Friday, 16 April 2010

Mock me at your peril...

Hello again…

First up this week I have the duty to announce the next figure in the extension – Mockingbird.

An interesting character, Bobbi first appeared in Ka-Zar’s comics (in 1971) before joining SHIELD and later becoming the hero Mockingbird. To say she’s had an interesting history would be an understatement. After supposedly sacrificing her life to save Hawkeye and being sent to Mephisto’s realm, Bobbi resurfaced in the events of Secret Invasion. She’s a classic Avenger and helps build up the West Coast Avengers team.

Our sneak peek for this update is a look at a Sasquatch figure. The image is from an early stage model of the character, focusing on the upper body. We’re working on Puck but have yet to decide if he’ll be included as a double pack (on a separate base or on the same base), or as a separate figurine.

The pose for Sasquatch was chosen after looking through virtually all Alpha Flight Vol.1 comics. We wanted to keep John Byrne’s original feel for the character and capture him in action. The character needs to show his animal side but not look too savage (after all Walter Langkowsk is a scientist). Obviously you can’t see the whole thing but I’ll aim to update again next week.

I noticed a few mentions of Jameson and civilians in the comments section as well as the discussion on characters having enough history to fill a mag. First I’d like to say that Jonah Jameson has not been ruled out of the collection and is actually one of the characters that I think would be good for this extension. He’s not confirmed however, as there are just so many characters that deserve to be in this collection. As a huge Marvel Comics fan I want every character to get a spot. Of course, there are a few characters that I like more than others but when choosing who makes the extension I look to your comments as much or more than the team’s personal choices.

As far as filling the magazine goes, yes some of you are right that a mag can fit around a character and that the figurines are clearly the focal point of this collection. However, we do need to make sure a magazine is viable and that we don’t drastically change the format every issue. As a Marvel licensee, it is our duty to maintain the magazine and not stray too far from our original series concept. Of course this doesn’t mean we can’t adapt, we just need to make sure we don’t go too far off message.

Anyway, what this all means is that no character is truly impossible, but we need to make sure you and Marvel (they can veto a character) are happy with our choices. The general rule has been that a character needs about 30 decent comic appearances to definitely make the collection but as the collection has continued to grow we’ve made this about 20 comics. It really comes down to whether the character will make a good figure and is popular. Just bare with us, there are 1000s of Marvel characters to go through and every collector has slightly different tastes.

Keeping on this theme and playing a purely hypothetical game, which would you prefer in the collection at this point, a Runaways Character or a Guardians of the Galaxy character?

I’m not guaranteeing either but just how popular are the two groups?

Have a good weekend.


sergiogf said...

Thanks for both Sasquatch & Mockingbird. Perfect start for the weekend¡

Sauron, Moonstar, JJJ and Forge and I'll be entirely happy for this extension¡

Anonymous said...

Nice. Though I actually prefer Mockingbird's current modern costume. Never liked those the bathingsuit look with granny's arm fat sleeves.

As for Runaways or Guardians of the Galaxy? No contest, gotta be Guardians Of The Galaxy. Major Victory or Rocket Raccoon. Though I still would love a Groot and Rocket 2-Pack along the lines of Sasquatch and Puck.

Anonymous said...

If they don't wanna go Modern, I wouldn't mind this look. Since it's at least not a bathing suit.

She of course needs her truncheons, since that's part of what makes her special. But I'm pretty happy with her announcement. So I can pair her on the shelf with Hawkeye.

max_0888 said...

Nice update Rich!
Thanks for Mockingbird, it will be great to have her alongside the original west coast avengers. Plus she's getting a lot of spotlight with being back and her serie with Hawkeye.

I also wanna say that Moonstone is one of my fave characters, and I'd love to see her in, this extansion. I think of all my most wanted characters, she's got to be the one who has the most chance of getting in. I've followed her character ever since Thunderbolts number 1 and I really hope she'll get in this time.

AS for Sasquatch, he looks terrific :) I am really happy you are working on Puck too. Having them both together is a great idea. With Northstar being confirmed and now Sasquatch and Puck on the way, Alpha flight is really getting a lot, which i'm not complaining at all :)

Runaways? oh yeah! I love them. Id say Sister Grimm would represent the group, but I admit I prefer Lucy in the sky :) Glowing she could easily make the best figurine out of the bunch.

Guardians of Galaxy? I admit I don't really know the original team, but I know there are a lot of fans out there so i'd be pleased. As for the recent team, i'm all for it. I adore the more recent cosmics. Gamora would be my pick. Phyla-vell and Starlord would be awesome too.

So thanks again Rich and can't wait for other news. I love my fridays hehe

oh yeah, don't forget, Moonstone ;)

Anonymous said...

And please... seperate bases for Sasquatch and Puck. I really don't want them on the same base if you guys can help it. I wish Cloak and Dagger would have even been on seperate bases.

jarvis69 said...

Thanks Thanks Thanks ! last ! ;) .I like the first" early stage model " pic and I'm sure the legs'll be nice too! ll
Good news about Mockingbird( WC Avengers costume...ofc...)
My purely hypothetical answer to your purely hypothetical game will be The Guardians ! But the REAL ones , the first! Martinex , Charlie 27 , Yondu, etc....
Thanks again for sharing those infos with us Richard .

Anonymous said...

Frankly, the original Guardians Of The Galaxy barely have historys. At least the new ones are fully fleshed out characters. Plus Phyla-Vell would be a nice follow up to Moondragon from the previous expansion.

LAWay said...

Sasquatch and mockingbird, great additions!

Personally, I dont care for the runaways, they have never been on my radar. Then again, neither have guardians of the galaxy.

Give us some thunderbolts and young avengers instead!!!

Ryan Maxwell said...


Sasquatch and Puck. Wow. I'm (nearly) speachless. My top two wants and desires for this collection, both in the same post. I'm totally fine with however you want to release them, two-pack/one or two bases/(Mega/Super Duper) Special and regular release, just get them here fast!!!

My only quibble with Sasquatch is he'd be closer to the Walter I know if he was wearing a smile. Otherwise, thank you thank you thank you for sticking with Byrne's vision! I hope you do the same for Puck.

Whew. OK, breathe.

Gotta go with the Guardians for your questions.

Outstanding news on Mockingbird! I hope you go with her original costume.

JJJ!!! Bring him on!!

LAWay said...

oh, and that sasquatch preview, you you model stuff in zbrush or maya first? Does this mean you could digitally print the models instead and save time, or is that just more expensive?

navaho said...

Fantastic news Rich, really good blog this week....very informative, where can I start? Ok first things first...Mockingbird is great news, a truly classic Avenger! Sasquatch looks awesome, such expression and Interesting that Jameson might get into this extension, personally I think he would make a great 200th figurine. It's gotta be GotG for me every time my friend, every time. Please let's get White Tiger or Tarantula next as they would make great hispanic additions. One last thing, has anyone downloaded the Marvel app on the iPhone, do it cos it's brilliant, you can get free comics and stuff. Ok I'm gonna go and lie down now!

mighty_marvel said...

nice update. mockingbird is on my list of about 70 must haves and goes towards completing west coast avengers. very pleased she's in.

sasquatch looks great. hopefully we'll get puck to go with him. would prefer a seperate base but would be happy either way. just confirm the northstar/aurora double and alpha flight is almost done :)

JJJ. excellent news. know he's not confirmed yet but makes me hopeful we'll get him this extension or the next. spider-man will never look complete while he's still missing.

runaways or guardians. please don't make me choose. how about one of each. seems a nice compromise. vance astro for the GotG and nico or karolina for the runaways. but if we only get one or the other please guarantee whichever group doesn't make it this time are definitely going to be in the next extension.

jarvis69 said...

Ryan...I was SURE that You could not be long to answer to the news ! lol

Anonymous said...

"Give us some thunderbolts and young avengers instead!!!"

I concur with both of these.

T-Bolts: Moonstone would be great.

Young Avengers: Wiccan would be my top want for regular figurines. Hulking w/ wings for a Special though.

Ryan Maxwell said...

You know it, Jarvis!!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta be Guardians of the Galaxy for me. I d prefer Peter Quill (Starlord) and Rocket Racoon to any runaway.

Btw...a preview of Quasar, pls? and my up to more rogue's galleries!Vengeance!The Orb!Blackout! Black Spectre! Werewolf By Night! I m happy with Klaw and the Inclusion of Puppet Master. I also think that Bentley Whitman a.k.a. the Wizard deserves a place too :)

buffduffdan said...

Mockingbird is a great choice and very deserving! A great avenger :)

Sasquatch is looking good. Personally I'd prefer Puck on a seperate base but still in a double pack if possible. Not too keen on a shared base idea but I'd go with it if the only way to get both!

Also GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY :D Vance Astro has to get in this extension!!

mighty_marvel said...

with all the main groups having a confirmation each now i'm hoping we get something a bit different next.

brother voodoo, owl, sif, the hood, blizzard, jigsaw, crossbones, clea, hyperion would all be good

Thor8 said...

Have to get back to work so I'll have to make this brief.

Reaeeeeeally happy we've finally gotten Mockingbird into the collection now I only need another dozen or so Avengers to feel compleyely estatic.

Would prefer Puck on a seperate base.

