Friday, 29 January 2010

Winging it...

Welcome back to the Friday update.

Lots of great ideas in Monday’s comments section. I really like all the ideas of other collections and additions to the current Marvel Collection.

I personally would love an Indy comics figurine collection. I’d want to get as much Dark Horse and Image characters in as possible. My favourites would be: Hellboy, Savage Dragon, Spawn, Witchblade, Ash (from Evil Dead), Invincible, Rick Grimes from Walking Dead… the list would never end.

At the moment it’s not something we’re planning to do (it’s a little tricky with all the individual character rights) but hey never say never.

I would also love to do at least one Amalgam Comics character but as the comics were a joint Marvel/DC publication the logistics of getting the licence and producing the figures make it highly unlikely.

Unfortunately, the same licence issues raise their ugly heads when looking at other Marvel published work. Micronauts, Rom, Dr. Who, Star Trek and Star Wars were all properties that were licensed by Marvel. Once their agreement came to an end Marvel could no longer use the characters and certainly couldn’t let us use them. This is why some old Marvel comics cannot be easily reprinted.

We had a similar issue with our Shang-Chi magazine. As was pointed out in the magazine, we couldn’t show or even mention that Shang’s father was supposed to be Fu Manchu. This is because Stan Lee licensed Fu from Sax Rohmer’s estate. It also explains why there has never been a collected addition of Master of Kung Fu – Marvel would either have to pay for a licence or remove images and references of Fu Manchu from the comics!

Anyway, just wanted to explain why at the moment certain things can’t be done. This of course doesn’t stop you guys from letting us know what you want added to the collection or what new collections you’d like. If you really want a Shi or Hellboy or Street Fighter figurine collection let us know.

Right so on to this week’s figure update, I present to you the Wasp. We’ve not completely finished this character yet and are actually investigating the use of clear (possibly plastic) wings instead of the ones in this image. What do you think?


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Anonymous said...
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max_0888 said...

Wasp looks really good. It's cool that she has her own fig instead of just being on Yellowjacket's shoulder. At the same time, it will be weird to put her next to him in the collection. I'll put her next to Ant-man hehe

As for other collection, I'm not sure I would buy anything other than Marvel. Maybe Street fighter (gotta love Cammy and Vega!) Is Buffy still going? or is it stoping after Faith?

Fabio Mucci said...

Wasp it's so beautiful and lovely, thanks!


jarvis69 said...

Nice Wasp ,she looks really cute !
By the way , I was not here last week to thanks You about Batroc so....." Bien joué mon ami ! " lol
About another collection....only if it's a " Golden Age of Marvel " ;)

Anonymous said...

it's one of them one's that i cannot decide on.
do i like her ?
do i not like her ?
there's something wrong but i can't put my finger on it !!
someone help me out here please.

street fighter would be cool and i'd also like to see mortal combat as collections.
i previously requested a wrestling legends figurine collection which i also think would be cool and i think is possible , surely you'd only need to get licences from wwf.
the display stands could be done in the shape of a wrestling ring and specials could include large characters like earthquake + yokozuna + andre the giant etc. also tag team specials like the heart foundation + bad boys inc
+ road warriors etc.
managers could also be done , the possibilities are endless !!
please consider rich.

ghostspit said...

Yes bring on a Street Fighter collection. Who in the world does not want an X-men vs Street Fighter display!!! or even a Capcom one!

SinisterVenom said...

Hmm Wasp looks great and to be honest I would be happy with the wings the way they are, but that's just my opinion.
A Street Fighter collection would own! Or even better a Capcom collection, it would be like our own version of Marvel vs. Capcom!
Personally there is one collection I have always wanted to collect and that's a Final Fantasy collection! Sorry guys it's just that I am a crazy Final Fantasy fan and I have already planned out how it could work, with 13 original games already made as well as their spin-offs and their sequels there can be plenty of figs that can be made. And for specials they could do the summons like the dragon Bahamut.
Anyway that was just one of my ideas I've had for a while now. I'd like to see other people's ideas?

ExilesfanV2 said...

Always good to get informative feedback like this thank-you. wasp looks interesting to see with different wings maybe we should have a poll??? Personaly id want a CLASSIC G1 TRANSFORMERS COLLECTION

Anonymous said...

The Wasp looks great. I don't mind if the wings arn't clear. Though it would look pretty cool if they were. Just strange to see plastic used on a figurine at this point. It might make figurines like Hydro Man and such more dynamic looks when you get around to them. Wouldn't mind a variant of Invisible Woman done in plastic also. :)

ted sallis said...

Wasp is stunning. i think a certain asgardian will be very happy, not sure about the clear wings idea if we could see a mock up i think people would find it easier to make an informed choice

Hellcat Lover said...

LOce here and you did the hair nicely too. I was worried you would give her a buzz cut. YAY !Great job and you did the gloves nice too !

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the clear wings.

jimbob said...

Not sure about her??

Why not gone for the obvious short pixie hair look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

Im not sure yet?

Hawkeye said...

The Wasp figure is top-notch yet again, Rich. Personally I'd like to see what the clear wings idea would look like but sounds good.

As for other collections, most of those I would have chosen have been ruled out due to copyright issues (Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr Who, James Bond(?)) but Hellboy would be good.

Robert said...

Wasp looks another excellent figure. Not sure how the sculptor managed to put so much 'life' into her pose, but he did a great job.

I'm happy with her wings as they are. Still, it would be interesting to see what transparent wings would look like as they may be better. In other words, can we see mock-ups to compare?

Thor8, happy now...?

jimbob said...

The wings would look cool clear.

Since it's not finished yet,then there is still time to save the look by changing her wig look haircut!

mighty_marvel said...

wasp looks good the way she is, wings should stay as they are. although the hair does look a bit lego-man-ey.

who owns the licenses to dr who? i assume its the bbc. if a deal could be done with them a dr who collection would be awesome and i'd buy it in a heartbeat. wouldn't need to be a particularly big collection either so would be reasonably affordable.

are the buffy special figures going to continue? if all the scoobies will definitely be done i was going to start getting these.

please please please show pyro next

Jacadoo said...

Wasp looks good and an excellent choice of costume my only dislike are the wings - sorry.

ikabodcrane said...

hello, wasp is beautiful!!

please richard:

161. Owl
162. Arachnee
163. Exodus
164. Longshot
165. Namora
166. Black Mamba
167. Silver Samourai
168. Mockingbird
169. Husk
170. Shanna
171. Whirlwind
172. Baron Von Strucker
173. Darkstar
174. Gamora
175. Yondu
176. Thunderbird
177. Jackal
178. Thundra
179. Outlaw
180. High Evoutionnary

Double Pack

Stingray and Tiger Shark
Mantis and Swordsman
Starhawk and Aleta Ogord
Terrax and Blaastar

Thor8 said...

Rich: Thank you,thank you,thank you! I really enjoyed this sneak peek(why isn't anyone surprised?) I agree with those that say the hairdo should be touched-up a bit. As for the clear wings I believe they would look more gossamer like and would avoid breakage when handled by the postal service,but your the boss so I trust the best decision is made.

For those who wish to place The Wasp along side of Yellowjacket could always just knock the tiny figurine off his shoulder.

Ryan Maxwell said...

Clear plastic would be fine by me, give it that gossamer look. Other than that, cut off the head and do it over. The hair is just awful. I can't tell if the face is bad as well or it's just getting caught up in the really bad 'do.

Ryan Maxwell said...

Here are a few hairdos that would work for Jan.

jimbob said...

Hair do is awful.

Thor8 you cant be seriously 100 percent happy with that!

I feel like EM has gone for the opposite of what we want again.

I thought those days where over.

Remember Mystique and Rouge:(

Paul said...

Wasp looks great and please stay away from plastic wings. I think that will cheapen it in the overall. I would however like to say that the jair seems wrong to me. Maybe that's what madthinker is refering to. I would like to see her hair more like ultimate avengers dvd style. Short and sassy more like Janet Pym is in the comics.
Keep up the great work, loving the collection. I'm at 108 and counting.

Robert said...

Anyone planning on buying more than one Wasp figurine and repainting it so you have more than one version? I'm in a minority of one on this but I kind of liked the one-legged white outfit from the early Perez days, so I may buy a second one and repaint it. (No, seriously.)

A question for Rich: I know people talk about completing team line-ups, the Inhumans and Alpha Flight most frequently. In that vein, do you think in terms of completing the entire Avengers line-up, by that I mean all active and reserve members? Or do you just pick characters that are popular/ interesting/ important/ have a long history/ etc. and if the roster is completed it would be a secondary concern? I only ask as we already have the bulk of the Assemblers and characters like the Swordsman, Captain Marvel II/ Photon, Starfox and so on are popping up in lists. Just wondering.

Finally, where's Jabba gone? Or is he here under another guise and waiting to see if he's spotted?

lipstick said...

