Friday, 27 May 2011

A Bold New Direction...

...Well, not exactly - this is my first attempt at a proper update. As some of you may have noticed in Richard's absence I've been snooping around the blog this week commenting, answering questions and generally making a nuisance of myself. It has helped me to get into the spirit of things as previously I've kept a healthy distance. Hopefully I can continue the good work of Rich, but only time will tell if I can maintain the level of availability I've shown this week. Hopefully Rich can pop up from time to time with his two-penneth. I think John will probably not be blogging, but that may change in the future.

Anyway here are some images that we had in last week...

Firstly the Mockingbird sketch Kev Hopgood did for us.

and the rough sculpt from the guys at Banjo.

I really like it - pretty much captures the character in her best costume. Hope you guys like it too. Banjo did a great job turning the sketch into reality!

Here's the paint job on Spider-Woman II (Arachne).

Simple but effective. Not sure if you guys have seen this figurine before? but I really like the elegant pose and the wind blown hair.

One more thing, here are the sketches that Dene Mason did for his own sculpt of Domino.

I really like all of them, I'll leave you to guess which one we chose.

Have a great weekend. Dan


Robert said...

The Mockingbird pose looks great. She's one of those figures that misses a lot without the colouring, so can't wait till I see her final version. Very happy both with her inclusion as a character and the figure.

Spider-Woman/ Arachne also looks very good. As long as the paint job on the spider is as fine as that in the image, there will be no complaints from me. This will be another popular figure as loads of people have been asking for her for years.

Thanks for the unexpected update, Dan. You're off to a phenomenal start as the new blogger.

Robert said...

Hmm. Not sure about which Domino pose you'll go for. I'd say definitely 'no' to #3 (postage stamp corner) as it resembles the Widow pose. Also, I'd rule out #5, as it's a tad awkward/ unblanaced. #s 2 and 6 (which are both cool poses) have guns pointing out, so maybe from a practical pov they might be rejected as they would involve larger packaging and increased risk of breakages? I'm then swithering over #1 and #4 as the final choice, with #4 looking the better to me.

Be interested to hear other people's speculations... :)

bethrezen said...

Arachne is very good. Mockingbird is cool. I want a domino number 3 is fantastic.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

No 2 for Domino.

Arachne looks like prepare for flying, hoped to see some spider pose, like this:
but I'm happy she's in.

ted sallis said...

Mockingbird looks lovely ,as does Arachne, The Domino sketches all have their merits No.3 looks very similar to the Black Widow pose,Personally i love No6, arms outstretched pistols cocked,about to "pop several cans in someone's arse"? as young kids say.
Your off to a flyer Dan :)

Editor said...

Love the sitting spider-woman pose Tomasz, We did consider this, but Rich and myself always figure you guys would prefer upright poses(?) (Toad being the anomaly), we went with the safer option. again in hindsight she may have been one of the few that the sitting pose may have worked for.


Joanna Ryde said...

Dan is there any chance we'll get Calisto?? Would be good to have one Morlock!

mighty_marvel said...

mockingbird looks like she will be an amazing fig. can't wait to see her painted. thought arachne would have a more spider-like pose though. but a good fig nonetheless.

going back to a discussion from the previous blog about ensuring the forum vote doesn't end up giving too much representation to x-men and avengers. personally i still think that you could afford to drop 2 x-men and an avenger and these will then be put through by the forum.

but if you think this is too much of a risk then why not just confirm the current top 3 of the forum request poll as the forum vote. this would kick things off with wolfsbane, longshot and silver samurai and you could build the rest of the extension around them to ensure it is as varied and balanced as you want it to be.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Yeah Callisto, Corsair, Sebastian Shaw, Fabian Cortez,... we need some leaders. We have completed Freedom Force, nearly completed Brotherhood of Mutants (only Mastermind to finish) and Alpha Flight (Shaman), but still don't have leaders of Morlocks, Starjammers, Hellfire Club, Acolytes,...

Back to spider pose, hope some day we will have Doppelganger, and he will have some acrobatic pose, use his 6 arms. Use each hand in different pose not like Spiral figurine in pairs.

Moonstar said...

Hey Dan,

Great update Arachne looks lovely and Mockingbird looks really good too. Really like getting a glimpse of the Domino sketches and 2, 4 and 6 are my favourites.

p.s: Thanks for all your mini updates/answering questions it's great to hear from you.

Bob said...

Those female sculpts look stunning. Thanks Dan, for posting an update. I wonder when we are going to get a preview of Lady Sif and painted Photon update?

Cheshire Cat said...

Mockingbird - Awesome!
Arachne - very cool.

Domino - I could go with sixth pose if you bend her forward, make her look like falling down and shooting - that'd rock! Plus those small eye catching details of her outfit like etc.

lipstick said...

Hi Dan. Actually you are better than Richard, because you gave us more pics. I hope you will be more ''in time'' than Richard.

Arachne is amazing. Mockingbird, too.

As for Domino, I prefer the 2nd pose from 2nd line.

Can we have just a few names from the new extension?

LAWay said...

Wow, did not expect another update so soon! Within a week!? I am in shock. With Dan pitching in on the comments recently I could have easily waited another week. I aint complaining though.

Great to see some sketches! I love it! Kev's sketch is gorgeous, and we can finally see why our female characters are so slender, he seems to like drawing narrow hips with not much of a booty. Personally I love the drawing more than the Mockingbird sculpt. Its the hair. Windswept and flowing looks great, in a ponytail gives her face a weird silhouette with her mask. Its probably due to complications with casting or painting, but I wish that was reconsidered.

Love the Arachne sculpt, so glad you went with the classic costume. I really wouldnt have minded he hair falling naturally, only because I worry it will look odd standing next to other figurines. Other than that, beautiful.

Love the Domino sketches and think the 1st one is a good to go. The rest are just quite generic gun poses, while number 3 looks like something already done before, and number 5 looks like a very awkward pose to try pulling off. Maybe if her right leg was raised and bent at the knee so she was in a sort of running pose it would work a lot better and add to that dynamic posing everyone loves. Whether or not you can support a figurine on one leg is another challenge. But like I said, pose 1 works for me.

Now I gotta catch up on the last blog to see what I missed. I remember people asking about the polls again and how we always get x-characters. So how about separate polls depending on how many slots are left. People like x-characters, so let them have a specific x-character poll. Then have another poll, maybe dedicated to avengers, and a final poll dedicated to any other character that does not fit within those villains, or cosmics, whatever.

Also, read interesting thing today how games workshop is moving ahead with replacing their metal cast figurines with resin because of the quality and detail it retains. Any thoughts on whether the CMFC may go fully resin in the future, with maybe just a lead base to keep it weighted down?

lipstick said...

My 10 choices for the new extension:

Layla Miller

SinisterVenom said...

Hey Dan, thanks for the new update.
Mockingbird certainly looks different in a very nice way, will be nice to see her painted.
Arachne looks great, I love the way her hair was done (did I just say that!? lol). favourites are numbers 2, 3 and 4...probably number 2...Either way looking forward to seeing how she turns out in the end.
Thanks again Dan, hope you're keeping well too Rich and hopefully hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Mockingbird and Arachne both look fantastic. I can't wait for them. Especially Arachne, since she's another member for Freedom Force. As for Domino, I'm hoping it's #6. The sexy pose with the guns have been done enough, what with Mystique and Black Widow. That one's a nice action pose.

jimbob said...

Thanks Dan,all looks good.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

X-characters are best selling figurines. I just see which figurines we missed in Poland, because they don't have them in stocks in UK. 90% of them are x-related, and that's why 4 per extension isn't enough and they're doing well in polls.

Gremlin in the works said...

Mocingbird - love evrything about it. Best costume and nice pose. Can't wait to see her painted.

Arachne - Perfect psoe and costume again. No complaints.

Domino - My favourite pose is the bottom right hand one. Some of the others look a little too much like BVlack Widows pose. The bottom right is bold and pynamic and it's a pose we haven't seen in the collection yet. She looks like she has saunted through a door of a bar and has opened fire on all the no-good thugs in there.

Great update and well done on your first one. Thanks for being around so much this week and answering the many questions people have put forward.

ted sallis said...

Looking at the Mockingbird and Domino concept art,makes me realise how much i would love to own them. It's ok, i'm not on the scrounge, a couple of concept sketches framed up would make a lovely backdrop for my collections.
I remember over on the shff they informed folks of ebay auctions for some master sculpts from this collection.So perhaps an Ebay auction or two would be viable??...or does the nice artwork get purloined on a regular basis :)
It would be win in for everyone, a unique memento to accompany the collection for the winning bidders and any good causes EM wish to support would benefit too.
Hey,i realise there's a new extension been announced , you guys are going to be busier than ever. Maybe when things are calmish, you might consider it.

CGJ said...

Mockingbird and Arachne look great

Domino I am going for #4. #6 would look awesome but would require special sized packaging I guess

Anonymous said...

Mockingbird is great. She's a type of character that could have made an unerwhelming sculpt. But I must say, you managed to utilise the best she had to offer in terms of costume and a pose that captures her va-va-voom. Totally love this.

Arachne is a welcome surprise. I wasn't excited when she was announced, as her costume is the nth variation on the spider-man design, and could never understand why so many collectors wanted her.
I'm happy to have been proven wrong, because I find her awesome.
A very fine figurine. Bravo.

Domino is another character I would have happily postponed to a 400-420 extension! But I can see she'll make a fab sculpt. I like pose no.5, but maybe slightly less bent forward.

All in all, the CMFC continues to thrill me. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

"Domino I am going for #4. #6 would look awesome but would require special sized packaging I guess."

Nah, #6 could easily be packaged in normal packaging. There have been a few figures that needed larger boxes over the years. So I'm sure it's no biggie.

max_0888 said...

Nice update Dan. Thanks.
Julia Carpenter was the preview I was the most excited to see and i'm not disappointed. She looks really elegant. Love the pose and the wind effect. She's simple but effective. The paint job also looks top notch.

Mockingbird's pose and costume choice is perfect for me.

As for Domino, I like the 6th pose the most. It fits the character really well. Plus, it doesn't look like other figurines we had. Please don't do the number three. It's the exact same pose as Black Widow. Number 4 is great also.

Bob said...

My choices for the extension:
Skurge the Executioner
Mr. Hyde
Scarlet Centurion
Baron Mordo
Brother Voodoo

LAWay said...

love the idea ted, would love to own some original art from the CMFC, but i imagine most of it either ends up in the marvel vault or the artist's portfolio to sell.

