Friday, 23 April 2010

It is official

The Blob has made the collection.

And here's a better image of Sasquath and Puck, not yet final I'm thinking of two bases, we'll see what people prefer.

Bigger, better update due by Monday lunchtime.

Have a good one.


buffduffdan said...

They both look great to me. Personally I'd still prefer seperate bases but having both on one wouldn't be the end of the world for me. The forum poll did reveal the majority did prefer 2 bases though and I think they'd both still look top by themself :)

Glad Blob is on his way too!!

jarvis69 said...

a brief update but a good one !
Vox populi , vox dei ! If the guys prefer two's ok for me .
See You on Monday ;)
Have a great week end Richard

Bullseye81 said...

I already thought Blob was confirmed, but it's nice to hear that he's for sure a go. Sasquatch and Puck look amazing! Like most i think i'd prefer seperate bases, but like buffduffdan stated it's not the end of the world for me either if they share a base. Puck's height is spot on (very nice job) I wouldn't mind seeing Sasquatch next to one of the Mega Specials though to see how they compare.

Looking forward to Mondays update

Nightstar1441 said...

Very nice update - I probably have to agree with the sentiment that i would prefer Puck and Sasquatch on different bases though the poses of both are fantastic

Anonymous said...


But yeah, the poll on SHFF suggests that people want seperate bases. Since Sassy is so tall, he's gonna get put in the rear of the collection. Which means you won't be able to see Puck once they're on display unless he's on a seperate base.

Thanks for finally confirming Blob. But I swore that already happened. Heh.

mighty_marvel said...
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Thomas said...

Just a thought. Given the stance you have for Sasquatch I could see neat variation of the bases you've had till now. Have Puck on his own base but have it fit into an angled base for two different Tetris pieces, together they would create a perfectly square base. Could look cool????

jimbob said...

Thought Blob was confirmed ages ago before Ronan and Omega Red!

Is this EM's way of saying that he will be out after Omega-Red and Ronan?:(

mighty_marvel said...

thought blob was confirmed ages ago.

sasquatch looks good and having both figures on one base doesn't look too bad. would still prefer 2 bases for display options though.

would like some info on the release order and dates of specials. i assume that cloak and dagger, ronan, omega red and blob see us to the end of 2010 but in what order and when.
2011 should see sasquatch and odin to tie in with the thor movie. potentially 4 more specials next year. who would people like to see?

in order i'd go for

sasquatch (jan)
terrax (mar)
odin (may)
sauron (jul)
lockjaw (sep)
northstar/aurora (nov)

would love a madame web special also but i think it's a tad too soon for her yet

Robert said...

Sasquatch and Puck look great. Wasn't fussed about whether or not they are on separate bases but CBRBeast made an excellent point about large characters being more likely to be at the back, so it makes sense to put them on their own bases.

I'd also like to see Mighty Marvel's specials list. With Giant-Man/ Goliath added, of course!

Fanboy said...

Yay Blob! he'll be a great Special. And I plan on buying Sasquatch and Puck either way, but I would much rather prefer seperate bases.

jimbob said...

So Rich what is the oder for this years special then??

pirate adam said...

sorry to change the subject guys but going back to the previous Blog and i cant believe how selfish the Subscrybabies are being esspetially DeadTOOL, i live in England but for reasons i wont reveal am unable to subscribe and i'm sure i'm not the only one, but have every edition so far as does my brother who also cant subscribe, so why do we not deserve to get the EXCLUSIVES? i am just as passionate and commited to this collection as anybody else as is my brother. anyway cant be arsed with the selfish TOOLS on this blog anymore so im signing of for good and wether you believe me or not i only have the one account so i wont be posting as anybody else.

so goodbye to all my pals, Thor8 and Jacadoo esspetially, hope to keep in touch via the forum.

by the way Sasquatch and Puck look awsome on one base.



Anonymous said...

Only problem with Giant-Man/Goliath.... we already got Hank Pym and Hawkeye in the collection. So really the only options left would be Black Goliath or Stature. And a female Special in my opinion is more welcome at this point. So Stature would be a great addition. Of course, we've been told for the most part that size changers wouldn't be shown using their powers. So they'd be in their normal height forms.

Lonewolf said...

Very good news ^^
As many other fans I prefer two bases for Sasquatch and Puck...

The Hood said...

Sasquatch and Puck look excellent, i would prefer them to be on the same base but would buy them either way. And if they are made individualy it might help to get other small characters made like Howard The Duck.

Robert said...

I really hope Pirate Adam hasn't gone for good.

I read some of posts he talked about yesterday and was also disappointed with some of the attitudes expressed. Like many o here, I grew up on 1970s Marvels and ached with jealousy that fans in America had treasury editions, Mego figures and other cool toys. But that was not the fault of the fans in America, so to support a situation where some fans get and some don't on the basis of accidents of geography is just plain wrong. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Also, surely it is okay to choose whether to subscribe or not, rather than punish those who don't. (It is described as a "reward" but the rather petty way that subsciber exclusives have been defended by a couple is better descibed as punishment.)

If the idea of separating fans into haves and have nots, embracing inequality and unfairness, was to reach Stan Lee's ears he would shake his head in disappointment.

Robert said...

P.S. CBR Beast, you're right about Hank Pym. I really wish I could think of a way around the problem of having Giant-Man in the collection when Hank Pym has already appeared as Yellowjacket. I just think the Avengers collection cannot be complete without him. Any ideas, anyone...?

Fabio Mucci said...

Oh, well Sasquatch + Puck it's good.

Blob: finally a good choise!

Now it's time for Jigsaw, Power Pack, Howard The Duck and Lockjaw!

Robert said...

Oh no, not the duck again!!!

LAWay said...

Wow, sasquatch really does look amazing! A character I didnt really care for, but this is just an amazing figurine, and I really dont mind two figures on the base the way it is laid out. Would be nice to have seperate bases for sure, as this type of figure goes at the back row being so big, and thus puck would be invisible. But thats just my tastes.


As for subscribers exclusive again...its not denying anyone any figures or any specials...its just giving subscribers an EXTRA figure.

Its a reward for subscribing, because subscription numbers are one of the key reasons why the collection is keeping on going.

If you cant subscribe because you aint old enough to have a credit card, have a bad bank balance, dodging benefits...I really dont care. The premise was to REWARD.

Maybe subscriber exclusives are free to subscribers, but non subscribers have to pay. Would that make you happy?

Like you said, why should you be punished not getting a special because you are not a subscriber? The biggest crime is why should the collection be cancelled when there isnt enough subscribers because the odd minority were too stubborn to actually subscribe.

LAWay said...

Oh...didnt comment on Blob. I just hope he doesnt look like that reference picture! Very bad example.

I think he will be a very hard character to get 'right'. He'll either look too fat and ugly, or just big and round but too cartoony. Kingpin already sets a high standard of fatness, good luck guys.

LAWay said...

Yes, Stan Lee would shake his head in disappointment at the thought of exclusives.

I am surely he severely frowned upon his Marvel Legend San Diego Comic Con exclusive figure that thousands of fans were unable to get.

he must hate himself and his plastic miniature.

Robert said...

Maybe I'm being thick but I don't see the huge difference between someone buying a figure by subsciption and someone regularly buying figures who doesn't have a subscription. The sales are the same regardless of how you buy. I know there is a certain degree of perceived security in subscribers but subscribers can cancel.

Also, some people decided not to become subscribers, or continue being subscribers, because of the postal damages. If an FP or other comic shop is handy, you can avoid this problem. That's not stubbornness, that's common sense. Regardless of the last point, people should have the freedom to decide how they want to collect and should feel no need to explain themselves.

I'm just really uncomfortable with the idea of some collectors being treated differently and/ or getting privileges. However you dress up the justfication for extras - whether it's subscribers versus non-subscribers or UK residents versus non-UK residents - I just detest the idea of discriminating amongst fans. We love the figures and collect them: that means we should support each other and share the collection fairly.

BobDiamond said...

I restate my comment from the last one...this blog is getting WAY too heavy, and not too pleasent at times.
It would be a very great shame if legendary bloggers like Pirate Adam left us because of this repetitive and BORRING c**p about should we or should we not have 'subscriber-only' specials etc. etc...yawn..
As far as I'm concerned, things are great as they are, we don't need 'more' than others just because we happen to live in the UK. Personally I find I'm spending enough per month on this amazing hobby as it goes(plus the usual comics etc.), and let's face it, there's just so much storage/ display space in any house without getting overwhelmed!
Eaglemoss is doing an EXCELLENT job as is. A few years ago we wouldn't have dreamed of such a professional, artistic and affordable collection to come our way. So let's not get greedy for more and more, and certainly let's NOT alienate fellow collectors from around the world who are trying bloody hard as it is to keep up with the collection, without making it IMPOSSIBLE for them!!...and anyway, it stands to reason that if a dedicated completist collector isn't able to get ALL the figs. in the set, then they could quite rightly decide to drop the whole thing! Surely that's not going to do sales much good...and that would have a knock on effect for ALL of us. (PS I'm still p***ed off with that Green Quicksilver thing,which makes me feel that I've not got a complete set dispite my loyalty to the series...)
Well I've had my rant!..Don't go Pirate Adam! It's people like you that made this blog so entertaining in the not too distant 'good ol' days'!
let's get back to the conversional and weird, off-beat blogs of yesteryear and stop having a 'pop' at others because of the way they collect this magnificent series.
Cheers for now,
ps...Where r u Ted.. I miss your Surreal commentary!
pps. I've got a brilliant Perfect 10 List waiting in the wings to bore you with next time!!!