As for other collections:

Nightmare before christmas

Corpse Bride

Final Fantasy


Lucky Luck

Lost (tv series)


Tiny Toon



Thor8 said...

Jimbob; I never said I was 100% happy with Wasp's hairdo. I said I was very happy to finally see her sneak peek. I stated that I believed her hairdo be touched-up(as in re-done)

EvilMonkeyPope said...

She'd look better with her wings up so the form a V. It'd also reduce them scraping against figurines around her. Irridescent white paint would look fine on them.
Omega Red would work better as a regular in the next extension than a special. He's supposed to be 6'11" but he's rarely drawn that size. Most artists draw him about the same size as Sabretooth. He's not very bulky either. if Beta Ray Bill can be squeezed into the regular collection, so can Omega Red. That would save a precious special slot for a character that genuinely requires it like Sauron or Wendigo.

Holy Wolf said...

Really love Wasp! Am indifferent about the wings and hair do as I think she looks great as it is :)

As for other collections, the one that's been mentioned over and over and over again on the forum since day one is a G1 Transformers Collection! Even has it's own big thread on SHFF just discussing possible figs. Please EM?

spidey_1979 said...

even sauron doesn't genuinely require a special slot. he'd look fine done a little taller than she-hulk, with a similar build and with his wings folded behind him. can't see it using any more lead than dr. strange or nighthawk and as he's completely green the painting wouldn't be complicated.

but EM have said any character listed as over 6'8" is a special so that puts sauron and omega red in the special category

Anonymous said...

well my first post was about the hair but i deleted the comment because i thought i may get some grief from other bloggers , but now i have read other people's opinions i can safely say yes the hair is bloody awful , sort it out please lol.
it looks like she's wearing a wig.
everything else is okay though but would like to compare another sculpt with perspex wings.

Robert said...

Nothing wrong with having an opinion, Mad Thinker. I doubt anyone would have given you any hassle if you'd said it looked horrible. They may have disagreed with you, that's all.

P.S. For what it's worth, my wife saw the figurine and liked it. I was beginning to think the hair style was a little old-fashioned but then what the hell do I know about women's hair?! Has anyone else's wife looked at it and given an opinion? It would be interesting to hear what they have to say..

Robert said...

Or girlfriend, partner, mum, aunt, granny, batty old spinster next door with the twelve feral cats...

jabba theslutt said...

My best yak her name snakehips having very similar hairy stylings a wosp. and snakehips is one sexy yak evens if i do saying so' My sister yelena say what geeky boy about the high fash?

Anonymous said...

Wasp looks hot in that costume. But I agree that she would do with a hair restyling.

And let's please not have plastic wings. I agree that the wings would be better pointing upwards in a V shape, or falling behind her like a cape.

I'm not completely against the introduction of other materials.
In fact, if used artfully, they can bring significant improvements. Say, I always wanted an Invisible Woman variant with transparent discs of force fields on her hands. However, to start with Wasp's huge plastic wings would be a bit too much.

With transparent wings, there is also a risk that she would look like an Art Deco table lamp!
Please keep painted wings.

jimbob said...

The sculpt might have been done nice to some of you,but the thing is that the WASP fig does not look like Janet Van Dyne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Banshee said...

Leave Wasps wings as they are she looks amazing :)

SinisterVenom said...

It's looking like the wings are staying as they are, but please Rich do something about the hair! It didn't bug me as much at first but looking at it again, it really does need to be redone.
Do whatever it takes to make it right, even if it means pushing Wasp back to a later issue and bring another forward in her place (please don't hate me for saying that Thor8, I know you like Wasp lol), we all just want Wasp to look right in our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Please, help me...
I'm from Brazil and i'm get to start crazy cause i don't find any store who can ship it to Brazil.
I have one frined in Australia, so... can you please tell me where i can find some figurines in Australia?

My best regards and thanks.


Robert said...

After reading the criticisms about the Wasp's hair, I went into comicvine and looked at over a hundred library images of Ms van Dyne. I noticed two things.

1. I couldn't find the hairstyle used for the figurine. Obviously, van Dyne was a fashion designer and changed her look frequently, so it was no doubt used at one point. Still, Janet's hairstyles were generally either much fuller, almost bushier (c. 1970s and 1980s) or, as has been the case in recent times, cropped, almost boyish.

2. The hair colour in the figurine seems browner than the comics. Her hair is definitely brown in older comics but seems to have darkened over time. (In the Ultimate universe its jet black.)

If you combine an atypical cut and length with a lighter-than-usual colour, it will not seem like Janet. The hair doesn't bother me, I have to say. Still, maybe Rich could identify the source images for this figurine and clear this up for us?

jimbob said...

Good resarching Robert.

The bottom line is dispite the reason for her bob hair-do,the Wasp fig does not look like Janet Van Dyne at all!

And is not the look we all have been asking for since her confirmation in the collection!

Robert said...

From looking at the library images, jimbob, I can see your point about the Wasp. However, even if you only saw the head, I believe most people would easily guess it was her.

Out of curiousity, what look had you and others been asking for? I'm guessing that you asked for the modern, cropped hairstyle rather than the old-fashioned slightly Doris Day-like style she had for so long?

Bagman said...

Wasp looks really good, just redo the hair and no plastic wings.

ZandoZ Corp., in Australia you can get figurines from

they have most figurines up to #108, not sure about specials though.

Rei said...

I love the Indy comics idea! how awesome would it be to have Hellboy, Abe, the Bogroosh and all those brilliant hellboy characters?! and Hellblazer, that would be awesome! the street fighter could be cool, might aswell look at tekken then, some realy cool characters there!

wasp looks amazing, realy like the look of her, the plastic/clear wings could be realy cool, but to be honest Im liking the lead idea still. the wings could be done brilliantly with a plastic though. im a bit on the fence about the options lol

Final Fantasy would be realy realy realy cool! could you imagine Squall in a Renzokuken pose? or Zidane hitting a defensive with two daggers? Vivi casting? there are so many options!

Deadpool said...

Thanks Richard for your kind words on Amalgam, Indy and other collections.

I feel so vindicated for my relentless pestering :0)

Wasp : -
Prepex wings a definate yes.
Double up the wings to give the illusion of movement.

Future use of resin and perspex on other characters for special effects and representation of powers.

Please vote for your favourite Amalgam character so Richy can do a one shot special.

Finally my wife really wants a Shi figure (mainly because she looks like her).

Cya later guys

Deadpool said...

Wasp - hair style..
The bob makes her look like a member of the 3 stooges.

Please make it longer.

Please consider a World of Warcraft collection too.

Oh and forgive my spelling mistake of PERSPEX in my last comment.
In my haste to list my comment I put my typing fingers in gear before my brain.

My Amalgam votes go to: -

1 Huntress
2 Speed Demon
3 Darkclaw

Cya later ....

--- said...

Please WWE wrestlers collection

SinisterVenom said...

Rei, when it comes to Final Fantasy, we think on the exact wavelength!
I imagined Vivi casting too, and I love the thought of Squall about to unleash Renzokuken. Think about Tifa with her fists up, Auron with his arm out of his coat (or resting in his coat, I can't decide), or maybe even Seifer with his sword in one hand and the other arm stretched out with his hand challenging his opponent, like he wanted to say 'bring it on!' if you kinda know what I mean (couldn't think how else to describe it haha). That would look great opposite Squall!
Like we both said in our earlier posts, there are so many it would make a great collection!

Anonymous said...

While I highly doubt Marvel and DC will play ball, the only real choice in the case of Amalgam would be Access. Since the Amalgam characters themselves could be problematic. After all, you can't make all of them anyway. And none of them have enough appearances to fill a magazine. And this way, you have the main character who was the cause of it all. And can focus the magazine on the event.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Bagman!

Deadpool said...

I wonder if Marvel Comics would permit Eaglemoss to create a crossover character under the guise of What IF?

For instance "What If" Wakanda gave Vibranium to the Nazis who used it - alongside it's own super soldier program - to create: - Captain Skull (Red Skull variant of Captain America).


What if - Pepper Potts was given a modified set of Iron Man stealth Armour and became known as the "Infiltrator"?


Deadpool said...

Oh and while I remember, has anyone seen the cover of x-Infernus #1.

That is the figure I would like to be included in the collection.

Deadpool said...

Yes that's the one ...Darkchylde


EvilMonkeyPope said...

Sauron is 7' tall, so that puts him into the special range (Omega Red misses it by an inch and most of that is his mullet & ponytail combo). It'd be silly to make a pterodacyl man with his wings folded up just to make him a regular. Plus he's got a tail and big head with its crest and beak.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

I want to se GIJOE...

mighty_marvel said...

i'd want sauron's wings folded regardless of what size he's done (when he's done). would be difficult to display him alongside the other figs if he was modelled with wings spread

Thor8 said...

SInisterVenom: Hey no problem with your comment of setting The Wasp back a few notches if necesarry in order to get her done right. I've been waiting quite some time for this figurine and if I have to wait a little longer,then so be it! But since Rich mentioned that she has not been finished yet,then maybe this flaw can be corrected without having to set her back. I sure would have prefered that this would have been done with Crystal, rather than end up with her the way she did.

rabid_womble said...