Prefer original Guardians over Runaways anyday. Thanks for a great update Rich

Anonymous said...

glad about all the news this week , thanks rich , yet again you do us all proud !!

your game :

i'd love to see yondu from guardians of the galaxy and then a double pack of arleta and stakar ogord (starhawk)

spidey_1979 said...


sasquatch is looking good. puck on a seperate base please.

great to see JJJ on the radar. i'll be happy as long as he comes before 200.

good choice of mockingbird too. would prefer it if remaining major avengers members were done before young avengers are started.

Anonymous said...

Why? They didn't wait to finish the X-Men before starting the New Mutants.

LAWay said...

Has any team really been finished except the fantastic 4?

I dunno how big the other groups are, but what I have read of the runaways, they are not very visually appealing in their designs.

Frankly, the amount of attention and modern storylines that Thunderbolts and young avengers receive that are important to major events in modern marvel, its a crime that we have not seen a single character from their respected teams.

I appreciate catering for old fans with some characters and costume choices, but wheres the modern characters and costumes?

buffduffdan said...

A most wanted team poll was ran on the forum not too long over. About 100 voters I believe and the top 39 results were:

Alpha Flight - 34
Starjammers - 30
Thunderbolts - 29
New Mutants - 27
X-Factor - 27
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants - 24
X-Force - 24
Inhumans - 23
Wrecking Crew - 23
X-Men - 19
Guardians of the Galaxy Original - 18
Hellfire Club - 18
New XMen - 16
Avengers - 14
Young Avengers - 14
Excalibur - 13
Imperial Guard - 13
Squadron Supreme - 13
Frightful Four - 11
Soviet Super Soldiers - 10
Generation X - 9
Exiles - 8
Generic Agents (Aim, Shield, Hydra) - 8
Masters of Evil - 7
Mauraders - 7
New Warriors - 7
Runaways - 7
Guardians of the Galaxy New - 6
Horsemen of Apocalypse - 6
Invaders - 6
MI: 13 - 6
Serpent Society - 6
Agents of Atlas - 5
Sinister 12 - 5
Sisterhood of Mutants - 5
Warriors Three - 5
Great Lake Avengers - 4
Rangers - 4
Zodiac - 4

Hope that's a help :D

Kal Brindle said...


Richard, today is my 43rd birthday. Thank you for the most awesome birthday present ever! The only way this coul be beaten is a Beaubier Twins Two Pack! Thanks you for the amazing resculpt of Sasquatch - love the John Byrne look - he looks brilliant! Great news about Puck - though please please please can we have him on a seperate base.

Mockingbird is an excellent choice for this extension - bravo.

AS for the choice its got to be the Guardians for this old timer and the Classic Team at that - Vance Astro, Starhawk, Nikki, Yondu, Charlie 27 & Aleta. I love the latest incarnation too, but these guys are my Guardians so I'm biased.

Thanks again for the great news on Sasquatch & Puck - you truly have made my day!

spidey_1979 said...

to be fair nearly all of the characters who joined the x-men before the new mutants graduated in 1986 were in the collection before the new mutant figs started being announced. the main missing ones are thunderbird, mimic and changeling and i would think thats because of their limited appearances compared to the major new mutant characters.

but the missing major avengers do not have considerably less appearances than the young avengers. in most cases, they have considerably more and as such should be done first in my opinion. i'm not talking about loads of characters, just some of the more important absentees such as photon, us agent, arachne, swordsman. after that i'd love to have wiccan, speed, hulkling, kate bishop and the rest

on a side note, nico minoru and karolina dean would both make great looking figs to represent the runaways. both unique, visually striking characters

jimbob said...


Thanks EM!

jimbob said...

Hope Sasquatch will be bigger size than Lobo special!

What about Blob preview next.

Hope we still have him out this year!!!!!!

Jacadoo said...

My life is complete Sasquatch finally makes the collection but please Rich seperate bases for Sasquatch and Puck please.

Got to be Guardians for me as a choice but what era - classic 70s Yondu for me.

or modern for me Drax the Destroyer or both - yes I'm weak - I don't care feed the hunger.

Anonymous said...

Drax is already confirmed. He was announced at least 2 expansions ago. And he'll be in his modern GotG look. Not the goofy Hulk w/ a purple cape look.

Fabio Mucci said...

A Runaway!!!! Or maybe both: a Runaways and a Guardian of Galaxy...

As for the figure: Sasquatch looks good! Surprise for Mockingbird!

But i still wait for Jigsaw, Power Pack and Howard the duck!

jimbob said...

Runaway are Rubbish.

It shows from the team poll that they are not that popular.

GOTG would be awsome,far more creative looking characters in there.

Hawkeye said...

Mockingbird - at last!!! I was getting lonely without Bobbi :)

Sasquatch looks like he could be a worthy addition to the collection and as a long standing advocate for JJJ's inclusion, that's gotta be good news from the Moss Men (as Deadpool would say).

As for Runaways or Guardians, I'll leave that to those who know more about those groups to decide - not really up to speed on either of them.

Thanks for a good update Rich!

Fanboy said...

I'm super excited about Sasquatch and Mockingbird (and Puck!). So awesome to see some of the lesser known characters getting into the collection. And to choose, I'd definitely have to say 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. Major Victory would be my specific choice, maybe saving Rocket Raccoon for a two-pack if they're going to keep doing them.

Alexocks said...

To answer your question, Guardians of the Galaxy (originals).

They have a very extensive history with many, many more appearances than the current incarnation of the team.

Aside from their first appearance, they had 10 issues of Marvel Presents, guest appearances in Defenders, Avengers, etc., 62 issues of their own book and 4 annuals. Lots and lots of history there.

Paul said...


I am stoked for Sasquatch and Puck. Mockingbird is great but c'mon Alpha Flight. With Northstar and Aurora confirmed and now this all we need is Shaman. However you release these figures is fine just please not on the same base. As a double pack would be the best I think because Puck is small and could be done easy at that size.

Guardians has my vote on the hypo!!!

I would love to see Sauron, Forge and maybe Armor upcoming but I am a big X fan so very partial.

Loving these updates Rich and the fantastic series so far. Let's get it up to 250.

Banshee said...

Wow I'm thrilled that your working on Sasquatch and Puck but please please please do them on seperate bases. I still think Cloak and Dagger should be on seperate bases and they are way more connected than the Alpha Flight duo.

Mockingbird is an excellent addition to the collection and I'm happy to hear your considering JJJ. I know he's a civilian but he is one of Spideys major foes.

As for your little game it's gotta be GOTG. Either Vance Astro or Gamora would be amazing!!!!!

John said...

Sasquatch is actually my 3rd favorite super hero, so I'm extremely happy right now. I love Alpha Flight, and like all Alpha Flight fans, I love Puck. So, hurray again!

Like most people say, please have separate bases. I'd prefer a two pack, to make sure you sell Puck at the right size without people complaining about the price. Plus, I really do want an appropriately sized Puck. I still say Mole Man was too tall. But if you have any issues with double packs, you've got two extremely high profile characters that work perfectly together. They have GOT to sell well.

Also very excited to hear you considering JJJ. One of my absolute favorite comic characters.

Don't care at all about Runaways... and actually, surprisingly, never even heard of the original GotG until I read the new Guardians of the Galaxy. So I'm voting for the cosmics, but my vote goes to Gamora, Phyla, Star Lord, Rocket raccoon, Groot (Rocket and Groot would be great together, but if you doubt Groot's selling power, Rocket totally has it by himself,) and I'd love to see Bug. I've become a HUGE fan of the new GotG since DnA started writing it, and I'd even love a figurine of Cosmo if it were somehow possible. :)

John said...

And if there's any chance of 2 Fantastic Four villains in one extension, how about The Wingless Wizard. I'd sure like to add the leader of the Frightful Four to my collection.

If not, any member of the Agents of Atlas would be at the top of my list. :)

Dean said...

Young Avengers, please! Any would do, but I'd prefer wiccan, hulkling, patriot, and hawkeye, in that order. I'd vote for them over the runaways, but the runaways over the guardians. Look, I've been reading comics since the 70s, but I buy figures because I still read comics, and you haven't given enough attention to the folks that I am actually reading about now. I'd be much more consistent in my magazine/figure purchases if you'd stop with the folks who are covered in decades of dust. Enough with the geriatric characters. There is a reason why Captain America is still with us but others are not.

Anonymous said...

"If not, any member of the Agents of Atlas would be at the top of my list. :)"

I would love to see them do the Agents of Atlas. Especially since Marvel is so committed to them. Gorilla Man, Namora, Venus, The Uranian, M-11: The Human Robot, Jimmy Woo, and Golden Claw.

Gorilla Man would be a fantastic start.

Anonymous said...

i dont kno guys n girls (dunno if any of u r girls...) it seems to me EM should put a team to a close rather than open another before. or a faction (like Daredevil's enemies, for example - all that's REALLY missing from his REAl enemies is the Owl). so far EM has attempted to do this with the Alpha Flight (Shaman and Marrina really left) and Inhuman Royal Family (Lockjaw & Maximus left) but why start the New X-Men with X-23 and the Eternals with Ikaris if we have no real guarantee we ll get the rest of the team? i m not being pessimistic, dont get me wrong. i d love this collection to continue as much as the next guy but let s be realistic - its all up to EM how much these extensions will keep a completist, i d much rather have complete teams rather than one representing an entire team.
btw: were have Deadpool and the jabbathehutt guy (happy gay like doris day guy)gone? i havent been on this forum for ages cos of university and am not updated with the goings on. hope they re ok

Deadpool said...

OMG Richard .... I am speachless.

Deadpool said...

Well Crowrider... as you can see I am here, well and back to my good old loud mouth self.

