Friday, 15 January 2010

Crimson Dynamo

First up is some news on the specials:

Fin Fang Foom is due to go on sale on 25th Feb.

Our special after that will be Cloak and Dagger due sometime in May.

We’re currently looking at who should come after Cloak and Dagger. We want to do a normal priced/sized special so have ruled out a double pack or mega special. At the moment we’re considering doing an Omega Red special.

The reason for this is that he’s always one of (if not) the most popular specials requested. The other option could be to do Odin but with a Thor movie due out next year, it might make sense to wait until then. We’ll definitely not be going for a movie version but at that point I might be able to keep Odin a normal special but convince higher-ups to make him a little more impressive. Don’t worry that doesn’t mean changing the base (we’ll have no repeat of Abomination) it just means we might get his magical spear Gungnir as well as the ravens and make the figure a little bigger.

On to the figurine preview:
As you demanded it (well some of you anyway) here’s the Crimson Dynamo figurine.

We had a number of difficult choices with this figure.

First we needed to decide which armour to go with. As you can see we went for what is technically the Mark III armour but sometimes known as Mark IV. Our reasons for choosing this were that the original armour was a little too bulky to be a normal figure and was only worn for a short period. What is sometimes known as the Mark II armour (and this is what confuses the naming convention) was essentially the same as the first and once again only worn for one issue.

What that really left us with was either the next armour seen in the comics (Mark II) or the one after (Mark III). Most of the costumes after III were very short lived, not very iconic and in some cases not really even crimson.

In the end I decided to go for the Mark III as this armour not only has history, but is also very similar to the armour being used at the moment. I personally think the armour looks modern enough to be standing around our Iron Man and War Machine figures but also retains a classic Soviet Crimson Dynamo look.

The actual pose for the figurine was chosen to emphasise the qualities of the character. We wanted to have him standing in a very hostile/protective pose. The outstretched arm isn’t firing a repulsor beam but is there to say ‘come no further’. I really wanted to get the whole People’s Protectorate feel to the character and have him looking a little anti-West/American. Basically he’s warning (Iron Man) to stay away and backing this up with a clenched fist behind his body.

I hope this makes sense. The character’s motivations have always been a little inconsistent. Most of the time he’s anti-American and frequently in the employment of the Russian government. But sometimes the man under the armour has been anti-communism, fought against Russia or just fought Iron Man for the sake of it. We wanted to keep with the Russian hero/anti-Iron Man feel of the character. Hopefully we’ve succeeded.

That’s your lot for this week, enjoy!


Robert said...

Thank you, Rich, for the photograph of the Dynamo and your explanation for choosing that model. (Sorry if I was a pain constantly asking about it.) It looks really good and I'm looking forward to seeing on my shelf in the near future.

Also, thanks for info on future specials. It's appreciated.

Have a great weekend.

max_0888 said...

Wow, I really like Crimson Dynamo. Thanks a lot for the preview of it.

As for specials, I thought Blob was coming out this year? If so, why another x-villain special? Bring Ronan instead :) Omega Red would make a great looking sculpt, that'S for sure.

jarvis69 said...

Nice Iron-Man opponent !
About specials....Omega Red isn't a priority for me ! lol Sasquatsh should be a better choice ;)
Thx again for the updates

Anonymous said...

o-m-g!rich, you've clearly outdone yourselves! CD is a BEAUTY to be tied to the Iron Man 2 Movie release!

About specials....can't wait for Omega Red but I'd much rather have Ronan the Accuser or Sasquatch (the former even more than the latter)...can't wait for Surtur too!

ted sallis said...

Crimson Dynamo looks awesome very distinctive pose, right up there with the best sculpts in this collection, can't wait to have him.

pippin gold said...

Dynamo looks the version i know best and like the armour and the posse a lot..great to read the thought what goes in to it to..great job

Specials..while Omega red is pretty good he is yet another X special ...RONAN has to be the choice for that spot..came 2nd in the cosmic section on the charcter polls the forum ran before what had 100's of fact was beaten by Drax by a single vote..taking in to acount the 3 huge cosmic storys Ronan has been involved in over last few years there can be no one more deserving

jabba theslutt said...

Yaaaay Richie
Crimson Dynamo rock like crazy ac/dc heavy rockings!
I like how he look like the predator from the movie Predator about the predator in the junglings who try killing Arnie
Ursa must be a MAJOR contendings for special make me a happy gay like a Doris Day.
Alsos many more specials you must be make Goliath Cint Barton (he dress like the gimp but i like)
Red Hulk ( green/grey hulk very poor i bury in canal too ugly display)
Big Bertha big ladies i like very much you like atoo?

pirate adam said...

NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! why another X-related special? there gettin Blob later this year and one X-special a year is by far enough. if you have to wait until next year to do Odin and the excuse was very poor, then lets have Ronin or another cosmic character instead.

Dynamo, very cool though.

Jacadoo you are a top bloke!! thanks for the offer i may take you up on it.


Jacadoo said...

Only one thing to say about FFFoom - YYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!

Crimson Dynamo looks superb and the Omega Red special is even better still and I can't wait.

Still you can't satisfy everybody, even our resident Pirate.


Deadpool said...

I am a huge fan of this collection and hope it continues for many years to come.

The Crimson Dynamo looks pretty good and I hope he paves the way for a Titanium Man special.

I do hope you will consider more dynamic poses for future figures.

On a slightly different subject, how about a line of cross over Marvel / DC specials as featured in Amalgam.
For instance: -
Dark Claw Wolverine / Batman
Super soldier Superman / Captain America
The Hyena Sabretooth / Joker

And finally ... How about a Darkchilde special - from xInfernus - in all her demonic glory?


Thor8 said...

Thr Crimson Dynamo looks pretty impresive,thanks for the sneak peek. I'd love to see Wasp and Radioactive Man next.

As for the choice for the next special I agree with the majority so far,we already have an X-Men related special coming up this year,so why not give that slot to someone else? My vote goes to Odin or the Destroyer(Odin's creation).

Hawkeye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deadpool said...

Nepotism from our resident God of Thunder, methinks.

Having recently rediscovered the Norse Gods; I will ,however, agree that a super sized Odin in his full regalia would be a treat.

Make it so, Moss men....., make it so !!!!!

Hawkeye said...

That Crimson Dynamo figure is definitely one I'll want in my collection alongside Tony Stark's alter-ego!! Whilst he is not a character I know a lot about, the pose is dynamic - is it just me or does the helmet remind anyone else of the Predator in the films?

Anyhow, does the Odin postponement mean he's going to look like Anthony Hopkins, who's playing him in the film? (I ate his liver with some Asgardian ale....)

Hawkeye said...

Sorry, just noticed Rich said "We’ll definitely not be going for a movie version" - oops :)

Deadpool said...

Hawkeye is now officially renamed as Pinkeye due to his epic lack of observation :0)

To reiterate my wants and needs...

