Friday, 20 May 2011

Good news, bad news


As always, my apologies for no posts recently. In my defence I did try to post last Friday but received a message from Google saying the blogs were being updated.

Anyway, I have a lot of good news and a little bit of bad news.

First a bit of good news: The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection has been extended to 200 issues, so another 20 figures are coming your way. Thanks to everyone who collects the magazine, these extensions wouldn't happen without you.

And now for the bad news: Unfortunately, I'm going to have to pass on the blog duties to my colleagues John and Dan. At the moment I'm just too busy with some new developments and overseeing some of the other comic related products. I'm not going to completely abandon the blog and will attempt to make posts whenever I can, but more regular updates will come from the other members on our team. Hopefully this means we'll be able to put out more updates, but please understand that both John and Dan are also extremely busy.

Right, that aside, here's a couple of pics.

First up Magik. We decided to go for her New Mutants costume with the soul sword and soul armour. The demon girl look she had recently just didn't sit right with us.

Next I have paint images of Avalanche.

And finally I have some images that a few people have waited along time to see. Please understand that I can not guarantee these will be a double pack, but if not, they will be in 181-200. I give you Northstar and Aurora sculpts. I really hope you guys like what we've gone for. The blocks under their feet will eventually be small clear pegs to give the illusion they are flying/floating.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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mgf said...

Hey, hey, some great images there!

Nice to see N & A as well.

Lockjaw can't be far away now...

Gremlin said...

After a long time without an update you give us the mother of them all!!!!

Outstanding news on the extension. Really looking forward to hearing what characters make the cut. I hope that we can have something like last time going on where you would drip feed us the characters each week. It really kept the anticipation going.

As for the sculpts. I am blown away by Magik. She is better than I thought she could be. I love the pose and the inclusion of the armour. Also the plasma/magic effect on the sword is top notch. Well done.

Avalanche is looking good too. It's great that we have seen each stage in his process. I like the colours and the facial expression. I think a few people might be disappointed that the "A" isn't on his chest but for me that doesn't matter.

Now for Northtar and Aurora. I am glad you are pushing for their incluson. With the other big named members already in and the new Alpha Flight series kicking off it seems to be the right time to do them. I like the mirror image poses and the way they interact with each other.

Excellent update.

Dannie said...

Great!!! Another extension!!! Let's not have any civilians like the have for JJJ. No Aunt May. No Mary Jane. No Gwen Stacy etc. Nothing of that sort please.

Wow...finally, Northstar and Aurora. Hopefully they will be in the black & white costume in which the first appeared in.

Joeking said...

Magik looks magic almost exactly how i would want her, glad to see that northstar and aurora are coming have left a gap just for them.


ted sallis said...

Niiiicce! Magic, is a fine looking fig,Collection extended to #200,and torvil and Dean look glam.Now that's a proppa update n no mistake :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing sculpts!!!! Great work as always EM

michael said...

Great news on the extension! Really liking the pose and look of Magik too, hopefully Dani Moonstar isn't too far behind!

As far as Northstar and Aurora are concerned, I'm thrilled that they are in the collection, and the clear peg idea sounds seriously cool.

That being said (and I am sure it is too late now anyhow) I would prefer if their poses weren't quite so inter-related. I'm not sure how good, for example, Northstar would look by himself if he was placed with X-men figures...even if just that palm was facing down he would be more standalone...whereas with the palm up he is clearly supposed to be touching something...

Anyway, great figures, great update, and I look forward to the first announcement of the new extension!

buffduffdan said...

Brilliant news about the extension! So glad we are going to 200 at least :)

Magik is looking great! I think you chose the best costume for her IMO and I really like what you've done with her pose and sword. Avalanche looks good too ;)

I'm happy that Northstar & Aurora will finally be in one form or another. They really suit a double pack, especially with those great mirroring poses so it'd be a shame if they were forced to go into the main line-up but frankly after all this waiting I'm just thrilled they will finally be in!!

Mr J said...

Great news on the extension to 200 issues. Can we please get Dani Moonstar in this extension?

Magik looks fantastic and so Avalanche, Nothstar and Aurora.

rob said...

Check out my CMFC gallery!! As far as I know I'm the sole collector from Vancouver, BC.


SinisterVenom said...

Thank you for the great update Rich! It was certainly well worth the wait :)
Magik looks outstanding! I must admit she looks a hell of a lot better than how I thought she would look. Well done guys! Plus Leigh should be happy about another female looking good in the collection ;) Avalanche looks nice too, happy with him.
As for Northstar and Aurora...YEEESSSSS!!!! I can't say how happy I am to finally see them :D While I don't mind how we get them, be it single or double pack, I do think double pack makes more sense, especially with poses like that! The twins just fit together perfectly.
And finally news about the next extension can only complete my happiness on this update. Absolutely perfect. Can't wait to see who makes the cut. I wonder if we'll get another competition again...?

SinisterVenom said...

Seeing as the next extension is now confirmed, which 5 characters would you like to see the most? I'm sure we've done this ages ago but there are more of us on this blog now and hey, I like lists.

So here's my five:

Silver Samurai

Be interesting to see who you all want :)

CGJ said...

Already with the lists SV?!! The paint's not even dry on the update yet, wait a week until we have run out of things to say

Great news to see the extension officially announced.

Love the costume choice for Magik but I hate the pose. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

Avalanche looks pretty good painted up and the twins look like they could make really nice sculpts especially with the clear pegs at the bottom. Nice.

Gremlin said...

Character I want to see this extension....we...

Gamora - Cosmic gal who has had a surge in popularity again these past few years. She got herself a nice makeover aswell.

Darkstar - Middle of the road character. Often gets left in the cold because she doesn't quite fit into many of the major groups but she has a long history in comics and is very deserving. Pus on a production note she is a slim character without and weapons or capes ect.....cheaper to produce.

Wolfsbane - Whilst the next New Mutant sot is tightly fought over I have to side with Wolfsbane. I think she has the most appearences of any non-civvy character yet to be made. Great look and she is currently riding high in the X-factor comic.

Meggan - Last member of the original Excalibur lineup to be made. Like Darkstar she doesn't do amazingly in polls but she has the history none-the-ess and also she would be one of the cheaper figures to produce.

SinisterVenom said...

I know I know but I'm in a good mood now that I've seen the update and I'm getting excited about the new extension. I just can't help myself sometimes :P

bearbrian said...

I live the new pictures and the blog in general. However, it's a little disheartening to always hear that everyone is too busy to update the customers who support the collection.

Anonymous said...
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The Hood said...

Great nes about another extension, all the new images look great too. Here are the 5 i'd like to see make it into the collection.
1- Howard The Duck
2- Jigsaw
3- Werewolf By Night
4- The Hood
5- Maximus

Robert said...
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Robert said...

Really great news about the extension.

Also glad that the responsibility for the updates is being passed on to others so that it can become more regular.

Rich, thanks for writing the blog and hope to see you again soon.

mighty_marvel said...

fantastic news on going to 200.

magik looks good. will be giving enchantress a run for her money in the best female fig department.

northstar and aurora are looking good too. and the mirroring poses make them a natural double pack. hope it happens. would be a shame to write off regular fig double packs without even trying them once. and seeing as we're 2 specials down, surely you can find a way to give us this one.

biggest wants for the extension

brother voodoo
general ross

Ramshackle said...

All the figures shown look great, really hope N & A are a double pack though.

As for this extension I really would like the following 3 more than any other:

1. DANIELLE MOONSTAR - She's the New Mutant I want next and I really hope we get her. She has so much history and she could look great with the bow and arrows.

2. LONGSHOT - He is the most wanted character for this extension based on a poll run on the SHFF. He's the number 1 most wanted on the want list so bring him on.

3. CORSAIR - It's about time we got a Starjammer so nuff said.

aarondlees said...

Great to hear of the 200 extension and like the look of N&A together, I might be alone on this but I would really like to see Penance in the extension, he has a cool design and pretty good story now, Does anyone else agree?

SinisterVenom said...

aarondlees you are not alone! I think Penance would make a great figurine and will have my fingers crossed for him in the future.

Anonymous said...

Very nice seeing Northstar and Aurora. That really only leaves Shaman for all the original Alpha Flight members. :)

It would be nice to see some of the New Warriors get included to go with Firestar. Justice, Speedball and Namorita would be welcome. :)

The same goes for the Guardians of the Galaxy. Starhawk, Charlie-27 and Yondu and Nikki would all be welcome as well. :)

mgf said...

The 200 extension is terrific news, not least because if sales can stand up sufficiently during the last year or so to justify a continuation then things must look hopeful for 220, 240 and beyond.

I'd like to see a start on the original GotG, a few of the new roster, some classic villains like Whirlwind, Blizzard, Molten Man etc., and maybe, if Marvel ever decide to get their fingers out, Marvelman.

Gremlin said...

If you are talking about Robbie Baldwin then chances are that we will see him as Speedball if he ever gets made. The Penance costume was only used for a couple of years and he is already back in the Speedball costue. Don't get me wrong I loved the armoured look but Speedball is his classic and iconic look.

ted sallis said...

Hope too exham we do get a competition pick this extension. Guess a lot will depend on how the two previous winners fare saleswise.
I know i will rush out to buy Systern and Nickos Minizoo..? waitaminnit, better google them.......ah here they are, Syrn and Nico Minoru....counting the days.......nice weather fer the time o year.....

edward1d8 said...

Thanks, Rich. ;)

Like was said earlier, I'm disappointed that Avalanche lost his "A" but it still looks like a fine sculpt.

Magik is a character I have zero interest in, but its a great sculpt and I'll be getting that one too (Gotta love that kind of collector, eh? :)

Northstar and Aurora I was reeeally hoping would not be interacting with each other. It pretty much gives us one display option for them, and limits fans of one character but not the other. That said, I'm more just glad they're in, and whoever sculpted Aurora... wow.

Again, I don't really care about the New Mutants, but with Magik previewed there will be a lot of talk, so I'm throwing in my vote for Warlock. Great look and Cosmic connections as well.

Anonymous said...

Avelanche - Top notch figurine , just needs a white letter A painted on his chest please.

Magik - another top notch figurine but can we get a matching pair of tits please , only she looks strange with one being metal.

Northstar + Aurora - Yippee , great news. Hopefully we'll get them in a double pack as a special so that we don't lose two slots in the new extension , and hopefully they'll also be in their black and white costumes.

Another extension is great news. Thanks Rich , and sorry to hear that you won't be around so much anymore.
I hope that your replacement/s can also do a great job with their updates.

edward1d8 said...

Rich, I forgot a huge request!

The forum gets a huge amount of debate out of every individual blog update, and the anticipation and discussion over every character builds with each name dropped. Can we Pleeease have the next extension slowly revealed to us, like the last one. I followed the last DC extension list and it was over WAY too quickly.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Wonderful news, finally next extension is confirmed.
Magik looks amazing.
What happened to big ,,A"? We saw on sculpt, please paint it:

Ideal poses for Northstar and Aurora, now this please for Shaman:

My most wanted 5:
Corsair - definitely time to start second most wanted team, go Starjammers
Doppelganger - some characters from Maximum Carnage please
Jigsaw - Punisher needs a villain
Longshot - most wanted character for now
Sebastian Shaw - we will see him in movie soon, and it's time to give us Hellfire club leader

Hey Rich, do you know will CMFC be continued after #65 in Poland, it's only few moths to finish. We want to collect all figurines of CMFC, like fans in other countries.
Also we had only 2 specials last year, and 2 specials this year, please give us more.

