Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Skurge improved

More aggressive pose, with snarled mouth, axe held a bit higher, plus all the final detailing.

If this was Facebook it'd get ...
... from me.

Hela shots coming soon.



Blog Master Dan said...

PS read some of the (greatly reduced) comments from last update and I think I'll do a few more updates (I'll show Hela and Skurge up to paint stage) then I'll call it a day and concentrate on the remaining issues to be designed - Although we did get another special it really does feel like a long drawn out death for the collection. I am almost 100% sure there will not be a last minute reprieve, so it seems unfair to keep you guys hanging around for tidbits and go out on a slight whimper rather than a damp squib.

max_0888 said...

Sure was a great run! Was hopeful for one last special after Skurge. Guess that's out of the way also. Thanks for the heads up Dan and thanks for all those updates.

Cant wait for Hela and painted Skurge. Pose of Skurge is much better


Blog Master Dan said...

I'm not ruling out another special - because that is always a possibility (although a minute one) that one more could be squeezed in, but it's very unlikely. It's been a fun journey, and conversing with you guys has been one of the highlights for me, as a fan myself it's been an enlightening, rewarding and sometimes frustrating experience.

Until Hela comes crashing through EM Towers I bid you all adieu.

Banshee said...

Thanks for everything Dan. It's been an awesome journey with you at the helm. It's real sad to say goodbye but this collection has been phenomenal!

Skurge is looking nifty. I can't wait to see Hela! Have you had a preview Dan? Is she going to be a Hela-va way to end the collection?

jimbob said...

Fantastic stuff Dan!!!

Barnabas said...

I agree. It's been a great run. There has been all the drama you could want here on this blog.
Dan, just by interracting with us mortals added a definite something rather than just dry collecting. Heart, soul, whatever. It worked. Now when you move on to the Doctor Who Collection ;0) start another blog and then see the fireworks!!!!! Of course, if there was another collection of interest to me, I would never see the end of it, my Mrs would make MY end first!


tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. Skurge is much improved. Looking forward to the painted Skurge.

How about a final look at Constrictor & his cover?

Pity Dan you could not talk them into another special like Titanium Man or DRAGONMAN. Classic characters that would make great looking figures.

I'm surprised that never decided to do Archangel as special since I think he would have been a big seller for them but why make money.

LAWay said...

Great improvements there, definitely a more imposing Skurge that will make for a fine figurine!

It will be interesting if another special is announced, but can you imagine the outcry for another promised special and who it should be! lol I wouldn't get my hopes up, but if it were to happen, tell those guys who were teasing with that amazing new spider-man figurine as part of the cancelled heroes & villains collection to give it to the CMFC! :)

A shame it has gotten quieter, but it depends on the update to spark discussion. A new picture can get people talking for a couple of days perhaps, but without a question, or an enigmatic quip, its hard to draw it out for a week or two.

Will be weird when this blog ends and yet figurines will still be coming out. I imagine the blog will still be promoted about in the do you think it can keep going until the actual end of the collection? It seemssilly to promote the blog if it wont be updated for close to a year by the time the last figurine is released.

Dan The Man said...

Good comment about the blog promo in the mag - I've already got rid of the head shot and the 'BLOG' word balloon, it's just a line of copy like before. but I may even remove that starting with Trapster's issue?

(obviously there is a wealth of stuff to look through in the archives (if your a fan of nostalgia!), but as an ongoing blog it's quickly becoming hard to justify updates when I have little to preview.

If I have any bright ideas for updates of course i'll do it, but I think the 2-4 updates a month will have to stop.

Come to think of it, I have a few production samples I may give away in a competiton to the loyal bloggers who stay to the end ;)

michal9403 said...

Looks good but I prefer a lot to have Strong Guy or Lokcjaw in collection.
Aaand we really need to wait long for Hela.

LAWay said...

haha thats a way of making sure everyone keeps coming back! Bribery. :)

I'll stick here to the end. Failing to win any sort of competition and being bitter about it can keep the discussion going on the blog for weeks. :)

Are there any production samples, or disfigured figurines or anything like that, that you have kept for yourself for the memories?

sed tallis said...

Skurge nicely executed

Kal Brindle said...

Skurge looks aces Dan, thanks for update. I am going to keep the dream alive and hope for that unlikely last minute reprieve up until the very end. 50 Million this Saturday on the Lotto - maybe I'll buy Eaglemoss and make that potential extension list you showed us a reality...except maybe I'd add Marrina and Two Gun Kid. LOL

One more special would be great - fingers crossed the money EM is making on these guys is enough to tip the scales in our favour.

Banshee said...

To be honest Dan I think the majority of us are in it for the long haul but adding a little sweetener like that to end the blog should keep most around :)

I love the competitions. The mish-mash one of characters was my favourite. Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

Hawkeye said...

Liking the revamped Skurge - looks like I'll also be hanging on in there!

