Friday, 10 June 2011

"Parrrker! where's my cigarrr?!"

Hi guys,

Before I preview JJJ digital image and announce the next figurine, I just wanted to recommend a forthcoming book that Alan Cowsill has been working on (even features my own handiwork colouring a strip called Tempation by Glenn Dakin). It's all going to charity so please pre-order and help out those folks in Japan who are still reeling from the disaster.

'The Spirit of Hope is a unique anthology of short stories from the world’s greatest creators dealing with the impact of disasters on people’s everyday lives. Creators include Liam Sharp, Henry Flint, Nick Abadzis, Glenn Dakin, Mark Buckingham, Al Davison and Peter Hogan with stories covering all aspects of human life in the face of catastrophe. The collection comes in two editions – one with a beautiful Jimmy Broxton cover and a second with a cool Michael Allred cover. All profit from the title will go to help disaster victims via Second Harvest and the New Zealand Red Cross.'

There's also a digital edition available with alternate Mike Allred cover

Release date: 18th June 2011, Price £14.99 + £3.00 postage (UK), £5.00 postage (Rest of World). Books will be dispatched after the release date.

UK: Spirit of Hope – £14.99 + £3.00 postage

Here are just a few of the beautiful illustrations that grabbed my attention...

Anyway, onto the reason you all came here: The Jameson preview!

We're over the moon with it here at EM, it's by Toby at Imagika (who did most of the original 10 figurines - although his style has changed somewhat, especially with his mastery of the 3D digital illustration software he now uses. I think it really sums up JJJ's personality and you don't even notice the cigar (yes it would never have got approved with it!). Hope you guys like it as much as us.

Oh, one last thing the next character to be confirmed is...

for all you Cosmic fans out there...

A Herald of Galactus...



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Omnivor said...

It's just not JJJ without his cigar! I understand why you wouldn't get it approved - but Marvel can't stop me from adding a miniature stogie to Jonah's mug! Mwhahahaaaa!

John said...

YES!!! That JJJ figure looks amazing! Exactly perfect!

And Firelord? You kidding me? What a great week. :D

John said...

I was 1 minute away from giving you unbridled praise as your first post... I'm sorry EM... :(

Still, thank you for the lack of cigar. :)

bearbrian said...

Love the JJJ. Announcement of Firelord is also good news. I wonder if the Northstar Aurora decision has been made.

Mr J said...
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tinodragon14 said...

JJJ looks angry enough but I just have to say close but no CIGAR!!!!!!!

Mr J said...

JJJ looks good!

Can we have the New Mutant pick announced next week?

mighty_marvel said...

JJJ looks amazing. there's more character in that fig than any of the superheroes we've had. so much work has gone into his face. a great job. makes me want general ross even more now i've seen how good a 'civilian' character can be done. shame about the cigar and would have been nice to get a spidey mask in the other hand. but a great fig nonetheless.

firelord. meh. after the other flame effect characters i'm not getting excited over this announcement.

Robert said...

No surprise there was no cigar. I think it's noticeable that it's not there but the dynamic images you posted still look great.

Also very welcome news that we're getting another Herald.

Glad you advertised the book for Japan. It's good that we can contribute to help people.

Another excellent - weekly!! yah! - update this week.

mgf said...

Firelord is a superb choice. Can't wait, although was sort of scrolling down expecting...

... Vance Astro.

JJJ looks great, even without havana cigar. What a shame you couldn't give him a blood soaked axe, or a knife the size of a sword, or a sword the size of a lamp post.

Marvel would have been very happy with that, being a family orientated company an' all.

Hiperion said...

About time!! Finally Firelord is in!! Thank you EM.

When he was confirmed, I was hesitant to see Jameson in the collection, but that sculpt has sold it to me. Shame he doesn't have his cigar. Good job!

tinodragon14 said...

The FIRELORD announcement is a good choice as a bad guy & a Herald of Galactus. Does this commit the collection to add the other two original Heralds, TERRAX THE TAMER & GABRIEL THE AIR-WALKER I wonder?

SinisterVenom said...

JJJ is perfect!!! Cigar or no cigar I am completely happy with the sculpt :) I can't wait to see him painted! It's so annoying that he's the last figurine of the last extension. Issue 180 is going to be a long wait...but it's one to look forward to :D
Great that Firelord got in too.

michal9402 said...

JJJ look exactly how I want to see him .
Firelord-ok. I don't know too much about him becouse I'm x-fan but I understand that we need another chrakter, like Cosmic too.

Thank a lot! You do a great job.

Ryan Maxwell said...

JJJ: YES!!!!

ikabodcrane said...

please save the collection dc

Abra Kadabra
Black mask
Blue Jay
B’Wana beast
Calandar man
Chameleon boy
Doctor polaris
Emerald empress
General zod
Killer shark
Killer frost
Lady Blackhawk
Lady Shiva
Mad hatter
Miror master
Ocean master
Phantom girl
Pied piper
Psycho pirate
Roxy rocket
Scarface/ Ventriloquist
Talia al ghul
Timber wolf
Ultra boy
Uncle sam
Weather wizard
Wonder girl


tinodragon14 said...

I finally have seen the completed Moondragon & TOAD figures. At least Moonie is in her classic outfit but I don't remember a headband. Can someone at EM explain the headband. TOAD looks Terrible! Very disappointed. One arm is way too long which I do not get & that tongue... that god awful tongue. He did not have that tongue until the movie then everywhere he appeared after that there was that ridiculous tongue. That ruined the LIZARD figure for me. That stupid humungous tongue looked like he was trying to lick his face. Does someone at EM have a tongue fetish?

Of course as someone mentioned the previous fire guys like the Human Torch, Dormammu & PYRO don't look so great. By the way I know why Marvel wanted PYRO in that position. It is exactly how he looks in the latest X-Men HeroClixs.

AVENGERS -87 said...

AMAZING JJ . Bravo for the choice of Firelord . Next week , i hope Moonstone . Is it possible , please ?

Becquerel said...

Dear Lord, I've already been a fan of the inclusion of JJJ, but these pictures made me fall in love with him, it's just so perfect! It'll be difficult to wait for the figurine to get released.
The cigar would've added just a tad little bit more awesomeness, but I think EM was aware of that and didn't want our heads to explode. :D

Also, yay, finally we'll see Firelord, that's really great news.

tinodragon14 said...

As I recall SHAW & FIRELORD were in the top twenty choices on the forum. My guys are DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!

ted sallis said...

Jay Jay Jay looks perfect,Cigar was never going to happen, but he's a fantastic looking fig regardless.
Firestarstormlord, is just behind Tommy Trinder and his terrific,trumpeting Tricycle on my list of Heralds.
Would much rather of had...welll any other herald to be honest....hell even Herald McBoing Boing.
Still i hope i'm proven wrong yet again and the sculpt blows my hoop.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Spider-Man's greatest nemisis looks incredible! I can't wait to see the finished figure! How are you guys ever going to paint those tiny details on the newspaper he's waving around?

Jacadoo said...

Not a fan of JJJ at all - sorry but no.

Firelord massive yes, but please hold on releasing Terrex just yet - I am just finishing a custom and want to enjoy for a few weeks before relegating to the back shelf.........

ted sallis said...

Thanks for sculpting JJ with his mouth open, i have a Bender( most weekends) and i happen to have a spare Bender cigar. I intend to cram into JJ's mouth , Just like that Simpsons episode where Stan Lee made the Thing figurine fit into the Batmobile ;)
Nice wraparound Odincover Danman pity we can't click on the thumnail tho.

John said...

"Just like that Simpsons episode where Stan Lee made the Thing figurine fit into the Batmobile ;) "


I still can't get over how good JJJ looks. ;) Even though its EXACTLY what I wanted and had in my head.

Expect an increase in Air-Walker votes from the forum next extension. Sooo pumped about Firelord!

MORE Cosmics.

Anonymous said...

Spirit of Hope is a wonderful initiative. The illustrations are really exquisite. Most importantly, it is admirable that EM staff & artists can shift the focus from Marvel fiction to a very real, very sad event in the real world. I say, Spirit of Hope creators, there's a bit of superhero in all of you.

Anonymous said...

FIRELORD. This announcement makes me ecstatic. Cosmic characters are my thing. Love them. And I can't wait to see more of them, especially Airwlaker and Terrax.

JJJ. Not my thing, really, but the fig is amazing. The character's body language is perfectly captured. I'll buy it - coz I buy them all! - but it doesn't thrill me. Congrats to his fans, though.

Robert said...

Ted, even though you're not convinced by Firelord (he's not my favourite either) it's fairly predictable that he'd be the next Herald. Through the 70s and 80s he made lots of high-profile appearances in books like Thor, Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man and, like all Heralds, the FF. No other Herald has crossed over as much, I think. Air Walker and Terrax made appearances in the FF and I think nothing else till the Surfer series (Vol.3), and Firelord was in that, too. Firelord was also in the Infinity Gauntlet, and probably the other Infinity series although can't remember exactly. in other words, excepting the Surfer, Firelord has had greater exposure than any other Herald. The next regular Herald will probably be Nova (Frankie Raye), as she made a much bigger impression than Air Walker, appearing in the FF and Surfer series a lot more.

Anonymous said...

Seeing that we're on this new page, for those I've not reached in the previous post I'll say..

There is also a
Virtual CMFC Gallery update
where you can see:


(Thor8, that's for you).

... as well as virtual previews of Diablo, Caliban & Callisto and more. Don't you guys want some Morlocks in the CMFC? Check these out.

Oh, and speaking of Firelord, the gallery also contains my virtual previews of him, Terrax and Airwalker. Clearly it would be beautiful to have them all in the CMFC.

