Friday, 17 June 2011

‘This is another fine blog you got me into...’

Just a quick one this week folks...

Next special is MODOK!

Looking good eh?, I think this fits the weird and wonderful side of Marvel don'cha thunk?!

Here's a preview of N&A, would love to tell you guys some solid news about whether they will be a special or not, but it's not 100% decided yet, so I'll say no more ;}

Here’s Dene Mason’s final pose/costume design for Domino, we went for pose 4 (remember the original sketches?), we thought it played on the deadly/vulnerable juxtaposition quite well. We also decided on the latest X-Force Black Ops costume as it’s one of her most consistant looks. The other 90s costumes look a bit dated and her 00s Deadpool look wasn’t quite good enough either.

Not sure if you’ve seen the fully painted final version of Odin yet? (the photo does not do this sculpt justice - it's a real wowza in the flesh (or should that be lead?)! and the size issue is definately blown away when you see his true awsomeness!

One last nugget for ya, the next confirmed character is Hela.

I think she’ll make an amazing figurine and an /Asgardian/female/villain to-boot!
Rich has some reservations about her size and complexity being an issue (so we may not be able to go totally wild with her), plus he reckons no one wants her! stuff that nonsense she's in...

Caio for now.


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John said...

Hell Yes!!! MODOK!

Becquerel said...

Holy crap, MODOK!
Holy crap, Hela!
Holy crap, Northstar & Aurora!

I will have to comment more in-depth later... for now, excuse me while I'll swoon.

avenger guy said...


LarryS said...

Congrats on this advanced planning. Since the Hela issue will be a year or two from now, it may be hitting the news-stands at the same time as her appearance in Thor 2. We may have missed out on a Destroyer figure in May ... but this time you guys have it all worked out!!!

Robert said...

I can't believe it: HELA!!!

That is just great news! Couldn't be happier!

And you even repainted Odin's raven black!

MODOK and the AF twins also look great.

Brilliant update.

Hiperion said...

I have no words to express what I'm feeling right now!!

Hela & MODOK are great great additions. Thank you EM!!

John said...

Okay, I calmed down a bit..

Northstar and Aurora look amazing. Great paint job to match great sculpts. I can't wait to add them to Alpha Flight.

Hela is a worthy character. I'd rather have a Warriors Three member announced as it will be harder to complete the group as the collection goes on, but I'm still okay with Hela.

Domino, I don't really like the choice. The perv in me noticed first that her arms are covering up her... Anyway, I'm sure it will be a good sculpt.

And MODOK is my most wanted Special and you guys have made my... um, year in terms of Special announcements. The collection truly would not feel complete without him, so thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

The Hood said...

Great update this week, Northstar and Aurora are looking great, Hela will make an excellent addition to the collection, and MODOK is amazing. Still wishing for Howard The Duck, please.

Moonstar said...

WOW what an update!

MODOK looks great so far and is a great choice.

Northstar & Aurora look amazing!

Really like the Domino sketch. Cant wait to see what her figure looks like.

Hela is a great choice for the first female of this extension.

Really hope we can find out who the New Mutant is soon.

Gremlin in the works said...

Wow, what an awesome update.

MODOK is a character that has been requested on the forum for a long time now so it's great to see him get confirmed. His sculpt looks fantastic. I guess he will be a mega considering his size.

Hela. Another fantastic inclusion. She has been doing the rounds in the MU this past year or so it's great to see her confirmed. The character design is beautiful and I expect a dazzling sculpt of her will be made. Great work.

Northstar and Aurora are looking even better painted. The clear pegs underneath work very well. Smart job.

As for Domino I was hoping you would go with the arms outstretched look but this one is good too. I am glad you went with her recent X-Force look. You are right in that she had some aweful costumes in the 90's.

Great update today.

mgf said...

Hela is great news. Kirby her up to the max, please.

MODOK, not a great fan, but looks decent enough as a sculpt, and obviously clearing the decks for the tubby dog so good news. (...)

N & A look terrific too.

Jacadoo said...

Modark - well, he looks fantastic!!

But it pains me to say but ODIN is a class above all previous efforts - well done!!

Any news on my B lister - Stingray?

And I thought Tigershark had been confirmed?

navaho said...

A big WOW, where can I start.....right let me get my breath.....ok I'm sitting down now...firstly, MODOK looks awesome, I've loved him from afar for some time now and he just look great, fantastic job EM.
Great news on Hela, I'm in seventh heaven or should in seventh hell! Can't wait to see the scuplt.
N and A look pretty cool on their clear pegs, let's hope they are confirmed as a double pretty soon.
Finally Domino, not my favourite pose but not my worst by any means. Nothing can spoil my mood today........HURRAH!!

ted sallis said...

Ah Hela Hela Hela ugh, tell me more tell me more...
Fantastic choice
Modok . he's a big un....nice tho
Odin ,as Robert said nice to see the seagull painted black .The paintjob is superb, should be stunning when i get me andes on im.
The finished N+A do look very nice indeed.

navaho said...

Didn't even mention how wonderful Odin looks.

jimbob said...

Brilliant update!I'm happy with everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Banshee said...

Please exuse me whilst I squeal like an 8 year old girl........and Dan I feel I have to profess my love for you!! (Completely plutonic you understand)

OK I'll begin. Northstar and Aurora are phenomonal, I couldn't have hoped for better. I really hope they get made into a double-pack. What two characters belong in one more than the twins??

MODOK?? Are you freaking kidding me. He's amazing!!! When can we expect to see him in the line up, will it count as the last slot of this year??

I'll be honest in saying I haven't gotten overly excited about the new extension. The three announced characters are OK, Hela being the highlight up to yet but I'm really hoping we get Moonstone and Shaman in the somewhere.

What an update!!!!!

Peace Out

Archangelsr said...

Dan i like your cavalier attitude imagine the characters we could have by now if you had taken over the blog before.

Well done on Hela and with her in Maximus must be just biding his time

LarryS said...

Some great choices.

But ... don't overlook that the last ten years have seen the greatest outpouring of creativity by Marvel since the '70s. Yet I think we've still only had two figurines from this period (will become three with the Runaways choice).

ABBA were great, but so's Adele. Julio has given way to Enrique. We all loved Rod Stewart, but now Rhianna's packing the stadia.

The back issue bins can be awesome, guys. But the current crop of creators are knocking the ball out of the park with new ideas and characters, month after month.

Gremlin in the works said...

I agree. I love the old characters but there are some great new ones I think will be around for a long time.
I am really hoping to see Jewel, Wiccan, The Hood, Dust, Echo and Pixie sometime soon.

mgf said...

BTW, Fortean Times this month has an interesting article on Jack Kirby and his influences.

If you buy it it's issue 277, but if you are one of the burgeoning number of members of the W.H. Smith library service it's on page 54.

BobDiamond said...

Possibly the best up-date EVER!!

MODOK is finally here, and he looks amazing!

The twins in colour look superb!

Hela is a wonderful choice, and will certainly make a lot of people on here very happy.

And lastly, Domino- great choice for pose- she's going to look stunning!

Well done EM-outstanding work, and mega thanks to Dan for all your hard-work, and for keeping us posted all the way!


Becquerel said...

Alright, while travelling home from work, I had enough time to calm down.

Odin and the AF twins look amazing. I really can't wait to see them for real, I'm insanely excited to say the least.

MODOK, finally! I recognize the pose and face from his official artwork for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and that's nothing bad, as that one is probably one of the best stand-alone pictures of MODOK ever created. In any case, the first sculpt looks really great and I'm very happy to see him being included, cause it was way about time.

Hela is a really great choice, she is one of the more important and iconic villains for Thor and the Avengers, and she has an awesome design, so I'm sure she'll end up as a terrific figurine. I really hope you can make all the head gear and such work well, it'd be sad to see Hela turning out as a mediocre figurine considering her exciting design.
This also means that the chance for the Warriors Three being included in possible future extensions is pretty much set in stone. I hope that we'll see another extension after these 200 figurines, as we need to complete quite a few teams still, and it'd be a shame to leave out the poor Warriors Three.

This is probably the best update you made so far, Dan. :D

Also, word verification "haddless", that would probably describe how I felt when I saw the blog update.

John said...

I still can't get over MODOK being included. One of my favorite characters is actually in, AND looks amazing. This is just perfect.

Roll in more villains! :D

Maybe cover Avengers, villains, and modern in one go next week and announce The Hood.

Paibok said...

Hela is confirmed that is excellent news.

MODOK looks absolutely fantastic, what a fantastic surprise, I think Dan managed to surpass himself again with this update. I notice that he is on a regular special base at the moment does this mean he is not considered to be a mega. How much of MODOK is going to be lead, because we know that in the past heads have tended to be resin, and MODOK is well.....mostly head.

