Friday, 8 July 2011

The Early Bird Special

Earlier post this week as we're having a lovely (rainy?) EM summer party starting at 2pm-ish.

Some requested shots of previously unseen fully painted figurines

A more finished Sebastian Shaw (although we are having his shoes changed from 1980s gym shoes to 18th century buckled ones!)

It's official - the next Special will be MODOK - in your shops November! price TBC.
Hopefully we're still on for a Northstar & Aurora double-pack in January (production issues aside!).

Here's John McCrea's 'splash page' cover sketches for Hydro-Man - (quite liked the drowning Spidey one - but pipped for the stand alone full figure we usually go for)...

aaaaaaaaaaaand finally, the two females who made it in this extension are...

Danielle Moonstar (aka Mirage)

I think we should keep her consistant with Magik and go for the original NM costume, I do like the idea of a bow and arrow though, will have to see if this would be too expensive.

the other loverlee laydee is....


A lass with lots of looks over the years! Although her first costume is very unique and original - I think her recent costume is more sexy and would make a better figurine - although I haven't made my mind up and I'm interested in your views on this!

I-- CAN-- HEAR--- THE-- BEER--- CALL-- ING-- ME......


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John said...

I'm a huge Thunderbolts fan, and REALLY want the modern costume for Moonstone. I actually hate all the others.

John said...

The other figurines all look excellent. Thank you very much, Dan.

I didn't think we'd get another X-Announcement so soon, but at least its one of the few characters I like. (I have a thing for pigtails.)

But I'm most excited about Hydro-Man, Wizard and MODOK. :D (Out of these.)

Speaking of Hydro-Man, Spidey character next week? I loved how you told us the topic for the characters last week. You should give a hint each time (i.e. 1 Spidey, 1 Cosmic.)

And again, Moonstone is an incredibly sexy character. Why cover her head with a bucket? It makes no sense to me. She's moved on. And considering Marvel returned to her modern look after Dark Avengers, I feel this is one of the few she has that will actually stick.

AVENGERS -87 said...

Thanks for all very goods news ,Dan . the paint's version of Beetle , Avalanche , Photon and Wizard are marvelious . My dream is realised : the confirmation of Moonstone and Danielle Moonstar . For the costume of Moonstone , if you choose the actual and sexy costume , i am VERY VERY HAPPY

Gremlin in the works said...

Whoop whoop.

Two very deserving women. Both have oodles of history in the MU and are still very relevant today. Good choices.
As for Moonstone's costume choice it's a difficult one. The modern look is good but it's so similar to Dazzler and Daggers. I actually like her original red/orange THunderbolt look. I think a poll on the forum might be useful.

Wow, loving all the pics aswell. Can't wait to get Photon.

tinodragon14 said...

Another bust for me of course two more I'm not interested in really.
DRACULA looks fine except for his hair.
AVALANCHE looks good. No criticism here.
The black female Captain Marvel later changed to Photon looks fine but not a fan.
WIZARD's helmet is not right & he should have been lifted in flight.
THE BEETLE looks okay but the green color looks off. He should have been in flight to.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Modern Moonstone all the way. That way she fits with modern Songbird. Really good choice.

As for Dani Moonstar/Mirage... why match Magik, when Cannonball doesn't?

That's a better option than an out of date costume that doesn't represent who Dani is anymore. At least with Illyana, she did wear the classic costume more recently than Dani ever did.

mgf said...

Wizard's titfer is not Kirbyesque enough in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Her modern look isn't a bad choice either.

Anonymous said...

Meh. Just because something was designed by Kirby, doesn't make it perfect. And the Marvel Universe has moved forward from most of those archaic character designs. Often for the better.

Hiperion said...

Am I the only one who feels that something's wrong on Dracula sculpt?? The colour doesn't convince me much, the unpainted version looked better for me.

Rest ofthe scoops are very very nice. Can't wit for Beetle, Wizard and Photon.

Mirage and Moonstone aren't my favorite characters, but I'm happy for their fans. I'm surprised that Danielle made it in before Wolfsbane!

For Moonstone, I prefer any of her old looks. The modern is plain and boring for me, and colud belong to any other character. What I like of Moonstone costumes was her helmets/pointy masks. But I could be lonely at this.

Still hoping for New Warrior or ol' Howard.

Sire-bd said...

Very good news ! Thanks Dan !
Old look for moonstone please...

tinodragon14 said...

Oops, I forgot KARNAK. He looks okay except his nose looks wrong. Perhaps too big & his lips look wrong.
I thought EM had said they use existing artwork for the covers but it seems they are having them draw now. I recognized a lot of the cover artwork as I had seen it before & some of the cover choices were awful like THE GRIM REAPER'S cover was badly done & I did not care for KLAW'S or PYRO'S covers & these were three favored villains for me.

kissynose said...

Another great update!!!!

I agree mirage should be in the New Mutants outfit. Wish cannonball was the same.

As for the painted sculpts. I think they are great. Love Dracula. Avalanche need an A on the chest. Photon looks great, great pose, great look, except the hair. Its not quite right.

As for moonstone-original all the way-more defines the "classic" her.

Anonymous said...


"CLASSIC" in the title has never stood for what costume or what era the character comes from. People need to get over that and just outright ignore it.

I'm glad that Cannonball is in a costume that represents how much growth he's had as a character. And not just saddled with the Jr. X-Men costume of the New Mutants era. He was an actual member of the team, and got a costume to represent that growth.

tinodragon14 said...

I think with DRACULA the way he is standing seems kind of stiff & his hair looks off.
I'm not a fan of Moonstone either the guy who came first or the woman that replaced him but the only thing that makes her stand out is the original helmet & outfit. As for Songbird she was Screaming Mimi before she was SB but they picked her SB look instead.

John said...

"As for Songbird she was Screaming Mimi before she was SB but they picked her SB look instead."

And thank god for that. Songbird is my favorite female character, and I would HATE a Screaming Mimi figurine. What Songbird and Moonstone's new costumes illustrate is character growth. The only reason Jenkins is in his Beetle outfit is that he changes his too often, but the others should go with the looks that made them the most popular, the stars of their own comic in Thunderbolts and the looks that have really come to define them.

The only other costume choice I may be as passionate about is Gamora. Moonstone and Gamora in modern attire all the way. Even other characters that I love, like Trapster or Mantis, I could except in their old costumes, even if I hate the looks. But not Moonstone. Right now I'm holding her place in the front of the shelf. If she gets the bucket head, or the briefly worn pointy mask, she goes straight to the back.

Sorry, this is just a topic I care deeply about.

Jacadoo said...

I was not a fan when dracula was first announced - but I have to say very impressed with the figurine.

Modern costume for Moonstone please.

Off to finish up my prep for the London 10k on Sunday - only 1 of 30,000...... A fair contest for an Olympian!!!!!!!

tinodragon14 said...

Well I hope you get your way John because I am not passionate about Moonstone. She bores me.
As for THE BEETLE Abner is in one of the three choices we were given as THE BEETLE. Admittedly I voted for the original suit which of course lost. As the bad guy Beetle those were the only choices because now he is called Mach whatever. Sadly Abner is no longer THE BEETLE.

Gremlin in the works said...

Having taken some time and looked over all the figures I am very pleased with all of them.
Dracula is a stunning sculpt. Regardless of what peoples views are with respect to the character himself the sculpt is top notch. Great "classic" dracula pose aswell and the red vs black creates quite a striking look.

Photon looks smart too. Can't quite see her fully from that angle but I have no issues with the sculpt. Front of the Avengers shelf for her.

Avalanche looks even better than before. Well done witht he metallic paint look as he really POPS. For a characters I was 50/50 on he has won me over. I might take him off his base and put him on a Gorgon base witht he cracked section on it.

Karnak and Beetle. Two characters I was not fussed about. The sculpts do the characters justice but still not a fan of the characters. As I have said before though I am a subscriber to the end so if me supporting characters I am not fussed over means I get more that I love (Meggan, Deathbird, Darkstar) then I will happily buy them.

Ps Great news on MODOK for November and N+A for Jan/Feb. I guess that means Shaman (?) gets a slot now. I know you (guys at EM) seem to ant to confirm Marrina after him but give a thought to Vindicator. She was either ont he team or lead it throughout most of Alpha Flight's run and was there for all the other team relaunches. Whereas Marrina left early on in the series and spent a considerable time in comic limbo.

baltiroo said...

SOOOOO VERY EXCITED!!! Glad that Moonstone made it in the extension, but THRILLED that Moonstar is in!!! Karnak looks great, Photon looks amazing and Dracula looks much better than I thought he was going to look. Very much hoping that Northstar and Aurora do make it as a double for a January release. Very promising this extension is turning out to be.

Hiperion said...

Do you think that confirming Mirage before Wolfsbane means that Werewolf by Night will be the Horror character??

You know, after all that talk about the possibility of two lycanthropes in one extension...

michal9402 said...

Great choices to confirmed Moonstone and Moonstar. Other figure looks very good... can't wait for Photon.
For me Moonstar should be done in costume on second picture, of course with bow and arrow.
Moonstone only in modern costume please!

Gremlin in the works said...

