Monday, 25 January 2010

Batroc the Leaper

So from the comments over the last couple of weeks I can see that the announcement of Omega Red as potentially the next special is a little controversial.

As I tried to explain on Friday we’re looking at doing a normal sized special after Cloak and Dagger. We’ve done this to keep a balance to the specials coming out this year. So from that standpoint, I looked over the list of specials both here and on the forum and Omega Red seemed to be very high on your agenda. Granted Sasquatch is more often the most requested, I belief we should put the Canadian hairball out as a slightly larger special. He won’t be a mega special but would be significantly bigger (in height and bulk) than the regular specials – akin to the Gorilla Grodd figure from the DC Collection.

I understand that some people are worried that we’re putting out too many X-Men related specials (with the Blob looking to appear at the end of the year) but I am also considering Ronan the Accuser as a normal special for this year.

Neither is guaranteed at the moment but it will definitely be one of the two – perhaps we’ll get both sculpted up and see which you guys prefer. Just an idea at this stage.

As for double packs, we’re still looking at doing them but I’m currently working with the marketing and production sides of our company to make sure they really are viable alternatives to our usual specials. I still love the idea of Aurora and Northstar and I’ll be pushing for that pack. I really also like the idea of Sasquatch and Puck, what do you guys think?

Other good news is that I’ve been told we’re highly likely to get another extension and go up to 180 issues. Nothing is confirmed yet but it is looking good, so get those lists ready again.

There were a few questions about Marvel Girl and Cannonball’s costumes. At the moment we’ve decided to go with the green and yellow modern look for Marvel Girl (without the mask). We’ve not quite decided Cannonball’s, my art editor really wanted to have him in the classic New Mutants costume but I don’t think it’s really popular enough (plus it’s a little boring). Personally I think the most recent costume could look nice.

And lastly here’s a figure update for this week: Batroc the Leaper.

Although it is not completely finished, I think the pose says it all.


buffduffdan said...

Omega Red, Blob and Ronan would all make great specials and so I don’t mind which ones come first, long as we get all of them!

Sasquatch and Puck makes a lot of sense to me. Having a super special size Sassy and the extra short Puck means price could be reasonable for them both and they’d still get 10 pages of a mag each. Really want Northstar & Aurora first though and if not possible then I hope we get Northstar in the next extension :)

Speaking of which, liking the sound of getting to 180. I guess sales must still be going really well to be hearing about another extension already so fingers crossed they keep that way!

Onto characters, yellow and green Rachel Grey is definitely the way to go ;) Personally I’d leave the mask off but should make a cracking fig. I really prefer Cannonball’s recent black costume and think it’d be the best option and unique to him. Also Batroc looks brilliant, perfect menacing yet cheesy pose! Top update this week Rich :D

theirishbanshee said...

both omega red and ronan would make great additions to the collection and both deserve to be in would 1 be a bonus since we missed out on cloak and dagger before xmas

Anthony Stark said...

I'm not a big fan of the double packs, but the Alpha Flight idea for them is one I would support. Preferably I would like Omega Red before any of the other suggestions. He's gonna be a fantastic figurine. :)

pirate adam said...

Fing Fang Foom
Cloak and Dagger

if we're not gonna get Odin this year then i wouldn't mind this special line up, if we get 6 then Aurora and Northstar somwhere inbetween

Fabio Mucci said...

Good if there will be another extension!

Maybe you can put in the collection fan favorite like Jigsaw, Howard The Duck and others.

As for special make also Lockjaw and Power Pack!

Ryan Maxwell said...

Rich, please let me be the first to say that the twins and Sasquatch/Puck would both be perfect as twin packs. The small-sized Puck would balance out Sasquatch wonderfully. Also, Puck is my number one want and I think you'd get a ton of backlash from collectors that they aren't getting the value for their dollar because of his small size.

I'm most thrilled with the news that Sasquatch will be larger than a normal special. He's a HUGE character, both in height and width. Great to hear!

jimbob said...

I support - Sasquatch & Puck double pack.

Omega Red vs Ronan the Accuser


Cannonball ovbiously go for the most interesting look.

Batroc looks great!

Mr J said...

If its OMEGA RED vs Ronan then please for the love of god pick Omega Red!!!!!!

As far as double packs go the only one I really care about is Northstar and Aurora. Its been the most requested double pack from day one and if it was to be the final double pack then cool its the most deserving double.

Great news about possibly getting another extension ;)

Deadpool said...

Excellent news that the collection will be extended again.

May the extensions continue ad infinitum (maybe then me will see an Aunt May or Agatha Harkness special ..... I ofcourse jest .... or do I)

Please do not include Power Pack , or any of those other really pathetic characters (with the exception of Howard the Duck).

You could do a Crossover between the Marvel and DC collections with the Amalgam characters.
You could even put them on hybrid Marvel / DC bases.

Come on guys ... let's have a little vision here ... a bit of creativity and ingenuity.

At the very least do a single prototype and see how it is reccieved ... Dark Claw possibly or even a curvy Carol Danvers as Huntress (to make up for the less than impressive Ms Marvel).

Anonymous said...

sasquatch + puck ?
a nice idea if done i think it would look cool to have puck sitting on sasquatch's left shoulder.
but due to his size i think sasquatch would be better off done on his own as a gorilla grodd size figurine as also mentioned.
puck could be done as a twin pack with marrina , leaving the rest of alpha flight also as twin packs -
shaman + vindicator
and the obvious -
northstar + aurora.
anyway keeping with the twin pack idea , if sasquatch is however done with puck , could we please get darkstar with omega red ?
p.s : batroc looks good so far but seems to be missing a finger.

marveljoe said...

Fantastic news all round me thinks,

New extension, oh yes I wonder if Tiger Shark will be the first one to be confirmed

Sasquatch will make a great super special, Puck hopefully on a seperate base but definately not on his shoulder would look too cheesy.
Northstar & Aurora should be the next double pack. For standard specials I could see Warpath, Ronan The Accusar, Sauron and Omega Red making great sculpts.

Goth Prince aka Andrew said...

It sounds like the Double Pack's have not been a big success so far but Northstar & Aurora should of really been the 2nd Double Pack as Ka-Zar & Zabu were never going to be high seller's, just like I bet Destroyer was not when he was done as a regular special.

Very happy to hear Blob will be out at the end of the year (it's about time!)

Could we not just get Omega Red and Ronan this year? I would prefer Omega though. A "sculpt off" between the two does sound interesting though.

p.s I would like Cannonball in his original new Mutants Costume.

Deadpool said...

Batroc looks rather good and I think you have captured zee arrogance of zee French fop perfectly. (Shouldn't he have bigger feet though???)

I am not really a fan of Cannon Ball, but would vote for his more recent black Skater style uniform than the original New Mutants style.

Anyway if you are considering Cannonball then why not Magik?

How about Magik as Darkchilde depicted as she is on the cover art for X-Infernus #1?
Let me know what you guys think of Darkchilde or other X-Infernus characters for inclusion in the collection.

Robert said...

Batroc looks perfect. Really pleased that this classic character's personality has been captured so well. (Is he the most likeable baddie ever?) Anyway, a cracking sculpt.

The news of another extension being likely is also great news. Someone made the comment a while ago that anyone who is still with the collection now will probably stay with it for as long as it runs. I think that's true (it's certainly true for me). The line of Marvel mini-busts has continued for years and has loads of fringe characters and variants, so why can't this collection continue for years and years to come, too?

Apart from the usual suspects like the Wizard and Stingray, I do dream of one day seeing characters like the original X-Men, the Magus, the Recorder, and loads of others that don't even feature on anyone's lists.

jimbob said...

To be fair with the double packs,the previous ones were'nt exactley everyones first choices!

