Friday, 22 June 2012

Bonus Art Blog

I said I wouldn't be back for 2 weeks but I couldn't resist!

I'm just going to upload things that I think may interest you as they arise.

As I've just finished The Owl's very own magazine, I thought I'd share something of the processes of putting the mag together. You may think all the images come from a big Marvel database (they do have an image library but it's nowhere near good enough for our purposes - I think it has 3 or 4 dodgy pics of the Owl).

We did order the Cover image directly from Marvel, but this takes forward planning so I mainly just reserve that service for cover images that I know I'll need. The ordering process can take up to 2-3 weeks.

So we do a bit of research and compile a list of all the characters appearances (and buy as many as we can) - I think The Owl had about 70 appearance (not all useable!)

So you can imagine it was difficult to find a large full page image of the meanie for the intro page! I found this Pin-up by Gene Colan from Daredevil Annual 1 (DD Masterwork Vol.3).

As lovely as it is, it had text on it and very garish bright colours - so I thought why not re-colour it and give it a moodier feel.

Firstly I scanned the page at 800dpi and isolated the black line art (fairly easy to do using channels in Photoshop) creating a layer of just black. Then I went about removing the bits I didn't want (the lettering and captions) and carefully filling in the tree where I'd removed the box, plus extending the tree on the left (to allow for the shape of our magazine and the text area that goes over the artwork).

Then creating layers underneath the black line art I started to add colour and textures. I created the background by overlaying two google images of night sky together and playing about with the colour (settled for the moody purple). I found actual photos of an owl and tree bark and merged those in aswell. I also gave old Leyland Owlsley a bit of texture to his cape and shoes.

Looks kinda ugly until the black line art is overlayed, and pulls it all together (and looks amazing IMO!)

Finally add the design and text elements (the logo was simple enough to create using an existing font). Et voila! the IFC (inside front cover) or intro page as I call it, is ready...

This page maybe took me 1-2 hours to achieve. Purists may balk at this modernising of vintage comics, but the original line work is still there to be seen and changes had to be made to make it fit our format. So why not update if you are respectful of the original? 

'Nuff said.

PS someone asked about the numbers on the base stickers. They are purely made up to look like some sort of official numbering system, but they are randomly generated and have no baring on when or where they were made (Don't ask me why they do it!)

PPS A purely hypothetical question - But if we were to get another special before we wave adios, who should it be? Lockjaw, Destroyer, Skurge, Red Hulk, Onslaught? Who would really deserve the final spot in the collection?

PPPS You've done a great job getting the membership numbers up (189?), but I'd really love to get in to 200 members, so if anyone hasn't joined yet please do.

Bye for now. Dan


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tinodragon14 said...

Beautiful work with The Owl Dan. How much for a copy of the whole finished reworking by you without the index? Just the redone Owl drawing? I would love to frame it. I'm serious Dan I would love a copy.

Unknown said...

To answer the final special question.


not Lockjaw, be honest its just a dog.

Banshee said...

Dude I would love your job, sounds like hard graft though. That's a beautiful work of art Dan. Your doing a great job mate, keep up the good work.

For the love of GOD you have to make LOCKJAW!!! People are screaming out for him Dan. He's number on in the polls over on SHFF and he's pretty popular in here too. Plus the Inhumans would finally look complete. You know it makes sense :)

tinodragon14 said...

Hypothetical... that is painful Dan because it does not mean it will happen & then just one... even more painful to choose. If you have read any of my recent blogs I have been pushing for TITANIUM MAN & SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER as new regular specials before the end. Both would make awesome figures. TITANIUM MAN with his towering green armor is one of Ironman's classic villains. SKURGE, well there is a great drawing of him in his classic costume but not holding his battle-ax which he should be holding to complete him as a figure & he goes with the lovely but lethal Enchantress. I tend to lean towards Titanium Man but he would never be picked because Skurge is more popular & completes a pairing with the Enchantress. Why could you not do both? If you are talking about another Mega Special after mojo & Giant-man LOCKJAW is probably the most popular & he completes the core Inhumans but my two favorite Megas would be DRAGONMAN brought to life by the mystic & foe of the FF, DIABLO, & mutant bad guy, THE LIVING MONOLITH. Both would make awesome Megas but neither is as popular as Lockjaw. Of course I would love to see the final two-pack be the only villain two-pack of THE COBRA & MR. HYDE as both pack a lot of Marvel history in their long & still thriving criminal careers.

CGJ said...

Oh God Dan, one more Special?

How long before someone suggests that if there is a chance of one more special then there must be chance of one more extension?

It will happen.

To business, Onslaught, first appearance 1995. And there's your answer.

Lockjaw, Destroyer, Dragon Man would all look amazing

or how about a more-to-scale resculpt of the Hulk? With a red variant? Is that being too greedy?

Jacadoo said...

Choices, choices........

Leaning towards Onslaught but I would be equally happy with the Destroyer.

No thanks lockjaw..... Under any circumstances - trot on!!!!!!!

buffduffdan said...


He's the most popular special on the poll and will finally allow us to complete the Inhumans.

Failing that then Skurge I suppose, so that Enchantress has her partner in crime to stand with!

Red Hulk is pointless, Destroyer is visually great but not what I'd consider "needed" and Onslaught is lame!

Jacadoo said...

CGJ got to admit dragon man would be a great leaving gift from EM towers.

tinodragon14 said...


sed tallis said...

final special should be ABO

fredpostman said...

Ha Ha you naughty tease's got to be.....LOCKJAW woof woof

Lonewolf said...

Destroyer ^^

Dr Headache Rushing said...

Final special? For me either Living Tribunal or Stranger please!

Robert said...


deamon said...

The last special should be
to complete 90's X-Factor roster.

jimbob said...


Since he is in the next Thor movie.

Anonymous said...

Onslaught... Would love him to be in this collect - fingers crossed

jimbob said...

I will be happy with who ever gets in, specials are so great shame EM can't continue with specials only.


Jacadoo said...

What about the only special that could really close this collection..........

Stan Lee!!!!!!

Kal Brindle said...

Thanks for the Owl info and art Dan. Interesting stuff.

As for the one more special request...oh man that's tough to whittle down..

I'd be happy with any of the following...

Skurge the Executioner
The Wendigo
Warlock & Cypher

Thanks for, is there a chance we'll see one more or is this just idle speculation?

mighty_marvel said...

archangel would be the best special to go for regarding both visual appeal and potential sales imo

Paibok said...

One more special?

To be honest there is only SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER for me. He is the only one what completes anything, and seeing how all the Asgardian characters have turned out, would look absolutely fantastic. He should be standing alongside Enchantress. Classic villain, classic character Nuff Said

P.S. Lockjaw would be my second choice. Can't argue with the giant dog, many people want him including myself.

Eagle said...

Risking being called a spoilsport by my more optimistic colleagues, I have to say that I cannot understand Dan's post.In the past, he has referred to EM's management as "they", meaning that he is not a part of that team, tells us that the collection will end,asks us not to write to EM, tells us that it will be bad for him if we do and now he asks us, hypothetically of course,to name the figure that deserves the final spot in the collection? And he would like more people to join? What for?
I am sorry but something does not seem right.

CGJ said...

This one might be dead Eagle, but if Dan has got any sense he will have one eye on the next collection and bumping blog numbers might just go on to the CV when the application forms go in

Dan The Man said...

Hey! one more person joined! thanks!

There is no agenda on my part, just want to share the love of the CMFC. Not many blogs get over 200 members, so just wanted to big it up as much as possible. I have no idea if another special will be scheduled (probably not), but just in case - it would be good to get an idea of the most wanted characters (I know Lockjaw tops the polls, but wanted some other perspectives on who DESERVES IT THE MOST.

Eagle said...

CGJ: If that is the case, I think more people would be willing to continue collecting what we already have than starting a new collection. I, certainly, would not. I have spent a very large sum of money buying the Marvel and DC collections and will not start a new venture.

Jimmydee said...

Warlock/Douglock would be my fav to help finish the new mutant and could be a dramatic sculpt. Lockjaw or Onslaught would be OK too.

bethrezen said...

STRONG GUY! Complete 90's X-Factor, please!

Robert said...

So, do you want a reasoned argument, Dan, rather than a simple shout?

Lockjaw: Why he shuld be the last special

Created by Stan and Jack; long history, so appeals to old as well as young collectors; high number of appearances, mainly in core Marvel title (the FF, natch); completes the main heroic Inhuman characters; unique appearance.

Onslaught is basically linked to one big event, important though it is. Strong Guy is a more modern character and has little or no appeal to the older collectors (and, frankly, looks ridiculous).

Skurge and the Destroyer are much stronger cases, for most of the reasons I listed for Lockjaw. Can't disagree is either gets the nod.

Cheshire Cat said...

StrongGuy is the guy to offer awesome piece of figurine. Great sculp it's be.

Banshee said...

LOCKJAW deserves this slot. How many collections of anything ever made can you say ended with a giant dog. He is a must!!!

John said...

GROOT is my most wanted (with a Rocket Raccoon) and makes a lot of sense as the GotG movie is said to have them in it.

The most deserving, I think, is LOCKJAW. We have every major Inhuman except him and Maximus. He's so "iconic-Marvel" its not funny, highly recognizable and one of the most requested figurines we've ever had.

Other highly deserving characters I'd be more than happy with are SKURGE and BLASTAAR.

Ones I don't really care for, but really want as they'd complete a team are STRONG GUY and WARPATH

Ones I personally want but have no chance are ETERNITY, HULKLING and MADAME WEB.

Or maybe we should just make the HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, not because he's Special sized, but because everybody was dying for him to be in the collection and this would literally be the Final figure.

In short, LOCKJAW!!!

Please don't use this opportunity on a remake... like Archangel or a new Hulk... :(

Robert said...

Lockjaw is not a dog. He's a dog-like Inhuman.

Damn that stupid Pet Avengers nonsense for reinforcing this misapprehension.

(Okay, it's Friday, it's been a long week and I'm touchy, okay?)

ThePirateKing said...

My choice would be Lockjaw please to complete the Inhumans.

It would be brilliant if it could happen.

