Friday, 29 July 2011

The perfect 10?

My tenth blog update! Hurrah! It's been a bumpy ride, but I think I've done ok.

Not much to celebrate though, as we haven’t had any new sculpt stages in this week! Sorry about that, Hopefully I’ll have something for ya next week.

All we got was the final coloured Hydro-Man cover....

Very nice indeed.

The guys on the forum kindly ran a poll for Vance Astro and I think the results speak for themselves...

Vance Astro/Major Victory: With or Without the shield ?
Without the shield 22% [ 25 ]
With the shield 78% [ 90 ]

So as we near the last 2 weeks of extension confirmations (4 left from EM and me, Plus the 4 from you guys!) I can confirm the horror character is...

A well deserving character IMO, he’s in over 200 comics and has mixed it up with the super-types on many occasions.

I would prefer to present him in his original ‘small head’ version than some of the modern takes, I feel they just make him look like any other generic lycanthrope...

And now for the final female in the extension....

Another cosmic I know, but she’s pretty hot and really needs to be made! I’m on the fence with the costume on this one! I like the original look, but can see the love for the newer look – there’s only one way to find out FIGHT!.....

Will definitely have the competiton ironed out for next week – and the polls can start running aswell.

See you in the Funny papers* (*comments section) – Dan


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Saturn Lad said...

Since we had to have a horror character you did pick the best one Werewolf by Night will look ok.

Gamora was expected but I hope we see another female next week.I don't think getting 5 females confirmed out of 16 picks is alot to ask.

DEATHBIRD for next week!!!!!!!!!!

John said...

Oh thank god...

Gamora is a HUGE want of mine (right after Rocket Raccoon and an Agent of Atlas, actually.)

PLEASE, Dan, modern costume. Modern costume all the way.

Forum poll?

John said...

To any "classic" fans, I'll even concede Mantis's old costume to you if I can have the modern Gamora. ;)

Hiperion said...


Werewolf by Night was a high want for me!! Thank you EM

I didn't expect another cosmic one, but Gamora's selection makes sense and is a cool addition.

I prefer her original costume, but I'm not bothered about that question. The modern one is very nice too.

jarvis69 said...

Already ten blogs , Wow.....congrats Dan ;)
Werewolf by night seems a good choice ,( in my own opinion...)
ofc in the original version ;) .
I'm not a fan of cosmic characters so...modern or old costume for Gamora.......:).
I agree with John , we need another female character...why not Marrina ?
I can't wait for Blog 11

Thor8 said...

Can't say I was surprised with this weeks two picks,both were very requested and deserving of inclusion,so it was very logical and wise on your part of having them included.

I agree with you 100% on making Werewolf with his classic look and as for Gamora,I'd prefer her original look also.

I know 5 females out of 16 picks doesn't seem like much,but we have to remember that the males in the MU way outnumber the females so even though I would like to see additional fems added (Mantis Princess Python Firebird etc.) I think they've done okay in this extension.

Well here's waiting to see what the rest of my fellow bloggers have to say this week. Hasta la vista.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have seen Madame Masque, but Gamora is a great choice. And yes, modern costume from GotG all the way. It's just way more cool and stylish. Kinda would be cool to get that last image with the head even. :)

Werewolf By Night is kinda a disappointment, but an expected one. But since the forums will likely vote in Wolfsbane, that's going to be two Wolfish characters in the same extension. Hopefully you guys break it up some.


Anonymous said...

Original looks for both Werewolf and Gamora please :)

Both are long overdue for the collection.

Mr J said...

Gamora the last female pick by you......seriously? nah that's not cool at all. It's a shock to see you give the females such poor representation. Five females would of been cool but only 4 is lame.

I want to see Deathbird too.

The horror character does not interest me (that space could of gone to Deathbird). Werewold by Night that is an easy pass. Gamora is a fine selection.

Editor said...

The reason I wasn't going to put any more females through was I was hoping that Wolfsbane would go through on the polls, and the possibility one or even 2 others would get in from the polls and competition (Deathbird, Selene, Sage etc) but it does seem the X-Men related females are the most wanted, so I didn't want to load up my picks with X-Men and females just to see the 'fans' putting through even more! what sort of master planner would that make me? ;)

The 2 I have in mind to round out the EM picks I hope will be well received/expected? choices.

John said...

Trapster and Shaman. Gotcha.

Goth Prince said...

I can understand holding back on Wolfsbane she will likely get through on the poll but that's speculation anything could happen. We might end up with 3 male forum picks and a male competition pick also. Then the complaints will flood in if that happens.

5 of Marvel's fairer sex would of been acceptable but 4 is not great. I would imagine well get Shaman and that's fine but please reconsider and put one of Deathbird, Sage or Selene through next week. Those ladies are popular for a reason.

Bagman said...

Excelllent news on Werewolf by Night, and another cosmic character, i think i may have to have a good think on which costume for Gamora though.And congrats on getting to 10.

Sire-bd said...

Gamora is perfect ! Thanks Dan !
Werewolf by Night is bad...For me
Next week: DIABLO and White Tiger !

Killer Frost said...


I'll not comment on the WEREWOLF.

Four women is a let down sorry but it is, the female picks are popular and I don't get what the problem is with having you confirm at least five out of 16.

DEATHBIRD or SAGE would be my top choices as there popular but Selene and Wolfsbane are fine as well.

Shaman & ANOTHER FEMALE NEXT WEEK (come on Dan don't shaft us on the women)

Editor said...

Damn, you guys kill me - ok I'll reconsider the final 2 spots for next week.

Happy now! :}

And yes John, you got it spot on!

Moonstar said...

Shaman definately but Trapster can wait how did he do in tha last forum choice poll? I bet he did'nt even end up in the top 20.

Thank you for thinking about it, getting a minimum of 5 females is a fair number.

Deathbird or Sage for me but I would prefer Sage.

Hiperion said...

Dan, if you're gonna put another female in, please consider all Marvel areas, not only the mutants.

Clea, Marrina, Mantis, Sersi, Misty Knight, Madame Masque, Darkstar, my beloved Namorita... All as worthy to be in as Deathbird or Wolfsbane.

That said, it would be a shame for me if Trapster doesn't get in, he's a favorite of mine.

Editor said...

This is the dilemma I have!

Saturn Lad said...

I would say that you should give us Shaman and a female (Deathbird).

You have given 11 spaces to male characters so far and only 4 to female if we get Shaman that is 12 spaces to male characters. There needs to be a balance between males and females so the final 2 picks should be 1 male and 1 female.


Let the forum vote through Trapster if he's so popular. The women of Marvel deserve to represented.

Mr J said...

What about a poll on the forum with....


Lets actually see who will win, I think we hot chick with feathers! ;)

John said...

Dan, I'll make it easy on you (and not by picking who I want for you.)

If you're worried that there'd be too many females due to those you've selected and the ones that get in through the forum choice... stick by it. Its not like people buy these in groups of 20. If we didn't vote in 2-3 females, just have MORE in the next extension. Pretend we only have 4 total this extension. Have 8 in the next and mix them up. Simple.

I'm glad I guessed who you picked, but then nervous that you'll change your mind. These two close off some major teams as the biggest omissions from them. I'd MUCH rather know that if the collection ended, I could have a "Complete" Frightful Four and Alpha Flight.

Shaman is a definite, but I really need my Fantastic Four character (Firelord's Cosmic to me.)

Or to even put it a different way, a less selfish way; I'd prefer Psycho-Man, but I feel Trapster is NEEDED to complete the collection.

pirate adam said...

Dan, i can solve your problem....

...dont pick Shamman or Trapster....

there both sh!te characters, instead lets have

The Hood and Namorita, both way better characters

and modern cozzy for Gamora, the only choice IMO


Goth Prince said...

Deathbird is a great character and all I'll say is look at the results for the 181-200 request poll and tell me who the majority of fans would like more, Deathbird or Trapster?

You have the proof in the results. The bottom line is this, there are loads of males and a minimum of females. This extension is one big sausage fest and I think we all think Shaman needs to be done. so that leaves one spot and I and many others want to see a female get it.

One could argue that you have used up all your male slots this extension already and to be FAIR to fans of the female characters you might be willing to give ONE more to take us to five.

Is that really alot to ask?

Please confirm Deathbird and Shaman asap.

John said...

PA, see that's the problem. I like The Hood and Namorita, but they're nothing compared to Trapster and Shaman for me.

Though I would like to see Hood and... Namora, in the next extension. ;)

Robert said...

