Friday, 30 April 2010

Wiz-bang and the FF are gone...

Hi guys, welcome back to the Friday update.

This week I can announce one more characters in to the extension: The Wizard.

I know you guys are keen on modern characters and especially it would seem the Young Avengers, so I'm very tempted to confirm that a Young Avenger will make it in this extension. But before I do I'd like to know which one you guys prefer? Have a sound off in the comments section and if you're totally against their inclusion let me know why and maybe there place will go to someone else...

(You're not restricted to the members in image)

Next up is a figurine update, check out the paint stage of Typhoid Mary. The sculptor has done an amazing job on this figure and I'm truly impressed that he managed to get the fishnets looking so good. The pose is based on a classic Marvel handbook image and I think sums up the character perfectly.

Right, Dan thought it might be good to show you guys some of the ads we've been placing in Diamond's Preview Catalogue. For those of you that don't know what this is, it's a large catalogue that goes to all comic shops and allows retailers as well as costumers to see what's coming out and place an order. If you're a comic shop costumer the idea is you can get the shop to order you the product through the catalogue. This is the ideal way to order for American collectors.

The first image is our Fin Fang Foom ad that featured on the second page of Previews. The second is our calendar page from the Diamond retailers'calendar.

That's it from this update, have a good Bank Holiday Weekend.


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Joeking said...

I am more than happy to have any character that you produce, therefore a young avenger will be just as welcome as any other character.
WARLOCK would be nice too.

Hawkeye said...

Wizard - an excellent choice. And Typhoid Mary is a brilliant sculpt.

Young avengers - Patriot would be my first choice over the others.

BTW - That calendar shot is awesome!!

Goth Prince aka Andrew said...

I would rather have Dust from the new x-men than a young avenger she did better in the last poll than any of the young avengers!

Why not have a young avenger and a new x-men character?

Wiccan & Dust?

Anonymous said...

Great update! Nice to finally add Wizard to the collection. He's most welcome, now we need Red Ghost! Shame we can't get the Super Apes as well. :)

As for the Young Avengers, I say bring them on! I think Patriot would probably be the best place to start. Though a Hulkling/Wiccan 2-Pack wouldn't be a horrible choice either. Since Hulkling would need to be a Special anyway. :)

GraemeTaylor said...

Hi, great sculp for Typhoid! Def would like to see a Young Avenger in the collection, have to choose Wiccan of mabey Hawkeye, i thinks they have the most cool looks of the gang! Also like the idea of getting at least one New X-man into the collection (dont really count X-23, she's X-force)
Fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

In a perfect world, a series of 2-Packs would be brilliant.

Hulkling & Wiccan
Stature & Vision 2.0
Patriot & Hawkeye

That would leave Iron Lad and Speed.

Iron Lad isn't that big of a deal since he was just another version of Kang. And he'd be covered in Vision 2.0's part of the magazine anyway. Since he's Vision's operating system in Young Kang's armor with his consciousness.

Speed would be a bigger problem. He's not that well detailed as of yet. And also would make some sense packed with Wiccan. But then you have Hulkling as a standalone special. Where as you guys seem to be considering 2-Packs with a Special and a normal. Which Hulkling & Wiccan are perfect for.

Sonic Scream said...

Not fussed about a Young Avenger been included but I want to see DUST in this collection as well. She has her supporters clearly so what about DUST richard?

The suggestion of a young avenger and a new x-man sounds good.


Banshee said...

Have to agree with Goth Prince. Not fussed on the Young Avengers but would love to see DUST make the collection. If a Young Avenger does make it in I'd prefer Kate Bishop or Patriot.

Wizard is a great addition. For me he's one of the only FF bad guys left.

Typhoid Mary looks ace. Love the stance and detail.

Anonymous said...

As for what looks to go with for the YA? First appearance costume or their current looks? I have to say current. Where they're more their own characters and less takeoffs of the Heroes their emulating. Their looks from the YA one-shot covers look the best.

Robert said...

Chuffed to see Wizard included. Classic character and a must.

While I am very impressed by the detail in the fishnets and glad they have gone for her original look, I don't really like the Typhoid Mary pose. I'll definitely buy her of course but I'm not overly taken with it.

Have to agree with Sonic Scream and Banshee that I am not interested in any of the Young Avengers.

Question for those who buy their figurines from comic shops: is it just me (I buy from FP in Glasgow) but is it getting harder to get the figures? I missed Jack and had to buy him off eBay. And now the Enchantress has sold out (although more in tomorrow). I know someone is going to say I should subscribe but the horror stories about breakages and my occasional refusal to buy a figure (cat-Beast, Chris Hoy Cap'n Britain) are putting me right off the idea.

Holy Wolf said...

Wiccan for me please!!

SuperCliff said...

Typhoid Mary looks amazing, I don't know a lot about the character, so i can't wait to get her.

with the new avengers, i would really like all of them eventually, but to start off with i think Wiccan is the most popular choice with patriot being a close second and that's fine with me =]

Ryan Maxwell said...

Hooray for the Wizard!! Paste Pot Pete for the next extension, please!

I have absolutely zero interest in the Young Avengers.

buffduffdan said...

Firstly, Typhoid Mary looks brilliant. I was hoping for her more modern look but that's a great fig none-the-less and has certainly won me over :D

Young Avengers? YES PLEASE! Patriot is the obvious first choice I'd say (although Wiccan is my biggest want from the team but he really would be better suited to a double pack with Hulkling).

jarvis69 said...

Well...........just like Ryan said ! ;)
And Typhoid Mary looks GREAT !

Anonymous said...

not surprised about wizard being added , he's been requested and talked about a lot lately on here.
well done and thanks for his inclusion.
just need trapster + blastaar now.
doing it frightful four style !!

typhoid mary looks amazing - the pose shows how crazy she is and how did you get those fish nets to look so realistic ? awesome work well done.

young avengers - also on my wish list , i want them all but to start them off i would like either patriot or hulkling confirmed.

i detect another multi personality on here trying to make it look like a character is popular by using more than one profile to list that character as wanted by more than one collector.
could sonic scream + banshee be one and the same person ?
the names are connected and look at the times of their comments being added - so close together , mmm i smell a rat !!
if i am wrong i apologise but that's the impression i get.
with that said though , i'd not say no to a dust figurine.

just discovered another cool looking character in thundra , she'd make a great figurine.

Hakim said...

Wow ! Typhoid Mary is AWESOME !!!
She's a great figurine !!!

And yes of course , i want a lot of young avengers !!!

Maybe for start i prefer Dust because she will be the first arabic character on this collection and her look is very original !!!

Pixie looks good too

thanks for this news

Anonymous said...

for those of you who don't know - trapster was originally known as paste pot pete in his first appearance as a member of the frightful four.

Holy Wolf said...

Also I want to add that typhoid Mary looks amazing! A stunning sculpt there, hope the one I get looks as good.

As for dust. No thanks. There's at least 100 more interesting characters aesthetically than her.

Kal Brindle said...

Wizard! Fantastic news Rich, thanks. Great to another classic villain make the grade and expand the FF's rogues gallery.

The Young Avengers - came as a slight surprise, but a welcome one. Quick question for you Rich, would Hulkling be classified as a Special or regular figure? He's pretty big, but not that tall. He'd also be my first choice for a Young Avenger - if not him them Wiccan would be fine too. Perhaps the Forum could host a poll?

Robert said...

Mad Thinker, I have also noticed that you posted one minute after Jarvis69, that seems more than coincidental to me. And we all know that you were born in 1979, which is EXACTLY ten years after (19)69! You also posted one minute before hakim. One minute equals 60, which is only nine short of 69, nine being very, very close to 10! Sounds an unlikely collection of coincidences to me!

If I am wrong, I apologise but it's just the impression I get! :)

Robert said...

Correction: "One minute equals 60 seconds."

Anonymous said...

I'm extremely disappointed.

Typhoid Mary looks so good that it takes a little of the shine off of the DC Black Canary and Zatanna figures. If there can be such nice looking fishnets on Typhoid Mary, why couldn't they be included on the 2 DC gals that cost a one pound/two dollars more?


jimbob said...


Suprised to see the young Avengers considered in the collection but,
they would make a nice display.

It has to be Patriot to start off the Young Avengers.

But dont start it if you cant finish it.

Give us good 6 members at least.

mighty_marvel said...

surprised we got 2 fantastic four villains in the extension but i wanted wizard so he is welcome.

if a young avenger is put in i'd like patriot or kate bishop. would also like hulkling and wiccan but agree with others that they would make an ideal large/small double pack.

but don't forget the teams mentioned last week. i'd also like to see a guardian of the galaxy and a runaway. and the classic marvel heavyweight of jjj you hinted at would also be a fine addition.

there's 11, possibly 12, spaces left (if we get a beaubier double pack). plenty of room for a guardian of the galaxy, a young avenger, new x-men and a runaway. and don't forget an asgardian (sif please), a couple of x-villains, a marvel knight and, of course, JJJ ;)

mighty_marvel said...

also i'm liking all this talk of new teams because it's making me very hopeful that a further few extensions are likely

michael said...

I would definitely want Wiccan the most, but agreed that he would also be great in a double pack with Hulkling. But then again if we are only getting one representative for now, he would be top of my list.

And I agree that a New X-Man should be included. Dust is ok, but I personally prefer Hellion or Elixir.

Fanboy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fanboy said...

I'd say the best first figure to represent the Young Avengers is Patriot, since he's their Cap.

Awesome news on The Wizard. I know alot of FF fans who are peeing their pants right now.

rilynil said...

I vote for Patriot of the Young Avengers! Although a Hulking/Wiccan two-pack would also be awesome.

And I would like to also vote for Dust of the New X-Men. She would make a phenomenal addition to the Classic Marvel Figurine line. Rockslide, too. :)

Banshee said...

Mad Thinker I can assure you that I am a one and only :) Although on further study mine and Sonic Scream's post do look frightingly similar LOL!!!

I do agree with you on a Trapster figurine being added to the collection. Uh-Oh were thinking the same thing, does that mean were the same person??? LOL!!!!

The Hood said...

Wizard is a great addition to the collection. My choice for a Young Avenger is Patriot.

LAWay said...

@JoeKing what are you talking about. They did Warlock didnt they at around issue 90? Or are you talking about a different one?

Great update. Wizard, great classic character, typhoid mary, great looking sculpt, Young Avengers news, simply Awesome.

I think Patriot needs to be done. He is the leader after all and embodies the Young Avengers more. I dont mind him with the blue mask or without it like he appears in now. I think the poll had him at 44% compared to wiccan and hulking both at around 20%, with the others not in the running compared these.

@Robert Forbidden Planet in London has a huge selection of back copies...if you are ever around there.

@TheMadThinker that is some mad thinking there! haha!

Looking through some comments, how can you not like Young Avengers? Have you ever read it? Wasnt it an award winning first series? And yet you want Dust> DUST!? Seriously what are you guys smoking? That would be an awful figurine aesthetically, and she is hardly interesting.

Thundra. I am down with that. Green or white skin though? Hmmm...

Make it so! ;)

Nev-man said...

If we're to have the Young Avengers, I'd rather have the whole team eventually or none at all.
I think the best place to start would be with Stature,since shehad a grounding in the Marvel Universe before the others and being part of the Mighty Avengers has also given her greater exposure.
After that I'd say Wiccan because of his strong ties to Scarlet Witch and to a lesser extent Thor. Then I'd concede, and agree with everyone elseon Patriot inclusion.

LOTS of people want Dust to represent the "New X-men", why not Rockslide?

Robert said...

LAWay, I have to admit that my disinterest in the Young Avengers is purely down to not having read any of the comics and is not any kind of negative comment. I'm curious and would like to read this series but I struggle to pay for and find space for the stuff I do buy already. I have no objection to the Young Avengers appearing if they are popular, I just have no personal interest.

And, JOEing is talking about the Warlock character from the New Mutants, not Adam Warlock.

Robert said...

Oh, and thanks for the tip about FP in London. Bit of a trek, mind you...

Mr J said...

By all means include a Young Avenger but I want a New X-MEN character to be included too. The one I want is also Dust. She looks unique, has a very cool power set and is a interesting and well concieved character.

Dust would be a fantastic character to have. She was as another poster pointed out the modern character that did the best in the last big poll from last year.

foxchilde said...

I like the idea of a couple of modern character getting in, that would be good. Some of the YA's are quite striking I agree, but I have to also add my voice to the people that have mentioned DUST.

