Wednesday, 27 March 2013

just popping in to say hello/goodbye...

Hey bet ya thought I was gone forever?

I've been more busy than ever over the last month working on issues 8 and 10 of the Marvel Fact-Files (my first issues). Yes the secret is out - that's my destiny for the next 2 years!!!!

There are 4 of us (2 editors and 2 designers) split into 2 teams doing alternate issues to try and manage the weekly schedule. I work on the even numbered issues, but we all chip in and plan the issues together and try our best to make sure they are coherent and factually correct (not always possible on such a tight schedule!)

Like you guys, I was sceptical of it's merits in regard to the CMFC.
Having now worked on it for a month I am beginning to see how this could turn into a really nice collection. Of course it's never going to replace the CMFC, but as something to work on it's better than' Chandeliers Of The World' (I made that up btw). And it's something for Marvel fans to hopefully get in to.
The first issue has done better than expected and it seems to be a success at this early stage.
Bare in mind there are lots of new Marvel fans out that that didn't even know the CMFC existed!

I'm not a total EM drone, so I do have certain (personal) problems with it (mainly 32 pages every 2 weeks as opposed to the CMFC 16 pages, which takes a lot of work, you might say "ah but you don't have to deal with the figurines" But, I do have to commission the gate-fold cutaway artworks that grace every issue - so that takes up a shit load of time in research and communicating with the artists involved. (Just commissioned a War Machine armour cutaway and Dr. Strange's Sanctum Santorium.)
It's also very complicated trying to get your head around the way the thing comes together in the folders - every card has it's coded place in the chapters - so this can get a bit tedious. Also I thought a thicker even laminated card would be better than the thin paper, but hey who am I to stand in the way of progress :)

Here's a very, very rough idea for the Sanctum Santorium. This was scrapped in favour of a full length shot of the whole building with cutaway views of all the levels.

And here's just a detail from the War Machine cutaway...

I'm not going to turn this blog into a Fact Files advert - so don't worry I won't be updating regularly, just thought you'd like to know what's going on.

As for the competition I STILL WANT TO DO IT and I have a simple plan to execute, hopefully I will get around to it soon (imagines picture of Sonic the Hedgehog crossed arms tapping foot).

It will involve a 2 part question to be e-mailed with name and address and I will reward the first 10 with correct answers prizes beyond you wildest dreams (or a broken Crystal perhaps). I've got a box of various figurines that will be shared out amongst the luck few! PS the 10 winners will be in descending order of prizes (e.g first place gets 6 figurines, 2nd 4, 3rd 3 or whatever).

Anyway best get back to the real job. All the best for now and Make Mine Marvel!


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Bagman said...

Best of luck with your new endevours.

Banshee said...

Have fun on the fact files Dan. Can't wait to see the comp you've got lined up :)

Thor8 said...

Glad to hear from you again Dan, and I'm very happy to know your not in the unemployment line.

Would love to be one of the comp winners, but as I mentioned in a previous post if I'm not one of the lucky ones, you can feel free to dump all damaged figurines, loose body parts and even bases on me, I can sure use them for customizing purposes.

On a different note; Ages ago when Richard was in charge of this blog he mentioned a secret project he and the EM powers to be were working on and that we would learn something about it later on. Well as we all well know, It was never revealed what that project was all about. Did it just bite the dust like other EM projects, or was it the fact files or the demised Marvel Heroes and Villains series?

Well anyway, Good luck with your new series. I don't really think I'll be purchasing it, but I truly wish you the best.

Dan The Man said...

Obviously Marvel Fact Files was one of them

Batmobiles was one of the projects

and DC chess (Marvel chess is also in Development)

There were other aborted projects but i can't mention them as they may one day see the light of day.

The large figurines that are being offered as subs gifts with the fact files were originally designed as a mail order partwork that didn't happen.

there were also some Green Lantern ideas that never happened.

Thor8 said...

Thank you very much Dan for your reply. The mystery has been solved with you shedding the light on this forgotten subject. I hope that one of those aborted projects you mentioned that might one day see the light of day , involves Marvel figurines.

Oh Dan don't forget that you can dump any and all figurine scrap my way. Thanks!

LarryS said...
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LarryS said...

Dan -

Great to hear from you again, and best wishes with the project.

PS - if you're listening, please set a minimum threshold of (say) half a dozen blog postings over last few years to enter comp. The last winner appeared from nowhere, collected his booty, then disappeared into the ether.

Rest assured, as soon as you announce the comp, it'll go viral and a host of jonnie-come-laties will show up just for the occasion. If I'm not one of the lucky ones, I'd sooner the prizes go to Thor8 or LA Way or sed tallis or Robert or Sinster Venom or Bagman or Banshee or Mad Thinker, rather than Mr you've-never-heard-of-me-before-but-please-send-me-some-free-goodies-asap.

Just a thought....


sed tallis said...

I subscribe to the fact files , really like the subscriber gifts, and notice you have spaced them out over 7 months, no early cancellation then eh? .
Batman automobilia, CMFC and DC superhero collection all part works where it could be argued that the magazine is of secondary importance , yet all these collections offer subscribers a handy binder. Marvel Fact Files where the magazine is all you get there is no binder available??
Hope to see the comp revealed soon.
Glad your still gainfully employed. Doing four times the work for the same money ;)

AMARON said...

Hey Dan

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you and everyone involved with the CMFC and DC Superhero Collection. I bought every single issue and also had some customs made for me. This has given me my youth back. All the heros I read growing up with. THANK YOU. Enjoy the new Marvel Fact Files assignment. I am sure you will do great work there as well. Cheers Amaron.

Jacadoo said...

You can't keep a good man down - welcome back to the fold Dan!!

Larry I can share your sentiments but with so few of us left on the blog these days odds are we will have first bite of the cherry.

Nuff Said.

Thor6 I'm sure there are lots of left over Asgardians sitting on the scrap heap!!!

Oh just finished watching the Avengers on Sky - has anybody else seen the cut away at the very end of the credits - where they are sitting eating chips?

Thor8 said...

LarryS: When Dan first mentioned his plan for one last comp, I made the same observation as you did. A few bloggers felt that everyone is entitled to a chance to participate in said comp, but I believe as you do that it isn't exactly fair for some one to come out of nowhere and wind up getting the prizes while true blue members whom have kept this blog alive end up eating dust.

Jacadoo: I agree with you 100% that there must be loads of scrap Asgardian figurines due to the fact that many a figurine were discarded until they achieved the grand final products that the Asgardian characters turned out to be in this collection. (Unlike a certain Olympian buffoon with his big mouth open waiting for some grapes to be dropped in his mouth)

Yes I caught the scene at the end of the credits in the Avengers flick.

Dan The Man said...

If there were to be a list of top 20 contributors to this blog, who would they be?

Dan The Man said...

My vote goes to Sed Tallis.

Dan The Man said...

BTW. there is a binder with the fact files. not sure how you can get it, but i've seen it with my very own eyes! it's red/black and has an Art Adams pic of all the marvel legends - same as the subs gift t-shirt.

Thor8 said...

Dan; Do I get to pick 20 candidates or 10 or 5 or just 1 like you did?

Eagle said...

I am always amazed at the reactions of some of the bloggers when a competition is announced. It seems that some people feel that they have special rights just because they post more times, sometimes with conversations that are not related to the essence of this blog.
I am sure that many collectors are like me and that they like to read the comments but only post when they feel that they have something important to say and not just to appear.
I read the comments at least once every day but find that many of the posts do not require my participation.
Therefore, my suggestion is that no one tries to put pressure on Dan and to let him decide what he wants to do.

Victor said...

Completely agree with Eagle.
My writing English is very bad, because of that, I read most the blog.
Sorry Dan...

Thor8 said...

No one is putting pressure on anyone, but just a matter of opinion. Sure there are many people who just read this post in silence, but has it ever occurred to you that if those few who take the time to comment on this blog followed the same example what would you have to look forward to? This blog would cease to exist as such, and so it thanks to those whom DO comment this blog that have contributed the most to keep it alive.lcuzed 1221

Robert said...

Oh good grief. Nice to see some of the greats like Thor and Bagman F.F.F. have posted but I come back on for a look and everyone's arguing again.

As for a top twenty contributors, I don't see how Dan can overlook Blake. He went to incredible efforts on his gallery and that surely deserves recognition in some way? No one else went to such lengths.

The Fact File are starting to arouse my curiosity. They look really slick. I own the original Handbooks but these are quite different. Still doubt I will subscribe, but you never know.

And, for what it's worth, I don't believe I - or anyone else - should have special rights because we posted regularly. That should keep folk like Eagle happy considering I am soneone who also indulged in off-CMFC chat.

P.S. To anyone interested in British Marvel c.1970s, BACK ISSUE #63 is now out.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Wiccan - my review

Hello folks. I got Wiccan today.
A splendid figurine, especially the mystical patterns engraved on his coronet & flanks, and the incredibly dynamic cape - one of the most creative renditions of a cape in the entire collection. Overall, the paint job is virtually perfect.

