Friday, 15 July 2011

Marvel SUPER-VILLAIN Two-In-One!

Firstly, have only quickly browsed through the comments section from last week, so sorry if there aren't any questions answered this week! Thanks for all the input and I will hopefully get a chance to sift through with a fine-tooth comb.

The guys on the Forum have kindly run a costume poll for Moonstone and Moonstar and and here are the results...

Which costume do you want Moonstone made in?
Masters of Evil look
36% [ 53 ]
Original Thunderbolts look 4% [ 6 ]
00's Thunderbolt costume
4% [ 6 ]
Modern Thunderbolts look 56% [ 84 ]

"One of the interesting suggestions about this poll was doing Moonstone in her current costume but holding the helment of her original costume as this is a character that seems to be caught inbetween herself."

(I like the idea that she could be standing on her old helmet (battle-damaged/cracked) in a similar way to the DC Lobo figure - Dan).

Which Mirage/Moonstar costume choice would you like Dani to sport in the CMFC?
Her Original New Mutants Costume 11% [ 16 ]
Her graduation uniform 0% [ 0 ]
Her New Mutants early X-Force look 1% [ 1 ]
Her XLE look 13% [ 18 ]
Her X-Force rejoined costume 6% [ 8 ]
Her Academy X - New X-Men look 1% [ 2 ]
Her Young X-Men uniform 21% [ 30 ]
Her Dark Reign kick-ass Valkyrie look 6% [ 9 ]
Her modern X-Men "New Mutants" uniform 41% [ 59 ]

"With Danielle - having the bow and arrow seemed to be an overall consensus for the character."

(Yes I would love her to have the Bow, and I am happy to bow to the greater good of her new New Mutants look - Dan).

I'm actually very happy about the results, but I'll discuss with the EM team nearer the commissioning date on what actual costumes and poses the figurines will take.

Next up we have for your delictation a rather spiffing Swordsman (early rough stage sculpt).

As always there are changes afoot already with this chap - chiefly his sword and scabbard look a tad too long. I did want him running, but there are difficulties in going down that road so I think the stoic standing pose really works in this case.

Here are the latest stages in the covers production line...

First the Wizard stages from John McCrea:

I think the final colours look really groovy!

Final colours for Blackheart and Beetle:

Winners I'm sure you'll all agree!

Andy Tong's Karnak sketches in today...

We went for the super dynamic second one (showing what Karnak does best - hitting things very hard!)

For Puppet Master's cover I went with this Kirby classic re-coloured by the legendary Alan Craddock (see last pic):

And now because you demanded it - 2 of the greatest villains yet to be included in the CMFC....


The Owl:

Have a great weekend.


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Anonymous said...

Not two baddies I particularly care about. I would have rather seen Ghost and The Hood. But this should please a lot of people.

avenger guy said...

owl is in the greatest of all the villains and a villain of hellcat. Hammerhead a great villain too.Swordsman good and covers are excellent.

Robert said...

Hammerhead and Owl are going to be popular choices, I think. Thanks, Dan. (So much for my guess of the Jackal!)

Love the Puppet Master cover. Don't like the helmet on the Wizard cover at all, though.

Swordsman's looking good. Agree that the sword seems over-sized.

Hey, was that a mutie-free update or did I imagine it...? :)

Hiperion said...

Yeah! Hammerhead confirmed at last! Owl is a a welcome adittion, but I fear it reduces Baron Mordo's chances for this extension!! I hope not.

Very nice Swordsman, surprised to seeing him so soon!!

Thank you Dan for your detailed info about te covers.

Only six spots more by EM... I hope to see a certain duck as one of them.

Editor said...

It was a toss up between Hammerhead and the Jackal (I think Hammerhead was more popular on the polls so I put him through - plus I actually think he could make a rather nice sculpt!)

Wot no mutants?!

maybe next week ;) or maybe not!

kissynose said...

Not good not bad just blah

Jacadoo said...

Great idea about moonstone (foot on helmet), captures the character perfectly.

sorry not motivated by tge Beetle much preffered Mark IV battle suit.

The two baddies - I think will be towards the back of my display shelf.

But have to say where is Stingray - most peoples B or even C lister, but one of my favorites from my childhood!!

michal9402 said...

All the covers are excelent. Hammerhead is good idea and I'm really happy for Owl...finally! Swordman is ok but I still can't wait for Lady Sif.

Anonymous said...

"Hey, was that a mutie-free update or did I imagine it...? :)"

Nope! Sorry Robert. The Owl is a mutant.

Anonymous said...

Just pulling your leg. He's actually a mutate. But I made you look it up, didn't I. :D

mgf said...

Ahhh, and old school update. Wonderful stuff. More like this please.

Can't help thinking how magnificent a Karnak sculpt based on any of those cover sketches would have looked.

mighty_marvel said...

not going to get too excited over these two announcements i'm afraid.

so now we've got

cosmic: firelord
x-villain: sebastian shaw
x-men: longshot
x-men: mirage
avenger villain: moonstone
avenger: swordsman
spidey: hammerhead
knights villain: owl
asgard: hela
modern: wiccan

remaining slots guesses

cosmic: vance astro
F4: trapster
golden age: namora
knights hero: misty knight
avenger: USAgent
supernatural: brother voodoo

ted sallis said...

Hey, I got one right ,And you've pictured Hammerhead just as i had imagined him, Chicago typewriter at the ready.
Owl, is a bit hmmm fer me, never really thought much of him to be honest , Mind you DD has the worst villain's gallery of any hero, Leapfog,Jester,Angar etc,so i suppose the Owl's the best of a lame bunch.
Puppet Master cover is sweet.
Swordsman coming along nicely.
ta ta

Gremlin in the works said...

Wow, fast work on Swordsman. He is looking very good, just how I imagine him.

Two solid choices in Owl and Hammerhead. Personally neither are my cup of tea because I don't read the titles with them in but I have seen many people request them and they tend to do well in the polls so good choices.

Nice update.

Here is hoping next week we can tick off Vance Astro and another villain like Mordo, Constrictor or Count Nefaria.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Great update, Swordsman.
I'm happy with the poll results for Moonstone and Mirage...and yes, Wizard's cover looks awsome.
Nice villain confirmation.

But let me bug one more time: please, make this guy happy forever and confirm Sage next week!


Robert said...

I wasn't aware that Hammerhead was more popular than the Jackal. Has someone been running a campaign on here or the forum?

I have to completely agree with Ted about the Owl being super-mediocre. DD has a lame rogue's gallery and I'd add Stilt-Man, the Masked Marauder, Killgrave the Purple Man and the Matador to his list. There are loads more. Feel free to play at home!

I have no idea what the difference between a mutant and a mutate is, CBR Beast.

mighty_marvel said...

i believe a mutant is born a mutant like cyclops, but a mutate is born human and mutated by other means like spiderman

but if i'm wrong i'm sure beast will correct me

Paibok said...

Swordsman looks awesome, sword is a little long, but that can easily be sorted. Cannot wait to have him and Mockingbird flanking Hawkeye.

Beetle cover is cool, Blackhearts is great - be seing that in hand soon.

Hammerhead - it had to be him really probably the one last of the big Spiderman names. Pose him with two tommy guns, one upright.

Owl - A popular choice, I would prefer him in his classic guise. If he could have a pet owl included I wouldn't complain.

Two characters which should please not only myself but the older generation too.

For the remaining six - Trapster, Baron Mordo, Grey Gargoyle, US Agent, White Tiger and Paibok please.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Yeah Hammerhead is in, finally spidey character in this extension.
Owl is also good choice, hope we will see Jigsaw in this extension.

IMO the last 6 should be:
Grey Gargoyle
Vance Astro

Osvaldoeaf said...

I've already posted, but since everyone is listing their six remaining picks, here are mine:

Whatever other character
Whatever other character
Whatever other character
Whatever other character
Whatever other character

Yes, I'm campaigning hard for my ONE favorite.

buffduffdan said...

Yay, Hammerhead was the most deserving Spidey villain left IMO and I'm glad he's now confirmed :D The Owl is also extremely deserving and will slot in nicely with the other DD characters!

Swordsman is looking real nice. I can see why you'd want to shorten the sword a little but good work so far!!

Oh and nice covers too. Especially loving Beetle's :D

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Beetle's cover looks like Cell from Dragon Ball Z.

tinodragon14 said...

THE OWL is long overdue. Like the photos of both used to announce them & hope you use them for the figures design.
SWORDSMAN is coming along but I agree the scabbard looks a bit long.
Like the covers of THE WIZARD & THE BEETLE though I thought THE BEETLE'S clear wings would be out since he is flying?
Perfect choice for THE PUPPET MASTER cover but why change the colors??

tinodragon14 said...

Oh I actually liked the third drawing of KARNAK.
Next six:

navaho said...


Hammerhead and the Owl

very, very, happy

must drink beer and eat fish and chips to celebrate

thank you Dan

John said...

Hammerhead! Now Tombstone should move up in the polls. So, Dan, if there's another extension, should we assume Jackal would take the spot? I'm fine with that.

I'm a HUGE Spidey fan, absolute favorite title, and I'd say Hammerhead was far from "the last of the big names." Jackal, Tombstone, Jack O' Lantern, Boomerang, and The Spot, for starters.

As for the Owl...
"Mind you DD has the worst villain's gallery of any hero, Leapfog,Jester,Angar etc,so i suppose the Owl's the best of a lame bunch."

I would happily have taken Leap-Frog, Stilt-Man, Jester or Matador. But I've never liked the Owl. He's going to the back of the shelf. He's not a character I hate, I just don't care. But at least its another villain.

Dan, I'd like to see hints at the future announcements, like you did when you said a week would have 2 females announced. That adds a fun guessing game.

I'm going to echo a lot of other collectors for the remaining 6:

FF: Trapster
AF: Shaman
Golden Age: Namora
Supernatural: Brother Voodoo
Cosmic: GAMORA
Unsure of category: Speedball

USAgent and Stingray are great choices for Avengers. All of the above are sorely needed before the end of the collection, and I'd like them to round out some displays before we go further.

John said...

Actually, can we please have Howard the Duck next week?

jimbob said...


Two great villains!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,thank you!:-)

Robert said...

Thanks for the explanation, MM. I've seen the word used but I'm not sure how common the "mutate" term is when it comes to describing the likes of Spidey. I can remember when the Spider-Man comics used to carry the words "The non-mutant super-hero!" under the banner, but not the mutate term being used for him. Where's CBR Beast? This is the stuff he always knows.

ted sallis said...

