Friday, 9 April 2010

It's Magik you know, never believe it's not so...

I'm back again this week with another update. The combination of Easter bank holidays and a short break to Berlin means that although we missed an update last week, this one is going to be a little brief.

First up we have one new character for the extension – Magik.

She's a great character who has found herself at the center of some great moments in the history of the X-Men. I was so close to including her in the last extension but decided against her at the last moment. I'm sure there's going to be huge debate on the costume choice but for me it should be similar to the one shown in the image below (but without the battle damage).

On to a sneak peek and we have Klaw.

He's only really had one costume worth talking about so that was a no-brainer and the pose seems to be a classic one of his used in many handbooks.

Have a good weekend, longer update promised for next week.


buffduffdan said...

Magik is a great choice, very deserving and should make a brilliant figure :D

Klaw looks awesome! Classic pose and costume, ca't wait for that one

Joeking said...

Yay Magik
all we need is Warlock to go with her.

Mr J said...

I'm Thrilled to have Magik confirmed. :) :) :) :) :)


jimbob said...

Thanks for the update!

Klaw looks good.

Hopefully some news on specials next week.

max_0888 said...

oh yeah!! I am so thrilled Magik got in. Our second new mutants. I hope next one is Wolfsbane. I want her in that costume too with the robot arm.

As for Klaw, he looks really good. One great villain that I can't wait to add to the collection.

So, overall, thanks for the awesome update Rich :)

Gremlin said...

Great news with Magik. I have come to love the character again now that she is firmly back with the XMen. Thats another New Mutant to tick off the list so thank you. Hopefully Wolfsbane will be the next one in the following extension ;)

Klaw looks very nice too. No surprises with the costume or pose but he looks very neat and will take pride of place on my shelf.

This extension is shaping up very nicely now. We are touching on the many areas of the MU bit by bit. I am looking forward to seeing which cosmic and Avenger characters you have waiting in the wings.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you guys announced Magik. Nice to have another New Mutant. And thanks so much for going with the look with the armor and sword instead of the horrid Darkchylde look.

Klaw looks great also. I kinda wish his sonic weapon was pointed at you instead of up in the air, but he looks great regardless. :)

Anonymous said...

Here's a nice pic of Illyana to use as a basis for the sculpt. It's similar to the classic New Mutants costume, but different enough that'll stand out somewhat.

jarvis69 said...

Another FF vilain ! Great !
And Peter Raspoutine'll be happy to see his sister back !
And now , we're waityng for the " longer " update , lazy boy ! lol

navaho said...

Klaw looks awesome, nice work guys. Magik is a little left-field for me, two new mutants already. I was hoping for something a little Norsey. Hey ho, there's always next week.

Anonymous said...

Here's another option. Since I guess the skirted uniform from my last post was never worn in the actual comics.

Fanboy said...

Woohoo! Hey, if you want something Norsey, lets not forget the time Magik was the new Enchantress! Haha. Nah, I'm sure we'll get at least one Norse god this time.

Anonymous said...

fairly obvious magik would be included after all the talk , i'm happy with her inclusion and hope to see the black and yellow costume but with the mini skirt.
the ron frenz sketch is awesome , this is how i'd like to see her + a great pose too.
klaw looks fantastic , they just keep getting better and better.
well done to the eaglemoss staff.
hope to hear news on mega specials next week.
i am also hoping to see aracne + century added to the collection -
more iron man allies.
then i'd like some more of his enemies -
modok + grey gargoyle + blacklash +
whirlwind + blizzard + hypnotia +
but my top pick for the next addition to be confirmed would have to be red guardian - would make a fantastic sculpt and look great displayed near captain america.

god just reading back through this post , i sound like a spoilt brat of a kid - i want , i want , i want

mighty_marvel said...

thought it would be either magik or domino for the x-ladies this extension. surely forge will get the x-men spot and then 2 x-villains would round this extension off nicely for the x-men category.

hopefully domino will make it next time round along with longshot.

am really pleased magik is in after the last 2 confirmations. i have a list of about 70 characters i feel should be in before the end of the collection and it's nice to be able to start crossing some off again.

can see it being an avenger next week. photon, arachne or us agent would be good.

but more personally i'd love to see nico minoru, karolina dean or jjj.

jimbob said...

