Monday, 23 July 2012

Inside The Engine Room


Seeing how much you all loved my step-by-step Owl intro (slight sarcasm there :)
Here’s a step by step of how I designed the Swordsman intro page...

Again another character who’s not in that many comics with good big images to choose from (that’s why we commissioned a fresh cover), so some jiggery-pockery was needed to produce a page 2 (in my mind the second most important image needed after the cover, third being the main image on page 10 Amazing Secrets).

So I came across an old black and white pic from issue 7 of FOOM magazine (by Dave Cockrum).

Did the best I could colouring it up using my basic skills.

Then I thought “what if he was ripping through the page?”
Found this image from Essential Avengers. Perfect.

 Although it took some cloning and redrawing to get a full ‘rip’ image.

Cobbled together some Swordsman related panels as the backdrop. (I also economically re-used this throughout magazine as backgrounds).

  Took the word balloon from Swordy’s first appearance Avengers 19 (I also used the Kirby drawn figure on page 10-11).

Designed a simple logo.
 Fit all the pieces together (bust him over the text for full effect!) and you have an effective page 2 for your magazine.

Or you could let the professionals have a go...


Final Shaman cover art courtesy of Andie Tong

Final design WBN

Final design Vance Astro

Trapster Final design

Made the logo from this recent Deadpool cover. I think you'll agree it's gooey stuff.


Thanks for the forum poll and all your comments on who should be the final special.

Again I must re-iterate, EM management will make the final decision.

We haven’t come to decision yet, but we are narrowing the field down, I will reveal the final player in the game as soon as I know for sure.


Hey Stan’s a collector too!...


Kal Brindle said...

Great work on the Swordsman mag Dan, and thanks for the final covers.

Can't wait to hear who gets the coveted last spot - though I'd still be happier with another extension.

LAWay said...

I think Stan would be the first person to demand a CMFC special of himself! ^_^

Lovely update, really enjoyed the process of Swordsman, very creative and a fantastic end result. Very inspiring to try a drawing with something like that myself now.

Good to see Andie Tong really producing the goods and with that Shaman cover, looks superb. That guy is immense. I have bought artwork from him before and he never fails to impress. Give him more work.

Any news of figurine pictures? Who are we waiting for now, I forget.

(going you think Stan actually bought those figurines or blagged them?)

SinisterVenom said...

Nice update Dan, and the process of making Swordman's magazine was cool too, thanks for sharing!
Loving the latest set of covers. Shaman is easily my favourite of them, love Trapster's one too. Vance Astro and Werewolf By Night are also nice.
Still nothing on Hela yet? What's happening with her then?

PS Which magazine series and issue is that Deadpool cover from?

fredpostman said...

Thanks for the update Dan;loved the Swordsman cover;he was always one of my faves.
LOCKJAW or Skurge please.
Another extension would be the dogs b*****ks!

Jacadoo said...

You've got to love Stan the man lee, not only is he creative but he has taste as well.

Last special has to be the man himself, perhaps even a double pack with Kirby!!!!!!!

Dan The Man said...

Stan Lee is actually on our mailing list. So I suppose he blags them!

Hela is still in development hell (geddit?), Pete Hutchins is still slaving away on perfecting her - it's taking so long we may have to make her issue 201!!!! (joke).

That Deadpool issue is #57 of the latest series (not sure what volume, but it has a 2012 date).

Don't want to tease with who may or may not be getting the special spot, so i'll have to pass on that particular question.

CGJ said...

Stan probably gets one of everything as part of his deal. A bit like Mark Hammill did with the Star Wars toys.

Subby pack came today but still no Terrax, anybody had one yet?

Thor8 said...
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Thor8 said...

Loved the update Dan,especially The Swordsman's mag page two step by step development. Seeing the black and white drawing of Swordsman and Mantis makes me want a Mantis figurine even more. Boy do I hope that the extra special that was approved sells stupendously that EM might have second thoughts of approving another extension.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Very nice job with Swordsman, Dan.
I love the character and I can't wait to get the mag & figurine.
The Shaman cover is sublime. An inspired use of New Age/mystical style to depict the character's powers.

Is there any news on the front of a possible new Marvel figurine collection? I hope Stan Lee has been demanding that EM resume the awesome exploration of the Marvel Universe that you've carried out so beautifully until now.

John said...

How beautiful is that Shaman image, huh?

I'm still crossing my fingers for Rocket and Groot. I'd also happily take Lockjaw, but I want my Guardians more. :D

Didn't Marvel just announce even more news on how big this team is going to be coming up? ;)

LAWay said...

Hey, Stan Lee has lots of money, let's write to him to save the collection! Tell him there's a figurine of him in it if he helps out.

Judging by some stuff he has done post marvel, seems like he'll do anything. :)

tinodragon14 said...

Another great job with the Swordsman Dan... Kudos.

Love the covers for Shaman, WBN & Trapster. Great work by all. Makes me wonder what the covers for Whirlwind, Attuma, The Cobra & Mr. Hyde, Stilt-Man, Molten Man, Baron Mordo, Tombstone, The Jackal, Blastaar, DRAGONMAN, Mastermind, The High Evolutionary, Jack O'lantern, Titanium Man, Archangel, Mantis, Marrina, The Grey Gargoyle, Hogun, Fandral, Volstagg, Sunspot, Dust, Quicksand, Princess Python, Ringmaster, Mr. Fear, The Destroyer, The Living Monolith, Mesmero, The Living Laser, The Melter, The Unicorn, Star-Hawk, Yondu, Diablo, The Red Ghost, Nightmare, Scarecrow, Puma, The Mad Thinker, Molecule Man, Immortus, etc. would look like in the hands of Dan & the talented artists.

