Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The truth is out there...


I'm sure I had a newer list of the possible 201 extension (but I found this one from aug 2011, a year ago!)

It's by no means the final list but a scratch list from which to start adding/removing names.
EDIT: This was my wishlist that EM will not be making.

Dan’s Prelim List: 201-220

1. JACKAL spidey villain
2 SILVER SAMURAI x-men villain
3. WHITE TIGER marv knight
4. USAgent avgrs
6. JIGSAW marv knight villain
7. SELENE x-men villian female
8. misty knight marv knight female
9. WARLOCK x-men
10. THUNDRA  female villain
11. BARON MORDO marv knight/supernatural villain
13. SAGE x-men female
14. BROTHER VOODOO supernatural/horror
15. WHIRLWIND avgrs viilain
16. KILLRAVEN curveball/alt. universe
17. MANTIS avgrs
18. COUNT NEFARIA villain
19. Rocket Racoon (?) GotG
20. GREY GARGOYLE avgrs villain


Pictures of the reception cabinet (Sorry about the Distinguished Company crossover! it was arranged by the receptionist, who also did these photos for me - Thanks Linda Burnette, your much more than a receptionist to me :)

Oh yeah nearly forgot, here's the concept sketch for next special ...

Thanks for all the feedback (and LaWay for the sketch redux), I have sent message to the sculptors to remove any reference to guns in their sculpt!


TheTooN said...

Whoop :)

Hiperion said...

Great!!! Can't wait to see Skurge made!!

The preliminary list of characters for the 201-220 was promising.
It's really sad that we'll not see any of them made.

buffduffdan said...

Yay for Skurge. He was my 2nd choice after Lockjaw so I'm happy enough :)

Personally I'd say lose the gun. I know he's been known to use them, especially of late but his massive axe is definitely enough and looks much more menancing - maybe in a double handed pose!

Wanksock said...

oooh lovely concept art, but please,lose the guns...unless this a little joke...hah aha you got me good Dany'all

TheTooN said...

Preliminary 201-220 list is off the chart awesome. Wish we had that 20 to come. Thanks for sharing the news (Skurge...YAAAY)and also the pics. I may well pick up some DCFC figurines once the CMFC ends. Who is the big brown guy to the right of Blob anyone ? Looks really cool as does the guy behind Blob with the does Anti Monitor..and Bats...I feel so unclean :)

@Dan - Odd question for you.....

I was looking through my duplicate CMFC figurines this afternoon and noticed I have 2 different Punishers. Head size and shape are different and I wondered if it was a revision or a factory error or what ? One is really skinny faced, thicker one is heaps better imho.

Never noticed a difference in any duplicate figs before and was curious.

deamon said...

Hope we will have more.
Give us next extension and more specials EM.
Please, do it!

TheTooN said...

For once I agree with deamon ;)

max_0888 said...

Even if I would have preferred Strong guy, Lockjaw or Rocket/Groot, Skurge is a fantastic choice and will look awesome in the Asgardian display next to Enchantress (but please do lose the gun if it's not a joke hehe)

I'm still hoping you guys can fit one more, but this is me being very optimistic hehe.

Seeing this list from you Dan, just makes me desperate for another extansion.
Misty Knight was being included? Oh my god, that's killing me. I wanted her in the collection so bad. Warlock, Rocket, Count Nefaria, Mantis, USAgent, Silver Samurai, High Evolutionary...So many great choices.

Thanks Dan for letting us know though.

Banshee said...

Wow what a fantastic list, can't believe we're not going to get them. SIGH! You are a tease Dan!

I'm happy with Skurge. I would have loved Lockjaw but I think the executioner is a good solid choice. Have to agree with the removal of the gun comments though,

I can't believe that's the last reveal we'll ever get :( You guys at the towers have to be commended for your commitment to this collection though. Dan you and your fellow EMer's have done a sterling job!

Protocide said...

Executionar as it should have been all along; drop the M-16's that was one-time use in the defence of Gjallerbru (no other figure does this, so it hurts consistancy)and his helmet; place under an arm if you feel you need to show his face but do NOT omit it. That would be disrespectful honestly.

John said...

I'd want everybody on that list but Killraven. Brother Voodoo, Nightmare, High Evolutionary, Misty Knight... That would be an AMAZING extension. Sigh. But thank you Dan, that was very much appreciated.

I didn't really want Skurge, but I feel he's needed, so I'll buy him and be happy with him. And did I call it or what? I said Skurge would be the best seller out of the 6 as I figured the most people overall would be okay with him. ;) Still wanted my Cosmics...

I agree with the "no gun" comments. He looks cool with it. Won't fit in with the other Asguardians..

Robert said...

Glad to have Skurge, even if Lockjaw was my top choice.

Like everyone else, I say drop the gun. He used that gun at the Gjallerbru Bridge because his axe was destroyed, remember? It's redundant if he has the axe!

jimbob said...

Happy that Skurge made it.

Please loose the guns.

CGJ said...

Ouch, that is a nice list

I agree with the majority, lose the guns

AMARON said...

Pictures 5 and 6 have Groot in them, Is he the Special?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

your 201-220 list was amazing, and the reserves were also awesome. Such a shame you were not given the chance to continue with your role of Supreme MU Researcher/CMCF Producer.

Oh, and Skurge is a good choice. But please do not give him a machine gun!

jimbob said...

I notice the Groot type special fig in the picture as well,but then it's obviously the tree from EM'S Lord of the Ring collection.

cactusron said...

Gutted we never got Tombstone.

Dan The Man said...

Yes the 'Groot' is Treebeard from LOTR (my favourite from that collection).