I have noticed, however, that the inside of the cape is not in a darker shade like we had seen in the preview pics. The cape is the same shade of red on both sides. This is not a complaint. I love it. Just an observation.

The fact remains that he looks a bit like an adult version of Wiccan, as the face is too mature and the body frame a bit too bulky. But hey, I'm sure there is some kind of Time Travel explanation about this physical change.

One technical note: the packaging does not seem to have been designed correctly. In many cases I've seen that the figurine is free to bounce inside the box, and sadly in many cases the tips of the cape were snapped.

In any case, Wiccan is an awesome figurine, one of the best in the CMFC. It's such a shame that the collection had to end. But it's ending on a high.

Happy Easter to you all.

PS. Robert, thanks for your comments. I think we've all been great supporters of this collection and the blog, and each one of us offered something unique.

LarryS said...

Yes, BlakeNewman definitely counts as one of the greats, sorry I omitted him from my list!

Robert, no need to be too sensitive about the comments. I think half of the point (fun) of the blog is that we can honestly share opinions and occasionally disagree. As long as it's done in a respectful manner, with no insults or abuse, and respecting others have the right to a different opinion, I don't have a problem.

To reassure Eagle, I don't think anyone is suggesting prizes should be limited to the very regular bloggers alone. We are just suggesting a very low threshold (I hypothesised perhaps six posts over the last few years).

This is not at all unusual in competitions. My football team often does fun things for the kids (e.g., 'be a mascot', 'join the team for training' etc), but they limit it to people who've at least been to a match or three. They introduced this because previously they found carpetbaggers would appear out of the woodwork, and then vanish soon after. The same with special events at a couple of arts theatres of which I'm a member.

Eagle, Victor, Robert - I accept you have a different opinion. No problem at all. We're all fans of EM and Marvel, so what unites us is greater than what divides us!

SE London said...

Thanks for the update Dan.

I bought the first issue of the Fact Files and thoght it was a great mag.

Personally I am in favout=r of an open competition. I have collected all (nearly) 200 figurines and I read the blog every entry, but I have posted perhaps three or four times. There must be many others punters out there like me.

My Best,

Andy aka ThePirateKing

LAWay said...

Good to hear from you Dan, and that the guys have you kept busy with you knowledge put to good use with the fact files.

I have been contacting them since December to clear up an issue, and had to make a complaint to the ASA after some email responses. Hopefully things turn out for the best and I won't have to out them.

Larry, you're too kind.

I think we can all agree Blake has put in a lot of effort with his blog.

If I could get anything, it would be the large Spider-Man figurine I signed up for in the cancelled Heroes & Villains collection and the Fact Files but did not get it for either.

Anyone see the new Wolverine trailer? Wolverine, Iron Man and Thor this year! And Disneyland is opening an Iron Man Hall of Armours attraction in its park! With interactive stuff so you can wear the suit and see all the suits from the movies, opening April until September I think.

Changed my mind. Dan, can you get me tickets? ;)

Robert said...

Larry, if only I had some of your levelheadedness and diplomacy...

LarryS said...

it doesn't come naturally and necessitated years of practice and self-denial

Robert said...

Practice and denial?


I think I'll stick with argumentative and confrontational.

The Mad Thinker said...

Welcome back Dan , thanks for popping in with some news , good luck with the new project.
Although the fact files does look okay , I will not be subscribing as I am only interested in figurines. I have seen the marvel fact files in my local newsagents , the 1st issue was 99p then every issue after is £2.99. Issue 2 comes with a binder and on the magazine it states that there will be regular free binders , so good value for money , but I'm still not interested.
Maybe if there was a free large scale figurine every month I'd consider it. I like the look of the spiderman and iron man ones but don't see the point in just owning two figurines like that , there should've been a whole collection of them.
It's most annoying that the Marvel heroes and villains collection got cancelled.
I'm just wondering if Eaglemoss investigations are still considering some sort of figurine collection using the larger scale models.
It's a bit strange how they have altered the amount of free gifts that subscribers of the fact files will receive , and also that the iron man and spiderman figurines have been put back to be the last free gifts in line to be received.
Either this is an idea to keep people subscribing for longer knowing that most of us want these figurines , or they are leaving the figurines until last in case the fact files collection is a flop and loses sales , then they can keep the figurines and use them in another collection.

Competition idea for Dan :

Does anyone watch the quiz show on channel 4 called the common denominator ?

Dan could use a word and a picture together , or two words , or two pictures associated with Marvel , and we would have to find the common denominator between them.

Example -

What is the common denominator between these two ?

America and Marvel

answer = Captain

(Captain America + Captain Marvel)

I'm sure Dan could think of some harder ones !!

Moving on now :

Has anyone noticed how France seem to be getting a lot of Eaglemoss figurine and chess projects started / tested in their country ?

check out this link -

Jacadoo said...

Dan you defiantly know how to put the cat amongst the pigeons, top contributors to this blog my humble view:

1 Thor8- longevity and contribution
2 Blake - virtual gallery and contribution
3 Padam - for the fights and fun
4 Roberto - knowledge base
5 sed sallis, sniffy, deadfool - fun monsters all the way

There are numerous other contributors but these are the stand outs for me.

Thor8 said...

Dan following in Jacadoo's footsteps......

1) Jacadoo- longevity and contribution
2) Blake - virtual gallery and contribution
3) Padam - for the fights and fun
4) Roberto - knowledge base
5) sed sallis, sniffy, deadfool - fun monsters all the way
6 BobDiamond; A true gentleman among us
7)LAway; a touch of controversy to keep the spark going
8)Mad Thinker; He' nuts and fun to have around

Robert said...

Top bloggers

1. Thor8
2. Jacadoo
3. Adam
4. Ted
5. Bagman F.F.F.
6. Bob Diamond
7. Larry
8. Blake
9. Leigh
10. Smiffy9745

I know, Blake in at 8. It means naught; the order was pretty random. I still think Blake deserves a special award of something and should be exempt from having to enter a competition to be rewarded for his virtual gallery.

Probably forgetting some good guys from way back, and for that I apologise to them. (Not that he was a good guy, but whatever happened to CBRBeast?)

Word verification: "catnets 105."

Dante Lord said...

Look this blog, is amazing:

Dante Lord said...

Buen blog de cine

Eagle said...

Well, the way things are going, I suggest we all buy presents for each other. It seems that it will be a way to make everyone happy.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LAWay said...

haha I would prefer to be known for some good opinions and some of the photoshop stuff I put together rather than just being controversial and argumentative...and I'll debate my pros over my cons to the bitter end! ^_^

SinisterVenom said...

Hi Dan! Great to hear from you again! And I must say that it's also great to hear from all the bloggers that have recently gone quiet lately! Good to see you all back everyone, just like the old times! Too bad it's so near to the end of the collection now though...

Best of luck with the Fact Files and any future projects you work on Dan! I'm subcribed to them too as the first issue really fascinated me and I look forward to seeing what else appears in the future issues (and of course the subscription gifts!) Will this mean there will be a seperate blog page for the Fact Files once the CMFC has ended? If so, I'll most likely visit that page often and if any of you guys collect them too, perhaps we can still hang around and chat there? Even if you're not collecting the Fact Files?
Looking forward to the competition! Hope it's soon! Stay cool guys!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

If there is going to be a competition, may I suggest that it should not be based simply on SPEED OF RESPONSE? We're all in different time zones, and it'd be more difficult for some people to visit the blog in a timely fashion just when the competition questions have been posted. Basing the competition on knowledge questions is ok, but perhaps the winners should just be chosen via the usual lottery-style draw. I'd hate it if it all boiled down to speed of response. It's not like we're all sitting in front of the computer in the same office.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I'd also like to remind you of my idea, posted many months ago, for a series of Marvel Universe Files where I suggested that the series could cover alien planets and races, secret organizations, weapons, technology and mysterious artefacts, civilisations, dimensions and locations and what more, providing a structured exploration of the Marvel Universe. I'd like to think that it may have been partly the inspiration for the Marvel Fact Files, or maybe this idea - like all ideas - was floating in the ethereal layers of the Mindverse and EM picked on it. It's a shame, however, that EM didn't choose to include a figurine with each fact file, like I had proposed. Check out my old posts where I had included links to mock-ups for an Alien Races file and an Atlantis file for example. PS. I'm not collecting Marvel Fact Files though. I would if they included a figurine.

SinisterVenom said...

I get where you're coming from Blake. I've only just been able to comment on here last night as I was away all week and got back yesterday. I never knew about the update. I just think it seems more like a race than a competition which isn't very fair considering our different time zones like Blake said and the fact that we all have our lives to live and may not be able to be on here 24/7. I've got my Mom's 50th due in a couple of weeks and I've got so much running around to do I may find it difficult to make it on here too. And I know there's people like DP that goes travelling a lot, I'm guessing that's why we haven't heard from him in a while.....

pirate adam said...

Top blogger in my opinion are put into catagories

The 4 legends of the blog


My other fave bloggers

Sv, Bob Diamond, Blake, Beast, Ghost, Eagle, Bagman, Banshee. There are a few whis names I cant remember without trolling through old posts but if the too 4 guys and x amiunt of the others I mentioned got a prize I would have no complaints


Eagle said...