Anyway, a cool insight to the sketches, and like I said, i would love to see an artbook of all the production of the CMFC. If it were to ever end, I hope one does get made so everyone can fully appreciate the hardwork from everyone involved.

Squidguy said...

Dan - wasn't expecting an update today after your proactive approach to the comments section over the week.

Mockingbird - I liked seeing the sketch of Mockingbird, how the the sculpt got its design from. I think she is in a good pose, in the right costume and I cannot wait to see her painted and alongside Hawkeye.

Arachne - Glad the classic costume was chosen and the red hair. Not sure about the windswept hair. Glad I voted for her last time.

Domino - I do prefer the second sketch, it would be the won I would choose. But I think the sculpt is more likely to be number 4 (bottom left)

Anonymous said...

Bob, several of your choices would have to be Specials.

Skurge, Mr. Hyde, and most likely Terrax.

AVENGERS -87 said...

Mockingbird is awesome , Arachne is superb . My choices for the next extension are : 1) Moonstone , 2) Swordsman ( Jacques Duquesnes) , 3) Grey Gargoyle , 4) Wiccan , 5) Hela , 6) Silver Samurai , 7) Longshot , 8) Wolfsbane , 9) Shaman , 10) Selene , 11) Hammerhead , 12) Boomerang , 13) Jackal , 14) Maximus , 15) Trapster , 16) Molecule-Man , 17 Gamorra , 18 Firelord , 19 Owl , 20 The Hood

Anonymous said...

Well, since everyone else is doing it. This is off the top of my head...

181.) Moonstone
182.) Brother Voodoo
183.) Puma
184.) Dark Beast
185.) Trapster
186.) Hela
187.) Darkstar
188.) Sage
189.) U.S. Agent
190.) Howard The Duck
191.) Sebastian Shaw
192.) High Evolutionary
193.) Phyla-Vell
194.) Wiccan
195.) Goblin Queen
196.) The Spot
197.) Ghost
198.) Gargoyle
199.) The Hood
200.) Spider-Man 2099


Mega - M.O.D.O.K.
Double Pack - Northstar & Aurora
Special #1 - Hulkling
Special #2 - Blastaar
Special #3 - Warpath

Wild Card/Fan Choice - Beak.

Kal Brindle said...

Thanks for an awesome update Dan - you certainly shared a lot with us. I really loved seeing the design sketches in particular. Very cool to see the processes various sculptors use.

Mockingbird is sublime - an amazing sculpt. Bravo.

Arachne - I love it. Everything about it. It's not an obvious choice, but it's an awesome one.

Domino - I like the sixth sculpt the most as it's the most "in your face".

Great news to hear that the contest is still happening - I don't think you could even guess how freakin' excited some of us get just thinking about winning that particular plum.

Likewise with the Forum choice, even if it does make you a tad sad. Sorry about that, but it's pretty cool to have that much input into a collection like this. Most other companies wouldn't be that generous and I for one am grateful. After all it's how Jocasta (one of my all time favourite characters) got into the collection.

Alpha Flight - I am still hoping that the two pack is a go - and if so then Shaman is a MUST for the next extension. As much as I would LOVE to have Marrina make it in the same extension, I can see why a lot of the guys and gals who collect might see it as overkill. Bit it would be fantastic to complete the John Byrne Classic Alpha Flight line up.

So here's my wish list for the next extension...(are you sick of reading lists yet?)

Grey Gargoyle, Mirage/Moonstar, Shaman, Arcade, Dust, Texas Twister, Wiccan, Sebastian Shaw, Corsair, Baron Mordo, Graviton, Diamondback, Phantom Rider, Shroud, Thunderstrike, Justice, Mantis, Clea, Two Gun Kid & Howard the Duck.

Characters I want that seem pretty damn unlikely are: Lorelei from the Savage Land Mutates/Brotherhood, Hector from the Pantheon, Agatha Harkness and Squirrel Girl if you're considering some serious curveballs. LOL

Thanks again for taking the reins from Rich re: keeping this blog going. It's appreciated. Big time.

Anonymous said...

I think Squirrel Girl has a chance at some point. She's getting some love from Bendis. Is Luke Cage/Jewel's baby's Nanny. Is getting a Heroclix piece. And will be a playable character in the Marvel Universe MMORPG. Heh.

And crap, speaking of Jewel... I forgot to include her in my list. She's certainly worthy of inclusion at some point.

Thor8 said...

I really liked the Mockingbird figurine,but I agree with LAWay that she would look better with her hair similar to the style in the sketch.

Can't wait to have both Mockingbird and Arachne in my Avengers section of the collection.

As for the Domino pose I find #4 to be my top choice with #6 running a close second.

I'm really enjoying you participation's in the blog as well as you posts,Dan hope you can keep up the great job. You said we will most likely be getting an Asgardian in this extension,and since double packs don't seem to be quite probable in EM's plans right now,then I'd like to see Fandral or Hogun make it this round. If you choose Fandral please choose a striking pose for him,after all he's known as Fandral the dashing,so a pasive pose like the Balder figurine just won't cut it. Hogun on the other hand could be made standing straight facing front with both hand holding the handle of his mace and a grim expression on his face that says "Face me if you dare!"

Thor8 said...

Gee I hope that expression you mentioned about If this wer to be the last extension doesn't mean there are rumors of this collection probably ending soon,there are still quite a few characters I'd like to see included before the end comes.

Robert said...

On the subject of how long this collection will run, I buy my Masterworks through FP's Home Shopping site and they send me product updates several times a week. At the bottom is a best sellers list. The CMFC is always there, sometimes half the top twenty is made up of figurines. If that's any indication of sales, we have good reason to be positive that the collection will keep on running.

Squidguy said...

Although at the moment this is the last extension, I have little doubt that there would be another one in the future with so many characters still to do and with there being plenty of collectors still buying it would be daft not to carry on. The little doubt is that now this extension takes the number to 200 and nice round number.

Seeing as everyone is doing so MY ideal extension would be

181. US Agent
182. Mirage
183. Trapster
184. White Tiger (Hector Ayala)
185. Gamora
186. Hammerhead
187. Longshot
188. Wiccan
189. Werewolf by Night
190. Moonstone
191. Grey Gargoyle
192. Fandral
193. Silver Samurai
194. Jewel
195. Vance Astro
196. Baron Mordo
197. Fan's choice (Anole)
198. Wolfsbane
199. Namora
200. Spider Girl

Specials - Skurge the Executioner
MODOK, Hulkling, Warpath and Rockslide.

There was this mention last week about potentially a Golden age character - could this not be NAMORA who has been around lately and wouldn't be a such polarising character.

ted sallis said...

My Blackest Night sub arrived some lady called Carol Ferris?, absolutely beautiful fig, Parallax, lovely sculpt, BUT!, thee most atrocious paint job i have ever seen, how this got through quality control i'll never rant over ;)
On the subject of curveballs ,i agree Howard the Duck is not in that category he is always there or thereabouts in all the polls.
Curveballs? are some of my fav figs Shanna, Puppet master, etc
A curveball should be someone..or thing truly the top of my head, my top 5 curveball nominees
1 Bloodstone
2 Princess Python ( with pet )
3 Molecule Man
4 Killraven
5 Boomerang....although he's more of a curved stick.

Becquerel said...

Stilt-Man might be a good curveball choice... :>

Robert said...

I was thinking about something Ted said earlier about the excellent preliminary sketches/ images, Dan, and think he's on to something. Taking Ted's idea, why not include the lovely Kev Hopgood image as the centre-spread in Mockingbird's magazine?

ted sallis said...

" Stilt- Man might be a good curveball choice"
Yes indeed he might :)

John said...

Golden Age character being Namora? Love it. Love it, love it. In her modern costume though. Best of both worlds, right? *cough cough, starting my Agents of Atlas display, cough cough*

Not a fan of Mockingbird as a character, but as a figurine?! I love how (pardon me here) top heavy she was made. Anyway, she'll look great next to Hawkeye.

Arachne is another beautiful sculpt. Geez, I may even display her backward (pardon me again...) But bravo to the sculptors!

Domino? Poses #1 and #3 definitely look generic and are big No's. I'd prefer one from the bottom row, #5 the most (if it could be pulled off.) Its hard to imagine #5 in 3D, but as I see it, it would definitely be unique and I like that.

Anonymous said...

I certainly support the Agents of Atlas getting in, John. And Namora seems like a good start. This is another area that it's a shame that 2-Packs arn't working out.

Gorilla-Man (Ken Hale) & M-11 2-Pack would be pure awesomeness. :)

John said...

I love Beast's list (but then I agree with Beast on nearly everything but X-wants...)

The Spot
Ghost (modern costume)

I'd take everything else as well. All deserving characters. But there's the short list of who I want to stand out to anyone reading this.

It may be a bit late for this (I don't know) but if we're worried about balance (because I don't want a bunch of X-Characters OR Avengers, personally) we could have the forum votes FIRST, then work the others around it, guaranteeing EM a balanced extension. Competition at the end. ...I'm just so much more of a Spidey, FF, Cosmic, MK, curveball guy.

John said...

"Gorilla-Man (Ken Hale) & M-11 2-Pack would be pure awesomeness. :) "

That it would, my friend. That it would. :D

BobDiamond said...

Hi Ted!
Totally agree with you about Parallax's paint job- couldn't believe how badly done the cape was. EM has never produced anything as sloppy as this before.

As for so-called 'curve-ball' characters, I'd say the following fit the description- not all are personal wants, some are, some aren't...

The Beyonder
Phantom Rider (Western Age or Modern)
Squirrel Girl
The Protector (Marvel Boy)
Original Human Torch
The Phantom Eagle- love to have him, but highly unlikely.
Bloodstone- he would be cool Ted!!

...and Howard the Duck- who I think is still the Ultimate curve-ball character, as he doesn't snugly fit into any particular category, and certainly divides opinion on his worthiness for inclusion on the blogs. Personally, as you know I'd love to have him, but I can see why others don't.

Lastly, I agree with pretty much everyone else on this blog that:
a, Dan, you are doing a FAB job! and
b, Mockingbird and Spiderwoman look Fantastic!

Well done EM, (apart from Parallax's naff paint-job :) )you are all Excellent!!


LAWay said...

Surprised that people are liking the Domino pose #5. It just doesnt work and goes with everything people have complained about.