Odin Special minus the fava beans.
Darkchilde special with the axe and horns.
Other Asgardians as a multi pack or two - SIF, Heimdal etc.

Last but not least ...a MODOK special please, too.

jimbob said...

Bravo Bravo!!!!!

Crimson Dynamo looks great.

Omega Red special next year????

Rich have you forgotten that we will be haveing Blob as well?

Two x-men special villains?

I dont mind but afraid their might be a backlash year after.

Ronan please.

Hawkeye said...

Pinkeye? PINKEYE!!?

Holy Wolf said...

I definitely want Omega Red as the next special!!! He'd look awesome :D

Crimson Dynamo looks fab, loving the pose!

Many thanks Rich

Deadpool said...

Pinkeye? PINKEYE!!?
So good they named him twice.


Even though the X-Types have had an aweful lot of coverage ...I would like to see an ArchAngel special.

ArchAngel is by far the best incarnation of the winged - worthington.
I am sure that this wouldn't be deemed to be a duplication and would fit nicely alongside Apocalypse.

leon said...

Bring on Omega Red as the next special PLEASE!!!!! ive campaigned for him every time there was a poll.

Deadpool said...

What's all this with Alpha Flight and Omega Red ... it's all greek to me.

How about a Puck / Sasquatch double pack special.

Look, I'll be honest ... I want more, much more ......GIMMEE GIMMEE GIMMEE...AAAAARGHHHHH.

Deadpool said...


You did Batman on his Batbike for those DC guys.

I am sure everyone will agree.
Marvel can do it better.

We want GhostRider on his Blazing bike.

Nuff said.

Deadpool said...

While I'm on the subject of ideas for future releases, don't you think that the Guardians of the Galaxy are a bit under represented...hmmm?

Well Moss-men, it's time redress the balance.

How about starting with my favourite feline - Hepzibah?

I'm sure even Pinkeye will see the sense in that suggestion. :0P

Deadpool said...

Ok ok ... in my haste I mentioned Hepzibah in the same contact as Guardians of the Galaxy.

Even though I would like to see some of Vance Astro's crew,
I actually ment to mention the Starjammers.

I shall hang my head in shame give myself a severe thrashing.

jabba theslutt said...

i loving the idea of re modelling first 40 figs . so many not good ghost rider cap brit doctor ocapus etc etc hulk is so bad
DC collect far superior because sculpers practice on this collect for two years honing skills
Ghost rider on flaming ass bike woulda rock like AC/DC

marveljoe said...

Like the look of Crimson Dynamo, well done EM on a good job here.

As for the next special and since Odin has been written off till next year and it has to be a regular special I would prefer these :

Ronan The Accuser

Deadpool said...

I have another request Moss-men.

Let's have Silver Sable in the line up.

Not all characters need to be able to destroy planets, subjugate the population of an entire continent or shoot marshmallow tipped arrows from their bows - (Ref Pinkeye).

Surely the more mundane characters have a place in the line up too.

Paul said...

Hey Rich,

Cool Dynamo fig....will look good with Ironman and WM.

I agree with Jervis69, I would like to see Wasp next. Omega Red would be cool in my case behind Wolvie and Sabertooth but I would rather Sasquatch first. He would just be great given his size with a really good pose. Then make blob the same size sculpt. Just sayin'

Keep up the good work, I love the collection. Let's go for 250

Robert said...

Wow. Lots of interesting stuff today.

I'd like to second Deadpool's idea of the Ghost Rider on his motorcycle. Preferably in his original costume.

As for the Starjammers and Guardians, I'd prefer that the unfinished teams were prioritised. Frightful Four and the Inhumans come to mind. Also Alpha Flight.

Like the suggestions of Ronan and Sasquatch for specials. As usual, Thor8 comes up with the best idea for a special: the Destroyer, from Thor.

jabba theslutt said...

i like sassaquitch he hairy, big ass hairy. like a giant ginger gonk
any peoples positive abouts Mr Negatives?
Alsos aye n aye y aaaaye weeeel olaways lov yoooo oooo ooooo
i am love your whotney hootons

Deadpool said...

Hmmm, I see your point Roberto.

Lockjaw would make a mighty fine addition to my collection ..

Let's hope the Inhuman mutt is delivered to us as a special sooner rather than later.

Good night everyone.

jabba theslutt said...

serious i think overalls collectch is a graaaaaaaaaaate like a tony tiger
i love usa super heroes and bert reynolds " I GONNA BBQ YOR ASS IN MOLASSES" this said by sherrif buford to bert reynolds in the smokey bandit ,,i laff!
i als o like the ben10 he kick thor like potato i beleive.
when this collect finsh start cloning wars collect please
although make sure sculperts practice so no bad like this beginninngs.
also i catch big ass pike fish using lead weight from melted down
carnage fig it hurt my eye to look at this

Rob Roy said...

I would love to see everyone's favorite blue-skinned, red-headed, egotistical galactic pugilist... The Champion! Then I'll have someone ALL my other figures can take on!

jabba theslutt said...

i love champion the wonder horse he kick the hraam out of fictionals comic peoples
i hatings made up superpowerfulls
be-yawn-der ,thanos champion, sentry "they all sh*t

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Lots of good suggestions for the next special. Personally I'd prefer it were non X-related,as I and many others have already stated you already have Blob waiting in the sidelines,and the last extension included seven X-related figurines (that's over 33%of the extension).

Deadpool; Silver Sable is already approved ans slated to be figurine #142 in this collection.

Paul;If I'm not mistaken it was I who requested that the Wasp be the next sneak peek not Jarvis69,but what the heck,I'm glad all the same that you agree to wanting to see her also.

Anthony Stark said...

Crimson Dynamo is perfect! Even the pose is spot on. Brilliant, I couldn't be happier with it. As for Omega Red being the next Special after Cloak & Dagger... Fantastic! Odin is nowhere near as interesting and you can put him off 'til next year for all I care. Great update! :)

ted sallis said...

Just checked the custom forum Jacadoo that armoured Thor is "mighty" impressive, If i can learn the art of patience i may try that idea myself.
Mind you every time i glance at my shelves ,i could swear poor old doc samson looks awfully nervous :)

Jacadoo said...

Ted I make the same offer I made to the Pirate King and resident Thunder God8 - you get me the trembling Mr Sampson - I give you norse god.

Your choice flying or not.

Hey Rich have you noticed the amount of people asking for Sasquatch till now you have not responded - and chance of a few words to clarify when we may see big orange. He always places high in the poles - but no word from you...

Guardians of the Galaxy - do Marvel have the rights for these characters - they look superb and would make fine additions.

sergiogf said...


I thought the Blob was first¡ That means Blob will be a Mega Special?