Personally I wouldn't mind both Werewolf-by-night and Wolfsbane. They have diffent looks (for werewolves) and are at differnet ends of the MU spectrum and as such appeal to different readers. They will be going on different shelves aswell so I would be more than heppy for both to make it.

ted sallis said...

Dracula looks great if a little unkempt,A mittful of Brylcream and a comb back would have made him perfect.
Photon looks great...but the paintjob is a dogs dinner, hopefully this is a WIP and naw the finished article.
Avalanche, very,very impressive.
Beetle,despite my longing to see him in his "goofy" original outfit the sculpt does look very nice.
Karnak.fine and Dandy.

Moonstone modern look with Powergirl sized chesticles please

AVENGERS -87 said...

With the modern costume of Moonstone , we can reunified Monstone and Songbird .The classic is good but the actual comic'fan know + the modern look ( Thunderbolts of Ellis and Deodato . and now the Thunderbolts actuals )

mgf said...

CBR Beast said...

"Meh. Just because something was designed by Kirby, doesn't make it perfect. And the Marvel Universe has moved forward from most of those archaic character designs. Often for the better."

Remind me where I said Kirby was perfect?

Marvel has indeed moved forward from these archaic designs and in the process has lost hundreds of thousands of sales. What remarkable business acumen.

Sometimes new designs work quite well actually. The modern Thor look is very impressive. I think Kirby would have been immensely proud to have designed that, which is really just as well, of course, because essentially he did...

mighty_marvel said...

we all knew moonstone was coming. would have preferred wolfsbane to mirage but mirage probably would have just replaced wolfsbane as my next most wanted x-men character so an ok announcement.

please, please, please make this the last EM x-men choice though. if any more x-men need to be in the forum vote will more than likely put them in.

navaho said...

Another X Character, woopee bloody doo

Moonstar said...

Omg Mirage! Thank you so much you just made my weekend! ;)

Osvaldoeaf said...

First of all, Shaw's face is amazing...I wish all the figurines had that level of perfection in the face!
All the painted previews are amazing!!
So happy for the confirmation of N&A as a double pack.

Being an x-fan, I'm happy for Mirage, but it makes fear for Sage's chances now with one more x-character confirmed.

Please, Dan....I beg of you : confirm Sage!!

Kal Brindle said...


Mirage is my second most wanted character! You have made my day too. Thanks Dan. I disagree with you though about her costume being the original New Mutants look though. She has changed and grown SO much over the years, as much or more than Cannonball that I feel her costume choice should demonstrate that growth too. She's part Valkyrie don't forget and I think that should be reflected somewhere in the sculpt as well.

Any chance we could vote on the costume choice?

Similarly for Moonstone, while I'm a fan of her villainous helmeted look, I'm not a rabid fan, thus I'd happily defer to those who are. Though I'd suggest perhaps another costume poll?

Thanks for all the amazing pics - Dracula looks awesome - what a dynamic sculpt. Photon another simple yet really great looking fig. Bravo. Wizard looks ace, as does Beetle - the change to metallic paint in Avalanche is another good choice.

All in all one great update for me - thanks!

John said...

I'm so happy to see a blogger named Moonstar react to Moonstar.

Dan, thanks for mooning us all around. :D This has truly been a 'full moon' update.

mighty_marvel said...

disagree about matching mirage's costume with magik's. cannonball doesn't so there's no real need to. her more recent costume would be a better choice. and she NEEDS the bow and arrow.

hope moonstone is done in modern costume.

go for marvel knights and confirm brother voodoo and misty knight next week please dan

Deadpool said...

Dan if in doubt get the norgs out!!!!

Moonstone - go for sexy look.

Moonstar - depict her with a bow so I can easily convert her into Kate Bishop and another Variant of Shi.

Photon looks like a "Pig with a Wig on", I'll reserve a place for her on the "SHELF OF SHAME".

Karnak is excellent - you can rarely go wrong with an Inhuman.

Robo Cop is excellent but requires a little more work to improve his cyborg body - maybe I could convert him into Avalanche if I painted an A on his helmet.

I was sceptical about Beetle but he is simply awesome.

The Wizard - he is a very good sculpt, but rather than looking thoughtful, his pose makes him look as if he is planning a Gay Pride parade in San Fransisco rather than world domination. But hey if that's his thing then I can accept that.

Dracula is awesome.

In summary, the Mossmen are going from strength to strength now that Dan is at the helm.
Regardless if some figures end up on the "Shelf of Shame" as a subscriber - if the Mossmen make 'em ill still buy 'em.

Can we have a few more girlies please - remember SEX SELLS.

First choice for next week - Kate Bishop.

I will also endorse Gamora and Namora.

PS did you give any thought to the Mega Special with the Racoon and The Duck sorting out Tomazzzz while the Corp look on in amazement?

Deadpool said...

I feel it is necessary to address the Sebastian Shaw pose.

I have had several nightmares this week about Mr Shaw - he was chasing me down the street; his right sleeve rolled up and fist clenched, a jar of vaseline in his left hand.

Please change the pose...... for goods sake ... change the pose .... it's too creepy.

Posing him next to a rather smug looking, though unsuspecting Captain America is just plain wrong!!!

Shaw should not be paying homage to Julian Clarey..... (((shudder)))

Deadpool said...

Oh yeah and one last thing Dan...

Even though I am loathe to agree with my Arch Enema CBR Beast...


Danielle Moonstar looks awesome in the blue and yellow "Shamanesque" costume and she'd be perfect with a bow.

Ugh... I feel grubby .... I'm off to have a shower ...

Simply jesting CBR, but as Sebastian Shaw would say
"Take it like a man".... I assume that would be without the petroleum jelly.

Deadpool said...

Just a final thought.

Check out the Shaw and Wizard Images.

They would look quite funny displayed with Shaw directly behind the Wizard.

On second thoughts leave Shaw's pose as it is ... I have an idea for a two figure / one base conversion ...

Muhaahahahaha .....

Deadpool said...

Atually Shaw behind Avalanche is hilarious too.

The shoecked look on Avalanche's face says it all.

Ryan Maxwell said...

ORIGINAL Moonstone, please!

Victor said...

Danielle Moonstar should go for the original NM costume.
Moonstone... I don't mind about her costume.
Great pictures of the figurines

Deadpool said...

Have I been away for that long.

How come I did n't know that Sage was such a Babe.

I will vote for Sage provided whe is in that slinky black leather suit.

Spookily ... my verification word if ....Comes ... oh dear.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Yay....another Sage vote...thanks Deadpool!

LarryS said...

Good choices Dan.

But the truth must be told...

Were you a bit rushed leaving home on the morning of the 'character selection' meeting...? I'm guessing you only took one issue of 'Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe' to the office that day. And that's the issue covering characters beginning 'Moonst...'

Anonymous said...

Best character representation.
The complex/simple ratio theory

Just a bit worried by Dan's comment that Mirage's bow & arrow may be too expensive. Would it really be?

Ideally the CMFC should always go for the best possible representations of a character, meaning that the defining design features, gadgets and weapons should always be included (within reasons, of course!)

I'm no Mirage expert, but I think she looks awesome with bow & arrow, so really hope EM will go for that.

Not all characters have complex design features. For every complex Ares there's a simple Batroc, so I hope EM will continue to keep the complex/simple ratio in balance, allowing for the production of complex sculpts whenever a character deserves that.

ted sallis said...

It may be the Rohypnol talking ,but when i get the Sebastian Shaw fig ,I intend to behead him and supergloo his noggin onto a headless Sabretooth fig. As Seb looks a lot more like Sabretooth than the utter gash of a fig we got.
Speaking of Rohypnol, hope the office party didn't get too messy Danny Boyle?

Anonymous said...

All of this week's sneak previews have been amazing. A series of superb sculpts that I look forward to buying. Bravo Dan & EM.

LarryS said...

Last week, Dan, you used the headline 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger'. And ted commented: "Dan, you must be that ex-hubby my wife's always yakking about".

With this week's headline, 'The Early Bird Special', it's clear you're also MY wife's ex. How many times have you been married...?

CGJ said...

The sculpts look great, one and all. Dracula seems a strange fit for the collection, only occured to me when I saw the sculpt.

Moonstone of course I want the bucket head look from the Avengers run where Jarvis got beaten to a pulp and Blackout was a bit mental and Moonstone looked after him and they escaped etc etc.

Not the generic Victorias Secret model blonde look big boobs thing that Marvel seem to be turning all of their modern representations of female characters in to.

Mirage again I would go for New Mutants costume because that is pretty much the only team she has been in

but ultimately I am too tired to fight the good fight, I can't even rise to the bait of the figurines choice of sculpt representing the characters development and growth over the years.

They haven't come out of rehab and taking up teaching orphans or anything.

They are not real

ted sallis said...

CGJ said"They are not real"
It's those kind of kerb crawling comments that will get your IP address banned...So think on.

ted sallis said...

Sorry, i meant "trolling".....don't know why i was thinking of kerb crawling ........

The Hood said...

Great update this week, all the painted figurines look great. Moonstone and Moonstar are welcome additions to the collection, i cant wait to see who gets added next. (hopefully it will be a Duck)

SinisterVenom said...