Robert said...

Enjoyed looking at the Asgard Gallery, Blake. Won't the Destroyer look fab if we ever get him! Malekith the Accursed is a cracking figure, too. Not so sure about Karnilla. Usually she wears long cloaks and is seldom so keen to flash the flesh. And that's really movie Heimdall, not comic Heimdall. Still, great work!

Word verification is "astrocat"!

ted sallis said...

Firelord is a one liner used in the Marvel vs Capcom 3 videogame...that anecdote is his high watermark for me.
Not denying the guys worthy of inclusion i remember the old Thor issues, Guy just never interested me, although my marvel knowledge has been sporadic in recent years, i've never came accross a storyline containing him that interested me.
Still that won't matter if the sculpt is a classic. To this day i don't have a scooby doo who the heck Mr Sinister is , yet he remains one of my all time fav figs.

Robert said...

I know what you mean, Ted. He's not the greatest character ever created. Probably I liked seeing him more because I was and am a huge Galactus nut. Anyone who had been given their power by the Big G was hugely powerful and could give even Thor a run for his money, so he was a credible foe and interesting ally. I enjoyed the John Buscema-Joe Sinnott story in Thor when Firelord was entranced by some South American troublemaking hottie (c. 1976?). My favourite appearances of his were all written by a certain Mr Starlin (yeh, him again) in the '90s. He spent a time on Titan with Mentor and Eros/ Starfox (hate that codename) and the brain-damaged Drax and that was always an interesting mix for me. Firelord was very patient and fatherly towards Drax, a sign that he himself was alone and lonely, an outsider even amongst the Titans. And it was funny when Firelord would try to explain to Drax that Alf (the tv series with the alien) would flicker on and off dependent on the position of Titan to Earth.

Anonymous said...

Hey Robert
Karnilla has followed your sartorial advice and she's now wearing her trademark veil. Check her out!
As for Heimdall, in comics he's seen in many different attires, like Balder. So I went with the movie interpretation, which in my opinion is a good modern take on Asgard-fantasy design. It's one of those rare cases where I'd be happy if the comics took from the movie.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

JJJ looks good, and if we talk about Spidey villains, it's time to confirm next. HAMMERHEAD next Friday please.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Lobo has cigar in DC collection, so JJJ should have too.

Robert said...

You didn't have to do that, Blake, but thanks for listening. I googled Karnilla and was amazed to see a few images just like your original image and the updated one. Karnilla started off as really rather ugly, almost hag-like or witch-like, with Jack. She then became quite beautiful for some reason, but she always appeared in long, flowing clothing, usually with a cloak and a horned helmet. Sif was quite happy to wear figure-hugging clothes (like the silver costume), or show a bit of leg (the princess dress or the red costume that Simonson is most associated with), but that was not the way Karnilla dressed. And that's why it's the way I prefer her.

Robert said...

I shouldn't be shocked or irritated by anything Marvel do any more, but this got me.

Word verification: "crotten". A cross between "cretin" and "rotten", which is apt...

Thor8 said...

WOW!!! Who would have thought that one of the most detailed figurines in this collection so far would have been a civilian. Great job guys. Not bothered at all by the lack of the stoogie.

Very pleased to hear we'll be getting Firelord, hope to hear we'l get Swordsman soon also.

KIRLIANEYES; I enjoyed The Asgardian Special very much although Ulik sems too small and not quite right. But otherwise nice job

ted sallis said...

Just ordered my Fearful 4 #1, In a world consumed by fear, Poor old Ted Sallis goes crazee in zer wiener schnitzel,Might be be good ..might leat HTD is front and he will be in this upcoming Friday reveal...oh yes.

Squidguy said...

I have to admit I was not keen on Jameson taking a spot in the collection, but that figure does look damn fine. Don't care about the lack of cigar tbh. Its the kind of work I wouldn't mind buying unpainted perhaps in monochrome.

Firelord is a good surprise, I was expecting Gamora or Major Victory as the next cosmic characters. Maybe Vance is the alternate reality character......

I think Terrax will be the next Herald, and I reckon he will be a special. I wouldn't mind betting we would be seeing him next year. Going by somes appearances count logic Air Walker doesn't stand a snowball's chance in Mephisto's realm, so Nova is probably the only other herald I could see being made.

Krileneyese - the Asgardians look good, seeing Executioner just makes me want him more.

Gremlin in the works said...

Good solid choice with Firelord. Definate thumbs up from me. I am sure his sculpt is going to look fantastic.

As for JJJ I was never fussed about him but that sculpt has won me over. Simple yet effective. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Hey Thor8
You're right - Ulik deserves better. I changed his bust, and I think he now looks fierce!
Check him out.

Anonymous said...

Hey, did go down or get hacked? I was in the middle of typing up a post and when I went to submit it, it took me to some generic search page.

LAWay said...

JJJ looks good, I am pleased. Shame his other hand is holding ...something, anything. It looks odd just being empty but kinda closed like he should be holding something. But yeh, as others have said, the open mouth sculpt does give ideas of just planting a cigar in there. lol

Firelord was a rather underwhelming announcement after that build up. And no other picture made it worse, especially for marvel fans unfamiliar with him. Hard to get excited really. But whatever, the guy has history and a nice design and deserves to be here. Just hope EM dont go overboard with the flames, and if they do, its some sort of see-thru plastic.

Tinodragon sounds like me. Maybe it is. We all know I hated that Toad.

You seen what DC comics are doing relaunching the comics back to #1 like the Ultimate line? It looks god damn awful. Maybe the DC Collection would send out mixed messages in the time of a relaunch.

Thor8 said...

KIRLIANEYES;Big improvement on Ulik,man would I like to see that line-up become reality along with Surtur and Ymir as Megas.

tinodragon14 said...

I know AIR-WALKER is not as popular as later ones but he is GALACTUS' second Herald & I think he would make a great figure if they have his energy wings blazing behind him perhaps made of something other then lead & have him up on one of those clear pegs like with NORTHSTAR so it looks like he is walking on air.

Bob said...

Great choice of Firelord, I can display him with the Silver Surfer and Beta Ray Bill. Hopefully we can get Terrax in the next extension. As for JJJ, yeah he fits in with the rest of the Spidey characters, but now I want Mary Jane too. I can't wait for Northstar/Aurora though.

jimbob said...

jjj looks ok,not sure about the step forward????????

BobDiamond said...

Due to the potential (but very likely) cancellation of the DC Collection, the guys on the SHFF have urged fans to write a (positive and polite) letter to EM showing their solidarity in keeping the series going.
If anyone here would also like to show their support, then here's the address to send your letter:

Alex Neal
Eaglemoss Publications Ltd
1st Floor, Beaumont House,
Kensington Village,
Avonmore Road,
London W14 8TS

Remember; what happens to them, could happen to us, and I'd like to think we'd have DC fans'support if it did.

Anyway.... The recent news from Dan.
Happy with the Firelord inclusion; and as for JJJ, he looks extremely well designed and in character. Well done all concerned. (Should have the cigar, mind you!)


PS, there's an 'example' letter on the SHFF, if it helps.

The Hood said...

JJJ looks great, and its great news about Firelord, so that will keep the cosmic fans happy. How about next week making Howard The Duck fans happy?

BobDiamond said...

'How about next week making Howard The Duck fans happy?' The Hood


* as Luke Cage would annoyingly say.

(In Bendisland...)


Robert said...

Read your second last post about the DC cancellation with interest, Bob. I only know about Marvel, so I don't really understand why the DC Collection is being cancelled (probably) around the 100 mark and we're up to 200 (at least) with the CMFC. Years and years ago, I heard an old head at a mart say that DC had the best creators and Marvel had the best characters. I kind of dismissed this comment as too simplistic and neat, but I've always remembered it. I'm now wondering if there is some truth in it. Or does it have something to do with the Dc Collectionbeing more expensive? Or Marvel having a greater fanbase (they sell more comics)? Or something else? Or a combination of all of these factors? Curious...

navaho said...

Well, what can I say, JJJ looks so visceral and his anger is palpable, great sculpt and although it's a shame about the 'no-cigar' well done all at EM.
I think Firelord will be a worthy addition to the collection, now we just need Air-Walker and my personal favourite, Terrax to complete the Heralds.
Maybe a Spidey villain next? Hammerhead, White Tiger, Jackal or a shot in the dark.....Tarantula. Come on Dan, make my day.
Could not care less about DC and their shortcomings, Make Mine Marvel.

tinodragon14 said...

How about making the classic villain lovers happy & pick WHIRLWIND or HAMMERHEAD or THE OWL or ATTUMA or BARON MORDO or MASTERMIND or THE COBRA & MR. HYDE or THE TRAPSTER or STILT-MAN or THE MOLTEN MAN or THE MELTER or even STEGRON THE DINOSAUR MAN for the next figure.

Squidguy said...

Wouldn't Stegron be a special?... I mean if Sauron is a special and Thundra is supposed to be.. I always thought of Stegron as bigger than those two..

tinodragon14 said...

I have said before that the DC Comics have fewer really good characters & even fewer good villains. BATMAN of course being the one with best line up of bad guys but they put off many of their better villains like BLACK MANTA & CHEETAH to do 12 different versions of Green Lantern & some really silly looking characters. They still had not done some of the better bad guys like PARASITE & THE MAD HATTER & METALLO. Poor choices on their part & fewer good choices along with higher cost worked against them I believe. I never liked that the DC characters were slightly larger then the Marvel so the you could not put some of them together because their sizes were off. It was like they did it on purpose.

mighty_marvel said...

after 2 male characters i would be surprised if a female wasn't announced next.

hela, moonstone, wolfsbane, selene, misty knight, gamora, meggan, clea would all be worthy inclusions at this point. or maybe molly hayes as a bit of a curveball.

also, give us some special news please. are we getting anything to make up for the AWOL special caused by odin's production issues? have n + a finally (and sensibly) been greenlit as a double pack? has madame web got a chance to tie in with the new spiderman movie next year? or MODOK to tie in with the avengers?

couple of questions for other bloggers.

