really don't think it could have been made any other way.

The pose does... pose problems for display purposes, and will have Spidey fans upset that their character isn't crouched, but it IS a beautiful pose.

And I truly believe that the arm is due to the angle. I just got in the pose myself and it makes complete sense.

My word verification is "Calven."

jimbob said...

Toad look brilliant!
Thanks for the tounge sticking out.

More x-villains please EM.

Balder looks epic,cant wait for more Asgardians in the collection.

AVALANCHE to complete the brotherhood

Thor8 said...

I really enjoyed the sneak peeks this week. Long tongue aside,this is very much the Toad I remember and the pose is quite appropriate in my opinion. AS for Balder,as others have already mentioned he looks great,but I have to admit that I expected something more Kirbyish,but make no mistake about it I DO like the figurine and will most certainly purchase it.

I was a Little skeptical about the polls in TSHFF,but now that I know it will be blind voting I feel a little more comfortable with it. I have my fab 5 ready to go,just as I have my choice for the competition for the last fig on this extension.

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
buffduffdan said...

I am genuinely confused and shocked by the reaction of a minority of the people on here to Toad. He's in a classic costume, a pose entirely appropriate for the character, he has his trademark tongue ... I don't get what else people want. I think he looks better for having the shorter hair too :)

Majority of people seem to love it anyway, especially on the forum :D

Anonymous said...

BALDER: a truly exquisite sculpt.
But then again, there is an inherent elegance in most fantasy characters. And the Asgardians, after all, are Marvel's fantasy heroes. And let's not forget, EM have mastered this style through their Lord of The Rings collection.
Me, I'd love to see at least 10 more Asgardians. It's when they're seen together that one can truly appreciate the beauty of this area of the Marvel Universe.

TOAD: amazingly dynamic sculpt. While I'm not a huge fan of the character, this rendition makes him an attractive figure that I look forward to displaying. I'm no Brotherhood expert, so luckily I don't understand all the fuss about classic or not classic here.
It's a freakin' exciting Toad! I hope we'll see more and more dynamic sculpts like this.

Well, it's always going to be impossible to make everybody happy with the choice of costume/version.
My two strongest dislikes are:
the modern Mystique (I think the classic costume was superior in design and gave her real charisma),
and the cyber-style Havoc (the classic Neil Adams costume is one of the real masterpieces of Marvel design, especially the head piece).

Anonymous said...

Toad is a great way of making both the classic and modern fans happy. Sure he never had the long tongue in this particular costume, but it's much better than either doing the modern costume to allow for the tongue or doing the classic one and leaving it off. It's the best of both worlds. And hey, he technically has this costume and the tongue in the Super Hero Squad toon and comics. So it's somewhat canon. :D

Balder looks great. Glad they went with the modern look with the cool cape, since that's what the Forum voted for. The so-called classic one was absurd, and made it look like he'd been shopping from the same place that Galactus buys his pope hats. So thanks a bunch.

Anonymous said...

Toad looks AMAZING! I'm happy you guys are making more of an effort to make the Marvel figurines look better (In comparison to the DC Figurines). I really hope you revisit the pose for Scarlet Spider though, because he looks really bland. I campaigned for that character to be added for ages and even though in the end he was added, I would hate to think he was just overlooked and given an 'average' (For lack of a clean word) pose. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE this collection, but I hate to see the DC Collection outshining us every fortnight. Let's get more creative!

jarvis69 said...

Thx for the update Richard
Two nice fig and I don't have pbl with Toad , it's the right costume .It'll be easy to cut this useless tongue ;)
Now...time to choose five won't be easy....Thx again to give us the chance to choose !

John said...

If anyone has trouble thinking of a character to vote for, I highly recommend a cosmic character. I'm voting for 3; Gamora, Phyla-Vell and Rocket Raccoon. Then Wiccan and PROBABLY Brother Voodoo, but I'm not sure.

pirate adam said...

Toads arm does look "MESSED UP" i never noticed before


pirate adam said...

question for the boffins

does anybody know the comic and issue number when Thor went a bit mad and dented Caps shield? really want to read this :)

Robert said...

"Glad they went with the modern look with the cool cape, since that's what the Forum voted for. The so-called classic one was absurd, and made it look like he'd been shopping from the same place that Galactus buys his pope hats."

Are you thinking about the Simonson era, CBR Beast? At that time he wore a helmet with 'wings' vaguely resembling those on the Big G's helmet. I actually like that costume! It was louder than any other Asgardian costume because Balder is known as the "Shining One", hence the heavy use of gold. The present look is great, but rather understated and certainly has no hint of Balder being like a source of light. Anyway, the Simonson Balder is certainly Kirby-esque but it's not classic Kirby Balder.

That said, I bow to popular opinion which prefered the modern look.

Robert said...

PA, it's Avengers #63.

It was part of the long-running (and rather interesting) Lord of Asgard saga in Thor. It was a three-part storyline called "Standoff", which started in Thor #58 (560), moved to Iron Man #64 (409), then to the Avengers #63. It's a cracking, old-school read.

Barnabas said...

If you spent any time on the SHFF you'd see most people wanted the classic Beast and Mystique in her white dress. Drax is 50/50
- Travis

I think you'll probably find that it is a very vocal minority who constantly beat the drum for what they want/expect from EM.

Passion is a strange thing it borders on obsessive.
I think that EM are doing a great job. Good value for my cash.
I stopped reading the forum because of the amount of whinging, personal attacking and general pettiness that went on there. That may have changed since the relaunch I do not know as yet.
I thought this place was better. Unfortunately, I'm already just down to skimming postings which means there's a real chance that I will stop coming here soom.
So I send out a plea.

Can we get back to where this is supposed to be, chatting about the figures.

By all means chat about the likes and dislikes as that makes for a lively discussion, but please don't have a go at someone because thay have a different idea from yourself.
Stop banging on at every opportunity about a figure want made. Is it a contest to see how many times you can fit a characters name in a single sentence just to get your point over in EVERY posting that you make? That's very old.
Finally, as I'm doing what I said we should not do and whinge, this is not Twitter. I really do not want to know what you had for your breakfast, why you are signing off or that your goldfish has just done a triple somersault.

Let's KISS this blog
and Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Mr B

ghost said...

"If you spent any time on the SHFF you'd see most people wanted the classic Beast and Mystique in her white dress. Drax is 50/50

I would dare say more people would buy a redo of Beast over a redo of Hulk."

Disagree, hulk is too small, but I think Beast looks great, plenty worse than him (as does misique). Plus I knew what I was going to get from previews before the collecton was even under way, so how can I complain, those great early figures are why I started subscribing in the first place.

Do wish people would stop saying they speak for the majority. You don't.

I think these latest two previews look fantanstic, Balder especially.

I do agree however that Toads arm is way too long and looks out of proportion. But nice to see a variation in poses and just this small tweek would make Toad one of the better pieces in the collection.

LAWay said...

tbh, I am surprised at how many like the Toad figurine. I dont mind the old costume which I assume will be green and not the gray and orange one.

Just not keen on the pose. To me it doesnt look that good, and for display purposes its what annoys me the most. I would have preferred a hunched over Venom type pose.

You make a good point though with Scarlett Spider. EM had a chance to redeem themselves with this new dynamic sculpting practically revisiting spiderman, but didnt. I understand they went the route of doing him similar to spiderman, but a missed opportunity.

I loved the figurines because you had a sense of scale in the Marvel Universe with each character. This was messed up on occasion with some figurines like Juggernaut being badly out of scale, and the likes of Venom hunched over, but these new dynamic sculpts like Toad and Cannonball really screws things up.

I understand wanting to make the sculpt interesting, but you made a wrong choice deciding this after 130 figurines into the collection. Now they look like they are from another collection. And if the sculpt and paint is good, with a little character and nuance in a standing pose, dynamic actions wouldnt matter.

Its just disappointing changes things mid way.

LAWay said...

Also, the forums.

Dont vote for your friends and ruin it for everyone else. We all have our personal wants, so lets have a character we all want rather than one who has been petitioned to death annoyingly.


Cheshire Cat said...

Yeah, don't you people imply your opinion is the opinion of majority.
Stop lying like that. For the same reason I was very glad to hear about blind voting.
IMHO: Beast figurine is better as it's (H8 classic outlook), Mystique also rocks in new outlook. However there are classic outfits that still look great: Medusa, FireStar. So don''t you generalize (classic or modern) it's always good to vote.

The Hood said...

Both Toad and Balder look great, I cant wait to see them once they are painted.

buffduffdan said...

Nice to see some Phyla-Vell support John :D Really hope she manages to pick up a decent amount of votes this time around!! I know I will be voting for her and I encourage you all to do the same ;)

Anonymous said...

I certainly want Phyla-Vell in the collection. But I think I want Rocket Raccoon just a bit more. And after seeing what EM could do with Detective Chimp, I want to see him even more. Though I still prefer a 2-Pack with Groot. :)

I think my forum votes will be going to...

1. Dark Beast
2. Rocket Raccoon
3. Sage
4. Ghost
5. Gargoyle

LAWay said...

I think there should be a rule on the blog and forum.


It could influence others, and its not blind then. We should reveal our picks after we vote, but not before.

Thor8 said...

If EM and TSHFF have decided to have the polls carried out with blind votes I believe we should refrain from doing any post-election campaigns here or on the forum. Everyone has their faves and I find it inappropriate of me to try and sway people to vote for more Asgardians or Avengers just because I like and want them. If I start to mention any given character in each and every post I make trying to convince others to vote for them then the blind voting will become a mute effort. Believe me I too feel the urge to make a rally call to all those who have similar likes as I and convince them to pull their votes together for certain characters,but I believe that wouldn't be honest. So let's just pick our fab 5 cast our votes and see what the results are after Aug 31st. Peace!

Thor8 said...

I just wanted to make clear that my previous comment was written if not posted before I read CBRBeast's post. I am not stating that he or anyone else has posted their faves with the intention of swaying or convincing anyone. But as LAWay states in his post this could influence in other peoples decisions. So lets avoid this till after the poll.

John said...

CBR Beast, you are exactly right. And I actually JUST posted a Rocket Raccoon post in the campaign thread on the forum. :D

And you guys are right about not saying who we vote for/purposes of the blind vote, but for some people it will be obvious anyway. I mean, some of us have been campaigning for the same characters for a long time, and that's what the campaign thread is for. ...So I don't really think it spoils anything to say I'm voting Rocket Raccoon, but I will refrain from saying my other wants from here on out, unless a character is brought up in a specific conversation that draws out such information... if that makes sense...

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deadpool said...

Deadpool has scraped the bottom of the barrel and found this tasty morsel.

See the image below: -

Toad and Balder are nice sculpts.
I'd be interested to find out what they are sculpted from.