Cheers, Dan.

John said...

"LOCKJAW deserves this slot. How many collections of anything ever made can you say ended with a giant dog. He is a must!!!"

Where's the "Like" button? :D

I've also started reaching out to people for customs, so I'd definitely want a character that CAN'T be customed and easily fit. I've seen some amazing Archangels and I've seen some... Lockjaws. You'd have to build him from scratch and it just wouldn't look right alongside the others. Even Groot has some artistic license, I've seen a Warpath from Doc Samson, but give me a character I can't really get any other way.

Give me a giant, teleporting dog that's in visual-synch with the CMFC. ;)

John said...

...And even though Lockjaw seems to be blowing the votes away, please don't feel discouraged if others have said they didn't want yours or they haven't been named yet. Dan needs to see everyone's desires, as well as opinions on both sides to make the best judgement possible.

ADParker said...

Final Special? Not an easy question to answer to be honest.

First choice:
Strong Guy. Fill out that X-Factor roster.

Second Choice:
Skurge. Significant companion figure to Enchantress.

But there really are so many deserving a place.

The Mad Thinker said...

Dan :

That art work looks amazing and could have been used for the front cover.

One more special ?

You do like to give us all false hope don't you Danny boy ?

It's like being told as a child by your parents that they are taking you to Disney land in Florida , but then take you to Peter Pan's playground in Southend , Essex.

Anyway , I'll give my 2 Bob's worth

Lockjaw & Maximus like we got with Sasquatch & Puck would be nice.

Personally I don't see why Eaglemoss couldn't just continue the collection with specials and multi packs.

Strong Guy
Madame Web
Man Ape
High Evolutionary

Elsa & Ulysses Bloodstone
Stakar & Aleta Ogord
Cobra & Mr Hyde

Fandral Volstagg Hogan
Piledriver Thunderball Bulldozer

Jacadoo :

Silver Samurai is the villain in the next Wolverine movie , that's the only info I have.

Victor said...

Warlock/Douglock to help finish the new mutant. It would be a dramatic sculpt.

Victor said...

Eaglemoss could just continue the collection with specials and multi packs.
Resin, increase price... etc
I'll continue buying every figurine.


The Mad Thinker said...

Tip for all fans of Lockjaw :

Go buy a nodding Churchill dog
( available in most pound shops )
paint him brown , then stick a tuning fork on his head = job done !!

I may have to do this myself if we don't get him in the collection.

mgf said...

Blimey, should there even be a debate as to any possible last special when Lockjaw was topping the polls years back while others well down the list (Omega Red etc.) were mysteriously made ahead of him?

He will complete the main Inhumans, and what could be more appropriate than to end the collection with a truly unique Lee/Kirby classic?

That said the chances of a tubby teleporting dog getting past the marketing department must be approaching zero, so let's assume we shall finish the collection off with something with an 'X' on it.

sed tallis said...

Xemnu would be super awesome Dan , Or Killraven on a dodgem .
Best wishes

Stevie said...

My vote would go to Arch-Angel for last Special

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

The dark & moody re-interpretation of the Owl image is really awesome, Dan. It is always difficult to revamp an old-school character, as the result can look contrived. But your masterful treatment has brought the best out of the Owl, making him look nocturnal and enigmatic, taking the essence of the character to a new level, and making sure that he appeals to the new-generation Marvel fans.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...


ARCHANGEL. Commissioned from the same sculptor who gave us Annihilus, using resin to create beautiful mechanical wings with the level of details that we've seen in the Mojo sculpt. He would look awesome, and I'm sure he'd be a huge commercial success too.

I feel we should make the most of EM's talented artists until we can, so I'd love them to tackle characters with a complex design.
For example: SUPER-ADAPTOID. This would look totally stunning.

There are 3 other characters who are major players in the Marvel Universe and that I see as a serious omission in the CMFC:
They are amazing characters with incredibly rich history and a visual 'wow!' factor that would result in stupendous figurines.

Lastly, a more ambitious special:
a double pack featuring
I feel it's absurd that we don't have them in the CMFC. This double pack would sell incredibly well, as the majority of collectors want to have a more complete representation of New Mutants.
SUNSPOT would look fantastic if the sculpt included clusters of black globules attached to his body in a way that they'd look like they're floating. And MAGMA in her classic psychedelic design would look phenomenal. This would be a superb way to conclude the CMFC.

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan I was serious about buying a copy of your revamped OWL to frame. Same size as the magazine page.

tinodragon14 said...

Remember Dan said there would probably not be another special so that means this is futile but we are all desperate to cling to this collection.

Blake is right the SUPER ADAPTOID in all his giant green Avengers absorbed outfit glory would be an awesome figure & add a Mimic figure in all his X-Men absorbed look.

I already said an ARCHANGEL figure would be a big seller for EM with his outspread wings in resin & his figure in lead to keep the figure centered.

I think I would pick DRAGONMAN as a final MegaSpecial.

I am torn between TITANIUM MAN & SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER as a final regular special but EM could do both. In fact that could several regular specials that included

Protocide said...

Honestly, both Skurge the Executioner and Titanium Man should have been FAR earlier for a "Classic" set- which by the way you guys were all over the place with.
However at this point it is a NO-BRAINER, Skurge is one of the founders of the Masters of Evil! he appears before any of the those other choices. I mean, really?

PS. His helmet should either be ON or under his arm but NOT left out.

Protocide said...

Criminal BLACK KNIGHT on his winged horse should also have been an obvious special (like a certain nocturnal rodent on a motorcyle).

Ken said...

Skurge the Executioner or High Evolutionary!!!

zombiedude13 said...

Make Lockjaw, with Rocket Raccoon on his back, while Locky chews what remains of Groot, and have him standing on a beaten Strong Guy. That should make most people happy.

Seriously, as much as I love Lockjaw, I would prefer a Wendigo to at least make hulk have a character that looks like it can take him on physically, or Dragonman.

SinisterVenom said...

I love what you did with Owl's magazine there Dan. Truly marvellous how you've worked on these such things.
It's no secret to all who know me that I have been shouting out for Onslaught for years now, roughly around the time Galactus was released! He would be the dream special figurine for me and with his recent return, there's more stories to share. Not to mention how awesome his figurine will look!
I have stood by my calling for him for years now and I will continue to hope that Onslaught makes the collection. And with the chances looking extremely slim with the collections end approaching, it would make my dream birthday present if he was annoounced as the final special! (My birthday is just over a month away but it's time enough to dream eh? Besides, nothing is confirmed yet...)

John said...

Some people think a dog is a silly release, others do not want a remake of a character already made.

But I think EVERYONE wants High Evolutionary. Don't make him Special sized, but do release him as a Special. I think that pleases the MOST people.

For the record though, I still vote Lockjaw.

Jacadoo said...

Hi Thinker I went into search mode and as the film centres around Tokyo I was really hoping he would make an appearance.

What a shame the silver samurai will not do the same in this collection.

Do you think there is any obscure chane at all we could see any level of extension?

TheTooN said...

Thanks for the update Dan.

A final special would be appreciated.

From the list you gave in your post my preference would be Skurge.

I probably wouldnt buy Strong Guy or Lockjaw as their visuals dont appeal to me.

I've seen an awesome custom Marvel Legend of Onslaught but I dont know him.

Archangel would also make a nice looking special.

2000ad collection next please ;)

Suzene said...

Lockjaw, please.

sergiogf said...

Please¡ more specials¡ This is a very sad summer, you know? There is no new figurines announcements each friday¡

About specials I'd go for Strong Guy or Wendigo, my favs.

But I really think you may consider to have a new double packs as special:

- Magma & Sunspot or Warlock & Cypher to complete the new mutants

- Silver Samurai & Selene to complete the X-villains

- Layla Miller & M or Shatterstar & Rictor to complete the X-factor line

I mean, I love the specials, I'd love a big Wendigo or Strong Guy to complete X-Factor but I we don't have more regular figurines... look for double packs specials¡

Just an idea.

Thanks for all, Dan

Mblu6 site said...


Mblu6 site said...


Mblu6 site said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacadoo said...

So I have to ask at the end of this collection who would be the top five missing characters, and to be fair to Thor8 warriors three count as one multi pack.

For me......

Silver samurai
Strong guy

All just on how they would look.

sed tallis said...

For striking looks I am sad these beauties will never strike a pose
Princess Python
Air Walker
Every time I catch a glimpse of Omega Fred I curse out loud, cannae help myself

The Mad Thinker said...

Jacadoo :

Firstly , I'd love to see Alpha flight appear in a Wolverine movie , or just an Alpha flight movie on it's own. That would be cool.

Secondly , my top missing characters = 10 issues regardless of what type - regular , special , multipack.

Lockjaw & Maximus - completes the Inhumans

Strong Guy - completes X factor

Skurge the Exocutioner - completes a team up with the Enchantress

Meggan - completes Excalibur

Gargoyle & Clea - completes the Defenders

( The Warriors three )
Fandral & Hogan & Volstagg -
much needed Asgardians

Thunderball & Piledriver & Bulldozer - completes the Wrecking crew

Tombstone & Jackal - 2 main Spidey villains left to do in my opinion

Sunspot & Magma - probably the most requested new mutants

Whirlwind & Blizzard & Grey Gargoyle - popular Avengers villains

Jacadoo said...

Thinker...... That list has got to be stretching the non existent rules, but fully acceptable by my reckoning!!!!!!

Ken said...

I agree with John.

The High Evolutionary is arguably the most GLARING omission of the CFMC. He is a true "A-list" character in every sense!
-Rich history in the Marvel Universe lore
-Striking and unique look
-Interesting background
-Still makes plenty of appearances in comics today!
He DESERVES to be made as the next figurine Dan.

LarryS said...


Not to be a killjoy, but can we play this game AFTER you've got permission for an extra Special, not before.

We spent 6 months making great suggestions for the 201-220 extension, only to be duly ignored.

I can't take another patronising lecture from EM along the lines of "we're a business, we need to make a profit, that's why it can't happen, you guys don't understand".

As the saying goes ... "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Jacadoo said...

Thinker absolutely agree with your sentiments regarding Alpha Flight, a tie in with the x men being the most probable but Can dream.