Unfortunately, the same licence issues raise their ugly heads when looking at other Marvel published work. Micronauts, Rom, Dr. Who, Star Trek and Star Wars were all properties that were licensed by Marvel. Once their agreement came to an end Marvel could no longer use the characters and certainly couldn’t let us use them. This is why some old Marvel comics cannot be easily reprinted.
[end quote]

I know I'm probably being dense here, but couldn't Eaglemoss approach the BBC for a licence to do Doctor Who or Paramount for Star Trek figurines?

Loving The Wasp a lot. My vote is to keep the wings in white as they are. Unless they can be done transparent really well and not just look like bits of plastic attached to it, I think it will make the figurine look awful.

Anonymous said...

another shout for wrestling figurine collection , excellent.

i would also like G.I Joe collection

mixed views on wasp so it's obvious to me , we need to see both versions
lead wings or perspex wings ?
once that's done we can look at the hair again hmm ?

jimbob said...

I was thinking abot seeing two versions of Wasp myself.

EM has probably done it already,so i hope they let us see it to decide.

I of courese would like to see the short hair version.

Robert said...

Who would have thought women's hair would be dominating conversation on here!

Anywho, I was wondering, have we seen a sneak peak of Klaw yet? I admit my memory isn't terribly reliable, but I really can't remember seeing him.

Anonymous said...

no robert we certainly have not seen klaw and i for one would like to see more than one sneak peak in the next update , along with the comparison photo's of wasp , preferably with a new hair do lol.

Robert said...

Thanks, Mad Thinker, for confirming I haven't gone totally loopy. After posting, I half convinced myself Rich had posted a photo months ago. I guess I have held onto a couple of marbles, after all.

It would be nice to see a sneak-peak of Klaw. He's really powerful enough to take on the Avengers all by his lonesome yet somehow ends up being beaten by a lightweight like the Panther. Even as a little 'un, I couldn't quite get my head round that.

On another topic, where's everyone gone? Not even Yak-based weirdness from Jabba or strolls along Memory Lane with Ted these days!

SinisterVenom said...

I wouldn't mind a sneak peak of Klaw, would really like to see Pyro too!
Indeed Robert, they have been a little quiet recently, I think even I have more posts than Jabba this time round...

Robert said...

Sinister Venom, thanks for coming on and stopping it from looking like I'm talking to myself!

I'm not normally an X-fan but I'd quite like to see Pyro as he is one X-villain I would buy. I really liked the time he and Blob faced off against DD. Classic JRjr/ Al Williamson art and typical quirky Nocenti script. Have you read that one?

SinisterVenom said...

Anytime Robert!
Unfortunately I think that's one story I havn't read. I can understand why you would want Pyro. I'm hoping to complete the Brotherhood soon, and he would seem to fit in with Avalanche so I'm hoping he will be in the next extension. He's pretty much the last main one I'm after now Toad and Blob are on their way.

Anonymous said...

I've only started collecting these Marvel figurines in JAN 2010, and now I already own the main 100 figurines!

So forgive me if I post another list! I'm completely addicted to this collection, and I'd love to see the following characters. Their shapes & costumes are also amazing, and would make awesome sculpts:

161. Sunspot
162. Hyperion (Squadron Supreme)
163. Stingray
164. Danger (X-men room alive!)
165. Gargoyle (Defenders)
166. Photon (Avengers)
167. Starhawk (Guardian of Galaxy)
168. Attuma (Namor villain)
169. Gravity
170. Magma (New Mutants)
171. Nimrod (the sentinel)
172. Crossbones (Cap villain)
173. Sleepwalker
174. Dr Spectrum (Squadron Supreme)
175. Firebird (Avengers)
176. Xorn (real one,not Magneto!)
177. Hulkling (Young Avengers)
178. Vertigo
179. Karnak (Inhumans)
180. Darkhawk

Lockjaw (Inhumans)
Modok (Cap villain)
Mojo (X-Men villain)

Swordsman & Mantis (Avengers)
Cypher & Warlock (New Mutants)
Callisto & Caliban (Morlocks)

High Evolutionary

If you like any of the above as much as I do, keep submitting their names! cheers

ghost said...

I didn't like the idea of wasp being done again... but wow, she looks fantastic and is a great addition to the collection.

As for other collections, how about 2000AD, that would be an amazing collection. How cool would the ABC Warriors look in lead!

Robert said...

Ah, now a 2000AD collection is one I would definitely go for! Brilliant idea, Ghost!

Dredd and Death! Rogue! Sam Slade! The Stainless Steel Rat and Angelina! Blackheart and Zog! Ace Garp and G.B.H.! D.R and Quinch! And so on.

Robert said...

Ghost, whhich head for Hammerstein...?

Thor8 said...

That's quite a list you put together there Kirliansyes,one of the best I've seen in quite some time. Every time I think we're running out of good characters to add to this collection someone makes a list like yours and proves me wrong. I especially like the idea of The Swordsman/Mantis double pack. Those two are great characters that have been overlooked and would make great additions to my Avengers group. They also have eye catching costumes. So I join you in submitting thier names for addition to the ranks!

Anonymous said...

sinister venom :

yeah avelanche is a must , that just leaves black tom + exodus i believe.
the others are too lower league accept sauron but then he'd be savage lands category more than brotherhood
i think.

2000AD sounds interesting !!
but still want to see a wrestling collection
GI Joe + street fighter +
mortal combat

Thor8 said...

Not really planning to start another figurine collection right now (except for a few DC )but I agree that a GI Joe collection would look pretty cool.

As for this collection I believe some heralds,asgardians,and Thunderbolts are overdue sprinkled with an assortment of villians from across the Marvel U.

Bagman said...

This is my first ever list, so here goes:-
166. YONDU
167. CHARLIE 27
169. NIKKI
179. NITRO


I'm sure if i really think about it i could come up with a couple of hundred more.

Deadpool said...

I too would love a 2000 AD collection.

Dread, Hershey, Anderson, Giant, The Angel Gang and above all the Dark Judges - Fear Fire Mortis and Death.

Dread on his Lawmaster would put Batman on his Batcycle to shame.

Rogue Trooper too would be cool.

Deadpool said...

No to wrestlers.
They are totally naff and more than catered for by crummy plastic models.

Deadpool said...

More girlies in the Marvel and DC collections please!

The fairer (or fouler depending upon the phase of the moon) sex are under represented.

Robert said...

Deadpool, Dredd on his Lawmaster is the best idea I have heard all year (even if it is only the start of February)! A just inspired suggestion!

The Lawmaster is easily the coolest motorcycle ever conceived by man.

Anonymous said...

Quality!! Wasp looks ace! Wasn't sure if I wanted her in the collection but seeing this I so do! Love the pose and the boldness of her costume!

Keep it up :D

Jacadoo said...

Just checked the main site - how dood does FFFoom look, I can't wait till he arrives.

Regarding other colletions a big yes for 200AD - Ghost you have it so right regarding the ABC warriors. I am just reading ABC Warriors Volgan War - SSSWWWEEETT.

Can you imagin the Dark Judges - and what about Slaine and Urko - Strontium Dog.....

The list could be endless.

Deadpool said...

Roberto, I am please that my ideas for other collections are finally resonating with the other bloggers.

I agree that the Lawmaster is the coolest bike ever.

I would also like to see a figurine of Durham Red to go with Johnny Alpha.

SinisterVenom said...

Hmm I just been on the main site, Fin Fang Foom and the new figs look great but it seems they need to work on their grammar now.
I went on the shop section to see when FFF would be released and it was revealed to be the 25nd Febuary. Yes you read it right guys 25nd, not 25th!
Haha those guys need to keep an eye on what they put on there.

Robert said...

I'm assuming the misspelling of "February" was deliberate, Sinister Venom...? If not, you would need to keep an eye on what you write, too! ;D

P.S. Sorry, I haven't got round to checking which issue of DD had those Pyro and Blob appearances.

mark said...

what I would love to see if the marvel line doesn;t continue, would be a warcraft collection!

either that or mange/anime

Deadpool said...

Well Marky Mark, I too would like a World of Warcraft collection.
There is an overwhelming amount of material.

However, if I had a choice (and couldn't have all those Indies, I would have to put 2000AD at the top of my list.

New collection priority list: -

1. 2000AD collection - JUST DO IT!
2. Indy character collection
3. World of Warcraft.
4. Dr Who

Before I go I would like to reiterate that Darkchylde is not yet in the collection.

PS the thought of Dredd and the Dark Judges is worthy of a good drool......

Deadpool said...

Sister Venom, your powers of observation are as sharp as those of good old Pinkeye.
(Who it seems has hung up his keyboard and mouse of late).

SV did you deliberatly mis-spell February or just make an Rs
of it?