I may pay this forum a visit and do a bit poll dancing of my own ...

Bye for now...

Deadpool said...

I scratch built that modol figure from A poystyrene egg, some bits from my bits box and fimo clay.

The face, Arms, legs, most of the machine body and the pillar of flame were sculpted from Fimo clay.

This demonstrates that Modok would be feasible as a Mega Special, maybe with some resin parts to reduce weight and cost.

Bye again DP.

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

They have already noted on the forum that it's perfectly fine to post who you're voting for. There's no rules against it. And who cares if it influences the vote? It's no different than saying who you want to see made. The only reason it's a blind vote is to keep the current leaders a secret.

John said...

That's true.

Originally, I wasn't sure if I should vote early (to sway votes, where people go "Oh, Wiccan! Of course I want Wiccan!) Or vote near the end (in case 4th was close enough and I could bump out one I didn't want.) I'm sure many others were thinking like this, so I'm glad the blind poll will eliminate strategic voting... in that sense.

It's still not really just a vote for your Top 5 characters. I realize a vote for the Uranian is a thrown away vote, as I'd be the only one voting for him. Even if everyone feels Dum Dum Dugan is worthy, I only know of one person that's actually going to vote for him.

John said...

Glad to see MODOK, DP. It shows he can be done, that he would have to be a Mega, and that he'd fit in fine. I'm excited for his eventual (I hope) inclusion.

pirate adam said...

thanks Robert, you have just confirmed my feelings that you are a Marvel boffin,

picked up the Standoff hard back on ebay, cant wait to read it


Robert said...

It's a brilliant read and beautifully drawn, PA. You'll really enjoy it. For what it's worth, Thor was quite good at the time and it's worth looking out for the Lord of Asgard TPs. The "Standoff" story arc is one of the highlights, probably THE highlight, of LoA but the other story arcs that made up the LoA saga are good, too.

P.S. I didn't know the issue numbers off the top of my head. I knew roughly where it came in the LoA period and used the Thor chapter to locate the other parts. Any claims to boffinhood are premature!

ted sallis said...

Big apology to those forum members i thought were filling my email with gay porn. I have just realised " well hung guyz" and" six feet of meat","Predatory Angels" etc, etc, were just your way of campaigning for X-Characters . You resourceful little scamps

Thor8 said...

"They have already noted on the forum that it's perfectly fine to post who you're voting for. There's no rules against it. And who cares if it influences the vote?"

Well for one,I care. If all the X-Fanatics that abound in the forum are just going to campaign and say "I think we should all vote for Toasterman he's been around forever and should be inclueded in this extension so I can have a complete set of X-rejects",then the blind vote is just one big bad joke.

LAWay said...

Totally agree with Ted on this.

So many people, on the blog and forum say they dont even collect most of the figurines, yet campaign for their characters.

These people shouldnt even have a say.

There, I said it.

Post applications in with magazines, or send them out to all subscribers. You have our addresses. Get some feedback from people who have paid for this collection to keep going rather than those who choose when they are interested in it.

As for the forum rules on campaigning during a blind vote. Just because the forum says its ok doesnt make it morally ok. Same way most people dont announce who they are voting for at a government election. It sways peoples decisions.

The forum is like a tv station. If it allows people to state their preference, it becomes biased and influential.

So yeh, Ted may be banned from the forums, which is ridiculous. If he is a subscriber, he has more say on what goes into this collection than 90% of the people on there.
Sort it out EM.

jimbob said...

Dont think it's ever like that with comic collectors!

Where they all follow each other.

There is always going to be disagreements with Comic collectors here and the forum.

It's in our nature as comcic book nerds.

Blind poll will be effective,not seeing who is 1st,2nd and 3rd will not infulance voters to vote who they want to win out of that group.

The Grim Reaper said...

Just to be perfectly clear chaps...

..the choice of 3 figs for this extension is the SHFF Choice.

This is by way of thanks from EM for all the hard work we put in and all the information they get out.

It is not intended to be a "collectors" choice but a "forum" choice.

so, with that in mind, what we discuss/or do not discuss in open forum is the business of the forum members and not the blog.

What I have said ids that it should be avoided "listing" the five you voted for but general discussion is OK as is "campaigning"...there are characters out there that may not be familiar to many and just hoping that others will vote for them is bad planning...(did labour just sit back and say "it's ok , the people of Britain will vote for us"? campaigned and stated why votes should be passed their way.

Taking John's comment re Uranian..

John, how do you know others won't vote for Uranian? Why not enlighten us (by campaigning) as to why you think Uranian should be made? That is the sort of campaigning i'm on about...OK maybe not make top 3 this time but who knows how the fig would do later as more folk become aware of the character

As for balanced views, well prior to the crash we had 2,000 + members and EM received maybe a 1000 vote results on key issues, no amount of FREE market research can generate that kind of feedback. Popping leaflets into mags costs money, most members would just toss them aside anyway (unless return postage was paid) and that too costs money.

And what extra info would that give EM? Most companies that do active market research generally only get replies from a very very small percentage of the customer base.

Poll 10,000,000 collectors, 1,000 reply and 34.113 % want hulk redo.

poll 1000 collectors, 100 reply and 34% want hulk redo...

seems an awful lot off extra effort to get the same answer.

LAWay...ted may be a collector and his voice is heard on here, sadly he and the other banned collectors won't have a direct say on the forum - that is through their own actions so no symapthy there. and that decision most certainly is NOT stated above it is the Forum Choice.

As jimbob correctly states, the blind vote was to stop tactical voting. You are far better just voting for the ones YOU want wether you think they have an outside chance or are a dead cert...guarantee if you don't vote for YOUR faves it could well end in tears. :-)

LAWay said...

I think the 'forum poll' isnt to pat you guys on the back. Its because its the only forum appreciation site for the collection, and because there was such a sheetstorm with cheating on the blog, it was just moved there?

Is that not correct? The blog vote was moved to the forum?

Either way, its not the 'forums' vote, its still the collectors. And like I said, most forum members are not even subscribers who buy every issue.

Talking percentages, there may be 2000 members, but maybe only 50-100 actually post anything. Most recent poll I saw had 80 votes I think, and again, we are talking about most of that percentage not even subscribing to the CMFC.

Sure, EM gets free market research. False market research, but research nonetheless.

If they wanted to know what their subscribers wanted, they should ask us in the magazines.

There has NEVER once been a leaflet saying 'your pick WILL be made'. I think if we had that in our magazines, many would send it back.

It may cost money, but printing doesnt cost much. We know this because the bulk of the spend on the collection is on the figurines. Leaflets dont cost much. Envelopes dont cost much in bulk.

We are talking real market research, which would result in sales. People voting are the ones buying the magazine. They would then know what they pick would sell.

The forum poll is every man for himself, perking their interests due to the forum vote. Once its over, and the figurine hasnt been made, the will go back in hiding with their money, waiting for the next vote on their little known character.

The forum is meant to be a place for the collectors, not a high and mighty place where everyone involved are superior and have a deciding opinion. Its just a convenient place to hold polls online where most collectors are gathered. And I use the term loosely there.

EM should host a simple poll on their website. Advertise it in their magazines. Maybe add a code for collectors to enter to apply their vote. Simple enough to do.

I had never even heard of the forums until a few months ago. And that was in the blog, which again, you have to search for. These places are not advertised to the subscribers of the magazine so how can the results really reflect what we want?

I'm a subscriber, and I am fed up of characters that they dont make comics of. I want to see Ultimates, and alternate versions and new sculpts. But my opinion doesnt count despite the thousands of pounds spent, because some dude in america has bought 7 figurines and now joins a forum casting a vote for howard the duck.

the forum poll will never be fair or a true reflection of what subscriber want, because they have never been asked directly.

EM should have a CMFC convention, offer an exclusive figurine on the day, have comic artists, suclptors, sellers etc all there. We can vote in ballet boxes, that would be great.

would that be fair? No, because not everyone could attend due to travel, not knowing about it, etc. Its just like the forum.

but in all seriousness, that convention idea is cool. :)

LAWay said...

thats my epic rant of the night. bringing out my nasty side, which i like to call 'passionate'. lol

anyway, good night all.

Thor8 said...

I thought this poll was going to be different,but now I see it's just more of the same . Same book with a different cover,no more no less.

Anonymous said...

"Post applications in with magazines, or send them out to all subscribers. You have our addresses. Get some feedback from people who have paid for this collection to keep going rather than those who choose when they are interested in it."

Sorry, but that doesn't work for those who don't or can't subscribe for whatever reason. Or are months behind, due to when they joined or what country their in. EM has already noted this before.

And tough if you don't like someone campaigning or posting who they plan to vote for. The poll winners have always been fan favorites much requested characters regardless of whether it was a visible vote or a blind vote. And posting who were campaigning or voting for is not morally wrong. Get back to me when it's against the law.

Anonymous said...

"thats my epic rant of the night. bringing out my nasty side, which i like to call 'passionate'. lol

anyway, good night all."

Nasty. Whiny. Whichever.

This isn't LaWay's Figurine Collection. So it doesn't matter if you don't know the characters, don't like the characters, or don't want the characters. You're not the only person that the Figurines are made for. Everyone deserves to have a chance to get their favorite character made in lead. Whether it's Dark Beast, Rocket Raccoon, or Howard the Duck. Frankly I don't have a strong love of the Duck either. But if he gets in, and it makes people happy... good.

Anonymous said...

"Either way, its not the 'forums' vote, its still the collectors. And like I said, most forum members are not even subscribers who buy every issue."

Just wanted to focus on this bit.

So what if they don't subscribe? Many of us can't, due to EM not offering it in our Country. Thankfully Diamond have been getting them to us in the U.S., so we at least have our chance. Or choose not to subscribe, because of past issues with Eaglemoss with breakage or billing. Or would rather pick their figurines out in person at the Newsagent or LCS.

But so what if someone who doesn't subscribe and doesn't buy every figurine gets a character in the expansion that they love and campaigned hard for. They're just as much of a fan and collector as the next person. Saying they don't deserve a vote is just rude and ignorant.

Robert said...

Have to agree with what CBR Beast has been saying. I don't subscribe but I have only missed maybe fifteen figures (basically the more modern X-characters). Even if I did buy every figure I wouldn't subscribe as I am in the comic shop every week and pick the newest release up when it comes in. Why subscribe and risk horror stories of damaged items through the post like Mad Thinker relates?

No system is perfect and, even though I'm not a forum member, it seems as good a way as any to select the last three choices. As for the votes, as I understand it, people have been stating their favourites and campaigning on the forum for years in some cases, so it will probably be quite predictable to forum members who will be picked. For the folk like myself who only post here, the results will be much more exciting because we don't have a clue who'll be picked!

SinisterVenom said...

