Thursday, 5 July 2012


Yippee! We have been given another special!

I have come up with a shortlist for the management to choose from.

They will be looking a price points (sizes) and overall saleability of the particular character, so we wait with anticipation their choice(s).

The 6 options we gave were:

Strong Guy
Groot & Rocket Raccoon (not a double pack - RR would be on his shoulder or something)

I looked at the forum polls as well as blog votes, also overall deserve-abiltiy and visual power.
I did want to maybe give the option of Red Hulk or Planet Hulk, but there seemed very little fan interest in those (although I would imagine they may sell well to the wider audience?)

I think this a good mix from which to choose from - EM management decision will be final (with a hopefully a little input from Rich and myself - I have my personal favs, but I'm glad it's not my final decision).

Thanks for all those still with us - there's life in the old dog yet.

'Variant' Covers

Every month Diamond Previews requests the latest covers for their catalogue, they work a good few months ahead of me, so as such I haven't always got a cover image ready to send them. So I do a mock-up cover featuring whatever artwork I can quickly get my hands on to create a realistic visual representation of the character. Here are some recent 'variants' that will only be used in Previews...

We had planned to commission new art for J.J.J., but hadn't got around to it by the time Previews wanted a cover, so I found this rather animated shot on google (later discovered it was from the Ultimate Spider-Man universe), Editor John Tomlinson kindly donated his signiture for the logo (which I later dumped for a font based logo).

Another one we were still to commission, eventually became the page 2 image. Actually makes a very fine cover...

Used the '80s handbook image for this one, with the cover to Avengers #19 for a background. Not bad but, not up to standards as a final cover. (note the 'the' was dropped on final logo). This pic of Swordy was eventually used on page 3.

Andie Tong will eventually do a fresh cover for Shaman, but for Previews I went with his figure sketch with a tundra background cribbed from Snowbird's issue. Again actually quite nice - but I'm sure Andie's new cover will be more dynamic and much bettererererer.

Hey, here it is...

We got Steven Butler to do the Terrax wraparound, but I threw together this cover in it's absence.

The final art wasn't ready for Tiger Shark so I did a quick colouring up of John Royle's sketch.
(NB. I didn't like my initial logo so went for some original comic book lettering on the final cover).

Hope your enjoyed this little trip through the inner workings of the CMFC.

 Th-th-th-the that's all f-f-folks!


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James Figueiredo said...

Oooh, Archangel would be SWEET!

jeanphy said...

Archangel my only choice !!!!!

Gremlin said...

Strong Guy

These three I would be really happy. Strong Guy would complete my X-Factor display and Groot/Rocket would do my GOTG. Plus with the GOTG film set in stone and with a release date I think these guys will be big news in the next few years.
Archangel wouyld look all kinds of badass.

Blog Master Dan said...

also Rocket Racoon looks like he'll be a big part of the Marvel NOW relaunch - so would be nice to end on the start of something new.

Gremlin said...


Hiperion said...

My choice would be one of the two Asgardian characters: Skurge or Destroyer.

buffduffdan said...

Please don't let it be Archangel. It's bad enough we're wasting 1 special slot on a re-do of Hank Pym, without using up another one.

I really hope we get Lockjaw. He's the most wanted from the fans going by our poll. It would be so awesome to finish off the Inhumans :) I do worry about the EM management going for a big dog though...

So my second choice would definitely be Skurge. All the Asgardians so far have been awesome and Enchantress could definitely do with her side-kick!

As for the others - Strong Guy would be nice for some but he's not somebody I'm personally interested in or would actually miss, Destroyer would look great but again not a character I consider to be an essential.

I'm all for Groot & RR though. Just to round off the GoTG and cosmic side of things.

So I guess 3 of them would make me happy and I'll take that 50/50 shot ;)

Marvel616Politics said...

Strong Guy please!!!!

Big Ben said...


Skif said...

definetely Groot & Rocket Raccoon

Juliano Rangel said...

Wow, I was extremely happy with this news.
To improve, you just need confirm a new extension.
All deserve a thumbnail, but my preferences are:
Strong Guy

LarryS said...

All except Archangel please

Big Ben said...


Big Ben said...


fredpostman said...

Give the dog a bone..LOCKJAW PLEASE(though would like 'em all please)

Osvaldoeaf said...

Strong Guy please!
Don't waste another slot with yet another redo!

jimbob said...


Bruno Nadal said...

Groot & Rocket Raccoon!!

Becquerel said...

Groot+RR for me, please. I would love Lockjaw and others, but I'm ACHING for Rocket Raccoon, and him together with Groot makes sense.

Sage said...

Archangel all the way!!!!!!!!!!

pirate adam said...

Skurge or Destroyer by a mile

Archangel and Stronggay are rubbish

Lockjaw at a push

Groot and the Racoon,not for me

max_0888 said...

Excellent news!! This makes me very happy.

My fave would be Strong guy cause I just love the character and would get the havok's 90's x-factor team completed! Plus having another member of x-factor investigation! I think he would make an excellent sculpt.

Next fave is Lockjaw. He is a must for the inhumans display.

And I would also love to have Rocket/Groot. Rocket is getting more and more important, and with a possible GOTG movie coming up, he's a must also. Both would look awesome as a special.

If it's one of those three id be absolutely thrilled.

(But id still be fine with the other 3 which is why i'm so happy of the list)

jimbob said...

Skurge or Destroyer???

What a tough choice!!

Skurge is set to be in the next Thor film and Destroyer has already been in the Thor film.

Isn't there anyway we can just have specials collection.

Banshee said...

Yes yes yes!!! I really hope Lockjaw gets the final slot. That would be amazing!!! However I am intrigued by the RR & Groot figurine, that could be interesting,

Would welcome Skurge or The Destroyer. If they were as good as the other Asgardian sculpts we'd be guaranteed a stand out figure.

StrongGuy is just a miss for me I'm afraid. I can understand why some people would like him but I'd be pretty disappointed if he got the nod.

I agree with other comments concerning Archangel. We already have two angels, a standard and a variant and I know he's very different but I'd love a fresh new character please :)

Thanks for your continued efforts on here Dan! Sterling job as always! Any chance you can tell us who you're particular fave from those 6 choices are?

Robert said...

1. Lockjaw
2. Skurge
3. Destroyer

Sorry, wouldn't buy any of the others. No interest in yet another X-character taking a special slot. I mean, come on, Dan, they are already ridiculously over-represented in the specials category.

Jacadoo said...

In order for me

Strong Guy

I only put lockjaw so far down the list as I want a visually striking character and sorry for me he just is not the character to close this collection with.

I would have loved to see what EM could have done with a World War Hulk and have to agree he would have sold BIG!!!!!!!

Any chance of going back with the begging bowl dan?

Miguel said...

Please, select Skurge!!!

TheTooN said...

Great news on the special. If its a success why not a couple more ?

In order of preference :-

Rocket and Groot
Strong Guy

It would feel odd having Rocket and Groot without Starlord but I would still buy them in a flash.

I'd love a new Hulk sculpt but only as I never cared for the one we got. Also love Planet Hulk based on his striking visuals.

I would buy either of those as standalones if offered.

I would probably buy Lockjaw and stick him out the way so really whats the point.

I wouldnt pay £15 for Guido if he was solid gold.

Tbagwell said...

Please not a big dog for final special! Had to finally follow the blog just to say that. Been collecting from the start with Amazing different types of characters but please not a giant dog, wouldnt it look funny?

Destroyer would be AMAZING!
Groot and Archangel would have to be my 2nd and 3rd choices tho :)

Sorry i know loads of you love the dog

CGJ said...

I think a Destroyer or Archangel fig would look the best but I would accept Lockjaw or Skurge as well.

Strong Guy and Groot would be getting sent back, which at this stage of the collection would be like running the marathon then tripping over your shoelace ten yards from the finish line, smashing all your front teeth out, breaking your nose and giving you amnesia so you get up and start running back the way you came.

Please don't make them.

CGJ said...

If Archangel were to get the nod, I would much rather a decent Hulk sculpt than another WW3 variant

Eagle said...

I see that, instead of choosing one figure, as Dan requested, some of the guys go into all sorts of considerations.

Wouldn't it be simpler if each one of us just chose one?

From my part, I would like Destroyer.

The Hood said...

Great news about getting one last special, it has to be Groot and Rocket Raccoon, they would make an incredible looking figurine and a great way to finish the collection.

Jimmydee said...

Lockjaw but with Luna? Then it wont just be a dog??
Otherwise archangel

deamon said...

Only Strong Guy.
Finish 90's X-Factor.
Please do it.

jimbob said...

Gutted, the only problem with having Destroyer and Skurge in the vote is that the Asgardian vote will be split!!!!Both will be sharing votes.

tinodragon14 said...

We don't get to choose guys. The powers that be will.

Thanks for including Dragonman & Titanium Man in the list er wait never mind.

I suspect Archangel would sell the best or Skurge.

With all the great looking special sized characters left you pick strong guy. The name makes me laugh & he looks even more silly. At this point since it is the last special I'm not interested completing teams I just want a great looking figure & sg is not it. I will not buy if he is picked.

A tree & a raccoon as the last special. I hope not. Could not buy this one either even if Marvel NOW or as I call it Marvel NOT has the raccoon out in front of the badly revamped Marvel characters. Thor & Cap look especially bad. Could Marvel/Disney work any harder to make me stop buying comics?

Roberto Hacktuhana said...


jimbob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jimbob said...

There is a poll up on the forum for the last special.

I'm torn between SKURGE and Lockjaw.

Skurge would look awesome like the other Asgardians and next to Enchantress. He is also classic Avengers villain as part of masters of evil. And we do need more villains.

Lockjaw would be for display purpose only for the Inhumans.

John said...

Well this is obvious, with Rocket Raccoon being my 3rd or 4th favorite comic book character!

Plus we'd be getting TWO characters instead of one!!! Its not a double pack, but it is still 2 characters! :D

I've seen customs done of all the others EXCEPT Groot. Groot is so visually striking, unique and detailed, there's no way to get a good custom of that, I'd think. This is the only way for my dream to come true (being the GotG fan that I am.)