As for the special I will buy a figure of
Skurge the Executioner
The Destroyer
but not
strong guy
the tree & raccoon

jimbob said...

Special poll update

Archangel 18
Destroyer 20
Groot and Rocket Raccoon 32
Lockjaw 52
Skurge 34
Strong Guy 42

Total votes : 198

Thor8 said...

Okay Dan,you state that the final decision hasn't been made yet,but that you have narrowed it down some. So can you tell us which characters has been eliminated so far?

LAWay said...

is that like an extra 5-10 more votes that haven't changed the poll in the slightest, just like it hasn't done for the past 2 weeks?

Thanks for the update.

Tell the forum to change the poll or stop with the updates, its tedious. We get it.

Thor8, missed your chance to use the 'birthday' card to get Dan to tell you some CMFC secrets like that. We'll never find out.

Very interesting with Hela though. Budget being stretched with that figurine. Any particular reason why it has to be so perfect? Any more pressure than usual, or reason why it isn't working?

max_0888 said...

Thanks a lot for that Dan! I really love the Shaman cover nice job. Can't wait to see what picture you will use for Gamora.

Nice work on Swordsman. Just makes me want Mantis even more though...

As for specials, Strong guy is my fave, but the more I think about it the more I'll be happy with
It would make a fantastic special! Plus, it's two characters
And with the concept art of the movie Guardians of Galaxy out, I would really miss not having both in my collection.

Don't you guys think it look awesome? I'm so hyped about the GOTG movie. They chose my 5 fav GOTG character. I'm so happy Gamora will be on the big screen. I really hope it will be a big success. Rocket and Groot on the big screen are going to rock! :)

John said...

I don't know if they've finalized or at least revealed which characters will be in the movie. I've heard them list off various people (including Mantis and I think Bug) so we'll have to wait and see.

The ones confirmed though, Kevin Feige has been hyping the movie specifically talking about ROCKET RACCOON and GROOT. Plus Star-Lord is mentioned more than others, and as the leader, that seems to be a given. I think these 3 are the only sure bets.

If we're going by the promo art, I strongly doubt that'll be the final look of the characters, and that's another reason I doubt it'll be the final choices to begin with. ...I do really hope Gamora is in it though...

So ROCKET and GROOT will be in a major budget movie.

ROCKET and GROOT have had their own back-ups beside the Annihilators.

Marvel Now! is giving a huge push to ROCKET and Cosmics in general.

ROCKET RACCOON was playable in Marvel vs Capcom and is thus very recognizable to casual buyers.

ROCKET and GROOT gets us 2 characters for 1.

These guys or Lockjaw would help fill out our Cosmics, whose fans saw little love over the course of the collection (no fault to EM, they were just filled with more B-characters.)

Speaking of recognizability amoung casual buyers, ROCKET and GROOT were a memorable part of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, in an episode that people talk about all the time.

ROCKET and GROOT are the fan favorites of a fan favorite team, and a team that BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS will be picking up shortly. I don't like Bendis's work, BUT, he does bring the readers, thus brings MORE recognizability to the characters.

tinodragon14 said...

Two characters I'm not interested in buying together as one is still zero to me since I will not buy it.

The last comic report I saw revealed the new GOTG was not a big sales hit for Marvel.

Doing SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER as the last special is one great figure as opposed to two so-so ones being stuck together.

SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER is suppose to be one of the villains in the next Thor movie which will come out before any GOTG movie so he should be done instead.

SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER goes next to Amora the Enchantress & expands the Asgardians.

SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER is a classic Marvel villain as opposed to the tree who appeared briefly in 1960 in Tales to Astonish & then in the Hulk only to disappear until 2007 & the raccoon who had a four-issue run in 1985 & a single issue of Hulk & three issues of She-Hulk before vanishing into obscurity until 2007. Neither the tree nor the raccoon are worthy of a special before SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER or Lockjaw or Archangel or The Destroyer for that matter.

LarryS said...

When Dan announced 'Special News' in his last 5 July blog, he said we'd all need to wait for EM management to 'make their choice(s)'.

I hope Dan and the team don't forget that highly significant '(s)'. He left the door open to more than one Specail.

PSo, I hope EM is preparing to announce Groot / Rocket AND Strong Guy AND Skurge AND big dog

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

The collection must go on!

John said...

Tino, you make me very sad. Not because we disagree on what should be made, but because you tear down my characters as examples for why your's should be made. Sorry, you're just mean-spirited.

tinodragon14 said...

Tear down... mean-spirited... really John

I simply made my defense of why SKURGE should be the choice after you made the defense for why the tree & raccoon should be chosen. I see no reason why the short history of both the tree & raccoon can compare to SKURGE or Lockjaw or Archangel. If the collection was ongoing then doing the tree & raccoon down the line would not bother me though I think they would be better separate as I think the tree would overwhelm the raccoon because of size but since the end is near I will stand with the classic villain SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER. And I'm sure you are aware that my top choices are not even in the running i.e. Titanium Man & DRAGONMAN with SKURGE coming in third so at least you have a top choice in this group as you have talked about the tree & raccoon quite a bit just as I brought up Whirlwind as a regular figure or how about my supporting Stegron which evoked quite a bit of disdain from others on the blog.
Of course in the end no one at EM will pay any attention to what I wrote John so your pair is just as much in the running as Skurge whether I like it or not. So be happy.

