Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Great news kids!

 (That's a reference to the old weekly comics when they had less than great news to reveal.)

As you all know there will be much less work in progress to present to you guys on a weekly basis as we head towards to the final months of creative work on the collection (My schedule says January 9th will pretty much be my last day on the magazine). The figurines should really be all wrapped up by now (we are still waiting for Hela).

Although obviously it will continue to be published way into next year (I believe mid-April is the last publication date, but they may bring that forward to speed things up!)

So with this impending knowledge, there will of course be much less to blog about. I know you all still have much to say about the collection and Marvel Comics as a whole so I don't want to stop the blog just yet, I still enjoy reading your comments and theories (and rants!). So I think a fortnightly blog update will become the norm from now on - even if it's just to refresh the comments section.

As much as you would like me to answer certain questions pertaining to other possible EM collections and marketing/business decisions, I will unfortunately not be answering such questions as I'm not really the person to ask and as such just end up stirring things up or getting it wrong.

So the updates will be mainly images culled from the magazine and what few figurine stages we have left. Contrary to popular belief there are almost no development/vault/archive type images left to show you (that I know of anyway, the sculptors may have their own photo ref not presented to us?)

Anyway here are some of the remaining archive shots I have...

Come 'ave a go if ya think yer 'ard enuff!

A very early Thor that was rejected.

Some pose sketches for Gobbo.

Original un-altered master of Green Goblin.

Wolverine and Doc Ock master turnarounds.

That's all for now. Dan


Robert said...

Always interesting to hear what you have to say, Dan. Glad to hear you will continue with this blog. It's limping a bit at the moment as far as posters, though that doesn't mean we're not still checking in.

I don't know if it's just me, but right from the start of this collection I'vethought that the Goblin looks naked without his glider. (Hang on, that sounded all wrong...)

Robert said...

After seeing the early Thor sculpt, I looked again at the version we got. It is of course miles better and really impressive. Would it be rude to ask what other sculpts the Thor guy created?

AMARON said...

I actually liked the THOR sculpt that was rejected. Also like the group photo of the early sculpts. Would have been neat to have them made on one plinth. Love the Thing in that pic.

Blog Master Dan said...

I think the Thor sculptor was the same guy who did the early Spidey, and Thing sculpts (see blog archive). He didn't really fit the look our Editorial Director was looking for (which I concurred with), we wanted a look that was more adult looking, less toy more sculpture (Lord of the Rings was our previous success so we went to Toby Whiting (who has done ALL LOTR sculpts - that's the regular 180 run + specials and all the chess sets!), He gave us the majority of the first 20 figures which set the tone for the collection - more stoic, standing poses - that has obviously changed as the collection has gone on, introducing some dynamic poses as we got more confident (or just to keep this fresh).

max_0888 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. Always a pleasure to read.

I was wondering if you knew which upcoming figurines have a mag cover drawn by one of your artist and which ones are covers from comics. I love the new art and I was wondering if Moonstone, Wiccan, Mirage, Wolfsbane, Hela and Deathbird had new art in development.

Also, do you know if there is hope for one more special after Giant-man?

Thanks :)

tinodragon14 said...

So there will be no more Specials? You guys could have at least given us TITANIUM MAN & THE EXECUTIONER. Would it have killed you to do a few final specials. Are they even doing Giant-Man?

sed tallis said...

Coming to the end of my first prison sentence , some of my wingmates wrote letters to the governors urging them to keep me inside, as I was incredibly popular with the lads.
Nice insight as always Dan, Do you actually know what your next gig is Dan?

LAWay said...

Awww disappointing that there are not much more pics from the vault, I thought you guys would be buried under paperwork of all sorts of concept designs, poses, sketches, early photos, different paint schemes etc etc.

Theres my hope of an art book out the window I guess. ^_^

At least we have a date for when we know things will end, and a fortnight post will be hard to adapt to, but we have been spoilt with weekly updates.

The Thor sculpt we got is one of the best in the collection. That one that was scrapped, I dont think we truly appreciate how lucky we are with this collection when you see directions the CMFC could have gone in.

Personally the stoic poses is what I loved. The more varied they tried to be, the more dynamic the pose, the more hit and miss it became. It had potential to be great, but also some stinkers.

jimbob said...

Is there going to be any more specials?????

It's not clear if we will have more or not?

Robert said...

Interesting comment about poses. After a while the 'standing looking tough' stance wore a bit thin and I was glad of the shift in design attitude. I never believed that the more animated poses were toy-like.

Oh, check your email, Ted.

Dan The Man said...

I've not heard anything on specials.

I'm assuming Giant-Man will be the last, but i'll let you know asap.

Not sure what my next 'gig' is. Hopefully I'll be sticking around EM towers for a while yet.

I'll be doing a upcoming covers update next time. I'll bare in mind to highlight the new commissions.
(max_0888: All those you mentioned have fairly good available art to use - so possible not for them?).

max_0888 said...

Cool thanks for the reply Dan :)
It would be a shame not to have at least one more special hehe, put a word for us will ya ?

Of course, ive accepted the end of this awesome collection, but I guess having Lockjaw to finish this collection would be a mega bonus.

As for cover arts, too bad the ones ive mentionned probably won't have original art. But still can't wait if Stingray, Constrictor and Shaman have one

Id love to see someone draw Gamora's cover

Robert said...

Gamora cover?

Has to be her creator, really. In the majority of her appearances he was either artist or writer, or both.

Getting Lockjaw would ease the pain of this collection ending...

tinodragon14 said...


Dan The Man said...
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LarryS said...

Not much point anymore.

'Bye everyone.

Larry out.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Message from EM
Guys, there is a flyer in the Domino magazine. It says:

... due to the overwhelmingly positive response to this series, we will be creating another 20 detailed figurines... You can look forward to characters such as Spider-Man 2099, Gamora, Longshot, Moonstone, Hela and many more...

You can see it here:

EM says very clearly: 'overwhelmingly positive response to this series'. While they talk from the perspective of extension 161-180, I'm absolutely sure the same level of positive response would be achieved by 181-200.

My plea
I wish EM had opted for another type of message instead. I still feel strongly that EM should include a similar message in one of the forthcoming magazines.
It should be something like this:

The CMFC has given you some of the greatest Marvel characters, but there are plenty more that we know you look forward to include in your ultimate Marvel collection. From Hyperion to Mantis, from Sunspot to Gargoyle, from Jackal to Star-Lord. In this difficult economy, the CMFC needs your support to continue its MU exploration, and now EM would like to ask you if you would be willing to accept a price increase to £8.99 which would allow us to produce more of the characters you want. Please reply to (address, etc)

Dan, please please oh please. Can you convey to your bosses all of our passionate aspirations for the CMFC to continue, and persuade them to send the type of flyer I propose above. Please can you try.

Dan The Man said...

Yes Jim Starlin would be cool for Gamora - We were lucky to get him for the Adam Warlock cover - we will see...