PA: Thanks for thinking of me. I am surprised that anyone paid any attention to my comments.

pirate adam said...

Oh I forgot Deadpool, how the hell did I forget him, he was a bigger pain in me arse than that Asgardian pretending to be an know who you are!!!

Jaca...cough...doo....cough cough.


pirate adam said...

Dont worry Eagle, i've been posting for years and dont always get replies but rest assured your comments are nearly always read and once or twice they may even be appreciated


Jacadoo said...

OMG....... Or Zeus to me!!!!!

No son of Olympus would ever claim to be an Assgardian (no miss spelling), we are a bunch (no grapes puns please Thor7.5) of fun loving occasional skirt wearing love gods.

We are the macho Demi Gods who lesser Asgardians aspire to be.

So step off Barnicle Bill!!!

LA I must admit some of your comments really grate but that certainly never stops me searching them out and adds the flavour to the blog, much in the way our resident pirate used to upset king Chris and CBR Beast!!

If any of you bloggers have never read this golden age of exchanges, take my advice and look before they are lost forever. Would make LA proud.

Oh for the old days.

sed tallis said...

So there are binders for the Fact Files, aha, i just went by the subscriber gifts as they are usually a given.
Any comp has to be open to everyone readers or bloggers. I'm with Blake ,it shouldn't be first to reply ..unless Dan announces the time and date that the comp will be published in advance ;)
Top Bloggers??? ahahahaaa aaaaah Dan , you wee rabble rouser you.
PA and Baroni sorry i havnae joined in on Xbox live, my wifes letting me go gold next week!!!!Woooooop as i believe the yung uns say.

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo you are correct, no son of Olympus would ever claim to be an Asgardian mainly because they aren't manly enough to pull it off. I on the other hand was saying you are an Asgardian claiming to be an Olympian, which is a simple task for a Asgardian because even the weediest son of Asgard is twice the man of any Olympian.

Good to hear from you anyway buddy

And Ted, I look forward to Pa

pirate adam said...

Do any of you guys remember Jimbob? Another great blogger who has gone AWOL


Jacadoo said...

Pirate have you got a user name on the Xbox my son will forward you a friend request.

Mind you he is a son of Olympus I'm not sure how badly this will effect his street cred being chums with an asgardian

pirate adam said...

What about my street cred, being associated with a skirt wearing grape eater? I wont be able to show me face on the seven seas haha

Pirate Adam21

Anyone else on xbox feel free to add me


Thor8 said...

Pirate; Jimbob last posted on Nov 16 and he stated and I quote...

"I'm not interest in anymore EM projects, started DC chess but it was a big meh! Sold it!"

16 November 2012 23:03

So it just might be JB decided to call it quits for the blog as well. I sure hope not as he was one of the top 20 bloggers in my list.

Jacadoo said...

Padam you are now linked to the real Jacadoo, my son Jac!!

Don't worry I have instructed him to take it easy on the Asgardian.

SinisterVenom said...

I'm on Xbox too guys, though I haven't used it much lately. I'll give you my Gamer Tag anyway:

I'm also on PS3 too. I ususally use that more so if anyone has one and wants to add me on there too, my addy is:

Hopefully catch you guys on there!

Jacadoo said...

Sinister as an honery Olympian I Williams on your tag!!!!

Banshee said...

Concerning the best bloggers, I think Robert's list is pretty dead on.
I am a somewhat active member but I think if it wasn't for the guys like those on Robert's list (and Dan of course) this blog wouldn't have lasted nearly as long as it has.
I don't mind if I don't win anything in the comp. I'd love to see some customisers win and turn the figures into new and awesome characters (which I occasionally purchase).

Lars Nielsen said...

Good to hear from you Dan. At least we know the Fact Files will be in good hands. Probably be another 2-3 years before they make an appearance here in South Africa :). Very sadly I received my Lady Sif figurine last week with an insert proudly announcing an extension of 20 issues. I can imagine how exciting this must have been at the time for you guys in the UK, but now knowing that the future holds no more than these 20 I am sad. At least I still have 20 to go and a couple of amazing specials. Going to miss my brown box being delivered every month to my desk and secretly reading the mag cause I couldnt wait to get home.

Great to see the mention of a competition is still causing such "lively" debate.

On another note, are any of you guys here kit builders at all? Has anyone checked out the range of Dragon 1:9 avengers and batman characters?

Jacadoo said...

Lars just be clear we have not received sif here as yet and there has not been any mention of any extension or am i wrong?

This could be fantastic news. Can anybody confirm?

Robert said...

Ah, how long has it been since we had an Asgardians versus Olympians to-ing and fro-ing? Sniff. Like old times again.

Anyway, just noticed another worthy name has posted. Sorry, Banshee, you were one of the names I knew I'd forget - and had already apologised to, but this is a direct apology.

Like Banshee, I am not too fussed about any prizes. I'd prefer they went to the customisers who will put figures to good use. (I know, this complicates things for Dan. Sorry, Dan.) Unless there's a template Recorder figure lying about, and that's as likely as me being adopted by Stan Lee, I am happy to be omitted from any list.

Lars Nielsen said...

Really Jacadoo. Sorry, I just assumed you guys over there were miles ahead of us in SA. It was talking about the final extension 181-200. Sorry to get your hopes up!

Hawkeye said...

Hi Guys - just to let you know I've posted the final batch of photos on my blog - hope you like them, The Silver Surfer one is one of my favorites but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Until next time.... Hawkeye.

Thor8 said...

Hawkeye: I like the Green Lantern and the Hydroman pics the most from this last batch.

I had put together a list of the top 20 contributors to this blog, but I wound up with 22 names! Oh well, here they are, in no particular order...

Pirate Adam
Ted Sallis
Sinister Venom
Mad Thinker
The Toon
Kal Brindle
Max Ryan
Max 0888
Lars Nielsen

Their are many more that can be mentioned but these are my personal top choices.

I don't expect any prize, I'll just take all the CMFC scrap lying around off EM's hands.

Thor8 said...

Misspelled Blakenewman and LarryS' names. Sorry about that chaps!

Hawkeye said...

Thanks Thor8 - I take it you mean Green Arrow, as I never got around to getting a Green Lantern figure (something I must rectify one day :)

Jacadoo said...

Lars my long time pal you killed my short lived high!!

I think if we are voting for worthy winners perhaps we should think about the knowledge base contributors first and foremost, the like of Thor8, Roberto the pirate the list goes on...

Me I'm afraid at best an enthusiastic supporter with exceptional taste in Demi gods not sullied with the taint of Asgard.

Dan one competition prize that may be of greater perceived value to the collectors on this blog??

How about an original signed piece of art say a front cover?

Although not commercialy the Mona Lisa I think it would complete any of our collections.

Just an idea from the resident Olympian...

Thor8 said...

Y'know; I was explaining to one of my kids, the great time I've had on this blog interacting with such a swell bunch of fellow collectors, and how I even have my own Warriors Three here. While we chatted, it occurred to me that I never quite decided whom of my three comrades-in-arms represented which counterpart from the comics. So after a bit of meditating I came to the following conclusion.

Robert is Fandral. He is a true warrior with a gentleman's heart

Pirate is Hogun. He'll not think twice of smiting on the noggin anyone whom makes him cross.

Jacadoo id Volstagg. Just as Volstagg pretends to be a cowardly buffoon when in reality he's as brave a warrior as the rest, so does jacadoo pretends to be an Olympian lover when in reality he is all Asgardian.

As I once mentioned before BobDiamond is Balder and Ted Sallis is Loki.

SinisterVenom said...

I remember when I first came on here years ago there was a few names that always stood out more than anyone with their constant posts and keeping the blog going. From what I recall, those were bloggers like Thor8, Robert, Pirate Adam, Jacadoo and LAWay. Of course there were other bloggers on there too like Mad Thinker (Or was it Slapstick?), Jabba The Slut, Ted Sallis, Blake and many more commenting too and I think we had BD, Tino, Deadpool and many more join us later on. I could be wrong though, just what I can remember. My memory isn't the best out there and plus I not long woke up from a nap so I'm still half asleep so sorry if I've missed someone!

If I was to be a part of your Asgardian group Thor8, who would you class me as just out of interest?

Thor8 said...

SV; For your faithfulness towards this blog and your fellow bloggers, and with the authority bestowed upon me as a prince of the realm I name thee Heimdall the faithful guardian, and may no man mortal or immortal say me nay.

pirate adam said...

I'll settle for Hogun.

Jacadoo, as much as I appreciate you including me with the boffins (Thor8 and Robert) sadly I to am just an enthusiastic supporter like yourself but with even less knowledge than your good self, I do however make up for it in testosterone you know with me being from manly Asgard and you from ladymanly Olympus


Robert said...

Ha! Nearly five decades on this planet before anyone thought to call me a gentleman. And no doubt it will be the last. Ah, Thor, you are a worthy All-Father.

And congratultions to SV on his new title, bestowed with grace, dignity and a rather deep voice by the one-and-only, Thor8.

