Friday, 22 July 2011

Blog 9 from Outer Space

Controversy Explained (well, an attempt at it)...
Last week I mentioned I was hopeful of putting through a rather controversial character, that character as many of you guessed was indeed Howard the Duck.
The reason I called him controversial (as well as the “Marmite” effect) was that we had a sticky situation with the Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite figurine over on the DC collection: Sven the editor chose to commission the sculpt, but it was decided at a senior level that the characters’ style didn’t fit with the rest of the collection. So to cut a long story short we eventually got the go ahead to make them a special. (I actually think it does make a rather nice special in the end - see pic.)

That leads us rather clumsily to the Duck! After Mr. Mixedpickles and Mar-Mite set a precedent at EM on these type of ‘cartoony’ characters, we felt we should check with our superiors before announcing/commissioning the Duck – we were correct in our assumptions, and we were indeed told that the duck would not ‘fit in’ with the collection.

As much as I disagree with the decision, we all have to accept the fact that Howard won’t be appearing in the regular running order any time soon, but we can make him a special! If this can be done remains to be seen, but at least there is a slight chance we can get him in the collection (although at the loss of another special) – but for now he’s going back in the drawer filed under ‘Cancelled Canard’.

The good news is that opens up another place for someone else! So get canvassing now.

Not much alse to show this week accept an almost final Swordsman (Didn’t notice his moustache was incorrect, so we’ll be changing it to a more french-style thin one).

So on that bombshell the next 2 confirmed players will be:

The cosmic Guardian of the Galaxy: Vance Astro

(I await your opinions on what costume he should wear and if he should have the shield or not?)

And the futuristic Spider-Man 2099

(I suppose with the loss of Howard we can assume this fella is the curveball of the extension - as he will be that rarity in our collection of an alternative reality character (although he is supposed to be of Earth 616 albeit in the future.), obviously he also fits into the Spidey category aswell.

PS, I have been summoned by the guys who did the Spirit of Hope book (The Comic Book Alliance) to a signing tomorrow at Forbidden Planet Shaftesbury Ave. at 1pm (I had a small part to play in the design and some colouring), so feel free to stop by and say hello (or buy a book - we'll even reduce its value and sign it!)

Th-th-th-th-that's all folks!


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pirate adam said...


Hiperion said...

I admit I'm very very very disappointed and, well, sad.

We can have talking dragons but not talking ducks. At least you have done all you can do, so thanks Dan.

Cool to have Vance Astro and Spidey 2099.

avenger guy said...

waste of space in the collection with spider man again love swordman and the other character

CGJ said...

Have to say I breathed a sigh of relief at the news.

Vance Astro and Spiderman 19.99 will be popular with a lot of people. Not characters I am familiar with, but I feel I've dodged a bullet today so will settle for minor shrapnel wounds.

Taking the kids to London this weekend so if forbidden planet set up a table in London Zoo tomorrow Dan, I'll see you there!

SinisterVenom said...

Thanks for another great update Dan, I must say I'm not too fussed about whether we get the Duck in the collection or not, I'm happy either way. Not sure if I would rather give up a special slot for him though.
Swordsman is coming along nicely. I'm guessing we'll see a painted pic of him soon then the way he's getting on.
Vance Astro is a great choice, though not a surprising one. It is great that he's finally in the collection. I'd like him to be done with the shield please :)
Spider-Man 2099! Wow! Curveball indeed as I did not see this coming! An amazing choice there guys! I can't wait to get him! I'm gonna take the guess he will be the 200th issue.
Whirlwind and Baron Mordo or Trapster next please :P

mighty_marvel said...

pleased vance is in, he's one of my most wanted. and now an original GOTG and a young avenger is in i can start campaigning for the next runaway ;) vance should be done as he is in the pic on the blog, with the shield. not really read the 2099 books so spiderman 2099 is not one i'm too fussed about.

can't understand the decision on howard. DC got detective chimp and howard is no more cartoony than him. wouldn't have minded him as a regular but no way should he be a special.

navaho said...

It's sad news about ol' Howard but as my dad always says 'it is what it is'.
Glad to see Vance Astro is in (I think everyone saw that coming) and Spidey 2099 (I don't think anyone called that).
It's good to see alternate universe characters making an appearance, it just jazzes things up a bit.
Oh, Swordsman looks very nice indeed.

mgf said...



Sad about Howard, and minorly (eh?) irritated that people who seem on the face of it to not have much idea about the MU can decide characters who appear in comics are "too" cartoony. They should stick to counting beans.

Where does this leave Lockjaw and Rocket Racoon? Lockjaw should still be feasible as he needs to be a special I hope.

Spidey 2099 - I can live with that.

ted sallis said...

Vance Astro and Spidey 2099, Excellent choices. Both should look fantastic, The Duck as a special!!!heh, that will be popular.
Maybe an amusing diorama could work, Heck Jonah Hex was never a special that's why they filled the base with all sorts of flotsum and jetsum, Model a Four poster bed with howard and his buxom human lady friend in a wee negligee, it will sell like diazapam on a council estate

pirate adam said...


NO DUCK......YESSSSS!!!!!!

and as for making him a Special???


whats worse than wasting a regular spot on a pathetic little Duck??

I'll tell you...wasting a precious SPECIAL SLOT on a pathetic little Duck

onto the reveals, Vance Astro and Spidey 2099, thrilled about both and will be getting both, this is turning into an expensive extension for me (X-Characters aside)

i know i've been quiet lately but news of NO DUCK was to good to pass up

and i think the Balder we got is Awesome one of my fave sculpts

Osvaldoeaf said...

Thanks for the explanation, Dan!
Well, now a cosmic character everybody wanted, great...and a spidey character...I think these are nice announcementes.

Now Dan, if there's another X-Spot, please make it Sage...thanks!

Gremlin in the works said...

I am disappointed that Howard will be troublesome to produce but I understand the views of the powers that be. He does look a lot different to the other characters in the collection. But he does have a place in the collection and I hope some way is found of releasing him in the future.

As for the announcements. Two great choices. A LOT of people have been calling for Vance for a long time so it's awesome to see him finally confirmed. As for costumes the one you have shown is perfect and I hope you incorporate the shield into the figure.

Spiderman 2099. I had an inkling he would be seen soon. I am pleased because I think he will make a striking figure and a nice representative of the 2099 line.
And for all the people who think we are getting another Peter Parker....the SpiderMan 2099 is a guy called Miguel O'Hara he had his own title during the 90's and then an alternate version of him did some universe hopping with the Exiles.

Great update.

Anonymous said...

Lame. Howard the Duck fits in the collection just as well as any of the other Marvel characters. When you have dragons in purple underpants and Purple Planet-Eating Space Popes, nothing is too absurd. Hopefully you guys can squeeze him in as an extra Special at some point. Or to celebrate his "absurd" nature" make him a Quasi Special but Issue #0 for the collection. :)

That said, two great choices. Nice to see Vance Astro and Spider-Man 2099. And yes, Vance needs to come with his shield. Hopefully we'll see the rest of the modern GotG as well. Bring on Rocket Raccoon. :)

Robert said...

"whats worse than wasting a regular spot on a pathetic little Duck??

I'll tell you...wasting a precious SPECIAL SLOT on a pathetic little Duck"

My exact thoughts.

Vance Astro, meh. As for Spidey 2099, I bought the mag when it came out and it was great fun for a year or so and then slowly died a death, so not all that bothered with that character, either.

Swordsman looking fab, though.

BobDiamond said...

Got to say I echo Hiperion re: the news about Howard. I was REALLY looking forward to him. Odd decision by the high-ups- but that's Senior Management for you I suppose...
Surely if DC can have Detective Chimp as a regular, then we could easily have HtD.
Well...perhaps this opens the doors for a Howard/ Beverley Special (can't think who else they could team him up with...perhaps Spider-Ham ??!), as I've always seen them as a double-act anyway.

Excellent news about Vance Astro however...and sort-of OK about Spidey 2099- he'll make a dynamic figure at least, and I like the more 'stand-alone' type characters.

BD I suppose we'll have to sit through all the anti-Howard types crowing!

SinisterVenom said...

Only way I can see Howard selling as a special is as a double pack, but who would actually want to pay for a double pack with him in? And who would he be paired with?
Or how about this, if he was for some reason paired with Rocket Raccoon, would you buy the double pack? This one is for all you raccoon lovers ;)

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Vance Astro deserved to be in this extension, but SM 2099 is a real surprise for me. I'm not interested in Howard, but looks like forum poll will choose the duck.
Baron Mordo and Jigsaw for next Friday!