Of the remaining figures the ones I'm most interested in are Owl, Hammerhead and Werewolf by Night, and the Giant Man special, now joined by Skurge, but it's just as well it's coming to an end as I'm running out of room to store them all! Next step - working out how to display them (with the good lady's permission of course!)

fredpostman said...

Skurge looks great Dan;it's been a great journey full of 'what ifs' and 'if only' and i am personally sad that Mr Hyde,The Cobra,Lockjaw and The Grey Gargoyle never made it (been reading the comics since 1967(learnt to read with them)but when all is said and done the CMFC produced some wonderful figurines (don't mention Drax)and it has been a pleasure collecting 'em all.

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

ienGreat Skurge!

I hope for another special, maybe a Charachter like Giant Man(if the last special was not realized... argh), for a great end of this spectacular collection!

Good luck for everything Dan, and thanks and thanks and thanks(loop)

Robert said...

Well, I think it's time for me to sign off. I'll be buying Gamora and Terrax of course but undecided about most of the others.

For anyone interested, I've written two articles for next March's edition of BACK ISSUE (#63): one on the old British landscape comics of the 1970s and an interview with Jim Starlin about his British cover art.

And on that note, since I noticed Ted was on and I'm leaving, what happened on the Sunday, Ted? The interview went well - you can read it for yourself if you buy the issue - and the only downer was that I didn't get a photo with the man himself.

Sayonara to all my buddies: Thor8, Bagman, Jacadoo, PA, John, DP, MT and others too numerous to mention.

It's been a blast, guys. Thanks for the updates, Dan, and especially your honesty. Best of luck for the future everyone and see you all one day in the big comic shop in the sky.

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Had Mojo, Swordsman and Owl today. Afraid to say, despite the 'special' packaging, Mojo was broken. Nope, not those spindly legs everyone was worried about but the mechanical tentacle thing was snapped off his back.

On the plus side, it was a clean break and relatively easy to fix (didn't even have to 'pin' it, though I will if it breaks again)so I didn't worry about returning it.

Swordsman was good (desperately missing the 'cosmic madonna' though :o(). Owl was ok but there were bits of stray 'flesh' paint over his green coat so I'll have to touch that up sometime. Werewolf by Night is the one I'm really looking forward too though - looks fab!

It would be a shame if you stopped the blog though Dan as, even if you have no news, this is where I come to read and post - I know there's a web forum somewhere (even found it once to cast my vote)but it seems too much hassle to go there. I understand your reasoning though and would like to thank you for the tremendous work you've done. This blog has really added to the enjoyment of the collection.

The Mad Thinker said...

Looks ok Dan , but I still prefer Laway's version and would love to see that as a sculpt.

The Mad Thinker said...

I wish that Giant man would get scrapped and replaced by Strong guy and that we could get one more special too - Lockjaw.

I have spaces for Lockjaw and Strong guy , but don't have the room for Giant man.

See my display pictures on my Blog.

mgf said...

Strong Guy has to be a great representation of how Marvel lost the plot, while Giant Man would at least show us a character in part responsible for the MUs vast success.

Sky Arts showed a terrific Stan Lee documentary called "With Great Power - The Stan Lee Story" the other night. In the late 60s/early 70s Marvel were selling sixty million copies a year. Sixty. Million. A year. Astonishing.

It's a great programme available now at a torrent site near you. Not that you should of course.

Skurge looking very good indeed. Be nice to somehow be able to set him upon the people responsible for the decision to discontinue this vitally important collection.

Yes, I'm still infuriated.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Just enough time to say Skurge looks much better,and I really would have loved LAWay's version if it would have been picked also.

Sorry to hear you say goodbye Robert,you shall be sorely missed,God bless you my friend.

MT:"I wish that Giant man would get scrapped and replaced by Strong guy" You really must be The MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD Thinker!

Thor8 said...

Dan: I sure hope we DO get another special,and it would be very very cool if it could be a double pack so we could get two more figurines. Like Kal Brindle I keep hoping for a last minute reprieve no matter how unlikely it seems.

CGJ said...

Swordsman, Owl and Terrax arrived today.

Terrax's skirt had fallen off and it's no wonder they call him the Swordsman with a weapon bent into that shape, certainly reach the parts that others can't reach

is it too much to expect that EM will maintain quality control right up to the end?

sed tallis said...

Ordered the Star Trek collection, hey the freebies include a Borg ship, turns oot it has been cancelled ? Honestly if ye cannae make a profit from Trekkies it's time tae gae up.
It's the kids titles that must be making the profits Dora the Explorer etc . Swordsman tool had been mangled by Magneto. Mojos in bits cannae even sell the shitbag on .
Ah well cheerio, this collection was a hoot , if The Star Trek collection was not viable , you should find a way to relaunch / reboot a collection the is viable the CMFC ya puddings.
Love yeez
Dan you were the man

SinisterVenom said...