No more Avengers!:(


X-Men rules!!!!!!

We still need more villains please EM!

jimbob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr J said...

There needs to be an X-MEN Villain this extension I think past polls and requests have proved how popular the X-VILLAINS are so hopefully we can have one of the three following this extension.....

1. SEBASTIAN SHAW (the most important and biggest x-villain missing)



jimbob said...

Avalanche needs to be in as well.

Cant leave Mystiques Brotherhood one member short.

Complete her team EM!

Any chance of Blob preview?

Anonymous said...

Well, from the X-Villain poll ages ago..

X-Men Villains:
Pyro 116
Sauron 112
Toad 107
Silver Samurai 84
Spiral 72
Dark Beast 54
Goblin Queen 50
Exodus 38
Avalanche 34
Death Bird 34
Vulcan 34
Black King (Sebastian Shaw) 29
Callisto 24
Arcade 23
Stryfe 19
Mesmero 14
Black Tom Cassidy 10
Mastermind 9
Destiny 8
Bastion 6
Legion 6
Vertigo 3
Master of the World 2
Trevor Fitzroy 2
Fabian Cotez 1

We've had Pyro, Toad, Spiral, and Destiny confirmed from those. So I could go for Dark Beast (Please Oh Please), Silver Samurai, or Goblin Queen. Exodus or Avalanche would be nice also. Given they did well on the previous polls. Sauron would likely have to be a special after all.

mighty_marvel said...

i'm hoping for 2 x-men and 2 x-villains inthe extension. will be amazed if the other x-men spot doesn't go to forge.

as for villains i would like to see 2 from silver samurai, sebastian shaw, selene or dark beast.
and to start to complete magneto's and mystique's brotherhoods avalanche or mastermind would be ok, but have they the history for a mag. double pack maybe?

sauron would be good but as has been said he'd need to be a special

Gremlin said...

Whilst I love me some XMen I would like a good showing from the Avenger crowd this time round. IMO Photon is a must and Mockingbird and Arachne are also very strong contenders.
Don't forget the cosmics too. They are very popular at the moment so now would be a great time for Vance Astro, Gamora and Firelord.
Plus with the XMen Forge is a must with Deathbird and Exodus for the villians.

navaho said...

A Norse, a Norse.... my kingdom for a Norse.

sergiogf said...

I'm absolutely happy¡ Magik¡ Thanks a lot¡

Now we need Forge, Longshot or Moonstar (and why not an x-men villain as Silver Samurai, Sauron or Death Bird)...

John said...

As much as I love the X-Men characters, there are so many other less represented groups out there and big fans of those groups. How about we lay off the X-Men for a while and make some Avengers, Cosmics, or just some more Villains in general. :)

I would love to see Sebastian Shaw, Silver Samurai, or Arcade, but right now I'd much rather have Trapster, Wizard, Gamora, Starlord, Squirrel Girl, MODOK, etc. etc. etc. The ones that really matter to me.

mighty_marvel said...

considering the sheer amount of x-men characters getting 4 or 5 per extension seems about right to me. also, i imagine that x-men are probably the biggest sellers of the collection. the casual collectors who are just picking and choosing only from certain areas will be most likely going for x-men. so a fair proportion of x-men are needed to keep the collections average sales up and therefore make sure the collection runs as long as possible, which is what us complete collectors want.

jimbob said...

Well said MM.

I still would like to complete other teams in the collection as well.

Cosmics teams

With X-men haveing so many other teams in their category,this surely will give the collection longer life.

navaho said...

Just received jubilee and jack of hearts today and I gotta say that the paint job on ole Jack is a little slack. Has anyone else noticed this? Never mind, I'm sure the painters have had a look at the next figurine ( crimson dynamo ) and rubbed the hands in glee!

Thor8 said...

No more Avengers jimbob? Have you ever had your hair parted with an uru hammer or a lightning bolt?

"Avengers and Norsemen Assemble"!
C'mon Jacadoo,Bobdiamond,Robert,Pirate Adam,Ted Sallis,Hela,and the rest of you Avengers fans and heed the call. I would love to see an Avenger posted next for this extension. I'd also like to see (as I mentioned before) some groups as yet undone,like Soviets,Guardians,Zodiac,and a couple of original Thunderbolts.

Gremlin said...