Jefferson said...

Oh my, I just can;t believe how beautiful Magik is! Great job guys, I look forward for more New Mutants!!! Dani Moonstar, Wolfsbane, Warlock and hopefully Sunspot! Meggan would be a good figure too.

Jefferson said...

Oh my, I just can;t believe how beautiful Magik is! Great job guys, I look forward for more New Mutants!!! Dani Moonstar, Wolfsbane, Warlock and hopefully Sunspot! Meggan would be a good figure too.

ted sallis said...

Will Ferrel and John Heder.....from Blades of Glory..hahahahahaha....ha.he..ah, that's what i meant not Torvile and Splien.
Dan and...the other feller, if you include one of the following characters in the next extension....i solemnly swear to piss right off!!.
I will still maintain my subscription, but will give ye peace on this here blog.

Yeah. you like tha don'tcha??
Princess Python
Molecule Man
Howard the Duck
Dan,that shirt accentuates your charming dimples...Rich?...Rich who??????

Goth Prince said...

Aurora and Northstar look out of this world, hope they don't take up 2 slots this extension though please make them a 2-pack.

Magik is perfect!

Avalanche is very cool but I would like the "A" on his chest.

This new extension I really want to see..........

Dani Moonstar she's very cool, looks great and has been in nearly 530 comic book issues.

Longshot is needed to and if I can see Dani Moonstar and Longshot in this extension I will be a very happy chap indeed.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Yup, Northstar & Aurora should be double pack this year.
Shaman for next extension.

navaho said...

Yay, so pleased that we are going to 200, I don't know how I would structure my life without my fortnightly figurines. Would love the following in the new extension

1) Hammerhead
2) Dragon-Man
3) Tarantula
4) Howard the Duck (I know but I can't help myself!)
5) Heimdall
6) The White Tiger
7) General 'Thunderbolt' Ross (as worthy as JJJ)
8) Molecule Man
9) Molton Man
10) Stegron

Right I'm done....

firstprime said...

Wow, this is amazing. I just started collecting again after a few years off and I've nearly caught up!

Magik looks amazing and I have some empty spots in my Alpha Flight where Northstar and Aurora should feel right at home.

Also, i just discovered the blog and it looks like I have some reading to do...Expect to see me around!

My top 5 list:

1:I don't want to take up my entire top five with this, but I would love to see the entire young avengers.

2:Titannus from the MTU series. know he isn't a major character and he was only in one series (To the best of my knowledge), But There is something I have always loved about him.

3:Robbie Baldwin in the Penance armor.


5:Any/All of the Great Lakes Avengers.

Even though it doesn't seem to be the kind of thing that you do in this collection I would also love to see different versions of characters and I think this could lead to some amazing models. A few that I can think of now are Iron Spider-Man, Silver savage and Green Scar (Hulk) from Planet Hulk, old Man Logan (Wolverine), and I'm sure there are many more.

Also, thank you so much for this amazing collection and keep up the good work!

Paul said...

Holy sweet moly......what an aw inspiring update this week. As an X fan from many years ago I am super stoked for these figs to make on my personal shelf. Avalanche is right out of the pages, Magik is breath taking and just when you thought wow that's a great update...BLAM finally an honest to goodness hard pic of the twins after all the wait and speculation.

One word Rich....BRAVO mate.

Glad the collection is going to the lofty heights of 200 also. I personally think you should end it there to avoid becoming stale but there are still many characters to go. Love to see Shaman, Lockjaw and the Hellfire club get it but that's just me.

Love it and keep up the great collection.

Anonymous said...

Extension to 200
This is amazing news! The CMFC is a dream come true for Marvel fans. I'm really grateful to Eaglemoss, Rich & all who work on this. They have created a thing of beauty that continues to evolve into a real legend.

I'm blown away by the exquisite quality of this figure. I hope we'll see the same level of creativity in other New Mutants figures. My top choice is Sunspot, followed by Magma and Warlock.

Very sleek, very cool figure. I'm thrilled to see the painted version, but also hoping the costume will feature the big 'A'
as was originally intended.

Northstar & Aurora
Using transparent pegs to create a 'hovering/flying' effect is a good idea. It's been used in DC figures like Orion and Ganthet. I'm usually not a fan of the pegs, but I suppose in this case they can be used to create something really special with these Alpha Flight twins. But this really must be a double pack, or a special like Cloak & Dagger, especially as the figures have been designed to be joined in combination.

Anonymous said...

UP TO 500
Personally, my dream is for the CMFC to continue for many years to come. On the forum, I posted a 'virtual CMFC extension gallery' which includes a simulation of 70 more characters in CFMC format. From Stingray to Hulkling, from Blastaar to Starhawk, from Deathbird to Firelord, to name a few. It looks amazing, and it shows how it is perfectly possible for the CMFC to continue for hundreds more issues without ever getting boring. If anything, it's becoming more and more exciting. There are hundreds of characters I want, and it is my dream to see them all in the CMFC.

LAWay said...

Yay! An update! And so good to see so many new faces and returning folk at the blog. comes mr. negative...

Great news about the extension. Honestly, I thought going up to 200 was already confirmed, so I guess I got confused. So considering we know those up to 181, i cant wait to see a new list unveiled. Hopefully we see some strong characters like those mentioned in the responses in this thread. Honestly, seeing Young Avengers, Pennance or Speedball, Blaastar, that would be immense and keep me happy. A spiderman 2099 would be the icing on top. ;)

Magik...I do like the pose, lovely work there. I had a chuckle at MT's comments about her metal breastplate and sort of argee, but then I dont know much about the character. The face looks a little dull, as if she is a doll, so maybe some sort of expression could be used. Also, maybe a consideration with the sword, but painted 'energy' just doesnt come across that well. Is it possible to make it a tinted, transparent plastic?

Avalanche, i dig the sculptor's style and the front view looks great. Other angles dont sell it that well, but ah well.

N & A ...I am disappointed. Firstly they look ultra skinny. Aurora's jaw also looks very square and manly...already. I dont like the pose of her outstretched hand either, standing by herself would look unusual, almost like a ballerina pose.

I like the IDEA of making their poses sort of link together, but this idea doesnt work for me. The characters NEED to be together for these poses, they simply do not work as stand alone figurines as the poses look unusual.

If they are going to be in the regular continuity of the magazine in the extension as seperate characters, please rework the poses so that they can look good by themselves. I would be happy if they just had a similar pose but when side by side they were back to back with each other. It would make seperate strong figurines, and also a nice display together.

The example you have shown does not work for them being sold seperately. If cost is an issue where they cant be bundled together, then rethink these sculpts, because if they dont work well on their own merit, sales may be hit. Also, if these fall off the shelf, those arms are going to take damage. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reconsider these two. I know you dont often change, but please rethink.

As for KE stating 500...a little ambitious, but i'd be happy to see how you would propose that. Can you link the image you are referring to with the added 70 characters, and add a further 230 on top of that which will keep the collection boiling over to that milestone.

Anyway, at least I wasnt completely negative. Some good points here, and I hope the blog is updated more regularly even if it is small.

Kal Brindle said...

Rich, you have outdone yourself! What a marvelous update today. First and foremost thank you for the inclusion of Northstar & Aurora - it's about time and you have made me one happy cowboy! I love the sculpts just as they are and disagree with others that they will not work on their own - they look amazing - representative of a time in their history when they were treated well by their creative team and rebooted in a very positive way. Don't change a thing - just make sure they have the right costumes on - many artists draw them in the their sibling's costume, hopefully EM will get it right. Regardless, I am so happy it's incredible!!!

I still really hope we can have the twins as a two figure special - before the two pack idea gets thrown away you should at least run one with two regular sized figures to see how successful the concept can be. Plus that way we can get Shaman into the 181-200 line up! Woo Hoo!!

Magik - wow another amazing sculpt. Love it! Great choice on the costume guys! Really hoping our next New Mutant is Mirage! She's really come into her own the last few years and has become a favourite character for me.

Avalanche is awesome too, glad to see the finger issue was resolved. I am fine there's no A on his chest - in his original appearances he didn't have it anyway.

Best news of all is the extension naturally! I'm hoping we can get to 300 before there's even the slightest talk about shutting the collection down.

Enjoy your new role - I'm sure you will kick ass! Don't be a stranger, hopefully we'll see you around the forum from time to time.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Laway, stop this yelling man.
No problems, I can give you characters even well balanced per extension till 340:
Baron Mordo, Deathbird, Firelord, Gamora, Grey Gargoyle, Hammerhead, Howard The Duck, Jigsaw, Longshot, Moonstone, Sebastian Shaw, Shaman, Silver Samurai, Stingray, The Owl, Tombstone, Vance Astro, White Tiger, Wiccan, Wolfsbane
Beyonder, Brother Voodoo, Callisto, Corsair, Count Nefaria, Hela, Jackal, Mastermind, Maximus, Moonstar, Nova (Frankie), Patriot, Phantom Rider, Selene, Sunspot, Swordsman, Tarantula, The Hodd, US Agent, Whirlwind
Blackout, Clea, Constrictor, Crossbones, Darkhawk, Darkstar, Demogoblin, Fabian Cortez, Gargoyle, Goblin Queen, Hepzibah, High Evolutionary, Hyperion, Jack O'Lantern, Mantis, Meggan, Phyla-Vell, Sage, Trapster, Warlock
Air-Walker, Baron von Strucker, Blacklash, Black Tom Cassidy, Boomerang, Cobra, Dust, Jewel, Karolina Dean, Living Laser, Magma, Marrina, Mesmero, Molecule Man, Paladin, Sersi, Shatterstar, Spot, Starlord, Stilt Man
Arcade, Blizzard, Boom Boom, Cassandra Nova, Diablo, Diamondback, Doppelganger, Hawkeye II, Justice, Kaine, Killraven Madame Masque, Marrow, Miss America, Namora, Pixie, Spitfire, Thunderstrike, Vulcan, Yondu
Baron Blood, Daken, Death, Exodus, Feral, Fixer, Ghost, Hogun, Iron Lad, Lyja, Monet, Puma, Satana, Shriek, Speedball, Spiderman 2099, Squirrel Girl, Thunderball, Vertigo, Vindicator
Alistair Smythe, Beak, Bug, Carrion, Chase Stein, Collector, Fandral, Graviton, Karma, Mary Jane Watson, Maverick, Mimic, Namorita, Oracle, Red Ghost, Speed, The Zombie, Trevor Fitzroy, Vanisher, White Tiger II
Bastion, Chamber, Dark Beast, Dr Spectrum, Egghead, Husk, Mad Thinker, Manta, Molten Man, Morgan le Fey, Nightmare, Night Trasher, Princess Python, Purple Man, Red Guardian, Rictor, Sleepwalker, Speed Demon, Stryfe, Unicorn

I could easy go till #500 with x-characters, 5 per extension.
I forgot about many characters, that are on most wanted lists. Fans of Avengers, F4, Spiderman, Cosmic Heroes could easy fill that list till 500, and also I didn't include many characters that should be special size, so that only shows 200 issues it's not enough. Give us another 200 or even 300 EM :)

Deadpool said...

