Friday, 1 July 2011

"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"

MODOK paint change - as well as some of you guys on the blog, both Marvel and ourselves agreed a more metallic paint job would be an improvement. Hmmm shiny....

Nico Minoru - Improved rough stage (Setting aside the controversy over this young lady ;) - I think the sculpt is actually one of the best we've done in a while). Rich, myself and comp winner (sorry mate forgot your name!) did a lot of work to get this right – I think we achieved it! (we were going to do her in her schoolgirl/punk look, but the comp winner chose her first costume, which is fair enough - check out the pretty awful mock-up drawing I did!)

Sebastian Shaw - Wow! I was stunned by the dynamism when the shots of this fella came in on wednesday. Well done Rich for injecting some fresh ideas into the poses even after 180 issues!

Mockingbird Paint - really nice clean paint job - I was really happy with the way the blue came out. BTW the hair in ponytail works for me, I also think the pose looks amazing from all angles - not something easily achieved, especially with the female sculpts.

COVER roughs – This is where John Tomlinson earns his stripes as he was Editor of 2000AD and has a good rapport with the industries finest – dealing with the commissioning of covers takes some time and effort and I’m more than happy for John to continue this – with the odd comment from me here and there of course. We wanted to get The great Gene Colan to do our Dracula cover but alas he’s gone to the great art gallery in the sky. Rest in peace Gene Colan.

Blackheart - (great looking baddie but he's only in about 32 comics so bit worried about doing his mag!) Great cover from Gary Erskine though... We’re gonna try a very atmospheric uplighting effect with the colouring on this one.

Beetle cover sketches - Wow we got up and coming star Andy Tong from Panini's Eagle award wining Spider-Man comic to draw this one! I reckon he'll be doing American books before too long - he did a few roughs first, we chose pose 3, then we got him to adjust the head so it looks out at the reader. The colouring should really bring this one alive.

Wizard cover sketch – Nice powerful image from John Mcrea.

NEWS ON SPECIALS!!!???? Rich can we confirm the next special already?!!!

As marketing want us to the finalise the next 20 asap for various reasons, I've decided to announce 2 at a time from now on (this may increase if necessary) I will also discuss with Rich what we can do for a comp this time, and get the ball rolling on that - also the polls can't be done until all 16 EM choices are final. so we need to make haste!

So the next one confirmed is....

Longshot (I believe he has hollow bones - so considering doing him in the lightest material possible! :) Rice paper?

Swordsman (not someone I was originally planning to put through, but he seems to be much wanted by the fans - he was only around for a brief time (in Marvel time at least!) - so maybe we can do something in the magazine with the other Guys who took up the mantle after Jacques DuQuesne (Javert & Von Strucker). He made a comeback in the Recent (ish) Captain Marvel revival, so we should have a enough the build a magazine around.

Next week 2 females will be announced! Let the guessing games begin...

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kissynose said...

Longshot!!!! Love all the changes. Great job as usual. Great to hear we will get 2 announcemets.

Moonstar said...


Please tell us that one of the 2 females is Mirage!

kissynose said...

Sebastian Shaw looks great. I was not happy about the pose, but looking at it changes my mind. Awesome.

John said...

MODOK looks even better! (Which is a feat in itself.)

Not really interested in Swordsman and I dislike Longshot, but Swordsman will look amazing and Longshot is VERY highly wanted by the X-Fans.

Pretty disappointed about he 2 per week announcements. Can you confirm the 16 in house and still reveal them to us slowly? ...I don't know what else to say except I really don't like this.

2 Females... Hopefully Gamora and Moonstone.

I love the Beetle pictures. I actually preferred Option 3 with his head still down, but looking up looks great too. Wizard's head looks way too big. I know the helmet would increase it, but geez... haha

And Nico and Mockingbird look great too. You guys do an amazing job :D

michal9402 said...

OMG! So many great news.
Longshot and Swordman is excelent choices.
Mockingbird painted is great. I'm suprise to see Sebastian so fast but he's dynamic pose makes a great impression.
Can't wait for two female character nezt week. I hope they'll be Moonstoone and maybe Dani Moonstar.

Archangelsr said...

Long shot in good news hopefully mojo special to really put the minds of em working on how to make him.

Swordsman will be a great addition and a nice old school character for the van guard to keep happy about.

Next two women hmmmmm got to be moonstone id imagine and Gamorra.

Id be happy with these two although hope to see sersi in the not to distant future poor ikarus is sticking out like a sore thumb so far.

mighty_marvel said...

Nico is still looking awesome. Love the boots. But think that her mouth should look like it's saying a spell. Pleased you sorted out the wonky little finger too!

Mockingbird. WOW! Amazing paint on her. Love it. Can't wait to have her in my collection.

Shaw is already looking good. A good choice in pose for him. And again, the non-spandex clothing is allowing for much greater detail in the fig.

No surprises with longshot and swordsman. Longshot is one of the most requested x-men and swordsman completes the 60s/70s avengers. With 2 x-men related characters already now though, please only confirm a female x-villain and let the forum vote in any other x-men. I love the x-men but still want a balanced and varied extension.

Guesses for next week -

Marvel Knight: Misty Knight
Avenger Villain: Moonstone

AVENGERS -87 said...

Mockingbird , Sebastian Shaw and Modok are great job . Swordsman : Jacques Duquesnes PLASE PLEASE

kissynose said...

To be fair to the editors, I think one per week would be almost half a year of updates. Thats not practical. Vacations and other responsibilities need to be taken into consideration. Not to mention all the polls and specials they want to do for fans. Time would be very limited with one per week.

Anonymous said...

M.O.D.O.K. looks much much better!

And loving Sebastian Shaw so far.

Mockinbird, I hate the costume choice. But I love the character.

Longshot! - Hot Damn. Now a Mojo Mega Special, Please!!

Swordsman - Meh. Happy for his fans. Would rather have had U.S. Agent.

2 Females next week?

Moonstone and Madame Masque!

Anonymous said...


They have to reveal all of them to the public, so that the forum polls can start. If they don't, then we'd be potentially wasting votes on characters that are already going to be in the collection. So it doesn't work that way very well.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Very happy for longshot, now the Australina line up is finally complete.
The chnage on MODOK is great!
Nico looks awsome, a very detailed sculpture, congrats!
Shaw looks fantastic...much better than I could've ever hoped!

OH, God, please let one of the two females be Sage..if there are two x-men spots and one is Longshot, the other has to be the last extension there are only male x-men!

ted sallis said...

Seb Shaw reminds me of victorian vet about to go all james Herriot on a cows ass.
Swordsman .Terrific news
Lungshirt coodnae care less.
2 laydeez next week....hmmmmm.
Oh Leigh and Bob D were spot on regarding Modoks Garish yellow, looking far better now

Thor8 said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of Swordsman, so I'm delighted he's finally in. Of course now we want Mantis more than ever!

Mockingbird is superb, and I'm glad she's in that costume.

Sebastian Shaw... well, I'm not crazy about the character, but he's an important X villian and is shaping up as a great fig. I look forward to a coloured preview.

Longshot was long overdue. Great announcement, if not surprising.
Really happy for his fans.

mgf said...

Swordsman! Yay! That's great news.

Metallic MODOK is much better.

Mockingbird looks good.

Shaw is a great sculpt.

I may have mentioned my views on Nico Mindoodah, but I shall give her her due this week. I mean, look how awful she could have looked. Good costume choice under the circumstances.

Lots of lead (and resin) arriving in the last 48 hours.

Balder, decent sculpt, costume yuck.

Destiny. OK.

Sauron. Terrific.

DC: Professor Zoom and Black Manta, just hilariously, wonderfully magnificent.

Two females announced next week fills me with a mild dread.

buffduffdan said...

Big yay for Longshot and Swordsman. 2 great characters confirmed :)

Really loving the look of MODOK, looks set to be one of the best specials IMO! The paintjob on Mockingbird is amazing, really loving her fig!

Sebastian Shaw is also looking great. Nice original pose! Nico Minoru is also coming along nicely - I'm sure mighty_marvel is thrilled!!

Cheers for the mag covers too Dan, top work ;)

max_0888 said...

What an awesome update!

I just adore Mockingbird's painted picture. She might become one of my personal fave.

I also prefer MODOK like this. Good job.

Sebastian Shaw is looking very promising too. Can't believe we are already seeing previews for the names that just came out.

Longshot! Yeah! I'm really happy he's finally in. Loved the x-men Austalia run and he was the only one missing from there. I have his firts appearance in hardcover the Longshot 1-6 serie. He's a character I like a lot. And we finally have our third XC-factor investigation member to go with Siryn and Madrox! I really hope Mojo will get made though.

Swordsman is a nice addition. Mantis in avengers era costume would be even nicer!

The next two females?
Id love
Misty Knight

(I really really hope Misty knight gets confirmed, her and Colleen Wing are in my absolute fave and have been in the top of the double pack most wanted)

So much stuff to talk about!! hehe gotta go back to work i'll be back later

mgf said...

Oh, by the way, there is an error in the post. Bit worrying actually.

Sorry to mention it but Tharg is the editor of 2000AD and has been since issue 1. The idea some bloke called Tomlinson might be going around passing himself off is a bit of a worry.

You might want to check him out a bit... Maybe call the Old Bill. ;-)

sergiogf said...

Longshot¡ yeah¡

Now we need Moonstar¡

Think about it: next week may be the Moon's females with Moonstar and Moonstone¡

avenger guy said...