I have seen lots of images with Skurge with guns -I thought it would add a little extra detail - maybe a re-think is needed.

Yeah that list was banging.

LarryS said...


I notice that Skurge is the 'next' special.

Not the 'last' special.

Does this mean there's still a chance for a Strong Guy, or a Groot, to round things off nicely...?

I wait eagrly to be enlightened!!

LAWay said...

Wow, what an extension list! What a shame. That would have been a great one for sure! Its amazing some of the names we havent seen. Was any of those characters ever taken into pre-production, like sketches or anything?

Nice display too, although I question your commitment to the collection guys...doesnt look like every figurine is there. Maybe you should subscribe. :P

Skurge should be a good special, physically impressive and the animated version I saw, the design looked good. Careful on the bright colours of retro comics. And remove those guns!

I dont know much about Skurge, but the guns are alien to me, and they just look awful.

I did a quick edit on the sketch, removed the guns, it works.

As Batman says in his gravelly voice, "No guns!"

Osvaldoeaf said...

Thanks for posting the list, actually made me sadder the collection is over though!

max_0888 said...

Just saw plenty of Skurge pictures with big guns on Comicvine. Didn't know he used guns that much.

AS long as his huge axe is there i'm happy :)

mgf said...

Why has he got guns? Can't the little loves who follow the current MU live without them anymore? I suppose guns, like breasts, increase sales. Why not give him a wonderbra?

I am very aware that I am finding it tough to say anything positive on here anymore. I'm as disgusted by the cancellation now as I was the day it was announced. The initial 201 extension underlines that immense feeling of loss and wasted opportunities.

I just feel the CMFC was left to wither on the vine. Quality control plunged, and too many excuses given rather than problems solved.

If subscriber numbers fell with each extension then offer a special variant with each continuation. Seems simple, but was apparently very, very difficult. Repainting a figure can't be that expensive, in fact it must be a known cost after five years.

Lars Nielsen said...

Thanks for the great news Dan. The extension list looks fantastic too. Such a pity that it will not happen. Or is this a glimmer of hope?

The Mad Thinker said...

Dave’s Prelim List: 201-220

1. TOMBSTONE spidey villain
2. SILVER SAMURAI x-men villain
4. U.S AGENT avgrs
6. JIGSAW marv knight villain
7. CALLISTO x-men villian female
8. CLEA marv knight female
9. SUNSPOT x-men
10. THUNDRA female villain
11. BARON MORDO marv knight/supernatural villain
12. RED GHOST fantastic 4 villain
13. DUST x-men female
14. BROTHER VOODOO supernatural/horror
15. WHIRLWIND avgrs viilain
16. KILLRAVEN curveball/alt. universe
17. MANTIS avgrs
18. COUNT NEFARIA villain
19. YONDU GotG
20. GREY GARGOYLE avgrs villain

Hmm , I've changed Dan's list slightly !!

I think that the collection should be extended and end on issue 250 , adding 50 more characters could easily be done and would make a lot of people happy.
Also , if we did get an extra 50 regular issues , we'd be able to get more specials too.
This way Lockjaw and Strong guy would get in I reckon.
I'm not surprised that we are getting Skurge , it was to close to call between Lockjaw and Strong guy so the obvious 2nd or 3rd choice got in instead. ( No guns please )

Robert said...

Dan, had a look at the google images for Skurge.

A few do show him with a gun but from what I saw they are nearly all directly or indirectly linked to his death at Gjallerbru and fall into three categories.
1. It's images from his death issue.
2. It's recreations from the death issue. (A few nice painted images there.)
3. It's images from when the Asgardians have been to Hel and met him after his death (he's not always shown sporting the gun, though). These cameos happen every so often but seldom amount to much other than Skurge asking Thor if he's had that toast yet or telling Amora what a fool he was.

The Asgardian army that helped the US military defend NY was given crates of M-16s as a thank you. That didn't happen till the Simonson run, twenty or so years after Skurge's frst appearance and not long before his death.

Long story short: the gun has to go.

The Mad Thinker said...

50 Characters to end on :

Silver Samurai

Count Nefaria
Grey Gargoyle
U.S Agent

Air Walker
High Evolutionary
Mad Thinker
Nova - Frankie Raye
Red Ghost

Aunt May
Black Tarantula
Speed Demon
Stilt Man
White Tiger

Baron Mordo
Brother Voodoo
Colleen Wing
Misty Knight
Red Guardian
Ulysses Bloodstone

Specials :

Man Ape
Madame Web
Strong Guy
Lockjaw & Maximus
Starlord & Rocket Raccoon
The Warriors Three
Bulldozer Piledriver Thunderball

Sire-bd said...

What that's for to torture us so with figurines which we shall never see ? Why to be so cruel ?

Thor8 said...

DY-NO-MITE!!! Skurge was my #1 pick and I stood firm with this decision all the time. I am so glad. I said I'd throw myself a little party and I will,so if any of you guys are in the Carribean this weekend and visit Sunny Puerto Rico,consider yourself invited.

Dan; I find your list for the extension that never was to be one of the greatest extension put together. It is truly a big,big,BIG,shame it will not come to be(or will it?) I would change Warlock,Sage,Brother Voodoo,Misty Knight,and Rocket Racoon for Count Nefaria,Hyperion,and Tarantula from your back up list plus Fandral and Hogun.

Oh and as for Skurge,I guess as eveyone has stated sans the guns. Like Protocide,Idlike to see him holding his helmet under his arm.
Here's hoping EM sees the light and gives us that extension we are all waiting for.

tinodragon14 said...