How would the figurine be based? If we imagine her feet point towards the front of the base for reference, that means from a front on view, her arm covers her face which would be looking the right (as we see it.)

From a side on view we see the character's face well, but look at the arch of that back. The upper body no doubt looks dynamic, from the side but then there is little silhouette in the lower body and little action in it. Thats why it looks unnatural, extreme movement in the top, and so static in the bottom.

From the back I guess for all booty fans you will get a good arch of the back and a sticking out bum. That right arm looks like it will come out quite abit, so depends if you like to pose your figurines base to base whether it may be a problem.

Lastly the final turnaround position would see the back of her head, and yet its where you would see the most of the other elements like the arms and guns.

Its me whining sure and its what people like which is an opinion, but thinking of it in 3D and thinking about the pose, I just dont think it works that well.
and just feel strongly about it. Any other pose, sure, but that one just doesnt work.

ted sallis said...

The Domino pose was just a little quiz posed by Dan,The final decision has already been made, and sculpted by now.
I think 4 and 6 are ahead in the blog. #5 has one nomination,so i wouldn't let it bother your pretty little head Leigh:)
I've been daydreaming about pieces of concept art i would love to have on the wall..Man-Thing would have been awesome, wish i'd thought to ask a lot earlier, dangnabbit!

Gremlin in the works said...

I love seeing the concept art too. Having Rich post the various stages of Avalanche's dsign was cool because we saw the sketch, then the unpainted model and finally the finished sculpt. I hope we get more blog updates like that.

The definition of curveball is hard to pin down. Everyone has different views on characters that they expect to be included. Being on the forum for a few years now the numerous lists give an indication of which characters are liekly to make it in the collection soon. Any character who isn't in the top 50 generally gets tagged a curveball character, which I think is a fair assessment.

I don't know whether to call Howard a curveball character now. A few extensions ago yes he would have been but as a lot of other characters get made he has been working his way up the lists and slowly gaining support. Right now he could legitimately be made and given his history and number of appearences would be out of place with the rest of the lineup. The thing that I think people tag his as a curveball for is the nature of the character himself. He is a marmite either love him or hate him.

For me personally I consider the Golden Age, Alternate Universe and horror characters curveballs.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

I will go with my:

2 specials after Odin this year:
Arnim Zola

Specials next year:
Mega (February) - MODOK
Simply (we will have Thunderbird in May) - Warpath
Simply (Spiderman movie in July) - Madame Web
Double Pack (September) - Northstar & Aurora
Simply (November) - Lockjaw

As for Marrina in next extension. For me she's an AF member as Vindicator and Wolverine, she isn't important as Shaman and members we already have. Better start a new team.

mighty_marvel said...

nice to see some support for madame web and terrax specials. would be more than happy if these two are made over the next couple of years.

CGJ said...

My wish list in no particular order

Sebastian Shaw
Werewolf by Night
The Hood
Dr Druid
Brother Voodoo
Silver Samurai
Molecule Man

and a Brood special please thank you kindly

LAWay said...

gah, you're right ted, he did already say the pose had been chosen, forgot about that. And who knows, even if #5 is chosen, maybe the sculptor can change my opinion.

max_0888 said...

I'll play along, hehe
My wish list :

Jessica Jones (Jewel/Power woman)
Misty Knight
Colleen Wing
M (Monet St-Croix)
Fandral (To start Warriors three)

btw, i'm loving the Jessica Jones love on more wish list these days :) Really hope its a good sign for her sooner rather than later

Hiperion said...

I'll play:

Count Nefaria
Howard the Duck
Werewolf by Night
Sebastian Shaw
Baron Mordo
High Evolutionary

Gremlin in the works said...

@CGJ - I fully support the love for a Brood figure. It would have to be a special and a Brood drone at that. The drones have had much more exposure in the comics as they tend to be the ones Ms Marvel and the XMen have fought the most. I would honestly buy 3 figures of a Brood so I could make a little "hive" of them.

BobDiamond said...

A very cool list Hiperion, I'd be more than happy with that lot. :)


LAWay said...

Everyone doing lists, thought I would throw up 20 names:

1) Patriot
2) Spider-Man 2099
3) Tarantula
4) Wiccan
5) Hulkling
6) Constrictor
7) US Agent
8) Lyja Lazerfist
9) Silver Samurai
10) Atlas
11) Swordsman
12) Penance
13) Spider-Girl
14) Blizzard
15) Speed Demon
16) Cross Bones
17) Anti-Venom
18) Jack Flag
19) Lionheart
20) Paladin

mighty_marvel said...

add my support for a brood drone special too :)

max_0888 said...

Oh thanks Laway! I forgot about Paladin! He's in my top 20 for sure! Can't believe I forgot to include Paladin in there!

I really love Husk (Paige Guthrie) but I like Paladin jsut a bit more I think so he's taking her place in my current top 20.

tinodragon14 said...

Both Mockingbird & Arachne are well designed even though I have no interest in either. At least Mock was an original creation as opposed to Arac which is just another female rip-off of Spider-Man. I like the sixth drawing of Domino or next the second one which means they will probably go with any of the others.

tinodragon14 said...

I guess I will put my suggestions up for the extension if only for fun.
181 - ATTUMA - Namor's nasty nemesis
182 - BARON MORDO - Strange's main opponent
183 - SHAMAN - Alpha Flight original team member
184 - HAMMERHEAD - Spidey's Flattop - He will look great in his blue pinstriped suit holding his tommy gun
185 - MANTIS - An Avenger
186 - MASTERMIND - Original member of the Brotherhood
187 - THE COBRA - Great looking bad guy
188 - MR. HYDE - Of course after Cobra. There is a cover of an issue of Spider-Man I believe with Hyde on the cover titled "Hyde in Plain Sight". That would be a great pose for him.
189 - MARRINA - Alpha Flight member & Namor's lady for a time
190 - DOOM 2099 - His futuristic armor looked great!
191 - TRAPSTER - Original member of the Frightful Four
192 - WHIRLWIND - He will make a great looking figure & is a favorite bad guy
193 - THE OWL - Underworld enemy of DD & Spidey
194 - THE MELTER - An original Master of Evil - Three different costumes to choose from.
195 - STILT-MAN - Another favorite of mine - I just love his armored stilt suit in blue though not gray.
196 - MR. FEAR - DD's scary skull-faced foe
197 - THE SWORDSMAN - Hawkeye's mentor & a long time bad guy but in the end a fallen Avenger
198 - TOMBSTONE - The albino bad guy who broke Robbie Robertson's back
199 - THE MOLTEN MAN - A figure that's bound to look golden
200 - STEGRON THE DINOSAUR MAN - Yes he is a rip-off of The Lizard but I like him anyway & he will make a great looking figure

I realize I lean heavily towards bad guys but then there are more of them then good guys & there are still a whole bunch of great bad guys left that would make great figures.


As for Specials I think TITANIUM MAN in his big, bulky, green armor, TERRAX THE TAMER, DRAGONMAN, M.O.D.O.K. & BLASTAAR would all make impressive figures

Robert said...

Excellent list, Tinodragon. Full of classic bad guys. Great that you gave some love to Stegron and Molten Man.

John said...

I've posted my Top 20 so many times, I'm sure people are tired of seeing the same characters. Instead, let me echo support to ones others have listed. I hope this helps...

As Tom and MightyMarvel have said, Madame Web would make a great Special. A perfect release for next year with the movie.

LAWay and Max's Paladin is a great choice, as we have all kinds of Avengers and X-Men, but VERY few street characters. Misty and Colleen, Shroud... let's start getting the street-level in there.

CGJ, Gremlin and MM have got it with the Brood Drone. As a Special AND a Generic, you'll have many members buying 3. Not one of my Top wanted Specials, but one I do want to see and one that would make a most impressive figurine.

Tinodragon hit the nail on the head when it comes to villains. Villains are cool. And we need more. A lot more. Just consider this as you fill in the list of categories. If you have multiple Avengers slots in the 181-200, give one up to Whirlwind. Give the X-Men Silver Samurai. Give Spidey Tombstone, Golden Age Yellow Claw, Cosmics Maximus the Mad, Modern The Hood, for example. Keep it balanced to the categories, and don't actually overwhelm us with only villains (like my list there) but throw a bunch in.

Cobra and Mr. Hyde are a pair some collectors are dying for. Namor has no one else, give him Attuma (..and Namora.) Stilt-Man is a huge fan favorite, reguardless of his sillyness. And I agree with Tino and Robert that Stegron would look incredible.

Dan The Man said...

my personal offbeat favs list: PURELY FOR FUN!

1. Warlock
2. Rocket Raccoon
3. Squirrel Girl (must have a thing for furries!)
4. Pip the Troll
5. Artie & Leech (shared base!)
6. Riptide (he's in the new x-men film)
7. Shatterstar
8. Hydra goon
9. High Evolutionary (i think he can change size?)
10. Mary Jane
11. Legion
12. a Mindless One (probably too big)
13. Sgt. Fury (WWII look - running all guns blazing)
14. Bug
15. Jarella
16. Death's Head I
17. Captain Britain (original costume)
18. a Moloid
19. a Lava Man
20. Blazing Skull

Dan The Man said...

PS I have speed read through your comments and thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I will hopefully get round to commenting on your comments some time next week. Rich should be back tuesday, so I will hopefully get to forward your ideas/favs on to him and we will start to get a more solid next 20 ready.

Love the idea of publishing the development drawings, but not sure where EM/Marvel/Disney/the artists would stand on that one? maybe just put them up on the blog one of these days (not all the figurines have had drawings as many have had enough comic art to work from).

ted sallis said...

Dan, i know it aint gonna happen, but a wee Moloid, would have been cuter than a lorryload of Andrex puppies. I would buy a whole mess of them, with a side order of those wee fellers Tyrannus bosses about :)

BobDiamond said...

My personal DREAM Sub-set.....

'The Marvel Silver Age First Appearance Collection'

Spiderman (Ditko-style, webbing under arms)
Dr. Strange (Ditko-style, blue cape)
Daredevil (Yellow/Red costume)
X-Men: Prof. X, Cyclops, Angel, Marvel Girl, Beast ('human'-look),Iceman ('snow-man'-look): all in yellow/ blue costumes.
Thor (Kirby-style)
Iron-man (Golden or Grey bulky armour)
Wasp (pointy-head-dress!)
Hulk and Rick Jones (Kirby-style, double-pack)
Cap America and Bucky ( Kirby-style, double-pack)
Sgt. Fury and Dum-Dum Dugan (WW2, double-pack)
FF: Mr.Fantastic, Thing (Lumpy!), Human Torch (Blazing-fire look), Invisible Girl.
Sub-Mariner (Speedos/ evil eye-brows!)
Cap Marvel (Kree uniform)
Dr Doom (Shorter tunic-look)

Anyone I've left out? Could have a kirby-esque Silver Surfer I suppose...or even Dr Droom (The first official Marvel Silver Age superhero, who was retconned into Dr. Druid- that would be weirdly cool!)