Dan The Man said...

blakenewman: I totally agree with you a price increase would be a great idea but it's the old chicken and egg thing, they need to have a certain number of subscribers onboard before they announce an extension, so they can forecast outlay and profit.
if they announce an increase to £9.99 and let's say 50-60% of the remaining subs drop off they are screwed as I would imagine they will be legally obliged to honour the remaining subscribers at a loss. they cannot and will not take such a gamble. they work on hard facts and figures and the numbers do not stack up for a good result - so they move onto other projects with better profit forecasts.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Dan, thanks for offering your thoughts on the matter. It really means a lot to me. What I suggest is a survey where EM do not state they will continue the collection, but simply and transparently explaining that EM are seeking to assess how many subscribers would be willing to accept the increase. The message would be phrased in such way that it would not be legally binding for EM to continue. It would clearly be a marketing survey. I feel that collectors would jump at the opportunity to express their commitment to the CMFC. EM could propose that if and only if a sufficient number of standing orders are received, the collection will continue. EM could also reserve the right to not continue if the number of standing order is insufficient. I realize that this would be a never-before-tried approach by a partwork publisher... but hey, it's a valid one, and nothing is impossible - especially when it comes to passionate CMFC collectors. I can't tell you how grateful I'd be if you tried to explore this option, and I'm sure my fellow collectors would be grateful. Please can you? Please please please. :)

fredpostman said...

I never took out a subscription when the collection started because for convenience it was easier to go to my local newsagents BUT if it meant saving the CMFC then i would.
I have said it before but there are so many characters not made..Lockjaw,Skruge,Cobra,Mr Hyde,Mantis,Titanium Man,Red Ghost and get the score.
C'mon EM don't let it die.
Mojo is on sale at Forbidden Planet for over 20 quid.

Blog Master Dan said...

RE: Mojo. is that a physical copy in-store or just online to order?

I didn't think it was published yet.

BTW £21 is well worth it in IMHO.

fredpostman said...

That's to order online Dan.

The7thCynic said...

Well, all signs point to it being over - for real this time. So sad. It was fun while it lasted.

LAWay said...

Ironically I thought 'Great news kids!' meant an extension or some good news but alas.

Interesting flyer you posted blake. Its surely sent out and worded carefully to make it seem like another 20 figurines is it. Its like they are doing collectors a favour they way they have put it. But like we have said before, its because a lot of people are not aware of 'extensions', and this flyer lightens the blow of the collection ending.

If I received your message though, I would have complained and unsubscribed. lol

You'd have the nerve to mention greatest marvel characters, tease at 'ultimate collection', and then drop names of Hyperion, Mantis, Sunspor, Gargoyle, Jackal and Star-Lord? These are not star names to entice people.

Then you acknowledge the difficult economy, yet ask people to pay an extra £3 a figurine, a 66% increase, an extra £60 for the final 20? My jaw would have hit the floor and I would be straight onto customer services. You suggest EM should send surveys being transparent, but they shouldnt tell fans the collection is ending to cover themselves legally? How can we trust a company like that?

But I totally agree, send surveys out. If EM are sending out flyers then surely they can send out surveys? They need to know whether people will place orders if the price increased. If they did a test to see how many ordered that Spiderman statue, then they could easily set up a unique page and give the link to collectors to decide if they want to commit to the price increase. Essentially, it will be a test page to see how many sign up to it. If enough people do, go ahead. If not, then apologise. Since EM are not sending us that Spiderman statue they must have something in the small print to excuse themselves.

Of course you run the risk of both survey fillers or people purchasing online, whether they intend to buy every figurine or buy one at that price in general. Its easy to say 'I will pay £8.99', but doesnt mean they will.

I think every solution has a big risk attached to it. As a business they cant take them. You can be as optimistic as you can, but you have to be realistic. I wouldnt stake everything I have on current collectors actually accepting a pay increase with sales remaining the same and I dont expect a company to either.

jimbob said...

What is the latest on the Spider Man heroes vs villains limited figure?????

tinodragon14 said...

Sorry Blake but the head honchos have put the kibosh on an extension. It is about the money not about the collectors. They do not care about us. Had they had any heart at all they would done one more extension to allow some classic overlooked characters left in & yes I mean ATTUMA, BARON MORDO, WHIRLWIND, FANDRAL, HOGUN, MANTIS, MARRINA, SUNSPOT, MASTERMIND, THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, STILT-MAN, MOLTEN MAN, TOMBSTONE, YONDU, THE COBRA & MR. HYDE, BLASTAAR, STAR-HAWK & to heck with balance most of the classic characters left are villains & guys. Some are still parts of the Marvel U but noooo that would given a bit more closure & let some of the remaining classic characters in before the end. I'm still angry as you can tell because there are a lot of characters left but there were some in particular I was hoping would get in. I just cannot believe this collection came this far & ATTUMA, BARON MORDO, THE COBRA & MR. HYDE, WHIRLWIND were never done. These are all prominent villains in Marvel. Main antagonists to Marvel heroes & yet characters like Blink, X-23, X-man, Silver Sable, Marvel Girl came before them & those villains would have made for better looking & impressive figures then these lesser hero characters. Heck even if you wanted women MANTIS, MARRINA, SELENE, PRINCESS PYTHON would have been better choices & made better looking figures. The fact that I have stuck with this collection despite some poor choices was because I love the Marvel U & held out hope that they would not kill it without these characters not being done. So now I feel betrayed for my loyalty as characters are not done & the collection unfinished to me. All I could hope was after TERRAX & mega mojo & GIANT-MAN they would have a few more specials like TITANIUM MAN, SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER & LOCKJAW & now not even a few more specials. Just a few more freakin' specials EM. I begged them to do an ARCHANGEL Special & I bet it would have been a big seller. Have him made out of lead & his outspread wings resin or the whole figure resin & he would make an impressive figure to display in a comic book store & so popular a character he would sell quite well but nooooo. His sales popularity would make it easier to do TITANIUM MAN & SKURGE & both of those villains would make awesome specials but noooo.

jimbob said...

SKURGE for last special!!!!!!!!!

Robert said...

It must be an age thing, Leigh. Whenever the phrase "Great news, kids!" was used in the '70s, it almost invariably meant the cancellation of a title, usually to merge with another title. The "reasoning" given being that two titles combined was going to be twice as good! Aye, right! Unfortunately, the cancelled title soon faded from the masthead and was forgotten about.

Six months later, the processw oudl be repeated.

Becquerel said...

Wonderful, I wrote a lengthy post but then blogger 404'd on me. Sigh.

To make it short, this is directed at tinodragon.

I don't know much about Blink and X-Man, but I know that X-23 and Hope are basically among the figureheads of modern Marvel, while Silver Sable was quite solidly featured in the 90s Spider-Man cartoon, one of the most popular Marvel media to this date.

To a comic fan, Silver Sable might be less important than a Mantis or Marrina, but to the sales, Silver Sable will sell better than Marrina. And this is exactly what this is all about. Selling a product. It has nothing to do with EM having a heart or not - if they are making losses or expecting to lose money, they'll have to stop, or else EM generally will stop. They can't just throw their money at people, even if its their loyal customers - as vocal as they might be.

Now, you say there have been "bad choices", and that the names you mention would be preferable. I say, I disagree. This has already deteriorated into "favorite obscure character" by the time the collection hit 100 - and the Marvel Universe is GIGANTIC. To everyone of us, the 200 "worthy" Marvel characters would look entirely different. To you, X-23, Hope Summers or Silver Sable hold no value, but I stand completely behind those characters, and am VERY happy they were included.