What do you guys think of the proposal to double up Wasp's wings to give the illusion of movement?

Deadpool said...

Ok after more WASP consideration: -
The figure and pose look great.

I can live with the hairdo.

But there definately needs to be a second smaller set of wings.
The lack of the second set of wings has really been "bugging" me.

Thor8 said...

What I'd like to se as far as The Wasp figurine is concerned is change in hair style, Positioning of the wings(prefer forming a"V") and a comparrison peek of lead wings and clear wings to see which look best.

On a different subject I took another look at Bowens triple pack of The Warriors Three mini bust and now more than ever I'm certain that a Warriors Three triple pack would sell very well here if done properly (the same goes for the remaining three members of The Wrecing Crew) Please reconsider this Rich!

SinisterVenom said...

Well done Robert and Deadpool for noticing my deliberate little act of sarcasm there, though I do admit that I didn't make it sound that obvious that I was only messing around, I'll try harder next time! Haha
Don't worry if you can't find that issue of DD Robert, as much as I would like to have read it, I'm not too bothered if I don't as there are plenty of great Marvel stories I'm happy to have read.

Robert said...

I definitely think a Warriors Three triple-pack is a goer, Thor8. Trouble is, it doesn't appear Rich agrees because the twin pack sales were disappointing. (I still believe it's the choice of twin-pack characters myself.) So, maybe we have to hope we get them in future extensions one at a time. There just seems so many Asgardian characters that one character from Thor's supporting cast per extension would not be enough.

I also think that the next extension should have one Inhuman (Karnak), one member of the Wrecking Crew, one member of the Frightful Four (Wizard or Trapster), at least two Avengers (Swordsman and Captain Marvel II/ Photon), one Alpha Flighter and one Herald (Terrax or Nova) as well as one Asgardian. The X-fans will probably want one New Mutant, too, and that's understandable with the inclusion of Cannonball. I'll leave the Spidey characters to others to suggest as I can think of lots of strong candidates, Tarantula being my first choice. (Okay, Mad Thinker, time for your lists!) That's only nine characters, so I've left eleven spots open for X-characters, MK, etc.

Sinister Venom, I know you said you're not too bothered about the DD issue with Blob and Pyro, but I looked it up earlier and it's Daredevil #269. It's a one-part story, so you don't have to worry about any issues before or after. (If you get a chance, find a site on the internet that shows Daredevil comic covers and have a look at #268. It's one of the great covers of modern comics.)

Deadpool, love the idea of a 2000AD collection. However, I can't see it happening as 2000AD has traditionally always had very poor merchandising. Pity.

Ted, you still alive out there?

Robert said...

Where is everyone? Anyway...

Still thinking about the probable extension and how it should be shared out and - am I'm reading classic Iron Man - have returned to the idea of variants. Please, Rich, hear me out before you stop reading!

It seems every collection of Marvel statues, busts or play figures has variants. Even the hugely expensive 1:1 busts have versions of Spidey in red-and-blue and black. In FP in Glasgow they recently got in Ghost Rider statues in classic 'blue' leather and the more modern look with chain and studs. Iron Man has a huge amount of versions available to buy - modern, classic, stealth, original, Silver Centurion, etc. I could go on but you get the picture. These collections prove beyond any doubt that there is a market for variants.

So, why not have one variant in each future extension? Classic Iron Man! Classic Beast! The X-Men have changed costumes a lot, too, and offer loads of possibilities. We could vote for it on here or the main site. Will you at least consider it if this idea gets some support?

One last thought: in any future extension I would like to see one generic character. Preferably a Hydra agent, although also worth consideration is a SHIELD agent, an AIM soldier, a Skrull, a member of the Badoon, a Kree soldier and a Guardsman.

mighty_marvel said...

hydro-man is pretty much a certainty for a spiderman slot next extension. if 2 slots are given to the wall crawler then personally i think JJJ deserves the 2nd but it will probably be beetle as he covers spiderman, masters of evil and thunderbolts.

have to say am not too fussed about heralds in the next extension. i like the characters but the ones with decent history that may deserve a place, nova and firelord, won't look all that different from the human torch fig and terrax probably needs to be a special as he's shorter than most special characters but also quite bulky so will be about the size of kingpin special.

there are some variants i'd love but can't see EM doing them for a long while yet. rogue, mysique and beast would be my first choices.

mighty_marvel said...

also, if both of the alpha flight double packs happen, northstar/aurora and sasquatch/puck, i think that's plenty of representation for a relatively small group without giving another slot in 161-180 extension. if the double packs don't materialise however, agree that alpha flight should get a place in the extension

Thor8 said...

As you and others have mentioned Robert,I too believe that if the double packs have had poor acceptance in this collection so far sales wise,it's due to The characters chosen to start this trend. Prof.X could just as well have made it on his own,and although it's true Kazar without Zabu is like Abbott without Costello or Laurel without Hardy, a Tarzan look alike with his mascot is hardly the best choice to iniciate a trend. I believe there are other characters that are more suited for this type of special,such as the much acclaimed Northstar and Aurora,Cobra and Mr Hyde,Swordsman and Mantis,Wizard and Trapster and some other good choices mentioned before.

As far as variants go I'd love to see a few myself,but Rich has clearly stated before that he does not see variants happening in the near future,but who knows what persistance and the future will bring! I'd love to see a classic Iron Man,Battle Armour Thor,Doc. Ock re-do and others,but for now we can only hope!

Robert said...

Mighty Marvel, thanks for the feedback. You're right, of course, in saying that Hydroman and Beetle will probably be top of any Spider-Man villains list for a future extension.

Loved your double pack ideas, Thor8, especially with Mantis and Swordsman. As a kid I always had a soft spot for her because she knew kung fu and looked really colourful. She even knocked you out! (Admittedly, she snuck up behind you and punched you in a nerve in the neck!) Maybe Rich should test the water one more time with the Alpha Flght twins? If that is also a poor seller, then we can't argue for their inclusion any more.

As for variants, the extension I was talking about is not really the "near future", hence me raising the issue. I seem to remember someone saying the confirmed figurines take us up to autumn 2011. Any future extension could mean we would not see a variant for over two years. I mean, how cool would classic Iron Man or battle-armour Thor be?

Thor8 said...

I've always wanted a figurine of The Swordsman,be it a Marvel Legends action figure,a Bowens Design Mini Bust or an EM figurine I'd love to have all three. I've always refered to The Swordsman as the forgotten Avenger and always thought it was a mistake to bump him off,especially after reading his origin in a Avengers spotlight issue. He had potencial to be developed into a great character, plus he and Mantis have colorful costumes and would make eye catching figurines. I believe he and Photon,Mockingbird,Stingray, Starfox,USAgent and ThunderStike are Avengers that well deserve inclusion in the next extension.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brandon G. DeStefano said...

Wasp looks pretty good, but I think the clear/opaque wings would look much better.

As far as other collections are concerned, I would LOVE to see ThunderCats and Masters of the Universe, mainly the early-2000's version, though. Both are classics and the design of the characters would be visually stunning!!

mighty_marvel said...

northstar/aurora would fly off the shelves. like others i firmly believe poor double pack sales are solely down to the slightly disappointing characters chosen for them so far. all i hear is people wanting more characters, not less.

i really do think that if double packs were done of two normal sized figures and priced at £10.99 (slightly less than two regular issues due to one mag rather than 2) then they would sell well.

or if a larger character/smaller character double pack is done then it has to be of 2 characters in high demand. for example prof x was classed as a larger character due to chair and was much wanted. however, lilandra wasn't wanted as much so affected sales. sasquatch and puck are both in high demand so should sell well as a pack

Robert said...

It's not only the twin packs, Mighty Marvel, some of the choices of specials have been disappointing, too. I didn't buy the Mk.I Iron Man armour from the film, though I would have definitely snapped up the original version from the comic (or any other variant armour for that matter). Likewise, the choice of the Destroyer for the 70th anniversary figure was poor. The Ka-zar and Sabu twin pack, which I did buy, could have been the anniversary release and we could have had a more recognisable, popular special like Omega Red or Ronan instead.

Anonymous said...

robert my old friend , this one's just for you buddy !!

characters i'd like to see before the collection ends + teams i'd like completed that have already been started.

squadron sinister :
speed demon
doctor spectrum

guardians of the galaxy :
arleta + stakar ogord ( twin ? )
vance astro

brotherhood of mutants :
sauron ( special ? )
black tom

wrecking crew :
thunderball + piledriver + bulldozer ( triple ? )

winter guard :
ursa major ( special )
red guardian
red ghost
titanium man
purple man

asgardians :
warriors three ( triple ? )
odin ( special )

heroes for hire :
colleen wing
misty knight

alpha flight :
northstar + aurora ( twin )
sasquatch ( special )
marrina + puck ( twin ? )

thunderbolts + masters of evil :
citizen v
crimson cowl
amazon - mankiller
blackslash - whiplash
grey gargoyle
jack 'o' lantern
texas twister
atlas ( mega special )
cobra + mr hyde ( twin ? )
m'baku - man ape ( special )

avengers + young avengers :
mocking bird
u.s agent
iron lad
stature ( mega special )
kate bishop
giant man ( mega special )
black goliath ( mega special )

Robert said...