Actually started working on two customs today, after catching up with my sons never ending requests for painting war hammer figures.

My two for this week are yondu and the silver samurai, on the back burner I am stripping down a figurine for a one off Afro samurai.

Silver samurai just because of our conversations and the fact we wil never see him in our beloved CMFF!!!!

Eagle said...

I totally agree with LarryS.

Robert said...

Larry makes a good point. It does occur, however, that if we had ALL come on here shouting for, say, Lockjaw, Dan has a strong case to take to the bigwigs: "Look, this character has huge support, it will definitely sell, jadda-jadda." Thing is, we've not solidly supported any one character, so it would seem that my possible theory, if true, has now been shot down in flames.

Roberto Di Nardo said...

So... I think and "re-think", what a matter to continue this spectacular collection???
My conclusion:
Reintroducing the most popular charachter, and realize a lot of double pack, for realize other mancant heroes and villain.
My long list:
1. Daken and Wolverine with dark costume.
2. Spider Girl (May Parker).
3. Captain America and Diamond Back.
4. Lilith (demon queen) versus Ghost Rider on his Moto(great idea?).
5. Hope and Legion (Xavier's son).
6. Spiderman and Mary Jane!
7. Iron Man and Rescue (Pepper Potts).
8. Hulk and Red She Hulk.
9. Cyclops and Marvel Girl with original uniform of x men (another great idea???).
10. Green Goblin and Iron Patriot.
11. Thor with last look versus Destroyer.
12. Nova and Namorita.
13. Angel and Iceman with original uniform (yes... too).
14. Calypso and Lizard.
15. Red Hulk.
16. Thanos versus Tyrant!!!
17. Beast original uniform...
18. Blonde Scarlet and Black Spiderman with 6 arms (of new dark avengers)
19. Cage modern look and Jessica Jones.
20. Silver Surfer and Nova Frankie Raye.
21. Captain Britain and Meggan.
22. Kane.
23. Steve Rogers The Captain and Sharon Carter.
24. High Evolutionary.
25. Logan and... maybe "Corazza" (i don't know her name original...)
26. Hawkeye's brother and Ragnarok the Thor clone (other dark avengers members).
27. Heimdall versus Loki with alternative costume... and face(he is not Joker!)
28. Blastaar.
29. Selen and Saige.
30. Superia and Gorgon Wolverine, the dark avengers rules :).
31. Skurge and Amora!!!
32. Vengeance and... Jonny Blaze.
33. Nightcrawler and Cerise.
34. Carnage and Shriek.
35. Sin and Crossbones.
36. The Thing in his classic version and Thundra.
37. Shatterstar and Boom Boom.
38. Jackal and Tarantula.
39. Thunderstrike versus Blood Axe.
40. Doom 2099.
41. Phoenix of Excalibur, Rachel Summers in his best version.
42. Daredevil versus Mr. Fear.
43. Hogun and Fandral.
44. Firelord and Gabriel Air Walker.
45. Magma and Sunspot.
46. Lady Bullseye versus White Tiger (the lady, of course).
47. Volstagg.
48. Attuma versus Namor.
49. Cable versus Stryfe.
50. Kraven and Vermin.
51. King Cobra and Mr. Hyde.
52. Mister Fixit :).
53. Silver Samurai.
54. Demogoblin and Carrion.
55. Speedball and Justice.
56. Starhawk and Aleta.
57. Bastion.
58. Night Thrasher and Darkhawk.
59. Sersi and Makkari.
60. Odin versus Surtur!
61. Merlin and Roma.
62. Skaar the son of Hulk.
63. Patriot and Hawkeye(girl).
64. Hulkling.
65. Archangel with metal wings, versus Holocaust.
66. Satana(sister of hellstorm) and Baron Mordo... note the number of list >:).
67. Us Agent.
68. Magus versus Warlock(in his last look please).
69. Strong Guy and Random.
70. Hood.
71. Stature and Young Vision.
72. Morg.
73. Dark Phoenix with bird of fire effect, i know is difficult, but a challenge is a challenge :).
74. Nightmare and Dream Queen.
75. Speed and Iron Lad.
76. Mantis and Rocket Raccon.
77. Frenzy and or versus Monet St. Croix... use imagination.
78. Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum... versus Superman and Green Lantern hahahaha, hem... i'm sorry, I return seriously, I promise! The first and the second charachter only, it's ok.
79. Atlas.
80. Jormungand, the REAL serpent of Midgard! Yes I ham not glad the last creation of Serpente(bleah).
81. Goblin Queen Madelyne Pryor.
82. Immortus and Rama Tut.
83. Titanium Man.
84. Lockjaw.
85. Saturnine (I love her).
86. Diablo and Malice(Sue Storm).
87. Master Man and Warrior Woman.
88. Zeus versus Pluto(not the dog).
89. Vindicator and Talisman.
90. Green Gargoyle versus Grey Gargoyle!!!
91. Ulik and Mangog.
92. Vulcan versus Brood Queen oh Yeah.
93. Juggernaut and Nocturne.
94. Nebula.
95. Living Tribunal.
96. Infinity.
97. Oblivion.
98. Death.
99. Eternity.
100. Onslaught... at least.

This is all of my spremute of brain, for another project of collection.

ps. excuse me for my bad english, but I am italian... :)

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan How much to buy The Owl drawing you brought to life?

lipstick said...

Strong Guy or Hulking.
Rictor & Shatterstar
Aunt May & Mary Jane

But please not a dog. This is not fair.

Big Ben said...

For me Archangel is the biggest miss, but understand the general populace would not want a redo as the last figure. I would then chose Strong Guy.

Do any of you guys have contacts for a good trusted customiser? I need an X-Force team (with Archangel)? I need this to complete my collection.

PS am a little bummed there will be no Marina to complete Alpha Flight. Also have I mentioned Archangel??.....

LAWay said...

Very cool to see the artwork and process Dan! Thanks very much for the insight! Interesting creative decisions you used too, and infact posting the line-art inspired me to have a go colouring it myself to see if I could achieve the something similar in the tight time frame you set yourself.

Check it out if anyone is interested:

As for the extra special news, great stuff!

Obviously its not the same as an extension, but I can understand its a lot more affordable to produce 1 extra special as a thank you to fans, and a lot safer too.

Personally, I think Destroyer sounds a fantastic special as I think it would look great.

I would also be partial to a Red Hulk, purely just to have another great Hulk figurine.

Someone mentioned Archangel, and that would be spectacular, but I can understand some people's gripes towards that.

If you want people to justify a choice, while personally I wouldnt really want this character, Lockjaw is a firm favourite it seems. He ranks high in the polls, and fans want him to complete the inhumans. If you are going to give one more special to the fans, it has to be a character that the fans want and tops those polls. So either a new poll is created for this, or you go from past experience.

Unknown said...

I say lockjaw all the way....

I just added membership cause you asked for more people. I really am going to miss this series and wish that there was at least one more extension... you have a huge following here in the united states and make the best characters...just finish up the core averngers:
1) us agent
2) mantis
3) justice
4) starfox
5) graviton
6) grey grarygole
7) a three pack of the warriors three or the wrecking crew

throw in three new mutants:
8) sunspot
9) magma
10) karma

and fill out the rest

redskindavyd said...

Strong Guy

rob said...

in a PERFECT WORLD the FINAL THREE CHARACTERS in the CMFC Collection should be:

#198 Stan Lee
#199 Joe Simon
#200 Jack Kirby

That's my 2cents from Vancouver, CA!

visit my collection at:

The Hood said...

Here are my choices for one more special,

1: Howard The Duck
2: Ulik
3: Groot (with Rocket Raccoon)
4: Skurge
5: Blastaar

Eagle said...

Rob: I cannot open your address. Is there any other way?

The7thCynic said...

As much as I pitch for The Executioner and Titanium Man, it really probably should be Lockjaw as he is sorely missed next to the rest of the Inhumans.

John said...

The most wanted New Mutant is Sunspot, but I thought number 2 was Warlock. Now everyone is saying Magma. What happened?

Can you imagine if Howard the Duck were the last special? :D After all that campaigning and debate, and the haters thinking they finally got out of seeing him released, and he's the FINAL figure! HA!

max_0888 said...

Nice to see how you did the owl mag Dan.

As for specials, my two most wanted are Strong guy and Lockjaw.

Strong guy would complete Havok's x-factor team in the 90's. Plus would help to get a decent X-factor investigation display, towering over them. Peter David really made something great with Guido imo, and I think he's an awesome character. Plus he was second after Lockjaw in the special poll.

And, obviously, Lockjaw is a must and is also very popular. The big dog would complete the inhumans who doesn't feel whole without him.

Anonymous said...

I love the Inhumans and of course I love Lockjaw, but are we really sure that it'd make a great figurine? Check him out here:


... if you want to visualise how he would look, or to get ideas for other characters.

LAWay said...

Found someone's 'custom' lockjaw statue:

An idea of what it may look like.

I agree that it will look bad. Its just a dog afterall, and the character isn't dynamic, isn't a great design and will be a struggle for the artist and sculptor to get right. I had a quick look for images that could maybe inspire on comicvine...a picture that made me think 'wow, that would look great as a figurine!' but didnt see one. Prove me wrong though, and I'll happily change my mind.

The figurine will be marmite. Fans will love it to complete the inhumans, while others will think its just a dog...depending on the sculpt, could be a pretty ugly looking dog.

Like I said, I dont want it, but he does deserve a spot because of the support he has.

tinodragon14 said...

I'm still supporting TITANIUM MAN & SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER & I think EM could do both. Both will make great figures & SKURGE will probably do better sales wise but they could do both.

I know LOCKJAW is the mega choice but I still call for DRAGONMAN. His history is as long as Lockjaw's & I think he will make a more impressive Mega figure.

captainfur said...

I'd love to become a member, what should I do?

Thor8 said...