Nice update yet again, plenty of sneak peaks to drool over.
Dracula - I think he actually looks kinda funny, dunno if it's because of the hair or the mouth expression but it made me chuckle a little. A great figurine though.
Avalanche - A figurine we are no strangers to. Still looks nice as ever. I've gotten over the whole missing the letter 'A' thing now.
Karnak - Looks like he's doing the robot dance. Who would have thought the Inhumans knew that?
Photon - looks nice but that's about it for me I'm afraid, not one I'm going crazy over.
Wizard - I actually like it, think he's turned out really good to be honest, bring him on!
Beetle - First proper pic I've seen of the sculpt, the last one was boxed and on ebay. He looks fairly good. I think he'll be one of those that look better in your hand than on the pics.
Sebastian Shaw and the Hydro-Man cover both look great too.

Can't say I'm surprised about Moonstone, she was the top favourite amongst females. Let's have her in the costume shown on the last few pics please.
Mirage is a meh for me at the moment, I think I would have much preferred Deathbird or someone to be confirmed. Oh well, pleased that the Mirage fans are happy.

We havn't had a Spidey character included yet, any chance of one next week please Dan? Fingers crossed for Hammerhead...

And finally, ROBERT WHERE ARE YOU??? I know you said you were taking a break pal but never expected you'd be away this long. Hope you're well buddy.

Saturn Lad said...

Mirage is excellent and so is Moonstone. They have both been the 2 most requested female characters this extension so cheers for listening to the fans.

Anonymous said...

Feats of imagination

I thought I'd clarify my theory of 'visionary design', and explain why I have no interest in figs of characters like JJJ. For me, it's about inventiveness and the degree of imagination used to invent a character's physical features.

While JJJ is a great feat of character writing, there is no great degree of visual inventiveness for obvious reasons, as he's simply a realistic portrayal of an everyday man that you could easily spot in the street.

Personally (and I know I represent an extreme) I celebrate Marvel's more visionary achievements. I never said that a character needs to be brightly coloured, and I was inaccurate when I talked about 'costumed' characters.
What I love are characters that contain highly imaginative visual elements. It can be a subtle element, like in Hammerhead (despite his unimaginative gangster's suit, he's got a hammer head), or it can be a more complex combination of multiple elements that assault the senses, like Beta Ray Bill.

So long as a character's design contains a visionary spark, that's the type of Marvel characters I like to be made into a figurine. And that's what (ideally) I'd like to get in the CMFC.

I'm not saying I do not love JJJ as a character. I'm not saying he's not a star of the MU. I am only saying that characters like JJJ do not interest me in figurine format. No amount of realistic details in the sculpt can make them interesting to me, and I'd much prefer that level of detail to be used in the figurine of a character with 'visionary design'.

Just my personal view.

John said...

I've never met a guy that looks like Jonah, but I'm from Ohio. Maybe it's a New York thing... I mean, the guy's got to be the most visually interesting 'average joe' ever drawn. Between the mustache, hair, scowl, vest... he's much more visually exciting that Hammerhead would be (a guy in a suit with a flat head.)

That said, Hammerhead is also one of my most wanted figurines. I love him for the character, not as much the design. But then, I always tend to go with character first. I just want my favorites based on how they're written. So guys in pin-striped suits, rodents, ducks, disco suits, stilt-legs, or Bug, I just want the characters I like. Bonus points if they look interesting. ;)

"Personally (and I know I represent an extreme) I celebrate Marvel's more visionary achievements."

But on that note, may I recommend EM look into making a Sleepwalker figurine. Not so much the history, but a definite following, mostly due to his very original design.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, John.
I like how we've come to represents two ends of the spectrum of CMCF tastes.

And I'd love a Sleepwalker figurine! Please Dan!!!

LarryS said...

Dan, in your post you write:

"It's official - the next Special will be MODOK - in your shops November! price TBC."

... But whattabout Odin, previously scheduled for "August / September". Is this an oversight or has the All-Father been delayed again??!!??

I know that time has little meaning for immortal Asgardians. But, as a citizen of Midgard, it's starting to feel I've been waiting half my life for the all-seeing one!

ted sallis said...

Mighty Marvel pleaded "please please please make this the last EM X-Men choice"
Agreed, just because The best selling X-Title managed to soar to number 16 in the sales charts, Doesn't mean they should get 16 slots in this extension...
Bloodstone and Princess Python wold go a long way to ensuring a balance in this here extension,How you doin Dan, still compos mentis..or you some kinda lightweight??

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Dracula looks amazing.

I thought it will be Moonstone and Gamora, but we have Moonstar, I'm ok with that. This costume please
As for x-characters, next should female villain - so Deathbird.

And next week gangstas please:

max_0888 said...

WOah!! Another huuuuge update.

I love my fridays now more than ever hehe!

Moonstone is a fantastic choice. I'm a big fan of thunderbolts, and since 1997's first number, i've read everything. (Well except for 76 to 81 for obvious reasons...). Moonstone and Songbird have been the heart and soul of Thunderbolts and I couldn't have a proper Thunderbolts display without Dr Karla Sofen. I am thrilled she's in. I prefer Moonstone's "Meteorite" look or her recent white and gold one. I do think the original look is really cool looking. I've read plenty of stories of Moonstone before Thunderbolts, but without Thunderbolts, she wouldn't be near my top 10.

Mirage: I'm glad she's in even if I prefer Wolfsbane (still hoping she gets in somehow.) Dani Moonstar does assure a new mutants team display though. If only Sam, Illyana and Rahne would be confirmed, they could still be displayed with other teams (Sam with x-men or x-force, Illyana with her brother and Rahne with X-factor) but with Mirage in, we can, without a doubt, get this new mutants team going since she's mostly been associated with New mutants!!

So, all in all, i'm pretty happy with both confirmation. Really hope next week, we get a spidey or a Marvel knight character. (Vermin and Misty Knight ;) )

LAWay said...

Dracula. What have you done to him!? Why is he wearing an awful wig!? The top picture looks fine, as you cant see it, but then WHACK! The massive forehead comes in and the dodgy hairline. I was asking about the quality control in the previous thread and if anybody notices these little mistakes than potentially ruin a figurine. Well here we go again. Other than that he does look very good. Just like you would expect a generic dracula character to look like.

Avalanche looks better painted. Still, I dont like the pose personally as I stated before. But definitely looks much much better with the finished paint job.

Karnak. Again, fairly decent, but a dodgy pig nose goes and ruins it all. The pose, again, in search of something different and dynamic has just achieved 'awkward'.

Photon, hard to tell with that one angle. Looks decent, but could also look quite butch. Cant see much curves yet her muscles seem big. But like I said, hard to tell because of the angle.

Wizard. I didnt like him originally and while the paints look better, the pose...the wrapped around arm and the resting hand. The head even looks out of proportion, not the helmet, but just a long face. Could be the picture angle, and could be an illusion of the helmet.

Beetle, so promising with such a classic character. A simple pose would show him off wonders. Instead, again, you go for something different and dynamic, and achieved 'awkward'. It looks like he is doing a Peter Crouch robot dance. Physically he looks great, but the pose ruins it.

Sebastian shaw sculpt looks even better, superb work. MODOK news is great, really looking forward to him. Moonstone and Mirage announcement wonderful. 2 big names who have been petitioned hugely. Not too familiar with Mirage, but the 2nd costume down looks good. Also, Moonstone has to be the newer costume from the Thunderbolts. She has made such an impact in that costume and looks so good it would be awful to pick the other one.

I am underwhelmed by John McCrea's artwork. 2 displays and neither are spectacular. Has he done other covers before for EM? I would love to see more Andie Tong or Jack Lawrence, or is it an issue of price? Approval from Marvel? Surely the best image for hydroman would be the one the figurine is based off:

Ah well. In summary, some nice updates with the painted figurines a positive improvement. The announcements are also great news. Although I question the quality control and how tiny details like dracula's hair, karnak's nose and just awkward poses manage to get greenlit. Cant you not afford to modify them because of deadlines, sculptor's prices etc? Sure, alot of people may not care about little mistakes, may not notice, whatever. Just depends if you want to strive for the best or think 'that'll do'.

Keep up the good work guys and keep close attention on those details. ;)

LAWay said...

Just noticed the Wrecker cover. Such a shame you went with the goofy looking 'classic' look. Not only juxtaposing your sculpt, but just looks bad. Songbird cover looks brill though.

Could be personal taste though. Some people enjoy the classic golden age look of art style or seeing the characters original looks.

Mr J said...

Two very solid picks, very pleased about Mirage.

Dan does DEATHBIRD stand much of a chance this extension?, I think she could make a really stunning figurine.

AVENGERS -87 said...

Dan , PLEASE for Moonstone the modern costume silver and gold . Ok it's the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection , but the modern costume is the best for the young fans of Marvel and Thunderbolts post Civil War and Moonstone has her modern costume in the video game "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2"

John said...

I'm sure Wolfsbane will get put through by forum votes. Which is fine, I guess. She's not a character I care at all about, but it gets us closer to Warlock (the other one.)

I'm very excited about the idea of a Warlock figurine and I'll be happy to add him to my Cosmic shelf.