Poor old Jabba is an ex-hutt ... she has ceased to be.
Ted Salis drove her from this Blogg, followed by a blaze of profanity by another one of my supposed aliases ...
That however is another story.

Since most other bloggers hate me and I am here mainly to annoy, I thought I would give them a bit breathing space.
Of course as Thor mentioned not so long ago ... the Blog seems rather quiet when I am not here.
It seems some people miss me when I am not hurling abuse and confusion with obtuse and disturbing ideas.

Let's see what I can dream up in my next post.

Oh and before i forget - welcome back Crowrider.

Deadpool said...

First my opinions on the latest figure sneak preview.

Only one word describes the Moss Men's efforst on Sasquatch and that is .... AWESOME.
The pose and expression are absolutely PERFECT.(OK thats 2 words ... I know)

Secondly - Runaways or Guardians?

My head says Guardians: -
Vance Astro, Yondu or Nikki from the originals.


Starlord, Groot and Racoon double pack from the new guardians.

My heart says Sister Grim from the Runaways.

As a compromise - add Sister Grim and a Guardian into the collection.

Now on to the subject of Mr Stumpy ... AKA PUCK.

Yes include him with Sasquatch.
However put him on his own base and make it a double pack.

Nuff said ... maybe.

Deadpool said...

Now that we have Sasquatch confirmed.

What are your thoughts on Wendigo?

Now for something completely different .....

Richardo ... give us an update on the prospects of a Judge Dredd / 2000AD collection.

I would suggest starting off with a mini series of figures, similar in essence to what you've done with Buffy.

Make these available to subscribers to DC and Marvel on a refusal basis - also make them available to the general public 9or as I call them "The great unwashed".

Line up for Dredd / AD collection mini series: -

Judge Dredd
Judge Death
Mean Machine
Judge Hershey
Dredd on Lawmaster
Rogue Trooper
Strotium Dog

If these prove popular then expand the series into a full collection.

As we tend to say where I come from .... JFDI (no offense intended ... well actually maybe a little ... just to keep things interesting)

Deadpool said...

Since I'm on a roll here ... and nobody has even winced or complained yet ... here's another DP thought of the day.

Can we have a Moss Men figure please ... a homage if you will ... to represent the guys who are keeping us FOOMites ever so happy.

Have a chat with your contacts at Marvel or as it is now ...Disney ..(shudder) to see if they would allow a special of this type.

Provided the figure looks cool and the magazine is full of figure manufacture images, modelling tips and Moss Men background info, I would be proud to have it in the collection.

Also ensure that it doesnt take up a slot in the actual collection .. just to avoid Mr Blue Rinse from launching into a fillibuster.

PS. Regarding little figures.
Can we have a Tripple pack consiting of Bamf, Howard the Duck and Rocket Racoon?

Deadpool said...

Young Avengers.

As you may have guessed by now I like the way girlies are represented in the Marvel universe.

With this in mind I would like to see Hawkeye girlie (Kate Bishop)from the Young Avengers in the collection.

Given the choice, who in their right mind (with the exception of Mr Blue Rinse) would have hulkling over Katie?

Deadpool said...

I need to find more ammo for my spam cannon ....

Cya later guys and have a nice weekend.

Oh and remember Make Mine Marvel ...

Deadpool said...

Ok I know I said the spam cannon was empty...but as usual I was a little economical with the truth.

I still ahve one last round before a recharge.

Regarding completion of teams.
There is a very good reason not to complete teams quickly and that is to keep the fans coming back for more.
String it out as long as you like Moss Men ... I am a committed fan...some say I should be committed.

Anyway bye for now ... and have a nice day.

Fabio Mucci said...

Yeah, i'd want to agree with Deadpool. Make a compromise:

- 1 Character from Guardians of the Galaxy
- 1 Character from Runaways (they're important too)

And yes, in the collection maybe you can add this important characters:


as a megaspecial


Anonymous said...

Sasquatch looks awesome!

Please keep Puck on a separate base. There is no real reason
for a combined one.

On the other hand, Cloak & Dagger are beautiful together. The sculpt is sublime, as it captures the interdependence of the characters.

To answer the quick poll, please
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY all the way! I would choose Starhawk, even if he's more a recruit, but looks awesome. And then release a bumper multi-pack featuring Vance Astro, Martinex and Yondu. They look awesome.

Please look at these Guardians Of The Galaxy toy figures:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is the correct LINK to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY toy figures:

There is no doubt that these characters look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Aaargh, this blog does not seem to accept the full URL of other sites.

Anyways... just do a Google image on Martinex, then on Yondu and then on Vance Astro.

There are toy figures which give us an idea of how awesome the Guardians figurines would look.

Anonymous said...

wendigo now sasquatch is in please.

Deadpool said...

I'll keep this one short and Kirly.

Kirly, I second your proposal for a Guardians bumper pack.

Include Nikki too in your bumper pack.

A pack of 3 simply will not do.

Deadpool said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hel said...

Sasquatch is superb.

Judge Dredd is a great idea.

One Guardian and One Runaway is a must have.

Hawkeye from the Young avengers, ok why not I'll agree to that too.

Wendigo is a must have.

Wow I seldom post, but there is a lot to consider here.

Deadpool you have came up with the goods once again.

I must confess that I look forward to your posts and where have you been recently?

Where is Bob and Rob and that Pirate guy?

More Asgardians to please.
Looking forward to receiving the Enchantress.

Nice update Richard and Deadpool.

See you all in Hel, have a nice life.

Deadpool said...

Oh oh .... I hope you are not stalking me.

But thanks anyway.

Who knows maybe I Richard is another one of my aliases.

Deadpool said...

After much consideration I must agree with some of the points made by geriatric Dean.

Yeah I know he hasn't got a cool name or photo and he has no heroic or evil deeds under his belt, but he does have a point.

New younger subscribers may not be familiar with golden age or silver age heroes.
The collection should include more modern heroes in order to strike a balance.

What do the other blog rats think?

Deadpool said...

Laway regarding your suggestion to make digital prints.

Having seen some digital prints first hand they do not even come close to the detail that can be achieved by hand sculpting a Master Figure.

Richard - please do not do any digital printing for figurines.
True sculpting brings the figurines to life and is a testament to the skill of the artist.

Skott said...

I'd still like:
Terror, Inc.
Marvel Zombies
Death's Head (the ORIGINAL and BEST version)

Oh, and an easier way to get these in the states without having to pay an arm and a leg on ebay and amazon, lol

Anonymous said...

"Oh, and an easier way to get these in the states without having to pay an arm and a leg on ebay and amazon, lol"

It's called a Comic Book Shop.

There's even online ones. Check out Stuckakid and Big Bad Toy Store for good online places.

Dan The Man said...

Deadpool said:

"Regarding completion of teams.
There is a very good reason not to complete teams quickly and that is to keep the fans coming back for more."

I don't know where you got this from, obviously it's just your personal feeling of what is happening.

The truth is that there is no covert reason for EM not to complete teams- we never started out to complete teams, our original run was set for 60 issues and we were only ever hopeful of extensions every 20 issues after that - so that in mind we set out to provide a broad set of figurines that covered the most famous characters of the MU, teams have been completed purely by accident as we extend each time.

With the growing knowledge that you guys have an interest in completing teams we have started to bare this in mind, but we still feel the need to extend our fingers into uncharted areas such as New Mutants and Alpha Flight and possibly Guardians of the Galaxy/Young Avengers/Thunderbolts etc etc.

But the completion of teams isn't really our objective, it's just to get as many varied and interesting Marvel characters made as we can (that are generally considered popular) before the collection comes to an end. if in doing this we get full teams made then that's a bonus.

Just wanted to set the record straight. Cheers

mighty_marvel said...

in the spirit of dan's post about making the collection as varied and interesting as possible. how about this little game for everyone. finish the extension with whatever characters you want but you have to be able to show each one as belonging to a different team.

these are what we have so far excluding northstar as he may be a double eventually

1) beetle (thunderbolt)
2) hydroman (sinister 12)
3) magik (new mutants)
4) mockingbird (west coast avengers)
5) shanna (savage land)
6) puppet master (don't know much about PM. couldn't find a team for him)
7) karnak (inhumans)

my choices for the remainder

8) nico minoru (runaways)
9) vance astro (guardians of the galaxy)
10) sif (asgard)
11) forge (x-men)
12) selene (hellfire club)
13) tiger shark (masters of evil)
14) brother voodoo (supernaturals)
15) photon (avengers)
16) silver samurai (big hero 6)
17) clea (defenders)
18) baron mordo (offenders)
19) sersi (eternals)
20) JJJ (daily bugle)

Dan The Man said...

Really nice though-out list.

you truly are mighty, marvel.

Deadpool said...

Hey Dan,

That wasn't a criticism so no need to set the record straight.

It makes common sense to vary the collection and slowly roll out teams.

That's what keeps everything fresh and keeps the collection going.

I wouldn't want it any other way.

Now that I have your attention ... how about some of the other questions being answered.

Judge Dredd for instance - go or no go?

Where has your head gone?

When will I be invited to Jarrow for Tea and Sticky buns?

Does CBR Beast use hair dye or is that his natural colour?

What about alternative sculpts?

What about a blog poll for a multi pack?

How about Subscriber only specials?

These are but a few of the burning issues that the fans need addressing.

Deadpool said...

Once again the DP spam cannon has served the blog well.

