Friday, 24 June 2011

I can't believe it's not better!

So sorry, things have got busy this week and what with a lack of things to show you guys, this will be a short ‘n’ sweet one... (there goes the bettering of last week’s update!)

Here’s the painted fully MODOK... (photos not great as these shots are done by the sculptors to give us a quick look at how it's progressing).

A first look at Nico Minoru (there are quite a few changes being implemented so please view this as a early sneak-peek...)

PS. I think the news has leaked already, but big congrats to the DC Figurine Collection for getting the 20 extension! Thanks to all those involved with making this happen, big thanks goes out from the team (Sven and Colin) to those who have actively supported the collection thus far. Pics of the guys...

Rich had a great idea how to do the pose for Sebastian Shaw, basically we were going to do the hands behind the back pose (see below)...

but we thought why not show off his physical nature with a more action pose... (using an old Uncle Sam pic for reference)...

We’ll still do him in the costume from the Cassaday pic of course. I think this could be a really different pose, hopefully it will be dynamic and powerful just like the man!

Oh yeah the next confirmed character will hopefully please all the modernists out there.


‘Nuff said. Excelsior!


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mgf said...

What's Nico Minoru? Is that like Issi Noho?

Becquerel said...

Why do the trolls always get the first comment? ;(

Nico Minoru is the main characters from the Runaways. Her figurine looks really awesome! I never cared much for the Runaways, but the figurine will definitely be a pride in my collection once I get her.

I'm happy with Wiccan! He's a VERY good choice!
Also like the choice of Shaw's pose, I always felt he'd be fitting best with a gentlemanly pose.

Painted MODOK looks really good! Can't wait to see the fully finished product. :3

Also, congrats to the DC guys, hopefully this'll mean a lot more extensions!

The Hood said...

MODOK painted looks excellent, and Sebastian Shaw will look great too. Great news about the DC collection and i am also glad that Wiccan has been announced as part of the next extension, still waiting for Howard The Duck please.

kissynose said...

Very happy with Wiccan!!

I think you should just list the whole 20 next week,

Mr J said...

Wiccan as a modern pick, ok now we need Dust as she and Wiccan are both the top two modern wants based of polls.

SinisterVenom said...

Thanks for another great update Dan. I don't know much about Wiccan but from what I do know, I think he makes a great addition to the collection :)
MODOK looks absolutely fantastic! Brilliant job with him guys, well done! I can't wait to have him in the collection!
Nico Minoru is coming along well too. For an early sneak peak she does look quite different to some of the other figures so don't change her too much please.
And for Sebastian Shaw's pose, I am SO glad you decided to change his pose. I would not have been happy with his hands behind his back like the Kang figurine. His new pose actually reminds me of Kevin Bacon's pose on a poster I saw for X-Men First Class. Can't wait to see a sneak peak of Shaw now :)
Overall great update. Who could be next? Hammerhead? Owl? Whirlwind?
Word verification is 'going' and I am going get the dinner on.

Gremlin in the works said...

MODOK looks great painted. It's very similar to the Bowen sculpt, great work guys.

Nico looks very nice too. Awesome dynamic pose and glad to see the Staff of One making an appearence.

Wiccan is also fantastic news. He ticks the Avenger and Modern categories. Although he has only been around in this guise for 6-7 years he has also been around a while as one of the Scarlet Witch's children. Great choice as I see him being a player in the MU for many years to come.

Becquerel said...

Oh, I misunderstood your explanation of the Shaw pose, I apologize.
I like the other one just as much, though. Will he be rolling his sleeve up like in the picture, too? Cause that would be really badass!

mgf said...

"Why do the trolls always get the first comment? ;("

Disagreeing with you makes me a troll? Very typical of the modern method of internet debate amongt the young shavers. I blame the education system.

Let me irritate you further. EM, please don't bother with another competition to choose a figure because the two chosen so far have been rotten to the core, and it would help in the current economic climate if you chose one that might actually sell.

How's that? Now, I'm off to sit under my bridge...


jarvis69 said...

Modok looks great ;) And Sebastian too ( first pic pls....)
Sorry , no interest in Nico and Wiccan......

Hiperion said...

I'm a "classic-guy" when it refers to Marvel, but I read the Young Avengers first series and it was nice. I consider them one of the best teams appeared in last years, and they can make a colourful set of figurine,so bring them on!

MODOK looks stunning, looking forward to get him!

Still hoping to see Howard the Duck or a New Warrior on the extension.

Becquerel said...

You don't even know how old I am, so don't you call me a kid.

I couldn't care less about your opinion of Nico (I don't care about her as a character like at all, neither about her series), but your first post was really stupid, sorry to break it to you. Especially considering you didn't say ANYTHING ELSE but "who the hell is Nico Minoru?".
The sculpt looks fantastic despite your childish egotrip.

Banshee said...

MODOK is epically awesome!!!! You guys have done a fantastic jod, Kudos to you :)

Nico looks good to, I think she's going to be a real stand out peice when she's complete.

Wiccan is a great choice, I'd love all of The Young Avengers to make it some day.

Moonstone or Shaman for next week please Dan :) :)

Bob said...

Not to be overly critical but is the Staff of One on Nico Minoru have to have that huge cantaloupe on it? It looks a little different in the book and the ring looks a bit thick. I think the length of the staff is out of scale a bit. Just saying...

max_0888 said...

MODOK is looking GOOD! :) Could become one of my fave specials!

Nico Minoru also looks great. I'm really glad Wiccan is confirmed. For now, since there is only one Young avengers and one Runaways, i'll probably put them together.

My fave modern character is definitely Jessica Jones though. But Wiccan is a fantastic choice.

michal9402 said...

Wiccan is very good choice. Sebastian Shaw'll be look good in second pose for me.
M.O.D.O.K and Nico looks great.

For now we have confirmed Asgardian, X-men villain, cosmic character and now one of Avengers big family. Maybe it's time for someone from Marvel Knights like Owl or White Tiger.

mighty_marvel said...

marvel knights - got to be brother voodoo.

nico is already looking amazing. thanks to EM for giving me the chance to get a character i really care about into the collection. it's fantastic for me and with you doing such a stand out job on her figure i really hope everyone else will like having her in their collection. can't wait to see what other little details get added and to see her finished.

MODOK looks good and am pleased wiccan has made the collection. hope to hear about the status of the twins soon.

kissynose said...

I like Modok but there is an issue with the top of the head. He seems to elongated.He usually looks more squat and compact.

Thor8 said...

Modok keeps getting better and better with each update,I'm surprised at myself with how pleased I am with this figurine,being that I'm not that much of a fan of his.

Don't really care much for Nico,but she seems alright as a figurine and it's quite obvious that her followers are as pleased as punch about it.

Sebastian Shaw promises to be a good looking figurine,don't care much for Wiccan tho.

Totally disagree with Kissynose about listing the complete extension all at once. This takes a lot of the suspense and excitement from each new update.

Next Avengers confirmed: Swordsman
Next Avengers villain: Whirlwind
Next Marvel Knight: White Tiger
Next MK villain: Baron Mordo
Next Spider-Man villain: Jackal
Next FF villain: Blastar
Next FF ally: Thundra
Next Namor villain: Attuma
Next Iron Man villain: Melter

ted sallis said...

Nico looks okay,'s just.....well i'm going to come out and say it,It looks nothing like Steven Seagal

Anonymous said...

looks like i'll be saving myself a few quid looking at the characters listed so far in this extension. With the exeption of sebastian shaw. Don't know anything about nico what's her face and would've much rather had another character instead but i like the sculpt and think it'll be one of those issues that i buy for that reason only , just as i did with x man and blink. Modok is just amazing , well done. Tigershark sneak peek next update please dan. Next character for the extension - owl please.

LarryS said...

As one of the self-cofessed modernists on this blog, I'm delighted about Wiccan. The post-2000 characters are finally starting to accumulate nicely (Sentry, X-23, Nico etc). Plus, he's taken from my A-Z of post-2000 characters from last week's blog. Only 25 more to go now!!! (NB, the A-Z was Agent X (although subsequent bloggers persuaded me this was a bad call, and Armo[u]r would be preferred), Bloodstone (Elsa), Caiera the Oldstrong. Daken, Echo (hmmm, may strictly pre-date 2000?), Fantomex, Gravity, Hope (I would have picked Hood, but I figure he'll get selected for the collection soon anyway), Iron Lad, Jewel (she's the more important character, though I figure Jackpot would make a more fun figurine), Kid Omega, Lady Deadpool, Mr Negative, Nocturne, Old Lace (from Runaways), Patriot, Queen (yes, there really was a character called Queen. It took me a while to track down. No relation to Freddie Mercury)
Reptil, Sin (ok, first appeared way back, but has only come to prominence in recent years, central to both Death of Captain America and now the mega-crossover-event Fear Itself), Typeface, Ultragirl, Veil, Wiccan NOW ANNOUNCED, Xavin, Yorkes (Gertrude), Z-lister TBD.

Fingers crossed we'll get at least 1 or 2 more of the post-2000 brigade during this extendion. But for next week, I'd be content if Dan heads in the opposite direction along the timeline, and gives us one of the stars from the 40s or 50s...!!

tinodragon14 said...


tomaszkasjaniuk said...

No Hammerhead today :(

An old Uncle Sam is good pose for Sebastian Shaw, as for costume better would be his original [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

MODOK looks amazing, Dan can you tell us all specials for this year?

MK villain? Do you remember who was one of first MKs in CMFC?
Punisher, and he still don't have his villain.
Blade has Dracula.
Daredevil has Kingpin.
Ghost Rider has Blackheart.
For this extension, Punisher's villain - JIGSAW please.

CGJ said...

Sorry Gorty if you have a comp, thats the risk you run. I'm with you though, better not have any more. Don't know the first thing about Nico Minotaur or the Runaways

Wiccan is the most original looking of the Young Avengers I suppose, but don't rush with any of the others.

Particularly Iron Lad.

HATE Iron Lad.

Who sanctioned a character called Iron Lad?

Osvaldoeaf said...

Please Confirm Sage so I can sleep at night!

mgf said...

Dunno who came up with Iron Lad, but Liberace's dead so it couldn't have been him. They really couldn't have come up with a less threatening name, unless they called him Iron Eunuch.

The word popularity seems to have changed its meaning over recent years. This Runaways bunch have been cancelled three times since 2003. Only glad they weren't unpopular.

Just a couple more spots for the new characters and then we can get back to the figures that really keep the classic collection going.

The classics.

tinodragon14 said...

Check out the cover of DAREDEVIL Issue 48 by the late Gene Colan. STILT-MAN is getting the drop on the Man without Fear.
Now to the latest update:
wee Wiccan one of the newer, lamer baby avengers. Not even an interesting costume to work with. Stick out tongue & make noise.
MODOK however looks even more awesome painted & will look great with my fine collection of big bad guys i.e. GALACTUS, FIN FANG FOOM, BLOB, KINGPIN & THANOS.
The Nico sculpt does nothing for me though I will buy it as I am collecting all but it will sit in my container with the other so-sos... sad.
SHAW would look fine as a sculpt in their first position choice but I don't know about the second. If SHAW was in a fighting stance he would have his shirt off not still dressed in his fluffy finery.

ted sallis said...