Bendis is taking over GotG, by the way, Dan, and you know what an audience Bendis pulls. And yes, that means Rocket. And there's your Marvel Now.

But there's also this little thing going around about a GotG MOVIE!!! Capitalize on that shit! The Destroyer missed its chance with the Thor movie, and now Skurge seems a better option than Destroyer. Don't let Groot and Rocket get away too!

John said...

In any case, the one I would NOT buy is Archangel. Sorry to his fans. To me, we have him, and in his better look. To you, there's still hope as there are amazing custom artists.

1. Groot & Rocket Raccoon
2. Lockjaw

Robert said...

John, since you're on, someone told me that the Recorder appears in the Annihilators TP. Is that true? If so, what comic/s exactly? Do you know?

John said...

You mean the Annihilators comic that features Groot and Rocket Raccoon in their own backup story? ;)

I'm actually at my parents' house so I'll have to check when I get home. But I will. :D

SinisterVenom said...

Another special! That's fantastic news! I wonder who will get in?
My personal choices of the six would be, from most wanted to least wanted:

1. Groot and Rocket Raccoon
2. Skurge
3. Destroyer
4. Lockjaw
5. Archangel
6. Strong Guy

Still smiling here guys! :D

zombiedude13 said...

The only thing I would vote for is Groot and Rocket Racoon. I am completely uninterested in the others. I also think it sucks that we do have 2 Asgardians to choose from, thereby splitting the vote as has been mentioned, and the other is a revamp of a character we already have.

Strong guy is abominable to look at, and I have always thought that he was beyond ridiculous in appearance. No way that sells like any of the others. I know there are completists out there, but really. . . . .

Lockjaw is 2nd vote, but only because the other choices are crap. I would have loved a red Hulk or PLANET HULK (Yeah, I'm a hypocrite, and it seems my hypocrisy knows no bounds, but it's my preferences)

John said...

I was reading an interview with Tom Breevort about Marvel Now. He started going on about Rocket raccoon. :D

"In a month or so, people will start to get an understanding of what the Guardians' remit is, how they interact with the rest of the Marvel Universe, where they stand, and what they're like as characters and as people. That'll be fun, too. Those kinds of characters will cross-pollinate with as much ease — probably even with greater ease, in a sense — as the X-Men and the Avengers. These characters, they just haven't had titles [recently]. There's no reason why Nova, or Rocket, or Star-Lord couldn't be in the Avengers, and may not be in the Avengers. They're Marvel characters."

We might see more of him than we thought. Which is GREAT news for me! Great news for EM, too. If they wanted to capitalize on this free advertising and figure that basically sells itself.

Robert said...

Thanks, John. I remember seeing the Annihilation series at the time, but I had no idea who was in the Annihilators story/ stories, so I didn't know it featured those characters.

John said...

Robert, the book opens with a villain attacking a Rigilian ship. There's a Recorder robot on board but not in any kind of significant way.

The Annihilators, if you were curious, were the Cosmic heavy hitters banding together after GotG disbanded (teaming up again soon! Don't worry!) But the Annihilators were Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Silver Surfer, Gladiator, Ronan and a new Space Knight since Marvel can't use Rom. Its very heavily about Space Knights and Dire Wraiths, if you're into that storyline. I liked it.

There was a follow up mini series where the Universal Church of Truth had an Earth base. The Annihilators attacked it and the Avengers thought they were attacking Earth. You can imagine what happened. :D

Groot and Rocket Raccoon have their own adventures in both trades, but in a heavily stylized visual. Personally, I thought it cheapened the characters as they're played serious in the GotG books (which is why people love them) but then this reinforces any childish/cartoonish profile an outside reader would give them. The first one is great, the second story involves Mojo...

jimbob said...

Not interested in Groot!

We should have had StarlLord in the collection first.

Planet Hulk or Red Hulk would have been awesome!

Robert said...

You're a good man, John.

I wasn't one hundred per cent sure that the/ a Recorder was in the story and even if he was, I kind of assumed that he was just a background character. So, he's in #1 of a comicbook called Annihilators? (Just checking before I go off and buy it.)

Robert said...

Just had a look-se, John.

Is it "Annihilators" or "Annihilators: Earthfall" (both 2011)?


John said...

Flip through the pages, as he's just a bit in the first few. I wouldn't buy it if its just for Recorder. You should buy it because its a great story. :D Oh, Robert, and maybe you'd like Cosmo. He's one of my favorite new additions to the Cosmic superheroes. I'm actually having a custom figurine made of him as we speak.

Earthfall was the one where they fight, then team-up with the Avengers (on Earth.) You want to see regular old Annihilators #1.

And yes, it is a shame we didn't get Star-Lord. EM, please give us GotG fans SOME of our beloved characters! :D

TheTooN said...

Not read Annihilators yet so will have a look for that. I dont mind Cosmo as a comic book character but wouldnt have liked him in lead :P

Chuffed to see so much support for Rocket and Groot but they still taste a little marmitey judging by posts.

Check out these awesome Super Hero Squad GotG customs. I think they were made by Mutie Joe but its a few years back now so not sure.

Thor8 said...

MY vote will go to Skurge. I'd love a Destroyer special as well,but I picked Skurge because...

1) He's been around the longest,so he truly is a classic.

2) He belongs at Amora's (that's The Enchantress to you non Asgardians)side.

3) He's a member of the Masters Of Evil (A classic Marvel Group)

4) He adds to the Asgardian patheon.

Skurge is the special to pick.

Defective Chimp said...


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Dan, many thanks for the great news about another special.

Personally, I am still hoping to hear news about a rebooted CMFC to continue from where this collection is ending. There are still so many awesome, important Marvel characters left to cover. Do you have any info on EM's plans at this stage?

As for the special, I'm not sure why the shortlist includes those 6 and not also great characters like
Blastaar and Attuma. You only need to look at the Bowen busts to see how they could be amazing specials with the WOW factor which would result in huge sales. Or why not Warlock of New Mutants? He would be a truly unique, fantastic special.

Robert said...

Thanks, John, I appreciate that. I'm actually working on a definitive list of the character's appearances for a pet project.

Pretty sure I flipped through the Annihilation stuff when it first came out and was put off my how much everyone had changed. And then, having read the first part of the Thanos Imperative, and scalding those around me with the steam coming out my ears, I am not keen to buy or read them. But I will now.

Thanks again.

navaho said...

Skurge would be awesome, otherwise it'll have to be either Lockjaw or Destroyer. very little interest in the rest to be honest.

Great news BTW, thanks for pushing it Dan.


Thor8 said...

Personally I was very surprised to see Groot with RR on the short list. After all it was mentioned a while back that EM's big boys had placed a big no on RR and Howard The Duc.

I'd like to have Lockjaw in my display if this collection were to continue and he was done as a double pack with Maximus,akin to Zabu and Kazar.The same goes for Archangel.

Groot and Strong Guy I have no interest in what so ever.(not meant to be a put down to those who do want them),it' just that I feel (like Blake also mentioned) that more visually appealing and well known characters such as Attuma,Ulik,Blastaar,Dragon Man would seem like better sellers IMO.

Wonka_Milo said...

Wider audience! Red hulk all the way if possible!! If not strong guy to complete the 90's x-factor or Groot & RR!!

Thor8 said...

I just voted in the forum's poll just for fun. The top 3 so far are...

1) Strong Guy

2) Lockjaw

3) Skurge

An X-Character in first place in a forum poll. Now isn't that a big surprise?

Robert said...

Yeh, I got a real shock with that, Thor! Predictable, utterly predictable. I suppose deep down I would feel let down if they voted for something that wasn't X-based or even made sense.

Well, probably not, actually.

max_0888 said...

Now, if we get one out of Lockjaw, Strong Guy or Rocket Racoon/Groot, I would be absolutely thrilled. These three choices are so high on my wish list!!

I mean, c'mon, Rocket Raccoon on Groot's shoulder? It would be one of the most awesome special. I want to have that in my collection so much. One of the only reason i'm not choosing them is because Star-Lord isn't in this collection which is a big shame.

But at the same time, the big dog is a must for me too. He's my fave Inhuman after Crystal. So I cannot see my display complete without him.

At the end, since I have to choose only one, it would be Strong Guy though. Peter David is my fave writer ever. His run on X-factor in the 90's was so awesome. I've read it many many times and Guido was my fave in that team. Then, Peter David got to write Guido again in my fave title ever. Peter David's new run on X-factor is now at its 90th number and still going. Guido has been a part of the team since the beginning and a standout really. Some people doesn't like his look, but I really love it and think it would make a fantastic sculpt. Plus, having Strong guy towering over Madrox, Siryn, Wolfsbane, Longshot, Havok and Polaris is a must for me. The team needs its big muscle.

So I chose


, even if id be thrilled to have Lockjaw or Rocket Raccoon/Groot.

Can't wait to see who makes the cut. But really, I just want all 6 of them! It's a shame this collection is ending.

Blog Master Dan said...

the shortlist of 6 was derived from a bigger list of characters - but the EM powers wanted a more honed down list (originally 5) from which to decide from.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Which criteria have been used to choose the 6 characters then? MU area? Ease of production? Visual appeal? Team completion? It is not clear why those 6 characters have made it into the shortlist and not others that have equal levels of support and are just as famous and important.

Sire-bd said...

Thank you for last one H.s. But for me none of the proposed names do not suit to me, saddened.

I would love more Titanium Man or Super Adaptoid. Would be needed another vote to include them please.

TheTooN said...

I'd still like a Marmite poll.

Least Marmitiest wins and gives EM the smallest number of lost sales.

Customers win - EM win

Anonymous said...

Rocket and Groot. I don't really care about the rest.
Have something a little more fun than yet another X-Character.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

For those who want Groot with RR on his shoulder,I suggest that if he is not chosen you get a dry twig place a small racoon figurine on it glue a gun to one of it's paws and then just paint clothes onto both and... Whalaa! instant Groot & RR special! (Just kidding mates)

Victor said...