On the other hand, you name Yondu, the Cobra or Archangel, characters that have absolutely no value to me, and which I do not care about in the slightest. I don't think I even would include them in another expansion of 100 (well, Cobra maybe, but that's besides the point).

I hope you understand that this collection has not been created to soothe the souls of Marvel figurine collectors, but rather to make profit. And with this prospect, characters that are popular or heavily featured by Marvel will always take the precedence over an obscure character that didn't have any impact on the MU (which e.g. Yondu didn't have, given how he's from an alternate universe).

CGJ said...

I had a similar thought when I saw the headline Leigh, I think Dan might have been having a giggle at some of the more emotionally verbal bloggers expense.

I think the Spidey limited edition says everything that needs to be said about ANY hopes if getting another extension or Special, Two=pack or even a one off.

EM offered a 5" resin Spidey in a decent pose etc for £2.99 and they didn't get enough interest to make it worth while.

Whether it's the economy, buyer fatigue, bloody-mindedness (I would bet more than a few said 'If I can't get another extension, I'm not buying this one') it's not viable - a brand new collection with all the big hitters isn't viable.

No.s 200-220 sure as hell aren't going to be viable.

Me, I think they should have sculpted an Iron Man and offered that for £2.99. Until Marvel and Disney get the film rights back to Spidey, IM will be the main man

tinodragon14 said...

If X-23 & Marvel Girl are figureheads of modern Marvel then modern Marvel is in trouble. Besides this is or was called the Classic Marvel Collection not the modern Marvel Collection. And since Mantis & Marrina were not made I don't know how much they would have made compared to Silver Sable & neither do you. So I'm not going to debate which would make more money for EM. And I said it was about the money not soothing the souls of the collectors as you strangely put it. Must be a Republican. I'm sure the heartless EM appreciates your support of their killing the collection. And if you thing ATTUMA, BARON MORDO, WHIRLWIND, THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, TOMBSTONE, THE WARRIORS THREE, ARCHANGEL, THE COBRA & MR. HYDE & others I listed are obscure characters that had no impact on Marvel comics history then you must have little knowledge of Marvel comics history.

LAWay said...
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LAWay said...

Ah thanks for the education Robert, always good to have you marvel veterans to inform me, I have much to learn. :)

I agree with you there CGJ. We have seen the stubbornness of some people refuse to show any interest in a new collection out of principal. Some reasons are warranted, but a £2.99 5 inch figurine that looked THAT good? I suspected that they had too many orders, or they had some sort of problem. Did anyone actually see an advert in a newspaper of magazine like it asked?

As for tino, I tired of the deluded, selfish, dummy spatting with the likes of:
" It is about the money not about the collectors. They do not care about us. Had they had any heart at all they would done one more extension..."

Its a business. Of course its about the money. They have cared enough to make 200 figurines. What difference would an extra 20 make? Why do you think they made some 'poor' character choices? If people think that Marvel have unlimited resources of amazing characters, why do they point out 'poor character selection'? Surely you should be happy with every character, and if not, then that sort of unreliability is a reason why EM cant make more extensions, because a lot of collectors dont have a heart and are fickle.

PLEASE STOP TYPING IN CAPITALS, and add paragraphs, I often overlook what you post because its just a wall of text and capital names.

Anyone else had feedback from the Spiderman statue people? They took my address and said 14 days usually for delivery, so if I dont get it end of this week or early next week I'll send another email.

Becquerel, usually when I 404, I just press refresh, or hit back, and the message is usually saved, just gotta input the captcha thing again.

Becquerel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becquerel said...

I tried that, but it didn't work. :/ It just put me into the google-account log-in.

Of course I don't know how much they would've made, but honestly, go out and ask a casual Marvel fan about Marrina. And then go ask them about Silver Sable. I guarantee you more people will know about Sable because she was in the cartoon.

I also did not say all of the names you mentioned were obscure, but a lot of them. Yondu? More important than X-23, one of the most popular franchises of the 2000s?

And really, you're pulling the "Classic =/= Modern" BS again? Boo-friggin-hoo. I'm sad that I won't get my Baron Mordo, either, but I'm not gonna come onto the blog and call EM selfish and heartless because they want to cover expenses and maybe even make a profit out of the product they sell.

Also, lmao @ the Republican statement. Just cause I know how business works I'm a Republican? I mean, not even considering there's no Republican party in my country... really? REALLY?

Yeah, right. Go ahead with your dumb ad hominems. This is EXACTLY the reason I've stopped posting on the blog at all.

tinodragon14 said...

Wow another batch of insults from someone I was not writing to. I do not believe I have ever called anyone on here names & certainly not deluded, selfish & dumb. And yes I know it is a business & it is about the money. I said that. They don't care about us & they did not make 200 figures because they care either. It is the money. I have bought every figure & will buy right up to number 200 whether I liked each & every character or had any interest in every character to support the collection & often bought two of a favorite character. I believe this blog is to express our opinions & tastes & yes our disappointments regarding this collection which is now sadly & regretfully coming to an end. Not once on this blog have I insulted anyone. Disagreed maybe or agreed but never name called. I have always thanked Dan who has reached out to the collectors & given us feedback. The fact that I am unhappy with the powers that be at EM for its decision to terminate this collection is my opinion. If writing my opinion bothers you laway THEN WHEN YOU SEE MY NAME... SKIP IT! PLEASE! OOPS! MUST have HIT those DARN caps AGAIN. SoRrY... not

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

LAWay, as always you are entitled to your opinion but you are chronically negative all the time, mate! You are certainly not the collector type that I have in mind when I write my posts. But, while I welcome most of your comments, I will never accept your distorted perception of what makes a character important or enticing. If you think that characters like Hyperion, Sunspot, Mantis, Gargoyle and Star-Lord are not great characters that would make awesome figurines, then I must conclude that you are not well, sir! I rest my case, and I only dedicate my posts to all those other collectors who agree with me and who would be over the moon if characters of that caliber were to appear in new CMFC extensions. I'm pretty sure you are a fluke! You would probably be the only guy in the universe to feel indifferent to an extension featuring those characters!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tinodragon14 said...

I don't know any casual Marvel fans who would know either Marrina or Silver Sable because they were pre 2000 characters,

You keep picking on poor Yondu. I guess that is why he is blue. I never said he was more important but as a founding member of Guardians of the Galaxy & pre 2000 he is a classic Marvel character.

Boo-friggin-hoo... I like that but yes it is called the Classic Marvel Collection & by the friggin way I did not name it.

I did not call EM selfish. Laway called me selfish & deluded & dumb. And yes they are heartless because as we all agree for them it is about the money not us. Terminating the collection when many of us want more is heartless. For me it is about my love of the Marvel U & for them it is about the money. The fact that I'm willing to pay more even if it is for just 20 more figures proves in my case it is not about the money.

As for the Republican comment that was for me as I have no idea what country any of you are from. And it was not about your knowing about how business works. I know all to well how business works & I'm an Independent/no party voter.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I would also like to say that I'd be ready to pay £200 in advance, direct debit straight into EM's bank account, if I was told that my £200 would get me another 20 figurines. The product is totally worth it, and god knows how much I adore this collection. I really wish that EM would send me that survey, hey presto!

LAWay said...