Pleased that Skurge was picked but Dan no guns please. In all the years I read comics I never saw him with guns. Please remove the gun on his back & in his hand. It is rather jarring to see him with guns. You have the right costume look but wielding his battle-ax he will look formidable enough.

It is a shame the powers that be did not have a bigger heart & allow Lockjaw & Archangel as well. I think Archangel would have made them more money beyond just the collectors & subscribers. I think Lockjaw would have done better because many collectors wanted to complete the Inhumans.

Pity DRAGONMAN & Titanium Man did not make the cut since both would make awesome figures.

fredpostman said...

Thank you thank you thank you for the great update..SKURGE will make a fantastic special

tinodragon14 said...

As for Jackal Dan you better tell the powers that be they have to do him since they advertised him in the collection & they do not want to be accused of false advertising.

As for your extension Dan I was pleased to see villains Whirlwind, Baron Mordo, The Grey Gargoyle, The High Evolutionary but disappointed that Attuma, The Cobra & Mr. Hyde, Stilt-Man & Blizzard were overlooked. Nice to see Mantis in but drop generic looking sage & add Sunspot. Silver Samurai would make a fine figure but in Selene's place I would put Mastermind. Selene would make a good figure if you had a better record with skimpy dressed females. I worry how well Mantis would come out. After seeing how Photon came out don't do Misty Knight because she will come out a fright. I suppose it is Brother Voodoo's turn since Frankenstein's Monster would have had to be a special because of his size. I'm not a fan of BV but wish they had done a special of FM. I don't know why you left out Hogun & Fandral. I don't think Warlock is possible as a lead figure. It would be quite a challenge but I would do Dust or even Magma before Warlock.

Star-Hawk or Yondu before the raccoon. Heck Martinex, Charlie 27 & Nikki before the raccoon.

Only one Spidey villain Jackal what with Molten Man, Tombstone, Jack O'Lantern, Puma, Speed Demon, Boomerang, Scarecrow, Stegron, Cardiac, etc. left to choose.

tinodragon14 said...

Killraven is an interesting choice as his look with long red hair & blue & gold outfit though he is mostly bare chested. Knee high blue boots & a gold headband, belt & three gold arm bands on each arm. He is a sexy looking yet well kinda gay looking. In other issues his costume looks even skimpier. I would have liked to see him as a figure.

Wanksock said...

Sexy buy kinda gay?? Like Rupert Everett? No sexy gays aloud ..... I hear this everytime I try join young conservative

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the revised Skurge figure minus the guns Dan. Much better & that is THE EXECUTIONER!

jimbob said...

NO GUNS!!!!!!!

Pedro Monje said...


I would have bought all of them except one (JIGSAW and maybe Sage neither)

If this extension would have been made, it was going to be the one of which I would had bought most figurines.

What a pity!!

Silver Samurai!! Rocket Racoon!!!! Mantis & Count Nefaria!! Brother Voodoo and High Evolutionary, please!!!

deamon said...

OH come on Eaglemoss, we need more extensions. There are so many famous characters, and You know we will buy it, so what's the problem?
Bring back CMFC to life!
Without guns, Skurge now looks better.

jimbob said...

2nd sketch is much better with huge axe across, also wont get in the way when he is displayed against other figs.PERFECT

Thank you EM

jimbob said...

and how big is he going to be???


he needs to be bigger than Thor maybe Odin size sculpt??

LarryS said...

Brilliant extension ideas, best yet.

Happy to pay double the current price to see it happen.

£240 for 20 issues, cheque in post tomorrow.

My cousin also subscribes and will pay £240. So, EM, you already have £480 in the bank.

Let us know your break-even, and let's see if we can pull together the necessary slush fund...

Kal Brindle said...

Gutted by that list Dan. I would have bought every one (well I would have regardless) but there are 18 on that list from my own MOST WANTED list making it one of the most amazing extensions ever! Man how I wish your bosses would change their bloody minds and give us another extension rather than launching new Marvel projects which appear to be failing in their respective test markets.

I remain heartbroken over the decision to end this collection now and your list only goes to show how much further the collection could have run and still made EM money. Putting Misty Knight in this extension would have guaranteed interest in the next to secure Colleen Wing and so on....

Thanks for ditching the gun on Skurge - definitely not needed. I have to admit I am over the moon with this choice for the next special (he was my second choice - right after Lockjaw who I thought would not make the EM bosses smile at all). Still hoping that since we have a years worth of figures still to come before the collection ends, that we might squeeze one or two more specials from you guys.

Maybe next time add a Warlock/Cypher, Wendigo, Stilt Man, Attuma and Hulking options to your list though eh?

When it comes to the Grey Gargoyle, Count Nefaria, Baron Mordo, Thundra, White Tiger and Whirlwind - I was always surprised they didn't make it in before 200 and now of course wish they had. Nice to know they were in the running this time around - it is shameful they're never gonna get the same magnificent treatment given to the other characters lucky to be immortalized in the CMFC.

avenger guy said...

i have been waiting for skurge for ages, enchantress has been lonely. P.S lose the gun. We could maybe start a petition to get eaglemoss to keep the collection running.

zombiedude13 said...


That list was frickin AWESOME!!! Now we know what we are missing. That is just. . . .well . . . .EVIL.

Thundra, Brother Voodoo, White Tiger, etc? Now you go to make them???????

I feel like Charlie Brown.


TheTooN said...

Thanks for modifying the sketch Leigh, and Dan for the quick change. Looks like he will be ANOTHER Asgardian cracker.