Heck John, i would have been happy with Man-Bull...DC fans have the Blackest Night subseries, How about a limited series dedicated to Daredevils wonderfully lame rogue's gallery, 26 part collection with a few specials added for good measure
Daredevils Daftest Dunderheads
1 The Jester
2 Ramrod
3 Angar the Screamer
4 The Masked Marauder
5 Man-Bull
6 Leapfrog
7 Catman
8 Uri Geller
9 El Jaguar ( he wore fluffy oversized mitts ) you get the idea ;)

max_0888 said...

Thank you for the Owl, he was much needed to complete my Daredevil display. I'm really happy about this.

Hammerhead, on the other hand, isn't a character that I care about, will gladly add him to my spidey display. But now that he's confirmed, we can get the other vilains I want a lot mroe like Jackal, Kaine, Vermin, Jack O Lantern and Demogoblin.

I'm also really liking this original art for the covers of these Marvel characters. I sure hope Siryn, Mockingbird, Magik and Arachne will get the same treatment. Keep up the good job.

And bring on Misty Knight ;)

Deadpool said...

Two classic villians.
Even though they are not girlies they meet with my approval.

I suggest that Dante announces alternating girlies then guys.

Damn it Janet!!!

Well Robert I have a confession to make - regarding musical theatre.

Having played Franken-fhurter in the Rocky Horror Show, I am currently auditioning for a part in Glee.

I perform in musicals when I'm not otherwise engaged in destabilising foreign governments :0)

Deadpool said...

Mossmen keep up the good work.

I stand by my choices of : -

Horror - Werewolf by Night
Boobs - Satana

For next week.

I also support the Bloodstone and Sage causes.

Not Bloodstone must include Elsa as well as Usless.

Deadpool said...

Not should be NOTE

ooooh verificate word = Babes .... how very very coincidental.

The Hood said...

A great update this week, Hammerhead and The Owl are great characters, Swordsman is looking good too. The covers look great too especially Blackheart. Howard The Duck next week please.

ted sallis said...

Ooooh! there is a John Carter Warlord of Mars movie , coming oot in March released by Disney, Disney own Marble comics,,,so any chance of his inclusion??
Speaking of coming oot. DP if you are indeed a switch hitter, makes no difference your still, one of the finest people i have come accross. Open your wings and fly little butterfly. Oh DP, the actor who plays Carter is simply yummy.

ted sallis said...

DP as a modder par excellence,Wizards purple helmet....too big??.Is such a thing even possible????

Robert said...

Talking about movies, there's a huge banner poster for the Cap movie outside my local train station. Looks great, even allowing for the maskless Cap. I take it Bucky is taking the place of Nick as leader of the Howling Commandos...?

Another query: there was no Stan in X-Men: First Class (I think), is he in the Cap movie? Haven't seen anything about him appearing.

ted sallis said...

Dunno Robert , but Stan has nothing to do with Cap's creation,so i'd be surprised if he had a cameo.

Dan The Man said...

We haven't seen Lady Sif yet, the sculptor doing her (hur hur) is one of our guys who is slower than some, but his work is always of great quality, so we allow him the time he needs. we should be seeing her in the next few weeks (I hope!)

I'll look into the possibility of adding clear wings to Beetle cover art. Nice spot.

I thought Puppet Master needed a colouring update, Gives him extra modelling and depth.

Jackal will definately be considered if we get another 20!

Karnak cover - John and myself couldn't decide which to go for so we got Sven from DC, Rich and Gareth the IT man to help us make the decision. I think we made the right one, even though i also love the other one.

I would love to give a tip to who's coming up next week, but even i haven't decided yet - I like to mull it over and make the final choice (from a short list), just before I do the blog update! Plus their is a certain character that I need the MD to ok as he's quite controversial (?) if she gives me the ok, then I'll tell all next week.

Dan The Man said...

PS, not sure I can honour my original idea of covering certain MU areas, as things seem to have evolved slightly from my first update. I think we'll get most of them, but I may have to drop the Golden age category. Sorry to those who were expecting a GA character, as that area seems to be the least popular - maybe a poll for the most popular GA character can be done, and I'll definitely consider the winner for the next extension!

ted sallis said...

Controversial choice!!?? hell this far into the collection that could be anyone;)....most likely the Duck.....or Uri Geller.......or Ulysses???,

Anonymous said...

Wow. Good stuff. Where to start?

SWORDSMAN: the sculpt is already looking top notch. Great classic pose, excellent details. Totally love this.

COVERS: beautiful art, especially the Karnak sketches. Praise to the artist, there's amazing energy in his pencil work. The Karnak cover gives us one of the best Karnak pin-up images ever seen.

MOONSTONE: I bow to vox populi if modern look is preferred, but to include the old helmet is not only gimmicky and non-Marvel, is also a frustrating reminder of how great she would have looked in that guise. If the helmet is so great, she should wear it. Personally I do not care one iota about her dilemma over her various incarnations.

MIRAGE: glad to hear she can have her bow and arrow. The figurine would have been underwhelming without that, imo.

HAMMERHEAD: I do not like him, and I do not look forward to this figurine. Historically important and all that, yes, but utterly boring in my book. Soz! My least favorite figurine in the 181-200 extension so far.

OWL: he's got an iconic old-school Marvel design, with potential for becoming a stylish, hi-impact fig. Please render him in interesting pose, with great details and overall gravitas about him, or it may turn out to be a forgettable fig.

Robert said...

Good point, Ted. However Stan played such an important role in Cap's history that I thought he'd be included. Stan was the first writer to depict Cap throwing the shield (vol.1, ish #3, I think, in a text story) and he of course resurrected Cap in Avengers #4. Maybe there should have been a Joe Simon cameo instead...?

Also, glad the GA character is (probably) being dropped. Loads more deserving modern characters.

VERY curious who the "very controversial" character could be. I dread to think that it may be the duck or, even worse, the raccoon. Can't think of any other possibilities at the moment.

Ken said...

Hi Dan,

Just one question...why Owl? I looked him up and he doesn't seem like a very significant character. Can anyone please make a strong case for the Owl? Thank you in advance!


Anonymous said...

Moonstone's helmet.
Good idea or bad idea?

Personally I don't like the idea of a Moonstone fig in modern costume with her old helmet thrown in for good measure.

In creative terms, it's a good idea and I praise the inventiveness.
My objections to it are:

1) why should the Moonstone fig deserve a reference to her old costume more than all the other characters who also appeared in several costumes? Say, why not modern Drax standing on his old cape? Why not modern Psylocke
with an energy butterfly? And so on. Moonstone's dilemma about her previous incarnations is not deeper than the dilemma of other characters.

2) it is a bit gimmicky, and probably not based on actual Marvel history. Has she ever been seen in modern costume and mulling over her old helmet? Just curious if she has. Of course sculptors can be creative, but personally
I like it better when they refer to iconic Marvel archive images of characters.

3) the need for a compromise sends a mixed signal, as if we are unsure about the costume choice.
If the modern look is the preferred choice, why the need to incorporate an element of the old look? If the helmet is so great and important and iconic, she should be wearing it! If we compromise over Moonstone, we may encourage a tendency to compromise
over other characters. Personally I prefer EM to express assured, clear-cut editorial choices. Like, we think this costume is great and needs nothing else.

Just my personal view, is all. I offer it purely as food for thoughts. Mostly, as I am a bit of a design purist, I aim to get a Moonstone that is either 100% modern or 100% old costume.

LAWay said...

Nice update! :D

Two characters that are well known and should make fantastic figurines. Very happy with the choices.

I was sweating on the Moonstone poll, but glad her new costume won through. If the old classic costume won, it would have been a disaster. And please please dont add her helmet to the figurine. What a horrible, naff and cheesy idea! If it happened in the comic and it was an iconic image, then please, I am mistaken. But come on. Of all the characters who have changed costumes in a more dramatic sense, Moonstone is hardly fitting of reminding people of her past.

Just give us a sexy pose from her. Thats how she is in the comics.

tbh, aint too bothered by Mirage's look, but sounds good if you guys are including the bow.

Now...this looks bad. The sword blocks his face, and the pose looks awkward. Where is the character in it? The cocky arrogant pose of the picture that is always used to represent him? PLEASE MAKE A SCULPT OF THAT!!!!
Personally I wanted a thunderbolts version, but the artwork of the swordsman you shown in the last update best represents the character. Not this duff.

Come on guys!!! The artwork is flawed! I told you the anatomy issues and John hasnt even corrected them! I excused it because of the rough thumbnail, but this is a disaster! His torso needs alot more mass. He looks like he has a flat tiny body with giant arms and head. REDO!!!! Or do a cover job with text to hide it!

The inking and colours though are wonderful.

Decent black monster. Not much to say really.

Andie Tong is the man. Totally adds a fresh new look on the covers, so please get him to do more. You were right with the Karnak sketch, number 2 definitely more dynamic and just a gorgeous sketch. If you ever need more eyes on them to decide which to go for, feel free to ask. ;)

Nice classic cover. Prefer the none digital shading look myself. The simplicity of the character is complimented by the simple block colours. The shading makes it look messy.

Also, nice to hear golden age characters are now written off. Not really fussed on the ones remaining, and the Destroyer was the worst figurine ever to grace the collection with the unnecessary corpse.

Anyway, nice update. Just watch out for those trap doors fellas. Things could be brilliant, but certain areas have slipped.

LAWay said...

lol oh look, I agreed with KE. He put it exactly.


Moonstone isn't special enough to warrant such a reference. You havent done it before, why start now?

LarryS said...

We are now half way through the 181-200 character announcements.


Is it too soon to start lobbying for confirmation of the 201-220 extension?

Put me down for one Vote In Favour!!

kissynose said...

Even the owl gets in before Power Pack WOW!

I respect everyone's choices but there are some requests I don't understand. Guess it's the same way others think about my wants.

Anonymous said...

Controversial choices?

Most likely Howard the Duck. Seems to divide people more than any other character. Though I could see it being Squirrel Girl also.

The7thCynic said...

Wow, to object abt possibly getting Moonstone in her classic outfit is one thing, but to cry and adding a helmet? Geez Louise, talk abt ridiculous. And the rationalization - just as silly.

1) Why not? Because no one thought of it before means it shouldnt be done? Maybe had the other ideas have been pitched at the time they would have ran with them too? I wouldnt have had any objection.

2) Im not sure where the gimmick is really? I would say its more of a tribute. Not to mention you can argue that "sexy pose" is just as gimmicky, if not moreso. "Sexy pose' - talk abt eye roll. you can still have your "sexy pose" with her foot on the helmet?