I didnt call you dumb mate, 'dummy spatting', its UK slang. 'Thowing toys out the pram', throwing a tantrum, acting like a baby...that sort of thing.

And I was commenting more on the statement, not you as a person. You expect EM to make an extension and show some heart. Its an illogical comment.

Blakey, I would bet everything I have that you present those names to people, and they would be disappointed, especially at the price you are saying as well. Not everyone, but then again, not everyone will be thrilled by them like you suggest.

I admit I am and have been negative. Recently, all my negativity has been purely on collectors with their stubborn, illogical requests that EM continue making something at a loss or take a massive financial risk, or give them one last extension etc etc.

In the past I have criticized characters, sculpts, and arguing with others about the collection. I am pretty sure others have said that they would have preferred other characters, and that some figurines aren't very good. I'm pretty sure people make lists about such things, where as I said it there and then on an update, thats the only difference.

Some people need to accept the collection is over like the rest of us has.

LAWay said...

I shouldnt defend EM in the future. No matter how much reasoning or sense you make, you can't win.

LAWay said...

Hey, anyone seeing Spider-Man early on Monday? Had an email from Sky saying they are doing advanced screenings, but Cardiff was all booked up.

I think it looks good. Looking forward to it more than Batman at the moment.

lipstick said...

Maybe a collection with historic personalities like Μarx, Stalin, Merilyn Monroe, Kleopatra, Thatcher, Hitler, Alexander the Great, Da Vinci, Russel, Poe e.c.t...

lipstick said...

So, if there is another special I prefer Hulking.

jimbob said...

Please Dan give us one more special I think we deserve it.

My choice would be Strong Guy to complete the x-factor team.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

LAWay, if that is your point view, then that's your prerogative. You say you accept the CMFC is ending and you almost seem happy about it. So c'mon, mate, pack your stuff, go home.

Why do you bother constantly deconstructing the arguments of collectors who care about the CMFC? What is the point in trying to thwart the attempts of collectors who want the CMFC to continue? If you're happy with the status quo, please at least spare us your negativity. Let us try. It doesn't affect you. You're acting like you're on a mission to oppose hope and change. I don't know why.

While we have come up with some naive ideas, some other ideas are valid. We understand EM is a business. We are only trying to explore options that can be financially successful for EM while at the same time keeping this awesome collection running, which is what we Marvel fans want. A survey and a price increase are valid options.

As for the characters I mentioned, they were only examples. Even so, they are as famous and visually attractive as those characters in extension 161-180 which prompted EM to tell us that the series received 'overwhelmingly positive response'. Characters that are well known and loved by real Marvel fans. Characters that would look stunning if they were made into CMFC figurines.

If we were so lucky to succeed in getting the CMFC to continue, you wouldn't be obliged to buy. So there's no need for you to be an opponent. It doesn't mean that you need to stop anyone else from pursuing the CMFC continuation.
You should be wishing us good luck,
mate. Who knows? You may even find that you love those hypothetical Hyperion ans Sunspot figurines.
I know I wish they were made.

The Mad Thinker said...

Great news kids ?

Where's the great news then ?

The great news would be to announce that the collection will continue on , either with extra extensions or under a different name , a second series , a price increase , a change from lead to resin or whatever.

I'm bored with all this teasing from Dan now.

Think I'll be off now , may pop in from time to time just to see if there's been any decent pictures or information but other than that , quite frankly I'm losing my patience and interest.

LAWay said...

Blake, I dont mind good ideas and suggestions. Its good to ask the guys if there is anything we can do to show there is a backing for the collection.

But to base an argument saying a company needs a heart, or to blindly say a collective of people will pay so much when there is no guarantee that they would and ignoring all the logistical mumbo jumbo, thats all I am trying to get across.

People just need to think before they comment.

Like I need to do A LOT before I type things, which many a time I fail on. ^_^

To accompany a price increase and entice people into a new extension, I would expect big names advertised like some Ultimate versions of characters, or alternate aliases like Bucky or Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man. Sprinkle in 5 big big names to create a buzz and get people talking. The danger would be doing such a thing hasnt been done before, so its risky that previous collectors will accept different costumes or reality versions of characters, so it may not work.

Do you guys think if EM charged for postage to subscribers, something that small of a change would work? I guess it doesnt effect those buyers who do purchase straight off the shelves or perhaps subscribe through newsagents, so its hard to base a business plan around that.

The Mad Thinker said...

Add these two specials and I'm not as upset about the collection ending.

Lockjaw and Maximus special

Strong guy special

Two groups / teams can be completed by adding these two specials.
Without them the rest of the characters associated with them are worthless.

With all the money we've spent on this collection I think it's the least you could do !!

Also , why would I bother to waste more money by buying Lady Sif or Wiccan and display them next to the already waste of space figurine that is Balder ?
What use is an Asgardians display without a Warriors Three ?

Another triple pack special could've been done with the remaining three members of the Wrecking Crew.

Bad girls Inc could've been another triple pack containing Asp , Diamondback , & Black Mamba.

And what happened to all of the villains we are missing ?
I've got so much shelf space left that I was saving for more villains regardless of regular or special issues :

Jack 'o' Lantern
Speed Demon
Stilt Man
Baron Mordo
Cobra & Mr Hyde
Man Ape
Air Walker
High Evolutionary
Mad Thinker
Red Ghost
Count Nefaria
Grey Gargoyle
Silver Samurai

While I'm at it.................
Forgotten Heroes :

Red Guardian
Captain Atlas
Rocket Raccoon
Starhawk & Aleta Ogord
Charlie 27
Iron Lad
Kate Bishop
U.S Agent
Ms Marvel - Sharon Ventura
Brother Voodoo
Ulysses Bloodstone
Jessica Jones
Colleen Wing
Misty Knight
White Tiger
Madame Web



The Mad Thinker said...

Uploading pictures of my display cabinets now so pop over to my Blog and see them.

Robert I think you'll like my display pictures.

CGJ said...

For ten years I worked with young adults with severe Autism and I swear, every one of them accepted change faster than you buggers.

Keep your eyes peeled because EM will come up with a Marvel themed collection soon enough, if they can keep the license.

And who knows, if enough of you subscribe, and keep subscribing, you might get past 200 on the next one...

The Mad Thinker said...

All pictures uploaded.

Take a look now , just simply click on my picture or name to enter my blog page and there you will see two posts of the same name - Display cabinets.
One post shows my Marvel display , the other shows my D C display.

I hope you enjoy !!

LAWay said...

Nice display MT!

Where did you get those things that raise the figurines at the back of your display? Look neat.

sed tallis said...

Nicely shelved Dave, I am undecided on exactly how to displAy my collection, probably some kind of painted backdrop . Maybe supergloo them to my spine, I'm pretty much 50/50 at this time.
I'm going to miss you faceless

Robert said...

Looks very impressive indeed, David. Guess you have lots of shelf space as you don't have any comics? ;) Sorry, couldn't help myself. Anyway, very nice display.

And it's always interesting how people arrange characters. As a big fan of the Infinity Watch - started reading it again last night - I have Moondragon with Adam, while you have Heather with the Avengers. Both valid choices, of course. (Can't remember if Moondragon actually became a full member or not. I know Shellhead proposed her for membership after she hung around for a while and then she rejected the Assemblers. Minor point, I know... what can I say: comic autism afflicts us all to some degree.)