Paul said...

Thought I'd chime in as I do every week. Sas and Puck look great as I knew they would and Blob will be a welcome addition. Now let's get Avalanche in there somewhere to complete origianl Brotherhood.

I'll with everyone on the base issue but either is good for me. I'll buy it anyway.

Look forward to Monday's update.

Deadpool said...

The Moss Men will decide on the subscriber specials.

I proposed a friendly solution but no ... some would rather cut off their nose to spite their face.

We are all friends here.

If Subscriber Specials come into being, then I and my stalker - Hel, have already volunteered to help out other bloggers by buying on their behalf using our subscription rights.

But hey ... no good deed goes unpunished.

Ms Lanky and Eugene should be on separate bases. Puck may be stumpy but he does deserve a base of his own.

Blob.... not really fussed about Captain Obesity... I think I would prefer Bertha.

As I usually say ... why can't we just get along?

We are here because we have a common interest.

We are a community

Ok I kmow I've become something of an Icon or even deity here.
I also know I have all the best lines and ideas, but that doesn't mean that your ideas are any less important.

Do a good deed for someone and as that creepy film kid said... "Pay it forward".

Let's be a little less selfish guys.... a little less selfish .. )(pardon me while I wipe away a tear).

Oh and that punk ass Pirate should haul his sorry ass back here and get involved.

He has earned his right to blog here, even if he is a booty plundering, peg-legged, pouting, puddler.

Just kidding ... gimme a decent retort PA ... you know you want to.

So in closing ... More Jolly Rogering and less blue furballs soaked in salty tears..

Nuff said .... maybe.

Deadpool said...

Incoming transmission .....

BD ... Greek Quick silver ....

Blue Quick Silver painted green with an olive on his head...

Best solution ....

Collection complete .....

End of transmission...

Deadpool said...

Another incoming transmission ....


Robert signs in at 20:51 ...

BD signs in immediately after Robert at 20:56 .... click...

You decide ... click ...

Are they wearing the same trousers ? .... click ....

Deadpool said...

Daniel .... how about venturing into the lions den and giving us the Moss Men perspective on recent suggestions and events...hmmm?

Some facts and figures on how this collection has enjoyed such longevity would be enlightening.

John said...

Sasquatch and Puck on different bases, as most others have said.

I would have prefered Puck with his fists on his hips, sticking out his chest. Its kind of his iconic pose. But the one EM came up with looks awesome too. I'm very impressed by both. Sasquatch being my 3rd favorite super hero (true) and had a lot of potential to screw up (also true) I've got to say, I'm EXTREMELY pleased. :)

Don't care about Blob, because I don't care about mutants. I'm sure his figurine will look great though.

And I don't want to argue about the subscription thing anymore, so I'll just say that I agree with Robert and leave it at that.


BobDiamond said...

A little spooky there was in Greece that we were stranded due to the supposed 'cloud', but I never mentioned that last time!
...AND for the last time, Rob and I are NOT the same person!!!!Two things in particular separate us, as I'm sure he would agree...
1.I luuuuve the Duck! (Howard, that is..)
2.I also collect the DC Series, and I believe this would be sacrilege for Rob!
Plus..I'm the only one who gives a s**t about the Sons of The Tiger as far as I know!!.....
And now my latest list! I call this one 'The Pym Particle Pack'!!(it's centered around all the incarnations of the slightly mentally disturbed Hank Pym.. and this one is a perfect 15, not 10, you lucky folk!)
1. Scientist Henry Pym (as featured in pre-Superhero story 'The Man In The Ant Hill')
2. Antman
3. Giantman
4. Goliath
5. YellowJacket
6. Dr.Pym,Scientific Explorer (WCA)
7. Wasp II

8. Wasp (Janet Van Dyne)
9. Black Goliath/ Giantman II
10.Goliath II (Clint Barton)
11.YellowJacket II
12.Antman II
13.Antman III
14.Goliath III/ Atlas

(16...Bill Fosters nephew..Giantman III???)

Have I missed anyone out?

Is there anyone still awake??

Still more to come!

navaho said...

Ok, I think it's about time I stuck my oar in this subscriber debate which seems to be very devisive at present. Firstly, I am a subscriber since the beginning and despite living 2 minutes from a forbidden planet have never sought to stop subscribing. However, I think we should not get exclusive sculpts because that will alienate our non-subscribers and anyway we get subsidised rates on the sculpts, which I think is enough. Having had to buy from Ebay to pick up a Green Quicksilver I know how frustrating it is not to get every sculpt. If the Mossmen want to reward their subscribers then give us free plinths/binders, etc but sculpts should be available to everyone. Secondly, just because you don't agree with someone on the blog shouldn't mean you decide to not post anymore, pirate Adam you are a vital part of the posts and even though we haven't had any dialogue between us I will miss you, now stop throwing your toys outta the pram and come back! Thirdly, Sasquatch and Puck look great but please, please, please separate bases. Right, I'm off to Mexico....

LAWay said...

Ok, I am zipping about the S-E term. Just wanted to get my opinion across since others had their opinions.

About Hank Pym...there could be a chance yet of a giantman or goliath surely? We had iron man, then and iron man movie special, so repeats of characters are not completely out of bounds.

How about a game.
If you could redo any character thats already been released, who would it be and what would the change be?

Damn...its actually quite hard. I'm gonna say Iron Man in Modular Armour. love that design.

Deadpool said...

Nothing spooky about it.
Elementary my dear BD.

Resculpt you say ....

Iron Man was far too easy ... have another go Law-Man

My top 10 resulpts for this weeks game will have to be ....

1. Captain Britain - in original lionheart style costume with staff and amulet.

2. Spider Woman - she should be much more curvaceous and in a more dynamic pose.

3. Mystique with her little skulls and skirt.

4. Stretcho - in a much more stretched and contorted pose

5. Human Torch in a hovering pose sitting on a spiral of flame.

6. Silver Surfer riding his board.

7. Logan in his civilian clothes with his hat on and claws out.

8. Carol Danvers as she appears on the cover of Ms.Marvel issue 1.

9. Abomination on a standard Marvel base not swining that lamp post but is a running pose.

10. Captain America in a pose that depicts him protecting himself with his shield

Gremlin said...

Sasquatch looks amazing!!! I would prefer Puck to be on a seperate base because Sassy will probably go to the back of the shelf to tower over the rest.
Glad Blob is still on the list, I was wondering when he would be done. The specials list for the coming year is brilliant!!

Deadpool said...

Oh and if I had to choose another it would be : -

Beast in his original X-Men uniform with his big bulky feet in a bounding pose with one leg out in front and a big pan hand on the ground.

You know the pose that I mean ...

Oh and how about Angel resculpted as Archangel .... now that would be cool.

Night Night ....

Fabio Mucci said...

C'mon. How many figurines remains?
Make a good list of important characters from the Marvel comics who aren't still appeared in the collection.

1. JIGSAW, Punisher's foe
Also Spider-Man's villain. It's important and figurine will be cool.

It's the only X-Men we really miss in the collection.

3. SIMON GARTH, the zombie
In the past he was main character of his own series and he appears in numerous other comics!

Like Simon Garth, it's important.

As a Daredevil's enemy it's important like Mole Man for F4.

(as a special) It's the final Inhumans! And it's cool!

(as a special) The four characters are great in comics! They have a own series in the past and now, they have met all the Marvel characters...And now there is a movie in pre-production! So c'mon!



C'mon, i know most people hate him but he's important in the Marvel Universe! And it will be cool if he's appeared in the collection!

LAWay said...

hehe talking of characters that are important.

The old team.
The newer team
The brand new team (are they the dark avengers now...i lost track)
young avengers
Lyja Lazerfist

Just loads of good ones. There is a collection of 30 figurines right there.

Sorry to disappoint you DP with my selection. How about green goblin on his glider throwing a pumpkin bomb. Better? :P

Anonymous said...

"C'mon. How many figurines remains?"

Well, Marvel boasts a Universe of 5,000 characters. So I'd say at least 300 before we really start getting to the more obscure stuff. Especially when we have so many Avengers, X-Men, New Mutants, Young Avengers, Agents of Atlas, GoTG, Alpha Flight, Starjammers, New Warriors, and other assorted characters to address.

Robert said...

Hi, Bob! Sorry, I should have said that earlier when I got involved in that unpleasantness about subscriber exclusives. (Just for the record, the principle is not "boring crap"; it's important.) Anyway, glad you are home safe and sound. The travel chaos sounded a bit of a nightmare for folks like yourself.

While I am chatting to you, we should just stop the denials that we are the same person. It a little annoying to tell the truth, give good reasons why it is the truth and still have some disbelieving people. If even Thor8 - in my opinion the most rational voice on here - has his doubts, there's no hope. Whatever we say, it will be interpreted as further proof this is the work of one person. So we might as well leave people with their misguided ideas. (I bet there are even people reading this and seeing it as further proof you and I are one person!)

LAWay, glad to see some common ground today when you gave us a precedent for a Giant-Man/ Goliath figurine. I had forgotten about movie Iron Man. I didn't buy it as it's not Iron Man to me, so not sure how the magazine looked. I guess it concentrated on the film and that meant there was enough content to fill a magazine...?

On another matter, I feel like I have fallen into a parallel universe as I find myself agreeing with CBR Beast again. LOADS of great characters still to do. The last list I saw from Mad Thinker, for instance. (Feel free to take that as an encouragement to post another list, MD, to prove my point.)