Love mockingbird and Longshot my lucky day. Swordsman is good too. I like modok with out the metalic paint. i hope the next two females are big Bertha who has appeared in more comics than black heart and gamora one of this blogs must haves.

LarryS said...

Having tipped us off about two female characters (thereby provoking 200+ blogs of speculation), my guess is that Dan plans to spring a surprise on us next week.

So I don't think he'll be selecting any of the female characters at the top of the popularity lists. Here are my wild cards:

1. A choice that ticks the 'female' and 'golden age' boxes simultaneously: eg Miss America, Blond Phantom, Venus

2. One of the remaining female Runaways. Like Karolina Dean, or Molly Hayes or Klara Prast.

I do recognise that, after weeks of "Nico-gate", it would require b*lls of steel for Dan to plump for option 2...!

Bob said...

Which 2 females? How about Gamora and . . . Phylla-Vell? Sebastian Shaw, he looks spot on! A great improvement on Nico Minoru, now she looks Asian for real. MODOK looks better every time he's previewed. Where is Lady Sif?

Becquerel said...

My speculations would be one of these characters:
- Mirage
- Marrina
- Moonstone
- Madame Web Special
- Deathbird

The above names seem to have been those that have been thrown around the most, so it would seem obvious that they'd go for that.

Or as a curveball:
- The Golden Age character Larry was mentioning
- Night Nurse (lulz)

Becquerel said...

Right, I forgot about Gamora, her name has been floating around a lot as well. :)

Gremlin in the works said...

Wow, great update Dan. I am loving the cover art for the various figures....keep them coming.

Now onto the news.

Longshot - Great choice. My Australian outback team is complete. I have one major request though. NO MULLET. Please, I know he sported one for many years but it's gone now and no artist in his right mind would bring it back. Look how great his hair is in X-Factor.....lets go with that. PLEASE.

Swordsman - Another solid choice. I don't know much about the character personally but in the Avengers category he is one of the top wants so it's nice to see him confirmed.

Mockingbird - Absolutely fantastic sculpt. Well done.

I will echo someone elses views on the double confirmations though. Can you decide in-house what characters are confirmed and then only give them to us once a week.

My guess for next weeks confirmation are Gamora and Moonstone.

Gremlin in the works said...

Duh...forgot about Shaw.

He is a great sculpt. I was wary when you posted the concept pose for him last week but now I have seen him he is looking rather good. Can't wait to see him painted.

Kal Brindle said...

Shaw is beautiful! What an amazing sculpt. Bravo to Rich for the pose and the sculptor for finessing it. I think it's one of the very best.

Mockingbird looks lovely too, I don't mind the way her hair is and agree with you Dan, that she is one of the finest female sculpts we've seen on the marvel side.

MODOK looks brilliant - thanks for fixing the paint job, cannot wait to get my hands on him.

Keep bugging Rich for mews on the Northstar & Aurora two pack please! I'd love them to be the next special.

Swordsman! Fantastic choice - I am very surprised he got in before Mantis, but hopefully now this means we'll be seeing her soon too (in her classic Avengers look please).

Longshot - a long time want of X-fans, while not my first choice of all the possible X-characters out there - it does clear the way for whoever is next. Personally hoping that would be Mirage or Dust. I'm sure he's going to look great.

Two women next week? How about Marrina and Mirage or Clea and Diamondback or Moonstone and Firebird or Thundra & Dust or Karma and Squirrel Girl?

ted sallis said...

Well let me go fer strike number three, 2 Fenails in the next extension. Category...curve bits" Princess Python
category.shite another Runaway success.go on i dares yaz

mgf said...

I'm pretty confident it will be Clea and Mint Julep.

Anonymous said...


Again, they can't do it that way. As the bean counters want the full list of 20 as soon as possible. Which means the forum needs to know the 16 that EM chose, so that people won't be voting for characters who are already confirmed internally.

Anonymous said...

Modok looks better with the new paint job , well done !!

Mockingbird looks fabulous. I cant wait to display her next to the other avengers - mainly Hawkeye !!

Two reveals per update ?
Fine by me , I love all of the excitement and getting two additions at a time gives us more to look forward to each Friday.

Longshot and Swordsman ?
two worthy additions and also two characters from my wish list.
Very pleased that these two have made the collection and i will be buying them both !!

Next two are females but who could they be ?
Well now that we have Swordsman i would guess that one of the females will be Mantis !!
So who could the other one be ?
It could be Wolfsbane as there has been a lot of talk about new mutants lately on this blog.
Or maybe it could be Marinna - another member of Alpha flight , but then we already have two X related characters confirmed so would they really add a third ?
Could it be another young avenger - Kate Bishop ?
Could it be the female White tiger ? I seem to recall someone asking us - If we were to get White tiger in the collection , would we prefer male or female ? Hmmm ?
Or could it be another Cosmic ? Gamora or Moonstone perhaps ?
Am I getting warmer Dan ?

These are the two females that i would like to see anyway -

Clea - I'm trying to complete my Defenders display and just need Clea and Gargoyle.

Vertigo - she'd look cool next to Sauron , Kazar & Zabu , and Shanna.
Savage lands display anyone ?

Sebastian Shaw looks great but he seems to be rather thin , can you bulk him up a bit please Dan ?

I think that's all for now !!

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

So still no Hammerhead, and no Hammerhead next Friday :(
but we have Longshot in (FINALLY!!!) and I'm very happy with that.

,,NEWS ON SPECIALS!!!???? Rich can we confirm the next special already?!!!"
After confirming most wanted character in regular poll (Longshot), it's time to confirm most wanted character in special poll - MOJO, who is Longshot's enemy. This cosmic fatso should be Mega special next year.
Dan can you confirm we will have twins and MODOK this year?

Shaw's sculpt looks excellent, great job, now I'm waiting for good paintjob.

2 female characters for next Friday, it should be Moonstone and Gamora.
Can we see painted Dracula next Friday?

ted sallis said...

Daniel me old old spaniel, i have only cancelled one solitary special, if you dare to turn vomit such as Moojoe into resin form that will be numero two. I know sixty odd Xtwats voted for him n the forum , Remind me again how many subbies there are......Around 8000 you say ...weeeeeeeeelll if sixty odd want mofo who am i to disagree....seriously Danman don't do it , 300 forumers of whom 200odd are x zealots...HELLO....
Imagine an eaglemoss football collection featuring stars from the 1940's to present .. then imagine a forum of two or three hundred " fans" 80% of whom were Man Utd fans.... guess how the polls would turn out???!!!.
Mojo is mince, there are literally a hundred characters i would rather see first...

Banshee said...

Wow another epic update. Your doing an awesome job Dan. Ok I'm creeping a liitle bit :-p But only because you need to confirm Moonstone next week :-) As for the other lady how's about Dust, I think she could make an awesome sculpt!!!

MODOK looks even better, he is crazy cool.

Mockingbird is a phenomenal design, she could possibly turn out to be one of my favourite females.

I really think Nicos face should be changed back to her shouting, much more dynamic.

Sebastian Shaw doesn't excite me greatly but each to their own, I'll still pick him up as I do all the figures.

Longshot has surely gotta make way for a Mojo special, the two of them next to Spiral would look immense!!!

Swordsman is a character I know nothing about but I'm happy for all the people who want him in as there has been alot of buzz around him lately.

Finally...... The magazine covers look great.

Sorry about the whole long windedness of this post but there was alot to comment on. Lucky us!!!

Peace out!!!

pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Didn't have much time for a more detailed post in my previous entry but now I have a few minutes to spare so here I go:

Swordsman: Finally one of my biggest wants has been approved. He was going to be my choice if I won the next comp. so I feel like a winner already. Please give him a pose similiar to Taskmaster (one of your best figurines so far) or maybe you can have him with his sword raised ala Beta Ray Bill.

Modok looks great with the new paint job,now if you would only approve generics so we can get a couple of AIM techs to stand by him,and two Hydra goons to flank Viper AKA Madam Hydra.

Sebastain looks good,and Longshot sure deserved to be included.

Love the paint job on Mockngbird but her facial features aren't too grand especially the eyes (they seem to be too big).

Next two females: Princess Python and Moonstone.

Thor8 said...

Thanks Pirate,glad to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

Here's some ideas for unusual/cult characters for inclusion:



Will O' The Wisp

There's love in the air for the Thunderbolts. Ghost, Blizzard and Paladin are worthy representatives.
When it comes to Spider-verse characters, my curveball fave is Will O' The Wisp. And then Vermin as a great villain. The intriguing Sage is much wanted, but there will be debate on what costume she should be in. Finally, as a great modern Marvel character, Reptil has already built a huge following. He would make an outstanding figurine.

jimbob said...

Good improvement on M.O.D.O.K

Moonstone!!!for next week.

Need to complete the Thunderbolt tem please EM.

tinodragon14 said...