Whatever the costume choice for Mirage, just remember; 2 braids in the hair, feathers, tassley boots and a bow and arrow. She NEEDS the bow and arrow so as to not look like a generic character, and 2 braids to guarantee her a spot at the front of the team for me ;)

Can I also say how excited I am about completing some B-Teams like Inhumans, Brotherhood, Alpha Flight, etc? Each extension gets us fuller, richer teams of corners often ignored by other collections. We only need 2 more characters to have a full Inhumans team, 1 more for all the big-name Frightful Four... I'm lovin' it.

And wow, the curveballs. Who would have thought characters like Dracula would make it? I can't wait to put him by Blade.

Thank you EM! :D

Figurines said...

Esse Dracula ficou muito bom! Quero Werewolf By Night, Frankenstein, Mummy, Manphibian and Simon Garth - The Zombie!

ted sallis said...

thapo weguo shatitsook wanglok.mungbustea, tahey hafookloobstif,rough translatyion. X-men rule....i was so rong ...for sooo long..forgive me....ulick best verification eva

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pictures dan. Dracula looks excellant. Avelanche - love the new paint job. It's so much better in silver rather than grey. He looks so much better that i'm not even fussed about the missing letter a on his chest now. Karnak looks great. Photon could be one of the best female sculpts so far. Wizard looks fantastic. I love the detail of his face. Beetle also looks amazing. Great work eaglemoss. New additions ? Mirage - i'm not keen on the new mutants and not sure i'll be buying any , but maybe if it's a good sculpt i might be tempted. I'd definately have her holding a bow and arrow dan. Moonstone is a welcome addition. I like all of her costumes but i think overall i'd go with the costume shown in the second picture with her wearing a space helmet. Next two additions for this extension - trapster and whirlwind please.

Anonymous said...

'How curveball can you go?'
This week the Virtual CMFC Gallery brings you
including such weird and wonderful characters as:

1. Recorder
Rigellian android, and Thor companion in Black Galaxy adventures.

Omniscient humanoid supercomputer from Titan, and guard of Riker's Island.

3. Godstalker
Ally of the Celestials, and a Blakwulf aid while bonded to his Shadowlance.

4. Korath the Pursuer
Powerful agent of the Kree Starforce, then serving the Shi'ar led by Deathbird.

5. Vanguard
Russian mutant, key member of Soviet Super-Soldiers.

6. Nebulon
Mysterious UL'lulan alien with biospheric powers who mingled with Defenders & Avengers.

7. Controller
Iron-Man foe and member of Hood's gang with slave discs that control human behaviour.

FACT: I love curveball characters.
They may be for hardcore fans only, but bome great concepts and back stories can be found in Marvel's curveball areas. I'm an extreme curveball-loving case! I'd be happy with a whole collection dedicated to them!

LAWay said...

After being so negative, my apologies. Here is a drawing of Nico Minoru based on the recent sculpt preview and the sketch Dan provided of her costume.

I got rid of the big coat, made her hair look more like it should, shortened her skirt and tweaked her leg positions. I really think the main problem with the figurine is that coat hiding away so much detail.

Then again, I dont read runaways and wouldnt have a clue. But after seeing Dan's drawing of what the costume should look like, I think the figurine should be revised. It would get me interested in the figurine for sure.

Anonymous said...


SC said...

I am so lesbians with you right now CMFC! Thank you, this update was superb! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so awesome. Love Dracula painted and seeing all those great figures still to come.

Most exciting part of update this week for me is the two female character announcements. I am a huge Dani and Moonstone fan!

I would love the modernized version of her classic uniform. If I could dream a little, having a Valkyrie headdress and a weapon of some sort would just be... but I won't push my luck.

Moonstone, I have a strong preference for her modern look thanks.

Thank you for a great update!

BobDiamond said...

"I am so lesbians with you right now CMFC!" Quote SC

And the prize for most bizarre comment ever goes to.....

(Seriously,I would love an explanation of this!)

Anyway, Update....
Basically I'm fine with the new additions. Moonstone is definitely due and a very deserving character. I've got no problems with the modern look, as none of her costumes have been particularly impressive anyway.
Mirage- if we have to have her, then please make her as visually interesting as possible (Braids, Bow etc) otherwise she really could be quite a dull figurine.

The photos of the figs in production all look very cool.
Well done Dan and EM, you keep doing us proud!


CGJ said...

Thats obvious Bob, what is better than lesbians?

So to be lesbians with someone is beyond being in love, beyond family, beyond stranger pulling your kid from under an oncoming bus

Obviously not stout, shaven headed denim wearing lesbians, more the modern Moonstone type

Suzene said...

Love that Mirage is being included, but PLEASE not the original New Mutants costume. Her more recent incarnations -- longer braids, losing the stereotypical "little Indian princess" headband -- are so much more visually interesting.

Suzene said...

Also, verbatim reaction from a friend upon being informed that Dani Moonstar will be in the next extension:




May have a winner there. ;)

ted sallis said...

lesbians......cor! bangtidy bint naw growlers.
Speaking of the fairer sex, Let's have some Bloody Bloodstone.

BobDiamond said...

Thanks for the explanation- I'm obviously no-longer au fait with the current lingo!
However, is Moonstone a lesbian?? She seems to have made the rounds of most of the guys she's teamed with..Hawkeye, Bullseye, Marvel Boy, Zemo (?) un-named HAMMER agents etc...
Pretty sure Satana is though...

Quizzical Bob

Rabid Womble said...

Thanks for the update Dan!

John said:

I loved how you told us the topic for the characters last week. You should give a hint each time (i.e. 1 Spidey, 1 Cosmic.)


I agree with this. It does give people something to think and speculate about.

The painted figures looked great except for Dracula that seemed a bit wrong for some reason and I can't put my finger on why not.

I'm another for the older original Moonstone costume. As someone mentioned the modern costume does look like it could be other charcaters. As dated as the helmet may look, it does help give Moonstone her own unique instantly identifiable identity visually.

mighty_marvel said...

LAWay - the drawing dan did is not what nico's costume should look like. it was a suggestion from EM based on a costume she had in one panel of the runaways. not one book. one panel of one book.

the costume she has in the fig is this one

which is a costume she wore for a third of vaughan's and alphona's first series of runaways.

dallen238 said...


dallen238 said...

not another x character and yet another woman,both are really over represented in the recent figurines, i think 12 of the next 26 are female which considering the amount of female characters to male is very out of proportion,most of the figs you put up look good but if moonstone is not in her original costume i wont be buying her as the modern look is just another big boobed woman with big hair and not much in the way of clothing.i stopped buying the comics years ago but still buy the figurines if i know the character or they have a good costume and can't believe some of the characters that have been done (niko minorou for gods sake, what a rubbish super hero name she may as well be called sarah smith) when some such as the trapster and thundra who are 40 odd years old havn't been done yet,sorry for the rant but please if you do older characters at least do them in there original costumes .

LarryS said...

Well done to Dan and Rich. I imagine you've resisted intense pressure from the bean-counters to include Spider-Girl this week, simply because of her name. Trebles all round!!

tinodragon14 said...

I have to agree with those supporting the older Moonstone costume with all due respect to John. The newer costume does look almost exactly like Dagger's. I'm afraid the only growth exhibited in Moonstone's new costume is her breast size. I'm not sure she would show her maturity as a woman by wearing a nearly naked costume.
The problem with Mirage is you have Magik in her New Mutant costume but then Cannonball in a newer outfit so do you have Mirage in her New Mutant outfit with pigtails or like in the last pic of her where her hair is flowing & she is more mature looking but keeps a New Mutant like costume design. I would go with the last pic that combines New Mutant costume but more adult hair & features.
Oh LAWAY I to noticed DRACULA'S hair & KARNAK'S nose & TIGERSHARK'S chin & wrote about it on here. So you are not alone.
DAN the MAN please do something about DRAC'S hair. Is it just the way it was painted or is his hair really sculpted that way? Save him!
AVALANCHE is a real nice job though & I like his hands out about to rock the world stance.
KARNAK pose reminds me of a drawing pose of him like the one you showed when he was picked. His hands are in karate chop mode as that is his ability but his nose Dan! His nose looks badddd! Save him!!
THE BEETLE looks okay except why does his left arm & hand have a KARNAK handchop look?

ted sallis said...

"Pretty sure Satana is though"
Well if your the devils daughter, chances are you'll like it nasty.
Aw man baby, that will mean Damien Hellstrom is probably a little William Hague.
Now that EM's covered every ethnic group,every oppressed minority, how about an honest to goodness macho man.....Ulysses Bloodstone.....would it help his chances if he was switch hitter?

LAWay said...

Mighty_marvel, i did not realize this, so fair dues, makes sense. But still something is off in the sculpt of that coat. Maybe it isnt figure hugging enough as the comic version. Maybe its too long. Either way, it doesnt look great.

Tino, glad someone else agrees with all the problems I pointed out. If more people voiced their opinions maybe we could get things looked at. But since these are painted prototypes, I doubt they would revisit the sculpting phase. An explanation on how a figure goes about being made with tweaks and changes would be nice. Most people will just accept it and not have an eye for details, which is a shame for those who seek perfection.

But you are wrong about Moonstone. Her newer costume is great, her classic costume is pretty generic classic costume that looks like something a male hero has worn, or something out of a japanese power ranger episode.