Lars Nielsen said...

Just a thought and perhaps I missed it somewhere along the blog, but has anyone actually seen anything official from EM saying that the collection has been canned? The only place I have managed to find any mention of it is on various blogs and forums.

Blog Master Dan said...

Yes Lars the CLASSIC MARVEL FIGURINE COLLECTION will not be extended another 20 issues. (I think canned is a rather negative term for a collection that was only supposed to run 60 issues!). It's been one of the most successful partworks EM has ever published, so it's a shame but not a shock that it's coming to an end.

Robert said...

"Stan blagged the figurines"??!

I think, after being the driving force behind Marvel Comics and, by extension, this very collection, the least we can do is give him a little lead figurine or two.

Honestly, some folk on here make me cringe.

BobDiamond said...

Got my 2 subby-packs yesterday, which seemed incredibly quick after the last batch- couldn't have been more than a couple of weeks ago...Expensive round too, with 6 figs, 2 being Specials!!

Terrax is an excellent addition- only slight problem is where he puts that axe of his when he's displayed on my increasingly short-of -space display cabinets! looks like it's appearing out of Thanos's arse at the moment- will have to sort that later...
JJJ is a bizarre choice, but he's an OK fig, and Seb Shaw is a welcome addition to old-school X-Men villains.
For once the Marvel Figs were FAR more impressive than the DC ones this time....Vixen is as dull as Crystal- saying a lot; Giganta (Special) is OK, but is just an over-sized cave-girl in an uninspiring pose (they really could've done so much more with this one..);the best of the lot is a guy I know hardly anything about called Metallo- who has a jarringly colourful costume- but at least he stands out.

Dan- I was most impressed with the run-down of the Swordsman Mag image-making. But I totally agree with Thor8- seeing Mantis next to him makes me realise that my Avengers display just wont feel complete without her!


LAWay said...

Come on Robert, that was a joke.
But Stan the man does have the gift of the gab and could blag anything if he wanted.

I didnt realize it was Mantis next to Swordsman. Again, never featured in a comic I have read, unless she did in one panel in the background which doesn't count.

Robert said...

Okay, Leigh, I retract my comment then.

However, we can now add Mantis to the lengthy list of characters you seem to know nothing about.

It does make me curious: what comicbooks HAVE you read? Anything from the Silver or Bronze Ages, for instance?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Dan, could you possibly throw us a few hints if there are any news of a possible new Marvel figurine collection? Is it a YES MAYBE or a DEFINITELY NOT kinda thing?

LAWay said...


I actually havent read much, or any golden or silver age comics. I started reading in the 90s. I didn't go back and hunt down and collect comics. I am not a comic collector, everything old is often way over priced and when I have no relation to that era, have no real idea about what story features in which comic, and generally find the art and writing of those old titles rather dull, they just don't interest me.

The earliest comics I probably have are from the 80s. In the 90s I fed off purely the UK run of Spider-Man and X-Men as those were the 2 titles my brother used to buy during school. In the 2000s I stepped things up and was going through loads of different titles, spiderman, fantastic 4, daredevil, iron man, captain america, ms marvel, x men, all the different types of avengers, thor, all the ultimate comics, I pretty much got as much as I could at that time after discovering actual comic shops selling actual comics and I had actual money.

Post 2010 I havent read much and rely on graphic novel collections. Comics are too expensive on my budget to get as much as I used to, or as much as I want, so I wait until the big stories come by in collections.

So these characters that I dont know much about haven't appeared in these comics that I have read since the 90s. Dunno how often you read comics nowadays and how often you see these characters appearing, maybe we are just reading different things.

Additionally a lot of my marvel knowledge comes from other media like games, cartoons, toys, cards etc. Those things I collect, and still...these characters havent appeared. Or if they have, its a pretty minor role.

Hope that answers your question Robert. :)

The Mad Thinker said...

There's no issue number on the cover of the Vance Astro magazine.

Love the step by step guides , keep 'em coming Danny boy !!

The Mad Thinker said...

So successful that even though we've all been craving more more more , some turd brain decided to kill the collection !!

Robert said...

Just read your post, Leigh.

I think I have to sit down.

Question 1: You haven't read The Galactus Trilogy or any classic Lee-Kirby FF?!! Or Ditko Spidey? Etc.?

Question 2: You think Silver Age comicbooks are "dull"?!! Not sure anyone else in the history of man has ever described Jack Kirby as "dull".

I'm off for a lie down. Either you need a shrink or I do. Maybe both.

Wheh! I feel like I've taken a serious blow to the head.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Art by Jack Kirby,John Romita,John Buscema,George Perez,Neal Adams,DULL??? You have got to be kidding!

What about stories like The Kree/Skrull War,The Galactus Triology,This Man This Monster,The Death of Captain Marvel,and so many,many others!!!

Bagman said...

Have to agree with Robert and Thor8
never heard of Kirby being called
"dull". Look at some of his later work in the Eternals series.
How about the work of Barry Windsor-Smith on the early Conan books, surely that can't be called dull?

John said...

I'm in the exact same boat as Leigh on everything except which titles we collected.

And I use to call him my evil twin! lol

mgf said...