Well I know this is a "fantasy" choice,since Dan cleary noted that there is no guarantee of another special being produced,but if there is the slightest chance that EM will be moved to an act of boldness and give us this farewell present,then my choice would be either The Destroyer or The Executioner. Lockjaw is much wanted so he would make a great choice also. Last week my brother came to visit and when I was showing him my new display he exclaimed amoung other comments;"Hey there's the Inhumans!,but where's their big dog?" He thought it was a real shame that Lokjaw was not included. I'm helping him start his own CMFC collection and he's already gotten quite a few back issues,but just like many of us he would like to see many classic characters left out of this collection included.

Oh by the way,if this last special inclueds double packs,then my choice would be a Fandral and Hogun double pack.(Better 2 than 1).

max_0888 said...

Having a double pack would be awesome as a last special. But I really doubt we will have that since I don't think they did so well.

But having a Daughters of the Dragon double pack (Misty Knight and Colleen Wing) would rock. I can't have a proper Heroes for hire display without them.

Cypher with Warlock would also rock. Never having a complete New mutants set is a shame really. It is fun to have Cannonball, Magik, Wolfsbane and Mirage. But having those two would help to have a proper display.

Bagman said...


Miguel said...

My choices for the last special would be:
1. Baron Mordo and Clea duo (we have only two Dr. Strange figurines...)
2. Shuma-Gorath
3. Attuma
4 Frankenstein's Monster
5. Skurge the Executioner

And would it be possible another Dr.Strange figurine (Baron Mordo or Clea).. we just have Stephen Strang and Dormammu....

Thor8 said...

As a Thor fan and collector it's really very difficult for me to pick just one character as the last special. Why?? Well because of the fact that so many of Thor's foes and friends being "special" material. Characters such as...

1) Mangog
2) Ulik
3) Skurge
4) Destroyer
5) Volstagg
6) Surtur
7) Ymir
8) Heimdall

...and then there's so many other good characters such as...

1) Dragon Man
2) Titanium Man
3) Super Adaptoid
4) Atlas
5) Blastar
6) Attuma
7) Orka
8) Man Ape
9) Archangel
10)The Stranger

...and of course Lockjaw.

If another special were added after Giant-Man it should be one we are all (or at least the great majority)are willing to purchase. That way if the sales are significant enough,EM might consider making others. So we should think further than just our personal want and try to pick one that deep down we feel would sell well and gives EM a juicy profit.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Lockjaw is a deserving character, but is also one that does not look great as a standalone figurine. Basically the problem with Lockjaw is that the character looks great only when displayed together with the other Inhumans figurines. As Inhumans fans and regular collectors, we all know that he's going to look great. But to the eye of the casual buyer who sees it in a box on a shelf in a store... well, it's not going to be very enticing.

I see that someone has already posted a link to my virtual gallery. I think that my virtual Lockjaw shows the character at its best, the best that he can look. So you either like Lockjaw or you don't, but he's not going to look better than that.

I'd rather have Sunspot & Magma in a double pack. Or, hey, since this is only a hypothetical special... then I suggest a triple pack:
Sunspot, Warlock and Magma.
Not that would be a special!

Anonymous said...

Aargh. What's going on? More and more people turning into faceless serial numbers!? Damn you iPad !This one above it's me, Blake! No relation to other serial numbers!

LAWay said...

I think the link I posted was a better Lockjaw example than the one in your virtual gallery blakey, check it out.

It still looks abit pants though.

Type in 'bulldog figurine' into google images and you pretty much have a better idea what Lockjaw will look like. Buy one and paint it brown.

With the talk of a special, was there any distinction as to the type of special? ie The £10.99, £15.99 or £18.99 version? What would Lockjaw fall under, or would it depend on his pose?

Robert said...

I love Lockjaw because he's an interesting, unique character, one I have read about for decades. It has nothing to do with how he looks. I often wonder about some collectors: you don't seem to have any relationship with these characters other than recognising what they look like.

LAWay said...

I can totally understand your love for him Robert, and others that clearly want him to finish the inhumans team.

Perhaps he just hasnt really featured heavily, or more to say, interestingly, in any stories I have read, so I don't really have a connection to him. I recognize he is an important character in the MU, an iconic one, but figurine speaking, I am on the fence on how it will turn out.

Robert said...

"Sitting on the fence"?!? Did you really type that, Leigh? Not starting a squabble but you wrote earlier: "I agree that it will look bad. Its just a dog afterall, and the character isn't dynamic, isn't a great design and will be a struggle for the artist and sculptor to get right."

You're entitled to your opinion, of course, but your definition of sitting on the fence and mine widely differ.

LAWay said...

I also said it depends on the sculpt and I can be proved wrong, but yeh, probably wrong phrase there.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Canine charisma?
Lee, the picture of Lockjaw in your link is really NOT a good example of a Lockjaw figurine. Do you know the character enough, Lee? If you've read the caption, the customiser himself says it's his first attempt at sculpting and that it made him look like a puppy! And I'd say it looks way too cartoony there. It doesn't have to. My virtual figurine uses the Lockjaw head created by Bowen Design. I still think EM could come up with an even better Lockjaw figurine. I would want Lockjaw to be portrayed as the powerful, mysterious creature that he is, and less as a silly cartoon dog. He is a powerful Inhuman whose terrigen-mists-induced mutation gave him a canine form. But he is and CAN look powerful and mysterious, imo. We need a talented sculptor to capture that.

LAWay said...

Yeh I read the description and the bowen head is amazing, but in your example the neck looks broken, or it just looks odd.

I think he would look better sitting down looking moppy.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Lee, can I commission a drawing of Lockjaw from you? I mean, for free! Just for the benefit of EM and this discussion. It'd be good to put your creative talents to use on this occasion, and maybe you can come up with a pose or expression or an overall style that can make Lockjaw look more like a super being and less like just a giant bulldog.
It'd be cool to see what you come up with. C'mon, mate. Less talking and more action! Grab the pencil hey presto!

John said...

"I think he would look better sitting down and looking mopey."


Or standing, angry, with a glowing tuning fork like he just teleported.

Or mopey and teleported:

But just look at the love here! You can't deny the royal family this!

BobDiamond said...

Of the choices Dan gave us I would be more than happy with a Lockjaw figurine. I'd probably prefer to have Skurge, but I'd always feel it would be a waste of a Special Slot, as he could be made as a Regular (at a pinch)
However, if I could choose my ideal Special, it would have to be The Super Adaptoid, followed close second by Eternity. Both would make stunning sculpts.


Bagman said...

Eternity is a good shout BobD, anybody seen the mini-bust that Bowen Designs are producing of Eternity.... Looks pretty spectacular.

LAWay said...

I took Blake's condescending, patronizing comment seriously and drew some stuff of Lockjaw.

Enjoy the free commission.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said...

Knowing Blake, I think it was a sincere request.

I'd prefer the picture to the far left, but with his mouth closed.

And I agree on the shout out to Eternity. I've wanted him for ages. Unfortunately, he's not wanted enough by the masses... A bit like my Groot, I think...

sed tallis said...

Put a neck cone on Lockjaw, The thing vets put on after an op, give him a cute hangdog expression. Dog lovers across the universe will say Awwwwwwwwww!!! And pay £30 all day's science.
Either that have him with his lipstick out

TheTooN said...

Eternity could be fantastic but I would be worried how good a paint job the budget would allow. Eternity is basically a huge star map or nights sky which wouldnt be easy to pull off.

As a parting gift to 'loyal fans' of the CMFC Lockjaw seems the obvious choice even if it wouldnt be mine. I guess it depends how EM are looking at it. Judging by Giant Man, potential sales numbers are still important and the big Dog's Marmite (extra strong) :P

I think he had 50 odd votes over on the SHFF but at this stage there are not too many big names left. Even the abomination that is Strong Guy had similar which shows why its all over.

Dont make a Marmite special EM, seriously, why bother ?

I would buy any normal looking special. I dont really know Titanium Man or Destroyer (aside from the movie) but wouldnt think twice before buying them. An ugly deformed mutant or a brown dog ?

If EM want sales then give Hulk a decent sculpt. Release that one you showed us earlier Dan. Or repaint it Red if that P's off the traditionalists.

Package coming tomorrow to take me from Forge up to Sif and also Terrax !! Cant wait ;)

Thor8 said...

zombiedude13:Just out of curiosity;Did you ever receive the e-mail I sent you with the site address where you could get some back issues of the Marvel and DC figurines?

Blake;If we could get a triple pack as a "SPECIAL" special I would pick The Warrios Three of course,(The wrecking Crew would be another option).

michael said...


I think they could all be amazing figurines, and would all be good to complete a set (or in hulklings case, a duo!)

LAWay said...

Then my apologies to Blake if I took that comment wrongly. Looking back, I probably did. I was tired and in a mood, but no excuse.

Ah well, at least it got me doing those designs. Not happy with them, but meh.

I agree with the Toon though. If we can only have a 'regular' special, I would honestly prefer a simple Silver Samurai than Lockjaw. How he hasn't been included is a travesty.

LAWay said...

Posted a new Lockjaw pic, a sad face to say sorry. ;)

2 New Lockjaw Designs

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

I can think of over a dozen specials I'd rather see done before Lockjaw,but as I said before,if this were a test job to see how sales would do maybe a much wanted character such as he could be the correct choice. On the other hand,giving credit to Blake's line of thinking,how many casual buyers or collector's not too familiar with the character would purchase him? This is quite a problem,and to think it's only a hypothetical special.

I want Skurge and/or The Destroyer be they as specials or regular figurines.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

LOL LAWay. C'mon mate. You really misread me! My request was genuine. I honestly just wanted to see what you could come up with, knowing that you're a good artist with good visual ideas and have done some nice sketches for other CMFC figs in the past.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Actually your Lockjaw sketches are very nice. I like the slightly menacing expression you gave him in the colored image. Something like that would work. If EM decide to do a Lockjaw special, I'd categorically steer clear of cute, cartoon depictions of the character. Instead, the sculpt should capture the more mysterious nature of the character. I think the sculpt could also include some energy globes emanating from the pitch fork, creating the impression that Lockjaw is about to teleport. That would be ace.

LAWay said...

Apologies again Blake, I totally misread that.

Ok guys, LAST Lockjaw design, and I think this is a winner. Blake mentioned maybe showing energy globes emitting from his pitch fork, I went a step further.