And in regards to it not based on actual Marvel history - more ridiculousness. Its not like youre making up history. Thats the new costume and on the floor is a piece of the old costume. Could that scene have happened in her bedroom somewhere?

3) Mixed signal? Its not a dating game. Its a compromise and a nod to the classic. Whats wrong with that? And if it encourages more of the same - who cares? That was a heated debate and it only cooled down once people compromised to this idea.

You ask why do it but the real question is why bother to object?

LAWay said...

Nice to have a new voice from the Cynic. I would have thought I would usually go by that name. lol

Alot of people wont know Moonstone's classic costume with helmet. It would look odd to them.

Whats the point adding it when its not needed? It could ruin the figurine, and thats reason enough to object. Because of the fallen soldier on the Destroyer special, the pose and sculpt were horrid, and the positioning of the character on the base wasteful. Such a large unnecessary base because of a poor decision. Adding something to Moonstone that doesnt need to be added could result in just an ugly pose.

You wouldnt do it the other way around adding a piece of the new costume to the old costume.

No other character, who have had ALOT better older costumes, more MEANINGFUL older costumes, never needed their inclusion. Moonstone doesnt either.

Hardly any...if any character has a prop. Characters have weapons, but not a prop.

Its stupid. Does she carry the helmet around with her all the time? No. This sculpt is a representive of her character. Showing the helmet signifies that its important, when it hasnt been seen in decades, and Moonstone doesnt even give it a second thought.

The character is a bigger success in her modern look compared to her past. Marvel changed her big time because it didnt work. Dont need reminding of it in a bad figurine.

There are PLENTY of reasons NOT to include the helmet. The only reason you can come up with to keep it is think its silly to object to such a thing?

Why bother to object. BECAUSE WE CARE!!!

(i noticed i have done alot of caps recently, like i have only just discovered the button. i apologise, but it is easier to highlight certain things if the EM guys just skim our posts.)

LAWay said...

So the game is to list controversial (?) make characters.

Could be the Duck. Couldnt get more controversial.

Could be a civilian.

Could be a clone.

Could be an Ultimate version of a character.

(ps what does he mean by MD?)

tinodragon14 said...

DAN the MAN I to ask that you folks at EM please extend this great collection. Whatever complaints you may get from me it is only because want the best for this collection but I am a loyal collector & have collected every figure whether the character is a favorite or not because I want it to continue.
Regarding KARNAK I think the third drawing is the most dynamic & he is in motion with his karate chop hand out there smashing. The second drawing would be my second choice but karate chop kudos to the artist.
Regarding THE PUPPET MASTER cover I don't think the color changes to his clothes are necessary especially the jacket which looks much better lighter.
Regarding MOONSTONE I don't care for the modern & to me generic costume but if you are going to follow that vote then modern it is. As for the I like the idea of the helmet still being in the figure since the original costume was the second choice in the vote but I strongly suspect the modern costume folks will hate it. You might try a preliminary sketch to show want it would look like before the modernists boo you off the page.
As for the complaint about the SWORDSMAN you cannot have the SWORDSMAN without his sword being out perhaps if you angle the sword differently so it is not crossing his face. After all you guys at EM did such a great job with TASKMASTER I'm sure you will do right by the SWORDSMAN.
You want controversy pick STEGRON THE DINOSAUR MAN & you will really hit the fan.

I'm still pulling for
WHIRLWIND's time like the OWL's is now.
And poor NAMOR has been ignored for too long. Pay SUBBY some attention & give him his ATTUMA!

John said...

Karnak Cover:
Shows how different everyone's tastes are. I liked the first Karnak cover the best, and no one else has mentioned it. ;)

Golden Age:
I'm actually pretty saddened by the loss of the Golden Age spot, especially when we only get 1 Spider-Man spot and 5-6 X-Men spots. If we were really going based on deserving characters, we'd have more from Spidey and Avengers, like how the X-Men have so many, and Owl would take a backseat. I'm always more in favor of pushing for the diversity of the collection, even before the highly deserving (as long as we have the extensions to make up for it...)

Marvel wouldn't be what it is today without its past. The compromise I would go for is to use Golden and Silver Age characters who still operate today. Namor is STILL by himself, but throw in Namora and you cover an Atlantean, a 50's character, a Hulk ally, An Agent of Atlas, even an Avenger (due to Avengers 1959.) Angel, Human Torch, Two-Gun Kid, all are insanely important to what Marvel has become.

Basically, I say roll them out... though I do understand the other side as well.

Dan, apparently Jackal is making a comeback soon in a high profile story (Spider-Island.) If you announce him now, he'd release after the story concludes, but should still be fresh in the minds of modern readers. Increased sales... you know you want it...

I am 100% for the modern Moonstone costume, and think that adding the helmet is a brilliant compromise. So long as its NOT on her face, I'm fine with it.

Controversial Character:
Dan did say "He" so its not Spider-Girl or someone like that.
I honestly don't know what makes a character controversial. Does he mean that people opinions are split on whether he should be in or not, or is it a licensing issue (Marvel Man.)

Between the big names that are usually thrown around, I'd REALLY like Howard the Duck, Beyonder and Spidey 2099. Mostly the first 2, but all 3 really...

BobDiamond said...

I think having Moonstone holding or resting her foot on her old helmet would be a great idea.It would give what could be a so-so figurine a bit of real character and panache.

Over on the DC collection we've had Bane holding Batman's cape and and Doomsday doing the same with Supes's. Most of the Green Lanterns are holding their lanterns etc. These additions have only enhanced the overall sculpt in my opinion.

We should have more faith in the EM guys, they usually make excellent designs, and it's not something they go into lightly.


LarryS said...

Dan -

Let me give you some confidential advice on upward man-management.

If you have to get the boss' approval for a controversial choice ... you shouldn't be waiting until the next update.

The perfect time was last week, at the EM summer party, when the boss was slumped in the corner, three sheets to the wind, singing the Allelujah chorus.

That's the time I always choose to request a pay rise, which is increasingly vital to pay for comic books, Bowen statues ... and, of course, the immortal CMFC!

Bagman said...

I think MD stands for MANAGING DIRECTOR.

At least i managed to guess one right this week (Hammerhead).

Next week's controversial character
would have to be H.T.D., as was said a very divisive character.
Would be fine if it's Rocket Racoon as that's another Guardian in.(somehow i don't think it's the Racoon but).
And Dan any time your ready announce Vance Astro.

John said...

Sorry this is a bit long, but someone posted this on the forum about HtD and I thought it was great:

ocareyinfluence: "Howard the Duck does look like Donald Duck because he is supposed to. He is something of a grown up satire of the anamorphic characters. Disney even threatened to sue Marvel because he was too similar. Its the same way you can make a comparison from Roger Rabbit to Bugs Bunny.

But love or hate him he is 100% integrated into the main Marvel continuity. And that is saying something considering every time we get a new story it seems they are ret-conning something out of existence.
I would argue that he deserves the spot more than the other duck looking guy that did make the collection, Nighthawk. There both satires of another companies character who showed in the main Marvel U and only one of them is SUPPOSED to look like a duck.

Howard is a truly unique character that has carved his own nitch into pop-culture.
And for every person that doesn't want him I would bet there are people that would take him that don't get any other figure in the collection. Cult characters like Howard have fans that will seek out his memorabilia because it is so scarce. I work in a comic shop and I bet I could sell 10 Howards before I move 1 Nighthawk, Valkyrie or Morbius. And not because those are bad characters but because they are relatively unknown and the casual collector is not as interested in them.

We don't need characters like Howard just because he represents just how unique the Marvel Universe is, but because he keeps the collection strong and selling. Which means the collection keeps going.
Nobody is saying flood the collection with anamorphic cartoon characters. As far as I can tell there are only 2 that are being sought after. Howard and Rocket Raccoon. And the people who want Rocket want him paired up with a talking tree!!
The Marvel universe is a very strange and odd place to live. We have a big fat guy with Blob, a disco singer with Dazzler, the Son of Satan, a big headed midget baby with the Watcher, a green bannana with Impossible Man, Michael Jackson with Morbius and Cable is a jerk. I really hate Cable.

Nobody's collection is going to be sullied with Howard added to it, or if he is where you draw the line just don't buy him. If your a completest buy him to keep supporting the collection and shove him behind Blob so it looks like he's being farted on where nobody will see him. If your going to quit buying to whole collection because of one character, well that's just being silly and kind of snobby honestly. Nobody get's 100% of what they want.

Now we just need to determine if Howard is a civilian to see if he is even eligible."

BobDiamond said...

I couldn't agree with you more.
Howard is the last of the truly legendary characters from the MU, and rightly deserves his place.


ted sallis said...

Heh,nice quote from that Ocarinaof time fella.
Only a handful of mildly"contoversial" characters HTD is the standout
mibbe, Ross or Aunt May??
or Spidey 2099
The Beyonder?????
Rocket Rat/Possum..thingy??
White Tiger.....hemale/shemale????
the most controversial of all wouls be an Elsa/Ulysses doublepack........i'll just let the wild cheering die down.......Bring on the Duck

tinodragon14 said...

Regarding Howard the Duck I have said before it was Marvel's adult twist on Disney's Donald & Warner's Daffy. I have little knowledge of Howard but he seems to draw as many nays as yeas. He is a little guy so if they do the rascal correctly in size continuity like the other regular figures he will be like PUCK so what say we put him in a two pack like PUCK was with SASSY. HOWARD the DUCK & STEGRON the DINOSAUR MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert said...

"But love or hate him he is 100% integrated into the main Marvel continuity."

Not sure about that at all. I'm no expert, but apart from an appearance in Marvel Team-Up (#96?), a Defenders team-up (Treasury only?), an appearance or two in Man-Thing, I think, one in Ghost Rider, a couple of very fleeting background appearances and that's about it for him. Hardly qualifies as "fully integrated" in my book. He would have to make appearances across a wide range of core titles for that to be the case. In actual fact, you could easily read comicbooks over a long time and not meet him unless you bought his own comic. So that justification for having him collapses.

That said, we're probably going to get him, as there seem to be enough fans to make him sell. I can't believe I'm saying this but maybe we should just accept it and get it over with. The week that Howard comes out I'll be using my CMFC money to buy a back issue.

John said...

Robert, he also just recently teamed up with Spidey, he's pretty much the star of the Fearsome Four (running right now,) played a major role in Marvel Zombies, teamed with Franklin Richards right after the Onslaught thing (mini called, I think, Daydreamers. Great read.) So there's your current and diverse appearances.