Ken said...

I say High Evolutionary as the next figurine, please!

Dan The Man said...

Choice of characters has always been an issue - in the office and with collectors - firstly we never picked a character to 'make money', we picked them for a variety of reasons (look, popularity, longevity, covering other areas etc). Hopefully to sell more, but only to keep the darn thing going. (obviously a side effect of success is a financial one - but that was never Alan's, Richard's or mine).

We didn't always make the right decisions and we also didn't know when we chose the 20 extensions if we would get another one or not (if we knew exactly how many issues we'd get we may have done things differently).

Silver Sable or Yondu? we felt as a Spidey character who has had her own series she deserved to get in (we were always looking for Spidey supporting characters as we felt that's what fans wanted (?)

We tended to stay away form the lesser known teams (GoG, New Warriors, Young Avgrs etc) because it was hard to pick stand out characters from them and it was opening up even more teams which was a risk as we knew we could never feasibly complete teams.

(BTW we only realised late on that completing teams was something people wanted - our original goal was to touch on all the various areas of the MU with the limited run we had - 60 issues, turned into 80, then 100 etc - each time we tried to find varied and interesting characters rather than fill in the blanks on teams.

Would write more but have to run an errand....

Robert said...

You had an impossible job, Dan. Even though pretty much everyone griped about who was in and who wasn't, I'm sure we all realised that.

And none of us acknowledge this nearly enough, but we also appreciate that you take the time to write the blog and share what you know.

When this blog eventually ends, it's going to be the end of an era in more ways than one.

LAWay said...

Have to agree with Robert, impossible job.

It totally makes sense that you didnt plan to complete teams when first startin. I mean, if you did, then we would have as many diverse characters and a lot less villains too.

Personally I thought Silver Sable was justified, I think people gripe more about the figurine than the selection.

THe problem is, so many Marvel characters, and so many passionate fans about specific areas of the MU, it was impossible to listen to them all.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Super interesting post, Dan.
All of the selection criteria you mention are important. Considering how many amazing characters there are, and with so many different (yet equally valid) reasons to choose a character, it must have been excruciatingly difficult to select the 20 for each extension.

Robert said...

Have to admit I was one of the folk who moaned quite a bit about Sable. I remember when she was first introduced, and thought she was lame even then. I know some folk like her from the cartoon, but I never watched it, so that connection means nothing. Of all the Spidey supporting cast and villains, I thought that Jackal, Puma or Tarantula were much better choices. But then that was just my opinion, strongly held though it was and is...

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

OK, riding on the wave of Dan's post, let's discuss a Theory of character selection criteria. I know we all have slightly different preferences, so it will be interesting. I'll start...

LOOK. > DESIGN. My top priority. When I read comics, I appreciate characters for their personality. But when it comes to the figurines, I prefer to focus on design. I like characters that are visually attractive, and I favor those with elaborate, imaginative designs. For example, this means that I'd rate Cobra and Sidewinder more highly than Batroc and Viper. Magma more highly than Mirage, etc. It's difficult to describe the notion of 'imaginative design', but I know it's in my mind - and I also know that is very personal.

POPULARITY > COLLECTIVE MARVEL CONSCIOUSNESS. Popularity per se is not one of my top criteria, although I appreciate it's probably the most crucial to commercial success! I feel it's difficult to define 'popularity'. What is the measure? Comic sales? Number of appearances? Volume of existing merchandise based on the character? The fact the character is the star of a movie? Many measures of popularity are possible, and all are valid. Personally, my notion of popularity is: a character who has been essential in a much-loved Marvel story arc or saga that resonates in my memory. Basically, characters that are embedded in the collective Marvel consciousness. For example, for me, Starhawk and GotG are popular because they are much-loved stars of the Avengers' Korvac saga. Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum are etched in my memory of the Avengers' Serpent Crown saga. And so on. I would suggest that if EM start a new Marvel figurine collection, more emphasis could be placed on characters who are popular because of a key role they played in a story arc or saga. This is my personal notion of 'popularity'.

OTHER AREAS > CONCEPTS. For me, the exploration of other MU areas is important. But, more important than that, I want exploration of Marvel concepts. So, for me, the choice of other MU areas would be based on the originality and power of the concept at the heart of the MU area. For example, I would cover Sleepwalker as the representative of the Mindscape concept.

... well, now I'm writing too much, probably ranting a bit. But hey, yes, I would love to hear Dan's and all other bloggers' theories.

LAWay said...

I have always wondered this, and its probably straight forward, but what do the numbers at the bottom of the bases mean? Or is it as simple as the number figurine it is? Just wondered if there was some perspective on the amount of figurines made, or if it had any other meaning.

LAWay said...

Playing Blakes game, I would choose characters selfishly on which ones have made an impact on me most while I have been a fan of Marvel. From whether its been comics, cartoons, films, games, collecting cards, action figures, if these characters are in the media more, then I am more likely to have noticed them and connected with them. I'm sure others are the same.

On a less selfish note, I guess importance to the marvel universe should come first. By importance, it has to be the leading characters in marvel, the ones who are steering the ship continuously. Then their main villains and supporting cast. Then it would be characters who have played a huge part in storylines.

Next I would them choose on design, assuming that all the characters that I really care about have been done already. lol While I can appreciate some characters may have a big fan following, some names people throw out really mean nothing to me at all. But I love art, I love character designs, and things like Marvel got me into art in the first place. So show me aa character with a great design or a fantastic looking figurine and I will be sold. I have many action figures of characters I could take or leave, but the figure looks so good I had to buy it.

Heck, I was trawling through some CMFC magazines and looking at characters that I am 'meh' about, and seeing some costume designs, I would buy multiple versions of those characters based on those different designs!

However, not every Marvel character is actually a good design.

If all else failed, I would poll the fans of their most wanted, and make an extension of the top 20 polling characters. :P

tinodragon14 said...

I never criticized Silver Sable's look. The figure looked like her okay & I remember her in Spider-man comics but did not read her own comic. I just never found her interesting as a character. Spidey is know for his gallery of colorful villains & I certainly would have picked Molten Man, Tombstone, Puma or Jackal before her. I tried to push for villains because there was no shortage of support for heroes & I liked many of the great looking Marvel villains. When I pushed for villains like Attuma, Baron Mordo, The Cobra & Mr. Hyde, Whirlwind, Stilt-Man, Titanium Man, The Executioner, Blizzard, Grey Gargoyle, Mastermind these were not obscure characters but had been & in some cases still were prominent villains in the Marvel U. I could not believe at 200 figures many of these guys had still not been done because of their place in Marvel history & in comics from the Avengers, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Captain America, Thor, Dr. Strange & Sub-Mariner. And yes in my opinion because of their place in Marvel comics they should have been done before characters like Blink, X-23, X-Man, Marvel Girl, Silver Sable & so on.
I have always thanked Dan & appreciate his feedback & this blog even when I did not agree with choices made. I always supported him & this collection which is why I was hoping for at least one more extension or at least some more specials before the end.

John said...

I agree with the others. Character selection is an impossible thing. EM gets bombarded with desires from every type of fan. Size changes, redos, Mojo, X-Men in general, Spidey characters, females, lesser teams, visuals vs importance...