Really pleased we're getting Gamora. My joy is tempered, however, by the knowledge that the forum will almost certainly go for the modern costume in a poll. They vote on too much for me, especially after the Drax debacle which should have proved to anyone not to rely on them again. Dan, this is one of the core characters from my favourite comic series of all time (even ahead - just - of Simonson on Thor), please go classic. Her original look, the one given to her by her creator, is the one from her greatest stories (the 1970s Starlin era), the one she had longest and made most appearances in, the one she had during her highest profile stories (Infinity Gauntlet, War and Crusade), etc. Don't let the forum decide. Considering they only represent a small percentage of collectors they have far too much power and influence.

bethrezen said...

Gamora YES YES YES!!!

Jigsaw/Baron Mordo/Crossbones for next week!!!!!!!!!!

pirate adam said...

so is that an unofficial confirmation that Northstar and Aurora are being done as a double pack?? since John guessed the next picks and Dan said no more females

Dan just for a laugh put them off till the next extension then sit back and watch people pull there hair out


TheTooN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

Robert, some news fromt he forum for ya!! the poll is already up for Gamora's costume and guess whats winning

her ORIGINAL look

i know its still early but i hope this gives you a little hope, i picked her modern costume but will be just as happy either way if i'm honest


Victor said...

Original looks for both Werewolf and Gamora please

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Don't you see, from first MKs of this collection only Punisher doesn't have his villain ?
JIGSAW for next Friday!
and SHAMAN as Dan said he will confirm AF member if twins are doublepack, now we know they are.

Werewolf is a real curveball of this extension, he has 6 votes in regular poll, Phantom Rider has more.

TheTooN said...

Fantastic to have Gamora confirmed. Not sure on costume choice, classic is the one I know from reading as a kid but not sure how well it would transfer to lead with the amount of fishnet to get right. If it could be done well (consistently)within the paint budget she could look awesome.

She will certainly shame Warlock ;)

Pip ?

Werewolf.....I have never read any Marvel horror so no idea who this guy is. Personally I would like to see regular super heroes and villains over horror (and western) but if the inclusion of one/both helps extend the collection over and above their numbers then I am all for them.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good Dracula looked in the sneak pics so hopefully you guys can pull something off that I will be happy to have upfront. Fingers crosssed he turns out better than Man Wolf :)

I am all for Rocket either on his own or as a special with Groot.

SinisterVenom said...

I really have no interest in either of these characters to be honest so the thing I'm glad about is for the fans to have them confirmed now.
Personally I would rather have seen Deathbird too, I think she would look outstanding. With 2 spots remaining before the polls and comp starts, I really think they should go to Shaman and Trapster. Shaman will push Alpha Flight further to completion and Trapster can fill in the Fantastic Four slot for this extension as well as complete the Frightful Four.

And I leave you all with...


And this time it's Songbird. She is an impressive figurine indeed, the whole leaning back pose worked really well for her so well done there guys!
Next is one of my most anticipated characters, Toad. His figurine worries me at the moment but I will wait until I actually have him before I pass judgement on him.

mgf said...

Don't get pulled into this not enough women piffle. There are too many. This isn't equality in the workplace or universal sufferage. This is important.

Shaman and A.N. Other bloke next week please. Whirlwind would be too much to ask for I'm sure. Perhaps Kuurgo is more likely?

Shaman is surely most required. Then, with Alpha Flight done we can hopefully, if there is another extension, get stuck into the Guardians old and new and the Squadron.

John said...

Someone on the forum pointed out something interesting about Gamora... and as it benefits me, I'm saying it here :D

Fishnets have been kind of iffy when it comes to sculpts. The best looking ones were on Typhoid Mary due to the approach, but once you get within a few feet and notice all the little cuts and grooves, it just looks weird. Its a "great from a distance" character. Otherwise, paint jobs are the way to go, but again... iffy.

Now imagine a costume that's NOTHING but fishnets.

Now imagine Gamora showing more skin... Mmmmm... :)

The defense rests. And Robert... don't make me draw you a picture of Recorder holding Gamora! ;)

Anonymous said...

Werewolf by Night! YES!

Robert said...

Stupified by the early poll scores, PA. I won't get my hopes up yet, however. Fully expect the modern look to romp to victory, although I'd love nothing more than to be wrong.

Regardless of the eventual outcome, I still think the forum has too much influence.

max_0888 said...

I'm really happy about Gamora's inclusion. I've never been a big fan of cosmic stories before Annihilation, but ever since Annihilation started, I was hooked. And Gamora is my fave character from these books.

Werewolf by night? is pretty meh for me. The thing is, once i'll have Dracula, Werewolf by night, Frankeinstein AND Zombie in my hands, i'm sure i'll be very happy to have my little horror display, but for now...I'm just not thrilled yet...

Deathbird? That would be awesome. Shaman and Trapster? Just as awesome.

max_0888 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

Ohh and i asked to change my vote to original, i really like the black and white pic of her holding the dagger and may have jumped the gun a little with my modern choice

but i'm still not bothered :)


mighty_marvel said...

modern costume for gamora.

meh for werewolf by night. if i wasn't a subscriber i'd probably skip him. brother voodoo would have been much better imo.

trapster and shaman will be fine for next week. we need a F4 villain and shaman means the twins are a double pack. and with the original alpha flight completed we can FINALLY move on to the starjammers in the next extension.

in fact, as they've been guessed just confirm them now and we can get the forum poll going.

Robert said...

John, your rather excellent drawing was enough to make me stop raccoon-bashing. Ain't no way you're making me shift my position on Gamora, though. I put up with Drax (well, okay, I moaned a lot about it), modern Balder, endless amounts of X-Men, horror characters, Z-listers like Sable and Wiccan, and now I run the risk of Gamora in some sort of weird striped bikini. I gave up my modern comicbooks because they were hacking me off, and now, with the thought of modern Gamora, I'm considering chucking the CMFC as well.

Gremlin in the works said...

Great picks today.

Gamora was one of my most wanted so I am thrilled to have her in. plus that's the third cosmic which is fantastic considering the last few extensions have only had one or two.
Modern costume all the way. I appreciate the want for the old one but visually it's not very good. The modern one will lend itself to a nicer sculpt IMO with her cloak and sword.

Werewolf by Night is another good choice. Horror character but continually relevant one. He is still cropping up in comics today. And I agree that his flat-faced look is better and will help distinguish him from other lycans.

As for the mentions that he might be too similar to Wilfsbane. I understand the worry but both characters are from vastly different areas of the MU. Both have their own looks (I want Wolfsbane looking more human than wolf) and they won't be anywhere near each other on my sheves.

By the sounds of it there won't be any more females put in by EM. That's fine. As has been pointed out the MU is chock full of viable male candidates for inclusion.....the men outnumber the women.
Hopefully we will get at least one more villain. Baron mordo has been mentioned a LOT and would be a great MK/Supernatural character to put through. Other villains I would like to see would be Constrictor or Count Nefaria. Two great Avenger foes.

If you want heroes then Justice, Speedball need some love. Both have LOADS of history and, again, they are currently featuring in a very popular title so it would eb a logical incusion.

Love the Hydroman cover, but I have to ask why are you creating more and more unique covers instead of using comic covers or trading card images. Some characters are difficult to find decent covers for, like Spiral and Moondragon, but I have seen some decent Hydroman images around. I am not knocking the covers or choices as they are fantastic (the Spiral one is my Facebook's outstanding) but I was just curious as it obviously adds tot he expense of the figure.

Great update. Can't wait for thr final two.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Exactly, now when we will complete Alpha Flight, we can start second most wanted team - STARJAMMERS.
Corsair is must have for next extension.

John said...

"in fact, as they've been guessed just confirm them now and we can get the forum poll going."

Boom. Seconded. Let's do it. :)

PA, as I said on the forum, if its the picture you like, I'll draw you a sexy modern Gamora if it sways you back. ;)

Gremlin in the works said...

A pose for Gamora....use the very last pick you used for her modern look. Obviously drop the Nova helmet and skull and have her hand on her hip. That cape that's waving up behind her needs to go and her her in her cloak with her hood down.

pirate adam said...

sorry John, i'm not as cheap a date as Robert may take more than a picture to sway me ;)


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Gamora is awesome. I prefer her classic costume. But hey, let's see how the costume poll goes.

Werewolf by Night is ok. Personally I feel that horror characters would be best in a dedicated subset. I do think that it will make a good figurine, though. Will buy anyway. I buy them all!

Anonymous said...

The point about fishnets is spot on. EM has failed twice to represent fishnets. First on Black Canary who just got tights. And then on Typhoid Mary who just looks bad when you view her close up with all those cuts into her legs. So Gamora who's whole classic costume is basically a Fishnet outfit would turn out to be a massive disaster. Plus she looks like freakin' Oola from RotJ.

pirate adam said...

there is a third costume choice, i picked this one for DeadPOO and Ted


tinodragon14 said...