Deadpool, best ideas from yesterday belong to you: Captain Britain in original costume (yeh, I'm banging on about it again!) and I'd love not only original Beast but the whole original X-Men. I also agree that the Goblin looks a little underdressed without his glider. Surfer got his board,and it's much bigger, so the bat glider under Gobby's arm doesn't seem much to ask, does it?

Sorry, guys, for the long post.

Bagman said...

Sasquatch and Puck look really good. Much prefer separate bases for both though.
Looking forward to Monday, maybe Rich will tell us that Yondu and Starhawk are to be included in the next extension.....
If wishes were fishes......

Anonymous said...

puck looks a bit funny but then you can't really tell without the paint.
and looking at the sculpt i'd say go for seperate bases so we can see saquatch in all his glory , looking good !!
thought blob was already confirmed and that we were just after a sneak peak ?

BobDiamond said...

The remodelling idea...
For me there have been some figurines who should definitely have been done differently...
1. Havok: in the original Neal Adams black costume design- a true classic Marvel costume.
2. Beast: Blue 'ape' Avengers version.
3. Ghost Rider: old or new BUT on his Bike!the Bike is half the concept!
4. Mystique: Original, recognizable costume.
5. Man-Wolf: in the StarGod costume-I loved that story as a kid in the 70s, and the George Perez costume is stunning.
6. Captain Marvel: SHOULD have been Mar-vell, but in the red and blue costume!
7. Doc Octopus: original green and orange (but I quite like the version we have.)
8. Rogue: just looks awkward, doesn't need the coat. My least favourite figure in the collection.
9. Shadowcat: Far too tall!
10. Giantman: not really a resculpt, because Yellowjacket is just as important, but somehow we NEED the original Giant-man in this collection too!
Ps. Rob, I know that the whole 'subscriber' thing is important really, but I was just expressing my annoyance at the arguement going round and round in circles...Basically we all love this collection and we should all get the same deal.
Bye for now,

John said...

If I could have any figurine resculpted, I'd have Jubilee made into The Wizard instead. ;)

Jacadoo said...

Sasquatch and puck look superb - either way seperate or joined i will buy.

On to more serious events - who the hell is deadfool?

I have many friends who are collectors, who because of the 50 piece cut off point for accepting new subscriptions cannot officially subscribe but have not missed a single character - and in some cases have had to pay substntially more that us lucky few.

This is not a collection for the few but one for the many great unwashed!!

So deadfool step off dumpling with your pandering - usually boring blogs and leave the thinking to people with some grey matter.

PAdam buddy don't loose the faith there are still enough good guys (and girls) on here and would miss your wit.

Mate worse case see you in the forum and still waiting for BOR (no not DFOOL).

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, it is absolutely necessary that this collection includes Goliath or Giant Man, and Ronin, and the original Captain Marvel and so on...

It really doesn't matter that we already have Hank Pym as Yellowjacket or Clint Barton as Hawkeye. This Marvel Figurine Collection project would be seriously flawed if it didn't include the major characters I mention above. Surely there's plenty to write to fill the magazine.

We should get all the major superheroes and villains regardless of who's behind the mask.

Can we organise a poll on this?

Anonymous said...

Sasquatch and Puck look really amazing, but please let's have them on 2 separate bases, simply because the characters are not truly interdependent like Cloak & Dagger for example.

Is there any chance to see more frequent specials? I feel this collection could move at a faster pace.

Deadpool said...

Nice post Jacadoo ...
Shame you left your gray matter on the keyboard rather than on the blog.

That was almost like the Hindenburg going down.

Dont forget everyone has their opinions and the right to express them.

Let everyone have their say.

If you have a problem with the subscription issue raise it to the Moss Men.

If there is demand then it would make business sense to open up the subscriptions again.

No need to be so nasty or childish, is there ....really?

Personal attacks create an atmosphere ... one that Stan would disapprove of.

I am not offended though :0)

I agree with you Kirly that more specials would be a good idea.

Compare the ratio of DC Specials to Marvel Specials and you will see that DC appear to get them more frequently.

Deadpool said...

Dan the Moss Man.

Could you explain the 50 character cut off for subscriptions please.

Since the collection is going so well, is it worth recasting some of the figures and reopening the subscriptions if they are indeed closed?

I know that my local FP no longer stocks the Marvel or DC figures so the only way to get them is to subscribe.

You could be missing out on a business opportunity.

Despite his ranting and raving, Jacadoo has made a point that is worth investigation.

Deadpool said...

Without reopening old wounds.

This blog is a very small subset of the collector population, what would be the possibility of subscriber specials?

If they become a reality, the following should also be considered: -

Expand the subscriber base to other countries.

Reopen the subscriptions to new subscribers if there is indeed a 50cut off limit.

Allow subscriptions by proxy via comic stores or the Diamond distributor.

Personally I think the mail order and subscription route has been brilliant.

I subscribed to Lord of the Rings and to the DC collection and have absolutely no complaints.

Some bloggers prefer endless lists as an alternative to healthy debate.

However, after a few harsh words and more than a few tears we have uncovered quite a few problems getting hold of figures or subscribing..

Surely the subscription process and other concerns are worthy of follow up with the Moss Men.

Anonymous said...

What's all the fuss about tall figurines 'likely to be at the back'?

We can all choose how to display our figurines, and they don't have be in multiple rows. C'mon people. Be creative. Make space or use multi-level bases on your shelves or create a dedicated section for tall figurines only, for Jeeves's sake!

Personally I hope 'shelf space and figurine display' will never be used by Eaglemoss as a criteria for decisions on the size, looks and format of Marvel figurines.
All I want is that they choose awesome characters and make the best possible sculpts.

francesco said...

I'd definitely prefer Sasquatch and Puck on two separate bases as the large majority seems to have stated-

As for my wish-list, I'd also like to see an Abomination figurine on a standard base (like someone else already posted), while I'm still waiting for a Diablo reproduction.

Ciao from Italy

LAWay said...

Agreed. We want marvel characters, and not for the collection to be cut short because one person has been multiple superheroes. A giantman, bucky captain america and a ronin is just as important to the collection, possibly more so than the likes of some of the low tier D-list marvel characters.

Personally as specials go, i dont see the need for a regular special for a special in a HUGE character. Like I stated before, does it even have to be a new character...could it be a scneraio, a classic comic moment, Hulk Vs Thing or wolverine, green goblin carrying an unmasked peter parker...peter parker unmasking infront of a podium, a gunshot captain america, iron man standing over a fallen america, bullseye stabbing elektra, cyclops holding a dead phoenix...i would love lead figurines of some of these in scale with the collection we have and consider these worthy specials as some of the more bulky characters start drying up.

BobDiamond said...

There's nothing wrong with 'healthy debate' DP, but there is with 'unhealthy' obsession and endless repetition!
I say again, we should all get the same deal- subscribers or non-subscribers. Fairness is the best policy.
As for 'endless' lists, I thought these and other hypothetical discussion points made this blog intriguing, and gave insights into each-others interests in the Great World of Comics!
Come on DP, where's that whacky guy who used to come out with all those weird and off-the-wall ideas back in the day...the bloke who inspired me to start blogging in the first place!!
PS. I agree with LAWay, some characters are as important (or more so) dispite already featured in a different guise...These should be included -
Iron Patriot
Bucky Cap

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but there's no limit to the number of large and bulky characters still to be made. Plus there's the whole magazine aspect. Which as we all know, has to be included. As for large and bulky characters?

Awesome Andy
Black Goliath
Brood Queen
Dragon Man
Madam Web
Red Hulk
Shadow King
Stilt Man
Strong Guy
Ursa Major

Off the top of my head at least.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the collection is still going at 300, they can start doing some new versions of already produced characters in new costume looks. But til then, I think new characters have to remain the backbone of the collection. The Iron Man movie special was an unfortunate choice along the way. It's a shame multipacks appear to be problematic. Since new sculpts of already released characters were one of Rich's ideas for multipacks.

Also: Ronin. Just cause we have Hawkeye, doesn't prevent them from doing Ronin. After all, it was Echo's heroic identity originally. The figurine just has to have the mask on and the magazine focus on Echo.

Robert said...

Hear, hear, Bob.

And as for variant, I've been banging on about them for so long I should get some sort of medal...

Anonymous said...

More large and bulky I forgot..

Dreaming Celestial
Iron Monger
Living Monolith
Living Tribunal
Shuma Gorath
Super Adaptoid
Titanium Man

Timothy said...

TWO bases, PLEASE!

Robert said...

An impressive pair, CBR Beast. Of lists, that is. But we're not going to see all of them, so who would you pick if you were limited to 5 or maybe 10...?

Robert said...

Hmm. Not that anyone's asking but if it was me, I'd pick the Destroyer, Hela, Titanium Man, Lockjaw and Odin.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... 5 or 10 most wanted?

1. Dragon Man
2. Hulkling
3. Groot
4. Mojo
5. M.O.D.O.K.

6. Nimrod
7. Iron Monger
8. Shadow King
9. Ursa Major
10. Stature

BobDiamond said...

Ahh..I do like a list!!

My Top 5 Big Ones(ooh, er) would be..
4.Super Adaptoid

Thanks for the support there Rob...but then we are the same bloke after all!!!

Robert said...

Bob, I told my wife about the rumours of multiple-identities and she said, in a deadpan voice, "You talk to yourself all the time so I can see where the other collectors are coming from." Gee, thanks for the support, honey!

