Friday, 22 January 2010

Back on Monday

Just a quick note to say sorry, I've been super busy today so won't get the chance to do a proper update until Monday.

Just wanted to let you know Omega Red is not 100% confirmed and that the reason Sasquatch wasn't chosen over Omega is that he's a little too big for a regular special, he's more Gorilla Grodd sized (DC collection special).

I'll explain more and update about the specials on Monday.

Have a good weekend.


Mr J said...

Hi Rich,
Will look forward to an update on Monday and PLEASE confirm OMEGA RED!!!


pirate adam said...

Roll on monday and anybody except OMEGA RED!!!


Goth Prince aka Andrew said...

Since Omega Red was the next most wanted character based of poll results it would be nice to get him into the collection next. I think he would be a big seller he has been featured in many different mediums such as Comics, TV and video games so he will be a popular choice and has broad fan appeal. If not Omega Red then I hope Sauron gets confirmed.

Northstar & Aurora would be cool to get finally too.

Jacadoo said...

I'm happy big orange will be done Super Special scale - to be fair Omega has to come next due to popularity, but I do have hope for The Destroyer making the special ranks some time soon.

Anyway Thor8 you can be Bert (really no choice given the trans am) - now we can wear tights I'm Betty Boop!!

Look forward to mondays update, considering the proposed content - have a good weekend all.

jimbob said...

Thanks for the info Rich!

I will support you if you pick Omega Red.

If you want more time to choose a specials.

I reckon you can pick the next double pack.

AUORA & NORTHSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That would be an easy choice.

jabba theslutt said...

I new i rekognisings OMEEGA REED from somewhere. Google Sig Sig Sputnik he was in this band i thinkings!
Hey Rich hope you Go Sasquitch on our ass .Who caring if it Gorilla God sizings, are you saying us too poor?
I rather have bighairyassing Sasasquootch than filthy deviant oh me go red
Okay now i clearings up aquestion
Thor8 he bert reynold 1977 in trans am
Jakadaw he bert reynold from longest yard 1974 both very handsomings
Pilate adamski he captane jak sparrows like a johning depps
mad stinker he professor from bak to futurings :)
I go now to drinkings , wife will make me sleep with yaks when i drink . but to be honest i really not minding this!

buffduffdan said...

Sasquatch at Grodd's size is perfect I think. A special wouldn't do him justice but a mega would make the scale of the rest be quite off. Hopefully you can confirm him for near the end of the year or even 2011 :)

Blob, Ronan, Lockjaw and Super Adaptoid would be my other special wants but Omega Red would be cool too. Can't wait to see what gets confirmed on Monday

Fingers crossed for a confirmation and date on Northstar & Aurora too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping the quick note. Hope to hear confirmation on Omega Red on Monday. If not him, Sauron also did well on the polls and would be a nice choice.

Glad that you guys are thinking going Grodd sized for Saquatch. That should be perfect. As it keeps the Mega Special line for characters that just can't be done to scale. The 3 Megas we have are all great choices, and fit the largest scale of figurines.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Cannot wait to see Silver Sable preview.

and OMEGA RED, please!

Sonic Scream said...

Yes bring on OMEGA RED! I wont get my hopes up, but come monday I just hope he is finally confirmed

Omega Red will be so cool.

Anonymous said...

if i am doc emmett brown from the back to the future movies i will be shooting 2021 gigo watts from the flox capaciter up your slimey irritating arse you slivering slutt.

only jokings lol

rich any chance of a specials related poll on here and competition to choose a character for special/mega special slot ?
something similar to what we got with the last regular extention ?

what do you guys think ?

jimbob said...

Only problem is,there was too much cheating on the blog poll.

Thats why the polls are done on the forum now.

jabba theslutt said...

Mad Stinker is havings what can only be describings
A competition in wheech one lucky geeking get to pickings next spesh/megaspesh.
Ursa major will look soooooooooo good!
hey stinker i giving you a hi five... yo like?
When i tell my mother ihaving made a new frend called the Mad Stinking she smile and cry happy tear. When i come to uk we go see AC/DC AND rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocccck!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Wolf said...

I'm lending my full support to omega red and hope he gets confirmed next!

Sasquatch as a Grodd sized special would be great :)

pirate adam said...

hi guys anybody else on tonite?

Robert said...

Yup, just looked there, PA.