1) what is the most you would pay to make the n + a double pack happen? we know that they can't simply be done at the cost of 2 regulars (£11.98). personally i'd happily pay £15 to get the double pack and therefore guarantee 2 extra characters in the extension.

2) what female characters would you like to see make the cut in this extension?

BobDiamond said...

You've made some valid points there tinodragon, I've also wondered why the DC line was made slightly bigger. It would have been much better for fans of both sets if they'd been made compatible.
I also agree with you concerning the diversity in characters issue. The DC collection has put in far too many 'legacy' characters before original ones. What's kept the Marvel line fresh in my opinion, is the range of figures offered.
Still, it is a shame for the DC fans, as there are still a number of iconic figures that will probably not get made now...Swamp Thing, Sandman, Elongated Man...


mgf said...

I agree with a lot of that Tino, especially the size issues, which were utterly ridiculous.

In retrospect they should have begun the LoSH far earlier, and some of their choices, black Mary Marvel, for example were exasperating.

Frankly even two years later I'd quite like to meet the idiot who decided that in a dark alley one night.

It's unlikely we'll ever know the real reason behind the DC cancellation, but the underlining issue will be money, be it EM deciding it isn't financially viable, or DCs barking mad relaunch.

We know after a rotten start the choices and the figures themselves became far better, and the magazine has won industry awards in the last couple of years, so those aspects were solid, even if they did not fly off the shelves to the degree required.

I think there is some truth in DC being less loved here in the UK, and having weaker characters after the initial classics, but overall I just think the Marvel collection has been handled far better from the beginning, tying itself closely to the collectors from the launch.

John said...

Interesting points about DC not releasing the bigger names earlier. Maybe that's how you build up the fan base and make them want to fill in the teams with later extensions. And here I had been saying to save some big names for later. I guess we need Wolfsbane and Longshot now... though I'd personally prefer others.

However, if it is this notion of filling in teams through high profile characters, then we need Star Lord, Vance Astro, Wiccan and Night Thrasher more than ever to help support later extensions. At most, we could only get one New Warriors or one Young Avenger per extension, so start these guys now to help bring people back next time.

Also, EM, note that although announcing 2 foes already (Firelord can be a foe or friend) the requests continue for more villains. I encourage you to consider villains when filling in your areas of the MU.

"what is the most you would pay to make the n + a double pack happen?"

As long as it doesn't go over Mega prices... I'd pay the full $38 that a Mega cost, just to support EM and show them that I want Double Packs. Of course, I wouldn't like doing it, and I'm sure it would put off many others resulting in more low sales and the guaranteed end of Double Packs altogether. $30-$32 seems high, but I'd pay that too.

John said...

"The DC collection has put in far too many 'legacy' characters before original ones. What's kept the Marvel line fresh in my opinion, is the range of figures offered."

I've always said one of the biggest differences between the 2 companies is that DC has their A-listers that they rely on the most and Marvel is loved for its B-listers. Aside from DC's A-listers, they don't have a whole lot of great characters (debatable.) Batman's villains always come to mind as the prime exception.

But DC relies on their A characters too much, in my opinion. That's what got them Lex Luthor in every Superman movie but one. Its like they're afraid to move away from the utmost recognizable.

This is all coming from an outsider looking in, who also reads a crap ton of Marvel, so take that as you will.

BobDiamond said...

Personally, I don't understand how 2 regular figures, with the same packaging AND sharing ONE magazine could be more expensive than 2 separate ones. It makes no sense. If anything the double-pack should be marginally cheaper ('Economies of Scale' and all that, as I learnt back in school...).
Also, as I'm not too fussed about these two characters anyway, I'd rather have them separately, than offered at an exaggerated price for no good reason.


BobDiamond said...

Personally, I don't understand how 2 regular figures, with the same packaging AND sharing ONE magazine could be more expensive than 2 separate ones. It makes no sense. If anything the double-pack should be marginally cheaper ('Economies of Scale' and all that, as I learnt back in school...).
Also, as I'm not too fussed about these two characters anyway, I'd rather have them separately, than offered at an exaggerated price for no good reason.


BobDiamond said...

Sorry I posted twice- my computer had a senior moment!


Word verification: certainly was.

spidey_1979 said...

I'd pay a little extra for a Northstar and Aurora double pack. One or two pounds maybe. Simple reason is with the recent news about the DC collection I want as many characters in the CMFC as possible. Having the double pack gives two extra spaces in the 181 - 200 extension. This makes the little bit extra money worthwhile.

Robert said...

I will buy Aurora and Northstar as I read their original stories at the time they came out and have the rest of Alpha Flight. However, not so keen on them that I want to pay over the odds. Like Bob said, I don't really get how two regular-sized figs with one magazine sold together can end up costing more than two regular-sized figs with two magazines sold separately.

Thanks for the comments on why the DC Collection has been cancelled while the good ship Marvel sails on. I know next to nothing about DC or its figure collection so it puzzled me. MGF reminded me that the DC Collection had won industry awards, so it's not as if the figures were inferior to the Marvel ones. It boils down to units sold, I guess, and I suppose no one answer can explain why not enough figures were sold. Pity for the DC fans, though.

MGF also made a comment that he believed that DC is less loved in the UK than Marvel. I'd second that. For my age group, who grew up in the '70s, Marvel had reprint titles that collected various heroes in one comicbook. DC never did that. I could occasionally find a US original from Marvel or DC but it was rare. Effectively, Marvel never had any competition for my attention, loyalty or money back then and that's why I am a True Believer.

Cheshire Cat said...

Hello Dan! Can you confirm Sinthia figurine soon (it'd be good time to have her)?

tinodragon14 said...

In answer to Mr. Squid STEGRON could be a special with his long spiked tail swinging around & those bony plates down his back like his namesake the Stegasaurus. After all SAURON was made a special because of his wings I believe. The Lizard figure being a regular figure with that awful tongue I thought they might make STEGRON a regular as well but he would make an awesome looking special.

In answer to Mighty Marv I would pay extra for the N & A two pack. I mean the design is set & it is obviously meant for the two to be together. Admittedly I would have been happier with NORTHSTAR separate because I think he became a stronger character without his sister & he was the first openly gay character but they started out as a twosome with Alpha Flight. I wish the folks at EM would confirm the two pack one way or the other.

And also I wish someone at EM would explain the headband on Moondragon.

I wish they had used a clear peg under The WIZARD sculpt because he was often airborne in his battles with the FF.

I hope they announce DRAGONMAN as a Megaspecial & TITANIUM MAN or MODOK or TERRAX as a special or better yet all three.

I agree with Mr. Diamond I would have liked to see a SWAMP THING special to go with the MAN-THING. I would still buy figures of PARASITE or THE MAD HATTER or MIRROR MASTER or METALLO.

Robert said...

I don't see why Stegron should be a special, to be honest. Even with the tail, he's not any bigger than a normal character. (Or at least, he wasn't in his original appearances in MTU and ASM. Go dknows if they've ruined the character in a recent storyine.)

Northstar/ Aurora. The more I think about this, the less I like the idea of paying extra. They are just figures, no capes or other extra costuming, no guns or weaponry, just a man and a woman in figure-hugging costumes.

And the fact Wizard isn't floating isn't nearly as annoying as the fact his helmet is too small...

ted sallis said...

I have two dozen Centennial Superman figs stashed away, i may not know much about DC , but i recognise quality, this time next year i'll be minted.
Torvil and dean have obviously been designed to be shown ion flashdance pose, but i would be loathe to pay over the odds fer 2 regular plain as mince figs.

tinodragon14 said...

I never thought originally of STEGRON being a special. I always saw him as a regular figure but admittedly on a wider base giving room for his spiked tail to be swinging around would look cool I think.

I understand the reasons others have for not paying more for N & A and they are good reasons but I think the decision has been made already.

mgf said...

I'd like Stegron to be a special, but looking a bit like a fat dog with a tuning fork on his head.

As for N&A I suppose the likelihood now is they'll be in the main extension, in consecutive issues, or they'd have done them as a double pack already.

Where this leaves Shaman I'm not sure. Three Alpha Flighters in an extension might be a bit much. When it looked like they'd be a double pack it was easy, and Shaman was a shoo-in, but now?

Robert said...

We've been questioning and complaining about Eaglemoss's reluctance to release N+A as a double pack for what seems like forever, but now, with the probable cancellation of the DC Collection, that decision - or lack of decision - is now more understandable. They must have been worried about pushing their luck and having a second collection under threat. Sales for the CMFC must be solid, though, because if they were at all unsure they'd surely have put off announcing a new extension for a while yet.

Yeah, Lockjaw before Stegron but definitely keen on both.

Bob said...

Stegron ... meh!! he is an obscure character and making him a special is a mistake because only purists would get him. I say Terrax or Nimrod or Holocaust. Whhy is there no figure of the Hulkbuster Armor? I guarantee this would be a bestseller. Even Rulk would do. I also think the initial Iron Man figure need to be redone using the Iron Man Mk III or Mk IV movie versions. They are popular and have a huge following more than the comic versions. I would also recommend Malekith or Blastaar, What about any of the Warriors Three with Fandral then Hogun and Volstagg as a special.