You know what they say, men are from Atlantis, women are from Attilan...

By the way, I'm not trying to be a clever dick or anything, but isn't Eternity essentially a void or hole? If so, how would you represent a hole?! (No vulgarity, please!)

Robert said...

Just went off to check on Eternity's physicality on the Marvel database and it seems he kind of sort of in a manner of speaking has a physical presence, I think. If anyone can explain what he is in words I understand, I wil be grateful.

Anonymous said...

Easy enough...

A big black figurine with stars and planets and such painted on it. It should turn out quite cool looking. :)

BobDiamond said...

Yeay! Big love for the starry, voidy one!!
I think he would be cool because he sort of represents the whole Marvel Universe in one body.

As for my wife..I think that she thinks I'm getting stranger..what with The Comics, the Batmobiles (Corgi collection-every Batmobile from 1930's onwards..highly recommended!), The Figurines ..and now The Blogging!!
However, she spends her time inventing some kind of imaginary island on FaceBook with a load of other mysterious it's horses for courses really!
As a great man once said 'whatever gets you through the night, is alright...'

rilynil said...

I may be the biggest Blob fan walking the earth, and I can't wait for Frederick J. Dukes to take his place among all my other Marvel figurines! Most of my favorite characters are represented now ... except that we need MODOK!

LAWay said...

Picking 5 big specials from CBR's list, I would go for:


What about the idea of a big Venom, like in the new Thunderbolts? While I love the one we had, slightly disappointed at the hunched over pose ruining the scale but a great figurine.

Robert said...

I guess you are right about Eternity, CBR Beast. Ever since I was a little 'un I've considered Eternity a window or hole you look though, rather than a physical being himself, and my dang autism is having trouble seeing him any other way. Funnily enough, I don't have the same problems with seeing the In-Betweener, Death, etc. as solid beings and they are also abstract (I think).

Lot of love today for Humpty Dumpty's psychotic brother...

SinisterVenom said...

Great post again Rich, though I am a little confused. I thought Blob was confirmed before Omega Red and Ronan? Just out of interest, any ideas for a pose for him?
Sasquatch and Puck look great, definately should be on seperate bases. Now we just need some latest news on Northstar and Aurora.
I havn't posted any lists for a while so for CBR Beast's game:
1. Onslaught
2. M.O.D.O.K.
3. Shadow King
4. Sauron
5. Madame Web
On the subject of original sized figures, I would like to see Avalanche: to complete the Brotherhood, Jigsaw to place next to Punisher: he does need an enemy soon, Forge: a main character in the X series and The Owl: one of Daredevil's main enemies.
And PA if you are still reading, don't feel you have to stay off here, we are all friends here (or should be anyway lol). We are here to show our appreciation to this collection and give our thoughts but at the same time not offend others.
That said I take my leave for the day, til next time true believers!

Thor8 said...

Well now that the "Classic Marvel Figurine Collection" civil war is over (in which we sadly lost Pirate Adam just as the heroes lost Cap)various good and interesting ideas have started to spring up.

LAWay I really like your idea of figurines depicting certain scenes from the Marvel Universe history,and I've even thought of a name or classification for them; Classic Moments Of The Marvel Universe! They could be produced at the end of this collection or as a seperate subset of it's own. They should be really historical acts within Marvel's history such as the Death of Gwen Stacy, The ressurection of Captain America, and other scenes such as those mentioned by you in your post.

I support those who are in favor of characters who have had more than one costume ID Such as Goliath/Giant-Man Ronin/Goliath,just as long as they are significant characters with quite some history.

Speaking of size changers(which nobody really was) I believe they should be done in their Giant size. If you really think about it Hulk and Sasquatch are size changers of a sort and so are the Watchers and they have all been depicted in their BIG bad forms. I want Goliath/Giant-Man towering in my Avengers collection.

Rob/Bob; I really don't believe you guys are one and the same chap. I just insinuated this to see your reaction and flush you out of semi retirement from this blog. Glad you BOTH are back and well.

As for the previously mentioned Pirate A just like Cap in civil war I know he'll be back. We need you here buddy,so don't make me go out there and get you! Peace!

BobDiamond said...

I've just got back from an excellent BBQ where the Retsina was flowing...and for no good reason at all Ihave the dsire to share with you my 'Sub-Mariner Perfect 10' .....
2.Golden Age Cap America
3.Golden Age Torch
5.Warlord Krang
6.Tiger Shark
I think that would be quite a stunning 'plinthful', if there is such a word...

BobDiamond said...

Just thought... instead of the 2 Golden Age guys, you could have
Triton and Stingray, which would fit more comfortably, come to think of it!
(I'm really talking to myself here aren't I guys?...)
Good night!

Thor8 said...

Hey Bob nice Sub-10,but I would replace Cap and Torch with Byrrah and Llyra.

jimbob said...

Just to let you guys know that the special poll has been re-started over again on the forum,so get voteing for the next special line up!


John said...

Most of my favorite characters are the loser characters, and the only way to ever make it to them is to first get through some of the bigger names. Sleepwalker, for example, would make an amazing figurine. He'd look incredibly cool. I'm also pushing for Gravity, Grizzly, Bug, and before those we still need the Agents of Atlas and... well... I'm sure everyone has a list of at LEAST 70 more characters.

Which is why I'm totally AGAINST remakes of older characters. I've always believed, with Marvel at least, that its the person under the mask that's really important. Like, Spider-Man's my favorite superhero, but I don't want a figurine in the black suit, one in the iron spider suit, one with 6 arms, one in armor. Or I really like Baron Zemo, so I don't want Citizen V. I already have him... as Baron Zemo. Same guy.

What I'm trying to say is that Marvel has 5,000 characters and I want as many made as possible. Making variations of the same character (either posed for different moments in marvel history, other costumes, guises or dimensional variations) only slows down production of getting to the great variety that Marvel has to offer.

Robert said...

I totally understand where you are coming from, John. We all want to see as many characters as possible.

However, to take one of your examples, how many people would prefer the Bug before, say, a classic Iron Man figure? (Which is not to say I disagree with any of your suggestions, by the way.)

I think this collection can go on for a long, long time and eventually Eaglemoss will realise that (costume rather than pose) variants would sell well. Variants are produced in every other form - full statues, busts, play figures, etc. - which proves my point. I believe it's just a matter of time. Won't be any time in the next few years, but it will happen.

Deadpool said...

Variants is a winner.

"A listers" such as Spidey, Daredevil, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor would be ideal as multi packs in their variant costumes and poses.

All the cross dimensional Spideys in a single multi pack ... now that would be a treat.

The same goes for Iron man and all the main Armour variants.

I would also like to continue the petition for Captain Britain in his original costume.

Further more, how about large multi packs that provide a full team such as the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Young Avengers?

I only put forward these ideas because if they were available I would buy them... probably a few sets of each - one to open and display - the others to keep in mint condition as a collection.

I do this with all the figures i collect anyway and as a true collector think this is a sensible way forward.

Not that sensiblity is usually in my vocabulary.

The Moss Men should just go ahead and implement one of these ideas and suprise us the week before release.

I reckon that everyone would be stunned and in awe.

Robert said...

What a great idea! Instead of team multi-packs, single character multi-packs! Brilliant! Don't think there is any chance of it happening as Rich has all but ruled out multi-packs but still a cracking idea.

Anonymous said...

The Marvel Legends series and History OF The DC Universe series are already releasing thematic multipacks. For example, the Skrull Warrior & Kree Warrior double pack. They are selling extremely well, and Eaglemoss would do well to introduce this

I've been proposing thematic multipacks ever since I joined this blog. We must continue to shout that we want them and we will buy them!

These should span the Marvel Universe and explore specific
areas, such as...

Nova (Frankie Raye)
Gabriel the Air-Walker

MORLOCKS multipack:

Veranke the Skrull Queen
Deathbird of the Shi'ar
Brother Royal of the Badoon

Skrull warrior
Kree warrior
Phalanx warrior

Korg the Kronan
Hiroim the Shadow Warrior
Miek the insectoid
Cajera of the Sakaars

ETERNALS multipack:

The possibilities are endless.
I appreciate that these are highly specialised niche figurines ... but c'mon, wouldn't it be awesome to have them? Would you buy them?
I'd buy 4 packs of each to support the thematic subset.

Deadpool said...

I buy everything anyway Kirly ... so the answer is yes.

I have been pondering the collection of late and have an idea that may just invigorate it further.

Since the Moss Men are producing marvel figures, I wonder if Marvel would give them som free advertising in the comic books.

This could be a cost effective way to get new subscribers and others buying the figures.

What say you Moss men?

I would favour the Themed Multi Packs to start with more popular characters first such as Spidey and Iron Man, progressing to the much coveted heralds of Galactus later.

Frequency of specials: -

I suggest a special every month with the following format: -

Monthly Normal special
Bi Monthly Double pack Special
Tri Monthly Big Special
Bi Yearly Mega-Special.

The monthly would be at the standard cover price
The Double pack would be slightly more than the standard cover price.

So on and so forth .....

Subsribers would automatically opt in to the higher frequency specials

Deadpool said...

Correction - 6 monthly Mega special.

PS. I want Howard the Duck too.

Deadpool said...

Having reviewed my comments over the last couple of blog subjects, I am rather puzzled.

I don't think I was instrumental in PA walking the plank, infact I was one of the first to invite him back.

I suppose I'm an easy thick skinned target.

Come on back PA ... we should be downing grog, telling tall tales and partaking of the buried treasures of buxom wenches.

