Monday, 10 September 2012

The final piece of the puzzle

aka 'Hela 'va good show old chap' – Mad Thinker

Well, it finally came in – Hela in all her deathly magnificence!

With annotations from the sculptor Peter Hutchins...

Hela: Asgardian Goddess of Death. Sculpted @90mm in height.

Three resin duplicate patterns.

Profile of her left side, from a slightly elevated angle.
She's sculpted by hand, ie. traditionally with no digital assistance.

Rear 3/4 view.

Rear view of the Goddess of Death.

Sculpted to compliment each other at a scale of 88mm -90mm.

First paint from Banjo.

Second paint with black mask and 'antlers'.

One man and his dog (Pete with Conall).

Don't forget Bridie the cat!

A beautiful sculpt to end the collection, Thanks Pete.


BobDiamond said...

Amazing work!! I'm sure all the Asgardophiles here will agree. Well done Pete!!


bethrezen said...


Banshee said...

OMI-freaking-GOD!!!! What a stunning sculpt. Painted with the black mask and antlers is perfection! Kudos to the sculptor and painter. A fine but sad end to the collection.

Jacadoo said...

Wow now that's better than going out with a big dog!!!!

This sculpt makes losing the collection all the more regrettable.

Victor my new friend, no harm or foul was intended but as the great Roberto (welcome back buddy) outlines, there are many of us that have been on the blog form in my case week one and we have developed a strong blog bondship(not a real word).

So don't read too much into things buddy or are you another asgardian? (long standing joke).

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

One hela of a masterpiece!
Dan, you legend, you managed to give us a truly divine Hela figurine. I salute you, your vision and the last awesome character in the current incarnation of the CMFC. Thanks for pulling all stops to create such faithful, detailed rendition of a stunning classic Marvel design.

buffduffdan said...

Wow,Hela looks amazing! I know it gets said a lot but I don't see how anybody could deny that she looks to be one of the very best of the collection. So impressive!

Out of curiosity, I take it Hela is now #200 and the final issue - so does that mean there's a revised running order for the last 10? :)

Dan The Man said...

I can't confirm, but it's something like this...

190 - Vance Astro
191- Constrictor
192- Wolfsbane
193- Stingray
194- Moonstone
196- Firelord
197- Spider-Man 2099
200- Hela

Robert said...

Incredible. Dan, I was dubious about the head-dress being practical and I'm glad to see that you've pulled it off. Going to be a great final figure.

One quibble - hey, with me it's obligatory. Why the crashbag boobs? What's wrong with normal female proportions...?

One of Thor8's Warriors Three, signing out.

Lars Nielsen said...

wow! amazing work guys

jimbob said...

Hela is stunning!!

Thank you EM for this collection.

It's been a great ride.

Dan The Man said...

The boobs are just how the sculptor does them, ask him! I've never had a problem with them, they are fantasy characters after all, so I don't mind the SUPER exaggerated look, especially on the more dominant godlike alpha-female characters like Hela, Sif, Enchantress.

Robert said...

Jack Kirby and John Buscema never had any need to draw these super-sized breasts. What's wrong with artists and sculptors nowadays?

Victor said...

I loved that EM made ​​a magazine, a book or even a collection of the artists involved in this collection, with photos of the various stages of the figurines and the stories behind this great collection. It would even be a wonderful idea to include any or some more figurines.

LAWay said...

wow oh wow!
That is spectacular! Another contender for best figurine of the collection for sure! A fantastic sculpt, and a great end to this series!

Why the heck didnt we get Peter Hutchins to sculpt every female character! They look like they have come straight out of the comicbooks!

I dont know which realistic proportioned comics Robert is reading though, I wouldnt change this one bit.

LAWay said...

How many 'grey' figurines exist Dan?

Eagle said...

Hi guys,

I have placed my attempts at making custom figures, in google, as "vmaleadfigures".

Please let me know what you think and correct all my mistakes.

zombiedude13 said...

Well, I wasn't going to get Hela, and now I think I will buy two. Looks great! Can't say more.