A nice long post by Dan the Man.
MODOK still looks good but the metallic paint makes him look darker. I've looked back & forth at both paint versions & I cannot decide which works better for me. It is still a great sculpt but the brighter version tends to have a more comic book look as the comics tended to have bold colors that made the characters stand out.
Again Nico I am indifferent to.
Mockingbird looks good painted. I just hope the paint holds up in production. One think I did notice now that I see her painted is it looks like she is skipping along.
The SHAW sculpt I think looks fine but I just think he would have his shirt off since he is in fighting mode.
The cover art looks good I just wish both THE BEETLE & THE WIZARD had clear pegs lifting them up in flying fighting mode since it worked so well for NORTHSTAR & his sister.
Dan said they could announce the next special but then he does not say who the next special is.
LONGSHOT is okay. Not my choice though.
SWORDSMAN was on my original 20 list so I should not be disappointed but I am.
No HAMMERHEAD! No WHIRLWIND!! No ATTUMA!!! No OWL!!!! No BARON MORDO!!!!! No STILT-MAN!!!!!! BAD GUYS UNITE & TAKE OVER THIS COLLECTION!!!!!! Since the next 2 will be female choices for proper balance (tongue out!) none of my bad guys will make the cut.

lipstick said...

Mirage and Wolfsbane for next!

Anonymous said...

oh i forgot , what was that comment about the next special dan ? Please tell me that it's mojo now that you've confirmed longshot and we already have spiral.

mgf said...

Lockjaw is surely in with a good chance for being the next special.

He and Sauron were top of the forum specials poll. In fact they were doing so well it was decided to start another
poll to keep the Xombies happy. Mojoke can wait.

Lockjaw next please!

mighty_marvel said...

Special wants:

Madame Web
Brood Drone

Gremlin in the works said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Lockjaw ends up being a mega special. He is taller than Zabu and much much bulkier. He will require a lot of lead/resin. So if MODOK is the next mega then maybe Lockjaw will be seen late 2012-early 2013.
Put me down for Mojo too. Awesome look but tricky to make....another mega definately. So if we get Lockjaw next year then Mojo would be 2013-14.

As for regular specials I really would like to see Atlas at some point.
Also I know I bang on about it a lot but a Brood Drone would kick butt.
And don't forget Wendigo. A very middle of the MU character and an enemy for Alpha Flight.

tinodragon14 said...

2 female figures
MANTIS & MARRINA - 2 good gals
1 good gal & 1 BAD GIRL

Anonymous said...

if we don't get mojo but get lockjaw instead can he be done as a double with maximus please ? You did it with sasquatch and puck and this idea was previously discussed on here. I think rich brought it up. I'd love to complete the inhumans line up.

BobDiamond said...

Another brilliant Up-date.
Congrats Dan!

Swordsman- over the moon about this one. One of my Top 5 sorted out!
Longshot- No problems about this one. One of the few classic X-men figs left to do.
MODOK looks amazing now!

2 females next?
Predicting Moonstone and Gamora.

Sub-pack arrived today. All look excellent, and Sauron isn't as small as the photos on the forum.

Now if we could only get...
Howard the Duck
White Tiger
Baron Strucker
and Killraven
....I'd be one happy member of TLOG as Deadpool put it!


navaho said...

MODOK looks better, and it was nice to see how the covers were chosen, etc but once again I'm disappointed with the choice of Longshot. Another X-man and I'm sure this extension will get another 4 at least, whilst I realise the X characters are popular we must have some sort of balance. I suppose Swordsman is a good choice but I'm feeling too despondent to care.

ted sallis said...

Funk me sideways!.....what's happenin?....Andypurry got humped...check....Swordsman confirmed at last? ..check..Dan gets his teats oot fer the lads? .....check!......Man av got a Hulk tae finnish.....Andy Murray is GASH!!....Funkin twenty quid doon the pisser......Hey Dan am ruff as duck....throw me a bone big guy,,It's ma burthday am doon twenty notes . Gimme Princess Pea.
Ah love you pal...........

Mr J said...

Longshot whoooohooooo! great choice and Swordsman is ok I guess.

Mojo must be the next mega special now were getting Longshot!

Next week if were getting 2 girls one of them has to be Mirage she's easily been one of the most requested female characters this extension. Don't let us down please confirm Mirage next week.

Anonymous said...

M.O.D.O.K. will be the 2012 Mega Special. So Mojo would likely have to wait for 2013. I think the Special that Dan was referring to is likely Hulkling. Since they'll probably want Wiccan and Hulkling hitting at roughly the same time.

Barnabas said...

Let one of the females for next weel be Millie the Model. All those fabulous costumes to choose from.


The Hood said...

Longshot and Swordsman will be great for the collection, i know people have wanted both of them for a while now.

As for 2 females next week, i would like Madame Masque and Gamora

ted sallis said...

Hey Ted you old Fokker!! what'cha get for you Bee-Day old timer??
Well if you really want to know
I got
Cap T-shirt-say no to drugs.
Mjoliner key ring
Thor Beer glass
Marvel bottle opener
John Romita Marvel Masterworks
Honestly, I could swear my wife thinks i'm some kinda geek!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the MODOK! I can't wait to add him to my humble collection!
I'm still holding out hope for Death's Head (the ORIGINAL)

BobDiamond said...

Happy Birthday Ted!!!!!!!!

'Some day your Prince(ss) will come..' (OOH er...)


Saturn Lad said...

MODOK looks fantastic

Nico Minoru looks fantastic

Shaw looks fantastic

Mockingbird looks fantastic.

A really amazing update and Longshot and Swordsman are great.

Mirage next week without doubt! you know how much she is wanted and requested plus we need a female X-Men character now we have 2 X-Males. Mirage ticks the NEW MUTANTS box also.

John said...

I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday, Teddy!

I like how many people are echoing my request for Moonstone and Gamora. Moonstone isn't even my favorite Thunderbolt, but she IS the most deserving, and if we don't start getting at least one per extension, we'll never make our way to Atlas, Fixer, Ghost, etc.

If Gamora has already started, PLEASE let her be in her modern outfit. She is my 3rd most wanted character right now, and I HATE the old look.

Like I said about Swordsman and Longshot, I care very little for them, but look at how happy their announcement has made most everyone else. That, in turn, makes me very happy. ;)

Mirage has been requested a lot, but Wolfsbane has an even bigger following. Still, that's a LOT of X-Confirmations very early on.

I never did comment on Shaw. He looks excellent. ...Every figurine this update looks excellent.

Paibok said...

Mojo may be top of the special polls, but he is going to be reigning for quite a while as clearly EM chose MODOK as the next mega so we won't be seeing that hideous character until at least 2013 when hopefully EM will decide the F4 need another special and choose DRAGONMAN.
Don't bother with Mojo his design only makes for a very expensive figure, I can imagine a £40-50 price tag on him.
So hopefully next year there will be MODOK, TERRAX, SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER, ATLAS and because I have grown a soft spot for them a double with ROCKSLIDE and ANOLE. Followed by DRAGONMAN, HULKLINB, WARPATH, TITANIUM MAN and LOCKJAW.

With the announcements. Very happy with both.
MODOK looks great, Shaw is coming along nicely, though I think he would normally have dropped the jacket at least before rolling up his shirtsleeves, his arms seem a bit puny - bulk him up a little, and give him hair on his arm.

Now for the two ladies. I suspect that villainess MOONSTONE is one as I seriously cannot see this extension with out her, because if EM don't put her in the forum will without a doubt.
The other probably less obvious, whilst I think Gamora may also be in this extension, there was the mention of a Golden Age character and an alternative universe character, and since we don't have a Spiderman character yet I am going to guess at SPIDERGIRL

ted sallis said...

Thanks Bob, Just been to Tesco's , my new Mjoliner keyring is a tad bulky, i noticed it had a clip to attatch to your belt loop thingies, much comfier,Amazed at how many folk looked down at my swinging tool.
In my girlish daydreams i wish for Molten Girl and the Silver Surfess to be announced this coming Fryday.

John said...


I'm assuming it would have to be regular Specials, as it will be another year before the next Mega is announced.

Madame Web
Gorilla Man

I'd need a ruling from EM, as I'm still not 100% sure Hulkling would have to be a Special (and bloggers can tell me all they want either way. I've heard it all for each side, but only EM can tell me for sure.)

Sadly, Gorilla Man is my most wanted and least likely.

I'm also going to say Atlas. I don't want him as a size-changer, though. He's just always been a very tall, bulky guy, and I'm assuming that even in a powered down state, he'd be a Special. EM? Ruling?

John said...

Paibok, good call. A Groot and Rocket Raccoon double pack would be, without a doubt, awesome. :D

Technically, Groot is my most wanted Special and Rocket my most wanted Regular. It also just makes damn sense to sell them together (ala Puck and Sassy.) they each also justify the varied sizes of characters (exactly the same as Puck and Sasquatch.)

Give me an all-resin Groot. I don't care. Both of them in their GotG uniforms would just look downright amazing.

SC said...

These last few weeks of blogs have been great! I have never posted thanks, but feel i must now. You guys spoil us, I love looking at the behind the scenes going ons, with the color process, the magazine covers, sculpting, all of it. Thank you!!

Love the news on Longshot and Swordsman! Even more excited about next week. Am looking forward to Nico!

I'm guessing females might be Moonstone and Gamora?

My personal wants would be Nocturne and Monet.

Thank you again Blog/CMFC people!

mgf said...

"navaho said... Another X-man and I'm sure this extension will get another 4 at least, whilst I realise the X characters are popular we must have some sort of balance."

Agreed. It's silly for EM to put in X characters as the forum will only choose X characters. It'll damage the collection and is very short sighted. No more X-ers please EM. The sheep shall provide.

I'm not sure X Men are all that popular anymore. Certainly their comic sales don't seem to be strong. I was amazed how poorly their titles did in the May 2011 listings. It's just that their fans want nothing else and are prepared to go to almost any lengths to get theses one dimensional modern characters made.