Surely the next Asgardian will be Sif....looking over the remaining viable Norse she has the most expanded history and characterisation. There are of course others like Hela and Heimdel, but they don't quite match Sif's....notoriety. Logically she should be next.

Guilherme said...

Great choice including Magik in this extension. But remember the costume she is wearing in the image you posted is not her ORIGINAL costume, but the one she is using nowadays with the rest of New Muntants. Please, go for her with the OLD costume black an yellow and if you could, put the mini skirt too!

Hope to see Sunspot the next New Mutat to be in this wonderfull collection.

Guilherme, from Sunspot's contry.

navaho said...

Okay, there's just no easy way to say this........ I want Hulk's Warbound. Now I know some of you will say they are not 'classic' but they are relevant in the Marvelverse and they will make fantastic sculpts. I don't want this collection to turn into 'the X-men figurine collection'. Don't get me wrong, I love the X's but I think we have to be careful we don't flood the collection with mutants ( geez, I'm beginning to sound like a Sentinal! ). I also want more Asgardians, Spidey villians and Avengers. There I've said it and I don't care!

Anonymous said...

The X-Men arn't anymore prominent in the collection than Spider-Man or Avengers characters. Hell, other than a few characters the majority of the major Spider-Man characters are done. But there's still tons of fairly major X-Related characters. Same as there are Avengers. I don't see a problem with 4-5 X-Men and 4-5 Avengers per expansion. Especially when you look at polls and see that's what the majority seem to want.

Look at the last expansion. We got Cannonball, Destiny, Marvel Girl, Spiral, Toad, and Siryn. 2 of which were chosen by poll, and one by someone who won the contest that Eaglemoss ran. Clearly the subgroup is popular.

Anonymous said...

As for Hulk's Warbound...

They really don't have enough history to fill a magazine. Unless team packs started happening. And I'd rather have a normal Brood Queen Special at some point.

Gremlin said...

Well in the 121-140 extension the Avenger category got quite a few hits with JoH, Jocasta, Titania, Ant Man, Grim Reaper and Wasp. So it's all swings and roundabouts really. The problem is the XMen are quite well defined in the MU, they and their villains don't often crossover onto other teams. The B and C list Avengers often straif other groups such as the cosmics, supernatural and MK's.

Essentially IMO, if a character has the history and popularity then they fully deserve to be in this collection. At the moment there isn't a single character who doesn't deserve to be here. Even the polarising characters like Sentry, Blink, X23 and Xman all have cool looks, history and I am sure lots of people bought them.

Really looking forward to seeing who EM will pick next. If you want some interrim Avengers how about Brother Voodoo, Sersi, Wiccan or Justice.

Anonymous said...

The claim that a character doesn't have enough history to fill a magazine ... it's nonsense and it's a non-issue.
Even if a character has appeared in a short story arc, there's always plenty to talk about.

I really feel that the needs of the magazine should not dictate which character is made into a figurine.

Hulk Warbounds like Cajera, Korg or Miek ... they tick all the boxes to become figurines:

a)their costumes and physical features will make awesome figurines

b)there is plenty to write about each of them, especially if the editor focuses in detail on their background and what role they played in the story

c)the Planet Hulk saga is a Marvel classic and will go down as one of the most important Hulk stories

Furthermore, the magazine can also include other sections that are thematically related. For example, a section on extraterrestrial races or alien planets in the Marvel Universe.

Kal Brindle said...

Hey Rich,

I am utterly thrilled with Magik's inclusion in the CMFC. It is great to see another New Mutant make the grade. Now I'm rooting for Mirage or Karma to be the next one in!

Klaw looks superb for the most part (my only criticism would be regarding his pupils - he's not supposed to have any - an easy fix). Other than that one small flaw, he looks truly stunning, I imagine the customizers out there are going to love him too as I can see him being a very versatile base figure. He's a classic villain in every sense of the word and it's characters like him that make this collection so incredible.

I am excited to hear what the BIG news is next week. Naturally I have my fingers crossed for a Northstar/Aurora two pack confirmation or Sasquatch special announcement - but regardless I am eagerly looking forward to it. You have made Fridays a very exciting day for us mate, I check the Blog as soon as I get up (I'm in Canada) and keep checking all day until I see your latest missive.