Lockjaw Teleport Design

Check it out and discuss. I think it could work well, and could even use it as bookends. Much better than those sitting designs or the standing heroclix toy.

TheTooN said...

I still dont fancy a lead Dog but those bookends look funky. Nice effort Leigh ;)

Jacadoo said...

Fully understand why there are so many requests for lockjaw, and I would fully support if this was not the very last figurine, but I want this collection to go out with a bang..... Not a wimper.... Ouch sorry for the pun.

I want a stand out visually stunning special as a celebration rather than to complete the In humans.

Onslaught, the destroyer, strong guy all better looking alternates.

Just my view, even with the efforts of LAWay, still a boring looking addition and no bow wow wow factor.

tinodragon14 said...

Laway, I like that teleporting drawing. As a figure you would only have the front part of Lockjaw with the energy field providing a flat back that you could place him behind the other Inhumans.
I have to agree with Jac that I would support a Lockjaw figure if he was not the last figure. Again I would prefer TITANIUM MAN & SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER as regular Specials & EM could do both. Mega Specials I would go with DRAGONMAN or the SUPER ADAPTOID or the LIVING MONOLITH.

Robert said...

Does Ryan Maxwell still visit? Just hopped onto Byrne Robotics site but can't find a price guide for commissions. Ryan, if you read this, what's the standard charge for a small, pencil-and-ink one-character commission?

LAWay said...

Thanks guys.

I don't think any '1 character' can really live up to the expectations of being the last ever special to end the collection on.

It would have to be something spectacular, not swapping Lockjaw for Onslaught, or daring to do Stan Lee.

I think it would have to be some sort of diorama, either a classic battle, or a small selection of a team. Warriors 3 again won't do, I am talking classic avengers, or modern avengers. Heck, I think that giant spiderman statue would be better than character named. Begins with spidey and ends with him would be fitting, especially if its just a special or made to be only available through the shop and thus not properly part of the collection but more a bonus.

I google searched 'bowen statues' 'just looking for examples and it saddens me that I'll never own any of those fantastic things. So many different characters, costumes, poses, if EM could literally shrink those down and I would up for another 200 of them.


LAWay said...

Found a funky blog where artists are doing a 'marvel handbook' in different styles. Quite fun.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Lee, the mid-teleport Lockjaw is genius. Bravo. Very creative thinking there, and a very cool drawing. It'd certainly be a less predictable way of doing a Lockjaw figurine. But I think that it may be too extreme? It would feel a bit like having half a Lockjaw! I think it'd have to be a more traditional sculpt, including the full bulk of his body.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I think that
ETERNITY would be the most perfect final special. It would be a very ambitious figure, but it would look amazing. EM could use a print technique to create the cosmic images scattered all over his body, similar to the technique used for the inside of Quasar's cape, just taken to a higher level. As a symbol of the vastity and timeless-ness of the Marvel Universe, Eternity would be the most fitting last special, imo.

LAWay said...

Thanks Blake. I think it is too different, but maybe exactly what the character needs to spice it up and dispel the 'its just a dog' label. The extra potential function of bookends could make the figurine more appealing to Marvel buyers that are not interested in this collection, and for us, it would be better than having all those folders to keep our magazines. ;)

As for Eternity, still not big enough of a name I don't think. I think people will still reckon we can do better, or would prefer someone else. Its not 'special' enough.

Funnily enough, you just google Marvel Eternity and some of the first images are some figure customs of him, and they look awful. If hand painted with love and attention on that scale is bad, imagine the mass produced figurines.

Jacadoo said...

I would be happy with Stan Lee to close the collection.

LAWay said...

I think its kinda creepy having a statue of a real person.

I respect the man and appreciate all that he has done, but I am not buying merchandise of him. lol

LAWay said...

No large resin spidey for me. Finally got back to me after lots of chasing and back and forth to just say the collection is suspended.

I wanted a spider-man dammit. :(

The Mad Thinker said...

Just another Eaglemoss teaser , I wanted to collect the Marvel heroes and villains collection too but they haven't got a clue when it comes to business.

So many characters could have been done , just look at Blake's gallery and you get an idea of how many are missing from this collection alone.

Oh why did they have to end it ?

I wish we could get another similar collection which includes missed characters.

Robert said...

Creepy having a real person as part of the collection?

Yeh, like having little female figures in skintight and revealing costumes is better. People in glass houses...

Robert said...

P.S. I am in the glass house, too, of course.

LAWay said...

lol I get what you're saying Robert.

But I dont want an action figure of Bill Gates, or a figurine of Katy Perry. Stan Lee is no different (well, you know what I mean!)

I am sure loads of people would want it. There was a Stan Lee Marvel Legend that was a San Diego con exclusive but was limited. Its for the hardcore that idolize him.

Stan Lee being a playable character is fun and different, but its not like its sitting on your shelf.

But I guess Stan Lee is a larger than life character and practically a cartoon himself, and he has appeared in comics. I just thought theres a distinction between say buying a Terminator figurine, and buying Arnold Schwarzenegger in casual clothes.

To each their own, its a flimsy reason anyway.

John said...

You don't see anyone saying, "I don't want High Evolutionary. No significant appearances or marmite..."

Robert said...

The High Ev is yet another odd omission. At first, the choices for this collection were obvious - then as things progresed they became rather perplexing at times. There's not nearly enough cosmics or Asgardians in this collection. Thank goodness we're getting gamora (sorry, John).

Robert said...

As for Stan, he's the most charismatic person I have ever met. By a mile. He not only lived up to my unrealistic expectations, he exceeded them. An utterly incredible man. I'm not sure a tiny lead figure can do him justice, that's my only objection.

tinodragon14 said...

I respect what Stan Lee has done but he did not do it alone. He is just better at promoting himself & he is still alive. I want a Marvel character as a figure not a real character.

I'm kind of annoyed we have to play this game of pick one when Dan said they will probably not do anymore specials. EM could have done a few more regular specials like Titanium Man & Skurge the Executioner as well as the only villain two pack of The Cobra & Mr. Hyde & a Warriors Three Special & a few Megas like DRAGONMAN, LOCKJAW & THE SUPER ADAPTOID.
Had they done a Archangel special before GIANT-MAN they would have made a lot of sales from that figure just as Skurge would do well for them & Lockjaw.

They could have done a Frankenstein's Monster Halloween Special & added a Baron Blood or Nightmare figure.

They could do a series of two-packs besides The Cobra & Mr. Hyde they could do
Fandral & Volstagg
Hogun & Skurge the Executioner
The Mimic & The Super Adaptoid
Frankenstein's Monster & Baron Blood
Attuma & Marrina
Blastaar & Thundra
Lockjaw & The High Evolutionary
Bulldozer & Thunderball
The Mad Thinker & His Awesome Andy

LAWay said...

I don't want High Evolutionary. I haven't read a single comic with him in it (although I guess I don't read much of the cosmic stuff or Thor if thats where he is from). I think he is less iconic than Lockjaw, so in terms of not wanting either, Lockjaw is the lesser of two evils.

There we go. Marmite.

Robert said...

No one said he did it alone, Tino. But to claim his role in making Marvel successful is purely based on biased self-promotion is outrageous and demonstrates a shallow and wrong-headed knowledge of history.

You haven't read a single comic with the High Evolutionary?? Really? The guy has battled Galactus (in the FF's comic), is a father-figure to Warlock (see Warlock [1970s] and Warlock and the Infinity Watch [1990s]), caused a war that crossed over many annuals including the Avengers, etc, etc. etc.

Jacadoo said...

I had a look at some of the images for the high evolutionary and having a spare sentinel I am going to have a go at customising him this week.

Got to paint yondu and Afro samurai this week, as the weekend just flew by.

My first attempt at a blog was woeful, I need some artistic influence from LAWay!!

Mind you I managed to get some excellent images of my collection..... Including my dirty secret!!

Robert said...

I'm probably being thick again, Jacadoo, but where's your blog? Clicked on your name and there was no link...

TheTooN said...

I'm totally out of order here but I'm pissed so never a better time to ask.

Tino......Love to read your posts and rarely disagree with anything you say so dont take this the wrong way mate.

Why do you start a post in lower case and then launch a list (A bloody huge one usually) in Caps ?

I used to just skip the message cos I couldnt take all the caps but since it was mentioned it makes me grin and I read it all :P

Your passion is undoubted so again dont think this is a piss take.

And again I would have loved most if not all of your Villain hit list :)

TheTooN said...

@Robert - Dont hate me.............

Never heard of the High Evolutionary or the Recorder. I admit I had a small window of Marvel exposure in the 70's/80's and then only UK pubs which tells its own story.

If its gonna be Lockjaw EM !!! Make him look like Leighs sketch, half way through a teleport. If you release a big brown dog it will go in the pooper scooper.

Nuff said !

Robert said...

Hi, Toon. Not knowing the Recorder I get. I have found about 121 appearances (the Marvel Database is waaaaay off), but most are found in either Thor or Hercules comics, and a fair number are cameos. The Thor-Recorder stories were reprinted in Marvel Super Action or Marvel Super Adventure in the UK around '81, so you could easily have encountered them. I still have them up the loft.

The High Evolutionary has had far greater exposure. I'm sure he even appeared in a few mutant stories in the '90s, so even the X-fans should have an idea who he is. In the '70s he was in Thor but also think an appearance in other titles like a Hulk story by Bill Mantlo and Sal B. That may have been early '80s, not sure. In the 1970s he had that barney with Galactus in the FF's book that I mentioned earlier. Honestly, I'm surprised you missed him.

Thor8 said...

The High Evolutionary made his debut in The Mighty Thor #134 circa '67-'68.

John said...

Well, good job everyone. I think we've proved everyone left is marmite so no one is worth doing. Would have been nice if we found one character we could all agree needed done.

tinodragon14 said...

Hey Jac no offense taken my fellow figurine fan. I have noticed some statements by others who seem to go into a catatonic state when they see caps. GASP!
It is just to punctuate my love of the villains when I list them & make them stand out. I have tried to tone it down but since this blog is nearing its end those who are so bothered by it will see it no more soon enough. OKAY! CELEBRATE!!