Skurge is looking very nice. Just makes me all the more sad that the collection is coming to an end.
And now the talks of Dan calling it a day and some of our dearest friends on here like Robert leaving us, it does indeed make it more real. If we never hear from you again Robert, I wish you all the best buddy! In fact if anyone else does unfortunately leave before I next post on here, I also say the same to you guys, I wish you all the best. And of course, Dan thank you for everything that you've helped to give us. You have done an outstanding job and we are extremely grateful! If there is another chance for another special, that would of course be simply marvellous. I was thinking about it a couple of weeks ago and I did think there is a chance there for possibly one more special being fitted in. I can promise though guys that I too will be here til the end. I may not be posting as much as I used to but that's just down to things taking off now and keeping me busy.
It's sad to hear that I wasn't the only one who experienced problems with the Swordsman figurine. I saw at least two of the figurines with a bent sword which is disappointing. I got Owl yesterday too and I love the figurine. One of the characters I was waiting for for a long time and I was really happy to finally get him to join the collection. I just hope that Hammerhead comes out really well too as he is also a character I've really wanted for ages. I also got Mojo recently and he is fantastic! For such an...odd looking character, I immediately fell in love with the figurine. He is amazing and goes great next to Spiral! This makes me want Longshot more. Again, it's also a shame that there are people getting broken figurines, especially for a figurine that's quite possibly the most expensive one yet.
Well til next time then guys. I hope that not too many of you have left by the time I next come back on.

tinodragon14 said...

I got my Terrax & I'm glad to finally have him though the bottom part of his battle-ax kinda curves not bent but curves. Also the red on his costume should have been more metallic or glossy looking & there is too much white paint in his mouth.

You know considering all the Dragon inspiration that has come out of English folklore & writers I'm kinda shocked EM never did a special figure of the Marvel character called DRAGONMAN. He would have looked Marvelous.

Looking forward to The Owl & Hammerhead as well as Trapster & Werewolf by Night.

Hey Dan, Can we see a finished Constrictor figure & some looks from his magazine cover or contents page like you did The Owl & Swordsman?

TheTooN said...

I dont know what the score is with the Star Trek collection. Not heard anything since receiving the first issue.....No news is good news right ?

Bought direct from Eaglemoss for the first time ! 2 orders placed a couple days apart from eachother.

Box 1 was missing 3 items from the order, all items were shown as in stock at time of ordering.

Box 2 had a slip case and magazine but no Bane figurine.....

Customer support email confirmed that the 2 missing figurines and a Blackest Night plinth were out of stock.

Also confirmed Bane would be shipped out in 14+ days.

On the bright side the figurines I did get were all top notch and I can see why some folk say quality on the DCFC is superior to the CMFC.

Would I order direct again ? Not sure. My usual supplier charges almost double for older figurines but at least I know I'll get them.

Sorry to hear some of the gang wont be around until the bitter end. All the best to you guys.

Expecting JJJ to OWl and.....MOJO on Wednesday. Fingers crossed the box doesnt rattle.

Keep the updates coming if you can Dan, regardless of content I would miss the place if you stopped. And....theres still 12 months of broken figurines to whinge about :P

We could chat about customs too, the scene is busier than ever right now with some amazing work.

@Max - Archangelsr did a lovely job on Scream.

max_0888 said...

@TheToon - I know she looks awesome. He did Magma and Colleen Wing as customs for me. And now he just did Scream the Female Symbiote. I can't wait to get her. He shipped it yesterday. Scream was a character I loved in the few comics she appeared. Too bad no writer ever wanted to do something with her after that...except for Remender who clearly didn't want any writer to do something with her ever again.

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

For the final step, I thnk that the perfect charachter is Surtur! with is sword of doom and destruction, and for the end of everything. Surtur rising.

Chris 'Foxtrot' De Luca said...

Love the new Skurge post!
Out of curiosity, has there been any word on the status of the Wiccan figure? Dying to get my hands on one, you guys do such awesome work! :D

Ethan Thane Athen said...

@The Mad Thinker - 'mad' is right! Strong Guy instead of Giant Man? Yeah right, then maybe the collection could have the proportionate sales of the nineties comics instead of the sixties /seventies.

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Mind you, if anyone does want a Strong Guy figure it should be an easy sculpt. Let's face it, the artwork for the character was so poor, even a no-talent numpty like me could probably do a reasonable facsimile! ;o)

Thor8 said...