I too am not really a subscriber, I have a folder in a WHSmith newsagent that orders me every issue (minus specials) and I buy it from there. Had I not had the internet, I would probably missed out on the specials that no longer advertise in the normal issues anymore.
Nonetheless so far I have every issue that was released and I still plan to collect every one after this too...even if one of them does turn out to be Howard The Duck.
But I digress. My point is people have been willing to spend their money on these figures, even if it's just a few of them and are still willing to do so should the figure they desire approaches the collection. Now this isn't me having a go LAWay but the poll is for those who do spend their hard earned cash on the collection to voice their opinions for who they want to spend money on and want to be heard. Even if their choices does not make the top 3, chances are if Eaglemoss decide to do another extension, they could look back on the poll results and think 'this character is a well sought choice' and may consider putting that figure in next time. I mean look at Tigershark.
We all want to be heard so lets be patient and wait for the poll to start shall we?

Anonymous said...

A better example would be Puppetmaster. He got like 9 votes, IIRC in one of early EM polls that the forums ran. But still, he ended up getting slotted in the collection. Even those nine measly votes garnered him enough attention to eventually be included.

SinisterVenom said...

Sorry CBR Beast, Tigershark was just top of my head. But yes Puppet Master is a better example of the point I was making.

John said...

I think that when you really think about it though, Puppet Master is one of those characters that's very few people's favorites, but a character every Marvel fan can respect and agree he has a place in the collection.

Like Ka-Zar isn't in anyone's Top 5 list, but most people appreciate his significance. I think that general acceptability can sometimes trump the number of hardcore votes from a poll, hence Puppet Master.

"John, how do you know others won't vote for Uranian? Why not enlighten us (by campaigning) as to why you think Uranian should be made?"

I did that on the last forum in the campaign thread. One person agreed with me. Its just not the Agents of Atlas' time yet... :(

And yeah, the main purpose of the blind poll is so near the end, people don't see how close characters #3 and #4 are together and use up a vote just to swap out another character. Talking about and campaigning characters... just stopping for a couple weeks won't do much. We've been campaigning the same characters for months. It's not about swaying ideas, its about stopping strategic voting.

As far as subscribers, I live in the US, can't subscribe, but own EVERY Marvel figurine.

As for Howard the Duck... this is neat and I just learned it yesterday... Howard lives in Cleveland, Ohio (which I always thought was neat because I live in Ohio.) Cleveland is where the creators of Superman created Superman. Howard the Duck lives in the birthplace of superheroes! :D

LAWay said...

All those who dont subscribe, but have a it delivered to their local, dont you need to pay them in advance or something? You may not be subscribing to EM, for whatever reason, but still subscribing through another shop.

CBR Beast. Whatever mate.
My statement was in response to Grim saying its the 'forum's vote, like its their god given right.

It irked me.

Because like I said, its not the forum vote, its the collectors vote that moved from the blog to the forum as cheating can be detected easier. Nothing more.

He said about the amount of members. I stated that because most of them aint subscribers, or even collectors (some may just like the marvel banter), its really not a fair or true market research result like he claimed.

So reread my response. It wasnt about 'me' and 'my vote', it was about the collectors and subscribers and those not getting their say just because they are not registered, or have even heard of the forums.

Anonymous said...


Nope. We don't have to pay in advance when ordering products from our LCS. At least not here in the states. Sometimes a deposit is required if the item is really expensive, but that's rare.

As for the forums. They have long been long working hand in hand with Eaglemoss over the years. Either by running polls to help select the costume of a particular character. Like Balder her, the look was chosen by the forum. Same with Cannonball and others.

It's certainly as fair and accurate market research as you're going to find. Because any other way just isn't gonna work for Eaglemoss. Sure, not everyone who buys the collection is on the forum. But it's a decent cross-section of the collecting fanbase.

Anonymous said...

And yes, it was about you and your vote. And how you seem to think that only characters you like should be in the collection. Let's see...

"Totally agree with Ted on this.

So many people, on the blog and forum say they dont even collect most of the figurines, yet campaign for their characters.

These people shouldnt even have a say.

There, I said it."

"I'm a subscriber, and I am fed up of characters that they dont make comics of. I want to see Ultimates, and alternate versions and new sculpts. But my opinion doesnt count despite the thousands of pounds spent, because some dude in america has bought 7 figurines and now joins a forum casting a vote for howard the duck."

And so on....

And so on....

And so on....

SinisterVenom said...

Just to clarify, I live in the UK and I dont have to pay in advance either.

Anonymous said...

love both sculpts but arms look a bit off on toad , with some adjustments this would look an excellent addition to this collection.
bring on the polls !!

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

Ted, you're probably right about comic fans responding to a poll in higher numbers than the average punter. Like you, I also like the idea of polling as many collectors as possible, not just the folk on here or the forum. However, CBR Beast has already posted a fairly long list of problems with leafleting subscribers and I don't need to repeat them.

As for the rest of your post, sorry, but I honestly wasn't sure what you were trying to say exactly. I didn't really understand what your point was with Hulkbuster Iron Man, a figure I have no interest in and have not suggested we make.

For the record, I feel no compelling need to join the forum mainly because I quite like most of the choices made by Eaglemoss and, to a slightly lesser degree, the forum. The latest extension has been mostly excellent, in my humble opinion, and I'll be buying all but a couple of them.

I'm no booster of the forum, I'm not even a member remember, but they do have a large number of collectors who go there, even if it's a minority of the total number of collectors. All the other ways of communicating with collectors have problems like limited subscription, delays, etc. It's unfortunate but them's the breaks.

Robert said...

Out in the graden and just realised that the Hulkbuster Iron Man example was about variants in general, Ted. You think that we won't get variants unless we have a lot of support, support that would need to be more substantial that the forum community? Is that what you were talking about?

ted sallis said...

Ah well let's just give up then. Sorry Rob i mean't the original Golden Iron Man . Surprised it confused you that much ?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we'll get redos at some point. But I'm not sure if now is the time or not. Maybe when we hit 200, we can get 1-2 redos every expansion or so.

I think Eaglemoss should certainly offer them outside of the normal numbering though. Maybe letters instead of numbers. A-Z to start, that gives us 26 slots to start.

Robert said...

Hey, I'm easily confused, Ted! You know that!

So, your basic point was that to get classic Iron Man in the collection we need to mobilise the silent majority? Great, anything that gets me a classic Iron Man! I have no idea why this isn't at the top of everyone's want list already anyway.

(Only one thing, how do we know that the silent majority want classic Iron Man...?)

Robert said...

"I'm sure we'll get redos at some point. But I'm not sure if now is the time or not. Maybe when we hit 200, we can get 1-2 redos every expansion or so."

Which is basically my own thinking on this. I'm not unrealistic enough to expect to see a classic Iron Man any time soon. Or even an obscure character like the Recorder. However, there will come a time when the B-listers, C-listers and even D-listers will be thin on the ground and the calls will start for some variants of the A-listers.

Anonymous said...

If and when get Redos, here's my thinking.

A - Captain America (Bucky)
B - Jean Grey (Jim Lee Costume)
C - Daredevil (1st Appearance)
D - Beast (Blue-Furry Apeman)
E - Ghost Rider (Blue Johnny Blaze Version)
F - Cyclops (Jim Lee Costume)
G - Rogue (Jim Lee Costume)
H - Namor (Green Speedo)
I - Mystique (White Dress)
J - Kitty Pryde (Blue Excalibur Costume)
K - Vision (YJ "Jonas" Vision 2.0)
L - Quicksilver (Green Costume)
M - Havok (Eggbeater Mask)
N - Ms. Marvel (1st Appearance)
O - Wonder Man (Red Safari Jacket)
P - Adam Warlock (GotG Uniform)
Q - Dazzler (Blue X-Men Costume)

Good start right there.

And then for Specials you can toss in 1st Appearance Iron Man (Silver or Gold Variants) and Giant Man Mega.

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Spider-Man 2099 is not a redo.

Like Scarlet Spider-Man it's a completely different character.

Also, I prefer the modern Havok. The eggbeater one was always horribly doofy. Much like classic Drax, classic Balder, etc.

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

Ah, I see where you were coming from now, Ted!! Sorry for being such a doofus! I just think it's too early to have a realistic chance of variants. Let's get some of the more popular wants (like Mantis and the Warriors Three ;) ) before we build up our hopes of variants.

I'd looooooove to see some variants. I'd buy a classic Havok ("eggbeater", that's brilliant!) and definitely a classic Drax. I'd love a classic Captain Britain, Ghost Rider, etc.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


What part?

EM has already said that Scarlet Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 are completely different characters than Spider-Man. Hell, Spider-Man 2099's Miguel O'Hara. Not Peter Parker or even a clone of him.

As for the costume choice, that's personal prefrence. I prefer Modern Havok, Modern Drax, and Modern Balder. Hell, I would have rather got GotG Adam Warlock. The one we got was horrible.

Robert said...

Och, CBR Beast! Adam Warlock is one of my two all-time favourite characters and Jim Starlin's original stint on the character - from when this costume (if not the cane) originated - is one of my two favourite comicbook series. So, while it's not the greatest sculpt in the world, it is way Adam looked during his greatest era. It's not horrible to me: it's beautiful.

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

It's funny, CBR Beast, but my default setting for costumes is almost always "classic"/ original and you seem to consistently go modern.

The look of a character from when I was a kid is the one I see in my head. I guess my brain then didn't question very much about the logistics or aethetics of costumes. I mean Black Panther and Ghost Rider look odd when they're black simply because they looked blue in the comics! And all the mad, impractical horned helmets in Asgard made sense at age eight!

My word verification is "phaurt"!!

Robert said...

Teeeeed. Behave!

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I like some classic costumes. But in a lot of cases, I prefer many of the modern looks. Some characters have classic costumes that are just iconic and don't change a great deal over the years. Mostly cause they look good and don't need to. And then you have characters like most of the X-Men who have no real Iconic costumes and change their costumes all the time.

Anonymous said...


Any wonder you were banned from the boards with immature behavior like that. Disagreeing about what costume to do a character in doesn't require you to be so rude and childish. I am certain that Rich doesn't want to see that behavior over here on the blog either. So why don't you tone it down just a bit and chillax.

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deadpool said...

CBR Beast,

Bucky Cap has already been done.

I'd rather see one of the Invaders such a Spitfire instead.

If you are interested, I'll post a link to Bucky Cap for you.


Deadpool said...

There you go beasty boy feast your eyes upon that.

PS Robert did you see my modok?

Deadpool is now going to bow to popular opinion and go to the forum to vote.

Bye Bye

Anonymous said...

No he hasn't.

You made a custom of him.

That doesn't mean he's been done.

Robert said...

The original X-Men costumes are not iconic?!?!