Any ideas for Spidey specials? I can think of Grizzly and, un, a Spider-Slayer... okay, the latter is pushing it...

Robert said...

Back again.

I'm reading the comparisons of Sasquatch to the Gorilla Grodd figure - I'm guessing an angry ape in jumpsuit, kinda like Man-Wolf; am I right? - and they mean nothing. Can anyone tell me what size that translates into, or how tall it is in comparison to, say, the Watcher or Galactus?

P.S. Mr. Smith, and anyone who is interested, if you want to read absolute class comics go and buy the Jungle Action Masterwork, starring the Black Panther, when it comes out in April. It's relatively unknown by most collectors but as I'm sure Thor8 will confirm it is a highlight of Marvel in the 1970s.

pirate adam said...

umm spidey specials?????

only really Grizzly and Madame Web spring to mind

jabba theslutt said...

hey rabbi robby
It easier if yoo imaginings grodd = potato galacatoos = mango
hope this helpings
tHeR IS no more spidey spesh cannedidates you funny old whiskey nose.
You knowings billy graham?

Anonymous said...

Madame Web would be great.

Especially since female specials are really really limited. She's really the only one who springs to mind as having enough appearances.

Stature could work, but as has been mentioned in the past... size changers will probably not be made displaying their powers. It's easier that way, and outside of combat situations most go back to normal sized.

jimbob said...

Madame Web would be a good special!

I agree with Jabba there are no more Spidey Specials.

I think we would be lucky to get Madame Web for starters.

jimbob said...

Hey Rich what is happening with the Blob!?

Why is going to be pushed back?

james said...

CBRBeast, I understand that size changers will probably be made normal-sized, still, I'd like to see Giant-Man/ Goliath as the exception and be made a special. In a lot of his appearances right from the 1960s he appears large, whether or not he is facing an enemy or socialising in the mansion. I am sure that in Avengers #1 (Kurt Busiek/ George Perez Heroes Return era) Jarvis even hands him a coffee in an outsized mug. No doubt making Pym/ Giant-Man/ Goliath as a special would be slightly controversial as we already have Pym as Yellowjacket and other collectors will make the same appeal for their favourite size changer. However, I think Pym's character has such a long history that is central to the Avengers that he deserves special consideration. what do you think...?

Anonymous said...

spidey specials :

what about brian hibbs in his kangaroo suit ?
that's big and bulky enough to make a rhino sized special isn't it ?
or how about demogoblin on a glider ?
the russian would be cool as a special too.
trouble is we are scraping the bottom of the barrel here so doubt there'd be a magazine with these guys !!

Robert said...

Hmm, interesting, Mr. Smith. But why would they make Demogoblin on a glider when they didn't do it for the Green Goblin or Hobgoblin?

As for the Kangaroo, I only know the original and he's definitely only a regular figurine. I'll go and check your version later.

And while the Russian fought Spidey once, in the Punisher's own title, he's really a Punisher villain, so he doesn't qualify either.

mighty_marvel said...

this is why i want madame web. spidey should have another special at some point and out of her, grizzly or spider-slayer/jameson combo, madame web is the logical choice. jameson deserves his own figurine imo and grizzly is just not important enough.

if we get to #200 there's probably room for at about 20 more specials. i'm sure madame web could be squeezed in that lot somewhere. my choices would be in no particular order

omega red
ulysses/elsa bloodstone
madame web

Robert said...

The dearth of credible Spidey specials is perhaps a sign that we should no longer think of the collection rigidly, mighty marvel. It was fine to evenly divide up the collection when each of the five families had loads of characters worthy of inclusion. I'm not convinced that this is still the case. To me personally, Madame Web is not as deserving of inclusion as the rest of your list. Sorry, but even the Grizzly seems a better option! (And I had a look at Mr. Smith's idea of the second Kangeroo and he looked rather - and I'm trying to be polite - awful. No offense, Mr. Smith; I'm honestly grateful for your input.)

Basically, I'd like a looser approach to inclusion than the original five families.

Deadpool said...

Earlier on in this thread I mentioned the Marvel DC crossover characters.

Dark Claw (Wolverine / Batman)
Hyena (Sabretooth / Joker)
Super Soldier (Cap / Super Man)
Huntress (Darol Danvers)
Speed Demon (GhostRider / Flash)

They are really interesting characters and deserve to be crafted.