"Dunno who came up with the name Iron Lad".........Probably someone who mispelt Iron Clad????
I cannot in all conscience moan aboot comp winners choices, if i had won 90% of the 153 forum members wood have have moaned like pornstars. ...So maybe it's time to ditch the comp...this here collection ran for many a year without pandering to our pish .

ted sallis said...

Just . read of the great mans demise. Love you Gene. One of my childhood heroes

mgf said...

You don't even know how old I am, so don't you call me a kid.

I couldn't care less about your opinion of Nico (I don't care about her as a character like at all, neither about her series), but your first post was really stupid, sorry to break it to you. Especially considering you didn't say ANYTHING ELSE but "who the hell is Nico Minoru?".
The sculpt looks fantastic despite your childish egotrip."

Don't go around calling people trolls just because you don't agree with them, or people might think you an ignorant fool. Or Dark Beast.

I know who this Minoru character is but I don't care. It seems I'm by no means alone in that.

She's yet another one dimensional nothing Marvel put ten minutes thought into, their stock-in-trade in the last couple of decades or so, when they'v been instrumental in turning a mass market industry into a niche interest. With success like that who needs failure?

Even EM couldn't get excited about her, as evidenced when they announced her with all the pomp and ceremony of a smallpox outbreak. She's another X-Man, another Blink. Another precious CMFC spot lost forever.

It will such figures that cost us the collection, so as far as I'm concerned the fewer the better.

Now that's my firmly held belief, and if you think that's trolling I suggest you either grow up or buy a new dictionary.

navaho said...


Moonstar said...

Wiccan is ok, but I want Dust from the modern characters the most and Pixie is cool too.

I want an X-Men hero confirmed next week and Longshot and Mirage would make this x-fan very happy.

Dust for the next modern character please.

tinodragon14 said...

Hate to be a downer but another fond farewell to a talented character actor PETER FALK. The man who brought life to Lt. Columbo. Oh & just one more thing...

LAWay said...

Nico Minoru? Wow, what a waste. Thanks for that. Awful character choice, awful pose, damn shame. I tried reading Runaways, I gave it a fair chance but it was boring as hell. Not even the crossover tie-ins could make them interesting for me. But hey, if competition winners and old guys want a figurine of some asian schoolgirl, well, I am not surprised.

MODOK, fantasic. But request? Can we get a gold paint on him? A hint of metallic? Thats all thats missing.

Thought DC was cancelled? Looks like in the pic the guy has a list of the next extension for any eagle eyed people who care.

Wiccan, nice to see a Young Avenger FINALLY make an appearance. Would have preferred Patriot myself, but happy nonetheless.

Top 5 wants *
US Agent
Spiderman 2099

*subject to change on a daily whim

Anonymous said...

Higher and higher
Thanks Dan!!! With the addition of Wiccan (one of my top wants) and the previous announcements of Sebastian Shaw, Hela and Firelord and the Modok special, I feel that this collection is getting better and better. I am thrilled to the max just to think about the many amazing characters left to cover, knowing that you've got the same passion for them. You're taking us on the most amazing journey of exploration of the MU. Now that we're almost 200 figs deep into the collection, please keep venturing into unexplored areas, like Squadron Supreme, Starjammers, classic Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as more moderns like Young Avengers, Young X-Men and Avengers Academy with this extension and hopefully many more after this. You're taking the CMFC to the highest level.

LAWay said...

Oh yes, Mr Shaw. Not that interested in the character before. I actually didnt like the Hellfire Club thing, but it worked ok in the movie. Dont like the guy's design, and dont like the proposed pose. Basically we are getting a historic costumed character figurine, and there are many other collections that do that sort of thing. Probably why you want to get away from the stiff generic pose, but feel free to move away from the character completely.

Bagman said...

MODOK looks good (as said very similar to the Bowen sculpt), but then a big giant head in a floating chair doesn't leave a lot of room for an action pose!!!.
Wiccan -- I know very little about the Young Avengers but am pleased for the people who wanted him(?).
As for the negativity about Nico, it was the competition winners choice(Mighty Marvel if i remember rightly) and people should respect that or aren't we allowed to have personal choices unless everyone agrees.
" You're all indivdiual!"
" Yes, We're all individual".

John said...


Wiccan!!! I am so happy right now! (...and this is why its so hard for EM to make their choices. The older fans only want their classic characters, and modern fans could be hit or miss.)

Anyway, Wiccan has an amazing design, a great connection to the rest of the MU already (unlike most newer characters yet,) and is a great character in general.

Here was my Top 5 Wants:
Rocket Raccoon
An Agent of Atlas

So, yeah, this is a huge announcement for me. I think I've decided that if EM confirms all 5, then if I win the next competition I'll but some characters to a poll on the forum.

Wiccan... :D

AVENGERS -87 said...

Sebastian Shaw , Firelord , Hela , Wiccan : this extension is 100% AWESOME . For the next , i hope : Moonstone , Grey gargoyle ,The Hood , Swordsman , Silver Samurai , Moonstar , Wolfsbane , Shaman , Longshot , Hammerhead , Jackal , Trapster , Maximus , Gamorra , Owl , Brother Voodoo .

kissynose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kissynose said...

Until Dan acknowledges me I Will keep suggesting Power Pack

and not the new kiddy versions!!!!!!!!!!!

They have no other representation in any collection. Its Easy money.

And they have much more history than some of the horrible choices being talked about.

IT'S long Shot but how about a hint to as whether it has ever been considered.


max_0888 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kissynose said...

I can't believe we haven't seen Longshot or speedball yet.Important characters. and people keep wanting Howard the Duck and Rocket Racoon? I would love to have them too but not before real characters

I really want to know how the decisions are made. DAN!!!!

kissynose said...

Sometimes I think the guys making the choices are as bad as us. THEY WANT WHO THEY WANT. THE DIFERENCE BETWEEN US AND THEM IS THEY HAVE THE POWER.

I want the head honcho to come on the blog. LET US GET A RESPONSE FROM THE ULTIMATE DECISION MAKER.

It ultimately has to come down to money. EVERYTHING DOES.

max_0888 said...

Haha EM must have so much fun seeing us debate so passionately about each characters. :) There is a lot of tension in here. Well, it proves we take this collection pretty seriously.

I personnally think having Wiccan and Nico Minoru is a plus for this collection. Runaways had 60 issues. Say what you want, even if the serie is anywhere to be seen right now (it will probably comeback sooner rather than later imo) 60 issues is still a lot. And it had a crossover with Young avengers in Civil war AND Secret invasion.

I don't think having ONE character to represent ONE team that had a 60 issues run in a collection that has 200 figurines is an HORRIBLE thing and will bring this collection DOWN like some of you seem to say.

I can't wait for next week, but right now, i'm very please with the 4 characters confirmed. Wiccan, Hela, Firelord and Sebastian Shaw covers some very different areas of the MU. Good job to EM for trying to please everyone! Cheers

CGJ said...

Yewah Max but Marvel being as it is, they ALL come back much more frequently than they should, and they all crossover much more than they should too.

Guy in my comic book shop told me years ago after another very short run Thing series that they have to keep churning them out, even with rubbish stories so that they can keep the rights, or licenses or something similar

kissynose said...

Molecule Man
New Mutants
Captain Marvel (80's Female avenger)
US Agent
New Warriors
Marvel BOY
Warriors 3

All Major All passed over

but we did get werewolf by Night
and impossible man. Love the odd characters they do put the collection on another level. But why? what prompted the decisions?

Bagman said...

Isn't Photon (Cpt.Marvel) in at #165?

LAWay said...

Just because the character was picked by one of our own doesnt mean we have to like/agree with it. Ok, I went overboard saying its because its an asian schoolgirl, but come on.

Someone mentioned 60 issues they appeared in? I read that its more like 106. If it was 60, I would be more shocked. But still, the title doesnt have a huge following, it got cancelled once or twice and has been going longer than Young Avengers, which hasnt hit a problem. Released 2 years later, they have made nearly twice the amount of appearances and been more important situations in the marvel universe. This isnt purely a 'pro young avengers' rant, but i guess it was important to announce wiccan in the same update to balance it out, because otherwise it would have seemed crazy to include a runaway and not a YA.

What gets me most is introducing a runaway means it has started a new team that will need to be completed (well, there will be certain collectors nagging for it to be anyway). Thats 7 characters filling up slots where most people wouldnt give a single one of them the time of day.

I know I am always ranting about modern marvel and now i'm a hypocrite saying runaways shouldnt be included. its my own personal taste, sure, but having a modern marvel team getting cancelled speaks volumes when marvel really push any new ideas, like young avengers, power pack, red hulk, red she-hulk etc.

then again 100+ issues aint too shabby. but this is a team in the biggest sense of the word. none of these characters exist as individuals to marvel. And while others have their lists of villains, cosmic heroes and others, I cant see how or why the other runaways will ever overwhelmingly make it on those lists. And yet, here we are, 1 already in, with the seed planted that collectors will want to complete the team.

I know EM are kind enough to offer a powerful choice like this and many like to go with whatever is chosen. But looking at the figurine now, it just seems like a mistake. Let a winner get some signed artwork, a limited edition numbered figurine or get to choose a costume instead of a whole character.

(just incase that point was lost a while ago)

Bagman said...

Never said anyone had to "like/agree with the winners choice",just said that the choice should be respected thats all.

John said...

Other thoughts besides how excited I am for Wiccan... :D

I agree with LAWay that MODOK may be a it too yellow. Might look different in hand, but he looks to be the same color yellow as Loki, who I think stands out too much for his yellow (if that makes sense.) Still amazing sculpt though, and he was my #1 Special want, so either way, thank you, EM!

Nico looks amazing. Do I read Runaways? No. Do I think she's deserving? As the leader of the team and likely the only representation of that team, like Icarus, I say Yes. Give us one character to represent that corner of the MU. If you don't like modern characters, imagine how someone like me that doesn't care about X-Men feels when instead of 1 per extension, we get about 5. Nico was a good choice and is a good sculpt.

DC extension? I'm happy to be getting a few more Batman characters. If this truly is the last 20, they better make these choices count, though.

Sebastian Shaw? Meh, but deserving. I like the idea for the pose. I'm onboard.

Other things; Becky was right. The first post of a blog is one that really stands out, and this one just sets a negative tone. Look at this trail of debate compared to last week.

"I can't believe we haven't seen Longshot or speedball yet.Important characters. and people keep wanting Howard the Duck and Rocket Racoon? "

Again, this is a preference debate. Rocket Raccoon has done SO MUCH in the Cosmic side in recent years as well as being a fan favorite in that side of the MU. Meanwhile, I couldn't care less about Longshot, and would honestly prefer to NEVER even see him get made. He only matters to X-Men stories, and as far as I knew before being on the forum, I thought he barely appeared anyway. To each their own. Irony all around.