And hi to the Toon, another great guy that Thor reminded me of. Can't believe I forgot about him!

Jacadoo said...

So Volstagg it is then.... Even for a mighty, Olympian love god such as myself.

So just so i understand a man who sails the seven seas for months without women, wearing head scarves and big dangly earrings chanting "me harties" actually calls men so firmly comfortable with their sexuality they can wear mini skirts in public, can actually call us Olympians lady boys???

I say nay thee scurvey sea dog.

Just off to the local Asgardian hamlet to relieve Lady Sif of her attire!!!


Thor8 said...

Save yourself the trouble of relieving Lady Sif's attire Olympian. I can assure you it is not your size.

SinisterVenom said...

I thank you Thor8 for bestowing me such an honourable title. I shall accept it with the highest pride! And my thanks also go to Robert for offering his congratulations to my new position.

Chris said...

I just learned about these products (and the existence of your company) about two months ago.
These figures (along with the DC collection) rock!
If there's any way to get a subscription to the Fact Files in the States, let us know.
Awesome stuff!

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Welcome to the club Chris, although I feel like I'm saying welcome aboard the S.S.Titanic. In case you didn't know this awesome collection has been discontinued and will end with #200. Nevertheless glad to have you here and I hope you enjoy this collection and the blog as much as the other crazy bloggers among us.

Chris is another example of how EM missed out on a great opportunity due to poor advertising. As I have mentioned in the past I too discovered this collection on a fluke after it had been in the market for nearly three years. So you can imagine how many Marvel fans and collectors like Chris will discover this grand collection a little too late or not at all. I strongly believe EM should reconsider and work it out with Marvel and give these figurines another go (with a much improved and expanded marketing and advertising campaign of course).

Can you believe the code word is ayetoou (aye too u) I wish EM would say the same.

Jacadoo said...

Question are the figurines on general sale in America or are they through second party suppliers?

I only ask as we in the UK have much the same frustration trying to buy Bowen who cannot sell direct here, so the second party suppliers rape us for web site exclusives.

Oh and Sif was a major letdown, eit hours of Olympian love making the poor girl was completely destroyed, lucky for me Hela is popping round tonight, there ain't nothing like a bad girl!!!!!!!

Jacadoo said...

Hi Lars regarding the Dragon 1:19 avengers model kits, I have Iron Man and Captain America.

Looking to get Hulk but the Thor figurine is not great, what lets it down is the face of all examples I have seen to date appear cross eyed and the features distorted.

Jacadoo said...

Just been into Birmingham city centre and watched the iron man simulator, would make the perfect Christmas present if my wife ever reads this blog!!!

Jacadoo said...

Am I the last Olympian standing on the bog?

Have the Asgardins up sticks an ran for the hills?

Robert said...

Rather than stand in a bog, we decided to indeed stand on higher ground, Jacadoo.

You Olympians really aren't terribly bright, are you? ;)

CGJ said...

Nice to see Dan gainfully employed, you can do me a favour while you are there Dan if you would, I subscribed to the Fact Files the first time round and got stitched up on the subscriber gifts. When I spoke to their customer service bloke, he promised they would be sent out free of charge 'if the collection ever starts up again'.

So far, nada, nuffin', zip, feck all.

BTW, finally managed to sort out my expired card payment with the CMFC via customer helpline and recommence deliveries. Got first today - Shaman and Trapster. Saying nothing....

Another BTW, there is an opt in letter for Giant Man in there, did subscribers really have to opt in even if they had already elected to automatically receive specials?

(If you subbys can cast your minds that far back)

BobDiamond said...

With all the Specials it's always been an opt-OUT letter from my experience. So you should get the Specials automatically, unless you tell them you don't want them. I'm assuming this would be the case with everyone...
Talking of sub-packs, I just received Wiccan and Deathbird today, which makes it just Hela and the Skurge Special to go! Strange feeling after all these years of collecting...
Cheers BTW Thor8 for my nomination as Balder for your personal Aesir! You can be either Lin Sun or Abe Brown ( or even Lotus Shinchuko if you like!)for my Sons of the Tiger if you like :)

Cheers for now,

Banshee said...

Subby-pack yesterday was great. Deathbird is beautiful. Wiccan is an amazing sculpt but mine was broken in three places along the cape :( Nothing a little dab of glue won't fix though!

I'm glad you mentioned Skurge, Bob. I haven't got him yet either and was worried that I'd been missed out. What was the official date for release?

BobDiamond said...

I'm not sure about the official date for Skurge's release Banshee, but I'm assuming (fingers -crossed) they're holding him back to package with Hela for the final subby-box. I've never had a problem with getting Specials before, so I'm hoping this will be the case with the last one!


PS. Should've proof-read my last post!
PPS. Have any of you guys got Skurge yet BTW?

CGJ said...

Yeah Bob, I've always just received them automatically but website says it is out of stock anyway.

Plus a few others are out of stock, have ordered all the ones I haven't got and if they turn up through the post, I'll just send them back.

Will hate it if EM's fabled customer service department denies me a full collection!

Jacadoo said...

Hi Bob no sign of Skurge as yet, I have just received death bird and Wiccan today and feeling really sad we only have two figurines to go!

Regarding the blog after contacting Blake regarding his massively overdue bug custom our thoughts moved onto what will happen to this blog, my vote would be for Blake to continue on this site either handed over or as a new site and he assume blog master!!

It would be great to have a blog we could all continue to visit in the same way as we do today. I know the SHFF is still out there but not accessible to all bloggers.

Come on Blake assume the mantle of Zeus rather than the one eyed lady boy Odin...

SinisterVenom said...

I'd love it if someone out there could make Blake's Virtual Reality figurines into a proper reality! I see many customs on the SHFF, which are fantastic btw, and they all just make me wish the collection was still going! But Blake's VR figurines look awesome and you must all admit that you've seen characters there that you wanted on your shelf! I know I have!
Btw, I agree with our fellow Jacadoo and also vote for Blake to become our new Blog Master!

I picked up Deathbird last week. She is such a beautiful figurine! I love everything about her and she looks fab next to my Lilandra and Gladiator figurines! I just wish we had Vulcan to go with her or Corsair and the Starjammers!
I have Skurge already so I've only got Hela to go now. Can't believe it, only one more figurine left and I've got the whole collection! It makes me kinda happy to say that I'll own every figurine and special figurine in the collection but at the same time, I'll be gutted that I'll no longer have a new figurine to look forward to every 2 weeks. It's going to be an emotional day indeed when I pick her up.

SinisterVenom said...

I forgot to say, I was also thinking of Thor8 sharing the Blog Master title with Blake but I gave it to Blake just because I believe Thor8 is already a Master in his own way, as the one to lead us Asgardians!

kdthechef said...

I got wiccan and destinies yesterday wiccans cloak was damaged so he's going back the box dosnt seem to hold the figure right I haven't recived skurge yet and I'm also missing a display stand and 2 binders which seem to always be out of stock and em customer service are always less then helpfully where the binders are concerned I had an idea that I could buy the fact file binders and but the maga specials and special mags in them might look quite good as for the stand well eBay looks promising

Jacadoo said...

What about this fot the new blog masters Roberto Thor Blake All sharing the reigns?

Each one could take creative control of differing portions of the new blog.

Blake has his blog already and it could expand!!!

I think we have the start of a good idea forming, what do all the other bloggers think?

Sinister if we could get this going we could perhaps push forward with closing some of the gaps in the current line up, I would happily provide customs of bloggers choosing as prizes......... Just don't ask Padam or Blake how long they waited for their requests!!!

Robert said...

While I appreciate the compliment, Jacadoo, the guy for that job is Blake. I'm an infrequent and largely unenthusiastic visitor nowadays.

Anyone wants to see what I'm up to and chat, get yourself over to the Sal Buscema Pow! page. That's where I'm hanging out most days now.

Thor8 said...

I fully agree with my comrade in arms Robert, that the honor of leading us in this blog as our new blog master should be relinquish upon our good friend Blake, and although the mention of my name doth make me greatly honored,I must say thee nay.

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Glad others haven't received Skurge yet (Banshee, BobDiamond etc)as I was beginning to worry (mind you, I haven't got Deathbird and Wiccan yet either!). Don't understand how it's been in the shops for ages, other bloggers have received it but I and other subscribers haven't got it. As I posted before, I contacted Customer Services and they said they were out of stock. How can you run out of stock for your subscribers? You know exactly how many of them there are for Asgard's sake! They'd better not leave my collection incomplete at the end!!

I agree it makes sense to include it with Hela but if that's the case they should tell us that, not that it's out of stock. There are several on ebay and I'm close to cracking...

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Just seen that Skurge is listed as 'in stock' on the Marvel Figurine main site...doubly tempted now...

I just know I'll end up with two of these, 'cos I'll crack and then they'll finally get around to sending out my subscriber copy...

Banshee said...