Anonymous said...

Nah, I doubt that Rocket Raccoon falls under the same issues as Howard the Duck. Rocket Raccoon is far more intigrated into the MU, and has been a member of major teams like the GotG. So it seems to just be selective bias. I say do Spider-Ham with Howard The Duck as a Special. Done.

kissynose said...

And I got all kinds of grief for calling Howard ridiculus..hmmm even so I am sad for those who wanted him....sorry guys.

michal9402 said...

I'm disappointed this weekend. Two confirmed character that I don't know at all and I'm not intrested in. There is many more popularity character than this.
One good think is that we don't have Duck in collection.
Hope for some women in next excetion.

Hiperion said...

Hey Bob, I feel really sorry for you. I like all your posts about Howard, they have always been plenty of love for the character ;).

I suppose if there's a slim chance, there's hope. I didn't remember Chimp on the DC side, but now I understand LESS the decision.

Howard paired with Bev would be sweet. Doctor Bong could be a cool option too.

mighty_marvel said...

for the rest of the EM choices

we haven't had a F4 character yet so i'm expecting trapster to finish the frightful four. another avenger must surely be in, would like USAgent to finish west coast avengers. no marvel knight heroes yet. i include supernatural/horror in this category so would really like brother voodoo, although misty knight would be good too. last EM spot will probably be shaman simply because he was pretty much promised if the twins got a double pack. but if i were being selfish i'd go for general ross in this spot.

The Hood said...

Vance Astro and Spidey 2099 are great choices. However I am very upset that Howard The Duck wont be in the collection. He would fit in just as well as other weird looking characters like Impossible Man, Fin Fang Foom or M.O.D.O.K., and besides the DC collection got Detective Chimp and he is as odd looking as Howard. I am not happy about this.

BobDiamond said...

Cheers Hiperion,
That was very cool of you to say, and I appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

I suggest everyone on the forum disappointed with this choice toss a vote for Howard on the upcoming poll. Maybe the groundswell of support will get the bean-counters to realize people are willing to buy him. The fact he's already fairly high in the polls should have already done that, but eh. Hell, we managed to get the DC Collection extended. Let's get Howard past the bean-counters who don't have a clue.

The Mad Thinker said...

marmite to that update !!

The Hood said...

How can it be called The CLASSIC Marvel Figurine Collection, when Howard is left out, he is a truly one of a kind classic character. And it seems to me that the people at the senior level who said no to him are too worried about not making as much money from a smaller character but its perfectly alright to charge extra money for Sauron, who could have been a reguar figurine. Its disgusting!!

The Mad Thinker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BobDiamond said...

"I suggest everyone on the forum disappointed with this choice toss a vote for Howard on the upcoming poll."

CBR Beast, that is a most excellent suggestion! Count me in. :)


Kal Brindle said...

I am incredibly disapointed. Howard has been a Marvel mainstay for decades. So he's not a traditional Superhero - so what? I am truly shocked by management's decision. Then to replace him with Spiderman 2099 - speaking of marmite - meh. Not a happy cowboy today.

Kvetching aside I am thrilled with Vance Astro's inclusion and congrats to all of Spidey 2099's fan - both of you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The Mad Thinker,

Spider-Man 2099 isn't Peter Parker. That's like complaining they shouldn't make Spider-Woman or Arachne because they're too similar to Spider-Man.

Making both versions of Moonstone makes no sense. The modern version one, and that's what's being made.

The Mad Thinker said...
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Anonymous said...

Considering the collection was originally going to only be 40 figurines... there was never a guarentee of completeing teams. It's a certainty that when the collection does end that not all teams will be finished. The Exiles are way behind pretty much any other team. So nice to get Spider-Man 2099 to extend that group.

tinodragon14 said...

Alas no villains... sigh

For those pulling for the duck I thought you guys had made the call but sorry for your disappointment but I don't think Howard is special worthy.

Vance Astro - Not high on my list but this means you are adding the Guardians to the collection. The picture you showed is the best look & yes the shield must be included or you guys are doomed.

Spider-Man 2099 - Of the 2099 series I always thought Spidey's & DOOM 2099's costumes were awesome looking so I cannot say I'm upset about this choice. I had originally listed DOOM 2099 as one of my top twenty choices.



each covers a different comic

LAWay said...

Ah, what did I tell you? I said all along that Howard the Duck would not fit in the collection. Maybe I should be an exec. Seems like a waste to have him as a special, but who knows, maybe it will be a 5.99 cheap special, or pair him with some other character...spider-ham or someone equally as ridiculous.

Great news on Vance Astro and Spiderman 2099. Alot of GotG fans and Vance Astro petitions, so I am pleased those guys are getting their man. And personally I love the design of the guy, dont have a clue about him, but he looks great. I want him just like that picture with the shield too.

Spiderman 2099 is deserving and not just 'a different costume' or 'alternate reality' character. He has had 170 comic appearances, crossed over into mainstream computer games and the cartoons, he is a different character and identity completely AND more importantly, STILL APPEARING IN COMICS nowadays. All those moaning about the above statements are misinformed and ignorant.

Swordsman still looks naff, sorry. Seriously, does that sculpt say 'Swordsman' to you? He looks like he has a weak chin in his profile, yet from the front its a hefty bum chin and he has thick lips. Now character in the pose, no charisma, it looks nothing like the Swordsman I know. This sculpt would have serviced for the more modern 'Thunderbolts' Swordsman, which I thought should have been made, but this version just does not fit.

So, great announcements on all fronts, shame about the swordsman sculpt (again - you aint listening) and shame people are clueless about spiderman 2099.

Maybe the reason DC collection was under threat of being cancelled is because they have alot of stupid characters like the chimp and those 2 that featured as a special.

word verification is 'combat', because dats sum fighting talk. ;)

Anonymous said...

How does he not "Fit". Seems like the Bean Counters have never even cracked a comic book. They might want to actually do some reasearch. He's been long intigrated into the Marvel Universe. And is no more outlandish or absurd than much of the rest of the Marvel Universe. The comment of him not "fitting" seems to come from those who have no clue.

Archangelsr said...

Howard the Duck as a special would have worked way back as a pack in with Manthing but not sure he merits his own special spot.

The Mad Thinker said...

i bet that howard the duck would sell more copies than spiderman 2099.

Hiperion said...
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Kal Brindle said...

I'm sorry for taking shots at Spiderman 2099...I was just mad about EM's decision. Me bad.

Dan, what happens if the Forum votes for him or the competition winner chooses him? Would he still get vetoed?

Ken said...

Hmmm....why so nab Spidey related characters? Spider Man, Scarlet Spider, Spider 2099? We need to diversify more...there are plenty of great characters left!

Where is the High Evolutionary in all this? Or Deathbird? Or Terrax? Or Jigsaw? Or Trapster? Or Nightmare?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What's more funny is the fact that the Mr. Myx/Bat-Mite figurine that EM's Bean Counters also shot down? It's getting a 'SPOTLIGHT' in the upcoming issue of Diamond Previews. Guess the Bean Counters don't really know what they're talking about do they. Considering this is Diamond Showcasing something EM's Beancounters decided shouldn't be made.


Thor8 said...

I'm back from my vacations in the states and although I have not posted,I have been reading the blog in order to keep up to date. Before I go off for the long weekend(Monday is a National Holiday here in PR)I'd like to add my two bits related to this week's blog.

Howard The Duck: Sorry for those whom wanted him,but personally I can't deny I'm glad about EM's decision,I just can't picture him fitting into this collection. The Hod said;"How can it be called The CLASSIC Marvel Figurine Collection, when Howard is left out?" Easy,The same way it's called The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection when Two Gun Kid,Rawhide Kid,Milie The Model,The Howling Commandoes,and many other more "CLASSIC" characters have been left out.

Swordsman: Looking good,but as LAWay says he could have used a more classy pose,don't agree about using the modern Thunderbolt version though.

Vance Astro: Thumbs up to him and the shield

209 Spidey: Not really thilled with this ne,but f he's been asked for alot,I guess it's alright.

Sure wish Princess Python or Trapster,Whirlwind,or Attuma would be chosen next.

sergiogf said...