Wow, I was extremely happy with this news. To improve, you just need confirm a new extension... of SPECIALS?!!!
Since I have to choose only one, it would be Strong Guy though...

Strong Guy

Why not Warlock of New Mutants? He would be a truly unique, fantastic special.

Juliano Rangel said...

I've been thinking ... Groot and Rocket deserved a special. Except that I think should not come together. So why not a double-pack with them, thus closing the doubles-packs. It would be something similar to Puck and Sasquatch proportions. Does the direction of Englemoss not approve the idea?

With this, we would have more chance of having some more thumbnails. The Lockjaw would be as special and Groot and Rocket as double-pack. Perfect. How about?

mgf said...




BTW the last time Lockjaw won the forum poll it was decided to extend the deadline until such time as another character overtook him.

deamon said...

,,An X-Character in first place in a forum poll. Now isn't that a big surprise?"
If Dan makes poll here on the blog, Strong Guy would win here too.
Obvious choice, this character complete team.
SPECIAL is for someone strong -> Strong Guy.ebuser

captainfur said...

Strong Guy


Ethan Thane Athen said...

Lockjaw - I'd vote for him but agree with others he may not be the best choice for wider appeal.
Destroyer - Again, I'd be happy but I think he missed his movie tie-in.
Skurge - this is the winner, movie tie-in, classic character and will look great even to those who don't know him. Plus another villain at last.
(Arch)angel - do me a favour, I've already got two. Does boring old WW III really deserve 3 figs!!? Even with an upgrade so as well as flying he could fire sharp feathers - big deal!
Rocket Racoon & Groot - hmmm, intriguing but would suffer the same problems as Lockjaw plus, despite being virtually addicted to Marvel comics for 30 odd years they barely register on my consciousness.
Strong Guy - please god no. that would be a real test of the completist in me. Rubbish character from a rubbish era in comics. The only way this sculpt would look good would be if it bore no relation to the comic character! As for completing 90's X-Factor, hmm the 90's X-Factor that gave me that rubbish Havok figure that looks nothing like the classic character? Back of the cupboard for that one.

C'mon oldies, let's join together for Skurge rather than splitting the vote else them youngsters will get Strong Git...sorry, Strong Gut...sorry Strong Gay...ah, now I have it Strong Guy. Geez what a duff name...

LAWay said...

Great news for everyone, whatever character we get, we can't really complain about getting one more figurine now can we?

Well, we can be a little disappointed on the choice, but we can't say EM haven't tried to patch things up. :)

Some people may have missed the point that EM powers that be are choosing who will make the final spot, but I'm sure some feedback could influence a decision.

My order of preference is:

1. Archangel
2. Destroyer
3. Skurge
4. Groot & Rocket
5. Strong Guy
6. Lockjaw

I think Archangel would make the best looking figurine, and every Archangel type figure or statue looks stunning and goes down well with fans. As a final figurine, no one is iconic as Archangel to end the collection.

Destroyer has missed the boat to tie in with the release of Thor, but Thor 2 is scheduled for 2013. Fresh in fans minds, he is not a character or design that is forgotten about. He would look ace with a nice metallic paint job, but the movie version was just a brilliant design.

I picked Skurge in 3rd place, even though I don't like the design in some of the drawings I have seen, I have seen a few modern takes that make him look better. As long as EM stick their top guns on the sculpt like Odin, he should look great. I think he is more specialist as if you don't read any Asgard title then he is more of an unknown.

I picked Groot & Rocket, again, I havent read anything about them, but they could look cool. They could potentially be a complete disaster with Rocket standing on Groot's shoulder, and unless a good sculptor does a great job, and isn't limited by casting limitations, it could also look awful. Sure theres a GotG movie in 2014, so not really cashing in on a tie in, but if Bendis is taking over the title, RR had an appearance in MvC3, it could still have a wider audience than a couple on that list. I think its a risk though that relies purely on the sculpt and how you pull it off.

I went with Strong Guy at fifth. I would probably want him more as he is one of the characters on the list I know more about, and he completes X-Factor as a team. It is ironic that people want to complete teams, and then given a 1 in 6 chance, they decide against it. But the reason he is low on my list is because well, the design is boring and uninspired, and it would just be a dull figurine. Depending on the art style the sculptor takes inspiration from, ie- the more cartoony look, then it could not only be a dull looking character, but an ugly ugly sculpt.

Finally I put down Lockjaw...purely because its just a dog. You can try excusing it all you want, but zabu is one of the ugliest things in the collection, and if EM can't make a sabertooth tiger look dynamic and cool, then how are they going to do a dog? Maybe being a nice round character could lend Lockjaw being a good looking sculpt with large details, but really I wouldn't be interested. Its like I feel like fans need to be proved wrong that EM can make it look good, and in that respect its another risk that EM can afford not to take on the last figurine.

SO there we go, will be interesting to see who EM pick.

Victor said...

Produce all 6 Specials in 2013 (1 special per month)

Strong Guy
Groot & Rocket Raccoon

Thor8 said...

I agree with 90% of what you say LAWay,but as far as Groot and RR are concerned I really don't think they will appeal to at least half of the collectors.

Archangel would indeed make an impressive figurine which I would purchase without a problem. Unfotunately many see him as just another re-do and would have second thoughts of purchasing what they believe to be another Warren Worthington the 3rd.

Strong Guy is just one of many characters that would complete a team,and I just can't picture him as the last special.

Lockjaw would have been nice to have if he would have been made in a double pack with either Maximum or a much improved Crystal figurine.

So out of the 6 candidates on the short list I would definately buy...




I would not buy...


Strong Guy

I would really have to sit and think about...


Kal Brindle said...

Great news, but the greedy part of me has to ask, why only one more special?

My choice would be Skurge or Lockjaw.

After that, Groot/Rocket, Strong Guy, Destroyer, Archangel.

Sad that a Cypher/Warlock combined sculpt a la Cloak and Dagger did not make the list proposed as that would get my vote most likely.

Either way, I'm sure the EM powers that be will do their best and still end up making half of us mad as heck. :-)

Hawkeye said...

Destroyer for me!

BobDiamond said...

Skurge the Executioner for me at Number One Spot.
Followed in this order...
Groot/ Rocket (Would make a very original addition.)
Then about a zillion others...and finally...
Strong Guy (ug)

Now to check out all this Marvel Now shenanigans...sounds rather worrying...


tinodragon14 said...

Actually for me the choice is an easy one without Attuma, Titanium Man, Blastaar, Dragonman, Mr. Hyde, The Living Monolith, The Super Adaptoid in the mix there is only one classic character to pick & that is Skurge the Executioner. Partner to The Enchantress, member of The Masters of Evil battling The Avengers & enemy of Thor with battle-ax in hand this towering villain is the best choice & I think he will make money for EM.
I wish they would do Skurge & Archangel both because even though Angel has been done already Archangel will make an awesome figure with wings outspread & the figure lifted up by a clear peg. The wings could be resin & light & the body could be lead to keep the figure solid centered. He would be colorful & would sell probably the best of all six choices though he is a redo of sorts but doing him as the last figure would seem to some as a waste of a slot that could have gone to a new character.

jimbob said...
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jimbob said...

The results from the last forum special poll after 100 votes -

Lockjaw 25
Strong Guy 23
Skurge 17
Groot and Rocket Raccoon 13
Archangel 9
Destroyer 3

LAWay said...

Well with 6 choices maybe the poll should be done again.

Really, the only 2 I would want to buy are Archangel and Destroyer.

I also don't think any other character on that list is a big enough name to end the collection on, and even though Destroyer has the benefit of a big movie appearance to his name, I don't think he quite cuts it either. Then you have to question whether EM get the movie license appearance or the comic version, which doesn't look as good in my opinion.

Maybe EM can commission their artist to do some rough sketches of some poses for each character, and then we can be presented with a rough look of what each figurine will then look like and can put that to a vote.

LAWay said...

Taking everyone's comments into consideration I got a total of what we have said, with voices behind votes rather than anonymous button bashing.

Popular Votes
Characters voted for out of preference. i.e. solely named as their favourite from the options, or their rated as their most wanted.

Groot & Rocket Raccoon 11
Archangel 7
Lockjaw 6
Strong Guy 6
Skurge 6
Destroyer 3

On the fence votes
People who didn't specify who they really wanted but listed multiples, ie-preferred 2 or 3 characters but couldn't decide on 1.

Also included are those who would like certain characters only if they were made in certain ways.

Skurge 8
Lockjaw 7
Destroyer 6
Archangel 4
Groot & Rocket Raccoon 3
Strong Guy 3

Total Votes
Combining those numbers, we don't really have conclusive results due to people sitting on the fence, but here are rough numbers that show it is pretty close.

Groot & Rocket Raccoon 14
Skurge 14
Lockjaw 13
Archangel 11
Strong Guy 9
Destroyer 9


Ironically, so many people have complained about the collection ending, and yet have commented so much about how they have no interest in a lot of the names on this short special list and would not consider buying them.

And we wonder why EM have no faith in us buying further extensions. ^_^

LAWay said...

I should of concluded.

Groot & Rocket Raccoon proved a popular choice, definitely swayed by there being 2 characters.

Skurge performs well in both areas but isn't a clear favourite character, but this could be due to indecisive asgard fans that couldnt choose between him and Destroyer.

While Lockjaw finishes a close 3rd, again, he wasn't a name that stood out as a most wanted by himself, while some people wanted him only if he came with an extra character.

Archangel stood out to many, but was also named as a character people really wouldnt want to buy.

So, I think the stand outs are Groot & Rocket Raccoon and Skurge. Skurge could of scored higher had people not been torn between him and Destroyer, but people who know what they want want GotG.

mgf said...

I don't understand why it matters if a character is not big enough to end the collection. It's ending. It doesn't make any difference.

Becquerel said...

Well, not only the 2 character argument is what makes Groot+RR perform well, but also the fact that they are among the most beloved characters from a sub-universe that has some diehard fans (Cosmic Marvel).

And additionally to these factors, they also would be completely beautiful and look unique; way more so than the other characters presented. I want this collection to finish with a great figurine that shows off just how beautiful the sculptors can, well, sculpt. None of the other characters really provide that, to be frank.

tinodragon14 said...