A collection chosen by the Xombies would just have X Men, a collection chosen by Marvel fans would have figures from all corners of the MU.

We've been held hostage by the X fanboys for far too long, and the real joke is it's not even "the X-Men" they really like, it's "their X-Men", the ones they recall so warmly from the cartoons and lunchboxes of their youth.

Remember the reaction when Thunderbird made it in? MU fans were broadly delighted, and I was one of them. The Xombies went ballistic.

ted sallis said...

What's a Longshit? Is that what vikings used to do over the sides of their boats??
Aw,man baby the 70's were cool daddy-o. just read Cap A #143 Never noticed SGT Muldoon is Jack Kirby, how cool is that??

mighty_marvel said...
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mighty_marvel said...

i think EM only really need to confirm one more x-men related character. selene would be my choice.

that would be 3 x-characters from EM, and i'm 99.99% certain that the forum will vote in at least 2, maybe even 3, from wolfsbane, mirage, silver samurai, shaman and deathbird. giving 5 or 6 x-characters in the extension which, even as an x-fan, is plenty imo.

although, i can't see why the request poll that is run through the year can't be used for the forum vote. just confirm the top 3 as the forum vote at the beginning of the extension, and then EM can build the extension around it, thus ensuring a varied and balanced extension.

LarryS said...
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Deadpool said...

Thanks for taking my advice regarding Modok Dan ... You've followed the colour scheme of my scratch built version almost exactly.

Sebastian Shaw ... I really like the character. Unfortunately he looks as if he is about to do something rather rude to Norman Lamont. Did Julian Clarey suggest the choice of pose?

Mocking Bird looks like a girl ... yay I love the figure and the pose.
The Mossmen's recent sabatical in Amsterdam has paid off.

Pongshot is my most hated character. I consider him a wasted slot in the collection.

Nico is looking pretty good, but what about the alternative sculpt --- you know , the one where she is being squuashed by Issi Noho?

Two Girls for next week - excellent decision Daniel (the cheque is in the post).

I like girls.

1st Choice - Kate Bishop
I think she would make a very good figure. She is pretty, curvaceous and could be produced in a pose that accentuated her figure.

The big question is - do collectors want Girlies that look like a "Pig with a Wig on" just because they have more providence?
Or do they want figures that look awesome in their display cabinet?

2nd choice - Selene
I always was a sucker for a girl in a low cut dress or a basque.

DC - Subscription has arrived.

MAGOG is absolutely brilliant.
I suggest that all collectors, regardless if you are Marvel or DC affiliated, get this figure.
He is by far the best figure in the DC collection and is at least the equal of Beta Ray Bill.

LarryS said...

I agree with Paibok that Spider-Girl must have a decent chance of being one of the 'Chosen Two'.

After all, there haven't yet been any spider-characters announced for this extension.

Plus, I think I'm correct in noting that she remains the only solo female to reach issue 100 uninterrupted and in her own right...

I still suspect Dan will throw a complete wild card at us, confirming a character that every single one of us has overlooked!

Deadpool said...

Teddington .... happy birthday.
I hope your Man Thing gets what he deserves.

tinodragon14 said...

Somebody get Ted some hot coffee. He seems to be celebrating a lot.

Once again Madame Webb is not special worthy just because she has a neat chair.
TERRAX, TITANIUM MAN, THE EXECUTIONER, BLASTAAR, LOCKJAW, MAN-BULL should be among the next specials. There are several Gorilla Men in MARVEL. Which one are you talking about? And Hulkling please no.
Mega Specials should be DRAGONMAN, THE LIVING MONOLITH, THE SUPER ADAPTOID. Is not ATLAS formerly the same bad guy that was POWERMAN for many years before Luke Cage beat him up & took his name. Then he became a bad guy Goliath. Would it not be better to have him a regular figure as POWERMAN & include his GOLIATH & ATLAS aliases in his magazine? If they do make the silly, stupid Mojo concoction it will be the only special I will not buy.

Deadpool said...

Since I favour I would prefer Giant Man - in his red suit rather than Mojo.

If I want Mojo I will build one.
Actually I don't want him so I wont.

I could even be convinced to go for Groot and the Rocket Rodent as a special (I do actually have a soft spot for the Racoon).
However, (PQ)Starlord in his Third Reich get up would need to come first as a regular.

michal9402 said...

I don't know how can i forgot about my favourite female Selene. Although we just have Sebastian from Hellfire Club I think that could be an excelent choice.

LarryS said...

Returning to the issue of Spider-Girl. There's one other factor that favours her selection. And that is the all-powerful EM suits.

Yes, forget Galactus and Eternity and Domammu and the Celestials. When it comes to CMFC's little corner of the MU, the EM suits wield ultimate power and authority.

And I supect that as soon as they spot a character with "Spider" in their moniker, they see the dollar signs flashing.

After all, that's the reason (I suspect) we ended up with the Scarlet Spider a few issues back.

So, Spider-Girl next week. And, if further extensions are announced, watch out for Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Ham, Spider Slayers, Spider-Gran, Spider-Uncle and the rest!!

ted sallis said...

Spider-Van would be righteous

John said...

Beast: "Again, they can't do it that way. As the bean counters want the full list of 20 as soon as possible."

Or they just tell the bean counters no.

Lots of Selene requests, but I feel that if we DID get another X-character, it should be one varied from the other 2. Another Hellfire Club member just a few announcements after Shaw is a bit much, no? I'd vote for a modern X-character like Pixie, or go Cosmic with Corsair. Or my personal favorite, go with Brother Voodoo. :D

The Gorilla Man I refer to is Ken Hale, the 50's character and typical fan favorite of the current Agents of Atlas.

Tino: "Once again Madame Webb is not special worthy just because she has a neat chair."

And again, her chair would take as much material to create as the character herself. Double the lead, double the price. Special. And highly wanted, by me at least.

I still say Gamora and Moonstone, but my 2 most wanted females are Gamora and Venus.

I'd also like Phyla-Vell, Squirrel Girl, MJ and Vindicator.

I'm holding out hope that Northstar and Aurora go through so EM can see how well they would sell. Then they confirm a Misty Knight and Colleen Wing Double Pack. I know that would make a LOT of people very happy. But, oy, the waiting...

SinisterVenom said...

Oh yes! MODOK looks so much better in metallic paint, good job guys! Let's hurry and get him released! :D
Sebastian Shaw looks incredible! Really happy with how his figure is turning out, can't wait to see the painted sculpt! Mockingbird looks good too and Nico is coming along nicely also, I agree she is looking to be quite a unique female figurine in the collection. Any chance we can see Sif or Tigershark soon?
I actually like all of those Beetle covers, the second one being my least favourite. Blackheart and Wizard's covers look good too.
Longshot and Swordsman: two fabulous choices even if it was somewhat obvious they would make the extension at some point. At least it makes all of us fans happy.
2 females next week? I'm going to say Moonstone is looking more likely to show up than any other female characters. The second one I would personally like to see is Deathbird. She would make an outstanding figure and she's high on my want list.

mighty_marvel said...

you're not alone john. i really want a madame web special too.

she's doing reasonably well on the forum specials poll. ahead of people like hulkling, thundra (who doesn't really need to be a special imo), blastaar, brood drone, dragon man, groot and plenty of others.

tinodragon14 said...

Well if they waste a special slot on this rather dull character that is not really either a hero or a villain then Madame Webb like Mojo will not join my collection.
And what Squirrel Girl? Phyla Vell?? Misty Knight??? Venus???? Colleen Wing????? & Mary Jane (A figure slot wasted on a girlfriend!) That's absurd.

AVENGERS -87 said...

For the 2 Females : Moonstone and Danielle Moonstar . For the Specials : Double-Pack Aurora / Northstar , Warpath or The Executionner

Mixmerik said...

Mockingbird looks wonderful!

Longshot! Great! I can't wait to see the preview!

Speaking of new characters, my votes for:

- Baron Blood
- Belasco & S'ym (Two Pack)
- The Brood (special)
- Dragon Man (special)
- Clea
- Hydra soldiers (Two Pack)
- A.I.M scientist
- Shaman
- Marrina
- Arnim Zola
- Blastaar
- Mojo
- Caliban
- Danger
- Killraven

This collection is a dream!

Hiperion said...
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Hiperion said...

Yeah!! Swordsman was high on my wish list, a classic Avenger. I hope we get Mantis soon (classic look)

Longshot was my most wanted X-character, so I'm glad he's in.

Shaw looks stunning, love his pose. Mockingbird is very very nice.

Well, seeing Howard the Duck can't be one of the next female choices (although Fifi the Duck has a chance, anyone remember her? lol), I dream of Namorita being confirmed.

Congratulations to Dan for his good job!

Anonymous said...

My top 2 females are:


I doubt that both will be announced together, so I'd be happy if one was replaced with

Sounds like a Dr Strange villain!

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned Squirrel Girl. And while I'm not a fan, I can almost see it happening. She's got a loyal fanbase. And she's currently playing Nanny for Baby Cage in New Avengers. She's also been announced as one of the first characters for the Marvel MMO. Plus you know EM would love to stick a squirrel on her base. And maybe one on her shoulder.

Thor8 said...

Well I'm off to the states for a short vacation,so I won't be posting for awhile. Before I go I just want to wish Ted a belated Happy B Day (a Mjoliner keychain? GEE were can I get one?),and welcome SC aboard. Be good to each other while I'm gone.

ted sallis said...