That was my worry too Ethan. Although I don't think they will leave us with an uncomplete collection, I fear it may be a struggle getting a Skurge any time soon.
I also find it odd that some people have recieved him and yet subscribers seem to be getting delayed?!?
I can't wait to see my collection in all it's glory :) (besides the green Quicksilver which i still find irksome)
I've also figured that seeing as I will be saving some money not having my monthly subby-pack I can invest on some awesome customs. I do have a couple already but I have 20/30 odd more I'd like to grace my shelf :p

Thor8 said...

Following up on Banshee's last couple of Sentences; How many of you own Custom figurines and which characters are they? Which character(s) would you like to purchase a custom of?

Eagle said...

Thor8: I have the following customs:Mercury, Blizzard, Justice, Hyperion, Spider-Man Black, Diamond Lil, Red Raven, Magma, Nebulon, Baron Mordo, Starfox, Spot, Spider-Man Noire, Killraven, U.S. Agent, Blue Eagle, Jewel, Scream, Diabolik, Spider-Man and Toxin (diorama), Psycho Pirate (DC) and Catman (DC). Also repaints of Professor Xavier, The Thing, Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man Movie.
The custom that I would like to have is the Destroyer.

LAWay said...

CGJ I echo your fact files woes. Dont worry, the right people are investigating the issue. Going longer than originally thought because it is so dodgy.

I'll keep you informed when I hear more. As you guys know, I can be a little stubborn. EM messed with the wrong guy.

SinisterVenom said...

I do not own any customs as of yet but there are plenty I would love to have! Here are my main wants:
The Warriors Three
Baron Mordo
Silver Samurai
Madame Web
Titanium Man

And there's many others like Jigsaw, Crossbones, Lockjaw, Heimdall, Whiplash etc that we never got in the CMFC. The ones we never got are basically the customs that I want, not so much the different variations of a character like Spidey in a different suit. I've seen pics of some of these customs around the net and I must say that I once seen a stunning Madame Web custom that I wish I had on my shelf! My apologies to it's creator as I can't remember who made it. I would love to pursue this list of characters one day and purchase them. I know some are made as I believe Fandral is currently going on Ebay...

pirate adam said...

Customs? I have 2, my very own Bor (still unpainted) and the fantastic Heimdall from my old buddy Jacadoo. Am I interested in more? Yes, just pick an Asgardian and i'll have it.

I got my Skurge of ebay for a very reasonable price and I gotta say he is splendid


CGJ said...

Leigh if you need a wing man let me know who it is you're dealing with, then they can have it in stereo.

Jacadoo said...

Padam you are too kind and i am happy to hear heimdall has found a good home.

I enjoy customising but due to work commitments I have a slow turn over rate, ask poor Blake.

I have about 20 customs but coming off the production line this week Spawn, Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha (2000ad) and Bug who is going into final paint tonight for Blake.

I have to make a special call out to James or Ace Customs who started me off after he created Acroyear from the micronaughts for me.

It's a hobby for me and happy to provide the occasional custom for blog members, the only problem...... I always want to keep them when they are finished!!!

Banshee said...

I currently only have 3, Vindicator, Marrina (which you should be able to see in my sig) & Clea. I love them all but there are some many more I want...

Warriors Three
Wrecking Crew
Nova (which I'm in talks about)
Darkstar (one of my biggest wants)
Young Avengers
AIM Agent
....The list goes on and on :)

sed tallis said...

My first 7 issues of Fact Files arrived, didn't realise you literally tore them apart to file them. Cool , every geek fibre in my body screaming " Naaaww! , dinnae dae it "
Actually very informative for a part timer like me. Nice freebies too .
I have several customs , whistling while peeing being the most annoying ( according to er indoors)

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo, I know ur a busy guy but would you like to take on the job of painting Bor for me, I find myself constantly putting it off mainly because im scared and a very s**t painter, no pressure buddy but you did such a good job on heimdall im sure you would do Grandpappy Bor justice. I would ofcourse pick up the bill for any p+p


Jacadoo said...

My friend Padam of course I would be honoured to paint Bor for you!!

You have my address so please post away!!

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo I dont have ur address pal, if you could send me it via email or private message on Facebook i'll get him posted asap. Thanks buddy


Jacadoo said...

My wife will send you via Facebook, can't wait to get my ands on Bor.

This is one custom I have wanted to see for over a year!!

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo, im afraid he doesnt match up to your lofty standards but as he is my only ever atempt at a custom and I am somewhat artisticaly challenged I am still rather proud of him but your honest opinion will be welcome


Thor8 said...

There are quite a few characters in you want list of customs that I would also like to have SV, I just keep hoping EM will do a second series of CMFC which will include them along with many others.

Nice set of customs you have there Eagle. Not only is Fandral up for auction, but so is Volstagg by the same customizer, whom informed me that he will soon have Hogun up for sale also.

My customs include...

Red Hulk
Red Raven
Jack Frost
Original Human Torch
Doc Spectrum
Phantom Rider
Crimson Cowl

and trying to finish Space Phantom and Thundra. I hope to add others such as USAgent,Thunderball,Piledriver,Hyperion,White Gown Mystique,Thin Man,Patriot(original) soon. I also have classic Punisher and Angel in his blue costume.

Jacadoo said...

Thor8 any chance of seeing your customs?

Blake Bug in the post tomorrow morning, I just want to make sure the paint is fully cured.

Classic micronaughts outfit.

Incidently has anybody else heard about the proposed micronaughts movie?

Still in planning phase, but as I fear hear the writers are planning to base the storyline far away from the original classic tale, mind you I really want to see my favourite two characters acroyear and bug.

It's about time EM confirmed the 2000AD collection!!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

wow guys, thanks so much for thinking about me! I think it's unlikely that this blog can be passed on to non-EM people but if it's possible in any way, maybe Dan can let us know. If not, I'd love for this blog to remain in place as the official historical archive of this awesome collection. We could definitely set up our own blog, if we wanted, couldn't we? I'm thinking about a CMFC Legacy blog where we can continue to share our passion for the collection and all things Marvel and also run some fun, interesting initiatives. I will clarify this idea in my next posts. In the meantime, I'd like to canvass your ideas on what you'd like to have/see on this hypothetical CMFC Legacy blog.
Long live the CMFC.

LAWay said...

Whats your email CGJ? I'll fill you in.

As for the blog created by us for us, CMFC Legacy sounds a great name Blake.

Think the blog could feature reviews of each figurine by users. Maybe each post has a discussion about a figurine. For example, we say spider-man. We all submit say max 500 words reviewing the figurine and scoring it out of 10 and email the blogmaster, you collates the reviews, posts them all in one post under 'CMFC Figurine Highlight/Review' and totally the scores together.

We could have a 'dream figurine' highlight. Much like what Blake does on his blog, but anyone can submit anything. If they can create the images themselves or find any suitable images then great-and also give a reason why they should be submitted. This doesnt have to be limited to new characters, but also any alternate character or even costume. People can request to be featured and submit their idea to the blogmaster.

We could have a fanart highlight, as we know we have a lot of creative users on the blog and could feature any of their marvel creative pieces. This can be drawings, mosaics, photography, whatever.

A 'Cribs' style post where people can submit photos of their collection and set-up.

A Custom section, maybe 'custome of the week' or something similar, just to highlight great customs figurines.

We could have magazine cover mock-ups, or even create a new magazine for the characters that didnt make the cut, saved as jpegs or pngs.

Create a twitter and facebook page to link to the new blog and attract more collectors to the discussions, and letting people know on a wider scale when the blog is updated.

We could brainstorm a bunch of ideas but these are just off the top of my head.

Thor8 said...

We could also name LAWay Chief Blog Master Assistant so that he can help Blake put together each new post with his great ideas.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Lee, I'm glad you like the name The CMFC Legacy blog and you've got great ideas, buddy. The good news is that I was already developing some of them. Guys, have a look at the initiatives
here below. Bear in mind that these are only works in progress, and I show them to you just to give you an idea...

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

CMFC Extension Analyzer
This is a poll where you get to vote 2 characters from each of the 30 key areas of the Marvel Universe that you think should be in a hypothetical CMFC extension.
Click here:

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

And then this...
CMFC Mag Cover Gallery
This is where we create mag covers for our favorite characters that we would have wanted in a CMFC extension. For the time being, mostly I have been creating them for the customs I collect, but it can become a great Fan Art gallery.
Click here:

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Like I said, these are only preliminary versions of the initiatives, but let me know your thoughts. As for
the CMFC Figurine Review, I am setting up a poll-style blog section where it will be possible to rate a figurine by different key criteria. For example: faithfulness to the original design, pose, anatomy, paint job, costume version chosen, the way it captures the character's personality, etc. We need to devise a good set of objective criteria. So each figurine will be reviewed consistently by a same critical methodology.

To be continued...

Thor8 said...

Sounds interesting, exiting, and fun Blake, can't wait for it to be a reality. Every time I look at your gallery I get this big feeling of sadness when I see so many truly great characters that would have made great additions to and deserved to be in the CMFC and didn't make it in. I've said it countless times before, and I'll say it again what a shame and what a waste of such a grand opportunity.

Jacadoo said...

Blake bugs all finished and ready for posting!!!

Please email your address and he is on his way Monday morning.i have tried to capture him as a brooding warrior.