Back to the positives, though. This is becoming an absolutely amazing extension (for me.) My most wanted Special, one of my Top 5, a herald after I've been asking for them for a year, and excellent updates every week. Thank you EM!!!

Becquerel said...

@Talk about Runaways:
I think Nico as a standalone represents the team well enough. Yes, they have made quite a few appearances, but they're not specifically popular towards Marvel fans, even the "hardcore" ones (as evidenced on this very blog entry's comments).
It would be a waste to put in the work and funds to create the 6 other characters and only sell them to the few Runaways fans and the people who collect every figurine anyway. I don't think that'd sell over doing the still missing and more popular characters.

As for the Young Avengers, I think Hulkling would make a really good figurine, otherwise they don't seem specifically interesting, as they're mainly just the standard Avengers, only with a few design changes (i.e. Iron Lad's armor design, Hawkeye turning into a girl, etc.). Hulkling is different enough to his "Old Avenger"-counterpart to make him a different enough figurine - we also need him to have him stand next to Wiccan so they can be all lovey. <3

Speedball I would like to see too, but I'd rather have him as Penance. That's what he is now, and to be frank, the Speedball costume looks ridiculous even for Marvel superhero measures, while Penance looks pretty cool, I think he'd make a terrific sculpt.

I still think Mystic/Horror and Punisher should get more attention - Deacon Frost, Werewolf by Night, Baron Mordo, Jigsaw, Clea and maybe Wong, all these characters still are missing.

I never said you were trolling for your opinion on Nico Minoru or her sculpt. I said you were trolling because "What's a Nico Minoru?" was literally the only thing you pooped into this section with your comment.

As mentioned, I couldn't care less about your opinion about Nico AT ALL.

Becquerel said...

I also agree with Bagman and his opinion that we should respect the choices of others.

Calling these fans, who most likely buy every or almost every issue, to be the downfall of the whole collection is really offensive (troll-like, you might say!).

They have won their prize, choosing a figurine they would like to see, by fair means. If you would've ended up in the spot of these fans, you would've most likely chosen a character a lot of other people don't like, as well. I think the winners of the contests' choices are to be fully respected.

ted sallis said...

"Asian school girls" hmmmmm Leigh my lad you've been playing Duke Nukem Forever.....saucy boy :)
In celebration of Wimbledon the next fig annoumced should be a brit in honour of Andy Murray's imminent success/failure.
My choice for this and any future comp is Aberdeen Angus...a BULL??? a KILT???? ...genius ;~)

Sire-bd said...

no interest in Nico and Wiccan...VERY BAD CHOISE !!!

Dan The Man said...

Sorry to hear a lot of you don't like the newer characters, but we think it's important to try and cover some of the more popular characters of the last 11+ years.

Don't worry there are plenty more places left and I think there will be something for everyone once the extension list is complete! would love to reveal another one now - but i know you don't want that - do you?

The next special will either be MODOK or N&A. Rich and myself have not chosen who will be after that yet, just waiting for the ok from da management.

Will look into the yellow paint on MODOK once we get him back from the sculptors. I like the idea of a metallic effect, but will have to do the research and see if that would make sense for the character.

The final decisions of characters chosen for the extensions have always been made by the editorial team (at the moment Rich, John and myself), we are more than happy to listen to the opinions of others, as it would be sheer arrogance to think we know everything about the MU. That's why characters like Wiccan are in, which brings to mind the old marvel coverline: because YOU demanded it!

Yes, we did make a rod for our backs when we allowed poll and comp choices into the collection, but we believe it can only strengthen the collection overall. Just look at Fifa, we believe in democracy!

CGJ said...

Not sure calling FIFA into the equation is the best move Dan, but in that case, how much to get Gargoyle in?

Becquerel, nobody is calling the competition winners the downfall of the collection but as a subscriber from issue 1, I did utter an audible 'Ugh!' when I heard Nico Minoru had been chosen, knowing that I would have to buy it as I am not going to have 250/300 figurines in a collection and miss out on one.

I think there is a certain arm-flexing that goes on when people drag up ever more remote characters that they claim as a favourite and others have never heard of and wouldn't pick in a million years. I know Runaways is a title but I have been collecting comics for the last twenty years, and picking up many Marvel titles per month, and I don't think my LCS even stocks it.

The competition was an opportunity to achieve hero status within this strange little world that we inhabit, to put a character into lead that others would be pleased with and grateful for.

Instead we got a couple of duffers, I'm happy for the guys that have got them and twenty years from now they can look back at them and think 'That's all mine'. Trouble is nearly everybody else will be looking at it and wondering who might have made it in in their place.

The downfall of the collection? No, but a blemish all the same

LarryS said...

Dan -

Don't let the modern-character-nay-sayers deter you from more like Wiccan.

I'm sure there were some people in the 60s complaining "no more of this new-fangled Avengers and X-Men nonsense. Just stick with the Blonde Phantom and Father Time."

The MU is evolving. Some recent stuff is the best the most creative and imaginative in the Marvel canon.

Can't we all agree that a balance of characters from every nook and cranny of the MU gives the Collection its colour and fascination? And I, for one, can't wait for my first Runaways character ... it was a GREAT choice!!

ted sallis said...

Nico is a character i know absolutely nowt about, BUT, i don't begrudge her a spot in this collection. MM is a good guy, he told everyone what his choice would be before the comp result was announced, this stuffs ancient history . If i won the comp would i come over all altruistic and pick a character that i thought would please the most people??? would i fek!! I would be straight down to EM's office demanding Bloodstone asap. And no matter how long Dan pleaded with his big moist cow eyes, I would not change my mind :)

Becquerel said...

"Becquerel, nobody is calling the competition winners the downfall of the collection [...]"

I would argue with that.
"It will such figures that cost us the collection"

I can see where this is coming from (i.e. more obscure characters won't sell as much, thus EM makes less sales, thus CMFC will be cancelled).

However, as we are getting past 200 figurines now, the choices for characters that are left are already obscure. There's hardly any character left who'd be known by the casual Marvel reader, the only exception would be a handful of bigger villains like Hammerhead. Really, go around, ask people who don't read many comics who Wiccan, Moonstone, Jackal or Howard the Duck are, some of the most requested characters around here.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

"I can't believe it's not better!"
It's good enough Dan, well done. You're telling us so many things, and we can decide together how it should looks.

You're carping and yelling all the time, like 90 years old grandpa.
Nico Minoru was competition winner choice, and you have to accept it. If I win competition I will choose not very popular character who is high in polls, but character that might not make the CMFC too.

For next villains:

For next heroes:

Saturn Lad said...

Hey Dan,

I would love it if you would reveal another pick before next friday it would be nice to get another character announced.

I think all of the picks so far have been great I mean we have an...

Avengers Hero (who also ticks the modern box)

That's a great mix so far. There has been alot of demand for Longshot and Mirage I hope you will acknowledge that as in the past the x-picks can throw up surprises like Blink, X-Man and Thunderbird over more fan demanded characters. Please listen to fan demand like you say you do and consider giving us Longshot and Mirage. Combined with Seb Shaw they would make up 3 great x-picks.

Great to hear from you by all means I would love for you to give us another cheeky reveal? ;)

BobDiamond said...

Got to admit, I had mixed feelings about this weeks announcement when I read it last night. Firstly however, I want to thank Dan again for keeping the up-dates going so well, and for the thoroughness of them.
We all appreciate your work Dan, Cheers!

As I stated in one of my previous posts, I'm one of those collectors who is all for single representation (if need be) of the less well-known areas of the MU. I don't believe that total completion of a particular group is more important than this.
Therefore, although Nico M is not high(at all) on my personal wants, I still like the idea of her representing that branch of the MU. It does not mean however, that we need any more Runaways- they are just not that important compared to other characters. Same goes for Wiccan- the YAs have become a major part of modern Marvel, but one rep at this stage is plenty.
Other areas that need at least one iconic rep figure include:
Squadron Supreme/Sinister
Classic GOTG
Atlas era/ Agents of Atlas (Uranian or Gorilla-Man)
Western- (Phantom Rider or Two-Gun Kid)
And yes...Howard the Duck - who is basically in a category of his own- and is a truly classic character.

Anyway, my other matter concerns MODOK.
I love this character, and I was thrilled by his inclusion last week. I just have one little concern now that I've seen the first painted version....are the colours too bright and garish?
When this series started one of the things I noticed was the subdued and more 'gritty' colour-schemes that were used. Examples- Spidey, Cap and Iron Man- all have toned down primary colours, which add to a more realistic and modern look. MODOK at the moment, looks more like an Action Figure version. He needs to be more dark and sinister- so I'm hoping for a tweaking of the final paint-job to get this effect.

He's going to be fab anyway, but I'm just a litte concerned that's all!


AVENGERS -87 said...

Dan , is it possible Moonstone confirmed ? and BRAVO for your updates

Hiperion said...

@Becquerel, since the end of Dark Reign Robbie has returned to his Speedball identity in Avengers Academy.

If he's confirmed, I hope we get his classic iconic costume.

About the confirmation of characters, I prefer the weekly method. It's more interesting and exciting by far.

tinodragon14 said...

DAN said either MODOK or NORTHSTAR & his sister will be the next Special which I believe means N & A will be a two pack. I hope MODOK is next since we had a good God guy ODIN so next a bad Big Head guy MODOK.
Hey Dan make DRAGONMAN a MegaSpecial next after MODOK & N & A.

Mr J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr J said...

NICO looks very good so far, will be good to see her painted eventually.

MODOK looks fantastic but Dan can you tell us what type of special will he be? a regular special like Omega Red and Odin or a Mega special like Blob and Galactus?. I would like to see a Mega Special of MOJO in 2012 as that would be fantastic.

Can we get MIRAGE next week as she is the big hope for quite a few of us NEW MUTANTS fans this extension.

Anonymous said...

For NEW MUTANTS, I'm really rooting for Sunspot or Warlock. I like Mirage as a character, although I don't quite understand the degree of fascination that she seems to exert over some collectors. Mostly I'm concerned that she'd make a rather bland figurine. I think Sunspot or Warlock have a bit more of imagination and edge in their design. Just my personal view.
I'd love to see Sunspot in his iconic powered look, with black globules forming on his head and in his hands.

kissynose said...

Just for my own sanity I want to state that I am totally happy with every choice in the collection. I buy them all and would love to see the whole marvel universe represented.I think Dan and the team do a great job and they have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. I only want to understand the process because it interests me.

John said...

Dan, if this helps put your modern picks at ease, the Young Avengers get a lot of praise on the forum compared to the blog. I believe its just a different audience set. More importantly, in people's signitures (where they list their 20 Most Wanted Characters) many, many people have Young Avengers, especially Wiccan.

Its an interesting case, because I feel like more people would want a character like Whirlwind than Wiccan. However, while more people are ACCEPTING of Whirlwind, the smaller group for Wiccan are more PASSIONATE to get him. So what makes more sense; a bigger following that everyone's just okay with, or a smaller following where its those people's favorite character?

And a BIG thanks to Bob for throwing out an Agents of Atlas reference. :D

jimbob said...