I think that she could make an excellent figure, and one that is very visually different from anything in the collection so far. Definitely one to go fo, and she'd look great standing near my X-23! :-D

Definitely like some of the modern angle, yup!

jimbob said...

I am a bit baffled that EM has not gone for StarJammers yet,since they are the second most wanted team in the polls.

Alpha Flight...................36
New Mutants....................29
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants....24
Wrecking Crew..................24
Hellfire Club..................21
Guardians of the Galaxy .......19
New XMen.......................16
Young Avengers.................16

Still happy that Young Avengers are still in,hopefully the collection will go on long enough to complete all these teams.

Jacadoo said...

Typhoid Mary looks a very nice addition, for me the Patriot - I don't read the Young Avengers but he looks like he would make a nice subject.

Hulkling would need to be a special.

So waht does Pirate Adam think?????

Suzene said...

The characters I'd be most likely to buy as soon as they hit the shelves -- as in "Would spring for shipping from Britain on the day of release" -- would be Wiccan and Hulkling as a two-pack, but the character I'd most like to see kick off the Young Avengers in the regular CMFC line-up is Patriot. He's the team leader, he fits in with the Captain America legacy, and he's got a pretty cool costume.

For the record, I'd also do I day-of-release snag from across the pond for an Aurora/Northstar two-pack. ;)

John said...

This is some great news. On the forum, I go by "Wingless Wizard" so I'm obviously very happy right now.

If I could make a suggestion, as the 'forum embodiment of The Wizard,' try to get the costume closest to the Paco Medina design. I thought he did a great job on the helmet where many artists leave him looking kind of goofy.

And remember, he's a cocky SOB. I'd make him with his arms out like a 'Y', head tipped back slightly, with a cocky grin, and, if it would work structurally, I'd make him with his heels off the ground to give the impression of him starting to float.

John said...

As for Young Avengers, its hard to argue when SO many people are already backing Patriot.

I'm voting Wiccan. Granted, a 2 pack with Hulkling would be the ideal, but either way, Wiccan's my choice and my favorite.

Repeats: I would first start by narrowing out the ones that don't need made. Iron Lad is just Kang, who was made already, and only mattered in their first story. IF he comes back, and I'm sure he will, drastic changes could be done to his character of suit anyway. Bottom line; not enough development, and he's Kang. Vision is just old Vision and Iron Lad. He's had huge changes to his personality, but to me, he's still just Vision, not a new character.

Connections: Next I'd look at how they connect to the greater Marvel Universe. Wiccan and Speed, Scarlet Witch's kids. Hulkling, Captain Marvel and a Skrull princess. Patriot, the 1st Captain America's grandson. Stature, Ant-Man's daughter. Kate Bishop... I don't know if the reason I never liked Kate Bishop was because she had no other connections like all the others, that she didn't really have any kind of cool theme, that her journey seemed to be a lot about getting a superhero name, or that I never liked Hawkeye. In any case, to me, Kate has always been the least interesting of the actual team, and I've always been very confused why people seem to like her so much...

Now, I know he's the leader, but I've just never liked Patriot. This is all strictly opinion of course. I would much rather have a figurine of his grandfather than him. I think it was Patriot's temper. Every time he was on the page, he just really irritated me. Not a fan at all. Sometimes I wonder if he's getting votes just because he's the leader and the thought is that the rest of the team follows. ?

I'd actually like to see a poll. I think Wiccan and Patriot are the two most popular. I'd like to see a poll that states that it would be a vote if Wiccan were not being made in a 2 pack with Hulkling, because that may also be swaying votes.

I just think that Wiccan is extremely visually interesting, has awesome powers, character, and connection to the MU.

LAWay said...

@Robert ah, that makes sense now. When I read it I just was thinking 'i'm sure we had a warlock'. I really recommend Young Avengers, the first run especially. I dont take to new things easily, but I thought it was really well written and great artwork.

I would love to see some of the Hellions or whatever they are/were called. I liked Rockslide and Hellion, and there was a blue or silver chick whose name I cant recall right about now.

Has Dust changed since I first read about her? She was the character in the Burqua, right? If she has changed I would love to see a new pic to see what everyone is getting excited about, but at the moment, I just dont see it. Unless you are excited of the dust/sand aspect of things...which we have seen in a figurine before. Her costume in a standard pose will form or figure, the painting will be rubbish, simple and jet black, I dunno guys, I cant see a decent figurine being made of her. I'd like to be proved wrong, but I'd like other members from the team to be made before her. She is a cool character from what I remember, but not her design.

LAWay said...

Oh, and I love the Young Avengers, I really do, but am I the only one who wants Hulkling without wings?

We know the trouble with wings on a big character already, do you really want to take that risk?

Also, the character isn't going to be bigger than hulk, so does he need to be a special? The Thing wasnt a special, and he is a fantastic figurine.

Make him a special if he comes with another member of the team like wiccan. the only problem with that is, wiccan has connections with speed, and I dont think speed would sell by himself as he hasnt done anything really and was an addition to the team.

Also, I am still campaigning for the 'Art of the Marvel Figurine Collection' book. Hardback, paperback, magazine(s), either way, I want that type of stuff too. I love 'art of' films, games, toys etc, great books and great source of inspiration and learning as an artist.

Hakim said...

Laway , the Dust's costume in very original . She is not a singular female apparence . And we dont have arabic character on the collection and she is the most arabic popular in marvel world ....

John said...

For once I'm going to agree with LAWay... and on 2 topics; wings and Dust.

Why not just have Hulkling as a regular, without wings? I love the character and I'd actually prefer him wingless. Less chance for breakage, lower cost, plus its about the only thing pushing him to the Special category. ...Actually, Annihilus has wings, big ones, and he's a regular. Just make Hulkling big, but wingless, and keep him a Regular.

Also, on the New X-Men/Dust topic, (that started for some reason... when we SHOULD be talking Agents of Atlas instead of more X-Men,) if we were going to have one, I'd prefer Pixie or Surge. I'm not a big X-Men person, but I do like the designs on these characters. These two, Sebastian Shaw and Leech are about the only X characters left that I'd ever want...

Gremlin said...

Awesome update, I wasn't sure if you would do one this week because of the recent ones to do with specials.

Wizard is most definately a deserving character and I fully support his inclusion. I was a bit worried when you put in the Puppet Master because I thought Wizard would be in with no chance.

As for the Young Avengers....Wiccan is a must. I don't quite get why people want Patriot, he looks quite dull actually. Anyway I hope you can squeeze one of the guys in.

As for other new characters I definately support Dust. I like her look and have loved her ever since she first appeared in Grant Morrison's New XMen run. I understand though how she could be a bit of a controversial character but personally I feel she would make a decent sculpt with her abaya swirling around her and sand coming from under it. She has the history and character development but as we know the Xmen category is hard fought over. truthfully I don't think she is deserving as Wolfsbane or Longshot but if you confirmed her eventually I would buy her up in a heartbeat.

Typhoid Mary looks great. You nailed the "crazy chick"...well done.

Bolverk said...

No Young Avengers, please, unless the series lasts beyond 600 figurines. I would rather have the Warrors Three, Guradians of the Galaxy, Starjammers, Serpent Squad, U-Foes, (More) Eternals, Squadron Supreme, Salem's Seven, Power Pack, Headmen, you name it.

Glad to see Wizrd confirmed, although I had hoped for a two pack with Trapster.

LAWay said...

haha jump on board the LAWay wagon John buddy. :P
yeah. I dont see much sense with hulkling with wings. Its not his most famous feature. Keep him a regular so we dont have to wait ages, waste a special space, and keep costs down.

Like John said, where did the Dust talk come from? I hope the discussion has *ahem* settled *haha*, she isnt a visually great character, and I dont think she should be made just because she is arabic and the collections needs to show some diversity. I dont go on about how they should make characters that are welsh. :P

Thats a thing John, talking of new x teams, yet we have still got big name characters like Forge, Avalanche, warpath. I mean I would like to see some Hellions for sure, but not convinced with Dust unless she was a twin pack with someone.

Then again, everyone is entitled to their opinions and you cant satisfy everyone, so I guess I accept she will have to be made eventually. I seriously cannot understand how people can be in support of such a bland looking character as opposed to Ronin just because we had hawkeye.

LAWay said...

@Bolverk I was going to question if you were ancient reciting those super groups...then read Power Pack.

Serious? You want figurines of those guys?

Is that comic actually serious? As in...part of marvel continuity? I always thought it was a crappy kids comic.

Anyone remember Gravity? Dunno if they still make his comics, but i loved his design.

actionfigurelover said...

New to collecting Classic Marvel figuines but have been collecting action figures for a while that's why i'm getting into the classic marvel figurines cause it looks like you guys might actually have complete cast of Marvel's premier characters.

I do wish to have Photon/Puslar/Monica Rambiue before any of the young avengers.She's one of the few avengers (stingray,starfox, justice) who hasn't been made and I know she has a strong following even after not being in comics for a while. Please make it happen! =)

Hawkeye said...

Just got a couple of graphic novels from the library and they brought up some interesting new ideas.

One was Captain Britain and MI:13 - Vampire State. From this one I'd go for: Spitfire, Dracula, Excalibur (Fazia Hussain - another good example of a modern Muslim character (apart from Dust) and with a distict costume), Lilith, and Pete Wisdom (although how you would make that interesting given his fairly ordinary appearance would be a challenge for EM).

The other was a new Iron Man
GN and features Pepper Potts in a version of the Iron Man armour without weaponry and she goes by the name of Rescue. Be an interesting way to bring what would have been a civilian into the collection whilst adding to the Iron Man "family". Just some ideas....

Shortbread said...

Solid choice in The Wizard and next week I hope to see Forge :)

Not a huge young avengers fan the only one I really like is Stature.

I am a Dust fan myself so seeing Dust would be great. I like her design so much it really makes her stand out and not look like any other of the comic book ladies. With characters like Domino, Longshot, Forge and Mirage still missing hopefully she can stand a chance and be included as a modern character rather than just an X-Men member.

When the polls open, vote DUST! :)

jimbob said...

Some British characters next please EM!


Anonymous said...

robert : i see you are back to your old ways of getting on my tits with your sarcastic comments

Anonymous said...

thundra with white skin defo

Anonymous said...

debate had come up before about wings making a character special status or not ?
if i remember correctly , it was said that only the height makes a character special status other than bulk.
we had falcon + night hawk for example as regulars and they have wings.
sauron and hulkling are now up for discussion again.
should they be specials ? or regular issues ?

Robert said...

Having been one of the people on here accused of using more than one alias just on the basis of coincidence, I was making a rather innocuous point about another accusation of multiple identities based on nothing more than coincidence, Mad Thinker. It's not as if I called you names or anything. I offered to apologise if I was wrong and even signed off with a smiley.

By the way, the irony of you of all people accusing others of using multiple personalities on here is just hilarious.

ted sallis said...

Mad Thinker , I think i can speak for the majority of bloggers when i say none of us want to see Robert on your tits! or any other apendage for that matter :}
What's all this green Thundra nonsense,don't tell me she was outed as a skrull?

Robert said...

I am slightly worried by the fact you qualified your statement with "the majority of", Ted!

Who is in the minority...?

P.S. Looked at the art on your blog earlier today. Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

"Pete Wisdom (although how you would make that interesting given his fairly ordinary appearance would be a challenge for EM)."

While I am not a fan of Ellis' self-insertion Gary Stu, he could easily made fairly dynamic. Something like this (minus the ciggie of course), but in more of a sudden twist with his jacket flaired up and his tie flapping just a bit.

ted sallis said...

Well i kinda presumed i was speaking for the entire blog Robert , but i didn't like to presume :)
Glad you like the artwork most of that was purchased before the birth of my two gorgeous salary devouring kids !
As i am no longer a subscriber i shall now have to brave the tiny surroundings of FP Glasgow. I shall be in that fair city on the 15th . so if you watch the cup final look out for the Arabs fan trying to celebrate a goal while clutching on to his FFF fig :)

Anonymous said...

robert apology accepted , and point taken.

oh and thanks to you and ted sallis for making me laugh so much :)

Deadpool said...

Well I picked up a couple of extra characters today - Enchantress is simply - Enchanting and DC Zatanna looks wild.

Soon .. very soon ... one of the these two babes will be modded to become "SHI".