I can't believe you want to spend your old age as a land lubber matey.

Deadpool said...

I have another idea.

How about a super large character in the collection, similar to the awesome supersized Heroclix such as Cthulhu, Sinestro, FFF and Galactus.

Since this would be a one off. I propose to call it an "Omega Special"

Any suggestions for the one off "Omega Special"?

My choice would be: -

Dark Pheonix at the center of the Firey Pheonix force - similar to the awe inspiring Heroclix special.

If Orange resin was used for the Pehonix force it too would be totally awesome.

Deadpool said...

And finally to end today's tirade ...

I too would like Bug.

Anonymous said...

We've already been told that multipacks most likely will not happen. Especially with the current economy as it is. They're having enough trouble trying to make 2-Packs feasible to bring more characters to the collection quicker. Hopefully the research from the forums will help things in that regard.

As for advertising.... even though Eaglemoss is making marvel products, that doesn't get them free ad space in the comics. Also since the comics are focused on the U.S. market for the most part in regard to sales, it would be kind of pointless to advertise a partworks that's not even available by sub from that market.

As for the idea of upping the number of specials per year, I doubt that will fly due to the economy. Eaglemoss knows the economy isn't in the best shape at the moment and is trying to not cause a drop in sales by increasing the number of specials more than they already have. I think they're doing an excellent job with the current level of 5 different specials a year. I wouldn't mind seeing 6 this year though, since we only got 4 last year due to the long delay of Cloak & Dagger though.

Hel said...


Multipack variant packs.
What a great idea.

Spiderman would be a great starting point.

I would also like to get the young Avengers as a multi pack.

Bug is not my cup of tea.
Bugs are for squashing not for modelling.

If I had to comment on the PA incident, it looks to me as if it was an accumulation of comments from several bloggers not Deadpool.

I thought Jacadoo's attack was rather unpleasant and unnecessary.

I prefer the approach proposed by the Dynamic Duo Rob and Bob.
Either agree or disagree them move on.

Deadpoodle, you seem rather grumpy of late.

I hope we are not seeing the birth of the dreaded -Dark Deadpool.

Cheer up, eat some sugar and return to your wonderfully wackiy self.

The DP that both Bob and I love to read comments from.

Omega Special - great idea too .. I have no idea at the moment who I would choose.

I would be tempted to suggest Dreadknight on his trusty steed.

Good Day gentlemen, see you in Hel.

Hel said...

Oh, I just read your comment Beast.

You do realise that there is a very healthy market for American comics in the UK and Europe.

If EM were allowed to advertise a Marvel sponsored product then I think sales would improve.

I think you are taking a very negative view of some cracking ideas (to quote Robert).

Once again I bid you farewell

Robert said...

Just to be clear on the multi-packs idea: My heart's with Deadpool but my head's with CBR Beast.

I do think it's a cracking idea but I also said it won't happen. I also think that my wife allowing Kelly Brook to join us in bed is a cracking idea but that's just another idea that won't happen.

I think CBR Beast plays a thankless role on here sometimes. We have all these suggestions that, for a number of reasons, are pie-in-the-sky. CBR Beast points this out. Sometimes the truth is unpleasant and we should not shoot the messenger of the truth.

Anonymous said...

"You do realise that there is a very healthy market for American comics in the UK and Europe."

Yes, I realize this. It doesn't change the fact that the comic book market is entirely focused on the U.S. Market when it comes to sales. Captain Britain & MI-13 was a good example of that. It was way more popular in the UK than it was in the U.S. Even factoring in the UK sales wasn't enough to save the book from cancellation. So honestly, advertising a partswork collection in the comics which are primarily focused on the U.S. marketshare, when it's a product that isn't even available for Subscription in that market doesnn't make a great deal of sense. Also, I kind of doubt that Eaglemoss has the kind of funds for a lot of marketing. Since outside of a couple TV commercials when the lines launched, I haven't heard of a lot of UK marketing either.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer it we could stop repeating and sheepishly accepting that multipacks have been ruled out.

Or maybe someone can explain why it's ok for EM to release an £18 Fing Fang Foom special, for example, and expect that collectors will buy that but not a £18 multipack of 3 figurines? I don't understand the logic.

I would buy an £18 multipack of 3 Heralds of Galactus just like I bought Fing Fang Foom.

Hel said...

I agree with you completely Kilianeyes.

Let's think of the reasons to make things happen rather than to shoot them down.

Let's be positive.

Let your heart rule your head Robert, who knows what may happen.

Is that a knock on your front door, it could be Kelly Brook.

As for subscriptions - continue petitioning EM to open up subscriptions to North America.

Where there is a will there is a way.

Good day kind sirs.

Hel said...

Oh my god Robert, it has just occured to me that there are three of us now infatuated with Deadpool.

Me, DB and you.

I can't wait for DPs reaction to that.

I am just joking, for the record.

Bye Bye

BobDiamond said...

Ah now, this is more like interesting conundrum to get our teeth stuck into...
I'm refering to the realistic or prehaps hypothetical possibility of an'Omega'(awesome name!)sized figure as proposed by Dark Deadpool.
The thing is, we have some Mega Specials already that are still way smaller than they should be dispite their 'Meganess' eg. Galactus, The Watcher and FFF. So the problem is- should an Omega Special be someone/thing that would normally dwarf the likes of Big G etc. or should it be an Event-type happening ( like the Pheonix Force idea)?
It would also, obviously, need to be some thing with both history and importance in the MU.
Bit of a tough one...
Possibilities I can think of are..
1. Ego The Living Planet (but would he look good or silly?)
2. The Formation of an Eternal Uni-Mind (tricky)
3.a couple of Celestials doing something uh, celestial..
4. The good old Pheonix Force
5. My old mate Eternity!
6. That giant sea monster that the Sub-Mariner calls with his magic horn(?)that looks a bit like a whale with legs..
There must be others...good puzzle DDP!

Anonymous said...

There's a difference between being positive and being realistic. People can dream about getting whatever they like. It doesn't make it feasible in this marketplace.

As for how Eaglemoss can easily sell a $38.00 Fin Fang Foom, but not easily sell a 3-Pack for the same price? It's percieved value. When people see a Mega Pack of a larger character, they see their getting something really special for the investment. Where as with a multipack of characters (with one magazine) they don't see it in the same way. It's just a strange mindset that occurs in collectors. Some even see it taking up a perfectly good special slot, where they could have gotten a larger character. Especially since normal sized characters can be done in the regular slots.

As for opening up the subscription program for the U.S. and Canadian markets? Not gonna happen. Rich has already alluded to the fact that going through Diamond and the Comic Book Market was the only way of bringing the collection to North America. Most likely cause Partworks arn't something that is really normal for us over here. Plus the fact that the lead figures violate certain laws. That's why we have warnings in the solicits and warning stickers on the packaging.

Anonymous said...

You're not going to see something larger than the Mega Specials. Just due to the costs involved. Hell, when they were toying with making Galactus, there was some talk of doing part of him as Resin to reduce the costs. We have to remember that production costs have increased quite a bit since the collection began. You also have to figure with the economy, a larger even more expensive piece is a huge risk. Especially given some of the frankly obscure or minor characters being suggested being made. Megas like Galactus, Sentinel, Watcher, and Fin Fang Foom sell because they'e fairly prominant characters in the books.

Robert said...

I'm still waiting on Miss Brook, by the way. Anyone know what's keeping her? Hel?

Anonymous said...

Debate is good. Personally I disagree with CBR Beast's observation on the mindset of collectors, and I hope he's not a marketing consultant for Eaglemoss.

Of course normal-size figurines can be done in the normal slots.
However, with so many major characters still to be covered, we would have to wait 10 years to see all the Heralds Of Galactus in the normal slot. There is no reason for this.

Marvel Legends and History of DC Universe have proven that there is a market for multipacks, and they are not in competition with other regular offerings.

The attraction of thematic multipacks is that they are
a) a special subset of figurines b) dedicated to specific areas or story arcs of the Marvel Universe (for example, a Planet Hulk).
c) designed for fans who want specialised niche characters and are happy to buy them NOW, whilst continuing to buy the regular slots also.

Eaglemoss, please consider multipacks as described above.

BobDiamond said...

I'm pretty much aware that we wont be getting anything bigger than a Galactus-sized figurine in real life.
I just enjoy the dreamy, conceptualizing bit of these discussions...I don't think I'd even realistically want a great big ugly balloon-like mad planet staring down at me from a shelf! And one of the reasons I started to collect this series in the first place is it's scale, I don't collect the action figures or even the wonderful Bowen Busts, because I'd simply run out of room!( hard enough keeping the wife happy as is!).
It's fun thinking about these possibilities though...
Here's an idea, what about a Mega Omega figure of Stan Lee as some all-engulfing godlike entity towering above the entire collection!?
(I'm not really serious about this one either CBRBeast!)

Anonymous said...

Marvel Legends and History of DC Universe have proven that there is a market for multipacks, and they are not in competition with other regular offerings."

Actually, many of the multipacks in both of those lines were horrible sellers. In fact, the DC 2-Packs from Matty Collector and Various Multipacks were such bad sellers, that they had to cancel numerous planend multipacks cause of poor order numbers. There's a reason multipacks are usually exclusives. Cause they don't sell well enough as a regular product.

In the case of the Marvel Legends multiplacks (I'm not talking about the current 2-Packs), but the 4 and 5 pack sets were pretty much dead at retail for some of the releases. The last four packs from ML (Marvel Monsters and Young Avengers) were only picked up chiefly by Wal-Mart, and they sold like a rock until went on serious clearance.

