Friday, 3 June 2011

Weekly fix...

Nothing particulary mind-blowing to say this week. Very interesting reading your comments. I'll try to answer randomly some of your questions...

Brood drone? Hydra Goon? - I love the idea of generic characters in the Classic(?) Marvel Figurine Collection, but I think there are other individuals that we need to get in first. Such as Sebastian Shaw who I can confirm* will be in the next X-tension! (*EM reserve the right to withdraw this statement). Hope you guys are happy with his inclusion, and not just because he's a major character in the new X-film!

Remakes? Not at this stage, I agree a spin-off subset of characters would be cool - if only we could convince the boss!

Rocket Raccoon/Groot. Richard has advised me that Groot has recently become small, so in reality we could do both of them on a single base as a regular. Probably the only way we'll get Groot in. or RR on his own?

Sorry Robert I can't Have your babies I've been neutered.

Ted Sallis - it'll take a lot more than a crisp Scottish pound to get Ulysses Bloodstone in the collection ;}

If we were considering White Tiger - male or female version?

KirlianEyes - Love the virtual CMFC gallery - I don't want to know how long that must have taken! Very impressive. Want a job?

Rulk or Ross? As Rulk would be a special I'd go for Ross.

'Classic' in the title. It's just a word our managing director wanted to use, we weren't ever entirely convinced with it but, ours is not to reason why.

Here's the latest stage in Mockingbird's development:

Still some detailing to be improved upon.

Here's the the cover for Spiral by Jack Lawrence, he does a lot of our girlie covers when we are caught short for good hi-res images. (not fully approved by Marvel yet, but I doubt there will be any major problems with it).

here's the rough aswell. We have recently been ordered not to cover the Marvel logo on the cover, so we have been trying to be good! It's difficult though as I love covering up the logo with nice big artwork.

That's all for now, If any new figurine pics come in I will upload them asap.


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ted sallis said...

It's fantastic to see the creation of Mockingbird from sketch to finished sculpt, she looks very nice indeed, Is the master sculpt on a larger scale than the final fig that sees production?
Sorry to hear a crisp scottish pound note couldn't swing it fer Bloostone....this time :)
X-Fans will i'm sure be grunting with pleasure at the inclusion of Sebastian Coe.

ted sallis said...

Oh, i forgot to mention, the Spiral cover art is fantastic

Gremlin in the works said...

Wowza. I love the Spiral cover. She is my alltime favourite Marvel character so to have a kickass sculpt aswell as a really nice piece of artwork is fantastic.

Glad to hear that Sebastian Shaw is likely to be in the next extension. He has had a HUGE impact on the XMen from the 70's up to the most recent Uncanny issues. In my mind he should be in his full ye-olde outfit with his hands either behind his back or infront of his chest with one hand in a fist and the other cupping it.

As for White Tiger it has to be the male version. I know there are a few huge fans out there of him and he was an important part of the MU in the 70's and 80's. Whilst the newer one may be visually snazzier I think you should make the original one first.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Sebastian Shaw is in, great news.
As for costume, his original from hist first appearance in comic would be good.

Robert said...

Thanks for another update, Dan. The return of weekly updates is a rather wonderful thing. Long may it continue!

No interest in Spiral but no denying it's a lovely sculpt and the cover art we saw today is rather impressive. The inclusion of Shaw has me completely underwhelmed, although it was hardly a shock. The mutants continue to get way too much attention in this collection.

Disappointing to hear that generics are unlikely to appear in the extension, although at least this will stop me hoping for one (and campaigning uselessly to everyone's annoyance). Not sure that's much of a consolation, but it's the best I can do. :(

P.S. If Pip gets into this collection, Dan, I'm willing to consider adoption.

Robert said...

Oh, definitely male White Tiger.

BobDiamond said...

Another great up-date, Thanks Dan!!

Been away for a while- visited that amazing castle in Bavaria where they filmed Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang- a fantastic place!

Sebastian Shaw is one of the few remaining X-characters that I'd be more than happy to have in the collection. The Dark Pheonix Saga is still one of the all-time classics ever produced in comics. Just make sure he's in all his Edwardian finery.
Sounds hopeful for the White Tiger- but please,please make it the original, male version! The new female one is OK, but certainly doesn't have the history or classic status of the original.
Been reading an awful lot of back-posts this last few days...Things have been 'interesting' to say the least (never a dull moment when Robert gets his teeth stuck into a topic!!). Got to agree though, that if we do have Ross in the collection, then I'd personally want his human persona rather than 'Rulk'. I think in his case he'd still be an impressive figure in full military garb and his big bushy moustache!
Incidentally Robert, just picked up Warlock # 11 (1970s) from my LCS for 50p! That completes my Starlin Warlock collection- how lucky am I???. Now I really want Gamora in classic Starlin design.
Classic Mantis too please Dan (if you're still listening!)
Just got delivery of the latest figs...(wasn't expecting them for another couple of weeks, but not complaining); Ares and Triton are fabulous- well done EM!
Anyone got Man-Bat from the DC line? He's huge! Don't understand why we needed yet another Green Lantern (the movie I suppose...)and why doesn't he have his lantern??- the sculptors must have originally planned for him to have it, judging by the arm's positioning. Looks a bit odd now...
Anyway, been gibbering too long...

Ciao guys!

John said...

I'd prefer a big Groot, but if it were between tiny or none, I'll take tiny.

After the fire from the GotG's first mini, he recovered in a planting pot. That might be kind of humorous, Rocket holding a big a$$ gun, with a potted Groot behind his feet... ;)

Still, if there's ANY way to convince the men upstairs to do a Double Pack, please, please, please do it. But Rocket Raccoon is my most wanted figure, so if Groot holds him back too much, forget it.

John said...

I'm glad for Shaw for 2 reasons.
1. It means more villains. Let the villains continue.
2. With the movie out, more people will know who Shaw is, thus more money for EM, thus longer life to the line.

Overall, I don't really care about the character, or most X-Characters (much like Robert) but I'm still going to buy it because I love Marvel and EM a lot.

White Tiger? I don't know if there's a character I could care about less...

I can't wait to hear the Spidey and Cosmic announcements :D But please trickle them, Dan. Trickle. No more than 1 per week, so we can just anticipate and anticipate. :D You're doing a fantastic job.

bearbrian said...

I hope Power Pack is given consideration for the extension. I can't recall them every being done by any collection.

Robert said...

John, I liked WT when he first appeared. I remember a story drawn by Sal B which was a sort of 'whodunit?' about the Erskine papers that was fun. And another one featuring the Enforcers and Lghtmaster that was very enjoyable. And the story where he was gunned down by Mace (I think) was shockingly violent for the time. So, I am more than happy to see him in the collection. Silver Sable remains my (non-mutant) nadir.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBB! Glad you had a great holiday. Warlock #11 has haunted me like no other comic. It's a just stunning comic but one page, you know the one I mean, where Warlock meets his future self and explains what will happen months in the future, still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and the universe seem cold and harsh. Oddly, as I recall, Gamora hardly appears!

bearbrian said...
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John said...

...sorry, last additional comment for a while...

There are so many beloved Marvel characters left to do (just look at Kirlianeyes gallery again if you don't think the collection could have a looong life) that remakes in any form would sadden my heart to the core. If we were given a subset, I'd rather it be given to teams, themes or groups we haven't gotten yet.

Aside from obvious teams like Young Avengers, New X-Men the original Guardians of the Galaxy, Heralds of Galactus, etc. what about broader themes?

Event Villains:
The Hood
Chaos King
The Serpent

These are all highly known characters... because they were featured in cross-overs. People know them, which means people will buy them. Yet right know they're having trouble fighting to stand out amongst the crowd of villains yet to be done. This covers various MU groups (Cosmic, Spidey, Avengers, X-Men) and I'm sure I missed a lot as well.

BobDiamond said...

TBH Robert, I'm not sure how much she's in it- only just got back from the shop. But like you, I remember the story from the eerie scene where Adam confronts his other, dying self. Story and art unlike anything done at the time (and very little since really...including so-called adult material from Vertigo, Epic, Max etc).
just been re-reading the whole Celestial Madonna series. Again, a mile-stone in comics...We HAVE to get Swordsman and (original costume)Mantis!!! come on Dan, you know it makes sense!


max_0888 said...

Great update Dan, thanks a lot

Sebastian Shaw - One really cool choice. He's one of the x-vilain I wanted the most along with Mojo and Arcade. I'm sure he's going to make one great figurine.

White tiger - Definitely the original for me.

That Spiral cover is beautiful. Love it when it's original art like that. Same for Destiny's cover. Great job.

Can't wait to hear who else will be in the extansion. Giving us one name per week is a lot more fun than having all the names at the same time. Makes us appreciate each confirmation a lot more imo

navaho said...

Thanks for the weekly updates Dan, I can imagine how difficult it is to devote time to it but it is greatly appreciated.
Anyway firstly if Sebastion Shaw is in then I'm not grumbling, I know I'm not a big X follower but I can see his inclusion is important to the collection, so be it.
With regards to the White Tiger, I grew up with the male version and if you made the female version I would cry a river! Please it has to be Hector!!
It has to be Ross as the General, in all his starched uniformed glory, snarling behind a bushy moustache and an attitude you could rest a pint on.
Spiral cover looks awesome.
One last thing, do you think we could have a silver cover for the 200th issue, what do you reckon?

Anonymous said...

Loving the updates... Just one question what ever happened to onslaught? He'd make an amazing sculpt and I've been wanting this guy in the collection since day one :D love the collection.. Keep up the good work EM

CGJ said...

So thats Gargoyle I wanted and it was a no, A Brood Special and its a no, so.....