Im sure Auora & Northstar,Pyro & Avalanche was the first parings that came to everyones minds when EM first mentioned double packs.

ted sallis said...

Great news on the likelyhood of a further extension as Robert stated every one ( i hope ) who has been with this collection since 2005 will im sure be here till it's completion sometime in 2015. :)
Hope the double pack of Northstar and Aurora is a commercial hit . Although i personaly have zero interest in these particular characters , i want them to be a rip roaring success if only to boost the chances of an Elsa and Ulysses Bloodstone pack.
Batroc looks great waxing his beloved tash

Deadpool said...

OK moss men ... you have an opportunity here.

I seem to remember that Marvel published Star Wars and Star Trek comics.

Would any of the collectors like a Marvel Comics Boba Fett or Captain Kirk in their collection?

Just a thought ....

Personally I would like a Boba Fett or R2 D2 at the Marvel Figurine scale.

I agree with Roberto ... true collectors will continue to support this range of figures for as long as they are produced.
Provided the quality and variety is maintained and the community is involved, then this is a long term winner.

Deadpool said...

World of Warcraft.

11 million players world wide.
Masses of characters, classes, enemies, pets and future expansions.

How about a WOW figure collection at the same scale as the Marvel Figure collection.

I admit I play WOW and LOTRO online.

I am not ashamed. :P

I would definately subscribe to the Classic WOW Figurine Collection.... (In addition to Marvel, DC, Lord of the rings ...

theirishbanshee said...

its cannonballs blue/yellow costume thats topping the poll over on the superherofigurineforum
I think the new black one with just look like the havok costume that we got not to long ago His blue/yellow or pink/purple jumpsuit would look better than the plain boring black costume with a big C on it

Deadpool said...

I have an idea.

Since Cannonball is creating controversy over the style of his Pink / Purle leotard with or without sequins, why not leave him to a later slot in the expanded collection.
Maybe slot position 5327.

Instead subsitute him for Magik and or Darkchilde.
Iliana or Amanda Sefton in armoured form with Soul sword as magik.
Darkchilde with Horns, Axe, stockings and suspenders.

jimbob said...

Jumpsuit is more intersting costume.

The jumpsuit gives more shape and make more intersting sculpt.

Jacadoo said...

Great news about the potential extension - Grim wheres the poll dude to start the vote for stinray and or tiger shark?????

Sasquatch and Puck Oh yes please double pack!!

Northstar & Aurora have got to be done together as I don't think either would support a mag on their own.

Not aware of the Batroc character but looks like a nice addition.

mighty_marvel said...

Omega red, ronan, sasquatch, odin, northstar/aurora.....doesn’t really matter to me. Want them all. Exact order not a big issue as long as they’re all confirmed.

As for double packs am sure that sasquatch/puck and northstar/aurora would be big sellers. From comments on the forum people want more double packs it’s just a case of choosing the right characters to go in them. Personally i’d love to see thunderbird/warpath, Ulysses/elsa bloodstone and corsair/hepzibah at some point as well as the usual suspects of northstar/aurora.

Sasquatch being with puck is an excellent idea as long as puck gets a separate base. Would nicely balance out the slightly oversized sasquatch and the undersized puck, who by my reckoning would only be about 5cm tall as a fig. Also, the alpha flight fans can get over the disappointment of no alphans in the 140-160 extension.

Have cloak and dagger taken one of the special spots this year? With them being a delay from last year i was expecting an extra special than normal this year.

Green/yellow for marvel girl is a good choice. Still slightly disappointed we never got a marvel girl variant of jean grey so having Rachel in this costume would be good. Love the modern look for cannonball with the black and goggles, but will be happy with any costume as long as it includes his iconic goggles and having flight jacket/hat as well would be a welcome bonus.

Lists are always ready, so the news of a possible 180 is awesome. 200 would be even better but suppose you can’t have everything. With the dedicated followers of this collection i’m sure that a confirmation of 200 will not be too far away. My main want as always is JJJ, i’m determinedly leaving a gap on my spiderman shelf ready and waiting for when he finally and deservedly makes the collection. Would be nice to start the runaways with sister grimm in the next extension also.

Batroc looks ok but not really a character i’m too fussed about. Being French (can you not tell by his outrageous accent) and jumping around a bit does not make a great villain imo. Hope we get a preview of pyro next week.

mighty_marvel said...

sorry that was so long :)

Deadpool said...


I live a mere stones throw (in galactic terms) from your production facility in Jarrow - North East England.

How do I get an invite for a guided tour and luncheon?

Deadpool said...

I have another question ...

Will you consider a Mega Special of the Shogun Warriors (Raideen, Combatra, Dangard Ace) or even Red Ronin?

Surely these deserve coverage considering the fact that the Moss Men did a Sentinal Mega Special.

On the subject of Androids and Mechs ... how about Nimrod and ROM to complement the collection too.

Oh and have you considered a Marvel Figurine scale set of Mech Warrior / Battletech Mechs?

Hawkeye said...

Haven't really come across Batroc the Leaper before (apart from a small part in the JLA / Avengers crossover when he tries to take on Batman and, despite an initial smack to the Dark Knight's chin, fails). Still, he looks interesting, if a little, ahem, over-endowed? Is that Beckham under ze mask??

Double packs: Hammerhead and Tombstone for me please. I know that these characters can be quite divisive among the Marvel faithful, (especially flat-top) but hey, I like them and IMO they would go well together.

As for the extension I will bore for Britain and reiterate Mighty Marvel's request for JJJ. That's the one I really want for the collection now....

Hawkeye said...

Forgot to say that I just got the "Batman on the Batcycle" Special from "the other lot" and it just reinforces the wish expressed by others that the CMFC would do a Ghost Rider one.

Deadpool said...

OMG ... I hadnt even noticed the packaging on Batroc.

Trust Ol' Pinkeye to spot that before anyone else.

Rule number 1 ... remember to look up or look straight ahead.
Never look down to the right or left.

Nuff said.

I do hawever agree regarding Hammerhead and Tombstone.

I also reiterate the request for GhostRider on his blazing bike.
That has to be the top of the priority list for up and coming Mega Specials.

Deadpool said...

Dr Who.

There's a set of figures worth collecting at this sort of scale.

Who could resist a figure of each incarnation of the Doctor.

Darleks, Davross, Cybermen, Seadevils... etc.

After all he did have his own series of Marvel Comics so why not.

Even if they are small subset of the most popular characters.

Robert said...

Noticed a few seem unfamiliar with Batroc (and mighty marvel isn't a fan). Even though on the surface he is nothing more than a terrible stereotype, I have to admit I really like the guy and he makes me smile. I find some super-villains scarey or creepy or menacing, etc. My reaction to Batroc is quite different; despite myself I really like the guy! He's such a likeable rogue, with a sense of honour running alongside his criminal bent. When allied with Mr. Hyde he was disgusted by the latter's viciousness. I love the fact that when he's been caught by Cap in the past he accepts his arrest with good humour and literal shrug-of-the-shoulders. He's no Doctor Doom or Ultron of course but I think he's a memorable classic character. I'm chuffed we're getting to see him. I'll be pleased for the people who get Omega Red, the Blob and the Alpha Flighers but, speaking personally, I am much happier to see Batroc.

Deadpool said...

Any one here read the books about the eternal champion by Michael Moorecock?

Elric, Corum, Erekose, Hawkmoon and their many side kicks, enemies and love interests.

They too would make a mighty fine set of figurines at the Marvel Scale.

After all this is the Classic Marvel figurine collection and Elric did appear in a Matvel Grpahic Novel -
Marvel Graphic Novel (1982) - #2
"Elric: The Dreaming City"

Deadpool said...