Like many I too am hoping for an Avenger reveal next week. There are so many great Avengers characters left to do, Arachne, Photon, Thunderstrike, Marrina, US Agent, Sersi, Starfox, Justice, 3D Man/Triathlon, Madame Masque, Doctor Druid, Deathcry, Mantis, Swordsman, Silverclaw, D Man/Demolition Man, Ronin, Jewel, Stature, Wiccan, Hulkling, Patriot, and all the Initiative too!

Thor8 said...

Many have been the bloggers that have stated in the past that they are willing to purchase some character or another even if he did not have enough history to fill a mag. i believe it would be a shame if many really cool looking characters were left out of this collection based on this factor. For example I believe that a complete set of the Zodiac group would look awesome in this collection,but maybe just a few of it's members such as Libra,Arias or Scorpio and Taurus could fill a mag,the rest would probably depend on multi-packs being done and this has been stated as not being to likely done. The same could be said for The Squadron Supreme and The Soviet Super Soldiers. These teams have great members with great looking costumes,but their history may be a bit"lacking."
Kirlianeyes has brought up a solution to this in his latest post where he mentions adding related info from other sources that will complete the mag. EM could also print some Marvel History as they did with some magazines in the past. Bottom line; I don't believe a good character that has the potential to become a great figurine be eliminated due to a"lack" of history! I may be wrong,many may not agree,but that's how I feel.

Kal Brindle said...

I hear you loud and clear Thor8, the only problem is the licensing. Rich has stated quite clearly in the past, that the license Eaglemoss has from Marvel is for a Partwork collection. Meaning the magazine is very important. They are not licensed to do just a figurine collection. Therefore it may always be a struggle to find enough information to fill a magazine appropriately enough for Marvel's tastes/criteria. I'd love to see the Serpent Society and Imperial Guard make the grade too one day, but EM will need a way to fill the magazine regardless.

Right now there are over 200 characters I can think of, who have plenty of back story, appearances and character development to warrant inclusion right now. So hang in there, maybe by the time we get to the end of that list, the characters you still want may have generated enough history to fill the magazine after all!

LAWay said...

Great inclusion of Klaw. This is how poses should be. They dont need to be pushed and dynamic, this is different enough with character.

To be honest, I dont know Magik, nor care for her. She looks like a generic x-man character, which is a shame considering all the X characters that havent been done, and yet have alot more history to them.

Anonymous said...

She's a prominent character who was introduced alongside Colossus back in the mid-70's. And was a major part of the New Mutants in the 80's. I think she's got more than enough history compared to some X-Characters.

Anonymous said...

Magik is great, but she needs to have the iconic costume featuring the flapping skirt over the suit.
Without it, she looks way too non-descript, just yet another mutant in a suit.

SinisterVenom said...

Ah 0how busy I've been lately. Doesn't usually take me a few days to check a new update. And boy is it a good one. Magik! Now that's something to smile about. Great pose for Klaw too!
I'm hoping the other X-character is Forge too, he's the more obvious choice, naturally I was surprised that he didn't make the last extension so surely this one? If we are having 2 X-villains I'd like Avalanche and Silver Samurai. Other favourites of mine include Sauron, who should be a special and Deathbird, who, as I suggested a while back, would look great in a double pack with her hubby Vulcan in my opinion. Obviously though this should be made after Northstar and Aurora double pack if Rich gives it the go ahead. Go on Rich, tell us in next week's big update that they are confirmed, you know it's a good choice lol.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

ok here is my list of characters that i would love to see included before the collection ends.

3D man + aracne + blacklash
blackout + blastaar
blizzard + boomerang + bucky
captain atlas + century
constrictor + hela + wiccan
count nefaria + crimson cowl
diamond back + dreadknight + eel
firebird + fire lord + gamora
gargoyle + grandmaster + graviton
grey gargoyle + hulkling + hyperion
immortus + inbetweener + iron lad
jolt + justice + kate bishop
lionheart + mantis + the melter
mockingbird + moonstone + paladin
patriot + photon + sharon carter
sif + speed demon + star fox
stature + stingray + swordsman
thunderstrike + U.S agent
whirlwind + avelanche + caliban
callisto + dark star + domino
forge + longshot + red guardian
silver samurai + thunderbird
vertigo + vulcan + wolfsbane
dragon man + frankie raye
terrax + trapster + wizard + yondu
meggan + hammerhead + jackal
j jonah jameson + tombstone
white tiger + baron mordo
brother voodoo + colleen wing
jigsaw + king cobra + misty knight
night thrasher + owl + tarantula
zombie + solo + sharon ventura
tigershark + black tom cassidy
citizen v + doctor spectrum
vance astro + perun + vanguard
titanium man + red ghost