I have to say I'm not a fan of that Nico Minoru or Issi Noho,Hoo ho or what ever the name is????

Please no more Runaways!!

MODOK looks great.

Glad that Young Avengers are in this collection at last.

John said...

I've thought a few times of picking Trauma or Gravity if I won a competition. If I'd gotten this kind of reaction, I'd feel like crap...

Mighty Marvel, you're still really cool in my book and one of my favorite people both here and on the forum.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Next Mega Special should be MOJO.
Just look at special poll, he's destroying rest of characters.
Mojo 45
Terrax 33
Lockjaw 31
Warpath 31
Strong Guy 29
Atlas 28
Wendigo 27
Giant-Man (Hank Pym) 19
Skurge The Executioner 18
Black Goliath/Goliath (Bill Foster) 17
Ch'od 17
Shadow King 17
Titanium Man 15
Destroyer 14
Rockslide 13
Madame Web 12
Hulkling 11
Thundra 11
Blastaar 10
Dragon Man 10
Groot 10

Anonymous said...

Are we sure that Blastaar and Hulkling need to be special.

They could make it as regulars. I say, they should. And EM can compensate by throwing in a super-light character like Destiny or Snowbird. C'mon. We need Blastaar and Hulkling as soon as possible!!! Hope we don't have to wait for special slots.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

They are bulky, definitely specials. Today Thing would be special too.
As you see, there are characters which deserves more to be first.

kissynose said...

I'm curiouus abiut the forum that is always talked about. Is there a blog and a forum?

ted sallis said...

Indeed Kissy it's called the superhero figurine forum .It's where all the big nobs hang oot.

Anonymous said...

Virtual CMFC Gallery

Phyla Vell
King Cobra
Mendel Stromm

check them out here:

A great line-up!
Who would you want???

Moonstar said...

Mirage should have a bow & arrow in that gallery KIRLIANEYES it's her weapon of choice.

I'm just hoping Mirage gets announced soon.

Kal Brindle said...

"The next special will either be MODOK or N&A. Rich and myself have not chosen who will be after that yet, just waiting for the ok from da management."

Dan, the way this reads is that the twins two pack has been approved, it's just a question of the running order. Is that correct? Or am I seeing things I wish were true?

If I'm right them WOO HOO!!! My advice put the twins first. LOL If I'm wrong, hopefully the decision from da management is that they WILL be a two pack.

As for next specials after those two - I have lots of ideas. Hey Dan, would Arnim Zola need to be a special? If so - make him next!

Wiccan is an inspired choice for the collection. Thank you. I have been buying and reading Marvel comics since 1972 and I think this series is one of the best written in decades. Don't let the vocal nay-sayers get you down. Some of us embrace ALL things Marvel, golden age to silver age to modern age.

My CMFC includes: Graviton, Howard the Duck, Dust, the Rawhide Kid, Whirlwind, Werewolf by Night, the Texas Twister, Night Nurse, Starlord, Blonde Phantom, Red Wolf, Squirrel Girl, The Hood, Shamrock and if you had the licenses - Rom, Tarzan, John Carter Warlord of Mars, Conan, Acroyear & more.

If they've been created by the talented people at Marvel then they're welcome in this collection as far as I'm concerned.

Okay soap box moment ahead - so feel free to tune out...I know we're all entitled to our opinions, but come on guys - what you're doing in singling out the contest winners and blaming them for the possible cancellation of the collection is nothing but schoolyard bullying. You're grown men (I assume) and you should be ashamed of yourselves for going out of your way to make some one else feel bad for loving one character just as much you love another.

Dan, Rich and crew - keep on doing what you're doing - the silent majority out there appreciate what you're doing and love this collection without feeling the need to crap all over you every week.

As for the forum, as noted it's the so come by and check it out if you haven't already done so. It's not for everyone, so feel free to go "meh" and move on if you don't care for it. But do be sure to come back to vote on the Forum Choice if it happens this extension. That's when the Forum members gets to choose a character or two or three for the extension, by voting for their most wanted in a blind vote. Eaglemoss has let us do this three times and it has brought awesome characters like Jack of Hearts, Toad, Avalanche, Jocasta, Ant Man II, Spiral, Arachne, Lilandra, Domino, & Moondragon into the collection a little sooner.

In closing Dan - love MODOK and am pleased you'll revisit the paint, Shaw, Firelord, Wiccan and Hela are all amazing choices in my book, Nico's sculpt looks to be coming along great.

I am hoping to hear about Vance Astro, Baron Mordo, Grey Gargoyle, Arcade, Shaman or Mirage next week!

tinodragon14 said...

I got teased because STREGON supposedly looked silly but I'm afraid the MOJO character is the siiliest looking concoction Marvel ever came up with. Somehow I'm not surprised on the forum that he is first choice. However I would like to put some more classic back in this collection so I would put DRAGONMAN, TITANIUM MAN, TERRAX, BLASTAAR, THE EXECUTIONER ahead of a ludicrous character like MOJO anytime.
I have said I have no interest in Nico but the character was chosen by the contest winner so so be it. I'm sure if I won a contest & picked STEGRON because he was a favorite of mine but I thought he would never be picked otherwise I would catch a lot of flak for it as I have for even bringing him up.
I'm afraid Marvel's creation of new characters has been weak. The baby Avengers is a case in point. iron lad, wiccan, hulkling... how about duckling. Lame names matched by uninteresting costumes make for boring figures. I looked up wiccan & was surprised he was a gay character but his outfit is just boring. Can Marvel not do better then this. Say what you want about the older characters many look great in their costumes & will make great unique looking figures.
In response to a comment about those that want wiccan being passionate about the character but those who want WHIRLWIND are just accepting of him well I don't know about the others but I really do want WHIRLWIND. He is a classic & classic looking villain & I really want him chosen as a figure. In fact I will buy two of the WHIRLWIND figures but only one of wiccan. I have done that with some of my favorite bad guys. I especially love it when the character comes out looking really good as a figure unlike say the LIZARD with that awful tongue. I will only buy one TOAD because his figure is very disappointing. If MODOK keeps looking this good I will buy two. The same is true of other classic villains I have listed like HAMMERHEAD, OWL, ATTUMA, BARON MORDO, COBRA, MR. HYDE, MELTER, MASTERMIND, STILT-MAN, BLIZZARD, MR. FEAR, THE LIVING LASER, THE GREY GARGOYLE, CONSTRICTOR, TRAPSTER, & well it is a long list but I really want these bad guys to be part of the collection because I think they will make great looking figures. They are classics.

Thor8 said...

I believe that there should be a balance among the various eras of the Marvel Universe (Atlas and Timely included),but said balance should be made among the most worthy of the Marvel characters. We oldies but goodies aren't the only ones to complain when a "modern" character is approved. I can still recall all the harsh complaints from the pampers brigade when the golden age Destroyer special was announced and approved. As it has been mentioned dozens of times before,most all of the more famous characters in the MU have already been done or approved. We now have to deal with the lesser known characters,whom have either done something spectacular in the MU or are either new characters with great promise of becoming classics or great characters from the past that have left their mark in the MU. Either way,there will always be a number of collectors among us who know little or nothing of some of the characters chosen. Heck that's what the magazine is there for,so you can start learning about this character and familiarize yourself with it,and who knows it might even become one of your favorites. So let's try to cut the guys at EM some slack and be a little more accepting of other people's likes and dislikes,(but if we get a duck or a raccoon before Swordsman,Mantis,or The Warriors Three I'm going to fly all the way to UK and wring some EM necks!!!) Just kidding guys!

ted sallis said...

I agree wih everything the Kal said...Except i have never felt the urge to defecate on Dan.
If my kids have a fallout at bedtime i never let them go to bed angry with each other, I sing them a song that restores the love....I would like to sing it for you now..........ahem!..just clearing my throat............
" Mommy told me something a little kid should know It's all about the devil and i've learned to hate him so She said he causes trouble when you let him in the room He will never ever leave you if your heart is filled with gloom,so let the sunshine in and face it with a grin smilers never lose and frowners never win"
And in closing i would just like to agree with the wonderful mister TDragon Mojo looks like shit, please by all that's sacred don't do it!!!

Thor8 said...

I agree with you tinodragon on the fact that newer characters made by marvel have been kind of week lately,but have refrained from mentioning it too much for fear of sounding offensive to those that may like said characters. I've also mentioned before how marvel has greatly abandoned the feeling of continuity in their plots in the recent years. It seems as if any writer can write whatever they want to about any given character without regard to what has gone before,and no explanation is needed or given concerning this,but getting back to newer and older characters,there truly are some real classics still out there that I would really love to see,and just like you Whirlwind and Attuma are among them just like many others I could and have mentioned before.

Thor8 said...

Ahem that should be WEAK not week,sorry.

Anonymous said...

hey Moonstar
Good idea about the bow & arrow
for the Mirage figurine.
I gave her the weapon.

Check her now:

max_0888 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
max_0888 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ted sallis said...

Kal and Max name me one person who expresses a wish to shit on Dan every week.....ennuf with the broon nosing

max_0888 said...

Great post Kal. I totally agree with you there.

Dan, you and EM chose a modern character, which was demanded time and time again. Wiccan is a fantastic choice, and I would lvoe one more modern character this extansion.

Still eagerly waiting for next friday. Having an update and an announcement each friday is a blast.

Oh, and I absolutely adore Mojo's design. Such a creepy looking villain. Would be thrilled if he was made in this collection. Lockjaw, Mojo, Strong guy and Volstagg are my top 4 specials right now.

ted sallis said...

Max change yer name to Winston Smith

Gremlin in the works said...

Wow, a lot of tension here.

My main concern with this is that Dan and Rich are going to take to heart the harsh things being said here.

Apparently nothing gets the blood boiling like the old/modern debate going on.
Let's put a little perspective on it can we. Out of the 84 figures confirmed since #100 only three have been post-2000 creations (X-23, Nico and now Wiccan). It's not exactly a landslide of them.
Also Dan did say a golden age character would also be confirmed for this extension. So there will be love for the other end of the age spectrum, just be patient.

And as for the Mojo thing. He is topping a vote which is the latest in a long line of votes stretching back years now. Originally he was far down the lists but as we have slowly confirmed other specials his support along with the support of Atlas, Terrax, Lockjaw and Wendigo has grown. Kingpin, Man Thing, Watcher, Fin Fang Foom, Odin and Ronan all started out as more popular.
I personally think he would make a visually stunning figure but I understand he is not for everyone. Just like Lockjaw isn't....or Terrax....or Atlas.

LAWay said...


Excellent excellent comment, exactly how I feel. Well done to the guys who win the competitions to get a character picked, well done to EM for allowing us this opportunity...but like you said, it seems some people like to pick the niche'est of characters to be like 'oh, i know this guy, i like marvel more'.

I collect them all, and wont miss out on just 1 because I dont agree with it. I just would hope that the competition winners are the ones who buy them all too.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Shame to see that the Blog is ripe with the usual complaining and wobbler throwing whenever a character gets in that some people don't enjoy. The collection is for everyone. Not just those who have been reading for 40+ years.