And about Omega Red... it's good but I'd prefer Sasquatch or Sauron¡

I don't understand the complains about another x-special... the last ones have been watcher, kingpin, ka-zar & Zabu and the destroyer¡ And now Fing Fang foom and Cloak and Dagger... 6 specials without X¡ Why not Blob and Omega Red? Or Sasquatch (although I'm not sure Sasquatch is an X Special).

jabba theslutt said...

Robert i sorry if tou think me no sensibles . you seem like a good old man like a sean connery he scottish too. you are name after mighty scot king ROBERT THE BURNS i am lovings his poets.
I check my posts. I say i want ursa major i say new made up people with super powerd ennough to bash thor, hulk and a surfer in two seconds are craps. i think. Sentry blurb say he " having the power of a million exploding suns" that advert for vindaloo in my country.
or old necrophile thanos put on michael jackson glove and he can destroying existance nonsense i not like these characters this only my opinions robert
Isay i like abig Bertha cause ilike a big girls you not like is ok
If me you be friends you know what this make me? that' riiiight!
I happy gay like a doris day
put anothr haggis on the barbie for me ( i only jokings about haggis scotland have plenty nice meats i thinkings)
My dad give me tripledvd box of smokey and bandit i love very much.
also you cannot be denyimg dynamo look like the predator? he still very beutifull

josh said...

Hey Rich, First Post on this Forum - despite me religiously looking at it. The figures look incredible and I apreciate the information on the specials.

Omega Red sounds like an Epic Choice for a special! I can not wait to see that figure - however I did believe, as did max, that was Blob meant to be coming out after Cloak and Dagger - or is he planned to be a MEGA Special due to his immense Physical Build!

Finally, Dynamo looks amazing - as Robert said - "It looks really good and I'm looking forward to seeing on my shelf in the near future." Keep up the excellent work!

Robert said...

Thanks, Josh, for pointing out my grammatical errors. I really "apreciate" it. :)

Peace, Jabba.

Josh said...

Woops - Yeah, thats no error on your behalf - thats an error on mine. "Appreciate" (I never was good at English)

Robert said...

You can never have enough unintentional ironic humour, Josh. Actually, you made a valid point as the amount of spelling and grammatical mistakes I make is quite shocking... and to think I taught English in Mexico for a summer!

Wazaaaaaaaman said...

Omega Red, wtf ?

And what about Sauron or the Blob ?

I think, Omega Red is really not a priority for the moment...

ted sallis said...

Omega Red . the expression style over substance springs to mind .I know he may look cool ( yay i'm down with da kids ) to a certain segment of xheads, but the guy is a bad joke! Far more deserving characters should be considered for special status

Mr J said...

OMEGA RED!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has been a popular choice for a very long time now and he could easily be one of the best looking figures in the collection so far!

There is no point having Odin come out this year when the Thor movie is out next year. Bring out Odin the same year the Thor movie is out, that is pure common sense.

So hopefully that means this years specials will be


That would be an amazing specials line up.

Anonymous said...

Crimson Dynamo looks great. Though he makes me think of.. "Stop in the Name of Love!" Heh.

While I don't mind seeing Omega Red done as a special, he's not one who's really high on my want list. Better than some choices.

It definatly does make sense to wait for next year for to make Odin. He'll be a perfect unofficial tie-in for the Thor movie. And maybe we can get Arnim Zola as an unofficial Cap tie-in.

foxchilde said...

Think Omega Red is a fantastic choice for this year - he has been largely popular and has done well in polls. A real good choice :-) In terms of look, I can see him being a great figurine too.

Also, Odin is cool, and definitely a good choice to be done alongside the Thor film in 2011. It'll tie in nicely.

Kal Brindle said...

Hey Rich,

Had to walk away from the computer and come back this morning before posting. Crimson Dynamo looks terrific - another stellar job mate.

Omega Red was a bit of a surprise, sort of coming out of left field for me. If you had said Sauron, Blob, Ronan, Sasquatch, Onslaught (even though I hate him) or the twins it would have been cool, since you've mentioned them all as on the working list before. It really knocked me back. I keep hoping that Alpha Flight will all make it into the CMFC but every time a special is announced they get pushed farther and farther down the line.

I'm trying to keep the faith mate - but please please please with so few special slots each year - can we keep the curve balls to a minimum? You're giving this Canadian collector palpitations! LOL

mighty_marvel said...

was hoping for a more definite special confirmation but any news is more than welcome. odin sounds promising for thor tie-in and seems a sensible choice of release date. agree with others that although omega red would look good there are some more pressing specials due for consideration first. ronan and sasquatch come to mind first obviously but if you want something a little more out of left field how about madame web.

buffduffdan said...

The forum has had a special request poll running for a while now. Results are:

Sasquatch 66
Omega Red 58
Ronan The Accuser 48
Lockjaw 47
Mojo 36
Odin 35
Sauron 35
Strong Guy 29
Terrax 22
Ch'od 20
Onslaught 20
Atlas 16
Giant Man 14
Goliath 14
Super Adaptoid 12
Stilt Man 11
Blastaar 10
Dragon Man 10
Wendigo 10
Destroyer 9
Shadow King 9
Madame Web 8
Rockslide 8
Celestial 7
Living Tribunal 6
Eternity 5
Sphinx 5
Box 4
Brood Queen 4
Ego 4
High Evolutionary 4
Mangog 3
Shuma Gorath 3
Ulik 3
Hela 2
Hulkling 2
Living Monolith 2
Man-Bull 2
Nimrod 2
Stature 2
Titanium Man 2
Armadillo 1
Battle Armour Thor 1
Charlie 27 1
Controller 1
Death's Head II 1
Groot 1
Guido 1
Hulkbuster Iron Man 1
Infinity 1
Killpower 1
Krakoa 1
Lilith 1
Master Mold 1
Micromax 1
Russian 1
Skaar 1
Stranger 1
Tombstone 1
Warlock 1
Zaax 1
Zeus 1

Results speak for themselves really and you can't blame Rich for giving the people what they want (considering Omega Red also came third in our forum choice poll from last time)

Oh and Crimson Dynamo looks great! Good stuff Rich ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Buff..

Yeah, makes sense to go with Omega Red with those results. Especially as Rich said they want to do a regular special this time around.

jabba theslutt said...

this why i saying you must make more specials. eventualy we might get one that isn't mojo or strong guy. yay cartoons rock
if it say make special of frankie goes to hollywood on a shff poll would that meanings we must have?
why not giving them x only collect then rest may get chance,
we will be having mutant called fungas who is controlling all worlds shitaki mushrooms before i seeing ursa major. x-verse = daytime soapy

jimbob said...

It makes sense to go with Sasquatch he's been on top of the polls since its been redone!

Goth Prince aka Andrew said...

Omega Red a curve ball? I don't think so Kal Brindle the result's speak for themselves he has been doing great in polls for a long time.

I've been waiting a long time for Omega Red so this is wonderful news.

I believe that Aurora & Northstar should be a double pack this year but that's it for Alpha Flight in 2010 (what with Snowbird coming out as well). They're a D-List team who do not warrant more than one special's slot a year.