15 out of 20 on there would be 'must haves' for me. The chars I dont know on Dans list are Selene, Misty Knight, Sage, Warlock and Killraven.

Stand outs are :- Nefaria, Whirlwind, Grey Gargoyle, White Tiger, Silver Samurai and US Agent.

I know we asked for this list but I feel like Pavlov's Dog here atm, slavering in anticipation at the thought of those names.

I'm also happy to send EM a cheque for £480 'in advance' for 2 sets of 201-220

1 more extension EM....PLEASE (and I did send a begging letter)

Wanksock said...

I send IOU for 2 hunrid and 40 pounds and 6 months of Tesco club card points if EM will do the U turn it is all the rage with wet lipped giant foreheaded Prime Minister. So why not Cast Model From Comjcs ??
Your 201-220 list is too beautiful not to be made

Thor8 said...

Axe in hand and ready to rubble. Now that's Skurge The Executioner.

Dan,it's quite obvious that the extension you showed us would be(in it's great majority)a complete sell out. Yes there are a few characters I would prefer changing (as I mentioned in my previous post),but if portrayed correctly I'd even buy those I'm not too fond of also. So here's still hoping EM will come through and give us more. You guys are tops.

fredpostman said...

Mojo just turned up and i must say what a fine figurine he makes;major kudos to the sculptor,artist etc and every one at EM.I know zilch about the character but he is worth the money and the protective packaging made sure he arrived with all his limbs attached.
Skurge with his axe (and no guns)will look mighty fine though please give the dog a chance one day.
How about a super villian double pack???- i would like Mr Hyde and the Cobra please.

navaho said...

Fantastic, I love Skurge and think he will be a worthy addition to this wonderful collection.
Dan, tell EM that I will send a cheque in advance for extension 210-220 now.
That list needs to be made, please do what you can (use the JEDI mind trick!)
ps thanks for removing the guns


LarryS said...

Dan -

The whip-round so far has generated £1500 plus some Tesco Club Points to keep you all well-oiled.

Do we spy a chink of light in the fact you've been so open about your ideas for 201+...?

The sun is out, Team GB are clocking-up the gold medals, a feelgood factor is sweeping the country.

This wave of goodwill must be due to hit EM Towers any moment now...

Lars Nielsen said...

Thanks for the updates Dan. Just a question. When I subscribed, I filled in my e-mail details (I think I even remember completing a survey that was mailed to me at some point) so would i be correct in assuming that EM has a lot of subscriber e-mail addresses. What about a mail to all subscribers asking their thoughts on cancellation/extension? Definate thumbs up for an extension from me!

MACHVII said...

I would pay in advance for that extension you listed, this very moment.

Just sayin'...

Murderously Yours,


The Mad Thinker said...

Wank sock :

Are you feeling happy gay like a Doris day ?

I detect that Jabba the Slutt is back guys and girls !!

Victor said...

I would pay in advance for that extension you listed, this very moment.

Thor8 said...

My very own wish list of figurines that never were(or could they be?)

1) Mantis
2) USAgent
3) Yondu
4) Hyperion
5) Starfox
6) Hogun
7) Fandral
8) Darkstar
9) White Tiger
11)Grey Gargoyle
12)Count Nefaria
13)Baron Mordo
16)Princess Python

1) Attuma
2) Atlas
3) Titanium Man
4) Volstagg
5) Ulik

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

perhaps now it's the time for EM to re-consider the option of continuing the CMFC with a price increase? Extension 181-200 has just started and there is ample time for your bosses to review their plans. The signs are clear - everybody wants this collection to continue, especially as there are so many awesome characters left to cover.
I don't know if you are in a position to re-discuss with your bosses, but we'd sure be grateful to you if you tried to convey the overwhelming feedback you received since the announcement of the end of the CMFC.

Wanksock said...

My friend is nice but a junkie , which is lucky for me as he steals lots of stuff to sell., I gave him 50pence for FF rise of the Silver Surfer on piss3 . I have been smacking my monkey all morning.
Red ghost and his trio of apes are in this game. They would look crazy fantastic in some kind of multi packings

Ken said...

I agree with BLAKENEWMAN. That "final" extension of yours looks awesome and quite popular. I am 100% positive if Eaglemoss were to increase the price of the figurines (even by 30%), many people (including myself) would gladly pay it for the LAST extension! I would love to have the High Evolutionary and Silver Samurai in my collection.

PLEASE try to convince your EM, Dan, please.

LarryS said...

I think we're now up to about 3 grand in financial commitments, Dan. And I'm sure plenty more still to come.

This must count for something, surely, at EM Towers...!!?!

John said...

I like how so many off that list are ones I've asked for customized version of, and paid a lot more for, just to make sure I get them. ;) EM, the demand is there...

Now if that were confirmed to be the final, final extension, I'd say drop the curveball, as we need as many "essentials" as possible. Also, if we won't be getting Colleen Wing in a following extension, drop Misty Knight (even though she's a top choice of mine.)

This frees up 2 spaces, which can be used for Fandrall and Hogun. For the 6 Specials, use the 5 you had on the previous list for the final Special, but add Volstagg as the 6th member. Warriors Three. Bam.

And if Rocket Raccoon moves to a Special slot to be with Groot, Star-Lord can be made for a complete Guardians display (a lot of people won't buy Groot without Star-Lord.)

There's some other characters like Thundra or Baron Mordo that I don't like as much, but a lot of people have been requesting them for years and its a very well balanced extension otherwise... so instead of going with my personal desires, I tried to post a logical problem solving list. :)

I mean, I could honestly do without Jackal, Silver Samurai, USAgent, High Evolutionary, Jigsaw, Misty Knight, Warlock, Brother Voodoo, Whirlwind, Speedball, Tombstone, Gargoyle, Hyperion or Nightmare as I'm having customs made of them. ;) But I would like to have the official version anyway. I'm telling you, a high demand for these characters is there.