LAWay said...

Hey, cut the crap with the 'lets make N&A a double pack and keep it expensive to support EM'.

The guys are making money and have been for years. We dont NEED to show any MORE support than we have been given all this time.

Raise the price to the cost of nearly 3 figurines?! Screw that! Throw them in the normal extension in that case as I dont want to pay a ludicrous amount of money just to squash these 2 together for a release. Especially after seeing the figurines in question.

Also, writing to EM to keep the CMFC going wont work. Buying the damn figurines will. So any hypocrites that dont actually buy every damn figurine stop telling others what we should be doing. EM most likely bases most of its business off subscription numbers that are more reliable to make money than shop orders.

Maybe DC isnt well liked in the UK. Maybe its because it has lower sale numbers in general, or a poorer character pool of big names. Maybe its a company decision. We won't know. But if you the marvel collection to keep going, subscribe or buy every figurine.

ted sallis said...

Indeedy doody Leigh,Pumping well over £1500 in subscription fees is support unnuff, Damn cheek asking over the odds for two non descript regular figs.I understand Northstar was the first openly gay Marvel character,which is just peachy.But if gay figs are going to be more expensive then ban em i says!!!

mighty_marvel said...

never said that n + a should be the price of 3 figurines laway. £1 or £2 extra seems likely, £3 at the most. ($1.60 - $5 for you americans out there) we all want more characters in the collection. if paying a little extra for n + a ensures 2 extra figs at the minimum in the collection then i'm all for it. and if it then ensures the viability of future double packs, then it's definitely a small price worth paying in my opinion.

Robert said...

Bob, you're right to say that Stegron is obscure but I always liked him. Anyone who can reanimate a bunk of dinosaurs is something rather wonderful to a wee boy...

Definitely a regular fig, tho'.

John said...

"I wish they had used a clear peg under The WIZARD sculpt because he was often airborne in his battles with the FF."

He IS the Wingless Wizard. ...I still love that I joined the forum JUST to campaign his inclusion, naming myself Wingless Wizard. A week later, he was announced. Ha! :D But then I was stuck with a user name with no purpose. Agents of Atlas for me now. ;)

A price increase for a Double Pack comes from a few different reasons. One is the packaging that they have to build up from scratch, as well as additional problems in shipping and making sure this packaging is safe for two figurines. Also, any figurine outside of the main line up is going to be a slightly harder sell, and the fewer something is going to sell initially, the more the price always is.

The bottom line, though, for me, is let's also remember that we've never had a price increase on this line. After YEARS, and a dropping economy, no price increase (minus us Americans who now pay DC prices.) If a couple extra dollars on Specials keeps the main line at the same low price, I'd rather spend a few dollars more on a Double Pack, than a few dollars on every single figurine released.

The best solution however would be for EM to figure out what the price point would actually be for the Double Pack, tell us, and see if we're willing to pay it. If not, add them into the Regular line up.

John said...

Stegron (and I love all this talk about Stegron, btw) was in an amazing story called Feral a few years ago. In it, he was portrayed as bigger... as Lizard has been growing in recent years.

He would look VERY impressive as a Special. He also would never get made. Just go with earlier appearances and make him a Regular.

Just do a quick Google search to see how impressive a Stegron sculpt would be.

Still... if we're talking Spidey villains, there's just so many more that need included, I don't know if Stegron is near ready yet.

Here's hoping for Jackal, Hammerhead or Jack O' Lantern this extension. (Or Tombstone, Spot, Swarm, Madame Web, Puma, Rocket Racer, MJ, Grizzly...)

mighty_marvel said...

excellent point john. come on EM. tell us what a regular double pack would cost us and we'll let you know if we're willing to pay it.

Robert said...

Yep, can't do anything but agree, John. Stegron would be a great addition but there are other candidates like Tarantula, Jackal and Hammerhead who deserve to appear before him.

Now, I'm off to look at these images you mentioned. :)

Robert said...

Ugh. He's not even the same colour.

BobDiamond said...

Just got back from seeing X-Men: First Class....what a movie! I thought Thor was excellent, but this was even better. The guy who plays Magneto is superb. It's nothing like the comics, but I don't think that matters, as it all works so well.
Kevin Bacon as Shaw is also amazing.
Hope they do another before it goes back to the 'present'.


CGJ said...

Just to throw in on the Beaubier debate, I can see the need to pay extra for a double pack like we had with Sasquatch and Puck, but to pay extra for two regular figurines seems mad.

Just throw them in the extension and keep it simple.

Bob said...

I'd say sell N&A as single pack figures, the price point being something we're used to. Unlike the Sasquatch/Puck double pack which is now upwards of $40 and not even easy to find and out of my reach. Keep the specials for large figures like say Wendingo, Nimrod, Titanium Man, Hulkbuster Armor or Volstagg.

Moonstar said...

Dan what are your thoughts on The Starjammers?

There's only four of them and we have'nt seen any of them yet.

Is there any chance we could see Corsair or Hepzibah this extension?

mighty_marvel said...

would love corsair too. can't see it happening in this extension if n + a don't get a double pack though.

Hawkeye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hawkeye said...

JJJ is looking brilliant, even without the cigar! Can't wait to add him to the collection. Picked up Black Knight at the Forbidden Planet in London recently (just playing catch up, guys) and I have to say the detail on the figure is making it one of my favs already! I've put him in a nice group with Capt. Britain and Union Jack and thought a nice addition to that grouping would be Spitfire to add to the MI:13 team. Keeping the British end up, doncha know? Any support for Lady Jacqueline out there? (Incidentally, the Planet is doing a deal on some of the older, less popular figures which are going for a few pounds off,if anyone is interested in picking up some of the ones that they may have missed...)

LAWay said...

Yep, xmen first class is a great movie, one of the best superhero films out there I reckon. Great performances and original take to it all which is refreshing for superhero films in the cinema. Green Lantern and Cap next, we're being spoilt.

No matter the price EM throws out, plenty of 'yes men' will just agree to it. Think of other people other than yourselves that budget for the collection and how unfair it would be for them and how confusing it would be, for any subscriber who doesnt log onto the blog, questioning why they are paying over the odds for two regular figures in one package. To them, without the explanation of the blog, it would be a rip off. From that point of view, thats why it shouldnt be done. If N&A was more like Cloak & Dagger with a proper combined sculpt that made it special, sure, I dont mind, as it would actually be special.

As for the guy going on about Stegron. I had no idea who they were on about. Quick google has led me to believe this would be a crazy idea. Awful character where you know the writers were like 'lets add a dinosaur baddy, we havent got one of those'.

Thats my verification word. Abit harsh.

Robert said...

For a guy who knows so little about the Marvel Universe, Leigh, you sure have a lot of opinions. You've never read a story with this character, in fact you'd never even heard of him, and you have the brass neck to come on here and say it's a crazy idea to include him??! What planet are you from, originally?

BobDiamond said...

Stegron should make a major come-back in the pages of Avengers Academy. He'd be hugely interested in Reptil, and how he got his powers; leading to an epic dino-mash fest!
Perhaps throw in Lizard and Komodo from The Initiatve, for good measure...classic 70s-style action! :)


BobDiamond said...

Hey, this could be an idea for another game to keep us amused for a while...
Think up the title and the plot for a mini-series using the under-used characters of the MU.

Here's mine...
Lizard Force!(Needs working on...)
Plot: Stegron is kidnapping and changing people into a dinosaur-styled army.
Curt Conners, The Lizard becomes the unlikely hero of the story, and puts together a squad to counter this. They include Reptil, Komodo and Sauron! (An epic battle between Stegron and Sauron would be very cool!)

Yes, I have too much time on my hands...

But let's have your ideas anyway guys; who knows, maybe some-one from Marvel is reading this!


BobDiamond said...

.....could even include that Anole character from the new X-Men, that the youngsters keep banging-on about...


Anonymous said...

mighty marvel said it all for me really. I totally agree. Why no cigar ? Other figurines get blades and guns , so why can't we get the cigar ? Also a spidey mask in his other hand would look great. Firelord ? Too soon for his inclusion i think. If you had to go with a herald . I'd have thought that nova would've been first in line.

Robert said...

"If you had to go with a herald . I'd have thought that nova would've been first in line."

I'm really not having a go, but why?

John said...

I saw a couple people asking for JJJ holding a mask right after his announcement, and personally had been hoping against it. It makes him solely an extension of Spider-Man instead of the broader character that he is. Granted, he's definitely a Spider-Man supporting character first... but I don't look at him and just think "Spider-Man" any more than I do with Mysterio or Black Cat.

Now holding the Daily Bugle is another story, as that is truly what defines him. :D

Robert said...

Ah, great game, Bob!

The thing that made Stegron cool to my eight-year-old self was 1) the dinosaurs and 2) his ability be a sort of Dr. Dolittle and tell the dinos what to do. So, I'd want that at the heart of the story. Maybe a King Kong/ Jurassic Park riff where an entrepreneur transports (probably illegally) a few dinos from the Hidden Land but hires Vinnie to be his 'Dino Whisperer'. Of course, old Stegron has another plan and as soon as he manages to collect his little army of dinos, he goes off on a rampage. I'd have this happen somewhere remote, on a fortified farm in Nevada or somewhere very hot. It's a bit implausible to locate the park near or in a city. (Location is no problem, it's not as if people wouldn't travel to see a real life dinosaur.) Maybe the dinos could wreck Vegas as Stegron tries to upstage the Oceans Eleven gang by robbing a row of casinos?

ted sallis said...