Dan, any chance of Howard the Duck? Mwa Ha Haaa

A male White Tiger for me too, if for no other reason than a reward for Mr SHFF, Zombula!

Robert said...

Not sure about Mantis getting in (even though I'd love to be wrong about that!) but Swordsman gets mentioned a lot and he has tonnes of history with the Assemblers, so I am quietly hopeful he will be in the thoughts of Eaglemoss for inclusion in the new extension. Well, Dam, Swordsman in the 'Maybe' list? And is Swordy getting as much love on the forum to boost his chances...?

I like John's idea of event storylines. Then I saw the list and wasn't as sure. Few grabbed me. I'd definitely go for Jackal, though. I recall the original clone story, with debut of Punisher, as one of the great storylines of my youth. (Even if it had some fans in America in emotional meltdown.) The later Clone Saga from the '90s is sort of Marvel's version of Simon Cowell - hard to ignore and regrettable.

sergiogf said...

I don't know what to say... I'm an X-Fan, so I'm so very happy to hear about Sebastian Shaw (an impressive character) but, at the same time, I'm worried about the other x-characters I'd love to see in the extension:

Silver Samurai...

Anyway, thanks a lot for the weekly updates, It's much apreciated.

Ah, and I'd prefer General Ross, not Rulk.

Robert said...

Just noticed I wrote "Dam" instead of "Dan".

That was not a Freudian slip because you rejected my sexual advances.


SinisterVenom said...

Oh yes! Sebastian Shaw is in! That's great news! :) It's just too bad that I have to wait over a week to see X-Men First Class as I promised my good mate we'd watch it together and he's just gone on holiday :( I owe him the wait at least seing as he wasn't happy I went to see Thor without him so it's only fair I suppose. Though the wait is killing me!
Moving on...
If we do get White Tiger, let's have the male version please.
Spiral's front cover looks nice, as does the figurine. Can't wait for that issue.
I picked up Ares today. A lot of people have been negative about this figurine but I actually like it. True its nothing special like some of them but I still like him.
I too have been keeping my fingers crossed for years to see Onslaught in the collection. I know he doesn't have as much history as say Madame Web or M.O.D.O.K. but his storylines have been great stuff to read and he even featured in the first Marvel Vs Capcom as the final boss. Anyway any chance of Onslaught in the future please Dan? He is my main want atm.

Becquerel said...

Sweet, Sebastian Shaw is in. :)

I also am really loving the Mockingbird sculpt, and the Spiral cover is just fantastic. I can't wait to see the finished Mockingbird!

As for other inclusions, I've been thinking of more curveballs, and I think Nanny and Orphan-Maker (maybe on a shared base? Or as a double special if you're gonna crank those out again?) would be a hilarious and really fun choice to do.

They're really fun characters and probably among the most comedic yet sinister villains I could think of.

Though I'd still like to see Stilt-Man, especially after how much you bashed him in Daredevil's booklet. I mean, Batroc got in, too. :D

mighty_marvel said...

so is it definite that shaw is in the extension? the disclaimer about EM withdrawing the statement has slightly confused me. if he's in. great. a deserving charcater and nice to have an x-villain thats not in the brotherhood. just remember not to name too many x-men yourselves EM. the forum will probably put through 2 in a vote. and as much as i love the x-men, i also want a suitably varied extension because i love the other areas of the MU just as much.

fantastic to hear that general ross in human form is supported by dan. other than saving a special slot for a character who can be done no other way, the sheer amount of history in his human form means it is how he should be made.

not too fussed about the male white tiger. i can't imagine a fig of a fully costumed character that is completely white will be particularly great. anyone who wants hector could just take a spare spiderman fig and a tin of white paint. voila! instant white tiger. would prefer angela if white tiger was done. at least she has got a little something extra to her look that would make the fig more interesting.

could we have some news on the specials next time? still hurting a little that we're short a special due to odin's production issues (and don't get me started on the missing special from when we got destroyer) so have EM got any plans to make up for these, or any news on the november special?

would love to see specials of madame web, brood drone, terrax and atlas (i know he's a size changer but he's always drawn as larger than everyone else. he's not like stature for example who when not using her powers is drawn at normal size. so he should be a special really)

Cheshire Cat said...

I vote for Angela. It's figurine not memorial. We don't have to honour anyone. Figurine should look awesome and nothing else matters.

I totally agree with Mighty_Marvel.

mighty_marvel said...

i wouldn't say nothing else matters. if a character has got 95% of its history in one costume for example then that is how it should be done.

but when it comes to a figurine that would pretty much be completely white or one that has a little something extra and both characters have roughly similar amount of history then i'm not going to go for the one that is comepletely white.

Robert said...

"[I]f a character has got 95% of its history in one costume for example then that is how it should be done."

Totally agree. Unfortunately, that has not been the rule of thumb in a few cases. Drax is the most prominent example, and the list also includes the likes of Iron Man. Gamora's fishnets are her original look, the one she appeared in during the classic Warlock stories from the 1970s and the costume she has worn for the longest time and in the most appearances. Her present look is fine, it's just not her original/ main/ classic look.

ted sallis said...

If you painted Spider-Man all white you would get an all white Spider-Man! Sorry to be so sciencey,Come to think of it why did we waste a slot on Ice Man when we could have just painted Spidey all white;p
Not a massive want fer me at this moment, but i find it shocking that we are discriminating against a Puerto rican superhero because he is " too white" ooooooooooooooooooh the irony of it all.

mighty_marvel said...

was just trying to show how simple a mod of white tiger would be, and how plain the fig would look. at least iceman had the ice effect paint, and is a considerably more important character.
neither white tiger is a big want for me either but if they're going to do one, at least do the one that will make the slightly more interesting fig. and another girlie would keep deadpool happy too!

Robert said...

Deadpool won't be happy until the figures can actually lapdance.

michal9402 said...
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michal9402 said...

Sebastian Shaw is in! That's great. Now we can have other Helfire Club...of course I mean Selene:)

White Tiger of course ANGELA for me.

Saturn Lad said...

Sebastain Shaw is a great first pick!

Female White Tiger please!

Hiperion said...

Shaw's a great addition and could make a cool figurine.

Abou White Tiger... Old Hector Ayala for me.

lipstick said...

I am happy with Sebastian Shaw!

Squidguy said...

Sebastian Shaw is in then... not really a surprising choice thinking about it. A solid start.

Nice to see the progress on Mockinghird from start to finish. She will look fab I am sure of it.

Spiral not a character that I was that bothered about, but she does look good. Hint: she would look even better with Longshot and Mojo alongside her.

White Tiger: Struggle to see why it can only be one. Despite sharing the name there is two different characters there. If I was to make a choice it would be for Hector Ayala. Angela could easily come later as she builds up a history, perhaps two extensions down the line.

Thor8 said...

I would prefer the male White Tiger.

mrsinister88 said...

My revised 20

Sebastian Shaw
Nova (Frankie Ray)
US Agent
Dani Moonstar
Madame Masque
Count Nefaria

Thor8 said...

Three weeks,three updates,and various comments on the side. You're doing an excellent job Daniel.

I like the progress on Mockingbird,but I still feel her hair is not right. She would look better with her hair similar to the drawing you showed us along with the first sneak peak of Bobby. The tips of her mask seem like rabbit ears or something similar.

Not a big Spiral fan,but if the figurine is anything like the drawing,it should turn up a great figurine.

Glad the X-People are happy with Shaw. Personally I would have preferred Mastermind or Mimic.

Still haven't heard from Pirate or jacadoo. Where are you guys??!!

John said...

Most of my favorite characters are curveballs, so I think that's why I'm so against White Tiger. We get so few curveballs that I don't want to see it go to a character I care nothing about. If we DID have to get one, I'm with MM that I'd rather have the female version, just because it would be better to look at... but honestly, I think the choice should go to the real fans of the characters, which would definitely be the original.

With Gamora, I just hope that when she's confirmed, we get a forum vote as to which appearance people want. I'd be okay with a majority vote. Still... like White Tiger, it seems that most of the people that actually name her as a Top wanted character, tend to request the modern look. If that's what her strongest fans want...

Robert said...

John, in general I agree that the folk with the greatest interest in a character should get that incarnation. I would never vote on an X-character poll as I am unlikely to buy it. But as for Gamora, I am the only person on here appealing for the Infinity Watch - as I have been doing for years - and the likes of Bob and I worship Jim Starlin's '70s Warlocks as arguably the greatest comicbooks ever made. As the two biggest fans on here of the classic Gamora, are you confident we will get the version we want or will it be another Drax Debacle? It's not about the greatest fans of a character, unfortunately, it's about numbers.

mighty_marvel said...

"Angela could easily come later as she builds up a history, perhaps two extensions down the line."

according to comicvine she already has the most history of the two characters. angela has 76 appearances compared to hector's 64.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...
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AVENGERS -87 said...

After the confirmation of Sebastian Shaw , I hope the confirmation of : Longshot , Silver Samurai , Wolfsbane , Moonstar , Grey Gargoyle , Moonstone , Swordsman ( very love by the french fans on the forum), Wiccan , Hela , Hammerhead , Jackal , Trapster , Maximus , Firelord , Gamorra , Owl , White Tiger ( Angela del Toro) , Shaman , Brother Voodoo

Moonstar said...

SEBASTIAN SHAW = excellent choice a very cool character to start the extension with.

Male White Tiger v Female White Tiger..... Female version all the way she looks way more interesting. The male version is just a guy in a white gimp outfit.

The female version just looks visually more interesting.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

As for White Tiger.
This is classic collection, so only Hector for now. He's original White Tiger. Did we get Green Goblin IV or Venom II as first? No, we have Norman Osborn and Eddie Brock, so Angela will have her time, now is Hector time!