Banshee said...

Sasquatch and Puck....YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! Please please please on seperate bases.

John said...

I like the idea of EM using ad space inside of comic books. I really don't know why they don't. My comic book store doesn't get figurines and set them out because he says the walk in traffic couldn't support it, so I was lucky enough to stumble upon it when I was looking for trading cards at another store last October.

So in the ad, just say "ask your retailer about ordering for you." Mine does through Diamond. Some other guy and myself get them from our comic book guy simply because we asked him to start ordering it. There you go.

"I would buy an £18 multipack of 3 Heralds of Galactus just like I bought Fing Fang Foom."

I still very much disagree with getting people we already have representation of, but would fully support the Heralds, Young Avengers, or similar multi packs of characters not yet released. In fact, with the speed in which we could get characters released, I'd very much prefer this option.

As for an Omega Special; I propose Big Wheel. He wouldn't fit very well next to the Mega's, but beside the regular figurines, his scale would look incredibly awesome. (This is a joke of course, as I know no one in their right mind would pay over $50 for Big Wheel.) :)

LAWay said...

Beast is such a killjoy. :P
I agree that if Fing Fang Doom cost me £18, the price of 3 figurines and magazines, then people would more than happily pay for multipack specials.

Afterall, they are still specials that collectors want.EM could probably save money putting more figurines in packs, as they produce less magazines than regular figurines.

Of course, the downside to this idea is that 3 or maybe 4 figurines will be the absolute limit for a £18 price tag.

Of course, these multipacks could be more expensive. I would be happy paying £30 for a 6 figurine line-up, even if they are all on one base in a line-up, I am down with that.

Its like seeing a visual history of a character, and with some characters that have so much more history in each different costume than some characters have in their entire existence, its impossible to say that these costumes are less important to the collection.

A costume also represents a different character, story arcs, and overall history.

I would prefer to shell out £30 for a line-up multipack whatever than shell out £18 for Ego, who doesnt have all that much history or appealling design, nor would he actually fit in the collection talking of scale. But then, I guess neither do some of the giant mega specials.

Deadpool said...

Dark Deadpool I like that... muaahaahaaaaaah ....

Not sure about the infatuation part .... I sincerely hope you are a girl Hel ... or is your objective to give me nightmares :0)

Now to explain the madness behind the method of the apocalyptic OMEGA SPECIAL ....

I did actually suggest that Dark Pheonix is displayed engulfed by the Phoenix force.

This would make an OMEGA SPECIAL cost effective since the centre of the figure - Dark Phoenix and the Base are the only parts produced in lead.

All collections start with a dream ... when we stop dreaming the collection dies.

Dream on fellow bloggers.

Dark Deadpool 1, Dark Beast 0.

Score one for the good guy. ...

Sweet dreams guys ... I will be having nightmares tonight.

Deadpool said...

PS the Phoenix force should be made out of tinted orange Resin.

Hydroman should have a lower half made from tinted blue resin.

Nova- Herald Frankie should also be engulfed by orange resin.

You can see where I'm going with this...

The integration of resin will make for spectacular effects and larger characters.

I am happy to have lead / resin hybrids and I guess you would be too if they added to the special effects of a character.

BobDiamond said...

Just as a nightcap...a Shang-Chi Perfect 10!
2.Fu-Manchu (get the licence back Marvel!!)
3.Black Jack Tarr
4.Clive Reston
6.Midnight Sun
All to be made Omega-sized in orange resin obviously!(..sorry DDP)

Anonymous said...

They already made a Dark Phoenix though. So no sense redoing her at this point. Also, not really sure about the idea of using resin for the figurines. In some cases like Mr. Freeze's helmet in the DC line a plastic piece is pretty much your only option. But I would rather see them just sculpt/paint the details on rather than take the lazy way out with resins. Plus you have to figure that resins run into problems with heat and cigarette smoke.

Robert said...

Aunt May Top Ten:
1. Aunt May hanging Pete's underoos on the washing line.
2. Aunt May trying to convince Peter that she should meet that lovely Mrs Watson's niece.
3. Aunt May walking into room and not noticing Peter, costumed but for his mask, stuck to the ceiling.
4. Aunt May making Peter wheatcakes (whatever they are).
5. Aunt May knitting Peter a jumper as he's such a "delicate boy".
6. Aunt May with Uncle Ben.
7. Aunt May with placard during her "Grey Tiger" days.
8. Aunt May in bridal gown, about to marry Doc Ock.
9. Aunt May with shocked expression when she finds Pete as Spider-Man in his bloodied bed.

And number 10, Aunt May in critical condition in a hospital bed!

LAWay said...

A Shang-Chi list?
Do not want. I didnt even want that figurines. I still got it, but it was an ugly sculpt, pose, scale, costume...just horrid.

As for resin...i have never once worried about heat or smoke with resin. Does it really effect it that much? Do we all smoke directly at out figurines, and let the smoke circulate in our glass cabinets which also double up as pressure cookers? I dont.

Its a neat idea and something needs to be done to create effects for those characters. If it can be done in plastic, cool, but plastic is abit cheap.

But like beast said, we dont need the character. Then again, we didnt need the spiderman statue, but thats cool, and I would actually quite like this dark phoenix flame thing, especially since I didnt buy the repainted red version.

Keep dreaming guys.

Robert said...

Question for CBR Beast, who seems to know a lot about sales: Do you know how well the Warriors Three set of busts from Bowen sold? They are often mentioned as strong candidates to be made into a multi-pack...

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't give a Puck about the success or non-success of multipacks in other collections!

In my opinion, The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection is perfect for multipacks. It has an increasingly encyclopedic scope, an attempt to cover all the characters that are important in the Marvel Universe, which makes it different from all other series of Marvel figurines.
I think here multipacks can prove hugely successful.

Most importantly, we must not stop asking for them - until Eaglemoss have tried to release one multipack and fans have had a chance to prove that they want them. Recent poll results have given indication that most collectors want them.

I see that some bloggers choose to focus on what in their opinion is not feasible or commercially viable. There is no evidence that multipacks won't work in this collection. Also, I'd like to remind them of the power of Asking For Change. This is a super-power we all have, and there is no reason to accept the status quo.

Eaglemoss, I want multipacks and I won't stop asking. Give us fans a chance to prove you they can be a success.

Anonymous said...

If 2-Packs have so far failed to meet sales expectations, I really doubt they're gonna risk trying 3-Packs anytime soon. At best, we'll see how 2-Packs with one special and one regular work first. Such as Sasquatch and Puck. Or, as I have suggested before... Groot and Rocket Raccoon. That will be the test that sees if even 2-packs will be feasible in this market.

LAWay said...

The problem is, testing the market with a big character and tiny character, and not A-list at that, is a poor reflection of how well multipacks can do.

of course, if they sell well, it opens the floodgates.

I dont see the issue though. If a multipack of 2 costs the same as buying 2 seperate figurines, where is the commercial loss?

If everyone is saying they buy every single issue, whether they are subscribed or not, where is the risk?

Us subscribers are in it for the long haul, so really its up to you non subscribers to not let us down and to actually show your dedication. If you are dedicated, then no-one has anything to worry about.

Case closed and the negatives.

John said...

EM is just nervous about things like Mulit Packs because the 2 Packs didn't sell well. Considering how hesitant they are about 2 Packs, Multi's are a far way off.

Now if Sasquatch and Puck sell as a 2 Pack, we'll be back in business. Sasquatch and Puck being much more popular than Ka-Zar or people being willing to pay so much to add on Lilandra. We just need to wait is all. A Sasquatch and Puck or Northstar and Aurora will prove that multiple character packs depend on the characters and price. So we'll just have to wait to push the Multi-packs until after Alpha Flight proves they're worthwhile.

Also consider Multi Packs from this stand point. The vast majority on here wants them. Polls in the forums show we want them. But we are a bit obsessive with the collection, are we not? My feeling is that anyone that joins a forum about a product is going to be much more inclined to purchase. So I can understand why EM would be hesitant to listen to the polls on the subject from such a bias group.

So again, the proof will be in the 2 Packs. That will be evident proof to EM. We'll go from there.

Robert said...

You might not give a hoot about other collections, Kirlianeyes, but Eaglemoss probably do, hence the reason we're bringing it up.

We'd all love it if more figures were released. However, we have to try see it from Eaglemoss's (conservative) point of view.

John is right: we should focus on twin-packs for the moment. If we get a Northstar-Aurora twin pack and it sells well we have reversed the poor selling trend of previous twin packs and can start to argue for another twin pack... and if it's successful for the introduction of multi-packs. A boring and slow route but the only realistic one.

BobDiamond said...

I agree that we have to allow the concept of 2-Packs to work successfully, before multi-packs are a reality.
I always thought that the first couple of 2-packs were a strange choice, especially Prof.X and Lilandra. A 2-pack for the CASUAL buyer(which probably makes up most of Eaglemoss's market- that is, NOT including us dedicated few Bloggers and Forumites) still needs to be made up of two wanted and recognizable characters. Does Lilandra fall into this catagory? she's a great supporting cast member in the X Universe, but is basically, ironically enough a 'civilian'(Inter-galactic one for sure, but...). so as a side point, we actually have our first Civilian Figurine.
I personally love Ka-zar and Zabu, but I'm sure a lot of CASUAL buyers just saw a caveman with a sabretooth!
I do believe that with the current 2-pack choices we are going to have FAR more success, as Sasquatch, Puck, Northstar, Aurora and even Cloak and Dagger are all popular characters in their own right as well as potential pairings. Let's hope so!