The Mad Thinker said...

Hey guys and girls :

Take a look over on my blog , I've updated my Marvel display and posted the pictures on there.
I hope this may help some of you with ideas on how you could display your collection.
This is the final layout , and I won't be changing it as I have left gaps / spaces to be filled by upcoming confirmed characters and hopefully some unconfirmed characters that we may be lucky to get if someone comes to their senses and gives us another extension !!

Enjoy folks

fredpostman said...

I would pay upfront for the next extension and be more than happy to;i love collecting these brilliant figures and (topically)would give EM a gold medal for the wonderful 'once in a lifetime' collection you have given us,and the sheer joy it has given me.

Thor8 said...

Nice looking display MT. I've arranged my own and have tried to display them by teams and categories. This isn't as esay as it sounds since many of the characters have been in more than one group. For example Sandman has been a member of The Sinister Six,The Outlaws,The Avengers and The Frightful Four,Beast has been a member of The X-Men,The Avengers,and The Defenders. On the bright side this gives me the choice of re aranging my display in more than one manner. Another alternative(a more expensive one) is to buy duplicates and place these characters in each of the groups they have been in. I guess EM likes that second option.

Well We're getting Skugge. Now if we can only convince EM to give us The Destroyer,Karnilla,Hiemdall,Fandral,Hogun,Karnilla,Ulik,Mangog,Sutur,Ymir,and Tyr, I'd be one heck of a happy Asgardian.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

is now displayed in all its 'potential' glory as a simulation in the Virtual CMFC Gallery.

Click here too see it:

PS. Dan, I noticed that your list is missing one slot for character #12, so I chose one from your reserves: Speedball.

tinodragon14 said...

Hey John, Who is doing custom figures in lead for you?

As for the "What if Extension" I think Blake's Gallery gives you an idea of how some might look. Misty Knight looks frightful & sage is just so bland & generic looking. USA Agent just looks like a bizzaro Captain America. I think the person who said if this was the final extension we should stick to essentials or classic characters not yet in. Of course I would pick all villains but then I want the Warriors Three just like most others do. Dan's extension has several classic villains like Whirlwind, Baron Mordo & The Grey Gargoyle that I want & Jackal, The High Evolutionary, Silver Samurai & Jigsaw I would want but not as much as other villains. I do think Jack, High & Silver will make fine figures but Jigsaw is mostly about his messed up face & I do not know if they could capture it so that he stands out as a figure. I want Mantis in too as the last big Avenger not done but I worry after some disappointing female figs if they could do her justice. The same with Selene who could be a fine looking figure but again I worry how she would come out.
My list would look like this:

1) Whirlwind: Avenger villain

2) Mantis: Avenger

3) Sunspot: original New Mutant replacing sage

4) Mastermind: original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member & later part of the Hellfire Club replacing Selene

5) Fandral the Dashing of the Warriors Three replacing Misty Knight

6) Hogun the Grim of the Warriors Three replacing USA Agent

7) Baron Mordo: Main opponent of Dr. Strange

8) The High Evolutionary: Master of Genetic Manipulation

9) The Grey Gargoyle: Thor & Avengers villain

10 Jigsaw: Main foe of the Punisher

11) The Jackal: Spidey villain & creator of the Spidey clones

12) The Silver Samurai: Wolverine's enemy

13) Yondu: Original Member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in place of the raccoon

14) Nightmare: Demon of the Dream Dimension & opponent of Dr. Strange & Ghost Rider in place of Brother Voodoo

15) Star-Hawk: Guardian of the Galaxy in place of the all white tiger.

16) The Melter: Enemy of Ironman & the Avengers & original member of the Masters of Evil in place of Count Nefaria

17) Stilt-Man: DD & Spidey villain in place of Killraven

18) Thundra: She was a villain of the FF but later joined them against others like The Frightful Four of which she had joined.

19) Dust or Magma of the X-Men in place of Warlock as I think he will be hard to pull off as a lead figure.

20) Attuma: Main opponent to Namor the Sub-Mariner unless he has to be a special then Blastaar unless he has to be a special then Tombstone or Molten Man or The Red Ghost or Diablo or The Living Laser or The Unicorn or Scarecrow or Graviton or Mr. Fear or Jack O'Lantern or Puma or Molecule Man or The Mad Thinker or oh well...

tinodragon14 said...

As for specials I would hope they go ahead & do Archangel & Lockjaw but also
Volstagg of course to complete the Warriors Three
Titanium Man & DRAGONMAN (My favorites)
& a two-pack of villains i.e. The Cobra & Mr. Hyde

Of course I wish they would do a Mimic & Super Adaptoid two pack & a Mad Thinker & Awesome Andy two pack.

The Living Monolith

Frankenstein's Monster


LAWay said...

realistically £3,000 wont even pay the workers wages, yet alone get figurines made, so lets stop going on about how much money is being put up.

Maybe some sort of poll for a percentage of people that would pay up front is better suited, but otherwise its not a statistic to brag about.

Sorry to be killjoy.

Stevie said...

I don't know how other people feel about it, but seeing that list of characters who seem to be the front runners for the next extension, just feels like salt being rubbed into an open wound.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I think Dan's list was a work in progress. Of course it's impossible to create a 'perfect' extension, as everybody has personal likes and dislikes.