The point I have been trying to make with all of my seemingly obscure suggestions is that the Marvel Universe is not just restricted to X-Men, Spidey and the Avengers.

Marvel has published a wide range of comics and graphic novels covering many other fantasy subjects.

Are these not worthy of consideration within the collection?

Personally I would buy them all.

Deadpool said...

Coming back to Elric.

Surely a figure of Elric weilding the soul-stealing Stormbringer would be a much better figure choice than Cannonball in his ballroom gown.

Come on guys.

Use your imagination ...

Add Elric to the list of wants from this collection.

Deadpool said...

Sorry ... I have had too much sugar and not enough Ritalin today.

Deadpool said...

I have more to say.
Moss Men, have you considered the huge video game market.

How about a collection that taps into the characters that appear in games.

For instance - Lara Croft, the CapCom fighters, World of Warcraft,
and so on and so forth.

You may also have opportunities in the Fantasy Role Playing and Skirmish Wargame Market.

Your figures are at a superb scale, with excellent detail and could easily beat the likes of Games Workshop at their own game.

They are far more affordable too.

PS when can I pay you a visit for a guided tour and afternoon tea?

Deadpool said...

On the subject of gaming figures -
Guildwars and Aion (personally I dont like Aion but the characters look nice) have beautiful ingame characters that would look superb at the Marvel figurine scale.

SinisterVenom said...

Batroc! Looking good!
I would be happy with Blob and Omega Red for this year...if you want to throw in Ronan too then that's a bonus! But please Omega Red first!
I think Sasquatch and Puck would work but I would much rather have Northstar and Aurora before them, I'm sure many more people would agree?
Finally possible ideas for the next extension? I have a few suggestions: Avalanche, Jigsaw, Hydro-Man, Baron Mordo, Silver Samurai, Beetle, Tombstone, Hammerhead and Owl. And specials could include Madame Web, Sauron, Odin, Mojo and of course Onslaught! Just the ones top of my head.

Deadpool said...

Tut tut.

Silver Venom, you are thinking within the box, not outside the box.

Don't be constrained by those who would focus upon the narrow Mutant, Avengers and Spidey genre.

Consider all the other possibilities.

Deadpool said...

Guyver Bio booster armour.

Lets not overlook our oriental friends.

They've got some cracking ideas about superheroes and Guyver is a personal favourite of mine.

Figures of the Guyvers 1, 2 and 3 plus the Zoanoids.
Now that would be rather cool.

What's the possibility of a Manga style figurine collection ?

Deadpool said...

What about the independants ....

Hellboy and BPRD.
Danger Girl


They too would make awesome figurines.

Deadpool said...

Just to clarify.

regarding My reference to Shi: -
I particularly like her apperance in the mini series

Shi: Senryaku (Crusade.1995)

Therefore any figures produced would represent her as she appears then.

This particular mini series is considered a masterpiece of comic book literature.

Richie Rich said...

I really want OMEGA RED this year. I feel he has been a consistent popular choice and its time to get him done. I dont see too much point in having a sculpt comparison between OMEGA RED and Ronan as OMEGA RED will blantantly look better.

Aurora and Northstar need to be the next double no other potential double comes close.

Roll onto extension 180 and beyond!

max_0888 said...

Batroc looks really cool and funny! Perfect pose for him! I really can't wait to add him to the collection

The thing with Cannonball's original new mutants costume is that it, first, looks like Kitty...than all of the new mutants need the same costume for that Cannonball costume to work...if not it will look rather odd. I personnally wouldN,t be thrilled of having 6 characters with the same costume as Kitty. Well if Magma and Sunspot are powered up, and Wolfsbane in wolf form, it is better.

As for specials, i'm all for Blob, Omega Red, Ronan, Odin, Sasquatch/Puck, Northstar/Aurora. I will buy them all. (Lockjaw, Mojo and Strong guy are other choices I like a lot)

SinisterVenom said...

My apologies Deadpool I'm more familiar with certain characters on each possibility, most of the Marvel Knights or FF characters I know have been done and while there are many others out there (come to think of it, there's Dragon Man too) those were just the ones I could currently think of but these are just some suggestions, obviously we're going to have characters from the other series too, which I'm still happy with.

Deadpool said...

No need to apologise SV.
My apologies to you.

I appreciate that many of the people here may only be mainstream Marvel Superhero fans.

All I ask is that they explore the other possibilities.

Some of the other characters would make absolutely stunning figurines, such as Elric and the other incarnations of the Eternal champion.

SinisterVenom said...

I agree with you DP I hope they do continue to make others as there have been some figurines released that I knew nothing of, such as Union Jack or Doc Samson but it's thanks to the info in the magazines that I'm more familiar with them now and I'm beginning to explore the Marvel Universe even more.
So yes I too hope they can expolore different possibilities.

Deadpool said...

The following URL gives you a glimpse of Shi images.

Imagine what an awesome figure she could be.

Robert said...

Earlier today, Deadpool, when I first read your posts on figurines for Dr. Who figures, gaming figures and so on, I thought it was a good one. After all, I get my Marvel characters so how can I deny anyone their own collection of whatever they're into?

However, after thinking about this a bit more, I can't see it being anything other than damaging to this collection. Basically, it comes down to money.

There will be some people who are only interested in buying Marvel figures (like me) and any new collections will have no impact on their collecting. There will also be people who are interested in Marvel and, say, Star Trek and WOW figures. What happens if they can only afford two out of three per fortnight? One collection will need to be dropped, permanently or temporarily. I am worried that if, say, a Star Trek figurine collection came out a collector would have the choice of Captain Kirk and a lesser Marvel character (all the biggies have already been done) and choose Kirk. Any competing collection would almost inevitably have a negative effect on sales of this collection.

Sorry, Deadpool, I mean no offense but as someone who wants this collection to last for years, I have to selfishly hope that your ideas do not come to pass.

Robert said...

P.S. I have to admit your suggestions would make some lovely looking figurines, though.

Killer Frost said...

Very good news about it looking good for another extension. The last one was the best extension so far and I think this collection can go to 250 issues easily.

I'm excited for Blob at the end of this year can we get a preview of him but maybe its to soon. Any chance of a sneak peek of Pyro?

If its Omega Red vs Ronan I just hope its not a repeat of Snowbird vs Destiny! Destiny should of been picked over SnowBORE but with Destiny now confirmed thats cool.

Pick Omega Red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deadpool said...

Thanks for your feedback Roberto.

The likes of Star Wars, Star Trek and Dr Who would fit into the Marvel figurine collection.

They are after all valid Marvel Titles from yester year.

I agree regarding competing titles though.

I have a suggestion for the Moss Men in this case.

Drop the DC collection.

There ... I've said it.

Drop the DC collection (except for the odd girlie).

Then give us a much more eclectic selection from the Indies.

Oh and how about some swim suit editions of our favourite Marvel Hero-ettes. :P

Robert said...

I laughed when I read your post and the suggestion about dropping the DC collection, Deadpool! And I thought I was controversial!

Actually, if we're talking about other Marvel titles outside the main superhero characters, there's really only one cast of characters you can't ignore...


Deadpool said...

Thats the Epic spirit I've been looking for Roberto.

I couldn't agree more.

Now all we need is to enlighten the rest of our fellow Blogmates that there is more to Marvel than meets the eye.

Robert said...

Much as I love Vanth and Company, I am not convinced they would be popular, Deadpool.

Your idea has some appeal (and is infectious) but I fear it may be pie in the sky...

Robert said...

My mind now has the Lord high Papal fighting Thanos, Vanth clashing swords with the Black Knight, Skeevo fighting the Beast, Syzygy Darklock facing off against Dr. Strange and Willow against Xavier...