"Silver Age is dull."

Words of wisdom from the generation who prefer Take That to the Beatles and The Only Way Is Essex to I, Claudius.

Robert said...

It slightly worries me that if the "youngsters" on here have no liking for Kirby et al that eventually, when us oldies die out, the classic stuff might fall out of print due to lack of demand/ interest. And of course if it falls out of print you're stuck in a vicious cycle and even the folk who are willing to read it probably can't.

I mean, some of us have been talking about the great Silver and Bronze Age stuff on here for years and still many CMFC collectors feel no inclination to read any. How bad will it be when there's no one of our generation to even tell them about it?

And, sorry, Leigh, I have to snort with a mixture of derision and sadness when you talk about your knowledge of Marvel coming from games and toys. I know what you mean, you are really referring to characters rather than stories. But, honestly, those media don't count. It's the plots, characterisation, dialogue and art that made these comics great and that's all missing from those other forms of entertainment.

I don't mind being old - better than the alternative of dying young, I guess - but I dislike feeling very, VERY old, which is how I feel now. A bit depressed, too.

As for mgf, again your post was one I wish I'd written myself. Three years ago, my neighbour's eleven-year-old wrote a piece for school about her role model, Jordan/ Katie Price! When I was eleven, my role model was Sir David Attenborough. Mgf, I'd like to add one more thing to your comparison, if I may. Let us not forget the popularity of rap "music" as an example of how the younger generation have lost their marbles.

BobDiamond said...

I don't think you should be so hard on Leigh just because his personal reference points are a couple of decades from ours. Personally I love the IDEA of the Golden Age of Marvel, but to seriously sit down and read some of the stuff from the 40's and 50's is HARD work!
We all have our own 'Golden Age'..usually within a few years of when we discovered the medium for ourselves. For me I think of the Avengers as Vision, Yellowjacket, Clint Barton as Goliath, Black Knight etc. drawn by the likes of Sal and John Buscema, Don Heck and dare I say it Robert, the late, great Gene Colan. I then went on to discover the (slightly)earlier stuff by Stan and Kirby and absolutely loved it! But that's a world of difference compared to someone brought up in the 90s!

I am still first and foremost a comic collector- now in my 48th year, I still get a buzz from my weakly visit to my LCS (lucky to have one in this day and age..)and all I've got to say is that there's been amazing stuff written and drawn throughout that time and an awful lot of s**t too, but then that's the case of any medium.

One thing we can't do however is to make everyone see the world through our own eyes- now that would be 'dull'.


Wanksock said...

Much better new comics of this day 60's nice for olderly people . Do you prefer still to driver Ford Cortina? It from 60's so is better no?
Dog from stupid FF story 50 years is stupid end

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said...

My report was on Dr. Seuss. :D

As a huge Spider-Man fan, I bought the Essentials, as they are essential and I needed to know where the characters came from. I got around issue 10 before I had to stop. I couldn't do it.

Now I highly respect the architects of the MU, the vision of Stan the Man, the style of Jack Kirby (and the man had style.) But I just don't like the overall writing, story structure, art, etc of anything pre-80's. Honestly, if its before 1995 (besides Watchmen) I will completely skip over it.

I just want to make sure its known however, how much I RESPECT the early foundation and designs. I look at Psycho-Man or Galactus in their design and I just think, "Genius."

But to echo Leigh again, I learned who the X-Men and Spidey characters were from the 90's cartoons, and I've only ever seen some others you guys mention ALL the time through Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Blog Master Dan said...

HOWEVER people get into Marvel, it can only be a good thing, be it through the comics or other media - it shows the universal appeal of such characters. I have been lucky enough working on Marvel related projects over the years to have read nearly every Marvel era, but I can see how someone being of a youthful age and getting into comics recently (last 20 years?) how you couldn't possibly know every character.

BobDiamond said...

Can't believe I spelt 'weekly' as 'weakly'...must be that age-thing again...
Now..Wanksock, Wanksock, Wanksock...your post sounded familiar..hmmm, it couldn't be Uncle Ted under one of his many guises, could it???

BD Investigations

CGJ said...

He's called 'wanksock'. I doubt it's Stan the Man pushing for an extension

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Yes, there's nothing wrong in discovering Marvel characters via computer games and merchandise. Anything that acts as a portal to the Marvel Universe is great.

In the best possible scenario, the discovery of the MU outside of comics is usually also followed by passionate research into the comics, driven by a desire to discover the many other awesome characters that exist in the MU.

A bit like when someone discovers a song by, say, Radiohead in an ad for a Nokia handset, and it makes you want to find the entire backlog of the band and discover as many of their songs as possible.

LAWay said...

I think the cartoons, games and films are valid mediums and stories for new marvel fans to be brought in, and with most of their stories adapted from famous comic storylines, it then makes the fans seek out those comics and stories, and then its down to personal taste whether its done better or not.

Like John said, I respect every creator that has laid the foundations to make Marvel as brilliant as it is, and I probably used the wrong choice of words to describe the artwork, but again to reiterate John, the old comics are a tough read. Whether they are just too cheesy, or the way they are structured, its a different era.

And probably what irks me most about most old comic art is the colouring is so basic and sometimes garish that it kills the drawings. You also didn't get as much grand scale, epic imagery, panel space seemed more limited to cram in story that was also explained in the bubbles. It also didnt help that everyone just copied that sort of style in that era.

haha but dont throw me into the youth of today in liking all that TOWIE nonsense, I am still old enough to be cynical and have rants at people younger than me who I think like weird things.