Each has die hard fans that can't imagine the collection without more of a type of character (no one likes Jubilee, but can we have a full set without her? We have Pym, but do we have The Avengers without Giant-Man?)

As much as I've complained about the addition of Thunderbird or Robert complains about Silver Sable, or LAWay complains about everything, EM has to realize that we stuck through it so far because we LOVE the collection as a whole and these are minor issues to a bigger love.

...I will be forever ticked that Gamora is in that horrid outfit and that Jackal JUST missed getting the lead treatment, but this is still and will always be my favorite collection of anything. I've never been as excited and filled with anticipation for a scheduled.. collection-thing (however you want to say it.) :D

John said...

Sorry for my immaturity, but I wanted to have post #69...

jimbob said...

Have you guys heard that the Siderman heroes vs villains limited sculpt has been cancelled!

Poor communication from EM again!!

Robert said...

I find myself agreeing with John again: This is my favourite Marvel collection. I own a few busts, some 1:1 heads, a few Mini-Mates and various other figures from Stan knows how many other lines. The only collection I have really followed - and ever will follow - has been this.

"As much as I've complained about the addition of Thunderbird or Robert complains about Silver Sable, or LAWay complains about everything, ..." That made me laugh out loud.

TheTooN said...

@Tino - No caps, nice one mate :)

@Dan - You guys did a great job overall and I am extremely grateful for your efforts. If I didnt love the CMFC I wouldnt waste my time whinging about it ;)

CMFC is the one collection I cant see myself parting with. I blow hot and cold on other lines but this ones here to stay.

Just sent another box of figurines up to Archangel and cant wait to see them in all their glory.

Highly recommend him if any of you are considering repaints or customs of your favourites.

Totally changing subject now, wanted to share an unbelievable conversation with 'customer care' at Hachette.

I've been subbing to the Graphic Novel collection but 6 months after joining I was still 4 issues behind whats in shops.

I phoned to ask for the back issues and said I was happy to pay for them all there and then or by an increased debit.

I was told they couldnt do it and they would be coming out 2 a month.

I said if I was going to be 2 months behind for the entire run I may as well cancel and buy from the newsagent.

Pregnant pause then the South African chappy said, I have cancelled your account Sir, can I do anything else for you ?

And EM's customer support got stick !

I emailed Redhotcomics (my CMFC supplier) who set me up at £9 a copy delivered with my figurines. Result !

LAWay said...

I also appreciate tino's efforts of no caps, and some great shouts for great villains that I absolutely would have loved to see, not just because they are big names, but great designs too.

I have to agree that this is the only marvel collection that I am a completest in. Others I own a lot, but dont buy every single one. In a weird way, part of me is happy it is ending so that I will have a completed collection (and wont have to spend any more), but part of me will be sad not reading blog updates or getting a new package in the post.

Toon, that is awful, but funny to hear. I would send a letter of complaint, I'd imagine you would get something for free, which is why we all complain really right? I've only bought 2 books myself. Been tempted, but some of the titles havent been as iconic a storyline as I thought they would be.

tinodragon14 said...

Just received my Swamp Thing figure. He is too light to be lead but the figure is so well detailed it just looks perfect. Hey Dan do Skurge the Executioner as a special in resin & Titanium Man with a lead center to give him some weight because he is TITANIUM MAN.

sed tallis said...

Kids got me "Obsessed with Marvel" interactive quiz book , I know nothing. And I know even less from 1979 onwards .Happy daddies day to youz.

Robert said...

I bought one of those when they first came out, Ted, and couldn't put it down for at least a week. I was pretty reliable on the core characters and a disaster when it came to the X-Men, MK and Horror sections.

Myke Winters said...

I wonder if anyone at EM Towers thought about the viability of moving the collection from a bi-monthly into a monthly publication and adding a £1 to figs, to see if it could be saved that way? Or wasn't there any desire to save it..."old hat, let's try something else" thing. Any news regarding those large figs you sent the ads out for...Spiderman as the first issue at £2.99?

Deadpool said...

MOSSMEN - and Dan


Alternatively let me purchase it directly from Eaglemoss.

LAWay said...

Ted, I had a look at that interactive quiz book, saw it at a bargain price but I didnt know any of the answers on the pages I flicked through. It was like Mastermind level of difficulty. I didnt buy it to save me the embarrassment, but I do have a Marvel Scene It board game which comes with a DVD and has mixed level of difficulty of questions for hardcore and casual marvel fans. Got it from the US.

As for releasing the CMFC to once a month and increase the price by £1, cant see it working. If EM are making £11.98 in one month and struggling, then how are they going to cope downgrading to just £6.99 a month? While their costs go down, so do profits and I would imagine staff would have to be let go to open up the budget. I aint no expert though.

For something once a month, I would think it would have to be close to £10 to make it viable, but then its a harder sell to collectors. Its bad enough waiting for 2 figurines a month, lets not cut it shorter! :P

The Mad Thinker said...

Thanks for the comments about my display cabinets.

For the marvel display I had to improvise and do a bit of D.I.Y.

I only had 4 shelves to work with at first , and as you can imagine , as my collection grew and grew I had to find more space.

I looked into buying some perspex display steps but they wouldn't have fit across the whole width of my cabinet and I would still be left with unusable space.

I then took measurements and looked into buying 4 long custom made perspex display steps , but having them cut to size would have cost me over £400.

To save money I went to my local pound shop and bought a load of different clear plastic food storage containers , took the lids off and turned them upside down.
This meant that I could place them at the back of the cabinet and use them to display figurines on , so that they were higher up and visible above the ones at the front of the cabinet.

As my collection grew more and more I decided to purchase some smaller clear plastic food containers , again from the pound shop to save money.
These were in multi packs too , so even better.

Now I had created the steps effect and had room for 3 rows of figurines on each of the 4 shelves.

This worked for a while but I soon found that I would need more space. Some of the figurines were looking a bit wonky and not sitting straight due to the gaps between each plastic container.
I was using bits of cardboard to put across the gaps , trying to make it so that I could get more figurines standing next to each other.
What I needed was some kind of strong flat shelf that would reach across the whole width of the cabinet and could go in between each raised layer of clear plastic food containers.

One day I saw some old wooden floorboards in a garden and all of a sudden I had a brain wave.
Hmm ? shelves !!
I knocked on the door and asked if I could take some of them , and was given permission to help myself.
When I got home , I got the toolbox out , grabbed a saw , took the measurements and began to hack away at the floorboards.

So the final result = 4 rows of figurines on 4 shelves - 16 rows in total to display my precious collection.

Sorry for the long in depth story , but I though this may help some of you with ideas on how to display your figurines and create more space in your cabinets.

LAWay said...

Ah, clever idea with the food containers man, I will look out for that in the pound shops. :)

max_0888 said...

Interesting post Dan about the character choice. Thanks for that.

I, for one, love Marvel's female character. Tino is obsesssed with marvel's villains. Well, mine is the women of Marvel. ;) I understand a lot of people dislike many female sculpts and agree some of them weren't that great, but I never felt the character didn't deserve its place.

I am thrilled that Gamora, Siryn, Arachne, Moonstone, Wolfsbane, Sif, Songbird, Photon, Mockingbird, Deathbird, Destiny and Firestar all made it in. Of course I would have loved Jessica Jones, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Vindicator, Monet St-Croix, Meggan, Magma, Husk, Marrina and Karolina Dean.