As for Spider-Man 2099, I have only a half-hearted interest in seeing him in the collection, which is odd as I really enjoyed the comic...

Ted, on the subject of the garden, where did you put the Cap mosaic? (I have to admit it's my favourite.) Or did you mount it on a wall inside, next to your Nobel Peace Prize? :)

Thor8 said...

Well I just want to bid a fond farewell for now to all my fellow bloggers,especially to my old mates Pirate,Jacadoo,Robert,Ted,Bob Diamond,Mad Thinker and of course Rich.I'm not saying I'll be gone for good,but I've decided to take a hike from this blog for awhile and probably be back in a future instance when the blog turns out to be what it once was and was meant to be. I might participate in the upcoming competition for the final pick of this extension,but other than that I'll be overseeing the rebuilding of Asgard.Be nice to one another and don't let any brand eech figurines infiltrate your collection! PEACE!

Robert said...

Yes, I saw your MODOK, Deapool. I didn't comment before as I don't think it's as impressive as your other mods. (The Captain Britain in particular is just plain amazing.) The base looks great but to be honest I think you overdid the lips a little. Sorry. I dislike being critical when you worked so hard on it and it's way beyond my own abilities to do anything even half as good.

Are you sorry you asked?

ted sallis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deadpool said...

Thanks Robert ... I copied the 20 part Modok from the marvel legends thingy ... I thought he had big lips on that model too.

His lips are not quite so red in real life lol.

Maybe I shold rename him Modam?

Robert said...

Oh, Thor8, don't go! Jacadoo has disappeared of late. PA makes occasional visits. Bob is on holiday or something. And now YOU'RE off. Say it ain't so!

Robert said...

DOUBLE No-Prize winning hunk!

And the first was from Stan!

Anonymous said...

I for one like the M.O.D.O.K. that was made for EM. And hope when we finally do get him, they basically use the same sculpt with a comic accurate face. And of course with sculpted flame/smoke base for his chair.

Still love the M.O.D.O.K. they did for Super Hero Squad.

Robert said...

Talking about conventions, one of my friends turned up at a fancy dress competition in his usual clothes.
"What are you dressed as?" they asked.
"A bus passenger," he answered.
They told him to go away but he returned exactly the same.
"You can't come in as a bus passenger!"
"I'm not a bus passenger!" he insisted.
"Okay, what are you?"
"A train passenger!"
They threw him out again.
He disappeared and came back with a sticker saying "Vietnam" stuck to his forehead.
"You can't come in as a bus passenger or a train passenger or any kind of passenger!"
"No, no, I have a disguise now. I'm a Vietnam door!"

I'll admit, he is a bit mental.

Anonymous said...

"The original X-Men costumes are not iconic?!?!"

Considering the series lasted 60-some issues, and they had something like 3 costume changes.... no. None of them are iconic.

Robert said...

They're iconic in my house.

Robert said...

And I want the Helicarrier from Super-Hero Squad!

Robert said...

Ted, if we had a convention - as you and Deadpool suggest - you'd only go and throw cocktail sausages at CBR Beast, spike the punch with laxatives, tie Grim Reaper to a chair and throw cakes at him, and expose yourself to the girlies. It would be a debacle.

Actually, sounds like it might be fun. Count me in. Does the first weekend in September suit?

SinisterVenom said...

Hey Deadpool, I'd just like to say I had a look at your MODOK figurine the other day and it looks great! Out of all the links you have posted to your customs, that was the first one I have actually looked at and I was really impressed! More to the point, you have proven that MODOK can be done and thanks to you, I now have hope that he may be confirmed in the collection soon. :)

pouns723 said...

Balder & the toad great figurines AND i started collecting in the 60s so if anyone isn't happy it should be me.

also the tit fir tat keeps me amused and at my age that doesn't happen alot

Barnabas said...

So there we have it. People are now leaving because of some of the bloggers just throw their toys about shouting and stomping because they do not get their way. A bit sad really.
It wouldn't surprise me if the collection or this blog gets wound up through the severe negativity and general spite that sometimes flows from this blog. In the last day there has been little constructive feedback or discussion.
So I think I may well be wasting my time coming here now.
EM Men, keep up the good work. I appreciate all of your hard work. I have an excellent ongoing collection.
I may be back if common sense returns.

Mr B

jimbob said...

1 or 2 people on this blog is giving this blog a bad name!

What happend to days of friendly

Mad Thinker,Pirate Adam,Thor8,Ghost?

Those where the days.

This place has gone with too agressinve posting now.

SinisterVenom said...

I know what you mean Jimbob, when I first started posting on here last year, everybody was friendly and you could post anything without worrying about getting abuse back.
I'm not going to start any hassle with anybody on this blog unless I was given an actual good reason to and hopefully we can get back to the days when that was how it is for everybody.
So come on guys, we all started as friends here. Let's not ruin it by clashing over the things we love, the reason why we are on this blog in the first place.

LAWay said...

CBR Beast, my argument was meant to be speaking on behalf of subscribers that are not asked what they want, if they do exist. Who knows, maybe they all are online on the forums in which case I am misinformed.

Your proposed list of A-Z excites me, more so than most characters offered in the extension. And like Ted, if redos was even announced or hinted at around 200, or just being told 'it will happen', I'll be happy that we are getting a mix and that both sets of fans are being listened to.

As for quitters on the blog, whats wrong with a little heated debate? It gives us something to talk about. It cant all be:

'i wish this character gets made.'
'great job on the new figurines.'

Have a backbone fellas. Nothing is really nasty at individuals and gets personal. Its what I love about the blog is the tangent the conversation goes down rather than the constant campaigning for characters.

Deadpool said...

Most bloggers are nasty to me when I cross the "BANTER LINE" but I still come back for more.

Personally I think it is great fun.

Just look at some of the epic Deadpool/Pirate Adam bust ups.

We still are here and we still poke fun at each other.
It's a shame that PA always has to lower the tone by trying to "POKE FUN" with his "PORK SWORD".

Just take a deep breath, stop your lip from trembling, wipe away those tears and keep on blogging.


Deadpool said...

PS I've seen Beast's pet lip on more than one occassion.

I have dodged his dummy and picked up his toys after they have flew from his pram.

I have only one word to say about that "BLISM" my authenticasion word of the day.

Robert said...

I've been thinking about what Sinister Venom was saying (brilliant post, by the way, SV) and I'd also like to see this blog be more like it used to be. There's been entirely too much mud-slinging and ill-tempered posting of late. It seems a lot of folk are leaving, even legends on here like Thor8. So, with that in mind, and working on the principle that idle hands are the devil's hands, I'm making an appeal to Richard.

Rich, you still haven't told us what the Secret Project is going to be. Why not give us some clues and see if we can work it out? (Assuming it's still active, of course.)

Idea 2. Some time back it was mentioned that we could possibly have input into the pose of a character, using comics as reference. What if we started to send in ideas for the new extension? There have been some grumbles about the pose of Toad, so why not get our ideas in early for the likes of Captain Mar-Vell, etc? If you came out and asked for suggestions, Rich, I'm sure that would prove a fertile source of (friendly) debate and let you see our thoughts on the subject.

These are just ideas and I wouldn't feel slighted if they were ignored. Anyone else has better or alternative ideas I'd love to hear them. The point is, lets see some good-natured chat about the collection.

Well, that's me off to dig out some old Captain Marvel comics...

LAWay said...

Good points Robert.

What the heck is that super secret project? And the fact Rich has moved because he is busy with other projects is just a tease.

Drip feeding us hints would be cool, as I really want to know what it could be.

The pose idea is also a great one. Of course, we dont know how it works with creative freedom of the sculptor whether he would be happy to do this, or whether there are some copyright legal issues with swiping a pose from artwork.

But it would certainly be a cool thing to try out. Like maybe each person has one chance of showing an example of what the pose could be. It could be whittled down to 8 poses on the forum, and then Rich and the sculptor can decide the best.

LAWay said...

Damn that 5 choice vote is a toughie.

Robert said...

I think a number of figures have been based on specific pieces of artwork, particularly cover art, Leigh, so I don't see a problem with copyright. It's a Marvel collection, anyway.

Anonymous said...

polls on the forum not up yet boo , hiss !!
i want to cast my vote and pick my five characters , hopefully one will get in at least.
la way : i too found it hard picking five , as i can think of so many more characters yet to be made , just shows us that more extensions are needed !!
anyway , try picking your best/favourite characters and then just draw five names out of a hat -fate will decide.

The Grim Reaper said...

"polls on the forum not up yet boo , hiss !!"

????? TMT

been up and running since midnight, that's why 60+ members have voted so far.

Are you sure you are looking at the right thread?

SinisterVenom said...

It's definately up and running Mad Thinker, I have successfully posted my choices up so you should be able to too.

pirate adam said...

see DP just cant help having a little nibble at me, i think its because i spurn his constant advances, well do you blame the guy has a fetish for "PORK SWORDS"


John said...

LAWay, just an opinion, but I'd definitely have the Constrictor in as one of them. But that's just because I really like him too...

Or try a vote for a character with a very strong chance, a character that you want on EM radar, a character that you just want to get people talking about, a character that could start a team, and a low chance but favorite character. That's what I did. I tried thinking of it long term since a lot of my wants aren't too high on the radar yet.

mgf said...

LAWAY said: "So many people, on the blog and forum say they dont even collect most of the figurines, yet campaign for their characters.

These people shouldnt even have a say.

There, I said it."

Yes, and I said it too over on the forum qa couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately there is a small, vociferous and extremely aggressive cabal of two or three, well, morons just about covers it, who will attack as a group. I no longer post there as a direct result.

They don't collect, but seem to think they have a right to try and destroy every post of those who actually do. I buy more ffgures than them all combined. They want a particular three figures, because they are the only ones they will bother to buy. They are parasites.

One-of-Three said...

How disgracefully vicious and immature of the both of you. Simply because you throw more of your free money at Eaglemoss doesn't make you any more deserving or better than anyone else.

I'll be blunt and say that if you think you're better than the rest of us, you're really no better than a five year old who thinks he's cooler because he has collected more trading cards than the rest of his friends.

LAway, I'm especially disappointed in you. I honestly took you for one who had a decent head on his shoulders, just simply tact-less and misunderstood. What makes your statement even more laughable is that you're still subscribed out of laziness. I highly doubt you're one to talk.

Everyone who collects (regardless of how many) has the right to say who they want in the collection. The very fact we even have a say at all, is because we have generous Marvel fans like Rich who want to extend the choices out to us. I think he would be ashamed to see such collectors out there who carry such foolish elitist ideals. I know it's ideas like these that make me ashamed to be associated.

You do realize he could very well just retract his generous offer, right? Your silly selfishness is just putting him in a hard place.