Its wondeful Blob's coming out in 2010 too as he is currently the only X-Villain due to be released in 2010. It's been fairly obvious looking at poll results and request's that people want more X-Villains.

Bravo on Omega Red! ;)

jimbob said...

I agree on that.

More x-villains please!

jabba theslutt said...

yaay xmen graate like a tony tiger i like to see xmen i just make she is name CUDDLE she CUDDLES her enemees till they are falling into the peaceful sleepings,
yay lets ditch the whole marvel diversings coz cartoons they roooooock like high school musicals
Xfans will telling you they are more vital than the oxygen. if you make collect without them we all burn in the hellfire
Hey let's give it atry HIIIIIIIII FIVE!! Let that soap opera s**t go on it's own, you really thinkings marvel verse is so nuetred without them? if so you are cartoon fan not comic i thinks

Anonymous said...

Indeed. More X-Villains.
There's just so many fairly major X-Baddies left.

Black Tom Cassidey
Dark Beast
Donald Pierce
Harry Leland
Lady Mastermind
Mastermind II
Proteus (2-Pack w/ Moira)
Sebastian Shaw
Shadow King (Astral Form)
Silver Samurai
Unus The Untouchable

And that's not even mentioning the Marauders who would be cool to see in a series of 2-Packs or something. Just so many cool X-Baddies that have fairly prominant historys.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Crimson Dynamo is great!

Cannot wait to get my figurine (and the magazine as well!)

Omega Red is another must have.

jimbob said...

Have to admit cant knock Omega Red on his greatness!

The question is are we really haveing two X-Men Specials in 1 year???????

If it was down to me i would have Sauron as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he he:)

That would be a dream Blob ,Omega Red and Sauron special one after another.

Anonymous said...

Jabba, if you're going to complain you could at least offer a legitimate complaint rather than whining and insulting other fans. You may not like the X-Books, but they do have their fans. And they have just as much right to have their favorites made as anyone else. And if you look at the recent extentions, the X-Characters haven't dominanted any more slots that any other arm of the Marvel Universe.

And you do realize that the soap opera aspects of the X-Books are just as prevelant in any other area of the Marvel Universe. In fact, that's what grounds the Marvel Universe more in reality than the DC Universe. The fact that the characters were created as having flaws and problems. The DC Universe started moving in that direction because characters were a lot more interesting the more human they were.

Are there areas where the Figurine Collection could stand to grow more? Sure. The Guardians of the Galaxy I would love to see more members of. Phyla-Vell, Rocket Raccoon, Star Lord, Bug, Grood, Gamora, Mantis, Major Victory. Hell even Cosmo would be kinda cool.

jabba theslutt said...

haaaaay you big Beastie boy " you gots to fights for the rights to paaaaaartaaaay! " i loving this
beastie boy song. i give you the hi five
i not understand whinning? but i do understandings the insult.
let me try explain again
i think xverse is important part of the marvel verse . howevers most mouthy x zealot with forum full of like mindings zealots would have us believings this collect die a painful death without the x verse proppings it up
i happen to believings otherwise.
two collects, one x only, the other not as bigoted encompassings the whole other wonderness of the marvel verse. i wonder which one foldfirst? after cartoon loving xfans reach school age and are discovering WWE.
i not mean insult no one don't be looking for troubles like crazy ass creationists so what if i have differents viewpoints?.
you big ass beast me and you become friends i be happy gay like a doris day!

Anonymous said...

And again you resort to insults. Instead of having an actual legitimate complaint or opinion to offer. I guess it's easier for you to not have an opinion of your own.

And if you're going to be insulting, you could at do so while showing you have a grasp of spelling and grammar. Cause honestly, you're posts arn't even worth reading when you type like someone who was just banging on the keys with their face.

You keep insinuating that the X-Fans are children. Yet you are even more childish with your typing and your comments. Grow up.

jabba theslutt said...

you beast you make me cry salty tears you cruel to me why??
i NOTBAD you name yourself beast like the gary glitter!
i cannot be arguings against the big brain likes you . i think you won handsome mo fo i like!!
when i grow up i hope i 5ft tall bald and pot bellying like my hero the big beast,
you being the god in my countries

jabba theslutt said...

hey captain grammars what is "arn't" ?

Anonymous said...

dynamo - excellent figurine.

jabba the slut makes me laugh but it's getting a bit much now.
tony tiger + burt reynolds ?
what do they have to do with this collection ?
oh and lets not forget doris day lol.

omega red well happy but i can see other's point of view about more than one x related character being done.

i still think we need more regular specials - one per month.
then everyone should get a character from their favourite category.

to be continued...................

Anonymous said...

why don't we get more specials in this collection ?
it's a way of getting more characters in !!
one per month is affordable and besides , subscribers get to opt out each time anyway.
and while we are on the subject of extra additions to this collection here are the topics mentioned so far over the months ......
more specials , mega specials.
more twin packs.
multi packs of 3 or more characters starting with warriors three.
multi packs to complete teams such as the rest of the wrecking crew.
issues containing figurines only using characters that have lack of art work or background info / enough to fill a magazine.
more variants for past present and future issues.
special/s similar to the dc's batman on bat bike - ghost rider on motorbike or dread knight on horseback for example.
i'm all for the above inclusions so even if we do not get them now then perhaps when we run out of standard issues they could be added ?
i wonder how many extentions we will get , the more the better !!
rich previously hinted at four more extentions so hopefully this will happen.
it would be great if we got even more too , or the above specials.
i know what some of you are thinking ..............
but i for one do not care if i am living in an old age pensioners home when i purchase the very last issue of this collection , i love it so much.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, the twin packs haven't sold as well as Eaglemoss has hoped. So I can't see them eager to increase the number they do. And to do 3-Packs would be even greater folly if 2-Packs arn't working out well.

Yes, 3-Packs would be great. For characters like the Warriors 3 and the Wrecking Crew. It's a shame that it doesn't seem feasible. Maybe if the economy improves somewhat things might change. I'm all for more 2-packs at least.

I also don't think they want to beef up the number of specials per year, because it might hurt some of the collectors during these hard economic times. I believe that Rich has already made comments to that effect recently.

jabba theslutt said...

have eaglenoss thought of soap collect
Just thinkings for moment coronationings and albert saquare street figs could be a winner among the soapy watching peoples like beast?

Jacadoo said...

To be fair I can't see why Sasquatch has not made it on to the running order as yet - constantly No.1 and side stepped?

CBR you must admit (although you can see by my comments I'm happy with Omega Red) there would have been more of a balance if another special had been selected.

I read X Men amongst other titles, so to provide a little more variety would have been good.

Also Buffduffdan - I beg please remove Zeus from last position on the poll, before the Asgardians start acting up again...

Thor8 said...