Well the only horror character I could think of right off was the WEREWOLF BY NIGHT. I did enjoy that comic book when it came out along with TOMB OF DRACULA which would introduce Blade. Unfortunately the Blade figure does not look like that Blade or even the movie Blade.

Know very little about Gamora except she was tied in with Adam Warlock & the silly Pip Troll & THANOS & the whole contrived mess with the soul gems & ruling the universe. Her role in the Marvel U never seemed big to me at least in the main titles I read Spidey or FF or Thor or Ironman or X-men or DD or even the Avengers which did get dragged into the THANOS universe conquering soul gem storyline. I looked her up to get a better idea & really her history is quite a mess but such is the contrived world of comics. I suspect her popularity has more to due with her skimpy outfit & breasts then her character.

Only two spots left & I hope one of them goes to
WHIRLWIND & the other goes to another villain either ATTUMA or BARON MORDO or THE COBRA or MR. HYDE or TRAPSTER. I am disappointed that more classic villains have been left out of this extension. They have already done all of Marvel's main heroes & most if not all of their second tier heroes but there are many great villains left out as if there has to be some balance between heroes & villains but as I have said before there are just more villains because each hero or team of heroes has their own collection of criminals to combat but many of those villains that will make great looking figures have been denied their spot & yes because the villains tend to be male dominated as well they have been penalized & left out so that lesser female characters & heroes are included to achieve a balance that does not exist in the Marvel U & certainly not among their villains.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I hope you will enjoy this week's Virtual CMFC Gallery update, by clicking here:


Black Tom Cassidy
Mr Fear
Spider-man 2099

You can see how Hammerhead and Spidey 2099 are going to make pretty awesome figs.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Hey SinisterVenom
Happy Belated Birthday

The Virtual CMFC Gallery update is for you, as per your request.

I only replaced Jigsaw with Spider-Man 2099, as I needed him in the gallery this week too.

Hope you like.

kissynose said...

How is Gamora's new costume even practical? Why does marvel always think stripping off all their clothes makes a female character more popular. If I want trams I'll pick up a playboy. Ugh it's offensive.

spidey_1979 said...

The figurine sculptors couldn't even do a decent job of fishnet tights on typhoid mary and didn't even try on black canary in the DC collection. No way can they achieve a decent effect on a full body fishnet. But unlike the tights, a poor effect on the full body fishnet will completely ruin the figurine. The modern look is the only viable choice of costume.

The Hood said...

Werewolf By Night is an excellent character and I would prefer him with small head please. Gamora is another great pick and either costume will look good. How about 2 villians next week 1 old and 1 new......Jigsaw and The Hood.

The Mad Thinker said...

that's another twelve quid that i'll not be spending on this extension !!

Gremlin in the works said...

@ Dan the Man - You shouldn't have to change your mind from who you were going to confirm next week.
No matter what, when this extension ends, there will be glaring ommissions and peoples favourites not included. That's why another extension is a must.
I have the upmost confidence we will get a 201-220 extension and the likes of Shaman, Trapster, High Evolutionary, Baron Mordo, Jewel and Deathbird will be high up the list of inclusions. Hopefully we will see a couple of those this time but if we don't I will just be excited for next time instead.

tinodragon14 said...

To point out what I am talking about in just this extension SHAW was finally picked even though he headed the HELLFIRE CLUB where as the White Queen was added long before him. HAMMERHEAD, THE OWL & THE SWORDSMAN are classic villains but I doubt SWORDSMAN would have been picked if not for his having become an Avenger. I actually felt like they were throwing us villain lovers a bone with HAMMERHEAD & OWL. In my opinion Wiccan, Longshot, Moonstone, Mirage, Spidey 2099, Gamora & Werewolf all should come after villains like WHIRLWIND, ATTUMA, BARON MORDO, THE COBRA, MR. HYDE, TRAPSTER, MOLTEN MAN, THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, MELTER, TOMBSTONE, THE LIVING LASER, BLIZZARD, JACKAL, GREY GARGOYLE & others because they are not secondary villains but main opponents of different heroes. Each with their own unique look & non generic costumes that will make great figures.

Robert said...

And please, Dan, ignore the defeatism about painting fishnets. It all sounds very Homer Simpson: "If at first you fail, don't try." Thank God human beings like to overcome difficulties or we'd have to cook our food over a flame because there were no cookers and we'd be sitting in the dark at night because there was no electric light.

ted sallis said...


John said...

"How is Gamora's new costume even practical?"

How is the old one?

I really hope we don't lose Trapster because I guessed him. I was just naming the two characters I thought we needed the most at this point... to give a balanced extension and complete areas. They're also 2 of my highest wants. Trapster more than Shaman.

And like Tino keeps saying, we need more villains. At this point, the forum will put through 2-3 female X-Characters, so saying we're light on those will be soon corrected. For that reason alone, I say No to Deathbird. She'll be in anyway...

Anonymous said...

Tino, the collection is meant to appeal to EVERYONE. Not just you. And not just the "Classics Only" crowd. Many of those characters you slagged off on are just as "Classic" as the ones you're cheering about.

Anonymous said...

"How is Gamora's new costume even practical?"

How is the old one?"

Spot on, spot on. Like a full body fishnet costume is somehow more reserved and less revealing than her current costume.

sergiogf said...

Hi there,

First, thanks to Dan for the blog entries and the funny papers comments¡

About wereewolf and Gamora, I'm happy for those who like them but... they're not for me, not interested at all.

And thanks to reconsider the "No More Females" :-) After all, I think we need more females in the EM.

And of course I'll go for Deathbird or, maybe, Sage or Selene. But I'd prefer Deathbird.

And Shaman too, obviously (not Trapster for me, sorry)

The Mad Thinker said...

i'm with robert on this one - forum influence. Perhaps in future extensions we could have 2 picks from the forum and 2 picks from us on the blog ?

michal9402 said...

Gamora and Werewolf by Night? Very nice. We reaaly need now more women please.

Anonymous said...

Mad Thinker:

Voting on the blog doesn't work. That's why they stopped doing it. There's no way to prevent cheating. That's why EM partnered with the forums for the votes.

max_0888 said...

Oh and I forgot to talk about the cover! I just love the fact that you guys are doing original artwork. Destiny's, Toad's, Moondragon's and Hydro-man's all look awesome!

I just wish Siryn will get one too hehe!

SinisterVenom said...

Wow, the virtual gallery update looks fab! Thanks for that birthday prezzie! :)
I actually think my favourite looking character there is Mr. Fear. He's got a great image and a figurine of him would look stunning. I have to admit though, when I took a look at Hammerhead, I suddenly pictured JJJ saying:

''PARKER!! Why does Hammerhead have my cigar?!''


Paibok said...

Werewolf by Night is an obvious pick. I think he would make a good sculpt and will be standing alongside Morbius and Man Thing ni a Legion of Monsters display.

Gamora I am delighted by her inclusion, I would like her in modern garb and with cloak. The fishnets make her look reptilian in appearance.

Her being the last female put in by EM is a decision I would back personally. Wolfsbane is very likely to make it in through the poll, whilst Deathbird, Sage and Selene will be very strong contenders so that would make up any difference.

I think that the last two slots from EM should be villains from the other areas. Fantastic Four haven't a representative yet (I see Firelord as cosmic which is a seperate group) and of those Trapster is a must. The other should be an either Avengers bad guy Whirlwind or Grey Gargoyle would be my choices or Shaman.

Dan don't let a few toddlers throughing their rattles out of the pram change your character choices, stick to your guns.

mighty_marvel said...

it can only be trapster and shaman next week.

there hasn't been a F4 character in this extension yet. this is an important area of the MU and needs representation. i'm guessing EM haven't come to their senses over the size of thundra yet, so trapster it is. he's a classic character and finishes the frightful four.

shaman was all but promised if the twins got the double pack, which i'm guessing they have. lets finish off original alpha flight this extension and we can move on to other x-men ally teams in the next extension, most importantly the starjammers.

you had them in mind dan so obviously you feel they're the right choice. go with your instinct and don't let the need more women arguments sway you. its very likely that 2 women will get in through the forum poll, which will give plenty for the extension.

and since we already know who it's going to be next week, just confirm them now ;)

ted sallis said...

Robert me old cock,really hope you get Gamora in her original outfit,
Pirate Adamski announces that the original costume is leading the polls.....Then what happens??
Wall to wall experts telling EM what is and is not possible.
I could paint mt Labradors wrinkly old knackers lime green and they would look more like Drax than the dung befouling my shelf. C'mon Dan, throw us a bone, Forum don't have tae decide every freakin aspect oh this...Gase a break!!!

Anonymous said...

Drax (Modern) is the first time the character has actually been really popular. Thanks to Annihilation and Guardians of the Galaxy. There's no denying that when that's how he's made in more than one line. EM went modern. And so did Hasbro for both the Marvel Universe Drax and the Marvel Legends Drax.