Lots of great characters, Mad Thinker. With the exception of the Titanium Man, I'd all but forgotten about the Winter Guard. Excellent shout.

I'm rereading the 1970s Iron Man stuff at the moment so my head is full of Shellhead characters at the moment. Yesterday I read Iron Man #92 with the Melter, one of the characters you mentioned, and he's wearing the most ridiculous striped trousers! I think the awful breeks were dumped for later appearances. I also read the first appearance of Blizzard a few issues earlier - a costume I really like.

I'd like to add a name. Ted mentioned the Controller a few weeks ago and he's a great villain with a creepy gimmick and a scarey look.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

thanks robert , but if you don't like titanium man you may be looking at the wrong images.
just like crimson dynamo there have been different suits.
search titanium man on google images and there is one version which stands out and looks great.
there is a toy figure on there of him that you may like.
in this version the armoured suit is not just plain green so looks much better than the mk 1 version.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

I like Titanium Man, Mad Thinker. I had just forgotten about the other members of the Winter Guard, that's all. He was one of the major IM foes of the 1970s, when the Cold War was still rather chilly and 'reds' lurked in our beds.

With the help of wiki, I started to make a list of Iron Man villains tonight and got to twenty I'd like to see when I stopped.

SinisterVenom said...

I for one would like to hear what you've got on your list Robert. I was actually thinking about Iron Man villains last week but only thought up around 10 or so.
Mad Thinker, is the toy you're looking at the Titanium Green in two different shades of green with a blade looking like a chainsaw?

Robert said...

Oh, all right, since you're twisting my arm, Sinister Venom!

Titanium Man, Controller, an AIM technician, Whirlwind, Grey Gargoyle, Blizzard, Beetle, Guardsman, Iron Monger (special), the Living Laser, Boomerang, Ultimo (special), Spymaster, Melter, Madame Masque, Killer Shrike, Unicorn, Firebrand, the Ghost ('80s incarnation), Red Ghost and Man-Bull.

Some of these guys can slot into other family groups, of course. If memory serves Boomerang has fought Spidey and the Hulk (!), for instance. This was my first draft tonight and I expect to add new names as I reread my Iron Man Collection. (I started in 1972 and have reached 1977.)

Any villains I had no interest in seeing as part of the collection were omitted from my list.

Robert said...

P.S. MODOK was deliberately omitted, Whiplash wasn't.

Anonymous said...

robert :
just re-read your comment , sorry dude i mis-read first time round , what you were trying to say was that you'd forgotten about winter guard except for titanium man.
i first read it as you like my list with the exception of titanium man and thought you didn't like him. i feel like such a lemon now lol.

sinister venom :
the titanium man version i am talking about is on the first page of google images.
it's grey and green , there's also a picture of him standing next to an iron man toy figure.

Robert said...

No harm done, Mad Thinker.

Feel free to add to my list.

Deadpool said...

Blashemy ... Burn the witch ...
Roberto how dar you omit MODOK.

MODOK would make a rather cute addition to the collection.

May I suggest that the Moss Men do double pack tester of Judge Dredd and Judge Death.
This would allow them to get touchy feely about the interest that may lurk among the legion of the great unwashed.

Deadpool said...

Iron Men, Iron Men everywhere and all of them must stink.

If we are considering an addition to the Iron Man figures we already have then there is only one choice.


Battle Armour Thor is a must too.

Deadpool said...

Oh and it appears the Mad Thinker has gone into a Thinking Frenzy.

After I had Waded through the murk I came upon the Swordsman and Mantis.
Having requested the Swordsman before, I endorse your Thoughts on these two characters.

They now have the DP seal of approval.

In return ,however , how about putting that gray matter to work on one of my requests .... Darkchylde ... give her a nod and a wink and the mindless drones will surely follow.

Thor8 said...

Well if we get a new post today I sure hope Rich has some news on how the choosing of the next extension is going to be carried out. I'd prefer that just as in the previous extention EM handles most of the selecting and that we are given a chance to pick a character of our choice by way of a competion. Maybe this time there can be two or three winners instead of one.

As for sneak peeks,X-Man,Klaw, Drax,and Scarlet Spider are the only ones up to #140 that have not been featured yet.

ted sallis said...

recieved my suuby . Sometimes when i actually get to handle a fig in the " flesh " it can change my initial impression not so with Chameleon no offence to the talented chaps at EM but this mince is already hidden at the back of the shelf.
X 23 looks absolutely lovely but incredibly small.
I have been trying to play ultimate alliance 2 i cannot bring myself to play as alky a**wipe Iron Man god i wish Cap had finished him off!!
And yes i know it's not real!

ted sallis said...

Sorry Rob but after the civil war storyline i have been unable to purchase a single comic with Tony "rot in hell you scum" Stark.
And i stuck with this guy when people were peeing themselves with laughter when he revealed his greatest suit upgrade which included such belters as jet powered roller skates and a nifty nose.
impotent rage's all the rage!

Robert said...

Ted, I have to admit that the events of Civil War had me wishing Shellhead serious injury, too. I really loved it when Thor and Hulk kicked his ass. He will never recover in my eyes after that what he did to Cap. I'm rereading my old Iron Man comics for the first time since Civil War and I'm reading them with a different perspective. I have to admit I am much less tolerant of him as a person and see him as quite self-righteous and arrogant.

Oh, Deadpool, I asked Man Thinker for ideas. Go easy, eh, he's a delicate soul.

One last thing, DP. MODOK - Humpty Dumpty's ugly cousin. (And don't even get me started onM ODAM!)

Deadpool said...

Well my latest figures from Marvel and DC arrived today, so here is my review: -

X23 - even though a character with such a checkered (TV series generated) past wouldn't usually meet with my approval, the Moss men have done a great job.
X23 is a great addition to the collection. Woo Hoo girlie.

The Chameleon - now he is a compeletely different matter.
To be honest he is very plain and looks like a disfigured version of Professor X.
Other Marvel characters were far more worthy of a place than him.

Turning now to DC.

The Atom ,with the big / little version on the same base, has completely put me off the idea of having a Big Giant Man / little Giant Man on the same base.
Great paint job though and still a great figure but the little Atom looks like the big atom's action figure.

Huntress model is great and reiforces my deman for the Amalgam Carol Danvers Huntress. Huntress gets a Woo Hoo girlie.

DC seem to be producing more regular specials.
The Demon was released as a special and is a great figure.
He is worthy of a Grrr Arrrrgh.

The obvious question is - why are DC releasing more specials than Marvel?
Us collectors need to know the answer Richy.

Hope this helps you to decide what to buy next guys.
Oh and how about a figure of Darkchylde...hmmmm?

Deadpool said...

OMG Roberto.... you have made my day.

MODOK and MODAM as a mega special double pack, now that is pure genius.

You are a prince among men.

I salute you kind sir.

Deadpool said...

I feel as though I need to speak up in defence of ol' Shell head.

Let's face it Cap had it coming, after all he was on the wrong side of the law..

Yeah I can tolerate Mr goody two shoes and have given him pride of place at front and center of my avengers display stand, but who hasn't dreamed of giving him a good beating.

Let's also not forget... the true villians of Civil War were the writers. They needed a hero and they chose Captain Underpants.
They needed a Villian and they cursed Shell head.

Forgive and forget guys, forgive and forget.

Robert said...

"Who hasn't dreamed of giving [Captain America] a good beating?"

Deadpool, I don't even know where to begin with that statement. Is it the maddest comment on here ever? You deserve kudos for thinking out of the box with your other collections idea: this was thinking out of your box!

As for the Chameleon, he deserves his place here. If you're only thinking about a sparkly costume and powers that can level mountains, then I can see how you'd be disappointed. If, however, you remember that he's the first Spidey villain, that he's a Stan and Steve creation and that he's appeared fairly regularly over Spidey's entire history, well, then he's a must.

ted sallis said...

Agree chameleon has more than enough history to warrant his inclusion alas this does not change the fact that the figurine ( thats what i pay my £5.99 for) is turgidly dull)
Other collectors seem strangely pleased with the sculpt? such is art.
I know the merc with the mouth is famous for his tourettes but dissing the first avenger??!! tut! tut!

Robert said...

I suppose, Ted, that it depends on your starting point.

Is your first criteria for inclusion that a character must look colourful, interesting, impressive, frightening, etc.?

Or above all do you want to see characters that have made many appearances, have a history, have made a significant impact on a character's life, etc.?

ted sallis said...

I am not saying chameleon is not worthy of inclusion merely that the choice of sculpt is dismaly dull.
Robert, he belongs in the "classic marvel collection of visually dull but with quite interesting anecdotes collection"
You forgot Raga in your top shellhead villains :)

Robert said...