Well Richy Richy I will be sad to see you go.

I hope that you whip Dan and whats his name into shape before you go.

I like Demon girlie Magik, however ... You've done delivered a great sculpt so I am happy.

North star and Aurora look very promising .. almost like White Lantern Sinestro - with the tranparent floaty peg of Ganthet cool.

PS Aurora looks like a girl .. yay.

Good news on the extension... I will reiterate my suggestion from the last blog subject.

GIVE US THE FULL YOUNG AVENGERS TEAM - staring with Kate Bishop.

Introduce the Guardians of the Galaxy - Starting with Groot and the Racoon as a doubler.

Complete some of the teams such as Alpha Flight and the Inhumans.

Lets get Classic and give us the Invaders - WW2 Cap, Bucky, Speedo Namor, The Torch and Toro etc..

Oh and give us more girlies.

Now then Richard ... if you are so busy on comic related projects that must mean that Eaglemoss have a few surprises up their sleeves.

Give us a hint ... 2000AD perhaps .... Classic Dr Who ..... Elric and the Eternal Champions .... The Girlies of Aspen Comics .......

I await an answer with bated breath ....

And the Deapool cryptic phrase of the week : -

"We hide in plain sight"

Rabid Womble said...

Loving the look of the sculptures. Great news about the extension. :)

My five for the extension are

1) Whirlwind
2) Baron Blood
3) Alkhema
4) Gargoyle (The Defenders)
5) Deathbird

Saturn Lad said...

You wait for one bus and then get loads one after the other! Magik, Avalanche and the Twins look out of this world, Magik really does stand out with regards to the females shes excellent.

My one request this new 181-200 extension is Mirage (Danielle Moonstar). She needs to be in this extension as the NEW MUTANTS inclusion.

Rich please give us Mirage!.

Thanks for all your and the team's hard work that you guys put into CMFC.

Ken said...

Too many wants to list!

But I'll try to limit to 5, here it goes...

Lady Deathbird

max_0888 said...

Wow! That's what I call an update!!!!

Thank you Rich! The extansion to 200 is the best news of all! I can't wait to see who makes it in! I really hope we get to discover the characters for the next extansion slowly! Like one per week or two weeks! Just so the fun can last as long as it can!

Magik looks awesome!!! I adore the effect on her sword! GREAT work!!!

Northstar and Aurora...YEAH! I can't believe they are finally coming!

Oh and Avalanche is great too!

Seriously, long live CMFC! I love collecting this little marvel and going to buy my new figurine each time! Reading the mag aswell! I don't want this to stop, so let's keep this going for as long as it can!

I really hope

Colleen Wing
Jessica Jones
and Misty Knight

can become lead someday!

Oh and thanks Rich for all the blog updates! It's a big part of the fun of collecting this collection! Having an update on fridays is always something I look forward too!

Cheers all!

Oh and don't forget, Siryn is coming your way on september 21st!!! muahaha you'll all have the best red head ever hehe!! I really hope you guys will enjoy the figurine!

ted sallis said...

300?...500? pah! this collection will easily make 1000. let's see, six years for the first 150 figs....soooooooooo if we multiply that by 7 . The entire series could easily run 42 yrs in total.
My kids could reach me via seance to tell me about the latest figs like...Husk,Chamber...Chesty la Cleavage...Bloodstone.

CGJ said...

Max! Calm down! You are going to injure yourself with all those exclamation marks! That's too much excitement for just one post!

Can someone remind me who is confirmed already in the next extension? If I am going to get drawn in to this making a list black hole I at least don't want to make myself look like a horse's bottom by saying someone who is already down

max_0888 said...

Don't think it is too much excitement... I'm a happy dude. I love this collection and this was a great blog update

ted sallis said...

If Richy Rich , is off to work on a new partwork i hope it's Streefighter. I'm sure Rich mentioned he was a big fan.
Awww man baby! i really want a Sodom fig to go with the Gamora fig.
Shoulder full of Deep Heat, belly full of Red Stripe, rockinrollbabee.
Announce HTD as first fig of the new extension, that should keep the blog occupied fer weeks.

mighty_marvel said...

if EM are considering new partworks i'd love a doctor who figurine collection. could potentially be a big money spinner with people buying multiple daleks, cybermen etc. and with who being pretty big right now there's no better time to do it. the figurines of human characters would have to be spot on though

SinisterVenom said...

Ah how did I forget Baron Mordo? He was one of my most wanted! Let's face it, Dr. Strange needs a villain soon, saying that Punisher does too!
Trading Silver Samurai for Baron Mordo.

Dan The Man said...

Glad you all seem to like the figurines posted by Rich in his last official blog update. Bye bye Rich!

Will discuss about the A on Avalanche's chest. maybe it was left off by choice (early design didn't have it?) or by accident, in which case we can hopefully add that in time!

As for N&A, we really tried to make them something special for a double pack (hence the touching poses), then we heard we may have to do them as single issues - so sorry if some of you don't like the poses - probably too late to change now - but i will discuss with Rich/John.

Myself and John are super busy bashing out the magazines every 10 days and i think we will also be taking over on the figurines side of things after 180! so please bare with us if the blog takes second stage to our paid jobs (the blog was always something we did out of love for the collection and you guys!), but the management don't care if we don't update the blog, but if we miss a print deadline that's something else!

Love the lists guys. we have started a massive list of possibles.and it is quite scary to think we have to whittle it down to only 20. Alan Cowsill (original editor and frequent writer) wants Marvelman in the collection - what are your thoughts on him? I'm in favour of Howard the Duck, might look a bit weird in the collection though? We will try our best to get your favs in, the top 5 lists really help focus in on the characters that deserve a place in the Hall of Lead!

ted sallis said...

Gawdbless yer Dan, i always knew you were indeed the man...i know it's probably the Deep Heat talking ...but i love you man.
And i'm pretty sure you have made mgf a happy chappy at the mere mention of Marvelman....i love you man.HTD first confirmed characte..YAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

BobDiamond said...

Dan the Man, go with your instincts and make Howard the Duck the first of the new extension!!
He's probably the last of the truly iconic characters left to be made, and this collection could not be complete without him.


sLmT said...

nice figures!
wow, more 20 figures!

LAWay said...


fair dues, stellar list there, and I would happily see the collection reach at least 300 with those well balanced names. I still think 500 may be a stretch though, as a lot of names you mentioned I couldnt care less for, and then we have 200 more characters to go. (although, thats me and my ignorance for than anything.)

I still dont agree with howard the duck, but some people love him. He is iconic, for all the wrong reasons. My opinion though, I know. I say throw him in as a 2 pack much like Sasquatch and Puck. Howard the Duck wouldnt be worth the same as a regular figurine.

Thor8 said...

Hi Rich: I was a little worried when I read the title of this latest update. I thought the good news was going to be the 181-200 extension,and that the bad news was going to be that the same was to be the last in this collection. Glad to see that wasn't the case.

Hate to hear you won't be with us too often,but please do not become a stranger. Very glad that others will keep this blog going,as I've made quite a few good friends on this blog and would miss hearing from this crazy bunch of Marvel Madmen.

Enjoyed the sneak peaks,they all seem very good choices. I believe Aurora and Northstar should be done as a double pack,I'm quite confident that they will sell much better than previous double packs due to the fact that the fans and collectors actually asked for this one,unlike the ones done before. If that becomes evident I sure hope it opens the doors for others such as Swordsman and Mantis.

Now for my choices for the new extension:

1) Swordsman (if not done as a double pack)
2) Stingray
3) Heimdall
4) Tarantula
5) Count Nefaria
6) Attuma
7) Whirlwind
8) Fandral
9) Hyperion
12)The Collector
17)Hydra Agent
18)Molten Man

buffduffdan said...

Nice to hear from you Dan :)

I don't think there is a need to change the Northstar & Aurora poses at all. They work well sold together or separately, besides I'd imagine most people would would buy them as a double pack would buy them individually (and vice versa) so I don't see it as a huge issue. And to change that iconic pose would be a real shame IMO.

As for Marvelman, well I think he'd look pretty odd. He's yet to actually integrate with the Marvel universe and so would basically be a standalone figure. Whilst I get that he is a classic and has some fans, I'm not sure the CMFC is really the place for him!

Howard the Duck on the other hand would look fine and dandy IMO. He does pretty well on both our forum polls and the ones we do for you guys so I'd say he sure deserves a place :D

Look forward to hearing more from you and John on the blog!

Gremlin said...

Who's Marvelman?

Moonstar said...

Hello Dan, nice to hear from you. Those are two interesting choices you have mentioned I'm sure both will create some interesting debate if they were to make it.

I don't suppose you can tell us if Dani Moonstar (Mirage) is a contender for this new extension? she has done very well in the most recent request poll. There seems to be a fair bit of support for her as the next New Mutant pick. I don't suppose your a Dani Moonstar fan? lol.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Not interested in Marvelman.

The Hood said...

Dan The Man go with ahead and make Howard The Duck, the collecion will not be complete without him.

steve said...
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BobDiamond said...

If it was all to come to an end, this would be my ideal final extension (I think...)

Arnim Zola
Baron Strucker (Steranko/Supreme Hydra outfit)
Frankenstein's Monster
Gamora (Starlin era)
Howard the Duck
Mantis (Avengers era)
Mimic (orig. X-Men era)
Vance Astro
Werewolf by Night
White Tiger (orig)
Yellow Claw

Specials/ Mega Specials would be:

Giant-Man (orig)

..and finally, to wrap up the collection in style- the hero who featured on Marvel Comics #1 back in 1939- the original Human Torch (and Toro) as a single-base Sculpture.
A truly classic end to a truly classic collection.


mighty_marvel said...

with her support from the last poll i would be amazed if wolfsbane doesn't make the extension as the new mutant representative ahead of dani moonstar.

if n + a have to be done in the regular lineup i'd guess the x-men family characters in the extension to be

northstar, aurora, wolfsbane and 2 from silver samurai, sebastian shaw, selene, deathbird.

if n + a are done as the double pack we all know they should be i'd guess the x-men family characters to be

wolfsbane, longshot, one of either shaman or corsair, and 2 from silver samurai, sebastian shaw, selene and deathbird

again though, i'll be hoping that EM don't put too many x-men through themselves as if we get a forum vote on 3 slots again it's very likely that 2 of them will go to x-men family characters.

LAWay said...

Please dont abuse your powers with the likes of MarvelMan when there are much more 'important' characters yet to be made that have been integral to the marvel universe either throughout the decades or currently. I personally say the same thing about Howard the Duck, I think there are literally 100 more fitting characters in theme with the characters and teams already featured that could go between these options.

LAWay said...

Not a bad list BD, although frankenstein's monster seems out of place for me personally, as although we have had Dracula announced, at least he has leaked into a couple of main marvel titles.

People say about x-characters taking up poll slots. How bout the slots are broken down. So 1 definite poll dedicated to 1 x-character inclusion, 1 dedicated to a classic character, 1 dedicated to a current character? 3 seperate polls to get diverse characters.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ted sallis said...

A Mike Ploog inspired Monster of Frankenstein, would be fantastic.
I know everybody treads out the same line at extension time "surely Blah blah must be a shoe in for the next extension as he/she is riding high in the polls"
Well......i'm no different.
The Swordsman is so overdue it's naw funny.