Anonymous said...

Gamora's gonna be a tight race.

Classic - 49% [ 30 ]
Modern - 51% [ 31 ]
Total votes : 61

tinodragon14 said...

Hey Beast I did not slag off any of the characters & never said they should not be in the collection I simply stated they should have come after several of the main villains that have still not been chosen & there are quite a few. I don't think I am being unreasonable seeing as how I waited until this extension to begin speaking up for the many main villains that have still been left out. I certainly cannot count on the forum whose taste leans heavily X & not necessarily villain X. Someone has to fight for a place for those great villains still left out.

Anonymous said...

Again, the collection is not just for you. It has to appeal to everyone. So saying those characters shouldn't be in the collection yet is balderdash. We're 200+ figurines in counting specials. So it's silly to assume they would never touch any characters from more modern eras. Especially when many of them are more popular now that some of those older characters.

Also, people keep saying the forum only picks X-Characters. Yeah, tell that to Ares, Jocasta, etc.

max_0888 said...

Actually the forum gave us Ant-man (Scott Lang), Jack of Hearts, Crimson Dynamo, Jocasta, Arachne, Moondragon, Gorgon, Blackheart

and Toad, Spiral, Avalanche, Domino

only 4 x-characters ;)

Osvaldoeaf said...

Well, since the Ladies still seem to have a slight chance, I'll try it for the last time: please confirm Sage....we haven't had a female x-man for a long time.
PS: Mirage, Syrin are x-characters, but not x-men!

JinxDealer said...

hi dan just go with your choices, we need to have small numbers of females or else in a few extensions time they'l be adding Z list females just because "THE NEED" for them. point is not everyone's going to be happy & we get to much input anyway, so get over it & just be happy we have this collection & that its still running strong, oh & im all for subscriber variants too, i had to pay £40 for green quicksilver & im not complaining.

tinodragon14 said...

Balderdash! Good word. I never said the collection is just for me. You are the one that keeps saying that so stop putting words in my mouth except for Balderdash. Almost all the so called old villains I listed are still actively involved in the Marvel U & still wreaking havoc for the heroes so they are relevant in this collection more so then the modern characters they predate.

SinisterVenom said...

Off to see Captain America now!!! :)

...Sorry just had to let that out lol. That is all.


Robert said...

Never thought it would happen. However, I feel forced to desperate acts.

Due to the closeness of the poll vote I think I will have to... join the forum.

What a depressing end to the week.

tinodragon14 said...

As for the forum not being heavy on X looking at the top ten excluding the duck are :
Looks like X marks their spot to me.

Anonymous said...

Sure, if you remove all the already confirmed characters from the list. But again, look at the list of characters that the forum has gotten in. Fairly wide and diverse.

Ken said...

High Evolutionary and Deathbird as next two figurines :0)

John said...

Classic vs. Modern
I had to have a look through my collection, because there have been a lot of people complaining about too many characters in modern outfits. "Don't give them Gamora, we already lost Drax." Yet the modern fans have also lost Warlock, Quasar, ALL the Inhumans, and I strongly suspect Mantis would be in her Avengers look. And we have... Drax and Nova. Everyone else is pretty much in their one iconic costume.

You get classic Ant-Man II while I was reeeally hoping for that creepy helmet he's usually shown in. Classic every-Asgardian-but-Balder... All of Daredevil is classic. All of Iron Man is classic (minus movie Iron Man.) All of Captain America.. except Bucky. You even got classic Luke Cage!

The MAJORITY of this collection is in their classic... scratch that... first-appearance garb, yet we fight for a few choice characters (Moonstone and Gamora) and its met with "Not enough Classic costumes getting through, this IS the CLASSIC collection, right?" "First Drax, now this! Don't EM care about us consumers?" "All these characters are unrecognizable to me. I may drop the collection if one more gets through."

Give us modern readers SOMETHING! Some kind of balance.

tinodragon14 said...

Let's see looking at the top ten including confirmed the list is:
Oh Yes I see the difference now.

Robert said...

I understand your ire, John, however the characters I am really keen on seeing in future extensions are the Asgardians and the cosmic characters like Gamora. I can live with a modern Wizard, for instance, albeit I won't like it. Same goes for a number of characters.


...being a huge fan of the original Warlock run by Starlin - and to a lesser degree the Infinity series - I was desperate to see the likes of Warlock (my number 2 character after Cap), Thanos, Gamora, Drax, Moondragon and Pip as classics. These are the guys I'm really waiting on. Likewise, the Asgardians. Having the likes of Thor, Loki, etc. classic and then Balder modern doesn't make sense to me. He sticks out like a sore thumb. And, to be honest, I'm hugely disappointed by him. I waited years and years to get him and I get the horrid generic could-be-anyone version. Under the circumstances, if I'm not getting the characters that really motivate me to keep with this collection then it's understandable that my interest would wane and I'd think about dropping this collection from my fortnightly shopping list. Why would I buy something I am dissatisfied with?

jimbob said...

Great news.

Gamora I am happy about.

Not fussed on Horror characters,they are all bottom of the polls really.

Shaman needs to be in to complete the Alpha Flight once and for all!!

Rich did say that High Evolutionary
was high on the list for this extension.

PLEASE don't vote female just to even out the numbers!If they are not good enough to be in this extension then put them in the next.

ted sallis said...

Hey dan am gagging on a curry, Any chance the forum could set up a poll?
Lamb Bhuna
If the poll is close and not going my way...Then I'll simply use all those multiple accounts i've been saving for just this eventuality.

BobDiamond said...

Now that could be a record for the amount of posts immediately after an announcement! Well done again Dan! you're obviously doing something right!! :)

Personally, I couldn't be happier with today's choices....I've always loved Werewolf by Night since the 70s- and agree that he should be in his iconic early look.
Gamora is in my top 10 Wants- so this was a particularly pleasant announcement. And like Robert and many other hard-core 'Starlinists' (!), I firmly believe she should be in her original costume. The modern one is OK(ish), but is very generic, and could be any 'sword and sorcery'-type figure.

BTW, Robert- join the Forum! It would be great to have you on there!!

Plus, before I go...would also not be adverse to the inclusion of Trapster (yeah-definitely) and Shaman. Although would FAR FAR more prefer White Tiger (Original) and of course KILLRAVEN!


Kal Brindle said...

I had pretty much guessed these two as this week's reveal and while neither are in my top 20, they are in my top 100 and are both very deserving choices.

I'm a fan of classic Gamora's costume to match our Adam Warlock - but honestly would be happy enough with either.

Werewolf by Night is an interesting choice, but once Dracula made it in we knew it was only a matter of time before we saw more Horror characters. I hope that the Western characters get the same lucky break soon!

Dan your job is impossible, don't get discouraged by all the kvetching and the whinging on the Blog and the Forum, it's only because we all care so damn much about these characters and this collection. On the whole EM does an amazing job (apart from that whole Duck decision thing).

As for the forum picking only X folk - lets be clear, it the X-Fans who vote their favourites in. There are many forum members with diverse tastes myself included. I'm still hoping the Rangers, Squadron Supreme, Serpent Society, Initiative and Heroes for hire get a better look in one day.

Also speaking as a rabid Alpha Flight fan, Shaman is not an X character, he is an Alpha character, his first appearance was in Uncanny X-Men 121 but his remaining 287 appearances happend either in one of Alpha Flight's four volumes or across multiple titles in the Marvel Universe and Dan I fully expect to see him or Marrina in the reveal next week as you initially said we'd get both if Northstar & Aurora made it through as a two pack!

Now off to the forum to go vote Classic look Gamora! LOL

Robert said...

Don't get your hopes up, Bob. I'll vote and then leave. Which will probably suit them as much as it'll suit me. Which leads me to why I came back on, where exactly is the forum?

ted sallis said...

"where exactly is the forum ?"
Slightly to the right of Maggie Thatch

JinxDealer said...

hello guys could one of you point me kindly in the direction of the forum, thanks its my 1st day of posting on here.

ted sallis said...

hEY BIG GUY YOUR THE dUDE that don't lioke whingers and Paid $40 million fur Green Quickshit.....Your pefect for the the forum, skip over to super hero figurine forum....bye bye....wavey handies byeee

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Some time ago Rich said if we don't want Maximus in double pack with Lockjaw, for sure he will be in next extension. Still I don't see him in CMFC.
Some time ago Dan said if Northstar and Aurora are double pack, he will confirm Shaman or Marrina. Dan said twins are special after MODOK, so they are double pack. Still don't see Shaman or Marrina in CMFC.

for next Friday?

I hope it will be JIGSAW.

JinxDealer said...