Northstar and Aurora look even better painted, they look shiny. The clear pegs work, I think someone needs to wave that image infront of the coin counters and ask how can that not be a double pack. Photoshop in a clear peg between their hands.

Odin looks brilliant, though personally I would not want a crow's ass in my face, thats just asking for trouble. Why ain't it he other way round or facing forwards, oh who am I kidding its brilliant anyway, cannot wait to add him to my new breakaway Asgardian display.

[daniel] said...

This is becoming a very exciting extension to look forward too.. Yay!!!

Can't wait now..

max_0888 said...

MODOK looks perfect. Thanks for the preview. He's going to make one of the best specials i'm sure of it. Now, bring on Mojo. That's gonna be one big challenge for you guys hehe! Can't wait to see how you guys will pull that off.

Northstar and Aurora look great as expected.

Hela is a cool choice. She has a wonderful design so i'm sure she'll make a great looking fig.

Now here's me hoping for Misty Knight or Jessica jones :)

Cheshire Cat said...

I'm confused about Domino. What pose she's going to have 1st or 4th?? Final drawing is like 1st pose but it's also mentioned they went for pose 4 :( no clue.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

So MODOK and Northstar/Aurora are last specials this year? Hope so, twins have to be double pack this year.
Mojo for Mega Special next year!

MODOK is ideal size.
Painted twins looks good. Odin looks even better than on pics with Thor.

I wanted different pose for Domino, but I'm ok with this.

Can we see painted Dracula next Friday? And confirm HAMMERHEAD please :)

CGJ said...

Great update,

the twins look all set to be a double pack,

Odin looks to be absolutely amazing, possibly the best sculpt of either collection

MODOK looks great if a little massive. Not sure on the scale but it seems that with this and the Blob, the Specials are getting ever bolder and making some of the early ones (Hulk) look a little underwhelming. Not a complaint, just maybe a call for a revisit at some distant point!

Hela could be a stunning figure, I picked up Azrael from the DC collection yesterday simply because it was a spectacular sculpt. If EM carry over similar detail on cloaks and sticky-out bits like they did with Azrael, Hela will be awesome

This extension is shaping up to be a great one, next Friday can't come soon enough.

Word veri is Bumyelm. Don't know what it is but it sounds like something off embarrassing bodies

tinodragon14 said...

Nice report
MODOK was one of my choices for a special so I am pleased & the sculpt looks good. In fact it looks like the awesome Bowen statue right down to the flames under his chair lifting him up.
NORTHSTAR & his sister look great. The paint job makes all the difference & the clear pegs work. Let's hope the paint job holds up because with those white starbursts if not done carefully can really ruin the look. I don't know why the holdup in decision when in early Alpha Flight lore they are a two pack.
ODIN LOOKS AWESOME!!! Cannot wait to buy him. Well done EM!!!
I'm not surprised about the Domino pose as I picked a different one. The last stance with her holding both guns out as if firing was the best but I'm not a fan of this character one way or the other. However rubbing her gun against her face is silly & lots of guys on here will be upset you covered her bosom.
Alas poor WHIRLWIND twas not to be & HAMMERHEAD you have been forsaken. DD no OWL for you & STRANGE no MORDO for you. No ATTUMA for you NAMOR or a TRAPSTER to be FRIGHTFUL.
They picked HELA guys. Yes I know THOR already has LOKI, ODIN, SIF, BALDER & THE ENCHANTRESS but they wanted a female villain for balance but this aint The Karate Kid movie & there are far more worthy male villains left you say. She could make a good sculpt but they will have trouble with the headdress which is her signature look. Perhaps they will.

Becquerel said...

tinodragon, I really doubt Hela is going to be the only villain in this extension, there's still 17 slots to go (or, in the worst case, 15 if the twins are not going to be a special).

Hela covers the Asgardian slot - there's still the Spidey slot at the very least.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most awesome updates ever! Thanks so much Dan.

Modok is amazing, and what a great celebration of Marvel weirdness.

Northstar & Aurora are exquisite.

Odin continues to impress as a magnificent sculpt.

Hela is, for me, the best of today's update. She is going to look magnificent. I completely understand the problems with the intricacy of her design, but please do your best to reproduce her iconic multi-branch horned helmet and the zig-zag patterns on her costume. Make it a special if necessary, like was done for Ronan.

How can anyone doubt that she'll look amazing in the collection???
There's a Hela figurine in the Virtual CMFC GalleryCheck her out:

mighty_marvel said...

modok is looking good. i assume he's the january 2012 special as we normally only get one mega special per year.

hope the rest of next years specials are madame web, terrax, atlas and a brood drone. would make a nice mix from across the MU.

northstar and aurora are looking good. there's a nice convenient special slot in november just waiting for them :)

great news about hela. one of my top twenty wants has been confirmed. please keep it up next week and confirm brother voodoo.

John said...

Or even better, TWO Spidey slots. :D

Jackal and Hammerhead okay with everybody?

I'm just glad Hela's not a Special. Not a character I know anything about, but I'll still get her, display her proudly, and I recognize her importance in the MU. Destroyer and Executioner (2 more characters I barely know) SHOULD be Specials, and Volstaag. ...There's just too many Thor characters that would be Special sized...

My most wanted Specials now are Madame Web and Groot. I hope the Double Pack with the twins works out, because every GotG fan is calling out for a Double Pack of Groot and Rocket Raccoon (akin to Sasquatch and Puck.)

Anonymous said...

Hela's intricate head-dress should not be difficult as EM have proved they can manufacture elaborate sculpts. Think the ecellent Azrael or the amazing Bleez with her huge skeletal wings in the Blackest Night subset. So, yeah, Hela can look like she's straight off the comic page, even as a regular size fig.

John said...

"please keep it up next week and confirm brother voodoo."

I'd support that. :D

Robert said...

Dan is saying that Hela is a regular figure, right? I know her height can alter but she is listed in the Marvel Database as 7 feet tall. Doesn't that exceed the height limit for regulars that Rich mentioned a while back? Or am I getting all mixed up again?

Me, I'm just relieved that the pattern of an Asgardian every extension is being maintained. IF we get another extension after 200, who would be the next Asgardian? Surely it's between one of the Warriors Three and Skurge? (Sorry, I won't consider this collection complete until I have Hogun, Fandrall and Volstagg.)

max_0888 said...

Yeah I agree we need the Warriors three. We will need at least 2 more extansions to get them all. Frandral for the 201-220 and Hogun for the 221-240. Volstagg could be a special in there.

Robert said...

Say for argument's sake we get three more extensions and each of the Warriors Three are released one per extension. What year would figure number 260 come out? 2017? 2040? My little brother's grandkids may not live to see them...

Anonymous said...

... Question:
Among the newest characters to appear in the X-Verse, who is iconic enough to deserve a place in the CMFC?

It is difficult, but today the Virtual CMFC Gallery shows you some deserving characters in:


shining a spotlight on:
M (Monet St Croix)

Probably not the first X-Men to spring to mind, but very interesting characters worth considering. Who would you like? Who would EM want to include?
Check this out in the Virtual CMFC Gallery and discuss!

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry!
It's Rictor, not Victor!!!

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,Doesn't that exceed the height limit for regulars that Rich mentioned a while back?"
This blog belongs to Dan not Rich now ;)

Odin in August, twins in October and MODOK in December, that's how it should be. If MODOK is Mega next year, then we need another simply special this year (Terrax).

Paibok said...

The impression i got was that there are only four specials this year due to delays in Odin - there should have been a special during Easter. So I think the final special slot is now between Northstar and Aurora and MODOK. The latter ready if the doublepack is shunted again.

A Fantastic Four character next please - Trapster or Diablo preferably. Attuma, Mad Thinker, Red Ghost and Molecule Man will also be quite acceptable. Lockjaw & Dragon Man mega special next year.

LarryS said...

OK. This is what the world has been waiting for. After my earlier post about "more modern characters", this is the A to Z of the best of the best since 2000. Any other views...?

Agent X
Bloodstone (Elsa)
Caiera the Oldstrong
Echo (hmmm, may strictly pre-date 2000?)
Hope (I would have picked Hood, but I figure he'll get selected for the collection soon anyway)
Iron Lad
Jewel (she's the more important character, though I figure Jackpot would make a more fun figurine)
Kid Omega
Lady Deadpool
Mr Negative
Old Lace (from Runaways)
Queen (yes, there really was a character called Queen. It took me a while to track down. No relation to Freddie Mercury)
Sin (ok, first appeared way back, but has only come to prominence in recent years, central to both Death of Captain America and now the mega-crossover-event Fear Itself)
Yorkes (Gertrude)
...ok, that lot has exhausted me. So the 'Z'-lister will have to wait!

CGJ said...

Dragon Man would be an excellent Mega Special...

Becquerel said...

I'd swap Agent X with Anole, but that's just me.

Otherwise, neat list.