On a side note, I hear that EM is testing a Marvel Chess set in France. Any truth to that?

Additionally, I would ask that Dan not kill off the Blog, and periodically check in on us. We may have questions (such as the one above) or just need a new topic to talk about.


SinisterVenom said...

Yes! Yes!! YES!!! Hela is just pure gold! She is truly incredible and is a perfect figurine to end the collection on! It's just a shame that with figurines of this great quality that the collection has to end. Imagine if we had the likes of Baron Mordo, Whirlwind and Silver Samurai made in this amazing quality!
I do hope we find a way to somehow keep in contact guys! Over the years since I joined on here I've made many great friends here and it would be a shame to lose contact because the CMFC is coming to an end.

Thor8 said...

WOW! What a way to go! This sculpt is absolutely a masterpiece. It will be torture having to wait the extra time to get her since she was moved from #198 to #200 but Iguess it's worth the extra time for this magnificient piece,

On the other hand seeing what EM is capable of producing makes me even sadder to see this dream come true collection nearing it's end with so many other wonderful characters that could be made.

SV: I echo your sentiment. I have met a great bunch of fellow Marvel Madmen on this blog that will be sorely missed once this blog comes to an end. It;s been a true pleasure having met you guys,take care and may God bless each and every one of us!

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan.

Hela is quite impressive. Kudos to the sculptor & painter.

Have to agree with SV that the fine work with Hela just reminds how other characters not done would look like Whirlwind, Attuma, Baron Mordo, Stilt-Man, Blizzard, The Living Laser, The Cobra & Mr. Hyde, Tombstone, Jackal, Molten Man, Mastermind, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Mantis, Marrina, Sunspot, Silver Samurai, Scarecrow, Boomerang, Mr. Fear, Air-Walker & yes SV I'm doing useless lists again but it still truly annoys me that EM did not go one more extension to get some of the remaining truly classic characters left.

Or that they did not do a few more specials like classic villains Titanium Man & DRAGONMAN.

max_0888 said...

Wow, Hela is truly phenomenal! Can't believe this collection is was so addictive. The Asgardians shelf is going to be awesome! Odin, Sif, Enchantress are already among my faves, Loki, Balder and Thor also look very good. And now Skurge and Hela are going to be added...just wow. Too bad the Warriors three won,t be there.

Here's me hoping for Strong guy or Rocket/Groot as a last special after Skurge :)

John said...

Honestly, my favorite part is the figure of the figure. Haha, go figure. If anyone has a problem with sexualizing a female character, I'd like to see another scientist look like Mac Hudson! Even Stingray's about the size of an professional wrestler.

Also me being me, I have to say I like what I see from Eagle. Its always great to see a new customizer show up. :D

Eagle, for the best tips from the friendliest people, join the forum (superhero figurine forum.) People give critiques and tips to each other all the time and you'll see many, many examples of what you can do. I hope to see you there. :)

Eagle said...

John: Thank you. I have joined the forum some time ago but I have just been reading, not posting. But I will.

TheTooN said...

Bravo ! Beautiful sculpt, great paint scheme.

I echo others comments that its a bitter pill to see such outstanding levels of workmanship at the end of the collection. On the positive side EM have all the tools and knowhow to wow us in the future. (not much of a positive today but glass half full and all that)

I'm curious to know if Hela will ship in 2 parts to protect the headpiece or if thats just for the pre-production figurine ? I'd be happy to have it ship in 2 parts and glue myself. Terrax axe was bent in 2 places on arrival and lost paint flecks when I straightened it. Not the end of the world as its silver paint over lead and not too noticeable. Hela would be different being black paint with the mask the focal point. Ship in 2 pieces would be my preference.


What a thing of beauty this plinth will be !

Nice work on the customs Eagle, lovely crisp paint.


Eagle said...

The TooN: Thank you for your kind comments.

Archangelsr said...

Amazing work and well worth the wait. Without doubt the cherry on the top of the collection imo.

Jacadoo said...

So let's have at least one last debate, obviously Hela is a hit but what are our top ten looking figurines from the collection?