I can understand saying this character shouldn't have been made, and we should have had this character instead but it's all a matter of personal preferences. I don't really care for Nomad, Thunderbird, Dracula and J Jonah Jameson.

But some would say Siryn isn't a great choice either. hehe ;)

I, personally, don't think the female characters killed this collection.

Oh and can,t wait to see the final preview, Hela! Which will probably be awesome :)

Thor8 said...

Sheesh,I wrote a lenghtly post and this stupid computer deleted it instead of printing it oh well...

Dave:I just wanted to tell you that your display is pretty cool looking. I couldn't help noticing that Beta Ray Bill is missing amoung the Asgardians. Don't you have him? I also see that you placed Thor with the vengers(so did I)and Valkryie with the Defenders,but why didn't you place Loki and Amora with the other immortal? They may be bad news,but they ARE Asgardians.

Robert I intended to answer your inquiry from June 15th about Moondragon's status as an Avenger sooner but things kept popping up. Anyway, Neither Moondragon nor Hellcat became official members of the team. Moonie turn down the offer and took Hellcat with her in order to further train her with her abilities so they did not become official members.

Blake; I pick the figurine I want mainly by visual appeal. I happen to have figurines in my collection whom I don't know much about or have no interest in them as a character,yet if the figurine is appealing I will purchase it. A good example of this is Spiral. On the other hand there were a few characters I wished to see make it into this collection and then did not purchase them when they did because I did not like the way they were rendered. Examples of this were Dazzler,Marvel Girl and Carnage. lastly,There are those I didn't like but purchased anyway just to complete teams I like,an example of this is Crystal.
So my choices are made as follows...

1) Visual appeal

2) Character

3)Complete groups

If by some miracle EM decided to make one more special I would choose The Destroyer.

Robert said...

Hi, Thor. Yeh, that's what I thought about Moonie. I'm rereading the Infinity Watch series right now and I definitely see her as part of that group now, hence why she's next to Adam and Thanos, and will eventually be next to Gamora. Shame about Drax and Pip, though.

I buy characters that I know or have read about, which is most everyone bar the mutants. Costume, etc., have no impact on my buying except to put me off when it's a modern incarnation like Drax or Balder.

The Mad Thinker said...

Thor 8 :

Beta ray Bill is there , look at my pictures again.
I probably will put Enchantress next to Loki at some point.
I am always making changes with each new figurine that I pick up.
I was hoping for Executioner and the Warriors three but some bunch of mugs decided to can the collection :(

Everyone :

Now that we are going to be getting less updates I think more of us should show pictures of our collections , displays etc.
It gives us all more to talk about.

LAWay said...

a Daily show & tell from the bloggers, taking it in turns 1 at a time. lol ^_^

Eagle said...

I think that it is a good idea to show our collections and, perhaps, the circumstances that led to a certain purchase, etc.

I will prepare some pictures.

Thor8 said...

Dave;Beta Ray is there all right. How could I have missed him. I shift my figurines around once in awhile myself,especially characters that have been in more than one team,such as Beast or Crystal. I know how you feel about The Wariors Three and Skurge,I can hardly believe that they (along with Heimdall,Karnilla,Destroyer,Ulik,and Thunderstrike) were not included in this great collection. I already have an extra Green Arrow figurine I will be customizing into Fandral,and I'm studying how I can turn a Kingpin figurine into Volstagg. I already have a Jim Hammond Torch,Classic Punisher,and Justice in my collection,and have started working on a white gown Mystique using a Blink figurine. Wonder Woman is on her way to becomming Sersi. As you can see I'm trying to add my own figurines to my personal collection,since we will not be getting them from EM.

Eagle said...

Could you show us a picture of Justice? I also did one and I am curious to see any differences.

Thor8 said...

Eagle: I'll try my best. I'm not to good on computers,and I've been nagging my kids to show me how to download pics into my blog,but all they say is "IT'S VERY SIMPLE",but they never show me how!

I also want to place pics of my display so you guys can give me your opinions and?or suggestions.

TheTooN said...

@Thor - Heres a pic of a custom Mystique Archangel did. I just sent it over the pond for a friend along with customs of Archangel and Cable.;topic=234.0;attach=4740;image

@Max - I dont hate women, real or lead ;) IMO too many of the females were poorly done and that cant have helped. 17 of them from 140-180 cant have helped either.

Superhero = Sausage :P

Thor8 said...

Toon: Do you have pics of the custom Cable and Archangel as well?

Eagle said...

I cannot open the image. Is there any other way?

Jacadoo said...

I really don't know how I'm going to deal with the end of this collection!!!

How about the much requested Stan Lee figurine as the last character in the collection?

Jacadoo said...

I can't believe it I can post again!!!!

Due to technical issues I have not been able to post, even Dan tried to help with no joy, I thought and feared I would not have a chance to say goodbye to all my pals on here.

Just to confirm I have and still collect every character, even the DC collection and I'm not a fan.

I will be creating my own blog to share my collection, including my guilty secrete...... Just hope my friends Roberto, Thor8 and Padam are not looking LOL.

Feels so good to be able to say hello again.

From the first week of this blog till the last I will be here!!!!

Jacadoo said...

I'm sure it's Ben asked already but what will happen to the master sculpts?

Is it too late to vote for 2000ad as a replacement, when we all are looking for a substitute for this collection?

Thor8 said...

WOW!!! It sure was a great surprise to see that shiny shield once more Jacadoo,and just when I was planning to say goodbye to everyone on this blog. Well since your back I guess I'll stick around awhile longer. So maybe now we can rally up the rest of this blog's old school and make one more push for another extension (or at least a couple of much needed specials) Welcome back old friend!

Robert said...

Really great to Jacadoo back. It would be nice to see Adam and a few others return before we all say bye-bye. Also hope the likes of Bagman F.F.F. post more often, too.

Your idea of a blog may let a few of us stay in touch, Jacadoo. Even if it's just a wee check-in every month or two, it would be nice to know everyone's doing well. (Hmm, that sounded somewhat clingy, but you know what I mean.)

Archangelsr said...



hope that makes it easier

zombiedude13 said...

Joy of joys. My comic shop managed to back order a Captain America figure; which means that I won't have to spend upwards of $50 to get one (not counting S&H)!!! Plus, a DC sinestro. Life my not be good now that the collection is ended, but it is getting better.

Not to mention that I just got Ghost Rider, and am ordering Hawkeye as well. Now about all I need is a Nick Fury, Thing, SuperSkrull,Mar-vell, and a few others and my collection will be where I want it!!!


And if the Marvel collection is dead, I vote for Doctor Who, but sell them in the blooming U.S. too!

TheTooN said...

Why didnt I think to link direct from your blog Arch ! Searched for ages on the RB to find that pic/link.

Mystique's actually a different fig to the one you did for Chris on the Rumorbuster. His had skulls all around the waist. Cant tell you guys how good they look in hand. Pics dont do them justice and I really didnt want to send them over the pond.

@Zombie - Cap's going for $50 over there now ? Wow thats mental and just illustrated the differences between UK and US markets.

Gratz on getting a bargain ;)

TheTooN said...

Before anyone points out that its a UK collection so should go for more over there etc etc.