LAWay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

new game for this week - straight or gay ? List characters that are in this collection and tell us if you think that they look straight or gay ?

tinodragon14 said...

I definitely think The MAD THINKER is gay what with all that posing & a size queen to boot what with that AWESOME ANDROID of his.
And the LAWAY is definitely code for the GAYWAY.

The word is kingimu.

Anonymous said...

Looks like both Moonstone and Moonstar's modern looks have a runaway lead. So that's good to see.

tinodragon14 said...

Actually LAWAY Moonstone was originally a bad guy with as a recall a similar costume & helmet so I guess when she got the moonstone she got the costume & helmet to but I still think the newer costume looks too much like Dagger's.

The word is bullexpd.

tinodragon14 said...

Also I agree that they are adding too many lesser female characters & giving short shrift to the many great male villains. Comics were male dominated & a lot of the great characters both hero & villain were male. They have covered many of the best good guys but still have a great many bad guys left but they get pushed back or out in favor of lesser female characters to provide some weird sense of balance.
The word is curbiess.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys complaining about female comic characters have no knowledge of Marvel Comics. Since during the era of Women's Liberation a lot of female characters were created and have become major players in the Marvel Universe. Where as DC really still has just Wonder Woman as the most memorable core female character. So not sure what you mean by 'Lesser Female Characters'. All the ladies that have gotten made have been major players in the Marvel Universe.

mighty_marvel said...

i like the way that when a forum poll agress with beast then it's good (moonstone and moonstar modern costumes) but when it doesn't agree with him then it's wrong (ross over rulk)

Deadpool said...

OMG ... best blog subject ever!!!.


I think its safe to say that deep down inside ... there's a little lesbian in all of us.

Moostone - nearly naked, big breasted version please.

I will also join Ted in the call for Ulyses Bloodstone - I'm sure he's the guy that could bring our wayward girlies back on the straight and narrow.

As far as the game is concerned: -

Captain America - curious
Dr Strange - very curious
Wolverine - in denial
Mr Fantastic - the name says it all
Cyclops - a big blip on the gay-dar
Sebastian Shaw - Veterinarian
Blob - more than enough for everyone.

Medusa - Very curious
She Hulk - as bent as a 9 bob note.
Mystique - Very curious

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the Ross over Rulk, because Ross as Rulk is now a major character in the Marvel Universe. Not just an antagonist. He has his own comic book, that is still running while Hulk's is being cancelled. And after Hulk dies in Fear Itself, he'll be the only main Hulk left. Plus he's managed something Banner never did. He's a card carrying member of the Avengers. Not just a plot point that formed the Avengers due to Loki's manipulation.

Plus Ross as Rulk is a far more interesting character than Ross as a Captain Ahab knock-off ever was. He's become the White Whale that he's hunted all this time. That's my reasons for preferring Rulk to General Ross. You folks have a right to disagree.

BobDiamond said...

You want lesbians DP?...You should read more DC comics. They're all lesbians over there!


kissynose said...

Moonstone needs her classic costume. New costume is generic and typical to marvels take on all new female characters. Marvel thinks if you strip them down they'll suddenly have more appeal. Besides the new costume is just a rehash of looks that have already been

Anonymous said...

Lesbians. Meh.

Outside of Mystique and Destiny, I don't see the appeal. And the only reason Mystique and Destiny rate, is because their relationship wasn't beat over your head. It was handled with maturity and taste. Cheap lesbian titillation is boring.

mighty_marvel said...

we know your reasons beast. you have repeated them ad infinitum. i was just commenting on how you use the forum poll to back yourself up when it happens to agree with you, such as in moonstone and moonstar costume choice. but when the forum poll doesn't agree with your stance, such as in ross over rulk, it is merely a small cross section of forum voters and doesn’t mean anything. just something today that made me have a little wry smile is all

Anonymous said...

Kissy, did you even look at Moonstone's classic costume? It's just as sleek and seductive and shows off her bosom. All that the modern look is lacking is the helmet. So your point makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be laboring under false impressions, Mighty Marvel. Regardless of whether or not a forum poll agrees or disagrees with my opinion, it will -ALWAYS- still be representational of a small cross section of collectors. The ones who actually choose to post on a forum and make their voices heard. Does that mean the information is invalid? Hardly. But it doesn't always tell the whole story either. Or represent where Marvel decides to take characters.

And you're the one who brought up the Ross issue. So don't start complaining because I offered my reasons why I prefer Rulk to Ross.

mighty_marvel said...

i'm not complaining about you stating your reasons beast. but i wasn't bringing up the ross issue. i was highlighting the hypocrisy of when you choose to acknowledge or not acknowledge the forum polls as it made me smile earlier when you mentioned about moonstone and moonstar modern costumes having a runaway lead being good to see, whereas on the previous blog when someone mentioned ross being ahead on the forum poll you shot it down.

Deadpool said...

Bloggers - straight or gay?

YOU decide .....

Having consulted with Andy Coulson, here are some candid quotes from the bloggers as seen in this and previous blog posts: -

Ted - "I've had my share of hairy women and they like it nasty"

Mad Thinker - "I don't get a lot of action but I make up for it by lots of practice"

Deadpool - "There's no such thing as a bad lesbian"

CBR Beast "I'm not playing this game until I get polled by the forum"

Laway "After all ... is said and done .... I did him LAWWWWWW WAYYYYYY....."

Gremlin "Whoop Whoop ..... can't wait to get my hands on Sebastian Shaw"

Dan the Man " Harder ...!!! Faster....!!!! Stronger....!!!!"

TinoDragon "I definately think the Mad thinker is Gay, I' bet he's got an AWESOME Haemorrhoid"

TinoDragon "Another bust for me of course" (*Deadpool couldn't agree more*)

Mighty Marvel "If I was moonstone, I know exactly how I'd dress"

Bob Diamond "I'm obviously no-longer au fait with this cunning lingo!"

MGF "Wizard's tit fur is not Kirbyesque enough in my opinion."

John "I have a thing for pig tails"

Baltiroo "SOOOOO VERY EXCITED!!! very promising this extension is turning out to be"

Ted "Power girl sized chesticles please"

John "Dan, thanks for mooning us all around"

Dallen238 "just another big boobed woman with big hair and not much in the way of clothing"

SinisterVenom "ROBERT WHERE ARE YOU??? I know you said you were taking a break pal but never expected you'd be away this long"

Ted "thapo weguo shatitsook wanglok.mungbustea, tahey hafookloobstif :-rough translation - 'WHERES MY UNDERPANTS' "


Ted "It may be the Rohypnol talking "

Kirlianeyes "How curveball can you go ?"

John "Why cover her head with a bucket? It makes no sense to me."

Tomazzzz " can I pose for my Racoon and Duck mega special please Dan?"

Deadpool said...

For info I got Bleez and Deathstorm today and tehy are awesome.

Blackest Night just keeps getting better.

As Tomazzzz would say "Once you've had black there's no going back"

....or did he mean Duck?

Deadpool said...

Dan don't trust the SHFF polls regarding Moonstar's costume.

Go for her New Mutants early X-Force look.

The blue and yellow "Shamanesque" look is by far the best and will make for a figure that is unique in the collection.

If you choose any other costume the figure will be mediocre.

Deadpool said...

Dan if cost is becoming a problem... increase the cover price to match DC and Blackest Night.

I'd rather pay more than compromise the quality of the figurines.

ted sallis said...

Wickerman festival begins in a fortnight, Just got my T-shirt printed up with the immortal slogan "Anyone fancy a giant Size Man-Thing" thanks for the inspiration BD.
Speaking of giant sized members,Have you began work on yer python DP??

Bob said...

John Byrne commented in his forum that Monica Rambeau costume is not really white but silverish or pearlescent. Check out Byrne

John said...

Bob: "And the prize for most bizarre comment ever goes to.....
Seriously,I would love an explanation of this!"

Bob, its a line from 'Scott Pilgram.' Someone tells the main character he's got to use the L-word. He says, "lesbian?" His friend says, "The other L-word." "Lesbians?"

So its a joke of a word in place of the word love. At the end of the movie (maybe the books, as well) he even tells the main girl, "I'm in lesbians with you."

Deadpool: "Moostone - nearly naked, big breasted version please."

Everyone does realize that in her modern costume, she's more covered up than in her original look, right? Aside from the skin that gets through on her face mask, Everything is concealed.

Kissy: "Marvel thinks if you strip them down they'll suddenly have more appeal."

That's true. I know nothing about Goblin Queen, except that I want a figurine of her. :D

MM: "i was highlighting the hypocrisy of when you choose to acknowledge or not acknowledge the forum polls..."

I noticed it too. It made me laugh a little. ;)

Now Deadpool's post quoting bloggers REALLY made me laugh. Haha.

BobDiamond said...

Yep, got to agree with John, DP, your poll really cracked me up!!

Oops...that could be another quote for you...


PS...thanks for the info on the movie reference John. I haven't seen it, is it any good?

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled at how the new extension is shaping up.
There is no doubt that it's gonna be totally awesome.

Here you can see
how it looks so far:
(second gallery from the top)

I have a feeling it's gonna be the best extension ever.

ted sallis said...