Dan The Man said...

aahhh, really pleased you all loved the update! spurs me on to do even better next week (if that's at all possible!!!). Yes Hela is crazy tall I think 6'6" was what we got (could even be 7'), I think we may have to cheat a little and have her total height including headdress as 6'6", I think she'll still look pretty amazing - otherwise she'd have to be a special and I doubt that'd happen. but you never know if we start production and she comes in expensive we could always shift her to a special???

Yes Modok is immense - not sure we can do him as 100% lead- maybe a part of him will have to be resin. Should get him painted as soon as Marvel approve the basic sculpt. He's one of my favs so I'm chuffed he looks zany as hell!

Hopes are that N&A will get a special slot if the costs add up and the factory's quote is within budget. fingers crossed eh?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anole & Rockslide. They're amazing. And Armor, her design is so unique. She stands out on the comic page, and would stand out as a figurine with the use of some resin to create the armor effect:


She's in the second line-up in the virtual gallery.

Anonymous said...

Hela deserves the best possible sculpt. A so-so sculpt would be a huge missed opportunity to create an iconic classic Marvel fig. Me, I'd be happy with a special if it's necessary to do justice to the character.

LAWay said...

A great update packed with so much stuff.

Love MODOK. A brilliant capture...and its really surprising seeing how big he is. Doesnt really register until you line these guys up which is what I love. Shame alot of characters are posed badly where we cant make the comparison, but MODOK, big thumbs up. Although, he is so large...will he be resin?

Domino sketch looks great. I called it, I said the 1st pose was the best and not too cliche, so glad we have the same eye for the pose. Think she will make an excellent figurine.

Odin. You know how I felt about him. I may have been won over. Final paints look ace.

N & A look decent painted...BUT...look at Aurora's left hand. It looks like its broken. Come on guys, just do it palm facing us like Northstar. A lil change that will make all the different. It looks like you dropped her and the hand bent.

Hela, not familiar with her, not that fussed tbh. I would have others before her, but looking at some of those reference pics and costumes, she has potential to be a great figurine. Special? No way. If she turns out to be a special, scrap her for a long while.

A great update. A few tweaks need to be addressed for me personally, but love most of what is included here.

Mr J said...

MODOK!!!! Holy cow he is looking good very excited to finally get him.

The twins look very cool hope they are a double pack.

Like the Domino sketch hope we see her soon.

Hela cool pick but keep her as a regular sized figure I would'nt buy her as a special. Thundra on the other hand I would buy as a special she would be cool choice for 2012 along with MOJO and Warpath.

Still hoping to see MIRAGE and LONGSHOT confirmed sooner rather than later.

AVENGERS -87 said...

Northstar & Aurora in double pack , PLEASE . For the next confirmation , i hope Moonstone , Grey Gargoyle , Silver Samurai or Danielle Moonstar

SinisterVenom said...

This is an amazing update!!
First off, MODOK!!! He looks absolutely incredible! I love how you did it, it's kinda just like how I thought he could look. With MODOK now confirmed, the next specials I'm hoping to see soon are Madame Web and Onslaught.
Hela is a great addition to the collection. My knowledge on her isn't great but regardless whether you know her or not you have to agree, she is gonna make a superb figurine!
Northstar and Aurora look great painted too, the clear pegs are serving their purpose I see, great job!
Loving the final Odin sculpt and cover, send him my way soon please! :D
I didn't really mind which pose we were gonna get Domino in to be honest, just so long as it wasn't sketch no.5 I think it was.

All in all a hugely successful update! Good luck trying to top that next week but by all means do try ;) Maybe a Spidey or FF character next?

Anonymous said...

wow , wow , and wah wah wee wow !! Excellent update. Odin looks amazing and the raven is now sorted. Modok is great news and looks fab. Glad you went with the black and white costumes for northstar and aurora. Hela however is a no no for me just as balder was. I only want thor , loki , enchantress , odin , the warriors three and lady sif in my asgardians display. I'm pleased for those who wanted her though. It must be hard for you guys at eaglemoss trying to keep everyone happy but you do an excellent job. Well done. P.s , i went to the cinema to watch the green lantern in 3d and it was fantastic. Go see it folks.

Kal Brindle said...


The twins look fantastic. I have been waiting So frickin' long to see them in the lead, that I am completely gob-smacked now they are almost here. Dan, mate, they look amazing. Thank you. WOO HOO!!

I am one Happy Canadian Cowboy! Thank you. Please please please somehow convince the bean-counters to let them out as a two-pack. I want them sooner rather than later and as a special will get them into my greedy hands WAAAY quicker.

Movin' on. MODOK - fantastic - what an awesome announcement. Bravo to your sculptors for finding a way to make it happen and bravo to you and Rich and who-ever else it took to get him produced in lead/resin/whatever. I am over the moon with his inclusion - all we need now is Arnim Zola and maybe Crossbones and Cap's enemies will finally feel represented well.

Speaking of villains - Hela - another great choice - I have to admit I thought she'd have to be a special and subsequently was rooting for Thunderstrike (Erik) to be our Asgardian offering for this extension. I'm delighted to be proven wrong, and hope that you and the rest of the team will give her to us in all of her statuesque, seven foot tall, voluminously caped, curvy Kirby glory.

Odin looks brilliant - well done. Thanks for fixing the Raven, an orange beaked blackbird would have been SO wrong. Odin looks appropriately intimidating. Bravo.

John said...

Please don't make Hela a Special. She can change her size, correct? So if you must cheat her typical height by a few inches to make her Regular, do it. Characters that aren't bulky, like Hela and Thundra, are a turn off when it comes to Specials. They might be taller, but its still not enough lead to justify the price increase.

tinodragon14 said...

Hey guys what is this Madame Webb as a special talk. She is a skinny old lady in a chair. Nothing special about that. DRAGON MAN, TERRAX, TITANIUM MAN, VOLSTAGG, BLASTAAR, THE EXECUTIONER, THE LIVING MONOLITH, THE SUPER ADAPTOID are worthy specials. Even as a regular figure she is way down the list even behind other old dames like Agatha Harkness or Aunt May.

mighty_marvel said...

hela will look fine as long as she's as tall as she-hulk. and while we're talking about characters that don't really need to be a special i hope sense has prevailed and thundra has been put back down into a possible regular.

tinodragon14 said...

Thundra is no bigger then Titania or the THING. I remember she was created during Marvel's feminist era. With all the talk of women's rights Marvel decided there had to be female equals to the male heroes so you had Spiderwoman & She-Hulk & Ms. Marvel & of course the existing female heroes like the Scarlet Witch & the Invisible Girl & Marvel Girl all had to become more powerful then their male teammates. Thundra was created to beat up the THING. That issue was just awful as they humiliated the THING so he could be bested by a superior female opponent in the name of women's rights. Thundra was no bigger then the THING & he was not a special so neither should she. Though I'm not a fan of her being a figure anytime soon.

ted sallis said...

Tried to find the WH Smith library to no avail, always like to read up on all things Kirby, So Mgf me old fruit , any chance you could post up a link fer this auld luddite?.
I keep getting the subscription page for what can only be described as David Icke's church newsletter.
No way Thundra should be considered for special status, i think you would find the peasants revolting on that one Dan.

Robert said...

Wow. Not only do we get an update, but a question posed about Hela's height gets answered by Dan, too. This is just wonderful feedback. I don't know about anyone else but my enthusiasm for this collection has been getting a shot in the arm since Dan took over.

As for Hela, as we're unlikely to get her as a special, I can easily live with her as a regular. I have faith that Eaglemoss will make a great figurine. It should look immense. Especially if it is John Buscema's Hela.

Further question for Dan: Do you consider Thunderstrike as an Asgardian character? I didn't until I read one of the other posts (Kal, I think). Now that I think about it, though, if Beta Ray Bill can be classed as Asgardian, or at least closely associated with the Asgardians, so can 'Strike. Bit worried about that. I like Thunderstrike - I bought his original series as well as the recent one. Nevertheless, I'd much rather have one of the Warriors Three.

Sire-bd said...

Déception for Domino...
Modok ? Dont' for me...
And HELA !!! Very good new's !!!

ted sallis said...

A Kirby or Buscema inspired look,would be perfect for Hela, Image #2 with Odin zapping Hela with his Rod, looks like the work of big JB.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Hela is thin. Special just because of hat?
Thundra is much bulkier, looks like 2xHela.
Both can be regulars.

As for Madame Web, without chair she can be regular, but we want this cool looking chair, and this big chair needs special size.

Paibok said...

Thundra doesn't need to be a special, neither would Hela. The next Asgardian should be Skurge as a special his absence is the biggest at the moment. I have a space reserved for him.

Thunderstrike is as much Asgardian as Wrecker. A Thor associated character yes but Asgardian not really. Like Beta Ray Bill - I have him with Nova and the other spacemen, as that is where he spends most of his time.

MODOK - would't a lead core in the head like Blob be okay.