While I was looking through my Marvel Universe handbook files in order to pick out DR.Spectrum and Hyperion whom will be my next two customs,I started to come upon so many truly classic characters that had been requested so many times by so many of us and never made it into this collection,or rather this MARVELOUS collection,that it really saddens me more than I belived possible to think that it has come to an end. Characters that have been part of the MU for so many decades such as Grey Gargoyle,Rama Tut,Immortus,Whirldwind Dragonman,Hogun,Fandral,Mr.Fear,Attuma,Baron Mordo,Clea,and many others whom did not make it in. It comes to mind if in truth it was EM's dicision to end this collection or did Marvel or Disney have a hand(and a powerful one at that) in putting an end to this collection without equal. If so then we've ben barking up the wrong tree,and should havesent our coments to Marvel's offices instead. Well I guess it's all over so this effort would probably be in vain. be

TheTooN said...

I find it helps to blame Disney, look what they did to Marvel UK recently. Its not hard to put 2+2 together. Also still lets me look at EM with rose tinted glasses ;)

I also wonder if we might have had another couple of extensions if we had embraced redos when they were first mentioned.


Put the price up, make them from recycled beer cans.....anything.....just give us more.

I would even buy Strong Guy if he came as part of the package. Cant say much more than that :P

Dan The Man said...

Don't worry i'll be popping up from time to time with the odd snippet, but the frequency of posts will have to slow down (maybe one a month?).

Wiccan is finished and was preview here some months back.

Again, massive apologies for broken or damaged figurines - EM or your supplier will replace any broken ones if possible.

It was EMs decision to cancel the CMFC, due to the profitability of the collection not being sustainable, I know you all have your views on how to make it profitable, but I assure you EM big wigs loved this collection and it opened up a lot of doors for the company, and they did everything in there powers to make it work - but the numbers didn't add up.

They are now in the position to make other Marvel and DC related projects because of the success of the CMFC.

Victor Mendes de Almeida said...

Hi everyone,

I have just started a blog where I posted pictures of my collection and of the few customs that I have made.

LAWay said...

Its great to hear that the success of the CMFC will lead to future Marvel projects.

To last 200 figurines is great, and its funny reading back on early blog posts where EM were excited that they MAY reach 120. Its given fans a lot of characters they have never received before, and in doing so shown that there is a market for those characters.

I hope future collections will keep in scale of the CMFC, purely to keep old collectors on side, and will also help the customizing community.

While I did express my love that that Spider-Man Hero and Villains statue EM tested, I would see a collection that that more of a luxury item rather than a subscription based one.

As long as you guys keep running it we know its in good hands. We're all envious of your jobs. ^_^

tinodragon14 said...

If EM loved this collection they would have approved maybe one last extension to get in some of the classic characters still not done like the Warriors Three, Mantis, Whirlwind, Attuma, Baron Mordo, Stilt-Man, Blizzard, Sunspot, Marrina, Tombstone, Jackal, High Evolutionary, The Cobra & Mr. Hyde, The Grey Gargoyle, Molten Man, Blastaar, The Melter, Star-Hawk, Air-Walker...

The FF had several prominent villains overlooked besides Blastaar which included The Red Ghost, The Mad Thinker & his Android, Diablo, DRAGONMAN & Molecule Man.

Hurricane Isaac is upon us.

Come on EM do a DRAGONMAN Special... Please before I blow away!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Dan, at last you shine a beam of light on this loyal bunch of loyal - sometimes crazy - collectors who want to see more Marvel characters produced by EM.

As I said in many previous posts, we've always acknowledged all the passion and knowledge that EM (and particularly you, Dan, and your predecessor Richard) have dedicated to the CMFC, what I've always described as a DREAM COME TRUE for Marvel fans seeking to explore the awesome vastity of the Marvel Universe.

So it is with great joy that I receive your hint that we will see more Marvel products from EM. I hope we'll see more CMFC-scale figurines and more CMFC-style mags. And I hope you, Dan, will remain in the role of curator. You've done a stellar job, and I'd be over the moon knowing that you curate the next Marvel dream for Marvel dreamers and fans.
Thank you.

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Dan, don't worry about broken figurines if that comment was directed at me. Mojo was an easy fix and EM have been brilliant when I've contacted them about replacing other damaged figurines (my Sasquatch had two broken legs!). It's only been a handful across the collection anyway. Hardest one I had to fix was a Green Goblin that my mate, a fellow subscriber, had dropped - I had to remodel an ear tip and his nose as well as repainting parts of it...then he dropped it again!

Blog Master Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blog Master Dan said...

Having been 24-7 on the CMFC, unfortunately I have no time to work on EM's developing projects, but hopefully after CMFC something might work out.

TheTooN said...

MOJO arrived safe and sound as did the rest of my delivery.

Much as I dislike the visual of the character credit where its due on the great job you guys did on him. Very impressive. Paint job's superb with all the age spots (or whatever) he's covered with. One of his metal legs is set just lower than the base and it scrapes but thats a very small niggle.

Swordsman's sword was straight, nice paint on him JJJ, Shaw and Owl.I dont see any sign of quality levels dipping and would be surprised if it does.