I'm not really interested in Vance Astro...

But, about Howard, I'm not interested at all.

Ok for Spider-man 2099, a good curveball.

Next week, please, give us another x-character: wolfsbane, silver samurai, selene, sage, deathbird, shaman, corsair, meggan...

Sean said...

Please give us howard the duck and I want him as master of Quack-Fu!

enough with the x-men already!

Robert said...

For anyone who doesn't know who Spidey 2099 is I'd definitely recommend the Spider-Man 2099 TP, which reprints #1-10 by Peter David. Rick Leonardi and Al Williamson. Volume 1 came out two years ago and FP are still selling it online. (Don't remember seeing a volume 2.)

I wonder, will Eaglemoss base their Spidey 2099 on the vinyl model from the '90s? It wasn't as cool as the Wolvie and Goblin from the same series but it still looked pretty damn fine.

jimbob said...

Another Spiderman!!!!!

Why don't EM just start making variant subset??

And Howard a special????

DC has Detective Chimp a regular in their regular line up!

This doesn't make sense?#?#?#

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

If Runaways who looks like from Japan anime not Marvel deserves to be in, then why not Howard the Duck?

Ken said...

We need... High Evolutionary...Deathbird....Terrax...Jigsaw ...Selene....Trapster!

pirate adam said...

problem with voting for the Duck in the forum poll is that EM and Marvel can still block it, so dont waste a vote on a pants character that Dan has already said is very unlikely to be made

ted sallis said...

With the Duck fekt, all his votes will probably go to Bloodstone. Really looking forward to a peek at the 2099 sculpt, He is a fantastic design, me play him in my viddywo gamez innit

The Hood said...

We cant give up on Howard, if I remember correctly we were not going to get Jubilee or anyone from Alpha Flight, and the DC collection was cancelled, so the fans can make a change, I want all of The Ducks fans to keep hope alive, and who knows maybe we will see him someday, and for anyone who dosent like him do a google image search for "Howard The Duck statue" and see what a great figurine he would be.

LarryS said...

So we forfeit Howard, despite about 50 per cent of bloggers being in favour.

But we do get characters like The Owl, who have been advocated by ... let me check past blogs ... by ... hang on, I'm sure I'll find someone somewhere ... hmmm ... still looking ... perhaps he's been nominated by someone who needed to find an 'O' to fill their A-Z prefs list ... must be here somewhere ... maybe near where I'm always leaving my car keys ... still looking ...

EM bean-counters make the European Union seem like a beacon of democratic accountability!!!!

Robert said...

John, hope you don't mind but I cut and pasted your list and added today's announcements.

1 Asgardian: Hela
1-3 modern: Wiccan
2/3 X-men: Mirage, Sebastian Shaw &
1/2 Avengers: Swordsman
1/2 cosmic: Firelord & Vance Astro
2/3 villains (Spidey/ FF/ etc): Hammerhead & Owl

1 Alpha Flight?
1 Horror?
1 Curveball?
1 Alt. universe: Spider-Man 2099
1 Marvel Knights?

Thunderbolts: Moonstone?

I'm sure I cocked that up somewhere...

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Read what Dan wrote, Spiderman 2099 is curveball/alternate of this extension. So don't look at this list.
The last four should be:
Baron Mordo
Grey Gargoyle

Thor8 said...

Is Vance Astro a cosmic? I always thought a cosmic was a character with cosmic level powers,like Galactus,Grandmaster,The Stranger,Eternity,The Silver Surfer,Thor,Firelord,ect.,and not just someone who's base of operation is in outer space.

The Mad Thinker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul said...

Great extention so far on both the Marvel and DC side but I feel after today's announcment I must chime in. First, yippee no Ducks allowed. Howard doesn't fit in this collection and would take a spot that belongs to someone else. Second, I am rather disappointed that Mr Mixedup and the Mar-Mite got in at all on the DC side. Bat-Mite....really....c'mon guys you can do better. I'm a huge Batman fan, even have a Batman tattoo on my body but seriously now.

Loving all else though. keep up the tremendious work.

The Mad Thinker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said...

The ironic thing is that Mr. Myx was one of the ONLY non-Batman characters I was fully planning to buy. I remember trying to count the months and figure out when it would be in the Diamond previews so my comic guy could order it for me...

And you know what, Myx DOES fit in perfectly! Looking at him and knowing his looong history, that it makes it all the more frustrating to hear the higher ups don't want the duck.

And I honestly hate the pairing with Bat-Mite, so please don't pair Howard with anybody, in the future, like a Spider-Ham or something. That wouldn't make ANY sense.

Dan, if we still voted for him for the Forum Choice Poll and he made the top 3, would he be made?

The 2 announcements are amazing though. I'm really happy to have 2 Spidey characters in one extension! And I'm a huge GotG fan, so Vance is going right next to Star-Lord (when he's announced ;)

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm 100% happy he's not going to be in the main CMFC.

I'm happy(ish) that he's in, but I would have preferred Starhawk and now I suspect we'll have to wait for (hopefully) extension 201-220 to get him. Personally I'd be ecstatic if Starhawk made it into this extension regardless of the fact that Vance Astro is in.
As for Vance's costume, the posted pic is great. I'm not too fussed about the shield. I'd rather see another Cap-style shield when we get USAgent or Patriot.

I've never been interested in the character, but I imagine that he'll make an ok fig. A bit of a safe/lame choice of alternate character. I would have been more excited with a pure alternate like Killraven, or a timeline jumper like Dark Beast who's now in the regular MU.

LAWay said...

I'm sorry to all those who wanted the Duck. Like I said, he is a thoroughly deserving character, but a Duck character in the collection would look silly standing next to the other figurines. Dont pass off he is 'fully integrated into the marvel universe', because rarely is he really in comics standing side by side with the heavy weights of marvel.

Just look at Mxyz and Bat-Mite! AWFUL! They look like kinder egg toys! Great for the die hard fans of those characters, but what a waste for everyone else. They dont look like they would fit in with batman and Superman standing alongside them at all. If EM feel they are out of place, remembering they have the image of their brand to think about, so be it.

Maybe make Howard the Duck a 'Mail Order' exclusive like the good ol days. Oh that a special? Damn.
Ok, scrap that. He's a little character, not much lead...make him a free gift to subscribers. If all these collectors think he is that vital to the collection and want him that bad, and want the collection to go on longer, sign up. :)

ted sallis said...


Deadpool said...

I would have prefered the Gun totin' Starlord instead of Pants Astro.


Don't "Howard the Duck" up Vance like Captain America.

How about a resin version of Spidey 2099 wall crawling on some rubble similar to the Heroclix version - see my Marvel Customs blog for an image.

If you use resin you may be able to pull off a better figure.

Without the Duck in the collection my vote for the wild card curve ball goes to the Bloodstone twins -yes I mean Elsa.

I think you should Double pack Ulysses and Elsa.

I would also like to vote for Kate Bishop for next weeks Boob slot.

My vote for next weeks villian goes to Uncle Adolph holding his hate master hood.

Verification word = mounter.

I think i will :0)

Deadpool said...

Check out Robot Chicken Star Wars on you tube - "Palpatine elevator" and "Stormtropper kills Ewok with Speeder bike" are hilarious.

Bagman said...

Great news about Vance Astro. Definitely needs to be made with the shield.
If HTD doesn't "fit" into the collection does that mean that Rocket Racoon won't "fit" either?.

Dan The Man said...

The decision to dump Howard was not a financial one, but an aesthetic one. 'the powers that be' just didn't like the look of him and put the kibosh on him - quack!
Seems like Detective Chimp slipped through the net - the lucky li'l monkey!

We never, ever promised to complete teams - we set out to try and cover the vastness of the MU in the limited run of issues we were originally given, as the extensions have continued we have moved towards trying to cater to both exploring new areas and completing teams (and starting new ones!) - so if we keep getting extensions, then eventually we should complete teams, not by choice but by sheer numbers! there are still lots of areas hardly touched by the CMFC, so it's trying to get a balance every extension of something old, something new etc

LAWay said...

With Rocket Raccoon getting his own toy and appearing in Marvel Vs Capcom, its quite some heavyweight backing from Marvel themselves. I would imagine EM would be more comfortable introducing him, especially as a 2 pack with another GotG.

HtD is more a stand alone character, and thats what puts him even more out of place.

LarryS said...