John said...

On the subject of Specials, here's my Top 8, in order:

Gorilla Man
Madame Web

I do REALLY want a Special sized Groot. He doesn't have to be Mega Special, just large, and I'll be happy. I think most of his fans will except this compromise as it means he's actually in the collection.

I realize Gorilla Man doesn't have a chance... at least for a looong while. And Ego would be challenging, but like MODOK, is so distinctly Marvel, unique and one of a kind (besides offshoots of themselves.)

The Cosmic fan that I am, a Blastaar would be baller. It pretty much completes the Negative Zone. A simple regular Special with a lot of fans.

Lockjaw and Maximus to complete the Inhumans. Eternity, because, again I'm a Cosmic fan. To have the Constructs watching over the collection would be amazing. And Madame Web as the first female Special, and timed to release with the Spider-Man movie. Besides Rhino, she's the only Spidey character worthwhile to be a Special, and Spidey=money.

So unfortunately half or more of mine would be Megas, but... what are you gonna do? :D

Robert, could we have a compromise? Gamora in her modern outfit if Pip the Troll makes it?

John said...

"Did we get Green Goblin IV or Venom II as first? No, we have Norman Osborn and Eddie Brock."

Though we did get Genis-Vell before Captain Mar-Vell...

Robert said...

John, I'd love to accept your gracious compromise. Sadly, Gamora and Pip are just too darn important. There's loads of characters I'm keen on but classic characters from probably my favourite comics series of all time, well, that's a fish of a different colour. Tell you what, you can have TEN picks of anything you want, even the likes of Howard, more mutants and squirrels, if I can have classic Gamora and Pip.

Word verification: "trole". I kid you not!

Andreas said...

I would love a Mary Jane in her classic "Face it, Tiger"-pose

John said...

Robert, we are at a cross-roads. We both rank Gamora as one of our highest wants, yet in very different forms. Its a generational thing, I'm sure, but one that actually makes me feel closer to you. ;) In any case, my resepct for you rises. I must continue my campaign for a modern Gamora, but wish you the best for the classic.

Robert said...

Likewise, John. I have no interest in Sebastian Shaw - much as I enjoyed the classic Claremont-Byrne X-Men comics - but still I wouldn't say he shouldn't get in the collection. I don't even say that about Howard, much as I hate him. Everyone's tastes are different and every figure that is announced has at least one person cart-wheeling around the room. (Well, at my age, the equivalent is waving my walking stick in an unco-ordinated fashion.) Unfortunately, some of us have more obscure tastes than others, like me with the Recorder and Ted with Ulysses Bloodstone.

As my heart is promised to another - Dan, as he's a Pip fan - I can't offer a hug. However, anytime you are in Glasgow, if you are in need of reading material of the super-heroic kind, my collection is yours.

tinodragon14 said...

Like the Spiral cover... nice work. Not surprised to see Shaw picked with the new movie out even though there was denial that was the reason. I like Kevin Bacon but he does not remotely look like Shaw and Shaw was never a Nazi. I was hoping they would pick MASTERMIND before Shaw but I suspect most of my bad guy picks will fall by the wayside with some of the characters mentioned like Groot? Rocket Raccoon?? Howard the Duck??? Silliness. And this call for generic Hydra & AIM foot soldiers when there are still many great bad guys to go through puzzles me but the worst of all the Brood. Marvel's rip-off of the success of the Alien movie.
As for White Tiger a so so character created by Marvel to be it's first Hispanic hero was so popular they killed him off. You would rather scrape up some so so hero to waste a figure on then give the slot to great bad guy.

Robert said...

Ah, Tino, someone to come on here and challenge Leigh and I for the title of Most Opinionated Poster! I welcome the competition!

Seriously, the argument for the Hydra agent is pretty simple. Hydra have a long history in the Stan Lee Universe, have made many, many appearances across most of the main titles and will even appear in the upcoming Captain America movie. They have also made appearances as toys, statues (a three-pack) and even as Mini-Mates. There's no denying their prominence in Marvel comics. While there will be no particular individual to write about in the magazine (apart from the most notable leaders, Baron Strucker and Viper), the organisation of Hydra has an extensive history that would dwarf most if not all characters remaining to be made.

P.S. I know what you're saying about the original White Tiger. While he's not near the top of my wants list, I always liked Hector. He never seemed to catch a break. Then they killed him. Poor guy.

tinodragon14 said...

Dear Roberto,
I am aware of Hydra's long illustrious career as a villainous organization & salute it as a fan of the bad guys however there are just too many great bad guys left I want to see before a generic Hydra guy. I am not opinionated SIR but I will have my villains are I will have no choice but to seize control of this collection & finally at last RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! BRING ON THE BAD GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ted sallis said...

Aah, the old misleading cover,i fell fer it again, Avengers #13 there's Thor screaming some Asgardian war cry probably " Mon get some ya bam!!" While in the background the bodies of the fallen Avengers are scattered on the battlefield, Fear Itself screams the headline,oooooooooooooh says me, i'll check that oot, Arrived this morning utter gash! Twenty pages o talking heads, Apparrantley the sight of Red Hulk eating Raw chicken eggs is enough to make Spidey vomit in his mask...£ find out that little gem.
Oh, and much kudos to Jean Sebastian Rossbach fer the cover art on T-Bolts #157 , His depiction of Moonstone is chest terrific.If an EM sculpt can look anything near as good, then DP will be very happy £2.25...fer the Hulk eating eggs...Jeeez!!

Robert said...

All for bringing on the bad guys, Tino, you megalomanical conqueror, I mean Hydra's full of 'em! Yet, even without checking, I'd be confident you wouldn't be able to name ten villains not already made who have as many appearances over as long a time as Hydra. They deserve their shot.

Sounds like I was right to avoid Fear Itself. After the dog's dinner that was Chaos War, I am avoiding big event series. Let me guess: Bendis? Van Lente? Pak? A.N.Other rubbish modern writer?

bearbrian said...
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bearbrian said...

I think we should all remember that this is a business. I would love to see some of the more obscure characters. But if this collection wants another extension they should stick with the mainstream. I think the best direction for this extension would be to complete the teams that have already been started.

Here in the USA the figures can be hard to find. But when you do find them the only figures that are easily obtained are the more unknowns like impossible man. Most store owners don't like to order the "odd" characters because they don't sell. Money is tight so people want what they know.

Maybe this extension could afford one or two spots for the fans and I think Sebastian shaw already used one of those spots.

Sorry to be a downer but I want a long life for the collection

Ps- I'm still wishing for Power Pack.

bearbrian said...

I forgot to add that there should be a focus on reissuing some of the earlier figures so new collectors can get them.

ted sallis said...

Far as i know this collection not only survived but thrived during the biggest economic meltdown in 70 yrs, so i'm fairly confident it can survive the inclusion of a few obscure??? characters.
Yeah EM, come to think of it, your bloomin lucky to have punters like us. ;)

bearbrian said...

I love this collection. I'm just saying that now that a majority of the big mainstream characters have been produced the designers need to be smarter to keep the casual market interested. This board is a wonderful place for all us hardcore fans , but we only make up a small percent of the consumer base.

ted sallis said...

Bearbrian? if that's just a username it's ok, if it' your real's awesome :)
200 issues into a fig colection , what is and is not obscure is a fairly objective thingymabob.
EM, have got the balance right these past 6 yrs. I know there is only a tiny percentage of the subscriber base represented here , If thousands of the 8000 ish subscribers had cancelled i could see the need for names from 200?. Far as i know this ain't the case. "Obscure" may be the deathnell for any other collection. BUT this ain't any collection, it is the most diverse,complete? representation of the MU, and will probably never be replicated, Collectors who have stuck with it thus far know that, Bring on the obscure....Did i hear Leigh shout a naughty word?

Robert said...

I'm not sure if Eaglemoss have seriously considered reissuing. They haven't mentioned it on here to my knowledge. I have no problem with it, especially if it encourages collectors to stick with the CMFC and not abandon it because the major characters are so hard to find. That said, I jumped on eBay earlier and I saw major guys like Thor available at reasonable prices (along with some chancers selling them for silly money), so maybe the need isn't there yet for reissuing. Interesting point, though.

As for "obscure" characters, the definition is harder to pin down than you think. I see folk on here saying they have no real knowledge of characters that have made semi-regular appearances for decades. To them, these characters are obscure and to oldies like me they are highly recognisable. However, I know what you mean. I am re-reading the original Daredevil issues and characters like the Masked Matador were used or mentioned only a few times way back at the start of the Silver Age. These are the truly obscure characters for me.

bearbrian said...

I'm jealous of all subscribers they don't give subscriptions to us in the states.

Robert said...

And these characters are generally obscure because they were/ are rubbish.

bearbrian said...

I'm almost 40 so I can relate to the silver age. I would love characters like 3D man.

Robert said...

Why don't they offer subscriptions in the States? There must be some good reason because it doesn't make any business sense.

Living in the UK, especially near a city with an FP, it's a complete doddle getting figures. I'm fifteen minutes tops from FP and I get to look at several figures and pick the one with the best paint job. I don't even have to bother subscribing as they have loads. Even if I don't go in for weeks and don't bother aksing the guys to keep one aside, there's always one for me anyway. Maybe the fact they're on a high shelf and I'm tall has something to do with it...?

John said...

But we can still give a fir amount of market research. A small percentage is a good indicator of the majority.

I just find it funny that you call Shaw an obscure character, then ask for Power Pack. :D Sebastian Shaw was a huge character due to the Dark Phoenix Saga, and also just for being an X-Character. Now factor in the movie and mainstream recognition. He's not obscure.