I grabbed some more DC figurines again and was impressed with the paint on all. Kilowog in particular is fantastic. Loved Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner, John Stewarts good but what went wrong on Hal Jordan ?? Odd pose with him appearing to stare at his fingernails.

LAWay said...

Yeh, I meant to say, fantastic job on Mojo. Received him last week and was really impressed with the packaging, looked brilliant and protected the figurine well.

I thought I commented about customs but looks like it didnt go through.

Where are you guys getting your customs from, or are you doing them yourselves? hich paints are you using? Is it pricey?

I know I mentioned this before, but saw recently that a resin based miniture collection very much like warhammer had a kickstarter project to raise funds so that it could make twice as many figurines a year than usual. It exceeding expectations and went on to raise around $8 million when they were only looking to raise a couple of hundred thousand.

The CMFC needs something like this. Even if it gets renumbered and changed to resin, we can rename it the 'Classic Marvel Fan Collection' as its funded from the get go. ;)

Wanksock said...

punted ma broken Mojo on tae a lovely Argentinian fulla, it ul be like a 3-d puzzle bi the time it arrives, pish choice man utter pish

SinisterVenom said...

Is it just me, or does 'Wanksock' sound somewhat familiar...?
Btw Tino, I know how much you want more characters in the collection pal. Believe me, myself and many others do too but I think it's pointless to carry on giving out more names that could of been done or the ones we want to see. We did it all the time but alas, EM have ultimately decided to call it a day on this collection and no matter how much we don't want it to happen or how much we write to them to say keep going or give us leaflets to fill out, it would seem we have no hope. Not trying to sound like the bad guy here or anything because I would also like to keep this going for at least one more extension. But I do realize that if EM was gonna change their minds, they would of done so by now so I'm unfortunately holding my breath.
But I am happy that EM may be releasing some future Marvel projects which I may also collect depending on what they are and stuff. Perhaps a different approach from the figurines but something on the same level if anyone knows what I mean? It's difficult to explain. I don't think I'd prefer a chess set like the DC/Batman one that's out now but I leave that to EM to decide what to make that may surprise us.

PS. For anyone that doesn't know yet, Christopher Eccleston, the first to play the Doctor since Doctor Who was re-released in 2005, has been cast to play the villain in the next Thor film. He will be cast as Malekith the Accursed. What do you guys (and especially the Doctor Who fans) think of this news?

Rabid Womble said...

Just a thought, but how good would it be if EM were to produce a few books (cofee table style)of all the cover minus barcodes, prices etc.

Whenever the covers have been posted on here they are usually well recieved and popular. It would be good to have them all in a series of hardbook or even softcover books.

sergiogf said...

I'm going to be brief: Mojo is, if not the best, one of the most amazings figurines of the CMFC.
Thanks, Dan and the crew thanks very much for that incredible journey....
(I pray for another special...)

One more thing: Did you know that in Southamerica the DCFC is a "polyresin handpainted figurines collection"???

tinodragon14 said...

I know SV but as Hurricane Isaac approached I decided to get in some names in case I did not make it but I survived but what a mess he left & he killed 29 people along the way. My work is still without power. Running off a generator. As much as I do not like mojo I shall buy him since EM picked Skurge the Executioner. Do me a favor EM do a DRAGONMAN figure. Please oh Please since I'm still alive.

I am aquainted with Doc Who but not a follower. I'm a Star Trek/Star Wars/Marvel Comics/Night Stalker/X-Files/Fringe/Lord of the Rings/Dinosaurs/Dragons/Warehouse 13/Grimm sort of guy.

SV I shall miss you. Big Hugs

Victor Almeida said...

LAWay: I do my own customs. I am still learning and I use lead figures which I adapt. For example, I will change the position of the head, the arms, the legs, etc. Just enough change to make the new figure a bit different from the original. I am not in the same league as the experts that produce fantastic figures but I am trying and learning as I go.

mighty_marvel said...

other marvel and dc related projects sounds promising. really hope future marvel collections are to scale with cmfc. revisiting big hitters in better poses/costumes and occasionally slipping in "missing" cmfc characters would keep many current collectors on board. i imagine a move to resin and a price increase would be involved too.

BobDiamond said...

Did anyone else read the accompanying letter that came with the Mojo Special for subscribers?
I quote:
'As a subscriber you benefit from a SPECIAL DISCOUNT and pay ONLY £19.99/ 24.99 euros INSTEAD of the REGULAR price of £19.99/ 24.99 euros'.....

Now that's what I call a bargain!!
Seriously though, the Mojo figure is stunning. Even as an ex- X-Man fan I'm still very pleased to have this bizarre addition to the collection, and it is an excellent reminder of the creative genius of Arthur Adams.
Swordsman and Owl were also particularly good, however Swordsman's sword needs a little straightening.
The DC Collections fig of John Constantine is amazing- a difficult one to give excitement too, but they've done an outstanding job.
Negative Man is OK, but his positioning is odd.