Robert said...

"Not a bad list BD, although frankenstein's monster seems out of place for me personally, as although we have had Dracula announced, at least he has leaked into a couple of main marvel titles."

So you're not aware of Frankie's appearance in X-Men #40 then, Leigh?

Or Iron Man #101-102?

Or Silver Surfer #7?

Or Fantastic Four #274?

Or Avengers #131-132

Or Thing #19?

Or Marvel Team-Up #35-46?

Or Invaders #31?

BobDiamond said...

....then there's the appearances in
Nick Fury's Howling Commandos
Spiderman Unlimited
Dr Strange
Marvel: The Lost Generation
Marvel Adventures: Spiderman
Monster-Size Hulk....

So I'd say he's done his fair share of 'interacting'with the main-stream MU.


John said...

Yes to Marvel Man and Yes to Howard the Duck. They'd show some real range of the Marvel Universe.

Top 5
1. Rocket Raccoon-Absolute Top Want

2. The Uranian or Jimmy Woo, or any of the Agents of Atlas.

3. Gamora (in her modern outfit.)

4. Wiccan (to start the Young Avengers.)

5. Phyla-Vell (Captain Marvel's daughter.)

Obviously I'm a Guardians of the Galaxy fan, and feel we need more cosmics in general. Star Lord, Bug, more Heralds, etc.

But to keep the collection going for a long time, I want to start into some teams that aren't in there yet. Agents of Atlas mostly, but lets get the Heralds of Galactus, New Warriors, and Young Avengers.

And of course, completing teams is so satisfying in this collection, so the likes of Trapster, Maximus the Mad, Moonstone or Fixer, Shaman or Vindicator, would just be amazing additions for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi folks , I just watched Captain America movie and it was great !!

Anonymous said...

Marvel man ? NO THANKS , well not yet anyway !!

Top 5 ?

Well i'll list them as group related characters :

Xmen - Longshot
Avengers - Whirlwind
Fantastic Four - Trapster
Spiderman - Tombstone
Marvel Knights - Owl

LAWay said...

How have you watched Captain America MT? Its not released until July I thought?

Also, I was not aware of those 10 Frankenstein monster appearances, or possible 20 given the other lists BD gave.

Not aware of them, dont care, and only reinforces that it is hardly any impact at all and thus undeserving compared to so many marvel superheroes.

ted sallis said...

Well we watched The Avengers this morning and it was excellent.Black widow and Hawkeye taking down the Hulk had me harrumphing.

Anonymous said...

ah ha !!

Anonymous said...

1968 , a good year !!

Michael said...

I display my figs in release order so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do either a double pack or release them consecutively so they can stand together on the plinth. Thanks

Anonymous said...

sorry , i meant 1978 , a good year !!

buffduffdan said...

My top 5 wants:

1. Phyla-Vell
2. Wiccan
3. Gamora
4. Vance Astro
5. Dust

BobDiamond said...

"sorry , i meant 1978 , a good year !!" MT

...I still don't get it...


John said...

BDD, we share 3 out of 5 of our Top 5 characters!!! That's impressive. I think it proves those 3 should get in ;)

buffduffdan said...

Haha definitely John! I completely support Rocket Raccoon too, he'd make a cool little fig ;)

Dan The Man said...

John really loves Frankenstein, but me and Rich think there are far more deserving characters at this stage in the game.'Ol Frankie might make it in if we go over the 200.

Also I agree that Marvelman would be nice, but again there are other characters that seem to be wanted more.

RE: New Mutants - it would be realistic to assume we only have one place for them this extension - my personal fav is Warlock. but it seems Mirage and Wolfsbane as also much loved. I think it will be out of these 3 who makes it in!

Regarding Northstar and Aurora: if they are not greenlit as a double pack they will definately be in consecutive issues. We will probably place them nearer to #200 which will give us more time to hound the management people who have the final decision on specials.

PS excuse the bad grammar etc, as I try and bash these out quicker than Rich so i can get on with scouring through hundreds of comics looking for that rare Toad image!!!!!

Dan The Man said...


RE: tomaszkasjaniuk

we have very little control over the foreign editions - they usually end sooner than the UK editions as the sales dicatate the longevity. I would suggest moving over to the english language version? if and when the polish edition ends.

Anonymous said...

Captain America movie = good viewing

LAWay said...

you said that before MT, and i said its not even out yet, unless you are referring to the old version.

thanks for the update dan.

ted sallis said...

There was a Cap tv movie Leigh, made in the late 70's a think,Must be what the mad one is on about.
Hey i'm loving these surprise upsates.Frankie for the 201 -220 extension, i'll keep you to that feller ;)

ted sallis said...

Yep lovely,lovely "upsates". If that ain't a word then goldarn it oughtta be.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

THX for answer Dan.
Don't translate, give us English versions of magazines, please just continue sold in Poland.

Gremlin said...

Cheers for the mini-update Dan, it's appreciated. My views on characters like Frankensteins monster are torn. On the one hand the addition of a few curveballs into each extension really sets this collection apart from any other and it also helps add to the longevity of the collection.
That said there are curveballs and then there are who?balls. I have to admit my knowledge of Frankensteins monster in Marvel comics is remarkably limited given he is an older character who has only appeared in a handful of superhero issues.
If you are looking for a supernatural character to add to the collection how about someone like Satana. She is a bit of a curveball but also she has done the rounds of various teams in her history and is currently a member of a very popular team (Thunderbolts).

I am hoping that when you guys decide upon what character you want in the collection you can do what Rich did last time and drip feed us the names over the course of a few months. It adds to the suspense and gives us something new to talk to each week.

Dan The Man said...

Don't worry, we will defo drip feed the next 20. Gives us more time to decide!!!


even we don't know yet!

Dan The Man said...

PS had a word with Rich RE Avalanche costume. We basically went with his original costume which was used in all his early appearances (Avengers Annual 10/uncanny X-Men 142-/Rom/X-Factor etc). Agree it would add extra detail but we wanted to keep it real and go with his first costume.

Hiperion said...

I'd love to have a Frankenstein Monster figurine, but I think there is a more important super-natural character first: Werewolf by Night. The confirmation of Dracula in the last extension give me more hope about all this characters :)

My most wanted team right now are the New Warrior, I hope we get at least one of them in this extension. Justice, Night Thrasher, Namorita, Speedball... all could make awesome pieces.

And about Howard... please, make him as soon as possible! :D

Saturn Lad said...

I really hope it's Mirage as the next New Mutant pick. Wolfsbane is much more X-Factor to me than New Mutants. X-Factor is also where Wolfsbane's iconic look came from with the yellow and blue costume.

As an X-men fan I'd be happy with Mirage, Longshot and Wolfsbane this extension or maybe swap Wolfsbane with Deathbird.

Mirage is a must have (as is Longshot). Please make Mirage happen.

LAWay said...

Every 'supernatural' character is a generic character design with no marvel stamp on it created only to sell titles during the rise of the b-movie horror genre that popped up during those decades ago.

Have they appeared recently in marvel, and if so, how often and to what degree? I doubt it was anything substantial.

If you lime these characters, pick up the marvel legends boxset that featured those 4 generics. dracula, frankenstein's monster, werewolf by night and possibly a zombie, i dont remember. It sat on shelves collecting dust as no one wanted them. A product designed for the collectors, and no one wanted it. Dont waste a space on what marvel has established as a superhero brand by adding these characters, otherwise you may as well open the floodgates for civilians, as at least they have character and original designs.

max_0888 said...

Thanks for the little updates Dan. I prefer Wolfsbane to Mirage but I want both so as long as the other one gets in the next extansion after that, i'm fine with any.

Since double pack for two regular characters probably aren't happening besides for Northstar and Aurora,
I think id be great to get Misty Knight this extansion. Her and Colleen always score very high in the double packs polls on the forum, so it would be nice to get Misty. Especially since she's the main character of Heroes for hire right now.

Hiperion said...

Well, maybe Dracula an Jack Russell were created due to the success of horror movies during the 70s, but to be honest, I don't care at all.

Tomb of Dracula is one of my favorite Marvel titles ever. I LOVE every panel made by Wolfman, Colan & Palmer, and that's the reason why I'm so excited to see Drac confirmed on the 161-180 extension.

Werewolf by Night is a great read too (sadly, in this case I haven't read the entire series).

John Jameson was transformed into a werewolf in the 70s too, and he made it into CMFC a long time ago. Jack deserves it too.

Hiperion said...

And about Marvel Legends, sadly here in Spain there isn't too much material...

Gremlin said...

Yeah Misty Knights's absense from the collection is getting noticeable now. She has certainly stood the test of time and has featured as a main character in a few incarnations of the Heroes for Hire title.
The New Warriors too need another member. Justice is my fave. I can't think of another superhero who has such an classicly "superhero" design. He would make quite a smart sculpt.
So many awesome characters being mentioned here, this collection has a lot of life left in it.

I am hoping that this extension is just one of many ore to come. If so it would be nice to get at least one member from teams such as New Mutants, New Warriors, Thunderbolts, Alpha Flight (if N+A are double then Shaman must be next), GOTG and Heroes for Hire in. Chipping away at each team bit by bit and we will get them all eventually.

Dr Headache Rushing said...

Would love to see some Golden Age Marvel characters make the list; Fiery Mask, Dynamic Man, Blue Blade, Captain Wonder or The Phantom Reporter.

Anonymous said...

thanks 4 spoiling my collection. No a - no avelanche. I'm not buying him now which sucks cos i was looking forward to him. Why show an unpainted version with the letter a showing and then decide to paint him without the a ?

jimbob said...

Not bothered about the 'A'.I love the Brotherhood,just need Mastermind to complete the original Brotherhood.

Deadpool said...

MT - I have a few suggestions for you alphabetical quandry.

Send me your Avalanche and I will Paint him to whatever specification you require for a small fee.

We will need to do this through a 3rd party so as not to compromise my true identity.

Alternatively Paint the A yourself.

Or By a sharpie marker pen and write it on.

Or finally ... use letraset.

Or finally .. i lied about the lsyt one being final - suck in that pet lip, take a deep breath, blink your eyes to dissipate that tear and accept the figure as is.


Deadpool :0)

Deadpool said...

Not "by" ...but "BUY" a Sharpie... forgive my spelling .... too many Psychedelics tonight.

Verification = Subleo ... which is quite psychedelic too

Deadpool said...

Daniel the Maniel....

I love the idea of the Universal Studios Monsters.

I loved Tomb of Dracula and Werewolf by night and think that the Frankenstein Monster would be a great edition.

Can we sneak any other monsters or monster hunters into the collection?

I already have Ulysses Bloodstone in my CMFC but would love Elsa Bloodstone.

How about the next 20 figures being mostly girlies ... that would redress the balance somewhat?

Deadpool said...

Oh Danny Boy .... another thought.

What's happening regarding price and collection sustainability?

Do we need a price hike and a switch resin.

I am happy for these to go ahead provided the collection continues to run.

Deadpool said...


Do you guys also do the DC collection?

I would like to know what the delay is in receiving my Blackest night figures.

Are there any unreleased sculpts available for DC, Marvel or Blackest night that I could buy ... ones that didn't make it into the collection?

Deadpool said...