I ask again has anybody on the blog heard anything about the proposed micronaughts movie?

Customs for next week Conan and Super Adaptoid.

Looking forward to receiving Padams custom of Bor for paint.

Ethan Thane Athen said...


The cover gallery is excellent and shows what great characters still haven't been done.

I've never heard of Fantomex, Protector, Anole or Korvus though - I'm guessing nineties ot naughties characters?

Being a massive fan of Zodiac (a criminally underused crime cartel in the MU) I was particularly excited by Scorpio and your figure of Aries elsewhere on the site. Oh for a set of Zodiac figures! Serpent Squad wouldn't be bad either, we're still missing almost all of those.

Villains have generally been under-utilised in the collection.

On another note, still haven't received Wiccan or Deathbird, let alone Skurge. Have mailed customer services to ask when Skurge will be sent out to subscribers. Will post any useful answer I get.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Hey Ethan, thanks. I've got plenty more covers. I've only uploaded a few to provide examples. There are plenty more important characters.

Fantomex appeared in 2002 during Grant Morrison's X-Men run. He's evolved into an intriguing character and is a key member of X-Force. I love his costume design.

Protector is the new super identity of Noh-varr, a young Kree who first appeared in 2000 as Marvel Boy, then he was the Dark Avengers counterpart of Captain Marvel and finally redeemed himself when he transformed into Protector.

Anole appeared in New Mutants vol.2 in 2003 and quickly established himself as a key and very popular member of Young X-Men.

Korvus appeared in 2006. He's a Shi'ar who wields a powerful cosmic sword known as the Blade of the Phoenix, and is a member of Starjammers alongside Havok, Polaris, Ch'od, Raza and Marvel Girl with whom he's also romantically involved.

Eagle said...

I am totally in favour of the creation of a blog to carry on discussing the CMFC collection. I suggest that we should also include the DC figurine collection because some of us collect both collections and we could attract new bloggers.

Jacadoo said...

Good suggestion eagle perhaps there could also be a section on collections?

Bowen, sideshow etc.

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Had a prompt reply from Eaglemoss.
They confirmed the Skurge figure would be sent out but that the 'warehouse had not assigned it to subscribers yet'. More convinced than ever now that they wait for returns from the shops. Still, as long as it comes eventually.
My Wiccan and Deathbird were sent on the 5/4/2013 but I should allow 14 - 28 days delivery. It's been 10 so far, so too early to formally panic. I'm not sure why it should take so long to deliver, but that is a standard time period quoted.
To be fair, their customer services have always replied to me promptly - I know others have had problems but I've always had good service from them.

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Oh and thanks for the info Blake - and your reply has the added bonus that I can now demonstrate to my wife that I'm not uniquely 'sad' in my encyclopedic knowledge of the Marvel Universe... though mine stops in the late eighties! ;o).

Barnabas said...

'Cos I'm an old fart, I just realised that I posted this on the previous entry to the blog. I just sat here wondering what had happened to it!

Tomorrow should see me get the last figure in this awesome collection. Awesome is an oft used word, but in this case it applies. I have them all bar 1 and that is the French Quicksilver. The discussions have been lively at times, bordering on bonkers at others. But this place has been a great place to read and visit when times allowed.

Dan how about turning this blog into a general Eaglemoss Marvel/DC one? At least that way we could all come to visit and throw our opinions around and the blog can stay.

It's been Epic.


SinisterVenom said...

Ah guys, this day has indeed been an emotional one. Why? Because I have just returned home with the last ever figurine: Hela!
I'm feeling all sorts of happiness and sadness right now. Sadness obviously because it is the end of an era and there will now be no more figurines to look forward to every two weeks. At the same time, I am really happy to now have every single Marvel figurine in the whole collection, including all the specials and Spidey rooftop! (I didn't bother with the varients, they just didn't appeal to me).
In case anyone is wondering, instead of showing what would have been the next figurine, the back of Hela's issue shows many of the figurines from the collection with the words:

"The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection 2005 - 2013 'Nuff said."

If that isn't the words of the CMFC tombstone, I don't know what is.

Jacadoo said...

Sinister V, a very sad day indeed so many of us are still waiting for inevitable last package arriving and our collection comes ever so quickly to pass.

I have every figurine including variants, specials ect, but that is meaningless as every subscriber even the ones who chose to only collect favourites are all feeling the seance of eventual loss.

Simply does not seem like eight years.

Barnabas said...

Oddly enough, I managed to buy the rooftop Spidey in FP!
But I didn't get the rooftop Bats. So I guess I'm missing 2 figures from the entire run of Marvel/DC. I got a few of the chess pieces, passed on the cars after the first issue (could never find issue 2 with the TV batmobile, the one I really wanted) and promised the Mrs not to get them. She cheered today when I told her that was the end of the figures. And then followed up with the comment 'Until the next one!' with arms crossed, staring at me. I did sort of mention that the Dr Who set was being trialed..........


LarryS said...

Yes, I've picked up my final figurine in FP as well.

Outside St Pauls for Maggie's funeral in the morning, and then the end of the CMFC era in the afternoon.

The national press seemed to give slightly more coverage to Mrs T. But I've a sneaking feeling that - centuries from now - historians will look back at both CMFC and Maggie, and whisper in hushed tones "Never came their like again."

CGJ said...

Don't want to ring any alarm bells for anyone, after my runin with EM Customer service and subsequently being lapped by the other subbies, I ordered up all of the available missing figs from the website shop as some were showing as out of stock.

Big box arrived today, only one missing that I ordered was Skurge

Jacadoo said...

Well a busy week this week, I have despatched Bug to Blake and will be posting Padams Bor back to him tomorrow morning.

I have to say Padam has done an outstanding job on Bor absolutely looks the dogs danglies. I just hope my painting has done him justice.

I completed Super Adaptoid this week in his Avengers form made up of Iron man, Thor, Captain America and Hawk Eye. I used a Sentinal as a base figurine so I am really happy how the custom turned out, but it's really weird working on such a large figurine!!

Just starting on Atlas and then????

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Wow Jacadoo, Super Adaptoid was one character I really would love to have seen in this collection. I myself just finished making my Gemini figurine and just need to make the shield emblems on Miss America's chest and headpiece to complete her also. So I now have 4 Liberty Legion members done and 3 to go. I'll probably be doing Blue Diamond and Thin Man next.

pirate adam said...

Wow Jacadoo, you didnt hang about, I was expecting it to take a few weeks

Thanks for the kind words they mean alot, even more so when they come from a great customiser like yourself. Thanks buddy


Ethan Thane Athen said...

Well Wiccan and Deathbird finally arrived (delivered to the wrong address!) so it's just Hela and Skurge now. Hela's already in the shops so I should get it in a month or so!!

Still worried about Skurge although EM Customer Services assured me I will get it. Hmm ebay still looking tempting...

Very jealous of your customs Thor8, Gemini (my favourite Zodiac member) and the Liberty Legion (a visually great team from some absolute classic storylines). What exceptional taste!

Jacadoo said...

I will post an image of SAdaptoiid later today and take an image of Bor prior to posting, this is one custom I wanted!!!!!!

I went with the Avengers form rather than the fantastic Four and I'm happy with the result, I must admit I was torn with the annihilation wave version but went with my original plan.

Padam really pleased you let me take part in the build as it seems we talked about Bor for at least a year.

Atlas is in base coat for paint later today, but I guess I may take a little time off but Blastar keeps popping into my head.........

Oh and Dragon man is on his way......... Just need to work out how to do him!!!

Eagle said...

I would like to see all the customs being done by so many people. They would incentivate certainly incentivate others to do the same. And we should have a blog where all those images would be displayed. Now is the time to do this before this blog disappears and we lose contact with each other.

Jacadoo said...

I have posted on my blog, all of my latest customs - I hope you enjoy. I have also included a couple of shots of part of my marvel statue collection.

Padam your first view of Bor is also posted on my Blog.....

I hope you enjoy - remember its a hobby not real life!!!

Eagle said...

Jacadoo: Your customs are all very nice. This is why I feel that it is important that we start our own blog.

Jacadoo said...

Thanks Eagle I try my best and if other collectors like them then the effort is worth all the more.

I fully agree so come on EM hand over the reins to Blake and let him move from apprentice to master!!

Jacadoo said...

So Dan do you ever have a look in at the blog?

Any views on the muted competition?

Perhaps for the early version of Hulk that never made the cut????

pirate adam said...

Woooohooooo!!!! Bor looks fantastic, cant wait to put him back in his place next to Odin, thanks Jacadoo, I could only have dreamed of painting him so well myself.

Your other customs are all great but I really like Spawn...absolutely brilliant.

Thanks again buddy and im glad you thought Bor was a good effort


Jacadoo said...

Padam my pleasure, I will try and get him in the post today.

He looks mighty fine - now that I painted him with I Love Olympus underpants under his battle garb!!!

Seriously you should consider doing more customs mate, he is far better than my first effort and should bode well for future efforts.

How you ever made an Asgardian looks so good is beyond my powers!!

Jacadoo said...