Thankyou one and all, Thor8, your heading to the right place if you want your very own movie mjoliner keyring. My dearest ordered it from an American website.
enjoy your vacation.

ted sallis said...

Looking at the Nico pics she actually looks naw bad, The detail in her boots is remarkable and the facial detail is top notch , hopefully the paintjob won't louse it up. Oh and DannyDan me old Danster i love your wee doodle of Nico, your quite the artist,why a man of your talent could probably whip up a selection of poses for...let's just say off the top of my head..Princess Python. Perhaps you could show them to us on Friday........Nico is especially cute as she looks like a little Borrower who's holding a giant hairpin.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

I don't see Avengers, Cosmic,... just X-Men haters, if you can't accept that x-characters are most popular, just GO AWAY.
Forum isn't just for UK or USA, there are people from France, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Poland, Germany, Greece, Italy,..., so that only mean x-characters are very popular and people wants them. So please stop this annoying talking about forum poll. X-characters are best selling from all figurines from CMFC, just look at Forbidden Planet or Ebay. Avengers or Asgard fans can't accept it and they can't stop yelling. Deal with it x-haters, because in x-world there is more characters than in other groups. As you see 5 x-characters per extension isn't enough, and you have to accept it.
Forum poll (about 250 voters) >> few haters from this blog.

Dan the man is new boss of this blog, it's new era, so there isn't problem for giving us 2 Mega Specials per year since now. MODOK this year, MOJO and Lockjaw next year! More money for EM = more chances for continuity of CMFC.

kissynose said...

How can evryonr talk about Dragonman without mentioning Power Pack?

John said...

Beast: "Plus you know EM would love to stick a squirrel on her base. And maybe one on her shoulder."

Tippy Toe. :D

Tino, I said how Longshot was one of my least favorite characters for this collection but was thrilled that his inclusion made so many other people happy. I post my own list of highly wanted characters and you pick them apart. It saddens me. Don't be a hater. ...when EM sees the same names posted over and over again, that's what shows support to a character and gets the likes of Swordsman in. Posting negatively about others' wants is just downright dirty.

tinodragon14 said...

Dear John, My apologies if I hurt your feelings. In my zealous desire to get more of my favorite classic villains in the collection before it ends I sometimes cross the line in my criticism. I can honestly said I hate no one on this site. I don't know any of you. I don't even know what country you guys are from or even if you are all guys. My nickname is Tino from my middle name Florentino. I live in Metairie a suburb/town just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana in the U.S. I am not an X-Men hater either but I am a lover of Marvel's villains & would love to see all of them in the collection before it ends. The X-Man villain MASTERMIND was in my top 20 picks as an original member of the Brotherhood. He was also a member of The Hellfire Club so I would have picked him before SHAW. I know they wish to keep him in his period outfit but also show him in a fighting stance but frankly in his fighting stance he would either have his shirt & jacket off or at least his jacket off & his shirtsleeves rolled up. Even though I did not pick Longshot I thought he made a nice addition to the X-Men team until they came up with the backstory & the supersilly Mojo concoction. To me it was Marvel at it's lamest & I can say I hate that Mojo creature. So even though I will buy all the regular figures even those I have no interest in like Nico or Wiccan & even though I have bought all the specials I will not buy a mojo.

Deadpool said...


You've caught me in a rare moment of lucidity.

The collection should be about variety and above all quality.

Unlike you, I prefer the fairer sex to be included in the collection mainly because I want eye candy in my display.

I used to follow the X-Titles and be, as Ted would affectionately say, an "XTWAT" but I grew out of them.

Mutants have no origin.
They have been overused in the Marvel universe and appear without a reason, in my opinion.

Give me non mutants, "Super Soldiers Serums", "Radioactive Spiders", "Ingenius Engineers", "Gamma Irradiation" and Girlies any day of the week.

Ask yourself why Logan is so popular .... it's not because he is a mutant, its because he was an experiment ... he is a mutant with an origin and Admantium.

In summary ... as you get older you grow out of X-Titles.
The people I know, who are of a similar age have all abandoned the X-Titles for the nostalgia of the Avengers, Spidey and The Hulk.

PS .... we need more quality villians .. oh and did I mention more girlies.

Deadpool said...

Deadpool rant continued.

X-Characters require one thing and one thing only - the mutant X factor.

To illustrate - here is a new mutant.

Bogeyman - a mutant born with the ability to create highly toxic and ultra sticky bogeys.

He sneezes on his hands and can climb walls.

He can eject bogies at high speed to paralise or kill his opponents.

What's the amazing origin of Bogeyman?
Did he eat a radioactive bogey while working in a Gamma Test facility?

Hell no!!!!

Who needs an origin when you've got the X=Factor.

In my opinion, the X-Factor was the death knell for creativity at Marvel.

Deadpool said...

Deadpool rant concluded.

At this rate we'll have Simon Cowell dictating who will be in the collection.

Only then will the appetite of the XTW@Ts be sated.

Deadpool said...

The Crowd goes wild ... Yelling ...


Swordsman is a great announcent .... no X-Factor in sight.

To quote Marvel Avengers #19 -1965 ....

"The newest, most daringly different swashbuckler from the House of Ideas"


Deadpool said...

To redress the balance in teh Marvel universe ....

A Mutant should be killed off everytime the Disney creatives want to introduce a new one.

My first choice of mutant to face the grim reaper would be ...

----- Wolverine ----

He's been oversused and is well past his due date now that ever Tom, Dick and Bullseye has admantium.

Kill him off, followed by Daken and X-23

Their demise could make way for Bogeyman, Sister Scab and Boris Body Odour --- no origins required.

Deadpool said...

****Over used***

Deadpool said...

Sabastian Shaw could despatch Logan using "Glove Puppetry" ... in honour of his CMFC figure pose.

Deadpool said...

Sebastian Shaw .. head of teh hellfire club and now ... Master of Proctology.

tinodragon14 said...

Oh ah DEADPOOL but is not DEADPOOL an overused mutant in the Marvel U. I mean he is everywhere. They are doing with him what they did to WOLVERINE. Saturating the comic market with him to maximize profit but to hell with quality. Sticking claws on characters & then connect them to WOLVERINE. The X-23 being one of the silliest. Yeah let's just give her two claws on her hands but a third one sticking out of her foot. How about the third claw sticking out of her belly button. No, No she will have a claw in place of each nipple & she will hug the bad guys & zap. Then she can bravely say, "Yes! It does hurt every time they come out."

ted sallis said...

Well funnuly ennuf DP, I have copyrighted a character, who's mutant power is the ability to use one of her orifices as a black hole. Anything within a 20 metre radius gets sucked in..Can't say more than that at the mo, As Marvel and i are in negotiations...Mark my words 2012 will be the year of The Hoop...
Just been down to the harbour to watch some performance art called the Tide Machine....the things i do when wasted :)

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Grow out of x-comics? Sorry, but don't forget Deadpool origin, and he's always with mutants in comics: Wolverine, Cable, Siryn,...
And Logan isn't so popular because of experiment, but because of his style of live, his behavior, that's why people likes him.

Why Shaw should have his shirt off? This is begin of fight, and and he's preparing, nobody had touch Shaw yet.

mighty_marvel said...

Confirmations so far:

Cosmic: Firelord
X-Men: Longshot
X-Villain: Sebastian Shaw
Avenger: Swordsman
Modern: Wiccan
Asgard: Hela

So 10 more EM choices. What do you all think they'll be?

My guesses:

Alpha Flight: Shaman
Avenger: USAgent
Cosmic: Gamora
Spidey: Jackal (possibly Hammerhead)
F4: Trapster
Supernatural: Brother Voodoo
Marvel Knight: Jigsaw
Marvel Knight: Misty Knight
Golden Age: Miss America
Avenger Villain: Moonstone

Forum Vote:

X-Men: Wolfsbane
X-Villain: Silver Samurai
Cosmic: Vance Astro

Comp Pick:

Who knows???!!!!

ted sallis said...

Well MM sorry to be so lame at yer game, but i could quite happily live with your very own list .As i have read more than 30+ Tbolts issues i feel qualified enough to demand Moonstone in her modern look ;) and she should be sculpted with... er...Powergirl proportions ..nudge, nudge.

John said...

That is a good list MM.

However, I'd rather have Nightmare as the MK/supernatural villain, and continue to hold out hope for a Misty Knight double pack with Colleen Wing. And of course, I'd rather an Agent of Atlas for the oldie spot.

The comp winner will choose Rocket Raccoon, I'm sure. Dan, where do I mail my bribe?

On a side note, I actually had a dream that I received my Paladin figurine. I'd like to be considered psychic, so maybe EM should confirm him in a couple weeks. :D

Deadpool said...

Deadpool isn't a mutant ... he is a Human Mutate akin to Daredevil, Spidey and the Hulk.

He again was an experiment.

Unlike Mutants... he has an origin.

And as if to endorse this ... my verification word is CULTOON

navaho said...

why dont we just call this collection 'The NOT so classic X anybody and his dog Collection' and be done with it.
Then we all know where we stand! whilst we all realise that the X characters are the most popular we are not building a popular collection, we are building a unique comprehensive collection encompassing the width and breadth of the MU.
If Dan wants to stick 10 X characters in then he should be honest and tell us up front instead of us wasting our time shouting for Hammerhead, Trapster, The Red Ghost, Jackal, etc.

Osvaldoeaf said...

".when EM sees the same names posted over and over again, that's what shows support to a character and gets the likes of Swordsman in."