Its the same deal with other Marvel lines that 'are' available in the US.

Some 2 packs of Super Hero Squad go for $50-70 on US Ebay. Same packs come up rarely over here (imported at great cost usually) but sell for less than half the going rate over there. Loose Squaddies can fetch $50 each or maybe a tenner here.

Same deal for Marvel Universe, Legends and probably most other toy lines. Americans seem so much hungrier than we are over here for anything Super Hero.

Thor8 said...

Toon: Yes,your right. Collectors re much hungrier on this side of the pond,and that's not only in the USA,but in South Ameica and the Carribean as well,but there are a few places were you can get back issues at a great deal price. I recently purchased a Thanos Figurine for $19 including shipping. I will be getting another Scarlet Pider for $7.49 and a Martiam Manhunter for $11.19,so zombiedude13 if your on this side of the pond I can hook you up with one of my suppliers who happens to have quite a few back issues of both the Marvel and DC collection available right now at very fair prices,and constantly adds more.

Archangelsr: Thank you!

The Mad Thinker said...

Toon :

Very impressive Mystique custom.

Thor 8 :

I look forward to seeing your display pictures when you figure out how to upload them lol.

Jacadoo :

Welcome back , and I look forward to seeing your pictures too.
And I agree , I'd like to see a 2000AD collection at some point.
I'd also be keen on any other figurine collections just as long as they aren't chess sets.

zombiedude13 said...


I am in the US, and would appreciate any help getting these figs cheaper that what I am currently finding them around me. That goes for both DC and Marvel. I have many more Marvel wants than DC, bit that is only because some of DC costume choices left me scratching my head. You can email me if you want at


Jacadoo said...

Hi mad thinker defiantly operation blog this weekend, after starting to follow your blog and seeing your display cabinets...... I fear for my bank balance!!!!

Did anything come of the heros and villains collection?

I Sbscribed and received an email, but I guess just marketing.

Off to see batman this week.

Eagle said...

I still cannot find Justice. Can you tell me, please, where it is?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

The only collection I want is a new Marvel figurine collection. Resin is fine. Higher price is fine too. So long as they're not chess figures, and they're in the same scale as the CMFC, and they include a mix of the inevitable A-listers and much-wanted characters we didn't get in the CMFC. Not too much asking, is it? C'mon, EM. We're ready for more Marvel figurines.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...


Got her today, and she's a real beauty. When you rotate the figurine and get a 360-degree look, you realize that this is quite possibly one of the best sculpts ever. She's had loads of different costumes, but I'm very happy with EM's costume choice. Also, her physique is not as muscular as it looked in pics. She's athletic, but completely feminine and sensual. The paint job is excellent. My conclusion is that she's stunning.

Very interesting paint job, using some kind of dusty metallic effect, very subtle, very stylish. I'm not a fan of the character, and I must admit I can think of another 50 characters I would have liked to be made into such great figurine. Even so, objectively, it's a great representation of the character and the details are fab. The only problem is her panda eye. I've checked dozens of figurines in the store, and the panda eye was often painted too low - not in line with her other eye, but almost on her cheek! So she can look a bit freaky. My figurine is fine, though. I cherry picked it.

SinisterVenom said...

Surely we're due Hela's figurine soon? It's been that long since the last figurine showing that Hela should be both sculpted and painted by now? Fingers crossed that EM recieves her soon so that Dan can show us the beauty in next week's update!

Robert said...

I'm not usually the suspicious type, but is it possible Hela has been bumped for a more straightforward figure and they're putting off announcing it?

sed tallis said...

Yeah, replaced by Sage , a far easier sculpt and being an X Bint will sell eleventy million units. It's science.
Barry from EM's Bangalore office didnae lie, received DC fig 0058 Mister Freeze, the most loveliest figurine I have laid eyes on.
Just got my cossie for next weekends comic con . Robert sent me a Psylocke outfit and a box of waxing strips.

Thor8 said...

Robert I believe EM will refrain from showing the Hela figurine or the corresponding mag for now so that we will have something to look foward to on this blog in future weeks to come. Being one of the last figurines on the list,I just hope she gets the royal treatment,and doesn't end up as a last minute rush job.

LAWay said...

New Judge Dredd trailer folks -

Robert said...

It's blocked, Leigh. Thanks for letting us know, though. I knew there was a trailer up soon and was keeping an eye out for it. Slightly anxious this will be good. I hope it's a massive success so we get more 2000AD movies.

And then the CMFC can be relaunched as 2000AD figures!

jimbob said...

Just seen Judge Dredd trailer on comicvine looks good.

Robert said...


Dredd shooting folk while ascending a tall building.

Sounds formulaic, unimaginative and could be any violent, futuristic sci-fi.

I'm not impressed.

The Mad Thinker said...

Judge Dredd movie looks good but I'm not impressed by the actor that plays him.
I've only seen the trailer though , so maybe once I've seen the whole movie I may have a change of heart ?
Having said that , anyone has to be an improvement on Sly Stallone lol.

The Mad Thinker said...

Hey Robert , you have a point there.
Is this just a remake of that movie called The Raid , but with Judges added ? lol.

P.s folks , I watched the X men first class movie again the other night , and still enjoyed it.
What was everyone's opinion of that movie ?
Love the cameo of Wolverine telling Magneto and Professor x to piss off.

Robert said...

I thought it was okay, David. Not a patch on the second X-Men film, or the Avengers. McAvoy and Fassbender are always watchable, though.

Jacadoo said...

Got to say I really like the trailer and have to say I really like the look, far more realistic feel, although I think the first film was closer to the comics.

I saw a lot of the props from this film at the last memrobilia show in Birmingham and got to hold the law giver!!!!!!

Xmen first class overall I enjoyed the film, although not so sure my copy says piss off - maybe I have an import LOL.

Has anybody any information regarding yhe next wolverine movie?

I think we are due for an update today, so looking forward till later.

Robert said...

For all its faults, the first Dredd film did have the Angel Gang, a Chief Judge taking the Long Walk into the Cursed Earth and lots of other details straight out of the comic. For the sake of keeping the budget of the new film manageable, this is far less ambitious looking. There was always a sense of the over-whelming enormity of the Big Meg, and the impossibility of policing it, in the comics. How the devil will you convey that if he spends his entire time inside a single building? The Dredd strip was never just about shooting and killing; if it was, it would never have lasted so long and maintained its popularity. This looks a wasted opportunity.

sed tallis said...

Dredd looks straight to DVD material . Seriously bored by everything I have seen about the new Spidey cgi fest. Lizard looks absolute sheeite.
I ate a donut in one bite today.
If any of you attend the Glasgow comic con , be aware my Unus is strictly untouchable.

Robert said...

Following on from my partner-in-crime, Ted, anyone heading to sunny Glasgow (well, the rain has slowed to a steady downpour) for the con?

The Mad Thinker said...

Jacadoo :

Silver Samurai is the villain in the next Wolverine movie , that's the only info I have.

Jacadoo said...

Hi thinker shame silver samurai won't be making an appearance in this collection, he would have looked awesome.

So iI have to ask at the end of this collection who would be the top five missing characters, and to be fair to Thor8 warriors three count as one multi pack.

For me......

Silver samurai
Strong guy

All just on how they would look.