My humble offering

Fing fang foom
The vulture
Jack of hearts
Ant man

Not real reason they just stand out for me.

Near misses

Silver surfer
Moon knight
Dr strange
Mr Sinister
The watcher
Tiger shark

well that's my offering over to you all.

SinisterVenom said...

I never was one who could resist a list Jacadoo. Here's my top 10 favourite looking figurines:

Fin Fang Foom

And my near misses:

J Jonah Jameson
Mr. Sinister
Beta Ray Bill

Strange that most of my choices were some of the later figurines. It proves that the CMFC was making better figurines. I wonder how much more they would improve if we did have one more final extension...

The Mad Thinker said...


Thanks for using my headline Dan , it says it all really.

Hela'va good figurine
Hela'va good collection
Hela'va nightmare that it's all ended :(


My top ten figurines for each of my display cabinet's shelves.

( bottom shelf )

1 - MOJO special
2 - Blink
3 - Sasquatch & Puck special
4 - Deadpool
5 - Spiral
6 - Mr Sinister
7 - Northstar & Aurora special
8 - Sentinel special
9 - Gambit
10 - Banshee

Avengers / Defenders / Cosmics
( Top shelf and 2nd shelf )

1 - Thanos special
2 - Medusa
3 - Odin special
4 - MODOK special
5 - Fing Fang Foom special
6 - Mockingbird
7 - Hawkeye
8 - Black Panther
9 - Doctor Strange
10 - Radioactive Man

Spiderman / Marvel Knights / Horror
Fantastic Four
( 3rd shelf )

1 - Titania
2 - Thing
3 - Kraven The Hunter
4 - Venom
5 - Blackheart
6 - Spiderman
7 - Union Jack
8 - Lizard
9 - Kingpin special
10 - Bullseye

fredpostman said...

What a beautiful figurine Hela makes;going out on a high.
LOCKJAW last special
MR HYDE/COBRA super villain double pack please (who says i'm in denial?)

Blog Master Dan said...

Will look into better packaging for Hela, but it's all part of the process and will be hard to get anyone to change it - MODOK was different as it was a special. Woth a go though.

Of course i will keep the blog running as long as possible, at least until the the last figure is released.

Jacadoo said...

Come on dan what are your top ten hits and near misses?

Where's Roberto, thor8 Padam tino vic etc...... Not forgetting ted, I'm almost afraid to ask!!!

pirate adam said...

Anyone have a release date for Hela???

LAWay said...

Ooooo, a best of list. Ok, here goes, in no particular order...


Didnt include specials as I thought it was unfair, but here are my top 5 specials...


Again, I reckon had Peter Hutchins sculpted more females, they would feature probably very heavily on my list. Then again, had the guy who sculpted taskmaster did more of the A list characters then those would have featured too.

But yeh, looking back, my favourite specials are mostly new sculpts.

Anyone interested, I spotted some French Marvel chess pieces on eBay. Spider-Man looks ok, but not impressed with the others.

Green Goblin -
Doc Ock -

tinodragon14 said...

My top ten hits:
It is hard to choose just ten because many more are well done including
Of course misses include many of my favorite Spidey villains like
DOC OCK not in his classic green jumpsuit
LIZARD that awful tongue
MAN-WOLF the face was awful
MYSTERIO bad pose & the glass orb should have been done like Mr. Freeze except not clear but smokey with an outline of his head inside.
SHOCKER why was his arms not out in front like he is about to fire. He has a classic pose they ignored.
MORBIUS is bent in a position that looks like he has a bad back
SANDMAN an awful pose & look
JUGGERNAUT a great pose but he is smaller than characters he is far bigger then.
DR. STRANGE the pose is okay but he towers over characters he is smaller than & his head looks like it is positioned wrong.

pirate adam said...