What we're at is being down to characters that are genre specific. Across the board. Iron man, Spidey, the Hulk, they travel across all comic books. Everyone knows them. But the most requested character right now, Longshot, is very X-Men specific. Firelord is only going to be wanted by Cosmic fans. Jackal is only going to be wanted by Spidey fans. So in that sense, EVERY character we have left is obscure.

So I wouldn't shoot down a character for being obscure. Not if they've got the fans backing them.

Now the real curveballs are the extremely specific. Sleepwalker, Pip the Troll, Bloodstone, Tana Nile. The ones with a bit less recognizability and backing. As much as I love characters like this, 20 of them would be the end of the collection.

Robert said...

"Almost forty."?

Pah, I was on my second divorce when you were born.

Robert said...

"As much as I love characters like this, 20 of them would be the end of the collection."

I agree.

But what a beautiful way to go.

Robert said...

Obscure debate continued.

Question for Ted: do you really harbour any hope that Bloodstone will be made?

I just wondered because I mention the Recorder and Pip a lot and I really don't believe for a second that they will ever be made.

bearbrian said...

I agree Robert it would be a great way to go. If they announced this was the final extension. But I want MORE!!!

Robert said...

Yeah, me too, Bearbrian. I don't see any reason why this collection can't continue for another five years. Frankly, if this collection ends without the Warriors Three I will probably go round to Eaglemoss's factory and beat the management to death with the Silver Sable figure.

Robert said...

Oh, where are my manners?

Welcome to the blog, Bearbrian.

bearbrian said...

Thanks for the welcome. As for subscriptions in the states I have a feeling it has to do with the lead paint. There is a warning on the package in the states. As for availability here in New Jersey maybe 2 out of 20 stores carry the figures. If you find one copy of a figure you are lucky. I try to get stores to carry them because they seem to sell great Most collectors I know get shops to specially order them. However that means what comes in is what you get. Bad paint job and alll

Robert said...


Somehow I had imagined some complicated legal reasoning and it was rather obvious.

If it's any consolation, we have a hard time in the UK finding back issues that seem to be common where you are. And have to pay silly postage costs often greater than the old comics themselves to order them from American sellers.

bearbrian said...

When eaglemoss states selling in other countries they seem to reproduce the older figures crusts how I've obtained most if them. Got deadpool from France. Invisible woman is the only figure I had to pay a great deal for.

John said...

I paid $40 for Thor. That was my most expensive Regular. Most everything else on Ebay was $4-$17, but I didn't discover the collection until around #100, so I'm just happy I'm caught up. :D

Robert, I had the exact opposite problem; there were a LOT I had to order from your side of the pond, at crazy shipping rates. In total, I probably paid as much for shipping as for the figurines themselves.

Anonymous said...

excellent news that Seb Shaw is in the house !!

White tiger ?
I like both but would probably go with the female version as females are out numbered in this collection and some of our female sculpts haven't been that great. Now that the sculpts seem to be improving a lot , I'm sure that she would make a great one !!

I'd like to support ted sallis with his request for the Bloodstones , double pack ?
while I'm on the subject of double packs , how about Starhawk + Aleta as a special ?

Bob Diamond - I think I know the figurine you are talking about and I think he looks like he's leaning his arm on the bar in his local pub waiting for a busty blonde barmaid to serve him his favourite pint of ale lol. ( strange pose indeed )

Dan , you really are the man !!

I love the fact that we aren't just getting pictures of figurines , but also sketches and art work plus early stage images.
Thanks , and keep up the good work.

Robert said...

"In total, I probably paid as much for shipping as for the figurines themselves."


Not sure if I'd be so keen to pay what is essentially double for these figures. I Have a hard enough time swallowing the idea of paying double for each much-sought-after back issue that isn't in UK - and comics are my priority. I take my hat off to any CMFC collector who pays the heavy postage. I have paid exactly zero in postage since issue #1.

Mr J said...

Angela Del Toro (female White Tiger) first she has more history and looks much more dynamic.

Seb Shaw is an awesome character selection. 1 down 19 to go!

bearbrian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bearbrian said...

I wonder if there will be any more variants.. I can't afford green quicksilver or dark Phoenix.

I want a do over for Dazzler too. Worst figure in the collection and my favorite character.

Gremlin in the works said...

I know I stated it before but the pose for sebastian Shaw should be similar to the image below. The best way to describe it is someone cracking their knuckles in front of their chest. Shaw's power is akin to super strength and he is known as a physically powerful character yet only when he has to be. I think having him in his full Victorian outfit but with the below hand pose would be perfect.

And put me down for more villains. I expect to see Baron Mordo, Deathbird, Jackel, Satana, Grey Gargoyle, Hela, Attuma, Constrictor, Count Nefaria and Moonstone sometime over this extension and hopefully the one after.

LAWay said...

Disappointed. (you knew it was coming)

I agree with Thor8 as we stated during the last update of Mockingbird. It doesnt look right. The hair pulled back doesnt work and makes her mask look awful. LOOK at the drawing, its perfect. Looking at pics of her, I havent seen ANY with her in a ponytail, her most common look is the long hair. So please...


As for the question of White Tiger, by the sounds of things a definite inclusion, shocking. A dull character design by a little known supporting character. I know EM have to balance the extensions and try to leave enough for people wanting to continue, but thats a joke.

Going by appearances, these characters for example are way ahead of him:

Franklin Richards - 832
Wolfsbane - 645
Sunspot - 627
Moonstar - 531
Volstag - 526
Speedball - 444
US Agent - 406
Namorita - 361
Justice - 350
Heimdal - 349
Strong Guy - 324
Misty Knight - 319
Maria Hill - 302
Spider-Girl - 267
Atlas - 243
Trapster - 239
Alex Power - 236
Thunderstrike - 230
Stature - 214
Thunderball - 207
Gamora - 202
PileDriver- 194
Morph - 191
Madame Masque - 190
Lyja - 189
The Hood - 189
Wiccan - 181
Hammerhead - 180
Major Victory - 177
Dragon Man - 175
Constrictor - 174
Kaine - 172
Swordsman - 170
Patriot - 166
Silver Samurai - 166
Paladin - 160
Stringray - 158
Spiderman 2099 - 157
Baron Mordo - 157
Whirlwind - 156
Tigershark - 152
Nocturne - 149
Blaastar - 142
Attuma - 141
Crossbones - 140
Owl - 138
3d Man - 131
Tombstone - 128
Diablo - 123
Terrax - 122
Blizzard - 122
Grey Gargoyle - 114
Captain Universe - 113
Speed Demon - 101
Whiplash - 100
Onslaught - 96
Tarantula - 92
Jigsaw - 90
Deaths Head- 81
White Tiger (female) - 75
White Tiger (male) - 64

Now I know we can all make lists and debate on whether just because they have appeared in more comics depends on who is deserving more. But look at some of those numbers that eclipse both versions of the White Tiger.

I now its just me ranting, but there are so many characters between the ones I mentioned that I couldnt be bothered writing. And I could be jumping the gun entirely at a little off the cuff remark.

But theres around 3 extensions of characters that are more widely known, with more impact on the marvel universe, with more interesting designs of just the characters mentioned above.

Are EM at the stage where they are just picking personal favourites and padding out the collection with characters very low on anyones wishlist? I hadnt even seen White Tiger petitioned by anyone.

I may be making mountains out of molehills, but I just wanted to express the direction of the collection rather than just go along with it. Why skip on so many great characters, especially if the future of the collection is unclear.

Anyway, sorry for ranting, and no disrespect intended.

John said...

I'm with Leigh. this case. ;)

Anonymous said...


Hello Dan & bloggers
- all you CMFC lovers out there

is now a blog

Click the below link to visit it:

Its mission is to become the ultimate, most complete visual resource for Marvel figurines in CMFC format.

You will also be able to:
1. Create your own virtual CMFC extension
2. Create virtual CMFC team packs and thematic subsets

I hope you will visit and enjoy.
Long live the CMFC.

Thor8 said...

Kirlianeyes; I loved your blog,and hope to see new additions soon.

ted sallis said...

My god, i'm rough, my wife found me in the shed , slumped over the lawnmower. Just your average family BBQ;)
Robert, back in the early days of this collection, i used to think to myself how cool a Man-Thing fig would be, my daydream came true rather quickly, So the longer this series goe's on the more hopeful i become, that one day Ulysses and perhaps even Elsa will adorn my shelves.....and Princess Python.....and Molecule Man...and etc,etc.
Right i'm off to the newsagent fer a gallon of Red Bull.

ted sallis said...

Aaaaah. Red Bull goodness coarseing through my veins.
Just been catching up on the posts. Got to admire the overseas collectors, they really pay through the nose for this collection.
Months ago i sold a lot of specials and variants on fleabay, some shysters were asking £60 for grey Hulk?? in fact all the early variants had ridiculous pricetags, i put mine on at cover price, they were gone in 5 minutes, then i got an email from a chap in the usa asking about postage costs, it was nearly $50.00 to send him 6 specials, i thought, that might put him off, turns out the guy could not have been any happier if he had won the lottery.
Right time fer breakfast and the Sunday Post, night night.

mighty_marvel said...

i'm with you on white tiger leigh. i don't think now is the right time for either tbh. the original is a character who was so popular that marvel killed him off within 60ish issues and has the MU's most boring costume design. angela has a better design but as yet does not have the history to deserve inclusion imo, certainly not over other characters in the marvel knights area such as brother voodoo or misty knight.

i know hector did reasonably well in the last forum choice poll but that has to be taken with a pinch of salt. how many of those votes were from members with a vote to spare wanting to assist a certain high profile forum member's long standing campaign for white tiger? the same thing is happening with the current poll about whether the forum prefers hector or angela. i have seen many posts saying they're voting for hector just because someone has a long standing campaign for him.