Richard you have hit the mark with Typhoid Mary, Marvel is finally hitting the standards of the DC collection.... lunacy has reached the just the right level.

As an Asgard and Avengers fan I would love to see some of the Dark Avenders or the young Avengers.
First choice: -

Patriot / Kate "Hawkeye" Bishop double pack just to get things going.

Iron Patriot next please.

Well I wish it could be christmas every day - but I'll settle for the awesome Wizard int he extension.

Regarding longevity of the collection.

If costs have gone up then you have my vote to increase teh cover price to the same as the DC collection.
In return - dynamic poses and expressions, vibrant coulours and the inclusion of coloured resins where appropriate to display powers.
For instance blue resin on Hydro Man and Orange resin on Frankie "Nova" Raye.

Have a nice weekend and goodbye.

Deadpool said...

Oh and before I go .... a big no to DUST.

If you are including Girlies in the collection at least let us see there faces and their other goodies.

nuff said.

Deadpool said...

Ted may I ask why you are no longer a subscriber?

If there is an issue - the Moss Men should be made aware.

ted sallis said...

You may indeed Deadpool.
I cancelled my sub after receiving my replacement Fing Fang Foom ( nearly 8 weeks after returning the damaged one i originaly received)
It was nothing to do with the fact that it was damaged, i am well used to dealiing with these minor hiccups over the years, It was the fact that someone in the mighty EM organisation thought it okay to send a loyal day one subscriber a botched repair job on an already damaged return. I will still collect when i am able to visit my nearest stockist in the big city,but obviously i will now be far more selective

John said...

"Who is in the minority...? "

*sheepishly raises hand*

John said...

I feel really bad for EM. If there was ever a product that was going to have so many cases of damage, you don't want it to be the most costly.

Mine had to ship to the US, so I was worried. Only ended up losing some paint off a wing, but I still kind of worry about the overall structure. The other guy from my comic shop was left with a FFF without his left arm or wing...

And with that much expensive product, what other choice do they have than to attempt a repair, or take a HUGE cut? I just feel really bad for them.

Anonymous said...

Dust from New X-Men would be a great addition to the collection. She certainly has one of the most unique looks in the collection. And has grown a lot from her first appearance in Morrison's New X-Men. Also an FYI, she doesn't wear a Burqua, it's an Abaya with a Niqāb.

ted sallis said...

"raises hand sheepishly" lol you a funny guy.
John i hear what your saying about the FFF debacle there have been so many breakages perhaps they had to attempt to repair some of them or face taking quite a financial hit.
That said, repairs should look like the have been attempted by someone with a rudimentry skill! Oh! and cleaning the thick film of dust from the base may have helped allay my suspicions :)
Still love this collection love Rich and those talented elves that produce these little wonders, but from now on i will only be purchasing figs which i can inspect before purchase

Anonymous said...

I don't blame ya Ted...

Thankfully I have been pretty lucky with my orders through the comic shop here in the U.S., since we don't have the option of subscribing. But I don't blame anyone who does subscribe that decides to stop doing so due to problems with the figurines, the lateness, or even being billed for figurines they haven't gotten.

Robert said...

Just got in from seeing Iron Man 2 at the Glasgow IMAX theatre. No spoilers, I promise, except to repeat what I said to a fellow Marvelite queueing for the next screening. He was wearing a Captain America T-shirt, as was I, and I went over to him and said: "Don't leave till the credits are done." He smiled knowingly.

Oh, and Scarlet J. is hot, hot, hot! I mean, "Damn, girl!" How anyone remembered their lines is completely beyond me.

Ted, despite the idea of little Ross County winning a cup bringing out the romantic in me, I will be cheering on Dundee United FC in the cup. A very kindly Arab by the name of Gary works in Glasgow's FP and he offered to keep me an Enchantress figure and some of the Free Comic Book Day comics for when I next go in. I am easily bribed!

Mad Thinker, I'm not sure you completely understood that the "apology" was for a tongue-in-cheek non-accusation, but hey ho. I don't want to argue with you or give you any kind of nipple-related irritation. (Sorry, John, maybe there are some websites you can go to...? ;) ) Actually, we haven't seen one of your lists for a while, MD. What about Avengers still to be included?

Robert said...

Okay, sorry if I am stealing your thunder, MT.

Avengers I want to see (in order):
1. Mantis
2. Swordsman
3. Stingray
4. Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau)
5. U.S.Agent
6. Starfox
7. Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)
8. Thunderstrike
9. Sersi
10. Two-Gun Kid

Probably forgetting some good recent characters...

Anonymous said...

Young Avengers, hell yeah! Love them. I feel they deserve to make a big entry as a Hulkling & Wiccan double-pack, though.

In terms of design, they look awesome in the Secret Invasion saga.

To you guys who don't know the characters very well: believe me, you'll love the figurines.

BobDiamond said...

I noticed the other day that Marvel are, at last, bringing out a Masterworks edition of the Jungle Action/ Black Panther stories from the mid-70s. This is one of the truly greatest 'runs' of any comic character ever, and if you haven't read this, I urge you to pick up a copy- even if you are not a big BP fan.
This got me thinking about another 'debatable' subject, possibly aimed at the 'old crustys', but anyone can join in. What if, like the famous radio show, you had to pick your all-time favourite 'runs' of a comic, to take with you, if stranded on a desert island!?
You can't say 'all my X-Men' for example. It has to be a period (say 5- 40 issues..)of a comics life, or a particular Artist/ Writers time on that title etc. Let's keep this to a choice of 5...
Mine would be:
1. The above mentioned Jungle Action run with The Black Panther.
2. The Starlin era Warlock saga.
3. Chris Claremont/John Bryne X-Men.
4. Doug Moench/ Paul Galacy, Master of Kung-Fu, 70's era.
5. Frank Millar's DareDevil, particularly 'Born Again'
I realise I havent got room for my beloved Avengers!..or Cap..Conan..HtD...I'll have to do a follow up list soon I think.
Let's hear your all time fav story -lines guys and girls..and before someone goes on about this not being 'relevent' to this collection, stop and think why we're collecting these characters in the first place.
All the best, BD

LAWay said...

Seeing Iron Man 2 tomorrow. Wish I could see it in an IMAX but there are none close to me. But I am stoked, cant wait. Definitely staying til after the credits. I know what happens to, but I just have to see it. My girlfriend wont be happy that i'll be making her wait, the price of dating a geek. Muwhahahaha!

Dean said...

I have been reading comics since the 70s, but I buy figurines because I still love reading comics in the present. My biggest complaint about the Marvel Figurine Collection -- and the reason I buy at my comic shop rather than subscription -- is the inattention to modern characters. Some of these choices just seem very stale to me (although I appreciate that other people enjoy the flashback).

I would love to see Young Avengers figurines, with Wiccan starting us off. I see no reason to push him down the list in hopes of a 2-pack, since the 2-packs seem so tenuous.

Count me as another vote for Pete Wisdom and Spitfire. They are both characters with histories that have been written really well recently, and Jackie is set to appear yet again in the new Invaders series. Maybe she could take the place of one of the 70s characters that are just gathering dust on the shelf.

While we are at it, let's have some more X-Factor!

Robert said...

Bob, no wonder people confuse us, as my desert-island list would look very similar! Actually, I was on here months ago encouraging folk to buy the Jungle Action Masterwork. I have all the original issues and it's amazing stuff; I distinctly remember needing a dictionary on first reading back in the 1970s, which was unusual! Starlin's Warlock issues are even better, which is incredible. Love the Miller DDs, MoKF (although I have not read all of the Gulacy stuff) and Claremost-Byrne X-Men.

The only criticism of your list is that you left out Simonson's Thor, in my humble opinion the only Marvel run on a par with Starlin's Warlock. Oh, and I'd take the classic Conway-Andru Amazing Spider-Mans, too.

Aw, LAWay, who spoiled the end of IM2 for you? That's rotten! And does 8RE 2Z1 mean anything...? (Don't answer that if it's going to spoil the film for anyone!)

BobDiamond said...

Hi Rob,
I've always ment to get a collection of the Simonson Thor run, just never got around to it. I'll put it on my 'to-do' list!
Right, my 6-10 fav story lines...
6.Barry Windsor-Smith/ Roy Thomas Conan (probably the best comic art ever).
7.Garth Ennis's 'Welcome Home Frank' Punisher series.
8.Howard the Duck 1-31, Steve Gerber era (sorry, but it's brilliant!)
9.The wonderfully complex Captain America/Winter Soldier/ Red Skull saga culminating in Reborn
10.The Avengers/Kang epic that intoduced The Squadron Sinister and The Invaders- the best Sal Buscema art ever IMO.
(there are so many epic Avenger storylines that I'll probably do a Top Ten of just those sometime!)
ps. Talking of the figures(I guess I should occasionally..),I am a fan of The young Avengers, dispite thinking the concept sounded naff at first. These characters are some of the most visual and well-conceived heroes of the last decade. If I was to choose one rep. it would be Patriot. He has a stunning costume and carries the classic triangle shield of Golden Age Cap!

LAWay said...

lol I looked up what was on after the credits myself, I had to know it was good enough to justify waiting after the credits and I think it is. ;)

Code doesnt mean anything to me...yet.

Hel said...

Wizard will be a nice addition, shame we didnt get an asgardian though.

Typhoid Mary is awesome - the fishnet stockings must have been very difficult to achieve.

I would choose Patriot and Hawkeye-Girl as my Young Avengers choices.


The Men of Moss did resculpt as part of the Lord Of the Rings collection.

So what I hear certain individuals cry.

I and many collectors I know loved the resculpts because they depicted the development of the character throught the epic tale.

Marvel characters have developed over the years in just the same way.

I hereby continue the argument for resculpts - alternative poses, a chance for the Men of Moss to do a better version of a figure such as Thor, Spider Woman, Human Torch, Arch-Angel or a even the much requested - original Captain Britain.

It worked really well for LOTR and it would work equally well for Marvel.

Hel said...

It's a shame we couldn't have some of the characters depicted in the Artifacts free comic by Top Cow

Witchblade, Magdelena, the Darkness,Angelus etc.

They are definately awe inspiring.

What are the chances Daniel and Richard?

Top Cow has a great fan base.

Robert said...

The Simonson run is a MUST, Bob. Comicbooks at their finest. I really can't rave about these comics enough. They were miles ahead of their time in the mid-1980s and are still unsurpassed.

P.S. The Ennis-Dillon Punisher stuff is great, too. Loved Ennis's whole run on Frank, especially later story arcs like the Slavers.

Anonymous said...

ok robert , you want avengers related characters ?
well here's my list as requested :

3D man + aracne + asp + atlas
arleta ogord + black goliath
blacklash + black mamba + blackout
blastaar + blizzard + boomerang
bucky + bug + bulldozer
captain atlas + century + collector
constrictor + count nefaria
crimson cowl + crossbones
crossfire + dark hawk + diamondback
dreadknight + eel + fire bird
fire lord + gamora + gargoyle
ghost + giant man + giant girl
goliath + grandmaster + graviton
gravity + grey gargoyle + harrier
hulkling + hyperion + immortus
in-betweener + iron lad + jolt
justice + kate bishop + lionheart
mach IV + maelstrom + man ape
man killer + mantis + melter
miss america + modok + mongoose
monica rambeau + moonstone + nebula
paladin + patriot + photon
piledriver + quicksand + ronin
scarecrow + seth + sharon carter
sif + speed demon + stakar ogord
starfox + stature + stingray
super adaptoid + swordsman
thunderball + thunderstrike
ultimo + unicorn + us agent
whirlwind + whizzer

is that enough characters for you robbo me ol' china ?

Robert said...

Yeh, thanks, Mad Thinker. I knew you wouldn't let me down! I had forgotten about a lot of these characters - and some were surprises.

Anonymous said...

thanks but feel free to slag some of them off if you think they are not worthy of a slot in this collection mate.

if you like i can also make a list for :
x men
fantastic four
marvel knights

i have them ready at your request.
you may not like all of my suggested characters but it will give a good example of just how many interesting characters there are left to include in this marvel-lous collection.

Robert said...

Nah, no slagging. Not even about Century! :) Pretty comprehensive list although you did forget Demolition Man! Everyone's favourite smelly Avenger!

And, since you offered, what classic FF and Spidey characters have still to appear? Trapster and Tarantula spring to mind.

I'd still like to see some of the generic characters appear. You know, Hydra agent, A.I.M. technician, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Guardsman, Skrull, Kree, Badoon, etc. What do you think...?