You all collect tiny lead figurines of comic book characters for Christs sake, get off of your high horse.

This is a hobby--not a caste system, so shut up, go vote on your top five wants, and wait for the results like the rest of us. No amount of your bickering will change anything, so just please spare us.

X HeAD TO DA MAX said...

Wow quite the disfunktional family on ere innit? Neva new the manson family ad internet access Woooooop!!
Just a ead's up to any thumb bandits on ere check the trailer for spiderman dimensions it as all the spideys ever made like amazing, 2099 and one i neva eard of called nior. He looks well wicked so i will vote him as i don't know a lot of comix apart from the biggies like spidey, xmen hulk batman. I bought 2 figs from me mate for a tenner so i don't feel like i shouldn't be a voter
check ya laytaz

G-Mac said...

i'm not going to say who i want to vote for the most but if everyone else votes for "Rocket-Raccoon", it would make me very, very, very, happy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Rocket got one of my five votes.

Though I still would prefer him in a 2-Pack with Groot.

Robert said...

So much for any notions of a calmer, more loving blog...

Anywho, getting back to what I mentioned earlier - i.e., a Captain Marvel pose - the two poses that sum him up best seem to be Cap in flight and clashing his wristlets together above his head. As lots of characters fly, so the latter is the only truly unique pose. There's loads of examples of this happening in the comics so I haven't bothered to name any particular one image. Well, any other suggestions...?

Anonymous said...

Flight would be difficult to really portray well in a static figurine. Even the DC in flight ones don't really work all that well. Since it's just a take-off pose. So I wouldn't mind the pose with him bringing his bracelets together over his head.

LAWay said...

What say we announce who we voted for either the next update, or if the update is delayed?

Mad Thinker - maybe you were confused because there were no poll options or something. When I saw the empty thread I thought I was in the wrong place until I read that all comments were invisible.

One-Of-Three - I'm not disappointed or apologizing for what I said mate. In the context of the argument, I feel its justified.

Say I am a 5 year old kid who collected pokemon cards and had them all. Then some other kid carries around only 1 rare shiny off ebay because he likes that pokemon, then proclaims he collects the cards too.

Does he? No. He buys what he likes. He may collect what he likes, certain characters etc. But he doesnt collect 'the collection'. He dabbles in it, makes an occasional purchase, and likes to discuss things as it is in his interests, but he doesnt fully commit, because he isn't fully bothered.

Thats not a definition of a collector.

Think of it this way. Stockholders in a business. Collectors that dont buy many figurines have low stock. See where this is going? Subscribers and those who collect every figure by whatever method have high stock.

In the boardroom in business, who really makes the decisions? The ones with majority stakes, or those with minuscule amounts?

Thats all I am saying man. You are seeing it from the outside. You want your stepford cuckoos, and good luck with that, I hope you get them eventually. But you have said yourself you dont own many figurines.

I dont own a PS3, but I dont go around telling Sony what games it should be making. Collectors who dont collect, but rarely buy are in the same situation.

This isnt a venomous statement, I am saying this in a calm manner trying to get my point across. I understand why you and others would be upset, and I understand some people would be supportive in the whole 'doesnt matter how many you collect' idea. me, I see it different.

If EM offered 1 special figurine away in a competition, and it went to a non subscriber who hardly bought any figurines, I would be ticked off.

It would be like queueing in line for the latest ipod or games console for hours, only for someone from right at the back who had only just arrived, jumps the queue and gets the last in stock.

I think I have given enough analogies now, so much so it feels dirty. analogy...anal...ogy...its close to obscene.

Anonymous said...

Since there's no rule against announcing who we voted for... then I don't see the point of agreeing to anything. Just makes no sense what so ever.

You seem to think that buying a little lead miniture of a Superhero gives you majority voting rights. Well, fraid to tell you that you don't get stock options of shares of EM or Marvel with your purchase. You're buying a product, and whether you buy 1 or 100... you don't have any more say than anyone else. Your money gets you a little lead spandex superhero with a magazine. Nothing more.

Your various analogies for what you personal consider collectors to be are fine. But thankfully you don't define the word or get to control who gets a say. Also you note "he may collect what he likes". But then declare that person "Not a collector". Sorry, but you can't have it both ways. If someone collects one or collects them all they are still collectors. They just collect what they personally care about.

I for one welcome whoever wins the competition's choice. Boo hoo if it pisses of someone because they don't like the choice or the person's collecting choices. Whether they have been a longtime collector or only own a few of their favorite pieces and want their favorite character of all time made. I'm not a huge fan of Siryn, but it was cool that that person won last time and got their most wanted character into the collection long before they likely ever would have appeared.

Your last analogy makes no sense by the way. Nobody is cutting in line and taking something away from you. You'll still be able to buy the figurine that they chose to get made. Seriously, you complain about people having a sense of entitlement. But the only people I see with that is the people complaining that not everyone should have a say.

Anonymous said...

"Everyone who collects (regardless of how many) has the right to say who they want in the collection."

Where does this leave people who are unable to vote on SHFF?

And CBR beast I have noticed that you have, on many occasions, taken it upon yourself tom speak for the majority or in some cases EM themselves. Wind your neck in please, you do not represent anyone but yourself.

Anonymous said...

The only ones who are unable to vote on SHFF are those who have been banned for attempting to cheat in previous polls or inappropriate behavior. Doesn't seem like they're interested in having a say if they can't play by the rules.

As for your second comment? I would recommend re-reading my posts. It's not that hard. Not once have I ever represented anyone but myself in my comments. If anything I am speaking in support of those who you feel don't have a say in the process.

SinisterVenom said...

I'm backing you up there Beast, I agree there is nothing stopping anyone from placing their choices on the poll.
Only possible problems I can think of are if you have not yet registered yourself on the SHFF (only takes a few minutes to do so, not difficult at all) or, like CBR Beast said, it is because you are banned from the site and I don't mean to sound harsh but if that is the case whatever the reason, then you would only have yourself to blame for it.
Now, moving on, I want to mention the winner's choice. From what I am assuming, there seems to be some form of discomfort towards the winning vote and those that do0 not get chosen. Now I don't need to be a genius to point out that not every choice will make the extension BUT we should all expect some disappointment as at least 2 of our choices will not make the extension. But the way I see things, even if none of my choices made the extension, obviously I would be disappointed. However, I would be happy for the winner(s) of the vote that got their character in the collection. At the end of the day, it's called a competition for a reason, so let us all play the game and should we not get what we want, let us be happy for those that got their choices and be adults about it. I mean, I have not long turned 22 and lately Ihave seen behaviour on here that is not what I would expect from fellow adult friends.
So to close this off, I echo what I said in one of my last posts, let us get back to what we used to be and appreciate everything that Rich and the Eaglemoss team are doing for us in making these figurines. It seems to me that some of us have forgotten what they go through to try their best to satisfy us.

John said...

CBR Beast: "Don't worry, Rocket got one of my five votes.

Though I still would prefer him in a 2-Pack with Groot."

That's what my post is all about in the campaign thread. Voters should just get him on the radar for now. A 2-Pack could be considered in the future.

Otherwise its like the people that are holding off voting for Wiccan because they want a 2-Pack with Hulkling or Speed. Well... that just means we don't get Wiccan.

LAWay said...

What is stopping people posting votes on the polls?

-Not knowing about them
-The polls never been advertised outside of the blog/forum
-The forum not being advertised anywhere other than brief mentioned now and then

People who buy the magazine. There is no link to the website, yet alone the blog, yet alone the forum.

These people dont get a say.

I know that we are collecting these lead figurines. Its a silly debate to go patronizing. I know what we are collecting. I'm simply expressing an opinion here, its not getting personal or nasty, just expressing an opinion and what it feels like to me. The only people getting nasty are the ones who dont agree. Which I dont mind if they state it well.

I know buying every figurine doesnt actually give me any real say in the collection like stock. I am not stupid. It was an analogy. Although, if someone just bought the spiderman figurine because they like spiderman and nothing else, that is not a collector. And when I say collector, i am saying it in terms of the CMFC. I know the definition of a collector, but come on, some logic, we are talking about the collection.

rabid_womble said...

I very rarely post on this blog because it can at times get a bit nasty. I think this is common with lots of blogs and forums though.

It's standard that on any blog or forum there appear to be little clique's, often some bullies and also the trolls that like to get arguments going for the sake of it.

I did post an idea for doing something different with the specials that nobody picked up on. Either nobody read it, they didn't have an opinion or as an non-regular it got dismissed by some of the regulars. I thought it was an interesting idea but it didn't get picked up on. That's fine I'll live. lol

I'm also aware that I am in the minority when it comes to my knowledge and prefernces. I stopped reading comics about 25 years ago. This results in me not knowing who half the people are that are being spoken about and thus joining in discussions difficult.

So for the people that are in the "I don't want/like that person as they are minor league or I haven't heard of them" camp I'm probably even more further in the indifference and who are they(?) than you are.
When I look at the list of the forthcoming releases there are lots that I literally have no idea who the hell they are. At the start of the replies to this posting "Joeking" mentioned Domino. If he or she is announced as being released there may be a burst of excitement, but to me it will just be another who(?) release. I don't even know if Domino is male or female. I'll find out when someone tells me or the figure is released.

I understand what some people are saying about how people that don't subscribe and may not even buy the figurines get to take part in the vote, but that's just the way it is. There isn't anyway of doing it that is going to get the perfect result.
Let's go with the idea of doing an poll using an leaflet in the subscribers deliveries. Great that means only subsribers get an say.
They get sent out to 10,000 people and only 1,000 people bother to fill it in and reply. So the decision was made by 10% of the subscribers. When you add in the people that buy but don't subscribe then that 10% gets smaller still.
Is that any better a system than the current one? As an subscriber how many who(?) am I going to have to buy or be offered before I get the one I want because I voted for someone relatively unknown or someone from 30 years ago purely because the people taht vote read comics now and are picking all the current ones and the ones they like?
I will be taking part in this poll but don't expect any of mine to make it for that very reason.

As far as the definition of an collector. Again I think that is pretty much impossible to determine because it has so many variants. Firstly you need to determine what and how many count as an collection? IMO you are talking of at least three. You have single, pair and then? You wouldn't say "I have a triplet of football programmes" or "I have an quadruple of toby jugs."
You then have the collector that is specialising. If a person only reads and likes Spiderman and that is what I want to collect, then they would be selective in which ones they buy. The reason they haven't bought 70 figurines is because there haven't been 70 Spidey baddies released. That's hardly their fault is it? Is he or she any less an colllector than the person that gets every one that is released?
Come the poll they're going to put 5 Spidey villains because that is what they want.

On an personal level I feel this collection needs more villains, more females and less connections to The X-Men/mutants. I'm not expecting it to happen though because I know how popular they are.