Anonymous said...

Height vs. Details
All things considered, Hela can and should be a regular. Her height is not an issue. All the attention should be on the details. The sculpt really needs to include her iconic headdress, her cape and a richly patterned costume. It needs to be done well. In particular, the headdress needs to be as intricate and imposing as seen in the comics. I assume resin can be used, and so be it - if it creates a great looking headdress.
Then we need a top-class paint job, Ares level, not Pyro level!
All efforts should be made to get Hela in the same top league as Annihilus, Taskmaster or Beta Ray Bill.

SinisterVenom said...

Picked up Destiny today. A fine figurine indeed though she is really light. I'm guessing the cape is completely resin seeing as she only has a thin body which will barely have any weight to it. The magazine also has the leaflet for Sauron.
Looking forward to getting Balder though!

Becquerel said...

I'm still completely swept away by MODOK. ^_^

Robert said...

Anyone intending doing some modifications to Balder when we get him? I only ask as I had the devil's own time taking off the Black Panther's cape. It ended up okay, I guess, but was a real pain to do. I really want Balder, I just don't like the version we're getting and was wondering if I could remove the rug and paint him in a Kirbyesque way. Deadpool, you're the modification king, what do you think?

ted sallis said...

Robert, best of've probably more chance of converting Impossible Man into a passable Balder, Than converting Balder
Oh!, and Deadpool ya wee minx, I see EM were" inspired" by your Modok scratch you think the same could happen if you were to show them how to do Princess Python??? Just a thought :)

John said...

The thing about some of this Special talk, is that its not just about height, but about bulk. The Thing's not that tall, but he's bulky. If done today, he'd be a Special. But if a very thin character were 7' tall, they're still barely taking any lead. They should be Regular. Even a Stilt-Man with slightly extended legs should definitely be a Regular (and announced soon.)

John said...

Madame Web poses a few problems when it comes to choices. She IS a Special, no way around that, because you just can't do her without her chair. Then you've ultimately got 3 chair designs to pick from;

There's a simple wheelchair, as in later stories she didn't need hooked up to special equipment. This is how she appeared in Grim Hunt. But there's something otherworldly about Madame Web, and I feel she needs some kind of crazy chair.

The next step up (and still $20 version) would be a chair with the rounded edges and similar look to her Classic chair, but minus the webbing behind it. Basically, WITH the webbing, she goes straight to the back of the display as the webbing obstructs too much view.

And finally the chair most people want. I'm not sure what the cost would be with the intricate web design, but hopefully EM could cheat the scale just slightly and make the webbing a bit lower and smaller. A Google search showed me some similar toys with a smaller webbing to great effect. I think it can be done, and with EM behind it, done well.

Ultimately though, I'd take any form as I just want the character. Thoughts?

Deadpool said...

So it would seem that I have shamed the Mossmen into doing Modok.

I of course take full credit for this announcment

If you want to see a painted version of the CMFC..esque Modok check the images on my blog.

The rough sculpt modok looks very close to my scratch built version.

Hela - please sculpt the one in Image 6 where we can see a bit of cleavage.

On the subject of cleavage ... please change Domino's pose so we can see hers too.

N & A look superb ... congratulations Mossmen I take back everything I have said about you .... in the last five minutes.

Flattery will get you everywhere Robert ... I managed to safely remove Sentry's pesky cloak to create Bloodstone, so Balder shouldn't be too difficult.

Current work in progress is keep Volstagg company .. so watch this space... may take a few weeks due to one or two "work" commitments.

Ted, I am due some time off in August so I may introduce a certain princess to my python ... after a little research.
I think that Poison Ivy or even Donna Troy would make good donor figures.

I have a spare Firestar but she may be just a little too svelte.

Deadpool said...

On the Subject of Domino....

If the Mossmen use the image on the blogg then she will look like Nick Fury.

I think that this would be a mistake ... a missed opportunity to show us more boobs.

Deadpool said...

Oh and I almost forgot ...

Despite the winged rat on his shoulder, Odin is superb.

No offence to Huginn and Muninn intended; I think you guys are super cool in real life.

ted sallis said...

Well spookily ennuf modman i was sitting looking at my Poison Ivy fig, when i thunk DP could do something with her???

ted sallis said...

Or even Wonder Woman as the are almost mirror image poses....I can't help but notice they both have magnificent chests,
Which makes me think DP is right on the Domino pose , why cover up her assets, makes .no sense

Robert said...

Okay, DP, I'll give it a go.

To answer John's query, sorry, but I have very little interest in Madame Web so it makes no difference to me how she's done. I can think of loads of characters like Lockjaw, Terrax, Giant-Man, etc. that I'd rather see as specials.

BobDiamond said...

Specials, Specials , Specials....
now that my number one fav Special has been confirmed - MODOK- (totally chuffed by this!)I would love to have any of the following:

Original Giant-Man (I don't feel the Avengers will ever be complete without him.)

Atlas (excellent design, and a much needed addition to the classic Thunderbolts line-up.)

Eternity (he represents the entire MU, in all it's wonder and awe.)

Super-Adaptoid (in his classic look, showing the powers/ costumes of the Avengers in their hay-day.)


Becquerel said...

I wouldn't object to Madame Web's chair being entirely compromised of raisin. It would make sense and make it FAR easier to build the chair's webbing.
And if we're gonna get Madame Web, we really should get a chair with webbing, that's why she'd have to be a special, that's why people always handle her as one - if she was just sitting in a wheel chair or non-webbed throne, a regular figurine would work out just as well, considering Madame Web herself is not particularly bulky or tall.

Thinking about what other possibilities Spider-Man could have in terms of Specials, I can't think of anything else but Madame Web, and to be frank, she has had such an impact to Spider-Man, his history and personality that she definitely should be seriously considered.

And tinodragon, regarding Aunt May and Agatha Harkness - they wouldn't make half a spectacular figurine as Madame Web could turn out to be. They're not even close. Also, Madame Web is far more popular than Agatha Harkness - heck, I had to look up who she was and I'm a sucker for FF and Scarlet Witch.


Robert said...

Can't argue that Madame Web would be a better and more interesting sculpt than Agatha Harkness. That said, I'd prefer Aggie. She features prominently in a lot of FF tales drawn by the greatest artists ever to grace that title, legendary guys like Kirby, Buscema and Perez. That's not saying she should appear in the collection, mind...

LarryS said...

I like most of these suggestions for Specials and Mega Specials.

But let's not overlook the choice that would leave the existing Mega Specials, such as Galactus (with or without the big 'G' on his belt), looking like the proverbial 98-lb kick-sand-in-their-faces kids on the beach.

I'm talking about ... a Celestial. Visually without peer - - Jack Kirby at his out-of-the-park, no-holds-barred most awesome. Created when he let his imagination go into overdrive, on his return to Marvel in 1976. The perfect combination of unrivalled gravitas, imposing size, vibrant colour, and wild detail.

Significance in the MU? Well, in their visits to Earth before modern times, they only guided the development of all intelligent life on the planet. (as they did on the Kree and Skrull worlds and many others). And their judgement on this world can only determine whether or not it's worthy to continue in existence. So, yes, a little more significant to Earth 616's place in the cosmos than the likes of Batroc the Leaper!

Dan: A full set of Celestials can wait. But Arishem the Judge would look fabulous lording it over Galactus, the Watcher and the (hopefully also forthcoming) High Evolutionary.

EM: if it helps to convince the bean-counters, tell 'em to price it at £18.99, and I'll still buy two!!

ted sallis said...

Well if Larry is getting Aris i want Ego, An actual living planet.Stick a clear peg up his south pole and bob's yer relation

Becquerel said...

Arishem the Judge...? That's... really obscure. But color me intrigued.

Becquerel said...

Yea, I've been thinking of Ego as well, and I actually would freaking LOVE to see that one as a figurine. It would be hilarious yet terrific at the same time.

John said...

Bob, I'm with you that MODOK was my most wanted Special. And I greatly support your Eternity. But size changers? No. Resculpts? No. Resculpts AS size changers? Big fat No.

Every space is too precious to lose to an old character, we already have Pym, and there are too many characters that HAVE to be Specials before giving it to someone who could be Regular.

Blastaar, Terrax, Lockjaw, Eternity, Madame Web, Ego, Groot, etc. can only be done as Specials, and I've leaving out all the X-Characters that I'm sure will push most of my personal wants off the list.

Becquerel said...

Speaking of oddballs, I've recently re-discovered Mendel Stromm. I think he might actually be a pretty terrific figurine.

Of course, there's quite a few Spidey villains that should get priority over Dr. Stromm (Hammerhead, Tombstone, Jack O'Lantern and Jackal, definitely). But I really like his design with the mask and such, it'd be marvelous. Special wouldn't work out tho since hardly anyone would buy a figurine of Mendel Stromm out of all people, heh.

John said...