Anonymous said...

oh sod it , i'm gonna do it anyway.
excuse the multi posting but i've got deadpoo descease lol.

first up - x men :

arclight + astra + avelanche
bandit + barbarus + beak + caliban
callisto + ch'od + chamber
changelling + collective man
corsair + darkstar + dead girl
deathbird + diamond lil
d'ken neramani + domino + exodus
fabian cortez + feral + flashfire
forge + hepzibah + hussar
hyperstorm + icarus + longshot
manta + marrina + marrow + maverick
mesmero + mimic + mojo + neutron
onslaught + oracle + outlaw
random + raza + red guardian
sauron + shaman + shard
silver fox + silver samurai
smasher + strong guy + thunderbird
titan + vertigo + vindicator
vulcan + warpath + wendigo
wild child + wolfsbane

Anonymous said...

demolition man ? isn't that the guy that looks scarily like wolverine ?
don't forget i suggested a twin pack of baron strucker + a hydra agent.
anyway list number 3 here for you now
and it's the fantastic four's turn :

air walker + anelle + attuma
bounty + crucible + diablo + dorma
dragon man + flying tiger
high evolutionary + huntara
krang + lockjaw + lyja
mad thinker ( of course )
maelstrom + maximus the mad
nova + paibok + psychoman
red ghost + sharon ventura
skrull king + terrax
texas twister + the seeker
trapster + yondu

Anonymous said...

next up - spiderman :

aunt may + basilisk
black tarantula + bluebird
demogoblin + hammerhead + jackal
jack 'o' lantern + jackpot
j j jameson + madame web
mary jane + puma + ricochet
scorpia + scream + shriek + solo
speedball + spot + stilt man
tombstone + toxin

Robert said...

Yep, that's the guy. D-Man was actually very likeable when he first appeared. Even though his costume was annoyingly derivative, I still think he is a character that was wasted.

The Baron Strucker (with Satan Claw, please!)/Hydra agent double pack idea is a great idea, MT.

Lots of strong FF characters left, too! Spidey next...?

Anonymous said...

and finally - marvel knights :

adversary + baron mordo
baron strucker + brother voodoo
bushwacker + clea + colleen wing
d'spayre + elsa bloodstone
hydra agent + jessica jones
jigsaw + king cobra
lilith + living mummy + lucifer
margali szardos + misty knight
modred the mystic + nightmare
night thrasher + orka + owl
paradox + purple man + russian
steelwind + tarantula
ulysses bloodstone + umar
vera gemini + white tiger
zodiak + zombie ( simon garth )

Deadpool said...

Let's all get back to basics.
Remeber when I initiated the gaming idea several blog subjects in the past?

Let's rerun the "pick a single figure, duo and multipack game".

The theme is : -

A Mutant
An Avenger - Young, Dark, Coastal
Marvel Knight.
Alterante costume

My choices are as follows: -

Kate "Hawkeye" Bishop / Patriot Duo
The OWL - DD bad guy.
Original Captain Britain.

BobDiamond said...

A few random thoughts based on the last few posts...
Mad Thinker, have you seen the recent (and not quite finished ) Marvel mini-series 'The Torch'? If not then get the Graphic Novel when it comes out, because the main villain (main character really) is The Mad Thinker, and it's probably the best characterisation this guy has ever had- excellent dialogue especially.
Next...The Century, a character from the sadly short-lived 'Force Works' of the 90's. I too always felt that Marvel should have made more of this guy (he had a 1-shot, but still...). Where is he now? Unfortunatly, with his name sounding the same basically as The Sentry, I expect he's probably gone for good. With more of a back-story/ history, he would have made an outstanding addition to this collection, as he is a unique looking individual.
Another of your choices- The Grand Master. This Elder of The Universe has starred in some of the most historic story-lines ever, so where is he?? A wonderful villian with an original look.
Finally, the subject of Generic characters..
If these are ever going to be made, then I also believe that they would need to be coupled with a main character, but the magazine would focus on the group/ race- SHIELD, The Kree etc.
Baron Strucker/ Hydra Agent (a must!)
Supreme Intelligence/ Kree Soldier
Dum-Dum Dugan/ SHIELD Agent
I personally think that The Super-Skrull already represents the Skrull Race, and Lilandra represents The Shi'ar, but others would probably disagree with me on this one.
Cheers for now,
Ps. 1950's characters desperatly need representation! Especially now with the growing popularity of Agents of Atlas. The main guy from that era was Marvel Boy, so he would be my first choice. I would be equally happy if he was modelled in his new AoA costume (The Uranian) as this is an excellent design. I would also love to see The Yellow Claw (Steranko Design) and Gorilla Man!

BobDiamond said...

Just saw your game, Deadpool. My choices are...
Original Thunderbird (To complete 'The All-New All Different' line-up).
the Original Swordsman (The mag could include the history of the others too).
Marvel Knight:
The Original White Tiger (mag similar to above..)
Alternative Costume:
(Hope this counts)
Original Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) Red & Blue version.

Bit of a theme going there I think! But I make no apologies for being 'Old School'!
Ps. Good Game DP!

Robert said...

I've just realised that Bob Diamond is not an alias that I am writing under, as some think, but is actually Bruce Forsyth!

Nice to see you, to see you, nice!

BobDiamond said...

Give us a twirl, Rob, Give us a twirl!!
Brucie Diamond

Robert said...

Ah, that's what I get for being a smart arse! Touche, Bob!

Actually, now that I think about it, having a pair of breasts could be quite enjoyable. The Russian seemed quite happy with his...

navaho said...

Just back from Mexico and so much has happened since I left! First things first, great news about the Wizard. As a big FF fan I am thrilled he's in and now wait patiently for Trapster and the Wrecker.
Hope to see an Asgardian next (Sif or Hela), long overdue Rich. Not a big fan of Young Avengers so I will not pass comment on them so much as to say let's complete existing groups rather than start a new one.
Typhoid Mary looks remarkably unhinged, hats off to the sculpter, totally got her character. Not a fan of resculpts due to the sheer number of great characters still out there.
I'm happy with the number of specials we get a year but agree that EM should give subscribers free binders/plinths as Rich alluded to.
Just wanted to post my support for the subcribing process, as we've had a few knockers recently. I have subscribed since day one and have always received my figurines on time and in perfect condition. Any time I've had to speak to EM I've had no problems, maybe I'm lucky but I just wanted to give everyone at EM a big thank-you and I will continue subscribing till the sun finally sets on this marvelous collection. Oh one final commendation, to Mad Thinker, your lists are truly awesome buddy, I don't know where you find the time but I take my hat off to you. Can't wait to get my Cloak/Dagger figurine soon.

BobDiamond said...

Remember Rob,
'You get nothing for a pair, not in this game!'
Brucie Diamond

Robert said...

I'm afraid, Bruce Bob, that in the Kingdom of Double Entendres, I am merely a serf whilst you are a lord.

Excuse me, I have some serfing to do.

mighty_marvel said...

i believe there are 8 EM spaces left if northstar is put as a double pack. still hoping he is - it makes so much sense. who do you all predict will make it in?

my predictions

1) silver samurai - an x-villain has to make it
2) vance astro - a cosmic character is likely with all the support off the forum
3) sif - normally get one asgardian
4) owl - one of the few characters left from the chart with issue 1
5) moonstone - another thunderbolt will probably be in
6) swordsman - normally 2 avengers. already had a female and a classic old character
7) either sister grimm or patriot
8) JJJ - just because rich got my hopes up. please please please don't disappoint me now

this would more than likely give us forge, tigershark and one other from the forum vote. plus possibly a competition pick again

ted sallis said...

okay this is as random as it gets .
can anyone identify from where the following cover blurb is from.?
" possibly the handsomest,
most noble
of all time! "
they don't blurb em like that anymore

Mr J said...

My most wanted from various catagories (have not included Fantastic Four characters as there are already 4 this extension!):

Avengers: PHOTON
Avengers Villains: NEKRA
Marvel Knights: GARGOYLE
Modern Character: DUST

lipstick said...

OMG!!!!!!! Typhoid is amazing!!!!

BobDiamond said...

If it's a Marvel character, I'm guessing it's from an old Thor comic?
Or is this way before FF 1?

Anonymous said...

I like the Young Avengers. A Hulkling & Wiccan 2 pack would go down a storm. But, if only one, then Wiccan.

HOWEVER. I'd much prefure the Runaways! Molly Hayes for the collection!

Some New X-Men would be awesome too. Elixir, Hellion, Surge, Anole...

Anonymous said...

navaho :

firstly i'd like to thank you for your support with regards to my lists.
secondly i'd like to let you know that wrecker has already been confirmed in this collection.
most of us seem to be hoping to get the other three members of the wrecking crew in this collection too.
i'm off now to find more interesting looking characters to make another list lol , cya all soon.

ted sallis said...

Your on the right lines BD . I only discovered this priceless blurb when i turned my official marvel calender to May :)
one of the perks of being an out n out geek is that you tend to get lots of cool birthday / christmas/
fathers day presents.
Until they announce Uri Geller,make mine Eaglemoss

LAWay said...

Hey guys, Iron Man 2 is awesome! If you enjoyed the first, you'll love it, just as fun, with more action, and scarlett johansson, whats not to like? ;)

Playing Deadpool's game, althoug unsure on the rules (single, duo & multipack? Your answers were just single and duo?)

A Mutant - AOA Sunfire
An Avenger - Iron Patriot / Patriot
Marvel Knight - Arachne
Alterante costume - Spider-Man - Manspider

This was hard to do, mainly because there are probably only about 5 mutants I care about adding to my collection, marvel knights are hard to think of and I genuinely dont really care. Avengers is a hard pick, we have had all the good old ones. Alternate was hard because there are just so many choices.

Like Hel said, the LOTR collection benefited from multiple sculpts, poses and costumes. No one was petty enough to stop collecting because they had 2 frodos, or sam and frodo on a base. Why is it such a bad thing for Marvel? The intent was NEVER to complete the whole Marvel Universe, the intent was to create a collection with THE BEST of marvels characters.

When I think of characters now, I dont get excited at who they HAVENT done, I get more excited thinking of all the possibilities they COULD do with new costumes and poses.

Seriously, I look at some of your lists, and it seems like you are challenging each other to think of some of the most obscure and crappy characters in the marvel universe.

Anonymous said...

LotR is a different animal though. For one, there's not that many prominent characters in LotR. Once you get past the main characters and some of the secondary ones... all you have left is nameless peon baddies. Where as with Marvel, you have a Universe of over 5,000 characters. And at least 500 before you start getting into the real obscure ones.

BobDiamond said...

Under my new alias as Dark Brucie, I would like to have another go at Deadpool's Game...
Mutant: Sauron.
Avenger: Mantis.
Marvel Knight:
Misty Knight/Colleen Wing Double Pack.
Alternative Costume: Havok in Neal Adams original.

'Didn't I do well?'
Dark Brucie

One-of-Three said...

While the young avengers is a great idea, I would REALLY like to see something of the Stepford Cuckoos. There rarely is any merchandise of them, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who enjoys them.

I've had some time to think up a suggestion and it goes something like this: Include the three which are often seen (Phoebe, Celeste and Mindy)in a special edition, that way they can all be on the same base.

As for a pose, I was thinking the most assertive of the three stand in the center with one hand touching her temple and the other hand extended forward. The other two sisters could also have one hand (opposite hand) touching their temple while the other hand is in a resting position. Not too sure on which costume would be best.

Again, this is merely a suggestion. I would certainly buy anything of the Cuckoos you make if you did decide to go with it.

Your work is amazing!

Fanboy said...

If there was going to be a Young Avengers 2-pack, I'd rather it be Wiccan and Speed. I know everybody's all about Wiccan and Hulkling, but I think Hulkling is a strong enough character to sell on his own. Speed, however, is not.

Sign me up for Brit love, too. Spitfire and Pete Wisdom and right up there at the top of my wants. (So are Tangerine, Killpower, and Motormouth, but those'll never happen in a million years.)

John said...

They could always make one Cuckoo on a small base and let collectors buy three if they want a set.

Mutant: Namora.
-I read she's part mutant, like Namor. I want every member of Agents of Atlas though. If not Namora, then Squirrel Girl.