Cheers, Deadpool. I'm up in six hours!

Deadpool said...

Thats what they said about evolution Roberto.

But look were we are today.

Overrun with bloody Mutants :P

The Marvel world is no longer flat.
Everyone should enjoy it in its spherical full bodied glory.

If the collection continues as long as we hope, then there is room for everything on our wish lists.

Robert said...

Yeh, but do we really want to see Big Bertha?!!

Deadpool said...

Oh indeed we do .....

Good night and may the Gods watch over you.

Robert said...

Slightly unnerved by that as the gods in Dreadstar were rather nasty aliens, but heyho...

Night, Mr. Pool.

Holy Wolf said...

Deadpool, those characters would never be allowed in the cmfc (and rightly so) as marvel doesn't have the rights to any of them.

As for dropping the dc collection, why? It's awesome!!!

Great news on the specials, I want all the ones you mentioned Rich and would have no complaints with getting Ronan and Omega Res both this year.

Sasquatch and Puck gets my approval too!

Fantastic news that another extension already looks likely!

Finally very happy with that costume choice for Marvel Girl! As for cannonball I do think his new mutants look
is boring. He def needs the goggles and scruffy hair at the least!!

Any chance on a pic of the revised cloak and dagger sculpt rich?

Keep up the great work, it's much appreciated!! :)

Deadpool said...

Flights of fancy ... Mr Wolf ... flights of fancy.

I hope for an Indy collection that will fullfil all of those wants and needs ...

The more people who think along the same lines, the more likely it is to come true.

Night all ....

ian said...

I love the idea of Blob, Ronan, and Omega Red. They all deserve a place in the collection. Double packs are awesome, and the two that you mentioned sound perfect to me. Personally I would rather see Rachel Grey in her newest costume that she's been using in space. Also I would like to see Cannonball in his New Mutants costume, or his first X-Men costume. Definitely not the Liefeld or Bachalo costumes. Two of his worst costumes IMHO.

Hellcat Lover said...

Well Its One I never would had guessed would be made ! Looks good !

pirate adam said...

its true....Deadpool never shuts up LOL


Sonic Scream said...

Omega Red please he needs to be done Omega for the win.

Never expected to hear about another extension so soon so its gr8 that it is looking like there will be one.

Thor8 said...

The Batroc figurine looks good, should look even better when painted.

Deadpool;Many of your suggestions can not be Made in this collection due to licensing rights.

As for the Ronan/Omega contraversy my vote goes to Ronan.

Oh and Rich; Is Jacadoo bribing you to keep from showing us a sneak peek of The Wasp?

Great news about another extension. I hope you run it mostly the way you ran the last one. Except could we have two winners(maybe three)for the pick your figurine contest?

jabba theslutt said...

Like big brain bobby burn say , doc whoo, star trak all would be competings with this collects . This why i say glorios tractor collectch would be awsum .
What the furk is skeeves and syzgy?
yah lets bring out collectch that 16 peeps in entire univarse has hear of ! not bloodlys likelee
Lets having more choossy fig competitionies

Anonymous said...

due to cloak and dagger being delayed we could have had pyro + avelanche
special pack instead , and that would have left an extra space to fill replacing pyro as a regular , we could have got tiger shark in after all , or even another character.
this would have made sense , i think a re-shuffle is in order.
other twin packs wanted :
elsa + ulysses bloodstone please
arleta + stakar ogord please

backing mighty marvel , big shout for j j jameson , even if he's done in a twin pack special with aunt may + maybe even triple also including mary jane , don't care as long as we get him in !!
also big shout for hammerhead + tombstone twin special or multi pack special including owl too !!

deadpool seems to be posting a lot lately and making requests.
although i do not agree with some of his ideas , i am all in favour of the following :

ideas for future collections - star wars , star trek , doctor who.
magik to be included wearing black and yellow mini skirt costume please !!
also ghost rider on bike or someone on horseback would be cool like dreadknight for example.

i can't believe we are seeing sneak peaks of batroc yet we still haven't seen the following :

beta ray bill - painted version
drax the destroyer
blackheart - painted version

Anonymous said...

Deadpool, you mentioned a bunch of licensed characters like the Shogun Warriors and Rom. They will never happen. Just like Godzilla will never happen. They were licensed characters and Eaglemoss would have to approach the original license holders for the rights. Which would increase their costs. The characters are off the table. As are some of the other licensed propertys you mentioned like Star Wars and Dr. Who. Marvel doesn't own the rights to those characters.

Also, the mention of an 'Indy' figurine line will never work out. Toy Biz tried that when they lost the license to Marvel. Going after various characters and licenses from dozens of different comic comipanys proved impossible to do and keep costs down. When Eaglemoss does something like Marvel and DC, they only have to negotiate with one company.

ted sallis said...

the one suggestion that was spat out of deadpools idea filled gattling gun was the idea of a videogame collection .and as i have stated before Capcom is the obvious choice a stable full of world renowned licencses.
like :
Resident Evil
Dead Rising
Devil May Cry
and perhaps most famously the mighty Streetfighter, I seem to remember Rich seemed rather fond of this suggestion . So who knows what wheels are in motion as we speak?

Thor8 said...

Rich; Are the figurines done in the same order that they appear on the list or are various figurines assigned to difeferent sculptures simultaneously and some of them just happen to work faster than others? I ask because I've noticed that we have gotten sneak peeks of characters that are fardown the line while others that are due to be available sooner are not shown. Why? (I can hear Jacadoo all the way over here in the carribbean saying "because we prefer to see anything other than a FS Wasp").

foxchilde said...

Great news on the extension front.

I would prefer to see OMEGA RED. - Nothing against Ronan (hell, I'll prob get him when he comes out too), I just feel that Omega has been in the high potential running for a long time, and would make a very striking figurine.

As for Double packs, it's a shame they haven't been seen as a definite viable alternative. Saying that, there probably is a limit on those that they could do. I think the pre-dominant choice has to be Northstar & Aurora.

Don't really see why Sasquatch would needs to be put as part of a DP. He's a special-worthy character in his own right. :-)

Anonymous said...

"Don't really see why Sasquatch would needs to be put as part of a DP. He's a special-worthy character in his own right."

Correct, he is. And he still would be a Gorilla Grodd sized special. The real point of doing him in a double pack with Puck, is because of Puck's height. If Puck was released as a single, many people would complain about having to pay so much for such a small character. He'd be way smaller than Mole Man, for comparison sake.

Robert said...

I know that Rich has said that double packs have been disappointing in terms of sales but who says that will always be the case? If they do a double pack of the Alpha Flight siblings and it sells well, they may change their thinking. And then if we get another AF double and it also sells well, who knows? Positive thinking, guys!

Harsh comments, Jabba! I did admit myself that Dreadstar is probably largely unknown but ever since Deadpool suggested we consider other characters from outside the mainstream MU I've been dreaming of a shelf with Dreadstar and Company! If you don't know the comic you missed a classic! Surely someone else has read them and can back me up?

Mr. Smith, I'm liking the new persona! Lots of interesting ideas in your recent posts. And not an argument in sight! :)

P.S. Jabba, when ARE you going to reveal yourself? Or are you on here already in another guise...

marveljoe said...

for Cannonball how about one of these costumes:

neither of them look plain or look like havok and the 2nd picture includes his goggles

jabba theslutt said...

Ha Rabbi robby the bobby jobby. Already i makings it too easy for csi profilinger like your goodselves
I not meanings to sound too harsh about your Vantth, zxyx? etc it all sounding a bit too hitchookers guide too the universe.