Anyway, ain't gonna happen....but I'd love it!


John said...

Dan, I'm liking you more and more. If you can get Rocket Raccoon through, I'll be your very best friend, as he's my MOST wanted character.

I'm also Ecstatic to see you've included Bug on your list. A definite Top Want for me, but I always feared for him due to all the Cosmics that still need through. You've kept my hope alive. ;)

Warlock, MJ, the generics, Artie and Leech together! Great list. There's very few I wouldn't care for (Legion, Riptide, Shatterstar, lava man) the only ones I'm against are the redos.

And "Yes" High Evolutionary can change sizes. And "Yes" he should be a Regular in the next extension. Most people are already assuming/hoping for it after a poll a few months ago.

LAWay said...

ironically the person who works at EM has the worst list i have ever read.

Worried I am. :P

Gremlin in the works said...

There are certainly some interesting character on your list Dan. I definately like you love for Warlock. He would make one crazy figure.

Bug is also a great choice. Obviously the Micronauts are a very troublesome team to include but Marvel has the rights to Bug as he has been appearing in GOTG recently.

Rocket Raccoon would be good too. Plus with him being so short he would be one of the cheaper figures to produce.

And Captain Britain. I love 99% of the figures in the collection but I have to say the Captain Britain we got is a little underwhelming. Especially when you put him next to the buff Guardian. A redo of him would be good but unlikely.

And any chance to geta generic unit such as a Hydra Goon would be awesome.

SinisterVenom said...

Ok, time to play. Here's my wish list:

1. The Owl
2. Hammerhead
3. Baron Mordo
4. Whirlwind
5. Heimdall
6. Dark Beast
7. Trapster
8. Silver Samurai
9. Tombstone
10. Maximus
11. US Agent
12. Deathbird
13. Shaman
14. Justice
15. Trapster
16. Jackal
17. Mastermind
18. Jigsaw
19. Callisto
20. Howard The Duck

Not including Northstar and Aurora, here are the specials I'd love to see:

Madame Web

And I have just found out that the Captain America movie is in cinemas on June 29th, two days after my birthday! Meaning I can catch the first preview screenings on my birthday!!! :D What a wonderful present! :D :D :D

SinisterVenom said...

Sorry I meant JULY 29th! Sheesh, you'd think I'd remember my own birthday month!

tinodragon14 said...

I would like to thank Robert & John for their kind words. I have been following this blog for a while now & finally decided to put my two cents worth in the discussion since I have been a long time fan of Marvel & have bought all of the Classic Marvel Collection figures so far even when the figure is a disappointment or not a character I have strong interest in though most of them I do have an interest in. I do think STEGRON would make a great looking figure even though he is one of the lesser know villains & STILT-MAN has always been a favorite. I think his stilt suit is cool.

Anonymous said...

Great list, Dan the Man. And props for listing Rocket Raccoon. I really want to see him included. Though I was holding out hope for a 2-Pack with Groot akin to Sasquatch and Puck.

SinisterVenom said...

Welcome to the blog then tinodragon14! Always great to have new members...I was the same as you, I started reading for ages before I finally took an identity and made friends with everyone here...doesn't seem that long ago since I joined to be honest but you really do feel at home here and you get that feeling quite quickly :)
In fact we have another thing in common. I too am collecting all the figurines, including those I think don't look great or characters I barely know or even know nothing of at all! I see it as an opportunity to learn more of the MU and its characters.
Heck even our wish lists are a little similar! But I babble on, good to have you on board pal!

Word verification is 'cooti'

tinodragon14 said...

I thank you SinVen. I should tell you you still have one more choice as you listed the TRAPSTER twice at number 7 & 15. And yes our lists do have eight in common. We are the wise ones.
Tell me SinVen which five regular figures did you find look the worst to you? Mine would start of with Crystal.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Warlock - yup, he will be great sculpt
Rocket Raccoon - IMO better in double pack with Groot in 2013
Artie & Leech (shared base!) - very good idea, but first Callisto please
Riptide - if we talk about movies, about Marauders first Arclight please, she was in X3, or if about Hellfire Club then only Sebastian Shaw at now
Shatterstar - ideal for 201-220
High Evolutionary - he's 6'2 so he can be reagular
Mary Jane - good choice
Legion - definitely too early
Sgt. Fury (WWII look - running all guns blazing) - who is he? Nick's father?
Death's Head I - isn't he too big too be regular
Captain Britain (original costume) - redos only in subset, not in extension

SinisterVenom said...

Ahh so I have! I must really want Trapster if I accidently listed him twice haha. Ok then, there are many choices that I really want like Molten Man, Tinkerer, Bastion etc but I'll give my last place to Selene.
Crystal is also my least favourite figurine so far, followed by Blink, Ikaris, Captain Britain and Marvel Girl. Close to the five would be Rogue, Nomad, Spider-Woman and Kang.

Robert said...

From Dan's list:
4. Pip the Troll
17. Captain Britain (original costume)

Not to sound forward or anything, but I want to have your children, Dan.

ted sallis said...

Solomon Kane £5 at Tesco's, crackin movie, he's basicly a seventeenth century Frank Castle, That James Purefoy is most excellent, He looks proper hard as nails, not like the usual high protein gym fit roid boys, Get him to play Wolverine instead of that pretty boy Jackman and it might actually be watchable. Solomon would have looked so cool in this collection twin flintlocks cocked eyes glaring out from beneath his wide brimmed hat. ain't gonna happen i know... But a Kid Colt fig would bea darn tootin runner up prize. Hope to see at least one representative from the Marvel wild west before this series is done .

ted sallis said...

"cocked eyes glaring"
man i really sould learn pu,nc;chew. ation ;)

sotoss_mosotos said...

#6 for Domino...Come on people,you can almost taste the rage of hers,just by seeing it!!! I would also be satisfied with #2....

sotoss_mosotos said...

Also ,I could totally go for MODOK and DareDevil (black and yellow costume)!!! :P First time in the blog,people...Feels nice... :P :D

ted sallis said...

Speaking of concept art Dan, If your ever stuck for Bloodstone images, i happen to have a rather lovely "concept" drawing of Ulysses by the peerless Rudy D Nebres.....just thought i would mention it. If your ever drunk and bored click on my Bloodstone blog For i have uploaded said image..i could send the page to EM for scanning and if a crisp scottish £1 note was to fall out??...well i guess that would be a case of finders keepers, if you get my drift :)

Anonymous said...

wow , well done Dan the man !!

Love mockingbird
Love aracne
Gotta go for the top , middle picture for the Domino pose.

Anonymous said...

Extension wish list :

X-men related

1- Sebastian Shaw
2- Longshot
3- Jean Grey (blue+yellow costume)

Avengers related

4- Whirlwind
5- The Swordsman
6- Moonstone

Fantastic four related

7- Trapster
8- Red Ghost
9- Nova (Frankie Raye)

Spiderman related

10- Hammerhead
11- Tombstone
12- Spidergirl

Marvel knights related

13- Owl
14- Paladin
15- Clea

Golden age character

16- Whizzer

Generic character

17- Hydra Agent

Cosmic character

18- Starfox

Horror character

19- Brother Voodoo

Civilian character

20- General Thunderbolt Ross

navaho said...

Good start Dan, lots of content, informative and very inclusive....I'm impressed.

Mockingbird looks great and Arachne is quite etherial, I like them both very much.

With regard to the Domino pose if it can be done then number 6 for me all the way, if not then number 2 is not bad I suppose.

Please, please include Hammerhead, The Jackel, Tarantula, The White Tiger, Molecule Man, Terrax, Howard the Duck, Madame Web, Heimdall or Hela in the next extension. I know X-characters will dominate again but variety will keep this extension fresh and relevant.

Anonymous said...

Re: General Thunderbolt Ross.

No thanks. I'd rather see them make Ross as Red Hulk. He's really getting a great push form Marvel right now. And is above and beyond a far more interesting character as Rulk than he was as Ross. And is a much better character than the original Hulk. Under Jeff Parker's pen, he's really evolved into a fantastic character. And has surpassed Grulk in so many ways. Including being an Official Avenger. And not just a plot device by Loki to form that led to the formation of the Avengers.

Red Hulk and A-Bomb over General Thunderbolt Ross and Rick Jones any day of the week.

mighty_marvel said...

are you really going to start this argument again?

general ross is so much more deserving than rulk. nuff said.

CGJ said...

Didn't Rich put the blockers on civilians a long time ago? Or was it just overwhelming public opinion

mighty_marvel said...

no blocks on non-powered characters. JJJ is in and i see no reason for ross to not get in. he's been one of hulk's main adversaries for years, way before he became rulk, and merits inclusion as the general. and its not overwhelming opinion against non-powered characters. i've seen plenty of people supporting the inclusion of the most important of these characters. heck, dan has even got MJ in his offbeat personal favs list

Robert said...

Ross over Red Hulk any day. You can't recount Hulk's (and by Hulk I mean the REAL Hulk and not rip-off characters) history without Ross featuring regularly and prominently.

CBR Beast, if it's so important to you, just paint your green Hulk red and instant Rulk! No, no need to thank me. I'm happy to help.

CGJ said...

Yeah but its going to be a brave/desperate move to release a MaryJane figure. I can see the appeal for the Marvel completist but I would still say it was a niche market within a niche market

Sire-bd said...

Welcome and happy to see you on the blog Dan!

I look forward to discovering the first names of the extension, moreover thank you very much for this decision!

I hope that you will not forget in your list: Swordman, Grey Gargoyle, Olw and Diablo!

Good continuation, and weekly next!

ted sallis said...

Well General Ross was stalking The Hulk for 40 yrs, before RossHulk appeared, But although he's a derivative of Hulk he does look cool and appears quite popular....hmmmmm it's a conumdrun and no mistake.
Unless!! they do a double pack. General Ross in his lovely dress uniform, and a big Resin Rulk.
Yep, that'd definately how it will happen

marv.universe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
marv.universe said...

Wish list from a french fan !