Av nae idea how to link to a youtube video,annoying techie mince.
If yer on youtube search for "sooperhero mosaics" it's a bit guff, cannae be arsed editing it.
DP ah reckon yood ride a barbershops floor.

John said...

Bob, its actually in my Top 5 favorite movies. But I also come from the 'short attention span' age, so it may be a bit random for you. :D You should give it a shot though.

LAWay said...

KE, nice job with the extension preview. Certainly look great.

Is deadpool under investigation for false quoting and thus will be forced to shut down?

Ted, i watched the vid. Very good work. You should do a time lapse video of you working from start to finish. youtube folk will love that shizz.

Anonymous said...

deadpool - i don't recall ever saying that. Word verification - pials. Yeah another gay quote lol.

sweet2cute said...

I don't think anyone was surprise with Moonstone being added to the collection, but I was a bit shocked to see Ms. Moonstar. Looks like EM is going to go heavy on X-Men characters this round.

I really like most of the prevew, but Dracula's hair looks horrible. I don't recall him ever having that hair style in Marvel comics or anywhere else.

Avalanche looks pretty good, but he would be prefect if he had the letter A on his chest.

I would like to see a western character before issue 200.
Any chances of see Rawhide Kid in the collection anytime soon, or is he as unsuitable as the Beyonder?

SinisterVenom said...

You can always count on DP to cheer you up if you've had a bad day or feeling down. Nice work buddy! haha

Seriously though, does anybody know what's up with the CMFC main site? I've been trying for nearly 2 weeks to buy the Sauron special but I keep getting that message saying it'll be available to buy 30th June 2011. I've seen a notice on the SHFF that Rich and the team are supposedly looking into it but still nothing has changed. I got a big space on my X-Shelf just waiting for Sauron :(

John said...

"Avalanche looks pretty good, but he would be prefect if he had the letter A on his chest."


mgf said...

Hey Ted! Love your Youtube vid. Whoever got those Supes & Bats is a lucky lad... ;-)

The new extension is pretty disappointing so far. Firelord, Hela, Swordsman all pretty good, but this is appallingly X and related heavy so far, and as the forum will almost certainly block vote another three X-zzzzers in, plus the competition winner more than likely, we'll end up with six or seven out of twenty. That's right on the outer edge of is the collection worth buying, for me at least.

As the X titles sell so very poorly these days concentrating on these characters is an huge mistake. The balance across the MU in previous extensions has been nigh on perfect, why change now?


mighty_marvel said...

this is how i'd like to see the rest of the extension now go

shaman (just because dan said he'd be in if N + A got a double pack and it allows starjammers to be started in the next extension)
brother voodoo
jackal (or hammerhead or tombstone)
miss america (or namora)
misty knight (or jigsaw)

the forum vote will likely put through

silver samurai
vance astro

added to shaw, longshot, mirage, moonstone, hela, wiccan, swordsman and firelord i think that's a pretty well balanced extension

tinodragon14 said...

I agree SHAMAN should be in this extension but there are some long past due. THE OWL for one. Finally give Dr. STRANGE his main antagonist BARON MORDO. NAMOR has been virtually ignored. It is bad enough you put him in that full bodied costume instead of his green trunks so give up ATTUMA for Subby. HAMMERHEAD for Spidey & WHIRLWIND because it is his time. DC has already done CAPTAIN COLD & MR. FREEZE so how about a BLIZZARD for Marvel. How about a COBRA & MR. HYDE that covers a lot of heroes. Finish up The FRIGHTFUL FOUR with the TRAPSTER. And add a tall twist with STILT-MAN.

LAWay said...

Can we get more people's views on Dracula's hair? Are you happy with it or does it long horrible to you?

Also, regarding x-related characters. Regardless of whether they sell more or not. Moonstar - 688 appearances. Most people want characters that havent appeared in comics for decades. You really going to bring up poor x comic sales compared to characters not even in comics any more?

At then end of the day, they have lots of wants, and seemingly lots of history too.

mgf said...

The reason I bring up X sales is because we are often assailed by the fact, revealed to be anything but, that the X-Men are Marvel's flagship titles when they patently are not. If they were they would sell. But they don't. So they aren't.

Are we arguing about characters that do not sell now or years ago, and if so what is the difference? The Runaways sell as many copies now as the original GotG, yet one group are studiously ignored and the other lauded and pushed for inclusion, with some success.

The continued lack of any of the original GotG line-up is astounding, let alone Star Lord and the modern group. We got the correct Warlock thankfully but would have anyway as he is a central MU cosmic, but the Village People version of Drax which was a great shame. The original was too comic like was the reason given for that debacle I think. Jebus...

As for what is left of this X-tension it would be nice to see Clea, a female character far more important to the history of the MU than some of the other females being argued for.

Shaman is a must. Whirlwind would make a great sculpt, and unlike Beetle would most likely make it into the collection in his real guise.

Grey Gargoyle, USAgent, Mantis would also be most welcome.

Now, back to Drac. He's just not right, and it isn't just the hair, it the entire head. It looks like the sculptor was asked to do the Prince of Darkness and thought they meant Peter Mandelson. Too late for a redo?

Word verification is "pullit".

Anonymous said...

Quite a lot of debate on Dracula's hair, face and head. If I have to be honest, I'm not interested in the character at all, and I wish he could be magically swapped with Baron Mordo, Brother Voodoo or Nightmare. But that's just me.

John said...

I was hoping Dracula's hair would be slicked straight back, but it's hard to say unless I have the figurine in hand.

Gremlin in the works said...

@ Dan the Man

Just been trawling the internet and I found this image of Moonstar which some talented fan artist has done. IMO this is the pefect pose for her and one of the best costumes to use aswell. I hope you consider something like this when designing her sculpt. I feel it's better than just having her hold her bow idley.

As for Moonstone a suggestion by someone else has come up which I think is a good idea. If you decide to make her in her modern look you could have her holding her original Masters of Evil helmet as a kind of homage to her old ways.

Gremlin in the works said...

Duh...forgot to post the image link for Moonstar.

Osvaldoeaf said...

I can see why some people would be upset about the number of x-characters confirmed. But I'd like EM to confirm at least one more x-character, regardless of the forum choices.
I love Shaw and Mirage, but I'd trade them both for Sage, who is an actual X-man.

avenger guy said...

I would like to know which one of these characters do you know .

1) Seth
2) Horus
3) American Eagle
4) Winnowill
5) Witchbone

These are real marvel characters throughout the years

ted sallis said...

I was rummaging up a dusty nook and found some old bronze age beauties Werwolve by night #22 featuring Atlas. it's yer phantom of the Opera schtick, this time with a handsome movie actor who becomes horribly disfigured ,any who when the guy reveals his mutilated coupon it's the Toxic Avengers doppleganger.This came oot in 1974 Toxic Avenger was mid 80's a think. Hope the "creator" of TA gave old Don Perlin a few quid.
Count Dracula, It's just annoying, what they have done with his hair?, Why mess about with it? Give JJJ an afro why don'tcha.

ted sallis said...

MGF, your spot on about Drac looking like Mandelson.I know which one gives me the creeps ;)

John said...

Avenger Guy, out of those 5, I have only heard of American Eagle. But have only seen a few pictures, never in an actual story.

BobDiamond said...

Avenger guy,
I've heard of Seth and Horus- Thor bad-guys I believe.
And American Eagle- excellent, under-used character who beat-the-proverbial out of Bullseye in Thunderbolts.
Don't know Winnowill or Witchbone.
Why do you ask?


The Hood said...

Here is a list of the characters I would love to be added to the collection:

1: Howard The Duck
2: Dark Beast
3: Werewolf By Night
4: The Hood
5: Sugar Man (Special)
6: Warlock (New Mutants)
7: Speedball
8: Jigsaw
9: Star-Lord
10: Simon Garth
11: Baron Mordo
12: Night Thrasher
13: Supreme Intelligence (Mega Special)
14: Stilt Man (Special ?)
15: Doctor Bong
16: The Owl
17: Morph (Exiles)
18: Frankenstein's Monster (Special?)
19: Gargoyle (Isaac Christians)
20: Brother Voodoo

I think that they are all classic characters in their own way, and that there is something for everybody in this list.

Hiperion said...

Great great list, The Hood.

I'd take all of them (well, not so sure about Sugar Man).

Nice to see mentions to New Warriors and Howard.

ted sallis said...

Aw man baby got my workshop/shed/doghoose built. It was a real family/neighbor collaboration,reminded me of that Harrison Ford movie..gremlins
I hope to make enough money to pay a sculptor £8.97 per hour to make all the figs that i think worthy.

LAWay said...

See John, thats the problem. Some collectors, even after seeing pictures of the figurine, just think 'oh i'll decide whether i like him or not when i get him'. We have the pictures to judge him on. If you are not completely satisfied then say so, so then fixes can be made.

mgf, i was referring more to characters old or new, who at least are still in comics nowadays. If a character hasnt been killed off and yet havent appeared regularly in comics for 20 years, well it tells you how important they are to the marvel universe.