I, too, have other characters in mind that I find more exciting than some of those included in that provisional 201-220 list. Even so, I'd like to think that Dan's 201-220 choices show that the CMFC has got so much more to give.

We must not stop asking for the continuation of this amazing collection. Let yourself be heard. Write here. Write on the forum. And, above all, for those of you who are happy to accept a price increase and even happy to pay upfront, please write to EM.
I hope they will re-evaluate their plans in light of this continuous, overwhelming demand for the continuation of the collection.

Wanksock said...

I think a collection of the worlds greatest sprinters would being super standout. Usain Bolt, Carl Lewis Jessie Owens etc....except Tyson he gay.

zombiedude13 said...

Funny thing to note, but most characters are listed as "Spidey Villain" or "Avengers FOe" for example, and then several are listed simply as FEMALE. Even Thundra is listed a Female Villain. This does lend some credence to the belief that EM had a call for a set # of female figures to be made in each series, doesn't it?

John said...

Blake, thanks for the virtual gallery. That's awesome. :D

Tino, just in case a sculptor doesn't want me to say, I better not mention names until they're all done. But I will say I'm employing 15 different customizers for this project. ;)

Juliano Rangel said...

Hope we will have more.
Give us next extension and more specials EM.
Please, do it!²

gabriel hoth said...

I also hope... but other hope, the mutant.
She is the only member missing of the Cyclop's team.

In the actually Avengers vs X-men she is the key.

LarryS said...

Usain Bolt had to pass one metre, en route to a hundred metres.

Elvis Presley had to register his first number one hit, en route to eighteen number ones.

£3000 (now about £4500) is not the destination. But we need to pass the smaller numbers en route to the bigger ones.

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

ok, if this extension has only a chance to became solid :), I pray for the rest of my life to the great Odin! And naturally, almost 4 specials... one of this, the three warriors! Pleeeeeaaaseee pleeeaseee pleeasseeeeee :)))
Executioner is the choice!
Great Job!

LAWay said...

To get this collection going for another year. Lets pull some figures out of our asses and guestimate how much it would cost.

Staff salaries:
3 workers x £20,000

Sculptors x £2,000 per sculpt

Magazine Print costs x £1 a magazine

Figurine production x £2 a figurine

Distribution x £0.50 a figurine

Marvel license extension x £10,000

Estimated Collectors x 5,000

Total costs = £127,500

I know i just made these numbers up, but I would expect the costs are probably a lot higher than this to extend the collection for another year.

To give £240 up front you need over 500 people to sign up for them to break even. I havent even taken into account the marketing guys and suits who are probably on 40k a year minimum, and will more likely want at least 25% profit.

There arent enough collectors online to even say they would commit to such a project. A poll to indicate things would be nice for a percentage of people who would, and perhaps they would benefit from a kickstarter type crowd funding.

But a handful of people saying they would doesnt go very far.

LarryS said...

Not sure why EM Towers are so secretive about their break-even.

You only need to visit to see the daily, weekly and monthly sales figures for every movie, as well as their production costs.

The Sunday Times, every week, lists the sales volumes for hardback and paperback books.

The same with everything from music sales, to premier league attendance, and even the pharmaceutical industry performance.

In these days of transparency, it would very helpful to know the 'gap' between the CMFC's current sales volumes, and where it needs to be for profitability.

Is the gap bridgeable? Is it currently a ravine ... or closer to a small river?

- If a ravine, we're all wasting our time.

- If a small river, it's worth one last heave to get the bridge built.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

It's called statistics LAWay.That's why surveys are done. If you want to sell a product,make a drastic change in an existing item or process,or are competing for something,you conduct a survey with people from different walks of life,economical status,etc. You don't interview the whole nation you pick relativly small groups from within the population and you you study your results 65% are willing to except changes 27% are not,and the remaining 8% are nuetral. Based on the results of your survey you can have a glimpse of what decision to make. EM can easily do this here on this blog,on the forum,and in stores and news stands that sell thier product and study the results. You might say surveys cost money. Could be ,but it's not such a big deal. It may not be 100% accurate either,but it does give you a good idea were your project stands.

LAWay said...

Exactly Thor 8. You need surveys to have statistical results. Like a poll. Like I suggested.

So far out of the 200 members of the blog, only 10-20 would pay up front?

Statistically thats not good.

promo1965 said...

I would pay up front.

Mblu6 site said...

and Darkhawk?

restae should be the only important character out?

but you're just weird

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I still think that EM should run a proper survey to gauge how many subscribers and non-subscribers would be willing to accept a price increase - or even pay upfront - to ensure the collection can continue. The survey can be easily done via an online questionnaire (like the one they already have on the CMFC site) and/or via a survey slip included in the CMFC magazines. I really don't know why EM are not trying this?

Archangelsr said...

Glad Skurge made the final cut will look great with the rest of the asgardians on display. Some of the finest figurines made have been asgardians.

And i can go ahead and make another Strong guy for my own collection.

Archangelsr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

It's not really 20 out of 200 LAWay,20 have stated on their own that they are willing to pay up front. If EM were to ofically stata the question I am sure that number would increase substancially.

LarryS said...

Don't waste time debating the pros and cons of a survey.

The 'cancellation announcement' was posted at 18:10 on 3 May.

The first suggestion of a survey was made at 21:49 on 3 May.

If Plan A has failed to solicit a positive response in three months, then (I propose) that idea bites the dust.

I'm an open-minded sort of chap and happy to experiment with Plans B,C,D,E.

But all my experience tells me there's little point persevering with the same plan after three months, hoping for a different result...

spidey_1979 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
spidey_1979 said...