4)Erik the red
5)flag smasher
15)Grey Gargoyle
17)Silver samurai
18)White tiger


Anonymous said...

I'd also like Rick Jones in this collection , and if we get M J , I'd like to see Aunt May too.

LAWay said...

I like general ross too, but asking me what would look a better figurine, obviously Red Hulk, no contest! Rick Jones would probably be one of the dullest looking figurines ever. A-Bomb would again look much better?

Mary Jane would look ok, but a Mary Jane in lingerie, now we're getting somewhere...

...ok, maybe a little too far with that last one. Main point, take inspiration from the Bowen statues and diamond statues that really know how to do a feminine figure. I think the super heroines in the collection have been passable because of the subject and costume, but a civilian will have nothing to hide from if the sculpt isn't feminine enough.

Joeking said...

Dan, as a new mutants fan and an extoler of the virtues of Warlock, i would like to say that its great to have someone on the inside who has the same opinions. I have been hoping Warlock would get made sooner or later but was beginning to lose hope when people kept thinking I was talking about Adam Warlock. I realise that you have not stated that he will get made, but I am certainly hoping.

PS Artie And Leech, great idea, cant see it happening, but would deinitely buy them.

mighty_marvel said...

you know, i like your posts robert. i tend to always agree with them.

also, as well as the fact general ross in human form deserves inclusion just because of his major role in years and years of hulk history, remember that rulk would be a special whereas ross would be a regular (and a fine looking regular in full military uniform).
there are enough specials that need to be done without throwing one away on a character who can be done justice and shown in his most recognisable form as a regular fig.

Anonymous said...

Amazing preview:

Dan & bloggers,
I created a 'virtual CMFC gallery' for you. It contains 3D simulations of your favorite Marvel characters (and some of my 'curveball' faves),
showing you their visual potential to become awesome figurines. Feast your eyes on these 84 beauties...

Wave 1:
Stingray, Justice, Hulkling, Wiccan, Fantomex, Magma, Vance Astro, Star-Lord, Jackal, Grandmaster, Penance, Blastaar, Danger, Sleepwalker.

Wave 2:
Psycho Man, Deathbird, High Evolutionary, Grey Gargoyle,
Marrina, Corsair, Xorn, The Hood,
Maverick, Iron Patriot, Doctor
Voodoo, Gargoyle, Moonstone, Stranger.

Wave 3:
Whirlwind, Longshot, Griffin, Hepzibah, Orka, Korvus, Baron Mordo, Makkari, Stryfe, Nova, Baron Blood, Skurge, Wolfsbane, Paibok.

Wave 4:
Sunspot, Anole, Swordsman, Hyperion, Molecule Man, Hela, Doctor Spectrum, Darkhawk, Spot, Starfox, Mantis, Gravity, Silver Samurai, Living Laser.

Wave 5:
Swarm, Anti-Venom, Warlock, Pixie, Fandral, Volstagg, Hogun, Vulcan, Selene, Mesmero, Exodus, Emplate, Stiltman, Owl.

Wave 6:
Ord, Patriot, Dark Beast, Malekith, Dust, Shatterstar, Bug, Terrax, Yondu, Attuma, Starlord, Gamora, Airwalker, Starhawk.

Robert said...

Wow. Hats off to Blake for his galleries. Some great figures I'd love to see.

Mighty Marvel, you talk nothing but good, old-fashioned common sense and hard facts. Usually impossible to disagree with what you post. You deal in facts (Ross has been around for 40+ years of stories) rather than mere opinion (Rulk is better than classic Greenskin - snigger - ). Some folk on here can't tell the difference.

John said...

Bottom line is this; Ross as a military man has been Hulk's main enemy, as Spidey has Green Goblin, Daredevil has Kingpin, FF have Dr. Doom.

Mary Jane is a supporting cast member. General Ross is an antagonist.

Ross is so prominent he was the main villain in BOTH movies.

If he's a civilian because he doesn't have powers or wear a suit, then what is Kingpin doing on our shelves?

Again: Aunt May is a civilian. General Ross, Dum Dum Dugan, Wong, Kingpin, Arcade, etc. are not.

Anonymous said...

But he's still a more interesting character as Rulk than he ever was as General Ross.

John said...


LAWay said...

Kingpin does have powers, or is made to be exceptionally strong and tough.

Ross is hardly the main villain the the movies. If you like the uniform so much, just buy 'The officer and the Gentleman' on dvd and fawn over Richard Gere.

lovely pics KE, splendid work. My expectations were high when you said virual gallery in 3d...i expected pictures that were able to rotate 360 degrees. lol

Anyway, sign me up for most of them. Another 3 extensions at least clearly. Dammit. Thats another £400 from my bank account. lol

Robert said...

Well put, John, couldn't agree more.

And you're still waving your opinion about like it's a fact, CBR Beast. I for one find Red Hulk no more than an okay character. Just because you assert something with complete conviction doesn't make it true. You're like the guy walking around the asylum convinced he's Napoleon. Even if you go and get a period costume and talk like Inspector Clouseau, doesn't mean you are the little general.

Actually, the analogy is apt. Monsieur Bonaparte never listened to anyone else either.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Would be good to see General Ross, Mary Jane and William Stryker in CMFC.

Robert said...

Leigh, Kingpin doesn't have powers. Neither does Captain America. Or Punisher. Or Elektra. Or... (Fill in the blanks).

tinodragon14 said...

I have to agree that General Ross has been a major antagonist for Hulk as much as the LEADER & the ABOMINATION but the General has now become a new character in the creation of RED HULK. As a longtime Marvel Comics fan the revelation that Ross was the Red Hulk did not sit well with me but it is done. Red Hulk killed the Abomination after all so I hate him for that. Just have a special two-pack with Ross as the General & as the Red Hulk as they have become two different characters but are the same man.

Barnabas said...

It gladens my herat to see that the want for civvies is gaining momentum. Their release would have to be a trickle of course and set to the most prominant ones only. But some are important.



tinodragon14 said...

Nice work K-EYES. I noticed some use of Bowen busts for STINGRAY, JACKAL, BLASTAAR, PSYCHO MAN, MARRINA, WHIRLWIND, BARON BLOOD, HELA, ATTUMA, FIRELORD, AIRWALKER & a full size TERRAX statue. I can only say the WHIRLWIND bust did not have the wrist blades. WHIRLWIND started out as the HUMAN TOP but was revamped & became the great bad guy known as WHIRLWIND. He kept his great outfit for most of his comic book run. I did not like the wrist blades. They were too much like the original Gladiator's.

rob said...

Check out my CMFC Gallery!!

Anonymous said...

General Thunderbolt Ross = A supporting player. Never a main character.

Red Hulk = The Star of his own popular comic book. A member of the Avengers.

Guess Red Hulk is a vastly more important character according to Marvel.

mighty_marvel said...

not a main character? he's only been one of hulk's main adversaries for nearly 50 years, was popular enough to be included in both hulk films and was named in IGNs 100 greatest comic book villains of all time. no, that's not an important character at all is it? you couldn't write a history of hulk without general ross, yet you could write a pretty complete one without rulk. and don't forget ross has been given powers before when he merged with zzzax and it turned out to be only temporary. for all we know, rulk is going to be temporary as well. but his importance as the general is permanent. it is his most iconic form and will be recognised by newer and older comic readers alike.

Robert said...

Very good points, MM.

We're not disputing that Red Hulk has his own comicbook (well done for posting a fact, by the way), it's all your other value judgements that are objectionable, CBR. You know, that Red Hulk is a much better character than the original Hulk, etc., etc. Stop posting your opinion as some sort of fact handed down by Moses from Mount Sinai. There are other points of view that are equally as valid.

Nevertheless, I'll address your last point. Loads of characters have had their own comicbook and then disappeared. Even a team with established characters like the '70s Champions came and went very quickly. Getting a comic does not equal quality (any more than not getting a comic means characters are not very good).

Anonymous said...

You guys do realize that pretty much anything that anyone posts unless it's citing another source is an opinion, right? What is with all the whining. There's no gorram reason for to have to tag everything someone posts with a note that it's opinion. It's common sense.

Robert said...

It's not whining when we point out that we prefer factual statements to someone making silly pronouncements like General Ross is not an important character or that chocolate digestives taste better when you wear a hat. If you really must make bold and outlandish comments at least try to underpin them with some facts. MM pointed out that Ross has been around for decades, appeared in films, etc., all of which proved he is a character central to the Hulk. Your post did not respond to these facts and concede you were wrong.

Oh, and I should have labelled the above "THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH IS FACT NOT OPINION". Sorry for not making this clear enough for you.

Robert said...

Anyway, in between gardening this afternoon I've been compiling my new extension list. (Have to admit I got stuck thinking of three or so X-characters.) I've liked a lot of what's already appeared in other lists, as you'll see more than a few names crop up that have been in other lists.

Asgardian - Hogun (or Fandrall)
Avengers - Swordsman, Mantis and U.S.Agent, with Stingray and Whirlwind as back-ups.
Spidey - Loads to choose from here. Tarantula, Jackal, Stegron, to name but three.
FF - Trapster and Diablo.
Cosmic - I'd love a Herald. Also Gamora (classic Starlin era, of course).
X-Men - Um, Silver Samurai. No other ideas.
MK - Clea
Golden Age - Whizzer
Alt- Universe - Spidey 2099
Curveball - Hydra agent, A.I.M. technician or Pip.

Specials - Hela and Terrax.

LAWay said...

CBR Beast, i agreed with you about the red hulk being made into a figurine purely because it would look awesome, a lot better and more dynamic than a stiff looking general ross.

But saying he isn't a main character? Crazy. He is every bit as important as MJ is to spidey. My opinion is that i just thought red hulk would make a better looking figurine.

And Kingpin is a whole different character compared to Ross and why he deserved a figurine. Dont start they condescending 'he aint got no powers like this guy, and this guy', I ain't stupid. Kingpin's look is iconic. He is a villain to a host of marvel heroes. His size makes him stand out. He may not have super powers, but he has enhanced physical strength to further add to his presence.

General Ross doesnt really have any other impact other than Hulk comics, and his look is that of a military man. His iconic feature is being an army man with a moustache. The fact that he was in the top 100 villains is irrelevant, since we havent even reached 100 villains in the collection yet anyway, and while you are quoting that, kingpin was voted at number 10.

CBR Beast is wrong for saying he isnt an important character. He is to the Hulk universe.