Mr Man .... or should I be calling you Mr Happy ...

Will there be a Captain America Movie special figure ?

I made the infamous Bucky Cap figure so that I had a captain America with the Iconic shield visible in front of him.

The movie WW2 cap would be an awesome addition to the collection.

Hmm ... my verification word is Genius ... I think someone on blogger is onto me ...

LAWay said...

Would love to see a movie version of cap as a figurine.

MT - your reason for not purchasing Avalanche, who you seem to want so much originally, just because he hasnt got an 'a' on his chest is ridiculous.

Avalanche is hardly a minor supporting character, but if collectors are that fickle I fear for the future when their ancient, unknown minor characters appear not looking 'perfect' to them and they wont splash their cash despite their constant petitions for the characters.

bannerhulk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bannerhulk said...

Oh Danny Boy The Ted, The Ted is calling.
I know the figs are the main course and the mags to some are an irrelevance , but me, i like the mags a great deal.....Just one little thing though that....irks me.
All these covers using images from the gawdawful Marvel Style Guide.
Now if we were talking obscure characters with a small catologue of usable images ,then the use of MSG would be quite understandble. But that's not the case. A lot of big names have been given the dreaded msg.
Take one wee example Mole Man, Are we really to believe that the MSG image used, was superior to all the other available images that could have been used, from the likes of Kirby,Romita,Buckler,Buscema,Sinnott ,etc??
You guys do a smashing job on the mag and it is much appreciated. Just pleeaaase don't be msgeeing my Bloodstone cover ;)

BobDiamond said...

Ted, how come you're 'bannerhulk' now??
Also, I tried singing along to 'Danny Boy' for your whole first paragraph, but then realised you didn't intend that....almost works though...
Agree about some of the covers- a few more 'old school' artists would look cool. I also love the magazine, especially the last bit with the creative history of the character.
Sadly the DC one doesn't do this. It's as if they don't want to give any credit to the creators- I reckon this was a directive from DC themselves. Mustn't give credit to the true back-room creative geniuses- bad for the old corporate image!


bannerhulk said...

My Ted Sallis user name comes up internal error. is that some jiggerypokery?
It's not just EM that use the MSG, for some baffling reason, you see Marvel merchandise ,adorned with those horrible soulless style guide images, They are simply......minging! as Brian Sewell would no doubt say.

bannerhulk said...

Oops, forgot to add my agreement regarding the DC mags it really is annoying that they don't attribute any of the artwork in the magazine, one of fav little games when getting my new CMFC mags is trying to guess the artists for all the artwork.

John said...

If we need a supernatural character, can we please finally have Brother Voodoo?

With New Mutants, I'm with Dan that I'd prefer Warlock (I actually don't really WANT any others but him and Cannonball) but the forum polls say that Wolfsbane is not only the most popular New Mutant, but one of the most popular characters period... Sad for me, but majority rules.

Can we please just get the A on Avalanche? He's going to end up as another Mystique/Cable/Crystal where everyone will just complain about it for years...

On a side note, I just finished the Agents of Atlas' last TPB, and every time I see one of the characters, I want a figurine of them SO much more. I seriously can't even decide who to campaign for. My desire for a Top want literally shifted around to all 6 main characters. We have hardly any modern characters, we have hardly any Timely or Atlas characters. This fills 2 roles at once! Plus each one fills a completely different genre (horror, romance, spy, superhero, myth, cosmic) to interest anyone outside of the team itself.

Thor8 said...

If we get a couple of "curve ball" additions in this extension, I'd prefer them to be....

A) A generic figurine like a Hydra Agent or an AIM Technician

B) A golden age hero like The original Vision,The Whizzer,Miss America,Blazing Skull,The Angel,etc.

Would also like to finally see a GOTG make it into the collection or a Squadon Supreme.

Dan The Man said...

so many questions to address. i will come back later about 10.30am and try to answer them... now time for bed.

Dan The Man said...

...actually before i go - just checked the Avalanche early sculpt photo - and it does indeed seem to have a perfunctory 'A' sculpted on! - i honestly don't remember at what stage it got removed? Rich is in NY hobnobbing with the DC bigwigs, so i guess the answer will have to wait. Really not sure we have time to amend this, although i will re-iterate that all of his early appearances didn't have the A, so it's not actually a mistake. all i can assume is that Rich (and myself?) made the decision to remove it because we wanted him (and thought you would all want him too) in the original costume. I guess we can't win 'em all. good night.

mighty_marvel said...

brother voodoo is a great suggestion john. would love to see him in this extension. was very tempted to choose him for my competition pick last time.

not sure if i'd want a generic unit at this stage though thor8. would seem odd to have a hydra agent but not baron strucker, or an AIM technician but not MODOK. fully support making a start on the golden age characters though.

my ideal extension would be something like this:

(N + A as a double pack)

2 x heroes: wolfsbane, longshot
2 x villains: sebastian shaw, selene
1 x ally: corsair
2 avengers: swordsman, USAgent
2 avenger villains: moonstone, baron von strucker
1 asgardian: hela
3 cosmic: vance astro, gamora, firelord
1 spidey: jackal
1 F4: trapster
1 supernatural: brother voodoo
2 knights: misty knight, jigsaw
1 modern: wiccan
1 golden age: miss america

Deadpool said...

Since the listers on here like lists .... here is my suggestion for 181 - 200

181. Movie Captain America WW2 – Shield in front
182. Sersi
183. Warlock
184. Frankenstein’s Monster
185. Gamora
186. Werewolf by night
187. Bug
188. Ulysses Bloodstone
189. Callisto
190. Elsa Bloodstone
191. Starlord
192. Shaman
193. Goblin Queen
194. Namora or Namorita
195. Rocket Racoon
196. Thor Girl
197. Satana
198. Hela
199. Kate Bishop
200. Wiccan

Special - Lockjaw
Mega Special - the Original Avengers Giant Man - red suit and antennae

Barnabas said...

Mornin' all.
The missing 'A' seems a small reason not to buy a figure. the nearest I can equate that to is when a box set of Dr Who DVDs were released, someone refused to buy them on the grounds that as they were not consequative stories it would mess up their shelf! Just move then around I said. There's a mutant gene in Geekdom which makes a lot of us anal about things. Myself included...... LOL
Northstar and waserface. They're coming, so why insist on a double pack? Just be gratefyl that they finally have made the cut. Well done to all who campaigned for them.
Yes to some Golden Age characters. Oh so many of them are ignored. And may I say, in a whispering tone> I still would like some civvies..........

Excelsior Eaglemoss
'nuff said


mighty_marvel said...

@ barnabas

why insist on a double pack for N + A?

because their history and sculpt poses are so interconnected that they make sense as a double pack. because it makes sense for EM to try a double pack of regular figs at least once to see if they are feasible. but most importantly because it will give 2 extra places in the new extension

Mortgageyourcat said...

I really don't see the fuss over the "A" on Avalanche's chest. The sculpt we have is fantastic and the A hasn't really been an iconic part of it. He has had a few costumes over the years and I am glad they went with his original.

I am a big supporter of generic units in the collection. We recently ran a poll on the forum asking if people wanted then and over two thirds said yes (split between either wanting them in subset or in the regular lineup).
The biggest objections in the "no" section was that people didn't want the generic units before the leaders. So the simple solution would be to confirm an AIM agent to come out at figure #200 in 2013 and have MODOK done as a special before then.
Or you could even make a HAND assassin as they dont really have a clear leader (it's varied over the years).
My most wanted generic unit has to be a Brood Drone. But that would have to be a special sized sculpt.

Robert said...

Viper was also known as Madame Hydra when she was their leader, so that solves the problem of having a leader for Hydra.

And A.I.M. have not always been led by M.O.D.O.K., not by a long chalk. At times he has been deactivated, believed dead, and A.I.M. have even been in direct conflict with M.O.D.O.K. and trying to kill him. They are linked but it's not imperative you get both. It's not the same as, say, Northstar and Aurora.

Both a generic Hydra agent or A.I.M. technician can stand absolutely fine on their own.

Dan The Man said...

Firstly myself and Rich really want the N&A double pack to happen – If it happens, it won’t be for awhile as we have another special lined up first (I think you’ll all be very happy with it!). the Doublepacks really just come down to numbers, Marketing prefer not to do double packs as they have a particular pricing plan in mind and these 2packs don’t seem to work for them (I won’t go into the whys and wherefores of the thing, but I do see their point to some extent). But in the case of N&A myself and Rich believe if we only ever get to do one 2pack it should be these guys (especially as they seem to be much wanted), so we will push it all the way. Just don’t expect an answer for a while.

We hope this extension is one of many to come – but we only knew we were getting this extension about 2weeks ago! The positive feelings have been around for awhile but in this job you learn to never count your chickens!

I can confirm there will be one monster/horror character in this extension.

As far as I know the regular price will remain the same – The Moss would love to increase the price but as this would entail all subscribers to amend their direct debit payments, EM are fearful of many subscribers giving up at that point. I agree with this theory and wouldn’t like to test it!
So EM are taking the hit in pricing terms, but are obviously looking to cut cost in other areas such as budgets and the use of lighter (not nesessarily cheaper!) materials such as resin and polystone for the bigger figurines. This brings shipping and postal costs down. This will not effect the quality of the figurines.

I don’t have any direct info on DC collection. There should be a number to phone in the mag for subscribers queries.

I would love to offload many of my production samples, but alas I wont to keep my job! So they’re staying in the attic (for now!)

Nothing has been mentioned about a CAP movie special.

RE: Style guide art. I prefer no to use any. But without going into too much detail, it is sometimes the only option – when faced with finding a suitable image and scanning it in and re-building the artwork that can takes a lot of effort. I haven’t used any style guide artwork since Chameleons cover (which I think worked out ok with the background I added). We commission a lot of new artists to draw our covers and what with modern colouring techniques they may seem like style guide but they are infact new artworks. For instance Prowlers cover is actually a scan from his first appearance in Amazing Spid. Which I stripped the flat colour away from and sent it to our resident colourist Alan Craddock for him to colour/rebuild, then I added the background from the Marvel digital Server. I believe it looks far better than just scanning in an old comic panel.

PS Mighty_Marvel I love your list it cleverly covers most of the areas in the MU. ;)

Gremlin in the works said...

Loving these mini-updates.

At least one horror/ Simon Garth, Werewolf-by-night, Satana, Lilith, Nightmare and Baron Mordo are all awesome characters. I hope we see more than one of them.

As for the special. Excellent. If we have Sauron in June/July, Odin in Augut/September then I guess the following special would be November-ish. I am eager to see who it is but if you think it's going to please a lot of people then I will side with someone like Lockjaw or Hela maybe.

Hiperion said...

"I can confirm there will be one monster/horror character in this extension."

Dan, you make my day!! Thanks!

And I can't wait to see who is the last Special of the year.

ted sallis said...

" I can confirm one monster/horror for this extension"
Yeeeeeeeah!, £50.00 says it's the Living wait ...,It's the monster hunter himself innit??. Don't tell me, don't tell me, just let me dream awhile :)
I can see how asking around 8000 subscribers to renew their debit payments,would be a very dicey option.
Still things must be just peachy as is , for yet anotherextension to have been confirmed.
God bless you Mary Poppins

Barnabas said...