The tree & raccoon are the most beloved characters?? Completely beautiful & look unique. Gee I guess I forgot about the talking trees in The Wizard of Oz in 1939 or the Ents/tree people in Lord of the Rings. I'm sorry Grit er Glue ah Groot is no more unique then the talking raccoon & come on neither is beautiful especially a gun toting forest animal. It is fine that you like them or seem to be in love with them but let's not throw absurd descriptions in the mix.

After all I read another blogger claiming the silly looking strong guy was the most unique awesome wonderful character out of the six listed.

zombiedude13 said...

Strong Guy

The sinister six. They tear us apart, under the guise of unification.

I can't believe Dragonman wasn't even considered, or Wendigo. Again, Red Hulk or Planet Hulk would have been awesome but I will grant you that we have already been given a green and a gray hulk.

I really wish to second some desires mentioned as we have progressed. . . . I really believe that EM should restart the line, do revamps of major characters, and squeak in some 2nd and 3rd tiers that we haven't gotten before. Dread Knight would be awesome, El Aqulia, American Eagle, or Defensor!!!!!

I think EM needs to rethink the subscription aspect of the new line, do a little advertising in Previews, don't restrict things to the UK, use resin, and raise prices. It would utterly kill over here.

I can really say that my comic shop has a whole display case devoted to these figures, and they can't keep it filled. OPEN THE MARKET and the world will be yours.

You can still capitalize on the Avengers and Spiderman's popularity.

NOW is the time to strike. Wake up EM!!!!!

zombiedude13 said...

Strong Guy

The sinister six. They tear us apart, under the guise of unification.

I can't believe Dragonman wasn't even considered, or Wendigo. Again, Red Hulk or Planet Hulk would have been awesome but I will grant you that we have already been given a green and a gray hulk.

I really wish to second some desires mentioned as we have progressed. . . . I really believe that EM should restart the line, do revamps of major characters, and squeak in some 2nd and 3rd tiers that we haven't gotten before. Dread Knight would be awesome, El Aqulia, American Eagle, or Defensor!!!!!

I think EM needs to rethink the subscription aspect of the new line, do a little advertising in Previews, don't restrict things to the UK, use resin, and raise prices. It would utterly kill over here.

I can really say that my comic shop has a whole display case devoted to these figures, and they can't keep it filled. OPEN THE MARKET and the world will be yours.

You can still capitalize on the Avengers and Spiderman's popularity.

NOW is the time to strike. Wake up EM!!!!!

LAWay said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A wonderful sculptor could well and truly make any character look amazing.

A less capable one can produce something quite hideous.

I would put Groot & RR on quite a high difficulty to sculpt, especially if they are sculpted as one piece. Individually to be glued together may be easier, but RR is still small and may be hard to get looking good.

May be a popular choice, but I don't think the safest. But could be a good way to end if it ties in with so many things like others more knowledgeable suggest.

AMARON said...

Howard the Duck should have been on this list as well. If a racoon or a tree made this list and a wierdo Strong guy, then the duck is not too cartoonish to make this list.

AMARON said...

My vote goes to Lockjaw so the accountants can have a canary, since they do not want a duck.

jimbob said...

Here is the result so far from the new special poll on the forum.

Archangel 10
Destroyer 13
Groot and Rocket Raccoon 17
Lockjaw 26
Skurge 19
Strong Guy 24
Total votes : 109

It is a tight vote, I think that Destroyer and Skurge should count as one vote making that 32 votes for Asgardians and then EM should make their own mind up which one they want to do.

LarryS said...


Phase One:

Eaglemoss tells us the number of unit sales that would make a great commercial result for the recent Terrax special

Phase Two:

Fandom makes a combined effort to ensure Terrax reaches the masses... we advocate to friends and family, buy an extra one as a birthday present for Auntie Doris, buy another extra one to custom-adapt, donate an extra one to the local village fete for a charity raffle

Phase Three:

If, as a result of these efforts, Terrax achieves the sales volumes specified in Phase One, then...

Phase Four:

Eaglemoss gives us two of these extra specials, not just one

Whatcha think, EM? It seems a win-win to me ... are you guys up for the challenge?

Anonymous said...

Strong Guy!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I would be happy with Rocket Raccoon and Groot, but ONLY IF they are NOT combined into one single sculpt. Personally, I would hate to have Rocket stuck onto Groot's shoulder. They should be done as a double pack, just like Sasquatch & Puck.

Me, I would only buy them as a double pack. I would not buy them as a single sculpt.

Dan, please can you confirm that Rocket and Groot would have to be be done as a single sculpt? Is it really necessary?

Chris Towell said...

I'm starting to get really confused now. I follow this blog nearly every week, I don't comment much, but I like to have a good read.

What's starting to annoy/confuse me is that a couple of years ago Onslaught won a specials poll, but nothing happened from it. Now we're down to the last few specials and still nothing has ever come from that poll.

I'm not mad at EM or anyone I'm just wondering why the poll was ever made now.

Out of the 6 we can choose from I;d have to say Rocket Racoon, purely because I don't really know any of the other characters, bar Archangel who i'm not interested in, in the slightest.

SinisterVenom said...

Dunno if it's been suggested yet but Dan, if we could possibly get Rocket Raccoon and Groot on one base then how about Lockjaw with Luna standing beside him? That way, people might not see it as 'just a dog' and it would make the Inhumans look even more complete? Just a thought...

John said...

Tino: "The tree & raccoon are the most beloved characters?? [...] Groot is no more unique then the talking raccoon & come on neither is beautiful especially a gun toting forest animal. It is fine that you like them or seem to be in love with them but let's not throw absurd descriptions in the mix."

You mean like your forever long lists of 'deserving" villains, half of which I roll my eyes at? Characters that haven't been important since the years they were created and writers won't touch now because no one else likes them?

I've seen Man-Bull ONCE in a background panel locked up in the Raft. I've seen Unicorn's helmet only... after the Looter stole it and used it. Only heard references of him as a joke. Scarecrow would be amazing for me, but he WILL NOT SELL like the other characters we have left... its like you're just throwing out random names. Personally, I'd love to have Slyde made, but I don't seriously suggest him, because I know he won't sell. I follow Spider-Man very closely, and I can say the same for Molten Man. I have never heard of the Melter. Still naming off characters like Frankensteins Monster, who have as many appearances and relevance to Marvel as Red Shift, the Herald of Galactus.

So when I see you tearing into MY favorite characters, and taking the space just to make fun of their names, because they have no relevance to you personally or look silly to you (and I looked up The Melter...) yeah, I get ticked off. I love the Cosmic characters and we still have so many important characters like ROCKET RACCOON, GROOT, STAR-LORD, BUG, BLASTAAR, HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, MAXIMUS THE MAD, LOCKJAW, PAIBOK, THE URANIAN, PHYLA-VELL, MANTA, STARBOLT, MENTO, MANTIS, COSMO, RECORDER, THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF TRUTH CARDINALS, RED SHIFT, THE FALLEN ONE, MORG, NOVA, AIR-WALKER, CELESTIALS, ENTITIES like DEATH, ETERNITY, INFINITY, GRANDMASTER, CHAMPION, LIVING TRI-BUNAL, THE STRANGER, DARKHAWK, STARHAWK, MARTINEX, YONDU, WRAITH, RAZA LONGKNIFE, CORSAIR, THAT BIG GREEN GUY, ROM, A BADOON, DIRE WRAITH, BROOD, and THE SUPREME INTELLIGENCE. PLEASE DAN, MAKE IT SOOO!!!!!

max_0888 said...
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Robert said...

Aw, John, you wonderful man you, you name-checked the Recorder. Even I can't build a serious appeal for him and you still listed him. I don't want to go all mushy or anything but I love you, man.

As for the Melter and the Unicorn, I must be older than you are and the same age or so as Tino. Not taking sides but this might be one of those age things again. They were major Iron Man villains in the early to mid 1970s. I'd list them alongside the Mandarin, Titanium Man, Controller and Crimson Dynamo as classic Shellhead villains, although that's really a reflection of when I started to read comics than an accurate description of their importance. I also remember Man-Bull from some old DDs. Again, it was my era of collecting rather than he was used a lot or is a great character.

I'd like Skurge or Lockjaw, but if that won't happen, I hope it's Groot and Rocket for you and their other fans, John.

Anyway, I'm off, all this touchy-feely stuff has put me in the mood for a Jennifer Aniston film...

max_0888 said...

Hey tino, I guess you were referring to me when you mentionned some blogger ridulously claiming Strong guy as the most awesome out of the six...
Well is my opinion.

Sorry some people think of him as silly or Strong "gay" for whatever reason.

I for one, think he's a very fun looking character that would look great in the collection. With 716 appearances according to comincvine, I think he's a great contender who deserve to be in. He's always been a very humorous character thanks to Peter David's writing. Now, without a soul, he's even more intriguing as a character. Can't wait to see where he goes next.

Of course, I would still be happy about the other choices

To each his own :)


bethrezen said...

Strong Guy !!!

bethrezen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

Max, I saw you previous comment before you deleted it and thought it very heart-felt, eloquent and fair. Not sure if you thought it was too strong or what, but I thought, "Good on you" when I read it.

TheTooN said...

To each his own indeed.

Strong Guy and Lockjaw have a decent fan base of rabid fans. Not in a bad way just very loyal. I have no problem with that at all.

Having never read any comics with either I can only judge them on their visual appeal. Possibly the same way casual buyers would look at them.

Imagine seeing a big dog on the cover and wondering if the factory had mis-attached figurines and somewhere a subscriber to 'Dog lovers of Great Britain' had your copy of JJJ and a puzzled look on his face :P

Oh....its a super hero dog ? Really ? how interesting. Pass me that Marvel Legend instead.

Or seeing Strong Guy and wondering if EM's molds had melted during production.....Oh he's supposed to look like that ? :P

You could say the same kind of thing with Rocket and Groot.

None of those 3 are sure things as far as sales potential goes. All 3 have fans and haters.