To everyone who argued that Sauron had to be a special to do him justice and Hela didnt.......all I can say is hahahahahahaha SUCK IT!!! Hela is an infinitly better fig at half the price hahahahaha

And a top 10 for Jacadoo, in no particar order

Odin - best fig by far (so far)
Thor - on of the earliest but still ome of the best
Beta Ray Bill
Enchantress - just beats Sif to best female fig
Dr Doom

Ten sh!ttest figs

Human Torch
Human Torch
Human Torch
Human Torch
Human Torch
Human Torch
Human Torch
Human Torch

Peace out

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

Spectacular Hela!

My favourite:

The Thing
Mr. Sinister
Enchantress Amora
Beta Ray Bill
Lady Sif

And maybe:
Werewolf by Night

Ka Zar and Zabù
Fin Fang Foom
Sasquatch and Puck

and maybe:
Giant Man
Skurge the Executioner

More than 10, i suppose... :)

ThePirateKing said...

Looks fantastic.

Thanks VERY much for posting, Dan.

Thor8 said...

Didn't want to post my top ten list until I took another good look at my display. Well after a bit of debating here is my top ten list in no particular order...

5)Jack Of Hearts
7)Beta Ray Bill

Yes I know that's 11 not ten but I just couldn't decide which one to take off the list. There are others I've still to receive that might change things a bit like Hela,Stingray and Gamora,so this list is subject to change.

If specials were to be included,then Odin.FFF,would have foot the bill.

Worst figurines in IMO...
3)Marvel Girl

SinisterVenom said...

Am I the only one who doesn't hate the Carnage figurine...?
My 5 least favourite figurines are:
Marvel Girl
Captain Britain
I need not give a reason for Crystal, everyone knows about this one. Rogue I would have liked to have seen in her Jim Lee 90's costume. Cable's face looks off and is too small and not bulky enough imo. Marvel Girl had a good pose idea, only it looked more like she was washing her hair instead and again, the face didn't look right to me. Finally, Captain Britain was made far too skinny compared to how he looks in the comics and I know he was an early figurine but I would of preferred a better pose.

tinodragon14 said...

I don't hate the Carnage figure either SV.

jimbob said...

Any chance that Hela's eye could be just white?

Jacadoo said...

Sorry tino and sinister carnage is defiantly a back row figurine for me!

Just a shame the pose is good, just looks melted.

Dan The Man said...

All this talk of best/worst lists has given me an idea for an update - I'll list every figurine with who sculpted it (just for fun). Obviously it's unprofessional of me to have favs/worsts!

BTW Pete Hutchins did Taskmaster aswell.

PS myself and Rich did consider having Hela with white eyes but in the reference where her eyes are white they are just the eyes only cut through the mask - on our figurine we have an area of skin around the eye aswell - so we decided it might look odd. Feel free to touch them in with white paint if you want white eyes!

PPS I'd love to go into detail on why certain figures aren't as good as others (excuses perhaps?), but maybe it's best to leave it to the wind now.

deamon said...

Hela looks great!
Boobs fan here :D

Next extension please.

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

I don't tell who are the least figurines, cause, either realization, in his little place of entire exposition of the opera, take is personal dignified part.

This collection is here to stay, and maybe... to enlarge his beautiful.

LAWay said...

I wouldnt expect Dan to state his fave and worst figurines, lol, like he said, wouldnt be exactly professional.

Will be interesting to see who has sculpted who. I think you can see a sort of style in a lot of the sculpts, but having a feature covering all the details will be good.

Maybe it can be drawn out over a couple of weeks. A sort of sculptor highlight every week learning more about the artist and the characters he made.

I'm sure there are reasons as well for bad sculpts. We know Hela has taken a while to look fantastic, but I think others may have suffered from perhaps being rush jobs for budget reasons.

But anyway, will be an interesting update to read. :)

PS. I also like the Carnage sculpts

PPS. Hela's eyes look great to me.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...


Soz about this dramatic headline,
but Dan please can you consider making Hela's eyes fully white with no pupils. She's never depicted with human pupils, as she needs to look otherworldy. (A simple photoshop experiment, by painting her eyes white, can help you see how much more powerful and enigmatic she'd look).

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

OK, here's a mock-up for you to judge:


... so she's even more faithful to Kirby's original, genius vision of the character.