@ ted sallis. WOW your unpleasant character !! way to go to make new people welcome. i was referring to people "quitting" the collection because their fave character didn't get the clothing they want, as if its only about them & nobody else. so you kindly stick your remarks. the reason i wanted to know about the forum is to check it out & see if theirs other news etc. so give your self inflated ego a break.

LarryS said...


Your ten post have been first rate - packed with info, open and honest, and often directly responding to our questions. Great job!

I see a lot of bloggers are advocating a better gender balance. Well, what about the ethnic balance...? Storm, Blade, Black Panther, and Luke Cage were ages ago. But Brother Voodoo has been overlooked in favour of Jack Russell, and White Tiger remains a distant hope.

Once we've got the 'gender balance' and 'ethnic balance' sorted, we can revert to arguments about the 'species balance'. But probably not this week!

Anonymous said...

Poll update for those banned or simply not on the forums.

Original - 45% [45 Votes]
Modern - 55% [54 Votes]
Total votes : 99

Robert said...

Jinxdealer, I never said that the collection was only for me. I did say that there are a very few characters that I am really keen on, have waited years for and I am hugely disappointed when I get a short-lived, modern version I don't recognise. The Asgardians and the cosmic characters are the main appeal for me now I have the main Avengers, etc. and if I don't get them, then what's the point? That's it. Not trying to have a pop at the collection in general or any collectors for that matter. Good luck to others getting what they want, including you. I even wishedthe duck folk luck after their disappointment.

Anyway, welcome to the blog.

ted sallis said...

Heh, heh CBR gotta love yer shit.
One of my earliest blog memories was some bawsooker telling us that the blog was incapable of conducting a poll or comp because bloggers are not to be trusted.
Apparantly the only 1000% guarantee of a fair poll is by using the arse.
A wise man once told me "In life you meet people who can and who cant"The forum is run by the former. Loads of cants.
Jinx, I misquoted you . I can only apologhize

jimbob said...

MAXIMUS sucks!!

INHUMANS is completed!!!!!

Just need Lockjaw special.

Other teams need to be focused on.

Wrecking Crew

Robert said...

A question for forum members: when does the poll close?

Anonymous said...

Quit whining Ted. The fact of the matter is that the Blog isn't reliable for running polls. That's why they stopped doing them on here. Because there was no system in place to prevent cheating on the blog. And EM doesn't have the resources or manpower to check every vote or find another avenue to do them. That's exactly why they partnered with the forums. That's a fact. Deal with it. You could vote and make your voice heard also, if you had respected the rules of the forums.

Robert said...

Oh, and sorry, forgot my manners. Thanks, CBR Beast, for the poll update.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't appear to have an ending date. My guess is that it'll close after 4-5 days so that they can send the info to EM so the next blog update will have who won.

JinxDealer said...

@ robert . i do see your point but if a certain character wont work ( ie fishnets dont work in production as many have said ) then surely you could accept them knowing deep down that it is the character you love. im new to all this so many of the figurines i dont even know but accept them good ugly or indifferent. the problem with costume polls is that unfortunately its mostly the younger generation who vote so thats why i said we have too much choice.

JinxDealer said...

@ ted sallis. off to a rocky start, apology accepted & i can only apologise if i came across wrong as i could of wrote it more clearly.

ted sallis said...

yeah thers no cheating on the guys are graaaaaaaaaaaate./ You EM dudes fukt up giving far too much input to these cants.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...


I hope you mean 90's X-Force roster, then I agree we need: Sunspot, Shatterstar, Rictor, Boom Boom, Feral. One per extension would be perfect and Warpath as special next year of course.

Anonymous said...

The staff on the forum works incredibly hard to prevent multiple accounts and dummy accounts from skewing the polls. They do a pretty decent job, considering the big polls reflect the fanbase who actually posts. As well as the typical comic fanbase. Since many of the same names appear on a variety of other polls, such as ones for Marvel Universe/Marvel Legends.

Robert said...

Jinx, basically I want to see the look of a character I see when I close my eyes. I bought Thor until very recently but I still can't get used to him in his new costume (fine though it is). I own every appearance of Gamora until Annihilation, having bought all but the very earliest appearances at the time they came out. I didn't buy any of the Annihilation stuff as they changed way too much for me. So, when I see "Gamora" in her new bikini look I don't see Gamora, I see a woman I don't know.

As for the fishnets, I really don't understand the defeatism. Surely they can improve their techniques or try something different? Just because it's hard or hasn't worked in the past is no reason to just give up. What a dreadful attitude.

On the subject of the forum voting, it's generally quite predictable and the outcome is seldom in doubt. Soon as I heard about a Balder vote I knew we'd get the bland modern look. And I'll be surprised if modern Gamora isn't voted in. The forum sounds very, very different to the opinions on here, where there a bunch of regular old-timers.

Robert said...

CBR Beast, just noticed your reply. Thanks. I kind of thought it would be about that. If you or someone could post daily updates, I'd appreciate it. (Not entirely given up hope yet, I guess... )

Anonymous said...

Well, characters change their clothes and their costumes. Very few Marvel characters are still in their original costumes. You're just going to have to accept getting a character you like in a costume you may not. It's still the character that counts, not the costume.

And the reason a lot of people voted for Modern Balder? Because it fit in fine with the other Asgardians, but at least in my opinion was the first time that Balder didn't look outright silly. In fact, I'm really impressed by the final look, and I loathe Thor and the Asgardians. So bravo to EM for making a version that manages to impress me for characters that don't.

The only reason the forum seems to have a different opinion than here, is because it also has a large posting fanbase. So naturally there's a large cross-section, including those that prefer something different than you do.

Robert said...

"You're just going to have to accept getting a character you like in a costume you may not."

No, I don't.

You loathe the Asgardians while I really love them and you're comfortable that your preference was picked over mine?? That's really screwed up. Honestly, I'd be embarrassed if my choice of X-Man costume was picked over your favourite.

And you call Balder's old looks silly and yet you want furry animals with guns?!?? Bizarre. I'd love you to explain the logic behind that.

Dan The Man said...

Northstar & Aurora are provisionally pencilled in for the double pack - but what I was planning to do, was put Shaman through anyway and if N&A can't be a DPack then I'll just put them through in the next extension (if there is one!).

So I supposed that answers who is one of the picks for next week. :)

As for the other one, I'll have a good long hard think about it all week, then make a hasty decision and regret it forever!

We did have a budget of £300 per issue for new artwork (it's not a lot, especially when you try and get Art Adams to do Spiral's cover!). We've always come in under budget on it. But recently we have had our budget cut, so now we have £300 every other issue - so we do a quick look online to see what artwork is available for the upcoming characters (time constraints are always against us), then choose who would probably need new cover art. We can't possibly know 100% though.

Cleaning up scanned comic artwork takes up most of my time (spent nearly a whole day scanning/joining together the 4 pages of fold-out cover from 'Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Hearts of Darkness', for use in the Classic Moments for Blackheart - phew).
so any relief from that is welcomed - especially when you work with some of the cool people we get to draw 'em. Commissioning covers provides me with instant usable artwork which saves me loads of time, which makes me happy.
We do have access to Marvel's private digital art website, but it doesn't have everything (also we can request digital art from Marvel - but this needs pre-planning ahead of time which we don't really have. We've also recently subscribed to digital comics online which helps in the research, but the resolution in only 72dpi (we need 300dpi). (We can only do screen grabs from it).

For instance I will be starting design work on Puppet Master's issue next week (albeit we are running very late on the schedule at the mo) - but we haven't ordered his comics yet! (he's in about 70, we have probably 30 or so in our library) - So I have a rough idea of what art is available from Google images and Comicvine, plus my own knowledge - but I won't really know everything until we get all the comics and I spend a good half-day flicking through 'em all and marking up with the useable images with post-it notes. By this time the magazine is pretty much needed for approval, proofing, printing etc and it's on to the next one.... So there's very little time between issues to do any early research.

The figurines on the other hand are commissioned months in advance (by Rich, with my help) - we decide what costume and pose (not always the best choice!) and then find suitable images from online or comics for the sculptor to get started on, it's a different process from the magazine as we don't need hi-res images or even need to know what issues the images are from or if they're even official Marvel art. So when it comes to the magazine we pretty much have to start from scratch on the images side of things. Hope that explains the haphazard way we do things at EM Towers!

BobDiamond said...

I don't get this whole fish-net thing not working on Typhoid Mary...
I think she's one of the best figures we've had, and the effect looks wonderful. Gamora would also be an amazing figure with the same process added.
Seems to me it's just a flimsy excuse for not going with the original and best look...;)


PS...just came back from seeing Cap America....Amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Robert, but it's true. Especially when comic fans can't all agree on the same look being the best look. It's going to happen no matter what. So you can either deal with it, or continue to cry about it. Either way, it's not going to change the fact that it does happen.