Showing your age complaining about rap music those, its all dub-step now, grandpas. :P

Robert said...

"You also didn't get as much grand scale, epic imagery..."

AGAIN you make some judgement that is so screamingly wrong it's painful. You've already admitted you don't read Silver AGe comics but you still continue to condemn it. Kirby is the very definition of grand scale and epic stories.

Thank Stan I have zero idea what the hell dub-step is and, with luck, I will never have to find out.

LAWay said...

Well maybe to put it better, most modern artists draw more realistic and detailed, so they look more cinematic, and to me that is grander and more epic.

I may not have read much old comics, but I have flicked through them, seen images online, in other books going through history etc etc. Mainly the reason I haven't bought them when I have the chance to is I flick through and nothing grabs me.

Its all just personal taste though. Maybe I just need educating of some great Kirby stories or artwork, I am just saying from what I have seen. You may like Kirby over the likes of McNiven, Hitch, Ross, while I like those guys.

LAWay said...

To get you more mad, I think Will Eisner is overrated. I was going to buy a Spirit book when they were everywhere during the time of that awful movie. I flicked through it and just didnt like the look of it. They may be great stories, and perhaps that makes the art better, but it wasn't for me.

Robert said...

I actually like those artists you mentioned a lot, Leigh.

Robert said...

Not familiar enough with Eisner to have an opinion. However, the fact that lots of great artists repeatedly name him as an influence and innovator does incline one to think that his work is pretty special.

John said...

I forgot to mention, they relaunched the Specials poll on the forum, eliminating the bottom 2 contenders (Archangel and Destroyer) and letting people vote for everyone they'd want. It should now clearly show who would sell vs... whatever it shows giving your opinion of a single character.

Lars Nielsen said...

Sorry Dan, didnt mean any offence by the word canned. Wishing for some glimmer of hope that the collection might be extended past the special that we are voting for. I guess the one consolation is that being in South Africa I only just recently received issue 163-164 so I have over a year left of receiving these awesome figures before they end. It started out seeing the tv ad 7 years ago and thinking "those look cool, I should get them" to now having half of one of the rooms in my home dedicated to marvel. The CMFC has rekindled my childhood interest in super heroes and comics, so I am very sad that it is at an end. Congratulations on a superb collection and thank you for all your efforts

Wanksock said...

BryN Hiych and Jack Kirby have one thing in common neither of them were good at drawing Spiderman. Have a butchersalook at Ultimates 2 #13 marvel at the rap round cover see Spider man swing with dislocated right leg .I thinking Old Marvel artist was called Heck cause in those dYs you could no be saying shit

LarryS said...

Canned is a reasonable word to use given EM's complete lack of commercial imagination or business acumen when it comes to options for keeping to collection alive. I don't have the energy to recite the many common sense suggestions we've all made, ignored by EM .. But I've counted at least a dozen

In fact, the word 'canned' is quite polite in the circumstances.

John said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said...

In the new poll, you're allowed to vote for any of the 4 that you'd want to be made. Some would want all of them, so they've voted for all 4. Others Reeeally want Strong Guy or Skurge over all the others and only voted for that 1 or 2. This shows what will sell to the highest number of collectors, and should eliminate 'Marmite-type votes.' Here's the results so far.

Groot and Rocket Raccoon
(RR on Groot's shoulder) 35% [ 55 ]

Lockjaw 24% [ 37 ]

Skurge 22% [ 34 ]

Strong Guy 19% [ 29 ]

Total votes : 155

Robert said...

We'll never know, but it would be interesting to know what percentage 55, or even 155, is of the total number of figures sold on average.

I was reading an article the other day - I think it was by Gail Simone - and she was saying that comment trends on internet forums are diametrically opposed to actual sales figures. Something like AvX is hit by a wave of aggressive criticism and, guess what, it sells like the proverbial hotcakes.

And, no, I haven't missed the point that I am also part of that unrepresentative but noisy minority.

John said...

It doesn't matter if you like something or not. If you buy it, they have your money.

I hated when Norman Osborne took over the Thunderbolts. I didn't care for the character selection, the tone, the team mandate... I stuck it out because I knew it wouldn't last and I had to follow Songbird.

I didn't like Fear Itself, but I bought the trade, and its not like you read it THEN pay for it.

A lot of people went to see Avatar because everyone else was talking about it. Maybe you were told to try a restaurant at least once. A lot of my students will buy something because all their friends have it... if they really care about it or not.

Fans and Comic Writers need to understand that cross-overs affect most of the MU, so of course people will be curious as to what's happening and want to read up on it. The more characters are involved, the greater the chances YOUR favorite character is involved. Maybe you read a cross-over because you want to see where the universe is heading (Registration Act, no more mutants, Avengers break up) or you're following a series you hate because you simply love the character (JMS on Spidey.) It doesn't mean its any good, but what sells will continue to be produced.

On the flip side, its much easier to complain about something than praise it. We tend to feel that what's liked can go unsaid. We don't talk much about what a great sculpt Fin Fang Foom is, just that it kept breaking on shipping.

I hope that helps give a couple new perspectives.

LAWay said...

What a pointless poll.
So they scrap 2 characters because they were the lowest rated (considerably I must admit), but then change the format to vote for as many as you want.

Its like they have said "Now we have got those 2 out the way because I dont really want them, vote however you want, I really dont care."