I am of course making the wild assumption that Dan the Nan is one of the lesser Moss Men ... also known as a Mossling.

Keep the info coming Dan and welcome to the community.

May i also enquire about Darkchylde too?

cool beans74 said...

as much as i love Runaways i think Guardians of the Galaxy would probably make better figures, and as a personal request, i would love a Jonothan Starsmore (classic Chris Bachalo) Chamber figure, big sticky up hair with energy leaking out of his chest and jaw, i know you guys would do a brilliant job on such a great underrated character (please, pretty please)

Dan The Man said...

That wasn't a criticism so no need to set the record straight.


Judge Dredd for instance - go or no go?


Where has your head gone?

IT'S ARNIM ZOLA (face in chest)

When will I be invited to Jarrow for Tea and Sticky buns?


Does CBR Beast use hair dye or is that his natural colour?


What about alternative sculpts?


What about a blog poll for a multi pack?


How about Subscriber only specials?



Dan The Man said...


Gremlin said...

Good job on the Mockingbird inclusion....can't wait to get her.

As for the GOTG or Runaways I say why not have both. Putting these teams head t head is a bit strange considering they are very different teams that reach out to very different subset of fans. There is surly room in the collection for both Vance Astro and Sister Grimm.

Anonymous said...

"How about Subscriber only specials?


No no no! Bad idea. You're basically screwing over a section of the fanbase that has no option to subscribe in their respective countries. Such as American collectors who are limited to going through their local LCS and Diamdond Comics. Unless you're going to allow Diamond to import the subscriber exclusives as well. Us in the States already got shafted on the Red Rooftop Spider-Man, the Dark Phoenix, and the Blue Angel.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say:
the moment civilians appear in this collection is the moment I cancel my subscription and stop
buying figurines. I know that many collectors share this view,
especially the vast majority out there, the non-bloggers.

I think a more fair option would be to release Civilians as specials, so they are not forced onto collectors who want super-powered characters, whilst keeping fans of civilians happy.

Eaglemossers, if you think that civilians can prove popular, perhaps you could try a JJJ special or Aunt May & Mary Jane double-pack. You'll be able to assess sales without using subscribers and superhero collectors as marketing guinea-pigs!

Personally, I want figurines of supeheroes and super-villains with awesome costumes, gadgets and physical characteristics. A figurine of a civilian in plain clothes is plain boring and would kill the sense of wonder I seek in the Marvel Universe.

Anonymous said...

i don't think that j jonah jameson
or general thunderbolt ross will hurt you that much curly sue.
these two are very important characters regardless of weather or not they wear a costume.
they both deserve a spot in this collection and personally i think you are only speaking for yourself , just because you don't want them doesn't mean everyone feels the same.
we need proof like a poll but your idea of making them optional as a purchase sounds like a good idea.
i always said if jjj isn't done as a regular to include him with mary jane + aunt may as triple pack or just with aunt may as twin pack.
and g.t.ross could be with betty ross or rick jones even as a multi pack too.
whatever happens though i would just like to add that i feel jjj is a must have no matter what and he is far better than some minor league spandex crap from the bottom of the barrel.

mighty_marvel said...

even in the regular line-up you don't have to buy a jjj figure. nobody is forcing you to buy every figurine.

and frankly i'd say most of the non-blogger and forum collectors are not hardcore marvelites and they would appreciate a marvel heavyweight like jjj, an iconic character that they actually know rather than some c/d list character they've only vaguely heard of. also casual collectors are much more likely to pick him up if seen.

and why even mention aunt may and mary jane. the only 'civilain' if indeed you can call him that, personally i'd call him an antagonist, that has been mentioned is jjj. i don't see may or mary jane or any other 'civilain' appearing for a long time. jjj has been mentioned because he is a spiderman villain. he was the first spiderman villain for crying out loud. first story in amazing spiderman issue 1, the antagonist was jjj. thats why he is being considered, his importance to spiderman and marvel history.

so what if he's not in a spandex suit. his look is iconic and he would stand out. any marvel fan would know an image of jjj when they saw one. and we already have plain clothed characters in the collection. prof x, madrox for example. they look fine, and to me stand out more because they don't get lost in the sea of spandex.

civilains as specials is a rediculous idea. specials slots are limited and as has been mentioned multiple times should be saved for characters who simply CANNOT be done in the regular line-up. there's alot of charcters that can only be done as specials and few special places so specials should be reserved for these.

as someone who posts both on here and the forum i'd say most people would accept jjj either in this extension or the next. from what i've seen only a handful of people are completely against his inclusion. thats the minority, not the majority

LAWay said...

I agree with Dean.

I want characters I am reading about now.

There is a reason why some characters are no longer in storylines, because they were just not that good.

Any why throw away years of character development by giving us figures of characters in their original costumes? The characters have evolved for the better. All new comicbook fans...and I say that loosely...if you have been a fan for 20 years, you have still been alienated by some of the decisions of costumes and characters.

If a character hasnt been included in any comic titles in the past 10 years, they do not deserve a figure...or, they should not be considered priority.


As for civilians, i hope you dont make many of them. How many really justify a figure? I think only JJJ. He is like a villain in the spidey universe. Seriously, I would have preferred a JJJ over about 30 of the characters we have actually received.

I dont want an Aunt May, I cant see how it would make a good figure, and why anyone would desire her on your shelves. I have mentioned it before, but if we must have the ladies of Peter Parker's life, do Mary Jane, Gwen Stacey and Aunt may on one base. But we dont need them.

Judge Dredd series?
I wouldnt mind just having Dredd, but dont care about anyone else. The Comicbook Legends action figure series proves these characters dont sell.

I googled Runaways and guardians of the galaxy. Please dont make figures of the old guardians, they look sooooo rubbish. Thank god there is a modern version of them that look half decent.

As for Runaways...awful. there is not a single character there. Why complain about not wanting civilians when thats what the runaways look like?! I changed my mind, give me mary jane, gwen stacey and even aunt may after all. At least those characters have some history.

Seriously though, Young Avengers. Modern. These guys look like heroes. They should be priority over these other teams. We have even had them as action figures, showing that the toy team knew these guys sold over the other crap. Check the marketing and sort it out!

Subscriber only exclusives. Surely the subscribers are keeping this magazine afloat. Give us exclusives.

For all foreign collectors, tough. In the UK, we miss out on every single US collectors exclusive action figures and such, its about time we get something that you guys cant. If they really want it, they can buy off eBay like we have to do.

Please dont you dare repaint sasquatch white and make me fork out extra for a wendigo. Or do it like the blue angel and phoenix and only give it to subscribers who ASK for it.

Seriously, I dont want repaints. I'll just repaint it myself if I want. Unless you give us these figures for free.

You know. Something that benefits subscribers.

Finally to summarize, give us young avengers and modern characters and costumes! Not all of us are 60 and remember the golden age.

mighty_marvel said...

i'm sorry but the runaways do not look like civilians. i've never walked around my town and seen a goth japanese witch with a big magical staff or a rainbow coloured glowing alien or a genetically engineered dinosaur or a boy with weaponised gloves, shoes and x-ray specs. ok i'll give you gert and molly look normal but if gert were ever done she'd be a double with old lace and if you read the books you'd know that molly is awesome and should be in on that basis alone.

as a marvel fan i want representation from right across the MU. nobody should be excluded if they are important enough regardless of whether they're powered or not, or wearing a spandex costume or not. the key thing is the running order because obviously some characters are more important than others and at the same time a mix of popular and slightly less popular is needed to keep the collection running as long as possible. it's a fine balance and i wouldn't want to do it but EM are right more often than not. but i'll be happy as long as by the end i've got a good lead model representation of the MU in its entirity

mighty_marvel said...

and can people stop saying they don't want jjj because they don't want aunt may or mary jane. EM HAS NOT mentioned aunt may, mary jane or any other 'civilian' character. they have mentioned JJJ and JJJ only. and thats because he's a spidey foe, think of him as a civillain. having JJJ will not mean the other civilians come in thick and fast. i doubt we'd get someone like mary jane until around #300, if ever

Anonymous said...

hahaha, Mad Thinker, your comments are valid ... but please do not call me Curly Sue! Just in case my name is confusing you, I'm a dude with bulgy biceps and a karate black belt and I look rather like Iron Fist and Hawkeye.

Apart from that, I accept the view that JJJ is an important villain.

John said...

I'd rather not have team completion first, because that would mean I'd have to wait through a LOT of X-men, and what I really want are Agents of Atlas, Young Avengers, and Initiative members.

Deadpool said...

Subscriber only specials with a limited distribution of 3 per subscriber is one of my better ideas.

Of course the subscribers are the bedrock of this collection and we need to have a reward for our continuing patronage.

PS anything that enrages Mr Blue Rinse so much can't be a bad thing.

I was content with Kirly, but if you insist - Kirly Sue it is.

In closing JJJ is a worthy addition to the collection so maybe our resident Mossling will take note and keep everyone happy.

Personally I would also like MJ too.

Deadpool said...

Hmm after visualising somebody that looks like Hawkeye and Iron fist I am rather disturbed.

Kirly Sue ... are you a pair of conjoined twins by any chance?

Deadpool said...

Mossling.... you said that the Figurine collection was not based at Jarrow.

However your contact info is: -

Jacklin Enterprises, Marvel Collection, FREEPOST, NAT20403, Jarrow, NE32 3ZY.

Please explain.

I need that cup of tea and sticky buns.

Anonymous said...