LAWay said...

I did a Hela digital repaint, not because the figure needs it or because anyone asked for it, I just wanted to because its a nice looking figurine. Check it out if you want:

Hela Repaint

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Nice costume variant. But the costume is ok as is. Her eyes really need to be white, though. LAWay's mock-up is also a good reference, as the white eyes are embedded in a fully black mask. This is how she's usually depicted.

TheTooN said...

I should point out that I've never come across Hela in any comics and that she was a new character to me from the time of inclusion in the collection. I have EM's Blakes and Leighs pics side by side now.

These are just my personal thoughts, sorry if I'm not comic accurate :)

EM's face/eye detail looks gorgeous, space for flesh paint inside the mask works well and I like that I can see the outline, whites and iris. She does appear human but as I dont know her background it doesnt bother me too much.

Blakes eyes look good, white outlined in black. Definitely has that 'non human' look to her.

Leighs repaint achieves the same thing by doing away with any flesh inside the mask and white eyes. I love the pale/dead skin & purple (or whatever) lipstick. Change from bare skin/flesh to black gloves finishes her off nicely and would also alleviate my worry about sausage fingers !! (Sorry Siryn) which are more pronounced on flesh paint in my experience.

I'd be more than happy to have her as EM's pics, she's gorgeous. But I'd also take the white eyes on black or outlined in black, dead skin/lipstick & black gloves.

@Roberto Hacktuhana - Are you using an online translator mate ?

"This collection is here to stay, and maybe... to enlarge his beautiful."

This made me laugh so much I thought it was Ted :) I have used a few free online translators and whilst you tend to get the general idea they do make for some funny messages.

I know its not nice for sculptors/artists/painters etc to see their work dragged through the mud but EM should only employ the best going forward like any other business.

Bring on the details of who did what :)

LAWay said...

Oh, my repaint thing wasn't saying 'this is how Hela should look', I barely know the character and I think the original looks fantastic. I was just messing about in photoshop since I really liked the sculpt.

I think Dan mentioned that theres no going back on the Hela eyes situation. I dont think its that big a deal, but if it is, at least you know you can just crack open the paint pots if you got a steady hand.

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

I think that a collection without colours for each personage, will be a great little masterpiece of sculpt-art.

My personal opinion.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

So Pete did Hela and he also did Taskmaster,IMO that makes him one of the best sculptors to work on this collection

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I think Hela should definitely have white eyes with no pupils. This is the last figurine in the CMFC, and I'd like it to be faithful to Marvel canon and Kirby's original vision of the character.

Also, with human eyes she looks a bit like a nice, sweet lady going to a fancy dress party as Hela. Surely the white eyes aren't more difficult to paint than the human eyes. So, I hope EM/Dan will make this final adjustment to create a truly perfect Hela figurine.

The Mad Thinker said...

Yep , knew there was something not quite right with Hela.

I prefer Blake's and Laway's versions.

Dan , please can we get a new paint job for Hela , and also get white eyes ?

She looks more deathly and sinister like that.

LAWay said...

I think in my version you cant really see the ridge of the mask and the face, so perhaps it may look a little weird with it painted in black and you can still see that detail, and of course, its way too expensive to tweak the sculpt for something so minor.

If its such a big deal to everyone Dan can attempt to hand paint Hela and fill in the skin black and eyes white to judge for himself and even preview to everyone what it may look like, whether it looks weird or not.

But like he said, feel free to do it yourself if you aren't happy...although it does ruin the whole 'mint' side of things, and not all of us have the right paints of steady hands.

jimbob said...

That's nice LAWay, I might buy two Hela so I can have two costume choices.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Dan, I hope you'll pick up on all the comments about Hela's eyes. Looking at the pics of the sculpt, before it was painted, the way the eyes are sculpted seems to indicate that you intended for them to be painted white, as in Kirby's original design. Is this so? The paintjob in the pics you posted is awesome, except for the eyes - they are too sweet & human. Please can you reconsider this.
Hela should have fully white eyes with no pupils, so she looks sinsiter, enigmatic & otherworldly as she appears in Marvel comics.