I am surprised some say they never saw The High Evolutionary but then I was unaware of the raccoon & the tree characters. Sadly High Evolutionary would have made a fine figure.

For those of you who are fans of Grit uh Grate er Grope oh no Groot I have seen some pics that indicate Bowen is going to have a bust of that character.

And to Roberto I did say I respect Stan Lee & I did not say his ability to promote himself was is only contribution by any stretch of the imagination & anyone who thought so is just lets see wrong headed & has a shallow understanding of my love of the Marvel U. I would have loved to have met him when he came to the New Orleans Comic Con but he wanted over a 100 bucks to meet him & I tend to save my extra cash to ironically buy lead figures of Marvel characters he helped create made by EM. Tis a pity indeed.

tinodragon14 said...

I meant to direct that first part as a response to TooN's QuestioN not Jac. SorrY to both of you... I beg ForgivenesS. SorrY I PisseD YoU OfF TooN.

John said...

Actually, maybe the important thing isn't the number of people that wouldn't buy it, but a percentage of who would. People get vocal about their tastes, but you don't see them listing everyone they would actually buy.

Can we set up a poll that lists the top runners and instead of their most wanted, each character has free-reign... a "Yes, I would buy this character" or "No, I would not."

Who knows, maybe this'll show that 42/50 people would buy Skurge and he's the most passable Special. Can we come up with a proper Special list here then vote on the forum where they can set it up?

Remember, 2-packs are extremely hard to get through the bean-counters, and this Special's unlikely to happen as it is, so I was thinking:

High Evolutionary
Madame Web
Stan Lee
Strong Guy
Titanium Man

Here's 15 names that seem to come up a lot/people are very passionate for. Any names that NEED to go on here or any names that the majority thinks are... meh...

If each one got a yes/no vote, we'd see EXACTLY what kind of demand they actually have. Would you purchase this character?

tinodragon14 said...

Archangel - Yes
Atlas - Yes
Attuma - Yes
Blastaar - Yes
Destroyer - Yes
Dragonman - Yes
High Evolutionary - Yes
Huckling - No
Lockjaw - Yes
The Living Monolith - Yes
Madame Webb - No
Onslaught - Not sure really
Skurge the Executioner - Yes
Stan Lee - No but I respect him Robert
Strong Guy - No
The Super Adaptoid - Yes
Titanium Man - Yes
Warpath - No
Wendigo - Not sure really

Thor8 said...

John; I would not purchase Wendigo.Onslaught,Madam Web,or Hulkling. All others I would buy.

John said...

There are those that I would prefer, but honestly, I'd buy all of them but Archangel.

I wouldn't buy a redo. I know nothing of Wendigo, and don't even care for his visual, but I'd buy him as he's a new character.

You're welcome, EM, for having a customer like me, haha.

But to gauge a more accurate response, we need an actual poll set up on the forum (if the mods will allow.) But first we should find the right 15. I tried to be unbiased (notice there's no Groot?) and go with a range of the top requests and most passionate campaigns. The only big one not included was Howard the Duck, but unfortunately we already had a poll confirming his marmitism.

Jacadoo said...

Roberto I have not launched my blog yet, hust want to ensure the look is right first.

Robert said...

Number 134 would be 1967, I think, Thor. I'm pretty sure that the Recorder first appeared two months earlier.

Jacadoo, I look forward to seeing the blog, especially if you have photos of your collection

TheTooN said...

Caps dont bother me too much Tino but Caps and long lists hurt my eyes ;) Apologies for mentioning it, I was a little shamefaced this morning when I re-read it.

@John - I would buy all on your list except Hulkling and Strong Guy.

I'm still undecided what to do from here on out as far as the final extension goes. 180-200 has 5 figurines I really like and 15 I dont give a monkeys about. Mojo's still to come too which makes it even harder to swallow the costs for 16 figs I dont like.

I'd really like a 100% complete collection so do I just suck it up or do I cut off my nose to spite my face ? My box of goodies arrived from Redhotcomics yesterday so going to open 20 figurines in a bit. Maybe that will help make my decision for me.

tinodragon14 said...

So TooN which 5 do you really like?

TheTooN said...

JJJ, Swordsman, Gamora, Vance and Constrictor are my favourites from 180-200.

These are only my personal opinions.

Shaw's costume puts me off him the same as it did in the comic. Hammerhead looks ridiculous but then so does the comic. Trapster - Old school colours dont always work. Wolfsbane ? Ewwwww, Firelords sculpt looked really impressive but once painted I didnt like him. Wiccan is a YA so not for me. Stingray needed a dynamic pose.

Rest of the extension are decent enough but dont really excite me enough to say I would get them if I was a pick and chooser.

I'd buy them all in a heartbeat if we had 200-220 coming :(

Love to hear your thoughts on 180-200 Tino. (anyone)

Anonymous said...


tinodragon14 said...

I understand how you feel TooN. I have bought every figure & special to support this collection in hopes that it would help it continue but I do intend to buy the remaining figures & Specials except mojo. I just never liked that character & I regret he was picked instead of Dragonman or Skurge or Lockjaw or Titanium Man.

My favorite of the final 20 is The Owl & I'm pleased how he turned out. I hope he looks as good in person. Next is Hammerhead then Swordsman then Trapster. I was against the chosen look for Trapster but I turned out to be satisfied with the final product. I wanted Shaman & like the finished figure. And I am really pleased with Werewolf by Night. Of course all depends on how it comes to each of us. I also like that Constrictor & Firelord were picked. I like JJJ but frankly that other hand should be holding a cigar but I would have chosen classic Spidey villain The Molten Man instead or Tombstone. Shaw looks okay but I would have chosen Mastermind as the last original member of the Brotherhood. Longshot turned out to be a fine looking figure but I would have picked Whirlwind instead. Gamora looks fine but I would have picked Baron Mordo. Vance Astro also looks okay but I would have picked Blastaar. I would have picked Sunspot before Wolfsbane & this figure is looking like a bad one. Would have picked The Grey Gargoyle or Blizzard long before Moonstone & that figure looks so generic. Spidey 99 looks okay but would have picked another Spidey villain instead like Jack O'Lantern, Scarecrow, Jackal & even Stegron.
Wiccan looks better then I expected but would have picked Mantis instead. Stingray is okay but Attuma would be way better. I like how Deathbird is turning out but would have picked The High Evolutionary instead. Have not seen Hela yet but I would have picked Hogun the Grim before her. Moonstar is another weak looking figure & I would have put Fandral in her place.

Hawkeye said...

For those of you who are lamenting the fact that we won't get a figure of the Human Fly (I know, I'm in a minority of one here...) news comes in that they are considering a movie. Oh yes true believers!! Won't be part of the Marvel Movie universe but hey, anything is better than nothing

(Suppose I could always customise a DC Red Tornado figure - any ideas?)

Big Ben said...

Would only buy Archangel, Strong Guy, Warpath & Wendigo. Would also like Warlock (New Mutants) & Marina (Alpha Flight).

sed tallis said...

E mailed Mike Ploog asked him what the best look for Lockjaw is, delighted he sent me this image.
make it happen EM.

SinisterVenom said...

It's officially confirmed...Guardians Of The Galaxy are getting a movie in 2014! What's more, it will be the last film to tie into Avengers 2 so the secret ending to Avengers was linked to GOTG and Avengers 2!
Also picked up Sif today, she is fabulous! Not cartoony like she may look in the pics we've seen but a stunning figurine altogether! The only fault was a little bit of bad painting on the back on one of the legs but otherwise 9/10!

TheTooN said...

Looking at your list of substitutes I wish you had been in charge of picking the characters ;) Must admit I dont know some of them though. (Molten Man and Mastermind)

I would love to have had Whirlwind, Mordo, Blastaar, Grey Gargoyle, Blizzard, Jackal, Mantis and Attuma. Would happily swap them with some of what we are getting.

Warriors 3 would also be very welcome. I'd love to be able to fill a plinth with Asgardians but still 2 short. Destroyer and Heimdall would be be nice :)

Opened my parcel but not taken them out of their individual boxes yet. Not impressed :( I had asked my supplier to hang fire until Sif came out before dispatching as she looked awesome and I didnt want to wait another couple of months for my next delivery. Also Terrax was due so asked to wait for him. Sif.........poor Sif has one eye twice the size of the other, white paint in her hair, flesh paint on her skirt, red paint from her leggings on her white skirt. And she's not even out of the box yet. Terrax has his axe bent both top and bottom, paint chipped off the top so cant even try to straighten it. Box and clamshell are perfect so I can only assume it was sent out from China like that.

I was so P'd off I stopped looking at the others :( Maybe I'll feel like it in the morning. I did see Nico's club hand before chucking everything back in the shipping container.

Dc Blackest Night figs looked pretty good from a quick glance and I'm looking forward to opening those tomorrow.

I know EM couldnt make them much better with the budget they have but I wish the price was higher and quality better. I'll no doubt be sending 'another' batch off for repainting.

BobDiamond said...

As a completist, I'd get all the figs anyway, BUT if I was to choose from John's list the ones I'd really be happy with, it would go like this:
Archangel- Yes
Atlas- Definitely
Blastaar- Yes
Destroyer- yes
High Evolutionary- Definitely
Hulkling- Not Bothered
Lockjaw- yes
Madame Web- Not Bothered
Onslaught- Yes
Skurge- Definitely
Stan Lee- Not Bothered
Strong Guy- Not Really
Titanium Man- Yes
Warpath- not Really
Wendigo- Yes

So most of them I'd be happy with, 3 I'd love to have and 5 I wouldn't miss at all..


SinisterVenom said...

I'm also collecting every single figurine so I'll rate the choices out of 5, the higher the number, the more I want it. Here we go:
Archangel - 3/5
Atlas - 4/5
Blastaar - 3/5
Destroyer - 5/5
High Evolutionary - 4/5
Hulkling - 2/5
Lockjaw - 4/5
Madame Web - 5/5
Onslaught - 5/5
Skurge - 5/5
Stan Lee - 4/5
Strong Guy - 2/5
Titanium Man - 5/5
Warpath - 3/5
Wendigo - 3/5

And there you have it.