I have no clue why you feel the need to constantly troll me. I assume it's because you have this strange secret crush on me. If so, sorry to break your heart but you're not my type. I'm sure you'll find someone for you one of these days. Now dry those tears and man up.

Anonymous said...

Re: Rick Jones...

Eaglemoss doesn't have to worry about him being a civilian. He can easily be included as A-Bomb. Considering Red Hulk has been mentioned as a possible special at some point, Rick should be fair game also.

Dan The Man said...

As far I can guess EM use outside agencies to deal with the subscription side of things, Thus Jacklin Enterprises run the mail-outs (similar to a call centre or mailing office).

The offices of Eaglemoss Publishing proper is in Kensington Media Village (Near Earls Court). Where all the decisions are made in the Editorial/ Marketing/ Financial and Production side of things.

The figurine co-ordination has been run by Richard (with myself) for a while now, although Richard has been whisked away from the magazine to work on a top secret project for a few months so John Tomlinson (ex-Tharg!) and myself now run the mag.

Freelance sculptors produce the figurine resin casts (at their own studios) and they are sent to China (via EM) to be produced in lead alloy.

On the subject of Subscribers: The continuation of the project is directly linked to the amount of subscribers - so the more subscribers the longer we can produce figurines, so with that in mind, it would be a no-brainer (for Rich and myself) to want to extend the life of the collection by gaining new subscribers, EM have traditionally allowed their other collections to slowly lose subscribers and eventually end the series, but the idea of subscriber only specials could possibly buck the trend and actually help re-build the subscriber base. it wouldn't be great for the casual buyers, but I believe that's a small price to pay for keeping this thing going. So it is worth some consideration at least.

marvelman said...

I have read this blog for years but only commented once or twice. However, I want to say that I really hope that if new 'exclusives' happen they are made available to both subscribers and non subscribers.

I get the magazine (and the dc collection) every two weeks delivered to my local newsagent. They always arrive on time and in good condition. I have ordered directly from eaglemoss in the past via the website but found that the figures took an age to arrive this puts me off subscribing.

I still really want to get a green quicksilver (for a reasonable price - not the £50ish on ebay) and feel that adding subscriber only 'exclusives' into the collection will just fuel the trade on ebay of over priced figures. I saw a red pheonix selling for £70 the other day - this is crazy money and unfair.

I consider myself to be the type of collector eaglemoss would want to keep - I have bought every figure in both series but think that creating more situations (like the green quicksilver) whereby I can't maintain a full collection may mean that I give up trying to get the full set and start picking and choosing what figures I buy. Surely this may happen with other collectors? Would this not damage the longevity of the collection??

Maybe a compromise would be to sell any new 'exclusives' to non subscribers via the website but make them free or available at a massive discount to the subscriber guys?

Any thoughts on this??

Can we please get crossbones and avalanche in the current extension??!!??

Anonymous said...

love to know what top secret mission richard is on , could it be a future figurine collection ?

and i hope you are not using poor little orphan kids from china as slave labour making these current figurines lol.

p.s : main civilian to be included

j jonah jameson

general thunderbolt ross + rick jones are important also but not as much as the jjj man !!

Deadpool said...

Thanks for the feedback Dan.

It is really refreshing that one of the Moss Men are actively engaging with the Fans rahter than just doing a weekly update.

Keep up the good work.

Don't take it to heart beast... I am jusst pulling your hairy blue leg.

Since you are probably the most dour blogger here I feel it is
my duty to cheer you up :0)

Don't let the subscriber base die.

I subscribed to Lord of the Rings and now to both Marvel and DC.
The quality is good and so is the service.

How about allowing subscriptions overseas via comic stores that sell marvel comics?

That should stop Beast feeling quite so blue.

How about an Indy collection that covers Dark Horse, 2000AD and Crusade comics etc?

Dan The Man said...

...of course total gross sales are what's important, subscribers and non subscribers all contribute to the success of the collection. but in my understanding the subscription base is what the EM management base their decisions whether to extend another 20 issues or not.

I'm not at liberty to reveal the subscriptions figures, but anything we can do to sustain what we have or even increase the subscribers would be great - we'd be able to get more of your favourite characters in before the axe inevitably falls on extensions. (don't worry we're ok for now!)

We are always disappointed to hear that folks are not happy with the subscription service - and although this is out of mine or Richard's powers to improve (it's a system that EM have been employing since the 70s!) - we do pass your comments on via the management and hopefully they filter though (i would like to think that they have heeded our comments but we don't get feedback). EM obviously would prefer a perfect subscription service but these things will always have glitches and problems (bare in mind issues are sent directly to peoples homes in the post as opposed to newsagents and comic shops getting weekly/monthly shipments by the lorry load (the individual posting would be far more prone to delay or damage - but it should take the worry of missing an issue. swings and roundabouts.

anyway that's me done for now.

Dan The Man said...

glad your happy with the subs service DP, it's difficult to get a full picture of what's happening on the frontline so to speak.

The only realistic way of getting the collection into the US and Canada was via Diamond who pretty much control the distribution to comic shops. we really would love to have overseas subscribers (we do have some - see the small print on intro page of mag), but alas we gotta play the system.

this really is my last post tonight -honest.

mighty_marvel said...

im a subscriber from around issue #3. always been more than happy with the service. the few problems i've had have been sorted quickly (except for foom but can understand that as there's a lot of people in the same situation) and my subscriber packs are always on time. big thumbs up from me too for the subscription service

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty happy getting my figurines via the comic shop. I have only had 1 broken or messed up figurine out of 116 + Specials. And that was Loki, who's helmet flag was bent/cracked and the paint flaked off. I did run into allocation problems with Deadpool and War Machine. Deadpool eventually turned up 6 months later. I am still missing War Machine, and will probably have to order him from oversees at some point. But otherwise, considering all the horror stories I've read about the subscription problems with delays and breakage, I am downright pleased by comparison.

Kal Brindle said...

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the info mate. I have to say as a Canadian that if there was a way for me to subscribe I would. Your current service does not allow for Canadian subscribers which is why I am still missing Blade, Iron Fist, Black Panther, Nick Fury, Dread Dormammu, Lizard, Punisher & Apocalypse. I have paid ridiculous amounts to eBayers around the world, called in favours from British and Irish mates and begged my local LCS to pressure Diamond Select to allow us to back order figures. Now you tell us that the fate of the collection is determined by the subscriber base - well then mate let all the American and Canadian fans subscribe and the higher ups and bean counters can run with that to the bank! (Surely Diamond's pre-orders are taken into account as well?)

Regardless thanks for sharing the information. So now all I need to know is what bribes are you likely to take to get Grey Gargoyle or Arcade into this extension? LOL

As for the success of the two packs - fingers crossed the Sasquatch & Puck will knock sales out of the park and guarantee us many many more. I'll be buying two at least!

As for more teams - bring 'em on from the Guardians to the Runaways, the Eternals, the Young Avengers, the Savage Land Mutates, the New X-Men or who-ever - if it's Marvel I want it!

Travis said...

I don' know what is worse, subscriber exclusives that we buyers in the US and Canada can not get, or the fact that EM doesn't sale the plinths and binders in the US anymore.
Bad enough we have to deal with Diamond who either ships out a bunch of figurines all at one, or worse ships them out the some areas of North America while make others wait for up to 6 weeks before getting the same figurine.

And the funny part is that Diamond blames all this on EM. The Diamond rep at my LCS says EM doesn't supply enough figurines, nor will they sale plinths or binder to them.
So what are we North American collector suppose to think when France of all places gets an exclusive figurine while all we get here is serious migraines trying to buy this wonderful collection.
It would be nice if EM would think of at least doing a North America exclusive at the very least.

Gremlin said...

I have to say I am a subscriber and it really is the best thing for me. I have had very few problems with figures and those I have had (chipped figs via postage) have all been sorted out very quickly. I will continue to be a subscriber to the dieing day. Most of my problems seem to come from the Royal mail service rather than EM. I know you probably don't get much feedback wrt subscribers other than the complaints side of things so I just thought I would say IMO it's a pretty good deal.
As for subscrier only figures...sure bring them on, anthing to extend the longevity of the collection.
It does seem a shame that overseas customers cannot subscribe. But by the sounds of it it's not the fault of anyone at EM Towers. Legal issues and mumbo-jumbo I expect.

On the subject of the Runaways. I'm sorry but they do look a bit civvie like. You obviously have the few members that stand out like Nico and Karolina but to be honest the rest are rather bland in their jeans and t-shirts. I don't really expect it to be a team that EM will complete but I fully support having a representative of them in the collection and the logical chice is Sister Grim their leader. She has the cool goth-chic thing going on and with the staff of One would make a mighty fine figure.

LAWay - I have to completly disagree with you with respect to old vs new characters. Many of the collectors of this collection don't read modern comics, they were reading them back in the 70's and 80's. By ignoring older characters in favour of newer ones would alienate a whole section of EM's demographic. I think EM have done well with the ratio of characters so far. I would like to see some modern ones like the Hood, Dust, Suster Grimm, Wiccan and Echo for sure but I understand it's a gamble on EM's behalf to predict who is going to be around in 20 years.
Also just because a character hasn't been in a comic n 10 years doesn't mean they are worthless. Just look at this weeks inclusion of Mockingbird. She has spent most of the past few decades dead but now she is back and better than ever. And I cannot wait to pick her up.

Jacadoo said...

Travis for binders and plinths try ebay - usually lots avaiable and (sorry Rich) cheaper than CMF - I would have sent you on the six I had spare (I have cabinets) - but binned them when we just moved house!!!!!