Anonymous said...

i think i know what's happened here , someone made a mistake and my guess is that they were actually supposed to confirm avelanche in the collection but listed blob instead who as we all know was confirmed already some weeks back.
i hope we get two confirmed additions to this extension today along with an explanation of the blob error.

Anonymous said...

message to cbr beast :

you said we already have hawkeye and henry pym in the collection but lets not forget that yellow jacket had wasp sitting on his shoulder and now we are getting a seperate figurine of wasp so if she can be in the collection twice , i don't see the big deal in having giant man in and goliath.

personally i'd like to have giant man , goliath , black goliath , atlas , giant girl all in the collection and all the same size.

Anonymous said...

another one i'd like to see is original bucky and i don't care that we have winter soldier.
so deep down we may know that certain characters have more than one costume but for display purposes who cares , it would just look like a different person.

hawkeye , goliath , ronin for example

i'd love all three , so what if they are all the same person.

winter soldier , bucky

yellow jacket , giant man , ant man

lets get 'em all

also , do i buy two hydro man figurines ? one to display with the frightful four as a fantastic four villain , and one to display as a spidey foe

some characters could be done in different variant sculpts so that we could purchase both versions in cases where the character appeared in more than one group.
quicksilver for example : x-men + avengers categories. we have the blue version , how about the green one instead of buying on ebay ? but in a running pose. this way we could display one with the avengers and one with x factor or brotherhood of mutants.

more sales = more profit eaglemoss.

ted sallis said...

Been internet less for the last 10 days so have started my latest mosaic of Cap America i hope when the front of our house has been made into a giant comic panel to see it from Google earth. Any old who, I just wanted to say i personally think that a subscriber special would be a great idea as a thankyou for all these years of loyal custom BUT it should be availible to all collectors with subscribers receiving a healthy 50% discount.
That way we avoid Green Quicksilver fiasco.
I don't know what amazes me more, The sheer gaul of some profiteering spiv charging £99.99 0n Excrement Bay or the poor sap who is so debilatated by OCD that they actually pay that?
Save your £100 and book youself into your local Priory clinic for the weekend

Anonymous said...

here's an idea about multi packs.

why don't we all compile a list of multi packs we'd like to see and be willing to buy providing the cost is the same as individual issues multiplied.
twin pack = 2x £5.99 = £11.98
triple = 3x £5.99 = £17.97
for example , a fair price to pay considering what we pay for specials and mega specials.
this way eaglemoss will get an idea of how the sales could look and could also see what choices are most popular wanted items.

i'll start the ball rolling with :

northstar + aurora 2pk

warriors three 3pk

remaining three wrecking crew members 3pk

howard the duck + rocket raccoon 2pk

hammerhead + tombstone 2pk

arleta + stakar ogord 2pk

elsa + ulysses bloodstone 2pk

whizzer + miss america + bucky 3pk

red raven + blue diamond + patriot 3pk

baron strucker + hydra agent 2pk

cobra + hyde 2pk

b.a.d girls - black mamba + asp +
diamondback 3pk

misty knight + collen wing + tarantula 3pk

shaman + marrina 2pk

LAWay said...

To be honest, I forgot we even HAD 2 packs. Lets be honest, they were craptastic.

Kazar or whatever, tarzan with battlecat, but both equally not as cool. Like you said, casual buyers dont know who these guys are and are not going to shell out extra for them.

Prof X and the Lilandra? An odd 2 pack. Everyone would have been happy with them seperate. Prof X has enough history by himself to warrant a magazine to himself. Casual buyers would have bought more prof X to no doubt make up for the lilandra sales, which would have done better selling by herself.

Thats what I am saying.
Dont waste the 2 pack and multipacks on characters or teams that are not guaranteed sales.

In otherwords, you need the A-listers, the characters with lots of history and depth. Being modern helps as in a comic store, newer fans will buy what they know. Keep the Z-listers in the single collection instead of gathering dust on shelves.

And dont throw a good character with a crap one. Like someone said, we had winter soldier, but we want bucky, and a bucky captain america. THAT as a 2 pack sells, everyone wants one everyone knows them, it appeals to old fans and new fans.

howard the duck + rocket raccoon? It will be gathering dust on shelves as no one cares. Appeals to old diehard fans, but havent done enough in recent years to warrant new fans, the ones going into comicbook shops now, to pick up.

I worry alot of people on this blog are old school diehard fans, and while that is great dont get me wrong, I worry it may disillusion the EM crew into what sells. You got the subscribers by the hook, but what about casual buyers?
The young kids going into forbidden planet, looking for something cool?
Is Howard the Duck going to make them split with their cash? Or will a new version of spiderman/ironman/wolverine/captain america/ etc.

I hope people are still reading comics now and not just reliving marvel through their heydays in the 70s and 80s. Fans and characters have moved on.

Hel said...

Nice to see that Dark Deadpool's suggestion is taking off.

Kirlian and DP are great collaborators: -

To continue the theme: -

I would like to see love interest multi packs: -

Spidey and MJ
Thor and Sif
Cyclops and Jean Grey
Kurt Wagner and Amanda Sefton

So on and so forth.

I think the big winner for multi packs would be the incarnations and variants of Spider Man.

I also love the idea of Iron Man variants too.

I would love the Warriors Three for obvious reasons.

To help convert Dark Deadpool to normal Deadpool I will also propose the Hellfire Queens as a multi pack too.
I am sure some scantily clad bimbettes will raise a smile.

Good day to you all.

Hel said...

I also believe there have been frequent requests by Robert and DP for some sort of Original Captain Britain and Lionheart double pack.

So in keeping with the theme: -

I will suggest on their behalf

Original Captain Britain + Lionheart 2PK

Hel said...

Oh wait I have another love interest 2 pack in mind :-

Dr Strange and Clea 2 pk

Robert said...

"Fans and characters have moved on." Yep, but not in the way you mean. They've moved onto different things. I've been going into the Forbidden Planet in Glasgow every week since it opened in the mid-1980s and I only see guys like me, with some teenagers and the odd kid buying Dr. Who stuff.

Look at sales in the 70s of the average Marvel comics and look at it now. It's not even a tenth of what it was when I was a kid.

If you're relying on the kids of today then you are condemning this collection to a premature death. Most the children have no idea who the characters are if they haven't had a feature film or cartoon. Without the oldies like me this collection would be toast.

Anonymous said...

It's important to strike a balance though. Characters from every era are deserving of inclusion. Not everyone liked the inclusion of Sentry and X-23 for example, but they're still fairly major characters in the Marvel Universe.

Robert said...

Yep, all for characters from all eras of the Marvel universe. I have my own preferences as everyone else does of course but never said modern characters shouldn't be included. Thinking, however, that random kids wandering into comic shops and picking up these figures has any real significance in terms of sales is delusional.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Kids reading comics accounts for a very small market share. Also, due to the fact these are lead figurines, for the most part they're not marketed for the kiddies. That's what action figures and toys are for. By the way, Super Hero Squad figures are awesome. :)

Also, guess no lunchtime update today.

BobDiamond said...

Cheers LAWay,
..for making me feel so old...maybe Rob, myself and a few of the other old 'crustys' should go into a field, shoot ourselves and request that we're turned into glue to bind together Essential Editions....
But I've got to point out, like Rob earlier, that most of the actual comic buying public seems to be 35+ and getting older! So I think we do have an important say in what should be made in this superb collection.
After saying that, I personally feel that the last 6-7 years have been some of the most creative in marvel history, with some unforgettably 'instant classic' characters introduced, eg. Sentry, The revamped Ares, Winter Soldier/ new Cap, The Hood, Iron Patriot to name a few.
So I agree with CBRBeast that a balance is the most important thing, but the evolving history must not be forgotten.

PS....and we should DEFINITELY have Howard The Duck included!!!!

Robert said...

Have you guys seen the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-carrier for the Super-Hero Squad Figures? It's just super-awesome! Seriously thinking of getting one.

As for average age figures, I read somewhere that it's 41. Not entirely sure how that figure was reached, mind you, although I do believe that the Marvel Masterworks Resource Home Page used to run surveys that will back that up.

As for the new Marvel films and stuff like the Super-Hero Squad, I really hope it turns more of the kids on to comicbooks. Us oldies ain't gonna be around forever...

Anonymous said...

so where's this monday lunchtime bigger better update we were all promised then ?

Dan The Man said...

Early apologies (on behalf of Rich) for the lack of update today - he was v.busy on his secret project which needs to be at a certain stage for the managing director to see tomorrow. Plus we were lucky enough to be invited to the Iron Man 2 Gala Premiere tonight, (which was great btw). i'm sure Rich will update tomorrow (tues) at some point.

Btw we do advertise in Diamond PREVIEWS catalog (these are for retailers only) i'll see if Rich can upload them for you guys to see just out of interest.

Goodnight. Dreaming of Agent Romanov.

Thor8 said...

If we get an update Tuesday,will we still get another one this Friday?

I know this is a lost cause,but your main site is way overdue for a significant updating again. The figurines shown have almost all hit the market already.And by "significant" update I don't mean showing just 5 new figurines.