Let's not forget, it sucked, but he had a freakin' movie. First theatrical Marvel movie. He's got the fan recognition.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

No Golden Age character in this extension is very good idea. It's too early for them, there are much more deserving characters to be before.
Jackal in next extension? That sounds like we will have only one spidey character in this extension? It's not enough. We want Tombstone.
Controversial character? Duck is very high in poll.
If this is civilian, maybe Ross, because I don't remember when we had Hulk connected character last time.
If this is clone, I would go with Doppelganger, a chance for nice sculpt.
Also White Tiger or Beyonder would be good choice.

And one more thing, CMFC can't be finished before #300. Confirm 201-220 extension!

John said...

"In actual fact, you could easily read comicbooks over a long time and not meet him unless you bought his own comic."

I think that's why I'm so opposed to characters like Tarantula, White Tiger and Owl. I've read comics since for 16 years now and never ran into them once. Yet, these are Must Haves for many collectors.

If Owl is a classic and worthy character, then so is the duck.

tinodragon14 said...

Someone asked about the THE OWL aka Leland Owlsley is Marvel's answer to THE PENGUIN. A brilliant & successful financier & investor known as "The Owl of Wall Street" who would become a formidable crime lord first appeared in DD in 1964. He has primarily battled DD but also Spidey & Black Widow & Black Cat. He has also battled with other villains like THE KINGPIN, DOC OCK & HAMMERHEAD for control of the criminal underworld. Despite his own serum enhanced powers like flight & acute vision & hearing along with his steel talons attached to each forearm & specially designed cape he generally employs other villains to due his dirty work. THE OWL is a very clever criminal & deadly adversary & a most worthy addition to this Marvel Collection.

Robert said...

Okay, John, I'll concede there are a number of appearances I didn't know about and he's more deserving than I thought. But to paraphrase your own later comment, I've been reading comics for 35 years and in all that time I have encountered Howard ONCE. In MTU #96. And MTU was hardly tied in to main Marvel continuity.

I was actually thinking about the argument about a character being integrated into the MU and on that level I could easily construct an argument putting the Recorder ahead of Howard. The Recorder has been in core titles like Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Uncanny X-Men. A claim that Howard cannot make. So, if I start campaigning for the recorder, I don't want to hear any negativity from the pro-HtD camp! :)

Robert said...

John, when I was a kid, the Owl was generally accepted as DD's main villain. (There was no Bullseye at that time and Kingpin was still a Spidey villain.) Stan always loved 'mastermind' criminals and DD had two, the Owl and the Masked Marauder. The latter was really lame, basically a guy in big goggles and a cape armed with a gun that blinded people. The Owl could glide and later got 'powers', so he was less lame, I guess. To be honest, he wasn't really all that memorable even back then. Not Stan's finest hour.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

IMO Howard the Duck deserves to be in more than characters like Thor, Odyn, Hercules or Ares. Those are characters from Nordic and Greece mythology, HtD was created by Marvel.

Robert said...

And let's get rid of Spider-Man, too. He's just a copy of spiders.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

He isn't copy of spiders, he's SpiderMAN, first hero created by Marvel. Thor, Loki, Zeus,... are taken from Nordic and Greece books, they weren't created by Marvel writers. Howard the Duck was created by Marvel writers, this character really deserves to be in, even if I'm not interested in buying him.

Robert said...

You're missing my point. All characters are based on someone or something. Thor is loosely based on legends, Hulk is loosely based on Frankenstein's Monster and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr-Hyde", HtD is loosely based on Donald Duck, characters with powers are often loosely based on the abilities/ attributes of animals/ fish/ birds/ insects/ arachnids/ etc. They're all creative reinterpretations of SOMETHING.

tinodragon14 said...

THOR, ODIN with an I, HERCULES & ARES may have their own backgrounds in other cultures & folklore but these characters are uniquely MARVELIZED & hold their deserved place in the Marvel U just like Mr. Howard T. Duck.

John said...

"But to paraphrase your own later comment, I've been reading comics for 35 years and in all that time I have encountered Howard ONCE. In MTU #96."

Now, see, this argument makes perfect sense to me.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Spiderman, Hulk, Howard the Duck are based on something and created by Marvel, Thor, Loki, Herucles are just taken from other books. There isn't Spiderman and Hulk in someone's mythology, Thor is god of thunder, character just taken like that from Nordic book.

The Hood said...

I really hope that the contriversial character will be Howard The Duck, he should have been in the first 100 of this collection already.

And there was no cameo from Stan Lee in X-Men: First Class, apparently he was never asked to appear, but I do believe that he will make an appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger.



ted sallis said...

The clues are all there
It's science.

BobDiamond said...

"No Golden Age character in this extension is very good idea. It's too early for them, there are much more deserving characters to be before."

Sorry, but how can it be TOO EARLY for Golden Age characters??!
They're the ones that started it all, and made Marvel great in the first place.
I said earlier that HtD was the last of the truly legendary MU characters to be made, but there is of course one more- perhaps EVEN MORE deserving , and that is THE ORIGINAL HUMAN TORCH!
He really did start it all- he's on the cover of Marvel Comics #1 1939- and was a MASSIVELY successful Golden Age character right up into the 50s. He's then gone onto being an established character since then, with appearances in FF, Avengers, H4H, (Old)Invaders (New) Invaders...etc.
They could easily make him different from the FF version, especially now that the sculptors are being more experimental than at the beginning of the collection.
AND anyway, the DC line has umpteen versions of characters with the same name (5/6 Green Lanterns so far, alone!!!), so it wouldn't hurt the Marvel collection to include at least one 'Legacy' character.
(Actually, I just realised that the Marvel Collection will have THREE Captain Marvels eventually- but my point still stands!! :) )


Hiperion said...

Obviously, I hope the "controversial character" is Howard.

Aside of the New Warriors he's my most wanted character right now. Some issues from his original solo series by Gerber & Colan/Buscema are one of the gems of my collection.

Can't wait for next Friday.

Robert said...

"Thor, Loki, Herucles are just taken from other books."

The very basic name and concept, yes, but that's it. In no history book will you find a blond thunder god who taps his hammer on the ground to change into a human and who pals around with Robin Hood, Genghis Khan and Falstaff. Stan took a few ideas and developed them way beyond the original material. Comparing the mythologial Thor with comicbook Thor is like saying a pile of bricks is the same as a house.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Saying too early, I mean there are more than 50 characters in regular poll who are higher on list than any Golden Age character. Confirm most wanted characters than we can add some Golden Age heroes since 201-220 extension.

LAWay said...

Firstly, think this has been a fantastic discussion.

tomaz comment is silly for justifying the duck and belittling marvel characters based off greek and norse mythology, seemingly saying howard the duck is more important to marvel than Thor. A disney parody character. Makes no sense at all.

The Duck deserves to be in because he does have history, he does have the comic appearances. I cant deny that, as much as I would like to.

I would argue that he plays an integral role in marvel. He doesnt really interact that much with other characters, and his own comics repeatedly got cancelled. His movie was panned. The only time I came across Howard were through negative jokes from fans and forums and he appeared during House of M or Civil War in a mini-series based around a journalist who talked to him briefly. And even then that was as a joke. Marvel Zombies, an alternate reality doesn't count on his importance, it's all cannon. Otherwise you can argue having zombie versions of characters, or, saying that the ultimate versions of characters are now justified to appear.

I'll just say he has history, but if he were to appear, give him his trenchcoat look as opposed to his straight up donald duck look. I dont understand why people like him, but they do.

What I wonder when Dan mentioned controversial (?) ...the question mark. Surely HtD is widely controversial, especially on this blog. It bares no question. Although approval would be needed because he would be a risk, and could be certain restrictions on what they can do because of disney.

Or perhaps the character is controversial because of a comic storyline that didnt go down too well.

Most signs point to the Duck, but something about that statement made me think it could be someone else.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

It's still Thor - god of thunder.
Make a hero Thunderman not connected with gods and it will be ok. Bringing gods from mythologies was very stupid idea.

ted sallis said...

Yeah Stan ya eejit! You should have called him Thunderpants!!

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

I have big respect for Stan, just saying that was one of worst of Marvel ideas.

BobDiamond said...

Bringing Thor and the Norse Gods into the 'modern' comic-book world of the early 1960s was one of THE most major and influential moments of the Silver Age.
Jack's and Stan's vision totally revolutionised the standard mythical take on these heroes by engulfing traditional myths and legends into a super-scientific concept.
This was/is the stuff of genius in this genre, and has been emulated by other comics, films, books, TV etc. ever since.
When one thinks 'Marvel', I believe it is the glorious and majestic images of Jack Kirby's gods and the Asgardian setting, that are some of the first things to spring to mind.

'a stupid idea'???
I wish I had such stupid ideas.


Robert said...

"'a stupid idea'???
I wish I had such stupid ideas."

Hear, hear. If it's such a stupid idea then why have Thor stories been continuously published for nearly fifty years, there's been countless examples of toys and other merchandise based on the character and he's just had a multi-million dollar film out? Stan's reimagining of Thor is up there with other famously bad ideas like Harry Potter and James Bond.

Robert said...

Leigh, you made an interesting observation about the question mark after the use of "controversial". I hadn't noticed it until you pointed it out but perhaps it's because Dan was criticised for calling the Beyonder a Marmite character and he was just covering himself...? That's just a wild guesson my part, of course. Whatever the explanation, it's curious.

kissynose said...

I don't think it will be Howard the Duck. He will get put through in the poll choices. It probably will be the Beyonder. But just put that damn duck through I'm tired of hearing about him.

As for Moonstone love they helmet idea. Shows some artist flair.

I want to know how everyone can say some of these minimal characters are more important then Power Pack. They were in just about every book during their run. And still continue to generate books to this day. Just because you may not like them doesn't mean they are not worthy. If I use the previous argument that Howard will sell because there are few representations of him so will Power Pack.

I think the editors have to think globally. The forums realistically represent minor part of the collectors world wide. Even 1000 forum members is truly small to the whole fanbase. Otherwise this collection would not have lasted this long.

max_0888 said...

I love the idea of Moonstone's old helmet being included somehow. It would make one very interesting figurine...a lot more than just being "sexy"...imo

Someone said why Moonstone? Why her having such a special nod? Well, just because it would look awesome. And it would make Moonstone's figurine a bit more special. I say bring it on. We are getting to 200 figurines, i'm all for original pose. Just look at Gorgon. Why would he get a special cracked base? Well, it made the figurine a bit more special and love it a lot more for it. Nobody complain about Gorgon not being special enough to deserve that...

ted sallis said...