Sorry buddy.

Marcos said...

First of all, I have to congratulate you because you're doing a great job and making happy thousands of fans, me included.
And as for Runaways or Guardians of the Galaxy, veterans come first, so got to be the classic Guardians. Starhawk is my favourite (is it possible to make the star trail?) and making a pack with her wife Aletta would be awesome.
One question for the fans. Is Moondragon being released?

Some other personal requests:
- The Swordman
- The Hood
- Crossfire
- 3D Man

max_0888 said...

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know, Rich sent me a preview of the sculpt of Siryn, my fave character :) Just go in the main thread to see it. Rich said its the rough stage for sculpts and is used primarily to check the proportions and pose, details will be added at the next stage.

Gamora and glowing Karolina Dean for GOTG and Runaways :)

Anonymous said...

I bow down to the majority wish of Marvel Collection fans to get the JJJ figurine they want.

Civilian or not, it makes sense as JJJ is a real villain. I just hope it doesn't create a precedent for other civilians to be included who do not have the same level of villainy and significance.

There aren't many slots left in the current extension, and personally I prefer an interesting B-lister superhero or a curveball superpowered villain over any other civilian, including Rick Jones or General Ross.

LAWay said...

Just like to say, the service of EM is top notch, only had one damaged special which was promptly replaced. As a subscriber, I feel like I am helping the series continue. Also getting them delivered makes sure I dont miss out unlike if you get them at another shop.

It may mean you have to wait 1 month to get both issues, but the time doesnt bother me. When comics are mostly done as monthly titles, its something to be used to.

So if you guys aint subscribed, get subscribed!

Also, never heard of the french exclusive! I didnt believe it! I dont care much, as I am not fond of the repaints anyway. But for all exclusives, well, its a UK company and UK product, and think we should be the only ones getting the exclusives, and everyone else will have to just buy them from their comicbook shops or eBay. Comicbook shops are rare in the UK, so these magazines are not available to buy in alot of shops.

As for runaways and they look for civie, I agree that sure, make one figure and explain the runaways team. I doubt there is enough material to fill a magazine about each and every runaway anyway.

As for modern characters vs old characters, mockingbird was reintroduced to the comics, meaning there was a demand for her and she wasnt really gone for ages, not like only appearing in the 70s or 80s and never making a comeback. Thats what I mean, if they havent appeared since then, they dont need a figure. If their last appearance was in the 90s, then sure, thats not too long ago.

Anyway, cool to hear the feedback it being taken on board by the EM guys. Very exciting.

Thor8 said...

Well,Rich already stated that JJJ will indeed be made so I think it is unnecessary for further debate on this subject.
As for your last post LAWay,I couldn't disagree with you more. This is called the "classic" figurine collection for a reason. I'm not saying in any way that more recent characters should not be included,but if you take away the oldies but goodies you take away the true purpose of this collection.

Subscribers compensation? How about making some special figurines available to everyone (after all it's not our fault we can't subscribe)but with a nice juicy discount to collectors who subscribe? That way subscribers are rewarded for subscribing and the rest of us poor souls will not be left without the right to acquire them! I think this would be fair and should please everyone.

We got an Avengers added in the extension on this post(YESSSS) so how about an original Thunderbolt, Squadron, or Soviet,to start off another branch of the Marvel Tree?

Anonymous said...

What I love about this collection is that it provides a history and an encyclopedia of the Marvel Universe.

The Marvel Universe gets covered, explored and studied as a timeless mythos. A character doesn't need to be appearing in current story arcs to deserve inclusion.

Marvel is 'the house of ideas'.
It is vital that old characters be included if they are of particular significance. That is, if they represent a remarkable narrative or visual concept of the Marvel Universe. For example, a Grand Master figurine can be included because he represents the Elders of the Universe, a magnificent cosmic concept that warrants coverage.

Of course I can only speak for myself, but that's what I want from this collection. So I don't care if a character is current or not. I want those characters who are based on timeless, awe-inspiring concepts that blow your mind and fill the world (and my display cabinets) with tangible clumps of imagination cast in lead - awesome figurines of amazing characters.

Travis said...

I've yet to be lucky enough to get a plinth for under $30 on Ebay. I also have had fellow collectors from across the pond sell me plinths but with overseas shipping there more expensive than buying them from my LCS.

I've giving up on the plinth and binder situation. EM doesn't seem interested in the fact the Diamond has made it more of a chore to buy this collection than a pleasure.
And it looks like they are not interested in rewarding their loyal fans in the US and Canada who have had to come up with creative solutions into obtaining this collection.

I still don't understand why EM will not sell back stock figurines or plinths on their website to North America. If Diamond isn't going to sale back stocks, binders, or plinth then let us buy them on the EM site.

Look, I know a lot of the problems with the CMFC in the US is Diamond's fault. And it sickens me that Diamond blames it all on EM. But there has got to be a way to supply fans in the US and Canada with at least some back stock figurines. Please.

John said...

I have a comment about the "subscriber exclusive" idea.

I just discovered the collection back around October 2009. Since then I have become mildly obsessed with it. Loki should be arriving in the mail from ebay any day now which will actually conclude the entire collection to date. My comic book guy gets me every Marvel figurine and every Batman character as they come out now. I want the complete Marvel collection. This is the only thing I collect; the only thing I want complete in this way.

I've paid a lot to get every Marvel figurine. I live in the US. If subscribers got an exclusive, I'd kind of feel unappreciated.

What if... maybe subscribers could get a figurine 6 months before anyone else? Would that work as an exclusive?

gus said...


I have had knowledge of this amazing collection since short time ago (I have bought Madrox now!) and, today, I have seen your blog.

On it I have seen pictures from Ant-Man and the Scarlett Spider, are this going to be produced?? Also there are a pic of Cannonball, this will be produced too??

Finally... I have lot of more questions jeje:

* I see that figurines “Mystique” or “Havoc” (among others) have been made on their ultimate x-men version design, while for example “Sabrethoot” (among others too) is on it classic version design; can we expect that you will make different version on different characters?? ultimate version design for “Sabrethoot” for instance is really nice!!
* Is planned to produce “Cyclops” on other costume version.
* Same question for Ka-Zar: The costume on the cover of the magazine for this figurine is the best he has dressed!!


marvelman said...

Gonna agree with John. A fair compromise on any subscribers only figures could be that they get the figure say 6 months before it goes on general sale. Maybe the deal could be that they get if for at least half the price if will be sold for when it goes on general sale. I would be cool with this even if it meant us non-subscribers occassionally end up paying more for a standard figure.

Any thoughts?

Please can I also put a call out for pennance in the new extension. This figure would look awesome! Any support for this one?

Thor8 said...

Y'know I've been pondering for quite awhile now on the fact that on April 2nd Robert mentioned that he'd be gone for a spell and right behind him BobDiamond stated he'd be absent also,then on the 3rd of the month both said adieu and have not been heard from since. Many once wondered if these two were one and the same,hmmmm!? Come to think of it Pirate Adam has also done the dissapearing act.

Anonymous said...


None of the figurines are in their Ultimate X-Men costumes. Mystique is primarily from rather popular solo book a few years ago. While Havok was the costume he wore for several years in the X-Books a few years ago. People often also mistake the Doc Ock for the Ultimate Version where it wasn't.

As for alternate costumes for Cyclops and Ka-Zar etc., it's not something they're looking into at this time. They mentioned it as a possibly at some point, but not anytime soon.

Re: Penance. I have a feeling that if when we get Robbie Baldwin, it would probably be in the Speedball identity. Since Marvel is finally ditching the awful Penance thing.

Deadpool said...

I'm Spartacus!!!!!!!!

Hel said...


Hel said...

Subscriber only specials - what a brilliant idea.

I would subscribe if I thought I was going to get figures that were exclusive to subscribers.

Even though I have a leaning toward the Asgardians and Avengers, exclusives give the collection extra value.

Nice suggestion from the Mosslets.
(to paraphrase Mr Spartacus)

Hel said...

Make a Sister Grimm figure and a Groot / Racoon double pack to represent the Guardians and the Runways.

Sasquitch looks excellent.
I hope he / she is as big (if not bigger) than Lobo.

Hel said...

Now then.
As for the disappearance of the Rob, Bob and Pirate.

Cast your mind back a month or so when I put forward the hypothesis that some bloggers were clones of other bloggers.

Didn't Deadpool admit to being Robert, DB and PA.

Food for thought.

Hel said...

Moss-lings, -Men or -lets.

Why not reward subscribers who blog here with the resin master model for a figure in the collection.

There are enough subscribers so they ( and soon to be me ) could have one each.

I'll have Sasquatch or Beta Ray Bill.

Robert could have Chameleon.

Deadpool could have one of the girls - lets say Mystique.

So on and so forth.

Hel said...

Apologies for the Deadpool- esque spam.

I hadn't realised I had been such a prolific poster.

Good day to you.

See you in Hel

Anonymous said...

The Cloak & Dagger Special has finally been approved by Marvel and is in the July previews.


Teenage runaways who were victims of a terrible mutagenic experiment, Cloak and Dagger have sworn to use their powers to protect the less fortunate. Since their first appearance, they've fought alongside Spider-Man, the New Mutants and even joined the X-Men. No matter who they are with though, their first bond is to each other and those they protect. This 20-page magazine comes with hand-sculpted lead figurines with an exclusive slipcase and double-sided poster.