On the subject of multi packs,I may not be a marketing or sales dept. expert,but I believe that if collectors keep clamoring for these things it has a very good chance of selling successfully if done correctly. First of all don't make a double pack or a multi pack just for the sake of it,or to try and squeeze a not too familiar character along with a better known one,but rather study which characters are famous enough,wanted enough,and have mostly made appearances as a group rather than solo thus they cannot, most likely make it on their own. Some examples of this are:

The Warriors Three
The Wreaking Crew
Squadron Supreme members
Zodiac Members
Super Soviets members
Cobra and Hyde

These are just examples I'm not saying that these are the ones you HAVE to make,and even though I respect everyone's opinion I honestly don't believe a Rocket Raccoon-Howard The Duck double pack will reach the sales rate EM is looking for.Pick the correct figurines guys and give us adequate pricing and I'm sure doubles and multis will take off like a rocket.

Sure hope Rich's secret project is something that will blow us all away(I mean that in a positive way) once it is revealed! Paz a todos and come back Piarate A.

LAWay said...

lol sorry guys. I didnt mean to make you feel ancient.
But come on...dont kid yourselves eh? ;)

Nah, I meant we need a balance. The line-up cant simply exist of old and niche characters. Whilethe odd b or c lister will be known to us, the casual shopper in a comicbook shop, the kids of today wont know them.

I agree that comic sales are down. Nothing to do with the newer fans, its just that they have better things to do than read comics, or they download them, or wait for the graphic novel collection.

I aint saying just make figurines appeal to the kids, but I am saying throw out more A-list characters in different costumes to sell some stuff. Like me, I dont subscribe to the DC collection, but I saw some of the figurines in forbidden planet, and they looked cool so I had to buy them. Like I said, Z-list characters dont interest casual buyers, and the only DC figurines I was interested in were the main characters.

Saying these casual buyers dont contribute to sales figures is the same as saying the guys who dont subscribe dont contribute to overall sales figures. You dont know that for fact. Marketing has nothing to do with it. These things are not advertised, they are not marketed. Sure, they dont appeal to kids below 12 definitely, but any boy into models and superheroes would be interested. Any boy who buys comics or other magazines would be interested.

Spiderman No1 wasnt exactly aimed at hardcore old fans was it. It was so colourful and big, it was meant for a wide range of audience that included kids, teenagers, young adults and you oldies. :P
The reason why this audience does not affect sales now is because there are no characters good enough to appeal to these casual buyers who dont know any character outside of a marvel videogame, ie, the main cast of around 20 heroes and villains.

Like you said, some of the most important and dramatic storylines have happened in the last 7-10 years, and yet we are getting characters depicted from older times. This alienates the fans reading these comics. And while some of the new fans may only know the characters who appear in film, it tells you something, that this audience should be aimed at. An audience that will spend over $400 million to see a superhero film, also buying toys, merchandise, clothing, heck just fastfood to get movie toys. These guys wander into a comicbook shop seeing these characters they know, that they saw in the film, they will buy them.

I'm saying, sure you need old characters to complete the classic line, but you have to keep injecting the popular characters to gain new buyers who know little about marvel's past, but just want to own abit of merchandise of their favourite characters that they are reading about now...not 30 years ago.

Include a modern variant or modern character every 4-6 issues, enough for a regular basis that may persuade new buyers to maybe subscriber, or at the very least, keep their eyes open to the collection more.

Keep an open mind guys. While you are thinking 'I collected comics in the 70s/80s, the collection should be all about the characters I love', new fans will be thinking exactly the same thing about the 90s/00s. Neither are wrong, but you need a balance. Chances are the old collectors are already on board with the collection, so new characters will attract young subscribers which are probably more untapped.

Without you oldies, sure the collection would be toast. I dont know how many young collectors there are, I am 24, but the collection started on great, modern characters, and I think EM may have lost subscribers as they produced constant less known characters. I know I have thought about quitting from time to time. Some characters stay stuck in the past because they were not successful.

LAWay said...

I broke the word limit. lol

As for Hel's idea, I like the couples 2 pack. A Jim Lee cyclops and Jean Grey would be awesome. How can you not want resulpts of those!?

About captain britain, i love the guy. Give us the lion suit, but please give us the x-force costume aswell, the modern made me read the comic because the design was just awesome.

I rant quite abit. I should play on my xbox or draw more.

John said...

Here's my take on Mad Thinkers' game, ordered by most wanted. Keep in mind its almost 11 p.m. here... I tried limiting it to packs that would sell, hence; no Clea + Wong.

Sasquatch + Puck 2pk

Wizard + Trapster 2pk

Rocket Raccoon + Groot 2pk

Shaman + Vindicator 2pk

Hammerhead + Tombstone 2pk

Starlord + Phyla + Cosmo :D 3pk

Maximus the Mad + Lockjaw 2pk

Wiccan + Hulkling 2pk
Baron Strucker + Dum Dum Dugan 2pk
Misty Knight + Colleen Wing 2pk
Cobra + Mr. Hyde 2pk
Northstar + Aurora 2pk
Warriors Three 3pk
Whizzer + Miss America 2pk

Robert said...

"24"? Bloody hell. My hiking boots are nearly as old as you! (I bought them in 1988.) Now I REALLY feel ancient! Cheers, LAWay. :)

BobDiamond said...

LAWay, you slightly confuse me with what you want (but then I am old and decrepid...).
First you say that the series started off with 'modern' characters, but surely just about the first 50 or so were from the 60s, 70s and 80s?
We have had a few more 'modern' ones introduced since...Blink, Sentry, Winter Soldier and recently X23.
Is it 'modern versions' of just the well-known characters you want? In that case do you think that Eaglemoss should work in The Ultimate Line versions as the series progresses?
Personally, as an 'old timer' I wouldn't want this at all, but I'm sure there would be some market out there for these versions, as after all The Ultimate Line was created for 'new' readers, as a fresh start...
The Nearly Dead BD

James said...

Hi Guys,

A quick question off the subject, just wondering what are the best paints to get for doing touch up jobs to the figurines? Any advice on this topic would be really appreciated.


LAWay said...

haha sorry Rob.
What I meant was the first few characters...ok, not modern, I meant 'modern' as in there are in comics now, represented in their recent comic incarnations. The main point were the first batch of characters were the A-listers, the ones in comics now, the characters that always get made into toys, that always appear in the games. The bankable characters. Some of these characters have gone through more redesigns and costume changes than some characters have comic appearances.

I think alot of these characters from the initial line-up would be great to see again in a new pose and costume. Since everyone knows these characters, they will probably buy them no matter what costume they are wearing, as they are the main characters.

For example, a spiderman variant. He will probably pick up more off the shelf sales at a comicbook shop than what Magik would.

While you may think 'so what? Thats obvious', this could then result in the fan buying back issues and potentially subscribing, and thus more money can be made from these new fans than what can be made with the old fans buying from comicbook shops.

Worth taking the gamble, as EM have guaranteed sales with the subscribers and need to do more t get new fans to the collection.

Deadpool said...

James .... welcome to our humble abode.

I personally use acrylic paints either by Games Workshop or Rackham.

Artists acrylics work well too and can be bought quite cheaply - £1.99for a large tube.

Avoid enamels.
Acrylics can be diluted with water while wet and are water proof when dry.

They dry quickly and are easy to blend.
Because they are quite opaque the colours are quite vibrant.

Deadpool said...

OK Moss Men --- prepare to catch the Deadpool ----CURVE BALL OF THE WEEK .....

Classic Marvel Figurine - Roleplaying.

Was that a sigh of dismay from the other bloggers here?

How about diversfying the format slightly to bring out figurines and a Roleplaying scenarios based upon classic Marvel Moments.

The format could be a skirmish between two characters or between two teams.

The stats and scenario would be in the magazine - floor plans could be included too.

The format could be anything from a Skirmish to a campaign.

Lead figures are well established in the Roleplaying market and by tweaking the format slightly could be a winner here too.

Multipacks with the scenario characters would be justification for creating the said multi packs

I look forward to reading the objections from Beast, the thoughtful commentary of he Mad thinker, the geriatric meanderings of the Blog Twins Rob and Bob, the flirtatious pillow talk from Hel and the extatic endorsement of Law.

A drunken burp from PA wouldn't go amiss either.

Deadpool said...

What appeals to a casual collector?

I guess Spidey variants would.

I also would imagine some scantily clad (thanks for the quote Hel) girlies would too.

No offense Hel but Marvel Comics are generally read by males.

Men generally like strong female super heroes.

Ergo - Female multi packs.

Who should be in these multi packs then I here you say, now I have piqued your interest.

I'll let you decide, since anything you suggest is probably already on my list - yes including the bootylicious Bertha.

James said...

Hey Deadpool,

Thanks alot for all the advice, much appreciated.

LAWay said...

Deadpool...thousand times yes to the roleplaying thing. WOuld love to see marvel get back into that with some decent figurines. They could even be unpainted to lowers costs. As I suggested before, even plastic figurines so that they could be easily modded.

As for female multipacks, I dunno. With marvel legends, females are the peg warmers unless they stocked with less units per crate of figures. I would more likely worry of looking a perfect buying those in a shop, so more reason to be a subscriber, but kids wont buy packs of females as they are boring, and I cant see EM release a Mary Jane, Gwen Stacey and Felicia Hardy pillow fight figurine. ;)

John said...

"I cant see EM release a Mary Jane, Gwen Stacey and Felicia Hardy pillow fight figurine."

I'd buy that. :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Agentman said...

I vote USAgent for a future issue. A former Captain America, West Coast Avengers mainstay, member of Force Works, the Jury, The New Invaders, Omega Flight, Mighty Avengers and now the Thunderbolts, hes done more than enough to justify an appearence - alot more than many characters who have already appeared.