The saying "You can't please all the people all the time" fits perfectly. Richard and EM are in an lose/lose situation. No matter what they do some people will always say they aren't doing it right or they should have done this instead.

LAWay said...

Haha thanks for your honesty rabid_womble. 25 years without picking up a comic? Wow. And sorry, didnt see your suggestion...was it posted on this blog post coz i couldnt find it?

And some good points about the discussion. I'm not saying take away the poll vote, but it would be nice to get the vote in leaflets in magazines or subscribers like you said because of those stats. I am sure if it was made clear that options would be made into a future figurine, you would get more than 10%. These are hardcore folk who have subscribed for this long, and I imagine they would be delighted to have a say.
(with the idea that they have never heard of the website/blog/forum.)

bannerhulk said...

End the collection at #200. Then EM can start a Capcom collection, You Marvel zealots play too rough :)
A nice capcom blog for nice capcom fans, that would be....nice

Robert said...

Rabid womble, don't think it's anything personal when people ignore your ideas or suggestions. It happens all the time on here. I started talking about Captain Marvel poses yesterday and the only person to comment, alas, has been CBR Beast.

And on that note, I have to reiterate my liking for the pose with hands above head, clashing the golden wristlets. I thought a bit more about the 'in flight' pose, as Marv had a distinctive sparking 'exhaust' trail. However, in solid form this would probably resemble a magician's cloak from kids' tv in the 1970s! Not a great idea. So, do I have ANY support for this idea, apart from our resident Dark Beast fan?

P.S. Tomorrow I am going to pick a different character! (What do you mean "Oh no!")

John said...

To anybody that feels they're wasting their time in typing things, I want you to know that I'm reading your posts, but usually just have nothing to say on subjects. I'm sure a lot of people feel that way about topics. Mainly, I don't want to be posting, JUST to post. I want whatever I say to have some meaning.

So Robert, for example, I read your Captain Marvel pose idea. I just don't have any strong connection to Captain Marvel, so I don't really have anything to say about what pose he should be in.

Just wanted everybody to know that just because posts aren't replied to doesn't mean they're not being read. ;)

Robert said...

No problem, John, I appreciate any feedback.

Captain Marvel's heyday was a while ago now and, without meaning to, I've probably been canvasing the oldies on here by selecting him! You youngsters won't know much about the reluctant Kree warrior as he's been dead for nearly thirty years!

Well, from one Captain Marvel to another. What about Ms Rambeau? The obvious pose is from her first appearance in a Spidey annual. (Yes, I'm sticking to the original costume and probably should be calling her Photon.) So, any suggestions, folks?

BobDiamond said...

Hi Robert, Hi Everyone!
Been gone for 8 days or so, and after reading all the new posts over the last couple of hours, it seems a lot longer!
Wow, so much controversy, both here and on The Forum...and when you think of it, it all starts from collecting these amazing little lead superhero figures...weird.

Got to say though; it's great to have this space where a common interest can lead to other related topics, and sometimes just flights of fancy. I for one enjoy the banter, and have rarely felt that it has gone too far...Most people here can take a joke... and know when to stop too.

Anyway, I've made my vote choices successfully,I hope( I'm assuming we know if our vote is registered, if our name comes up on the list in a day or two? Can anyone confirm if this is right?)and I'm looking forward to the results in a few weeks.
But in the end, I realise that I wont mind too much if my choices come up or not, because whatever we get will be 5 popular characters that we would most likely get anyway. Therefore, as I've loved the vast majority of this collection so far, I doubt very much I'll be disappointed by the result.
Bottom line is- this is a fun and excellent collection, but it shouldn't be an obsession.

BTW John, congrats on the Art Teaching post, you're now in the same line of work as me!


The Grim Reaper said...

Some of you are missing the point with all of this "who is a collector" chat. EM, like any business, should target their marketing where it will make the biggest impact on sales. Subbies will buy whatever is made, but if you can make something pick&choosers want then you are on to a winner. Ergo, toEM, the voice/opinion of the partial collector is more important. Sorry but that is how the markets work and why you get a better deal on mobiles/broadband/banking/sky if you are new rather than the guy who has been loyal for 8 years.

Fact of with it...i don't loose sleep over it

LAWay said...

Welcome back BD, 8 days, you can miss a whole lot on here! lol ;)

Sorry Robert, like John, I do read all posts, just dont comment directly to everything. Also hard to when others keep bringing up old subjects.

I think for captain marvel, I wouldnt mind a flying pose. Since dynamic poses are the 'new thing', it would make him stand out more from the other one and give the real captain marvel some class. I will still not be happy that the pose ruins my beautiful line-ups, but alas, we've crossed that bridge now havent we. ^_^

Good point Grim, and something I have thought as I typed that these things probably are to get the casual collector to buy and interact with the product more.

It would be cool to have 2 polls. One a general vote like we are doing now, and one especially for subscribers/collectors in leaflets or printed on the receipts of our bills like for specials. Cant cost too much, and I am sure whatever feedback is received from the subscribers, whether its 10% or 100%, at least every fan is getting heard of. It may even convince some casual collectors to sign up too.

BobDiamond said...

Robert, this hypothesising about the great Captain Mar-Vell has got me thinking about possibly the most over-looked and under-rated Marvel character of all.
I'm talking about the legendary Rick Jones!

Now, at first glance this guy comes across as a so-so, supporting character. However, he has had a MAJOR part to play in many areas of the MU since it's inception.
Nor is it easy or possible to categorize him as a 'civilian' or '(super)hero'. He was basically Stan's answer to the whole 'kid side-kick' thing that DC and the Golden Age revelled in, but done in a more 60's Marvel-style (ie. it didn't always go well for him).
Rick Jones is a crucial part of The Hulk's history- both as civilian and superhero ('Teen' Hulk, A-Bomb). He then teamed-up with Cap, and became a 'real'side-kick, using Bucky's costume.
He was an honorary Avenger because of the Cap connection, and The Teen Brigade (who were responsible for The Avengers forming in the first place). As an (honorary) Avenger, he went on to play the most important part in the epic Kree/Skrull War- Marvel's first multi-part saga. In this he manifested The Destiny Force- giving him a true 'super-power'.
This, in a way, led to his meeting with Captain Marvel, and the two shared a symbiotic relationship in the same way as The original (Shazam) CM.
After this, Rick Jones even spent time hanging around with Rom the Space Knight! Not long after, he's back sharing space again with Cap Marvel- but it's Genis this time, not his dad.....And now, as previously stated, he seems to be the super-powered A- Bomb.
Add to this his important role in the classic 'Avengers Forever' multi-parter- where a future version of himself has inherited some 'unusual' iconic items to wear (S*p*rman's cape, B*tman's utility belt, amongst others...) and you have an extremely important member of the MU. In some ways as vital to this collection as the 'big guns' such as Spidey, Hulk cap etc.
Rick Jones is the 'everyman' of the MU- which I believe is how Stan intended him to be.

So...anyone else out there think RJ should be included, not necessarily as a 'civilian', but as a member of the 'superhero' community?
And, if so, how should he look???


Anonymous said...

"It would be cool to have 2 polls. One a general vote like we are doing now, and one especially for subscribers/collectors in leaflets or printed on the receipts of our bills like for specials. Cant cost too much, and I am sure whatever feedback is received from the subscribers, whether its 10% or 100%, at least every fan is getting heard of. It may even convince some casual collectors to sign up too."

Again, not everyone has the option of subscribing. No system is perfect, but an online poll reaches the widest cross-section of collectors. Whether they collect a few or all. Sure, not everyone who subscribes is aware of the forums. But not everyone who picks and chooses is aware of it either. So it balances out.

Robert said...

Bob, great to have you back. The Old Guard are dropping like flies at the moment so even happier than usual to hear from you. Hopefully, Thor8, Ted and Jacadoo will also return.

I agree with everything you say about Rick. Actually, I chuntered on about Rick deserving inclusion some time age. He is one of the civilians like JJJ and Ross who drive plots rather than just being in the background. At the time I also said he could be shown arms aloft clashing his wristlets together, with guitar slung across his back. It would make a neat pair if Mar-Vell was in a similar pose.

However, one guarantee of starting heated debate on here is the issue of civilians and we've had enough controversy recently! Let's not start again!

So, Captain Marvel/ Photon. Which pose...?

Robert said...

Guys, go to,_part_1?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Pulse253&utm_term=Link6&utm_content=FeaturedBlog&utm_campaign=Pulse253Newsletter08102010


4. A Galactus hat!
3. Kid Thor! (Aw, he's so cute!)
2. Yaya Han as the Scarlet Witch. (To use the idiom of a certain Mr. Smith, "Hotness!")
1. Stan. (Of course.)

John said...

There's something I find Very annoying about Rick Jones. I don't know what, but I can't stand the character.

As for a Captain Marvel pose, I'm not really a fan of the art, but this would be the perfect pose;

LAWay said...

I agree that an online poll is the quickest way to get answers, easier and cheaper too. Like you said, there are many that collect all and few online as well. I think there are also just some people who dont even collect on the forums and just like the marvel discussions.

But having an extra poll would be a great. Like an official competition maybe for people who buy the magazine to maybe send off a slip with one character and one being picked at random. (scary thought)

Galactus hat is epic. And Scarlett Witch...drool.

Anonymous said...

Re: Rick Jones...

Hopefully we'll get A-Bomb at some point to cover Rick Jones. Since I doubt we'll see him any other way. Same with Thunderbolt Ross and Betty Ross/Banner.

So bring on A-Bomb, Red Hulk, and Red She-Hulk.

Robert said...

John, I kind of get where you are coming from with Rick. Teenagers aren't terribly likeable and his stupidity cursed poor Robert Banner. However, he has proven himself a loyal friend to several heroes and risked his life a countless number of times. Yes, he likes the adventure and hanging out with heroes but he's also a noble guy. I see him very much like Peter Parker: an orphan desperate for the acceptance of his peers who has devoted his adulthood to making up for a (rather huge) youthful mistake.

P.S. That's not the Captain Marvel I was on about, is it? Isn't she that Phyla-Vel chick I heard someone mention on here recently...?

Robert said...

I normally base my desire for figures on memorable storylines or eras. For example, I would love to see Tarantula included because of his role in the (original) Gwen Stacy clone saga and the excellent 'boat-hijack' story with the Punisher. I haven't enjoyed the car crash that is Hulk continuity for a while, so even though I buy the Hulk titles, I have zero interest in Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb, etc. It is really irrelevant to me if they look good or not if the stories are pants.

John said...

If its about the way some people can't subscribe (making it too exclusive) or that subscribers wouldn't want to pay the postage to mail the form back, what about a leaflet that simply mentions that a poll is going to happen on the forum on a certain date? Just use LAWay's idea to get the information out there.