In Shops: 9/29/2010 Item Code: MAY101237 SRP: $32.00

So yeah, $32.00. I didn't expect it to be that much. But there ya go.

SinisterVenom said...

Sorry it's been a while guys, having to use the computer at work since the internet at home has gone down for a while (bad times).
Anyway Mockingbird isn't a really important one for me. It's a good choice considering how long she's been around but just was never a favourite of mine. But Sasquatch and Puck being confirmed is a different story. He's looking amazing so far and I don't expect anything less of Puck too.
I really do hope JJJ gets confirmed, he's a classic in the Marvel Universe and would be a great choice for the 200th issue if we get that far, which I believe we (hopefully) will.
Anyway til next time guys, hopefully will have my net up and running soon.

LAWay said...

Its cool that there are folks in america eating up the collection and enjoy it as much as us brits. But you yanks get alot more exclusive things that never make it to these shores. Just like Japan do some awesome stuff that nobody ever sees, unless it is on eBay.

Listen, I collect Marvel Legends, as do many people. Do you know how hard it is to collect these things? With the exclusives the US have, wal-mart exclusives, target exclusives, toys r us exclusives, kmart exclusives...not including all the comic con exclusives.

and when a series comes out in the UK, we pay practically double the price you do, with figures purchased in such short supply that chase figures and less packed figures hardly ever appear. So we have to resort to extortionate prices on eBay or conventions.

So at least you guys can buy your figurines, but as you cant subscribe due to the nature of the company, you cant go demanding or complaining about getting stuff when you are lucky that the collection is actually available to buy in the US.

In the UK, we havent even got most of the DC animated movies! So consider yourselves lucky guys.

Sorry for the rant, just want people to accept things as they are.
As for the 'classic' notion, I dont mind the oldies. I too want my shelves to look like the marvel encyclopedia, BUT, I also want the modern characters, and characters that have a higher profile getting figurines first before the Z-list characters.

Bullseye81 said...

First off i gotta say WOW, Sasquatch looks fantastic and i couldn't be happier that he and Puck (awesome bonus including him too) are finally confirmed. Go Alpha Go! Mockingbird is also a great addition and i do believe she completes the original West Coast Avengers (clarification on this would be appreciated by my fellow bloggers)

On the subject of subscriber exclusives, since i live in Canada and it would not be possible for me to subscribe i'm not thrilled with the idea, but if it helps the longevity of the collection i support the idea(i'll just pick them up on ebay for a ridiculous cost).

As for Runaways or GOTG, i'd have to go with GOTG (preferably original but not too fused either way). I chose GOTG solely because they appear to have more interaction with the rest of the MU (i'm no expert on either of these teams so i apologize if this is inaccurate)

I'd have to say though given the choice i'd rather see a Young Avenger or an original Thunderbolt.

Marvelman, you are not alone i too would love to see a Penance figurine.

Bullseye81 said...

I just want to say thank you to all of the subscribers of this great collection it's your devotion that allows this great collection to continue (and thanks to Dan for the info).

If you live in a region that allows you to subscibe, DO IT ALREADY! you know you want too.

John said...

Now I have another reason to dislike characters sharing a base...

Its more dynamic and obviously a harder product to manufacture, which helps account for the higher price (Cloak and Dagger) but my feelings are this;

1. It'll look a little out of place on the shelf, with all the other standing upright figures.

2. Had they come separately (2-pack, separate bases) I could arrange them as I see fit on the shelf. Now they pretty much have to be in back, or block anyone behind them.

3. Had they been made separately to begin with, the total price would have been $24. $32 is a bit of a jump to me. Especially when considering the negatives (imo) listed above.

So PLEASE have Sasquatch and Puck in a 2-pack but with SEPARATE BASES. :)

John said...

LAWay, I'm sorry to hear about that. I still disagree with the idea of Subscriber exclusives only because this is the ONLY thing I collect, so even though I live in the US and I guess have access to a bunch of exclusives in other collections, I've never actually benefitted from any of it.

I still say, if it will help, let Subscribers get a Special 6 months early (hey, maybe start doing that with ALL Specials.)

Or (because I could care less about color variants) either do that OR release an alternate version of a previously released character (AoA Wolverine, Zombie Cyclops, Ultimate whoever...) as it wouldn't make me too upset to see a character exclusive that I already have representation on. For example, if the Mark 1 Iron Man armor had been exclusive to subscribers, I would have been fine with that and never looked back (awesome of a figurine as it is.) ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Gus, to answer your question ...YES:
Ant-Man (#128), Scarlet Spider (#139) and Cannonball (#149) are all going to be produced. Just like you, I can't wait to get these figurines!!!

Check all the old posts in this blog, you will find previews of all the awesome characters that are going to appear, and you can also find the official list of figurines from #129 (Jack of Hearts, out now) to #160 (Blackheart).

Just like you, I discovered this collection in December 2009, and now I have all the figurines and specials. And when I discovered the blog, I was totally ecstatic to find that the collection was continuing. Please keep supporting it. We can make it last for another decade until we've got all the Marvel charaCters covered!

Bagman said...

I usually just read this blog and put my two-bobs worth in with wish lists and most wanted and such, but there was a couple of things said i thought i'd reply to.

QUOTE " It's a UK company and a UK product,and think we should be the only one's getting exclusives"

Imagime if Marvel comics said " It's American company and only Americans can get them.

Imagine if E.M. decided that only subscribers could get Specials/Mega-specials and limited the production to 1,000 pieces (think green Quicksilver) and you were subscriber #1,001 how would you feel?
Not all collectors live in areas with access too the subsription service and may rely on E-bay or other sources to complete or keep their collection up to date.
If you limited Specials/Mega-specials to subscibers only would E.M. think it worth the production costs and would the profit/sales justify further Specials/Mega-specials.
Shouldn't we(the collectors) and E.M. be looking at ways to make the collection easily accessible to all.

QUOTE--"For all foriegn collectors,tough"

That will really help foster a sense of comradeship and camaraderie for overseas collectors to keep an interest in this magnificent collection and help spread the word to the non-true believers.


P.S. Guardians of the Galaxy for me, YONDU or STARHAWK.

Deadpool said...

"Subscriber only Specials"

Yet another Deadpool suggestion causes genuine blogg discussion.

All hail Deadpool.....

There is a solution.

MossMen to allow Diamond or Diamonique ... or whatever they are called ... to manage US and Canadian subscriptions.

Fans who want Subscriber exclusives become subscribers.

Alternatively .... the US and Candaoian subscribers should maybe make some connections with the UK bloggers so that subscriber exclusives can be purchased and shipped to them direct.

I would be more than happy to purchase extras and ship them out provided the bloggers paid all the costs.(Yes even to you Beastie)

All hail Deadpool .... kneel before your god.

Deadpool said...

I like the idea of UK subscribers that blog here being rewarded with a Resin Master Figure.

I would actually like to have Taskmaster or Loki or The Scarlet Witch or Beta Ray Bill or yes even Mystique or She Hulk.

Come on Dan give us, or should I say me, these as exclusive specials.

At least that doesn't interfere with the the figures available to the great unwashed.

Deadpool said...

Dan the MossMan...

I suggested, quite some time ago, the possibility of buying unpainted figures without a magazine at a lower price.

The method behind this apparent madness being to provide something extra to the modding community.

These could be available via mail order on request.

Can I coax you from beneath your dark damp rock to answer this question?

What say you ..... Moss Man?

Deadpool said...

OK Baglady.... I believe the suggestion was to have a small number of additional figures for the collection that were "Subscriber Only Specials".

These "Subscriber Only Specials" would be in addition to any other specials or mega specials in the collection that are already available to everyone.

LAWay said...

I like Deadpool's idea of unpainted figurines. Perhaps they could be cast in plastic to reduce costs and are only available from the website. Not only would this be cheap and awesome, but we could more easily mod characters, and special contests could be held.
Just looking at the games workshop and marvel legends custom market, it could be huge.

As for what I said about Uk company, we get the exclusives.
"Imagime if Marvel comics said " It's American company and only Americans can get them."

That is no comparison. Thats me saying that the collection should not even be made available in the US. It is.
What America does say is that they will only make their exclusives exclusive to America. That is what I am saying, UK exclusives for the UK.

As for subscriber only exclusives...I dont think its an issue. If you are not a subscriber, why not? If its because you are in another country, you cant do anything about it. If in the UK, its your own fault as there is no reason not to subscribe. The collection only really continues due to the number of subscribers as it shows a guaranteed amount of sales. While you may say 'I am not subscribed but buy every issue', great, but it is still an unknown factor, as one day, you might decide not to buy a figure in a shop. If we all werent subscribers and did that, EM would make a huge loss.

For subscribers its like a gift for loyalty. I meant, what are we...120 figurines in, I cant remember. At £6 a pop, including specials, the collection has cost us over £600 at least...

Magazines give you HUGE discounts for being a subscriber AND throws in FREE gifts.
If you subscribe to website newsletters, you receive DISCOUNT vouchers, or COMPETITIONS.
Seriously, in all other forms of subscription there is always a benefit for the subscriber. I think considering how much money we spend we are due something.

Subscriber exclusives would sway those who do not subscribe yet buy every issue to actually subscribe. Of course, not repaints, I'm a subscriber and never bought one of these offered to me.

Probably annoyed alot of non subscribers and foreign collectors with this. BUT:

1-without us actual subscribers, the collection would have been cancelled or never have made it worldwide.