KE - I too would prefer any of those characters over Dracula. But people wanted horror characters for some bizarre reason. A niche market in marvel that is no longer in production and has the same fan appeal that modern fans wouldnt care for because they dont associate generic movie and literature horror villains as being distinctly marvel...but hey, lets shoehorn these guys in because everyone is complaining about there not being enough horror character merchandise...I mean, classic marvel character merchandise.

John said...

There's the strictly Horror characters, then there's the broader "Marvel Supernatural/Horror" characters.

The supernatural and magic users in the MU tend to interact with horror (which are just supernatural anyway) fairly often, so I don't think its out of line if we think of them all in one category.

We just need to abandon the term "Horror" and start using "Supernatural" so we can have a category for the likes of Brother Voodoo and Nightmare, but also include Werewolf by Night if need be.

In that sense, there's a wealth of VERY worthy characters in the Supernatural category. Besides Voodoo and Nightmare, let's not forget Gargoyle, Clea, Baron Mordo, Simon Garth, Satana, etc.


Guilherme said...

Loved all the painted figurines, specially Dracula, Avalanche and Photon. Definetely Avalanche needs a A on the chest! The two choices of the week are most wanted for me in a top 10. I vote for the first Thunderbolt costume for Moonstone ir at least the old uniformes. The actual one is too generic IMHO. And Dani could use any of those costumes and I still would be satisfied.

Rabid Womble said...

There are always lists of characters we would like in the collection, so lets take that and scale it right down by completeing this sentence.

The CMFC would not be complete if they didn't include........

You can only pick one character.
No double packs
No teams.
Just one single individual character.

LAWay said...

original supernatural marvel characters that battle superheroes are not the same as generic overdone and unoriginal horror characters.

Nice game Rabid Womble. Needs some thinking time.

LAWay said...

EM - guys, check this out.

Remember when Dracula sculpt was first revealed and we all loved it.

Notice the hairline.

Now look at how it has changed.


Why has it been changed and ruined?


I hope Dan, Rich, EM, someone reads this. Looks back at the sculpts. Realize the new Drac has a turd looking windswept wig on his head and CHANGE IT!!

For the love of god CHANGE IT!!!

You know i dont like the horror characters, but the initial sculpt was really good. And you ruined it. DONT just make excuses and strive for mediocracy.

FIX IT!!!!!!!

If fellow collectors agree, please say something rather than letting a great figurine go to waste.

Victor said...

Agree with LAWay about Dracula. please EM fix-it.
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

so , the complaints so far : avelanche - missing the letter a on his chest. Dracula - having a bad hair day. Karnak - having a big nose day. Tigershark - doing a jimmy hill impression with that chin. Sebastian shaw - looks too skinny. Photon - look at her face , she looks like she just fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Even her mask can't hide that. Is it too late to change these small minor details dan ?

Anonymous said...

ok , the complaints so far then : avelanche - missing the letter a on his chest. Dracula - having a bad hair day. Karnak - nose is too big. Tigershark - jimmy hill style chin. Photon - looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Even her mask can't hide this. Oh and captain y-fronts has his underpants on back to front. Seriously dan , is it too late to change any small defects ?

mighty_marvel said...

@ john

like you i class the horror/supernatural characters as being under the same broad family.

i'm really hoping to get brother voodoo in this area this extension. he definitely deserves it.

tinodragon14 said...

The fact AVALANCHE does have a A does change the fact that it is a well done figure but DRACULA's hair, KARNAK's nose & TIGERSHARK's chin all effect the look of what would otherwise be good figures in DRACULA & KARNAK & a truly terrific figure in TIGERSHARK.
I cannot see PHOTON's face well enough to tell if she looks ugly like some say.

kissynose said...

I think Dracula's hair is perfect. If you look back his hair was never slicked back smoothly it also has a wave and a undone look. It was the movie dracuka that had that polished hair look.

LAWay said...

Utter nonsense kissy. I looked through several images of marvel's dracula with him with a slick backed hair.

Although his hair style aint too much of an issue, more the fact its dreadfully sculpted and looks like a wig. Its a high hairline for just whispy hair, and as stated, the original sculpt was spot on and the new one ruins it. I have never seen anyone with a hairstyle like that, and if they did they would do a Rooney and get a 10k transplant.

I aint bothered by Avalanche without an 'A' because he had a costume without one. And quite frankly it adds nothing to the character. If anything, it dumbs him down by needing to put a letter on him. If all characters did that then they would look more at home in sesame street than marvel.

The other problems with Karnak's nose ruins a good figure. Tigershark's chin ruins a brilliant sculpt. Beetle's robot dance is just awkward and horrible.

Point out the flaws to get them changed!

John said...

The ONLY thing that bothers me in the preview sculpts is Avalanche missing the "A"

LAWay said...

Its a petty thing wanting something like the 'A' on his chest when he didnt have it just as much aswell, and yet when there are obvious mistakes in sculpts people are not bothered.

Do people just care about characters appearing in lead rather than them looking the best they can be? We complained the DC collection looked better, and yet some people cant even see or just accept problems with the marvel sculpts.

Deadpool said...

Closet hair dressers have taken over the blog ...

I find it quite creepy that the masses choose to debate over Dracula's hair and face while imagining he is Little lord Mandle Foy.

I suppose it would save him a fortune on Brylcreem.

Maybe this blog subject should be titled - "There's Something about Mandy".

Deadpool said...

Law Way .... I can honestly say that all I care about are boobs.

Deadpool said...

Dan - having done a little research regarding Bloodstone, I think both Elsa and HMS Ulyseees would make great additions to the collection.

Please give these characters consideration (particularlly Elsa) and you have my word that I will behave for an extended period of time.

Gremlin in the works said...

I can kind of see what you mean with repect to Dracula's hair. The arches in it are a bit too far back. But to be honest it's a minor quibble about a stunning figure.

As for Avalanche I can completely live without the "A". Once again the figure is top notch and adding the A at this point would be futile for me.

I have to ask though....if you hate all these figures like you appear to then why are you collecting them????

Bob said...

I agree that the painted sculpt of Dracula differs from the original sculpt shown months back. He now looks like the character Raul Julia played in the Addams Family.

CGJ said...

'Do people just care about characters appearing in lead rather than them looking the best they can be?'

Sadly it's getting that way for me, I accepted long ago that my preferences for costume choices fly in the face of what the louder forum posters, EM and Marvel want, and details like hair cuts and big noses don't make or break a fig for me

So as long as we get em, I'm happy enough, although I will continue to say 'That Cannonball costume is complete ****' til the day I die

Travis said...

Well at least most people are getting the characters they want. Something I guess I will never see.

Still it is a drag when a character is revealed and they have bad hair like Dracula, or the wrong costume like Mystique or Cannonball.

Even worse is when they are to small like Cable.

It would be interesting to hear the process of approving the final sculptor of the figurine and why EM would let some of these strange choices through.

Is it to late to fix Dracula's bad hair or would i cost to much?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

John said...

I agree with Travis that The Beyonder should make this extension. Him and the High Evolutionary are looong overdue.

ted sallis said...

Aw man baby, i can see why the X-Fans get excited over dudes like Vulcan, he's freakin awesome.
I'm reading Black Goliath at the moment. I have so far read the first 3 issues,#3 introduces the villain known as Vulcan, For those that don't know he's a ginger hunchback who dresses like Thundra..I'm slabbing that baby.
Can't wait to get home to read issue # 4, as Black Goliaths next assingment is to "Enter the Stilt Man". Gotta see how that worked out.Would be nice if Drac could get a combover, as his hairdo makes him look nothing like Drac.
Leigh's right. we can shrug oor shoulders and settle for meh, or you can speak up. Odin's paint job. Modok's paintjob etc all chaned for the better by "haters" complaining ;)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bagman said...

See the phone's playing up again!

Anonymous said...

i've been hacked , bye bye mad thinker

Anonymous said...

maybe if we complained at the beginning we'd have got most of the x men characters changed. Storm - white costume. Cyclops - blue and yellow costume. Beast - ape like beast , thing size sculpt. Rogue - short jacket and curly hair look. Mystique - white costume. Ice man - anything to make him look better , complete new sculpt and paint job. Hopefully we'll get re-do's one day especially for teams. I'd much rather get team costumes for characters for display purposes than the individual one's that we've been getting.

captain underpants said...
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captain underpants said...
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captain underpants said...
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captain underpants said...

Whirlwind and Trapster for the next two additions please.

The Mad Thinker said...

Hopefully my account will be okay now.

LAWay said...

See, i wasnt here at the beginning, my annoying negative complaining influence could have changed things in the beginning. ;)

I know what you mean gremlin, most stuff i say is negative, but like ted said, i am trying to get things changed for the better. I have sang alot of praises recently, and i loved all the early figurines. Sure, there were costume disappointments, scale disappointments, but generally I loved them. I have loved alot of the newer updates. But this current update had ALOT of news and previews, and alot of issues I had with them, only minor, to try and get them corrected for the best.

Sorry to hear you got hacked MT, hope its all well now. Deadpool, as a customizer I thought you would appreciate a good sculpt and be able to spot mistakes and want the very best, instead of just making jokes all the time.

mgf said...

When I was young a troll was someone who went on a forum or blog solely with the intention of causing trouble. Hold on a minute. That's not true.