specials + multi packs :

elsa + ulysses bloodstone 2pk
northstar + aurora 2pk
baron strucker + hydra agent 2pk
miss america + whizzer 2pk
black mamba + asp 2pk
shaman + marrina 2pk
sasquatch + puck 2pk
arleta + stakar ogord 2pk
warriors three 3pk
wrecking crew 3pk
starjammers 4pk
black goliath + goliath + giant man
man ape + modok + mojo + atlas
strong guy + wendigo + psychoman
high evolutionary + madame web
stilt man + the russian
super adaptoid + onslaught
sauron + ursa major + odin

long list i know but a good example of how many great characters still to be added !!

Anonymous said...

"Magik is great, but she needs to have the iconic costume featuring the flapping skirt over the suit.
Without it, she looks way too non-descript, just yet another mutant in a suit."

She never really wore the costume with the skirt. It was simply used on the cover of some issues. But I dunno about non-descript. She'll be in a black/yellow costume of some sort with a glowing sword and armor on her arm, and possibly leg. Frankly she's a great addition, and so welcome the same day that Marvel announces New Mutants Forever.

jimbob said...

I think Klaws face could be more angular.

And the eyes a bit more difffrent.

There is a history with Klaw on why his face should look diffrent.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the costume, I love Magik and I'd love to see more New Mutants in the collection, especially Sunspot, Magma and Warlock. They would make awesome figurines.

The SUNSPOT sculpt would look amazing with clusters of black globules radiating from his body, all black in full solar energy absorption mode.

I like MAGIK in the armor look.
I found this great image of her:

More NEW MUTANTS, please Richard

Anonymous said...

That's the House of M version of Illyana. So I hope they don't go with her, given that it was an altered reality and her appearances there are incredibly limited.

Deadpool said...

Check out LOBO ....the latest DC special.

The DC collection now officially owns.

Claw looks nice, but everyone knows that Dark would be my choice rather than MagiK.

If we have to have Illyana in this guise then I would love to see her in the pose depicted in the image on this blog.

Deadpool said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deadpool said...

Thor I agree with you that spectacular characters with limited appearances should be included.

I would be more than happy to have a slim magazine padded with modelling and painting tips for this type of character.

PS check out Lobo and Mutt ... this is the first character to have his sidekick on the same base.

He is very cool..... kinda like me really :0)

jimbob said...

Lobo seems to be giiger than Gorilla Grodd.

I would prefer that Sasquatch special would be just as big as LOBO special now please EM!

Anonymous said...

Don't collect the DC Collection, and Lobo is a terrible parody of a character. So not interested in him for a variety of reasons.

Deadpool said...

As usual, our cycling blue pelted pouter has missed the point.

I raise the issue of Lobo to lift your spirits and expectations for the Marvel collection.

DC has set a new standard for specials and it is time that the Moss Men delivered the same for us.

PS ... you must have agreed about my super coolness though Beast.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Lobo figurine is all that impressive. Especially when they added extra bits like the Skull and Dawg to bump up the price. Plus he's mostly two colors, black and white. It's figurines like Jack Of Hearts that are more impressive in my eyes. Especially when I've seen some damn good ones, given how difficult they would be to paint. Besides, the DC Collection drops the ball more often than it manages to score. Etrigan and Superman are two good examples. Plus the fact that DC forces them to include as much Superman and Batman into the line as they can. Leading to crap like the Gold Superman Special and Batman on Batbike.

Hawkeye said...

Beastie - Have to disagree about the Batman on a Batbike figure. As someone who collects both DC & Marvel, this was a really good special, which I'm only too pleased to have in my collection. It's often been mooted here that a similar Ghost Rider figure would sell well. There'd certainly be one in Hawkeye Towers!! :)

Still each to his own and I certainly respect your opinion.

Hawkeye said...

NB - agree about the Gold Superman one 'though - that was pants!

Deadpool said...