Dan: I notice you've just popped back on the blog. Can you quickly clarify the next special, since we seem to have been receiving mixed messages...? Last week, you mentioned in passing that it would be MODOK, later this year. However, I'd previously understood Odin was just a month or two away, and we've seen images of his figure near-completion. Has the All-Father been booted into the long grass...? (Perhaps the suits felt he didn't "fit" the collection either??!!)

The Mad Thinker said...

dan , thanks , and i'm sorry that i snapped. I sometimes go o.t.t like a spoilt child when i get disappointed. Taking into account what you said about certain areas being untouched , how about the morlocks ? I think we are due another female and who better than the leader of the morlocks - callisto. What do you think dan ?

AMARON said...

Hello Dan,
Since it was based on a purely asthetic and not financial descision, then are we to take it that the DuCK is in if we vote for him. Since it is not based on any financial considerations. I think if the fans speak loudly enough the powers that be may be persuaded to look at the beautiful, handsome and dapper HOWARD the DUCK in a different light. So vote for the duck everyone that wants him in.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Dan is so cool, not does he update the blog regularly, he even answeers a few question in the comments!

Ken said...

We need the High Evolutionary in the extension! :0)

John said...

"Since it was based on a purely asthetic and not financial descision, then are we to take it that the DuCK is in if we vote for him?"

That's the information I'm after. Dan the Man, Man of Men, pretend the supporters of the Duck pull together during the Forum Poll and he makes the Top 3, would he be allowed in then?

Without clear confirmation from the source, most collectors will feel its a waste of a precious vote and we won't see ANY votes for him next time around.

He's not in my Top 5, hell, he's not in my Top 40, but if this is the only way to show EM he's deserving, I'd give him one of my 5 votes.

navaho said...

I see the HTD debate rumbles on, face it guys it's a dead duck. The powers that be don't want him and I'm sure would block him if it was voted in, also I don't want a special slot taken by the duck (much as I love him).
I suggest we spend our time and effort into getting other viable characters in. Now considering the voters will probably get 3 X characters in my final four choices are

1) Baron Mordo (Dr. Strange needs him!!)
2) Trapster (completes the group and is a FF character)
3) Attuma (Subby needs a villain, long overdue)
4) Whirlwind (Avengers character and a proper nutcase!)

Come on Dan, make the people happy

Jacadoo said...

I am one that is very happy that the duck is out!!!!

Please tell me what make him a classic?

The character could not keep two attepts at a serialised comic going and the film OMG!!!!!

I hope any poll within the SHFF gives us the opportunity to veto the inclusion.

And worst still in place of a special - no no no!!!!

Got to love the Astro inclusion - don't know the Spider character but looks a worthwhile addition.

Can't help feeling like we duck haters have a victory on our hands.......... When even the management hate him so much they take him out as well!!!!

navaho said...

Actually I believe Whirlwind is a mutant so I stand corrected.


Robert said...

Hopefully, this doesn't sound condescending, but I feel sorry for the Howard fans. All week it looked a very strong possibility he'd be getting in, only to have it snatched away yesterday. I'm not blaming Dan, as it's not his decision to make, but that's a bit cruel. If someone strongly implied I'd be getting the Recorder, or Ted was getting Princess Python, or Tino was getting Stegron, and then we found out that, actually, no, we weren't getting him or her, we'd be pretty disappointed, too.

Good luck to the Duck campaign. Getting him into the White House was a push, getting him into the CMFC may just be possible.

Jacadoo said...

Whats this - -

Quack Quack BANG,

Quack Quack BANG,


The Duck getting shot down in flames!!!

Here for one night only.

TheTooN said...

Sad news for you Howard lovers but I am pleased that management made the decision to keep the 'look' of the collection. I had been resigned to adding Howard to my 'ugly' plinth.

Fantastic to get Vance in. With shield please. Still yearning for Starhawk/Yondu/Martinex.

Not a clue on Spidey, seems an odd curveball. Was he a last minute backup after Duckgate ?

LarryS said...


Any chance of a hint about next week's character(s), so we can start weighing-in with our thoughts...?

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

This collection isn't for completing teams, but for giving us most wanted characters. Characters from all marvel areas, but really from all? Then why not confirming Howard?
He would look silly, what?
He would look to other the same as Man-Thing, Zabu, Sauron, Fing Fan Foom,...

Hugh Jackman said Silver Samurai will be his main villain in new movie. So it's maybe time to confirm Silver Samurai and give us him in January 2013 just after movie release.

Anonymous said...

Category Mix / Bold Choices

As some of you may know, the new DC extension is getting 2 new characters announced each day.
What I find exciting is that 2 Doom Patrol representatives have already been confirmed: Robotman and Negative Man. Awesome.

Personally I am not fussy when it comes to the 'category mix' in the collection, and I don't mind if a category gets more represented in a segment of the extension.

In fact, I would be over the moon if Starhawk and Yondu made it into the 181-200 CMFC extension despite the fact Vance Astro is now in.

I'm actually really excited when 3 representatives of one same MU area
appear very closely in an extension. I find it a bold editorial choice - a particularly satisfying one for me. But that's just me, maybe.

Hey presto, bring in Starhawk and Yondu, then watch me jump with joy like a gamma-ray irradiated kangaroo.

LarryS said...

Fully agree with tomaszkasjaniuk.

I can't understand repeated comments on this blog that argue: "Howard shouldn't be in the collection because his comicbook got cancelled, but great news about Swordsman."

Sorry guys. But precisely how many issues of 'Swordsman' have been published...??!!

Here's a juicy fact to bear in mind ... There have been more standalone issues of HTD, with his name at the top of the masthead, than the COMBINED TOTAL for all the characters announced in this extension.

Anonymous said...

High Evolutionary
Baron Mordo


Rockslide & Anole

BobDiamond said...

Totally agree Larry, totally agree.

Unfortunately trying to apply logic to some of these posts however is a complete waste of time...


buffduffdan said...

Vance Astro is extremely overdue so well done for finally confirming him Dan! Very happy :)

Also pleased for Spider-Man 2099. He will make a stunning fig and is very deserving IMO.

Shame about Howard. I used to be a hater but I had come to accept him, mostly due to his many fans. It's a sad day for them but if he was made as a special, I'd buy him!

tinodragon14 said...

Yes Navaho WHIRLWIND is a mutant but ironically he was never an X-mutant. He always battled various Avengers. Strange he was never recruited by the Brotherhood.
If you notice Navaho I had picked the same four villains as you so I must compliment you on your excellent taste in villainy.

Saturn Lad said...

Good news about Howard the Duck and please do not think about even possibly wasting a specials slot on him.

Vance Astro and Spider-Man 2099 are excellent choices.

Can we have 2 more females next week? Deathbird been one of them would be excellent.

John said...

What if Howard was a 6th Special for a year and released at a Regular price? That way people aren't paying any more for him than they would have, we don't lose a Special slot to him, and in fact, don't lose a Regular slot either. Winning all around?

EM is already saving money by releasing a small character at $14. It shouldn't have to be raised just because its a Special.

John said...

Kirly, Psycho-Man shouldn't have to be a Special. If we waited on him for that, we'd never get him.

However, EM, Psycho-Man definitely IS one of my most wanted characters. Please make this happen. :D

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Good idea:
January - twins
March - Howard
May - Warpath
July - Madame Web
September - Terrax
November - Mojo

Dan The Man said...


The next SPECIAL is ODIN (release imminent)

followed by the 'Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing' (scheduled for November)

Then hopefully if we can sort the production problems with Northstar and Aurora and they will be early next year.

After that we have no word from the EM controllers if they want more, but i'm sure we will get the go ahead in the next few weeks/months - who gets the nod is up for debate!

Howard The Dead Duck will not be considered if he wins the polls/competition.

Robert said...

Yah! Odin coming soon. Great sculpt with only criticism being his enormous size.

This may make me go in and finally buy Balder. Third time in FP since it was released today and still can't bring myself to buy him. It will happen eventually, I just see him and go "Ugh!"...

Gremlin in the works said...

Well since we are getting a Mega and a doublepack is the space of a few months I think a regular special would do nicely to ease the wallet.

Once again I will big-up the Brood Drone. Great look, extensive history and you will get people buying multiple copies of them to make a little hive.

Wendigo - a villain who is hard to place as he has fought pretty much everyone but it would be nice for Alpha Flight if they got a villain on the shelf.