I appreciate that you weren't arguing against his inclusion, Ted. Sorry if it sounded like that.

I actually like the sculpt, but I get your point. Compared to the usual steroid junkies and Barbarellas it is rather subdued. I happen to think Chameleon's glare is really quite evil. Sometimes less is more. :)

As for Raga, I've been trying to expunge him from my memory ever since I first saw him. A (very) poor man's Melter. Medallions worn round the neck were never a good look, even in 1972. (The Red Ghost had one too in the early '70s; need to check whether he had one when he first appeared.) The only exception was Captain Britain, though that was an amulet and probably doesn't count.

Deadpool said...

Heh heh heh .. Rob and Ted's excellent adventure.
Clearly I hit the mark by my appraisal of Captain Underpants.

I was however being uncharacteristically sarcastic.

MR Rogers has center stage in my Avengers set and I would have it no other way.
Iron Man stands to his left and will never lose his place either, despite the Civil War.

As for the Chameleloon .... his heritage is without question, but his dress is rather dull.

The odd sequin or sprinkle of glitter would certainly add to his appeal.

Deadpool said...

Oh and as for my preference of characters...

Of course I don't want all the characters in skin tight red and black spandex -
Just the girlies ... and more of them I'd say ...heheheh.

Oh and I hope everyone hasn't forgotten the classic Marvel SWIM SUIT editions .....

Drool pool ... signing out.

Robert said...

"The odd sequin or sprinkle of glitter", Deadpool?

Let me guess: You're married and cannot get the remote off the wife while she's watching "Strictly Come Dancing".

Alas, Ted and I (and others on here?) know that feeling all too well.

Robert said...

Jusr wondering, Deadpool, do you own any girlie statues? MJ washing Pete's Spidey longjohns? Psyclocke in swimsuit?

Deadpool said...

Ok.. after my brief absence of a couple of minutes since my last post... I feel compelled to raise the following issue: -

Not one of you .. so called FOOMs .... has yet commented on Darkchylde as a character for the collection.

Ok I forgive you for missing the suggestion, I've only mentioned it once or twice.

C'mon Bob and Ted... let me know what you think ... or am I embarking on a Bogus Journey?

ted sallis said...

Cor! swimsuit editions bring em on!
1 manthing in a thong
2 big bertha in a breakable bikini?
3 wolvie in "Y" fronts
It's the triple pack the fans have been crying out for Rich!

Robert said...

Deadpool, I have not commented on Darkchylde because I honestly have no idea who you are talking about (and haven't bothered to google her to find out).

Deadpool said...

Alas I do not own any of those sculpts.

Hopefully Richardo will respond soon to your brilliant suggestions.

MJ at the sink and Psy in her skimpies ... again sheer genius.

I doff my cap to you once again kind sir.

But on the subject of the scantily clad, lets reserve that for the Girlies.

Battle armour for Thor.
Swimsuit edition Thor is nothing short of blasphemy (oh how Loki would laugh, I however would shudder and have many sleepless nights).

Deadpool said...

Well Robert, I ask you to perform a simple task, which in return I will withdraw my reference to Mr Underpants and never mention it again.

Google X-Infernus #1
Check out the cover art.
Darkchylde is an incarnation of Ilyana Rasputin.

Since we seem to have so much in common, I am certain you will appreciate my point of view.

Oh and as for Wolvie in Y fronts ... maybe not... I think he is a speedos kinda guy... adorned with images of Captain America.

ManThing + thong ... maybe not ... I think the thong would reveal too much of his Man Thing.

Big Bertha ... hell yeah ... fat bottomed girls they make the rocking world go round.

Robert said...

These are not my ideas, Deadpool, they are actual statues! The MJ statue was somewhat controversial when it came out. Her thong is showing above her jeans and her rather humongous breasts dangled above the basin of water she was using to wash Spider-Man's costume. I have no idea if her top was also wet but you can tell me later now that you're off to find it on eBay. :)

Deadpool said...

On a more serious note.
What do you guys think of the imbalance between DC and Marvel in terms of the ratio of special releases.

The ratio of special releases is far higher in DC than Marvel.

I want more Marvel Specials.

Deadpool said...


I have just been slapped by my wife (since she is rather closely akin to Shi:Senryaku in looks and ability I am now in serious trouble and likely to be eating hospital food over the weekend)

Thanks for that Robert ...must dash ... bye

ted sallis said...

With Deadpools gag about his Man Thing and Robs salacious description of MJ's "dangley" bits,
Is there not a very real fear that this collection may be seen as nothing more than a collection of lead figurines ?

Deadpool said...

Alas Ted.... you bring us back to reality.

Who would have guessed that the latest topic would have covered such diverse topics as Hairdos, Man Things and MJ's assets.

On that note, with a fist sized lump on my head and a bloody nose, I will make a final suggestion ... extended collection should include MJ - as a Zombie.

See Marvel Zombies 5th Printing Mary Jane Hard Cover ... now that is much cooler than the real MJ hanging her assets over a sink ..ouch ..

Robert said...

"Final suggestion", Deadpool?!! Aye, that'll be the day!

Noticing a disturbing trend of hen-pecked men on here. Do you think there is some Freudian meaning to us having a selection of silent women who are small and under our control?

Robert said...

Just used your link to look at the statue again. It's even worse than I remembered. Rather predictably, it was sold out!

My wife tolerates my comic and statue collecting but I doubt she would be so accepting if I was to start buying such blatant adolescent fantasy statues. To each his own, I guess. Still, I have to admit that kind of stuff embarrasses me. It's bad enough being considered a man-child by most folk for reading "kid's" comics without adding "perv" to the names I get called.

Robert said...

And then I googled X-Infernus #1.

Did it come in a brown paper bag?

Deadpool said...

Come on Robert ... you must admit that Illyana looks very good as Darkchylde... also Witchfire and Belasco would make cool additions to the collections.

Oh and indeed it did come in a brown paper bag.
I am sure that that was pure coincidence.

But just to dispell the perv rumour.... I agree that many of the big matcho type heroes are cool.. however being married to a rather fiesty "Sohei" - essentially I married the real life Shi, I appreciate the power of the female heroes.

Despite my occasional ... infrequent ... very rare... sarcastic comment I have nothing but respect for female fighters.

Therefore they should be equally represented within this collection.

Deadpool said...

Night night guys ... its been another fun blog.

Robert said...

Japan eleven times, Deadpool? I'm impressed. Only been there once myself. Saw sakura at Kamakura Castle, dazzled by lights of Shinjuku, boiled by hot springs at Fuji-san. Wonderful place. My then-girlfriend was Japanese and was lucky to see it with someone who could make sense of the weird stuff.

If your wife looks like Shi, is she Japanese?

Deadpool said...

Morning Robert.
Heh ... you checked my profile.

My wife's Grandmother was oriental and her Grandfather was American.
Her mother was 50% Oriental / American
She is 25% Oriental / American and 50% English.

I've worked in Japan quite a few times over the last few years.
My main haunts are Hitachi City, Omika, Hitachi-Taga, Mito and of course Tokyo.
I don't go to Roppongi or Shinjuku .. they are not my cup of tea. I have been to Tokyo Disney land a few times and Nikko to name but a few tourist attractions.
I also like Asakusa and of course Sensoji.

Depending upon the amount of time I was staying in Tokyo I would either stay in Ginza or at Ueno (Ueno mainly for the convenience of the Train Station and the skyliner terminal to Narita).

I encountered the Yakuza when I was at Oarai beach with a Nigerian friend of mine (he is a giant - around 18 stone approx 6'2" and just for info I am not much taller than the Japanese).
We were playing football on our Sunday off work.
A black limo had been cruising up and down the road quite close to us and stopped when the ball rolled onto the road.
I went to get the ball.
The tinted passenger window rolled down and a smartly dressed Japanese gentleman enquired "Are you American?".
I replied that i was English.
We then had a rather pleasant conversation and he told me to have a nice day.

When I turned to look for Tundi ... I could see him running in the opposite direction down the beach.

When I finally caught up with him he told me that I had had my first (and only as it would turn out to be) encounter with Yakuza.

Tundi always considered me a "Good Challenge" ... because we would often dare one another to do something stupid, adventurous or downright insane.

Despite not being dared to talk to the guys in the car... Tundi considered this to be in the insane category.

That's one of my minor adventures (that didnt involve any injury) and a little info about my Wife's heritage.

Robert said...

Typical Japan. Even the gangsters are well-mannered!

Example of Japanese manners: I bought a three-day ticket for the Tokyo tranportation system and lost it on the second day. Mak (that's Makiko, actually) went up to a smartly-dressed rail worker and asked where she could get a replacement. The guy's response was to bow, give me a new ticket for free and apologise to me for the fact that I had lost my ticket! Can you imagine that happening here? People would abuse such honesty and kindness. An incredible people. Everyone should go there at least once in their life. The world would be a much better place if we were all a little bit Japanese...