The forum and this blog only represent a tiny minority of self interests. I know for a fact that 5000 subscribers want Bloodstone and they are getting flipping sick of waiting.
I hope it is Beyonder just to see Travis's coupon

Anonymous said...

First of all, opinions are opinions and there's no reason to use the word 'silly' to discredit them. I don't think our arguments against the helmet are silly. I don't think the helmet idea is silly either. It's an ok creative idea, but it's not like we invented the wheel here, and it's not like EM artists are short of ideas. Plenty of similar creative ideas and references to the character's history can and could have been used with every single character. Say, Destiny holding her famous book. I'd like to think that EM don't use gimmicks because they feel the original designs don't need any, not because they are short of ideas.

It seems to me that the sudden urgency to be 'creative' with Moonstone betrays a lack of conviction that her modern costume is the right choice, that it alone would make an interesting fig. If we do go for the modern costume, all we need is for the artist to capture its sense of danger and hightened sensuality. Adding this psychological dilemma about her past incarnations is totally gratuitous.

It's never about adding as many gimmicks as possible to make the coolest possible figurine. This could be done all the time. It's about achieving the best representation of the character in the chosen costume. I don't like Moonstone's modern costume, but if EM go for that, all I want is the best rendition of that costume, pure and incontaminated, one that really shows me why it's so great and cool that it was chosen over her other costumes.

Deadpool said...

Well said my friendly neighbourhood, Man Thang.

Bring on the Bloodstones.
Make Elsa have a revealing shirt on that reveals here heaving bsom.

Let the Mossmen atone for the hideous creations they tried to pass off as women.

My verification word is DINGOS ... which once again is spookily appropriate.

Remember - you can't go wrong with cleavage.

Victor said...

"It seems to me that the sudden urgency to be 'creative' with Moonstone betrays a lack of conviction that her modern costume is the right choice, that it alone would make an interesting fig. If we do go for the modern costume, all we need is for the artist to capture its sense of danger and hightened sensuality. Adding this psychological dilemma about her past incarnations is totally gratuitous.

It's never about adding as many gimmicks as possible to make the coolest possible figurine. This could be done all the time. It's about achieving the best representation of the character in the chosen costume. I don't like Moonstone's modern costume, but if EM go for that, all I want is the best rendition of that costume, pure and incontaminated, one that really shows me why it's so great and cool that it was chosen over her other costumes."

ted sallis said...

Kurly Pies those were 151 of the most bestest ,beautifullist words i've ever eard about 2 inches of pleasure.
If anyone is going to be shown admiring there helmet it should be Giant Man...

Robert said...

I would have bought an original Moonstone, not gonna bother with the modern version as it means nothing to me. The inclusion of the helmet is just an attempt at a compromise, and you know what they say about compromises satisfying nobody.

Robert said...

TWO large banner posters of Cap now near my local train station. Looking good!

However, it wouldn't be Marvel without some bizarre merchandising: Diesel have brought out a limited edition "Only The Brave Captain America Eau de Toilette" fragrance for men. No, I'm not making this up.

CGJ said...

Think the Golden Age characters are getting passed over because there is not much of a campaign going for them.

It seems that EM are getting evermore reliant on the blog and forum to test character popularity when choosing their figs for this extension.

Would Swordsman, Hammerhead and the Owl have made it in to this collection without the blog and forum?

Who was the last character to get included that came completely out of the EM drawer with no campaigning or mentions on here?

The lunatics are taking over the asylum.

LAWay said...

KE - totally agree with you again, except I do like the new costume. Its like EM want to make things more interesting, and in doing so, could change the collection completely. More people will want more gimmicks and props to represent a character. More 'cool' ideas will be included to characters, and instead of having a fantastic line-up of characters, we will have mini statues trying to do something that is out of place the rest of the collection.

Its like saying these characters are not interesting enough to do on their own.

Kissy, power pack deserve to be just as much if not more so and some of the characters mentioned. I aint denying it. Could be the controversial (?) choice they mentioned. A 4 pack or something. Who knows.

Robert, its unfair saying you 'aint gonna bother' with a character just because it doesnt wear a costume you agree with. Would you not take out your wife if she wore something you didnt like? Yeh, extreme example I know.
But you yourself have petitioned particular looks of characters, which potentially have disappointed others, but people still buy them. The costume may not be what you agree with, but the character underneath is the same. It is very petty and flaky basing your collection on what costumes characters are wearing.

How can EM cope with collectors who seem to want a character one minute, then u-turn because the costume is not what they want? Show disappointment, sure, but not childish pettiness of 'im not buying it coz it doesnt wear my fav costume'.

I know I throw my toys out the pram on many occasion, but I do so trying to fight and steer the collection forward with changes. I never say I wont buy anything though.

LAWay said...

KE - totally agree with you again, except I do like the new costume. Its like EM want to make things more interesting, and in doing so, could change the collection completely. More people will want more gimmicks and props to represent a character. More 'cool' ideas will be included to characters, and instead of having a fantastic line-up of characters, we will have mini statues trying to do something that is out of place the rest of the collection.

Its like saying these characters are not interesting enough to do on their own.

Kissy, power pack deserve to be just as much if not more so and some of the characters mentioned. I aint denying it. Could be the controversial (?) choice they mentioned. A 4 pack or something. Who knows.

Robert, its unfair saying you 'aint gonna bother' with a character just because it doesnt wear a costume you agree with. Would you not take out your wife if she wore something you didnt like? Yeh, extreme example I know.
But you yourself have petitioned particular looks of characters, which potentially have disappointed others, but people still buy them. The costume may not be what you agree with, but the character underneath is the same. It is very petty and flaky basing your collection on what costumes characters are wearing.

How can EM cope with collectors who seem to want a character one minute, then u-turn because the costume is not what they want? Show disappointment, sure, but not childish pettiness of 'im not buying it coz it doesnt wear my fav costume'.

I know I throw my toys out the pram on many occasion, but I do so trying to fight and steer the collection forward with changes. I never say I wont buy anything though.

Robert said...

Leigh, I have never read any stories with Moonstone in her modern costume. She may as well be a DC character in that respect as her modern look means nothing to me. I read stories with her in her original costume and that's what I recognise (and prefer). I had a pretty good idea that the modern look would be picked, so I didn't complain. I just expressed my democratic right to choose what I want to buy. Like I choose what comicbooks to buy or not to buy. That's not childish, petty or flaky. I understand your point of view, that you buy characters you don't like - which seems to be 99.9 per cent of the collection from your endless moaning - to support the CMFC. I prefer not to support characters I don't care for or know. Used to do it with comicbooks, too, and voted with my feet when an artist I didn't like came on board. Maybe that makes me a fair-weather collector rather than a completist. Don't care what label you give it. I'm totally comfortable with my collecting habits.

ted sallis said...

Ay chihuaha!,Howard thee Dock he don need no steenking geemmeex.
Although think os a beautiful little Dioramma featuring a bed, Buxom Beverley and Howard,...
Ach!, but as someone stated, it's highly likely that HTD will be put through by the forum ( i'm all fer that) let's have Killraven as the big Ooooooh!! reveal this coming Friday,He would make a fantastic fig.

Robert said...

Ah, Ted, you've been reading some old Sam Slade and a certain Carlos Sanchez Robo-Stogie...

They are collecting the old Blackhawk stories and releasing them mid November. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

This controversial character...
could it be Killraven?

He's totally from a parallel dimension/alternate future of the Marvel Universe. According to Wikipedia 'the series featured the first interracial kiss in American
color comic books', which was quite controversial at the time.

I would love a Killraven figurine.
It would be awesome.

Hiperion said...

To be honest, I wouldn't expect Howard to make it in by forum poll.

Last time he was 11th in the ranking. If characters like Wolfsbane, Shaman, Deathbird, Silver Samurai or Gamora don't get slots by EM, they will be for sure the chosen. Maybe Howard could make his way to 6th or 7th position.

That's my point of view. I prefer him to be confirmed soon than let it depending of the poll.

Hiperion said...

And Killraven would be a sweet addition. Great design and representative of the 70s Marvel.

SinisterVenom said...

YES YES YES!!!!!!!
Two of my top choices I've wanted for a long time! AHH I'm so happy :)


Calmed down slightly now. But yeah seriously, Hammerhead and Owl are well deserved choices for the collection so thank you for putting them in guys :D
Swordsman looks terrific, happy to see a peak of him already! Will look great in colour. Sure hope the sculptor making Sif is nearly finished, she's high on my sneak peak list at the moment.
I can just about accept the Wizard's cover, it's not perfect but I can live with it. Blackheart looks great and Beetle looks terrific. Bring em on!
I agree with Tino and think Whirlwind should hopefully make an appearance soon. He's a good choice for avengers villain. I would also like to see Baron Mordo soon, poor Dr. Strange has been lacking in villains and I think it's about time he got one, same story for Punisher, give us Jigsaw!

And finally...


So Sauron finally arrived yesterday. I actually really like him, I know a lot of people are unhappy with how crouched he is but it's no biggy for me, I'm just happy to finally have him.
Also yesterday I picked up the Wrecker. He looks better upfront in my opinion. The crowbar is a little bigger than I thought it would be but it doesn't excuse the fact it's still a good figurine.
Songbird next, looking good from what I see!

ACMILAN said...

For the remaining ten:

ted sallis said...

"Ah,Ted you've been reading..."
Er??.nope, i've drinking tequila and watching Ren & Stimpy.
Wickerman festival next weekend, i'm sure i'll see you all there. night night, ma wee sugar lumps

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

After confirming 10 characters, this is actual TOP 20 from 181-200 poll at SHFF:
51 Wolfsbane
47 Silver Samurai
45 Shaman
38 Gamora
36 Deathbird
34 Howard the Duck
34 Sage
34 Stingray
30 Grey Gargoyle
29 Selene
28 Sunspot
28 US Agent
28 Warlock
26 Baron Mordo
26 Whirlwind
25 Crossbones
25 Vance Astro
23 Thundra
22 White Tiger
21 Pixie

jimbob said...

Howard The Duck needs to be confirmed in this extension.

EM needs to show who's BOSS!!;-)

LAWay said...

ME-OW. Robert, you said you would buy the character in the old costume. I took it that you liked the character, and thats why i was confused that you wouldnt buy her just because she was in a different costume.

For the record I probably moan around 30-40% of the collection. Had I known of the blog since the beginning I would have been singing the praises like a happy disney character.