Thundra - since you have stated that she is likely a special sized character now that the limits have changed then it might be a good chance to get her in.

ted sallis said...

ninety eighth

The Hood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Hood said...

I'm sorry to hear that Howard The Duck wont be considered if he tops the polls or is chosen by the competition winner, it really seems a bit unfair. However if he is to be made as a special, how about putting him on a shared base with other small characters like Artie & Leech, and Franklin Richards, I do remember them all being together around the time of "Heroes Reborn". Or make a double back and put him with Frankenstein's Monster, that way we get Howard, we also get another classic horror character, and when placed beside She-Hulk and Nighthawk we complete another team "The Fearsome Four"....everybody wins.

mighty_marvel said...


jan: northstar and aurora
mar: terrax
may: hulkling (young avenger to coincide with avenger movie)
jul: madame web (to coincide with amazing spiderman movie)
sep: brood drone
nov: atlas

i know we normally only get 5 specials in a year, but as we will only be getting 4 this year then one extra should be released next year

ted sallis said...

Hulkling to coincide with the Avengers movie??? ...Now that's a tenuos link. C'mon surely every Gaylesbianbisexualcleftlippedpegleggedsciaticasufferingethnicgroup has been represented by now.There's only around 200 better choices...Did i mention Bloodstone wusnae fussy???

Hiperion said...

Hey The Hood, I remember that story with Howard, Franklin, Artie, Leech, Man Thing and Tana Nile. They were called Daydreamers.

That would be a cool way to get short characters like Howard and Leech,and would make sense (Howard gues-starred in Generaton-X back in the 90s aswell).

Really really cool.

Ken said...

Yes KirilianEyes! High Evolutionary should be on the top of the list of the next figurine!

TERRAX for next Special!

LarryS said...

Discrimination on aesthetic grounds is a clear breach of the Equality Act 2010, and can lead to unlimited fines.

Robert said...

If this collection discriminiated on aesthetic grounds I doubt Crystal would have seen the light of day...

Word verification: whilie

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Hulkling in May with Avengers movie? No.
Warpath in May with Thunderbird (3rd May 2012) figurine release, that's better idea.

I want Howard in CMFC for his fans, but I don't want him on my Morlocks shelf. One base for Artie and Leech ok, but don't put there Howard and little Richards.
Someone mentioned Callisto, yup must have this character in next extension.

ted sallis said...

I would nail my nuts to a nacho fer a Little Richards's fig.

tinodragon14 said...

I would hope the next special is TERRAX THE TAMER
I know others want LOCKJAW or THUNDRA or ATLAS or WARPATH but I recall THUNDRA being no bigger then the THING & he was not a special. I'm not very familiar with WARPATH except he is THUNDERBIRD'S brother but artwork I have seen of him does not indicate a special size to me though he is a big guy. ATLAS was originally the bad guy POWERMAN & then bad guy GOLIATH which I prefer him in bad guy garb rather then his good guy garb as ATLAS.
There is of course still THE SUPER ADAPTOID & THE MAD THINKER'S AWESOME ANDROID which cries out for a two-pack of THE MAD THINKER & A.A.


The word is refilin as in refilling this collection with more new figures.

ted sallis said...

A wop bap a loopbop a wop bam boom

Ken said...

Yes, please make Terrax the next special!

And the High Evolutionary or Deathbird as the next figurine(s)! :0)

Gremlin in the works said...

The limits for what is deemed a special-sized character has changed over the years. Because the specials get priced on an individual basis (unlike the rgular figs which are all the same no matter the size) the price has changed as time has gone on. Now a character like Thundra which could have been a regular character early on is a special character....not because of the sheer amount she uses but the price of the materials has gone up. If EM were to make Thing at this point in the collection he would most certainly be a special.

That said Thundra is only the same size as She-Hulk. I know I said she could be a special in a previous post but now I think about it she could be a regular.....just a slightly larger one like Hela.
Warpath is tall and bulky so he is definatly a special. Not as pricy as Odin....maybe the same as Sauron.

cool beans74 said...

havent been on here for a while, but after seeing yet more figures added to the extension that although should look very cool, i probably won't buy, i'd humbly like to start the campaign for Jonothan Starsmore aka Chamber, finally restored to his former glory in the age of x storyline, i think he would make a really great figure, go on you know you want to.... :)

cool beans74 said...

i would just like to add that all the people who make the decisions of which characters to add, are all very good looking and irresistable to the opposite sex,
vote Chamber...

The Hood said...

Thanks Hiperion it was called "Daydreamers", i'd forgotten the name. I remember Man-Thing was able to speak in that story for some strange reason, crazy stuff but still excellent

LAWay said...

Ridiculous comments the duck being more deserving because he had more comic titles than the two announced characters combined. Not every character in Marvel get their own title. Howard the Duck could only get his own title because he was so out of place in the marvel universe. And in his own title, in his own universe, the comic failed. several times. He only had about 60 comics with his name on the front spanning over near 40 years.

My comments come from characters that continue to exist in modern comic continuity. Never said Howard doesnt 'deserve', infact i have said on comic numbers he does. But people go on about how 'classic' the character is and how he had his own comic, and I just point out it wasn't very successful.

Bagman said...

Dan the Man-- quick qustion... you said..
"Howard The Dead Duck will not be considered if he wins the polls/competition."

What if the competition winner picks another small figure like Rocket Racoon, will the powers that be Veto the winners choice?

The Mad Thinker said...

duck soup's song - barbara streisand was good , i like duck in orange or plum sauce , peking duck tastes nice , crispy duck in hoi sin sauce tastes great in a pancake , roast duck chinese style with rice and curry is yummy , tomorrow i might go over the park and feed the ducks , donald duck , daffy duck , daisy duck , count duckula , if someone throws a cricket ball at your head you might wanna duck !!

The Mad Thinker said...

duck off and stop ducking around talking about ducking fucks !!

The Mad Thinker said...

old macdonald had a farm eeyay eeyay oh , and on that farm he had a duck eeyay eeyay oh old macdonald had a gun eeyay eeyay oh , and with that gun he shot the duck dead duck dead duck oh !!

The Hood said...


Osvaldoeaf said...

Dan totally reads everything...haha, great!
Dan, please, have mercy on me and confirm Sage!!!

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

You will have Sage in next extension or if you win competition ;)
Moonstar took her place for this extension.

Kal Brindle said...

Poppycock - Mirage took her own place in the collection, Sage will come in time. Chill out. Enough character bashing already...they are ALL worthy.

Dan, since you've broken my heart a little over the whole Dead Duck thing - how about giving us Shaman or Marrina like you said you would next Friday please?

The Golden Age Character Choice Poll is up and running on the Forum, per Dan's request to find a Golden Age character for Dan to consider for inclusion in the 201-220 extension.

Happy voting.

Robert said...

A comicbook being cancelled doesn't mean it's a failure. Nearly everything gets cancelled.

From the 1960s, (I think) we still have Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Captain America (he was in Tales of Suspense originally), Daredevil, Iron Man (originally ToS) and Thor (started off in Journey into Mystery). We still have Hulk, although it's now called Incredible HulkS, and I believe they're about to "kill off" Greenskin. Also X-Men, although it is now called Astonishing X-Men, and the Uncanny is used for the X-Force title. ALL of these title have been cancelled and then relaunched at least once, so even the titles that are evergreens are not original volumes. (Spider-Man, you'll recall, even debuted in a cancelled title, Amazing Fantasy #15.)

From the '70s, Ghost Rider has recently been relaunched after a long absence but it probably won't last long. That's about it. Even Spectacular Spider-Man has gone.

From the 1980s, Alpha Flight, X-Factor and New Mutants have been recently relaunched. All have spotty publishing history.

1990s: Wolverine and Venom. Only the former has any chance.

I'll have missed something but you get the idea. Good, bad and indifferent titles have been cancelled. You can't use that argument against Howard, much as I'd like to.

Robert said...

And the Fantastic Four, which was recently relaunched and is now called simply FF, of course! D'oh!

Rickabod said...

Cannot say I am too please with either of those two characters to be honest.
Would much prefer some more villians rather than Vance Astro & another Spider-Man.

John said...

"ninety eighth"


Okay, onto Specials. My most wanted Special is a Double Pack of Groot and Rocket Raccoon. That just plain makes sense. Groot's so out of place without the little critter, even if Rocket could appear without Groot (know what I mean?)