Padam Bor is on his way across the rainbow bridge back to Asgard or you display cabinet whatever lands first!!

I think we deserve an image of your collection mate.

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo, Bor arrived safely this morning, apart from his hand breaking off in the post I couldnt be happier. Pics may come soon as soon as I get the pc up and running.

Anyone else see the Thor 2 trailer? Looks pretty good


Jacadoo said...

Oh mate sorry to hear that I wrapped him with all the materials you had used so I am sorry buddy.

I hope you can glue him so you cannot see the break, if not send him back to me I will glue and repaint.

SinisterVenom said...

Yeah PA I've seen the Thor 2 trailer, looks pretty good from what I can see! But do you guys know what else is epic? Iron Man 3!!!!!
We went for the midnight viewing cuz we quite simply couldn't wait! I can promise you guys, it's easily the best Iron Man film out of all three! You won't be disappointed!

.....Think I might see it again very soon ;)

pirate adam said...

No worries Jacadoo, its an easy fix, it first broke off during the modeling stage but thanks for the offer anyway.

SV, goin to watch ironman tomorrow, cant wait. If its as good as the others then I wont be dissapointed.


The Mad Thinker said...

Hi everyone , I'm going to see Iron man 3 tonight , can't wait !!

What's everyone's view on the amazing spiderman 2 movie ?

Looks like Electro will be the main villain , and possibly Rhino could also be in it.

What annoys me is the fact that a black man is playing the part of Electro ( Jamie Foxx )and also that there is no green and yellow costume like in the comics.
He's all silver looking wtf ?

check out the images on google !!

CGJ said...

Didn't like Iron Man 3 at all!

Is it too much to expect Iron Man to be in an Iron Man film? Should have been called Tony Stark 3, Shane Black can sod off

Jacadoo said...

CGJ - yes I share your sentiments somewhat about Iron Man 3. Not a bad story line but was this just an advert for RDJ?

If this is the last movie in the series then its a really poor way to finish up.

Now on to Spiderman 2 - to be honest Electro would look silly if Marvel had dressed him in the same costume as in the comics, I think the JFox silver'ish skin looks quite ominus with the led lighting in the hood.

Thor 2 - looking mighty fine at the moment, solid storyline and the battle scenes look big scale - rather than the poor showing in Iron Man 3 last night....

Wolverine up next and looking forward to this one.

pirate adam said...

I echo Jacadoo's and CGJ'S sentiment about IronMan 3, not a bad movie by any stretch of the imagination but I was left slightly underwhelmed. Also dont bother waiting till after the credits.


BobDiamond said...

PA, is that because there's nothing there, or because what they've put is of no real interest?


Jacadoo said...

Bob easy answer - nothing of any real note at all.

Oh apart from a message - Tony Stark will return - WoW but we paid to see Iron Man!!!!

The more I think about it the more I'm disappointed.

Dan The Man said...

Aaaah the end of an era with the release of Hela, a sad but momentus occasion.

I haven't visited in a while as I've been busier than ever at EM on the MFF.
(sorry haven't had time to read all your comments since last I visited either.)

Glad to see you're still posting and the idea of a Legacy blog sounds great to me - passing from one era into another... As i really will have to call it a day once the competition is done.

whenever it happens please let me know and I'll become a member!

The COMP will happen, but i just haven't got the time at the moment - I may get some time next week to organise it (have to wait and see...)

All the best for now. Dan

SinisterVenom said...

Good to hear from you again Dan, glad to still see you hanging out with us all even once the CMFC has ended. And it pleases me even more to see that you want to become a member of the Legacy blog that's gonna be coming up!
Hope to hear from you again soon and can't wait to hear more about the comp!

Thor8 said...

Glad to hear from you once more Dan, and gladder still that the legacy blog appeals to you and that you will join in. Oh just remember to place all the CMFC scrap pieces lying around into a box and sending it to this poor old collector down here in the Caribbean.

The code words are condemm niytro!!? Is someone trying to tell me something?

sed tallis said...

Wow! Ben Kingsley is an awesome Osama Bin Laden , my favouritist Shell Head villain of all time.
Far more excited aboot Dans competition.Of the 300 million super hero dungsplats being flung onto our cinema sceens this summer, only Man Of Steel has me moderately excited.

Victor said...

I'm glad to hear from you once more Dan. Hope to hear from you soon and can't wait to hear more about the competition.

TheTooN said...

Received my final box of figurines this week. Sad doesnt cover it. Still cant bring myself to put the mags in the binder for the final time.

Hela is beautiful, Skurge is great if a little on the large side, Firelord is so much better in hand than in pictures. I still hate Wolfsbane ;)

CGJ said...

The competition could be to get a Skurge figure because that is a lottery all in itself. I bought one off the site in a panic and still didn't get it
'We haven't got any' was all I got told from Customer Services.
'Well will I get one as part of my subscription?'
'We haven't got any'
'Are they making more?'
'We haven't got any'

kdthechef said...

Question em customer service say display stands binders and skurge are out of stock they keep telling us but we will get them in I payed for a binder in Jan still waiting but the question is why can all these things be brought on eBay or forbidden planet but not from the company that makes them I'm starting to think em are leading us down an alley

Thor8 said...

So sad to hear that so many of you have received your last figurines. I will be receiving Mirage and Firelord in a couple of days along with X-Man and Cyclops. The last 2 are repeats for customizing purposes. I still have 4 regulars and the Skurge special to look forward to before join the Legion Of The Last Figurine. Ifinally finished Miss America by placing her shield emblem on her chest and Starfox's emblem on his. I'm up to 16 customs with a list of 20 future figurines in mind.

TheTooN said...

I didnt realise Skurge was a problem. My supplier (redhotcomics) has him available on Ebay. Price is £18.99 or best offer....He allows 10% off on that basis so its £18.10 + post.

Sounds like it shouldnt be difficult to move on a 2nd copy if EM do manage to fill their orders for loyal subscribers.

I've never taken frequent deliveries of CMFC choosing to get one every 2-3 months when a must have figurine was released. Even still the thought of no new ones leaves me sad. I wasnt up for the Factfiles and dont fancy a chess set. What else is out there atm guys ? I had the email that Star Trek ships is starting again soon but I dont know if I'm honestly that bothered.

C'mon EM theres a gap in the market again ;)

sed tallis said...

Recieved another bill fer £28.97 fae EM, yer customer service unit is utter gash, am gettin billed for figs i never receive, sick of phoning these cabbages to tell them figurines are missing, how about getting rid of the thieving ba*tart that packs my orders?
C'mon Chelski

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

I just purchased 8 figurines for just $5.00 each. I will be adding Dazzler and The Leader to my collection which I had decided not to buy, but at this price I just couldn't resist. The other 6 are for customizing purposes. I finally added the shield emblem to Miss America's head piece and chest and the fox emblem on Star Fox and I also made a Deathurge custom that I believe came out pretty good considering I'm not too good at customizing. Once the figurines I purchased arrive I will be working on a golden age Vision, The Thin Man, Blue Diamond, Marrina and Hyperion.

In the event it turns out I regret having purchased Dazzler and The Leader I can always turn to customizing.

Eagle said...

Thor8: That is avery good price. May I ask if there were special buying conditions and where did you get them?

Thor8 said...

Eagle; The only requirement was that you had to live in The USA or it's territories. I purchased them on Ebay.

Eagle said...

Thor8: Thanks for the info.

BobDiamond said...

Starting to worry....
Just received Hela (wonderful figure btw), BUT was expecting to have Skurge included too, as this is usually the case. However, she was all on her lonesome...hope this isn't a sign of a shortage...Anyone else had a single-fig delivery when they were expecting Skurge too?


Jacadoo said...

Hi bob my account ws debited over a week ago for Hela and Skurge but still no sign at all I'm really worried given the numerous comments of late.

It's incredible really he i am dreading the end of ths collection but looking forward to my last delivery.

Jacadoo said...

Be careful what you wish for, just received a call from my mother who receives the deliveries of figurines and she said I had a delivery......

I rushed up to collect and to my dismay only Hella was inside the box, so skurge is officially missing in action.

One question..... Did anybody subscribe to the Star Trek collection and did it launch?

BobDiamond said...

You too huh, Jacadoo?
Has ANYBODY actually received Skurge from the official subscription service yet, that is- straight from EM??

If not, maybe they just haven't started sending them...fingers- crossed..


Ethan Thane Athen said...

Received Hela yesterday but, as with other subscribers, no Skurge.

It's unbelievable really, it was released to the shops in February!

I phoned them again today and they assured me, once again, that they would definitely be sending me one. When I asked when, they said I needed to wait up to 28 days. I asked if they now had them in stock and was told they did - their online shop also shows them as in stock.

Still nervous though... and still tempted to just buy one but £15 - £20 is a fair whack to shell out, possibly twice.

This has been a fantastic collection but the treatment of subscribers (who by their nature are going to be the most fanatical about getting the complete set) over this figure has been appalling. Bad enough we've had to have every figure late compared to the shops but to run out of stock for subscribers and still not have sent them 3 months after the shops is just dreadful.