Played through the Thor game, just aboot to take on Mangog, Got to say i have played some utter excrement over the years, but this dump in disc form takes the whole enchilda.
If this was some lad's first introduction to Thor they would quickly come to detest the norse numpty for life, Damn you Sega!! you really do suck.
Stegron?? is this the new Stepord Cuckooz????

mgf said...




"Pot plant."







That completes the draw for the next X-Men team. First issue to be published the first week in September.

ted sallis said...

Nice line up that's better than the forum top 20. And a little Axolotil, would be so cute.
Surprised no place for Beef.
As a doublepack with onion would appealed to casual crisp fans

John said...

Dan, here's a category question for you that just came up on the Forum.

Myself and others are really big into Cosmics. I love Firelord's inclusion, but want a lot more (especially from teams, as we could only get one per extension.) The X-Fans have been clamoring about the Starjammers for years.

IF Corsair were added, would he be considered an X-Men or a Cosmic? I ask because we all want to keep the collection balanced, and that means we could only get 2-3 Cosmics in one extension. As I'm still hoping for Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Bug and Vance Astro, I'm hoping EM sees him as an X-Character.

ted sallis said...

Dear Dan
If an electric train leaves Chicago at 17.09 and travels at 120kph, and the wind is blowing from from a N'Neast direction... will Princess Python be confirmed this extension????

Robert said...

Is Stegron the new Stepford Cuckoo? Actually, I was about to ask the same thing about Princess Python, Ted.

Corsair is definitely X-Men. Sounds to me like the X-fans are at the fiddle trying to get even more characters from the X-Men comics in the collection. They should be cuffed around the ear and sent to their room with no tea.

ted sallis said...

Bob D , you are indeed a diamond geezer, I got a t shirt printed up with a pic of Ted Sallis and the immortal "I have a giant siand ze Man-Thing" emblazoned on it, My wee bro is deejaying at oor local wickerman festival, he will wear it during his set.
Yeah, robert dinosaurs were cool when we were let's have Stegron.....and rusks and mibbe a big digger :)

ted sallis said...

I was going to delete and edit but i simply could not be arsed.

John said...

Unfortunately for us though, Robert, the X-Characters sell really well, and many, many collectors are core X-Fans. Without a lot of X-Characters, the CMFC would sink.

All things considered though, I'd rather get X-characters that double as Cosmics, like Deathbird, Starjammers or the Imperial Guard, than standard X-Characters like Longshot, Wolfsbane, or Selene. I just want to make sure they are considered X-Characters First and Cosmics second.

Its similar to how many consider Alpha Flight to be an extension of the X-Family. X-Characters that double into a second area. I'd much rather a Vindicator to an Anole.

BobDiamond said...

Sounds like a cool T-shirt Ted! I remember that conversation well... quite a while ago though wasn't it? Time flies and all that...
...I still giggle internally when I hear the name 'Anole'..don't know why...


ted sallis said...

I'm no gynecoligist but i reckon you wouldn't want a giant size Man-Thing near yer Anole.

LAWay said...

Robert, I havent read about the guy in any comics, never heard of him. Not surprising since he hasnt appeared in many comics.

The 'crazy' thing is referring mainly to marvel making a flippant 'dinosaur' character that obviously was cool and the in thing back then. If you want dinosaur characters go to your local early learning centre and pick up so plastic kids toys and leave the upcoming slots to some bigger named characters.

Jacadoo said...

Looke dup the Stegron character - my god nearly as bad as the Duck!!!

Sorry Roberto.

Would really appriciate more cosmic characters (along with stingray).....

SO it looks like th only Olypian has chased off the Asgardian home team - got to say I'm a little sad not to be battling Thor8 and Padam - mind you I still have Roberto!!

Where did the rumour surrounding the DC collection come from?

I do collect but was re-looking at what I felt to be high repeat rate in terms of fresh new characters.

Still proves what we knew already simply DC does not share the same level of fan base as the Marvel comics version - nuff said!!

Robert said...

Great to have you back, Jacadoo. Thor8 has mentioned you several times, so he'll be glad you are alive and well! Can't believe you compared Stegron to the Duck. That was below the belt, sir!

Leigh, I'd be interested to read your review of "Captain America" tomorrow. I know, you haven't seen the film as it hasn't yet been released. Still, hasn't stopped you pronouncing judgement on several characters like Stegron whose appearances you haven't read. Oh, guess that rules our Cap. At least you recognise and can name him.

P.S. The Lizard can command tortoises: Stegron can command a T-Rex. I know which I think is cooler.

LAWay said...

Rob, Jackadoo agreed about Stegron. There will be alot more people who dont know about him/read about him that do know.

Like I said, a dinosaur character made simply to 'be cool'. 'hey look, he's a dinosaur guy, that can control dinosaurs'...which is pretty damn useless.

There are lots of characters I havent read about in comics. Not my fault if Marvel dont print these guys in modern comics. Marvel shouldnt be a history lesson where you need to buy stuff from the 70s. There are alot of characters I give the benefit of the doubt to because the design is good and its a pretty cool character. Stegron is not one of them.

My main gripe...we have been throwing out names here and there and we get the usuals. Then this curveball comes out of nowhere, and is mentioned by 2 people. Sure, throw out names to remind people of good characters they may have missed, but I dont think anybody was unintentionally forgetting about Stegron.

xx said...

Where is: Longshot, Shatterstar, Arcade, Havok (Original), Crystal (Original, Drazzler (Original, Strong Guy, New Mutants and X-Force (First Team) Members like Sunspot, Rictor, Lupina, Wolfsbane,Karma, Dani Moonstar,Domino????

tinodragon14 said...

STEGRON was not the only character I listed everybody. Yes I loved dinosaurs as a kid but frankly never outgrew my love or fascination of them. When I saw JURASSIC PARK it tapped into that still existent love for the dinos & when the T-REX entered the scene & let out his roar the kid in me cried with joy. STEGRON is not the greatest Spidey villain & yes he is a rip off of the Lizard but he has had his moments & will make an awesome figure more so then a raccoon or a duck.

ted sallis said...

Aw man baby, i see why DC cancelled the collection, New DC looks far cooler, My morning paper has a full page on the NEW Superman, resplendent in his Levi's and Doc Martin booties,apparantly Batman looks fab in his thong and Burberry sports jacket.
All this plus Take That on the X-Men soundtrack, smeone pinch me.

Robert said...

"STEGRON was not the only character I listed everybody. Yes I loved dinosaurs as a kid but frankly never outgrew my love or fascination of them. When I saw JURASSIC PARK it tapped into that still existent love for the dinos & when the T-REX entered the scene & let out his roar the kid in me cried with joy. STEGRON is not the greatest Spidey villain & yes he is a rip off of the Lizard but he has had his moments & will make an awesome figure."

Couldn't agree more. Had exactly the same reaction to Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs are for all ages. Walt Simonson and Bill Watterson, two of my favourite creative folk, are self-confessed dinosaur nuts.

Leigh, no one is expecting you to know everything about Marvel but if you are going to condemn this, that and the other you should at least know something about it. Far too often you say you've never heard of something, then say it's rubbish, which is ridiculous.

ted sallis said...

Bob's game (that's wot the laydeez tell me)
I would love to see an "event" type story arc, where all the D-list heroes and minor villains are all that stands in the way of some world ending alien monster,Duffers like Stegron,Basilisk,Beef,Triathlon etc,etc.I see the monster with big boggley eyes and 26 arses....I'm thinking "52 CHEEKS"

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bearbrian said...

I love the Marvel line and I think the newer sculpts are far superior than the first 25. That being said I can't understand why the dc line failed. I think their figures were by far better then the marvel. Better sculpts better paint jobs. Just my opinion. Again please don't think I don't love the marvel line.

Damion said...

Excited about Firelord and JJJ. In the meantime, a humble plea.
In the next extension, might you consider one of the greatest super-villians ever - The Fury - in all its cybiotic purple glory?
I was so disappointed with the Captain Britain sculpt as the poor chap looks incredibly weedy when compared to the likes of Gladiator, Hawkeye, Yellowjacket, and my favourite sculpt so far, Taskmaster - who look genuinely superheroic. A Fury figurine would take some of the pain away. And a resculpt would be epic. Any chance? Keep bringing the joy...

BobDiamond said...

Damion, I think that a Fury figurine would look good. Cap B needs a villain, and he'd be ideal. Also, this is a British collection and a nod to the home crowd like this would be welcome I'm sure.

Ted...'52 Cheeks'...hmmm, sounds like a job for Anole to me.


Robert said...

Finally got round to looking at the DC relaunch that Ted mentioned. Superman in jeans!?? And the jeans have patches at the knees!!? Eh??? My knowledge of DC is next to zero, and I may be corrected on this, but I was under the impression that cloth touching Superman's skin was also indestructible, so that doesn't even make sense. What could he have been doing on his knees? (Ted, don't answer that!)

BobDiamond said...

I think that's actually SuperBOY in the jeans. Superman is having only a few changes- mainly the loss of the underpants-on-the-outside-of-the-trouser look. Maybe a good thing, dunno...probably go back to old look eventually anyway.


Robert said...

Thanks, Bob, for correcting me. That will teach me to read the whole article and not just gasp at the main image! I saw the big S and just assumed it was, well, the big S. Come to think of it, he was rather big for a "boy". Not sure he has much growing still to do...

1. Am I making up the thing about contact with Supes' skin makes his clothes indestructible?
2. If I have got it right, does Super Boy have the same 'power'? In which case, my question about the knee patches stands.

Robert said...