It wouldnt surprise me if EM have already commissioned the figure and are just letting us do our thing one last time as a way of softening the blow. But I'm an old cynic :)

Not voted on the forum yet, would still prefer the which 'wouldnt' you buy option. Only being able to choose 1 means 4 others I would be happy to buy dont get a vote. Also the 2 I wouldnt buy dont get negative votes.

TheTooN said...

And I cant count :P

Ken said...

My top 3 choices are:

2.Strong Guy

John said...

Max, I agree with Robert.

Robert, my post was kind of my point. I don't think some of those characters should be made due to a number of reasons. I don't think Unicorn should be made, when we have so many other Iron Man characters that would be made ahead of him. But my real point is that I've never put the character down before, called him names, complained about his looks, or his importance in history. He has fans. I respect that a great deal.

zombiedude13 said...

I've been reading comics since the 70's, and I count myself as a fan of Unicorn.

The 70's spawned a huge number of classic characters, 80's a few, 90's not so much. I can recall as a fan of Spiderman reading about Puma, the Lobo Brothers, Cardiac, etc. and thinking what rubbish. Now, you talk to me about a cybernetic Silverman, Proffessor Power, Molten Man, or Stegron and I smile fondly. I admit freely that most of them are 'Cheese" characters, but I love them nonetheless. I wanted Will-o-Wisp, Tarantula, Human Fly, Silverman, Molten man, Steggy, and so on.

What happened is we kept getting more and more X-characters. I dropped X-men back at Genosha (the first time around, or maybe when they kept stealing quotes from Terminator and Aliens), so I really have no affinity for those characters at all.

Fair is fair, if old spidey characters sold well, and X didn't I would be happy and a buncha Strong Guy fans would be carping about how X-Force never got made.

Everyone has an affinity to certain characters, for me I love horror based folks a lot, but I am not limited to them.

What we ought to do is ask EM how many sales they consider successful as has been suggested earlier, and then see if we can't "pre-subscribe" them on certain characters.

In other words, if I want the asgardian trio of Hogun, Volstagg, and Fandral I go on line and get "X" number of people to commit to buying it sight unseen (one at a time of course). In this manner we could keep the collection alive, but then EM would really have to be willing to open its doors to people outside of the UK.

I digress, I think adding a character to Lockjaw (Like Maximus) would actually help him in the polls.

If you ask me, they ought to do another herald of Galactus, Airwalker, Nova, Morg, etc.

So, as it stands, someone is going to be disappointed, and we need to simply try to come to terms (even if I continually say that there are ways to save this line) that this line is dead.

I personally applaud EM for throwing us a bone. Try not to bit their hand.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the CAPS though I'm sure it was just a dig at me but I like them & like some of the characters you listed as I have listed some myself but those I don't I don't roll my eyes. And it does not bother me that you roll your eyes at my list of villains though you might see an eye doc about those loose eyes.

I suppose it is an age thing but The Melter & The Unicorn were prominent bad guys when I started reading Marvel comics. The Melter was one of the original Masters of Evil along with the original Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man & the original Black Knight & then again later when the members were Klaw, Whirlwind & Radioactive Man again. His costume did change several times from the melting beam in his chest & then a hand held gun & then through his finger tips.
In all the years I was reading Marvel I don't recall ever seeing Groot or the raccoon so when I see this love fest with these two characters & read words like beautiful & unique it seems a bit excessive to me. I have looked them both up to see what all the hoohah is about but still I'm not the least bit impressed with a gun toting raccoon & no matter how you dress him up it is still a talking raccoon not beautiful or unique & will not make much of a figure.
The tree guy is also not original or beautiful but might look okay as a figure but not with the raccoon hanging from him. By the way Bowen Designs looks to be doing a Groot figure or bust. I don't know when he comes out though.

In the specials area I have tried to list characters I think will look impressive as figures which is why I keep listing Titanium Man, Skurge, Dragonman, Attuma, Blastaar, Mr. Hyde (admittedly as the first villain two pack with The Cobra), The Living Monolith (Though not the most prominent mutant bad guy I think he would make a striking looking figure), The Super Adaptoid in his Avenger absorbed powers look. I have in Lockjaw's case supported his choice because along with Black Bolt, Gorgon, Medusa, Karnak, Crystal & Triton he is part of this core group of Inhumans. I realize he is a difficult character to sell because of his doglike look but I supported him as part of an ongoing collection. Now with just one special left I want a good looking final figure not just a character that completes a team.

To be honest going by how impressive a character would look my last regular special choice would be Titanium Man & my last Mega Special choice would be Dragonman but neither is in this list despite being classic Ironman & FF villains. Of those listed Skurge I believe would be the most impressive looking figure. Not Lockjaw because he is doglike, not the tree or raccoon, not strong guy with his oversized arms & undersized head. The Destroyer could look impressive but is just not as impressive as Skurge & while I actually think Archangel could actually be a real beautiful figure with his costume colors & outspread metal wings he is a different version of a character already done & I have read many want a new character not yet done not a redo.

John said...

Yes, no matter who is picked, thank you EM, and thank you Dan for bringing it to our attention. I'm very grateful for that.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

The six possible CMFC specials


It's a tough choice. Each one has loads of fans; each one has the potential to look awesome. Dan & fellow bloggers, I hope these images will contribute to the discussion and help us resolve the dilemma of all dilemmas. Who will be the final CMFC Special? ...

Kal Brindle said...

There's not a single choice on the list that would make all of us happy. Every Marvel creation is deserving of being represented in the CMFC. If you choose not to buy it, well that's too bad and a part of the reason why the collection is ending.

If I could choose the last special I would have chosen, a mounted Phantom Rider, Hulkling or Box from Alpha Flight - so count your blessings folks. At least we are getting one more figure.

As annoyed as I am at Eaglemoss for cancelling the CMFC when so many obvious and amazing Marvel characters are "missing"; I am always gonna be grateful that the collection exists in the first place.

My top ten are ALL made. The Scarlet Witch, Banshee, Northstar, Hellcat, Shadowcat, Hawkeye, Jocasta, Hercules and Captain America. It could have been so much worse.

I will happily pay as much of my my hard earned cash is needed, for any of the choices Dan listed, just to get one more character in the CMFC.

I still wish we as a community had fought harder for one more extension. Regardless, what is, is what is.So I will buy whichever character the EM powers that be choose - because every single Marvel creation deserves a spot and no matter how long the collection ran, there would always be that one character who got left out in someone's eyes.

That being said, I cannot believe the CMFC is ending without Grey Gargoyle, Baron Mordo, Count Nefaria, Justice, US Agent, Mantis, Arcade, Marrina, Hulkling, Lockjaw, Skurge the Executioner, the Phantom Rider, the Two Gun Kid, Captain Universe, Karma, Sunspot, Warlock & Cypher, Diamondback, Clea, Thundra, Darkstar, Arnim Zola, Thunderstrike, Corsair, White Tiger, Squirrel Girl, Goliath (Foster), Diablo, Whirlwind, Firebird, the Living Lightning and Starfox, just to name a few....

TheTooN said...

My feelings and opinions are directed purely at the characters. Not out to have any kind of ruckus with any of you lovely people ;)

Thanks as always for your time and effort Blake. Seeing them like that the first thing that comes to mind is how small would Rocket need to be ? I wouldnt want him thrown on there as an afterthought as he's the more important of the 2 at least to me.

Hasbro's 3.75 set has Groot in his plant pot but Rockets about the size he should be in the CMFC.;topic=116.0;attach=4171;image

Groot would probably need to be a Mega to do Rocket justice. I'm fine with that. Cant we swap it for MOJO :)

Archangel looks pretty good and I'd happily buy him if made, same deal with Destroyer.

Lockjaw ? I honestly dont know, as a completist collector I find it hard to skip any character but the Inhumans are on a rear plinth almost out of sight in my collection. It would be a waste of another special at best.

I bought MODOK with gritted teeth and will (probably) do the same with MOJO. I just dont get the visuals at all but they dont come close to how I feel about Strong Guy.

Skurge seems to be the one I keep coming back to as the most logical choice. Unless EM are already giving us Hulk in some form or other ;)

TheTooN said...

I'd love to have a good chunk of those Kal. Some glaring omissions.

John said...

Blake, thank you. Imagining a figurine in place of the action figure, Groot and Rocket definitely take the lead.

Of course, imagining the face closer to the comics like the Bowen bust:

Kal, I'm jealous. Of my top 10, I'm still missing Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord. At least you can get a decent custom made of Star-Lord, but a raccoon?

John said...

haha, to anyone interested...

Reed Richards
Rocket Raccoon

And every time I make a top 10 list from memory, I always forget the last place...

John said...


Robert said...

My Top Ten (for today, anyway)

1. Captain America
2. Adam Warlock
3. Doctor Doom
4. Thanos
5. Galactus
6. Classic Thor
7. Classic Iron Man
8. Original Captain Britain
9. Shang-Chi
10. The Recorder

Honorable mentions to the Warriors Three, the remainder of the Infinity Watch...

Hey, I'm missing loads!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...


The pros:It is, objectively, an awesome example of Marvel design. EM sculptors and production techniques have reached a level where it is possible to create a figurine with this degree of details and complexity. We've seen how resin has been used in the beautiful Annihilus sculpt and in the mechanoid parts of Mojo. The same technique could be used to create Archangel's wings, with phemomenal visual results. It would be a pity if we didn't make the most of EM's ability to produce this beauty.
The cons: only the fact that it's another identity of Warren II aka Angel.

he pros: fans of the Inhumans want him and will buy him. A very iconic character.
To ensure that he doesn't just look like a bulky dog, maybe EM could use transparent resin
to create globes and crackles of blue energy radiating from his pitchfork, depicting him in
the act of launching into teleport mode. This would make him really special.
The cons: difficult to convey the fact that he's a superhero and not just a weird dog.

The pros: completion of core X-Factor team and loads of fans who want to complete this display. His bizarre looks are an interesting contrast to standard Marvel superhero canon, and this is what makes him so unique and endearing.
The cons: a marmite character. Precisely because his design is so weird and non-canonic, many people seem to take an intense dislike to the character. A feeling that he'd be an 'ugly' special.