I reckon we definitely get the returns... and they misjudged the popularity of Skurge - probably ran down production as the collection was nearing an end.

Bagman said...

Really strange that some of you subscribers haven't got Skurge yet.
All the way down here in Oz i picked mine up about two weeks ago, and a friend picked his up at the same time (different shop mind you) that had a spare one, so they're definitely out there.

TheTooN said...

It could well be they got their figures wrong as Ethan mentioned, odd thing to happen however you look at it. Are you still reading Dan ? Can you shed any light on it for the guys ?

I subbed to Hachettes Ultimate Graphic Novel collection but cancelled after about 3 months when I was still missing issues and was weeks and weeks behind the shop issue. It looks like it could be a 'part-work' problem and not just the CMFC / EM. I went to Redhotcomics for the books, same as the CMFC and have NEVER been let down.

I dont have confidence in direct buying and will most likely go to a 3rd party again (if possible) for future part works.

@Jacadoo - I subbed to the Star Trek collection and received 1 issue which was a pretty cool Enterprise. I waited and waited for the next delivery but it never came. I wasnt informed of any issues from customer support via Email and later read in the SHFF that it had been put on hold. Theres that lack of confidence again !

I've had the re-launch notification email. August 2013 I'll give it a few issues but if I like it I'll probably go back to my usual supplier rather than leave it to chance :P

Hachette have another set of 60 books coming for anyone interested. Gorgeous spine artwork again.

LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...

Whenever I've had cause to contact EM customer no-service, the standard response is "wait 28 days for delivery".

Seriously, I haven't seen anyone else refer to "28 days" since the 1980s!

"28 days" was for when you had to post a cheque (5 days to arrive), the receipient had to cash it (another 5 days), various handwritten forms had to be completed in the factory which lacked any type of computer-assisted stock management, and the trade unions were likely to call a strike at any time.

These days ... amazon have their slowest service listed as "3-5 business days".

And if anyone on ebay took more than 10 days, they'd have a black mark and be subject to a Paypal investigation.

"28 days" my @$

Christo said...

Hi dan i am sad it all comes to a end now but want to know is there no way u guys can sneak 40 more figurines in as a special colection like dc did with black and brightest day colection, hot toys started with iron man armor hall colection but it is to big to add to my colection and prices are to high for my buget, can u guys not add the armor hall figurines in to the colection for us all please please

pirate adam said...

EM, if my buddy Jacadoo and the other guys that are missing Skurge dont get him by the weekend I swear i'm gonna go and kick a squirrel. Be it on your head EM, Skurge or the Squirrel, you decide


P.s does anyone know how to spell "squirrel"

Banshee said...

I'm afraid I have to agree with PA. Waiting for Skurge to complete my collection is worrying. I too will be attacking wildlife. The Animals Of Farthing Wood won't stand a chance :p

Jacadoo said...

I was in my local forbidden planet today and yes there were lots of Skurge on the shelves, my buddy who works on the counter asked if I had him yet, I replied no.

Alarmingly he stated that I had better be quick as this was a limited run and no more would be available.

I outlined that I was a subscriber and he said that would not guarantee I receive the last special.

Now I don't want to panic you all but my only hope now is that EM stand by the last delivery as they have taken the cash.

Surely EM would not intend to default and I still do not believe we will be let down, but I am worried.

Given every other collection seems to have failed I still cannot understand why we now have this sad end to this outstanding collection.

Sad days indeed.

Dan if your looking let us know your thoughts.

Jacadoo said...

Oh PAdam it's spelt Tree Rat with a Bushy Tail......

CGJ said...

Bought Skurge through my local comic shop ie via Diamond.

The Customer Service lady's eagerness to refund my money for the one I paid online for had me worried so I thought I would order one through the LCS just to be on the safe side.

Have also been promised all of the subby gifts from the Marvel Fact Files free of charge as I subscribed first time round, so far, zilch.

Have Eaglemoss had a change of ownership or something?

sed tallis said...

The guy in packing that steals figs on a regular basis from my orders has probably nicked a hundredweight of Skurges to sell on Fleabay...just sayin. Hope all you subbies, don't get fisted .

sed tallis said...

Er..that should read "shafted"
Speaking of which. Just received my latest Fact Files package , along with an apology that the subbie gift is missing due to a "manufacturing problem". Honestly EM , it's a good job i love you. any other company and i would have cut my losses by now.

Victor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Victor said...


It's official:

Marvel Chess Collection

... by the way...

Anyone who is in an area where it can make a Premium subscription, please feel free to contact me.
I want this person to do the subscription, receive the parts and send me, I will pay the subscription amount, the postage, and more to negotiate for their work.

I live in Portugal.

Thanks in advance

CGJ said...

Rang them, not out yet.

On hold messages such as

'If you are still waiting for issues 16 and 17, we are having production issues and will be as quick as possible'


'If you are waiting for your chess board, we will get it to you as quick as we can'

don't inspire confidence for a £300 chess set.

Jacadoo said...

Victor - if you do not get a better offer I may be able to help - although I won't be subscribing myself.

I will just need to ensure I can set up an alternate delivery address in case I am out of the UK for a given length of time.

LAWay said...

CGJ, can you send me your apology - email

You guys probably received something because I sent an official complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency reporting Eaglemoss and the Marvel Fact Files.

This is what I was talking about before but I didn't want to mention but seems like things are being sorted out. The ASA investigated into the company after my complaint, which after a couple of months, EM sent me a cheque to refund me. They still didn't respond to my emails or give me the figurines like I asked, so I'd like to know what they sent you CGJ.

The bombshell I was holding back on about the FALSE advertising on the Marvel Fact Files website, disturbing news that EM customer service responded to my complaints of not receiving the subscription figurines was...

"The gifts are subject to availability as stated on the subscription details and those gifts were not available to any customer"


"When this collection first came out, it was launched as a test subscription and the free gifts were never produced and were never available."

So if you signed up because of their advert about the free gifts, they got you. They never had any, and never intended to give you any.

I am now suspect of every Eaglemoss product. Unless you see it in stores, consider it a test and they may not back up what they promise on their website.

They used to advertise 'subject to availability' to use as an excuse to not give us free gifts despite telling me they never existed. Since then they have removed this phrasing I imagine due to the complaint with the ASA.

The chess collection has a '100% customer guarantee' that I trust as much as I liked the Mandarin in Iron Man 3...

Victor said...

Jacadoo - Thank you for your attention. Please see if you can make the Premium subscription.
Seeks to ensure that you may set up an alternative delivery address if you're outside the UK ...
Contact me by email to hit our agreement we ... payments etc.

CGJ said...

Hi Leigh,

Didn't get anything other than a phone conversation with someone, saying that all subscriber gifts will be sent out free of charge because I subscribed the first time round.

Looks like I have been fobbed off, will try them again Monday.

I won't be buying the two Chess sets

sed tallis said...

So there are no subscriber gifts at all?? The note I got was concerning the Tin plate FF #1 cover. It states "we are very sorry for the disappointment this will undoubtedly cause but we will be air-freighting the tin plate covers to the UK to ensure that you will receive it with your next shipment. Is it just the figurines that don't exist. Of did Leigh and CJG sign up to a test run that EM have renaged on?

LAWay said...

This was the test run just to make it clear.

When they first announced the Fact Files and we didnt know it was a test run.

They said that even though they were advertised on the website for the test run, and even though they never mentioned it was a test run, the free gifts were never available to anyone who signed up to that test run.

So anyone who showed any interest to help greenlight the project nationwide are the ones who had to buy everyone all over again to get the gifts.

Eaglemoss did tell me that if I resubscribed to the new launch of the magazine then I will be entitled to the free gifts. Which I would expect if I am paying for the same thing again. My complaint was they advertised free gifts and should honour it with the subscribers who committed first time around.

CGJ, are you subscribed to the fact files still? Thats probably why you got the gifts in that case. Has anyone got the figurines yet? What is the 'package breakdown'?

Like I said, after being disappointed by the heroes & villains collection, and then the fact files, until I see them in shops I ain't going to subscribe to an eaglemoss product again. I was disgusted with their customer service and that policy and they simply stopped responding to my complaint.

CGJ said...

Got the same letter Ted got this morning.

No Leigh, I was asked if I wanted to subscribe again after I was promised all of the gifts for free, I said I would wait to see if they turned up first.

I see Eaglemoss have announced a new Hen's Teeth collection starting in June and a 24 part build it yourself lump of Rocking Horse Shit

LAWay said...

So you got the free gifts and then subscribed again? Which ones did you get?

Think I'll either have to write another letter to them or just subscribe until I get the gifts. Unless I see them floating around eBay. Only wanted the figurines, doubt the t-shirt would be in my size.

CGJ said...

No, I haven't had anything. I phoned after you said you had chased them up and he promised me all of the subscriber gifts free of charge because I was promised them over the phone when the collection was cancelled the first time round.

So far all I have had is a letter saying they can't get the tin plate covers made.

This has all the hallmarks of a firm going bust. Haven't paid the suppliers so can't get things made, then they lose customers, next thing is going bust.

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