While I moan about characters, I give a chance for EM to change my mind with a good sculpt. I have put my hands up when they have proved me wrong and impressed me. But when they havent I let them and everyone know.

I still buy them all though.

LAWay said...

One of Marvel's most 'controversial' storylines?

The spider-man clone saga? Although Dan said the Jackal would be in the next 20 if we get another extension. Since he would be the main character NOT done from this storyline, think we can scratch that.

Death of Gwen Stacy? Are you ready for another civilian, and would it be her? A Gwen and MJ two pack? (calm down DP).

Death of Captain America? New Cap movie coming out? Will we see a 'Bucky' Captain America, or possibly, a movie version? Seems rather too late to release that with the film out so soon.

The first character from an Ultimate universe? Unlikely, a lot of people have been clear not wanting it.

Hulkling? Wiccan was just announced, and Northstar already announced, so another gay character would be hardly a controversial inclusion.

No matter what I think, I can think of a reason not to include them.

Then we come to the Duck. Why wouldnt he be controversial? Possibly because alot of people seem to want him. Other than that, I think all signs still are poining at him.

Travis said...

A bit bummed that the golden age characters are not going to get a representative this extension, but it is nice to see some old school villains making the extension.

I still think a golden age Angel might do well since the Marvel Projects mini series seemed to be popular. He has a great look, and he was in Marvel Comics #1. He more than deserves a spot.

tinodragon14 said...

Looking at that SHFF poll list with the exception of THE GREY GARGOYLE none of the many classic villains I love break the top ten. Only BARON MORDO & WHIRLWIND come the closest. I hope Dan the Man & Rich & the powers that be at EM continue to look past this poll & pick classic villains like WHIRLWIND & BARON MORDO & ATTUMA & BLIZZARD & THE COBRA & MR. HYDE & TOMBSTONE & MOLTEN MAN & TRAPSTER & TERRAX & DRAGON MAN & TITANIUM MAN & STILT-MAN & THE LIVING LASER & JACKAL & well I could go on & on a bit.

John said...

"Ach!, but as someone stated, it's highly likely that HTD will be put through by the forum"

The forum will likely be mostly X-Men, if not all 3. When one high profile X-Man makes it, their voters shift to the next biggest X-Want. Howard isn't even in 6th place, he's TIED with 2 others for 6th. So with Mirage and Longshot, 2 HUGE X-Wants, the votes for other X-Characters is going to really shoot up.

As for Robert not wanting Moonstone, that makes perfect sense. Pym is one of my Top favorite characters, but if I wasn't getting the full collection and they made him as Giant Man, you can bet I'd pass on that. And we're talking probably a Top 5 favorite superhero.

Or its like he said about a title changing artists... it doesn't matter if you like the characters. If the art sucks, you don't get it. The last Black Cat mini-series, anyone?

Acmilan mentioned the AIM Agent (a high want for me, to put 3 around MODOK.) Could this be the controversial character?...

Robert said...

John, I also thought about the possibility of a generic character like a Hydra agent and then I remembered that Dan wrote on the 3rd of June: "I love the idea of generic characters in the Classic(?) Marvel Figurine Collection, but I think there are other individuals that we need to get in first." So, unless he's had a change of heart, we can rule that out. I'm pretty certain it'll be the duck, but I'd be happy to be wrong.

By the way, that's the first time I've ever been accused of making perfect sense. And the last, I bet!

John said...

Robert, I also said you made sense about how you didn't want Howard the Duck. I'm of a different mindset than you, usually it seems, but I think you explain yourself in perfectly reasonable and logical ways.

And I think you may have found a clue as well! In your quote from Dan, he used a question mark after "Classic." I believe this is just Dan's way of writing in which he uses a word but doesn't know if it applies. In this instance, he's not quite sure if the character is actually controversial or not.

Robert said...

John, at the risk of Deadpool coming on here and telling us to get a room at the local Love Hotel, I have to admit that even when I disagree with you your posts always add something interesting to the blog, like the observations about the forum adding more X-Men. The fact that we have different mindsets, as you say, means that a lot of what occurs to you hasn't occurred to me at all. Because of my age, the likes of the White Tiger, Owl and Tarantula are instantly recognisable and it's a bit of a shock to the system for me to hear that someone doesn't know them. Then, you point out that they haven't been around much if at all for a long time, and it makes complete sense. You challenge my basic assumptions about Marvel at times. What's instantly recognisable and well known to me because of when I started reading comicbooks, isn't anything like the same for you youngsters. I need to be reminded about that quite a lot!

As for Dan and his possible use of punctuation as clues, we haven't considered the possibility of red herrings! (Okay, now I'm being deliberately silly.)

Robert said...

As for the Duck, there's three reasons I don't like him.
1. He's a duck. Not big on talking animals in the MU.
2. He was drawn by the world's laziest artist and biggest conman, Obscene Gene Colon.
3. His comicbook was actually rubbish. It wasn't funny at all and the satire was heavy-handed and poorly executed.

And at that, I'm off to get my tin hat!

ted sallis said...

Looking back at some old comics, i realise, The writers/artists expected the reader to buy some nonsense...Frinstance, just read Cap America #143,It feaures the Falcon before his winged costume.
It is utter,utter nonsense, The guy has all the superpowers of a potato, yet he shoots a wee grappling hook from his gloves, Then from a standing start ,(at ground level) The next minute he's swinging around the roof tops like Spidey. Try that one for yerselfs folks and let me know how you go.
There is also a scene where Cap and Falc are trapped in a room with deadly lasers seconds from their certain death. Cap is suddenly Forrest Gump and can't figure a way out. Fortunately Falcon shouts on his bird, who naturaly knows how to operate the button system of the laser array. Utter,silly nonsense, If i can buy all that i can buy a talking duck.

Robert said...

Wasn't his cable retractable, hence it pulled him up? Lame explanations aside, you're right about Falcon. That's why later writers had the Panther giving him the power of flight, to make him a bit more credible.

As for daft plot holes, I'm rereading the original solo Cap adventures in ToS and at one point it is claimed that the US military brief the Avengers on the movements of all their nuclear subs!! Absolutely barking. Still, the energy in these old tales is something else.

LarryS said...

The controversial choice could be Venus, from Agents of Atlas.

Controversial because, when she starts using her siren powers, she (ahem) suddenly turns nude.

So forget about your Moonstone costume choices. With Venus, there's not even a costume for bloggers to debate.

Venus would probably not be too controversial among the many testosterone-charged bloggers on this site. But would be controversial when your girlfriend turns up, and spots a stunner-in-the-buff displayed alongside your Spideys, Gorgans, Pucks and Hulks...

LAWay said...

I agree completely why I dont want the Duck in the collection, although I never read any of his comics myself. I just came to the conclusion his comics must have been bad by the amount of times he has been cancelled, and despite being such a 'legendary' 'classic' character that is so 'unique', he cant even have a title all to himself nowadays in fear it will tank.

ted sallis said...

I bet DP campaigns....vigorously, for her inclusion.
So we have narrowed it down to
The Duck
Spidey 2099
The Beyonder
A civvie (Gen Ross,MJ)
Rocket Racoon
And some naked bird
I'll take all them to go thanks:)

John said...

Venus would have been a Golden/Silver Age character, so its not her... She is one of my most wanted though.

Between her 50's history, the God Squad, Chaos War and of course Agents of Atlas, plus various small appearances she's got the history and decent exposure.

132 appearances.

BobDiamond said...

Perhaps we could kill two birds with one stone (HoHo), and have HtD in his famous Killraven satirical persona, 'Killmallard'!
Win, Win...


tinodragon14 said...

With all this duck quacking er talking this discussion has gone to the........... wait for it.......... BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert said...

Ouch! Some awful puns, guys! I guess when the controversial character is announced that will be the cue for some folk to get their feathers in a flap.

tinodragon14 said...

CONTROVERSIAL CHOICE : STEGRON THE DINOSAUR MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE THEN A DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAR BEYOND ER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT A GENERIC FIGURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ONE THEY ALL HATE (but me)!!!!!!! PICK HIM & YOU WILL REALLY HIT THE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! YES!! THAT'S THE MAN DAN!!! STEGRON THE DINOSAUR MAN!!!! ROAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiperion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

Leigh, some great titles with great characters were cancelled before their time. What about the Starlin Warlocks, for instance, which are now considered classics? Even Doctor Strange struggles to have a continously published title and at one ploint X-Men was cancelled. Marvel dropped Dreadstar, only for First Comics to pick it up, which was a lucky escape for another memorable title. And recently loads of people bemoaned the cancellation of "Thor: The Mighty Avenger". I bet that most posters on here can name a few more series that were cancelled to their disappointment.

Ken said...

How about High Evolutionary? Or Death Bird? Or Terrax? :-/

These are all great characters with rich histories

CGJ said...

True Robert, and I can name a few that have been continued to my disappointment as well!

Controversial(?) means nothing more than its controversial if you hate the Duck, not so if you want him in.

Just get the infernal thing over and done with then we can concentrate on all of the classic villains still to be included in the collection

ted sallis said...

Well Robert ,I found my Cap America mask, And to mark such a momentous occasion i have unpacked my "retired" Cap T-shirt, haven't worn it since a Kings of Leon gig at the Corn Exchange ,Edinburgh 2005.....That was before KOL went all shit.
Any old who the cobalt blue is faded and the rubberised shield motif is cracked , but i'm assured the distressed look is all the rage, .....yeah, my T-shirt looks like Rupert Murdoch .

Robert said...

Sadly, CGJ, that's also true!

Ted, have you seen the clip with Cap fighting yet? It's on the official Marvel site and may just be the best minute or so ever committed to celluloid. I want to say more but don't want to spoil it for anyone who's not seen it or who wants to wait until the movie comes out. If the clip is anything to go by, I will go see this film at least five times.

Gremlin in the works said...

Nice choices there Ken. High Evolutionary is a great villain. Surely his time for inclusion is now. Deathbird is one of my most wanted at the moment. Beautiful look and helps pad out the cosmic side of my shelf. I really want to her confirmed so that Lilandra and Gladiator don't look so lonely in their Sh'iar grouping.
Terrax is definately a special but I can see him making it before the end of the collection. Great look and, again, another character to pad out the cosmic display with.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,Not big on talking animals in the MU."

Don't forget there is big talking Dog in top of Special poll.

Robert said...

Technically, that's true, although it's also true that Lockjaw seldom speaks, Tomas. And, anyway, you're ignoring the the fact that Lockjaw bears little resemblance to any normal dog. You will be able to find squirrels and ducks in most any book with animals, even a kid's one, but you'll be hard pressed to find an enormous dog bigger than a hippo with an antenna on its head. Good luck, though. Let me know how you get on with that.