Went back and read the article and it's not at all clear that it's Superboy, Bob - no identification under the image and the text largely focuses on Superman. Looked at some other article and the new Superman look is not hugely altered, as you said. I did see another Tron-like Superboy cover, which is very different to the jeans look. Which is the one they're going with? Or is there more than one Super Boy?? Very confusing. Thank Stan I'm a Marvel Zombie.

BobDiamond said...

Superboy is some kind of clone of Superman. But I'm fuzzy on the details, so not sure how similar he really is.
You were right in thinking that was superman on the cover of the new Action #1. Must be some kind of new origin story however, because his official new look is a Jim Lee design in the style I mentioned before.
Superboy on the other hand has been in civvies for a while, and looks like he's continuing to in the reboot...but even more grungy than before.
All DC characters have been redesigned for the reboot by Jim Lee...which is a bit much for one bloke I reckon.


Robert said...

Yeh, who does he think he is - Jack Kirby? :)

BobDiamond said...

Too right Rob!

Ted, I've just been brousin' your blog space and come across some very interesting depictions of a certain U. Bloodstone...Me thinks that there is ample opportunity now for a new one showing UB fighting the menace of '52 Cheeks' would be inspired!


Jacadoo said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA somebody please put me out of my misery and tell me where to find the reasons why the DC collection has been cancelled.......

I went to the website and you are directed to darkest night thingy and thats it......

Hi Roberto I hear DC are considering giving Superman a darker image as part of the re-do, could be just gossip - I was never a DC fan although I am collecting the figurines..... All 30 odd versions of Superman and batman included - why did it fail again???

Robert said...

Hi, Jackadoo!

Darker image for Superman? I thought he was supposed to be all Mom's apple pie and traditional American values? Sort of like Cap. Isn't all that brooding stuff Batman's schtick?

I don't know whether it's comforting of not that DC seem to be just as incompetent as Marvel at handling their characters.

P.S. You collect the figurines but are not a DC fan? Not sure I get that...

BobDiamond said...

Hi jacadoo,
The DC fans were told about the (likely) demise of the DC Collection through Sven, the EM guy who corresponds with AI on the SHFF. (If that makes sense??). Nothing written in stone yet...but it does sound pretty final...that's why they've started-up the letter campaign.


BobDiamond said...

"You collect the figurines but are not a DC fan? Not sure I get that..."

Actually, that's a bit like me...I brouse the DC comics in the shop, but the only one I get monthly is Secret Six- the closest thing at the moment to Suicide Squad- one of my all-time fav series from any comic company.
Unfortunately S6 is coming to an end due to the 'reboot', so I might not be getting any DC comics after that.
There is going to be a new Suicide Squad comic, but it looks so far removed from what's gone before, that I have grave doubts on the likelihood of picking it up...


Robert said...

That's a pity, Bob. Out of all their titles you only buy one, and even that they're changing! Nae luck, as we say up here. I'm down to buying Captain America and even that I'm not really enjoying at the moment. Thankfully, I was at City Centre Comics on Saturday and bought five old Amazing spider-Mans to remind myself why I am a comic fan...

Jacadoo said...

I collect the figurines but am not a fan - simple explanation really....

I’m addicted – so far I have collected…..

Star Wars figurines (terrible collection now ended),

LOTR (started great but ended very poor – second ork from the left….now ended),

Still collecting

DC (for now),

Star Wars Vehicles (nice collection) and obviously CMFF!!!!!

My son has

Infantry soldiers and just completed cavalry from around the world.

Hang on I have told a white lie – I did collect a DC comic (years ago) I think it was called the Blue Devil(stunt man in costume – add magic spell then he is stuck with super strength in the costum)……

Hope if there is a cure to my figurine fettish – my wife never finds out!!!!!!

Robert said...

Impressive collection, Jacadoo. Did you ever think of taking some photos and sending it in to the Shelf Porn column on the CBR Comics website? I think a lot of people would be keen to see your collection.

Out of curiosity why were the Star Wars figures poor? I only ask because folk on here keep saying that the DC figures are better than the Marvel ones, and wondered how they compare to the CMFC. (I have no reason to doubt this judgement, by the way, just making it clear it's not coming from me.)

Jacadoo said...

Yes considered taking images for shelf porn, but want to get whole collection up including sideshow, bowen etc.

The star wars figurines were about two thirds the height of CMFF and extreemly poor detail - I station them beside thier respective vehicles and it helps.

As soon as we move (again) I will take images of the whole collection that so far has travelled with me from China, to France, the Isle of Man and next Birmingham (UK)..... And never been displayed all at the same time!!!!!!

LAWay said...

I loved dinosaurs and jurassic park too, but this is a marvel collection which i dont associate with dinosaurs at all. All i needed was to see the obscure spidey villain to know if i wanted him or not, hence my reaction.

Damien - yes, thats why we need resulpts, and new costumes, variants etc. The first 100 characters look like weeds compared to the latter characters.

Ted - Yep, DC definitely kicking fans in the nuts with the reboot. Jim Lee designs are awful. I have seen 2 versions of supes. The redneck with just jeans, boots and of course his t-shirt. A farm hick that is a graphic design and t-shirt printing master. Also he has hairy arms. Because its a reboot.

But I have also seen another version of supes and batgirl. Barbara has her legs back! But the costumes look like futuristic living action figures. Similar to the Batman films in design. Depends if you like that sort of thing, but I think it looks a bit naff in the drawings, and just makes you wonder where the heck they get their hi-tech costumes from. If Spandex and street clothes are a hard sell to believe, then this goes even further into campdom than regular DC.

Hmmmm...DC Vs Campdon, future video game release?

Squidguy said...

Loved dinosaurs as a kid, got a 240 magazine collection of ot them built my own t-rex from skeleton to full bodied and painted. I do like the fact that Marvel have embraced them like the dragons, aliens, ducks, vampires, and pteradactyls.

The Savage Land springs to mind Ka-Zar, Shanna, Zabu the sabretooth, Sauron.

What about Devil Dinosaur? or the nazi t rex - Tyrannosaurus Reich i think it was called (Kal?) then there is Godzilla of course (sigh if there wasn't legal technicalities)

It adds to the variety which makes Marvel what it is which and what makes it more interesting than DC.

Think if Captain Britain was held back he might have been of similar proportions to Guardian.

Speaking of which Ares arrived today. Although I always thought it was one of the better sculpts I was concerned with the size. I have now laid that concern to rest - he is same size to Hercules. Granny Destiny next then.

Dan - When do we find out which sketch was chosen for Domino?

Isn't about time the issue of the High Evolutionary bizarre absense be addressed?

LAWay said...

personally i think the dinosaurs are what makes marvel silly. it tries to stay in a grounded world, so when they reach dinosaur island of the savageland, it gets bizarre, and abit camp, much like DC.

i like dinosaurs. i like superheroes, but the two dont mix with me and takes me out of the suspension of disbelief. I know, i know, the guys have super powers, how can it possibly be realistic. Its just a personal taste.

I like dragonball z too, which i accept many think is utter nonsense. But that has dinosaurs the future...and i hate it.

Maybe i have a thing about dinosaurs. Dinosauracist.

John said...

The Stegron comments are mostly Robert and my faults. Tino mentioned him, and me and Robert ran with it.

"[Marvel] tries to stay in a grounded world, so when they reach dinosaur island of the savageland, it gets bizarre..."

And with resurrections, Gods of Norse and Greek, aliens, genetic engineering, magic, Moloids, LMDs, time travel, alternate dimensions, Razorback... Marvel may stay MORE grounded, but I think its just the titles you read that are the most grounded. You may not like some of the crazier sci-fi elements of the MU, which is more than fine, but you can't deny its a huge part of it.

Let me also add Frank Miller to the list of dinosaur loving creators.

Add in a voice for a big NO on resculpts.

Support Tino's call for more villains.

And say that though I'd like Stegron, I'd never say he'd make a better sculpt than a raccoon.

Robert said...

"Dragonball Z follows the adventures of Goku - one of the last survivors of an extra-terrestrial race - from his childhood through adulthood as he trains in martial arts and explores the world in search of the seven mystical orbs known as the Dragon Balls, which can summon a wish-granting dragon when gathered."

I can see how the realism of Dragonball Z can make dinosaurs looks silly, Leigh. As Ted might say, it sounds like a lot of balls to me.

Robert said...

"You may not like some of the crazier sci-fi elements of the MU, which is more than fine, but you can't deny its a huge part of it."

Oh yes he can.

Thor8 said...

Been out for awhile due to personal matters,but I've skimmed through the latest comments and I've tried to update myself on what's been going on.

I see one of my Warriors Three is back,glad to hear from you again jacadoo,you sure do a lot of traveling and moving. Are you by any chance some kind of missionary or ambassador?

Well anyhow,I see there is a new character being tossed around in debate if he's worthy or not to be included in this collection based on his # of appearances. First it was The White Tiger,now it's Stegron. It really makes me laugh when I see many a blogger go out of his way to protest the inclusion of a character based solely on his # of appearances and then later on request that THEIR favorite wants,whom have had just as many appearances or less be made. (A certain fowl and rodent come to mind) this is just as ironic as when the X-bloggers cry foul when two cosmics or asgardians or elected for the same extension,but are completely ecstatic when three or four X-Men are put into the same extension along with two specials a mega and a double pack.

Now I don't want to be misunderstood. I am not implying that very obscure characters that have made one or two appearances should be made (especially if they were lousy characters)but what I'm trying to say is that a character should not be discarded or chosen based SOLELY on this factor. I believe that we should also considered other facts like: Would it be an eye catching figurine based on it's looks? Has it made an impact in the MU? Is it known by a fairly amount of fans (and by known I don't mean you know his SS#,favorite breakfast cereal,or second name). There are quite a few Marvel characters who's # of appearances may not be in the three digits category b,but whom are well known and have left their mark in the MU and so (IMO) deserve to be in this collection.