Indeed N&A are totally linked, but if the money men decide a 2 pack is not a viable option then at least we've been promised that they will be in consecutive issues. So once you have one, it's only 2 weeks before the other. Subbies may well get them in the same shipment, so it wouldn't make that much differance to them I guess.
The main thing is that they are on the way.........

Frankenstein's monster as a special would be sweet.
Polystone/resin being used I have no issues with that at all. And if the extensions go on, it looks like I'll be making that apology.


John said...

Who could the monster/horror character be? Living Mummy and Frankenstein's Monster don't seem popular enough to get in yet. Simon Garth would be cool, but such a curveball. ...My biggest hope is that its M-11, originally of a horror comic, but that's extremely doubtful. Or maybe its like Gremlin was saying, and its a play on the "Horror" part of it, and its Nightmare (which would rock!) Shuma-Gorath?

Dan the Man, if I could ask a question... I'm sure EM hates getting questions about specific characters, but I have more a question about a specific team. I love and have been campaigning for the Agents of Atlas since I found the collection. The thing is, not many people on the forum seem too excited by the idea, and their own book keeps getting cut short, regardless of steady appearances. My question is, what are the odds of any of the team members getting into the collection any time soon? Should I continue the campaign, or hold off until 200-220 or even later?

And jeez, thank you so much for the little updates. That's above and beyond even the above and beyond blog itself! Know that its appreciated. :)

LAWay said...

Since Dan mentioned Frankenstein's monster as one they would like included, I dont think he will be in the next extension, but more like the one after.

The A on the chest isn't an issue to me. Personally I hate characters with letters as their logo. Its just a stupid device to try making a logo for a character for dull fans to remember who they are.

As for the N+A doublepack, personally I aint bothtered either way of getting them separate or as a twin pack. I can see the benefits of both, either getting an extra character or an extra special.

As for price increase, I say hike it up. Freeze the price for subscribers until next year where, unless you want to quit, the price increase will happen automatically. Seriously, I would be too lazy to phone up and quit anyway. It also is a huge incentive for subscribers to maybe save a little bit of money before the price increase full takes over.

But seriously...if we are paying the same price as DC, i would expect, nay, DEMAND the same quality. For now, there seems a good reason why there is a price difference between marvel and dc and that is the quality of the figurines. if you just increased the price and delivered the same, I cannot see anyone really approving, and thats when you get the mass exodus.

Thor8 said...

Baron Mordo and Nightmare are no more horror/monster characters than Dr. Strange or Dr. Druid. I believe they should be made but not considered under this category.

mighty_marvel said...

pleased you like my list dan. you can use it if you like ;)

surely a double pack of 2 regulars could be done for £11.98 - the cost of 2 regular issues. or if the money counters need more profit from special issues i know i'd gladly pay a pound or two extra to have N + A as a double pack and therefore 2 extra issues in the regular line.

Dan The Man said...

exactly it's the 'perceived value' that the 2pack should on paper be cheaper than 2 single issues (one mag/one mold?/less shipping costs etc) but - marketing would probably have to price it higher than 2 regular issues or why bother doing it at all, as they can easily just ask us to produce a large figurine that they can charge xxx for and they know will sell well. and put N&A in the regular running order (because they're not collectors themselves and don't understand the nuances of the collection).

It just needs Rich and myself to offer our insider knowledge and convince them it's a winner!

Dan The Man said...

LAWay I like your thinking on the price freeze for subscribers! not sure if they've considered that.

The DC collection is 6.99 because it came out a few years later - different teams work on them and they can't really be compared on a price basis. DC has recently had a extension to 100 but it remains to be seem if it can outlast the Marvel collection.

RE: "Baron Mordo and Nightmare are no more horror/monster characters than Dr. Strange or Dr. Druid."

I agree, I wouldn't put them in the horror genre as such.

those that I would consider horror are: Frankie, Zombie, Wolfie, maybe Satanna, Dracula among others...

Dan The Man said...

RE: Agents of Atlas.

I think we have some cool alternate timeline/curveball/modern type characters lined up for this xtension, so I think the Atlas characters may have to wait their turn, as I would see them as sideline to the main MU. Nothing against them though.

mighty_marvel said...

re. the horror character

would love a simon garth fig. big fan of the zombie genre and simon garth would be the best thing short of EM starting a walking dead figurine collection

Gremlin in the works said...

Blogger hs also been playing up for me. Gone is my Gremlin persona and hello to this one.

Love the mention of the modern/alternate characetrs getting a look in.

I some of the breakthrough charaters from the last 10 years are....

Jewel/Jessica Jones - major player on the Avenger circuit and supported her own title which is beinbrought back aswell. Plus a TV series in the works....her star is rising higher.

The Hood - Avenger villain who I see standing the test of time. Been a big player the past few years.

Wiccan and The Young Avengers - Problematic continuing series aside these guys have made a big splash in comics. Wiccan has the history considering he was created many years ago as Wanda's make believe baby. Plus he is front and center in the Children's Crusade.

Daken - not my favourite but I could see how/why you may want to include him. Another character I see being round for a long time to come.

As for alternates....can't think of many but I guess Spidergirl or American Dream are potential candidates. OOHHHHH also SpiderMan 2099....LOVE the design of the character plus one version of him jumped around with Exiles for a while (who are also great alternate reality candidates)

Anonymous said...

Horror character :

I think it will be Brother Voodoo or Simon Garth - Zombie , and I would love that !!
My main choice would be B V though.

chrismatson1984 said...

Firsly I must say that Magik is an awesome sculpt one of the best, a favourite character of mine done justice.

Horror character - Well its either got to be Werewolf by Night or Frankensteins Monster or the Zombie. Would you consider Baron Blood?

Modern characters - I would most welcome a Young Avenger or a Young X-Man Not a fan of Daken or Hope Summers.

The five regular sized characters I would like to see the most are Longshot, Mantis, US Agent, Anole and Grey Gargoyle.

Squidguy said...

Dan - Are we ever likely to see another Eternal or Asgardian in the near future. Like Makkari ot Fandral.

Dan The Man said...

possibly an Asgardian (no promises though - still working through who's in and who's not!) but not an Eternal this extension.

As in all previous exts. we will endeavour to cover all the miriad areas of the MU (within reason - Forbush Man anyone?).

Goth Prince said...

Dan how about a New X-Men character? we have not had one since X-23 and Dust and Pixie have done well in polls.

Dust has been the highest polling modern character in the last 2 extension results polls on the SHFF.

ted sallis said...

Dan, Dare we hope to see a western character, The western genre is one of the last genre of the MU not represented

Anonymous said...

I think it would be great to see a CMFC subset appear at some point during the 181-200 extension.
Dan, is there any chance?

It's been much discussed, and great ideas have popped up for thematic subsets, team subsets or special subsets:

Guardians of the Galaxy
Costume Variants
Squadron Supreme
Golden Age Marvel
Generic Units
Heralds of Galactus
Age of Apocalypse
Planet Hulk
Young Avengers
Avengers Academy
New X-Men

to name just a few.

Subsets are especially a great way of covering teams that have never appeared in the main CMFC. This can guarantee that teams can be completed, whilst leaving free slots in the main CMFC for all the other much-loved characters that can be part of the 'character mix' we've come to expect (and love) in the main CMFC.

max_0888 said...

I agree with Grem, the three modern characters id like the most are Jessica Jones, Wiccan and The Hood.

Especially Jessica Jones. With Alias being one of my all time fave marvel book, I must admit that Jessica Jones is a must for my collection. Plus, she's the only current member of avengers (on the three main books) not being made yet. Plus, Bendis is planning another Alias serie for the end of the year.

Wiccan is the main focus of Children's crusade and the young avengers who's the logical choice imo. Patriot is the leader and Stature was in Mighty avengers but Wiccan always seems to be more popular in the polls and if we are to have only one Young avengers, he's the character who represent the team the most, imo.

As for the Asgardian, it would be really cool to get one member of the warrior three to get this trio started. It would look promising for other extansions if we got one of them. But Hela would be awesome aswell.

I can't wait to know who will make the cut.

CGJ said...

When you said alternate characters something inside me died.

I can live with the modern characters (just) as I can accept that I am getting on a bit and there are folks younger than me knocking about (again, just).

werewolf by night gets my vote in the horror slot. The first comic I ever bought was a Marvel Team up with Spidey and Wbn so that would be great from a personal view to see him in.

Seeing as you are answering direct questions Dan, is Gargoyle going to make this extension?

Just got in from seeing Thor (finally, had to wait for my brother in law to return from honeymoon)didn't see anything in the sky at the end, will now have to scour internet to see what people are hinting at....

CGJ said...

And yeah, the Hood gets my vote too

CGJ said...


Should have sat through ALL the credits! Now I am miffed

Hiperion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hiperion said...

CGJ, I was a little worried about it as well, but then realized that an "alternate timeline character" could be someone like Killraven, Morph, Spider-man 2099 (he's not Parker) or an original Guardian of he Galaxy.

All would be welcome additions for me.

Dan, are you speaking about this type of characters or something different?

Squidguy said...

I don't envy the people who have to decide on who makes the cut especially now, and it would get harder each extension. You don't want to name all the characters high in the poll because you want to leave some for another extension... the anticipation.

Yeah Wiccan would be the best Young Avenger, but I hope Hulkling follows soon after as a special.

SinisterVenom said...

Well I don't know much of the horror side of Marvel but I do know of Werewolf By Night so that's who I'll want for the next extension. By the way does Shuma-Gorath count? That is one character I do want to see soon whether it's horror or not.
Regarding multi-packs, I really really want The Warriors Three! Wouldn't mind The Hellfire Club or The Morlocks too.

John said...

Dan, I'm sorry I asked about my modern team from the past. I seem to have opened a small floodgate of character questions. :D But thank you for a response. ;)

Looking at modern characters, I think Hood and Pixie are incredibly deserving. Wiccan gets my vote though if it had to be one, as, like Max said, is the best representation of the amazing team.

I'd also LOVE Gravity or one of the Initiative characters, but like the Agents of Atlas, they have a smaller profile and are highly doubtful.

Eric O'Grady as Ant Man as well, in his original suit, is a big want for me. Funny character and regularly featured since his creation, going from his own book, to the Initiative, to the Thunderbolts, to the Secret Avengers. I'm hoping he has enough recognition by now to be considered.

The alternate timeline character I'd want the most is Vance Astro, due to his association with the modern Guardians of the Galaxy. I do think all of the old GotG team, Spidey 2099 and Spider-Girl are deserving, they're just not top wants for me.

I just hope that this doesn't actually mean an alternate version of a character i.e. another Peter Parker (Ultimate, 1602, Noir) or Wolverine (AoA, etc.) or anyone else. The ones listed above are unique to their own dimensions* so I'd never call them an alternate, and would gladly accept them. But I have zero interest in alternate or redos.

John said...

Rocket Raccoon:

The most important areas for me though are Cosmic and Spidey.

Rocket Raccoon is my most wanted character in general, in his Guardians of the Galaxy uniform.

And other than that, I'd be pleased with pretty much anything. :D Though I'd prefer Spot, Swarm, Jackal, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Jack O' Lantern, or Madame Web to other Spidey characters.