It doesnt give a good indication of what the average person had. There is no indication of how many people are actually voting in that poll.

Example. It says 155 votes. RR & Groot have 55 votes. Theoretically, there may only be 55 people who have voted, and they also voted to have a few other characters. While RR & Groot is in the lead, the stat would read that 100% of people want them.

Of course we dont know this or how many people have voted because of this flawed system.

Realistically, given the choice of them all being available, everyone should vote for them all because they all bloody moan about the collection ending when so many characters haven't been included. Hypocrites.

jimbob said...

EM needs to pick Lockjaw, complete the INHUMANS.

Don't leave another team incomplete in the collection.

LAWay said...


by that theory they should pick strong guy to complete x-factor, an actual team.

So either way a team wont be completed, so either way it shouldn't matter who is picked.

fredpostman said...
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TheTooN said...

I couldnt help myself and subscribed.

Still wish we could have more CMFC too :(

SinisterVenom said...

It loks like EM are taking a little notice of our ideas for a slight price increase. Bought the Sebastian Shaw issue today (which is a fine figurine I can tell you) and the leaflet for Mojo was in there. I've only recently bought Terrax! Anyway, he's priced at £20.99 and unless I'm mistaken, that makes him the most expensive figurine so far!

Right, off I go to celebrate the remainder of another fantastic birthday! Hey Dan, as a bday prezzie how about you make a few calls here and there and get Hela's sculptor to finish her soon, I'm really looking forward to seeing her! ;)

mgf said...

The poll has mutated? Is this true?

A complete and utter joke.

Just choose Strong Guy. He's the one EM want. Why prolong the ag... tedium?

Robert said...

Maybe it's time for a Bob-style game?

Who do you want and who do you think we'll get?

Who do I want?: Lockjaw
Who do I think we'll Get?: Strong Guy (cause it's X-related)

Thor8: Can I ask you a big favour, amigo? You have a full set of Thor, right? Would it be possible for you to check the letters pages of Thor #'s 136, 137, 138, 159, 160, 161 and 164 for any comments about the Recorder, either by fans or editor? My earliest Thor is #165, so I'm not able to do this myself. Anything you can do would be great. Particularly cusious to see is anyone is drawing a parallel with Mr Spock from Star Trek... Thanks.

jimbob said...

The problem with the X-Factor group is the costumes don't match.

That's why I give Lockjaw the edge.

INHUMANS would look the best team with LOCKJAW special.

John said...

The administrators on the forum are doing what they can to listen to what people say. People have asked for the bottom contender to be dropped (because people have pointed out Destroyer and Skurge split votes) and because it was obvious they weren't going to win anyway, their votes were so low.

Then others (like myself) pointed out the flaws of the original poll, so they changed it.

And people still complain. Its just for fun, anyway, and may be used for minor market research. The differences in the polls would be clear to EM reading it, so its not like there's some agenda. If anyone from EM would take this into account anyway, it would probably be Dan, who has followed all of this and knows the ends and outs of the polls due to our constant complaining.

Though as Robert points out, if the results were sent to EM, the forum administrators should also include the total number of VOTERS, not just votes, to show the true percentages of desire for characters.

Thor8 said...

I'll look into it as soon as I can Robert and will relay whatever info I can dig up.

Robert said...

Cheers, Thor. I owe you one.

LAWay said...

Forgot to mention I recently received Sif and Domino in my subscription pack and think they look great. Sif in particular is a great sculpt.

Terrax came included. He looks good, but feel the tweaks I made on him would have made him look so much better. I think it would have been better if the colours were less saturated on him too. But he is decent anyway.

Oh, did you guys read that Marvel are pulling out of promoting Thanos in a mini series because the person who created him is sueing Marvel with how they are using him. Nothing to do with the talk of him being featured in their next feature film hot off the heels of a billion dollar grossing movie. No sir.

Jacadoo said...

Ad a look at the new eaglemoss star trek collection, although they look nice, I will give them a miss.

Really holding out for 2000ad or war hammer that in my humble opinion would be far superior.

On the comic art front I prefer the computer produced images now used to the silver age pen and ink (sorry), but the stories..... There is no comparison with the current efforts being a distant and poor second.

On the last special, I have a theory I think EM are preparing a stand out (as I hoped), the forum poll I would take on face value, I certainly do not want a big dog to close out.

So come on EM take my marvel collection if you have to, but give me 2000ad to spend my money on!!!!!!!

Robert said...

"Oh, did you guys read that Marvel are pulling out of promoting Thanos in a mini series because the person who created him is sueing Marvel with how they are using him?"

Don't want the facts getting in the way of a good story or anything, Leigh, but there's three large problems with that statement.

1. At this point it's only a RUMOUR that Starlin is suing Marvel.

2. It's also a RUMOUR that Marvel cancelled the Thanos mini because of this rumoured lawsuit.

3. Even assuming that Starlin is suing, which we don't know, Marvel have legal precedent on their side. The likes of Mike Friedrich have lost out in court battles with Marvel and in all likelihood so would Starlin. I doubt very much that this would prevent Marvel from releasing a mini featuring that character as they used GH during the Friedrich court case.

Guys, there's more information over on the CBR Comics website if you really want to read an accurate account of what's going on.

And, Leigh, this is how silly rumours start...

Skif said...

great covers for the last numbers.

Hey Dan, what is that boxcase under quicksilver's box in the picture with Stan Lee and the figurines?