Avenger: Can I pick a Great Lake Avenger? Mr. Immortal

Marvel Knight: Misty Knight/Colleen Wing 2 Pk

Alternative Costume:
-None, being that I'm a petty collector that would stop buying once the colection became something I didn't want it to be. I can't afford it as it is, but BECAUSE we're getting such a varied collection, I always make sure I have money set aside somehow.

Other Categories:
Most Wanted: It was the Wizard and then Sasquatch, but I guess I'm up to Jimmy Woo. ;)

Spider-Man: Jameson
-Most of my favorites are the C-listers, like Slyde, Grizzly, Spot, or White Rabbit. So it's hard to give a runner-up with this one as I doubt people will be there when the doors open for their brand new lead sculpt of Swarm like I would... Other viable choices that I do really like include Jack 'O Lantern, Madame Web, Hammerhead, Boomerang, Jackal, Kaine, and Tombstone.

FF: Trapster
-If Wizard is done in his Paco Medina inspired costume, I'm hoping for a Trapster of similar style. Definitely bald with goggles. I hope everyone can agree on that and not Paste Pot Pete. If not Trapster, then Psycho Man.

Team: Agents of Atlas
I don't even know who to suggest as a start. One of the great things about the team I guess. :) I want to say Jimmy Woo, but then the Uranian always makes me really excited to see him on the page. I love M-11... Venus has such an interesting back story... Can you do a 6 pack?

Young Avengers: Wiccan.
-Definitely Wiccan. He has the look, the personality, the connection to other characters, I'm sure he's going to be a character that's around for a LONG time. If not Wiccan, then Stature.

Cosmic: Phyla-Vell
-I'd love a Rocket Raccoon/Groot 2 Pack, but don't know how that would do in the market. But I'm a really big fan of the current GotG run and would be happy with any of those members. Star Lord too, please.

Modern: Trauma
-Very new character and pretty much isolated to his own book (as a supporting character,) and this is definitely going to go to deaf ears, but this is my modern pick. If not, then Gravity.

Special: MODOK
-I don't know how they'd do it, but MODOK is my #1 Special pick. If not, then Blaastar, Lockjaw, Madame Web, Groot, Dragon Man, Ego, or Eternity. :)

And [to a certain individual] for the record, we're not on here trying to outdo each other on coming up with obscure characters. These actually happen to be characters we're extremely fond of. Some people prefer to only see the A material made... for example, most people like the Dr. Doom's, etc. My favorite super villain is The Shocker. Always has been. My single favorite comic book issue (as a stand alone story) is 'Nuff Said by Paul Jenkins. It was an issue with a gang of "Murderous Mimes" as the Spider-Man Encyclopidia calls them. I'd LOVE a figurine of the leader of those mimes. That's a legitimate want. Granted, it will NEVER get made, but to hear others call it "some of the most obscure and crappy characters in the marvel universe" kind of upsets me.

One-of-Three said...

I suppose that is a good alternative, I'd be happy with one Cuckoo. I still like the idea of including the three-in-one on one base more though, that way collecting didn't get as expensive.

I also think including all three would make for an impressive figure. Not to mention it would be nice seeing the three sisters pose differently.

One can only hope!

Robert said...

Oh, LAWay, you're not gonna win any popularity contests with that sort of comment!

My competition suggestion was the Recorder. "Obscure"? Maybe now but not in the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. "Crappy"? Not a bit of it! He was a semi-regular Thor supporting character (he was like a side-kick) who appeared in some memorable stories. I loved the way he would talk and always used to put him into any of my homemade comics. He's also a Stan and Jack character, which in itself gives him value. And I'll bet everyone else on here can explain to you why their non-A-list choice doesn't deserve to be ridiculed, too.

Oh, and I have NO idea what the Stepford Cuckoos are...

Robert said...

Just googled Steford Cuckoos... might have known, the X-Men...

BobDiamond said...

I feel I should echo some of the recent posts on the subject of inclusion in this set.

While I enjoy the discussions on the possibilities of 'redos', I would always pick a new character over a reused one everytime. As has been said by Rob, John and others, it is often the 'lesser' known heroes that have a real resonance with the fans, particularly Marvel fans.
We need to keep this collection as diverse as possible in the true flavour of The Marvel Universe. After all, this is NOT a toy or Action figure collection for those who have a limited knowledge of the subject matter, and only want to see alternative versions of 'bankable 'A-listers' like Spiderman and Wolverine. An 'obscure' character who has played some significent roll in the MU, either recently or in the past is not 'crappy' just because he/she might not be featuring in the latest blockbuster movie, or be recognisable by the under 12's.

Robert said...

Bob, generally speaking, I too would prefer a new character to a variant or redo. That said, there are a few exceptions, in my opinion. The last figure was the Enchantress. Great design, classic character from way back, definitely deserving of inclusion. However, if given the choice of classic Iron Man or the Enchantress, I'd probably have to go for Shellhead.

? said...

If we can only have one Young Avenger, please make it Wiccan!

max_0888 said...

Hey Rich, Typhoid Mary looks like she could be one of the best fig of the collection! Thanks for the preview!

As for Young avengers, I would definitely prefer Wiccan. I know Patriot is the leader, but Wiccan has a much better look imo. I would also prefer Hulkling and Stature first

BobDiamond said...

I would go for 'redos' in some cases where the character has a completly new look, power and/or name, as well as an important role in the MU eg.
Iron Patriot (Green Goblin)
Giantman/Goliath (YellowJacket)
Golden Age Bucky and/or New Cap (Winter Soldier)
Ronin ( Hawkeye, although this could be Echo anyway)
To me these are basically different characters, dispite the person 'behind the mask' being the same.

LAWay said...

Sorry to offend, it was more obscure/crappy characters. I mean, some suggestions are designs that are either plain and generic or characters that have more dust then the requests of the character on these comments.

I ain't trying to be popular, just expressing my opinions. People are taking shots at the modern characters or the possibility of redos, it isnt a different sort of animal. LOTR has a core character base, like Marvel. The main core character base are the ones headlining the comics, featuring regularly in stories as either heroes, helpers or villains. To me, some of the suggestions in the list is just like suggesting an orc to the LOTR collection. Sure, its nice to have, but its a figurine just to fill up the numbers.

I see some of you make suggestions of characters and I know you are die hard fans reliving the comics from your golden era. But sometimes you throw up characters that you dont even know yourself without abit of research. I admit, My main marvel knowledge it really only about 15-20 years. I know of most of the older characters before then, but when you talk of villains or sidekicks or helpers that appeared during a storyarc in the 60s or 70s and havent really appeared since it means nothing to me.

You can take one character from some of your line-ups and show them to Marvel fans nowadays, and the majority of folk, new or old fans would probably not have a clue on initial inspection. This doesnt classify as a 'classic' marvel character, this classifies as an 'old' marvel character, completely different animal.

And arguing on redos, like I said, a costume is a character in itself, and the history of a costume and what storys it has been involved it could probably fill more magazine pages than these old characters. Black sui spiderman isnt spiderman. Iron spiderman wasnt like the original spiderman. man spider was not spiderman. Thats one example of one character that has changed the way his acts, the way he is written just because of a costume, and its not as if these costumes appear only once, they have more comic pages than more of the propsed line-ups have put together.

I admit, there are few marvel characters that still NEED figurines. But there are alot of old characters do not. Just because its old doesnt make a classic folks.

Anonymous said...

starjammers team pack would go down well as these four characters seem to be very popular.
a 4 pack special priced at £29.96 would be affordable i think.
3x regular sized at £6.99
1x bulky special sized at £8.99

corsair + raza + hepzibah

warriors three priced at £20.97 anyone ?

other 3 wrecking crew members at £20.97 anyone ?

i'm game rrrrrr , come on down the price is right !!

One-of-Three said...

@Robert: Yep, the Stepford Cuckoos are from the X-Men series (You don't seem enthusiastic to learn that lol). There used to be five of them: Celeste, Esme, Irma "Mindee", Phoebe, and Sophie but two of them were killed. They're basically three telepathic girls who are really powerful when they combine their talents.

I mostly enjoy them from their clever wit and sometimes snarky behavior. They're my favorite of the young New X-Men.

LAWay said...

I'm down for a Wrecking Crew 3 pack. Cant believe these guys havent been made before. Talk about CLASSIC characters! Always popping up in comics time and time again to get their butts handed to them, and usually appear in the marvel games and cartoons too as villain fodder. I would be all over that!

Really worthwhile special!

Anonymous said...

just some quick poll updates for you from the super hero figurine forum
( shff )

would you purchase the green variant of quicksilver if it was released in the U.k ?
would buy = 62 votes
would not buy = 67 votes
( very close )

if a representative from one of these groups was to be included in this extension - from which group would you like to see them added ?

guardians of the galaxy = 114 votes
the runaways = 27 votes

how do you want to see puck included ?

with sasquatch and on the same base
= 26 votes
with sasquatch but on seperate bases = 117 votes
on his own as a regular issue
= 16 votes

how much are we prepared to pay for a double pack special containing 2x regular sized figurines and 1 magazine ?
£10 = 5 votes
£11 = 17 votes
£12 = 38 votes
£13 = 21 votes
£14 = 43 votes
£15 = 21 votes

i'd say looking at these votes that most of us feel the price should be the same as 2 regular issues bought seperately - 2x £5.99 , but would be willing to pay the extra - dc price of 2x £6.99 if it meant getting more characters into this collection.

how much are we prepared to pay for a double pack special containing one special sized figurine + one regular sized figurine and one magazine ?

£14 = 7 votes
£15 = 10 votes
£16 = 21 votes
£17 = 23 votes
£18 = 42 votes
£20 = 30 votes

depends on the sizes i guess.
puck is tiny compared to a normal regular figurine , and sasquatch is larger than say - juggernaught for example.
other characters will also vary in size and shape so the cost will probably be different.
looking at the votes though the average price that people would be willing to pay at most is £18.

finally - which young avengers character would you like to see included in this extension if one is included ?

kate bishop ( hawkeye ) = 14 votes
hulkling = 23 votes
iron lad = 9 votes
patriot = 29 votes
speed = 1 vote
stature = 9 votes
wiccan = 24 votes

fairly close at the top between hulkling , wiccan , + patriot.
but patriot is top choice at the moment.

hope this information helps and is a benefit to non members of the shff.

thanks for listening , MT

BobDiamond said...

I don't believe I have ever suggested a character for this collection that I don't have any real knowledge of or care in some way for.
What would be the point?
I'm sure the vast amount of other collectors would share this view.

Also, I'm sure that the majority of the 'older' buyers are still actively collecting the actual comics and are not just 'reliving their past'.
The thing with Marvel is that very few characters die out completely, (even Omega The Unknown had a revival recently!). 'Obscure' characters from the 60s and 70s tend to come round again eventually, and we still have at least a couple of hundred 'good' characters, from the last 70 years of Marvel history that could be made into popular figurines before we're scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Personally, I want strong representation from all eras (including Some 'newbees'- The Stepford Cuckoos idea is intriguing for instance)and from all areas- horror, western, sci-fi, as well as Superhero.
Remember, something 'gathering dust' in one persons collection could be the 'pride and joy' in anothers...

Anonymous said...

some more characters for you now :

abdul alhazred + administrator
albion + american dream + amphibion
black tom + captain universe
chemistro + chrome + citizen v
coachwhip + doctor spectrum
egg head + eric the red + fixer
hellfire club's - sebastian shaw ,
selene , donald pierce ,
harry leland , jason wyngard.
karnilla + living laser
madame masque + meggan + mentor
perun + phantom rider + porcupine
rachel summers as phoenix
titanium man + ursa major
vanguard + windshear + yuri topolov

LAWay said...

Great work with the polls Madthinker. Amazing to see how close some of those votes are.

I didnt mean people suggesting characters they didnt care or know about. I meant like collector A is suggesting someone that collector B knows or cares little about.

I think if we all put down 10 characters we would like to see in the collection, without seeing other peoples choices, everyone would have different picks. You could say its because the Marvel universe is so diverse, or you could say that we are scraping the barrel of more niche characters. If you asked at the beginning what 50 characters you would like to see, chances are we all would have said characters that have been made.

Thats the difference between classic characters. I understand people have pride in comics they read and have nostalgia towards some characters. But alot of those characters have never seen the light of day except in the comic that they appeared in.

Lets face it, if Marvel had pride in these characters, they would appear in the numerous games they have made, or the thousands of action figures they have produced. Now you could argue that is the reason why we need these figurines, because they have never been represented outside the comics. A weak argument, as the reason they are not represented is because they are really not good or popular enough.