The Mad Thinker said...

Jacadoo :

I look forward to seeing your blog and your photos.

John :

Archangel - Yes
Atlas - Yes
Attuma - No
Blastaar - Yes
Destroyer - Maybe
Dragonman - No
High Evolutionary - Yes
Huckling - Yes
Lockjaw - Yes but with Maximus
The Living Monolith - No
Madame Webb - Yes
Onslaught - No
Skurge the Executioner - Yes
Stan Lee - No , don't see the point
Strong Guy - Yes
The Super Adaptoid - Yes
Titanium Man - Maybe
Warpath - Yes
Wendigo - Yes

Dan :

Yeah , Stan Lee maybe a legend , but I don't think I'd want a figurine sculpted of him.
I'd much rather have a figurine sculpt of another legend - one who we all know on this blog.

Yes , that's the fellow - Dan the man.
I'd love to have a Arnim Zola style Dan the man figurine as a special.

Maybe Eaglemoss would be kind enough to let us all have one as a gift for our loyalty ?

What are the chances Danny boy ?

The Mad Thinker said...

P.s :

What about Man Ape ?
He's special size

LAWay said...

You know i coulda sworn I have read a comic High Evolutionary is in. I checked comic vine and some issues I vaguely remember reading, but have no recollection of him as a character. I mean, I know OF him, but cannot think of a single moment he has had in a comic.

Alot of specials people name, while I may not like them or think they are the best solution, I would still buy them, as I am sure many others would, so character preference probably won't effect things too much. So I'll do the list of figurines I think would look good and that I would prefer:

Archangel - Yes
Atlas - Yes
Attuma - Yes
Blastaar - Yes
Destroyer - Yes
Dragonman - Yes
High Evolutionary - No
Hulkling - Yes
Lockjaw - No
The Living Monolith - No
Madame Webb - No
Onslaught - Yes
Skurge the Executioner - No
Stan Lee - No
Strong Guy - No
The Super Adaptoid - No
Titanium Man - No
Warpath - No
Wendigo - No

Jacadoo, setting up the look of a blog isn't hard, it has all templates that does all the hard work for you.

SV where did you read GotG was linked in to Avengers? I find it hard to believe since it hasn't been written or cast or anything yet. People are even saying Spidey might make it to Avengers 2 despite being owned by Sony. If GotG are involved with Avengers, I'd imagine it would be more related to the villain or setting perhaps. Can't see The Avengers 'movie stars' being cut out of screen time by them, there would be way too many characters. Perhaps a big battle cameo (like spidey is rumoured he could have) but nothing more.

Did anyone read 'Big Hero 6'? I only just heard of it, but Disney want to make an animated film of them.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

My preferences:

Archangel - YES
Atlas - NO
Attuma - YES
Blastaar - YES
Destroyer - YES
Dragonman - YES
High Evolutionary - YES
Hulkling - YES
Lockjaw - YES
The Living Monolith - NO
Madame Webb - NO
Onslaught - NO
Skurge the Executioner - NO
Stan Lee - NO
Strong Guy - NO
The Super Adaptoid - YES
Titanium Man - NO
Warpath - NO
Wendigo - NO

but I still think this poll should also include
Eternity - YES

John said...

The point of giving the list is to have a discussion about who should be in or out of it. No one's really making suggestions on who I should take out or add. In fact, I think someone added names that are just getting "No's." Living Monolith had 3 no's in a row.

I'm assuming you all want Attuma added and Madame Web and Hulkling removed? Is Stan Lee that marmite? Should he be removed? The list should only be 10-15.

As for how much you want it, it doesn't matter. All that matters to a bean-counter is the bean. If you bought it and hated it, they have the same amount of money as from the guy who loved it. I do NOT want the Super Adaptoid, but I would buy him.

Interesting question though... is the Super Adaptoid a Special release or is he just highly wanted by some people? I ask because I've seen him requested as a Special before, but is he even very big? I've NEVER seen him in a comic.

tinodragon14 said...

John, I added Attuma, Dragonman & Super Adaptoid to the original list because I have seen them all mentioned by others including me. Admittedly The Living Monolith is just me & I have always thought he would make an awesome Mega. Dragonman would obviously be a Mega while Attuma would be a regular special. Those who talk about The Super Adaptoid are remembering when he absorbed the Avengers powers so he was as big as Giant-Man with giant green wings aka Wasp & his costume was a mix of Cap, Hawkeye, Ironman & Thor as well as having a shield & bow & arrow. If you look for images of him you will see a great bust of him by Bowen & on Wikipedia it shows a comic book cover of him fighting the Avengers.

tinodragon14 said...

Sorry to hear about your Terrax figure TooN but I know how you feel when I first got Dracula & Avalanche I was so disappointed because Drac was broke in two & Avalanche's hands were bent but I got the replacements & both are on my display shelf. Terrax is one I'm really looking forward to.

Regarding Mastermind he was an original member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants along with Magneto, Quicksliver, The Scarlet Witch & the Toad. He is a master of illusion making you see through his control of your mind what he wants you to see. I remember an early battle with the X-Men where he made Beast think his legs were useless. He aided the Hellfire Club in turning Jean Grey over to the dark side as the Black Queen & then the Dark Phoenix. He would die from the so called Legacy Virus which also did in Pyro.

Robert said...

John, if memory serves, the Adaptoid was normal-sized. The SUPER-Adaptoid was able to mimic the powers of five Avengers at any one time, and one of the five was usually Giant-Man, so, yes, he was very big. He was an interesting villain in terms of powers, kind of like the Super-Skrull. BUT he was just green, or rather shades of green. And he's a mess of heroic costumes, too, like some sort of Marvel "How Many Heroes?" Puzzle Page. I'd much prefer Lockjaw, the Destroyer or Dragon Man, etc.

TheTooN said...

It kills you when knackered figurines arrive doesnt it. Where was your copy of Dracula snapped Tino ?

I opened 12 figs this morning and by and large am happy with them. I have to keep reminding myself they are only a fiver each whilst at the same time wishing they were a tenner and better finished off.

You didnt ask for it but heres my opinions :)

Dracula really impressed me, well painted facial details and even though his costume's slightly wasted standing at the angle he does on the base it suits his character.

Domino needed her pistols straightening but for one I wasnt looking forward to she turned out nice. Paint is as good as I have seen for a while and nothings where it shouldnt be.

Nico is nicely done with the exception of her clubbed hand. She looks like Patrick Duffy for anyone old enough to remember the man from Atlantis :P

Arachne had lost bits of transfer from both the front and back and has one eye smaller the other. I might try and have a go at touching her up myself (oooeerrrr) as I dont want to spend money on a repaint.

Avalanche had wonky fingers but they straightened up pretty well. Only niggle with him is that they didnt bother painting any teeth so he looks like he's wearing a big white mouth guard.

Wizard fits into the "Old school colours dont always work" category for me. Not a poor fig by any stretch but not a fan.

Forge is a nice sculpt with poor paint but not one I'm bothered about. Will go on a rear plinth along with loads of other X'ers.

Thunderbird's well painted but I dont know who he goes with ? Guys ?

Mockingbird suffers the same problem all the other women in skimpy costumes do. She's welded together from mid thigh and looks like crap. Shame as I was looking forward to her.

Tiger Shark's really nice, maybe would have had him looking upwards a wee bit more to show off his snarl though. Saw tooth paint work very well done. I agree with comments that he looks a bit like he's a porn star on the job ;)

Terrax is also really nice, I found the loose paint fleck in the clamshell where his axe was bent and stuck it back on. Not ideal but he's definitely a candidate for a repaint.

Sif stands next to Enchantress as my favourite female ever. She really is a beautiful sculpt. Shame she has eyes that dont match but as with Terrax she deserves spending more money on a repaint.

Also bought a Blackest Night plinth and Nekron, Black Hand, Deathstorm, Parallax, Larfleeze, Sinestro, Saint Walker, Atrocitus and Lyssa Drak. They look fantastic but I wouldnt say that any of them are painted better then the CMFC.

TheTooN said...

Just sticking the new figurines on plinths and realised Terrax sculpt doesnt work.

I display specials in the middle of a plinth, front or rear row and arrange the others to suit. He's so wide that most figurines wont fit next to him. Even skinny ones like Arachne have their heads completely obscured by the axe.

I bought bookcases specifically for the CMFC, a perfect fit for plinths being approx 30mm wider. That means I cant even stick terrax on one end of a plinth.

Things like this P me off more than anything. You designed the plinths perfectly for regular/special/mega size and then go and do this.

WHY !!!

tinodragon14 said...

Dracula was broke where the head & cape join to the body. The replacement looked fine enough & I find I like him better in person then I did on this blog.

The replacement Avalanche's hands look good & I placed him on my X villains shelf between Pyro & The Blob.

Thunderbird was part of the new X-Men along with Wolverine, Banshee, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Sunfire & Storm. He was the first native American mutant. For some stupid reason after just a few issues they killed him off while he is attacking Count Nefaria. I always thought that it was a big mistake. Of course they come up later with his brother called Warpath but to me Thunderbird was the real one.

tinodragon14 said...

Oh & yes I do remember The Man from Atlantis.

The only of those you mentioned that I have so far besides Drac & Avalanche is The Wizard. His costume colors are accurate & his position is okay but I would have had him hovering by using a clear peg.

Domino still looks like she is making out with her guns. Don't like the position at all but then I'm not a fan of this character & would have had any number of great villains in her place.

Robert said...

Ah, The Man From Atlantis. Loved that as a kid but if I saw it now, after all these years, I'd probably find out it was rubbish.

Jim Starlin tomorrow folks! With the obvious exception of Stan, it doesn't get much better than that!

John said...

It was important for X-Men to kill Thunderbird because it set the tone that anything can happen. Any character could die.

Then we got the revolving door, and SO many characters started coming back, that they had to up the annte and kill MORE characters who would just come back (except C-listers, who are my favorites... grrr...) But with all the deaths and resurrections, eventually no one cared anymore about a death. Speaking of, is Nightcrawler back yet? Cable is...

LAWay said...