EM does a serious amount of not advertising in general. Its kind of an old debate, but why doesn't it have ads in Marvel Comics? A lot of shops don't just buy some to put on display. My comic book guy says the walk-in traffic couldn't support it. If I hadn't been in the right place at the right time, I wouldn't even KNOW about it!

John said...

And yes, Robert, that is Phyla-Vell. She's my preferred character of all 5 or so Captain Marvel's. :)

BobDiamond said...

I also see where you're coming from in regards to Rick Jones, John.
He has never been my favourite character either.
However, he is Marvel Comics' 'ultimate' Side-kick, and has been pivotal in many classic moments in it's history (including being Cap America's 'Bucky' in the legendary 3-part Steranko CA epic). It's for these reasons that I feel he deserves his place- as he is a 'Classic' character.
Like Robert, I feel that his most important time was his Captain Marvel phase (first time around, with Mar-Vell)and if he is ever made as a figure, he should be in the pose suggested- clashing the wrist-bands over his head ( Gil Kane pose, I believe?)

BTW....amount of people who have used Captain Marvel as their code-name? These are the ones I can think of, are there any more?

Original (DC/Fawcett) CM

Monica (Photon)
Brain-washed Skrull, (who even got his own mini-series as CM!!)

Even only counting Marvel Comics, that's 6...quite strange that the name has been used so much...


Robert said...

Jeez, harsh verdict on Rick, guys.

The guy's an orphan who was punted around rotten orphanages where he was mistreated, often violently. He's spent his entire life searching for a "family". Even when he thought he'd found his mother (years later in a Peter David Hulk storyline), she turned out to be psychopath who tried to murder him.

As a teen he was so desperate to fit in with his peers he was willing to trespass on a military site, risking arrest, imprisonment and a criminal record. (He couldn't have known about the gamma bomb.) This led to him following the Hulk around, a dim-witted brute who nearly accidentally killed Rick on a number of occasions. Most notably being rescued by Captain America, which leads me to...

Rick Jones Bucky. Even as a side-kick he had to live in the shadow of a dead teenager. Despite the fact he was an able replacement.

With Mar-vell he found himself floating in the Negative Zone for hours at a time... and when he was himself was always accompanied by an alien in his consciousness. Talk about Big Brother.

Later his girlfriend was killed and resurrected as a zombie. When she "recovered" he found out on his stag do - with all his best friends and heroes in attendance - that his fiancee made adult films. (Let's not even talk about the fact the Hulk "knew her" in the biblical sense first.)

Later on he was crippled and confined to a wheelchair. And his future version loses an arm.

Considering all the above, the issues he has with abandonment, poor self-esteem and inadequacy, he has proved himself a loyal, courageous and noble guy who has survived a lot and is still able to think well of his fellow man.

Robert said...

See? Even the kanji spammer agrees with me!

jothagraz said...

Hi Robert & everybody else!

I also read all comments on this blog but on many occasions a few days after they have been posted. Then it often feels inappropriate to warm up the topic again.

re: Captain Marvel

I am sucker for the dynamic poses whereas I actually use the word "dynamic" for typical recurrent poses or poses in classic moments because they wake memories of the comics I have read. Take the Vision CMFC figurine done like Avengers cover #57 or Black Bolt regally stretching out his arms to silence/stop his people (similar to FF cover #46). I am afraid I will never see this last one as a CMFC redo.

Therefore a flying Captain Marvel would be great for me. On the other hand we have hundreds of characters flying but I know of only two clashing their wrists over their heads. Because of this uniqueness I support this hands over the head CM pose.

When I think of Rick Jones I mainly think of the CM era. Looking at your comments I ponder if CM and Rick could not have been done as a 2pack. Both clashing their wrists over their heads. Maybe Rick can follow as a regular done this way. They would fit just perfectly.

I am in for Photon posing as seen in ASM annual #16 p.9.

By the way, I enjoy reading this blog. Gives interesting insights in other collector's opinions and great new ideas.

LAWay said...

Did EM advertise on tv for the first spiderman issue? I have a vague recollection of seeing it after I bought it in WH Smith, which was on display, but I had never even heard of it so snapped it right up.

Wish I picked more up at £2.99.

EM must have blown their advertising budget...or are just whoring the profits. ;)

Bullseye81 said...

Hello fellow bloggers, it's been a while since my last post so bear with me

Welcome to the blog Jothagraz
First off,i gotta say i'm very happy with the inclusion of Dracula(did not see that one coming, but was a welcome surprise) It will be nice to put an arch nemesis next to Blade (hopefully the collection will go on long enough to get the likes of Hannibal King, Deacon Frost and so many more).

I love the poses for both Toad (love the crouching idea, and the tongue) and Balder (thank you EM for letting the forum decide the costume)

Now on to the recent discussion, POSES. I'm liking the suggested pose for Captain Mar-vell from Robert and Jothagraz, but i have to admit a slight disappointment that we will not be getting Mar-vell laid out in Death's hands. I think that would have made an awesome special, and could have been a cool way to get Mar-vell into the collection. For me that is his most iconic appearance. As for Photon i'm also digging the suggested ASM Annual app.

Robert said...

Is this the start of this blog's recovery? Bullseye back and a new poster. (Welcome, Jothagraz.)

Anywho, thanks for the comments on poses, guys. If a few of us show interest in debating this then maybe Richard will ask us for our thoughts on a pose or two (maybe when things are quiet in terms of sneak peaks or announcements).

Leigh, yes, the collection was advertised on tv. I can only remember seeing Spider-Man, though. Saw the same ad about three or four times in the week/ fortnight before the first figure came out. I haven't seen any ads since.

BobDiamond said...

Here's a little game we can play while doing the ..uh..waiting game...

(BTW..don't mind if you ignore this one, I'm getting used to that anyway...I'm not bitter...)

Anyway, from the set of characters we already have, make your own 'Marvel Chess Set'.
This is my initial version...

Queen: PHOENIX (Jean Grey)
Rooks/Castles: HULK, THING


It's quite hard picking the Queens, as they are the most powerful pieces, and Marvel doesn't really have a Wonder Woman equivalent. But seeing as we were given a Dark Phoenix Variant, I thought it would be cool to include 'The Dark' and 'The Light' in the game.
Let's see what your teams would be's just a bit of fun!


One-of-Three said...

I beg to differ, Marvel has the White Queen--Emma Frost. ;)

SinisterVenom said...

Quite interesting that you say that BD as I happen to have a Marvel Heroes chess set. :)
And here are what characters are included:

KING - Captain America
QUEEN - Jean Grey/Phoenix
BISHOP - Daredevil
KNIGHT - Spider-Man
PAWN - Wolverine

KING - Kingpin
QUEEN - Mystique
BISHOP - Doctor Octopus
KNIGHT - Venom
CASTLE - Magneto
PAWN - Lizard

Though I must admit, I do prefer your choices over these. Having multiples of one character, like 8 Lizards and 8 Wolverines, kinda makes it look weird.

John said...

I'd prefer a chess set to have the same piece represented by the same character. Maybe 8 SHIELD, 8 Hydra agents.

Grey Gargoyle would make a great villains rook, wouldn't he? ;)

Robert said...

Bob's game,

King: Adam Warlock
Queen: Gamora
Bishops: Pip, Drax
Knights: Maxam, High Evolutionary
Rooks: Judge Kray-tor and Autolycus
Pawns: Other inhabitants of the Soul Gem

King: Thanos
Queen: The Matriarch
Bishops: The Man-Beast, Count Abyss
Knights: Magus and Galactus
Rooks: Mole Man and Tyrannus
Pawns: Moloids

Robert said...

Was in FP today to buy Klaw and some comics.

Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #2. Is it me or was Steve Rogers rather brutal when trying to get information? It was more Punisher than Captain A...

jothagraz said...

How about a chess set Marvel vs. DC? Each party could chose heroes as well as villains.

BobDiamond said...

Here's my Chess Set inspired by John's idea...

Rooks: MANDROID-suited Agent x 2

Queen: VIPER
Rooks: DREADNOUGHT Robot x 2

Personally, I'd pay GOOD money if they had such a thing!


rabid_womble said...


I'm not taking it personally if nobdy replies to my posts or ideas. I've been using the interent for so many years i know what it's like on here. Life's too short to start with the boo hoo hoo nobody replied, lol


Yep about 25 years since I gave up on the comics. It was around the time oof he first Secret War. That itself and then more and more around that time it started with crossover stories in the comics. Part one in Siderman and continued in Darevil kind of thing. That's fine if you read both comics but if you don't then you're buying an extra title. Once in a while you don't mind but the more it happened more expensive it was to keep up. On top of that you have so many titles. Amazing Spiderman, Astonishing Spiderman, Not too bad Spiderman, Disco Spiderman. It becomes a bugger keeping up with continuity of a character. So that and the fact I was out of work at the time made me call a halt to my comics.

My suggestion was on these blogs (somewhere) Basically it was this.

Rather than random specials, incorporate themed collections specials. Each one is in an specific pose for a reason as it links in with the others in that collection. The bases are also specifically designed to interlock or fit in with the others. Perhaps on an specific base.
Let's say that they were doing the original Sinister Six. this would be done over seven specials.

The first would be an crouching or knocked out Spidey. The next would be Doc Ock. His pose would be in such a way he is standing over Spidey reaching out to him. The third would be Kraven again in an threatening attacking pose.
The Vulture would be a bugger because he would look bettter flying than standing. An clear plastic frame and fishing wire to hold him?
As this collection builds up you end up with something that resembles an table centre piece. It may be 10" x 15" or even slightly bigger.
To release it as an whole thing would cost a lot not only for the item but P&P too and many people wouldn't want too or could afford to do it as an one off payment. This way the cost is spread and you have the interest or excitement of watching this grow into it's final presentation.
Think of those monthly magazines building ships or human skeletons. You'll get the idea.

They wouldn't get released consecutively, although a couple could. They would be alternating with the other specials that are or would be released anyway. We don't want to postpone lots of specials for a year or so to do these things.

That was my idea. A twist on the way to do specials as well as the possibility of making some interesting and unique looking larger figurines in themselves.

rabid_womble said...

bannerhulk said.....

End the collection at #200. Then EM can start a Capcom collection, You Marvel zealots play too rough :)
A nice capcom blog for nice capcom fans, that would be....nice

Oh goody a Capcom collection. A collection with nobody I know, lol

In my opion EM should rush to get the licence to do an Doctor Who figurine collection. Between the original series and the updated series there are plenty to choose from. Just from the various Dctors and companions you have about 40 figures.

It's bound to happen one day that someone does it.It's just a matter of who gets in first to get the licence.

LAWay said...