The pros: modern Guardians of The Galaxy are going to be huge thanks to a movie currently in the production phase. These 2 characters are truly unique. Far from being a cute talking tree, Groot's design can be quite nightmarish, gothic and menacing - and this can result in a fantastic sculpt. Rocket Raccoon is a character that defies stereotypes. Our human mind is culturally conditioned to perceive him as a cute forest animal. But the universe is far more varied and unpredictable. There is a planet where raccoons have evolved into a species of fierce, deadly aliens.
The cons: this requires that you challenge your judgment to perceive them as believable
powerful aliens, rather than cartoony characters. There are also some objections to the
characters being combined into one single sculpt. And maybe Rocket would be too small.

The pros: one of the original Masters of Evil, loyal guardsman and companion of the Enchantress and also rumored to be in the next Thor movie. His design is awesome and quite different from anything else, so it would definitely result in a visually stunning special.
The cons: as with all Asgardians, he doesn't look particularly 'superheroic'. To the eyes of those collectors who have never seen him in comics, his design can be perceived as a generic fantasy design, more Lord of the Rings than Marvel Universe.

The pros: a truly historical Asgardian character with an exquisite, genius design.
This silver giant has gained popularity through his memorable, scene-stealing appearances
in the Thor movie. There is no doubt that he would make an imposing, outstanding special.
The cons: his detractors will typically argue that he's just a big suit of armor, not very
inventive after all. Also, very little work for EM as the paintjob would be just a wash
of metallic silver paint. A feeling that we should take this 'last special' opportunity
to get EM to work on a more challenging, ambitious Marvel design that we are
unlikely to ever see in figurine format anywhere else.

View, compare & think think think:

Becquerel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becquerel said...

Well additionally to the movie plans, the GotG also appeared in the Avengers cartoon, and RR made an appearance as character in the popular Marvel vs Capcom 3 video game.

It would seem to me that Marvel is trying to heavily push the GotG, so a Groot+RR special would, from a "random pickup" sales standpoint, probably bring more sales than, say, Skurge, Lockjaw or let alone Strong Guy.

I'd say that only Destroyer has about the same level of possible sales because he appeared in the Thor movie.

Basically, what I'm saying is, that speaking of a financial success for EM (which MIGHT give us another special), Destroyer or Groot+RR would be the best choices.

Obviously I'm more tending towards Groot+RR cause I love them, but I would also argue that by the time that last special comes out, the Destroyer would probably be already forgotten again, unless it would re-appear in one of the upcoming Marvel movies, while the GotG is supposedly going to be released sometime summer 2014 if I recall correctly, so that'd would probably be a much better sale than any of the other special choices.

All of course just my opinions and speculations, but I think my train of thought is sound.

tinodragon14 said...

Let me see if I get this right. The reason EM should do a tree/raccoon special as the last special is because Disney is planning to do a movie including those two to come out in 2014 long after this great collection will be unfortunately over & so because of that future project a special of them will sell better then any of the other characters. And the Destroyer will not sell as well because he was in the Thor movie last year & will be forgotten & Skurge the Executioner who along with the Enchantress will be in the next Thor movie next year will not sell well either I guess. You're kidding right?

tinodragon14 said...

None of the six choices ties in to a movie at the time this collection ends so that reasoning seems more like just slanted speculation because of love for the tree/raccoon.

Since the collection is ending against our will buying a character to support the collection is no longer going to work so while I will buy the rest of the regular collection as well as the remaining know specials except mojo. I will buy two of Terrax. If the last special is strong guy or the tree/raccoon I will not buy the last special. I don't want either of them. If the choice is Skurge, Archangel, The Destroyer or Lockjaw I will buy the last figure & depending on how well done two of the last figure.

I still think EM would do well to do an Archangel figure before Giant-Man because I think he will sell well especially if he is well done with his metal wings spread out & he is lifted up by a clear peg. They could do his wings in resin to make them light & the main body lead to give the figure a heavy weighted center.

And do another regular special & Mega special after Giant-Man. Of the remaining 5 for me it would be Skurge & Lockjaw or those not listed Titanium Man & Dragonman.

Evo said...

Groot & Rocket Raccoon!!

Thor8 said...

Hey Blake; Why haven't you done a Princess Python virtual figurine yet?

Thor8 said...

The concept that any given character would be an instant hit or a sure success as a figurine based on just the fact that it will be featured in a movie soon is in my opinion doubtful to say the least. Electra was featured in Daredevil and then her own feature and it didn't boost her popularity one iota. Whiplash (or Blacklash)was featured in Iron Man,and so what!

We're talking little lead figurines here,not movie stars. I believe that the character chosen for the next special's success will be based on two main important factors.

1) The character should be well known amoung the majority of the fans and collectors,and...

2) More importantly the character picked should have the potencial to result in a very very eye pleasing sculpt.

In the past there have been well known characters that have fallen flat on their collective faces due to the way they were rendered in this collection. Some samples of this are Drax-Carnage-Maddrox-Havok. I purchased Havok and Maddrox (much to my regret),but just couldn't get myself to purchase Drax or carnage. On the other hand,a character such as Spiral whom I have very little knowledge of and very little interest in as a character resulted in such a lovely sculpt(IMO) that I just had to have her in my collection. She may be well known amoung X-Fans but she is in no way as popular as say Thor-Hulk-Iron Man-Cyclops-Spider-man and other Marvel big guns,yet due to the way she was rendered,her figurine was well sold and accepted amoung the majority of the collectors.

Since EM does not devulge it sales info,how do I know this? By confirming with comic shops locally and on the internet.Also when you see these figurines mentioned for sale on Ebay the price they sell for has a signifacent differance

So based on these facts is why I believe that Skurge-Destroyer,and Archangel would make a better sculpt and sales successful figurine oer Groot-Lockjaw,and Strong Guy

jimbob said...


Here is the result so far from the new special poll on the forum.

Archangel 15
Destroyer 16
Groot and Rocket Raccoon 25
Lockjaw 35
Skurge 28
Strong Guy 34
Total votes : 153

It looks close!

Wonka_Milo said...

Where can I find this forum ?

Robert said...

That is such a feeder line, but I'm gonna resist the urge...

LAWay said...

"We're talking little lead figurines here,not movie stars. I believe that the character chosen for the next special's success will be based on two main important factors.

1) The character should be well known amoung the majority of the fans and collectors,and...

2) More importantly the character picked should have the potencial to result in a very very eye pleasing sculpt."

I think these rules pretty much rule out every one of those characters on the list except Archangel.

The vote needs to keep going. Perhaps eliminate the bottom character each time. Because a character winning yet only has 20% of the votes isn't a clear winner...1 in 5 happy collectors isn't enough. Keep eliminating them until we are left with 2 and then hopefully a clear favourite.

Big Ben said...

Trouble with any blog is you get die hard crazies and not the masses, so any vote would be skewed and not really representative. If I were EM I would go for best selling, and I'm sure their sales figurs will point them in the right direction. However if I were marvel I'd take the hit and push out characters lined up for future development.

As an X-Fan I'd only buy Archangel or Strong Guy. Archangel has always been my favourite character. Followed him through X-Factor and latterly as the flying killing machine in X-Force. Even when X-Force went Uncanny (not as good), his re-birth as Apocalypse was a brutal,well drawn and well written pair of graphic novels. Even if you don't agree get hold of the X-Force books with him in... Awesome!

John said...

Please keep in mind that the forum poll is only listing people's #1 choice and not saying who they would or wouldn't buy.

LAWay did a better job looking at the overall viewpoint on the figures.

Skurge is in 3rd, yet I can't see very many people at all not wanting him all together...

The Mad Thinker said...

I can't believe that the Warriors three never made the short list.

Instead they throw in a curve ball with Rocket raccoon / Groot.

If they were considering a double pack , surely Lockjaw / Maximus would have been a better choice , or Cobra / Mister Hyde.

My three top choices would be :

Lockjaw / Maximus double pack
Strong guy
Skurge the executioner

Anything else would just P me off more.

When the collection is coming to an end due to whatever stupid reason , the last thing you need is for any spaces / slots that we are lucky to get - filled up by less deserving characters.
Especially when there are some characters needed to complete certain areas or teams.

As much as I wanted giant man in the collection , I would gladly swap him for a different character.

Then perhaps I'd get my main wish , and be able to complete 2 teams by adding Lockjaw / Maximus & Strong guy.

Hey presto -

Inhumans = complete
X factor = complete

Robert said...

Just in from seeing The Amazing Spider-Man. Much as I enjoyed seeing Gwen in it, and the origin mercifully didn't take us nearly as much screen time as I feared, it seemed oddly by-the-numbers.

If I'd remembered my 3D goggles I'd have gone to see Prometheus instead. Maybe tomorrow night...

Niels van Eekelen said...

I. AM(/must have). GROOT!

TheTooN said...

Wheres Ted these days ? Not had a good giggle in ages.

I still think the forum poll is in the wrong format.

Whats the point of seeing the vote split like that between the top contenders. Old news at best.

Change it to who wouldnt you buy and the situation should become clearer.

Balls on the line time for me now. If Strong Guy gets confirmed I'm 100% skipping him, Mojo and probably 15 of the final 20 too. It would make a tough decision easy.

My toys and I'll chuck them out the pram if I want :) (thats a baby stroller for you guys over the pond)

Lars Nielsen said...

How bout all of them? Do the subscriber figures really not warrant another extension? Seems to me a lot of people want it.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

Toon, I've been wondering where Ted is since about 11am on Sunday, 1st June...

jimbob said...

If it falls between Lockjaw and Strong Guy I would go with Lockjaw!

The reason is that the Inhumans costume all match and with Lockjaw it will make a complete display.

Strong Guy the rest of the X-factor members costume don't match, it would simply irritate me putting them all together with the costumes not matching.

Skurge would just make the Asgardians display look even more amazing!

Destroyer should have been left out so all the votes could go to Skurge.

Thor8 said...