I really don't believe Omega Red should be the choice for the next special. With all due respect the polls over at SHFF don't really impress me as I have come to notice for some time now that the SHFF is more an X-fans site than a heroes in general site,so logically anything X-related will always come out on top.

I believe some other non X=Men related character should be chosen like Sasquatch,The Destroyer,Ronan The Accuser,Mangog,Blastar,or Madam Web.

Jacadoo; Thanks a load for the kind offer. I'll be taking it into consideration.

Anonymous said...

Sasquatch would be X-Related though.

Alpha Flight was born out of the X-Men.

Cloak and Dagger would likewise be X-Related as well.

They're mutants, who's X-Genes were unlocked by the drug. And most recently they were Dark X-Men and now X-Men. Yes, most of their history was outside of the X-Books, but they do have ties.

jarvis69 said...

Yeh guys , more regular specials ( one per month ) , twin packs , multi packs......Do You think about my wallet ? lol
ps: OF COURSE , Sasquatsh is related to X-Men ;)

Gremlin said...

I have to say I am honestly not fussed about Omega Red. As an x-fan I don't really care about him, I would have preferred to have Blob in the August slot.
Ronan and Sasquatch are also bigger names that could be made.

But if Omega is to be made then fair enough, I am sure he will look fantastic.

Cloak and Dagger are only x-related by the loosest threads. They are more SpiderMan or MK's than anything.
Alpha Flight are the same. They may have originally featured in the XMen but they broke out on their own and I no way consider them Xmen related. They are more the Avengers of Canada. Northstar and Aurora are exceptions since they are mutants have have been featured heavily in various x-titles this past decade.

pirate adam said...

forgive me if im wrong, but why are Cloak 'n' Dagger taking up one of this years special slots when they were supposed to be out last year but had to be put back. did we get sombody in place of them that i have missed?

Anonymous said...

jabba the slut, reading some of ur comments makes me laugh but quite frankly, u should put in some english subtitles somewhere as they do in the star wars movies cos we don't understand everything buddy.

Anyway, i for one think that 3 x-related specials is more than enough for this year; i d much rather have Ronan the Accuser and/or Surtur/Odin/Destroyer. Also, in the next extension i d rather see a bit more deities (not just Asgardian) and Thor-related characters such as Skurge and Seth, and also some more cosmic-level heroes such as Captain Universe, Phyla-Vell, Star-Lord...and why not put in the villains of more titles, since we've covered most of Spidey's (of which we have left Jackal, Kaine, Hydro-Man and Smythe, as majors) and most of Daredevil's (all's left are the *incredible* stiltman, the owl, and razorfist) and some allies of his (white tiger, black tarantula left). how about putting in new "rogues galleries" such as Ghost Rider's (Blackout, Orb, Dan Ketch (on bike), Doghead,Scarecrow, Vengeance...) or Moon Knight's (Midnight, Bushman, Werewolf By Knight, Black Spectre...)which have formidable Rogue's galleries...

mighty_marvel said...

enemies of moon knight and ghost rider would take up the marvel knights slots of any extension which have previously been mostly occupied with daredevil's enemies. once they are done i'm sure EM will switch to other knights villains

jabba theslutt said...

I must leave now for i cry the salty tears of the mother wolf who find her cub caught by the knackers in woodmans trap.
I hopings one day to visting UK you all beutifull i must now go as lights dim mother want me to pedal generator
If one day i seeing Ursa Major you know how i will be feelongs ?... that's riiiiight
Goran tipsocholovitch

Anonymous said...

sasquatch + wendigo as a double pack mega special would be cool.
and a dark beast + caliban special
followed by a monster hunters special
the bloodstone's deserve a slot in this collection.

those who say that the shff is mostly full of x-men fans could also say that this site is full of thor / asgardian lovers.
it's a good job that eaglemoss try to keep everyone happy.

ted sallis said...

well i have been scouring ebay to find some classic comic book movies, including such gems as Doc Savage starring Ron Ely ,Captain America starring Matt Salinger? he went on to obscurity funnily enough.
And perhaps the cherry on the cake Dolph Lundgren as The Punisher.
I never realised i was such a masochist :)

Anonymous said...

Sasquatch and Puck would probably be a better choice since it offset both Sassy's height and Puck's shortnss. Wendigo would be cool, but I'm sure he could be fit in the line somewhere in a few extensions.

As for Dark Beast and Caliban... not a bad idea but they're not connected all that much. Callisto and Caliban would have been a better idea. How about Dark Beast and Fatale? Or Dark Beast and Random? He augmented both of them.

Anonymous said...

i hear what you are saying about connections , i knew that when i listed them.
just thought they'd look cool together.
sasquatch and wendigo are very similar apart from colour and wendigo having a long tail.

jimbob said...

I think Sasquatch and Puck double pack make sense.

Cant see Puck being a regular on his own.

He is smaller than Mole man!

Dont think it would be worth it.

ted sallis said...

Robert, Carry On Screaming is on ITV 3 as we speak Hammerhead has a starring role. Old Ross Andru must have been a fan!

Robert said...

Funnily enough, Ted, that's the only Carry On film I like. Generally I find them reprehensibly sexist, homophobic and racist.

On the subject of films, "Comic Book Villains" was good, if rather critical of comic collecting. (Actually, the comics were 'cursed' like a rare gem or Maltese Falcon.) I know it was supposed to be over-the-top fun, and it was for the most part. However, once the body count started to rise and a kindly old lady was stabbed to death, it short of lost the "fun" tag. I also disliked the epilogue, where the main character had to stop reading comics before he found a girlfriend and "a life". I'm glad I saw it, though, even if the sub-text was staunchly anti-comic collecting.

ted sallis said...

Robert you sound the ideal candidate to take over when Jonathon Ross leaves film 2010. :)
I enjoyed it to a point but as you say the stereotyping was predictably anti comic, the skinny dweeb has to ditch comics in order to get a life spiel, but that comic collection they were murdering people for, fair pales into insignificance compared to the treasure trove that is Thor8's collection :)

Robert said...

Thanks for the compliment, Ted.
I totally agree with your feelings about the movie. The comic collection was seen as an evil force, anyone who wanted it was led to increasingly vile acts and even the old lady was doomed just through association. The boy ended the film rejecting comics and so survived. It was of course a rather barbed footnote that he (slightly implausibly) relocated to one of the cultural capitals of the world, another dig at the 'low art' of comicbooks. It was simplistic and rather insulting to think that comics cannot be combined with travel, sophistication, maturity, etc. I bet if you did a straw poll of people who post here they would be able to tell you about full lives that contrast strikingly with the one-dimensional stereotyping that the film encouraged.

Killer Frost said...

Crimson Dynamo looks very good!

Very happy to hear that we might be getting Omega Red (its about time!) He will look amazing.

Yes to Omega Red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ted sallis said...