Only 4 to go for DC, and 17 plus 2 Specials for Marvel....Wonder what these 'new' projects are all about... and if they're Marvel-related but NOT figurines, what sort of product would you guys be willing to buy?


Barnabas said...

Well, if it happens to be a Dr Who Collection, I may have to sell a kidney. Mrs B will not be impressed in the slightest about 'another' collection. I also know a number of people that would be buying, but the quality will have to be as good as the CMFC.
But I'd be there.........And probably the divorce court! ;0)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

If EM can continue to work with Marvel, then in my opinion Marvel figurines continue to be the best possible product achievable with a Marvel license. These figurines are awesome because they take the characters out of the comic book pages and bring them into your 3D world, giving you a chance to recreate an exciting model of the Marvel Universe in your own room.

I can't think of other Marvel- themed products that can be so appealing. Another company is already publishing a series of graphic novels/collected sagas, which is the only other attractive product line I can think of that is extracting the best from a Marvel license.

Time for announcements?
I would like EM to announce the launch of a new Marvel figurine series with a series of flyers included in the last 10 issues of the CMFC. Something like this:

'The (dream) announcement'

Dear collector,
as you know, the current economic climate has meant that the CMFC could not continue at the price which we kept unchanged for many years since the start of the collection. We are now delighted to announce that we will continue to explore the Marvel Universe with a new figurine collection which will revisit some of the main characters, in new exciting renditions, as well as other amazing characters never-before-seen in figurine format. At a new price which we trust you will find great value for money.
We hope you will embark with us on this new journey across the House of Ideas, as we at EM look forward to providing you with more 3D versions of all the characters you love, bringing pieces of the Marvel Universe literally into your world. Excelsior.

Kiel Hames said...

Hey Dan, I have been looking for ways to catch up on this publication. I started years ago and would love to carry on the collection. Am I best looking second hand for the ones I missed? I take it from reading your earlier blogs there won't be anymore made. I am looking for Daredevil and up from there. I know...

SinisterVenom said...

Tino I shall miss you too. I wish that we all still had ways to keep in contact with each other! I'm glad you're safe and sound after the terrible events of Hurricane Isaac. It truly is tragic for those that didn't make it.
And speaking about tragedies, may I just say RIP Michael Clarke Duncan, the man who played the Kingpin in the Daredevil movie. While I was never completely satisfied with him being chosen for Kingpin, it is of course still sad to hear of his passing as he was still a great actor and has been in many great films.

Thor8 said...

Victor: I'm curious as to what technique you use to change the figurine's extremities,and how do you even out the seams once you accomplish this. I have done some slight customizing myself,but have yet to start changing body part positioning,and I could use some tips from those in the know.

Kiel:There are various sellers on the internet that have back issues available. My supplier has various back issues available including the Daredevil figurine you mentioned.

Blake I loved your "dream" announcement and sure wish this dream would become a reality. I still keep my hopes up that we will get something similiar to what you described.

LAWay: Did you ever get around to doing Skurge as I had described in an earlier post?

Jacadoo said...

Really gutted Roberto has left the forum, alas it will be the same for all of us in time.

One thing for sure we can thank the chff for bringing us all together over the years.

Thor8 drill and pin is the best for customs, have a look at my blog live tommow!

Barnabas said...

People are leaving now, but who knows what any new collection will bring. In a year's time there may be a new blog for a shiny new Marvel set and we'll all be back again telling Dan what pose/characters/order should be done.
I'll start the ball rolling. I would like to see a golden age set. Followed by a set of original looking early marvels. Ditko's Spidey with his wonderful vision and the Thing with glasses and trenchcoat!
As I said in an earlier posting. Limit each set to say 20 figures. That way, there can be a new launch every year for a brand new set. And the price can be adjusted if necessary between sets to take in any price increases. The bean counters would be happy with the profits and we would be happy as we get more figures.


Jacadoo said...

Banabas please let's keep our hopes a secrete!

My wife will kill me, my collection is busting at the seams (have a look at my blog later today).

I would love 2000ad and warhamer collections I think both, including a marvel golden age collection would be awesome.

Now where to squeeze it all in.......

Thor8 said...

Barnabas,It's funny you should mention a Golden Age hero collection,because I have staarted to make some of these myself. I already have a Jim Hammond Original Human Torch figurine and I just finished making a Jack Frost and a Red Raven figurine to start off my Liberty Legion Collection.

Thanks for the tip Jacadoo. I'm veryy glad to know you're still around,with Robert and Pirate gone you have become The Warriors One. I'll sure miss all you guys when this blog is finaly over.

Thor8 said...

Took a peek at your customized figurines Jacadoo and I think they look great.Wish I had your abilities to produce some figurines like the ones you show on your blog. I would need another display cabinet to accomadate all the figurines I would produce. I would commision some characters from you if it were'nt for the distance between our locations. The shipng cost would be murder,so I guess I'll just have to keep on practicing and be satisfied with my amatuer work.