Robert said...

Oh, sorry, Deadpool, I didn't thank you for the information.

What work did you do in Japan, by the way?

Deadpool said...

Designing automotive process control systems - working in conjunction with the Hitachi corporation at Omika works not far from Hitachi City.

PS I love Japan.

Deadpool said...

When you get to know Japan, you realise how terrible things are in the UK.

Robert said...

It's all relative, of course. Comparing the UK to Japan is perhaps unfair; nowhere I have been in the world can stand the comparison. Malaysia is as friendly, maybe even friendlier, and the German public transport is just about as efficient, but after that, nah, Japan is tops in pretty much every way. (And I am a nationalistic Scot.)

And when you compare the UK to, say, Mexico (where I worked for a short time), well we come out as an idyllic paradise!

P.S. I also visited Sensoji in Asakusa. Never seen so much alcohol in one place...

Deadpool said...

I assure you Robert, I only ever visited Asakusa for the Sensoji Temple...not one drop ever passed my lips :p

Robert said...

The alcohol was off-limits, anyway. Ritual sake in massive drums. Purely for festival purposes only and not for gaijin!

I actually saw a couple on their way to get married there in a traditional ceremony. I swear at the time I thought the bride was the most transcendentally beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jabba theslutt said...

"Transen mentaly beuootiful?" Rabbi robby you old hippy i like old grumpy hippies.
At least we not still tokkings about Wasp hair. Oh it too short, It too 1987 blah! blech!
I owned a playstation2 it most transiently gorgeoos game console i ever seeings! it japeye!
2000 ad colletch i like to see vay much Ilove harlem team who playing crazy ass sport like airborne rollerball.
i WOULD LIKE TO SEE SELF FLAGALATINGS ANTI HERO PENANCE IN THe next extensh, he like crazy super powered member of the opus day me thonkings.
chameleon look like artist impression of alien sighting. it stink like the yak pissings.
Ursa Major by 2015 or i boycottings!!

Robert said...

You remember the Harlem Heroes, Jabba? Unless they came back later (I stopped buying in the mid-1980s), that's early 2000AD. About 1978 or '79?

Oops. I said I'd stop trying to work out your age, etc.

So, after teasing us that you'd tell us who you are, you go quiet and hope we will forget. Still going to reveal all...?

Robert said...

Hang on a minute, "grumpy"...?

jabba theslutt said...

Rabbi Robby you are ace csi profiling fellow. you know trooth you just not sure enuffings to blurtings out in case you rong.
you not grumpy i apologize it is that sometimes when i thinkings of you isee the Victor Meldrews :)
Are yoo exiteds about the Iron Man 2 movie?. i just watch trailer i think i will like very much

Robert said...

"[Y]ou know trooth"?

Do I? News to me.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I have no insight into who you are, Jabba. (And won't claim I had any suspicions either, if and when you come clean.) All I am certain about is that you are about the same age as I am.

I wasn't offended by the grumpy description, by the way. Actually, it's pretty accurate if I'm being honest.

As for Iron Man 2, yep, very excited. Looking forward to Cap and Thor, too!

jabba theslutt said...

ok someboddys put rab oot of his miseryies,
rob n deadpeel are you fans of the manga versions of the marvel verse?

Robert said...


Nor the Ultimates stuff, either, although I did buy early titles. Found it confused the old memory.

Classic 616 all the way for me.

P.S. Is it really obvious, Jabba, and I'm being monumentally thick?

jabba theslutt said...

st #1

Robert said...

... "st#1"...?

Hmm. I'm tempted to give up as it means nowt to me. Okay, I'll give it a bash... but, really, it's gonna be rambling.

The first impression from the #1 is that it refers to a comic, so I'll work back from that (probably wildly inaccurate) conclusion. The "st" would them seem to be either (a) an acronym or (b) the first two letters of a title.

(A) If "st" is an acronym for a presumably Marvel title (this is a Marvel collection after all) the two most obvious candidates are Strange Tales and Star Trek. The former came out in the early 1950s, '51 or '52. Star Trek has had loads of comic series, and I think at least one was with Marvel. Would need to look that up as while I love Star Trek I never bought any comics.

(B) If the "st" is the start of a comic title the only one I can think of is Starbrand. It was only out for 19 issues. (It started well and then Byrne ruined it, but I digress.)

I'm probably barking up the wrong tree, but I'll have to keep on going now... the question now is why refer to these comics? The first idea I had was that the month of the publication of whichever comic it is refers to your birthdate. So you'd be an old git if it was Strange Tales #1! Less old if it was a Star Trek series (which was on TV c.1966-1968?).

Or, a character in one of these comics or a prominent creator has the same name. What was the guy's name who had the Starbrand? O'Connell was his surname, I think. I need to go and check his first name.

But then hardly anyone on here uses their real name anyway, so that helps not a jot. Neither does the birthdate info help. Actually, I've just ended up back where I started: completely lost.

Another clue...?

Robert said...

Just had another thought: prominent characters have "st" surnames: Tony STark, Gwen STacy, to name but two. Coincidence you asked about the Iron Man movie in the previous post?

Not sure any gold in this theory as there are loads of characters with "st" names. Hard to know ehere to start investigating this theory...

Robert said...

"[S]t" is "ts" backwards.

"[T]s" is Ted Sallis.

Never was any good at crosswords.

Anonymous said...

not one post by pirate adam , could jabba the slutt really be pirate adam in disguise ? surely not ?

Robert said...

Evening, Mad Thinker.

If Pirate Adam is Jabba, what's the "st#1" all about then?

Deadpool said...

If I had to guess I would say 1951.
ST #1 is short for Strange Tales issue #1 ... 1951.

The Iron Man reference ... or should I say "Shell" Head reference was a clue to Jabba's age.
Combine this with Jabba's girth.
Hutts take decades to achieve such a huge size (info. provided by my mate B.F. after his encounter with the "Shell" Hutts.)

I can now confirm that we are mere youngling in comparison to Jabba.

Thanks for such a wonderful puzzle and I sincerely hope you are looking forward to cosying up to your Yak in your twighlight years of retirement.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

i'm lost , what's everyone banging on about ?

i merely stated the fact that pirate adam has disappeared and was wondering if he had become quit your jibba jabba slutty

SinisterVenom said...

Mad Thinker, it seems everyone is trying to solve the mystery to Jabba's last post stating st #1.
Personally I'm just enjoying Jabba and Robert's conversations, or rather Rob trying to understand how to have a conversation with Jabba haha
Maybe it could be STan Lee? The number 1 is the beginning of the numbers and Stan Lee was of course the beginning of Marvel. It's a possibility.

Robert said...

Morning, all.

I think I have solved the identification.

The "st" refers to DC's Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing was the direct inspiration for Marvel's Man-Thing. Ted Sallis is Man-Thing's real name.

I'm also sure Ted and Jabba are around the same age.

Well, Ted? You've been outed!

(Can't believe I missed this last night. What a dummy! It's so obvious!)

Robert said...

Savage Tales #1 (Jan 1974) was the first comic to feature the Man-Thing!

Wrong interpretation of clues, correct conclusion!

Toffee-flavoured ice cream for everyone!

Robert said...

Correction: May 1971 was the publication date of "st#1", starring the Man-Thing.

Anonymous said...

where's pirate adam then ?

Robert said...

Sailing the "several" seas?

(Sorry, Mad Thinker, couldn't resist!!)

Jabba is Ted. If I'm wrong you can come visit me for a week.

jabba theslutt said...

Thank gawd for that Rabbi Robby Bobby.
It is stangely liberating too take on a very different persona and say some truly daft and outlandish stuff. Hope i didn't cause anyone personal offence as i may have been a little close to the knuckle at times.
I have explained to my slighty confused wife that when it is time for me to be oven baked i want the plaque to read "Here lies Laird he happy gay like a Doris Day"
CSI Robert i cannae believe it took so long .
I thought everyone would twig after my first post. as i had had a " dry run" with my crimson dynamo spiel.
Maybe you guys are too polite or maybe you were worried i was having some sort of breakdown and didn't want to out me :)
peace and love to all my good friends.
Jabba is going now, he's off to New York with his Yelena the Tryaktor manuscript

Robert said...

Hi, Ted. Just in from a family visit and the weekly shop.

Not sure it was as obvious as you believe. Or maybe it was just me. I honestly had no idea until last night.

As for the "st#1" clue, I should have googled Marvel titles beginning with "st" and the "Savage Tales" comic would have come up, making it easy. I tried to rely on my memory but having never bought any horror comics I had never heard of Savage Tales and the clue went whizzing over my head. Once I looked it up it was embarrassingly obvious. Looking back, my interpretations of some of the clues are kind of funny. Especially the "st" is "ts" backwards. Inventive but daft!

Anyway, having eventually got there, I thankfully don't have to invite the Mad Thinker to stay at my gaff for a week. This detente between us is nice but it's probably built on shoogly foundations...