Agreeing with the Thinker where sneaky peaks of beta ray , blackheart and the prowler he absolute yak sh** as a villane but i always lovings his looks.
By this logics i shood be likings the omeega reed.

Robert said...

Dreadstar was vintage Jim Starlin, Jabba. To be honest, after your reference to Mr. Graham I assumed you would know this series. Hmm, wonder if that means anything...?

In the Dreadstar series the galaxy was devastated by a 200-year-old war between a royalist empire and a religious empire. Stuck in the middle in a hopeless position were a band of freedom fighters led by Vanth Dreadstar, possessor of a magic sword. In my earlier post I somehow forgot to mention Oedi, the catman. Scientists crossbred cats and people in the hope of creating an army of vicious and intelligent fighters and wound up with... pacifist farmers! Typically mad Starlin logic but brilliant! Actually, I can't even begin to do it justice. I recommend that you go and buy the first TP. (It's not as good as the original comics as it's on shiney paper, mind you.)

lipstick said...

Some choices from me

Cassandra Nova
Sebastian Shaw
Mastermind (Jason wyngarde)
Werewolf by night
Mary Jane
Aunt May

and maybe a special of Jean Grey with phoenix force.

jabba theslutt said...

ok robert i give it go but if it not livings up to your hypey hype , you must be readings the tpb of "Yak" monthly.
Why all boys in "big bangers theory" ugly and social bellenders?
I have many wives and and comics in my abodings

Deadpool said...

Ok I have a new batch of ammo for the gatling gun so here goes : -

Opinions please regarding World of War Craft figurines.

There are 11 million players and loads of cool characters, monsters, mounts, pets and evil bosses.

Also Moss Men would only need to negotiate with Blizzard to gain the rights and determine royalties.

Make it so MOSS MEN ...

Make it so..

Deadpool said...

Regarding Elric.

The Moss Men would only need to give my mate Michael Moorecock a call to arrange for permission to do a few Elric Specials.

Pick up the phone Moss Men and give it a go.

Deadpool said...

OK CRB Breast.

The licence was gained by Wizards of the coast for Heroclix Indy figures.

If Wizards of the coast can get the permission to create the indy figures in 25mm plastic, then I am sure the able bodied, yet strangely spongy, Moss Men can do better and deliver them to us in lead.

That would give us Hellboy and BPRD, Shi, Cyblade, Danger Girls etc.

What a treat that would be.

ted sallis said...

I have listed my very " rare " or very " defective " copy of the ultimates on ebay . So Robert, should i just end the auction early and we swap my rare future collectible for your LS Galactus bust?.... seems fair to me i have to say :)

Robert said...

If you're not satisfied, Jabba, I will buy you an 8-track player and you can listen to Yak Black music all day long. Can't say fairer than that...

By the way, don't start with the annuals called The Metamorphosis Saga and The Price. If possible, you want to find a TP that reprints the regular series when the book had all the main characters and really started to rock and roll.

Deadpool said...

Lipstick - short and sweet but to the point.

I endorse your suggestions 100%... provided MJ is provided as a swim suit edition (and JJJ is not in a swim suit .....shudder...)

I detected some support for Magik ... but Darkchilde also would make a superb figure (see x-Infernus #1 cover art), so come on guys give the girlie some support.

Robert said...

Ted, just had a look at your comics on eBay. Mostly doublers?

By the way, I could have done without the description of your nether regions...

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deadpool said...

Here is another curve ball.

Marvel did a comic of KISS (the rock band).

What would it take for Kiss to be included as part of the CMFC, in all their Glam Rock, Demonic, magnificence?

Incidentally they were rather entertaining live (I saw them when Bon Jovi were their backing group).

Robert said...

Last time I mention this, Jabba... Dreadstar Definitive Collection Volume 1 Part 1 (ISBN 978-0974963815).

Seriously, if you decide to buy it and don't enjoy it, I'll refund your money.

ted sallis said...

Never mind my plooky erse are you bidding?

Deadpool said...

I have no idea what plooky and erse actually mean, but I cannot imagine anyone bidding on them.

Anyway regarding the Moss Men figurine magazines, may i suggest a format change.

I like A5 rather than A4.

A5 worked remarkably well for the Classic Star Wars vehicle collection, with the smaller binders.

The magazine could contain the same contents , but on a smaller scale.

This would mean that the subscribers would receive smaller parcels for their figures with less packaging.

Lets save the planet people!!!

What do you think?

ted sallis said...

I am selling Marvel Superheroes 14
that must surely be Ross Andru's first Spiderman art 1967? ...

Deadpool said...

Aaaaaagh ....

Get ye back to the swamp .. you Man Thing you.

I thought this was the place to come to share ideas and opinions regarding the Moss Men figure collection, not some Ebay advertisment site.

How about some special figurines that celebrate classic marvel moments like: -

The death of Jean Grey
The death of Elektra.
Wolvie getting torn in half by the Hulk.
The death of Captain America.
The dismantling of the Vision.
The death of the Swordsman.
The balding of Moondragon etc...

Deadpool said...

Oh and while I am on the subject of Moondragon.

How about a special of the classic marvel moment where Moondragon "deflowers" Thor?

Also how about the "Balding of Sif" too.

Robert said...

Yep, Ted, that's the famous 'try-out' issue. Good old Stan, always thinking ahead...

P.S. Good luck.

ted sallis said...

hey sorry DP i didn't mean to lower the tone . What was that you were saying about power rangers and yummy ice cream , how about the care bears or tables or sesame street,anything thing else that pops into your slightly rainman heid !

Deadpool said...

How about a discussion on weirest .. do't want ...characters.

Top of my "Don't want list" (alonside cannonball in his dress), is Captain Underpants AKA Gateway.

Deadpool said...

Well Ted, I would have to say the Carebears would fit nicely into the collection.

My two favourites are Grumpy and Bedtime bear.

I also like the Green Ranger, original Pink Ranger and ofcourse the White Ranger.

Big Bird is not a possibility in my opinion , however the Cookie Monster has some providence, especially considering his association with Andy Williams.

On the subject of Tables ... I could only approve a table in the collection provided there was a significant amount of marketry.
I think the Italian styling would be acceptable too.
My 3 piece sweet is Italian.

Deadpool said...

Hello Again Ted,

On the subject of yummy ice cream.
Pistachio is a real favourite of mine and has a rather nice hue.

I also forgot to mention that Wish Bear is another one of my facourites.

Hope this covers all the bases.

Without digressing too much....
I would also like to mention Totoro and Catbus.
They too are legendary.

Deadpool said...

How about a Tim Burton collection.

Nightmare before Christmas
Corpse Bride.
Edward Scissor hands
Sweeny Todd.
Mars Attacks!!
Sleepy Hollow.

My Japanese friends are absolutely insane over Nightmare before Christmas.

Robert said...

Does this blog have an awards ceremony? You know, like the Oscars?

Greatest number of slightly unhinged posts in two days:

And the winnah is .... Deadpool!


Just pulling your leg, Mr. Pool. Your enthusiasm is appreciated. (But curse you for putting ideas of Dreadstar figures in my head!)

Deadpool said...

If you think Dreadstar is awesome .. . check out my other nom de plume "Invader-ZIM".

Invader Zim is hilarious and would make a cool figure collection

Deadpool said...

On the subject of Invaders.

The CMFC could easily produce the complete Invaders character line up.

We already have some but who could resist the rest.

U.S. Agent
Blazing Skull
Union Jack
Thin Man
Captain America
Human Torch (original)
Spitfire (woo hoo girlie)
Miss America

Deadpool said...

I would like to see Captain Britain in the collection.

No not the rubbish Captain Britain that looks like Vindicator, but the original Lionheart costume with the staff.

Come on Moss Men we need to be represented in the Superhero community by our true version of Captain Britain.