:D Glad to see a couple other supporters of Ego.

John said...

Stromm is one of my favorite characters. I never talk about him though, as I'm always sure NO one else would want him. :(

His go-to look, I believe, is in a lab coat with a cybornetic do-hickey over his eye. Bald headed, Robot Master. But if we do mad scientist types, surly Smythe or the Tinkerer comes first.

Becquerel said...

Ego the Living Planet is probably one of the weirdest and most out-there concepts I have EVER seen in ANY work of fiction.

And I absolutely love it.

There is little that is more ridiculous than a sentient planet with a huge beard.

Becquerel said...

I would like Stromm, too! <3

But yea, when it comes to evil scientists, there's quite a lot of characters that would come before Stromm, but when using at least a partial cyborg-version of him, he'd work out as more interesting choice.

ted sallis said...

Looking at the Domino sketch , not only is it Nick Furys pose, It's Nick in Nike's..yeesh!!

Robert said...

Feeling somwhat masochistic, I started re-reading the West Coast Avengers last night and I wondered if anyone can think of a character from that series that is worth making into a figurine? So far the only original character I have come across is Master Pandimonium. He seems a villain more appropriate to Doctor Strange of Ghost Rider and is, well, rubbish. Forgettable characters such as Hedlok and Butte will appear soon. So, did this series produce anyone who wasn't lame and could be in the CMFC?

Robert said...

Sorry, PandEmonium.

BobDiamond said...

I think War Toy was introduced in WCA. She'd be pretty good, but way down the waiting list.
Now you mention it..can't think of any other stand-out original characters...


sotoss_mosotos said...

Uuuhmm,sorry,but judging by the size of MODOK,he has to be a mega special,right??I think it's a little stupid to pay more only because his big @ss chair launch!! :/ Anywayz,I'm glad to see finally the Domino in the series,witha a very good appearence!!
(sorry for my terrible english... :P)

May Odin Bless you all... :D:D

pirate adam said...
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pirate adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Not too big a Modok fan,but he has been a constant request and I believe a very fair choice for his fans. He looks a lot better than I thought he would.

Northstar and Aurora look great. I believe Aurora is one of the most feminine looking figurine in this collection and her facial features are just right.

And now for the icing on the cake. Hela has been approved,and she's quite a Hela of a great news for me. First Firelord now Hela,this sure is one of (if not the best) start of an extension so far IMO.

Thor8 said...

Pirate; I wrote the previous post before reading the others posted before mine,and when i went back to proof read it on the blog I noticed that the post previous from mine was from you. Yes it's been quite awhile since we had heard from you and we HAVE missed you,so don't be a stranger,besides The Warriors Two just doesn't sound right.

Thor8 said...

Here's an A to Z list of villains that could be included in this collection,based on appearances,familiarity and picked from various branches of the MU.

ATTUMA - Namor Nemisis
BARON MORDO - Doctor Strange Neisis
COLLECTOR - Avengers foe
FIXER - Captain America foe
GREY GARGOYLE - Everyone's foe
HAMMERHEAD - Spider-Man foe
IMMORTUS - Avengers & FF foe
JACKAL - Spider-Man foe
KRANG - Namor foe
LIVING LASER - Avengers foe
MASTERMIND - X-Men foe (A classic)
NIGHTMARE - Doctor Strange foe
OWL - Dare Devil foe
PLUTO - Hercules foe
QUASIMODO - Silver Surfer & FF foe
TARANTULA - Spider-Man foe
UNUS - X-Men foe
VULCAN - X-Men foe
WHirlwind - Avengers foe
X ????*
Z ????*

* It's not that I couldn't think of someone who's name starts with this letter,it's just that the ones that come to mind are not worthy IMO. Oh and one more thing. There are no female entries because I'm making up an all female villains list from A to Z next.

rob said...

check out my CMFC gallery!!


ted sallis said...

Happy fathers day ,you mothers :)
Enjoyed a breakfast of toast and Liquorice Allsorts, Me and the little fella watched The Mighty Avengers on ITV, This mornings action packed episode featured The Enchantress and The Executioner. Poor old Amora needs her man in this collection

Robert said...

Thanks, Bob. Forgot about War Toy/ Alkhema. Min you, that may be because she only made an impression on me when Kurt Busiek got a hold of her in volume 3 of the Avengers. Little or no interest in seeing her as a figurine. The search continues...

BobDiamond said...

Attention Cap fans!
Check out the new mini-series 'Captain America Corps'.
Written by the legendary Roger Stern, and drawn beautifully by some bloke called Philippe Briones; it is a return to good 'proper' old-school comic action and fun.
Brilliant characterisation, especially from USAgent. The premise is Caps from different eras have been gathered by the Contemplator for a mission to find other kidnapped Caps from the Multiverse...anyway, it's started extremely well, so highly recommended so far.


tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Madame Web, so her chair only with web. Sculpt like this toy:

Dan can you tell us, MODOK is this or next year? If he's next year, who takes his place this year? Terrax or Arnim Zola would be good, also twins double pack this year please :)

Robert said...

Thank, Bob. I already knew, but appreciate the heads-up anyway.

SinisterVenom said...

Great A-Z villains list Thor8, looking forward to seeing your all female list.
I will mention however that you missed out the letter Y. Personally I would have chose Yellow Claw for this letter.

Becquerel said...

By the way, I'm a bit miffed at the lack of any Starjammers-related characters in this collection so far. We're at 183 characters and nobody from that team has appeared yet.

Corsair, Vulcan, Deathbird (as their main villain) and Ch'od, in particular, would be very nice to have in the collection. Sikorsky would be fun, as well. Maybe even Carol Denvers in her Binary-outfit?

mighty_marvel said...

don't know what you mean by who's taking modok's place this year tomasz

sauron's due in july, odin's due in september. leaves only one special slot this year in november. this will go to the twins if the double pack is approved with modok being released in january. if double pack isn't approved i imagine modok will be moved up to the november special slot.

i'm still wanting to know if and when EM are going to make up for this years missing spring special.

terrax, atlas, madame web and brood drone would make great specials.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

You still don't know Odin is in late August or early September, and if even in September, why next special in November not October?
Twins in October, Terrax or Arnim Zola in December, and MODOK in February.

Anonymous said...

Food for thoughts...
Wave 16 in the Virtual CMFC Gallery.
I would like Dan & EM to consider the following for inclusion:

Rockslide & Anole
as great representatives for the young X-Men.
Thundra as the next female, and she can be regular.
Dreadknight, Constrictor and Erik the Red as great all-round villains with ace design.
Meggan as a much wanted addition to the Excalibur line-up.

Check them out here:

They would make awesome figurines.

Becquerel said...

No support and/or refusal of my suggestion with moar Starjammers? ;(

I also would like this to happen eventually...

Steve Tanner said...

Great to see MODOK on the way - and very pleased to see you went for his classic look rather than his recent spider-legs redesign!

mighty_marvel said...

i support the inclusion of the starjammers. would love to see corsair in this extension. only has a chance if n + a are done as a double pack though. no way will we get 3 x-men allies in one extension.

Robert said...

Well, since you asked twice, I have to say a definite "No" to the Starjammers, Bec. Even Peter David, during a memorable and fun stint on the Hulk, couldn't make me care about them. I'd like to see fewer X-characters, not more.

Becquerel said...

Starjammers are probably the only X-related characters I'd really care about, to be honest.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Corsair is in my TOP 5 most wanted now, but I don't see any chance for him in this extension (maybe if I win competition). For sure he should be in 201-220, and Hepzibah in 221-240. Ch'od and Raza as double pack in 2013, they were always together in comics.
Starjammers were second most wanted team after Alpha Flight in polls. We're near to complete AF, it's time for Starjammers soon.

BobDiamond said...

Just seen The Green Lantern at the cinema....Absolutely brilliant!! (And I'm not a big Green Lantern fan TBH.)
Probably the best DC Comics movie ever. It actually feels more like a Marvel film if anything.
Last week we saw X-men:First Class- which was stunning- but this was easily as good. Both slightly better than Thor IMO.
Looking forward to Captain America next!


ted sallis said...


Becquerel said...

Well, if the line-up is like Dan said some blog posts earlier in one comment, we'll complete Alpha Flight in this extension. So I really hope the Starjammers make it in next - I'm really surprised they haven't already been started; Corsair and Vulcan to finish the Summers clan and Deathbird to give the Shi'ar some love. Ch'od as the special for the team - remember double specials are pretty much gone, so pairing him with Raza is not likely to happen, though he should appear as a regular after the 3 characters named earlier and Hepzibah. Then add Korvus, and we're all set. Unless you'd like to add Waldo too, though I'd argue that he's far too unimportant to be considered (along with any other Starjammers character like Keeyah).

So: A total of 5 regulars, maybe 6 with Waldo, and 1 special. Cr'reee can sit on Ch'od's shoulder in the special, Sikorsky maybe as well, or have Sikorsky together with Waldo if that one's included.