Looking at regular sized Specials, out of the more popular ones;
Hulkling (if he needs to be Special)
Madame Web

Terrax is the most popular on the forum (and seemly here as well) and I'd love more Heralds... and more Cosmics in general. So though I'd rather have Blastaar, I think Terrax is a fine choice.

Please time Madame Web with the Spider-Man movie. :)

mighty_marvel said...

no supernatural/horror character yet so please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please confirm BROTHER VOODOO

John said...

Brother Voodoo, YES!!!

Looong overdue.

Brother Voodoo and High Evolutionary would make a LOT of people happy, as they cover genres so nicely and have such history and fan appeal.

The Hood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Hood said...

Another idea for a double pack, Howard The Duck and Jennifer Kale.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,Terrax is the most popular on the forum"
Which forum?

At SHFF most popular is Mojo. He's destroying other candidates:
Mojo 45 votes
Terrax 33 votes

Hiperion said...

But Mojo would be a Mega...
Terrax is the most wanted regular Special.

ACMILAN said...

Considered historical characters:
TRAPSTER (complete Frightful Four)
SQUADRON supreme (original team)
POWER MAN (Masters of Evil)
Agent A.I.M.
and last but not least .........
STAN "The Man" LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LarryS said...

A C Milan has a commendable mean streak in nostalgia.

But please remember: Marvel is more than Stan Lee, and (lest we forget) one or two great characters have been created since the end of the 1960s.

For the final few places in the current extension, Dan may - at this very moment - be weighing up (1) jokes like the Stilt Man, the Eel or Plant Man, versus (2) great modern characters like those that came to prominence during Dark Reign / Chaos War / Shadowland / Schism / War Of Kings / Messiah Complex / Fear Itself / Civil War / Planet Hulk / Secret Invasion / Annihilation War etc.

To my mind, figurines of characters such as Hood, Phyla-Vell, Korg, Hope, the Serpent, Hazmat, Veil, and Gravity (to name but a handful) are infinitely more deserving of his all-knowing nod of approval!!

Ken said...

Yes, Terrax for Special and Mojo for Mega Special and High Evolutionary for next figurine!!!

ted sallis said...

No to mega Mofo, hell yeah to mega Terminus.

Anonymous said...

An ever-expanding delight.
Clearly the CMFC can easily continue to amaze us with hundreds more characters. I invite you to visit or revisit the Virtual CMFC Gallery, now including 140 characters:


There is no doubt, in my opinion, that at least 100 of them are a must-have and would make awesome figurines.

rilynil said...

Do these "superiors" you check with with read comics? Howard the Duck is as much a part of the Marvel Universe as Spider-Man, Hulk or any other character who has ever appeared in a Marvel comic book. Howard the Duck deserves to be included in the figurine line, because longtime Marvel readers recognize how great Steve Gerber's "Howard the Duck" series was in the 1970s (and that's why a huge "Howard the Duck" hardback omnibus came out a couple of years ago). Howard needs to be released as a special. In fact, Howard should have been released in the figurine line long ago. I'd be interested to learn why these "superiors" believe Howard "doesn't fit in with the line." In my opinion, that's just bull.

rilynil said...

Howard the Duck is appearing in a miniseries right this moment, by the way.

LarryS said...

Rilynil -

I agree the suits are talking bull.

In fact, we can continue with the bovine imagery...

If they object to animal-based characters, why did they approve Beta Ray Bill...?

I don't know where the suits live, but I'm from Newbury, and I can confirm most people don't look like that on our High Street!

SinisterVenom said...

Hey KE, did you check out the list I suggested for your virtual gallery? I posted it on last weeks update page.
All your virtual figurines are great and look forward to seeing more of them :)

The Hood said...

OK so Howard wont be included because of how he looks, so that probably means Rocket Raccoon wont get in either. So I want to know if they were included as a double pack would fans of 1 character buy it even if they didnt want the other. I myself love both Characters and would love a double pack.

I refuse to give up on Howard The Duck and i'll start to fight for Rocket Raccoon now aswell.

Anyway time to guess who will be announced next week, any of these would be incredible:

Brother Voodoo
The Hood
Werewolf By Night

And just throwing this out there how about Surtur or Ulik as specials.

P.S. Thanks to Dan for even considering Howard in the first place even though it didnt work out right now, it was a good move in my opinion and i appreciate it very much.

Travis said...

I have never been a fan of Howard the Duck, but it's a dark day indeed when a character is banned from this collection.

Makes me believe that the people who are calling the shots at EM are not even comic book fans. much less have any idea of the history Howard the Duck has in the MU.

Explain to me how the duck in more cartoony than the Impossible Man. The Duck as been used by Marvel far more the Impossible Man, so the only reason why anyone from EM would ban him for the collection is because they have never ever read a comic book in their life.

LarryS said...

The Revolution gathers momentum...

Now I know how it must have felt to live in Paris in 1789.

Robert said...

And people say I hyperbolise...

Been a long time since high school history, but weren't some of the French revolutionaries like Danton guillotined, Larry? ;)

Guilherme said...

With the confirmation of Northstar being a Double Pack Special next year doesn't open a spot on the regular line as he was supposed to be a stand alone figurine?

ted sallis said...

Aw man baby, i just spent 2 hours figgering this oot, I looked like forrest Gump trying to order a takeaway on a TomTom.

LAWay said...

I understand not every cancelled comic is a failure. But Howard the Duck? Not as much his comic was cancelled, but a reflection on the character himself. Daredevil, Hulk, Cap...bad runs but when switching creative teams find new leases of life. They still have huge fans and still are main characters in marvel, no matter if a title out of the several they appear in get cancelled.

Howard the Duck gets cancelled because not enough people buy into the character.

Howard the Duck is not on par with the likes of spidey, hulk, wolverine, so lets not get crazy here. If you were to sum up Marvel, he would be at the back of your mind, never brought up. You would name the supersheroes and villains. Thats why the decision makers probably dont approve, because he doesnt look like a marvel character.

Anthro/animal based characters are completely different to a cartoon parody duck character. Rocket Raccoon is established in a super team. Howard the Duck has no real established background that the creators were happy with.

He deserves to get made because he has fans and because of how long he has been in marvel with many appearances. But people are really going crazy stating his 'importance' to marvel. If he didnt exist tomorrow, Marvel, and most Marvel fans, would even notice.

ted sallis said...

"Anthro Animal", yeah baby, thats how i like it, anthroanimal style...nasty

tinodragon14 said...

I'll take STILT-MAN, THE EEL & PLANTMAN over characters called Phyla-vell, Korg & Hope. One man's joke may be another man's deserving character.

last four:
WHIRLWIND - Mutant & long whirling Avengers villain. His time is now!!!!!!!!!
ATTUMA - Longtime enemy of the SUB-MARINER & Subby needs his ATTUMA.
BARON MORDO - DR. STRANGE'S main enemy who has been passed over by the powers that be too long.
TRAPSTER - Rounding out the FRIGHTFUL FOUR with it's remaining original member.

Next Special:
TERRAX THE TAMER - Herald of GALACTUS & an enemy of the FF

Next Mega-Special:
DRAGONMAN - Brought to life by DIABLO to fight the FF he will make a grand looking figure.


SinisterVenom said...

Tino, I have a feeling that when the poll for the 3 characters starts, we're going to have the same results, if not nearly the same.
Captain America this week! It's like an early birthday present from Marvel! My birthday isn't til Wednesday anyway but EM, I know what would be a great present for me, the confirmation of Baron Mordo and/or Whirlwind!
Can't blame a guy for trying! ;)

Thor8 said...

There truly are many Marvel characters out there that are deserving of inclusion in this collection. Some may not be as popular today as they were in the dawning days of Marvel,but they were stepping stones that helped Marvel reach the greatness and fame it has today. They may seem lame by comparison with today's more vicious,violent and murderous villains,and hardcore, not so pure hearten heroes of today but even so they paved the way for great stories and entertainment.So I say unto you,lets see some of these characters given their rightful place in this excellent collection. Lets see classic villains such as,Princess Python,Attuma,Baron Mordo,Trapster,Whirlwind,Living Laser,Man-Ape,Melter,Blastar,Nightmare,Immortus,Collector,Scorpio,Libra,Nefaria,and others yet to be done.