Hawkeye, I find myself agreeing with you on this subject.
(I now feel as if I need to shower ...shudder...)

Nice to see you have an eye for detail and some taste.

Ghost Rider on a bike is a DP thumbs up.

Also, when you have the Lobo figure in your collection and compare him to the rest, he stands head and shoulders above the figures in both collections.
He is the first to feature a Puck sized second character on the same base.

PS. You do think I'm super cool and trendy, dont you Mr Blue Rinse?

To be honest coming back to Thor's point earlier, I dont really care too much about a character having a back story as long as they look good in my fortress of solitude.

I do quite like Jack of Hearts too, but he does look rather dated now and sort of "Trick or Treaty".

jimbob said...

Bottom line Sasquatch should be as tall as Lobo sepecial now!

Jacadoo said...

Got to echo my pal Thor 8 - where are the Avengers in this extension Rich???

Also Jimbob - you have never said a truer word bring on big old Sasquatch.

Wheres Pirat Adam - been searching for his Bor as yet no joy - come on buddy - share with us all.

sergiogf said...

Now something different. I'm not just a Marvel fan & collector, I'm a Star Wars fan too. And Star Wars fans are used to collect starships from the saga.

Have you considered to make & include figurines from ships like the X-Men's Blackbird, the Avengers' quinjet or the Fantasticar as specials in the CMFC? I know it's more important to have Sasquatch or Sauron (at least for me), but I think is a point to think about.

Any comments?

John said...

Sasquatch being Lobo sized?

I haven't seen the Lobo figurine in person yet. I believe it's pretty big though, right? I want the collection to mostly make sense with itself, so I wouldn't want a Saquatch that towers over the Hulk.

Technically, it IS about 7 or 8 feet versus 10', but still...

Many Marvel fans love Sasquatch, but there's a price limit people have for B characters.

Anonymous said...

I propose a game where
we research and propose
that should appear
in this collection.

Explain the reason
for the inclusion
with a blurb
summarising the character's unique history & concepts, and why it will make an awesome figurine.

The alien resident of the Mindscape dimension has a unique conceptual niche in the Marvel Universe. So unique, he deserves to be in the collection. Emerging from the human mind of Rick Sheridan when he's asleep,
Sleepwalker is a guardian defending mankind from mental invasion by evil creatures, a manipulator of physical
reality thanks to his 'warp gaze' and an inter-dimensional teleporter thanks to his Imaginator. His iconic
multi-draped purple costume will make an outstanding figurine.

For Squadron Supreme.
There have been five versions of the character. At some point even the Wasp of the Avengers became possessed by the Power Prism (the sentient entity called Krimonn, the source of Doctor Spectrum's powers). He's been involved in major sagas, such as the Serpent Crown saga. More recently seen in Project Pegasus and helping the Exiles. His prismatic costume is a fine example of Marvel design, and will make an awesome figurine.

For Guardians of the Galaxy.
He is the amazing Stakar Ogord, born on planet Vesper and grown up on planet Arcturus IV, possessed with the power of the Hawk God. His time-travel adventures (including the quest to find the lost shield of Captain America in 3017) will make a riveting read in the magazine, and his sci-fi winged costume will make a spectacular figurine.

For Atlantis and Namor villains.
Born into a barbarian oceanic tribe of Homo Mermanus and linked to the prophecy of the lost Atlantean Chronicles, Attuma is a powerful villain who's battled not only Namor but almost everyone from the Defenders to Alpha Flight to the High Evolutionary.
With his iconic costume, blue skin and physical features, he will make an awe-inspiring figurine.

For cosmic characters.
Darkhawk has teamed with many heroes from Spider-Man to the West Coast Avengers to the New Warriors, and was Project Pegasus security chief during Secret Invasion. The techno design of the android armour (which acts as the vessel for the consciousness
of New York dude Chris Powell) will make a mighty fine figurine.

jimbob said...

I have have to bring out the special poll out again!

Omega Red 65
Ronan The Accuser 50
Lockjaw 49
Sauron 40
Odin 39
Mojo 38
Strong Guy 33
Terrax 26

Here you go john Sasquatch is almost untochable,voted by the collectors:)

Sasquatch will look ridiculous if he is Hulk size.