I loathe Thor and the Asgardians, and would be perfectly happy to never see another one of those in the collection. But you know what? I'm happy that people are getting characters they like. Such as Hela in this expansion. Cool for them.

The Young Avengers are one of Marvel's most popular group of new characters to come along in the last 10 years. And can in fact help the collection by appealing to newer fans, who started reading more recently. A couple new characters per expansion isn't going to kill anyone. So bring them on. Let's get Jewel, The Hood, and Dust in this round.

4 new characters in a sea of those who have been around for decades shouldn't hurt anyone. Especially when the entire 200+ issue run (Including Specials) has been characters who have been around for decades. It especially shouldn't hurt to include the Young Avengers. They're popular enough to have been included in Marvel Legends and Heroclix as well.

LAWay said...


Great news about MODOK, glad that the metallic may be considered. If not metallic, make it more brown than yellow, a mix of the two.

And also, i dont think its an issue of people not wanting modern characters. There have been plenty of appeals for Rocket Raccoon and Wiccan and other Young Avengers. Just no one seems to appeal for the Runaways. Bad luck would have it that the inclusion is due to the competition winner so you are forced to include them, but seems like the majority here dont want another Runaway character, so as long as that remains I think everyone will be happy. I would gladly take howard the duck or rocket raccoon other another runaway, and you guys know how much I have protested about those guys.

ted sallis said...

Again show me the post that was anti modern. People who disliked the choice of Wiccan just thought he was meh!! they never mentioned a dislike of him being modern.
Oh man, my fav beast is back, love you cbr someone pinch me

Moonstar said...

Hey Kirlianeyes,

Thanks for adding the bow and arrow to Mirage she looks great. Thanks for all your work on the galleries they look great.

LAWay said...

Fair dues, MM won the competition and picked the character. Everyone has their own personal wants, and one character choice will never break the collection. And the competition isnt done enough to have as serious impact as some may have suggested in the collections cancellation.

I think my main gripe was the initial shock of the character when opposed to big name characters yet to be included. the second shock was the figurine itself. I just didnt like it. The third shock was how the runaways have had such little support and i jumped to the conclusion that the team would be completed which seemed bizarre since no one had really said they wanted them.

I dont really think there have been many GREAT new characters in modern marvel. They have been many great takes on old characters, character turns, arcs, revivals and alternate reality storylines. Thats why the Young Avengers stood out for me, as they were new and have lasted and still seem important.

Although the longer the collection goes on, the more negative feedback will be given on character choices with more people not agreeing with certain characters.

And the forum vote is just as much a blind vote as in FIFA. Pass names along, 'i'll vote for you if you vote for me' etc. Although it seems to only fair, free way to get votes in, which is a shame.

tinodragon14 said...

Nice work on your COBRA figure K-Eyes. Try your hand at MR. HYDE next. I'm afraid though not even your handiwork can make the Beyonder look like anything more then a guy in a disco outfit. That was a big screw-up on Marvel's part with the guy who started the Secret Wars series instead of looking awesome like GALACTUS looks like someone who should be competing with John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Mojo will be very difficult and interesting sculpt.
Mojo >>> other pretenders for special right now.
Yes for TERRAX, but DRAGONMAN, TITANIUM MAN, BLASTAAR and THE EXECUTIONER their time isn't in 2012.

jimbob said...

I would prefer two extra places for either,

Wrecking Crew
Warriors Three
New Mutants

than waste a slot for another Runaway!

Nothing against the competition winner,just saying that there are other teams higher up in the polls than the Runaways.FACT!

Goth Prince said...

I really would like to see teams completed to be honest and here are some lists of teams that I think it would be great if they could be completed.

NEW MUTANTS (still needed 7)

WEST COAST AVENGERS (still needed 5)
US Agent
Living Lightning
Jim Hammond

X-FORCE (still needed 5)
Boom Boom

NEW WARRIORS (still needed 4)
Night Trasher

Anonymous said...

Galactus is just as silly looking as The Beyonder. Giant purple space pope. So not a really good comparison.

John said...

Kirly, thanks for the update. :D Phyla-Vell's in the Top 5, so I was very happy to see that. Crossbones and Cobra look especially excellent. And I see you went with Stromm as Gaunt. Probably a more visually interesting choice, even if I would have chosen him as a mad scientist with cybernetic things on his face.

Anonymous said...

I assume they don't have a options, since it's all just photoshop custom action figures.

max_0888 said...

Of course as a comp winner who chose Siryn, I cannot not feel bad about it when reading the likes of:

"EM, please don't bother with another competition to choose a figure because the two chosen so far have been rotten to the core, and it would help in the current economic climate if you chose one that might actually sell."


"Instead we got a couple of duffers, I'm happy for the guys that have got them and twenty years from now they can look back at them and think 'That's all mine'. Trouble is nearly everybody else will be looking at it and wondering who might have made it in in their place."

Jeez...I shouldn't take it personal...but its hard not too

Bagman said...

Max, don't take it personal. As the competition winners you and Mighty Marvel got to choose Siryn and Nico respectively. Both of you said beforehand who you would pick if you won.
I for one respect both choices (even though i know little about both characters) and i'm hoping most of the other collectors on here and the forum do as well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't take it personal. It's common for comic book fans to complain about everything. So just ignore it. It'll keep you sane.

Can't wait fan choice contest this time. I'm still hoping to win one. Only way I'll see my favorite Beak make it into the collection. :)

tinodragon14 said...

Oh my Beast has claws. However anyone who thinks GALACTUS looks silly but whose favorite character is BEAK best not throw bones in glass birdhouses.

John said...

Max, if it helps, I think you're an awesome person. :D

Tino, as Beast has pointed out to us many times, its because Beak looks ridiculous and is "lame" yet still moral and hero to the core, that makes him an inspiring favorite for him.

Galactus Does look silly. So does the Beyonder. But then, so do many, many comic book characters, and I for one celebrate it :D

Word verification was "dande," and I'm feeling dandy. ;)

ted sallis said...

Good morning children, enough already, this collective over acting is just getting embarassing.
Nobody has insulted any comp winner.
A fellow blogger stated a point of view, So enough with the hysterical reassurances to the poor comp winners, It's too Oprah for me this early.

Colossus said...

I'm super excited for Wiccan, and now I hope even moreso that we can get his boyfriend confirmed too. (Special, preferably, but I'll take what I can get if that means a reg.) Hulkling's of course my favorite character yet to be confirmed.

I'm always a little weary with unpainted sculpts (Nico), so I'll hold off on my impression until we get to see one with paint on it. I'm still looking forward to her release quite a bit. I'm not going to push for the whole team, even though I liked their books, but Molly Hayes. Just putting it out there. Molly Hayes.

And on the topic, of modern characters, I've been enjoying Fantomex as of late in Uncanny X-Force. Layla Miller's been a thrill as always in X-Factor, so maybe she can give Madrox and Siryn some company.

Speaking of creepy blond-haired teenagers, is someone still pushing on the forums for the Stepford Cuckoos? I wouldn't be surprised if some completionists feel the need to buy all three lol.

Well, I think I've name-dropped enough in one comment for the day.

also, on a side-note, to those who mentioned how terrible of a codename Iron Lad is, I always just thought it had to do with him originally being from 1000 years in the future so it's either a clash of now and then or now and what-he-thought-then-was. I personally doubt the author picked it with good faith that it's not a laughable codename.

mighty_marvel said...

LAWay – “Excellent, excellent comment, exactly how I feel. Well done to the guys who win the competitions to get a character picked, well done to EM for allowing us this opportunity...but like you said, it seems some people like to pick the niche'est of characters to be like 'oh, i know this guy, i like marvel more'.

I collect them all, and won’t miss out on just 1 because I dont agree with it. I just would hope that the competition winners are the ones who buy them all too.”

Actually deliberately picking a niche character wasn’t my concern when I won the competition. I did consider other characters like corsair or brother voodoo but I thought they would soon likely get in without my help. My first competition pick of JJJ was already in, I wasn’t allowed a resculpt of my all-time favourite marvel character rogue and, even as a massive spiderman fan, I passed on mary-jane because I thought the sculpt would be a bit dull. So I chose nico, a character from a series that I love, a series that I own every issue of, who had little chance of getting in sometime soon otherwise, and who I thought had the potential to make a great fig. And I can’t imagine anyone else not doing the exact same thing if they had the opportunity.

And I didn’t choose her in the expectation that all of the runaways would get in the collection. Out of the 9 remaining main team members, it would be nice to get 2 (karolina and molly) at some point but I’m not expecting them.

I’ve got a funny feeling that no matter who I chose it would have been met with disappointment on here by someone or other. But I don’t think that my choice is quite deserving of the level of hate it seems to have generated. Especially considering many of the people complaining haven’t even read a single issue of runaways. Casting judgment on something you know nothing about seems a bit off to me. And, maybe I’m a little biased, but regardless of whether you read runaways or not the figure itself is full of detail and there’s few of the spandex brigade that are better than it.

And one last thing, LAWay. Not that it should matter but I am a subscriber. From issue #1. I have every regular fig and special. And I will continue to get every one until the collection ends.

CGJ said...

You don't have to take it personally Max, at the end of the day you are going to have a figure on your shelf that you and you alone got into the collection.

Sounds like a win to me, and if I don't like it thats ok.

My comment was based more on the opinion that maybe the competition winners choice has had its day, particularly as we getting into the lesser known characters.

To have too many niche characters amongst niche characters in a niche collection might not be the best idea.

If subscribers start dropping figurines then that can only go one way for the collection

LarryS said...

Mighty Marvel -

I said it earlier in this blog. And I'll say it again now.

Nico was a great choice. The Runaways is a great series.

It seems a bit odd for people to point out it's been cancelled a couple of times: even books like Captain America and Daredevil are regularly "paused" and then relaunched with new number one issues.

Plus: at least they've had their own series!! I don't remember a 100-issue run for "the High Evolutionary" or "the Jackal" or "Maximus the Mad" or the many other characters widely suggested. If we are to limit the Collection to characters that have had their own lengthy and un-interrupted runs, then we'll get Two Gun Kid and Mille The Model and then no more!!

Mighty Marvel - - It's a first-class choice, we will (almost) all give Nico a cherished place on our shelves, moreso when the Runaways movie is released. You don't need to explain or justify any further.

ted sallis said...

Amen! Nico closed.
If your doing another comp Dan make it easy as only 30% of last years entries were correct.

John said...

It was Hobgoblin that threw me off, Ted. I said Captain America. Otherwise we may have Rocket Raccoon instead ;)

Anonymous said...

a figure of echo please

ted sallis said...