Of course, completing current teams and finally adding the Warriors Three (2 regulars, 1 special or even 3 regulars) is important as well, though I'm really itching for Corsair and Deathbird.

Not as much as I'm itching for Stilt-Man, but hey, Corsair's in my Top 5 wants as of now as well.

I've actually been thinking of going to see Green Lantern, it looks promising. :)

Robert said...

If they make the Starjammers before the Warriors Three, put my name down for the angry mob that storms the Eaglemoss offices.

No interest in the GL movie, but taking a wider view, the more successful superhero films are the more likely we are to see more of them. Hollywood doesn't make any distinction between Marvel or DC but they were blown away by the takings from the recent Bat films and that makes other stuff like Thor and Cap more likely to be produced. So, good luck to GL, says I. (Just don't expect me to go see it! I went to see Thor twice and will see Cap at least three times, that's my commitment.)

Thor8 said...

You're right SV I did overlooked the letter Y,but you nailed it right in the head because The Yellow Claw was exactly the villain I had in mind for this spot,thanks for pitching in.

John said...

Yellow Claw would be amazing. Of course, we'd need Jimmy Woo to go with him ;)

"No support and/or refusal of my suggestion with more Starjammers?"

As long as they take up X-slots and not Cosmic slots, I'm okay with it. I'd still rather see other X-Men like Pixie and Surge first. But I would like a full Summers family, and Hebziblah would be okay because I'll always take more females. Raza and Ch'od are beyond boring to me.

Would Arnim Zola really need to be a Special? I doubt it. Why does everyone keep saying it?

I'm with Kirly that we need Constrictor. He would make a great sculpt, he's in my Top characters, and he's just a great character in general.

Thor8 said...

John; The Starjammers WOULD indeed make stunning looking figurines and I too would like to see them included in this collection,but alas just like The Squadron Supreme,The Wrecking Crew,Zodiac,Guardians Of The Galaxy,and others it's not likely most of them will be made due to the fact that EM frowns on double packs and much more on multi-packs,so being that many of the members of said teams have little or no appearances on their own,it's very doubtful they'll be done individually. It trully is a said thing,since they truly seem wothy of inclusion.

Next character to be approved??? SWORDSMAN please!!!

Becquerel said...

Well, Corsair, Hebzibah, Deathbird and I believe Ch'od have well over 100 appearances; Corsair even around 150. I know that Korvus and Raza both have around 60 to 70 appearances, and Sikorsky and Cr'reee have around 40. Not sure about Vulcan, but he's probably in the range of 60, as well.

Deadpool said...

Danielle, are the rumours true that the DC collection is coming to an end?

Is the Blackest night also doomed?

What hope do we have for the future of Marvel?

This is quite distressing.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Three Warriors? Nobody even voted them.
Starjammers are second most wanted team in poll.
TOP 10:
New Mutants 31
Starjammers 18
Young Avengers 16
New Xmen 15
X-factor 15
Guardians of the Galaxy (Original) 14
Herals of Galactus 13
Thunderbolts 13
Excalibur 12
Guardians of the Galaxy (Modern) 12

I'm X-fan, but not interested in Pixie or Surge before Starjammers, and not interested in Korvus or Waldo, just original Starjammers members at now.

Robert said...

Not sure that most people even think of the Warriors Three as a "team", Tomas, and that might explain why they didn't feature in the poll. In individual character polls on the forum they do feature, albeit nowhere near the top, so they do have fans.

Like John I am perplexed why Arnim Zola would be considered a special. He should be no bigger than Mole Man - and Moley ended up bigger than he should be and was still released as a regular figure!

kissynose said...


Has Power Pack every been discussed or considered?

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

For sure they count them as a team, other way they wouldn't call them Three Warriors.
Yes they have funs, but even in individual poll Volstaag, Fandral or Hogun are behind TOP 100 wanted.
Corsair is 43th, Hepzibah is 66th, Raza is behind TOP 100 and Ch'od is 9th in special poll.

Arnim Zola is bulk like Thing, and today Thing would be a special.
Just back to the past and see sculpt with Dan's face :) Arnim Zola needs special base and his figurine will be heavy.

kissynose said...

Another question for Dan.

Can you give some insight on the selection process
Is there a standard list of characters that are to be included and the decision of when they are released is discussed? Does everyone just battle for their favorite character? Does popularity come into play? How much input do fans have?

navaho said...

I'm going to suggest a character that hasn't been discussed yet (I think), how about Constrictor, I remember first reading about him In the late Seventies in an issue of the Hulk (I'm not entirely sure) but I remember he's fought most of Marveldom. He'll make a great sculpt and he's quite an interesting personality. So how about it Dan, what about a sidewinder like Constrictor.

If someone has already mentioned him, I apologise for my tardiness.

BobDiamond said...

Arnim Zola definitely does not have to be a special.
OK, so he's a little bit stout, but due to being basically headless, he's also pretty short compared to most other characters.
He would make an amazing figurine- one of Jack Kirby's more off-the -wall designs- a truly iconic villain.(And Cap needs more rogues in the set!)

Here's a few suggestions for the lesser known teams. Personally I feel all areas, as much as possible, need representation- even if that means only picking one character to represent the rest.

The Starjammers
....wouldn't mind Corsair to represent the team, but not bothered about the others (I suppose Raza would make a cool looking figurine however...)

I'd choose Scorpio because he's had more solo story-lines, and he's got the Nick Fury connection.

Squadron Supreme/ Sinister...
have a long history within the MU and need at least one rep...Hyperion would be the natural candidate.

And finally Classic GOTG...
need either Vance Astro or Starhawk- both have solo-star status, whereas the others really need the rest of the team to back them up in a display.


Becquerel said...

By the way, since we had alternate universes brought up by Dan some time ago - I'm opposed to adding alternate universe characters as long as there's still so many more in the standard MU.

However, there's one specific alternate universe character I'd DIE to see: Spider-Ham.

We also need both Stan Lee and Forbush Man to appear.

mgf said...

Did you know...?

That the best selling X book in May came in at 16th overall in the sales standings?

Agree on both Squadron Sinister & Supreme and GoTG, Bob.

John said...

Is Forbush Man a British thing? I would like Stan Lee as the final figure, however.

I'm with Bob that the Squadron should be there. There're only 4 members and we already have Nighthawk. I'm more interested in Speed Demon next for his Thunderbolts connection, but Hyperion would be good too. Doesn't matter to me, but I do want both (or all three, I guess.)

Kirly: "Dreadknight, Constrictor and Erik the Red as great all-round villains with ace design."

Me: "I'm with Kirly that we need Constrictor. He would make a great sculpt, he's in my Top characters, and he's just a great character in general."

Navaho: "I'm going to suggest a character that hasn't been discussed yet (I think), how about Constrictor?"

Haha! But seriously, the guy's been all over the MU, very interesting character with an interesting design. The pattern, the coils... As a big fan of The Initiative, I'm all for his inclusion.

Becquerel said...

Irving Forbush, who later evolved into Forbush Man, is a parody on superhero stuff. He originated as fictional member of the Marvel bullpen and then would become more independent, featuring in the predecessor series to What the--?!.

He's a guy in too big red pajamas, with a blanket as cape, horrible-looking gothic boots and a pot on top of his head:

BobDiamond said...

A while ago I campaigned for Forbush Man too.
He came to prominence in the 1960's parody comic 'Not Brand Ecchs' and has turned-up here and there ever since. Last time I saw him was as the lead character in the 'Who Wont Wield the Shield' one-shot.
Personally, I'd love to have him, as he represents a particular corner of the MU that gets over-looked. However, I think we'd be in the minority on this one! (HtD gets enough flack, and he really is deserving of a place!)
On a similar you remember Obnoxio the Clown? I have an 'Obnoxio Vs The X-Men' one-shot from the 80s which is pretty weird...

SinisterVenom said...


I went to see Green Lantern on Saturday. While I did think the film itself was good and entertaining to watch, I couldn't help but feel some disappointment too. There was so much going on in the film, anyone who is clueless about the Green Lantern series would probably struggle to understand what was happening. Fair enough, you had to show how Hal Jordan became GL, no problem with that. I was even satisfied with the story of the main villain, Parallax. But introducing Hector and how he got his powers, as well as Sinestro wanting to forge a yellow ring all in one film was just a lot to take in. As it's DC and the only DC character I know many details about is Batman I had to have my mate, who is more a DC fan than a Marvel fan, to explain many parts to me.



Anonymous said...

I just saw Green Lantern, and my main negative comment is that the visual effects are a bit on the cheap side, almost retro, in Eighties movie style. There is no definition or depth to the cosmic scenes, the recreation of Oa looks like an average computer game scenario. Parallax looks like a rubber monster you'd expect in Ghostbusters. Even the green energy constructs look like cartoony stuff you'd expect in The Mask movie.