Also Please include Lionheart too.
After all she is a brave british babe.

jabba theslutt said...

I too love the deadly poo!
thank yoo raw butt for the recomendings reading.
Deadpoo seem ok so why he so terribly offal in wolverhine movies? actor who play him name Dick by any chancing?
bringings on 161 to 180
161 crossbones
162 Tiger Shark
163 Arnim Zola
164 man bull
165 Thundra
166 The molecule Man
167 Stingray
168 The Molten Man
169 The Torpedo
170 Paste Pot Pete
171 The Wizard
172 The Basilisk
173 Blaastar
177 MR hYDE
178 The Executioner
179 ultimo
180 heimdall
me not includings the x verse because althogh they may be popular like the jeremy springer and emmerdale and happy slappings the whole universe is shiiiiiiite!

Deadpool said...

I make no apologies for the quantity of entries on this blog.

Moss Men you have done a great job bringing us the CMFC and even the DCFC.

The world is your oyster, the quality and scale of your figures is unsurpassed.

There are som many possibilities; I have merely scratched the surface.

Keep up the good work and rest assured you will always have me as a subscriber.

Deadpool said...

Jabba... i love it when you talk dirty.

Maybe we could team up.
I'll bring the bottle of Domestos.

I like your choices for the expanded collection

jabba theslutt said...

Dedpool tell me in a honest way do yoo recommendings the ultimate aallyance 2 game ? is ther enuff newe gameplay to warrant geek paying another £30 on top of owning the original?
you may be crazy like firework superglood to yaks anoos
but i trusting yore advice

Deadpool said...

I am mainly a WOW player, however I have heard that Deadpool is rather satisfying to play in Alliance 2.

If you enjoyed Alliance then Alliance 2 is supposed to be an improvement .. so I am told

Deadpool said...

HP Lovecraft.
The father of modern horror.

Who could resist a collection of figures that strain the very fabric of your sanity?

Bring us Cthulhu
The Dunwich Horror
Star Vampires
Elder Things

Also include horro inspired by Lovecraft such as the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness.

What about Hell Raiser too?

Oh what sights we have to show you .....heh heh hehe heh.

SinisterVenom said...

I have both Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2, but have yet to play 2 as my PS3 is at my mate's house, but as soon as I get it back I'll let you know if it's better or not.

Deadpool said...

Matt Groening.

The Simpsons and Futurama.

Who could resist a figure of Mr Burns or Bender?

Or how about those halloween specials?

Just a thought to carry you through the witching hour.

Deadpool said...

Some of my favourite artists are Victoria Francis, Luis Royo and Boris Vallejo.

It would be rather nice to have figures that replicate or are inspired by their fantasy art.

Also what about Terry Pratchet - Disc World figures?

I'm sure terry would donate his royalties to Altzheimer research ... a very good cause.

Anonymous said...

...and some serial choices from me:

Iron Lad

AVENGERS universe:
The High Evolutionary
Hyperion (Squadron Supreme)
Doctor Spectrum (Squadron Supreme)
Doctor Druid
Starhawk (Guardian of the Galaxy)

PLANET HULK characters:
Hiroim, the Shadow Warrior
The Spikes
The Red King

Anyone would like these?

pirate adam said...

ted whats your shop name on ebay or how can i find your items?


ghost said...

I've been away for a while, due to intense boredom of the same old drivel being written...

I'm really glad that the insane ramblings of some of the nutters on here don't influence the collection, and that Richard and the team are bright enough just to laugh at some of the escapees that comment here.

Don't worry about our opinions, you've done a great job so far, carry on, just don't think the 'educated views' of some of the nutters on here represent us all (most of the time we're too embarassed to comment in case we get associated with them) :-) lol

Gremlin said...

Wow, awesome update. As you can see Rich by the number of replies this is a topic we are all passionate about. I love the Batroc pose and to be fair there was only really one true pose for him and you nailed it.

Awesome news about the extension aswell. I have had my list ready and waiting for a month now :)

161) Forge
162) Hydroman
163) Tigershark
164) Photon
165) Karnak
166) Exodus
167) Vance Astro
168) Firelord
169) Thundra
170) Arachne
171) Magik
172) Jigsaw
173) Darkhawk
174) Sister Grim
176) Wizard
177) Beetle/Mach IV
178) Hela
179) White Tiger
180) Count Nefaria

Feel free to use that EXACT list if you want :)

Robert said...

Ghost, as you claim to speak for the silent majority (did I miss an election?), it seems only fair that you explain what content has allowed you to slur the regulars on here with words like insane, nutters and escapees.

ted sallis said...

hi PA
my user name is plooky_erse
or just search for ultimates2 #13 and you will find me.
I am having a wee clear out as daddy's nerdy nook is getting a bit overcrowded , These dang figurines are breeding i swear!
Anyhoo, It's trade paperbacks for me from now on.

Thor8 said...

Glad to see some bloggers have shown up again like Lipstick,but I'm still missing Madam Medusa. Oh and Ghost is back also! Almost didn't see you there Casper. I see your still your ol' cheerful and lovable self. Bobert don't mind Ghost's comments too much there just light heated and carry little weight just like his namesake.

Speaking of namesakes: Deadpool you do yours proud you can sure talk,but I'm glad to say I finally found a list of yours I really enjoyed and agree 100% with,and that's the one that features the golden age heroes.

In my next post I will be listing amy dream extension. If you were given the opportunity to be greedy and pick the next extension characters all by your lonesome, whom would you pick? Choose 20 regulars 3 specials 1 mega and 1 double pack and post your dream team list. Remember be greedy and pick all those YOU wish to see. X-Fans have a field day!

lipstick said...

Deadpool :)

ghost said...

Some nutters (you know who you are) are very funny, others... yawn.... I don't claim to speak for anyone, just saying what I see - 25 or so regulars constantly bickering and writing non relevant waffle doesn't make for a good read... unless your a Big Brother fan? Are You... oops.


Excellent news about the extension (poor shelving). Really looking forward to the specials and mega specials, they seem far more interesting (IMHO) than most of the regular figures (lots of which seem more filler than killer, just to complete teams - which I still want to do by the way, but many just dont excite me as much as the A listers).

PS. Glad to see I can still wind folk up :-D I may dangle another line soon and see how many fish bite, lol

Anonymous said...

Nice list Ghost.
Many of those are on mine as well.

161) Arachne
162) Arcade
163) Avalanche
164) Beetle
165) Black Tom Cassidey
166) Brother Voodoo
167) Crossbones
168) Dark Beast
169) Exodus
170) The Hood
171) HydroMan
172) Karnak
173) Longshot
174) Madame Masque
175) Mockingbird
176) Puma
177) Rocket Raccoon
178) Sage
179) Selene
180) The Wizard

And of course, the following 2-Packs.

Callisto and Caliban
Misty Knight and Colleen Wing
Corsair and Hephzibah
Raza Longknife and Ch'od w/ Cr+eee
The Whizzer and Miss America

Thor8 said...

Gee Ghost please do. I bet all the other boggers with much less intelect than yourself will just love reading your much superior comments!

Banshee said...

Rich I'd be forever in your debt if you could convince the guys to do a Sasquatch/Puck and Northstar/Aurora double-packs. Alpha Flight needs some major bulking up and this is the only solution. Plus entering Shaman into the 160-180 extension :).

Speaking of the extension I'd like to have a little go at a list :p.

Beetle/Mach IV

That's all I can think of atm LOL !!!

Robert said...

I'm not trying to be a killjoy but doesn't the main site have ongoing polls for future figurines? If so, what's the point of individual lists on here...?

mighty_marvel said...