John, The first comp consisted of images taken from the first 100 mags, as i cut up a lot of mags to make collages, i was stumped. I posted up a begging letter on the forum, luckily someone sent me a message with the answers, A rather nice chap by the name of Mighty Marvel ;)
Normaly when you enter a comp you don't actualy believe you will win the thing.
But when Rich told us the amount of correct entries for the last comp, i was gutted i hadn't won there was only around 30 or forty. They were great odds. I have this image in my head of Rich picking Bloodstone out of the hat.And then putting him back again ;)

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Looks silly or shit, I don't care. If character is in TOP of the polls, he deserves to be in CMFC. All haters have to accept it.
I wouldn't buy big dog with antenna on his head, but he's high in polls. He has many fans, so he deserves to be really soon in this collection.
Longshot leads in regular and his enemy Mojo leads in special poll. We have Spiral, and we want this two guys.

Saturn Lad said...

I agree with Tomaszkasjaniuk on Longshot and Mojo. Longshot is top of the regualar request poll and Mojo is top of the specials poll. They have earned there spots IMO.

Mojo might be tricky to make I guess but it should be looked into as he is a very well known character who will appeal to both casual fans and hardcore fans.

Longshot is the top most wanted figure according to the request poll on the SHFF that has been posted on this blog previously for this extension.

With Sebastian Shaw confirmed, Longshot been snubbed would probably cause a heart attack amongst the majority of fans so he must be confirmed eventually. That means we need a female x-men character and since we meed a New Mutant also the best choice would be Mirage and if not her then Magma, Wolfsbane or Karma.

BobDiamond said...

I think we should put this whole bitching about the comp winning figures to bed.
Everyone who entered the comps knew the score- if you win, you get to choose a PERSONAL favourite. No-one in their right mind is going to go for someone that is likely to turn-up anyway- that's what makes it exciting. And it doesn't hurt the collection to have some curve-ball characters at all.
If Ted won we'd get Bloodstone- a great under-used character.
If Beasty-Boy won we'd get Beak- unusual, but a refreshing and original concept.
And if I won, I'd probably go for Killraven- a character who can stand alone, but has some intriguing connections to all sorts of areas in the MU.

I'm one of the collectors who really enjoy the magazine, and it's often the characters that I don't know so much about, that I get the most enjoyment reading about.

So let's give these guys a break- we would do the same in their shoes. And the figures look pretty good anyway!
'Nuff said....


PS....Except..Robert! Where are you??? :)

Becquerel said...

Y'know, I've recently started reading some Excalibur-related comics again. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not really a big fan of the X-Men or their related sub series, but they do have some really awesome characters.

I for one would definitely enjoy to see Sage eventually make it into the collection. And it would make sense to put her in soon, seeing how we have opened a new chapter in X-related villains with adding Sebastian Shaw and thusly the Hellfire Club.

Speaking of Excalibur - I would love seeing Lionheart, as well, I've always adored the design of her costume and the Sword of Might she wields.

max_0888 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
max_0888 said...

Since Siryn is coming out in 3 months and Nico Minoru's preview just appeared, the comp winner debate had to come up for sure.

Someone said he hopes the comp winner are buying every figs. I do buy all the figurines. I started collecting 2 years ago and went back and got my hands on almost every figurines. I have all of the specials except for the rooftop spidey and movie iron man (which I won,t buy) and i'm still missing 12 regular figurines. I'm trying to get my hands on them. I'm getting there. (I'm missing Blade, Thor, Elektra, Angel, Mystique, Medusa, Nick Fury, Lizard, Nova, Luke Cage, Carnage and Moonknight) I live in Quebec, Canada, so I can't subscribe, but I get all my figurines as soon as they come out at my LCS. (We're at Prowler here)

This collection is the most addictive thing. I'm completely obsessed by it hehe.

Since I was a kid, Siryn's been my fave character. Don't really know why, maybe I just love red heads. I've been reading every single appearances of her. (or close to that). I think she more than deserves her spot in the collection. She has appeared in 458 issues according to comicvine. She has been around since 1980. She was in 90 issues of X-force. Was the leader for more than 45 issues. She dated Deadpool and was a supporting character in his first big serie. She now is in X-factor investigation. It's been going strong for 71 issues right now. She still plays a major role in there. And it doesn't seem like she's going anywhere.

I just hope that if some of you have no idea who Banshee's daughter is, you get to read the mag and know her awesome character a bit more.

cheers :)

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Dan can you tell us, twins as double pack and MODOK, both are this year?
This would be great!

Becquerel said...

Hey max, regarding the early issues you're still lacking, I might be able to help you out. :)

The German provider of the figurines is not up to date and has only recently started offering the CMFC, so we only have reached Quicksilver yet. The older issues are still available here. Moon Knight will eventually come as well, though. We also have access to both rooftop Spider-Men (black and red suit!).

If you don't mind horrendous shipping costs, I should be able to get them your way. :)

max_0888 said...

omg id absolutely love that. Id definitely want Medusa, Mystique, Luke Cage and Thor first

Becquerel said...

I definitely would like to help you out with getting you those missing issues!

There'd need to be some means of contact, though. Is there any way we can get in touch without needing to expose my or your E-Mail or whatever on the blog comments? I want to avoid spam and such. :)

If you happen to be registered on the figurine forum, I would register there too. I assume they have some sort of private message ability there so we can talk through that?

tinodragon14 said...

I thought this comment section was to voice our opinions & thoughts & tastes & choices concerning the collection. Naturally tastes will vary & some characters will be more popular then others as will some choices made by the folks at EM. I have loved Marvel since the sixties so I'm very passionate about who gets picked for the collection. When someone says GALACTUS looks silly I will strongly disagree because since his first appearance in FF I have always thought he looks awesome. I did not say the Beyonder looked silly I said he just looks like a regular guy dressed in a disco outfit. At the time of the Secret Wars series I thought this powerful bad guy turned out to look really lame. I did say the MOJO character was silly & have thought it since he first infested the Marvel Universe. To me he is a poor concept character. Where as I thought LONGSHOT made a nice addition to the X-Men the introduction of MOJO as part of LONGSHOT'S backstory weakened the LONGSHOT character for me. I wish they had made him a mutant with a different backstory. l would have made SPIRAL his main enemy & left out silly MOJO. In fact SPIRAL was a good additional to the Marvel U. A strong female villain of which Marvel has few compared to male villains & the figure from what I have seen looks to be one of the better ones. When another person on here told me 2012 was not the year for TITANIUM MAN or DRAGONMAN or BLASTAAR or THE EXECUTIONER again I must disagree. They are classic villains all & longterm antagonists of IRONMAN, THE FF & THOR all far more worthy of being picked then silly MOJO. It would be great if they would release DIABLO as a regular figure & around the same time release the creature he brought to life in the FF comics, DRAGONMAN, as a Mega Special.
I have never spoken ill of either person who won the contests & picked their favorites. I may not have agreed with their character choices but they won.
As for the choices made so far by the EM powers that be I cannot quarrel with SHAW or FIRELORD or HELA because all are classics & worthy & should make nice figures even though there are other villains I wanted more but wiccan to me is too recent & frankly looks lame with an uninteresting costume.

LAWay said...

Like I said, i overreacted because of my disappoint of the character, the sculpt and the idea that the team 'had' to be completed. I know it doesnt, but I just got annoyed.

I have read Runaways. Well, tried to. Their own comic as well as tie-ins and crossovers. I didnt enjoy them. Thats just me.

I understand whoever wins is entitled to whoever they want and not everyone will be happy with whoever wins and whatever they pick.

I would just prefer a poll winner, the top 3 characters or whatever. Usually a good indicator of who everyone wants in general. The way this competition is done, it could go very wrong and very obscure. But then again, a lot of people may love that aspect. As long as they buy, it doesnt matter.

LAWay said...

What are people currently reading, and within those current titles, who are your favourite characters that are appearing in those comics (not characters that 'have' appeared, that are currently in the very comic you bought this month)

Just wondering how diverse the results would be, or if we would mainly get the A-list names. Be honest.

kissynose said...

If I won there would be an Alex Power on my shelf.

Anonymous said...

Currently Reading:

New Avengers
Secret Avengers
Avengers Academy
Avengers: Children's Crusade

That's about all I get right now, other than the Fear Itself mini and a couple of the tie-ins.

As for characters? I'll just go with ones who are getting a push from Marvel who arn't in the collection as of yet, which I want.

Avengers - Red Hulk
New Avengers - Jewel
Secret Avengers - Nobody Really
Avengers Academy - Reptil
Avengers: Children's Crusade - Hulkling
Hulk - Red Hulk and A-Bomb
Thunderbolts - Moonstone and Ghost

Kal Brindle said...

I am currently reading..

Alpha Flight (Maxi)
The New Mutants
Uncanny X-Men (even though its been awful for ages)
Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt
Avengers: Children's Crusade
X-Men Legacy
Thunderstrike (Mini)

Recently dropped New Avengers & Secret Avengers. Bought all of Chaos War, Siege, Dark Reign, Necrosha and absolutely adored the Cloak & Dagger & Dazzler one shots.

Was reading and would have kept reading but they had to mess with everything again...

The Initiative
The Mighty Avengers
Incredible Hercules

Favourite as yet unmade characters in the books I'm reading are:

Herc - Griffin
Alpha Flight - Shaman & Vindicator II
X-Factor - Shatterstar or Layla Miller
The New Mutants - Mirage
Uncanny X-Men - Dust
Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt - Thor Girl
Avengers: Children's Crusade - Hulkling or Hawkeye
X-Men Legacy - Anole or Rockslide
Thunderstrike - Erik (the original T-Strike)

Becquerel said...

LAWay, we can't get any A-list names because the A-list names are all already covered in the first 50ish issues of the CMFC.
There's nobody left that anyone could call an A-lister anymore, and it has been like that for years already.

LarryS said...

Howard the Duck, Forbush Man and Stan Lee are the only unmade A-listers

ted sallis said...

I'm normally too drunk to read, But the only titles i buy with any kind of regularity are Cap America and Thunderbolts...I like Ghost too, he would make a cool distinctive looking fig..see i love modern character(s)

navaho said...

I read

The Hulk
Fantastic Four

All classics, been reading them since 1974. My collection has taken over my attic and if my house was burning I would probably run upstairs and sit with my comics until I became barbecued!

I think we should lay off the comp winners, they have made their choice in a fair competition and we should accept it with good grace. I believe we should always remain respectful to each other and after all we want the same
thing at the end of the day, a great collection.

Nuff' Said

LAWay said...

Some good shouts for characters currently in comic titles. Dont see why EM need to delve into the archieves when these characters are being represented now.

btw - did anyone manage to pick up any of those batmobile collection or the marvel/batman chess sets?

Anonymous said...

Ted: Ghost isn't a modern character. He's been around since 1987.

John said...

I wait for the trades because its cheaper and SO much easier to store. Just know that I want to name titles like Children's Crusade, Heroes for Hire, and Alpha Flight (and Hulkling, Paladin and Vindicator respectively.)

Amazing Spider-Man
Chaos War
Ant-Man and Wasp
Thanos Imperative

So from those:
Spidey: Hoo-boy! There's a big list here. I'll just say Spot and move on...
Thunderbolts: Ghost or Fixer
Deadpool: Lady Deadpool
Chaos War: Venus
Taskmaster: *
Ant-Man and Wasp: Ant-Man III
Thanos Imperative: Rocket Raccoon
Atlas: The Uranian (or M-11. Or Jimmy Woo. Or...)