"I think these rules pretty much rule out every one of those characters on the list except Archangel."

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A wonderful sculptor could well and truly make any character look amazing."

As you yourself mentioned LAWay, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder,so no matter how great a job the sculptor performs,if the beholder does not like the sculpt for whatever reason,to HIM it is not a great sculpt. On the other hand if 8 out of every 10 find the sculpt to be a masterpiece then I believe that the sculpt is indeed great.(even it isn't to my taste).

I believe that Big Ben hit the nail on the head dead center when he said: "Trouble with any blog is you get die hard crazies and not the masses, so any vote would be skewed and not really representative." EM should study past sales and see what type of figurine has sold ery well and which haven't and take it from there.

Your method of choice by elimination is good,but could be pretty tricky due to some voters "selling" their vote.

LAWay said...

Thor8, you mentioned first and foremost that the charcter had to be well known to the vast majority of marvel fans. Like someone mentioned, you get the crazy die-hards on the blogs and forums who know the lesser known characters, but the majority of marvel fans will know and want Archangel by name/announcement alone.

People could be won over by any character if the sculpt is good, but then that is risky. People may pull out just by announcing a name they dont care about.

Saw new spider-man film, was abit disappointed. WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY DAMMIT!

Robert said...

Yeh, Leigh, I was waiting for that, too!

"Diehard crazies"!? You silver-tongued smoothie, you!

Besides, "I'm not crazy, my mum had me tested!"

Gabriel Moral Arranz said...


But the best would Onslaught and Red Hulk. They are the main characters, no pets or helpers.

Thor8 said...

Well all I have left to say is... I just hope that EM picks a worthy character and that the sculptor who gets the asignment does a magnifecent job. If it were Scurge or Destroyer I'd like the one who sculpted Amora or Odin gets the job. If they pick Archangel maybe the one who sculpted Spiral or Annihilus maight get the job. If it's Lockjaw... good luck to whomever.

tinodragon14 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ethan Thane Athen said...

'....but the majority of marvel fans will know and want Archangel by name/announcement alone'

Ha, ha, ha! Not if you were with Marvel (almost) from the start and gave up in the late eighties / early nineties when they became utter toss.

Still, all arguing aside, I concede that there's probably a solid chunk who'd match your description and wouldn't even have heard of Skurge...but that just makes them uneducated ;o).

Oh and where the hell is this poll people keep talking about? I know I'm old, but I'm pretty computer literate and I can't see it!

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Ok scrap that question. I've used my google fu and found the forum on which the poll presumably resides. Will vote once my registration is accepted... what a pallaver!

LAWay said...

People who got into Marvel like myself during the 80s and 90s will want him. People aged 15-40 I reckon thinking of age groups during that period and what they would be now.

There will likely be some 30-40 year olds in that age bracket that are old enough to remember 'better' times, and obviously older people will more likely hate this period of Marvel, but then, marvel merchandise are not really aimed at an old audience. You could argue statues are, but they are aimed at anyone who has the money.

btw, seen more of this 'Marvel Now' terrible. I guess this is how the 80s/90s felt for you guys. ;)

mgf said...

Just fast forward two decades to a CMFC style collection when you are arguing with a bunch of Marvel Now fans who group together to moan their choices should be made and the 80s and 90s Marvel is too old and irrelevant and you have the last seven years in microcosm.

Robert said...

That made me laugh, mgf. Excellent point.

Wonder what that will make Silver and Bronze Age fans, though...?

LAWay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LAWay said...

haha nice point mgf.

John said...

"Especially when there are some characters needed to complete certain areas or teams."

My 3 favorite comic book teams are:
Guardians of the Galaxy
Agents of Atlas

They've skipped one team completely, gave 4(ish) members of another, all in scatter-era costumes, and GotG was done fairly similarly.

Granted, there's no Star-Lord, but adding Groot and Rocket DOES help to complete certain areas or teams. In fact, my favorite character from one of my favorite teams.

And the Warriors Three weren't suggested because RR/Groot isn't a Double Pack. They'd be made attached. BUT, Cosmic fans would be getting TWO characters instead of one.

John said...

mgf, I know how you feel in an age-related way. I walk into Wal-Mart and see this new Thundercats garbage, and I'm just thinking... "What are they doing? Its so simple to make this good... but this isn't Thundercats..."

Of course, I realize you can't make a profit off merchandise for something 30 years old (depending,) and since the new cartoon is currently out and doing well, it will actually make money from casual consumers. ;)

I know that's what they SHOULD be doing. Still pisses me off...

The Mad Thinker said...

Had a quick browse through the new Spiderman movie on the net to see if it looked worthy of my money at the cinema and I think I'll pass thank you.
Didn't look that amazing unfortunately.
Maybe there's hope yet with the Dark Knight rises ???????

Thor8 said...

Saw the Spidey flick last Saturday. I guess it was ok,but I still like the first triology more.

I now EM said that there would not be another extension done,but if this next special does very good sales and profit wise,could we get a 10 figurine sub-set?

tinodragon14 said...

Saw the Spidey movie last night & enjoyed it. My favorite Spidey movie is still the second one with Doc Ock. I'm glad they used Gwen instead of Mary Jane but missed the Daily Bugle being completely excluded. Garfield does a nice job of playing the geeky Peter & Sally Field & Martin Sheen did well as Aunt May & Uncle Ben.

John when you talk about Guardians of the Galaxy you are not talking about the ones I remember i.e. Vance Astro, Yondu, Martinex, Charlie-27 & then Starhawk & Nikki. You are talking about about the new one that only came into being in 2008. I understand that the new team is not a big selling comic. The new GOTG team includes revamped looks for Gamora & Drax that I don't care for. If sadly the last figure is the tree & raccoon they are not the members of GOTG I know. Only Vance Astro has been made as a figure from the GOTG to me.

The tree & raccoon do not belong in this list of specials because it is two characters not one even if they are on the same base. If they could do two give me The Cobra & Mr. Hyde.

mgf said...


The thing is fella Marvel Now is just the beginning for you. You will see relaunch after relaunch, each one slowly chipping away at the characters you grew up with and regarded as cultural icons, when all the time they were seen as properties and cheap tat by the corporations who own them.

Over here buildings deemed to have grest cultural significance are protected by law. I'm sure it is the same in the States. What a shame such protection does not extend to literary figures. I don't mean to seal them in aspic forever, but to be required to treat them with some modicum of respect at least.

I've just read the Marvel Now press release. It's the same old sloblock in a very, very slightly different package. It has been done before and failed, as it will again.

If Marvel was a dog it would be put down.

John said...

I'm having trouble understanding people's reactions to Marvel Now. They've said its not a reboot, and reading through what they're doing, this is no different than Heroic Age, Dark Reign, or the era of Civil War. They're just pinpointing what defines the characters for a certain course of time and which characters will shape the MU for the foreseeable future. Its not a reboot. People just have their minds on this because of #1s and what DC did.

As for GotG, the team only came together as a group in 2008, but the characters themselves have been plucked from every era. Groot is a Jack Kirby creation from 1960. Rocket was created in 1976 by Bill Mantlo (creator of White Tiger.)

Yondu and Starhawk do have some great designs, but as a whole, the GotG team just didn't have that big of an impact and showed up so scarcely, I'm surprised people request them as often as they do.

Meanwhile, the new assemblage of Guardians are Marvel's Cosmic major players, and while they may have had costume changes, are as rich of characters as you could find in that corner of the universe. Gamora, Star-Lord, Warlock, Micronauts' Bug, and even your Vance Astro, these guys will be appearing as a group in Marvel's future comics, showed up in the Avengers cartoon, and are having a MOVIE made of them!

John said...

mgf, my first thoughts were, I love what Marvel is doing right now. If you don't like it, just don't read it. If it "gets put down," you're spoiling it for those that actually like their direction.

At the same time... I wish they just never made the new Thundercats cartoon, I wish Michael Bay never touched Transformers, I think the animation on the new Ninja Turtles is horrible, Nintendo should go back to standard controllers, I miss Disney's hand drawn animation, I wish movies weren't in 3D...

Robert said...

For me, it's not about change, it's about the degree of change. I collected new comicbooks from 1976 till 2011 (I still buy back issues), so I saw change. But there's been so much change I can hardly recognise the Marvel Universe. I only very reluctantly gave up buying Marvel and miss Comic Shop Day, which is what I used to call Saturday. It's gone back to being boring old Saturday again, unfortunately.

CGJ said...

I'm with you there Robert, my Marvel pick ups have steadily decreased over the last few years, the start point for me was Brand New Day. I would still like to smack Joe Q for that piece of toss.

I'm hanging on to the Avengers for now but Bendis' dialogue balloons are starting to wear me down.

My must reads are all coming from independents nowadays

Robert said...

I admit I still buy the two Cap titles and now the Ennis Fury series, but it feels like I stopped and I don't understand what's going on any more. Which is maybe for te best.

As for BND, I angrily quit buying Spidey after "Sins Past", so I thankfully missed that.

It's all such a mess, really.

LAWay said...

I think what worried me is some of the characters looks in the promotion for Marvel Now. I just don't understand the decisions there, but as long as it isn't like DC's reboot thing then I'll give it a chance.

The Amazing Spider-Man is worth a watch, but there are things to disappoint, just like the other spidey films. You mentioned he was geeky, but he wasnt really. He was like a badass, with the only intelligent things he said same from things he read from his dad. I expected the Ultimate version of Peter Parker, but this version seemed more of a badass teen.

Although its funny how we can slate spiderman for not being accurate to the comics, when the Nolan Batman films only really share the name of the characters. No one seems to complain how inaccurate they are. ^_^

Robert said...

I don't complain because I haven't seen them and don't care.

And besides, this is a Marvel-based collection and Bats is DC.

John said...

We don't complain about Batman for its inaccuracies? I love Batman. He's my favorite DC character. I never saw The Dark Knight and I won't see the next one BECAUSE its not even Batman. There you go.

Robert, I was so offended by Sins Past, I also stopped reading Spider-Man after that arc (its funny how so many of us finished it first. It was like 6 issues long...) I couldn't take that writing style, I couldn't take the totem changes, I couldn't take the decompressed storylines, nor the absence of all my favorite characters.