OK, so I say it again: please make Sage!!! Sage, Sage, Sage!!!!

ikabodcrane said...

I like mockinbird she is beautiful !!! And Sebastian shaw great!!!!!

I look the serie: The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and i would like Sintgray,Whirlwind, gray gargoyle,

2 females please, please : Thundra, Outlaw

Do not forget Owl and Jackal thanks…

And more: Mantis, Moonstone, Hammerhead,Baron von strucker, agent Hydra, Gamora, selene, sage, dust, Maximus, tarantula, Darkstar, clea, yondu, Marrow, hepziba, Unicorn,Ai walker, black mamba, Arcade, nitro,count nefaria, constrictor, diablo, vertigo, melter,porcupine, white rabbit, black tom cassidy, blizzard,

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what's happened to robert ?

ted sallis said...

"Does anyone know what's happened to Robert?"
I think he mentioned something about backpacking around Eigg,on a spacehopper.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

We know Deadpool isn't a mutant, but don't forget he has power because of Logan's DNA.
First appearance: NEW MUTANTS #98 (February, 1991)
Your hero Deadpool can't exist without mutants.

Hope after 2 females (look at poll, definitely time for Moonstone and Gamora), we will have Hammerhead and Jigsaw.
Dan more villains please.

CGJ said...

MODOK looks great, much better with the metallic paint.

Nico I am not going to change my mind on. Ever.

Mockingbird on the other hand looks great as does Sebastian Shaw, a really impressive sculpt.

Female announcement I would hope for Marrina. I could live with Moonstone or Deathbird. Spider girl or squirrel girl, not so much

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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tinodragon14 said...

Pick MANTIS as she goes with the SWORDSMAN & She is both an Avenger & a cosmic.
Then pick PRINCESS PYTHON a villainess who will make a great figure with her snake wrapped around her.
Then back to the Bad Guys
HAMMERHEAD - Spidey Villain
WHIRLWIND - Avenger Villain
THE OWL -DD Villain
ATTUMA -Namor Villain
BARON MORDO - Dr. Strange Villain
MR. HYDE - Thor Villain
THE COBRA - Snake Villain
STILT-MAN - Really Tall Villain
BLIZZARD - Cool Villain
Mega Special
TITANIUM MAN - Ironman Villain
THE EXECUTIONER - Asgardian Villain
BLASTAAR - Cosmic FF Villain
LOCKJAW - Inhuman's Pet & Transporter

John said...

I really want Mr. Hyde as a Special, specifically, a Special Double Pack with Cobra. But I'll take either however I can get them. ;)

tinodragon14 said...

Actually John I am not sure if HYDE is too big to be a regular figure but either way l would buy a two-pack of THE COBRA & MR. HYDE. Just like I would buy a three-pack special of THE WRECKING CREW & THE ENFORCERS.

jimbob said...

Thought I would update you all on the special poll from the forum,

TOP 10

Mojo 45
Terrax 33
Lockjaw 31
Warpath 31
Strong Guy 29
Atlas 28
Wendigo 27
Giant-Man (Hank Pym) 19
Skurge The Executioner 18
Goliath(Bill Foster) 17

Sire-bd said...

Fantastic News for SWORDMAN !!! Many Thanks Dan !!!

And Wahoo, S├ębastien Shaw is terrible ! Very good work !!!

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Terrific, not terrible ;)

ACMILAN said...

SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!
SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!
SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!
SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!
SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!
SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!
SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!

ACMILAN said...

SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!
SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!
SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!
SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!
SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!
SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!
SWORDSMAN(Jacques DuQuesne)PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

here's a female character that we all forgot about - meggan , i need her to complete my excaliber team. Please let her be announced on friday dan.

CGJ said...

Regarding the special poll, wouldn't Giant Man, Goliath and Mojo all be Mega Specials? And Atlas, is that the baby Giant Man out of Young Avengers? So another Mega Special. Lockjaw would most likely be classed as a Mega too, so that leaves

Terrax, Strong Guy, Warpath, Wendigo and Skurge

Warpath is a bigger Thunderbird and Wendigo a white Sasquatch, both of whom we are either getting or have just got so that leaves Terrax Skurge and Strong Guy.

Strong Guy I can't get behind a) because of the stupid small sunglasses, b) the stupid small pony tail c) the stupid name.

So that leaves Terrax or Skurge....Skurge....or Terrax. Or stop messing about and give us a Brood Queen

Shifoso said...

About the next two female figures...
well my personal high interest should be on watching your interpretation of Xenith, the
Shi'ar warrior, and I think that a second wish could be Jarella, just to give the Hulk a hope...!

John said...

"And Atlas, is that the baby Giant Man out of Young Avengers?"

No. Atlas in a Thunderbolt. He's a size-changer, but even without changing size, I think he's almost a Special. I'd need some ruling on this from EM. As one of the original and core members on the group, I think he's essential.

Goliath doesn't need to be a Mega Special. Just a Regular. Can you imagine having Pym, Lang and Wasp as Regulars and a Special sized Goliath? Ha! He's a very worthy character, and I want ol' Bill Foster a lot, but I don't want a Special for the sake of having a Special. Not when so many other characters NEED to be Specials.

"Just like I would buy a three-pack special of THE WRECKING CREW & THE ENFORCERS."

Enforcers! Now you're speaking my language!

Sire-bd said...

Do not forget Dan this one: TARANTULA!!! Very important character in the universe of Spidey!
As my custom:

jimbob said...

Regarding Giant-Men.

I think that Giant-Man should be special,because he can grow the biggest.

Atlas could be a between a mega and special size since he is the second to Giant-Man on growing.

And Bill Foster can be special size,because he can only grow to something like 15ft.

mighty_marvel said...

"Do not forget Dan this one: TARANTULA!!! Very important character in the universe of Spidey!"

that's a vastly different definition of the word important to the one i commonly use

mighty_marvel said...

re size changers

i only want atlas as a special as even when not giant he's still drawn bigger than normal.

the other size changers i'd take as regulars as when not giant they generally revert back to normal human size

CGJ said...

Don't read Thunderbolts so will look Atlas up

Who is the one in Young Avengers then?

Surely not Giant Girl.

Giant Lass?

Big Chick?


mighty_marvel said...

cassie lang (daughter of 2nd ant-man, scott lang) in young avengers. otherwise known as stature

ACMILAN said...

GIANT-MAN (Henry "Hank" Pym)
GIANT-MAN (Bill Foster)
GOLIATH (Henry "Hank" Pym)
GOLIATH (Clint Barton)
POWER MAN (Erik Josten)

jimbob said...

Bowen designs had done all of them except for Bill foster.

But there are talks of Bowen Designs doing a Bill Foster Bust first then hopefully a full size version.

John said...

Personally, I'm against any characters already made or any size-changers as Specials. I do really want Bill Foster, Atlas and Stature, but as Regular sized characters (unless Atlas is deemed too large even in a powered down state.)

Hank Pym is one of my absolute favorite characters in the MU, up there with Spidey and Reed Richards, but I would always take a new character over a figurine of him in a new costume. There are just too many characters we don't have yet...

John said...

Robert would be happy to know that someone on the forum just voted for Recorder. :D I'm happy that same person voted for Venus.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,because of the stupid small sunglasses"
That aren't sunglasses.
Don't even know to much about character, but they have to yelling - go away haters.
STRONG GUY for special in 2013 !!!

Yes there are many Mega Specials in top of poll, and that's why two Mega Specials per year would be good idea.

tinodragon14 said...

You already have Hank Pym in the collection as Yellowjacket with wasp sitting on his shoulder.
Pym was Ant-Man then Giant-Man then Goliath then Yellowjacket so having him as one of the other characters is a repeat of sorts. Hawkeye was also Goliath for a while with a different costume baring his chest & his blonde head of hair but Hawkeye or Clint is already in the collection as well. That leaves Black Goliath/Bill Foster or the bad guy POWERMAN who became the bad guy GOLIATH and then the good guy ATLAS. POWERMAN could be done as a regular figure & then include info about his GOLIATH/ATLAS aliases in his magazine. To me the best giant mega figure would then be THE LIVING MONOLITH.

tinodragon14 said...

Of course my number one Mega Special choice is DRAGONMAN. It looks like MODOK is a Mega figure but the guys at EM have not been forthcoming about that yet. I don't know if LOCKJAW is a Mega or regular special figure. Please clarify for us Dan the Man.

I hope the next regular specials are TERRAX a HERALD of GALACTUS & TITANIUM MAN a classic Ironman Villain.

jimbob said...

Lockjaw is a special,this was said a few post back.

LAWay said...

What a bumper update!

Love the new look MODOK. Glad you guys listened, the paintjob looks much much better now. See, complaining on the blog can get results! lol But seriously, it goes to show what impact we can have on the collection and that EM are listening to us.

Nico is an improvement. Whether I like her of not, the face looks much better and the little details are more impressive. I still dont like the pose though. And looking at the reference sketch you provided, the skirt should be much shorter on the sculpt. Infact its a shame she is wearing that coat as it hides everything, and its one of the main problems with that figurine.

Sebastian Shaw. Didnt care for him, his look you chose and the pose you opted for when you last announced it. However, you have won me over. Looks fantastic. Excellent work guys.

Mickingbird looks fantastic painted. The ponytail looks alot better than the initial preview we were shown, maybe because it looked like the hair was part of her mask. But the clear distinction makes it look much better. I may still have preferred long hair, but certainly would not be dissatisfied with this finished figurine now.