Red Hulk would make an awesome looking figurine, and recently has had a bigger role over the whole marvel universe.

ted sallis said...

Your spot on Robert.
I've looked out my old panama hat and my milk chocolate digestives are markedly tastier, does this hold true with the dark choc variety?
Perhaps Dan could give EM's take on this. Which would be the most likely to be made Ross or Rulk??.....Nice easy one for you Dan :)

Barnabas said...

General Ross wears a hat. Perhaps if we get a figure he should be eating a chocolate buscuit?

I know not a thing about Red Hulk right now. But going by the pictures I've seen, I think he would make a good figure.


Robert said...

Thanks for testing the hypothesis, Ted. And while I'm on, I love the latest Bloggers in Lead drawing you did. Bob in particular. He looks cool and dangerous at the same time!

Been an amusing night. Guy who has been on other sites saying we all talk "crap" comes out with daftness like Ross is not a major character. Couldn't make it up.

Anonymous said...

Good job twisting what I actually said. Especially in the same thread as the one that I made it. I said he was a SUPPORTING CHARACTER. Not a main character. Which is true. You really do need to quit twisting what was said.

ted sallis said...

Thanks Robert,a few weeks ago we were all hyped for the Thor movie.Is anyone going to see first Class?. I must admit i'm a sucker for a good trailer and it looks amazing, and the X-Men look fantastic as does Magneto, I absolutely hate the first X-films, with McKellern mincing about as Magneto and his annoying old whistling teeth.
This looks like it might be watchable.Perhaps after seeing it i might be able to name three x-characters for my extension list ;)

mighty_marvel said...

i think the kingpin having no powers thing was brought up because in the past (certainly before JJJ was confirmed) people have mentioned having powers as a requirement for being in the collection. but there is an argument for characters who have had enough impact to be in the collection regardless of superpowers. general ross falls in this category of important non-powered characters.

and i wasn't trying to say ross was better than anyone else for being included in the greatest comic book villains list. i was just using it as evidence that he clearly has had significant impact as a villain for him to be included in it, when you consider some of the characters who didn't even make it (dark beast for example).
also, the list isn't made up of solely marvel characters so the fact we havent even had 100 villains yet is a bit irrelevant. of the marvel villains who have made the list only 7 are currently missing from the collection. 5 of these are x-men characters and considering their large villains roster it is understandable why they are not yet in, the other 2 are ross and modok. with modok being seriously considered for inclusion then surely ross must be in with a shot too.

also, if you take away the fact that ross is rulk and consider rulk as a independant character. he's only been around for 3 years. without the history and importance of general ross to piggyback on, would rulk be seriously considered for inclusion at this point? probably not with so many other specials of longer established characters to be done and so few special slots.
however, general ross as a regular with his history, even without the current rulk stuff, would he be seriously considered for inclusion at this point? with JJJ already in he's surely got to be up there.

mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

I'm not twisting anything. I actually think we are now disagreeing on our definition of a "main character". Considering Ross has been there since Day One, has been father to Banner's love interest/ wife, has led numerous government initiatives to capture Hulk, ramrodded Gamma Base (in all its incarnations), has been super-powered (Zzaz and when he was seemingly brain-dead and allied with the Leader), and so on and so on (and this is only the comicbooks remember), if you still think he's better described as a supporting character than a main character then there's no hope of reasoning with you.

Robert said...

I just had a thought on how to explain the difference between main and supporting characters, CBR.

Ted is a main character on here.

You are a supporting character.

'Night, folks.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

X-Men: United was better movie than IronMan or Thor, and First Class is better movie than X-Men: United.


Logan cameo is funny.


Thor8 said...

I've been noticing that quite a few new names have popped up on this blog lately and would like to say "welcome aboard,and I hope you stay for along time!" I really enjoyed tinodragon14's wish list for two main reasons: First because of the majority of the characters chosen and secondly for the brief description or reason why the character was chosen.

As I mentioned I have noticed quite a number of new bloggers,but on the other hand I have not heard from two of my warriors three in quite awhile. Where are Pirate Adam & jacadoo?

Becquerel said...

Thanks for the welcome, Thor8. =)

I've posted my list in the earlier post, but if you guys want, I can put it here too and give reasons to these characters I chose.

Becquerel said...

Also, regarding the General Ross discussion:
Main characters are characters that are featured prominently as protagonist or antagonist.

So in the case of, say, Spider-Man, main characters would be Spidey, Osborn, Doc Ock and similar big villains. I would also count JJJ as a main character since he was the reason some of Spidey's villains exist in the first place (Scorpion comes to mind), is Peter Parker's boss and a major antagonist to Spidey as well, though more in the background.

Supporting characters are characters that are featured not as often but have more or less important roles in the background to support one or more of the main characters. In Spidey's case, that would be MJ, Black Cat, Aunt May and such. Jarvis would fall into this category as well for the Avengers. Hell, I'd consider the Warriors Three as supporting characters (despite being really awesome too).

I agree with the sentiment that not all main characters are specifically interesting, however, many of the supporting characters can be popular and despite their position have some really important role in some case.

Anyway, General Ross definitely is having more of a shot and deserves to make it far more than, say, the Jackal or Tarantula who have been brought up several times by now.

General Ross might not be a universe-crossing character, but he still is one of the most major antagonists in the Hulk universe. Yea, he's just a bearded man in a uniform, but he still is ridiculously important in Hulk's universe. Saying he's a supporting character is claiming that Green Goblin is a supporting character of Spidey, and that's just silly. Especially considering some of the figurines that have already been included like Prowler or Destiny, characters who have only a really minor importance even as supporting characters, and JJJ being included, General Ross definitely should not be counted out. In fact, I solely hope he will make it into this extension.

And then I'm gonna wave the flag for Jarvis.

CGJ said...

Triton and Ares arrived this morning, no, not my new bathroom suite, the subby pack.

Ares doesn't look as snake-hipped as people thought from the photos and Triton looks good lined up with the other Inhumans.

As for General Ross, main player, bit player, major villain, minor pain in the bum. End of the day, one boring ass figure.

Lots of wish lists on this blog from a wide group of people. Haven't seen Ross on anybodys list that I can remember

Word verification CRIPS, and me a Blood....

mighty_marvel said...

ross in full military uniform would be a far more interesting fig than many of the superheros we have had in plain spandex costumes (crystal springs immediately to mind)

and you can't have been looking very hard because the reason the whole ross argument started is because someone put him on their list and cbrbeast decided to have a go about it.

and clearly there are a lot of people who would like ross in the collection at some point or else there wouldn't be so many people currently arguing his case for inclusion.

Joeking said...

Just to jump in on the Ross debate, no to the red Hulk for me. I personally would rather have him as the General that has spent many years as one of the Hulks longest appearing enemies. Whether he is a major character or a supporting character is neither here nor there. He is a Marvel Universe character with a long history.

ted sallis said...

Subbypacktime! Triton, is very nice,Ares, i'm still not convinced by the big gouge running along under his left bicep, but the paintjob is superb a solid 7/10 subbypack, Oh and i've just launched my umpteenth unopened plinth up into the attic, I hoendhaven't used one since 2009. really should cancel them. But such is my love for this collection, i can never bring myself to.
No need to thank me Dan cough!, bloodstone, hack, cough etc ;)

Deadpool said...

Great job Dan - this is exactly what the blog needed - some new blood.

I suggest that You, Richard and that other guy "What's his name" take turns posting messages just to keep things fresh.

I wanted Girlies and you deliver... what can I say ... you've made my day.

I was skeptical about Mockingbird but she looks very promising.

Arachne - very demure and curvy too - I will be buying a few for modding ...

I like the sketches of Domino but don't want her to turn out like the terrible Black Widow figure.
My personal choice would be either the Rifle or her firing the two guns as she walks forward.

Now for todays arrivals -

Triton is very impressive lots of detail and a nice size.

Ares - not what I would call a Classic Character, but still a very good sculpt.

DC figures arrived today -

I didn't like the idea of a Special as Man-Bat, but I am absolutely delighted and can see how good a Werewolf by night figure would look.

Prof Zoom great too and a good basic figure just waiting to be modded.

Black Manta is superb - he's big and a bit of a Curveball - again this figure illustates how good "Bug" would be if he made it into the CMFC.

Now for my "two penneth" ...

No to General Ross.

No to any other Hulks until we get a resculpt of the real Hulk that looks more agressive.

CBR Supporting Character? I disagree he is more of an extra than a supporting character ... you know .. the guys that stand at the back Saying "Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb"

I agree with Ted .. how about giving us some of the concept sketches and the concept sculpts.
As a multi subscriber I have spent a fortune with Eaglemoss and think it would be great to be rewarded with a sketch and a Sculpt. ;0)

Becquerel said...

1 horror - Werewolf by Night: He is one of Marvel's most major horror characters, and he spawned Moon Knight as well.

1 asgardian - Hela: One of the major Asgardian antagonists, though I think she probably might be better off as a Special.
One of the Warriors Three: Better starting the team sooner than later, because we don't know how many extensions we'll get, if any after this one (hopefully).

1-3 modern - Wiccan: He's one of the most major newer characters.
Penance: Has been really important during the Civil War story arc (which granted wasn't stellar...). He has a very nice design, though, and believe he could make for an awesome figurine.
Dust: One of the more popular new characters and I think she'd be an amazing figurine given her abilities.
Anole: He's one of the most popular young X-Men and if the sculptors use his tongue somehow in the figurine, that'd be awesome. =P

1 golden age? - Blonde Phantom: She's a female 40s/50s styled spy, what else you need? She's also long-forgotten.

2/3 x-men (incl 1 new mutant/1 villain?) - Silver Samurai, Longshot, Mirage

Aside from Silver Samurai, I was struggling to find good characters. Longshot and Mirage would be alright additions I guess - Silver Samurai is a must, though, since he is at least somewhat important.

1/2 avengers - US Agent, Moonstone, Wiccan
1/2 cosmic - Deathbird, Corsair
1/2 alpha flight - Shaman, Marrina

I think all of these are pretty self-explanatory.

2/3 villains (spidey/FF/etc) - Trapster, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Baron Mordo, Grey Gargoyle

Trapster to finish the original Frightful Four, the others are rather self-explanatory, as well, I believe.

1 curveball - Dr. Strange's supporting characters (Clea, Wong): We need more Dr. Strange characters. It's a shame only him and Dormammu made it so far when Strange's universe offers many interesting characters.
General Thunderbolt Ross: Already has been explained numerous times in the comments to this blog post.
Stilt-Man: He's a man on robotic stilts, I think that's already curveball enough. He also would represent Daredevil.