LAWay said...

look at the sculpt, and every sculpt again.

The eyes are never detailed in the sculpt. They are always left untouched. The detail of the eyes for every figurine is done in the painting, because its impossible to for the painter to get it 100% the same.

What looks clear is the mask is seperate from the face, as in it doesnt go close to the eyes. Like you see in the painted version. If this skin area was painted black, it would just look like Hela would paint her face under her mask, because the sculpt of that ridge would still be raised and standout.

Just clearing that up.

Like Dan said, get your paint pots out if it does bother you that much. Would be great if they did reconsider, but Dan said so himself. Maybe seeing the images will change his mind, but probably they are already on the production line.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

It's not what I was saying, but I get your point and your explanation is clear. This is not meant as a controversy, but the question remains: does she really need to have human eyes when in fact it'd be easier to paint them just fully white eyes, and this would also create a representation that is more faithful to the original Marvel/Kirby design?
I only want for the CMFC to have the best possible Hela representation without the need for collectors to repaint the eyes.

LAWay said...

Nah, I understand what you mean and your intentions Blake, I just thought I would clear that aspect up regarding the sculpt.

I do find it odd the decision they went with the eyes considering, well, I couldnt find any pictures of her with pupils. I tried so I could argue and defend them, but nope, no pupils.

There has been a lot of vocal support for the white eyes, so cross your fingers and hope, but I was just saying that Dan seemed to express that it was a done deal.

The Mad Thinker said...

They very rarely listen to the fans so it's doubtful we will see a change to Hela's eyes.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

It's the last figurine in the collection and I hope I won't have to repaint her eyes, because my painting skills suck big time.

Of course I don't mean to sound like an ungrateful son of a Sh'iar. I am grateful to EM/Dan for the awesome Hela figurine, and all the work that went into it to create faithful details like the amazingly elaborate headpiece which is the crowning glory of the design. I am grateful, let's make this clear.

But it's precisely for this reson - the fact that the figurine is an exquisite reproduction of Marvel design - that I want to try to get the fully white eyes. Considering how all the rest is so faithful to the original design. It'd be a pity to miss the small, yet highly
significant detail of the fully white eyes.

[fingers crossed, it can be done]

Thor8 said...

I just thought I'd add my vote (for what it's worth) in favor of the fully white eyes on the Hela figurine for the same reasons Blake has already mentioned. It's a very small yet very important detail of this character that can be easily corrected. So whatdo you say EM/Dan?

Robert said...

"They very rarely listen to the fans so it's doubtful we will see a change to Hela's eyes."

Mad Thinker strikes again. How can you type those words? The level of input fans have had in the CMFC has been unprecedented.

They let the forum pick the costume/ incarnation for Balder and others.

They ran competitions for fans to win the chance to pick characters.

They listened to us when we said that Skurge should be without a gun and with numerous other tweaks.

They often included characters who featured prominently in forum polls.

I can't begin to list all the characters and changes we agitated for and got.

If anything we had TOO much input. Or rather that bloody forum did with its stupid ideas like Drax in Jeans, etc.

But to say we were not listened to is a grossly unfair comment and you, yet again, have proved you have the brain power of a tupperware dish.

LAWay said...

Gotta agree with Robert, couldnt believe that comment, was ridiculous.

What if EM halted production on Hela now, and then switched to white eyes, and then it becomes a lucky dip whether you get normal eyes or white eyes? And if it bothers you so much then you can resort to ebay - plus it adds an extra slice of collectability for completests.

Eagle said...

As a newcomer to this blog, all I can say is that the quality of the language is getting worse all the time.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

What bad language? "Bloody"? "Stupid"?

That hardly qualifies as undustrial language. I hear worse when I pass the local nursery.

Robert said...

Damn careless typing.

(Yeah, it's deliberate irony.)

Eagle said...

No, but saying that someone has the brain power of a tupperware dish is offensive. In my view, of course.

Robert said...