Blackheart cover looks decent. I'll be honest, dont know much about him. 37 appearances is slim, and admittedly i know him more from his appearances in a couple of video games rather than comics.

Andie Tong is a fave artist of mine, a top guy so glad to see his artwork being on a cover of the CMFC.

John Mcrea;s sketch is hopefully very rough because it has anatomical issues in the torso, but the layout and pose works for me.

Good to hear alot of the fans wanting Longshot will be happy. He topped the fan polls so can't complain. Nice to see swordsman. He has had alot of love recently. I personally know him more from his Thunderbolts run, so I would much prefer this look to be in the collection as opposed to his classic look.

2 Female characters to be announced? I will be hoping for Spider-Girl and Thundra.

Oh, belated happy birthday Ted.

avenger guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

ted , sorry i missed your birthday so belated wishes to you.

Now for the villains - avengers related.

egg head
grey gargoyle
man ape
speed demon
mach iv
jack o lantern
count nefaria
living laser
baron strucker
hydra agent
a.i.m technician

kissynose said...

I will be shocked if Speedball doesn't make it into this extension.

Wild Card Power Pack......yes please

marv.universe said...

Another voice for Tarantula !
Please Dan, dont forget this one, tarantula is a must have.

Anonymous said...

Dan :

When will the main site be updated with the next 5 figurines ?
Can we see toad , moondragon and siren all painted ? they are among the next 5.

Can we also get previews of the following please ?

Karnak - painted
Wizard - painted
Photon - painted
J J Jameson - painted
Dracula - painted

Deadpool said...

Tomazzz appears to be special in some way or maybe challenged.

He keeps complaining about haters.

Either that of he is one of the dreaded politically correct brigade.

If he wants political correctness then go to the forum.

The blog is for mud wrestling babes and free thinkers.

In my opinion Tarantula is more of a "bit part player" in the MU.

Maybe when we hit 300 I might consider him but not now.

Now for the DEADPOOL "HELL NO" of the week!!!!!



Next we'll end up with Beanie Babies.

I agree that Nico should get her kit off.
She'd look better without the trench coat.

tinodragon14 said...

I must agree with Deadpool that the Power Pack was done for the kiddies & really should not be in the collection anytime soon if ever.
Frankly I think Nico looks as good as it gets. This character like Wiccan may have followers that like these characters as written but visually they are unimpressive & so the figures will be unimpressive.
Also as Spidey villains go I would put HAMMERHEAD, TOMBSTONE, MOLTEN MAN, JACKAL, JACK O'LANTERN, PUMA, CARDIAC, SWARM, THE ENFORCERS & yes even STEGRON ahead of TARANTULA with his pointy shoes. Great name but lame abilities.

kissynose said...

Before Power Pack was turned into a kids book, they were a major part of the marvel universe. Do some research. They are more worthy than Rocket racoon or Howard the Duck.

kissynose said...

And furthermore....look at how many kid books Power Pack has. They obviously have a viable following. Also there has never been a representation of them in any collection.

John said...

I was just about to defend Power Pack, literally, but screw it. We don't need them. If its really just come down to name bashing other characters to make yours stand out, the its sullied the name for me.

Here's hoping for Rocket Raccoon.

Tino, I dreamed last night that I got Stegron and Whirlwind in the mail. Stegron was HUGE, and Whirlwind just looked like a twister, BUT, had this special way to open the tornado up so you could see the villain inside.

kissynose said...

I'm sorry my post was taken as a bashing. That was not the intent. I was just pointing out the fact that Power Pack had bigger showing in the MU than those characters. I hope that evryone gets their top wants. Thats what makes this collection great.

Ps...I know there isn't even a prayer power pack will get in so I am not trying to diminish others to make mine stand out.

tinodragon14 said...

John if you are dreaming about WHIRLWIND & STEGRON then you are obviously a very deep, sensitive, intellectually intense human being. I salute you. Since you have been so supportive of my choice of STEGRON I hearby cast a voice of support for a certain Raccoon you are so fond of. By the way I liked your idea about WHIRLWIND. You think if they ever choose him as a figure they would make his lower half spinning like a tornado?
As for Power Pack I'm sorry but they are for the kiddies. When first introduced back in 1984 as the first preteen heroes it was clear it was to attract the kiddies. Their run ended after issue 62 but they were still used as crossovers into more adult comics like Spidey usually dealing with issues directed at younger kids. I just don't see them in this collection. As for HOWARD THE DUCK he was directed at the more adult audience. Marvel having some adult fun with their version of a cartoon duck. Poor fellow was done in by a movie version of him that squeezed every ounce of adult out of him & basically looked like a man in a duck suit. Daffy thought it was dessspickable & Donald is still quacking about it.

kissynose said...

Power Pack was a ploy to attract a new generation of readers. However, they proceeded in making appearances in many of the comics of the time. I don't think the fact that they are kids excludes them from recognition.

kissynose said...

I love the fact that there is so much passion for the collection. It speaks volumes.

BobDiamond said...

Personally, I would not mind either way if Power Pack made an appearance- but it would have to be a Special sculpt with all 4 on one base- otherwise forget it.

However, as for being more important than the DUCK!!!!? I'm sorry, but this is just not true whichever way you look at it. Howard is probably the last true, totally unique and legendary character (after perhaps The Original Human Torch) left to be made.
His comic opened the way to the more adult and literate approach to comics long before Epic, Vertigo, Watchmen, Dark knight Returns etc etc made their mark in the 80s. Forget the crap film. That would be like judging Spidey on the appalling TV movies of the 70s, or Cap on the rubbish movie in the 90s.
This collection NEEDS HtD if it is to be a true representation of CLASSIC in the MU.
'Nuff Said.


baltiroo said...

I would support Power Pack getting into the collection. Prefer it if they were all on one stand together. Hope that the announcement on Friday includes Moonstone and possibly Gamora or Meggan (I know that she's a long shot in this extension).

Bob said...

Nico Minoru she is a teenage character I believe and images of her show that she has a shorter skirt than the figure shows. It is especially in the schoolgirl images that I looked at in the books. It's something that would make the figure more genuine . . . just sayin'.

CGJ said...

'And furthermore....look at how many kid books Power Pack has. They obviously have a viable following. Also there has never been a representation of them in any collection.'

...and there's your answer. Of all the marketing possibilities for Marvel characters throughout the years, Power Pack have NEVER been featured. Speaks volumes.

Spiral and Siryn pics in this months Previews. Spiral is simply the figurine of the collection.

Siryn,...looks quite good too.....I thought they were going for a mouth open sculpt, or was it the other way round to avoid being too similar to Banshee? Max will have the details.

Quite a few trenchcoats seem to be cropping up on these modern sculpts. Does Wiccan have a trenchie or a cape? can't remember

mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

wiccan has a small cape.

the nico sculpt doesn't have, and isn't supposed to have, elements of the schoolgirl costume from dan's pic. the costume is based on on something she wore for much of the second half of the first run of runaways

personally i think the sculpt has got the costume spot on and the figure looks fantastic

Osvaldoeaf said...

Wishful thinking: The 2 females will be: Sage and Marrow ( just cuz I want them - LOL)

baltiroo said...

I think that Marrow could be a very interesting sculpt. And I am sure that they both will make it into the collection within two extensions.

John said...

That seems kind of fitting. According to comicvine, Jim Hammond has appeared in 616 comics. ;)

sweet2cute said...

Since we are getting a charcter like Swordsman who had a short history in Marvel then why not get the Beyonder. His story had a major impact on Marvel Comic that spread thourgh every title. Even characters like Quasar had a Secret Wars II tie in years after the fact.

max_0888 said...

hey CGJ,
actually, Rich told me that since we already had Banshee with the screaming pose, we should try something else with Siryn. So he proposed me a sketch with that pose. Giving a hint at her powers without having to shout. And I gladly accepted.

BobDiamond said...

Yeah, I agree, the Beyonder should be made as he represents a very important chapter in the history of Marvel. He would also be a 'stand-alone' type of character, which we need more of.
What costume though?
Personally I'd go for the big-collar/ armoured-look!
The magazine would be interesting too, as there are quite a few further story-lines involving The Beyonder than just the 2 Secret Wars series.
Bendis wrote him as if he was some kind of mutant Inhuman (!), but I'm not sure if this has been taken as 'gospel' by the powers that be...


sweet2cute said...

I will always think of the Beyonder in his white suit, but I would take the armor look just to have him in the collection.

I was really surprised that EM did not even acknowledge the 25th anniversary of Secret Wars. I thought we might get something since the Destroyer was made of the Marvel's 70th.

It's the 25th Anniversary of the Secret Wars II so now would be a perfect time to add him to the collection.

I was not a fan of what Bendis did with the Beyonder. But the fact that he used the Beyonder in the Illuminati comics still shows that he is a force to be reckoned with.
And force that should be in this collection.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Hopefully Dan won't take to heart this hater's shit talking about Wiccan or Nico, or...
He's doing great job with other guys, and they will confirm characters, that will give us well balanced extension.
Keep it Dan.
Hater's IP should be banned for this blog.

Dan The Man said...

RE: POWER PACK and other tidbits:

Rich and myself did discuss the possibility, but we knew it would divide opinions (they're like Marmite!), my idea would be to do them as some sort of special, with all of them together on one base - but that was as far as we got. Beyonder is another of these dividers of opinion.