I like the idea rabid_womble. I see so many awesome statues that are designed like that, but the price for the single statue alone is crazy, yet alone to complete the set, so that would be a great idea to take up all the specials for one year I think.

I would like the collection to end at 200 if it meant older figurines would be revisited. I wont lie, my main interests lay with the heavy hitters of the marvel world and how they have changed throughout the years.

Anonymous said...

Way too early to end the collection. 200 doesn't even deliver half of the major Marvel characters. According to Grim on the SHFF, the poll is looking very good and could easily take us thru 350 with the diversity of names getting included. So bring it on. Besides, we have to keep going cause there's plent of Specials, Megas, and Doubles to get thru as well. :)

bannerhulk said...

200 would be an excellent number to end on. it's going to be ever diminishing returns after that, That's why Rich has already been moved to the next big EM project.
Star Wars?, Star Trek? Capcom?
Something fresh would be good :)

John said...

"Oh goody a Capcom collection. A collection with nobody I know, lol"

And likewise, I love Street Fighter and know nothing about Dr. Who. ;)

Ending at 200 means we would get ONE more extension. Just 20 more characters. That hardly fills everybody's wants. For those of you tired of collecting, then just stop. Don't wish for a collection to END that so many other people love.

BobDiamond said...

We can't possibly end until EM include a themed-extension that I've just come up with!

'Forgotten Heroes from 'Marvel Premiere''
(For you youngsters out there, this was a 70s 'try-out' comic which launched the careers of Iron Fist, Adam Warlock, Antman II and one or two other stars...)

Anyway, these are the guys that MUST be made!-

Monark Starstalker (doesn't sound anything like Skywalker does it?)

Calab Hammer (actually, this was a very good issue!)

Star-God (Man-Wolf's super-powered, intelligent other-self)


3-D Man

Alice Cooper (this was an amazing issue!)

Dr.Who (Yep)

....and most essential of all, the entire crew of 'Seeker 3000'!

Classics all!


PS...Kidding aside, I really wished they'd made The Star-God version of Man-Wolf.
An excellent George Perez design, and a brilliant story.

G-Mac said...

i completely disagree that the series should end anytime soon, there is sooo many characters that have not been made yet that i NEED!!!! this is some of them: The Hood, Rocket Raccoon, The Brood, Brother Voodoo, Calisto, The Beyonder, Marrow, Sharon Carter (agent 13), Clea, Constrictor, Madame Masque, Count Nefaria, Crossbones, Sin, Dark Beast, Darkhawk, Doctor Druid, Domino, Dum Dum Dugan, Dreamqueen, Eternity, Firelord, Gamora, Gargoyle, Hammerhead, High Evolutionary, The Russian, Triton, Kaine, Jennifer Kale, Lillith (kiskillilla), Lockjaw, Luna, Madame Web, Magik, Mantis, Marvel Boy, Maximus, Dani Moonstar, Moonstone, Morgan Le Fay, Namora, Nitro, Paladin, Pip The Troll, Madelyne Pryor, Satana, Shadow King, Sebastian Shaw, Silver Samurai, Speedball (or) Penance, Spiderwoman (Julia Carpenter), Starfox, Ch'od, Corsair, Raza, Hepzibah, Super Adaptoid, Tarantula, Terrax, U.S.Agent, Vengeance, Wendigo, White Tiger (new), Wolfsbane, Hope, Cosmo, Bug, Starlord, Spitfire, Pete Wisdom, Master Mold, Nuke, Jigsaw, Barracuda, Warlock (New Mutants), Daken, Amadeus Cho, Magnus, Death, Mr. Negative, Red Hulk, Iron Spiderman......... & there are sooo many more & this is just my want list and i'm sure i even forgot a few.....

Robert said...


Go to

and have a look. Incredible t-shirts. I can't decide which t-shirt is coolest. The Latveria one? Hydra? Opinions?

Anonymous said...


I can't believe that some people have contemplated the idea - and even suggested - that the CMFC should end soon or with issue 200.
Personally I perceive them as people whose negative influence must be banished!

My wish is for the series to live and prosper for another 300 issues. For once in our life we get a collection that's covering the Marvel Universe with unprecedented understanding of the unique beauty and importance of every character.
It's a dream come true, for all true Marvel fans. And there are hundreds of amazing characters to cover. I really can't comprehend how some people don't share the dream.

I'm inclined to think that their negative thoughts are from ignorance. Not in the sense that they don't know the many other awesome characters that can be covered. Rather, their ignorance about the reasons why they SHOULD
be covered. Reasons of comic history, of feats of imagination, of art and design, of MU mythology and more. The same kind of ignorance where people don't understand why an art gallery is not just filled with popular Van Gogh and Picasso works but also with the works of genius of Munch, Boccioni, Kokoschka, etc.
I hear you ask, Kokoshwhat???
Oh, the ignorance. Please let real admirers of the MU get all the characters. And those who are obsessed with the same characters over and over again, well please go find another collection where that monotony and lack of depth are the norm. Please let the CMFC excel and shine as a beacon of light, as it explores and covers the awe-inspiring vastity of the Marvel Universe for those who care.

Anonymous said...

And if you don't feel like reading my long post above, I'll recap it nicely:
for another 300, 500, 1000 issues.
I'll be collecting them all.

Robert said...

I can't see why we couldn't hit 500 figures.

Bagman said...

Have to agree there people, there are just too many characters still waiting to be made. You just have to look at E-bay to see there is quite a healthy market for these figurines.

BobDiamond said...

Spammy, I couldn't agree more...

Robert said...

I've been thinking about Kirlianeyes' point that this collection could last up to 500 or even 1000 figures and wondered how realistic this is. So, in an effort to test this estimate, a Bob-type game.

Let's try and name all the Spider-Man-related characters that we would like to see in this collection. (We can do X-Men next.) This will include so-far untapped sources like alternate realities, the 2099 line, the Ultimates, variants (e.g., classic Doc Ock), civilians, etc. We'll use alphabetical order and keep a running total. Standard, regulars and megas included. I'm rubbish at lists but I'll set the ball rolling.

(Classic) Doctor Octopus, Grizzly, Gwen Stacy, Jackal, Jack O'Lantern, Madame Web, Puma, Tarantula (8)

rabid_womble said...


I'm glad you like the idea. In reality I think the amount they could do is limited so they would probably only do it once.
If it were down to me I would do one like this.

An circular base similar to an dartboard. In the centre Stan Lee. If you could do an bust from the chest up and get it looking like him all the better.
Then at various points where the numbers on an dartboard would be I would have 20 of Stan/Marvel's most iconic and popular characters, 10 heroes and 10 villains.
Each character would be in the same pose. Down on one knee, head bowed and one arm waised with a fist. The look of the thing would be these 20 characters showing their respect to Stan.

IMO if something like tht could be made by anyone and it were presented to Stan it would be so cool.

The only thing is which 10 heroes and villains would be on the thing?

I have

Spiderman, Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Namor, Daredevil, The Thing, Wolverine, Silver Surfer.

Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, The Green Goblin, Magneto, The Kingpin.

Then I hit a wall for the last five. There's a real danger of loading up Spidey villains and you want it to be the best, most recognisable and iconic from all the titles he was involved with not just that one character.
Also I'm not sure if the more modern characters like Venom should be ruled out of contention because whilst they are Marvel creations they don't really have ties with Stan himself.

rabid_womble said...

Being realistic I can't see this collection going past 250 at the most.
Whilst there are so many releases people wants and no doubt quite a few big-ish names to be done I think sales would really be hitting the point of being unprofitable to continue.

I can't think of any monthly magazines collections like these and the part work collections that go up as far 250 and survive.
The one that springs to mind as having the best chance of going on for hundreds and hundreds of issues is The Star Trek Fact Files.

With so many episodes, films, characters spaceships and spacecrafts etc over the numerous versions of Star Trek it had the potential to go a long long time and that one stopped on issue 300 spread over 19 binders.
As big as the Marvel universe is I think it's really pushing it to imagine this collection going on to more issues than that.

mighty_marvel said...

My additions for Robert's list

Arana, (Classic) Doctor Octopus, Grizzly, Gwen Stacy, Jackal, Jack O'Lantern, Kaine, Madame Web, Mary-Jane, Morlun, Puma, Spidergirl, Spot, Swarm, Tarantula, Tombstone (16)

Robert said...

Arana, (Classic) Doctor Octopus, Grizzly, Gwen Stacy, Jackal, Jack O'Lantern, Kaine, Madame Web, Mary-Jane, Morlun, Puma, Spidergirl, Spot, STEGRON, Swarm, Tarantula, Tombstone, (Original) WRAITH (18)

BobDiamond said...

I love me a good game!!

Unfortunatly, I kind of feel we've given Spidey a huge and slightly disproportionate 'slice of the cake' as far as this series is concerned (I feel a hail of rocks and stones comin' my way...)
However, I would not mind in the slightest, seeing the following in the series:


Madame Web (although I don't know anything about her, she seems very popular with Spidey fans)

Spiderwoman II (does she count?)

White Tiger, original (Major supporting player in the early 'Peter Parker, Spectacular Spiderman' comic

Tarantula (excellent costume/ classic feel)

Mr. Big (I loved this guy from the old Ditko days- showing my age again...)

The Enforcers: Fancy Dan, The Ox and The bloke with the lasso (3-pack, an excellent bunch of grade Z bad-guys).

So, counting The Enforcers as 3, That's 9 Spidey players I'd like to see.

Now, on to Rabid Womble's 5 remaining Iconic Bad-Guys....hmmmm..

Red Skull
The Mandarin
The Leader

One or two difficult ones there....Galactus should be included, but he's way to big!


mighty_marvel said...

might as well start the other groups lists as well. hopefully will get more people interested. add characters you would actually want in the collection. not just any associated with the areas.


Arana, (Classic) Doctor Octopus, Grizzly, Gwen Stacy, Jackal, Jack O'Lantern, Kaine, Madame Web, Mary-Jane, Morlun, Puma, Spidergirl, Spot, STEGRON, Swarm, Tarantula, Tombstone, (Original) WRAITH

X-MEN inc. alpha flight (12)

Avalanche, Corsair, Domino, Dust Hepzibah, Longshot, (Jim Lee) Rogue, Sauron, Sebastian Shaw, Selene, Shadow King, Wolfsbane

AVENGERS inc. asgard (12)

Arachne, Atlas, Fixer, Hela, Hulkling, Moonstone, Odin, Patriot, Speed, Swordsman, USAgent, Wiccan

FANTASTIC 4 inc. heralds (4)

Lockjaw, Lyja, Terrax, Trapster

MARVEL KNIGHTS inc. cosmics (12)

Brother Voodoo, Clea, Gamora, Jigsaw, Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Nico Minoru, Owl, Phyla-Vell, Simon Garth Zombie, Starhawk, Vance Astro

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