Marvel have 5000 characters or whatever. Do you really want to see everyone of those characters in figurine form?

Dont get me wrong, there are still a good number of classic marvel characters and going through my Marvel Encyclopedia, its exciting to see what characters they could make. Unfortunately there are also alot of just fodder in the history of marvel though, and I hope these figurines never get made, mainly because I dont want to waste my money on these characters.

Ok, lets ask what would you prefer?
Classic Iron Man or Shatterstar?
Bucky captain america or Gateway?
Ronin or hellstorm?
Jim Lee Cyclops or Molten Man?

I know you like new characters to the collection, and this is my flipping to random pages in the encyclopedia. But seriously, would you prefer the new characters, call it a day on the collection, or go with the redos?

Fanboy said...

I'd be interested in Bucky-Cap and Ronin because they are different personas from Winter Soldier and Captain America, and Hawkeye and Echo, but oldschool Iron Man and Jim Lee Cyke? Nah. That's just a costume switch. Besides, I rather like Astonishing Cyclops and modern Iron Man.

Robert said...

Well said, Bob.

One-of-Three. Sorry if I was seemingly derogatory about the Stepford Cuckoos. I was merely commenting on my own ignorance and confusion with regards to the vast and complex X-world. I would not comment on anything I have not read!

LAWay, I buy figures of characters I have some sort of history or feeling for. (It's never about how a figure looks.) I'm not suggesting "fodder" characters because I'm trying to show off my knowledge of forgotten or single-appearance characters. I genuinely like them or have a strong memory. For example, watching someone like Durok the Demolisher shatter the Surfer's board - an unthinkable act even the Hulk was incapable of - scared me as a kid and I thought Thor was REALLY in trouble. Maybe to you Durok is "scraping the barrel" but to me (and probably others of my generation) he was a memorable foe. I'm with you on the inclusion of variants; I just can't agree that we are anywhere near seeing all the interesting characters yet.

By the way, where's Thor8 gone?

BobDiamond said...

Maybe it was just a bad choice of examples on your part, or I'm an old Stick-in-the-Mud, but I would prefer ALL the old-school characters you chose to the alternative-costumed ones! (prehaps I'd have Bucky Cap instead of Gateway however..)
Actually Son of Satan (Hellstorm) is one of the characters I MOST want now to complete The Defenders.
Guess we're going to disagree on this one...But debate is good.

LAWay said...

lol fair enough, maybe they werent the best examples if they won you over more than the alternative. lol

I still stand by different costumes and identities should be made though. So many storylines and the classic demon in a bottle arc of the classic iron man suit...would it not be cool to maybe have that armour, unmasked, with a depressed, anxious looking stark? I just thought costumes come with their own personal history, instead of having a huge summary of the whole character like we were introduced to, it would be cool to see the era specific to a costume and what happened.

Anonymous said...

"Classic Iron Man or Shatterstar?
Bucky captain america or Gateway?
Ronin or hellstorm?
Jim Lee Cyclops or Molten Man?"

Ronin (Representing Echo)
Molten Man

BobDiamond said...

I think we may have found some common ground LAWay!
Your last post had an interesting idea- the magazine featuring an Historic Event in the MU, with a figure to represent that moment. This way we could have the odd alternative version of a character without the added problem of having to rehash the figure's history for the mag.
Some examples of this I wouldn't mind seeing eventually would be:
'Dark Reign' with Iron Patriot
'Age of Apocalypse' with Dark Beast
'Death of Captain America' with Bucky Cap
'World War Hulk' with 'Hulk-Buster' Iron Man
'The Kree/Skrull War' with original Captain Marvel
or even..
'The Golden Age' with Original Torch and Toro 2-pack
By the way LA, we do already have one of your wish list- Black Costumed Spiderman, and the mag was in a similar vein to the above idea.
Before I go, I would also like to echo Rob...where are you Thor8? (and Deadpool for that matter!)
And come on back Pirate Adam!!!!
See ya,

John said...

I'd rather have "Echo" represent Echo. But then, I'd rather not have Echo in the first place. And Molten Man is a must for me.

I still feel that it's the person under the persona that really matters. So the costume's not that important. Obviously, the flashy spandex helps represent the character, but Hawkeye is mostly known for a certain look. His purple suit. He wore the Ronin costume, but it hardly defines him as a character. So to me, the Hawkeye costume is enough for all of Clint Barton.

Neither of us are wrong, and its the type of argument that we'll just never see eye to eye on. Difference of opinion.

LAWay said...

Looks like I just want a different collection to you guys. When I flicked through my encyclopedia, I picked the dullest looking characters on the pages, cant believe you would prefer them, like I said, 'classic'.

I like that idea BD, the only problem is the arguments that would happen of which character to redo for certain events. I mean, out of all the Age of Apocalypse, purely having 1 character when there are so many diverse redesigns, that is too tough a call.

And why is it too tough to call? Because it is a CLASSIC event, with CLASSIC characters in a defining moment unlike normal Marvel continuity, with their new designs being CLASSIC.

Remember, its not the 'Old Marvel Figurine Collection', nor is it the 'Generic Marvel Figurine Collection'.

Marvel classic events represented in figurines would be awesome. Unfortunately there are too many stubborn naysayers who say they would prefer Thor's villain's sidekick's henchman's second cousin's dog who he befriended one issue.

navaho said...

just a quickie regarding redo's v 'obscure/crappy' selections. I want a collection which is thorough, informative, exciting and uses the entire spectrum of the Marvel Universe. If the MossMen made an original shell-head, world war hulk or battle gear Thor tomorrow i would rush out and buy them quicker than you can say 'Make Mine Marvel'. However I would'nt be happy if they took a regular slot away from a Molten Man, Tarantula or Molecule Man....all 'obscure' characters but really important to me growing up and just as important now. There are so many great characters left in the collection to do, not 'crappy' selections but really important, interesting characters with histories integral to most 'A-list' heroes. Perhaps growing up in the 70's I have a leaning towards the nostalgic, but I can't help the way I'm made and that's just how I feel. This collection is not called the 'Popular' Marvel Collection or the 'Same Character' Marvel Collection and I'm grateful that it hasn't bowed down (like the DC Collection)to the all-consuming 'dollar' and produced a hundred versions of Spiderman on a bike or in frigging gold. At the moment the collection has a great deal of diversity and treats its consumers with integrity and respect. There, I've said my I'm off to bed!

LAWay said...

Popular doesnt equal classic.
Although, arguably it does result in a popular character being integral to the Marvel universe, and in doing so, become a classic themselves.
So in a way, popular does equal classic in whatever way you look at it.

If the argument is EM should make unpopular characters, I would like to see that pitch. "How about we make a character no one likes? I mean, not a bad guy you love to hate...but genuinely a character no one likes or cares for and hasnt been seen for 40 years?" That doesnt fly by me.

If they are popular it means they have fans. Marvel should reward their fans. Would you prefer to see another movie of, and just using an example cos everyone keeps bringing him up, Molten Man, or another Iron Man? Same applies with merchandise.

I aint saying all other characters in the Marvel universe that are not figurines are crap. I am saying alot of them are obscure, and some of them are crap. Crap as in they dont have much history, or are poorly designed, or, when compared to another character, they dont hold a candle to them.

EM has been great treating the collection with integrity and respect, but it angers me that shallow people can not do the same with the design for redos, respecting a character that is in the foundation of Marvel and respecting the generations of history they have amounted.
(and before someone mentions my lack of respect for the 'crappy' characters everyone keeps quoting me saying, its not i dont respect the creators, but they themselves dont respect the characters, nor does marvel, and thus thats why the ancient characters or ones with barely any appearences are just that, and if they get introduced for an odd issue in the modern era its usually in comedy effect taking the mickey.)

I am not talking redo the same character in the same look like DC. The problem with DC is that they have barely changed their characters since they have been introduced. Thats what makes Marvel great. Marvel is constantly evolving and changing, so I wish its fans had the same attitude instead of being stuck in the golden age DC thinking that you dont need change.

LAWay said...

lol I'm sorry guys, I argue too much on here. I don't mean offense in anything, just I like discussions and debates.

One-of-Three said...

@BobDiamond: I'm glad you agree to be honest, I didn't think the idea would get much support since the Stepford Cuckoos aren't as popular as Hellions' Dust (an example). I just think the Cuckoos are a different and interesting spin on Telepaths in X-Men.

@Robert: Oh no, I wasn't offended whatsoever. Don't worry. I completely understood where you were coming from. lol

Just adding on to the Cuckoo thing, I suppose the outfit to use for the figure would probably be school uniforms since that's what they appear to be wearing most of the time.

As far as the whole debate going on is concerned, I do know that I would indeed like newer characters to be represented, and even characters who don't get the lime light as often. Rather than a third Iron man movie (please let it never happen) or something, I'd like to see a movie about Ms. Marvel or someone else who is trying to make a comeback.

As far as figures: I think seeing figures of newer and obscure characters would be really great in my opinion, especially if they've held some sort of role at one point or another (Hellions, New X-Men etc).

On a side note, another new character which I would also love to see get a figure is Hope, a character introduced in X-Men's Messiah Complex series.

One-of-Three said...

@LAWay: Oh, I'd also like to add that I'd love to see a movie about Madrox and his detective agency (X-factor investigations) if they could do it right. I kinda wish Marvel would do that instead of making three Spiderman movies, X-Men movies, etc.

Robert said...

"When I flicked through my encyclopedia, I picked the dullest looking characters on the page."

The thing is, I know these "obscure"/ "crappy" / "poorly designed" characters from compelling stories in actual comicbooks that I have read and reread throughout my life, not from an encyclopedia. Totally different experience. That's why I want to see them and it has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not they look good. In effect, you DO want a different collection to me because your starting point is different.

I'm totally with you, LAWay, on the redos/ variants issue but it's not correct to call anyone who is not in agreement "shallow". They disagree and are just as entitled to their opinion as you or anyone else on here without being insulted. Let's keep the debate civilised and friendly, please.

Joeking said...

I am very concerned that some people are not aware of who Warlock is.
So I thought I would give people a rough guide to Warlock.
He is an alien that joins the original New Mutants way back in the eighties #16 I think and has been a mainstay character for them for quite a while. He was invoved in many crossovers and can now be seen regularly in the Revamped New Mutants series.

LAWay said...


Marvel has said they will be making movies of their lesser characters with a lowers budget of course. I think an X-Factor film would be awesome.

It would be great to see some of the B listers get some limelight. I understand not every character is bankable, but if they have a good cast or story, thats the main thing.

It does annoy me when marvel fans are against movies though. At least they are making movies about characters we love instead of ignoring them.

max_0888 said...

I'm with you guys, a movie about X-factor investigation would rule!! hehe!
X-factor is my fave book at the moment! I would love EM to do more characters! We have Madrox and Siryn, but having Strong guy or Monet, or Longshot would be the best!

Bullseye81 said...

I'm really happy to hear Wizard has been confirmed. It's awesome to get the leader of the Frightful Four and if i'm not mistaken the only member to appear in each incarnation of the team.

The only word that comes to mind when trying to describe Typhoid Mary is WOW...(you guys nailed it...some of the best work yet imo)

As for which Young Avenger i'd prefer i'll have to go with Patriot (even though i prefer Hawkeye), his look, history and the fact that he's the leader (or co-leader) make him the most logical character to start off this team. Plus since there is no guarantee the collection will continue on long enough to ensure we get more YA,(i'm not saying i want this, but the more new teams introduced the longer it will take to get 2nd and 3rd representatives) he would look the best on his own in the display...imo

Thanks again to the EM team (especially Dan and Rich) for all of the info each and every week and for trying to satisfy each and every collector (definitely not a job i You guys are doing a terrific job!

Deadpool said...

I also collected the LOTR figures.
Resculpts of the main characters was very popular.

I think that the Moss Men should apply the same logic to Marvel and DC collections.

I don't think that the Moss Men did resculpts because of a limited suppky of characters, on the contrary each figure depicted a distinct figure in one of the films regardless of prominence.

The main characters - lets use my terminology "the A-listers" were worthy of reculpts to show how they developed in stature through the story.

The same can be said of the MArvel "A listers too".

Captain Britain (Original), Doc Octopus, Green Goblin, Spidey - multiverse versions, Thor, Daredevil, Iron Man etc.

Week in week out I hear the same people complaining that they cant get a repaint.