Victor Almeida said...

Jacadoo: I have not succeeded in finding your blog. Can you, please, give me the right directions? Thanks.

Jacadoo said...

Hi victor blog all good now..... I have posted a few images to get things going, so enjoy..... I hope.

Thor8 my friend drop me a note and I will post you a freebie, least I can do for a long standing friend.

Just say the word.

Jacadoo said...

Sorry victor just click on my name... The blogs called I'm not an inhuman!!!!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Hey Jacadoo
Your custom figurines are fab.
I especially like the Planet Hulk ones. While you're not an inhuman, you are certainly ever so slightly super human - as your modelling skills seem to suggest. We'll even forgive you for being a banker! ;)

Jacadoo said...

Ha ha thanks Blake they were my take on the WWhulk story, I will get images of the other characters I did uploaded today.

I will then start uploading images of my statues.

Victor Almeida said...

Jacadoo: You can see what customs I have done by clicking on my name. As you can see, I am still learning.

pirate adam said...

Warriors 2, Thor8 my good mate, im still here reading just not posting and since my other good pal Jacadoo came back I couldnt resist taking a look at his blog and leaving a little comment about his dirty secret haha


Jacadoo said...

Hi Padam firstly an apology, need to touch up your custom just struggling for time.

Just want to say welcome back, all we need now is Roberto to say hello!!!!

Jacadoo said...

The secretes out...... Things will never be the same.

Thor8 said...

I'm delighted to hear from you and Jacadoo once more Pirate A,and as you mentioned,if only Robert would sign in again it would be like old times.

Jacadoo,I am truly touched by your offer,but I don't think I could take advantage of the friendship you have given me. Besides I think I'd go crazy trying to pick a favorite character amoung so many,but as I said I am very grateful for your offer.

pirate adam said...

No apology needed Jacadoo your generosity alone makes up for anything, even your Olympian half and Thor8 you are a legend my friend


Wanksock said...

And then my little South African customer care lady asked " and why are you cancelling your subscription please?" the salty tears flooded my eyes. Subscriber no E30144....? signing out.

Thor8 said...

Are you serious Ted? Are you really saying fare thee well in your unique way?

Thor8 said...

Dan; Will EM be updating your main site till the end or is this no longer feasable?

Jacadoo said...

Come on ted we need the long standing contributors to keep things alive, we have the pirate, we need teddy and a certain mr Roberto to come back and show a united front.

Victor Almeida said...

Jacadoo: I am sorry to say, but your latest comment confirms what I have felt since I started reading this blog. And that is that very little importance is given to comments from newcomers as the "old school" bloggers only enjoy communicating amongst themselves.
Well, even if my comments are not valued, I will keep on posting about what I think is important, at least to me.

Robert said...

Ah, nice to see some old faces - and a rather silly new one - on here. Popped on to see if there was a Friday update, couldn't resist reading some comments and saw the legendary trio of Thor, Jackadoo and Adam reunited yesterday. Felt like the days when I first came on here. I had decided to bail as I hadn't posted for a week or two and, with the end coming, didn't want to be hanging around like one of those guys who doesn't know when the party is over and it's time to go home. Still don't think I want to hang around and watch it degernate any further on here, though. But it was great to hear you guys are still hale and hearty.

Enjoy your weekend, folks. Yes, you too, Vic, just so you don't start whining again. (Wonderful, back two seconds and already butting heads with someone. Some things never change.)

P.S. When's Gamora out? Haven't been to FP for weeks.

Victor Almeida said...

Robert: Well, at least my comment got some kind of acknowledgement, perhaps not the friendliest, but an acknowledgement nevertheless.

Robert said...

Vic: "Hi victor blog all good now..... I have posted a few images to get things going, so enjoy..... I hope."

Jacadoo - who is a gent, by the way - DID acknowledge you. Maybe he doesn't respond to every single post but no one responds to every single post, oldie or newbie. You have failed to grasp that we've been on here for years and have exchanged hundreds if not thousands of posts. There's a history there. Plus with the end near, some of us are ditching and that's kind of sad. That's partly why I bailed, or tried to: I didn't want to watch the slow decline.

You ARE welcome here. Some of us on here - ahem! - are somewhat forthright in our views, it's true. However, it's a friendly place to hang out and chat about the CMFC (and Marvel). Just don't expect too much, okay?

Anyway, welcome aboard. The ship is taking in water at an alarming rate, but welcome.

Now, I'm off to find a lifeboat.

Barnabas said...

So I have a question....
When does a comic become a 'classic'? I ask because I've been reading some of the UK reprints of the MArvel FF comics and they are reprinting the early tales. One letter writer asked to continue printing these classic tales, but when do the classics end?


Robert said...