Robert said...

VERY interesting list, Leigh. Love the fact Franklin is at the top. So far no one has ran from their room, screaming about a 'civvie' (well, he's powerful but doesn't - normally - wear a costume) getting in the collection. I've long wanted a Franklin-Valeria figurine for the FF, but that suggestion has been ignored. Also noticed Diablo, another character that only I seem to mention on here.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

About your blog, where is interactive 3D option? Because I can't find it, I see only 2D jpg pictures there. Any link to this 3D simulations?

BobDiamond said...

I'm afraid I don't agree with some of the resent posts concerning the White Tiger. I've always noticed a lot of interest for the character on here and on The Forum. At the moment there's even a poll asking which version people want- and it's getting a lot of responses.
I also don't think it's just because of Zom's campaigning. Popular though he is, other bloggers would not be backing the White Tiger as strongly as they are unless they also wanted him/ her. Hector IS a Classic Character, in the same way Thunderbird is. Sometimes the number of actual appearances have nothing to do with the iconic status; it's more to do with their representation of a particular era, sub-genre or classic story-line.
The White Tiger, particularly the original version, has always been in my top 10 wants, and I don't think he has a boring costume at all- in fact it's because of his sleak, subtle design that he's always had such a strong following. Angela's costume is OK, but very generic; whereas Hector's has an iconic touch to it.
I also realise that interest in this character has a lot to do with generation- one of those things that make this blog so stimulating! I grew up with the character; a lot of bloggers didn't . The same way I react to mentions of Dusk or Anole- I don't know them, so I have little interest in their inclusion. However,as long as they try to keep this collection a fair mix of new and old, the vast majority of us should be happy- but remember, it's not always about statistics (I have enough of that B********s in my working life, without it effecting my hobby!) :)


BobDiamond said...

'resent'??? Sorry ment to say 'recent'


LAWay said...

KE - nice to see you make a blog where we can find and follow those great pics.

What I think would be cool for your 'create your own extension' is, if you know some basic flash programming, make it possible to scroll through the list of all the characters in a line up to make your dream 5. But then problematic as you update more I guess. nevermind, looks good anyway.

Glad some people have agreed with me and not shot me down as my usual craziness. As for Franklin Richards, a 2-pack with H.E.R.B.I.E. or Valeria, even a 3 pack. Or make a future version like the one in Spider-Girl. And I love Diablo. Its just an example of so many good characters and designs, its so hard to think when making your extension lists.

LAWay said...

BD - not arguing against you if you genuinely want it, just I havent noticed many people on this blog mention him, and I dont visit the forum.

I think the forum is very much like the current state of FIFA. Take that how you will.

In a forum poll discussing the 2, no wonder it would get interest, as people will generally talk about what they are voting on.

I have never heard of White Tiger. Could be a generation gap. But we dont see enough new characters anyway, and alot of the characters I mentioned are just as old, but even more impressive and iconic. I know nowadays there are so many comic titles that it is easier for new characters to boost their appearances, but personally, if old characters have been out for decades havent managed to get back into current titles, then clearly marvel do not have faith in them which should then question why they should be included over other characters.

Mr J said...

I just cannot understand how White Tiger is even under consideration the guy has 64 comic book appearances!

I'm with LAWAY on this one look at the list he put up with all those characters that have years and years of history and a throw away character with 64 appearances is possibly getting the call up before the 300th issue! CRAZY!

There is not alot of support for him most of it comes from people clearly voting for him because one of their friends likes him. That is fine but lets not pretend this guy is a mjor want for the majority of collectors. White Tiger is not in the same league as someone like Vance Astro, Longshot, Moonstone or Mirage. Plus White Tiger looks dull as dishwater.

Robert said...

I think Bob hit the nail on the head with his observation that this is a generational thing. While not I'm not the fan that Bob is, Hector did make a noticeable impression on '70s comicbook readers and I can see why he might be included in a new extension. His appearances in Spidey's mags, while rare, were always very good fun and memorable. And the story where Mace gunned Hector down was unheard of at the time for its violence and was a hugely affecting storyline. For someone of my age to read someone say they have never even heard of the White Tiger is quite shocking and just points out how different the CMFC collectors are. Not to single anyone out in a negative way, but Mr J listed four other characters that he preferred instead of the White Tiger and I strongly disagree. I'd much rather have Hector. Again, it's age and what you read/ have read. No right or wrong about it.

As for having too few appearances to be included, that's okay as a starting point but in some cases a bit of a simplistic rule of thumb. Even if Galactus had never reappeared again after the Galactus trilogy he'd be famous and part of this collection. And in the '70s Thanos made very few appearances and was still considered one of the great Marvel villains. Extending this thought, some players play only a season or two for their football team and are remembered more fondly than some journeyman guy who is there for all his career. Quality over quantity, as they say.

BobDiamond said...

Take your point guys, but like I said earlier, it's not always about the amount of appearances.
Also Mr J, that's an interesting comparison list...none of those you mention have particularly impressive costumes either; Longshot- basically black, Moonstone- basically white, Vance Astro (love to have him myself)-simple white and blue. As for Mirage- I only remember her New Mutants outfit- hardly outstandingly eye-catching.
Swings 'n roundabouts I guess...and as for 'not being in the same league'- again, highly questionable, and depends heavily on personal knowledge and interests.


Anonymous said...

RE: 3D simulations
Hi Tomasz, my use of the term '3D simulations' must be taken with a pinch of salt! A figurine is a 3D representation of a 2D comic book character. My virtual CMFC gallery is a collection of 2D images of 3D Marvel figurines. A bit low-fi, I know! No hi-tech 3D software involved! The aim is to be able to see how Marvel characters would look if they were 3D CMFC figurines, so when we campaign for the inclusion of a character we have a visual reference beyond the classic 2D comic book image.
I hope you will find that for all its simplicity, the virtual CMFC gallery is fun and useful.


Robert said...

Blake, has some fun on your gallery. Very impresive stuff. And a few great characters I had forgotten about!

Anywho, a quick question: where did you get the images of the Warriors Three?

Robert said...

Sorry, two spelling mistakes in as many sentences. Proofread, you daftie!

Becquerel said...

Regarding re-issueing, I am located in Austria and our shop is getting the figurines from a German distributor.
I had absolutely no problem getting the older issues, in fact, I only recently started getting the collection since I didn't know about it until a couple months ago. :)

That German distributor is not up to the current figurines (they're around 70ish) and aren't offering all specials (yet? I dunno), but getting any issues in between 1-70ish and these specials is hardly a problem. And it's standard pricing too!

So, if you guys need any back issues, just tell me, I might be able to get them for you. :)

Becquerel said...

Oh, also, they're releasing a new pack of 12-15 figurines every couple months.

CrowRider said...

hey bob nice job so far...have you considered inserting some other rogue's galleries or families that were glossed over so far or completely ignored? like:

Squadron Supreme : Doctor Spectrum, Hyperion, Zarda, Whizzer, Skymaster, Nighthawk (SS), Amphibian

Eternals: Zuras, Makkari, Thena, Virako, Ajak, Druig

Ghost Rider: Vengeance, Orb, Scarecrow, Blackout, Madcap, Master Pandemonium, Lilith

Daredevil: Mr. Fear, Stiltman and Owl (to finish the set)

Black Panther: Killmonger, Man-Ape, White Wolf

Doctor Strange: Nightmare, Brother Voodoo, Baron Mordo,Umar

Other Supernaturals: Werewolf by Night, Hannibal King, Deacon Frost

Iron Fist and Power Man: Steel Serpent, Purple Man

just asking

Becquerel said...

Checking the list here...

In the upcoming "new" (as in new for them) set, they're gonna offer the red-costumed Spidey sitting on the pillar.
They're up to Electro (62) and will reach Black Widow (72) in the upcoming set of issues.

BobDiamond said...

Hi CrowRider, I think you are referring to K-Eyes's Virtual Gallery. He should be getting the credit, not me!


tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Then you used bad words to describe your blog ;)
3D simulations are movie formats, not pictures or at least .gif:
Simulation is mobile, what we can see on your blog is static visualization.
Offcourse, don't get me wrong, I appreciate your work, well done.

Anonymous said...

Let's not get too technical! ;)
After all, everything happens on the flat 2D surface of a computer screen. One could almost say that 3D happens all in the mind of the beholder.

Anyhow... I hope the strapline on my blog's home page makes it a bit clearer: 'Creative photoshop simulations', photoshop being the operative word. Sorry! I don't know how to make 3D videos.

Most importantly, I'm glad you enjoy the gallery anyway.

PS. Do you have a site where you do 'real' 3D simulations???

John said...

Speaking of Dr. Strange, who's a more wanted villain: Baron Mordo or Nightmare? I see a lot of requests for Mordo, but I would MUCH rather have Nightmare. Thoughts?

Becquerel said...

I think Baron Mordo is a bit more significant to Dr. Strange's universe, but Nightmare comes right after him.
I'd like both. :)

BobDiamond said...

Blake, I've just been visiting your Virtual Gallery- Very Impressive!! However, I tried a couple of times to leave a message (and a Top 5 request suggestion) but they didn't register. Don't know if I'm doing something wrong or not!
Anyway, good luck with this amazing endeavour, and I'll have another go shortly.


Anonymous said...

@Thor8 and BobDiamond
I received your Top 5 requests. Very cool. Will action them soon.
The requests do not appear as public posts, but I can see them.
Keep 'em coming, folks.
All are welcome.

Robert said...