I also did not read One More Day. I appreciate what they were trying to do for the long-run of the character, but ultimately, its not what I wanted at all.

That having been said and the marriage aside, Brand New Day up through to the present has been nothing short of incredible. Almost every single issue, arc and/or story-beat has been spot on. They do some fantastic new things to keep characters fresh... while staying in character!!! And Dan Slott knows Spidey and his world and I fully trust him.

Robert said...

John, I was getting fed-up with all the features you mentioned. However, I was furious at the character assassination of Gwen and that's what made me stop buying Spidey.

It's funny but years ago I wrote a letter to Marvel - it saw print in ASM - arguing that Gwen was a much better life-partner/ wife for Pete than MJ would ever be, even with all the ret-conning of her personality. One of the points I made back then was mentioned in the new movie, that Gwen, as the child of a police officer, understood the lonely wait each night wondering if their family member would return home safe and sound. Felt kind of vindicated, I must admit. Obviously, the screenplay writers agreed with me.

LAWay said...

In that case, surely Gwen is worse a partner for Spidey. She already has been through having to worry about her father who she knows she can't change, but her boyfriend/husband who is going out at night fighting crime out of choice? She would want him to stop rather than put herself through that whole ordeal again, and make an ultimatum.

Robert said...

But she understands the situation in a way that MJ can't and never did, Leigh. Neither like it, that's not the point. The key idea here is that she understands it, that she has experienced it.

Gwen was a sensible, mature, dependable, self-assured and highly intelligent woman - basically far more Peter's type than some night club hang-out like MJ. The MJ I grew up with was a flighty, superficial, insensitive, emotionally unstable, egomaniacal airhead.

John said...

I dated an MJ and a Gwen. I wish I had the Gwen back...

Robert, I think most people would agree with you about Gwen. The problem is, as the writers of the time put it, there's not as much drama to pull from her. How many Reed and Sue's do you see in comics? There's a reason for that.

And Robert, I was sick of all the aforementioned things, but like you, it was really the treatment of Gwen that was the gut-punch to pull me from the comic I'd followed for years. Stupid JMS...

Lars Nielsen said...

Does anyone have a link for the poll that I have been reading about?

Robert said...

Yeh, I married a Gwen, too, John. :)

Always thought that argument about Gwen being too normal, even "dull", for interesting stories was just an excuse for unimaginative writing.

Besides, who says that every waking moment of Pete/ Spidey should be an emotional rollercoaster? I for one was getting tired of Aunt May "dying", Peter's parents coming back, him giving up being Spidey, his best friend dying and then coming back, etc., etc. It was overkill and wearing as a reader.

zombiedude13 said...

John said...

Yondu and Starhawk do have some great designs, but as a whole, the GotG team just didn't have that big of an impact and showed up so scarcely, I'm surprised people request them as often as they do.

The New GOTG may have come together in '08, but the originals have been around since the early to mid seventies. Yes, they did make some sporadic appearances, but that only fueled the fire for those o us who rad those books. They were really great things. Then, there was a small matter of 65 issues being done (62 + 3 Annuals if I recall properly) that was actually pretty good.

Don't rule out characters like Charlie-27 and Nikki just because of Star Lord. Martinex and Yondu hace two of the most unique looks in the MU. Starhawk was cool & mysterious. There are reasons why people remember them and want them too.

I don't think we should gripe over what characters we have been blessed with by EM. I can lament that I will never get a Gargoyle, Zombie, Red Hulk, Stegron, Swarm,USAgent, Original Patriot, Spirit of '76, and so on, but I cannot complain that they offered me Sif, or even Nico (of whom I have never read anything). I am estatic that I am getting a Werewolf by Night, in fact I am going to buy 2, maybe, 3 of them just for my love of the character. I might repaint one black and set them against each other, and hold the 3rd for safe keeping.

Point is, everyone has a favorite character. SOme of mine are pretty obscure. For example, how many books with Defensor have you ever seen? Well, I love the guy. Stegron just appeared in Capt & Hawkeye, so even oldies make occassional reappearances. Never discount anything based on how many appearances they made. Except Demolition Man, he made a few too many in my ind before they set hime up to become a future Cap somewhere. :P

SinisterVenom said...

Just gonna say I finally picked up J Jonah Jameson today. Absolutely marvellous figurine! Definately one of my favourites and I have him positioned to the back right of Spidey so it looks like he's shouting abuse at the web-head. And with the likes of Sebastian Shaw, Hammerhead and Owl only issues away, this indeed makes me very happy!

Thor8 said...

I'm just wondering; will we be informed this Friday whom EM decided on?

Oh and Lars, The site you need to log on to for the poll is

John said...

Zombie, I just wanted to point out that the newer GotG team shouldn't be discounted because they so recently got together as a team. The team has made appearances in the new book, and I really enjoyed Vance and Starhawk (the others were mostly background.) But I would like Starhawk and Yondu.

And the news of the 65ish issues is news to me. Well done, team! ;) Definitely makes them more deserving in my eyes.

For the record, though, my friends make fun of me for having such obscure favorites. I told one friend I was having a custom figurine made of Frog-Man and he facepalmed and said, "I just want you to like good characters." But I've been petitioning Phyla-Vell, Sleepwalker and Jimmy Woo since I joined the blog and forum, so I definitely have love of the B and C characters. ;)

zombiedude13 said...


Sorry, I thought you were just dismissing the older GOTG. I personally enjoyed their new stuff and was saddened to see it cancelled.

I, too, think Frogman is cool (I generally enjoy one-shot characters, Fusion from Spiderman was pretty cool), and the more off the wall they are or plain weird the more tend to love them.

Jimmy and Sleepwalker would be great, but I admit that I am predjudiced against Phyla, as she took on the role of Quasar, and I really liked Wendel.

As for the GOTG, they had a 62 issue run, with three annuals if I am not mistaken back in the late 80's/early 90's. It was actually a decent series, with good art. try to find it if you can.

Robert said...

That's really weird: I read the Fusion appearance in Spidey just last night...

John said...

Is this Fusion 1 or 2. The first one was the twins, but I actually loved the second Fusion, created by Paul Jenkins. He was only ever in two story arcs, as most writers only use their own characters or Stan's... sigh...

He was "manipulating" Doctor Octopus. This of course left him nearly dead. lol

Now, for me, its not the title of the character but the character themselves. Phyla took the Quasar name and the Captain Marvel name each for a short time, but there wasn't ever any doubt it would stay there, right? Marvel's not about legacy characters unless its the more underground ones, and even then, Marvel fans hold the originals far above the newer ones.

(Everything with its exceptions. This is comic books. I have to state this part or someone's going to give me a list of why I'm wrong. lol)

Robert said...

Didn't know or have completely forgotten about Fusion II, John, so I'm talking about the Stern-JRjr Fusion. (Just started rereading ASM from the start of the Stern run last night. I had been rereading Planet Hulk and it was boring the arse off me so when I completed that I jumped back in time to when comics were still good...)

mgf said...

The new GotG was about the only recent Marvel comic I had any time for, despite that awful Drax they lumbered us with.

If EM had the foresight to have committed fully to both eras of the team a couple of extensions ago we might not have had the cancellation. It seemed to me they were the perfect hook to hang further extensions on. Visually stunning, and crossing both the silver and modern ages.

Between them and the Squadron we would be heading towards issue 260 and beyond.

John said...

"The future of the space-faring side of the Marvel Universe is very, very bright," Quesada says. "If you're a fan of those characters, you're going to be very pleasantly surprised and happy, probably by tomorrow, maybe Sunday."

zombiedude13 said...

I was also talking about the twins, not Fusion II.

LarryS said...

Guardians of the Galaxy movie just confirmed at Comic Con for 1 August 2014. Line-up will include Drax, Gamorra, Star Lord, Groot, Rocket Racoon.

So, assuming CMFC is finito by then, and assuming GOTG haven't make the cut for Dan's much-teased additional special ... then need EM must find a way to release Groot, RR, and Star Lord, as one-off movie tie-ins.

Captain America sequel to be sub-titled 'The Winter Soldier'.

jimbob said...

Here is the pic for GOTG

Sorry but duh! Gamora should have been done in modern costume and Starlorrd should have been done ages ago! I will look to get GOTG in another collection!!!

No thanks for EM making Groot special.

jimbob said...

Special poll update,

Archangel 17
Destroyer 17
Groot and Rocket Raccoon 30
Lockjaw 43
Skurge 31
Strong Guy 40
Total votes : 178

mgf said...

I can't imagine EM marketing are going to be very pleased if Lockjaw holds on.

Will they "do a duck" and veto him?

John said...

Its not an official poll. Dan just presented the names to the higher ups and they'll decide.

I do have to again state, people are only voting for their one most favorite. Its a flawed poll from a marketing standpoint. Doesn't show what will actually sell. I voted for Groot because I want him the most, but it doesn't show that I'd also want Lockjaw and not Archangel. It gets an individual's opinion of a single choice.

LAWay said...

I see that poll as 75% of people DO NOT want Lockjaw.

voting for 1 favourite is flawed. You could ask 100 collectors what regular character they want, and get 99 different answers, but 1 character gets 2 votes and they become the 'favourite'.

Do the poll and keep whittling down the least popular instead of keeping a poll going for ages just because your favourite is winning.

Saw the SDCC news. Wonder how they will do GotG...maybe it'll be all done in CG. The Winter Solider news is immense though. Iron Man 3 armour looks lame, shame we didnt see Ant-Man footage, and what storyline is Thor 2 following?

Robert said...

"I see that poll as 75% of people DO NOT want Lockjaw."

I see the poll as 75% of people ON THE FORUM do not want Lockjaw.

He's top of my list and I've not a forumite.

LarryS said...


Winter Soldier in Cap America 2 suggests a possible tie-in with Black Widow? Avengers movie gave lots of hints about her life as a Russian agent. And Scarlett J needs something to do in the years before they start shooting Avengers 2...

Any views?

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