...Which reminds me... I seriously think the Hammerhead/Tombstone debate holds both of them back. Most fans of one also like the other but don't want to throw in two votes, so they only vote for one. That splits votes and makes them seem less desired. I REALLY hope one of them makes it this extension, then we can see the other have a sharp spike in votes next time. :D

Same goes for characters like Wiccan and Hulkling, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, The Warriors Three, etc.

Dan The Man said...

"how about a New X-Men character?"

um, there are still plenty of 'classic' x-men characters that seem popular - so the new ones have to compete for a place! I shall consider Dust for the x-men place(s).

no western (yet). i suppose it would be out of two-gun kid and rawhide kid? but not this time i'm afraid.

subsets. probably not gonna happen. love the idea, just not within my powers!

Hiperion - yes i am talking about those leftfield characters - i think there is room for those type of players in the collection. why not? as long as we don't go crazy or replace a more deserving characters - but at this stage in the game who is more deserving? there is a general leaning towards a certain type of character (as seen in your lists and the polls). but it's very difficult to please everyone with every choice so we just have to do what we feel is right (at the time, which we may regret later!)

Gargoyle in the next 20? well, I did have him pencilled in as one of the final remaining Defenders (?), but i think he's not gonna make the cut this time.

Shuma-Gorath? err, currently not being considered.

lot of pressure with this extension as i really want to make everyone happy, i know that is near impossible - i've just knocked into shape a scratch list of about 30 that i think will cover all the bases. when rich gets back myself and john will sit down and craft it into the perfect 20!

these are some of the areas i want to cover:
1 horror
1 asgardian
1-3 modern
1 golden age?
2/3 x-men (incl 1 new mutant/1 villain?)
1/2 avengers
1/2 cosmic
1/2 alpha flight (N&A cover this unless they are 2pack - then would 'consider' shaman/marrina instead)
2/3 villains (spidey/FF/etc)
1 curveball
1 alt. universe?
1 marvel knights

that's about 20.

PS your lists have been invaluable, as we at EM have leanings towards certain eras, your visions of the MU are helping to widen our view of it, and give this collection a truly well rounded and balanced feel.

Dan The Man said...

one last thing, Rich was talking about another competition/vote so if that goes ahead we will have to factor that into our list of 20 (which will be reduced to 17 or 18) :(

mighty_marvel said...

while i wouldn't begrudge alpha flight 2 spaces in the extension if it were N + A, if they do get the green light as a double pack then to still give alpha flight 2 spaces seems a bit much. shaman makes sense to finish off the original team but can i suggest that the other spot goes to starting another ally team of the x-men - the starjammers. corsair would make a fantastic and overdue addition to the collection.

from your suggested extension make-up

1 horror - hopefully brother voodoo counts, but if not simon garth
1 asgardian - hela
1-3 modern - wiccan, the hood
1 golden age - miss america
2/3 x-men (incl 1 new mutant/1 villain?) - wolfsbane, longshot, sebastian shaw
1/2 avengers - USAgent, moonstone
1/2 cosmic - vance astro, gamora
1/2 alpha flight - shaman and use the other spot to start the starjammers with corsair
2/3 villains - trapster, jackal, jigsaw
1 curveball - howard the duck
1 alt. universe - spiderman 2099
1 marvel knights - misty knight

and can i suggest that if there is a vote/competition that EM drops selections from avengers and x-men, as these are most likely to be put through in a forum vote

Barnabas said...

Flippin' 'eck Tucker! What a change to this blog in the last few days. Totally revitalised and extremely readable again. I was seriously thinking about not reading it as it appeared to tread the same old ground over and over. But now..........

Love the idea of a Golden Age character even being considered and may there be many more. As I said in a previous post, no-one ever seems to cover those early characters. A Timely inclusion.
Of course my plea for civvies now seems totally dead in the water - for now.

I'm not a great one for lists myself, but appreciate how invaluable they are. Mine is very short.

Spider-Girl (May Parker)


Banshee said...

Yes Yes Oh Yes!!!! Dan if you could push Northstar and Aurora into a double-pack and cram Shaman and Marrina into thew extension I will become your number one fan!!!

1 Asguardian, why not start the warriors 3 and give us Fandral :-)

But my absolute No1 want has to be Moonstone, she came sooo close last time. I hope she doesn't get overlooked again.

Gremlin in the works said...

Nice mixutre of genres there....cannot complain at the bases covered. There should be soemthing to please evryone there.

I have to echo what Mighty Marvel says. In the past the forum has voted for three characters per extension and the first time we got three Avengers, the second we got 2 XMen and an Avenger and the third time we got 2 XMen and an Avenger.
When you come to whittle down your choices it may well be worth relying on the fact if you decide to give us another vote then chances are at least one XMan will make it (probably more) and one Avenger too. Looking at the forum polls so far the XMen most likely to get in via a vote would be Wolfsbane, Mirage, Longshot, Silver Samurai and Sebastian Shaw.

Don't get me wrong I am a hhuuuuuuggggeeeeeeeee XMen fan and it's why I started collecting. But I also love the fact we get so many other areas in too and if we make all the big named character now then there won't be anyone left for future extensions.

My gut would say don't add a New Mutant. Let the forum do that.

As for the Golden Age that's an ares that has passed me by but with the Invaders still getting published then maybe someone like Spitfire or GA Angel will do well.

Dan The Man said...

some lovely ideas here guys. i really love the new mutants so leaving it up to the polls would be a risk for me (especially if this is the last extension?). maybe put one in and leave it up to you guys if you want another one?

anyway, off to do some proper graft now on Toad's issue! ribbit.

Hawkeye said...

The only ones I really want to see now are:

- Werewolf By Night (hopefully that's the one horror one)

- Spitfire

- Hammerhead

- Tombstone

- Human Fly (yep, I'll keep on waving the flag for him!)

I live in hope (just outside London)

Spadefox said...

Magik and N&A look really awesome, can't wait for 'em. :)

I'm really hoping for Moonstone, Anole, Werewolf by Night and MODOK being considered, though I suppose MODOK would fit better as a special due to his size. Maybe Penance? He does have a really cool design. I also would love more Dr. Strange characters like Wong or Clea pop up, Clea in particular would be really interesting.
I also support Shuma-Gorath, though he also probably would fit better as a special due to his size and design, so eh.

Becquerel said...

Oh, also, regarding golden age character:
I'm totally for Blonde Phantom! :D

AVENGERS -87 said...

3 Avengers : US Agent , Swordsman , Wiccan . 3 Avengers's foes : Moonstone , Grey Gargoyle , Whirlwind . 3 X-Men : Longshot , Wolfsbane , Shaman . 3 x-men's foes : Silver Samurai , Deathbird , Sebastian Shaw . 2 Spidey : Jackal , Hammerhead . 2 F.F : Trapster , Maximus . 2 Cosmics : Gamorra , Vance Astro . 2 MK : Owl , Brother Voodoo

buffduffdan said...

Pretty good line-up I'd say Dan, depending on the characters I guess but it looks like it covers all the bases!

For me, ideally it'd be:

1 horror - Werewolf by Night
1 asgardian - Thunderstrike
1-3 modern - Wiccan, Dust, The Hood
1 golden age? - Miss America
2/3 x-men (incl 1 new mutant/1 villain?) - Danielle Moonstar/Longshot/Silver Samurai/Exodus
1/2 avengers - Stingray, Sersi
1/2 cosmic - Gamora, Vance Astro
1/2 alpha flight (N&A cover this unless they are 2pack - then would 'consider' shaman/marrina instead)
2/3 villains (spidey/FF/etc) - Hammerhead, Trapster, Moonstone
1 curveball - Howard The Duck
1 alt. universe - Spidey 2099
1 marvel knights - The Owl

Perfection ;)

marv.universe said...

Hi Dan, what do you think of this list ?

1 horror / Werewolf by night
1 asgardian / Hela or Heimdal
1-3 modern / Daken and Hood
1 golden age? / Master man or U-man
2/3 x-men / Mirage, Exodus and Longshot
1/2 avengers / Stingray and Moonstone
1/2 cosmic /Gamora or vance astro and Firelord
1/2 alpha flight / Shaman
2/3 villains / Tarantula / Attuma /Molecule man
1 curveball ???
1 alt. universe? / Hyperion
1 marvel knights / Owl

ted sallis said...

I'm not averse to begging, so i'll just throw out Bloodstone for "curveball" cosideration.My Ulysses campaign has stalled, frankly I'm desperate Dan,

John said...

Horror/Supernatural: Brother Voodoo or Nightmare all the way.

Asgardian: Fandrall. If we keep stalling the Warriors Three, we may never get to a point where we can reasonably finish them.

Modern: Wiccan, Gravity, Ant-Man III, Phyla-Vell, Komodo. Let's start the Young Avengers! Again, a full team of worthy characters becomes harder to finish the longer the collection goes on. Starting them as early as possible is the safest option, looking at the collection as a whole.

Golden Age: We still don't have Jim Hammond, one of the original big three. Otherwise, my vote goes more for Jimmy Woo, Two-Gun Kid, Blazing Skull, or other early characters that I love. I wouldn't want early for the sake of early, just to fill a niche.

X-Men: Pixie, Silver Samurai, Warlock

Avengers: Wiccan, Constrictor, Moonstone or Fixer, USAgent.

Cosmic: (please give us more than one!) Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, Gamora, Firelord, Phyla-Vell, Bug, Maximus the Mad.

Alpha Flight - Shaman or VINDICATOR

Spidey Villains: Spot, Jack 'O Lantern, Tombstone, Hammerhead, Jackal, Swarm

FF Villains: Psycho Man, Trapster

Curveball: Sleepwalker, Squirrel Girl, Venus

Alt. Universe - Vance Astro or Spiderman 2099, unless characters like Bug or Psycho Man counted.

Marvel Knights: Paladin, baby!

...Where would Speedball fit in?

Specials: If I could only ask for 1, it would be MODOK.

John said...

Here's my own advice for the collection (if anybody wanted it.) In my opinion, we should look at the collection as a whole rather than extension by extension. Having a balanced extension is essential, but there are a couple other things to consider...

My main thing is this; if there were any chance that this was the last extension we get, we should really work to close off some of the little groups where we can. For instance, Trapster is a necessary part of the Frightful Four and the only major addition that group really needs. If there is any doubt in Rich's or anyone at EM's head that we go past 200, then Trapster should definitely take the spot for "FF character." Psycho Man and others will still be available for a following extension if we got one.

Secondly (and this almost seems backward to what I just said) if we're fairly certain that more extensions are to follow, then we should start into some of the bigger groups rather than focus on solo characters.

What I mean by this is, there are still a LOT of New Warriors, all high profile, still to do. Speedball, Night Thrasher, Namorita, Justice. Having more than 1 in a given extension is too many, I think most would agree with that.

Therefore, they've got to be sprinkled in as extensions go on. The longer the collection goes on and we see them missing extensions, the less likely we'll have a full team by the end of the collection (which could be any time.)

This isn't just about the New Warriors of course. I'm talking about the Young Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy old and new, Heralds of Galactus, Warriors Three, Wrecking Crew, ...agents of atlas... Thunderbolts, etc. The Forum composed a list of most wanted Teams and groups. I'd give that a look over before confirming characters for given categories. ;)

Gremlin in the works said...

Going on Dan's guideline for the extension.