2-If you are buying every issue, no reason not to subscribe. If you dont buy every issue, then you dont have the say in the matter.

3-I go on about American exclusives, you guys get awesome marvel stuff for burger king, 7/11, those type of things as well. The amount of marvel exclusives in america is massive. The only marvel exclusives in the UK would be this. Sorry, but you guys just gotta live with it, you cant have everything like you are used to, and the fact that you cant have everything, and have to pay a little more on eBay...well...thats the thrill of being a collector isnt it?

I dont mean to ruffle feathers. Just be lucky the collection still exists (due to UK subscribers) and that you are able to buy the product in america (unlike alot of marvel products being available in the UK).

LAWay said...

Oh, and to avoid confusion, like Deadppol says, I meant 'subscriber only exclusives' as extra exclusives for subcribers, and not denying the usual specials and mega specials which should be available worldwide.

Hell, give us ultimate versions of characters, and just throw in an Ultimate comic. Stuff like that, I wouldnt mind.

That way others wont care, as they want 'classic' characters anyway.

Hawkeye said...

LAWay - just another perspective. I would love to be a regular subscriber (in fact I was for a long time) and can understand EM's drive to secure as many as possible to keep the collection going. However, as a family man I have had to reconsider my finances and now am much more selective about figures I buy. These are either the ones I find appealing to look at or those that I have an "emotional" (or nostalgic) connection to. Does this mean that I should be prevented from getting figures which would only be available to subscribers? I am as much "into" this collection as anyone, I just can't afford to get every figure available (especially as I also dabble in the DC collection). So to say "If you don't buy every issue, then you don't have the say in the matter" is a little harsh in my opinion. Freedom of choice should prevail.

Deadpool said...

Thanks Law.

Obviously all the references to Marvel Legend were in homage of your's truly.

I am humbled to be held in such high esteem.

It's encouraging to see such a strong swell of public opinion in favour of Subscriber Exclusives.

We now need a further response from Dan.

So in closing - Subscribers are the backbone of this collection and should be rewarded.

Now before Beast starts coughing up blue hairballs and spitting them in my direction... this Marvel Legend is signing out.

Robert said...

Hi, guys.

Glad to hear Mockingbrid confirmed. She was an original West Coaster and is probably overdue. Regardless of the comically oversized sleeves, I'm confident we'll see her in her original costume which I prefer.

Runaways or Guardians? No interest in the former but would buy the latter in their original incarnations. Still think there are others more deserving of inclusion befre them, though.

And as for my supposed multiple-identities, I see that even our resident thunder god has an over-active imagination. Jeez, haven't you heard of coincidences? I think if I was assuming another identity I would be a little more obtuse than switch from Robert to Bob and sign off on the same day? I mean, come on. But I realise that any denial will be interpreted freely. Nikita Krushchev liked to tell a story that I think sums the situation up well.

Two guys are travelling on a train. One guy asks, "Where are you going?" and gets the reply, "To Zhitomir". "What a sly fox," thinks the first man. "I know he's really going to Zhitomir, but he told me Zhitomir so I'll think he's going to Zhmerinka".

jimbob said...

Hey guys X-Man figurine pic on the forum!

BobDiamond said...

Now this is definitely weird!!
I have been gone for approx. 3 weeks now, due to what I 'colloquially' call an Easter Holiday with my wife and kids (we were supposed to come back a week ago , but due to 'The Ash' got somewhat stranded...had an excellent time though, thanks for anyway..I've spent the evening catching up on the last few weeks of blogs..which took ******* ages as there was well over 200 new ones (and some of them are truly massive!)and I was keeping an eye out for some of the old regulars, like you do..Pirate Adam..Ted...DP .. Thor8 and of course Rob.
Then I see the mysterious Hel and Thor 8 doing the old theorising thing about Rob and me being the same person AGAIN!! I was literally on the cusp of replying and at the same time adding my concern for the long absence of Rob too (due to either computer probs- what he said before signing out, or prehaps he went on his hols too? does happen..) when the last but one entry I read was from Rob himself!! Well,I thought, if I sign in NOW, Hel and T8 are never going to believe Rob and me are not one and the same....Then I thought **** it , who cares!
I hope you are all well out there, and it is great to hear from you again Rob, as it is the rest of you.. as promised, and to lighten the mood of this blog somewhat('cos it is getting a little heavy...) a long awaited Perfect 10 List!!!(those loud cries of indifference are music to my ears!). This one is 'Spider people in The 616 Universe'
1. Spiderman
2. Spiderwoman
3. Arachne
4. Black Widow
5. Madame Web
6. Black Tarantula
7. Steel Spider
8. Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)
9. Scarlet Spider (MVP clone)
There, that was fun!(plenty more where they came from!) for Runaways or GOTG?
Got to be The Guardians every time- Loads of classic characters in both versions. But I wouldn't mind a rep. from the Runaways, like Sister Grimm for example, but not the whole team.
It's been fun being back! Take care...

Bagman said...


A great idea, I'm all in favour of it, yes subscribers should be rewarded for their dedication and loyalty,as long as everyone who wants to subscribe can,regardless of which country they are in.
Wouldn't it be in E.M.s best interest to have as big a subscriber base as they possibly can?
Surely in the 21st century,with the technology thats available a world-wide subscription service could be put in place.
I can understand the frusration of not being able to get certain Marvel products because they are exclusive to certain U.S. outlets but why should E.M. follow that path and alienate a potentially huge fan base?
Perhaps a poll on here or the SHFF could give some indication of levels of support for " Subscriber Exclusives" and " would you subscribe if a world-wide service was available"
Looking forward to this weeks sneak peak hopefully it's a cosmic.

pirate adam said...

Subsciber exclusives!!!

i've never heard so much BULLS**T in all my life!! and the day it happens i'll stop collecting.


Deadpool said...

Bye PA ... nice knowing you.
Have a nice life.

Ta Ta for now

Without subscribers the collection would collapse.

As stated earlier in all other types of collection the subscribers are rewarded for their patronage.

One lost subscriber is worth 10 lost casuals.

I agree with Baglady that EM should attempt to expand the subscriber base overseas.

Until then all you winging yanks should give us UK subscribers some credit for keeping this collection going.

I'll be keeping a close eye on the homage count .... you have been warned

Deadpool said...

I very much doubt that anyone one would stop collecting just because they could not easily get their hands on Subscriber Specials.

Continue pouting guys but I simply do not believe you would leave.

Just look at all you guys that are still trying to fill the holes in your collection.

Hawkeye ... I feel for you.
I mean that sincerely.

If subscriber specials become a reality I personally will ensure that I order one for you if you decide you want one. (I will only reveal my true identity if this initiative becomes a reality)

If EM do not limit the number of Subscriber specials to subscribers then this is a perfect solution.

Make some friends and do some trading through this blogg.

I am actually a nice guy underneath the mask.


Hawkeye said...

DP - top bloke. Knew there was more to you than the 'Merc with a Mouth' tag!

Thank you kindly, sir....

Hel said...

Having read some of the responses over the last few days, it is apparent that subscribers want subscriber specials.

The subscriber specials should be in addition to the current figures and not take up a slot in the collection.

Once again I find myself agreeing with Deadpoodle.

The Americans should dry their eyes and move on.

The UKers should subscribe if they want the Subscriber rewards.

If a single subscriber is allowed up to 10 of each Subscriber reward special then just like DP said, make some friends and get the Specials via the Subscribers.

As a Subscriber now, I agree.

Not wanting to copy DP too much .... I would be happy to help out the nicer bloggers here - HAWKEYE for instance (but not the boorish or offensive ones though).

Hawkeye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hawkeye said...

Seriously, I'm touched guys (but those who know me would tell you that anyway :))

Anonymous said...

If Eaglemoss want more people to subscribe, then they need to fix the problems with the subscription arm of the collection. Cause there's tons of reports of late and damaged shipments. It's much easier to go to your local newsagent or LCS and actually pick and choose. Especially when you had so much trouble in the past with figurines like Dr. Strange and now with Fin Fang Foom. That's how Eaglemoss can reward the Subscribers. Not make it a frustrating hassle of constantly returning damaged shipments.

gus said...


Thank you very much for answer me :) I suppose is complicate to make each character on the different versions they have with amount of different costumes they have used, and taking in mind that every fan has his favorite.

But I'm happy to know the Scarlet Spyder will appear soon!!

In other way, I'm from Spain (this is why my English is not so good... sorry) and I have placed an order on the web but I'm not sure if I will receive it as, I think, the web from Eaglemoss does not send to Spain :( Do you know?

LAWay said...

Excellent List by BobDiamond, I want that top 10.

Hawkeye, you are an example why there should be subscriber exclusives.

You drift in and out of the collection, and thus you cannot be trusted to keep the collection running. If everyone were like you, then the collection would be dead as the sales figures wouldnt be enough.

Keep to your figure selection buying by all means. I understand people's financial situations and the collection is expensive. Thats EXACTLY why subcribers should get rewarded, for guaranteeing EM that there is a base for them to keep making money as every figure they make will get so many sales, enough for profit or breaking even.

The only thing I can propose is that Subscriber specials are free to subscribers, but everyone else has to pay. But like Hawkeye said, he may not even buy the figure if he doesnt like it, like many non subscribers, and thus it justifies just giving the subscribers exclusives.

Heck, I buy the DC collection and dip into it now and then. I aint demanding to have their specials, as I except if I really want it, I'll buy it on eBay. That my friends is logic and understanding.