LAWay said...

Sorry for not having the full facts, I just commented on what I read a while ago.

Robert said...

Starlin made his original comments back in May and there's been no legal action since, Leigh. An article appeared on the CBR Comics website on Friday, announcing the cancellation of Thanos: Son of Titan. The writer of the article threw both the cancellation and the quotation together in a highly speculative and basically groundless attempt to hint that they were connected. They may be, but we have no proof as yet that they are.

LAWay said...

Well the internet has spun me into its deceptive web and I shamefully became entangled.

Luckily there are paragons of justice like yourself to set the record straight.

Thor8 said...

Robert: Checked the letters page,Stan's Soapbox and the Bullpen Bulletins of each of the Thor comics you mentioned but the only one to mention The Recordor was a fan in issue #159 stating that he actually trembled when the Recorder exclaimed that Mangog had breached Asgar's defenses. Other than that no mention is made of him.

What exactly is it you are looking for,if you don't mind my asking,and why these issues in particular?

Wanksock said...

Regarding last special for this collection, I really really really really really hope it is £7.99
please Eagermoss fir your next series give us gongs & awards I would buy all . Little lead Oscar,Bafta,Emmy,Brits,palm D'ore ecetera. Make this fantasic head dream a psyical actuality.

Robert said...

You're an Asgardian prince amongst trolls, Thor8.

The letters pages I asked you to look at would contain any comments made on the original appearances of the Recorder. Some later letters pages (the 1970s) compare him to Mr Spock from Star Trek and I was very curious to discover if that link was made in the 1960s. Also anything else about him like positive comments would have been interesting. Funny that there's a number of calls for the character to be a regular feature in the '70s but not the '60s.

What's it for? I'm working on a definitive history and appearance list of the character. The Marvel Database, Handbooks and Chronology Project are all flawed; they confuse different Recorders, or omit appearances, or both. I've also managed to explain a few discrepancies that no one else has and I'm trying to resolve (or at least explain) some other confusing aspects. Just a pet project that I am tinkering with. Anything to dodge the DIY, you understand!

Thanks again, amigo. That was a great help, even if it didn't produce much.

Thor8 said...

Robert: I'l keep a look out for any info I can round up that I think can be of help to you. I'm rereading my Thor collection and I'm up to ish #293 so I'll just skim through any Recorder appearances I can find and check and see if the following letter pages to those apperances have any comments.

Now I'd like to ask Dan a few questions; Dan I was skimming through my CMFC mags and while looking at the list of characters shown in the intro mag,I notice that The Jackal(other than Aunt May) is the only character on this list that was not included in this collection was he intended to be made,but kept being postponed for a future extension until this collection came to a halt and he was left out,or was there another reason for his exclusion?

Who is the guy who appears in this mag? Is he a sculptor? If he is,what figurines did he sulpt in this collection?

Why weren't there any specials inclueded in the last extension?

Robert said...

The Recorder doesn't reappear in Thor's comic till #256, so you won't bump into him for a while, Thor8. You checked the issues I couldn't check so you're off the hook as far as looking in other comics. I appreciate you looking and anything I can do for you, just ask.

Thor8 said...

You mentioned that the earliest Thor comic you have is #165. If I'm not mistaken I believe I have a few doubles earlier than that. If I do and their in collectable shape,we might make arrangements to have them reach you if you'd like.

Would you believe the code word is URUctst

Blog Master Dan said...

Jackal was first on the list at issue 201, you know the rest...

The sculptor in question is Toby Whiting from Imagika. He did a lot of the first 20 issues including Spidey (most recently he did Werewolf By Night).

I will hopefully be able to reveal the final special later this week...


Robert said...

You're too kind, Thor8. Wouldn't dream of taking the doublers from you. Slap them on ebay and use the money to buy something you need.

It's offers like that that remind me that I'm gonna miss you when this blog goes. I recently joined the Walt Simonson Appreciation Society. Maybe I'll see you there?

Banshee said...

Shame Jackal just missed the cut but I can think of another 100 I'm also sad didn't make the collection. Can't wait to hear the Specials news. To be honest I'd take any of them, they all have the potential to look great!

LarryS said...

Jackal as number 201...


Oh dear

I just read the rest of Dan's post

.... Curses

tinodragon14 said...

Go ahead Dan do Jackal as 201 since he was included in that Spidey 1 issue ad of the characters to be in the collection. Tell the EM bosses he was advertised as part of the collection but has not been done yet. So you have to do him or be sued for False advertising Dan. HE HAS TO BE DONE OR ELSE!

Wanksock said...

yes Dan he is in my pull out from cmfc #1, once in Boots i picked up a tube of Anusol which be clearly mark at £1.84, lady beep it try charge 2.78. I say oi! oi!oi! what bloody go on here? Lady tell me , Anusol no longer on special offer, I show her price marked box , i tell her she must charge me this, Still she refuse, i tell her stick it up your ass, never been back a Boots

Thor8 said...

Yep,Definately! If I had any doubts that Wanksock is Ted,they are absolutely gone. Only one loco I know can post something like the previous comment.

TheTooN said...

Yeah that does sound like Ted ;)

Cant wait to hear who EM go with, hopefully Rocket/Groot or Skurge.

2000AD collection soon please EM

Word verification is "tedayhop"

Its a sign.....MUST be him ! I think I prefer the Scot to Jiminez or Wanksock but its nice to have a grin on my face whichever personality is winning atm :P

Wanksock said...