I dont expect an update until next friday, but what about a comment Dan just saying how things are and what might be possibly shown come friday?

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Hmmm, quite clear from comments that there is a real split of opinion. I always come back to the fact that this is labelled the 'Classic' Marvel Figurine Collection and yet in recent times has been dominated by z-list modern characters, only recognised by relatively modern readers from a tiny period of Marvel's history - a period I may add, when comic sales started to plummet.

Onslaught? Do me a favour! One storyline (admittedly a big crossover one) that almost finished Marvel off, leading as it did to that abortive reboot and certainly not a 'classic' character.

Strong Guy? Barely heard of him and he looks extremely silly. Yes I know all the characters are drawings but talk about 'cartoon-like'. Admittedly taste is a subjective thing but it was ridiculous art like this that stopped me buying Marvel comics for ages.

Archangel? Us completists already have 2 Angel figures and again, this 'variant' is from a relatively narrow period of Marvel's history.

Those with a rather more extensive knowledge of Marvel's 50+ year history* have made some good suggestions:

Lockjaw - absolutely criminal not to have him with the Inhumans but I do agree with concerns that the casual buyer will think 'It's just a dog' and we really want any extra to be a success to suggest having more of them.

Skurge - excellent suggestion. Will look great, even to the casual buyer and if it can be tied in to a forthcoming film, so much the better.

Eternity - This would be my favourite. Awesome character that blew readers minds when they fist encountered him. Great look as well. Will the painters be able to carry it off though - very resource intensive.

Destroyer - good suggestion but has missed the boat a bit in terms of tying in to the Thor movie. Very surprised it wasn't released then.

My off the wall, will never be made but would be freaking awesome, suggestion? The Living Tribunal with, wait for it, repelling magnets in the neck and head so the triple-faced had can float and rotate above the neck. Would have to make the head at least out of resin but c'mon, how cool would that be?!

So, Skurge it is then :o(.

Other most wanted figures: Warriors Three; Mantis; Whirlwind.

*No offence to our younger friends here - I'm just jealous of your relative youth! ;o).

mgf said...

I agree with a lot of that Ethan, particularly the part about the new Marvel characters which in my opinion led to the death of the CMFC.

The thing about Lockjaw is that it is now irrelevant how many he sells because the collection has been cancelled anyway.

That said my guess is that if there is another special - and what evidence is there that there will be, by the way? - it won't be Lockjaw, it will be Strong Guy. This collection has been obsessed with all things X since day one, so it is likely to end the same way.

I must say I am as irritated today by the end of the CMFC as I was when it was announced. The most important Marvel collection ever sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Infuriating.

CGJ said...

Subby pack came today.

Domino is a nice figure of a character I wasn't fussed about so that is a bonus.

Sif looks ridiculous, Playboy mansion meets Marvel universe, playing into every fanboy stereotype along the way.

Em have made some strange decisions with the asgardians across the collection, this one I think was the strangest

LAWay said...

Yes, all these modern characters have killed this collection. All 4 of them that were created since the 90s obscenely being included. What an outrage.

Over the last 60 figurines (3 extensions)
(60s) - 21
(70s) - 16
(80s) - 19
(90s) - 2
(2000s) - 2

Issue 141: Pyro - 1981
Issue 142: Silver Sable - 1985
Issue 143: Radioactive Man - 1963
Issue 144: Typhoid Mary - 1988
Issue 145: Marvel Girl - 1981
Issue 146: Quasar - 1978
Issue 147: Prowler - 1969
Issue 148: Firestar - 1981
Issue 149: Cannonball - 1982
Issue 150: Triton - 1965
Issue 151: Ares - 1966
Issue 152: Destiny - 1981
Issue 153: Balder - 1964
Issue 154: Wrecker - 1968
Issue 155: Songbird - 1979
Issue 156: Toad - 1964
Issue 157: Moondragon - 1973
Issue 158: Spiral - 1985
Issue 159: Siryn - 1981
Issue 160: Blackheart - 1989
Issue 161: Puppet Master - 1962
Issue 162: Karnak - 1965
Issue 163: Hydro-Man - 1981
Issue 164: Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) - 1967
Issue 165: Photon - 1982
Issue 166: Magik - 1975
Issue 167: Beetle - 1964
Issue 168: Shanna the She-Devil - 1972
Issue 169: Forge - 1984
Issue 170: Wizard - 1962
Issue 171: Thunderbird - 1975
Issue 172: Dracula - 1972
Issue 173: Avalanche - 1981
Issue 174: Arachne - 1984
Issue 175: Mockingbird - 1971
Issue 176: Tiger Shark - 1968
Issue 177: Nico Minoru - 2003
Issue 178: Domino - 1992
Issue 179: Sif - 1964
Issue 180: J. Jonah Jameson - 1963
Issue 181: Sebastian Shaw - 1980
Issue 182: Swordsman - 1965
Issue 183: Owl - 1964
Issue 184: Hammerhead - 1972
Issue 185: Longshot - 1985
Issue 186: Trapster - 1963
Issue 187: Shaman - 1979
Issue 188: Werewolf by Night - 1972
Issue 189: Gamora - 1975
Issue 190: Vance Astro - 1969
Issue 191: Wolfsbane - 1982
Issue 192: Moonstone - 1978
Issue 193: Firelord - 1974
Issue 194: Spider-Man 2099 - 1992
Issue 195: Wiccan - 2005
Issue 196: Stingray - 1969
Issue 197: Deathbird - 1977
Issue 198: Hela - 1964
Issue 199: Danielle Moonstar - 1982
Issue 200: Constrictor 1977

Sort it out EM.

Victor said...

I think that the problem is not with the creation date of the characters
The problem would maybe with the wrong costume (too recent costume's).

mgf said...

S'not solely the era, 'tis the sudden increase in rubbish choices, although I make that 23 from the modern era, so in excess of a third is a pretty hefty representation considering the fact Marvel comics sales fell off a cliff during that time.

Trying hard to think of a single decent original Marvel character created after 1980.


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

The First Appearance date is not really important. Many characters have evolved significantly since their first appearance. Many of them have taken years to develop their full potential and reach their best state of evolution. Take Ares, for example. He may have appeared in 1966 but it's only in Nineties, with Bendis's Avengers, that he became the best possible Ares, imo. I know it's debatable case by case. But, in general, I think characters should be associated with the era in which they reached a peak in a particular series or story arc.

BobDiamond said...

Don't think there's much chance of that new Spidey Figurine turning up any time nice if they'd let us know one way or another though.
Anyway...better news..been really lucky lately and have found a bunch of early 70s Kirby Klassics such as Eternals, New Gods, Sandman (#1) and Mr. Miracle all for a couple of quid each at my LCS. But even better I found an excellent copy of Kirby's 2001- A Space Odyssey tabloid format comic for £2 at my local Oxfam Book Shop! Excellent places those...


LAWay said...

If the 80s are classified as the modern era then that is just crazy. I wasn't old enough to read Marvel comics during the 80s, but from then on those characters were cemented in mainstream Marvel.

If they didn't work, we never would of seen them again, or they wouldn't of continued playing a part in Marvel, like many characters from the 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s who have been forgotten by modern marvel because storytelling has changed.

I'm lead to believe that the 90s were Marvels toughest times, and that era isnt exactly flooding the CMFC.

Whether reinterpretations of characters in the modern day are worse than their 'classic' versions is purely opinion, but I can't remember many people complaining about that list saying the characters or their looks were 'too modern'.

LAWay said...

BD - if you email Eaglemoss they will confirm that collection has been suspended.

If you were lucky you got an enlarged recast of the spidey rooftop special. Maybe its if people have phoned up and complained as they can sound more angry and disappointed.

John said...

I'm having trouble finding the rubbish characters. I mean, its all opinion, and in the last 20, the ones I care least about are the ones the most people were requesting. So if we're just in the characters that split opinions, then it didn't really matter who got picked. Its almost all B-Characters left.

As for the modern characters, nice one LAWay. I got a good laugh from that.

As for costumes, again, if I weren't a completist, I wouldn't skipped Gamora and Trapster as they're not in their modern costumes.

If its just in display, again looking at opinion, some people wanted Stingray more dynamic, I wanted him exactly as EM made him. I think Giant Man is a waste as we have Pym already, but a LOT of people wanted that remake.

EM didn't make any rubbish choices this extension. They were just down to choices with split opinions.

mgf said...


I wasn't around during the Golden Age of comics, or for the start of the the Silver Age, generally considered to have begun with Flash #1. I started with Mighty World Of Marvel in the early 70s.

The 80s are considered the start of the modern era, and we still are "enjoying" that era today. My belief is the wheels fell off with Secret Wars, that abysmal toy selling exercise, and DC's Crisis, both of which ushered in the era of the event.

I think two comic greats inadvertently led to the situation we find ourselves in today as well. Alan Moore and Frank Miller, via the ultra realism of Miracleman, V For Vendetta, the Dark Knight Returns and Daredevil et al led the copycats at both the main companies to go down that darker route in the hunt for dollars. The problem was those who sought to emulate that success had only a fraction of the talent.

You are right that storytelling has changed. That is unarguable, however, the issue at hand is has it changed for the better? Sales would indicate not, and as comics are a commercial consideration that is a significant factor, probably the only one that matters.

Perhaps like Spinal Tap's manager we should believe current sales really indicate that comics now enjoy a more selective audience rather than a mere fraction of what went before.

Robert said...

On Saturday, at the Glasgow Comic Con, a large crowd were asked if they were fed up with 'event' comics and crossovers. Practically everyone - and the age range was kiddies to a few pensioners - raised an arm.

The thing about Secret Wars was it was unusual. It made a huge impact not because it was well-written or well-drawn, neither is the case, but because we had never seen anything like it, all those heroes and villains in one story.

It was really the '90s where this type of stunt became out of hand with the annual crossovers that other arcs like Maximum Carnage, which crossed over all the Spidey titles for 19 chapters of awfulness.

Nowadays, the 'event' gimmick is what gets you to the top of the best-selling charts. It's all about numbers at the Big Two now, and to hang with decent stories, continuity and any kind of respect or acknowledgement of the past.

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