I think that these would be a rather interesting complement to the current collection.

Will it be possible to include these when the collection is extended again?

Would any of the other collectors be interested in them?

Please let me know.

james said...

Sorry, Deadpool, no interest in Amalgam characters.

mighty_marvel said...

1 spidey special in 20 is hardly sticking rigidly to the 5 families balance. i happen to like the madame web character and think she would make a good figurine. obviously it's not going to be soon but i think there's a place for her somewhere down the line if we do get to the 200 or so issue mark

mighty_marvel said...

just wondering as blob is confirmed already when is he due for release?

also, are we getting an extra special this year to make up for cloak and dagger delay from last year?

Deadpool said...

Just to add to the argument for Amalgam characters.

If we consider Ultimates and Zombies and other parallel universe characters as possiblities, why not have a Wolvie / Batman crossover in your collection or a Captain America / Superman crossover or even a very cool GhostRider Flash cross over.

Pose them dynamically and they could easily out shine even Omega Red.

I would personally like them to have some consideration.

Deadpool said...

What about the amalgam characters being limited edition specials.

Now that's a prospect that will get all the true collectors drooling.

"Limited edition .... drooooool.
Must buy at least two of each .... drool ... must keep in original packaging and in mint condition ... more droooooool"

You know who you are ... you droolers you ...!

Richie Rich said...

I hope that BLOB is not been pushed back, but if he is as long as were still getting him I guess its ok. I do think were still getting BLOB in 2010 Richard already confirmed we would be.

Now then its all about OMEGA RED right now, I have just been waiting for this chap to come out.

I agree that he will probably sell quite well as he is a character who as someone else pointed out has had lots of exposure in many areas.

jabba theslutt said...

LOCATION: small farm in rural Southern uzbekestan ..
Yelena ( she is a yak of course )
is grazing in the field . her ownner and best frend farmer Goran is driving big tractor towing a big slurry tanking suddenlees gorans big ass tractor lurching over and begin the sinkings into illegal toxic waste dump . Yelena hearings her frend cry like little girl charges through fencings towards her masters crys for helpings. bravely mighty yak buts her mighty head against bigass tractor and heaves with every sinew in her bigass!
by some weirdy fate a lightning bolt hits Yelena and tractor there is huge bigass exploshians Goran is flung like raggy doll .
A huge shadow loomings over him he looks up to see his Yelena has now being turned into some kind of hybrid tractor and yak .....
12 cylinders and 1200 pounds of bovine fury!
Revving her mighty engine Yelena sayings " I am here to chew cud and kickings the ass!. and i is all out of cud"
This is origin of the Tryaktor
jMICHAEL STRAYZWINSKIS, JOOS WHEDONS They all begging me to let them write the adventures of Yelena the Tryaktor.
First i share it with my good frendlings

jimbob said...

Thankyou Jabba.

Robert said...

Just reading the latest Masterwork edition with Steranko's great Nick Fury issues. I've been suggesting the inclusion of a Hydra agent for a while but I wondered if anyone would also like to see - eventually, not anytime soon - agents "Dum Dum" Dugan, Jasper Sitwell and Countess Valentina Allegro de Fountaine? They have been around since the 1960s and must have racked up a huge number of appearances...

Anonymous said...

no worries robert , i was just trying to show that there are hardly any characters left that could be done as a spidey special , those were the only one's i could find associated in a way with the web slinger.
and i know that russian is more marvel knights / punisher material.
i think he'd make a great figurine though.
and kangaroo in his mechanical suit thingy wouldn't be too sad but obviously not even important compared to the characters we definately need in this collection.
mighty marvel has got the right idea , i like about 90% of his list.
the strongest candidate for spidey special status has to be madame web
and although some disagree , she is a favourite of a lot of us on here and the shff , well what i mean is that a lot of people are asking for her to be done at some point in the collection.
like the idea of a hydra agent robert , their uniforms are cool. baron strucker + a hydra agent would make a nice twin pack special perhaps ?
blob : can we get him holding a fried chicken bucket in one hand and a giant milkshake cup in the other for his pose please rich ?
sorry deadpool , have to agree with james - not keen on your crossover idea.
p.s : what's jabba the slut on ?
are you taking any medication slutty ?

Robert said...