1 horror - Satana
1 asgardian - Hela
1-3 modern - Jewel, Wiccan, The Hood
1 golden age - Spitfire
2/3 x-men (incl 1 new mutant/1 villain?) - Wofsbane, Longshot, Deathbird
1/2 avengers - Stingray and Justice (we also have Jewel and Wiccan from the moderns)
1/2 cosmic - Firelord, Gamora
1/2 alpha flight (N&A cover this unless they are 2pack - then would 'consider' shaman/marrina instead) - Shaman
2/3 villains (spidey/FF/etc) - Trapster, Baron Mordo, Constrictor
1 curveball - Howard the Duck
1 alt. universe? - Vance Astro
1 marvel knights - White Tiger

Anonymous said...

One wolf in the collection is enough for me - man wolf.
I don't want werewolf by night thank you.
Are we going to get teams completed or am i just wasting my money ?
I'm worried that I'm not going to get each member of certain teams and I don't want to keep laying out money if it's going to be a waste of time.
We need more villains too.
Sub sets maybe a way to solve this.

P.S : The last two figurines i got were poorly done , and I'm sick of the bad paint jobs.
Can someone at EM please check that the paint is dry and that the figurines aren't damaged before they package them ?

Moonstar said...

Ok here's my 16 (leaving 3 forum poll pick slots and 1 comp pick slot).

2 Modern: Wiccan (Young Avengers) and Dust (New X-Men)
2 Avengers: US Agent and Moonstone
2 X-Men: Mirage and Longshot
2 Marvel Knights: Owl and Baron Mordo
2 Fantastic Four: Maximus and Trapster
2 Cosmic: Vance Astro and High Evolutionary
1 Spider-Man: Hammerhead
1 Alpha Flight: Shaman
1 Horror: Werewolf by night
1 Asgardian: Hela

The Hood said...

How about a double pack like Sasquatch and Puck but with Howard The Duck and Frankenstein's Monster, after all they are teaming up as part of "Fear Itself", just a suggestion.

sergiogf said...

Hi, here is my list:

1 horror: No for me.
1 asgardian: Hela
1-3 modern . Nop
1 golden age? Spitfire
2/3 x-men Wolfsbane, Moonstar, Longshot.
1/2 avengers: Moonstone, Swordsman
1/2 cosmic: Firelord, Deathbird
1/2 alpha flight Shaman & Marrina 2/3 villains (spidey/FF/etc): Diablo, Kulan Gath..
1 curveball Nop
1 alt. universe Nop
1 marvel knights: White Tiger

Yeah, I have to admit I'm a big fan of the classic x-men and the new mutants so, go for them, please¡

By the way, I haven't heard anything about a Mary Jane & Gwen Stacy two pack¡

C'mon, I know everybody prefers the traditional superhero figurine collection but, You know? I'm not going to buy Trapster, werewolf by nigth, Howard the Duck, the hood or USAgent. But sure I'd buy MJ¡

Robert said...

Have to agree with John and A.N.Other about starting the Warriors Three in the new extension. I'd start with Hogun rather than Fandrall, but as long as we are getting them then I'd be more than happy. Definitely need an Asgardian in every extension.

I'd also like to see Trapster, as he'd the last classic Frightful Four member to be included.

I'd like to see two cosmic characters: one of them a Herald and one being Gamora.

Avengers: Swordsman is a definite. Any one from Mantis, Stingray and U.S.Agent being next on my list.

Spidey villains. Tarantula and Jackal.

Not overly fussed much about horror, X-characters, modern, alternate universe or Golden Age (although I'd happily buy a Whizzer and a Spidey 2099, I guess).

As for the curveball, well, it's time for a generic character. And the winner is: Hydra goon!!! Come on, Dan, you know it makes sense!

Moonstar said...
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Moonstar said...

As far as the X-Picks go this extension I think most would be very happy with....

LONGSHOT, MIRAGE and WOLFSBANE. Three really solid picks.

I would say leave the forum to vote through an X-Villain as their the X-Men charaters that get forum votes just like Toad, Spiral and Avalanche did. The idea of not putting an New Mutant in this extension automatically and leaving it to a forum vote is terrible. I honestly think most people expect to get at least one every extension now.

I think the forum would vote through Silver Samurai which combined with Longshot, Mirage, Wolfsbane would give us 4 solid X-Characters.

Anonymous said...

Extension wish list :

X-men related

1- Sebastian Shaw
2- Longshot
3- Jean Grey (blue+yellow costume)

Avengers related

4- Whirlwind
5- The Swordsman
6- Moonstone

Fantastic four related

7- Trapster
8- Red Ghost
9- Nova (Frankie Raye)

Spiderman related

10- Hammerhead
11- Tombstone
12- Spidergirl

Marvel knights related

13- Owl
14- Paladin
15- Clea

Golden age character

16- Whizzer

Generic character

17- Hydra Agent

Cosmic character

18- Starfox

Horror character

19- Brother Voodoo

Civilian character

20- General Thunderbolt Ross

Mr J said...

3 x-men characters for this 181-200extension announced by EM is the perfect number. I would be thrilled to see

1. Longshot
2. Warlock or Danielle Moonstar (Mirage)
3. Dust (I love the classic characters but I love some of the modern ones too and Dust has been one of the most requested modern characters there is. I would be thrilled to see her get a place in this extension.

mighty_marvel said...
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mighty_marvel said...

personally i'd say EM should confirm only 1 or 2 x-men characters and leave the forum to vote in any others. if EM confirmed 3 x-men characters we could potentially end up with 8 x-men family characters in the extension (3 from EM, 3 from the forum and 2 alpha flight).

if EM confirmed just wolfsbane, the forum (if they get 3 slots to choose again) would likely vote in at least 2 from longshot, silver samurai, dani moonstar and a hellfire club member. combined with the minimum of one/maybe 2 alpha flighters this would give us 4 to 6 x-men related characters which is more than plenty for an extension

Squidguy said...

Following suit with others twenty based on the breakdown

Horror - Werewolf by Night
Asgard - Fandral
Modern - Wiccan, the Hood and Anole
Golden - Blazing Skull
X-Men - Longshot, Mirage and Silver Samurai
Avengers - USAgent and Stingray
Cosmic - Gamora and Starlord
Alpha - Shaman
Villains - Trapster, Grey Gargoyle and Hammerhead
Alternative - Vance Astro
Knight - Brother Voodoo
Curveball - ???

The whole point of a curveball is that its a character no one is expecting. Not sure if that still applies to Howard the Duck. So really its got to be someone not talked about...... like Puppet Master, Shanna and Thunderbird last time.

With N&A impending then I would have dropped the Alphan for a Thunderbolt or New Warrior - Moonstone or Speedball. I don't want it to start appearing as if teams were being rounded off.

SinisterVenom said...

Hold on a sec...if Northstar and Aurora are getting clear blocks to make it look as though they're flying, then surely we can use these for specials such as M.O.D.O.K and Mojo? These can make M.O.D.O.K look as though he's flying and Mojo's legs shouldn't be a problem with a clear block under his body. What do you say Dan? These are amongst some favourite specials like Madame Web, Onslaught, Giant Man etc...
Now then my personal wishlist in the new extension.

X-Men: Silver Samurai, Longshot, Sebastian Shaw
Avengers: Whirlwind, US Agent
Alpha Flight: Shaman, Marrina
FF: Maximus, Trapster
Spidey: Hammerhead, Jackal
Marvel Knights: Owl
Horror: Werewolf By Night
Asgardian: Heimdall
Golden Age: Whizzer
Curveball: Howard The Duck?
Cosmic: Deathbird, Corsair
Villains: Baron Mordo, Tombstone


Becquerel said...

1 horror - Werewolf by Night
1 asgardian - Any of the Warriors Three, I personally would prefer Volstagg. Or Hela.
1-3 modern - Wiccan, Penance, Dust, Anole
1 golden age? - Blonde Phantom
2/3 x-men (incl 1 new mutant/1 villain?) - Silver Samurai, Longshot, Mirage
1/2 avengers - US Agent, Moonstone, Wiccan
1/2 cosmic - Deathbird, Corsair
1/2 alpha flight - Shaman, Marrina
2/3 villains (spidey/FF/etc) - Trapster, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Baron Mordo, Grey Gargoyle
1 curveball - Dr. Strange's supporting characters (Clea, Wong), Jarvis, or General Thunderbolt Ross.
1 alt. universe? - Spider-Man 2099, anything Noir-related
1 marvel knights - The Owl

Dan The Man said...

I think if we do Modok he will be blasting off the base in a cloud of fire/smoke/debris à la Cannonball.

I agree that less conformed x-men will allow for the inevitable x -character poll winners.

just preparing some sculpt stage images of Mockingbird for you guys.
plus Domino pose sketches and a quick look at Spider-Woman's paint job.

cool, my word verification was 'THING'

Dan The Man said...

Damn, just realised Rich hasn't given me access rights to update the blog.

Will see if I can contact the li'l bastich and sort it out. may have to be a tuesday update.

Robert said...

Dan, you've been replying to questions all week, so don't worry about an update this week. And, while I'm at it, thanks for your answers.

Moonstar said...

"I agree that less conformed x-men will allow for the inevitable x -character poll winners"

But what if X-Men characters don't win on the poll? 1/2 X-Men an extension is my subscription cancelled right there to be honest. There needs to be at least 4/5.

The best way to do it is to go with what's poplular X-Men wise. This did'nt happen with Domino last extension when Thunderbird was basically given her slot and the fans were upset and voted her through on the forum with a huge percentage of the vote.


These should probably be the X-Men picks, with the X-Men it's best to go with whats popluar.

LONGHSOT, WOLFSBANE, MIRAGE & SILVER SAMURAI are the top 4 most wanted X-Men characters We should really be getting 3 of them confirmed WITHOUT A VOTE.

Oh and just as many Avengers characters have won through on the polls as X-Men. JOCASTA, JACK OF HEARTS, ANT-MAN & ARACHNE are all Avengers are you gonna limit the number of Avengers this extension? if not why do it to the X-MEN potentially?

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

CAP movie special?
Hmmm, just give us Arnim Zola.
We don't have time for other CAP versions, we need next characters.

16 from You, 3 from forum poll and one from competition winner.
This 16:
1 horror - Phantom Rider
1 asgardian - Hela
1 modern - Wiccan
3 x-men - Longshot, Wolfsbane, Sebastian Shaw
2 avengers - Swordsman, Moonstone
2 cosmic - Gamora, Firelord
1 alpha flight - Shaman (N&A definitely double pack)
3 villains - Hammerhead, Grey Gargoyle, Baron Mordo
1 curveball - Shriek
1 marvel knights - The Hood

So we have Blob, Sauron and Odin, who are those 2 other characters for specials this year?
Terrax has to be chosen.

Editor said...

Sorry Moonstar, I do tend to speak (write) before I think - you'll get a lot of that from me! of course we will consider very carefully how many x-characters and Avengers characters are chosen for the extension, I suppose the possible comp winners should not really be considered at all, and we should just put in the 16/17 best deserving characters (but that's a whole nother problem!)

That should be the end of this particular comment section, please start adding to the new update. cheers.


Bob said...

I just want a couple for the collection. Terrax for cosmic,
Shaman for Alpha, Hogun for Asgardian, Longshot for X-men, Holocaust for Alternate Universe, Skurge The Executioner or Graviton for villain,

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