*I'd really like a Don of the Dead figurine, but 2 appearances is a bit under the minimum.

Kal, I'm glad to see someone else that loved The Initiative. That was my absolute favorite title (which is why I hate Avengers Academy... unfairly enough.) But it actually makes sense that you and I would love it. A cast of hundreds... all of which were kept in-character, and mostly a spotlight on the B and C-listers, which are right up our ally.

Honestly, I thought a looong time about selecting Trauma if I'd won the competition. But as he's disappeared into comic book limbo, I didn't want to do that to everyone else.

Gremlin in the works said...

Did someone mention Thunderbolts??

I just started reading from their 90's debut, great run so far. IMO Moonstone is the next logical choice. She has been a member for most of the run and got some great exposure during the Dark Reign stories. I am torn on what look to go for. Her modern look is a little bland, looks too similar to Dazzler and Dagger. I would prefer her Thunderbolts debut look of Red/orange costume with mask.

Other great Thunderbolts include Fixer, Blizzard, and most recently Ghost. Although Ghost is an older character he was a very minor character in Iron Man's rogues gallery. It was only Thunderbolts and his reinvention that gave him the boost to set him apart and give him his own fanbase. I would certainly welcome him along with many of the other Thunderbolts. Great's had it's ups and downs like many others but it's been a solid performer for 14 years now, which as we all know in current comic standards is a miracle.

Atlas is obviously a special sized character so I guess we might have to wait a while for him but hopefully not too long....

Anonymous said...

Moonstone - Has to be modern look. The old look is dated and frankly downright terrible.

BobDiamond said...

Thoroughly agree with you Gremlin, on the inclusion of the Thunderbolts, especially Ghost.
This character has certainly come into his own since joining the team. He has a unique look and character, and is one of the stand-out, rejuvenated characters of the last decade. Ares and Bucky being another 2 that spring to mind.

Moonstone is also long over-due, and again I agree that her present costume is pretty bland compared to what's gone before. This is the main reason I've not campaigned for her much. She should be in though, based on her importance in recent years.
If you haven't been reading Thunderbolts, then I urge you to give it a go. Far better than a lot of the so-called flag-ship titles out there IMO.


PS My monthly 'pull-list' for anyone who's interested>>>

Avengers, plus New, Secret, Academy and Children's Crusade (this last one is a modern classic BTW)


Cap America, plus some of the mini-series (These can be hit and miss...Cap America Corps is brilliant however.)


Secret Warriors

Any mini with Iron Fist or Hawkeye

Fear Itself mini and one or 2 tie-ins.

Mystery Men mini (EXCELLENT)

The Twelve(still waiting for completion!!!!)

Other companies:
The Boys (Garth Ennis, Dynamite Comics)

Secret Six (DC- best thing DC are doing, so naturally it's getting cancelled in the'Reboot')

Wormwood (Garth Ennis- again, no idea when the next issue will come out, if at all)

Think that's about it...

Becquerel said...

Since English comics are somewhat difficult to come by, I'm usually getting the German translations (except for comics I REALLY want to have in English like the Dark Avengers).

So I'm completely out of the loop with current English comics, but I personally am currently reading Ultimate Spider-Man, which is of course immediately counted out cause alternate universe and whatnot. :P
In the actual MU, I'm reading Web of Spider-Man, Daredevil, Iron Man, Thunderbolts and Young Avengers.

I can easily tell you what I'd would like to see.
Daredevil: Stilt-Man
Iron Man: Titanium Man or Madame Masque
Thunderbolts: Moonstone
Young Avengers: Hulkling

Also, verification word "motors". Chuckled at that.

Becquerel said...

Oh, also Spider-Man, of course, would be Hammerhead.

Another verification word that made me chuckle - "coned".

Banshee said...

I have to agree with CBR Beast on the Moonstone costume choice. She has to be made in her recent white and gold costume. I really really hope she's announced pretty soon. Along of course with Shaman now that Dan has pretty much said Northstar and Aurora are in a two pack.

CGJ said...

Pull list

New Avengers
Secret Avengers
Punisher Max
Fear Itself
Ultimate titles (all)
Moon Knight

Other companies

The Boys
Jennifer Blood
Walking Dead
Sixth Gun
Kick Ass
Widening Gyre

was getting
Uncanny xmen
x men
Astonishing x men
X factor
Incredible Hulk
Amazing Spidey
Captain America
Iron Man
but stopped when realised they were getting boxed without being read

As for characters that haven't made it in from these titles.....dunno.

BobDiamond said...

I know this is probably the wrong place to post this, but it's great to see someone reading 'The Boys',CGJ!
It's a very entertaining read guys, with a real dark, funny, Garth Ennis twist on the whole superhero genre.

Now, as I should've done before, characters that I would like to see from my (Marvel)titles:

Current Avengers line:
Giant-Man (AA), Whirlwind (AA), possibly The Hood, possibly Mettle (AA)

Current Thunderbolts:
Ghost, Moonstone, Fixer, Satana (old costume though), Crossbones, Mr Hyde

Current Cap titles: USAgent (Cap Corps), Arnim Zola

Secret Warriors:
Dum-Dum Dugan, Baron Strucker, Countess Valentina, possibly The Gorgon

Secret Six (yeah, know it's DC but..):
Catman, Ragdoll, King Shark


LAWay said...

Gremlin, i have been waving the Thunderbolts flag forever. Sadly due to the no repeated characters rule some great ones slip by. I would have loved a citizen v and mach iv. I would love a retro thunderbolts in general, as well as a modern ish one, and then the current.

Hey guys, just picked up a 2006-07 Captain Britain, Captain Bucky America and US Agent figures. What collection covers such diverse, awesome characters? The Captain America movie figures in available in Asda as part of the Marvel Universe range.

Sorry EM, Hasbro just won that round.

John said...

I'm happy to see so many lists include Thunderbolts and Young Avengers. ;)

There's a LOT of great Thunderbolts to choose from. And with their diversity, it wouldn't be hard to pull a couple per extension and just say they double as filling a "villain" slot or an "Iron Man" slot or something.

Moonstone is the most deserving. Ghost would look the coolest (and would be best to capitalize on his recent success as soon as possible.) Fixer is my most wanted.

As for Moonstone's costume, the old ones look SOOO dated. I actually can't stand them. Modern please.

tinodragon14 said...

Hey Dan you thing you guys at EM might use the clear peg like under NORTHSTAR & his sister under THE BEETLE so you can have him flying with his wings open.

tinodragon14 said...

Darn it! That's think not thing!! Sorry.

Saw "GREEN LANTERN" tonight & enjoyed it very much.

CGJ said...

A flying Beetle? Now that would look cooooool

ted sallis said...

In honour of Garth Ennis, I would love a Barracuda fig, Technicaly he may "only" be a civvie, but he's the scariest looking civ i've seen .My dearest has only read a handful of Marvel stuff the Millar/Hitch Ultimates tpb's, and a run of Ennis Punishers, The scene with the baby and the shotgun, made her wince, It's the one time i've arrived home to find my comic parcel opened as she was so desperate to find out what happened the following month, The scene with pliers still make my eyes water....See i do like modern character(s) :)
Oh,I know American Eagle isn't a Thunderbolt but one of the first issues i picked up featured Venom eating Steel Spiders arm , and even better, American Eagle bitch slapping Bullseye all over the shop, I let out a wee cheer when he snapped his neck ( does that make me sound like a bad person?)I have been a fan of mr Strongbow ever since.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Beetle is already done

With this thing under him, he would look like
or like they did in antiquity.

BobDiamond said...

Ted, Thor8, SV and the rest of you guys,
Have you noticed the strange absence of Robert recently?? Hope he's OK...but I thought we could ponder his lack-of-appearance in the same style he, himself came up with when the famous Rich was gone for a long walk....So, any outlandish reasons for his disappearance?

My theory is that he's come 2nd place in a Pip the Troll Lookalike Comp., and has had to smoke a crate full of mammoth-sized Havanas as a consolation prize. He's probably turning a shade of green, which would make (classic) Gamora proud, as we speak...


PS Rob...hope you really are OK out there my friend...

Becquerel said...

Don't worry, he's probably on vacation. :)

max_0888 said...

It's fun to know what you guys read at the moment. Good idea LaWAY

My fave books are X-factor, Thunderbolts, FF and avengers academy.

But I read Amazing spider-man, Captain America, Invincible Iron man, Mighty Thor, Journey into mystery, Uncanny x-force, New mutants, Uncanny X-men, X-men legacy, Children's crusade, New avengers, Heroes for hire, Alpha flight, Avengers and Venom.

I'm enjoying most of them. Some I collect in trade so I just read them every 6 months.

Heroes for hire is a blast to read. I definitely want Misty Knight and Paladin! And i'm really surprised at how much I love Avengers academy. When the design for the characters were first announced I was so not interested. But I gave it a chance and it became one of my fave book. We need Justice and Speedball!!

Hey Becquerel, I am on the forum if you join we could send messages. Thanks

jimbob said...

As I thought,big let down with height issues again.

Pic of Sauron on the forum and he looks tiny!

Waste of special slot,why do EM keep on doing this with specials!!!!!!!!!!!

BobDiamond said...

Max, you made me remember another title I get monthly- Heroes for Hire. How could I forget?? It's one of the best out there!
We certainly need Misty and Paladin (and Satana- who was in her classic look here, but totally unrecognisable in Thunderbolts- I guess that's an advantage of magic!).
M and P could well be the next loved-up couple of the MU, the way things are turning out...


Thor8 said...

I currently read the following;

Mighty Avengers
Avengers Academy
Secret Avengers
New Avengers
Children's Crusade
Journey Into Mystery
Amazing Spider-Man

I dropped:
Iron Man

BobDiamond: Maybe Robert is taking a short rest and wil be back soon.Jacadoo and Pirae Adam have also been very quite lately also. Sweet mother of Odin,don't tell me my Warriors three have fallen into the hands of one of my many foes.

Thor8 said...

Oh yes I left out Astonising Thor which I also read.

Thor8 said...

I've been going through some of Thor's foes that I'd like to see included in this collection and couldn't help but notice the amount of them that would have to be made as specials,for example:


Skurge might just be squeezed in as a regular as was done with Hela,but if you go by the hieght he is registered at,plus his bulk,he would qualify for special status according to EM's standards. I don't mind how he's made as long as he's done right,and is included in this collection.

Thor8 said...

Four post by me in a row,I feel like I'm talking to myself. Is there anybody out there?

Becquerel said...

I've been thinking of picking up more She-Hulk comics, I got Single Green Female and it is very entertaining.
I also have been considering getting Heroic Age: Prince of Power. Any input from you guys? Are the following issues of She-Hulk just as fun as the first?

@max: I registered there today, so as soon as an admin verifies me, we'll be able to contact each other. :)
The name over there is the same as here.

@Thor8: I'm still around, not long anymore, as I'm off to bed!

LAWay said...

We all know Rob is BD, he hasnt gone anywhere. Immirite?