Green Lantern is my favorite DC character, and I was hoping the movie would have more depth and create a sense of awe. But the special effects let it down. Other than that, it is an enjoyable enough movie. Ryan Reynolds is good as Hal Jordan, Sinestro is excellent, and Blake Lively is totally gorgeous as Carol Ferris.

Becquerel said...

By the way, John, Stan Lee as final figurine? That sounds really good!

I don't like Howard the Duck, though, so I'd rather have Forbush Man before Howard... :P

I actually do happen to know Obnoxio, though I think that X-Men one-shot is the only comic appearance of his, otherwise he only appeared in Marvel's Crazy magazine.

Robert said...

SV, I heard about the hidden scene at the end of Green Lantern. Nick Fury is standing beside Cap, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, and says, "You ain't seen nothing yet..."

Thor8 said...

I believe BobDiamond was the one whom best grasp the concept of what I was trying to say in my previous post. It's not a matter of # of appearances"in general" that I'm referring to,but rather to individual appearances. Many of the members of the teams I previously mentioned have few individual appearances and have cotributed very little to the MU on their own. I'm not saying they are not good characters or that they wouldn't make col looking figurines,it's just that they wouldn't have enough personal history to fill a mag.

Now as Bob mentioned in each of these groups there are a few members that justmay fill the bill.

LAWay said...

Gonna see Green Lantern tonight. The Marvel inside me will want to hate it with every fiber of my body, so we shall see how much joy this pessimistic miserable sod gets out of it.

As for Constrictor, I thought he has had a fairly good backing. One of my top wants. Got the Hasbro universe action figure of him which is great. They really are pulling out some top collectible characters in that line and worth getting into if you like marvel characters.

Anyone interested in Marvel legends? My friend is selling all his.

Why hasnt anyone else questioned whether MODOK will be resin?

And does no one else have a problem with Aurura's outsretched hand?!

Robert said...

Green Quicksilver on eBay for a Buy It Now price of £300. Don't all rush now.

ted sallis said...

Thanks for the plug Robert,It's amazing what you can do with a little limegreen paint.Im also selling Welsh variantWoverines for only £275, Get 2 fer £500

John said...

Lead or resin doesn't bother me in the slightest. I was just admiring Sasquatch as one of the best and favorite sculpts in the set, actually. I picked him up and forgot how light he was, and then laughed to myself about the uproar he caused. I don't see what the point of a lead-core is in Blob, and don't care if ANY lead is used in Modok, as long as he looks as good as his WIP.

Robert said...

What on Earth is a Welsh variant Wolverine, Ted? Does he sing "What's New, Pussycat?" while Aunt May and Agatha Harkness fling their knickers at him?

Becquerel said...

And instead of claws he has sheep hoves?

Robert said...

John, you're just not thinking ahead! What if you wake in the middle of the night, see a burglar about to make off with your comic collection, reach out for a figurine to use as a weapon to beat the burglar's brains in, only to find you have grabbed Sasquatch? Where will you be then? Resin is no good in a fight! Mark my words, you'll wind up another crime statistic on the evening news!

navaho said...

LAWay, I think you on you're own with the hand business, let it go buddy.
Also, I refuse to watch Green Lantern because
1) if I watch and I like it, it would feel like I cheated on my beloved wife.....ugh, and
2) if I watch it and I hate it, it will have been a waste of my time and money.
Nope, I'll watch it when it's on BBC2 on Christmas Eve and not before!
Although I like the feel of lead I don't have an issue with resin and if it increases the longevity of this collection, so be it.

BobDiamond said...

When I saw the size of MODOK I assumed he was going to be almost entirely resin anyway. He would cost a fortune in post otherwise.
Like a lot of you, this doesn't bother me in the slightest; as long as he's IN the collection (at last), and he looks as good in reality as he does in the production pics so far.


Becquerel said...

Marvel is a very understanding wife (or husband, whatever gender you assign to Marvel).
You can go see Green Lantern. Although, checking on rottentomatoes, it might not be worth the money.

Then again, I doubt it can be as bad as Elektra...

Anonymous said...

Robert :

It's not just green quicksilver you get for £299.00 , you also get issues 1-31 , 3 specials , and 2 binders.
Having said that , the green quicksilver variant is a rip off , there's another on ebay for £59.90 + £7.00 postage. I was tempted to buy a load of originals and just paint them green and sell them as variants , thus making a fortune.
I bet that's what some people are doing !!

Anonymous said...

p.s :

I saw the green lantern in all it's 3D glory the very day it came out in the cinema and it was well worth the £11.70 that i paid.

Do i get a medal ?

Robert said...

MT, that dishonest thought probably occurred to lots of people, especially in the worried minutes immediately following the opening of the monthly credit card bill. But, yep, just crazy stuff.

Medal for going to see Green Lantern? Nah. If you didn't get one for the Eaglemoss Investigations comment - easily the greatest ever post - then, sorry, going to the flicks isn't going to get you one. I did recoil at the cost, though. I remember when you could go see a film for buttons and stay there all day, watching the film as many times as you wanted. (I think the last film I watched multiple times was a Clint Eastwood Western.) And, no, you young 'uns, I'm not making that up. Ask Ted and Bob, I think they're about ages with me.

Bob said...

I am not a Green Lantern movie fan. In fact, the FX looks kinda cheesy and reminds of Flubber, MIB and Ghostbusters.

John said...

I refuse to see 3D movies. If its all they offer, I don't wear the glasses and deal with a blurry screen.

And I think we're all spoiled by amazing CGI, like Transformers. GL was fine. People are way to picky nowadays.

Robert, I keep the figurines in the other room due to my fear of sleeping next to lead, but if I did decide to run in there to grab one as a weapon, I keep all my Specials in the back of the shelf anyway, so resin is not a problem. Dr. Strange is right in front however, and he's as heavy as a brick.

You get to choose 1 Avengers villain for the next extension. Who is it?

Anonymous said...

Swordsman is the only truly prominent Avenger left to cover.
Yes, we also have Mantis, Serse and all that. But Swordsman is the most conspicuous absentee at this point.

Stingray also should be in the 181-200 extension, absolutely for me. He can be seen as a curveball/Namor ally rather than as an Avenger. With his stunning design, and for his rarity in other figure collections, his inclusion would enrich the CMFC and confirm its status as the best collection ever.

For those who haven't seen it, check the Stingray figurine in the virtual CMFC gallery. I defy anyone to say that he wouldn't be one of the best figurines ever:

Robert said...

Not a fan of 3D either, John. Went to see Thor twice, neither time in 3D.

Clever arrangement of the lead figures, too. The Doc is indeed heavy. And has a neck like a giraffe, too. Weird anatomy.

Avengers villains? Does Swordsman count? He was originally a bad guy and his past up till he met Mantis and reformed was full of violence and probably murder. He spent much more time as a law-breaker/ enforcer-for-hire than as a trying-to-be-good guy in the Avengers. (I know there was another Swordsman later.) If I can't have Swordsman, then Tiger Shark, Attuma or Whirlwind, please.

BobDiamond said...

Avenger's Villains.
I'd like one of the classic, major plotter/ schemer-types....

Immortus (first), Grandmaster or Count Nefaria.

LAWay said...

Ah, good to hear we are all over the resin debate. Thought some people still were hung up on it. It never bothered me, I was always questioning the price ratio, but glad others aren't even fussed.

Aurora's hand...seriously? Make the pose yourself. It hurts. What is she even trying to do? I still believe she simply fell off a shelf and it bent her like that.

Green Lantern was fun. Still cant get over the costume a little. Its like Dr Manhattan in watchmen all over again. I preferred Thor and Xmen 1st Class, and didnt stay til after the credits but its obvious what the scene was going to be. If you want to see,youtube 'green lantern after credits' and check the most recent uploaded vids. My girlfriend enjoyed it and said it was better than Thor.

So not the total crap the critic reviews were spouting.

Anonymous said...

Grandmaster is in my top 10. I'd be happy to get him as a regular coz in the comics he has sometimes manifested himself in human size. Well, he would be awesome as a Ronan-sized special, but special slots are best reserved for other characters who can't be regulars.
The fact remains, Grandmaster is hugely important in MU events, and has iconic design. I hope he'll make it into this extension.

tinodragon14 said...

WHIRLWIND -Avengers Villain
HAMMERHEAD - Spidey Villain
THE OWL - DD Villain
BARON MORDO - Dr. Strange Villain
ATTUMA - Namor Villain
MASTERMIND - Original Brotherhood Member Villain
THE COBRA & MR. HYDE - Everybody's Villains
CONSTRICTOR - Hulk Villain
THE MELTER - Original Masters of Evil Villain
BLIZZARD - Cool Villain
STILT-MAN - I want him Villain
TITANIUM MAN - Special Villain
DRAGONMAN - Mega Special Villain

SinisterVenom said...