I would have liked to have had a lot of Dan's list. Very cruel to show what might have been btw. But truth be told if that was the 201 - 220 extension I'd have been very tempted to become a pick and chooser. Still no Corsair, only Misty Knight with little future likelihood of Colleen Wing, Rocket Raccoon without Groot and 25% characters that I would have had little to no interest in.

Would have had it like this personally.

1. JACKAL spidey villain
2 SILVER SAMURAI x-men villain
4. USAgent avgrs
6. JIGSAW marv knight villain
7. SELENE x-men villian female
8. MISTY KNIGHT marv knight female
9. WARLOCK x-men
10. THUNDRA female villain
11. BARON MORDO marv knight/supernatural villain
13. SAGE x-men female
14. BROTHER VOODOO supernatural/horror
15. WHIRLWIND avgrs viilain
17. MANTIS avgrs
18. COUNT NEFARIA villain


Rocket Raccoon and Groot

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Yeah! Or should I say 'oui!' Got him today.In my opinion, this is a beautiful figurine. C'est trés bien.In the same league as early CMFC releases such as Hawkeye, Vision and Yellowjacket. Very solid, very sleek and classy, and a perfect rendition of the character. All the qualities that made the CMFC such an awesome collection in the first place.
Here you can see Swordsman alongside his protegé Hawkeye ...


If only the collection could continue! These figurines are getting better and better.

jimbob said...

Common EM please please one more extension!

Swap Jackel or Tombstone. Or I'm happy with having both.

Thor8 said...

Thans for showing us Your Swordsman figurine Blake. He is one of my all time wants and I can hardly wait to have mine in my gruby little hands. It's too bad Mantis didn't make it in though.

SinisterVenom said...

Hey guys! Sorry I've not posted in a while. I've been getting myself some beautiful weather in sunny Spain the last week or so! Got back from a long trip last night and before I knew it, I was out quicker than you could say 'Galactus looks horny!'
But seriously Dan, what's with the teasing us with the fantastic list that we'll never get!? Personally I believe that's one of the best extension line-up's ever made! I think that you should save making so many leaflets advertizing the latest specials and the leaflets regarding the next 20 figurines we can look forward to and actually make a leaflet that us customers DO want to see! Yes I'm also talking surveys!
I get the whole money issue and all that but please give it a chance. Make an extension of 10 figurines if you must, just to concentrate on those needed to finish teams or those that should make it before the end. Me personally, I would buy every figurine mentioned on that list, like I have done the whole collection!
I'm also thrilled about the inclusion of Skurge! I honestly thought we was getting Lockjaw, which would of made me happy too but Skurge is just fabulous! Finally Enchantress shall have her Executioner!
So I come home and picked up the latest figurines. All nice but as I saw my newsagent coming over with my Swordsman figurine, something wasn't quite right...
Angry? Yeah just a little...
How could EM pass that off as acceptable!? Worst thing is my newsagent went to look for another one and came across ANOTHER one with a bent sword, though not as bad but still! There was a third, which actually had a straight sword so I took my chances and handed over the cash. Getting home I notice the paint job isn't brilliant and the sword is slightly loose, though should be fine so long as it's treated carefully. But I believe we shouldn't have to worry about things like this in our figurines! Granted, there are some good sculpts of him out there, one which Blake was lucky enough to acquire, but for something so visible, so up-front, to come out as badly as the ones I saw today just stunned me. If it's down to the danger of the figurine getting damaged during shipping then take extra care in the packaging to stop it from getting damaged or destroyed. The Mojo packaging is a good example. I have mine on order so I'll have to wait and see how he turns out.
Owl and Hammerhead are coming up soon and these two characters are amongst my most awaited! Please, please, PLEASE let them be excellent EM!

Juliano Rangel said...

I pray every night for that EM adopt a new extension.
I still can not believe that we will not have Mantis, Rocky Raccoon, Firebird,
Speedball, Groot, Warlock, among other classical figures of the Marvel Universe.
I can not understand how they do not realize that an extension is guaranteed profit. Everyone is willing to pay more for each new thumbnail. Moreover, will the joy of all the fans of the collection. This is the broadest and most complete collection of Marvel has already been made throughout history. I doubt any other at the feet of this reach. Therefore, I think we have to keep fighting to be done at least a further extension. We deserve it because we believe from the beginning in this collection. Vibrate with every novelty that arose. With each character that was announced to join the CMCF. Please, please, please Dan, is our voice in there. Take the direction of our messages.

I'm looking forward to the day that I will come here on the blog and find news of a new extension. I still believe it.

LarryS said...

Anticipated headline for tomorrow's update from Dan...


LAWay said...

I had a nightmare that EM launch a new 'Marvel NOW' series.

Bah, i'd still probably buy them.

zombiedude13 said...

Marvel NOW isn't as scary as DC's new 52.

Thor8 said...

Just got the terrible news that my supplier's distributer fell short of Sif figurines and I was left hanging. I had already made a space for her alongside Odin in the Asgardians section of my display. It sure burnsme up to see that empty space everytime I lok at my collection. Sure hope I get one soon.

We need another few specials to make this extension complete. A Hogun and Fandral double pack would be nice.

tinodragon14 said...