OOft! Domino sex look, she like my sexdream Charlene Spitteri from the Texas. Number one lady sculpt Beaglemoss.
JJJ old sexpest look very authentical.
Nice .
Goodbye CMFC......what cmfc mean anyway?.....prob Cast Models From Comics...yes i think so .

LAWay said...

With Dan letting slip that Jackal was going to be 201, surely there must have been talks about YOUR dream extensions in the office.

We see many dream lists from the fans, but would be great to know what we could have ended up seeing if you had your way.

Thor8 said...

For got to say thank you Dan in my last post,so thank you Dan for answering my inquiries. Sure is a shame we didn't get Jackal so that all of the characters in the intro mag would have been done (I don't really care for or count Aunt May).

Can't wait to see whom EM picks as the next special. (I like saying next and not final) If it's Skurge or The Destroyer I'll throw myself a little party. If it's Archangel or Lockjaw I'll be pretty pleased. If it's Strong Guy,I might manage a grin,and if it's Groot.....I'll probably cry.

Thor8 said...

LAWay is right about the dream list. I recall Dan mentioning back when we were first informed that there wasn't going to be another extension,that he was almost sure that we would be getting one,so most likely characters were already being considered for said extension. Might we be informed on just whom they were?

tinodragon14 said...

My dream 10 would be:

SPECIALS would be

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I've got Mojo, and wow it's a superb figurine. One of EM's true masterpieces! The character's representation is perfect, like he's come out of the comic book pages. And the production technique is at the highest standard, like a mini version of a Bowen piece. The packaging is also top quality, as the figurine comes in a polystyrene package inside
a strong cardboard box.

Here you can see the

An awesome figurine, a fantastic addition to the CMFC, imo.

Osvaldoeaf said...

It would be fun to know the list of characters that would've made it in if we had had a new extension!

Victor said...

BLAKENEWMAN2002: what are the measures of the base of the Mojo?

Thor8 said...

Blake I used to enjoy looking at your virtual gallery,now I hate it! Hate Hate Haaaaate! All those wonderful pictures of all those magnificant characters we could have had in our collections. It's sheer torture. Hate hate Haaaaaaate. (I know you know I'm just being synical)

tinodragon14 said...

Have to admit from Blake's pics of the mojo figure that it does look like the silly, creepy creature in the comic books. Those fans of this character have to be pleased with Dan & the gang's work & it only makes me hope SKURGE will be a special but also makes me wonder how great other figures I liked would have looked in the special category like DRAGONMAN & Titanium Man as well as Archangel, Destroyer, Lockjaw, etc.

tinodragon14 said...

Hey Blake I love your gallery. You cover so many diverse characters. Some I love, some I have forgotten & some I admittedly was unfamiliar with but I hope you have a way that I can still see it after this blog ends.

I think you did a good job showing how Lockjaw could be done as a figure. I notice you use Bowen busts for the top half of some figures & Bowen whole statues like Mystique for a few as well.

I like how you have The Unicorn in his more modern costume. He would have made a fine figure.

You have The Melter in his original costume. How about doing his costume when he was in the second Masters of Evil with Klaw, Radioactive Man & Whirlwind. I really regret not having Whirlwind & The Melter as figures.

You have Molten Man with flames but that look only occurred when he was burning up. Usually he is just all golden.

John said...

Dan, can you please post a list of the characters we most likely would have gotten. I think that would be really neat.

Jackal was one of the very first customs I asked for actually. As soon as it was confirmed the CMFC was done, I asked for him, Brother Voodoo, Phyla-Vell, Smythe and Jimmy Woo.

My fingers are crosses SO hard for Groot and Rocket... I think I'll cry too if they get picked. Crying with joy. :)

CGJ said...

Lots of people have been on here in the past criticising EM for poor character choices that have resulted in the downfall of the collection, looking at Blake's photo I can only agree.

Look at all the extra lengths EM have had to go to to package Mojo. Huge polystyrene box and what looks like a cardboard box to put it in.

Somebody somewhere should have stepped in and said it was too expensive, and for Mojo? Ugh.

TheTooN said...

Hats off to EM if they pull off delivery in one piece.

I cant stand Mojo, in the same way I cant stand MODOK, Arnim Zola and Strong Guy. Just too freaky looking for my tastes.

I'm going to wait until EM announce the final special before deciding on Mojo. If the last ones Strong Guy I wont have a 100% collection regardless so may as well skip this monstrosity too. Fingers crossed its Rocket/Groot or Skurge.

LAWay said...

I think EM are constantly under pressure to release big specials, and lets be honest, there aren't that many huge characters that are that widely known/have a great marvel history.

Mojo fits that mould. Whatever the production costs on boxing him are, I am sure EM have made profit on it. If they haven't, they probably make up costs with other figurines they have produced to cover it.

Surely showing the extra lengths they are willing to go to, to make sure we get an undamaged figurine should be applauded.

jimbob said...

EM should carry on doing specials like this!!!!!!!!!!!!

EM mini statues.

The Mad Thinker said...

I just spent £99 on figurines in forbidden planet , London.

I picked up :

Marvel Specials =

Terrax and Mojo

Marvel Regular Issues =


DC Regular Issues =

Golden age Green Lantern
Star Girl

Blackest Night / Brightest Day =

Saint Walker
Carol Ferris
Lyssa Drak