Which leaves us with one remaining mystery: where is Pirate Adam?

ted sallis said...

Robert when you wrote these immortal lines" I don't know about man who riding crows or big hairyassed beastings but Rob the Burns is getting tired of your spiel" I actually laughed so hard my sides were literaly aching.
Bless ye for taking it all in good humour.
So come on Robert i am being serious i respect your opinion The TRYAKTOR.. do you thinks she's a goer? :)

Robert said...

It was kind of tiresome at first, Ted, and seemed a waste of time. Then, little nuggets of comic insight started to become noticeable. That's when I thought whoever this Jabba character is, they've got more worthwhile things to say than how far a vintage tractor can get on a gallon of yak's pish. It was at that point I became curious who you were. Thing is, there are so many people on here anonymously - people who are essentially complete strangers - that I don't think it was easy to pin down an identity. You invited speculation from the off with the profile (the talk of Eastern Europe when your profile said you were from eastern Africa), but otherwise I really don't think there was much of a trail to follow. I knew you lived in Dundee and were probably in your early forties, ... and that's about it.

Funny thing is, my wife thinks I'M odd. Goodness knows what your wife made of all this.

jabba theslutt said...

She actually got me a T shirt printed up saying " Me happy gay like a Doris Day" I will be wearing it at this summers Wickerman festival.
Let's face it if your 45 year old hubby is collecting lead figs , The fact that he adopted a goofball persona on a blog dedicated to lead lovers would hardly have registered on her " weirdometer" :)
She is a very tolerent woman and for that i am eternaly grateful

Robert said...

We've all wandered off the path marked "Normal", Ted, so I'm not casting aspersions. I thought I could still see the path, in the distance, but I think it's just a yak path and I'm hopelessly lost, too.

jabba theslutt said...

Robert , Just for you i have posted up an image of the Tryaktor.
When it hits the big screen i will make sure you are in the titles as co-creator.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jabba theslutt said...

woah there rob you are one bitter old cuss . i took the pish out of you in a fairly innocuos kinda way because i suspected you may be a bit of a dick , thanks for the confirmation you humourless old poop

Robert said...

I actually went back and deleted it cos I wondered if the tone would not come across as I intended.

Sorry. I really did not mean offense.

Deadpool said...

Oh no ....

I will mourn the death of the Slutt ...

The world will seem a little more never more to be sprinkled with dung and Yak's milk.

Deadpool said...

I have a few little snippets of info to excite the imagination of you Aesirophiles.

1. Father Christmas, yule and the christmas tree are all based on Norse mythology. Father Christmas is ODIN and the eight reindeer are in actual fact Sleipnir, Odin's eight legged steed.

2. Odin was crucified on Ygdrassil. The concept of Jesus' crucifiction was in fact a copy of the Odin crucifiction used to convert Northern Europeans to Christianity.

3. The symbol of the cross actually represented Mjollnir to the Northern Europeans.
Roman crucifictions were carried out on a T shaped scaffold.

Therefore ... the symbolism used to convert Northern Europeans to christianity was lifted directly from the Norse legends with its custom and culture.
The myth of Jesus added as a the final layer to allow the holy Roman Church to gain control of Europe.

More of the Norse gods belong in this collection ... they are after all our heritage.

For more info check out the Poetic and Prose Eddas and the Sagas.

pirate adam said...

ok i'm confused, Ted what did Rob say ti PISH you off i didn't get a chance to read it before he deleted it.

I took a glimpse at your picture of Tryaktor and i was very impressed.

Mad Thinker, at least somebody missed me in my absence, i was sailing to East Africa to try and solve the Jabba mystery (what a wasted trip that would have been), although thinking i may have been the slut was way off.

LEAVE WASPS HAIR ALONE i like it!! and i like the wings as they are.

Where is my pal Jacadoo?

that just about covers everything



ted sallis said...

Yay! nice to see the PA back again.
How is the Bor custom goin?
Talk about jumping in at the deep end :)
I love Robert he is a nice fellow perhaps not used to people mocking him ( no matter how gentle)
That is not a character flaw it is just what it is .
I just took exception too his last post because it was a bit too vitreolic with no hint of a humourous punchline,
my jabba guise maybe caused more resentment than i could have ever have forseen

Deadpool said...

Since we are rather off topic, may I make a suggestion.

How about the Black Queen (Selene)as a figure in the collection?

May I also suggest the Red Queen (Madelyne Prior)?

I also like the Gun toting - Domino too... a gal after my own heart.

Since Shi won't be makin' an appearance anytime soon .. how about a compromise?

How about Ronin... Ronin .... was that and Echo I heard?

Since we are on the subject of kick ass babes ... lets have .. Free Spirit ... too.

That'll do for now, I think....

pirate adam said...

Ted i agree, Robert is a top bloke. perhaps his sense of humour isn't everybodies cup of tea but i get a laugh out of him and i also got a laugh out of your YAK loving alter ego.

work begins on Bor on friday purely because its payday so i can buy a few bits and i have a few days off work, why does everyone say i jumped in at the end? even the experienced customisers on the SHFF have commented on wahat a tough first fig he'll be (i'm worried now)


Deadpool said...

Get a grip guys.
I know we are all mourning the loss of Jabba, but we have a company to run here.

The Moss Men have an extension (errr Figurine extension, not to be confused with their activities in private)to lob out for the general public.

The mindless drones need our ideas and that's what we are here to do.

I will get the kettle boiling once again.

As many as possible and as scantily clad as possible ... you know what I mean ..

Then we need more Aesir ... Asatru being my word of the week.
If you have faith .. then the Gods will come (I hope I am not Bor-ing you PA).

Now to put to bed the Iron Man controversy .... Moss men please include the Iron Patriot. He would give the bloggers an Iron Man to really hate which will take the heat off of Ol' shell head.

As for future collections, I think it is safe to say that I speak for everyone here when I say 2000AD.

You already have the skill Moss Men, now you have the motivation.
I for one would sell most of my relatives (except for my children and the Ferocious Shi devil that spawned them) to get my hands on Judge Anderson and Hershey.

No fellow bloggers .... stay your hands ..... you need not say another word on this subject.
I am sure that the Moss Men have finally got the message.

Now I will focus on Richard.
Where are you, when will you be back?
The natives are starting to get restless ... they've already eaten Jabba.
Their ravenous hunger for information can only be sated by a new blog topic and site update.

I don't know how much longer I can hold them back.


Deadpool said...

That was close.

I was almost cornered by Pinkeye and his hill billy comrade Jim Bob.

They were chasing me with cutlery, condiments and a copy of the Heston Blumenthal book .. 1000 ways to serve Deadpool.

Limbs intact ... I am left wondering where Robert is?

After our rather touchy feely chat, I was curious about why he was in Japan?

And just to catch up on an earlier question ... Manga and Marvel ... Manga and Marvel on their own are both great.

Marvel Manga, however, is like
Black Forest Gatteau topped with Natto - not a good combination.

And finally to close: -
Rob and Ted should kiss and make up after their Bogus journey.
We need their crusty old insights to give us a laugh.

Deadpool said...

Being a subscriber, I have every model so far in the collection.

In some cases I have more than one.

Therefore I think this entitles me to comment on some of the sculpts.

I'll start with the worst: -

Man Wolf .... OMG .... Man Wolf.
Of all the possible sculpts they put him in the yellow leotard.

His stance gives the impression that he is dancing to a Rick Astley song.
Poor Man Wolf.

Now the best: -

Taskmaster - what a superb sculpt.
I could not have imagined that the Moss Men would capture him so well.
Taskmaster is the best sculpt so far.

this gives the Moss Men something to think about.
They now know the two extremes.
Lets hope we never see a yellow leotard clad hero again.
( Cannonball will be wearing a ballroom gown so he doesnt fall into this category).

Deadpool said...

The sculptors had so many options with Stretcho.
It wouldn't have been too much of a stretch of the imagination for him to be a bit more bendy.

If in doubt, check out some of the heroclix sculpts.

The Human Torch... Why wasn't he done in a hovering pose above his base on a thin column of flame?

Again check out heroclix.

On the other side of the coin we have Mystique and The Scarlet Witch.
Both of these figures capture either the mood of the character or the movement. They are both very cool.
Even the She-Hulk sculpt captures her femininity.

In summary, future figures should capture more mood, emotion or movement in their sculpts.

Nuff Said.

Deadpool said...

Where is everyone today?
All I've seen are tumbleweeds blowing through the blog.

Does this mean that this is now the official Deadpool figurine collection?

If so .. then we can dispense with all of those other , yak infested, Jolly Roger clad, Scottish poet written, Swamp sodden, hill billy pig squeeling lists that briefly appeared in the recent past and focus entirely on me.

Future extensions will now consist almost entirely of girlies or female humanoid types (this covers Hepzipah and her tail).

pirate adam said...



"no dumbass's its DeadPOOL"

the 'horny' Merc with a Mouth


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