Dan you should push for maybe ten more figures since they advertised for The Jackal & he has still been done.
201) The Jackal - Spidey villain in the brochure not yet done.
202) Fandral - Warriors Three
203) Hogun - Warriors Three
204) Mantis - Last prominent Avenger not done
205) Whirlwind - Master of Evil & longtime mutant villain of the Avengers
206) Star-Hawk - Member of the original & new GOTG
207) Stilt-Man - Classic DD & Spidey
208) Sunspot - Prominent & original New Mutant not done yet
209) Baron Mordo - Dr. Strange's main nemesis
210) The Grey Gargoyle - Classic Marvel villain

The do a few more specials including
Volstagg - To round out the Warriors Three
The Cobra & Mr. Hyde - First villain two-pack with two classic Marvel villains
Lockjaw - To round out the Inhumans
Attuma - Namor's main nemesis
Archangel - Very popular mutant character
Titanium Man - Classic Ironman villain & there is a new Ironman movie coming out next year.

jimbob said...

When is Giant-Man out?????

Hope it is out this year.

John said...

Just rearranged all my figurines again. I should just wait, as I don't know exactly what customs I'll be getting by the time I'm done... but I did set a shelf aside for just Galactus surrounded by 7 Heralds. :D I stuck Uatu in one corner and I'm talking to someone now about Living Tribunal, but that might be too pricey.

I can't wait to see my Avengers: Initiative shelf come together. Right now only Firestar and Taskmaster are on it, but Trauma and justice are finished, and Night Thrasher, Hardball, Speedball, Komodo, Gauntlet, Baron von Blitschlag, and Gravity are in the works. :D

Kal Brindle said...

Holy cow John, how much disposable income do you have?! LOL That's an impressive list mate.

I too have started ordering a few customs - Marrina and Vindicator to flesh out Alpha Flight and then some big personal wants, the Texas Twister & Firebird to start the Rangers possibly using Northstar & Aurora as the base figures.

Also in the cards eventually will be Hector of the Pantheon and Darkstar in her Champions look to finish that team off.

I have however sent another letter to Eaglemoss asking them to reconsider. What can it hurt right? 20 minutes of my time and stamp is worth it if someone there finally gets the point and gives us the next twenty figures.

Never give up - never surrender!

zombiedude13 said...

PLease post a pic of the two Alphans, I might be interested in getting some customs made if they look alright. Of ourse, I want Box, too.

John said...

Get jealous, Kal, because I'm getting Madison Jeffries too.

As for the disposable income... I'm kind of worried I have a real problem. But I can afford it through a combination of never taking vacations, buying anything else big (I have the same tv, DVD/VCR combo, furniture, etc. since high school,) and extended periods of living with my parents to save up. Oh, and I didn't have a girlfriend for the last year or so, which saves SO much money (sad as that sounds.) So don't get TOO jealous. ;)

Luckily, my new girlfriend finds the idea of custom figurines really neat. You know you have someone special when you show them 400 lead figures and they're impresed. :D

But at the moment, I've got 62 customs commissioned! And negotiating more!

John said...

68 customs...

Eagle said...

John: Could you show us some pictures of the customs that you already have?

tinodragon14 said...

Are the artists you hire starting from scratch out of lead with these customs with a different base for each one or are they using other figures as bases? You got them doing the magazines to? You tell them how you want each to look & in what position?

John said...

They're mostly modeling off existing figures. There's a few that can't be, like Cosmo or Arnim Zola. But its mostly like... take Spectre and turn him into Brother Voodoo. Stick him on a Marvel base. Sometimes limbs get repositioned, sometimes it doesn't need it

I only have images of 20/68 completed. As teams start to come together, I'll post pictures of group shots, like all of the Agents of Atlas members or Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thor8 said...

Way back I tried my hand at customizing some of these figurines.I started with something easy like changing The Punisher into his classic look. I then made a Quasar figurine with an extra Sentry figurine I had and a Captajn Marvel (Mar-Vell) with an extra Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell),eventually these last two were approved and added to this collection so I decided not to make any other custom figure until the collection would come to an end and I'd know which characters would not be made. Since the cancellation of said series has been announced I have recently begun to customize again. I have turned my customized Captain Marvel into Justice )I finally added his cape that was missing) and transformrd my custom Quasar into The Phantom Rider (still working on this one). Next on my list are USAgent,Dr.Spectrum,Baron Mordo,white gown Mystique,Whitr Tiger,and Hyperion. Oh I almosy forgot I made a customizes Jim Hammond,The Original Human Torch also.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said...

Better not say that around me, Thor8. I might end up commissioning you, haha.

John said...

What base did you use for Jim Hammond?

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

John:I'm honored by your comment about commissioning me,even if it's just jesting. I'm sure the people you have commissioned are way more experienced and talented than I. The base I used for Jim Hammond was an extra Mr.fantastic I had hanging around. My sister's grandson snaped of his elongnated arm at the elbow so I just did some color changes on the costume added flame on the left arm covering were it was snapped and added some more flame on the other hand,and presto change-o I now had the original Torch. You could probably find a better base for this character,but not liking to waste things I decided to make use of this figurine and I might add that it turned out way better looking than I thought it would. If I can finally get my kids to teach me how to enter pics onto my blog,I'l place some pictures so you can judge them yourself.

For some of my future projects I plan to use Blink for my customized Mystigue (even though she's a bit smaller than Mystigue),Doc Samson for Hyperion,and DC's Ras Al Ghul,for Baron Mordo. I was thinking of using Cap.America for USAgent,but I find this figurine too scrawny for my taste,so I'm having second thoughts on this one.

John said...

I hope you do post them, Thor. I'd love to see that.

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

In Italy, my country, for the third time, the collection is on sale again, from number 1 and probably to the end.

I think that a remake of greats charachters, like Wolvie, Spidey, Avengers and X men(s), with other charachter not realized, is one of the solution, to continue or rebooted the collection.

Statistic tell that for a group of 100 selected fans, 10 are probably real collector.