My ideal 161 - 180 extension

Brother Voodoo
J Jonah Jameson
Silver Samurai
Sister Grimm
US Agent
Vance Astro

Madame Web

(Specials are uner the assumption we aleady have omega red, sasquatch, odin, ronan and northstar/aurora before we reach 160)

mighty_marvel said...

because we like lists robert

Robert said...

I suppose I asked for that...

Deadpool said...

I happily confess to being a loon.

It's such a shame that the youth of today can barely read and have such a narrow view of the world.

I was brought up surrounded with books and comics from many different genres.

To me TV always came way down the list of priorities when compared to my other hobbies.

Just because you aren't familiar with a character that I suggest doesn't mean you should dismiss it so easily.

Check them out and you may find you really enjoy them.

Now who will vote for a Darkchilde figure... check out the cover of x-Infernus #1.....

ted sallis said...

the chimney pot collection i am actually drooling at the prospect. Those victorians did some ornate work . :)
or how about mobile phones you could produce the old brick types as specials or in some cases even mega specials, You know i an on to winner here Rich now you go run with it.

Deadpool said...

This blog gives collectors a voice.

While I agree that Richardo probably likes to see our lists, we can also use this blog as a crucible to develop new ideas.

I am one of the rebels on this blog that believes that the Moss Men should have the opportunity to atone for their past sins.

To this end .. give us a re-sculpt of Captain Britian.
Include him in a double pack with Lionheart (obviously he would have his original costume, amulet and staff).

What say you, fellow blogites?

Deadpool said...

I have a couple more ideas: -

The Fenris twins double pack - AKA Andrea and Andreas von Strucker.

Also to stay with the same theme .. FENRIS(wolf)son of Loki.
(That one should keep Thor happy).

Robert said...

I would LOVE an original Captain Britain with quarterstaff, Deadpool. As I'm sure Ted would. Sadly, I am old enough to have bought the UK comics when they first came out. I wonder what happened to the CB costume I bought...?

Anywho, in the spirit of Deadpool's lateral thinking, I had an idea: backgrounds! (Bear with me.)

The collection has now been going long enough that the platforms/ stands Eaglemoss have been selling since the launch can be used for an entire 'family'. Now that we can do that, what about backgrounds for each stand! So, for the Avengers, we could have a landscape showing the Mansion (pre-Avengers Disassembled) or the meeting room. The FF could have the hanger (with Pogo Plane, Fantasticar, etc.), or one of Reed's labs or even the entrance to the Baxter Building (with sign and Willie Lumpkin). The X-Men could have the Danger Room or the school. And so on. These backgrounds would be flat, printed on laminated cardboard and reversible, so we have a choice of two scenes!

Or have I gone mad, as my wife thinks?

Robert said...

What I would really love is a scaled (original) Fantasticar and Avengers Quinjet.

Now THAT would be clucking brilliant!

Deadpool said...

Despite the fact that this will probably lead to my imminent crucifiction and excommunication from the CMFC blog.

What about a Harry Potter collection?

Deadpool said...

Robert I think the idea of back drops for the display stands is a very good idea.

I currently use makeshift back drops, but who could deny that official ones would be better.

If we consider vehicles, why not also consider weapons too.

How about some special figurines that depict: -
Mjolnir, Captain Britain's Staff and amulet, web shooters, Billy-Clubs and Electra's Sai.


Deadpool said...

Oh and how could we forget Cannonball's Tu Tu and ballet shoes.

Deadpool said...

Since everyone goes on and on about X-Type heroes and how cool they are, I have a suggestion for one that I have yet to see listed: -


Now he would make an impressive addition, provided he was depicted with some sort of metamorphosis of one of his limbs into a waepon or such like.

Deadpool said...

Waren Worthington III was a bit pointless as Angel.

But who in their right mind could turn down - Archangel.

I want him on the list.

Oh and did I mention DarkChilde from the cover of x-Infernus #1 ???
She would be awesome too.

Robert said...

Not surprised that someone has had the backdrop idea before me, Deadpool. It's rather obvious, really.

I thought of the idea of mini-weapons but the reality of a dinky mjolnir seemed a bit naff. We can buy life-size versions of most of the weapons you mentioned anyway. Mjolnir replicas can be of very expensive museum quality or the cheap plastic play ones (which are actually okay). I think the idea of vehicles is much more sensible as we cannot buy a 1:1 quinjet (more's the pity!).

Deadpool said...

How about more of the heralds of Galactus?

For instance: -

Fallen One,
The Destroyer,
Gabriel the Air-Walker,
Terrax the Tamer,
Morg the Executioner,
Red Shift,
Stardust etc

Anonymous said...

Some of those don't even have enough history to fill out a magazine. But a few of them would be keen.

Deadpool said...

How about a figure of the Iron Spider balancing on Cap's Shield using his 3 spindly mechanical arms?

Deadpool said...

How about some of the Super-Girlies from the Marvel Swimsuit editions that were published in the early 1990's.

Face it guys ... you know it makes sense.

Deadpool said...

If Sasq and Puck are not produced as a double pack then may I suggest an alternative?

Was that a sigh of disbelief i overheard?

Ok here it is: -

Alpha Flight fans will remember the back story of Eugene Judd and
Black Raazer who was imprisoned in the Black Blade of Baghdad.

How about a Eugene / Puck / Raazer pack?

Also remember Nemesis (Amelia Weatherly) and her involvement in Puck's story.
She would be a neat addition to the collection too.

Deadpool said...

Any chance of Dreamqueen in the collection too.. she is a bootylicious?

Deadpool said...

Correction ..Nemesis - Nemesis (Jane St. Ives) was the other girlie involved with Puck.

Deadpool said...

Just for info Mr Salis.

I have a hand drawn sketch of Wolvies face on a poster that was done / signed by Herb Trimpe.

I also have a copy of an X-Men comic signed by Stan Lee :P

pirate adam said...

Rob, love the backgrounds idea, how about a background of Asgard for the Norse Gods.


Robert said...

Well, we don't have very many Asgardians for that, PA, ... unless the 160-180 extension is devoted entirely to them.

Hey, I think you're on to something!

Hawkeye said...

If you can bring yourselves to do it, have a look at the DC site which has recently been updated. They have done something interesting with The Atom, a size-changer, to show he can shrink / get bigger and I'm not sure whether I like it or not. It's certainly a novel approach. Be interesting to hear what others think....

Thor8 said...

Hawkeye; I suggested something like this be done for the up coming Ant-Man and Wasp figurines, but no further comment was made about this. What do you say Rich would it be possible to add a mini Ant-Man and/or Wasp to these figurines in order to high light thier powers? This could also be done with the Giant-Man/Goliath and/or Atlas Mega Special(see Bowens Giant-Man statue for an example of this). I'd love it and would certainly ourchase it hands down!

Anonymous said...

welcome to the deadpool and jabba the slutt show , if easily offended and do not wish to receive a headache like the one i just got reading all of their posts especially deadpool's
then look away now !!

Anonymous said...

i would like to echo kirlianeyes request forthe young avengers

kate bishop
iron lad

Hawkeye said...

I know it would be easy (for those with the artistic talent) to customise the Iron Man figure but I'd like to see Iron Patriot from the "Dark Reign" storyline. For those who don't know, the Green Goblin is now running the Dark Avengers and has adopted a hybrid Iron Man / Capt America persona...that would be a good addition. Agree / Disagree?

Anonymous said...

list time , sorry folks !!

brother voodoo
king cobra
shanna the she devil
white tiger - angela del toro
j jonah jameson
hydro man
puppet master

specials :

high evolutionary
madame web
man ape
strong guy

Thor8 said...

Okay here's my "Dream Team list" if I were given the blessing of choosing the complete next extension;






Deadpool said...