By the way the next special is definitely MODOK scheduled for November at present), the next one will hopefully be N&A as a double pack (out in jan 2012?), we are having some production issues with the clear stands as the factory can't secure them to the feet very well - they are doing their best to sort it out as I speak - will update with progress on this.

Will try to get pics of requested figurines... (not sure we've got all of them yet though - many of them come in and got straight out to Marvel for approval)
Beetle (i think we've got)
Karnak (got)
Wizard (um?)
Sif (not sculpted yet)
Tigershark (HE LOOKS AMAZING!) (not sure we have a shot)
Photon (should have by now?)
J J Jameson -(another stunning paint job for a civilian)
Dracula - got
Domino (not sculpted yet)

BobDiamond said...

Tomas...shhh, cool it my friend or you'll have a coronary.
I don't really see the problems you're referring too. Sure, some people have a difference of opinion at times to others, and can be a bit blunt about it, but I think you're making mountains from mole-hills here ;)


mighty_marvel said...

so is that confirmation that N + A will be a double pack once the production issues are sorted. if so - WooHoo!!!!!!

really hope that with a special coming in january that you can make up for the missing spring special from this year. could fit in 6 specials next year in Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep and Nov.

i'd go for

jan - northstar and aurora
mar - terrax
may - hulkling (YA to tie in with avengers movie release)
jul - madame web (ties in with spiderman movie release)
sep - brood drone
nov - atlas

kissynose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kissynose said...

Makes me happy that there was atleast a thought of Power Pack. All on one stand would be killer. In the end I restate that I buy all figures so I hope the collection keeps going no matter the choices.

Ill second the motion for a Beyonder figure.

And I do want Howard the Duck-just want Power Pack More----

John said...

Beyonder is a definite want for me.

And yes, Dan, can we have 6 Specials next year?

Kal Brindle said...

Woo Hoo! Finally confirmation of the Northstar & Aurora Two Pack!

Hopefully sales of this duo will be so strong that EM will see the benefit of Two Packs and give us The Daughters of the Dragon, Beverly & Howard, The Wrecking Crew, Vanguard & Darkstar and so on.

I'd totally support a Power Pack Special - they were a massive part of the late eighties, early nineties. Louise Simenson wrote their book really well and the stories were not juvenile at all.

I'm not a fan of the Beyonder (characters which are too powerful -see Sentry- are too hard to write for most creative teams and they come off poorly because of it), but I certainly acknowledge his place in Marvel History and in the whole mediums history..While there were epic sagas before secret Wars they rarely crossed over into more than one book. Secret Wars changed everything - every Marvel book was altered by it story-wise and the Mega Event was born.

Howard should come first though.

John said...

So here's a question from an American; what is a "Marmite?"

As for Power Pack, Alex Power has 248 appearances. That's quite impressive.

Not that appearance numbers are everything. Some of the best characters only have around 82 or so... :D

Travis said...

I'm really glad to see the love for the Beyonder here. I don't see it alot.
Love or hate him he is one of the most important and most controversial character to be in the MU. Reason enough to get the lead treatment in my opinion.

It breaks my heart that a character I have been campaigning for on the SHFF since I first started buying this collection in 2006 apparently will not be making the cut. :(

Anonymous said...

dan : thank you for letting me know about what pictures you have of my requested characters. I look forward to seeing them. Perhaps you can show us them or at least some of them on friday ? The main one i'm looking forward to seeing is tigershark , even more so now , after what you said about it being awesome.dan : thank you for letting me know about what pictures you have of my requested characters. I look forward to seeing them. Perhaps you can show us them or at least some of them on friday ? The main one i'm looking forward to seeing is tigershark , even more so now , after what you said about it being awesome.

Osvaldoeaf said...

I see some people who really dig Beyonder, I'm all for fans campaigning for their favorites...but I just don't think that visually he'd make an interesting figurine!

Anonymous said...

double comments again due to my crappy phone. Beyonder ? Wouldn't mind at some point , just not yet. If and when he's made can we get the silver robotic costume look and not the white costume. I liked his appearance in the 90s spiderman cartoon series where himself and madame web - special please , set spidey a task. I think it was the one where he teamed up with cap , iron man , lizard , black cat and the fantastic four. They battled against dr doom , red skull , kingpin and the incidious six. Power pack ? No thanks. Surely if you'd talked about doing them as a special , you must have talked about a warriors three special ? More popular without a doubt.

Travis said...

The Beyonder couldn't look any worse than Crystal. Or getting Mystique in the wrong costume. Or the miniature version of Cable.

EM made Impossible Man look good so why not the Beyonder?

I guess it doesn't matter. The powers that be have already have pretty much said no, so I guess we should just drop the subject.

Bagman said...

Maybe it's just me but with so many (great) characters still out there --
G.O.T.G. (old and new )
etc, etc,
I don't get this Power pack thingy,did they even get any votes on the last Forum poll?
Does that make me a (Hater)just because i don't want Power pack?
Must be showing my age!!!

SinisterVenom said...

Dan, I don't suppose you know what's up with the main CMFC website do you?
About an hour ago I tried to order the Sauron special but everytime I click to order, the following message appears:

Available to pre-order 16th June 2011, available to buy 30th June 2011!

Clearly we have gone past those dates now so any chance you could look into it for me? It would be much appreciated.

Kal Brindle said...


Marmite is a spread Brits and some others put on bread, toast, crumpets or whatever.

It is basically beef flavoured brewers yeast extract.

It is incredibly salty and depending on who you talk too, either tastes like muck or tastes like manna from heaven.

There is no middle ground on this spread. People LOVE IT or they HATE IT. Thus, when some one says something is Marmite, they mean it's a polarizing topic with very little middle ground.

The Australians have something similar called Vegemite.

For the record. I think Marmite is absolutely disgusting.

So Power Pack and the Beyonder - Marmite aka polarizing.

How's that?

John said...

Thanks Kal. Maybe the American version is saying Howard the Duck is a Black Licorice character. :D

tinodragon14 said...

I enjoyed the marmite explanation & thank Kal as well.
The use of the word hater on here is unnecessary & inaccurate. I do not hate Power Pack I just don't think it should be in this collection anytime soon because there are too many better characters left to go. I do not hate Nico or Wiccan I just think they are visually unimpressive & they certainly are not classic Marvel. I make no secret that I am a big fan of Marvel villains. So you should not be surprised when I push for more bad guys.
Ultimately while the Secret Wars idea was interesting the execution was not & the bid bad villain behind it all The Beyonder or as I like to call him Marvel's disco villain was such a big disappointment to me. I do not hate the disco beyonder but I don't thing he will make much of a figure. I agree as someone said that the Crystal figure looks really lame but had they gone with her classic look & hair she would have looked better. The LIZARD & TOAD should have made great figures but both have those awful & unnecessary tongues. HAVOK would have looked better in his classic black outfit. MYSTIQUE would have looked better in her classic outfit. I don't hate these characters because they were not done the way I would have liked to see them but I am disappointed. There is really only one character I can say I hate & that is the silly mojo concoction. No to mo!

BobDiamond said...

An excellent explanation of the use of Marmite as a polarizing concept Kal! (I take my Stetson off to you...)
However, Marmite is ALSO a vegetarian spread, not a meat-based by-product. The one you're thinking of is the similarly-coloured Bovril. This you can also spread on your toast, but has the added advantage of being able to turn into a hot beverage too! (very popular on the terraces of Football matches north of the border, I believe... is this right Ted?)


PS...That has got to be the most off-topic post I've ever posted.

ACMILAN said...

A.I.M. Technician

ACMILAN said...

A.I.M. Technician

ACMILAN said...

A.I.M. Technician

BobDiamond said...

Are you the Stepford Cuckoos by any chance?


Gremlin in the works said...

Really please N+A seem to be a doublepack now because it will free up 2 slots on the regular lineup (one for Shaman and another for a Marvel Knight hopefully....Misty Knight, White Tiger, Paladin)
Also it means I don't have to wait any time between getting the two together. And I echo Kal's statement that if the twins sell well then hopefully we can see Misty Knight and Colleen wing together......or Corsair and Hepzibah.

As for Howard, Power Pack and Beyonder.....sorry but not interested. That said I am a subscriber and will be till the end of the collection or the day I die (whichever comes sooner). I can see the merits of all of them as they all have their place in Marvel history.
If we were to get Power Pack then I would say either one large base or two smaller ones.
Although I don't like Howard much I think it's important he makes it int he collection and I feel his time is now. No matter how he is confirmed there will be people rejoicing and others arming their doomsday devices. But for the haters out there just think of it this way....once he is confirmed you don't need to hear the pleas for his inclusion again.
As for the Beyonder.....whilst I think he looks aweful Travis makes a good point that he contributed to one of Marvels most iconic stories.

Deadpool said...

OMG Tomazzzz is one of those "witch hunter" types; with pointy hat, shorty trousers and buckled shoes.
It would seem that there is a hater around every corner .... maybe his mother fed him too much marmite when he was a child (last year).

The CMFC Inquitisiion has officially begun.

Anyway ... since Tomazz hates haters soooo much ... why don't we include Hate Master in the collection ... for a laugh.

I personally don't think the marmite analogy adequately describes the "Power Pack" debate ... I think dog turd is more apt.

I personally prefer buxom babes to the Power Pack types that Tomazzzz is so fond of.

Therefore I will put my support behind: - Moonstone and Gamora for this weeks Girl on Girl special announcement.

May I also express interest in the original Namora for inclusin in the CMFC.

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