I don't want repaints I want resculpts.

"A listers" attract the casual collectors.

PS Kate Bishop please - vote using your heart rather than your head.

The babe get;'s the DP seal of approval.

Deadpool said...

PS I think Ted is Bob Diamond :0)

Deadpool said...

On the subject of the Black Spidey.
His fingers fell off on the one I received.
I therefore don't display him.
Eventually I will get around to fixing him.

Oh and thanks for wondering where I was BD.

I do read the comments most days but often don't feel the need to blog if there is already a healthy discussion in progress.

My main funtion is to get things going when they are a little stale or too quiet.

"Inject a little chaos as DP" they said to me, so that's what I do.

Just to open up an old subject....

Is anyone still keen to see a 2000AD collection or limited series?

What about a series based upon the Artifacts free comic as mentioned earlier?

Deadpool said...

Site update long overdue Moss Men.

Please Update both the Marvel and the DC sites to allow us to drool over the forth coming goodies.

Deadpool said...

OK Moss Men ... answer this question ...

If you can bring out a limited run of figures in support of the Buffy collection, why can't you bring out limited runs for smaller independant comics?

I want BPRD, 2000AD, Artifacts, Shi - of course, Danger Girl- girlies etc.

Answer me Moss Men .... why not do limited license runs ..... ?

Deadpool said...

And while we are on the subject...

What about Aliens, Predator, Robocop, Pirates of the Caribean, Toy Story, Shrek, Heroes ( you know the TV series with that Peter and Sylar guy).

How about Dr Who ... maybe I mentioned that one before but it is rather popular and it's British!!!

Bullseye81 said...

Sorry Dp, not interested in a 2000AD collection. The only other collection i'd be interested in getting is GI Joe, possibly Transformers.

My answers for Dp's game are:
Alt Costume-Multiple Man in his original X-Factor costume (i know i'm in the minority on this one, but i love that look)
I'm also gonna include a pick for the other 2 families
Spidey-Tombstone (even though i prefer the Rose, i know he doesn't have a hope of making it for a long time..but one can

On the subject of resculpts/repaints/alt costumes i think at some point the collection will have to start considering this since there seems to be a lot of different people mentioning it (perhaps a poll on the forum could be run to see how much interest there really is). I for one would rather get new characters, even if it's a character i don't care for over an alterante costume of one of my favorite characters. If let's say 2 slots were given every extension to alt. costumes and thus meant the collection would have a greater chance at continuing so i can get some of my so called "C" and "D" list characters then i would not have a problem with it, anymore than 2 or 3 an extension would be too many imo.

Deadpool said...

Moss Men - since the figures are fabricated in China - what are the chances of the figures developing Lead Rot?

I have some lead minis from way back that developed the dreaded powdery bloom.

Deadpool said...

I like the idea of Transformers and Gi Joe too ... particularly the girlies.

But rather than full collections how about a limited run of ..lets say 10 figures of each?

for 2000AD this would give us: -

Judge Dredd, Death, Mortis , Fear and Fire, Anderson and Hershey
Mean Machine
Strontium Dog
Rogue Trooper

You get the idea ... same for the other mini series make your own lists.

Deadpool said...

I'd be happy with 2 alternate poses / costumes per extension.

Bullseye, you truly hit the mark with that suggestion.

Nice shot.

BobDiamond said...

Nice to have you back DP....
I would also love to see a 2000AD collection, but not on the scale of The Marvel or DC ones, as I personally wouldn't know or want more than the Classic characters-
Judge Dredd
The Dark Judges
Nemesis the Warlock
Rogue Trooper
Strontium Dog
Ro-Jaws and Hammerstein
Tharg himself!
Dan Dare
...and a few others.
These guys are British after all, so I think there would be a market for them, over here at least.

Other groups I would love to have are:(and I'd post this on the DC Blog if they had one!!)
'The Endless' from DC's Sandman series.
'The Watchmen' (comic version, not film)
Other Vertigo characters (which, for some reason they say they're not doing in favour of umteen Robins and Green Lanterns...)I'd like to see include:
Swamp Thing
John Constantine
Phantom Stranger

Rich, why isn't there a DC Blog? The collection certainly needs it to give feedback on some of the choices they've made. The actual models are amazing in most cases, but the range of characters is extremely 'safe' and narrow.
Until next time..

PS I think Hel is Deadpool:0)

BobDiamond said...

Me again, sorry..but these recent posts with DP have got me thinking of another dreaded top 10 list!

Top 10 Classic Indie characters:(not including 2000AD)
3.Savage Dragon
7.Magnus Robot-Fighter
9.Martha Washington
10.Marv (Sin City)
I know this would be a licencing nightmare, but a collection like this would be excellent!

Dan The Man said...

Thanks for all the great feedback from you guys! very interesting ideas - too many to address here!

I think it's great to get your ideas for evolving the collection. We will digest them and try to address some of your comments.

As for the lead rot - not sure about this - there is a specific percentage mix of metals that make up the figurines (sorry haven't got the exact recipe it to hand), I would hope that they would be 'ROT' FREE, but i'll look into it. Bare in mind comics are made of a very volatile material and people keep those in good condition for years - i suppose all the obvious things like keep them in a stable environment, out of direct sunlight and extremes of temperature - don't throw 'em about (Royal Mail do enough of that!)

BTW Like the Wizard pose idea!

Although a great way to communicate with you guys the blog does require some time and effort and the DC team are not at this moment in a situation to take on the extra work that this would entail. Maybe in the future?

Remember Rich does the blog of his own volition. Not as a 'job' given to him by superiors. and I for one would not want the added workload.
Hooray for Rich!

mighty_marvel said...

i'd collect dr who figs. and thundercats. neither would need to be particularly big collections.

would also like kick-ass and hit girl figs after seeing the movie last month. i know they're publshed by marvel under Icon but would this allow EM to do them?

LAWay said...

Bob Diamonds list of Indie characters I would want, but not a specific '2000AD' or 'Spawn' series, I just aint interested in them except the main characters.

What about the Marvel & DC Amalagam characters? They would be great to see!

Other collections which would be awesome:
1)- Transformers (god yes! I imagine these would be hella expensive, like £12.99 at least for a normal issue. Once a month though, a sweet deal)
2)- G.I.Joe (That would be very cool. So many characters...I would demand several snake eye, cobra commanders and destro, screw you who only want one!)
3)- Street Fighter (Not as much history in the characters, but would be awesome figurines. a Capcom range to go against our Marvel one!)
4)-Dragonball Z (ok, this is my lame weakness since I was in school. Dont judge me.)
5)-Classic Film Characters (Ok, this is stretching it, but Neo, Jack Sparrow, Spiderman, The Crow, many franchies and films)
6)-WWE Legends (ok, another weakness. I dont actually watch wrestling any more, but dammit, wrestling was cool to me as a kid, the 80s all the way to the 00s.)

Best not think about the possibilities as they will never get made and it will only depress me.

John said...

All this talk of licensing other properties sounds fantastic. Sometimes I wish EM didn't do such a great job, because I'm sure I'd want a lot of those.

The problem is the choices on what properties to use. I'd love to see Street Fighter, Thundercats or a bunch of other properties that I'm sure would split the EM fans down the middle if not having MOST shaking their heads no. So which do you go for to make sure its cost effective?

John said...

"BTW Like the Wizard pose idea!"

Thanks! Like I said, I'm "Wingless Wizard" in the forums, so it only makes sense that I've been thinking about the pose for months.

Dan The Man said...

1)- Transformers
EM did some development work on this (woulda been based on the animation and comics) but the films came out and the licensor (Mattel) pulled out!

2)- G.I.Joe
um, not my cup of tea - but, ya never know it could work (doubt it though)

3)- Street Fighter
Rich is a massive fan (and has done some work on this - nothing concrete as yet)

4)-Dragonball Z
I'm sure EM have looked at this at some point - probably not a big enough draw.

5)-Classic Film Characters
EM did a Horror collection some years back (may of just been a 'TEST') it was based on the Freddy Kruger/Halloween license. Didn't go anywhere.

Also they tried an Aliens/Predator collection again didn't get passed initial Ripley Sculpt (I think Alan Cowsill has that one).

6)-WWE Legends
Got potential, but again proabably not big enough for EM to be interested.

My personal want (Not much interest at EM though)...
7) Football Legends
#1 Pele, obviously
#2 Geoff Hurst
#3 Maradona
#4 Gazza
etc etc

Anonymous said...

The Eaglemoss collection is different from all other collections precisely because it covers more than just A-listers. That's the WOW! factor and the strongest selling point of the collection.

If it was just about the super-famous characters, let's not be under any illusion: casual buyers would probably prefer to buy those figurines from other collections.

Eaglemoss should continue to position itself as the ONLY to cover the Marvel Universe in all its awe-inspiring variety. By doing so, with the passion and knowledge shown so far, I have no doubt that it will go down in history as the most important Marvel figurine collection of all time.

There is a reason why Marvel is called the House of Ideas. The vast majority of the so-called 'minor' characters are based on amazing concepts, and they have awesome stories and stunning costumes which will make awesome figurines. I want to see these ideas represented - as figurines. The greatness of the idea behind a character is what matters, not how many comics it has sold.

Every time I go to Forbidden Planet, I see casual buyers going WOW! when they see all the assorted Eaglemoss figurines on the shelves, including characters that have never been covered before by any other manufacturer. You can see that the casual buyer is spellbound, forever hooked on the collection and salivating over the prospect of seeing all Marvel characters covered one day.

Personally, I look forward to the day when we start covering the so-called less famous characters. I know I will be buying them.

One-of-Three said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
One-of-Three said...

While I'm here, I should probably ask a question thats been on my mind for a while.

How many characters can you fit on one of the bases? I know some of the special figures come with larger bases, but I figured there has to be a size limit so the figure can fit on the large Marvel base that holds ten figures.

I ask because I'm still obviously rather adamant about a Classic Marvel Figurine of the Stepford Cuckoos I mentioned a bunch of times. I also should ask (out of curiosity) how well do you think the idea would go over?

Dan The Man said...


Don't they all look the same? we could do one and you'd have to buy another 3 or 5 to make up the 'team'.

No seriously, they are pretty cool - but they're not on any of our shortlists. Although those lists are pretty fluid. But I doubt they'd get in, there are so many stronger characters with more history to do first.


One-of-Three said...

@Dan The Man: Aw that's incredibly disappointing to hear, I had a feeling though. The Cuckoos have been around for almost a decade now, so I was hoping that would have generated enough to make a classic figure. You may be kidding, but I wouldn't mind you guys just making one, as I would totally buy three or five of them. It might be a good idea.

I just think having the most recent three (Celeste, Mindee, and Phoebe) on a single stand would make for a better figure since the poses could be more dynamic (as I've mentioned details in a earlier post) and whatnot.

Splitting the three up would also be depressing. lol

Dan The Man said...


I love your Mission Statement for the CMFC

I agree with all your points - I think we need to keep to this as much as possible - with maybe the occasional left-field or oddball inclusion.

you're right the MU is an amazing and diverse place and we need to keep exploring rather than get stuck doing resculpts or trying to complete teams.

We've got a tough job selecting the remaining positions in the extension (do we expect to get another extension and push on with new areas of the MU? or do we stick to the tried and tested formula of doing a good all round selection from the main areas (xmen/ ff/ avgrs/cosmic /Spidey/ Thor)

or do we look at Obscure teams (guardians/starjammers/power pack?
other MU areas like horror/sci-fi or newer teams and characters.

We really don't know about extensions until very late on, so we truly don't know how long we will go on for. We'll just keep trying to get a good mix each time.

Dan The Man said...

sorry to disappoint you about the cuckoos! It's not really my shout - Rich might think it's a good idea -

The more I think about it I actually like the idea of the 3 of them on one base though -i wonder if it could work (costing wise).

I promise I'll at least discuss it with Rich tomorrow!

anyway goodnight.

One-of-Three said...

Oh! Just discussing it is more than what I could ever have hoped for, I love you in the most platonic way possible!

It makes me so incredibly happy that you guys are willing to take suggestions and discuss them, regardless if the ideas are accepted or not. I understand it can be stressful at times, but I think the fact you guys go through such effort scores major points for the fanbase.

Thank you.

LAWay said...