You know Robert ,the more i remember this film the more i think i owe you an apology for recommending it. Every character who was in anyway associated with comics was sad or vile or both.The only character i found remotely amusing was the guy that set all the chaos in motion . I think he called himself Conan because he proported to be the grandson of Robert E Howard.
The old lady managed to talk our hero? out of sharing the same terrible fate as her son who ended his life a sad ,lonely weirdo with only comics for company ,
Yep my rose tinted glasses malfunctioned spectularly.
Sorry about that Robert

Robert said...

Ach, Ted, it cost buttons and I was interested in seeing it. It was between night shifts and unable to process anything more demanding, so it's fine, really.

Just looked over buffduffdan's list of specials (thanks) and wondered why some characters like the High Evolutionary, Warlock (New Mutants, I assume), Deaths Head II and perhaps even Zeus were considered specials? They strike me as being standard-sized.

As everyone knows, I'm no X-fan and have no interest in Omega Red. However, there's no denying that he has come out very, very well in the poll and I'd have to support his inclusion. It seems only fair. If Eaglemoss don't pay any attention to the polls then why bother having them? We have a great relationship to Rich and the team through the forum and this blog and the polls are one way we communicate what we want.

CBRBeast, you mentioned that the double-packs hadn't sold as well as Eaglemoss hoped. Interesting. Was that announced through the main forum? It would seem to kill off any hopes of multi-packs...

Anonymous said...

Hello, fellow collectors.
I'm kinda new to the forum.
Can someone please let me know
how I can take part in the poll.

It's great to know that Eaglemoss are paying attention their loyal fans (and,let's not forget, buyers!)

In a poll, I would like to suggest
1) new characters to be considered for new releases (Sunspot from New Mutants and Mantis from the golden era of Avengers, for example)
2) if double specials could be used to offer new, improved versions of characters. Especially those where their original figurines are too small/slim (Silver Surfer is way too puny!) and where powers or gadgets have not been included (I said it before, Invisible Woman deserves a sculpt where she is projecting force fields). If more and more fans are asking for it, maybe Eaglemoss will listen to their wishes and create a line of specials dedicated to improved versions. I think these would be in demand.

Richie Rich said...


This guy is a must have and as many others have stated is would seem a bit daft to have Odin this year when he would be more suited to coming out next year close to the time of the new Thor film and he dont have to be a movie version.

I still hope that we can get Northstar & Aurora too.

The time is right for the Omega Red.

jimbob said...

Is this a virus?????

jimbob said...

Its gone now.

Rich could you inform us on if it was safe or not.

jabba theslutt said...

I lovings the duran duran " smell like i sound, i'm a lost in tha crowd and i'm a hungry liike thaaa wwoooolf" ME! I hungry for the WERE-WOLVE BY NIGHTIES ! you see how i making the jokings?
Also i find he name Jack Russel like a dog . I laugh like crazy alcoholics
I tell my mother i makings many friend and improve my english
when i tell her my new best frends are man who riding crow, big hairyass beastings and rob the burns she smile like angel, her one remaining tooth gleaming like the icicles in our toilet bowl we both cry the happy tears

Robert said...

I can't speak for the man riding a crow or big hairyass beastings, but rob the burns is getting a bit bored with your shtick, Jabba.

Cardcaptor said...

Over the moon that Omega Red is finally been considered as he will be without doubt a sensational sculpt!

Make Omega Red happen Rich ;)

Hawkeye said...

Robert - sympathise with your sentiments, pal. However, under all the wibble, I find myself agreeing that I'd like to see Werewolf by Night done as a figure. When I was reading Marvel back in the day, that was one of the comics I read on a regular basis, along with the Tomb of Dracula one. Bit of a nostalgia trip but I'd like to see those done as figures.

marveljoe said...

I wasn't too fuss at first at getting Omega Red but as a compromise maybe getting Ronan The Accuser in the same year along with Blob then I can see it being a good year for specials:

Fing Fan Foom (Can't wait for)
Cloak & Dagger (is it possible to see the new sculpt)
Omega Red
Ronan The Accuser

jabba theslutt said...

Robert like bert like my hero bert reynolds you my good friend yes?
you not likings the werwolf by nighting is ok.
Tellings me your favorite tractor and i write you song to be playing on your bagpussy.

jimbob said...

I like Ronan but SASQUATCH beats all special choices at the moment.

SASQUATCH should be considered before the rest,unless we are getting Auora & Nortstar end of the year;)

Jabba,you are funny!:)

Deadpool said...

I find myself agreeing with Old Pinkeye.

I too used to read Werewolf by Night and Tomb of Dracula.

Both of these figures as a double pack would make a great addition to the collection.

Robert said...

Can't argue with the Werewolf by Night or Dracula suggestions, Jabba, Hawkeye and Deadpool. Not bothered about them personally but they have a good case for being included and if they are popular then they should be serious possibilities. Jabba, I have nothing against you, I'm just not interesting in Doris Day, tractors, etc. ...

jabba theslutt said...

Forgivings me robert you not interest in doris day or glorious tractors is like scot who not like whiskey and deepfrying pizza
very hard to beleivings :)
I read last night silver surf Requiem when Galacatoos stand over surfer body in three days of the mournings i have lump in my throat , and when galacatoos create the star in his honour ...i cry!
This very beutiful book

Robert said...

I can't quite decide who you are or where you are from, Jabba, although I'm going to take a guess.

You've mentioned "Champion the Wonder Horse", a 1950s US tv serial that was repeated on Saturday morning UK tv in the early 1970s. You've also referenced AC/DC, gonks, Tony the Tiger, Burt Reynolds, Whitney Houston, the Beastie Boys, "whiskey" (US spelling rather than Scottish 'whisky'), Doris Day and creationists.

Most tellingly, perhaps, you mentioned Corrie and Albert Square (from Eastenders), Gary Glitter, Bagpuss ("bagpussy" for bagpipe) and British colloquialisms like "knackers".

"West Sahara", my ass. My guess is your name is Colin, you're 39 years old, you live in Weston-Supermare (where it is raining as you read this) and your next door neighbor is a chatty old lady named Betty who has a budgie called Mr. Toodles.

What is it with this collection and folk who have more identity issues than the characters themselves...? :)

jabba theslutt said...

I bet me and Rabbi burns are lovings the lady ga gas, i like to sing " can't read my ,no he can't read a my poker face pppppp poker face"
You know who poker face i like to be readings?... THE JACK OF HEARTS
you see pokerface? jackof heart? i making the crazy jokings. maybe i shood be writing for great britsh funny guy rick jar vase
Serios isee previewings and the JOH look beutifull paintings.
Hey rabbi if you knowing mr toodles you must living on my street???

Thor8 said...

If I had to choose between Sasquatch or Omega Red for the next special my vote goes to Sassy.

Jabba; I must admit that at first I found your posts to be a bit annoying and thought of just ignoring them,but after reading them more determinly I found myself not only understanding them,but actually agreeing to many of your comments. Daer God this is kind of frightening!

jabba theslutt said...