Not a huge Doctor Strange fan, so neither Baron Mordo or Nightmare hold a huge amount of appeal. I know you were asking about villains, but if I had one Doc-related characters to pick I'd really like Clea.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

You don't need a special programs to create 3D simulation for CMFC, as I wrote before it can be gif. You can make some photos from 8 views for one figurine and create gif with: gif creator.
I didn't hear we can make simulations in photoshop, visualizations (mock-ups) yeah, but not simulations.
I did something like that for next extensions in photoshop, if you saw it at Superherofigurineforum and I called it mock-ups. The difference between your and mine work is you used toys (or even pictures of toys), I used pictures from comics, but the final effects of our works - both are just 2D jpg pictures.

Hiperion said...

Mordo's one of my big wants at the moment. Classic villain with a great look that would make a cool figurine.

But Clea and Nightmare are great options too. Doctor Strange area needs more representation.

Robert said...

I think the Asgardians and Galactus heralds need more attention first.

Hiperion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hiperion said...

Well, the last extensions gave us Enchantress, Balder, Sif & an Odin Special. In opposite, the last Doc Strange character was Dormammu, issue #64.

I think it would be nice to have Clea or Mordo in this extension.

I agree on the Heralds. I hope Firelord gets in soon.

Robert said...

True. Although I'd argue that the likes of Baron Mordo and Nightmare are poor alternatives to the likes of Hela and the Warriors Three.

Dan The Man said...

Thanks for all the comments about White Tiger. I think the male version came out tops. John (Editor) keeps mentioning him/her, and I just wanted to re-confirm my feelings that he/she shouldn't be in the next extension. So many more deserving, which is why it's going to be sooo hard to narrow all your favs down.
It's also why I have been asking your opinions on generics (Hydra, Brood etc), I really respect your opinions and they are so helpful when making these tricky decisions.

So we have an X-villain - Sebastian Shaw

So do you guys want the next place to go to a female or another male character? I've got 2 in mind that should go down well.

Moonstar said...

Female please and I'll keep my fingers crossed for.....

You guessed it DANI MOONSTAR/MIRAGE ;)

Anonymous said...

You seem very keen on semantics!
The dictionary definition of a 'simulation' is: imitation or enactment of something real.
The virtual gallery is an enactment of CMFC figurines.
I agree that 'mock-up' is also an accurate word, but I prefer the generic term 'simulation'. Clearly in my project I cannot take pics of the figurines from various angles, because the figurines do not exist as physical objects. It would be cool, though. Personally I prefer montages with 2D pics of sculpts and toy figures, because
it usually creates a good illusion of solid 3D figurine, while I find it more difficult with 2D comic book images. Just a personal preference, is all. But hey, let's not invade this blog with this conversation! You can post me on my blog, if you want. Your comments are insightful. Cheers

Robert said...

As long as it's not an X-Men character, I'm not fussed whether it's a male or female character, Dan.

ted sallis said...

Me want a LAYDEE!! Princess Python to be precise. Hey, if you don't ask you don't get :)

Mr J said...

I hope we get Mirage so I will pick female as I really want to see one of Marvel's toughest gals make this extension.

Female next if possible and I also hope it's Mirage.

Becquerel said...

I definitely would like MODAM to be the next female addition. :D

Anonymous said...

Male character: plenty to choose from. Please venture into the less explored Marvel Universe areas.
Hyperion for the Squadron Supreme, for example... or Krang or Attuma, for Atlantis... or Firelord for Heralds of Galactus.

Female character: only if it's Gamora, Mantis or Selene please!

Victor said...

Female: Deathbird

BobDiamond said...

The more I think of it Princess Python would be an excellent choice for female villain. Her large pet snake would make it a really original and eye-catching sculpt.
(Love to have The Ringmaster sometime too- not bothered about the rest of The Circus of Crime though.)
Top females however for me, would still be Mantis and Gamora- both in original costumes (and skin colour!)


Robert said...

If it's a female, I'm with Bob in hoping it's Gamora or Mantis in original incarnations.

Male not so sure. Lots to pick from! Tarantula or Jackal would be nice. Or Swordsman or U.S.Agent.

Saturn Lad said...

My top male is LONGSHOT

My top Female is MIRAGE

Either way I'll be happy if the next pick was one of those two.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Ok, we have male character, exactly male villain. Hope we will have more villains than heroes this time. Next we should have female villain, and perfect choice would be MOONSTONE.
Just look at he poll, she's most wanted now, behind all those x-characters, so many fans will be happy.

mighty_marvel said...

good news. white tiger not being in the extension. maybe in 221 - 240.

keep away from x-men for a while please. i still think EM only need to put through 2 or 3 as the forum vote will put through some more.

don't mind whether the next character is male or female as long as the balance in the end is ok. 7 - 10 females would be nice as an end number.

male hero: brother voodoo / vance astro
male villain: jackal / trapster

female hero: misty knight / gamora
female villain: moonstone / hela

John said...

So glad to hear White Tiger would probably be a later extension. If he got in next time or later, I think I'd be fine with that. There are just too many others I want more first.

On the male/female, I'm with the others that say it doesn't matter. Its more the hero/villain or MU area that interests me. The majority of my wants are male figures, but I'd rather look at a female figure, so whatever happens, I win ;) So more villains and more diversity in the areas and I'm good.

Male hero: Rocket Raccoon/Wiccan

Female hero: Gamora/Phyla-Vell/Namora

Male villain: a Spidey character (Jackal, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Jack O' Lantern, Swarm, etc.)

Female villain: Moonstone

marv.universe said...

If a girl is choosen i hope Deathbird, and for a man Tarantula.

Thor8 said...

If the next character chosen is going to be a female I believe it should be a villain due to the fact that there aren't many of them in this collection thus far. My choices would be...

Princess Python

Now about Hector not being worthy due to his low # of appearances,just how many appearances does Howard The Duck and Rocket Raccoon have? (Appearances in Looney Tunes and Disney books don't count)

max_0888 said...

Id love a female character to be confirmed.

Especially Jessica Jones or Misty Knight.

Moonstone or Gamora would be great choices also imo.

I love wondering who will make the cut

Thor8 said...

Aren't you jumping to conclusions too soon Mighty M? Dan didn't say White Tiger would not be included in the next extension he only mentioned that HE (DAN) doesn't think he should be,but John (THE EDITOR) does. Hmmm who has more say on this matter?? (No offense intended Dan)

tomaszkasjaniuk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tomaszkasjaniuk said...

IMO White Tiger (Hector) should be in 181-200.

Robert said...

Just read another reference to the number of appearances justification for a character's inclusion in the collection. While in general terms I agree with that thinking, it's crude and doesn't take into consideration WHERE appearances are made. The White Tiger, for example, made his appearances in Spidey mags - mainly Spectac, if memory serves. Spider-Man is arguably the most prominent of Marvel's stable and his comics sell much more than the average character. Sales would be much greater here than, say, Nova, which was published around the same time. Gamora's highest profile appearances have been in the Infinity Gauntlet/ War/ Crusade, hugely popular series that had all of Marvel's most popular characters and teams. In other words, an appearance in higher selling titles like Spectacular Spider-Man or the Infinity Gauntlet have a greater impact than an appearance in most any other title. This is something that a strict head count of appearances does not take into account.

Robert said...

Out of curiosity after reading Thor8's comments, I popped over to the Marvel database and they say that Rocket Raccoon has 54 appearances. That's exactly 471 fewer appearances than Volstagg, 425 fewer than Fandrall and 417 fewer than Hogun, who mainly appeared in a core character's comic (Thor) but also, on occasion, in another core title, the Avengers.

I knew about Bill Mantlo's involvement but I was rather horrified to find out that Sal Buscema was involed in Rocket's creation, too. Ouch.

ted sallis said...

We all want dynamic figs,and curvy ladies...well most of us .
Princess P with pet entwined round her mistress from base to her shoulders , perhaps with snakes head restng in the palm of P's hand would look fantastic, and like no other fig. Seriously if guff like Silver Sable can waste a slot Princess P is more than deserving.
Oh, and Sauron looks coolish have to see what he looks like in the lead/resin flesh.

tinodragon14 said...

I prefer another male villain of course WHIRLWIND!
If you choose a male hero make it SHAMAN to finish the original Alpha Flight.
If you go with a female villain try PRINCESS PYTHON but with her snake as in that classic pic of her or SELENE of the HELLFIRE CLUB or QUICKSAND a female version of the SANDMAN.
If a female hero make it MANTIS when she was with the AVENGERS or MARRINA of Alpha Flight.

I agree with Roberto that DIABLO should be in the collection. He is an early FF baddie & he brought my favorite DRAGONMAN to life.
I support adding the original Heralds of GALACTUS. We already have the SURFER based on water & I have always liked TERRAX THE TAMER based on earth & have wanted him but thought he would be a special. Along with GABRIEL THE AIR WALKER & FIRELORD the remaining elements of air & fire.

SinisterVenom said...

Personally I'm not fussed if we get male or female next. I know who'd I'd like to see though:

Male: Owl, Hammerhead or Baron Mordo

Female: Deathbird, Selene or Hela

Ok so I cheated a little and gave 3 names for each but I couldn't decide! :P
Regarding Dr. Strange's enemies, which tbh he does need more of, I think Baron Mordo is definately due now. Besides Dormammu, Mordo is Dr. Strange's main enemy and should definately make the collection too.
So that's Dr. Strange covered, hopefully DD will get Owl. Also don't you think it's about time we had a villain for Punisher in the collection? I'm thinking along the lines of Jigsaw or Crossbones?

BobDiamond said...