You want variation? Let's get White Tiger,Red Wolf,Hyperion, Darkstar,Dr.Spectrum,Starfox,USAgent,Firebird,Red Guardian,Mantis,Fandral,Spitfire,or even Two Gun Kid(talk about curve-balls)into this collection.

How about some oldies but goodies like Golden age Angel,Vision,Miss America,Blazing Skull,Patriot,Red Raven,Torch,Toro,Whizzer or Jack Frost?

The characters are there all you have to do is decide and do them.
(And I didn't even get started on the specials and Megas)

Thor8 said...

For some unexplained reason my list of classic villains was cut short. Could Loki be up to his mischief making once more?

The Mad Thinker said...

i'm not bothered about the duck myself but i feel sorry for his fans and i'm bored with hearing about him . So i've come up with an idea or a solution which means we don't lose a regular slot or special slot and everyone is happy. Stay tuned .......... nd i'm bored with hearing about him . So i've come up with an idea or a solution which means we don't lose a regular slot or special slot and everyone is happy. Stay tuned ..........

The Mad Thinker said...

a limited edition howard the duck figurine only available to order from the main site on a made to order basis. This way fans get what they want and howard haters aren't effected and don't have to buy him as he won't take up a regular or special slot. What do you guys think ? And more importantly , dan what do you think , is it do-able ?

The Mad Thinker said...

you can place him on a regular size base at 5.99 or a larger base and charge extra. However you do it and whatever you charge i'm sure his fans will be happy and buy him. I think stan lee should also be done in this fashion. Limited editions i think are a great idea.

The Mad Thinker said...

if you can produce a subscribers only limited edition spiderman on rooftop figurine and give it away free of charge , then i'm sure that you could make a howard the duck limited edition figurine but this time you would actually be selling it and not giving it away for free.if you can produce a subscribers only limited edition spiderman on rooftop figurine and give it away free of charge , then i'm sure that you could make a howard the duck limited edition figurine but this time you would actually be selling it and not giving it away for free.

The Mad Thinker said...

i hate my phone !!

LarryS said...


Your recollection of eighteenth century history is faultless.

And, in the immortal closing lines of Tale of Two Cities, as Dan awaits his fate for sneaking the Duck into production without the knowledge or permission of the suits, he can contemplate: "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done. It is a far, far better rest than I go to, than I have ever known."

Bagman said...

M.T. --
What about the overseas collectors(of whom there are many both on here and the Forum) who can't order from the main site, how do they go about getting your proposed limited edition figurine?

The Mad Thinker said...

bagman : you would probably be able to get it the same way you get the others. I'm sure that other companies would purchase some to sell in their shops or on their websites. If not there's always ebay.

The Mad Thinker said...

i think that we will get a male and female character announced this week , so i've chosen 20 of my favourite male and female characters in the hope that one or two might get chosen.

The Mad Thinker said...

male : egghead , blackout , constrictor , boomerang , red ghost , blastaar , cobra , red guardian , stingray , general ross , captain atlas , paladin , gargoyle , thunderstrike , blizzard , speed demon , hyperion , executioner , star fox , corsair.

The Mad Thinker said...

female : meggan , vertigo , lionheart , darkstar , callisto , sharon ventura , clea , firebird , aunt may , diamondback , thundra , madame masque , selene , aleta ogord , jean grey , nova , marrina , wolfsbane , white tiger , hepzibah.

The Mad Thinker said...

i know that we have phoenix but i would like jean grey in her blue and yellow x men costume with head guard. And if red guardian gets in , i like the arms folded pose with him wearing his shield on his back. How cool would that look !!

The Mad Thinker said...

dan : any news yet regarding the competition and what it might involve this time round ? The last two competitions were fun.

The Mad Thinker said...

p.s : how is lady sif coming along , any pictures yet ?

Robert said...

Nice one, Larry. Can't fault a man who knows his Dickens. :)

ted sallis said...

Ah,No better cure for a Monday morning hangover than a double subby delivery.
Songbird, is rather nice, i like the pose as it shows her about to crack one off.
2 The Wrecker, Again mine is lovely,Although as Robert stated Wrecker was always portrayed as a far stockier character,despite this there's no denying he looks smart.
Oh and me Blackest night figs
Awwwwww, Ganthet, he so cute.
Bleez...Yowza she be ugly,but an absolutely amazing looking fig.
Oh cripes...i shouldn't have looked at the back of the Songbird mag, god where can i hide that????

John said...

"Which forum?
At SHFF most popular is Mojo. He's destroying other candidates:
Mojo 45 votes
Terrax 33 votes"

As said, I meant regular sized Specials. Besides, we can't have a Mojo figurine anyway. He doesn't fit in with the rest of the collection aesthetically... *cough*

"OK so Howard wont be included because of how he looks, so that probably means Rocket Raccoon wont get in either. So I want to know if they were included as a double pack would fans of 1 character buy it even if they didnt want the other. I myself love both Characters and would love a double pack."

On sepearte bases? Yes. Together? I'd be pissed. Like I was with Mr. Myx and Bat-Mite, or I almost was with Puck and Sasquatch.

I'm very excited to finally be getting Mr. Myx (I can't spell his full name,) but I don't want Bat-Mite. ...problem is, I HAVE to get him. I want Cloak and Dagger separated. I want to choose where I put Northstar and Aurora.

...At the very least, these forced arrangements make sense for the characters, but the only character Howard has a strong connection to is Beverly. Hardly a deserving character (but would still be welcome.) If Howard was put on the same base as Spider-Ham... I don't know what I would do.

Besides, Rocket Raccoon, if paired with anyone as a Special, would be paired with Groot. Even with Star-Lord makes more sense. Not Howard. There's no connection.

Bagman said...

Maybe i should have explained myself better...
If it's a limited edition figurine, made to order and can only be ordered from the main site
how do non-subscribers get one?
I don't believe other companies would order them in the hope that they "may" sell them.
Last time i was in F.P.there were plenty of back issues on the shelf that weren't selling, why would they order something that "may" sell.
And as for e-bay, how many people on here have had to pay over the odds for a figurine they where after be it a favourite character or to complete a team or collection?
Surely there must be some way to make subscription available to overseas fans.
On a lighter note anybody see the pics of the Marvel cosplay at SDCC2011, i'm thinking after looking at them we need The Goblin Queen in the collection, have a look.

The Hood said...

I'm perfectly aware that there is no connection between Howard The Duck and Rocket Raccoon, I only suggested them paired together because of the way they look, it seems it would be the only way to include them in the collection. And it would have to be on separate bases.

Anonymous said...

Cartoony? Howard The Duck isn't a 'cartoony' character to anyone who's actually read his series. All due respect to those in the power positions around here but that excuse is made out of ignorance of who this character is.
If DC gets a monkey detective and Ambush Bug then anyone in the Marvel Universe should be up for grabs. Impossible Man is more cartoony than Howard.
I am excited about Spider-Man 2099 and hope it opens the door for the other two that I want: Ghost Rider 2099 and Doom 2099 (also if we can have multiple Spider-Mans then multiple Ghost Riders should be alright, I still think Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider (1970's version) on his flaming bike would make an awesome special!)

Thor8 said...

Mad Thinker; You're not the only one who's getting sick of hearing the same broken record of the duck over and over again.

Robert said...

In an effort to give Thor8 and Mad Thinker something non-duck-related to think about, what about Skott's idea of an original Ghost Rider on motorbike as a special or mega special? I'd much prefer that to the likes of Mojo, Blob, Sauron or A.N.Other Mutant.

Kal Brindle said...

I know Dan said it was the EM higher ups that nixed the Duck, but what if those orders came from even higher up? I mean Disney now owns Marvel and all of its characters including Howard. When Howard came out, Disney attempted to sue Marvel for defaming Donald, which is how Howard got pants if I remember it correctly. LOL

Maybe they pulled the plug on him.

The Mad Thinker said...

bagman : how do non subscribers get the other issues ? Surely if they can't get them then not being able to get a ltd ed howard the duck isn't going to matter either.

mgf said...

If the Duck decision comes from EM then that's a bit of a nerve imo, particularly when it appears it doesn't matter what anyone says regardless.

I wonder if this could impact on Lockjaw? Despite strong showings in the forum poll (before it was decided the results were inconvenient and to start again) he seems to be dropping off the CMFC radar completely.