And no, I'm comfortable that the majority got what they wanted. Which was Balder in his modern look.

Dan The Man said...

Re: fishnet Typhoid

Yes, I was very impressed with Dene Mason's attention to detail on Typhoid Mary's sculpt, the original he brought in to show us was absolutely stunning - obviously there is loss of detail when it gets produced, but I still remember it being pretty darn good even in lead. Maybe we can get Dene to do Gamora?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dan, gotta disagree with you. The way that the fishnets were done on Typhoid look terrible due to how it was done. The fact that Gamora doesn't have a costume that covers a full section of her body like Typhoid Mary's fishnets do... just means it's going to be even harder to use the same trick to recreate that on her body.

LAWay said...

Ah, sad to see no sculpts.

Hydro-Man artwork? Meh. There are much better existing artwork out there for him. A perfect one was one you showed us before.

Looks like the same artist that did the Wizard? Is it? If so...please contract other artists for the cover jobs.

Werewolf by Night, while I dont care for the horror characters, he seemed a obvious choice with a lot of people wanting him. The guy doesnt say 'marvel' to me, but its your choice. I hope he is the last 'horror' character, and the rest stick to the marvel superhero subject.

Gamora has a nice design. Dont know the character really, but she too has had a lot of backing. Hope the sculpt isnt messed up. Either a choice between awkward fishnets, or a cape that hides her body.

And whats with the sudden 'trapster' and 'shaman' comments. Never heard these guys being petitioned before, and all of a sudden the collection 'wouldnt be complete without them'?

Give us Constrictor and Hammerhead. Real mainstream characters that are always mixing it up.

Seems like this week will be along time spent debating who should be the next two announced as theres not much to speak of here. But glad alot of those who wanted these characters will be pleased. Hope the sculpts will do them justice.

LAWay said...

I'd be more than happy to draw a cover for you Dan. ;)

Leigh Way * cough* MA *cough*
-professional storyboard artist & animator *cough* :P

LAWay said...

And seriously....Shaman?! Where the hell did that one get plucked from? Better have some decent pics in the next update because that is a buzzkiller already.

...who said they wanted Shaman?! I mean....over ALL the other characters put together? Shaman!?

Anonymous said...

Well, it does finish up Alpha Flight. So I can kinda understand it.

LAWay said...

fair enough. one door closes so another can open.

Just...didnt expect it. More people have been battered around more often, but hey, whatever.

mighty_marvel said...

please let the provisional double pack be a confirmed double pack. n + a going over into the next extension will likely mean no starjammers and their absence is just getting silly now. also, the alpha flight fans will go nuts over them being delayed yet again.

trapster should be the remaining choice. there hasn't been a F4 character in this extension. marvel's first family should get at least one character in every extension. trapster finishes the frightful four and, with his debut in 1963, gives an often requested classic villain.

SinisterVenom said...

Actually Leigh, I want Shaman to help finish up Alpha Flight. I'm not the only one too, I've seen loads of people ask for Shaman and that's on here, SHFF, on a forum etc. I've also mentioned Trapster before too.

Ken said...

Dear Dan,

When will the High Evolutionary be considered? He's an amazing character that's affected many storylines of various heroes.

Also Jigsaw, Deathbird and Nightmare please.

skinwalker said...

Why not Marrow.. I Want MARROW!! :P

John said...

"Give us Constrictor and Hammerhead. Real mainstream characters that are always mixing it up."

Yeah, Hammerhead would be perfect for this extension!!! Can we please have him in the 181-200 list? Thanks. ;)

Robert, I understand your concerns, that you only have a few areas of Marvel that you're really keen on, so of course you'd want to see them done right.

I know because I have the same problem. I have 3 shelves of comic books (trades.) One shelf is nothing but Spider-Man, one shelf is nothing but Cosmics, and the other is a mix.

So its the Cosmics, Spidey and Agents of Atlas characters that I care about the most, because I've followed everything with them since I discovered them, and I too want them as I know them. Most Spidey characters only have one look (besides Ock) so we're all lucky there, but I've pretty much been told that Agents of Atlas aren't worthy enough yet with too many other 'more important' characters to do yet. So a third of my teams is already out the window (along with my most wanted character, the raccoon...) So of course I'm going to want my Cosmics as I know them since they're of MY fondest memories and MY favorite characters as well. Like Ted, it goes both ways.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Shaman!
Personally I don't understand why, of all Marvel teams, Alpha Flight are having the privilege of being completed so quickly. And when one considers that Northstar & Aurora are already in, I see the addition of Shaman as too much. Surely we can postpone him to the next extension. Alpha Flight fans should feel contented with N&A. There is still scope for other exciting MU expansions in this extension, and I think that Hyperion, Attuma or Corsair can add variety and the WOW! factor
to this 181-200 segment

LAWay said...

Lets play a game!


I will suggest 2 characters I want in the collection. The next person who comments must choose 1 of the characters to be in the collection and discard the other character out of the game.

He then himself select 2 characters he wants in the collection.

The next person to comment does the same, selecting 1 of those characters to keep, the other to discard from the game.

Once a character has been discarded, you cannot choose him as your suggestion. We post until we make up an extension list of 20. Basically, first 20 people to play along gets one of their picks in.


So, I start off with:

A - Constrictor
B - US Agent

your move...

navaho said...

Okay Werewolf by night is neither here or there with me but I'm pleased with Gamora.

Two villains next please Dan, Trapster and Attuma would be great.

Or Trapster and Baron Mordo, or Trapster and Whirlwind or Trapster and The Jackal.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

LAWay said...

Oh, and you cant have another go. 1 pick per person. :)

Victor said...

Dan. Thanks for confirming Shaman, I am delighted.

Anonymous said...

Shaman in this extension?
YAWN! Zzzzzzzzzz.

Sorry guys, I'm campaigning against him. For me, he'd make an utterly and completely boring addition to this extension.

Word verification:

LAWay said...

^the game^

max_0888 said...

I'm actually pretty happy about Shaman! Just need Marrina and Vindicator to complete the team !!!

John said...

N&A and Shaman would NOT be too close to each other, just announced close together. N&A would be released early next year, and if Shaman were released now, it would take, what, 2 years? Hardly "too much."

John said...

Fine, I'll play along.

As the second person in Leigh's game, I'm sure mine will be thrown out anyway, so I'll pick a high want, but further down my list;

A - Constrictor
B - Fixer

TGR said...

Just run a poll for Teddy and his curry choice.

unanimous response was:

"anything with soap in it to wash out his potty mouth"

several others suggested "anything with cyanide" but I think they were multiple account holders from the blog.



LAWay said...


No, YOU pick 2 characters too.

So you have thrown away US Agent, leaving Constrictor from my pick.

You add YOUR OWN 2 PICKS eg - cyclops & jean grey

the next person would throw away cyclops, and then pick 2 themselves, kingpin & daredevil and so on and so on. The list would look like:


maybe its too stupid or complicated or i didnt explained it well enough at 2am. ^_^ soz

Either way, its supposed to work that 1 character you want is guaranteed to be in the collection, but the other person chooses which of your picks gets in.

John said...


1. Constrictor

Rocket Raccoon or Jimmy Woo

Ken said...

Hi Dan, when is the next Mega Special being offered? I suggest...Destroyer :0)

LarryS said...

There have been a deluge of comments about the gender balance of this extension. But none on the chronological balance.

So here is my analysis:

- Zero

- Zero

- Four (Vance Astro, Hela, Owl, Swordsman)

- Seven (Firelord, Gamora, Hammerhead, Moonstone, Sebastian Shaw, Shaman, Werewolf by Night)

- Three (Longshot, Dani Moonstar, Spider-Man 2099)

- Zero

- One (Wiccan, tho' his origins do stretch back to 1986)

Dan, you said you'd have a "good long think" about the final character announcement....

My advice, based on this analysis, would be to lock your clearly-treasured 1970s collection in the attic for just a few short days, and mug up on the last twenty years!

pirate adam said...

Dan, a.k.a THE MAN

the poll is going to be very close but picture poor Robert sitting in a dark corner in his attic, knees folded under his chin, arms wrapped around his legs, he's rocking back and forth muttering to himself


over and over again, and guess what that was just after we got Drax, since then we've had modern Balder (which i love) and now the threat of modern Gamora, imagine what could happen to our good friend Robert if you do announce Gamora in her modern cozzy, he may go as far as to switch over to the dark side...DC

go on Dan cheer the old guy up and lets have her in her ORIGINAL costume going of the polls its not like its gonna be a landslide either way and your gonna upset people whatever you decide

but use this as an opportunity to prove the doubters wrong and show them that you can produce a great fig with fishnets even though i believe you already did with Typhoid Mary who is a great fig


tinodragon14 said...