Many thankings thor8 you know i like to imaginings what people are looking likes whom i am speakings with on blog, Thor8 ithink i see in my mind handsome american bert reynolds givings me the cheeky winkings sitting in his trans am.
Rabbi Robby Bobby i see as kind old sean conneries holding tray of fresh deep fried pizza.
Hawkeye eye see as famous archer Robin Hood as played by Kevin Kostners.
You are all such wonderfool peoples.i must go as yak eatings my potato

Hawkeye said...

Kevin Costner - blimey, I'm flattered....

Anonymous said...

wtf is with this jabba ?
doing my head in , dunno if i should laugh or cry.
anyway now we are talking about horror characters , simon garth , brother voodoo , and the monster hunters - elsa + ulysses bloodstone
are must have's.

Robert said...

Where's everyone gone? Even my old mucker, Ted, hasn't waxed nostalgic for a while and Colin has stopped rambling.

Anyway, just had a look at the official site and it's still not updated. At the risk of stealing Thor8's thunder, I will buy Dazzler tomorrow and that will be me caught up with the preview photos. I know that it has nothing to do with Rich and that he's prodded a few people in the past. Still, it's a shame that the people responsible for the main site don't have the same interest in communicating with the collectors as Rich and the main forum do.

For those who have already bought Dazzler, how does she look next to the other figurines...?

ted sallis said...

I've been doing a wee labouring job for a friend o mine . So being what scientist's call " nae spring chicken" every thing aches, back , legs etc now to compound it all reading through recent posts has caused my brain to ache too! :)
Anyhoo i was sorting through some doubles to list on ebay when i started to reread ultimates # 13 the huge slugfest finale between the ultimates and loki.
It contains an eight page centrefold fold out battle scene, however one of my copies has a printing error meaning that the first 4 pages of the centrespread are printed twice.
I posted an image of this on the forum asking if this made it " rare" i have been met with complete silence . Now either this means they are gobsmacked at how incredibly lucky i am to be sitting on a small fortune ? or the more likely option would be they are sniggering at my lameness for asking such a dumb question about a worthless comic. Could somebody put me right?
Also looking at that issue gave me a wee tingle of excitement at how truly epic the upcoming Thor movie could be.
Loki is just a skinny little nondescript guy who can call on all manner of incredible trolls and beasties from asgard .
No spandex ,no need to potray him as some growth hormone junkie addicted to protein shakes and steroids because ... he is a god !!
All the eejits moaning that the actor playing Thor isn't bulky enough are missing the point completely . he is a GOD!!
A musclebound actor smacking a musclebound Hulk across the movie screen would be Myeah! so what?
A regular looking guy smacking an enormously powerful looking Hulk across the screen . would make you go oh my god, he's a god!
Anyhow enough of my meanderings , i'm off for a Radox bath,

Robert said...

Hi, Ted. I'm no expert but, if you want my opinion on the Ultimates comic, I'd say there will be someone somewhere interested. Any variation from the norm seems to attract a certain kind of collector. You will know that some collectors prefer cents copies to pence copies, and vice versa. And rare covers with colouring errors are collectible. It will depend to a large degree on how many comics have this printing error. Really hardcore collectors who covet this type of thing are rare, so with low demand that will probably mean the comic isn't worth a great deal more than the cover price even if the error is very rare. I wouldn't go eyeing up the catalogue from Rolls-Royce just yet...

As for Thor, I agree that while the actor should be physically imposing, he does not need to be huge like, for instance, one of those American wrestlers. No doubt the actor has worked out prior to shooting and will look pretty muscular. I hope the hammer looks big and impressive as the prop hammers made in recent years are a little small in my opinion.

I'm just chuffed beyond belief that we'll see the Warriors Three... ;)

Sonic Scream said...

The prospect of getting OMEGA RED is very nice indeed!!!

Really want to see this hard as nails Russain make into the specials for 2010. Feel like i have been waiting for him for ages.

Jacadoo said...

Ted keep holf of your ultimates miss print - there are collectors out there who will pay substatial amounts for items such as this.

Not me mate.

This miss print falls into a category of mislabelled toys / books - do a search on ebay there are a few items there, the prices are scary.

Jacadoo said...

Robert Dazzlers not bad although not one of my favs (but better than FS wasp).

Recent Thor Hammers Small.... My wife just bought me the sideshow Ultimates version approx 30" - I won't upset you all with the price she paid suffice to sy they usually retail for +£300.

But when we gave the seller the cash there were tears in his eyes.

Robert said...

Always nice to bag a bargain, Jacadoo.

I remember being at a mart many years ago and seeing a Starlin Warlock comic I was desperate for at £10. I only had about £20 ("only" - it was a king's randsom to me then!) and was unwilling to part with half my budget on one comic, whoever it was. Thirty minutes later I found a stall selling it for 50p. Result!

The Ultimates hammer looks pretty enormous. I made my own Thor hammer in the mid-1990s before the props started appearing. My version is noticeably bigger than the props. I also hollowed out the shaft to pour lead into. That allows the hammer to balance on the slanted edges like Thor sometimes does in the comics. Clever, huh?

ted sallis said...

Och! Jacadoo when you said " there are collectors out there who will pay substantial money" i was rubbing my hands with glee
then you ruined it by saying "AYE BUT NOT ME!" :)
I may list it on ebay and give it the big build up " your once in a lifetime chance to own a comic rarity" type spiel

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo post a picture of your hammer so i can see if its the same as the one i saw in America for many many dollors and it was really large (the hammer that is)


Thor8 said...

Ted,I hate to say this but your book isn't really worth much. I've seen adds for books with double covers(I once had one of these myself)books with the cover upside down and books with the cover stapled on the back of the book, but the truth is most of the time (and I mean 98% of the time)they are considered as defective books and not as a rarity.

Robert,you'll be purchasing Dazzler today,while I still haven't been able to get my hands on Machine Man yet! Gee you guys are blessed!

jabba theslutt said...

I loving you crazy british with your topping hats and haggis pies
Jacadaw you must be one handsome fellows ithink, Like a handsome actor Bert Reynolds for lady to be buying you chrome plated claw hammer for 300 engleesh poundings.
My cool frend Rabbi Robby Bobby for you i have recipe for hammer
Taking large cereal box , inner cardbored tubing from the bacofoil , then cutting the whole in bottom of box slide in tubings mix up the gloopy gloo and and posterpaint and apply .
My good chum Rabbi , if you shake with the whiskey shakes , I making hammer for you , only 178 euro's. If i sell 2 hammers icould come visitings with you ?
I think this make you happy gay like a Doris Day!!
I making the blog for to showing eveybodies ,yoo looking please.

Deadpool said...

Just changing the subject slightly from that of our resident Slug of ill repute.

Do any of you know the URL for the Buffy figurine collection.