For an Avengers villain, I'd pick Whirlwind anyday. Judging by how requested he's becoming I would be surprised if he doesn't make it into this extension.

Thor8 said...

There are many Avengers villains I'd like to see in this collection,but right now I'd pick The Collector. Why him instead of a more awesome looking figurine? Hey the guys a collector just like us,except he's obsessed with collecting the real deal Avengers while we are just grateful to own their lead figurine images.

LAWay said...

Great list tino. Whirlwind is up there for me. Doesnt specifically fall under an 'avengers' category, more just a 'great villain' category.

I would prefer seeing 20 great characters in their own right rather than limit them to being in certain factions. Seems unfair, when certain section of marvel are larger or weaker and less known than others. Just give us the best characters you can give.

Becquerel said...

Alright, with the so far announced characters and Dan's list:

1 asgardian: Hela
2/3 x-men (incl 1 new mutant/1 villain?): Sebastian Shaw (resulting in still 1/2 x-men with possibly 1 new mutant)
1/2 cosmic: Firelord (meaning possibly 1 more cosmic character)

17 slots left. First of all:
Dan said:
1/2 alpha flight (N&A cover this unless they are 2pack - then would 'consider' shaman/marrina instead)

If we do get the twins as Special, we'll have Shaman and Marrina and finally finish Alpha Flight, which will allow us to start a new team.

With 15 slots left, this is what I would like to see this extension to add:

1 horror: Werewolf by Night or Deacon Frost
1 golden age: Blonde Phantom
3 villains (spidey/FF/etc): Hammerhead, Trapster, Grey Gargoyle
3 avengers: Whirlwind, US Agent, Moonstone
1 curveball: Stilt-Man (!!!) or General Ross
2 marvel knights: Owl, Baron Mordo
2 x-men: Corsair (would cover the a cosmic slot) or Silver Samurai, Dust or Anole (new mutant)
2 modern: Wiccan (would cover an Avengers slot), Penance

I changed the list's numbers a little, I admit. I removed the one cosmic character and the alternate universe with question mark and distributed them to Marvel Knights and Avengers. I would be heavily pleased by this selection.

ted sallis said...

Sold the Thor game on Ebay, i've sold everything from soiled underwear to the Mona Lisa on that site.Yet this was the first time i enclosed a letter of apology with the goods.
Thank gawd fer Duke Nukem.
Figs.....oh yeah......Swordsman,this yer mortage on it!!!!

Thor8 said...

Sure hope you're right Ted

Becquerel said...

Right, I forgot Swordsman, I definitely would put him among the 3 other Avengers characters.

But I really hope that I'm at least somewhat right with my line-up. :D

John said...

I still don't see the appeal of Swordsman. Maybe because I've only read comics in the last 15 years, and the first half was all Spider-Man.

Speaking of which, I'm reeeally hoping for a Spider-Man villain reveal on Friday. I don't care who (minus Tarantula) but all the top voted Spidey characters would please me.

And 1 or 2 Cosmics? There are WAY too many Cosmics that need done. 3 is the way to go. We Cosmic fans are so far behind as it is. I vote for Rocket Raccoon and Gamora to go with Firelord.

John said...

Dan, Rich, fellow bloggers not on the forum, these are my Top wanted characters for those that were curious.

Regulars on the left and Specials on the right, totaling my 36 highest wanted characters.


John said...

Aaand it chopped it off..

I put a break in there. Just piece the, uh, pieces together in the address bar. Robert, let me know if you need help :D

Robert said...

John, I had to laugh. Who told you I was a Neo-Luddite? I actually refuse to use the push-button phone at home and insist on using the 1948 Bakelite one we have so that I can dial like I want to!

Anyway, had a look at your gallery - Alice, the home help lady assisted me - and, to be frank, very few characters interested me. Even someone like the Trapster you had in (awful) modern garb. Sorry!

Thanks, though, for putting it up for folk like me not on the forum. I appreciate you doing that.

Anyway, I have a bed bath to get now before "Deal or No Deal" starts. I like that young Noel Edmonds boy. Her reminds me of an old classmate who died at Tobruk.

John said...

Robert, you always crack me up ;)

BobDiamond said...

Ted and Thor,
I'm putting my mutant powers of mental-persuasion into the Swordsman nomination for Friday too!


Robert said...

You know, John, you youngsters aren't as bad as I thought. Maybe you don't need to do National Service after all. (Mind you, a sensible haircut wouldn't kill you. Honestly, I saw someone outside the scone shop yesterday and from the back I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl.)

Bob, I was convinced we'd get Swordsman last week. Maybe Dan is deliberately putting it off as it's so obvious? Or he's torturing us? Or it's some sort of twin pack plan with Mantis...?

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks LAWAY! WHIRLWIND is the next one I hope but all of the bad guys I picked are not small time obscure villains & all are more then worthy of their place in this collection. Stand alone villains that belong in this collection. I listed them as specific villains to heroes because they seem to be breaking them down that way.

Bob said...

I actually like the Odin sculpt. How big is he compared to the Thanos special? We need a picture of them next to one another for a reference.

ted sallis said...

Pretty sure i spotted you Robert, last week on the M74 there was a feller on a mobility scooter trundling along on the hard shoulder, the guy had a replica Cap shield jammed into the front shopping basket, Looking good auld timer, lookin good.
Speaking of old bald guys, I was just looking through some classic Buscema Avengers covers, Dr Druid would redress the anti baldy feel of this here collection.Ooooooh! and i spotted a big FF/Avengers baddy,who is pretty much unmentioned or i'll not bother to mention him either :)

John said...

Dr. Druid's a choice that would make me happy. As you know from my love of Atlas era characters, I'm really interested in those early characters that were in the MU right around the time it became "Marvel."

Robert said...

That was Robert junior, Ted.

FF/ Avengers villain? Wonder who you mean?

Becquerel said...

John, the appeal of Swordsman is not only nostalgia (he's one of the 60s characters after all), but also the fact that he's a very pretty Frenchman. I mean, he dresses in purple, pink and light blue and has a curly mustache. This is absolutely fabulous, wouldn't you think?

Speaking of fabulous Frenchmen, Batroc is in the same boat...

BobDiamond said...

Ted... you've got us thinking now...could it be Rama-Tut? He was a classic FF villain and then became an Avenger ally of sorts...


kissynose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kissynose said...

I've heard the DC letter campaign has resulted in a 20 figure extension. YES

John said...

DC extension? :D Hopefully I can get the Batman characters I still want. Mad Hatter, Ventriloquist, etc.

Bec, you want Swordsman just because he's French? Maybe its hard for me to understand as I'm American and almost all the figurines are too. But surely if being French is the main reason, Grey Gargoyle is the superior choice. ;)

Becquerel said...

No, you misunderstand.
He's fabulous and speaks French.

LAWay said...

I want swordsman in the collection.

But probably unlike most of you, I want the newer version that appeared in the Thunderbolts. Current, still a popular character, win-win, right?

BobDiamond said...

Actually Leigh, the original Swordsman is the CURRENT one. He was resurrected in the 'Dead Avengers' mini, and was one of the few characters to stay in the 'land of the living' at the conclusion.
Where as, strangely enough, the newer one- Strucker's son- was killed by Osborn a while ago during Dark Reign.
So there you have it, the Original and BEST is also the one we've got now...Win, win I reckon...:)


Anonymous said...

Robert - tigershark has already been confirmed in fact , dan , any chance of a look at his progress please in the next update ? Next villain - egg head please. d in fact , dan , any chance of a look at his progress please in the next update ? Next villain - egg head please.

LAWay said...

Really? Damn. I wanted Von Strucker. I mean, if I can have both I would love that, just preferred him over the original.

Ok then, give us both of them EM. ^_^

Anonymous said...

stupid mobile phone , made me look like i had a stutter in my last comment.

Bagman said...

Hi fellas, have a look at Bowen Designs MODOK, might give some indication of what the special (might) look like painted Also check out the Hela mini-bust,awesome looking.
Definetly need more cosmics in this collection --- i thought there was a lot of love for Vance astro and/or Starhawk?

John said...

If Swordsman is actually back to life now, I'd be much more accepting of him in the collection as before. I used to think he was just another villain turned hero for the Avengers who died after only a few years on the team. But if he continues to make an impact to this day, I'm all for it. Great design too.

I'd still prefer a Spidey character though. ...Or Rocket Raccoon.

Robert said...

Thanks, MT. That was a nice surprise! I now look forward to seeing Shang-Chi, Jacks of Hearts and of course Adam Warlock as part of this collection. Come on, Dan, how can you ignore Starlin's Warlock?

tinodragon14 said...

Hey Becq, Like your STILT-MAN pic that comes up with your messages. A good choice.
No Raccoons in this collection. This is Marvel not Disney.

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