So now we have one choice as Dan said SHAMAN is the other & I'm picking WHIRLWIND. Yes there are many great villains left including TRAPSTER, ATTUMA, BARON MORDO, THE COBRA & MR. HYDE but since the next extension has not been verified yet I would like to have a WHIRLWIND figure. Looking at the forum voting I think SHAMAN was going to be picked anyway so I thought Dan might pick two villains but now only one slot left since the X-philes will take over the top three in the forum vote. So WHIRLWIND please Dan! WHIRLWIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regarding the Hydro-Man cover the water part reminds me of some asian artwork I have seen. The cover seems sedate somehow though I doubt that makes sense.
The cover art for TOAD & MOONDRAGON looks draw because it matches to some degree the look of the figures. That awful tongue on Toad & the headband on Moondragon. What is with the headband Dan. I don't remember her with the headband?
I do appreciate the time & effort & work that goes into putting together the magazines for each character. Whatever I may think of the drawn covers I am always impressed going through the magazines.

By the way I saw someone suggesting HAMMERHEAD for the next pick so I'm happy to tell them he was already chosen for this extension.

Robert said...

You're a class act, Adam.

I think I have to repeat just one more time that it's not the fact we have modern costumes it's the fact it is always one of my top ten characters. As a massive Jim Starlin fan, I was really keen on classic Drax and I am really keen on classic Gamora. Drax put an enormous dent in my enthusiasm for this collection because I won't ever complete a cast list from that era now. We all have our tipping point. Mad Thinker mentioned recently that the frequent breakages caused him to cancel his subscription and now he doesn't buy every figure. Perfectly understandable response. That was HIS tipping point. Looking at the CMFC sets that appear on eBay, it seems something caused others to drop this collection, too. Maybe financial, who knows? I wasn't threatening in a "Give me what I want or else!" (whatever the "else" is supposed to be, I don't know), it was a case of I don't see the point of collecting these figures if they are not giving me what I want.

And Adam made an excellent point about the forum poll. Knowing that forum represents a small fraction of the collectors, how much faith can you put in a poll that is fairly evenly split? In those circumstances you should be choosing costume on history, volume of appearances and importance of appearances, and that means only one thing: classic look.

CGJ said...

Really pleased Werewolf by Night made it in. He was in a Team Up with Spiderman in the first comic I ever bought, so from a nostalgic point of view, I'm happy.

Don't know who Gamora is, can't get interested in Cosmics at all, but saying that someone did mention Corsair and I'm surprised he hasn't been mentioned more often.

I won't vote on the Gamora costume choice because I'm not bothered either way, might be a fairer way of doing things if the people these things mattered to voted and the rest of us quietly stood back.

Shaman next week eh? Alpha Flight seem to have been rushed through in quick succession, time to spread our wings a little now

Robert said...

Oh, LarryS, noticed your list and the conclusion that this proves Dan has a pro-'70s bias. Don't you think that it just proves that the 1970s were a fertile creative period and, basically, a completely underappreciated decade of great comicbooks?

ted sallis said...

Dan, i know it was your predecessor Rich who got too close to wangmunchers inc. or to give it's other name Da forum.
But please in the name o funk, make yer own decisions, Have you actually read the posts by them?? Enuff rimming the forum.Or just capitulate and let CBR teats and his cronies run the whole show.
Why you need to suck up to these bawbags is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Poll Update:

Original - 44% [ 53 Votes ]
Modern - 56% [ 68 Votes ]
Total votes : 121

Anonymous said...

Ted, quit whining. Just because you were banned for not following the rules doesn't mean you have to continue being a problem child here on the blog. The forums is a large fan base of collectors and give the folks at EM a lot of free market research that likely has kept the collection going as long as it has. Really don't understand what bug has crawled up your butt. We're all fans of Marvel and fellow collectors.

John said...

About 150 posts in only a half day... Dan, you seem to have struck a chord. ;) Its nice to see that the collectors are so passionate about the collection.

I'm still hoping to hear Trapster's name next week. Ol' Paste Pot Pete is a necessity to me, and we still need a Fantastic Four character.

Robert, curious, who are your Top 10 comic characters?

I guess I'm in the same boat as you. As I said, Cosmics are a HUGE part of my MU, and Gamora is near the top of my favorite comics characters as well. So we both love the character, love one costume, and despise the other (as its just not Gamora to us.) Either way, one of us is going to be Completely crushed... :(

I'll make a deal with you (because, as I said before, I really like you. You're a stand-up guy,) if modern Gamora makes it through in the poll (AND Dan decides to go with it. Remember, it's still EM's decision, and even a 40/60 split doesn't really PROVE anything...) if modern Gamora is what's decided on, I'll do whatever I can to cheer you up. I'll draw you pictures, write you music, heck, I'll even record myself singing Christmas songs and fill a CD and send it to you. Anything that may comfort you (within reason.)

ted sallis said...

Funk me Mikey boy it must be the wee small hours in the USof Hey,yet your still hanging on my every word. Go have a game of superhero squad, While moommmy is could be like an adventure,...
Just read the post by The Grinning David Brent impersonation ever.
Dan these are the fu+kwits you rely on for customer feed back??? they are dicks....and Danny boy you know it too

Anonymous said...

Ted, I worry about you. It's not good to be so filled with anger and hurt feelings over little collectibles. Might be a good idea to take a step back and re-examine your priorities. When simple lead figurines turn someone into a rude unsavory individual who resorts to personal attacks because they don't get their way, it's not healthy. Maybe you need a hug or some warm milk? Either way, take care of yourself.

tinodragon14 said...

John & Robert please get a room guys. Your unconsummated relationship is tearing me up.
Where as Ted & the Beast need to get in a ring & just hammer things out via fisticuffs.
I'm with Robert on the classic look over modern. The Drax figure was just awful as he looks nothing like the character to me but looks like a plain thug & certainly not a galactic character. Gamora's modern look tends to look like every other modern female look. Though I'm not a fan of this character I voted for the classic costume though I'm afraid the forum is running against it.
And once more I ask Dan the Man to give us a WHIRLWIND!!!!!!!!!

Robert said...

Re: your last post, John. Praise from Caesar, indeed! It is the very definition of a stand-up guy that you offered to comfort me with a drawing and even a song. I think I may be developing a little man-crush on you. Oh, and Tino, here's a big schoomchy kiss for you, too - smaaa!

Top Ten? 1. Cap. 2. Adam Warlock. After that it's folk like the Recorder, Ultron, Galactus and then characters from classic Starlin and Simonson stories like Thanos, Pip, Gamora, Drax, Skurge.

Anonymous said...

The Drax figurine looks exactly like the character. You just need to read Annihilation and Guardians of the Galaxy. It's a perfect representation of the character. I was pleased as punch we got modern for him, because that's when the character was frankly the most popular. And it seems that Hasbro agrees, as they're making him that way in both Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends.

Hopefully the rest of the modern GotG will end up in their modern outfits as well. It's a shame we already got Adam Warlock represented in a terrible costume. The sculpting of which certainly didn't help.

And Ted and I don't need to get in a ring and hammer it out. He just needs a hug.

Robert said...

Adam Warlock was, hands down by a country mile, my number one pick when the very first extension after the initial 60 was announced. While the sculpt isn't great, can you imagine the gnashing of teeth in my house if we'd got some naff modern version? Think yourself lucky! My griping about Drax would have been NOTHING by comparison! :)

Dan The Man said...

Bearing in mind the difficulties of the fishnet costume (which may be the overriding factor in deciding) - whichever Gamora costume wins the polls, it WILL be an EM decision, the Forum is only used as a verification of our own thoughts - if I or Rich (or anyone else) didn't agree with the results then I would happily go against them.

LarryS said...

Robert -

Yes, I'll join you in-line as a huge fan of the 1970s: an era of truly explosive creativity and innovation.

My two most prized Marvel possessions from that period:

1. A near complete collection of FOOM magazines, including a wonderful Jim Steranko poster that showcased a montage of silver age characters, and gazed down from my bedroom wall for two or three years.

2. The original 'Rock Reflections of a Superhero' LP (a crazy assembly of Spider-Man tunes in a variety of genres narrated by Stan) ... with a handwritten dedication in the top left corner from Stan The Man himself to my eldest son.

Robert said...

Dan, glad to hear you don't follow the forum polls religiously, although there sounded a rather ominous qualification in the reference to the fishnets. I fear the worst.

Larry, I was hugely impressed that you had the FOOM issues and then you said that you had the Rock Reflections album with a personalised Stan Lee dedication and I nearly fell over. That tops my most-prized possession: a(n unsigned) No-Prize from Stan.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Dan.

It's helpful and valuable market research. But you guys are the ones running the collection and the poll is asking the fanbase for it's suggest preference. There's never any suggestion that whatever comes out on top is what you guys have to choose.