Mighty Marvel, it comes across as a little churlish of you when you say it's 'good news' that the White Tiger isn't going to be included. He has a lot of fans on here who would love to have him. I don't remember the vast amount of bloggers complaining when Nico Minero made the cut because of the competition win. She was by no means a popular choice, but we took it with good grace as the choice of the competition winner- you I believe? So cut a little slack for those of us who are supporting a character who really has had more impact on the MU. Nuff said.


SinisterVenom said...

Well said BD! A fair point made indeed!

SinisterVenom said...

I've just been reading some old updates from last year and I happened to stumble upon this message from Rich:

''If we don't get a double pack of the Alpha Flight twins, then Northstar will definitely be in this extension.''

This was regarding the last extension we had (161-180) and Northstar obviously didn't make that extension and seeing as the twins have now both been sculpted I think it's only fair that you give the double pack the go ahead and leave the new extension to other characters.

Squidguy said...

A point well made Bob Diamond.

I don't mind which gender the character is, - characters should get in on merit, not on whether they wear a bra or not. Selene or Donald Pierce though would be an annoying announcement at this stage, and there would be some accusation of favouritism to the Hellfire Club

How about one of these modern characters you were going to allocated 2/3 slots to. So out of your two options choose the one with the latest debut.

navaho said...

Sad to hear Hector won't be in this extension, one of my favourite Spidey characters, I'm 40 and Hector has a special place in my heart as does Tarantula, Molton Man, Jackal, etc. Oh well ''C'est la Vie'.
Don't care if the latest character is male or female just as long as it's not an X character, Hammerhead or Hela would be great.
Gutted about White Tiger though....

LAWay said...

I've been saying all along Rocket Raccoon shouldnt be in the line up...he is by far way down the pecking order below the Duck, and you know how fond I am of him...47 appearances? I think Ted's been in more marvel comics.

Seems like White Tiger is in because of the Editor wanting it. Power abuse? I have seen more people disliking his inclusion and preferring the female option myself, but oh well.

Female Character - Spider-Girl
Male character - spider-man 2099

mighty_marvel said...

if white tiger made it as the choice of the competition winner then i would take it with good grace and be happy for the lucky winner at getting their favourite in. a personal favourite choice of one person is highly likely to be an obscure character and i wouldn't begrudge them the opportunity to get the character in.
however EM need to view the collection as a whole and from the viewpoint of all collectors. as such it is their job to make interesting figs of the most impactful characters. white tiger falls short in both these areas and so has too many people ahead of him to warrant inlcusion by EM at this satge.

Robert said...

Laughed when I read Leigh's comment that Ted has made more comicbook appearances than Rocket Raccoon.

And then it made me go off and check something else out.

Even THE MAN has nearly as many comic appearances as Rocket. Stan has 32 appearances in Marvel Comics (and 14 appearances in Marvel movies).

Becquerel said...

Oh great, now I want a Stan Lee figurine.

Mr J said...

Well said mighty marvel I'm in complete agreement.

LAWay said...

I was going to name Stan, but to be honest I wasnt surprised if he was actually in more comics. He certainly gets around with the movies, tv episodes, games etc.

I dont understand why we do polls and just the best get made. Why dont we just poll for the entire collection? The top 20 get made, and gives a good indication of future extensions and what the collectors really want.

John said...

So here's something POSITIVE. Reading through people's requests, I'm seeing a lot of great characters that I'd be thrilled to get. Some more than others, obviously, but still great suggestions.

I'm all for Princess Python. She'd go great next to the inevitable Constrictor, Cobra and Sidewinder (hint, hint.)

LAWay's call for Spidey 2099 and Spider-Girl are fantastic as well. More Spider-Man characters without having redos. I fully support them and they have quite a following. As long as we never get a "Peter Parker" Spider-Man from another dimension, I'll be good. :D

Robert: "Gamora's highest profile appearances have been in the Infinity Gauntlet/ War/ Crusade, hugely popular series that had all of Marvel's most popular characters and teams."

I think I know what Robert is trying to say. We need the Beyonder. Right, Robert? ;) VERY high profile comic. Marvel's most popular characters. Everyone knows the character. Etc. It'll sell.

I'm going to end my positive post by first congratulating everyone on their fine suggestions (such as Whirlwind, Trapster, Jackal... are you getting this EM? We want VILLAINS) and restate that Rocket Raccoon is my most wanted character.

Robert said...

"I think I know what Robert is trying to say. We need the Beyonder. Right, Robert?"

You sneaky rascal, John! You have a point but huge seller or not, I can't say I'm keen on the Beyonder, sorry. He's just Steve Rogers with dodgy '80s fashion. Unless you are talking about the battlesuit with the ridiculous shoulders? Either way, that's a hard sell, John! Good luck! (Maybe you could just rip a piece of paper, hold it up to a light and call it "First Appearance Beyonder"? No, don't thank me, anything to help.)

Now, if you are talking about the Magus from the Infinity War, well, where do I sign up?

Gremlin in the works said...

Hmmmmmm next confirmation...

if it's a woman I will guess at Moonstone. Popular and longtime member of the Thunderbolts and the next logical choice from that team.
If we are talking a male character then I will go with someone like Vance Astro or Brother Voodoo. Both having been increasing in popularity recently and are definately worthy of inclusion.

On the Rocket Raccoon/issue numbers debate I would rather have Rocket in the collection. Although he hasn't stacked up hundreds of issues like other characters he has captured the attention of readers in the short time he has been published (I know he is from the 60's but he has only really become popular the past few years).
The comics and storylines he has been involved in have meant he is often front and centre. I would welcome rocket raccoon in the collection as I think he would look awesome as a sculpt. Of course I want other characters from the cosmic genre like Firelord, Gamora, Starlord and Deathbird too but Rocket has his merits.

Kal Brindle said...

Wow, I am late getting to the party. Teased with White Tiger's inclusion then having him shot down within the same update was a tad disappointing, I'll have to be sure to get one here more often now Dan is in charge.

Great news about Sebastian Shaw - an X-Villain who's well deserving and as much as I love them, it's nice to have a break from the Brotherhood (after all the X-Men have an extensive Rogues Gallery). He should be shirtless IMO as that inevitably how he ends up in every battle, plus the period ruffles and bows are a little OTT.

Even though it's a moot point, I'd much rather have Hector as the White Tiger, not because he's Zombula's most wanted, but because he's Marvel's first Latino hero, who originated from the Sons of the Tiger (a massive personal favourite)and the whole 1970s Kung Fu cultural invasion. It was a huge part of my childhood and for me the collection won't be complete without White Tiger. I guess I'm agreeing with so many of you that perhaps this is a generational thing. I also view Hector's costume as iconic, not plain. Would you say the same about Daredevil, Iceman, Mephisto, Silver Surfer, Ultron, Jocasta, Crimson Dynamo? After all they are all monochromatic too. As in all things CMFC - beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so lets agree to disagree, but I am hopeful that Hector will make it in soon (ideally in this extension Dan if I had my druthers).

I really have enjoyed seeing the detailed process with the Mockingbird figure and hope we see more info like this. The Spiral cover looks great. Too bad about not being able to cover the title with artwork - I always thought it was one of the coolest things about the magazines. I am one of those freaks of nature who enjoy the magazine as much as I enjoy the figure - so I am always happy to learn about the process of putting the mags together.

Next reveal? Male or female? Not bothered by gender - but it would be awesome to see Shaman or Marrina get the nod, which would mean that the LONG AWAITED Beaubier two pack is FINALLY on it's way to us!

If you can't do that, then I'd like to see Grey Gargoyle or Mirage get the next spot please.

I'd also really love to know whether or not we can expect a Western character (Rawhide Kid, Two Gun Kid) or Western superhero (Phantom Rider, Texas Twister)in this extension? At 200 issues I think it's time they got some representation.

Thanks Dan, for keeping us up to date and for all the great work you and the rest of the EM team do to bring us this amazing collection. As I've said many times before, this is the collection I have waited my whole life for, the right price, amazing quality and detail, and truly extensive in it's representation of the Marvel Universe.

SinisterVenom said...

So I gave my preffered male and female characters yesterday. I'm going to try and guess who they may be now.
I am almost certain the female character will be Moonstone. She is a highly popular character amongst fans and I will be surprised if she doesn't appear soon.
The male character could be anyone. Silver Samurai and Longshot are amongst the most wanted but we just had an X character confirmed so I don't think it'll be them yet. If it's a Spidey character it could be Hammerhead, Avengers villain could be Whirlwind etc.....Ok I'm going to guess Vance Astro as a lot of folk wanted him in the last extension.
And finally, KAL!!! Where have you been hiding!? Havn't seen you about in ages. Speaking of long lost faces, where is Pirate Adam and Jacadoo? I don't remember the last time I read a post from those two.

max_0888 said...

Well said Kal :)

To me, saying a character has less appearances at this stage of the collection is pretty irrelevant imo.

I want both Hector and Rocket Raccoon even if they haven,t reached 100 issue. They are both needed to complete my collection. They have made an impact in MU. And since we are reaching 200 issues with this collection, i'm pretty confident we'll get more extansions and finish the new mutants team and many more. (If we finish the new mutants team, that means 4 or 5 more extansions hehe) So there is plenty of place for controversial characters.

The last extansion gave us J Jonah, Nico Minoru, Dracula, Thunderbird and Captain Mar-Vell. These characters made a lot of debate here and on the forum for a while. But all of them got included at the same time and I'm really happy for this.

Maybe this time we will get Werewolf by Night, Howard the duck, Wiccan and General Ross. Of course there will always be characters that we want less. But since most of us are completist, that's part of the game.

I bought Nomad and didn't know him at all except his tiny little appearance in Brubraker's run of Cap and the little Thunderbolts appearance. I bought him and put him next to Ikaris and Destroyer, the three characters I have the least interest in.