BobDiamond said...

To be fair, I don't think there're a lot of cigar-chompin' ducks out there either! :)


ted sallis said...

That looks frekkin rerrr. I haven't watched a trailer since the original teaser , Aw man it opens on Wickerman weekend,Echo and the Bunny,James The Damned.....or Cap.....???

Robert said...

True. But that's a prop, Bob. Howard still pretended to be a real duck at times. Can't see Lockjaw being able to pull the same trick down the local park, can you?

Yeh, thought you'd like it, Ted. I couldn't believe how good it was when I saw it.

BobDiamond said...

just saw Echo and The Bunnymen at Guilfest on Friday. They were fab!!

Followed by Roger Daltry performing the ENTIRE Tommy album plus other Who classics. An amazing night!

Sorry everybody else for the off-topic post! :)


PS...was going to go again tonight, but the weather's crap and I'm not a big James Blunt fan (to say the least...)

BobDiamond said...

I dunno Rob, I think Lockjaw is more dog-like than Howard is duck-like...if that makes sense.
I mean, Howard can't even fly for ****'s sake! :)


PS...and of course, there is always the clothes-wearing thing!

ted sallis said...

I hope it is Howard on Fryday, just so Robert has to look at a magazine with 20 pages of Gorgeous Gene Colon art. Don't listen to all his nonsense aboot not buying the completist will finally give in to the voices in his head ....cough!! £300 fer an X-Men reprint.....

Robert said...

Ach, Ted, a Masterwork collection is one thing, the CMFC is another thing entirely. (Besides, I am married now and my finances don't allow such extravangances any more.) I have skipped loads of X-Men like Jubilee (ugliest "costume" ever - is she colour-blind?), Cable, Deadpool, etc. and have recently started missing out Z-listers like Silver Sable. I haven't even bought Balder yet. I've been in FP twice and each time I pick him up, I wince and put him back. I mean, Thor, Loki, Enchantress and Odin will be classic, and Balder is modern??! Say it ain't so!

Bob, I'm going to reread MTU #96 tonight, Spidey and Howard teaming up. Haven't read it for years but as it's the only HtD comic I own, I can only assume that's where I read the story where he successfully pretends to be a duck. I still think that in terms of scale, Howard bears more relation to a real duck than Lockjaw does to a real dog. But maybe that's just me, wouldn't be the first time I was talking mince.

ted sallis said...

Hey Robert checkoot ma jollygreengiant blog, nearly done.
My next zaic is of more epic proportions a giant depiction of a a truly classic Marvel cover.....except ah cannae decide...C'mon big guy decide for me....
HTD #1
Silver Surfer #4

Robert said...

Greenskin's looking really good, Ted. May be your best one yet. I remember the issue you took that panel from. Hulk had been gassed and started to hallucinate. Stage 1 was thinking Maggie Thatcher was sexy. Stage 2 was thinking a peanut was a type of transportation. When you reach Stage 10, you think Colon is a great artist. At that point, you are beyond help and don't notice that Shellhead's hips are horribly dislocated on the cover of Iron man #1, etc., etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

Check out the awesome characters
in this week's
Virtual CMFC Gallery update


1. Jack O'Lantern
2. A-Bomb
3. Jewel
4. Prodigy
5. Cardiac
6. Stegron
7. Baron Strucker

There is no doubt that these
would make stupendous figurines.
Which ones would you like?

ted sallis said...

Ha, I was searching for the sexy Thatch issue when i realised Rob the rapscallion was being gorgeous.
I love you Robert, i also love Gene Colon.......let's get together on morning tv and let Jeremy Kyle decide who's right...

Anonymous said...

One of the remaining big Spidey villains. Would look great in a triad of evil with Green Goblin and Hobgoblin.

There shoud be no controversy. Rick Jones is now a powerful blue-shaded giant mutate. An instant classic.

As I created this virtual figure, it struck me that Luke Cage's woman would make a stunning figurine now that she's back to her flying superheroine best.

You may know him, or not, from his time in the Slingers and the Heavy Hitters, but there is no doubt that this character has clocked up many memorable appearances across the MU and deserves a place in the CMFC.

An outstanding charcater from the Spiderverse and more, this super vigilante with a beta-particle reactor for a heart is a modern icon.

C'mon. He does look great. The dinosaur man is a case study
in the weird & wonderful. This 'marmite' character would make an outstanding figurine, and I know there are plenty of Stegron fans out there.

A classic iconic Cap villain, the HYDRA mastermind is an absolute must-have in the CMFC. Get him in.

Check them all here:

Saturn Lad said...

I like the choices of OWL and HAMMERHEAD.

I would like to see DEATHBIRD added to this extension though. I'm hoping that with 6 characters for you to announce till the polls that we get at least 2 more females.

ted sallis said...

Kurly Pie's, Love yer gal a ree...ony chance oh Ulysses??
Doc Savage....thats the reveal.......naw wait a's the Human Fly,'s coming throo.......the Friday reveal will be.......COMPLETELY UNDERWHELMING

navaho said...

I'm going to put my two-pennyth worth in and say that 'I WANT HOWARD THE DUCK', there I've said and I won't take it back. I also have a soft spot for Stegron, Agatha Harkness, General Ross, Tarantula and White Tiger. all of whom I doubt will ever see the light of day in this collection. As I've said before, I'm a child of the unfashionable Seventies and proud of it.

Right, which one of you wants a spot of fisticuffs over my suggestions?

BobDiamond said...

Hey Ted, Brilliant work! I left a comment on your site BTW.

Navaho, as a 'Child of the 70s' too, I think your choices are fab!
Just add in Killraven- he'd be a little controversial too (But Excellent!)


Robert said...

Not me, Navaho. I love all your suggestions. The 1970s were a great decade.

Blake, thanks for including Stegron. Tino is his biggest booster, but I have to agree he'd make a great figure. (As long as you stick to Ross Andru's version, of course.)

Ted, sorry I started on about Colon again. C'mere, ya big lug, and gimme a hug!

P.S. I was serious about Greenskin being great. I think I like that one best.

BobDiamond said...

Top 'Controversial'characters that could be possible (ie no Licenced guys like Conan, ROM etc)

Howard the Duck (obviously)

White Tiger ( male or female?)

General Ross (civilian...or will he be made as a Special Red Hulk?)

Mary Jane Watson (most popular civvee??)

Generic Character (AIM, HYDRA etc)

Marvelman (Marvel now own him, and Dan sounded interested...)

Deathshead (Marvel UK character- is he known enough across the pond?)

New X-Men characters (Anole, Husk, Pixie etc etc- is there enough history/ interest?)

Stan Lee! (he's been mentioned many times!)


LAWay said...

Theres a difference between cancelled titles like Howard the Duck, who got cancelled many times in the short run comics he had, with appearances ranging in years, to Thor and Doctor Strange, who regularly appear in other titles.

Is Spider-Ham being overlooked? Dread to think he would be chosen over HtD for the 1st stupid animal parody character to be produced. But let's not forget, eh?

SinisterVenom said...

Hey KIRLIANEYES, I have a list for your virtual gallery if you're interested in making them?

Mr. Fear
Black Tom Cassidy
Hammerhead (makes sense as he's confirmed now)

Would like to see how this wave would turn out.

So by the sounds of it, it seems the duck is back to send us quackers again. Dan, if he really is going to be in this extension, put everyone's minds at ease and let us know on Friday would you please pal? ;)

LarryS said...

Kinda ironic that Dan, in his 23:07 15 July 2011 post, said that unfortunately he wasn't able to give us a tip about next week's announcement. And then (in the very next sentence) proceded to do precisely that! - thereby setting off one of the most enjoyable and thought-provoking debates ever seen on this blog site.

DTM: I do hope these advance hints can be a regular feature over the next few weeks. They do add some spice to our weekly wait...

Another controversial choice could be the noble Forbush Man. Don't laugh - at least he doesn't quack!!

kissynose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said...

"...Or Terrax? :-/
These are all great characters with rich histories."

I believe Terrax is the most wanted of the regular sized Specials. He would make a LOT of folks happy, especially some Heralds fans, like me! ;)

"but you'll be hard pressed to find an enormous dog bigger than a hippo with an antenna on its head."

Or a raccoon with a rocket pack strapped to his back, carrying a gun as big as himself and being one of the top master strategists in the galaxy. :D Could he pass as a regular raccoon? Of course not! He's always wearing a military uniform!

Kirly, thank you for including Jack O' Lantern in that grouping! I've always said he would make a fantastic fig. There's your proof. He may not have the fleshed out history or personality as some of the other Spidey villains, but his look and the way he crosses titles is more than enough.

You are also completely right about Strucker. I think everyone agrees he's not a very high want for anyone, but is definitely a necessity to the collection. ...That's interesting, actually. How many characters can you say aren't in anyone's Top 20, but are just plain needed? ;)

"Deathshead (Marvel UK character- is he known enough across the pond?"

I doubt it. As an American, I've seen him ONCE, in a preview on Newsarama for an X-Men comic with Beast. That's it. But the UK collectors on the forum are very adamant about his inclusion (as French members are for Swordsman and Grey Gargoyle) so that's enough for me.

kissynose said...

For the naysayers out there. I just want to remind everyone that Alex Power is part of Reed Richards new group and let's not forget his 4 issue run in new warriors. He was also mentioned In The initative and civil war. Now how can you say he doesn't deserve a figure.

Dan. I think each member Of Power Pack deserves their own figure. You can't argue the many titles the group still produces. They are not just a kids group!!!

John said...

Campaign for a character too hard and people start to get annoyed with the characters themselves. Happened not too long ago with the Stepford Cuckoos...

Robert said...

Clothes are just accessories, I'm talking about basic physical anatomy. I could dress my pet rabbit in a dress and bonnet and she'd still be a rabbit. (She'd be cute as hell, but still a rabbit.) Likewise, if I was to dress up in women's clothes, I'd still be a guy. Of course, I would hypothetically do something like that purely in the name of testing this out and there would be no other reason for it. Ahem. (I need to find a new topic to disagree with people about. :) )

Hey, no one has commented on my Balder complaint...

Robert said...

I just had a thought: if JJJ isn't allowed to have a cigar, neither will Howard (presumably)...

Sire-bd said...