As the old Jam song goes, the public gets what the public wants. If Madama Web is popular then she should be included in the collection, no questions asked. Same with Omega Red (a figure I am personally totally indifferent to).

Excellent shout for Baron Strucker, Mr. Smith. I'm just rereading the story where Strucker is wearing the Satan Claw and bouncing Nick off the walls of Hydra Island! If you haven't read any Steranko, Mr. Smith, it's like nothing else in comics. Incredible stuff.

As for the Russian, Mr. Smith, pre- or post-op? ;) Be careful how you answer that!

Oh, and it's Countess Fontaine, of course.

jabba theslutt said...

hey the rabbi and the stinker are frendings again , i light a greasy turd candle to sellebrate
so robet you fan of the billy graham . i love him and miss him no jokings he was amazings

Anonymous said...

Amalgam will never happen.

You'd actually have to get DC and Marvel to play ball together. And that's not going to happen while Quesada and Didio are in charge. Besides, they wouldn't really have enough history to fill a magazine anyway.

foxchilde said...

OMEGA RED is a great choice to my mind. Thanks for updating, hope he's confrimed Monday :-)

Robert said...

You "miss" Billy Graham, Colin? (He died in 1999, I believe.) Does that mean you were around for Jungle Action when it originally came out? If so, that means I have to revise your age upwards. What are you, early- or mid-40s...?

Holy Wolf said...

Rich incase you wanted updates on the costume polls we set up after your recent blog post, here ae the latest standings:

Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers):
Red Hellhound costume - 26%
Green + Yellow + glasses - 13%
Green + Yellow, no glasses - 61%

Original New Mutants - 13%
Purple flight jacket - 6%
Modern Black - 34%
Blue + Yellow - 47%

jabba theslutt said...

Roberst it dificult to calculate my age in earth years.
I like laurel and the hardee that not mean i eighty years :)
Billy Graham is artist i took to first time i seeing his work.
Also, yelena the tryactor may soon be part of team of super bovines, i want highland coo in group .

spidey_1979 said...

nooooooooo. the generic blue and yellow cannonball costume is awful. hope rich uses editorial powers to choose a more unique look

spidey_1979 said...

if it has to be blue/yellow though, i hope it's one of these which at least show some aspects unique to cannonball rather than the 90s cyclops-esque generic costume

Robert said...

Well, anyone who likes Laurel and Hardy is okay in my book, Colin. As is anyone who speaks fondly of the old Jungle Actions and their late artist, Billy Graham.

But the Billy Graham reference dates you (as does the L&H reference, actually, as they were always on UK tv when we were young). I'd bet that most everyone who recognised Graham's name when you mentioned it would have read his stuff in the 1970s. That's when his hayday was, drawing the excellent Panther and Luke Cage stories.

So, while I could of course be way off base, I stand by my conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was hoping that Cannonball's modern black costume would have come out on top. At least it's unique to him. The Blue/Yellow one is so generic, just like the original New Mutants one. It's gonna be a shame to get Cannonball is such a snore worthy costume. Especially as it didn't even last all that long. At least the modern costume was unique and stylish, and had the cool smoked goggles.

jabba theslutt said...

help ma boabings Robert, are you profiler for csi glasgows?.

Robert said...

I'm just curious, Jabba, and intrigued by the little biographical details in your posts. Even if you are leaving red herrings here-and-there, little clues that cannot be faked are there. The Billy Graham reference is a great example and shows a long-time comic reader. I mentioned the old Jungle Actions in Forbidden Planet in Glasgow a couple of months back and the owner knew them well but his assistant, ten years in the shop and extremely knowledgeable, had never heard of them.

So, underneath all the oddball associations there sounds like a guy who really knows his comics and who has interesting things to say about this collection. I'd just like to read more of that rather than "I'm a happy gay like Doris Day!". That said, I may be in a minority of one and you of course have every right to adopt whatever nom-de-plume or "voice" you like. Just an opinion...

P.S. Yes, I know it should be "heyday", not "hayday".

Anonymous said...

laurel and hardy are my mum's favourites , that's another fine mess you got me into stanley lol.
p.s : the jam rock , i love paul weller stuff especially the jam - going underground , going underground .............
na better not start singing eh ?

as monty python would say -
and now for something completely different !!

i hope we get at least one cowboy and one indian in this collection b4 it ends.
i think they'd look great and stand out well in the crowd.
i like texas twister ,
kid colt , two gun kid ,
rawhide kid , outlaw kid
the ghost rider , outlaw
thunderbird , warpath ,
american eagle
any other ideas folks ?