Anonymous said...

i think that specials featuring characters on vehicles should be left for characters that have not been included already.
batman was already a separate figurine and as for the bike it was crappy.
it looked like a normal bmw motorbike or something , nothing bat about it !!
superman statue was the biggest pile of crap and looked horrid.
two huge mistakes in my book.

lobo however looks great as a special.

ghostrider on bike would look great but again i say why do we need the same character in the collection twice ?
i think that dreadknight on horseback however would be a better idea as this character is not in the collection yet.

stick the fantasticar and other vehicles up ya butt , a big no no

all i want for christmas is a sasquatch figurine !!
i'd also love to see wendigo made in a similar way they'd look great standing behind hulk if you ask me.
and we have to get a puck too ,
in fact can we just get all of alpha flight confirmed please ?

Deadpool said...

Once again the Deadpool spam cannon has caused chaos in the blog.

It is my vocation to do so.

By comparing the DC collection with Marvel we can set the standards that we expect for both collections. This ensures we get the best from the Moss Men.

This is commonly known as bench marking.

As for Kurly's game, I propose: -

1. Witchfire
2. Belasco
3. Bamf (or maybe a base filled with Bamfing Bamfs) due to sheer cuteness.
4. Random
5. Echo

No real reason other than they would look good as figurines.

So in closing .... Moss Men ... Bring on the Bamfs bamfing around.
(There is a cracking Nightvrawler figurine from the Heroclix collection with KUrt Wagner in Mid Teleport)

Thor8 said...

This week has gone by pretty fast for me but comments to this week's post have been quite slow and many bloggers absent.

Rich promised a longer (and hopefully more informative)post for this week,so let's hpope we'll see a load of goodies tomorrow.(still hoping to see an Avenger next).

mighty_marvel said...

can't see rich leaving an avenger announcement too much longer. would like to have arachne, us agent, mockingbird or photon.

some news on the northstar/aurora double pack that we all want would be nice, as well as some special news. sasquatch or sauron please.

or if rich really wants to make me happy - confirmation of nico minoru, karolina dean or my big, big want of JJJ.

sneak peek of new and improved cloak and dagger hopefully

Anonymous said...

j jonah jameson - nuff said

Anonymous said...

I thought Rich already said that JJJ wouldn't happen until at least 200. And Spider-Man already got 1 major character in this expansion. I'm hoping it's an Avenger also. Photon or Arachne would be great.

jimbob said...

Yeah Rich said he is not considering civies until 200+

Hopefullt C+D pic today!

Thor8 said...

I'd love to see any of the Avengers that Mighty_Marvel and CBR Beast mentioned,and it would reallly blow my sox off(not to mention my mind)if EM throws us a curve and adds The Swordsman to this extension or a SwordsMan Mantis double pack!

mighty_marvel said...

rich has said many things before. for example multi-packs being unlikely. doesn't stop people asking for them though does it. trying to change rich's mind by demonstrating the demand is there. same with JJJ. trying to show rich that people want him and he should be in sooner rather than later. no harm in it is there?

and just because he may wear civilian clothing doesn't mean JJJ is just an ordinary civilian. him and his negative publicity of spider-man was the main antagonist of the first story in amazing spider-man number 1. the negative publicity was what stopped peter using his powers for wrestling to make money and instead help the people of the city. if that and 1399 other issues of trouble making are not enough history and impact i don't know what is. it certainly makes him more important and deserving than a couple of characters announced for this extension already.

and we already have characters in civilian clothing (eg. prof x, madrox) so the argument about only wanting people in costumes is a non-starter.

also, spider-man normally gets 2 slots in an extension, so still potentially another spidey character to be included in this extension

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Professor X and Multiple Man are still powered superhero characters. Sorry, but for me.... JJJ is grouped with the other Civilians that I'm not in a hurry to see in the collection. Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, and Jarvis. Just my opinion, and certainly yours can and will differ.

mighty_marvel said...

but you wouldn't know they are powered superhero characters just from their figs. thats the point i was making. one of the main arguments put against jjj is that he would be in civilian clothing and it would go against the 'look' of the collection. but that isn't the case because we already have characters in civilian clothing in the collection the 'look' isn't compromised by having jjj in civilain clothing.

agree with you about aunt may, mary jane, gwen stacy etc. i'm in no hurry to get them either. but i see jjj as a major spider-man antagonist who has had more than enough impact in storylines over the years to warrant a place.