It's largely subjective and skewed by age and reading experience, Mr B. However, most fans I think would agree that the majority of Silver Age appearances of the big characters - Spidey, FF, etc. - probably qualify. Who would disagree that the Ditko and Romita runs on the wall-crawler are anything but classic? They introduced all or most of the great Spidey characters and situations, and were written and drawn by geniuses in Lee, Ditko and Romita. (I'm not sure of the first two or three years of Thor qualifying, as the character didn't really find his feet till Stan and Jack were both on it.)

It's also the case that some classic Silver Age stories can also be described as "iconic" - Amazing Fantasy #15, The Galactus Trilogy, the Kree-Skrull War, and a few others.

The term classic starts to become more debatable in the '70s. Surely no one would disagree that, for instance, the Death of Gwen Stacy or the Avengers-Defenders War are classic. Probably few would debate Starlin on Warlock, Giant-Size X-Men (1975) and so on. There are also legendary artists like John Buscema so his Avengers, FF and Thor runs could easily qualify. Interesting storylines - Englehart on Cap in the early 1970s - was memorable and classic to many. So popular creators can raise a run or title to classic status. I feel that way about Conway and Andru on Spidey. Some issues are better than others but they are all classic. Even the great Jack Kirby, however, can't assume all his work is classic. His runs on the Panther and Cap in the mid-'70s are pale shadows of his '60s peak.

Into the '80s, Simonson's Thor, (some of?) Claremont's X-Men, Miller's DD, Bryne's FF, would feature prominently in classic lists of fans, I think.

I'm not so sure after that. We're perhaps too close in time to make too many claims about modern stuff. If you're asking me, I'd have Ennis on Punisher, Busiek and Perez on Avengers, Waid and Garney on Cap, Jurgens and JRjr on Thor, Starlin on the Infinity Gauntlet and a few others.

Be interesting to hear what others think.

SinisterVenom said...

I just want to say how delighted I am to see that even though there are those like Robert and PA that have said they are bowing out, it's good to see that they are at least still reading our posts and it's an even bigger delight to see them posting again themselves! It's great to have you back guys, even if it is not for much longer. I and many others plan to stay here til the end so it would be cool if you guys were there with us too! I know we have names like the lovable Leigh on board :)
Of course, I am still glad to see more new people join us too. It makes me happy that many people can share their love for Marvel so the more the merrier is what I say!

Wanksock said...

Just had to let you diehards know . There is zero chance of any Marvel licensed partworks from EM, The chairman at EM has been convinced by his personal Guru/Fitness Instructer /Green Grocer, that the world will indeed end in December 2012. Whew! at least i wont have to watch anymore of Scotlands world cup qualifiers.

TheTooN said...

Cant believe Teds going. No-one's made me grin on such a regular basis since Kenny Everett :)

Wherever you guys go let us know please. If its a blog I'll be happy to tag along for the crack.

Archangel's done another couple of amazing repaints for me. Pics here of Nick Fury (+ Max's awesome Scream) + a before and after Hulk special. I know I'm biased but can you believe its the same piece ??

Any chance of one final Special as a bonus for the fans Dan ?

Thor8 said...

Warriors One,Warriors Two,Warriors Three,YES! Even Ted(Loki) is back,and to celebrate such a monumental comeback EM has decided to continue this collection effective immediately.... HUH? What's that you say Dan? Not a chance? Oh well at least I tried.

Seriously though it really is great to hear from all you guys again,and would like to see many others whom have been absent from this blog for awhile post in again also.

Victor don't feel like anyone is giving you the cold shoulder. You and all new commers are more than welcomed here,after all we all share the same pasion for this collection and Marvel in general. As Robert pointed out Jacadoo did acknowledged your post,in fact so did I. I even inquired how you reposition extremities on your custom figurines,but you never answered my inquiry,yet it so happens Jacadoo did. So you see it's not a matter of anyone ignoring anyone else,it's sometimes a case of having overlooked somthing. Peace to all.

Lars Nielsen said...

Hey all. As the collection seems to be at an end (still have my fingers crossed though) I have started to look at trying my hand at creating my own customs of the missing figures starting with Lockjaw. Do you chaps perhaps have any nice artwork sources for reference artwork? and perhaps details of other fans that are doing customs. It is always nice to get some inspiration.


Thor8 said...

Lars:One of the sources I use is the Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe. It shows the character you chose in front,side,and back view that way you can get a good idea how the character you are planning to customize shoulsd look from all angles. Some characters that have worn more than one costume even have more than one entry showing them in their different uniforms.

I recently finished my Red Raven and Jack Frost figurines(For my Liberty Legion collection) using the OHOTMU as a guide. I find itto be a helpful source.

Lars Nielsen said...

fantastic thanks Thor8. I will definately check it out. Getting awesome inspiration also from the customs I have seen so far on the various blogs. I hope that I can pull off even a bit of what I have seen so far.