1 alt. universe? - Spider-Man 2099, anything Noir-related: I'd rather stay in the main Marvel universe though.

1 marvel knights - The Owl: Surprised he isn't already in the sets.

Deadpool said...

Deadpool Studios - Figure Mods.

For everyone that has not seen my figure mods or scratch built figures - have a look at my marvel customs blog for some images.

Click on my image then click on the Marvel Customs blog subject.

Images of the following are available: -

Captain Britain - Original Lionheart Costume

Arch Angel - red detail and metal wings

Bucky Cap - the infamous mod that so upset Robert - sorry Robert.

Scratch Built CMFC scale MODOK

Rogue Trooper

Shi - from crusade comics

Scratch Built Volstag.

Have a look, I hope you like them.



John said...

I think there are two big dividing lines when it comes to Ross.

1. If the collector likes Red Hulk more.

2. If the collector finds the design dull.

These are fully opinions and each collector has the right to them. I prefer Ross and flat out dislike Rulk. I think Ross would make an interesting figurine.

All the other stuff... I think its been pointed out fairly well that he's not a civilian but an antagonist, that he has an extensive history, and is recognizable as a Hulk villain to more than just Hulk fans due to the movies and whatnot.

Not every main antagonist is going to have an iconic look though. I think Ross would look really good, but would a Justin Hammer figurine? No. And he was in a movie as well, but he'd just look like a random business man. Anyway, I can understand people's opinions on wether Ross would look dull or not.

I disagree with Beast's opinions, but... Robert, you know I love you, but you've been flat out rude to Beast. I had to say it.

Robert said...

It's okay, John. I don't mind you saying because I have a lot of respect for you and you're right. I've been rather harsh with CBR because he made an insulting comment somewhere else about everyone who posts here. He didn't come on here and say it. That was not only rude but cowardly. I was rude to him but at least I did it to his face and not behind his back.

mgf said...

Triton's bloomin' EXCELLENT!

Lockjaw and Maximus please!

ted sallis said...

Yep ,The more closely you look at Triton the more amazing the detail is, I move him up one slot from "nice" to "lovely". The details on the raised spines on his back are FINtastic.........ehum!
Just got round to reading the Cannonball mag, there is a group featured therein called the Hellions, The big strong one is called........BEEF!

Robert said...

Looking forward to getting Triton this weekend. Anyone know when Karnak will come out?

Barnabas said...

I tried posting this this morning. But my PC at work decided it wouldn't play ball today........

And there's the rub, what defines a supporting character?
Is Crystal a supporting character? Does being a 'b' rated character automatically put them in a support category?
I guess it's an individual standpoint.
I, for example, would make MJ and Aunt May main characters because of their historical standing and importance in the Spidey saga. Both have dictated/influenced, in many cases, the direction PP's life has gone in, which makes them prime movers. Glory Grant is a support.
So I agree that General Ross is a major part of the Hulk 'family' group and if this collection is to be all encompassing he should be made, along with Jarvis for the Avengers.
But not everyone one will see the like that.

And my apologies for stating that General Ross should be made holding a chocolate biscuit. Everyone knows he likes Jaffa Cakes! ;0)


LAWay said...

Xmen: first class is getting awesome reviews, some saying the best marvel movie, nay, comicbook movie to date.

ironic, because every fan online was slating how awful it looked. Cant wait to see it, and if what tomaszkasjaniuk is right about the cameo, it just makes it even sweeter.

tinodragon14 said...

I wanted to thank THORate for the welcome & the kind words. Big Hugs all around to you welcoming souls. I just wanted to say that General Ross would look fine as a figure I just have so many others I have listed before him choice wise.
When I wrote about specials I left out one of my favorite looking bad guys though I think he would be a mega special & that is THE LIVING MONOLITH. He would make a great looking figure. Don't know how I forgot him in the first place.
The other guy I almost added in my 20 was THE EXECUTIONER longtime companion of THE ENCHANTRESS & longtime enemy of THOR's but I was not sure he would be a regular figure. He is a real big guy & with his battle axe like TERRAX he would probably be a special.
And also I know now that I have finally spoken up I should probably shut up but I love Marvel Comics & it's characters. In the DC Collection they had Batman on his Batcycle as a special which I did buy. I was wondering if the original bad guy BLACK KNIGHT, enemy of Ironman & an original Master of Evil would make a good special on his flying black horse. His armor & helmet & his multi-weapon battle lance would look great as a figure.
I see many people speaking up for the WEREWOLF BY NIGHT as a figure which I loved as a comic when it came out along with TOMB OF DRACULA which introduced Blade. I would support a figure of WBN since they already have DRACULA as a figure I'm just afraid he will turn out like MAN-WOLF which unfortunately looks more like a man-dog then a man-wolf. Even MORBIUS came out looking crooked like he has a bad back. Morbius first appeared in Spidey issue 101 & that position of him on the cover slapping six armed Spidey down would have been the best looking figure of him.

navaho said...

I would absolutely love The General in this collection, he is as important a character as is possible in the Hulk universe and was the Hulks first real adversary, definitely worth an inclusion. Triton and Ares arrived today and look awesome! Can't wait to see who's in the extension.

Mr J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr J said...

I would support General Thunderbolt Ross been in the collection.

I really would like 2 modern characters this extension too and I'll support other fans who have called for DUST & WICCAN.

A New X-Men and a Young Avenger. DUST has been the top wanted modern character and WICCAN has probably been second so both should get in under a "modern selection" this extension the fact one is an Avenger and the other is an X-MEN should not matter. Their modern and there wanted!

DUST & WICCAN for the modern characters please!

spidey_1979 said...

I would like Thunderbolt Ross in the collection but think he should be kept for the 201 - 220 just to put a little bit of space between him and Jameson. Wouldn't want to have the civvie haters up in arms and crying about the 'floodgates opening'.

ted sallis said...

Aw man, i was feeling genuine love for Beef, turns out he's dead.....probably reeks like out of date mince by now.
I'd be happy with the vast majority of lists put forward on here....One more "curveball suggestion. Nebulon the celestial man. He was the prettiest man i had ever seen.And his hair was always salon perfect .

LAWay said...

i too would like to see general ross as a figurine eventually because he is an important hulk character. If I had the choice of him or rulk, rulk wins purely due to, what i would think, would be a better looking figurine. I have no clue on rulk and seemed pretty shallow to me, but the figurine would look cool.

I just wonder no, since he is the 'secret identity', which version would be made. The marketing team may think a Rulk would sell more.

mighty_marvel said...

like i said before though, would you want rulk to take up a special slot when the general would be a regular. there are many specials to be done of characters whose special size is their most iconic and recognisable form. this is not the case for ross/rulk. his most iconic and recognisable form is as the general. rulk has been around for a paltry 3 years and may not even last. ross has got previous for acquiring powers and then losing them. without the history and importance of general ross to piggyback on, rulk would not even be a consideration at this point. whereas ross as the general would be a contender even without the current rulk storylines.

he is a more important character to the history of hulk as the general. as has been said before you couldn't write a history of hulk without ross featuring regularly and prominently, but you could write a pretty complete history without mentioning rulk. therefore the general is how he deserves to be made.

Squidguy said...

Just to add my two pennies worth on this Rulk/Ross debate.

I think that General Ross is a very important character in the Hulk's history.

Red Hulk is a new chapter in the Ross development, not sure whether its a permanent development - I think it will be. (Why Marvel didn't have Talbot as Rulk instead then we could have had both).

Visually Red Hulk would be very much more interesting, and might be a character Marvel might want EM to do.

I would prefer a Red Hulk.
I would prefer a Red She Hulk,
Rick Jones would be better as A-Bomb.
Just like Patsy Walker was better as Hellcat even though she has more history as plain old Patsy.
I would prefer Buzz as Mad Dog.

Would prefer Skurge the Executioner over all of them. Glad to see him bigged up before. I think he is most definately a special. If Thundra is down as a special then Skurge most definately is. Managed to get into the top ten in the current specials poll.

If we do get Werewolf by Night, then that is another team ticked off - I forget the name but we already have Morbius, Ghost Rider and Man Thing...Legion of Monsters? Well the original team anyway I think the Living Mummy turned up later.

mighty_marvel said...

is rulk really going to be that visually interesting though. i've got a green hulk fig. do i need to see roughly the same thing but painted red instead of green? no, not really. that's not interesting, that's repetitive. what would be interesting is a fig of something i haven't got yet. something like a military general.

at the moment rulk is a small footnote in the history of the character of ross. will it be permanent. maybe, maybe not. we don't know. but what we do know is that he has nearly 50 years of history as the general. that can't be overlooked.

ted sallis said...

Picture this! RULK.....dressed in Ross's miliary uniform..It's the only sane solution :)
Ooooh1 just seen the tv spot for Green Lantern...In blackest day, in darkest night, no way am paying to watch that shiite.

mighty_marvel said...

oh, and patsy walker was created in 1944 and became hellcat in 1976. by my maths that's 32 years as plain old patsy and 35 years as hellcat. so a bit more established, and more history, in her superhero identity than ross who has been rulk for just 3 years compared to 46 years as the general.

Squidguy said...

MM. I agreed that Ross as the general has more history. I however would prefer a Red Hulk. I would want a General Ross as well, but Rulk is my preference.

Oh and as for Patsy, she may have more years as Hellcat (three extra) BUT i have little doubt that she has way more appearances as the lovestruck Patsy Walker. She had three comics/mags on the go at one point. Sadly Hellcat has barely appeared for years now.

John said...

Speaking of Romance Comics, anybody else really want a Venus figurine? Except, you know, in her modern look?

Night Nurse would be fine too, but I'd rather have Clea and Wong first... So we should definitely start with Venus. ;)

mighty_marvel said...

not my area of expertise but weren't the romance comics published by timely/atlas. if so, would they even fall under the remit of the classic marvel figurine collection unless the character had an equivalent in marvel (hellcat and venus for example). and even then surely it would be the marvel version that would be included.

John said...

Well, the two I was asking for have made their way into Marvel. Saying they came too early (that's what she said) is like saying Captain America can't be in the collection because he was created under Timely.