PS: Hardly seems worth the DC collection getting a reprieve judging by the extension choices so far. A year old Aqualad, but still no Captain Marvel Junior? Time to drop the DC collection I think.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Mojo is an alien not mutant, and fits very good to CMFC.
Mojo for next MegaSpecial!

Robert said...

I stand corrected Tomas.

Please replace "I am completely and utterly disinterested in the mutant Mojo" with the more accurate "I am completely and utterly disinterested in the alien Mojo".


The DC Collection got a Batman on his Batcycle. Was there ever any dicussion of a special/ mega with Ghost Rider on his motorbike? I mean, without his bike he's really Ghost Stroller... or maybe Ghost Hitch-Hiker...

I can#t help feeling that a hellfire-powered flaming cycle would look rather dramatic and outshine a mere high tech Batcycle...

Mr J said...

I really would like to see DEATHBIRD make the cut thiss extenion, she looks great and has a very interesting history.

Only 3 females out of 12 figures seems a bit off to me. Out of the final 4 picks I would like two to be females.

Please don't waste a slot on a Horror character. I think the final 4 should be.....


Paibok said...

Loving the inclusion of Vance Astro, he would have to be with shield and in a similar costume to that on the picture provided. Take it that means Gamora would be fighting it out with Shaman for the third forum slot. Still four to go so we never know.

Gamora, Mantis, Starlord, Bug, Terrax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Deathbird, Corsair, Nova, HE Starhawk, Blastaar, Pip and Paibok all still to come.

Didn't even consider SpiderMan 2099, the guy aint on my 100 wants list, and even if I remove the specials he still wouldn't be. But then the mags would hopefully educate me on how good this guy is.

Some eager beaver has a certain waterfowl listed on wikipedia already talk about totally quackers.

Next four - Trapster, Attuma, Grey Gargoyle and Baron Mordo please.

Got Wrecker today looks great, but he has been on the slimfast, could have sworn he was more stocky....

Good thing about Mojo is, that he is a sculpting nightmrare, so hopefully that should put the clamp on him appearing soon. Howard fits in better than him, the big giant slodge of marmite, in a scorpion chair.

Dragon Man should be the next mega special, or if he needs be Lockjaw.

Gremlin in the works said...

The horror category is a bit of a blurred one. It could mean characters like the Mummy, Simon Garthe and Werewolf by Night. Or it could be used to lump those characters and Supernatural characters together. Satana, Baron Mordo, Baron Blood, Brother Voodoo and Witchfire.

I am personally not interested in the likes of the Mummy ect. I can see the merits of including them but for me they are a bit too generic. Dracula I can live with but not some generic mummy. Werewolf by night would be cool as he has crossed over into mainstream titles successfully.

Personally I still hold out for Mordo though.

I do agree aswell that we could do wth one or two more females to make the grade. However I would opt for some slight curveballs instead of the ones who have a strong chance to get the nod by the forum.

Darkstar - a hard character to give a category to. Cheap to produce as she has no weapons, cloaks and is just a slight girl in a slimline costume. Great curveball.

Mantis - With Swordsman in it would be great to get his lover. Either this extension or next but I would like to see her soon.

Satana - Mentioned earlier but she has a nice design and could be the Shanna of the group (a stunning figure of a curveball character)

Clea - Dr Stranges love interest is a must

Jewel - Major new Avenger. Has had a successful solo series and is getting another one. Main player in the New Avengers and is even getting a TV show based on her. Now is the time to make Jewel.

mgf said...

If we absolutely have to have two more females (and we don't) then perm two from Clea, Mantis of Princess Python.

Dear God in his Heaven no more Xers, EM.

Ideal last four:



Kuurgo, Master of Planet X;

The Thing dressed as a pirate.

Ken said...

I like Mr J's last four list! I definitely would love to see

High Evolutionary

Please consider them, Dan and EM!

Paibok said...

Contrary to others thoughts, I think that 3 out of 12 is at the moment a good ratio for female characters as it reflects the number of female characters EM could realistically do in one extension. For every gal there is 3 men to do.

mighty_marvel said...

last four

brother voodoo (a must)

then 3 from

trapster, whirlwind, jewel, usagent, shaman

Robert said...

If we're talking women, then Gamora and Mantis are top of my list.

LAWay said...

I agree with MT. Make the Duck an order exclusive. Either a gift for subscribers, or made to order from the website?

Overseas and cant buy? How do you usually get your magazines?

Dont subscribe? Then you have already missed out on free gifts. And...well...tough cookies. Thats the whole point of doing 'incentives'.

Afraid that shops wouldnt order them in fear that they wouldnt sell? Well...thats exactly what the marketing men at EM are thinking. If you are thinking the same, you are justifying the thought of leaving him out of the collection.

As for Ghost Rider on a bike. Hell yeah I want that. Green Goblin on a glider? GIMME GIMME GIMME! Although people will complain getting the same characters, I would prefer these type of specials over slightly larger characters.

ted sallis said...

Princess Python,would look amazing!,...Think Scarlett a revealing skintight suit...with a big python....did i mention the python is most probably a "Mutie"?.

John said...

Ghost Stroller really made me laugh, I have to admit. ;)

"also if we can have multiple Spider-Mans then multiple Ghost Riders should be alright, I still think Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider (1970's version) on his flaming bike would make an awesome special!"

We have 5 Spider-Characters, but all of which are different. There's the Spider-Women, whom are obviously not Peter Parker, the actual Peter Parker, Ben Reilly his clone, and Spider-Man 2099 who is... Miguel O'Hara.

I agree that Ghost Rider on a bike would look cool. But I don't want any repeats. Make him Danny Ketch and we'll be all good.

I have a lot of favorites that I really want in, but above all I'm hoping for Trapster and Shaman to close off some loose ends. I would just feel much more secure in knowing they're on their way.

Aside from Rocket Raccoon and the Agents of Atlas, Gamora is my most wanted, and highly wanted by the forum, and many on here. Gamora would make a LOT of people happy.

John said...

Paibok: "For every gal there is 3 men to do."

Am I the only one that laughed?

Anonymous said...

At least Howard the duck as a special is good. But make it!

Again i'm disappointed about Spidey 2099. Too much Spidey in the collection...There's place for other chars like Jigsaw or Power Pack.

Just sayin'

The Mad Thinker said...

thanks laway , i don't know what bagman was banging on about because surely if none subscribers can't get hold of the collection anyway , what difference would it make with the duck ? They'd still have the same problem. What point is he trying to make ? bout because surely if none subscribers can't get hold of the collection anyway , what difference would it make with the duck ? They'd still have the same problem. What point is he trying to make ?

The Mad Thinker said...

bloody phone !!

Bagman said...

O.K., The point i'm trying to make is if it's a limited edition of say 1000 figurines and you are subscriber 1001 and miss out how would you go about getting one or is that just "tough cookies" as Laway said, that's a good way to treat subscribers.

tinodragon14 said...


Saw Captain America tonight. Great movie, really enjoyed it & Stan Lee does have a cameo in it.

Oh SinVen regarding the poll at present the top three listed are WOLFSBANE, SILVER SAMURAI & SHAMAN. None of the villains I support including WHIRLWIND, ATTUMA, BARON MORDO & THE TRAPSTER are any where near the top. The forum voters appear pro X characters but support few classic villains. The GREY GARGOYLE is the only classic villain that comes close.

Robert said...

To paraphrase George Orwell (and keep the literary theme from yesterday going), some collectors are more equal than others. I live in the UK and can subscribe if I wish. I choose not to, so if I miss a subscriber-only figure I have no one to blame but myself. It's a totally different ballgame for the likes of Bagman. He doesn't have a choice. It seems mean-spirited and unfair to penalise him for an accident of geography (or jealousy as he gets better weather!). Even if you ignore the moral point of view, I'd love to know what business model Eaglemoss are following that involves refusing to sell your product to eager customers? As someone else pointed out a day or so ago, my local FP has a long shelf stacked with unsold figurines. They surely want to sell more, not less.

Oh, Mad Thinker, are you driving through a tunnel when you text? ;) (This is a joke. I'm not having a go.)

'Paibok: "For every gal there is 3 men to do."
Am I the only one that laughed?'

Missed the innuendo the first time, John, but you're right, it is funny. The slightly creepy thing about this is that a Skrull could be any gender he or she wished. And still Paibok chooses to do three men to one woman! (Again, just joking, Paibok! Don't want to see a Skrull invasion marching through Glasgow!)

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