There are certain characters that are worthy to be included in this collection,but most likely won't be because they do not fill these factors.

For example the Wrecking Crew,I believe should be made,but due to the fact that EM frowns on multi-packs and they have few if any individual appearances it's highly unlikely that they will be made.

The Squadron Supreme are known by many,so is The Soviet Super Soldiers,and The Zodiac. A couple from each group might be made due to their individual appearances and contributions to the MU,but many of them (whom I believe would make some great looking figurines) will be left out due to lack of individual contribution or history in the MU.

I think I'll cut this post here,it's long enough already,but once again I repeat,you shouldn't judge a character based solely on # of appearances.

LAWay said...

Ah, you probably hit the nail on the head there John, there are the aspects of Marvel that I dont enjoy and don't really read much of, so it probably explains it.

Like if in the marvel movies they introduced dinosaurs, everyone would be like 'bwah!?' Even though its in line with what Marvel does, it would look pretty out of place in a real world established where dinosaurs are extinct.

Is it a big part of marvel? No, since its not in every marvel comic or referenced frequently. Only on the rare occasion they visit the savageland, and even then a dinosaur sighting isn't guranteed. Its part of marvel history sure, but not a big part of the marvel universe as a whole.

Happy there Robbie?

John said...

If I could also come to LAWay's defense one more time, because I think its an interesting aspect...

I disagree with MOST everything LAWay says. Our viewpoints on the CMFC are at a complete crossroads and what he wishes for the collection are the exact opposite of mine.

That said, I do like the guy (as he's not a d*** to anyone personally, just opinionated.) But what he offers is a different viewpoint. A different opinion.

The majority of people that buy this collection, I'm sure, are the hardcore MU fans. I know this by the way and place the collection comes from; you have to get them from a comic shop, they're not advertised, and typically its hard just to Know about the thing. I happened upon one in a random city, and had my comic book guy start ordering them. For someone to go that far out of their way... this is not for the casual market. That's why I feel fine with adding Whirlwind and Clea rather than just resculpts of Wolverine and Cap.

I'm sure most of us feel that way... but not everyone. And if there IS no way to expand the fan base, all it can do is shrink over time. We can't just cater to one voice. (I hate saying that because so far, that's been my voice as well :)

Alright, all that out of the way, I'll go back to disagreeing with whatever he says again. :D

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Typhoid Mary said...


I would like to pick up the gauntlet cast by Deadpool regarding his request for Limericks.May I hasten to add that I, in no means wish to insult any members of the forum but Ted seems to be in the firing line..........

There was a jock blogger named Ted,
Whose ass was too big for his bed.
On vacating his bowels,
using B+Q trowels,
He sculpted a smelly Judge Dredd.


Typhoid Mary said...

....Sorry Ted ! lol ;) x

ted sallis said...

Typhoid, that was beautiful, much better that :)
Okay Bob D, Bloodstone vs the beast from Uranus, is on the Bloodstone blog,Marvel are very,very excited about this.

BobDiamond said...

First you don't want The Duck, then you don't want The Tiger...or The Dinosaur Guy...Next you'll be telling us that Monark Starstalker shouldn't be included!
I dunno...mutter...mutter etc :)

Ted...I'm going right over to your blog to check out your latest masterpiece!


Robert said...

Not to butt in, guys, but who's the lassie between the 3D Man and the Basilisk?

P.S. New game. I think we should al l try to find an 'obscure' character for Leigh. My nomination is the monster Bragadoom (from the classic MTIO with Ben and Luke).

BobDiamond said...

Beautiful Ted, just beautiful!
I was expecting something a little more..uh..'cheeky'; it's actually quite a sedate image when considering it sprang from your mind!
I love Bloodstone's Brigade- some real D-listers there!


Robert said...

Just double-checked and the issue was MTIO #13, Jan '76, one month after the Sons of the Tiger appearance in MTU that is Bob's avatar.

ted sallis said...

Ah,Rob n Bob i thought you would guess the identity oh that mystery lass ,as she appeared in a title you both remember very well, Hell let's start a campaign for her inclusion.Never mind all this "curveball" milarky just stick a pin in a Marvel A-Z, beautifully random.

BobDiamond said...

Is she Shanga, The Star Dancer by any chance? Don't know much about her, but I think she appeared in a MTIO issue with The Blue Diamond once.


ted sallis said...

Spot on Professor Diamond, the cover blurb reads"introducing the cosmic might of Star-Dancer"...after an intro like that she must have been a huge hit???
Blue Diamond.??.never heard of him,sounds like a brand of dishwasher tablets.

Robert said...

Don't remember Star Dancer at all, although I do own that comicbook. Blue Diamond was one of the Liberty Legion, if memory serves. Blue costume, big diamond emblem on chest. I think his origin was something along the lines of a diamond exploded and it impregnated itself into his skin and he became diamond hard, but I may be confusing him with origin of the Basilisk, which is very similar to what I described. I'll go and check now...

P.S. I really liked the Liberty Legion as a kid. They were reprinted in the old UK Spidey title in '76 or '77 and I managed to track down the original Marvel Premiere issues in early 1980s.

Robert said...

Wasn't all that sure of my memory but I was right. For a change.

"Elton T. Morrow is an archaeologist who finds a mysterious blue diamond on an expedition to Antarctica. The diamond is a piece of the Lifestone Tree, which powers the alien Chosen Eight of Fate. A German sub attacks Morrow's ship on the way home and Morrow is the only survivor. An explosion shattered the diamond during the battle, forcing innumerable tiny diamond particles into Morrow's body. After he is rescued by a British ship, he finds that the shards of the diamond gifted him with diamond-hard skin, giving him superhuman strength and nigh-invulnerability."

Robert said...

Just noticed that an archaeologist - i.e., a person concerned with the past - has the middle initial and surname T(o). Morrow. His creator had a weird sense of humour...

Robert said...

Reading through some bios and completely by accident came across a factoid that explains why Ted drew Basilisk and Blue Diamond. The Bloodstone that Ulysses possesses is also from the Life Stone! THAT'S why you drew them, Ted. Why didn't you say? I had no idea of the connection!

LAWay said...

There once was a blogger named LAWay,
Who typed utter b*ll*cks everyday,
He hated characters so obscure,
Had delusions of grandeur,
Being a d!ck seemed to be his forte. ;)

Bring on the obscure character nominations Robert! It should be an official pick that whichever obscure character I approve of, will get made into the collection. If it can sway me, then they must merit it.

ps: no to Bragadoom :P

Robert said...

Excellent limerick, Leigh! Particularly liked the obscure-grandeur couplet.

I'm glad you accepted the obscure character challenge. What about the Overmind? Classic Lee and John Buscema story and character from the early 70s? (Circa FF #115 or so.) Or Durok the Demolisher? He did something even the Hulk couldn't do: the snapped the Surfer's board in half! (Thor #193.) Well?

BobDiamond said...

How about one of my favourite villains....Shockwave?

He's an old Shang-Chi enemy, who has also appeared in West Coast Avengers, and more recently been a member of the New Masters of Evil in the (old)Thunderbolts.
An excellent costume, cool powers (electricity and martial-arts)and an interesting back-story (ex-MI6 and nephew of Sir Dennis Nayland-Smith).


PS...I was also very impressed with your limerick skills!

Robert said...

Interesing choice, Bob, reminds me a little of that old Iron Man enemy the Sunturion. (And makes me wish even more that they'd reprint the old Shang Chi comics. Ah, if wishes were fishes...)

BobDiamond said...

Funny that...'cause I think he fought Ironman in that issue of WC Avengers. Drawn clunkily by Al Milgrom if memory serves...(can't remember what I did yesterday, but c*** like that...!?)


Robert said...

Yep, they are shown tussling on the cover, I think, Bob. Your description of Milgrom's art is over generous, methinks! WCA was a poor comic for nearly all its run, Bob, and this was especially noticeable as around the same time Big John was on the main Avengers title. The franchise concept was an interesting idea but it just didn't work somehow. I have to admit that I like having the Big Three in the Avengers together and Shellhead ended up with the West Coasters.

BobDiamond said...

There was some very cool John Byrne issues which re-introduced the original Human Torch and had the Scarlet Witch going nutty for the first time.
But I agree, that long run of Milgrom art-work was pretty dreadful- but I do have a strange hankering to go back and read the Cross-Time Caper. I like all that time-travel stuff!


Robert said...

The Byrne stuff was great, I agree. That's the only period I remember with fondness. The final page, a splash page, when Iron Man returned to the ranks was a just wonderful and exciting moment. The return of the original Human Torch was also memorable. And the Cap-She Hulk team-up. Oh, there was loads to enjoy! Great art and interesting stories.

Robert said...

When I finish the rather splendid Nocenti-JRjr run, I'm off to reread the WCA from #1!

BobDiamond said...

Your talking about Dare-devil right? Only read a handful of that run, but it always looked intriguing.


Robert said...

Yep, DD. Sorry, didn't mean to leave that bit of information out! It's just brilliant stuff. First appearance of Typhoid Mary (I think). Williamson is a great inker for JRjr, who does probably his best career work. (I think he's got too stylised and lazy now.) I reread it every year without fail. Still reading the Mary arc, haven't got to the Ultron or Blackheart stories yet. I'd definitely recommend it, Bob. Pity you don't live near me - I'd pass on the DDs and in return I'd love to borrow your Shang Chi's!