When I was young a troll was a creature in Scandanavian folklore.

(Those were the days. An X box was where you kept your secret stash of Playboy magazines.)


It seems these days even that widely accepted internet definition of troll has changed, and is now used by da yoot as meaning someone with whom they disagree on any subject what, like, evah.

Now I don't wish to imply such people are more dense than a collapsing star, and incapable of taking any criticism.

But they are.

The reason I am strident in my opinions about this collection is very simple. The CMFC is the most important license Marvel has issued in my lifetime. Moreso than Bowen, because of the price point, moreso than Marvel Legends because of its breadth of characters.

I don't intend for it to turn into a collection where the only thing that matters is how large the cup sizes of the (ludicrous number of) female figures are, or allow it to become representative of a single X-corner of the MU, without saying something about it.

Once this collection is gone that's it. We won't get anything as good for a very long time, if ever.

ted sallis said...

Heh Murdoch's Girl Friday, Your spot again old fella, but hey, if the wimmen folks have to be over represented, they may as well be "overbreasted"
I'm allowed to make up bizzare words, Americans do it all the time.

mgf said...

Seems to me most here who are obssessed with having more female characters in the collection don't have to live with one.

Travis said...

I would like to see more female characters and not only have I been married 17 years but I have a daughter who is growing up to appreciate that women anywhere (including comics) can be strong powerful and independent.

Of course right now she is all into Supergirl, so I'm trying to get her interested in some Marvel female characters. Something that is a little easier to do since I have lead figurines of some of these wonderful female characters

Marvel has plenty of female characters that are just as worthy of making the collection as the male characters. Well expect for maybe the one that Dan said is marmite.

Sorry. I'm trying to let it go. Really, but when a major staff member of the collection talks nonsensical trash about your all time favorite character then let's see if you can let it slide.

ted sallis said...

.travis. fill us in big guy, who said what about whom????

LAWay said...

Marvel Legends was hugely important, and I believe without it, the CMFC wouldnt exist.

The Marvel Legend brand, what toybiz did who later passed on to hasbro, in 10 years covered roughly 170+ unique characters not including ultimate or alternate reality versions, and not counting all the important costume changes as well.

The line proved there was a market for collectors interested in the lesser known/produced characters. in 2 years the Marvel Universe line has produced around 80 unique characters, handfuls who have not even appeared in the CMFC.

Even a step ahead with the Guardians of the Galaxy figures and rocket raccoon, out soon.

People should embrace more marvel products. Although the CMFC is very important to those who look down on 'toys' and 'action figures'. But yeah, the collection is alot more than just getting more miniature boobs into it.

Travis said...


The Beyonder = marmite commit from Dan last week.

Don't worry. I'm burning some incense. listening to some sounds of the seas, and increasing my meds to get over this. Soon I will be at peace with the world, so it should only take a few years or so to cool down at this rate.

ted sallis said...

Ah Travis, if my long time want Bloodstone achieved "marmite" status, i would be delighted, A character loved and despised in equal measure?................hell i would take that any day over blandcrap that you struggle to put a name to.I'll wager a crisp scottish £1.00 note that Beyonder is included before Bloodstone.
Keep the faith big guy...hell if 50% of the EM staff hate the Beyonder then that a lot of staff that don't :)

kissynose said...

I would love a Beyonder figure.

Always wanted to ask someone from the Captain Britain popular over there? Always wondered that?

Oh and as always I have to mention Power Pack....just keep the names fresh in everyones hate meter and in my dreams

John said...

"But yeah, the collection is alot more than just getting more miniature boobs into it."

But I really like boobs...

LAWay said...

There are other places online to go to, other things to buy for that sort of thing John. And if you are that desperate, there are always real women too. ;)

tinodragon14 said...

Gee, boobs & the beyonder the conversation sure has devolved. Hopefully tomorrow will reinvigerate things.
Then THE COBRA & MR. HYDE!!!!!

michal9402 said...

My type for tommorow confirmed is someone from Marvel Knights or Spidey. Owl could be good choice but I like more Misty Knight 'couse in collection is too little women.

Travis said...

I saw there is going to be a signing at Forbidden Planet ( London Megastore179 Shaftesbury Avenue, LondonWC2H 8JR )on 23rd July for the Spirit of Hope book.
A rare chance for fans of the collection to meet Alan Cowsill, Dan Rachael and Gary Gilbert. Sure Richard Jackson and Sven Wilson will be there.

Kal Brindle said...

Hoping for some potentially contraversial confirmations tomorrow - Howard the Duck, Rawhide Kid, Two Gun Kid, Werewolf by Night, Killraven, Hyperion, Phantom Rider, Marrina and/or White Tiger.

But would also be happy to hear about more popular choices like Shaman, Baron Mordo, Constrictor, Arcade, Grey Gargoyle, Count Nefaria, Vance Astro, Speedball, Trapster, Diablo, Molecule Man and US Agent.

Have got to ask - although I know it's extremely unlikely, MGF how would you feel about Agatha Harkness joining the collection?

tinodragon14 said...

Just received my TRITON & CANNONBALL figures. I love TRITON's scales. The figure is well done except they had some trouble with the fingers on his left hand. The paint job is overall fine except for a green spot on his boot & the white line running around his left leg which should be the color of his shorts. I noticed the figure on the site display has the same problem around his leg.
I like how CANNONBALL is taking off but the choice of costume is lame but then they never really came up with a good individual costume for him after his New Mutants garb. The paint job is okay but none of the circles on his suit are a complete circle.

I also got my ZOOM & MANBAT figures from the DC. Both are fine but are the DC figures getting bigger. Is MANBAT supposed to be as big or bigger then SOLOMON GRUNDY. It is so sad that they deliberately made the DC figures so much bigger then the Marvel figures so you cannot put different characters together. SHAME on the DC size queens!!

Kal Brindle said...

Tino - those are not circles on Cannonball's costume but, C's they are not supposed to be closed.

BobDiamond said...

An excellent choice for 'controversial' inclusions. Many of those are in my Top 10 wants. Particularly Howard the Duck, Killraven, original White Tiger, Werewolf by Night and Phantom Rider.
I'd also have no problem with Agatha Harkness- they could easily make a striking and imposing figure from her.
I'd also add Baron Strucker and Arnim Zola, Yellow Claw, Immortus and The Grand Master to your list.
That little lot would make me one happy collector!


CGJ said...

Way back when, WAAAAYYY back, I remember seeing an Avengers roll call that consisted of head shots and showed characters membership status and....stuff.

Just wondering a) does anyone know where I can see it online and b) who is still missing?

Can only think of Starfox, Marrina and Doctor Druid off the top of my head

BobDiamond said...

CGJ, Hi!
I'm assuming you're talking about who in the Avengers is left to do in terms of figurines?
Quite a few really (if you include ALL the Avenger titles)...added to your list there is
Mantis (desperately needed!)
USAgent (Ditto)
Justice (Ho-Hum)
Sersi (Would like to have...)

And then the also-rans...
Silver Claw
Yellow jacket 2
Living Lightning
Jewel (?)
Ant-Man 3
The Protector (Noh-Varr)
Daken (Dark Wolverine)
Amadeus Cho

Probably a few I've forgotten there...

(BTW This doesn't even include Young Avengers or Avengers Academy!)


BobDiamond said...

PS...forgot Two-Gun Kid- he was an Avenger for a short while! (he'd be a cool figure).

Kal Brindle said...

Good list Bob, but you missed Magdalene, Starfox/Eros, Gilgamesh the Forgotten One, Thunderstrike, Firebird and Squirrel Girl.

Technically speaking you also missed all of the Great Lakes Avengers and classic Guardians of the Galaxy who are all card carrying Avengers too.

Charlie 27
Dinah Soar
Mister Immortal

Kal Brindle said...

and Big Bertha!

mgf said...

Kal said: "Have got to ask - although I know it's extremely unlikely, MGF how would you feel about Agatha Harkness joining the collection?"

Hi Kal, how's tricks? Long time and all that... I'd be very happy indeed. She has a history, and would make a striking figure. Ditto Clea.

Grey Gargoyle, Vance Astro or Whirlwind tomorrow please EM.

CGJ said...

Orange Gargoyle first, never mmind the Grey One

Tomorrows announcement will be.......Molecule Man

and Avengers roster was printed in the 80's, I remember it from a Mighty World of Marvel Summer Special or something similar

ted sallis said...

Tomorrow, i want Pythoned....yeaah baby!!

SinisterVenom said...

Great list Tino, the order you have chosen is almost exact to mine! You have good taste my dragon friend ;)
I'd like to see Hammerhead, Owl, Baron Mordo, Trapster or Whirlwind confirmed tomorrow. Hammerhead mainly though as we don't have a Spidey character confirmed in this extension yet.

ted sallis said...

Tomorrow ,i want Head,Hammerheid

John said...

Hammerhead. Agreed.

I want Hammerhead done with so Tombstone's poll results will shoot up.

Trapster too, please.

Tino, I also really want Scarecrow. Give him a pitchfork and a few ravens on him. :D I actually considered him as a competition choice... but then I've seriously considered about 20 different characters...

And just to throw this out there, that's my favorite of Cannonball's suits.

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