By the way Dan, what ever happened to High-Evolutionary. Rich asked the forum what format we'd rather see him done in... Regular, Special, or Mega-Special. And the overwhelming result was Regular since even though he can change his size it's not something he does all the time. I figured given Rich's interest H-E was a shoe-in for this extension.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Laway you were sleeping? Hammerhead is already in, time for TOMBSTONE in next extension.

Marrow? At first we need Morlock's leader - CALLISTO.

Just finish Alpha Flight with this Shaman confirmation and let's start Starjammers - second most wanted team in poll. CORSAIR for next extension!

For next Friday, please EM give us villain for Punisher

Bagman said...

Hey, I was sitting going through the post and this is what people are suggesting, these are the characters that JUST HAVE TO BE MADE before the world ends next year(according to the Mayan calendar) :)


And people are worried about the collection ending still another 2 and a half extensions there.

Dan The Man said...

High Evolutionary is definitely one of our favs, and he is in my list, he just didn't make it in THIS extension.
Although he can alter his size, his normal size is just over 6ft.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Exactly Dan, High Evolutionary is 6' tall and he should be regular for next extension.
Just forgot, Dan you're doing very well job, just keep it man.

Dan The Man said...

Regarding extensions.

The marketeers at EM only decide if there will be an extension about 30 issues from the end of the current one (judging by last time), they will look at the drop-offs from UK and French subscribers and also the orders from Diamond. There is a 'mystical' figure of subscribers that they will cancel if it drops below (I don't know it or really want to!). I am really hoping we can retain as many subscribers as possible and keep this collection running. (OR EVEN GAIN NEW SUBSCRIBERS :) that would be a real shock to the marketeers, as traditionally in part-works the subs tail off as the collection goes on eventually leading to cancellation.

ted sallis said...

Dan, me old mucker.
My temper has the habit of turning me into a potty mouth, This blog is no place for such nonsense, so please exept my apologies. I just hate....dicks!!
You have been a fresh of breath hair :) since you took over the blog. And my posts are gettings out of hand. So apologies to all exept the dicks (i'm no hypocrite)
My wifes boss just rang to tell me one of my mosaics sold!! was nothing to do with comics.It was a fishing freakin cool is that??
DP, i shall check oot your Princess P ,
This is Laird Saying cheerio and f*ck the forum

Dan The Man said...

I think I got the math wrong - they'll hopefully look at extending around the issue 180 mark. (so make sure you all buy that one - J.J.J.)

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

CMFC can't be finished so far, we have 10x more characters in Marvel than in DC.

dallen238 said...

i dont know why people keep saying this character or that one is popular as they have no idea how many are sold and are only going on the forum which has mostly younger people on it and not many of them either,i know a dozen people who buy the figurines and none of them comment here

mighty_marvel said...

so round about july next year then for the extension confirmation. i look forward to it

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

We don't know how many are sold? Check for example Forbidden Planet and you will see which characters you can't buy at now. It's easy that most popular are x-characters, just look at forum polls and check all shops with CMFC.

dallen238 said...

i buy mine from forbidden planet and they still have a wide selection of back issues including x characters and as i said how many people are on the forums compared to figurines sold.i would be willing to bet its a tiny minority

Robert said...

All areas of the MU still sitting on shelves at Glasgow FP, so no clues there.

dallen238 said...

id just like to say thanks to dan for the updates,weather i liked what was coming or not its been good to have them at regular intervals instead of every now and then as we were having.

tinodragon14 said...

No Beast you need to read earlier comics because that is not how Drax looked when I was introduced to him. Just like the Guardians for me are Vance, Charlie-27, Martinex, Starhawk & the neat looking blue Yondu.
The fact that Hasbro is going with the new revamped version of the Drax character proves nothing except they are being current but that does not mean the classic Marvel collection had to choose the new recent look over the classic look to please the revisionists.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

More than year without for example Colossus, Juggernaut, Angel, Iceman, Gambit, Deadpool. After many letters to EM they did again those figurines in 2011.

Saturn Lad said...

Thank you Dan for taking this week to think about the final pick. Getting another female this extension from you will be fantastic if you can make it happen.

5 girls out of 16 picks is really not expecting too much, most guys love the ladies.

Wolfsbane, Sage or Deathbird please!

JinxDealer said...

@ DAN THE MAN. surely if you start doing subscriber variants then the number of subscribers would dramatically increase???.. therefore extending the collection, theirs not much incentive to become/stay a subscriber at the moment dan. Anyway dan your doing a top job @ running the blog & look forward to my weekly friday fix of news from you for sometime yet.

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Bagman just thought I would mention that Paste Pot Pete & the TRAPSTER are the same guy. PPPete was his name before he became the TRAPSTER.

Deadpool said...

Deadpool Studios proudly presents: -

Princess Python - with removable Python - Check out my marvel customs blog to see what can be done with a female character.

I like her kinky low cut dress with the lace up front.

You may need a box of tissues when you view the images.

This weeks reveal: -

Werewolf by night will be a great figure.

Nice boob choice in the form of Gamora.

Well done Mossmen.

Deadpool said...

Woo Hoo .... PA that Gamora swimsuit choice is cool.

Nice to see you now have an eye for the fairer sex.

In which case you may like my Princess Python mod - chek here out on my Marvel Customs Blog.

Dan I have only one thing to say regarding future choices.

BOOBS ....

4 girlies is too few... take the quanTITy up to at least 7.

Deadpool said...

Ted I have to agree ... the members of eh forum are indeed a buch of cants.

The blog is a little too rough for them.

Deadpool said...

Fishnets are extremely difficult to sculpt and paint on small scale figurines.

Mossmen don't even waste your time on them.

Gamora in either the Swimsuit or here modern costume please.

Anonymous said...

I'm a longtime reader. So don't pretend that I just started reading recently. I cherish my hardcover volumes of the Original 5 X-Men era. But I also recognize when a costume is terrible or just would be difficult to accomplish on a figurine.

JinxDealer said...

@ ROBERT. she is obviously a character you care about with a passion so i indeed hope you get your choice of costume. if the fishnets is the costume she is most famous for & can be made nicely then it makes sense to go for that look. but in regards to the forum votes regarding costume choices theirs obviously going to be cheating.. whats to stop someone getting his friends to set up accounts & vote in his favour, especially the younger crowd, you just need to look @ online gaming for example to see how devious the majority of the youngsters are ( not all though ). maybe the whole costume polls need to be scrapped & characters get made in the costume that made them most famous idk?

Anonymous said...

Because nobody is going to agree on what era and what costume was when the character was "most popular", because it's a matter of opinion. Gamora is a perfect example. Considering her time with the modern GotG revitalized a character that had basically been in limbo for ages.

Robert said...

CBR Beast at 2:34: "I also recognize when a costume is terrible."

CBR Beast at 3:05: "Because nobody is going to agree on what era and what costume was when the character was "most popular", because it's a matter of opinion."

You should change your alias to Ouroboros.

Robert said...

Jinx, that was an interesting point you made about cheating. I have no idea to what extent it happens on the forum but I guess it would be niave to think it doesn't happen despite the best efforts of moderators and others to stop it. I'd never given it much thought before. The main objection to the forum poll is the notion that 121 voters (by CBR Beast's post this morning) represents thousands of silent collectors.

JinxDealer said...

@ CBR BEAST. i hear you, so basically some people are going to be disappointed & others pleased. i just hope we dont end up with alot of characters that look so simular/generic & that characters do stand out from the crowd, as alot of modern costumes tend to be of simular design.

Anonymous said...

It offers a decent cross-section of collectors though. There's no way of polling the entire group. So you take what you get. And typically it can be extrapolated to the larger collector base with a small margain for error. It's the same way that exit polling works for elections. You don't get the entire picture, but if the sample size is large enough it gives you a pretty close one.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think a green lady stands out in the crowd regardless of what look she gets in with. Though at least the modern one doesn't look like Oola from Return of the Jedi.

JinxDealer said...

@ ROBERT. your right 120+ votes. theirs probably hundreds or thousands of people who aren't even aware of the forum so to base costumes off the forum votes is a tad unfair. cheating is so easy to do heck i could go to my local library & my brothers house & set up a account & it would be un-traceable as its a different ip address

Anonymous said...

Kirlian Eyes presents


Firelord, Gamora, Hammerhead
Hela, Longshot, Mirage,
Moonstone, Owl, Sebastian Shaw,
Spider-Man 2099, Swordsman,
Vance Astro, Werefolf by Night
and Wiccan. Enjoy the preview!

I'm sure you will agree, this mock-up clearly shows that Dan has given us a pretty awesome extension. I can't wait to have all these figurines in my display.

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