Haha, the thought that some of those lines are being considered makes me giddy. Cant believe we could have had a transformers line had it not been for the damn movies and mattel. And if DBZ may seem like a shallow fanbase, do like a ShonenJump, anime style collection, whenever I am in FP or waterstones, there are always people getting the mangas.

Personally for the extension of the collection, the more known the characters the better. I dont care if they are on a team or not, but if the root starts going to very obscure characters that were before my time and thats all the extension will be made up of, then I'll have to cut my subscription short. Same with the horror titles, thats not my marvel. I hope the mix continues even though I would prefer to see newer characters (as in the last 10-20 years) or resculpts.

Like someone mentioned, the house of ideas, and most of these ideas have been put into the A and B listers to keep them fresh and the company a success. Also, while fans awe at the diversity, casual fans dont buy the obscure characters. They'll be impressed by the selection, but will more likely buy the A-listers in new costumes and sculpts.

Of course, I could be wrong, I dont know which issues are sold out or are hard to get, I just imagine the early ones were the most popular.

Thanks for the messages Dan.

John said...

"...we need to keep exploring rather than get stuck [...] trying to complete teams."

There's my main argument AGAINST Patriot. The majority of people that voted for him seemed to say he would be a good way to start the team. If we don't know (or if its unlikely) that the rest of the team gets made, we don't NEED to start with the leader. If you just like the character, fine.

I still say Wiccan. I just think, by himself, he's a much more likable character. Great look, interesting connections and character. I'd set him right next to Scarlet Witch. Perfect.

But then, I say we go with the Agents of Atlas as they're modern characters with a lot of recent exposure, AS WELL AS classic 50's characters. Use their rich histories but current costumes. the Uranian would look fantastic. In fact, I can't even decide on a favorite. Best current Marvel team, IMO.

Robert said...

Wanted to comment on something Kirlianeyes touched upon: the display of the CMFC in FP.

There's really no comparison in size between London's FP and Glasgow's and this has a detrimental effect on where and how the CMFC is displayed in Glasgow. The Glasgow branch has never moved from the rather cramped confines in Buchanan Street. (Don't even ask about seeing the new titles section on a Saturday afternoon!) I am 6 foot tall and new figures are above my eye level. It's even worse for the older figures - even on my toes, stretching up as much as I can, I can only just reach them! There is no way any child would be able to see them or reach them without an adult helping. The sections accessible to kids have different kinds of items like Superhero Squad figures, plastic Iron Man masks and Dr. Who stuff. Yes, there is a display of the more recent CMFC and DC figures in the window, but it's also high up and overwhelmed by larger items at a lower level. It also only hints at the depth of the collection.

No criticism of the Glasgow staff, who are great, just a comment on how the CMFC is not really targetted at kids or the casual buyer in the Glasgow store.

LAWay said...

Forbidden Planet in Cardiff is even worse displaying the CMFC.

As in, they are not displayed.
Its horrendous, get this:

They remove the figurines from the bag with the magazine. Throw and cram all the magazines tightly packed in open containers for people to browse through, although you cant really browse because they are so tightly packed, and they look in bad condition.

You can only see the figurine if you take the magazine to the counter to purchase it, where they are kept in the stockroom.

Its dreadful. No way could I choose this over subscription. The main reason I think they do this is because of how little faith they have in the less known characters. The only people who will look through are the collectors or those who know about the collection.

They did used to display the magazines with figurines in tact on the shelves with the initial line-up.

LAWay said...

I think thats my theory anyway Robert, they are not aimed at the kids or casual buyers because of the characters being produced. They are put out the way for the collectors to find and look through, while more sell-able products are put on full view.

There are alot of marvel legends warming pegs, most of them lesser known characters. General public and casual fans are just not interested in them, FP knows this and keeps the characters out the way to occupy less space.

My theory anyway.

Joeking said...

I have to say that I like the idea of a Dr who collection. if you include classic series as well as the revamped version there would be a lot of characters and creatures that could be included. The 11 Doctors, 30 odd main companions, many satelite helpers from their families, Unit, And all those bad guys. You could get at least a Hundred figures into a colletion like that.

Ps Warlock

Robert said...

Of course, we're both forgetting the figures are lead and not aimed at children anyway, LAWay!

But the point about casual buyers is valid. Actually, thinking about it some more, I think FP in Glasgow have some figures on a spinner rack now. I'll need to check but I suspect they are from various collections. Nevertheless, that's only recently and I still have to reach up to a high shelf to buy the latest Marvel figurine as they are where they always have been since the collection started in, what, August 2005...?

LAWay said...

When I say kids, I mean like 10-16 year olds who go out and spend their pocket money or whatever, I dont mean 4 year olds. ^_^

LAWay said...

Just an idea after browsing some marvel artwork. avoid redos, repaints, whatever...

Spiderman 2099 is not Peter Parker, which was an argument not to do alternate versions. Infact he is integral to the Exiles now isnt he?

Iron Spiderman? During the Initiative, they created clones of MiP and dressed them up in the iron spiderman costume, so again, they aint peter parker.

The magazines can maybe touch on spiderman and peter parker and his current situation or whatever, but this would be a cool way to see more spiderman without the argument of being 'the same character', as they are not.

I will also be very happy and keep quiet for a long time. :)

LAWay said...

Thats a new game, can you think of possible redos that you want, but bypass the law of not actually being the same character.
(admittedly, you dont have to want these characters, just wondered how far the list could go)

Spiderman 2099 - Miguel O'Hara
Iron Spiderman - MVP clone
Venom - Angelo Fortunato
Ant-Man - Scott lang & Eric O'Grady
Iron Man 2020 - Arnold Stark
Ronin - Echo

basically, the idea is these people are just as integral to the marvel universe as other characters, just because they share the same superhero name doesnt make them the same character - ie, the former complaint was not wanting lots of peter parkers, tony starks, clint barton because you already have them.

mighty_marvel said...

i would be all for a dr who collection and agree that it could easily go to over 100 issues. but equally it could be made relatively small. the 11 doctors, 1 main companion for each doctor, a few of the major supporting characters (ie. captain jack) and the major bad guys could be done in under 40 - 50 issues with a tardis special edition. would definitely buy a smaller collection like this at the right price if the likenesses of the figs were spot on.

thundercats is another line that wouldn't need a big run. the main characters could probably be done within 25 issues. would be complete inside a year.

BobDiamond said...

I'm always game for a game!

So LAWay, the idea is to think of characters who share the same superhero name as ones that feature in the collection (including ones that we have had confirmed for future issues), but would still be worthy for future inclusion, Right?
1.(Red) Hulk
2.Abomination II (Rick Jones, A-Bomb)
3.Original GA Human Torch
4.(Bucky) Captain America
5.Original GA Vision
6.(Dark) Wolverine
7.Captain Marvel (Mar-vell)
8.Giant-man (Bill Foster)
9.Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
10.Nova (Herald of Galactus)

One or two of those I'm a bit iffy with, but most of them I wouldn't mind seeing sometime (esp. GA Torch and Mar-vell)
Lets see what other ones we can add...
Cheers, BD

LAWay said...

Good picks BD. I think the cap bucky is a DQ though. I want that figurine more than anything, but with winter soldier already in the line-up, i think he classifies as already done.

BobDiamond said...

Yeah, you're right about Bucky Cap LA, I'd forgotten about The Winter Soldier Figure. By the way, what does DQ mean?
Anyway...for no other reason than the the fun of it, I give you all another BD Perfect 10!
Good Guy Magic-users of the MU:
1.Dr. Strange
2.Brother Voodoo (none of this 'Doctor' nonsense!)
3.Scarlet Witch
5.Agatha Harkness
6.Dakimh The Enchanter
7.Sister Grimm

Right, the challenge is to come up with the Top 10 BAD Guy Magic-users! I know you guys and gals wont let me down!

Robert said...

Okay-dokey, if my memory is working, we've had nine announcements: two for the X-Men (Magik, Northstar); three for the FF (Karnak, Puppet-Master and Wizard), two for Spidey (Beetle, Hydro-Man) and Shanna the She-Devil. Not sure where she fits in, really, but I'm guessing the Marvel Knights group. (The only appearance I remember her from as a kid was a DD story.) If I'm wrong, please tell me.

Anyway, that leaves one character unmentioned: Mockingbird. In other words, we have had only one Avengers-related figure and it is tempting to think we may have at least one more Avenger coming. Regular calls for the likes of Stingray, Captain Marvel/ Photon, USAgent, Swordsman, Mantis, etc. on here. So, I am guesing we coudl hear about another Avenger on Friday...

Deadpool said...

I have three new kittens.
They are Egyptian Mau.

Oddly enough, you may think, I have named them Odin, Loki and Thor.

Following the theme ... I would love a Thundercats collection.

Moss Men - limited runs are a great idea and seem to have the backing of most of the blog rats here.

What's the chance?

Deadpool said...

I have a confession.....
I am Bob Diamond, Hel and Aesir.

Deadpool said...

On the subject of Magic types.

Zattana from the DC collection is a baberaham.

More girlies in the Marvel collection please - Hawkeye being my choice for YA.

mighty_marvel said...

i don't regard beetle as spidey as he's been in so much over the years. personally i'm classing him as thunderbolts or masters of evil so am hoping for another spidey fig - jjj ideally, but jackal or tombstone would also be ok - as for shanna will be putting her with ka-zar who is on my shelves as an xmen ally.

agree with the call for another avenger. we've had a female avenger so surely a male should be in. USAgent or swordsman would be good. wouldn't mind seeing an x-villain confirmed either

Deadpool said...

Since we are in Top 10 mood: -

What are your top ten favorite chatacters and your top 10 worst in the marvel universe?

The DP top 10 best are: -

1. Thor
2. Loki
3. Spider Man
4. Iron Man
5. Hawkeye
6. Logan
7. Captain America
8. Daredevil
9. Hulk
10. Punisher

Omg I hear you cry ...
I'm a traditionalist at heart.

DP top Ten Worst -

1. Mr Fantastic
2. The Beetle
3. The Mandarin
4. Beast
5. Arcade
6. Cyclops
7. Jubilee
8. Impossible Man
9. Rocket Racer
10. The Spot

This doesn't mean they would be either good or bad figurines.

Just because a character is crap doesnt mean it wouldn't be a superb figure.

Deadpool said...

MM ... Swordsman over US Agent any day.

Robert said...

Good point, the Beetle's fought the Human Torch, the Thing, Spidey, DD and others. He also fought Iron Man a few times (teamed up with Blacklash and Blizzard) and was a member of the Masters of Evil, I think, so I guess he could qualify as an Avengers villain, too... still, I may be wrong, but I think he has faced off against Spidey more than anyone else.

mighty_marvel said...

what would you think of these?

dr who collection possible lineup

1) 10th doctor (tennant) - 2) dalek - 3) rose tyler - 4) auton - 5) 4th doctor (t baker) - 6) cyberman - 7) leela - 8) capt jack harkness - 9) 1st doctor (hartnell) - 10) the master - 11) susan foreman - 12) yeti - 13) 5th doctor (davison) - 14) ood - 15) tegan jovanka - 16) davros - 17) 9th doctor (eccleston) - 18) weeping angel - 19) martha jones - 20) 3rd doctor (pertwee) - 21) judoon - 22) sarah jane smith - 23) the rani - 24) 7th doctor (mccoy) - 25) ice warrior - 26) ace - 27) donna noble - 28) 11th doctor (smith) - 29) silurian - 30) amy pond - 31) meddling monk - 32) 2nd doctor (troughton) - 33) sontaran - 34) jamie mccrimmon - 35) k9 - 36) 6th doctor (c baker) - 37) slitheen - 38) melanie bush - 39) brigadier lethbridge-stewart - 40) 8th doctor (mcgann)

SPECIAL - the tardis

thundercats collection possible figs

1) lion-o - 2) tygra - 3) panthro - 4) cheetara - 5) ben-gali - 6) pumyra - 7) lynx-o - 8) jaga - 9) snarf - 10) mumm-ra - 11) slythe - 12) jackalman - 13) vultureman - 14) monkian - 15) ratar-o - 16) hachiman - 17) turmagar - 18) ro-bear berbil - 19) warrior maiden - 20) hammerhand - 21) topspinner - 22) rambam - 23) cruncher - 24) capt shiner - 25) safari joe - 26) capt cracker

SPECIALS - wilykit and wilykat (shared base) - snowman on snowmeow - grune the destroyer

personally i'd buy both of these collections if they were made. dr who could be complete within 18 months and thundercats within 12 months

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