Well spotted on the DC site Hawkeye.

I think Antman would look pretty good with this effect.

Did you also see Huntress?
She looked awesome.
That adds weight to my suggestion of the Amalgam Huntress Carol Danvers.

Robert said...

I'm too lazy to compose a list. Still, Karnak surely must feature. Apart from Lockjaw, who's a special, he's the only major standard-sized Inhuman still to appear.

There are also some important Avengers characters still to feature. My list is essentially the same as Thor8's in this respect as I'm thinking primarily of the original Swordsman, Mockingbird, Moondragon, Captain Marvel/ Photon and Starfox. At least two of them should be in the next extension, perhaps three or four.

We are also missing classic FF villains like the Wizard, Trapster (to complete the Frightful Four), Blastaar (special?) and Diablo. The Mad Thinker's call for the Puppet Master is also a strong candidate.

And at least one Asgardian and one cosmic character should appear. A herald would be good but I guess Moondragon and Eros/ Starfox would qualify here, too.

Thor8 said...

Hey Rich,what do you say? Do you think it's not too late to add the same effect given Atom in the DC collection to Ant-Man and to The Wasp in this one? This effect was also given to the Giant-Man statue done by Bowens Design and would look great if done on the Giant-Man/Goliath mega I still have high hopes will be produced.

Robert; Moondragon has already been approved and is currently #157 on the list. I expect to see at least 1 asgardian and 1 cosmic in the next extension as well as some other classic villians still missing. The wish list I mentioned before is just a "Dream Team" list I put toghether and posted it just for fun

Robert said...

Thanks for keeping me right, Thor8. The old memory is not what it used to be...

Robert said...

I may be alone in this - and/ or showing a lack of imagination - but I'm not completely won over by the idea of a smaller statue at Ant-Man's feet to indicate a change in size. I had a look at the Atom figurine and it just looks like two similarly-dressed yet different-sized characters to me...

Deadpool said...

To conform for a moment with the mundane lemmings who frequent this blog, I have produced a list: -

Magik - Amanda sefton in Armour with sword
Original Swordsman
Vance Astro
Hepzibar - modern catlike version
Sister Grim
Fenris (Wolf)

GhostRider on Bike

Mega Special

Enjoy the conformity while it lasts .. muhaaaahaaaa.

James said...

What about about a

Speedball - Penance Double Pack?

Deadpool said...



Robert said...

The main site has been updated, guys.

Sorry, if someone has already noticed and posted here...

Jacadoo said...

Hey nice main site update - at least it ups the women ration a bit I think.

pirate adam said...

Rob all we need is Hela, Sif, Warriors Three, Surtur, Mangog, Fenris, Ulik, Heimdall and Odin and we would have a collection worthy of the background, we already have Beta Ray on the way.

so come on Rich you know it makes sense


Robert said...

No Balder, PA?!? I know he arsed things up moving to Latveria, leading to Doom turning Asgardians into cybernetic drones, but he's only been king for a short time! Give the guy a break!

Seriously, you're right. I'd also add the Destroyer, Karnilla and Skurge, the Executioner to your list.

P.S. Your idea of an Asgardian backdrop was a great one. Wish I had thought of that!

spidey_1979 said...

not a personal wish list but a few people i expect to make the cut next time

major victory

as for some of the other big names being mentioned i wouldn't mind too much if they didn't make it this time as it would suggest eaglemoss are keeping some biggies back for 181 - 200 which i'm sure is something we can all get behind.

being selfish i would put jameson in this time round but, alas, i don't think it will happen until at least 181 - 200.

SinisterVenom said...

Well since we're all doing lists I may as well join in. This is my list for the next extension:
U.S. Agent
Silver Samurai
The Wizard
Baron Mordo
Molten Man
Black Tom Cassidy

And ideas for specials and mega specials include:
Madame Web

pirate adam said...

Rob, Balders ommission wasn't on purpose i just forgot about him umm and Destroyer and Skurge and Karnilla but at least we both forgot Enchantress


Thor8 said...

Finally an update on the main site!Rich if you read this before your next post,please,please,please, give us a sneak peek of The Wasp and of The Rdioactive Man!

Pirate and Robert; Did thee not forget to mention a certain son of Odin,who should be first on thy lists? Thou shall pay for such blasphemy!

Thor8 said...

By the thundering farts of Odin! WE all forgot to mention the Valkrye!

Robert said...

I thought we were mentioning future possibilities. Hence no mention of Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, the still-to-come Enchantress...

Thor8 said...

Thy claim is a valid one noble Robert,verily I doth called thee friend once more!

Robert said...

Thor8, I'd also like to eventually see some of the Odinson's supporting cast like (my comp suggestion) the Recorder and Tana Nile.

Thor8 said...

So would I Bob so would I. I'll be going thru my old Thor collection and listing some of his foes and allies I'd like to see in this collection!

Robert said...

As long as the God Pack - shudder! - don't appear, Thor8! The Roy Thomas era in the 90's was the absolute low point.

I might have a look myself now. What do you think about Thunderstrike being included? He had his own comic (which I enjoyed at the time) and he was also an Avenger, although I can't remember whether it was only reserve status. (I just remember Cap getting on his case because he kept messing up!) Not overly interested in him but if he was an Avenger and we're being thorough...

As a kid I always loved Thor #193, the one where Loki animated this powerhouse who snapped the Surfer's board. Durok the Demolisher was his name. I know, I know, only one appearance wouldn't fill a magazine...

ted sallis said...

Heck i think i remember that story was that the month marvel made all their titles giant size?
And ahem didn't Thor have to rely on the skinny little surfer dude to kick Duroks bottom?
Oh! Rob and Deadpool love your convention sketches, did either of you get to meet these artist heroes of mine at a convention ? or were they obtained later?

Robert said...

I'm assuming the ink drawing of the Hulk's head by Sal Buscema is what you're talking about, Ted? It wasn't from a convention, so sadly I have not met the great man. I sent him a letter (overlong, of course) and a birthday card yonks ago and he replied with a note and a small sketch. Nice to find out your heroes are decent blokes, too, eh?

Sal's been my favourite artist since I was eight. He really needs to ink his own work, though, as others often ruin his pencils. Of course, Sal inked Thor #193, which was as you said one of the double-size issues. Imagine if they had kept that going! Heaven or what?!

As for the Surfer, he may be relatively skinny but he's a former Herald of Big G! Is that you confusing size with performance again?

ted sallis said...

Really nice that he replied to your letter, and as you say it's always a relief to find out one of you boyhood heroes isn't a complete arse!
I have never had to use the performance over size " phallacy" myself Robert. :)

Robert said...

A year prior to writing to Sal I read an interview with his big brother, John Buscema. He was horrible and complained bitterly about comics. I felt betrayed and angry that a guy I looked up to was so scornful of comics.

So, I wrote to Sal with a little trepidation. Not long after getting the sketch Sal was interviewed by the in-house Marvel Age and he was a gentleman; grateful, polite, friendly, loyal to Marvel. Someone you could respect for their artistic ability and their personality.

Thor8 said...

Gee Bob I can imagine the let down you felt when you read John Buscema's interview. Just by reading your post I feel quite betrayed myself,as I've always been a big fan of The Buscema brothers.

Robert said...

One of J.B.'s comments was that he hated Aunt May and her whining and wished she'd just take a walk off the top of a tall building! It was an incredible rant, Thor8. It made me pretty disgusted at the time. Us fans had worshiped him, and helped him pay his mortgage if you want to be prosiac, and he had nothing but contempt for us and the comics. However, regardless of the man's boorishness, I still love his artwork and no one can deny he wasn't one the greats at Marvel.

Robert said...
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