-seriously, check out the marvel universe and cap america movie action figures. Crossbones is also in the collection. 4 figurines EM have missed out on, and this is series 1 of the action figures. So much missed potential.

Anonymous said...

I see only two, as they already made Captain Britain and Bucky. The toyline is also a completely different animal than something like a partswork collection.

Crossbones and U.S. Agent would be welcome inclusions though. And maybe we'll at least get one this expansion. Likely U.S. Agent, as Moonstone or Ghost are more likely T-Bolt inclusions.

SinisterVenom said...

Just got home from watching Transformers 3 and OMG! What a great end to a great trilogy!!
Of course this might not be the best place to talk bout it but heck Transformers was a part of Marvel once so why not share it here?
Anyway if you're a fan of the first two films then this one will knock your socks off! I won't spoil anything but if you don't mind sitting over 2 hours in the cinema then I highly recommend you watch this. I was even surprised to realise that Sentinel Prime had actually been voiced by none other than Leonard Nimoy!

tinodragon14 said...

Came across a great looking but obscure villain... CORNELL COTTONMOUTH, a bad guy from LUKE CAGE. Not to be confused with the latter Serpent Squad villain called COTTONMOUTH.
Someone already mentioned THE LOOTER, an early Spidey villain but how about RATTLER not to be confused with the western villain also called RATTLER & the Serpent Squad RATTLER with the vibrating tail.

Becquerel said...

The thing is, that this toy line is specifically aimed at Captain America and the characters surrounding him. Regarding his own solo cast, there's not that much to go from, to be frank.

If it'd be an Avengers toy set, you wouldn't get US Agent, Bucky or Crossbones, at least not immediately.

LAWay said...


The Cap toy line is centred around cap, sure. But still you cant argue the diversity.

The cap toy line is like a spin off...or subset of the main marvel universe toy line, which is also just as diverse with Constrictor, Iron Patriot amoung others. A huge roster of characters with many not featured in the CMFC.

Cant bad mouth it really.

Becquerel said...

I'm not badmouthing it, I'm just saying that this is pretty much the main reason you have characters like these.

I mean, I'd LOVE to see US Agent, Crossbones, Iron Patriot and Constrictor, don't get me wrong. But there's the "balance" that has to be kept, after all, and unfortunately, Iron Patriot is a modern character with comparably little impact, not to mention that he's an alias of Norman Osborne/Green Goblin, who already was released as issue #8.
Thusly, he would take very little priority over other characters, though I do agree that US Agent and Crossbones definitely are due.
Though... Imagining how many flames EM would spark by putting in Iron Patriot kinda amuses me. :D

Then again, it would also open the debate about "alternate versions" of the same character. Think Carol Danvers as Binary, Jean Grey as Marvel Girl, Steve Rogers as Nomad, etc.


John said...

I could go for Looter. There are just sooo many Spidey characters I want. Its hard to be patient when I want around 30-40 and we get 1 per extension. :(

Constrictor is one of my Top favorites.

Question: where do you put Constrictor as a character? What group does he belong to?

Becquerel said...

I would put him as an Avenger character. I know he joined the Frightful Four and the Sinister Syndicate at one point but I wouldn't consider him being one of theirs. He's been associated with SHIELD, Masters of Evil, Initiative, Six Pack and Corporation, though - I'd put him along with the other Avengers-related villains/antiheroes.

LAWay said...

John - thats why i hate categorizing the characters. SOmetimes I feel you just cant. Would love Constrictor, high on my want lists. EM should stop faffinf about with 'balancing' the collection and just give us the best possible characters available.

tinodragon14 said...

CONSTRICTOR first showed up in Hulk but since then has been in every heroes comic so he was an all around bad guy but now SIGH! he is a good guy. I would like to see him, COBRA & THE EEL revive the SERPENT SQUAD.

Becquerel said...

I would put Hulk to the Avengers, too, though. ;P

Basically, the MU can be split into a few big chunks:
Spider-Man, Avengers (including all, mainly of course the big 4: Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor), X-Men (and related sub-series), Fantastic Four (and everything Cosmic-related), and finally "Other" which prominently features Mystic/Horror, Punisher and Daredevil (though one could argue you can put DD into the Spidey-category due to their shared rogue gallery and since they are active in the same city).

CGJ said...

Subby pack arrived

Balder awful. Paint job just dire, he has a thick black band where his eyes should be

His boots have been painted with a gloss paint to give him a full on thigh high PVC boots look.

A walt simonson costume would have looked less showy. and would have made a much better fig

Sorry to be talking in telegram speak but I have written a huge wrant once and it got lost, now I am late for work

Destiny and Sauron are really good though

CGJ said...

rant not wrant, brain faster than fingers

ted sallis said...

Subby day today!. Destiny naw bad. Balder ugh!. to my evrlasting shame i voted for the new look, Oliver Copiel convinced me the modern look would be best, Be careful what you wish for indeed.
Professor Yaffle is the pick of the bunch, lovely paint job on's just compared to Man-Thing,Colossus,Ronan etc...he's a bit special light..Nice fig tho.
Off topic, Disgusted to hear of Karen Gillans ( Dr Who's assistant)recent behavior.
She was found inebriated and naked in a New York hotel lobby. This is the kind of behavior that fuels the cruel stereotype about all "jocks" being alcoholic gingernuts.
Right!, thats the deepfried Mars bars ready,like to have a nice hot meal for the kids getting back fom school.

Deadpool said...

Especially for mgf ....

This side up
Use No Hooks

I have Necron in my collection now and he is superb.

This used to be more like a gentleman's club Becquerel.

We used to sit around in smoking jackets, puffing on a pipes, reminiscing about the Gold and Silver age.
Tiffin used to go down very well too.

Then the chavs came.
Shouting , swearing, quaffing large quantities of vodka and demanding modern day characters.

It makes you wonder if this once great nation is still worth fighting for.

MGF .... I applaud your originality and would like to petition for Issi Noho to join the CMFC.

He could be depicted with a bamboo shoot in one hand and a magic square in the other, sitting on top of a rather red faced Nico Minoru.

Sheer genius MGF.

I doff my hat.

Deadpool said...

Ted I just fancy one of the aforementioned ginger nuts with my tea.

Pray tell where can I pick up one?

Are they still available in that lobby in New York?

Deadpool said...

PS ... i always thought trolls got the second comment.
Due to the time delay in crawling from beneath the bridge before harassing billy goats.

Bagman said...

Hi fellas, just been in contact with Robert, he's fine just taking a break, he'll be back in a week or so.

SinisterVenom said...

Thanks for the heads up on Robert, Bagman. Good to know he's ok. Got a little worried as he never usually is quiet for this long.
Great to hear from you too DP, always fun to read your posts.

Becquerel said...

Yea, glad to hear Robert's alright. :)

Deadpool said...

Hello SV ... nice to see you too ...

Subscription day: -

Destiny is a little plain but "Ms Thunder Thighs" is still a very good figure.

Balder is OK and will improve when I acquire a second one that I can redo the paint work and cloak.

Sauron however has made it to the "DEADPOOL SHELF OF SHAME" in the company of Spandex Wolf, The Dulldarin and Ping Pang Pong.

Snore-ron is easily overshadowed by the majesty of the DC Manbat.

In all honesty we've missed an opportunity for a much better special.
Once again Generation X-Chav has hijacked the collection with a bit of poultry.

I think the Mossmen should give the CMFC "League of Gentlemen" an additional special to make up for this monstrosity - Stan Lee would be turning in his grave.

My choice would be Dark Phoenix - surrounded in translucent resin moulded in the form of the Phoenix force.
"And" to pre-empt the whinges and whines of Chav-Force, I don't think this is a redo of jean Grey because I consider the Phoenix force to be a separate entity.

"And" I know that Stanley is still in the land of the living ... I was simply referring to his noturnal, recreational activities.

Kal Brindle said...

I'm thinking we'll hear about Vance Astro tomorrow, but since it's going to be Canada Day - I was hoping to get confirmation on the N&A two pack and get Shaman confirmed instead.

Whaddayasay Dan? Can you feel the Maple Leaf love? Heck I'll take Marrina or Vindicator too, I'm not picky. LOL

Deadpool said...

Categorisation seems to have been a theme this week.

Here is the Deadpool take on "CATEGORISATION" ...

CMFC Bloggers fit roughly into four categories: -

The League of Gentleman:-
The old timers, who reminsce about their favourite adventures over a cup of darjeeling.

The Festives: -
Unsure if they should "bat from the pavillion end" but very keen to have more hunks than babes in the collection.

The Laughing Chavaliers: -
The loud mouthed, uncouth, Vodka swillers who demand "this", "that" or "the other" modern "Disney" character in the collection with no regard for the "Friends of Ol' Marvel".

Finally, The Mischief Makers: -
They have similar ideals to the League of Gentlemen but wickedly "Wind Up" the Chavaliers and Festives for a laugh.

Do you think that these four categories are sufficent?

How would you categorise the bloggers?.

Join me next time ....

Same Bat time ... same Bat channel.

ted sallis said...

Ahoy,Hoy DP how are you old chap? Have you managed to get your python anywhere near a princess lately?? Can't wait to see that unholy marriage ..
If your serious about dunking a delicious gingernut, jist pop along to the next Dr Who expo type thingy. It is physically impossible for a ginger scots lass to turn doon a vodka n Irn Bru.
Speaking of Gingernuts....Princess Python.....tomorrow,,,,,,,,Puhleeeeeeasee!!!

SinisterVenom said...

It's time for:


This time, it's Balder arriving in the collection and to tell the truth I was looking forward to getting this figurine despite all the negativity with the costume choice and stuff.
However I'm actually really upset with how my Balder figurine has turned out. First of all the paint job isn't great, Balder looks as though his skin is melting of his face! Secondly the sword isn't exactly accurate with the sheath and finally there are many scratches on the figure itself. Really disappointed with the state it's turned out in.

(Wow, could this be my first ever complaint about a figure besides the really awful ones like Crystal for example?)

Anyway I do hope Wrecker turns out better than poor Balder did. Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow's update then? Well we've yet to see a Spidey related character still so I'm going to echo the calls that were made on the last update when I once again say:

navaho said...


John said...

"but since it's going to be Canada Day..."

Dan, for the sake of a Country, please give us an update on N&A and confirm.... Vindicator. :D

ted sallis said...

Hey Dan It's my birthday on Saturday, I know i have left you precious little time to buy me something, But don't you worry your pretty little head,Because fate has afforded us a once in a millenia opportunity, Not only can you announce a fig in my honour but it would be a gift for all us wonderful british tommys. In celebration of my birthday and Andy Murry's Wimbledon miracle announce Aberdeen Angus tomorrow. Us brits love a bit of bully.

Simon West said...

Sleep walker... night thrasher.. (but sleep walker more pleeeeeeease) I think these are the only 2 I would really love but havent seen anything about them making the collection yet, But I'm gettign chars like 'baulder' I know nothing about (from the marvel side of things.. :( heard the name in games ans such like)

Anyway.. carry on the awesome work !

tinodragon14 said...


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