Fantastic piece of news today! Thank you very much DAN for the choice of OWL! It was one of my favourites! Another small effort to fill me completely with the announcement this week of DIABLO to represent the universe of 4FF! Very good choice also with Hammerhead, still remain for Spidey the JACKAL, TARANTULA or CARRION !

Becquerel said...

Watch the controversial character being Jem from Jem and the Holograms.

That would be truly truly outrageous!

max_0888 said...

How about Master Pandemonium for a controvsersial character...he does have baby Wiccan and baby Speed instead of hands ;) wouldn't that be something hehe

John said...

"I could dress my pet rabbit in a dress and bonnet and she'd still be a rabbit. (She'd be cute as hell, but still a rabbit.) Likewise, if I was to dress up in women's clothes, I'd still be a guy."

Robert, I love you more and more with every post. At first I couldn't get over the fact that you have a pet rabbit (so perfect.) Then you made the women's clothing comment... Haha! Can I have a virtual man-hug?

Robert: "Clothes are just accessories, I'm talking about basic physical anatomy."

So Moonstone in either costume is still Moonstone to you, right? Clothes are just accessories. ;)

Robert said...

Re: Moonstone: Good point! Think you may have me there! I can see we're going to have some, um, interesting discussions in the months to come, John!

My beautiful rabbit is called Noah. She's a girl. (The gent in the pet shop wasn't as good at his job as he claimed.) We have reserved a "rescue bunny" called Wilma from the Glasgow Cat and Dog Home to be her friend.

Oh, you can have a man-hug anytime, John. Nice to know you weren't freaked out by the hint of transexuality.

Or was that actually the reason you asked for the hug...? ;)

tinodragon14 said...

Actually GENE spelled his last COLAN & since the man just passed I see no reason to run him down.

I do wonder as someone pointed out if JJJ could not have a cigar will Howard T. Duck???

Since there are ten remaining figures & 3 get picked by the forum which lists the top three right now as WOLFSBANE, SILVER SAMURAI & SHAMAN & one is picked by the contest winner leaving six & now five since Dan the Man gave a controversial hint I will still press for the remaining to be classic villains :
And it is painful to whittle it down to those five. If they pick another Spidey villain make it TOMBSTONE
or MOLTEN MAN or JACK O'LANTERN but still we have so many left TRAPSTER, STILT-MAN, BLIZZARD,

Hungry Son said...

Moonstone has always been one of my favorites and I really want this figure but honestly there is only one costume for me and that is the Masters of Evil costume. I'm not sure I could buy it otherwise..there is just nothing remarkable about her current costumes.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

See? It's still a dog.

There are many stories with big dogs, example:
Never Ending Story, Beethoven, Scooby Doo,... don't care they don't have antenna on their heads. Dog is a dog. You won't pay regular price for Duck, but you would pay special price for Dog.

Howard is a real duck, but Lockjaw isn't a real dog?

tinodragon14 said...

Come on guys give the dog versus duck reality contest a rest please. Both LOCKJAW & Howard T. Duck have their place in the MARVEL U. & will probably be in this collection.

ted sallis said...

Cheers Bob, Desperate to finnish it, and get it in the shop window, by the weekend, As the town will be full of space cadets( sorry i meant potential customers ),During the Wickerman weekend.
Robert,transvestites can still be manly, look at Eddie Izzard, I'm sure you look lush with a touch of mascara and a bit of lippy.Mmmmm Robert in suspenders.....cor! i would

Robert said...

Tino, I criticised Colan when he was alive, too. I'm not going to pretend he was anything other than a corner-cutting fraud just because he's dead. To do that would be hypocritical. Liked your list, though. Some great suggestions.

Tomas, your last post sounded very like a meltdown. Are you okay?

Ted, I'm very flattered, you smooth-tongued Dundonian lothario, you.

ted sallis said...

Now don't go all boo hoo teds a badman, but i just kinda....accidently watched the Avengers teaser trailer at the end of the upcoming Cap Movie, i was looking to watch the new trailer again, i honestly thought that was what i had clicked on....It's naw like i watched the movie or anything.......I mean perish the thought anyone else took a sneaky peek ;)
Robert, did a badman do bad things to you? did this badman look like poor mr Colan, Your hatred of the old guy is pretty psychotic....just wondering ;)

LAWay said...

kissy, yeh, dont petition too hard. I dont think anyone has strongly said Power Pack dont deserve a place. I have even said I think they do.

Robert: John practically said what I was going to say. "Clothes are just accessories, I'm talking about basic physical anatomy. I could dress my pet rabbit in a dress and bonnet and she'd still be a rabbit."

ie: Moonstone is still Moonstone, regardless of the costume, just like I was saying.

Couldnt find your comment on Baldur, but I didnt particularly want the character, and not that costume. I'll be first to admit though, the sculpt changed my mind, but then the paints switched it back.

Ted, you have seen the avengers trailer? I am gonna hold off from sneak peeking until I see the Cap in the cinemas. Think UK get it a week or 2 later than the US though. Gotta be strong...

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bagman said...

O.K., I've just read that Marvel are releasing a four part John Carter: Warlord of Mars comic book next year, just before the movie is released....
Therefore the campaign starts here JOHN CARTER, DEJAH THORIS and TARS TARKAS for the collection.
You know it makes sense!!! A huge four armed green martian in the collection.
And as for lockjaw just being a dog with an antenna on his head ... well i tried tying an antenna to my dogs head and the reception i got from him was terrible!!!!!

ted sallis said...

That wasn't a bad joke Bagman, What did the three legged dog say to the sheriff? "I've come for my paw" THAT'S a bad joke.
Put me down for John Carter, the trailer looked jolly exciting.JC#1 contains some of my fav Gil Kane art.

Robert said...

Have they ever reprinted the John Carter stuff? I've never read any of it but was always intrigued by the adverts for it back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Finally the Owl! Hammerhead must deserve the collection.

But i'm not still seeing Jigsaw, Howard the Duck, Werewolf by night or...Power Pack...

John said...

Robert's Gene Colans is my Scott Kolins.

I actually really like the Balder figurine.

kissynose said...

It's not really petitioning. It's trying to understand why people think they are less worthy. Dan already has said it probably won't happen.It just baffles me that some characters that have very minor appearance seem to be the ones people place in the spotlight. Then they say Power Pack doesnt mean anything to the MU.

kissynose said...

Oh and Power Pack aren't even my most wanted. They are second to Speedball.

Ken said...

I am surprised the High Evolutionary isn't getting as much attention considering how significant he is in the Marvel Universe lore :-/ He needs to be one of the next figures!

P.S. I think he also sports a very unique look/appearance! Would make a great lead figurine! :0)

Robert said...

Sorry, Kissynose, no interest in Power Pack. I don't know much at all about them, mainly because their appearances in the core titles are pretty rare. I remember at the time of their own title that Louise Simonson's scripts were getting rave reviews from some other creators but I could never buy into the idea at all - even though it's comicbooks and silliness and daftness are unavoidable! At that time my street was full of kids of similar ages as the PPers and I wouldn't have trusted any of them to read a comicbook without getting jam all over it, let alone responsibly exercise super powers and catch bad guys. It was too much of a stretch of plausibility for me.

As for the High Evolutionary, hell, yes. Distinctive character with lengthy and diverse history in many titles. Excellent shout, Ken.

John said...

Howard the Duck and High Evolutionary this Friday. I would LOVE that.

The Hood said...

I agree that The High Evolutionary would make an excellent figurine, but lets get Howard The Duck, Werewolf By Night, Killraven, Speedball and The Hood first.

Kal Brindle said...

Two more great choices this week - both from my top 100! (I find it hard to narrow my choices down - God forbid I ever win the contest - it'd take me a month of Sundays to decide).

Big fan of the Owl, ever since Claws of the Cat # 2 and Hammerhead was the next logical Spidey villain. Both are classic villains in every sense of the word and I am sure have made a lot of collectors very happy.

Tt's too bad about a Golden Age character not making it in this extension; however I have taken Dan's words to heart and will be launching the Golden Age Character Poll on the SHFF very soon. So be sure to log in and vote in the near future.

After researching all day Sunday I have list of 40 characters created in the 1930s, 40s and 50s who have 30 or more appearances. The list does not include retconned characters like Spitfire and Baron Blood but should make any GA buff very happy.

So next Friday's confirmation may be controversial eh? - Frankly at this point in the collection it could almost be anybody. What I'd love to see is a Western Character, like Two Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid or Kid Colt finally make it in, but like the rest of you I'm more inclined to think it's Howard the Duck who frankly deserves his place and is about due in my opinion.

Power Pack should get in too one of these days - but then again I think every Marvel creation should have a look see, even Millie the Model and Forbush Man!

The talk about John Carter making it in is exciting, there are SO many properties I'd love to see represented in this collection. Conan, Red Sonja, Rom, John Carter, Tarzan, the Micronauts and so on. They were the titles of my childhood and my fondness for them is palpable and I'll always feel that the CMFC will be slightly lacking because of the licensing issues that prevented their inclusion.

On a brighter note, how about confirming our next Alpha Flight member please Dan? I am itching to know that the Beaubier Twins two pack is actually confirmed - so I'll be looking for Shaman's name on Friday! I'll accept Marrina, Vindicator, Talisman or Diamond Lil if you're not sold on Shaman yet.

Keep up the great work - in my opinion so far, this is one of the very best extensions yet!

Ken said...

Thank you Robert for your shout out. The High Evolutionary is a classic figure in every sense! His story is rich and has been a big part of the Marvel Universe. His overall look is distinct and formidable. He is one of the truly great Marvel characters that has not been made yet into a figurine, which is absurd and an injustice! I'm goin to make it my campaign to champion him!

HIGH EVOLUTIONARY should be made next! :0)

Deadpool said...

Deadpool Studios Proudly presents: -


The WARRIORS ONE (Volstagg) has now got some company and formed the WARRIORS TWO.

Check out my marvel customs blog to see Fandral and more of my customs.

I hope you like them :0)

Deadpool said...

Ted.... I have not forgot about a certain princess and an eager python ...

I'll try and find time to do her next.

Bye for now ...

The Hood said...

Deadpool your customs are great, Fandral is excellent, but my favourites are Archangel and Bucky Cap.

Robert said...

Looks great, DP! Can't wait to see Hogun!

Ken, the High Evolutionary is occasionally mentioned on here. Doubt he will feature any time soon, unfortunately, but who knows? Maybe someone could let you know if he has featured in any forum polls and that could give you a better idea of his popularity?

ted sallis said...

Hey DP, top work again Fandral is excellent ( love your background too).
I have just finished my Hulk.Check it oot ya bam:)

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