Robert said...

Red Wolf for one, who fought the Avengers. (There's bravery and then there's plain stupidity.)

There was also a character that appeared in Spectacular Spider-Man and, I think, Captain America. Think his name was Black Crow and he was created by J.M. deMatteis.

Of course, there's also FF supporting character Wyatt Wingfoot, even if he's not super-powered.

Thor8 said...

I was waiting till Monday to send in my input but I guess I'll just let it be known that just like Pirate Adam and some others I'd prefer someone else as a special over Omega Red. I have nothing against this character and I believe he should be included eventually,but Iwould rather have a non X related character for now.

As for Spidey specials I see nothing wrong with Madam Web and I believe the second version of the Spider-Slayer would make a good special.

Other great candidates for specials with no specific "family" in mind are;

Super Adaptoid
Titanium Man
Giant Man
The Stranger
and the very first triple pack of
The Wariors Three

Thor8 said...

You want western theme heroes? Well other than those already mentioned there's

Shooting Star
Ringo Kid
Phantom Ride

jabba theslutt said...

Ah Robroy my old scotch haggis smotherd in the hp sass.
I likings you my fine old fellows . I think you must be part yorkshireman because "you Say what you like and bloody well like what you say!"
Of course you can havings any opinion of me you like but rabbi rob the bob opinions are like the a**hole everybody is having one!
Because me knowledged abot old comic you think ineed to act in a certain ways to be acceptings by you?A educated man like yooself shoold look up the word diversity it meening an old,old wooden boat used during the civil war period.
If you helpings me with the script of Yelena the Tryaktor , i givings you the 20% cut and potatos for life!
this sound very good i thinking rawbut

Robert said...

Hmm. I didn't intend to give the impression that you had to act a certain way to be "accepted", Jabba, although after looking back I can see why you might think that.

I just thought we may have another Thor8 hiding his vast knowledge and interesting opinions under a bushel. (And, to be honest, I was enjoying trying to knit the clues of your identity together.)

But I'll drop the analysis as it is clearly unwelcome. No offense was intended.

Peace, Jabba.

jabba theslutt said...

Me never offended my good robert.Yo will find out how close your profiling was very soon i am think,
You tenacious like little jack russel (the dog not big slobberings warewolve! )
You tellings me where Diversity quote comings from and me comings clean

Robert said...

I don't know what the word refers to outside the usual meaning. I don't even know which civil war you refer to. So, I'll have to await the big reveal!

Robert said...

Okay, I cracked. I cheated and googled it. The quotation is from Ron Burgundy. Yep, I've seen the film but didn't recall the line before looking it up and still don't remember it.

But I cheated so I don't think my attempt counts.

Anonymous said...

you certainly know your stuff robert
i like red wolf , he'd make a nice looking figurine !!
and just who is this jabba ?
it says on their profile that they are a female , where they are from and how long they have been on here.
well if they have been a member since the date stated , how come we haven't seen jabba post on here b4 ?
i think robert is right , someone's hiding their true identity and playing silly buggers.
i know someone who has had 3 different identities on here lol.
so who is this person ?

Robert said...

Maybe Jabba is really you, Smiffy/ Slapstick/ Mad Thinker? (Only joking.)

Anyway, while the compliment is nice, Mr. Smith, I'd like to point out that Thor8 added another six to the list and I hadn't even heard of two of them!

Once again we should all bow before Thor8. He knows more than I.S.A.A.C.

Thor8 said...

Thanks for the compliment Robert. there were a couple of other more obscure western heroes like Reno Jones and Kid Cassidy known as The Gunhawks and there was also Apache Kid and Ringo Kid (Marvel sure liked "kids" with guns didn't they). Personally I wouldn't mind seeing Red wolf,Puma and a couple of oters mentioned inclueded in this collection although I'm aware that the chances for most of them are quite slim if not impossible.

Anonymous said...

yes but the western era was a huge part of the marvel and dc history.
i believe that after the war period the two companies started producing comics based on outlaws etc instead of the costumed / masked type. , read the book i got for xmas - the history of the super hero it is quite interesting.