As a newbie, Eagle, I guess it's understandable that you don't know that Mad Thinker and I have a history that includes him abusing my wife, swearing at me and calling me all manner of names much worse than what I called him.

Not to mention that Mr Smith, to give him his real name, has left a trail of dumbass comments on here that, end-to-end, are comparable in length to the Antonine Wall. He thinks, for instance, that Eaglemoss Publications have a detective department!

No, really.

Eagle said...

Robert: I understand what you say. It seems that I was mistaken about the objective of this blog which, I assumed, was to discuss the figures produced by EM.

Robert said...

We were discussing it. You are the one who chose to focus on the last part of the last sentence of my post.


TheTooN said...

Wheres Ted when you need him ? :)

Robert said...

Hi, Toon.

Funnily enough, I was thinking about you not two days ago when I was rearranging figures and lifted Wolvie. How did you get on with those mods we talked about ages ago?

Bagman said...

Lucky Stan......

What must the rest of his collection be like????

Lars Nielsen said...

Just adding my 2 cents to the conversation. EM has gone out of their way to make this collection as awesome as possible by listening to the fans. The only time our cries were not heard was when the collection was ended, although I imagine this was out of Dan and the creative guys hands.

Sire-bd said...

Congratulation for Hela! She is fantastic! There is now a continuation of the collection to make Dan !

David said...

Happened upon my copy of 'Judgement on Gotham' the other day and it got me thinking.. How Awsome would a 2000AD/Judge Dredd figurine collection be? - especially with the new 'Dredd' film just out. even if it were just a 20 fig run of say:

Dredd on his Lawmaster, Plinth and File for Subscriber gifts

1. Dredd
2. Rico
3. Judge Anderson
4. Judge Hershey
5. Chief Judge Fargo
6. Judge Death
7. Mean Angel
8. Walter the Wobot (and Maria - double pack)
10. Dark Judges triple pack (Judge Fire, Judge Fear, Judge Mortis
11. Judge Beeny
12. Judge Morphy
13. Chopper
14. Judge Grice
15. P J Maybe
16. Johnny Alpha (Strontium Dog)
17. Rogue Trooper
18. ?
19. ?
20. ABC Warrior (Special)

Eaglemoss - you know it makes sense!

TheTooN said...

Robert - I never went back to them is the short but true answer. I guess I'm more suited to buying than creating :) Maybe one day I'll get the urge to try again.

2000ad seems a no brainer to a few of us on here but I'm sure Dan said the marketing dept were no go. It seems odd that a title thats been around for so long wouldnt have folks queuing up for figurines. Having said that you can STILL buy 2000ad action figures from the official shop years after release so not sure thats a good sign.

Personally I would chuck out half of my CMFC and make space for the galaxys finest. Sacrilege ? Honesty.

Saturday afternoons were a magical time as a kid, wrestling on World of Sport (Big Daddy etc) and the latest prog glued to my hands. 2000AD is without doubt my favourite comic of all time. Please let EM know if you agree....and shut ya gob if you dont !! The Thrillsuckers have obviously been at work ;)

Robert said...

It was a lot of time, Toon, so don't blame you.

2000AD? Agree with everything you said. Around '80-'82 it was far and away the best comic ever. I'm mentioned a 2000AD collection - not just Dredd - a few times over the years. But they have a lousy history of merchandising and only recently seem to have realised they have a great back catalogue to get out in TPs.

pirate adam said...

Steady on Robert, an insult like that is a touch harsh, what has tupperware ever done to you to earn such a comparison


LAWay said...

Just seen Dredd 3D and thought it was really cool. I havent read Judge Dredd, but the movie is just an gun action cop film drug bust with gore and violence galore. Doesnt over complicate things, keeps it simple, and I enjoyed it.

As for a 2000ad collection, I have said it once, I'll say it again, it wont work. They tried putting 2000ad characters in the equivalent of Marvel Legends and the series only lasted 2 outings and just warmed pegs. There was a game with one 2000ad character that was supposedly quite good, but it didnt sell.

Cant argue the fact the comics keep selling, but maybe the people buying them are not interested in anything other than the comics?

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