LAWay said...

Overmind - decent enough 'classic' design, and I think I may have seen him somewhere before. I approve.

Durok - no. just no. 7 appearances? Really? Surprised you even remembered him.

Shockwave - nah. Bad design in my eyes. Classic costume better than the generic new robo suit, but still not much of an eye pleaser. (ok, looked again, not THAT bad in the classic costume. Could see him on my shelf actually)

Sunturion - Shockwave & Pyro's love child? Again, very little impact on marvel with so few appearences, and costume isnt that good.

So far, its a toss up between Overmind and Shockwave. I think Overmind would make a better he may be the winner here.

BobDiamond said...

Yeah, that would be cool!

I wonder if they renamed Fu-Manchu in the recent Secret Avengers comic so that they could get round to reprinting MOKF in Essentials or something?

My longest run on DD was when they started again at #1 with the Kevin Smith story, and went right to the end with Shadowland. But I feel I've had enough of him now...Shadowland wasn't great, unfortunately.


Robert said...

Leigh, I only knew about the one appearance of Durok - the classic Brothers Buscema Thor #193. One of my fav stories as a kiddie.

Bob, I had the same idea a while ago about renaming Fu Manchu. Obviously, for some reason we don't know, it's not as simple as that. Pity.

As for DD, I read the first eight issues of Smith's run (not sure if he stayed after that) that you talked about. My DD's are from the first series from about #90 - lots of gaps, though.

John said...

So... back to topics that are actually about the collection, that I'm sure Dan, Rich and company would rather see because it helps them in making their hard decisions for us... rather than skimming through random post after random post of "memory lane," DC talk, or just random, um, stuff...

I was thinking about certain areas within the collection and what characters would need to be added to make them feel complete. I mean, just the essentials, that if the collection ended it wouldn't feel right without it. (ex: Rocket Raccoon is my most wanted character, but as far as the Cosmics go, I wouldn't say he's "essential." Gamora, however, is.)

Dum Dum Dugan
Baron Von Strucker

I'm starting with SHIELD because it baffles me that no one ever brings these two up consistently, yet they are obvious choices. I'd also like to see a HYDRA Agent, but these are the two essentials for me.

SinisterVenom said...

Meh I'll throw a random character at Leigh just for the fun of it.
How about.....Arkon!

SinisterVenom said...

Btw Leigh...are you Sheldon Cooper?

BobDiamond said...

Ouch...sorry if we were boring you a little back there John, but occasionally Rob, Ted, Leigh and few of us get a little side-tracked. But hey, we were the only ones on last night- so no harm done. In a round-about way we are still talking about potential candidates for inclusion- Bragadoom, Shockwave, Monark Starstalker, Over-Mind, the entire cast of DD...:)

Anyway...I've been campaigning for Baron Strucker since I started on this(or the other) blog! In fact my very first post was in response to a Deadpool idea of naming one character only to a growing list generated by bloggers. I chose Baron Strucker- as drawn by the legendary Jim Steranko 'shaking his Satan-Clawed fist at the world!'


ted sallis said...

Here are my top 10 picks for my top 10 bestest buddies in the whole wide sky.
Bob Diamond- White Tiger (Hector)
CBR Beast- Anole
Sinister Venom- Shuma Gorath
MGF- Lockjaw
Thor8- Swordsman
Mighty Marvel- Thunderbolt Ross
Deadpool..Aunt May
Tinodragon- Terrax
John....The Controller.
Good morning Starshine.

Robert said...

Aw, what a nice way to start the day.

John, sorry. Happy to delete the posts, if you wish.

P.S. Ted, check your emails.

ted sallis said...

Aw man, i just could not get on with my day ,When i realised i had left out so many of my buddies, I apologise for any distress.It was very insensitive of me.
My top ten picks for my top ten guys n gals pt 2
LaWay- Hulkbuster Iron Man
Dan the man- Bloodstone
Jacadoo- Zeus
Pirate Adam- Bor
CGJ- Nimrod
Hawkeye- Goliath
Tomaszkasjaniuk- Hammerhead
Avengers87- Grey Gargoyle
Gremlin-Princess Python
Richard Jackson-Beef.
Right best check me emails then ta ta laydeez.

LAWay said...

bah, top ten list otherwords outside the top ten list. But still, Hulkbuster Iron Man!!! I'm happy. :)

Now make THAT as a special EM!

SV, Sheldon knows everything, so I doubt I am him. I bet he can recall odd marvel characters.

Arkon looks quite plain and naff. Sorry.

Robert said...

"Arkon looks quite plain and naff."

Oh no, now I'm agreeing with Leigh! It's catching!

ted sallis said...

Over on comicbook movies they have what is pupported to be the first concept art for the Avengers movie, Me likey Caps 21st century outfit, even Thors outfit has been tweaked. There must be some kinda Tie in planned for thee Marvel cinematic sensation of the decade??....or mibbe not. Hey what about a movie Iron Man..third time lucky???

John said...

Sorry about yesterday. That was rude of me. I just found myself skimming, looking for figurine talk. And if I were skimming, I'm sure EM workers who have even less time were skimming... and missing opinions about the collection. And if they're not reading the opinions of the collectors, what's the point of even posting anything?

So that's where I was coming from, but I apologize for being so blunt. :(

Robert said...

John, I wasn't offended at all, and I'm positive Bob wasn't either. You were right. Wandering off-topic is one of my bad habits on here.

BobDiamond said...

Yep, no harm done mate!

Ted's list:

'CBR Beast- Anole'!!

My Internal Giggle-Factor was working over-time when I read that!

Here's to White Tiger AND Baron Strucker making it in soon...


LAWay said...

Hey Ted, i got the pic on my blog too. I do like caps new costume change. All minor tweaks are purely just to sell toys I gather, but I cant wait.

Been reading reviews of Green Lantern...and they are not very good.

Marvel wins yet again. No wonder they cancelled the collection. ;)

SinisterVenom said...

Ok I hold my hands up and admit when I said Arkon, it was just a random name and I didn't give it much thought.
I'll have a think on it and I'll try again later or tomorrow.

BobDiamond said...

I like Arkon SV!
I always thought those 'solid' thunderbolts he carried around were really ridiculous, but extremely cool at the same time.
Great helmet too. :)

Leigh- check out Scorpio (Steranko design). Great character and been involved in a many an intriguing story-line, including SHIELD, Defenders, Avengers.


tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Marvel looks silly because of dinosaurs?
No, IMO Marvel looks silly because of Thor, Hercules, Ares, Mephisto, etc.
But Stegron?
There are a lot of Spidey villains should be before him: Hammerhead, Tombstone, Tarantula, Jackal, Demogoblin, Jack O'lantern, Spot, Boomerang, Doppelganger, Kaine, Shriek, Alistair Smythe, Carrion, Silvermane.
As for Spidey specials: at first Madame Web.
HAMMERHEAD this Friday please :)

Northstar and Aurora only as double pack.
Corsair in this extension would be awesome, and he's x-character not cosmic. We have Sebastian Shaw and we need more leaders of their teams.

Robert said...

Excellent shout from Bob for Scorpio.

As for Arkon, there was something very DC about him. (And, yes, I mean that as an insult.)

LAWay said...

couldnt find much on scoprio. i googled 'marvel scorpio', and if its the dude in the first few pics, he looks rather naff. Soz.

Silver Scorpion looked kinda cool though. Hows that for obscure?

Old Marvel reminds me of DC...mainly because DC hasnt changed much over the years and still mostly looks OTT and camp.

Paibok said...

I don't know about you but the sillyness of some aspects of Marvel is part of the appeal. Where else would you find a dinosaur with a machine gun, or a guy dressed up as a Walrus.

For Spidey villains what no calls for the sewer rat Vermin?

Robert said...

Always thought the Scorpio Key was a cool weapon, Leigh.

Returning - briefly, I promise - to the probable cancellation of the DC Collection. The expected market share of units sold last month (damn, they're comicbooks, not units!):

Marvel, 46.35%
DC, 28.37%.

No comparison, really. Lots of people saying Make Mine Marvel it seems...

LAWay said...

Marvel have had the lionsahre of the comic market for a long time now. Not sure if those stats are uk based or worldwide, but either way i think marvel is more represented universally.

Classic marvel was all about the camp and daft ideas. You wont see many of them in modern marvel...which funnily enough is the marvel that made the company go into profit and surpass DC in the comic shares.


BobDiamond said...

Leigh, please don't tell me that it's the Silver Scorpion design from the Invaders mini-series from the 90's that you rate??
That's got to be one of the ugliest designs ever! Every bad thing about the 90's all in one 'costume'!
...Or have you found the Original Golden Age version? Not totally sure how that one looks tbh...


tinodragon14 said...

Thanks TED for TERRAX. He is my favorite Herald & one of my favorite villains. I hope he is the next special.
I hope either HAMMERHEAD or WHIRLWIND is the next figure.
I still hope the guys at EM will remember that NAMOR needs ATTUMA & DR. STRANGE needs BARON MORDO & DD needs THE OWL & THE FRIGHTFUL FOUR needs THE TRAPSTER & SPIDEY needs THE MOLTEN MAN & ALPHA FLIGHT needs SHAMAN & MARRINA.
Saw X-MEN Monday night & loved it. The guy who played MAGNETO dominated the film. I loved the soundtrack & will buy it. I like Kevin Bacon & he did okay but I wish they had cast someone who looked like SHAW. I will put up with changes but I don't think it is necessary to change the general look of the character.
Saw "SUPER 8" Tuesday night & enjoyed it. A retro Sci-Fi monster movie with Spielbergian touches.

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