I have managed to pick up three of these figures from a news agent but would like to collect the full set (along side my Marvel, DC and Lord of the rings figures).

Thanks in advance.

Now back to the ramblings of the Promiscuous Pupa.

jabba theslutt said...

Aw man baby! You rocking like the GUNS N POSIES. The Deadpool is my favoorit dirty herring movies.
Who picture of? that not clint deadwood

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

deadpool - go to and look under current titles. go to buffy and angel dvd collection. the figurines are the special editions of this collection and are available in the shop.

i thought about collecting these but £10 a figure seems alot and i haven't seen an actual one to judge if they're worth it

Robert said...

Ah, Colin, if only making my hammer had been that easy!

You're only at Machine Man, Thor8!?! If I recall you're in Puerto Rico (did I dream that?), so I'm not entirely surprised by the wait. Still, must be irritating as hell. I guess that the updates on the official site are ahead of time for someone, then... :)

Hope we get an update tomorrow. If so, I wonder what we'll hear about...?

mighty_marvel said...


although any special news would be good. would be interesting to know how many special slots there will be in the current run to #160. would allow us more of an idea of who is likely to make it and stop some of the arguments over odin, ronan or omega red. if we know there's plenty of room for all three plus the other big wants then the exact order doesn't really matter all that much.

also, are we getting an extra special this year due to cloak and dagger being delayed from last year?

sneak peek of pyro would be good too.

jabba theslutt said...

Rabbi robby the bobby me knowing sometime i thik as scotsmans artery's but why you making your own hammer? .. Is no hardware storings in the scotch?
Do you singing when you playings?
" cros the rainbow bridge of the asgard wher the boomsing havens rroaaar yool be held in brethless wundarr at the good of thunder MMIIIIGHTEEEEEEEE THOOOOOOOOOR!"
it make me smile to think of old Sean conneries doing this:) :)
Hey Rich my main man hifive!
how about too updatings tomrrow
blackhart and balder sneaky peakings.
Also richerd pay me barrowfool of carrots and i get my yak to do main site updatings ! she doing better job than toothless alky

Thor8 said...

Jabba,I can't believe you did this to me. First you bring my hopes up high saying you think of me as a handsome Burt Reynolds type,then you come around and say my friend Jacadoo is the handsome Burt Reynolds type. How could you do this to me??!! You have broken my heart now it is I who is crying the salty tears!

Jacadoo said...

Hey Thor8 leave my best new buddy alone - if Slutty says I'm Burt, then you can be be be be - well anybody else - but not as cool as Berty boy me!!!

Porate Hammer in storage I will hunt out an image and let you know when I post over this weekend.

Prey for a main site update - we know Rich won't let us down...

Robert said...

First it was Colin, then Thor8, now Jacadoo... is this an epidemic of garbled speech? (Oh, and Sean Connery tops Burt and Kevin, so there! :) )

Anyway, back to reality: have to politely disagree with mighty marvel on his choice of Madame Web as a special. I would much prefer - in no particular order - Goliath/ Giant-Man, Destroyer, Hela, Sasquatch, Ronan, Titanium Man, Sauron, Lockjaw, Terrax, Surtur, Odin, Ultimo, Blastaar, Stilt Man, Super Adaptoid, Dragon Man, MODOK, Man Bull, Controller, Sphinx, Mangog, Ulik and Wendigo before Madame Web (though it'd be nice to get her eventually).

Just went back and looked and according to buffduffdan's list from a few days ago, sixteen of these characters got more votes than Madame Web. Sasquatch and Omega Red scored very highly in the poll, so surely that's a big clue what we'll get next?

Been a funny week on here. Ted must be laid up with muscle fatigue today and even Mr. Smith has fallen silent recently...

mighty_marvel said...

robert - although i do want madame web my suggestion was tongue in cheek. i know its unlikely we'll get her in the recent future but i have to say if we get all those characters you have suggested before another spiderman related special i'll be disappointed. like everyone else i'm expecting, and will be more than happy with, sasquatch, omega red, odin, northstar/aurora to be the next few specials confirmed in no particular order.

Robert said...

Good point, mighty marvel, although I have zero expectation of seeing all or even most of those characters. (Ultimo wasn't even listed in the poll.) I hadn't thought about balance - I don't even try to pretend I know anything about the X-characters - but have to admit I hadn't even noticed the lack of Spidey specials.

Who did you have in mind? I can't think of any Spidey specials off the top of my head...

pirate adam said...

Burt Reynolds, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner? i'm confused,


Pirate Adam (i think)

Robert said...

Well, PA, as Kevin and Sean have both played Robin Hood, you could be Errol Flynn, another famous man to wear the tights!

Or, if you prefer, Maid Marion. We welcome diversity on this blog!

Thor8 said...

Okay jabba you started this debate, so now it's up to you to settle it. Who truly is the Burt Reynolds on this blog?(I used to own a Trans Am).

On the subject of specials Wikepedia has listed Omega Red as the 15th special after C&D 13th and the Blob 14th,and after reading Rich's comment on this post this order is subject to change,but apparently the debate between Sasquatch and Omega is a mute one.

Deadpool said...

Without lowering the tone too much ....

I am sure that Jabbette has more than enough folds of flesh and copius amounts of slime to satisfy all of the Blurt Reynolds impersonators here.

Hell ... I bet that there is room for psuedo Errol Flynns too.

Anonymous said...

no offence robert , but when you lot start talking about old comic issues that i haven't read i get a little bored and feel i cannot join in on the conversation , but i'm sure that they are all fine reads all the same.
the other reason for my silence is that slutt is doing most of the talking on here lately.
hey quit your jibba , jabba lol.
i am waiting for a topic that we can all join in on and have a say.
so can someone please bring up a topic that is related to this collection and not burt reynolds ?
this makings me borings like a little olivers twisty waitings for his more sirs lol. oh no it's rubbing off on me now !!

Robert said...

No offense taken, Mr. Smith, and your point is valid. The chat about comics is rather inevitable and not meant in any way to be exclusionary. However, I can see how it can seem so.

And if you want a subject to dicuss, I thought there were loads of interesting topics. What about Spider-Man specials? The only one I can think of is Grizzly. (I don't think a Spider-Slayer qualifies, does it?)

Deadpool said...

Earlier on in this thread I meantioned the Marvel DC crossover characters.

Dark Claw
Super Soldier


I think that these would be a rather interesting complement to the current collection.

Will it be possible to include these when the collection is extended again?

Would any of the other collectors be interested in them?

Please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. How do I take part in, or organise, a poll? I've lots of fave characters and would like to see if you guys would want them as well:

Planet Hulk characters: Brood, Korg and Miek especially.

And this mixed bag: Doctor Spectrum, Mojo, Mantis, Magma and Sunspot.

As for the specials, it would be great if Eaglemoss introduced a series dedicated to new, improved versions of characters already covered. For example, I would like a better Silver Surfer figurine, please!

Please can we poll properly?