No, Venus definitely counts. :D

mighty_marvel said...

i know they have. was just mentioning it as i thought it would just be the marvel versions that would make it, therefore no chance of venus in her timely costume and why we got hellcat rather than patsy for example. didn't mean to imply they shouldn't be in, just that it should be the marvel versions.

mighty_marvel said...

squidguy. but i have little doubt that about 33% of patsy walker's total appearances have been as hellcat, whereas rulk is probably less than 10% of general ross' total appearances. so a significantly more established form of the character.
and regardless of this, within marvel comics she has pretty much always been hellcat (first marvel app 1965, became hellcat 1976). the majority of her time as patsy walker was in timely and atlas comics and these appearances have been retconned as fictional within the marvel universe. so i still don't think you can use patsy being done as hellcat as an argument in favour of ross being done as rulk because patsy was done in the guise in which she is most established within marvel comics.

ted sallis said...

Well i'm backing Gen Ross, If Mighty Marvel says so, then you would be foolhardy to bet against it, MM has the one superpower you cannot beat, The guys lucky, he championed JJJ, he won the last comp pick and a tenner on the lottery.
Unlike me i'm unlucky...
"How unlucky are you Ted?"
I'm that unlucky,if i fell into a barrel of t*ts, i would come up sucking my thumb, that's how unlucky i am.

LAWay said...

green hulk was such an early figurine, and it didnt even turn out that well! The poll on the forum suggests that we want a redo of him, and what with EM seemingly in their stride producing dynamic sculpts, Rulk would be (potentially) ace to see.

Sure, general ross probably SHOULD be made, since all the history is with him as a character, but just saying I would take a special of rulk and would prefer him over a lot of other suggested specials.

Robert said...

Reading today's posts, MM made an interesting point about how you fit Timely/ Atlas characters into a collection called the Classic MARVEL Collection. When you think about it, the collection title has become increasingly inaccurate. Not all the characters are classic - Silver Sable? Please! - and sometimes we don't even get classic versions of classic characters (Iron Man, for one). And when this collection started all the figurines were lead, now resin has started sneaking in and will be increasingly common. It almost sounds like I'm leading up to a Bob-type question: what do you think the collection should be called now if we are wanting a more accurate description?

Oh, and Ted, you may be unlucky but we still love ya.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Green, Grey, Red, what next Purple Hulk?
No thx, better Skaar or A-Bomb, but Ross should be as simply human.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Loved Arachne and Mockingbird.

...andI want to see another Black Widow!

ted sallis said...

In 1995 David Coulthard said i looked like a merchant banker, months later i realised it was slang terminology...Anywho there is more cance of French toast getting a spot in collection than Black Wideow being redone

mighty_marvel said...

x-men first class - BEST X-MEN FILM EVER!!!!!

fantastic film. everyone should visit their local cinema to see it. bit of advice though - don't bother staying to the end of the credits. disappointingly for marvel, there's nothing there :(

Becquerel said...

Well, with increasing size, of course, the "classic" loses its classic-ness.
There's only so many older characters that also are popular enough to be called classic. Then again, there are new characters that end up being instant classics, Deadpool is such an example - he hasn't been around for as long as many characters, but that doesn't mean he couldn't be considered a classic Marvel character.

Responding to the costume point of yours - the figurine collection is, in my opinion, supposed to showcase the development and history of Marvel. New development and history is part of that. I prefer a new and shiny Iron Man over the older look, and since the development and constant improvement of his suits is one of Iron Man's most important aspects as a super hero, I feel giving him a newer armor is only fitting. Classic for his case, if you will.
When it comes to other characters, like the X-Men who have a plethora of different costumes, I also think that representing the whole history of the series rather than just a part of it is far more interesting than just one specific era.

In all of this, you also have to consider which costume version would give a character good looks as a figurine. To stick with Stark, I think the slicker, more dynamic and newer armor looks far better as a figurine than his bulkier classic design.

Overall, I don't feel like the name is misplaced. It's still almost entirely characters that have enough history and bear enough significance to the Marvel Universe to be considered as classics, even if they're not having their dusty old looks still.
And to be frank, in some cases, that might actually be way better (looking at you, X-Men).

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

After watching X-Men: First Class I want Sebastian Shaw to be first confirmed character for next extension.

ted sallis said...

After voiding my bowels i could go some BEEF!!!

John said...

Why don't we just ignore the title of the collection and use it to get the characters we love? The date of a character, the costume choice, etc, to fit a character into a "classic" category... just doesn't matter. It doesn't. As long as fans are getting the characters they want represented the way they want.

Squidguy said...

Another Black Widow?

Only if its Yelena Belova.... perhaps with Eric O'Grady looking out from her um...''balcony'', man that was classic...

The classic in the name was void as soon as Sentry was confirmed.

Changing the subject completely, what do you guys think the changes of more members of the Wrecking Crew. Wrecker needs his boys behind him. Dan?

Robert said...

French toast, MMMMMMmmmm.

Homer Simpson impersonations apart, I don't much care about the collection name, John, it was just a thought. You're right: just give us great characters, to damn with the name.

ted sallis said...

Who buys these???

christopretorius said...

hey u all im glad its going up to 200. i have to ask if there is a posibility if u can make gostriders bike and include it. dc has a new collection going witch is about 26 isuess of the lantern corps, i just want to know are u going to do something like that aswell, maybe x fors or factor or maybe age of apocolipes?

LAWay said...

lol Ted, thats hilarious. Sad people. *bid bid bid*

Robert, I have questioned it myself in arguments as it always got brought up with some old characters and the name being 'classic'. The collection is quite erratic, with character options, the order they appear, the costumes they appear in etc

I dont think anything is set in stone and things can constantly change. I dont see why we cant see a classic iron man, who has more history crammed in his finger than most of the characters being produced nowadays. Although people are very vocal about not wanting variant costumes.

I pointed out last update that warhammer have taken the decision to change their figurines from metal to a new resin and I wondered if EM would do it. Honestly I wouldnt care if the figurines were sculpted and painted well and kept the price from skyrocketing. As long as the base it weighted, I wouldnt care. I dont collect it because of 'lead', just because its marvel and all the marvel characters.

So for me, while there are no concrete rules, I am happy for them to be broken.

CGJ said...

Toad and Moondragon are in this months Previews.

I never thought I would say this about a small lead figurine but Moondragon looks hot. Between her and Sinead Oconnor, think I am getting a thing for bald chicks

ted sallis said...

Wow!,She does look stunning, her comedy lead hooters are impressive, I never knew she wore a white sweatband on her heid.

Robert said...

Where is this Previews thou speakest of?

Very excited about Moondragon. I will never have the Infinity Watch, which is sad, but at least I have another member to stand next to Thanos and Adam. I have high hopes the longer this goes on that I'll also get Gamora, although I am worried it will be the Drax Debacle all over again and I'll get her in modern garb. Not that I don't like it, it's just not how she has looked in her appearances in the old Warlock stories, the infinity trilogy and the Watch series.

Robert said...

Just had a look at the Firestar figure on eBay that Ted flagged up. Somewhat ironic in that Firestar complained in the comics when her costume showed her cleavage!

Oddly, the seller is female! She must have a rather poor opinion of men.

Or understands a certain minority of men very well... decide.

ted sallis said...

Robert i just googled "toad and moondragon previews" you can see her in all her considerable glory.
....Robert, are you sitting down?...I..I..i've just purchased Marvel comic books, Mainly Thunderbolts...but i saw these issues of the Incredible Hulks?? featuring Betty Ross as RED Hulk? in a tale of international espionage?. I know you must be dissapointed in me , but i'm hoping they are like Steven Seagal movies utter sh*t but weirdly watchable ...

ha ha my verification is autedle

Robert said...

Thanks, Ted.

At the risk of sounding like Leigh, I'm disappointed. A headband? The face isn't great. And what is it with the sculptors giving women unrealistically high breasts? (Viper in particular suffers from this.) Thing is, when they muck up a character I am not much bothered about, then it's easy to shrug it off. Not so easy when you're really keen on someone and it's not great.

Oh, and on the subject of the Hulk universe, Ted, it is arguably the biggest mess since Heroes Reborn, which was the biggest mess EVER. Every regular/ important cast member has been Hulked-out or gamma-irridiated now - Bruce, Rick, Betty, 'Thunderbolt' Ross, Sam Sterns, Igor, did they miss anyone? (Is Glenn Talbot alive?) It would be comparable to MJ, Aunt May, JJJ, Glory Grant, Robbie, etc. all getting spider-powers. Whoever okayed this should be dumped on a remote island with no contact with the outside world. Or forced to reread these comics endlessly like the video torture they forced on the Abomination a while back.

ted sallis said...

Man that sounds awful...wish i'd bought Firestar with her bare thruppenybits.

LAWay said...

Both look awful. Never really knew MoonDragon but its a very uninspiring character design and doesnt say 'classic' to me at all.

Toad looks just dreadful. I already expressed my hatred for the sculpt as it was previewed, and the colours on make it much more worse.

Have you seen the comiquette Savage She-Hulk (i thought she was called Thundra?)
Take note EM, dynamic, powerful, yet still feminine. Gorgeous work there.

John said...

I think Toad and Moondragon look great. I would have preferred Moondragon without the headband, but understand its inclusion. She'll still look fine next to Drax. :)

Gamora is in my Top 5, I think. And I'm sorry to say this, Robert, but I ONLY want her in her modern costume. No female Mysterio for me. I want her almost nude except a couple strips of cloth and some skulls. :D

Rocket Raccoon
Any Agent of Atlas

In that order, those are my Top 5.

Hiperion said...

I just received Firestar yesterday, and realized one more time how I need the rest of the Warriors! :D

Cannonball arrived too, it's excellent!

Robert said...

"Both look awful." Ha, another classic Leigh opening sentence! Negative as I was about Moondragon I was a mere pup in my condemnation! :) Later I'll have a look at the statues you recommended, Leigh - thanks for the links. Will be interesting to compare.

I get where you are coming from, John, even if I respectfully disagree. A lot of folk on here who have asked for Gamora know her from the Annihilation stuff. Oldies like me know her from way back when in her original costume and that's the way we'll maybe always see her. And never the twain shall meet, as folk even older than I might say.

Oh, and if you confuse Mysterio with Gamora, well, it may be time for an eye test! (Hopefully, that comes across as the harmless, playful banter it was meant to be.)

ted sallis said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! picked up a second hand copy of Thor on the xbox, Surtur looks ferkin amazing. As does Ulik what a dandy special he would make Alas with Odin on the way, The next Asgardian spesh could be a while. it may be Ulik...or Mangog....or Destroyer .that sounds like the best WWE tag team ever.