And as Kal said, I do love the mag. I'm always eager to read the whole background and interviews of the character I buy. And to get to know the processus of the mag is also really fun. Can't wait to read what you guys at EM wrote about Siryn hehe

So bring on recent characters like Jessica Jones, Wiccan, Karolina Dean and The Hood, and older characters like White Tiger, Misty Knight and Princess Python (I looove her look) cause I'm in for the long haul.

And a big thanks to Dan for all the updates recently. We have a lot to talk about these days and it's been a lot of fun. Keep us talking, that's all we ask for hehe.

Editor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Editor said...

Blogger Editor said...

y'know one minute I'm all ready to put in a certain character then I read the comments and I change my mind!!! just spent the last hour or more going over the comments/poll results/our lists etc - We're getting there very slowly....

PS just got the J.J.Jameson 3D imagery in from Toby at Imagika and wow! it looks like it's gonna be a cracker!

hopefully can upload it on friday.

'nuff said. Dan

Editor said...

PS just spent most of the day with Rich trying to decide on a look for Nico Minoru - damn, she's got more outfits than Lady Gaga!

I hope we've come up with the right solution.

William said...

Love the mag but why are you guys ignoring the classic Marvel UK stuff from the 90s. Death's Head 2 sold over half a million copies of its brilliant first issue that's more than Marvel's entire run sells these days! You should also think about doing Marvel Man now that he falls under Marvel's ownership. Heard on another message board that you were considering Aunt May just cause of her appearances. if you do make sure it's the classic Aunt May and not the modern version...

William said...

Motormouth would be cool too. She was ace. Why don't you do a Marvel UK mini collection like you did with the Blackest Night...

ted sallis said...

Hmmmm. just had an extensive 3 minute interwebby search, i have ascertained that Nico Minorou is a chick with a ...stick, best of luck :)
can't wait see ol JJJ on Friday. (fingers crossed)

SinisterVenom said...

I see the point you're making William, but we're not exactly 'ignoring the 90s', it's just there are so many more characters that are more classic and deserving to be in the collection before Marvel Man and Death's Head. Don't get me wrong there are many people here that want DH too but when you think of the more popular characters that still need to be done (Hammerhead, Deathbird, Owl, Whirlwind etc) you have to feel that DH should appear in a later extension. That's how I see it anyway.
As for JJJ, I would love to see how he is coming along. Guys, if you can show it Friday, make it so!
As for Nico, why not put up some images and we can see which look we would prefer. I think it's also only fair to the competition winner who chose her too.

mighty_marvel said...

not just any stick. the staff of one. which has the power to make even the dread dormammu tremble!

can't wait to see JJJ on friday.

Robert said...

Yep, seeing JJJ would be cool. There's a lot riding on him. If he's a great sculpt then it might convince some fence-sitters, and maybe even convert some nay-sayers.

ted sallis said...

Beastie Boy was adamant no Marvel character could be portrayed with any hint of smoking paraphenalia,So is JJJ replete with cigar???...Go on Dan tell us ;)

BobDiamond said...

Beasty Boy? Adamant??? Never!! :)


BobDiamond said...

...And as for where Pirate Adam has been recently...he's been beating the living **** out of my team in The Battle Royale thread over on the SHFF!


PS. word verification: 'carzi'!

Robert said...

They might as well not bother if they don't have a cigar in his mouth.

marv.universe said...

Not fussed by JJJ, i hope to see the sculpt of Tiger Shark.
Dan don't forget the cosmic's for the new extention.

karnak37 said...

Really hope to see more villians like Whirlwind avengers, Diablo fantastic 4, and Jackal spiderman.

SinisterVenom said...

Saw X-Men First Class earlier, absolutely great film! I especially love the ending regarding Magneto's look, I won't say too much about the film for those who havn't seen it yet. Though Sebastian Shaw was nice to see, I think they could have found someone better than Kevin Bacon to play him.
Good to see the main CMFC site updated with Sauron being advertised. Available to pre-order from 16th June guys!

John said...

Again, EM, take note of all the villain requests.

Dan, I'm really curious who you were thinking of putting in, but changed your mind about. We all love Marvel here, so I'm sure if we knew there would be at least 5 more extensions, we wouldn't be so fussy over who was making it. We all realize we all have different favorites, and for me (as they all make up the MU) I'll buy them all regardless.

So I don't like the White Tiger, but its not like I just don't want the character made at all (I did when I thought he only had 1 fan, total...) But as others have come on professing their love for the guy, its exactly my situation with Rocket Raccoon.

...Or is original pick different by genre? You were thinking of adding Count Nefaria but saw all the Whirlwind requests, or something like that.

In any case, keep it diverse and we'll be happy. Classic characters, newer characters, characters from the start of Marvel (40s and 50s... especially 50s) genres, teams, hero/villain, male/female, etc.

Still just curious about this White Tiger thing, only because I've seen so many posts saying that votes go to him JUST because one other member wants him, how many of you would say White Tiger is in your Top 30 or so? Kal and Bob, right? Who else?

John said...

p.s. I am fully AGAINST J. Jonah Jameson having a cigar. I've known too many people with severe health problems from smoking, and am soooo glad Quesada put the hammer down. My ex's father just lost a lung...

ted sallis said...

So Dan was it close but no cigar ???

Robert said...

John, I'm really sorry to hear about the problems smoking has caused to those around you. No one is on here claiming in any way that smoking is a positive choice and is anything other than unhealthy. However, I don't think that's really the issue. JJJ chewing on a cigar is part of his look, in every appearance until this ban he was shown with one. Doesn't mean we agree with it - in fact, in Jonah's case it just reinforces what a disagreeable, unpleasant sod he is. If we stop depicting characters with cigarettes/ cigars, then why allow characters to be depicted with guns? Guns are much more dangerous, but we still have the Widow, Deadpool, etc. holding one (or even two). You open a real can of worms when you start censoring anti-social/ unhealthy/ dangerous depictions. Marvel should give the audience some credit.

bearbrian said...

I love the idea of White Tiger, but only after more important characters. I still say complete the teams that are started first. I would hate to see the collection end with things half done.

I think Longshot is a must.

I would also love a Speedball.

And of course my personal pick is Power Pack. Is anyone interested in seeing them?

jasemoore72 said...

Longshot is a must absolutely.

I'm very excited to see who the New Mutant selection will be for this new extension will be. I would like Mirage or Sunspot the most but if I had to pick one it would have to be Mirage.

Do you have an Idea of who the New Mutant selection will be?

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Dan will choose Warlock, good as second for me, at first I prefer Sunspot.

John said...

I'd prefer Warlock, but would also like to see Mirage. Those are the only ones I actually like.

Omnivor said...

I gotta say there's not enough wacky in the collection! Stop playing it safe and roll up some of the good stuff, how about a complete NEXTWAVE subset – with a zombie Dirk Anger and DEVIL DINOSAUR IN A TUXEDO!
Elsa Bloodstone FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Editor said...

cigar or no cigar? - you'll have to wait til fritag!

My personal choice is Warlock for the NM spot, but I think the polls suggest Wolfsbane or Mirage, so this is a sticking point at the moment!?!!

maybe a mini-poll for those 3?

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Poll for now isn't necessary.
We (fans) will choose last 3 figurines, right?
If you (Dan) choose now:
Wolfsbane - forum poll will choose Mirage
Mirage - forum poll will choose Wolfsbane
Warlock - forum poll will choose Wolfsbane.
This or other way we will have Wolfsbane in next extension, she's second most wanted character now. I don't count her as New Mutant, more like X-Factor member.
Choose between Mirage, Warlock and Sunspot.
Just choose Warlock, for sure we will have Wolfsbane. Male+Female, so Mirage + Sunspot for 201-220.

Moonstar said...

I honestly see Wolfsbane more as an X-Factor member rather than a New Mutant but a poll would be good.

Dan would you consider an "official New Mutant poll" to be conducted on the Superherofigurine forum? whoever wins gets in this extension.


they could be the 3 choices, leave the poll open 3-4 weeks and get a good overall and final result?

I really hope we get Mirage though because Wolfsbane is going in my X-Factor section should she ever get made.

Mr J said...

I'm not a huge fan of Horror characters but I was expecting to see Werewolf By Night in this extension as the Horror character choice and I honestly think one Werewolf character an extension is enough. I'd be happy to wait till next extension for Wolfsbane.

I want MIRAGE this extension she's a red hot character in X-Men comics currently and has just become the leader of the New Mutants in the new series.

Mirage all the way!

max_0888 said...

I prefer Wolfsbane to Mirage for sure. Don't get me wrong, I love Dani, but Wolfsbane was in so many different x-teams, she must get made first imo.

Wolfsbane was in New mutants, Havok's x-factor, Excalibur, Madrox's x-factor investigation, Wolverine's x-force and now she's back in x-factor.

I want Mirage a lot, but to me, without a doubt, Rahne Sinclair is the most deserving.

digitalgecko said...

this blog is great!

my first input today is about New Mutants: my faves are

1. Sunspot. would look cool in powered mode

2. Warlock. how cool would this look? soooooo want it

3. Magma. also hot, in more ways than one. gotta be powered.

'nuff said.

PS. love this collection!!!!!

CGJ said...

Male choice for me (today) is Molecule Man

Female Marrina for that cracking Avengers storyline where she got pregnant by Namor and went megamental

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Poll for Mirage, Warlock and Sunspot, not Wolfsbane makes sense. Rahne will destroy them in this poll. Right now I'm telling you she will win it. If you want do it, but it will be just for fun.

CGJ said...

Me I'd vote for Magma

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