Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hello if your still out there in the inter-web!

Sorry it's been awhile since I last updated. (Various conspiring factors that I won't bore you with!).

Anyway I thought I'd (re)preview some of the upcoming issues...

The beautiful yet controversial Gamora. Went with this cover as it was the best full page shot of her available (yes I know she is being controlled by the Phalanx in this pic, but c'mon it's amazing! and yes I know a lot of you wanted her figurine in this costume, but having just read through all of her comic appearances I feel I made the right decision - just.

Another Andie Tong winner. He seems to be evolving into a more naturalistic painted style (even though it's all digital).

Robert Atkins supplies the goods for Stingray...

Andie Tong 'heralds' a new era of greatness... (geddit?)

Dene Mason's Spidey 2099 gets the full turnaround treatment...

Hopefully I'll return sooner than later.

Au revoir mon Marvélites!


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Bagman said...

Great update Dan . Thanks for the pics of Gamora, Vance Astro and Firelord.
Robert mate i'll be in touch soon.

Deadpool said...

Dan, before I go off on my travels again, please give me a summary of the Mossmen future projects.

Is the Rumour of Marvel now gaming figurines on the cards?

How about a mini series of the Hobbit at CMFC scale.

What ever happened to the big spidy figurine and the associated collection?

Yours Truly


Deadpool said...

And finally ...

DC is at an end ... why no special end of collection gift for subscribers not even a thank you?

Will there be a special thank you to the CMFC subscribers?

How long will back issue be available?
I need a few of the older figurines for modding and stocking fillers.

How about giving each of the main bloggers here (of which I am one (even though I disappear occasionally) a Special mention in the final Marvel figurine Magazine?
Including a quote or two.

See ya later Dan.... keep using the ointment and you'll be sitting comfortably again in no time.


Yours Truly


Blog Master Dan said...

There will a competition with some goodies up for grabs to say thanks (personally from me) to you guys on the blog - obviously I can't give you all mentions/gifts individually (there are over 200 subscribers to the blog! where would I draw the line?).

Again, I can't give you any EM inside info on future EM projects.

Banshee said...

Such a shame we've come to the end. Some of these latest figurines are impecable. I'm going to miss it terribly. The mag covers look amazing too. I can't wait for Moonstone and Mirage to get on my shelf :)

When are you planning the competition Dan? Will it be closer to the end of the collection?

Blog Master Dan said...

RE Comp:
Basically when I can get around to it and work out an idea for a fair competition (if that's possible), I've just come into possession of a nice Watcher working sculpt sample that would make a nice prize (they'll be other prizes too). I've got an unpainted Spider-Man cast, a unpainted resin sample Ms. Marvel and loads of various production paint samples to give away. (I'll have a good root around for interesting prizes!)

Hopefully will have a solid comp planned out in the new year.

sLmT said...

Great pictures! Thanks!
CMFC almost gone...



fredpostman said...

Thanks for the update Dan the figures look great (as you allude to;the fury of various persons regarding Gamora's costume now seem daft).
It's funny but as we hurtle towards the end of the collection i still feel sad regarding characters not realized..Grey Gargoyle,Mr Hyde,Cobra,High Evolutionary,Mantis,Lockjaw,Super Adaptoid....

Skif said...

Gamora amazing

Banshee said...

Any chance you've got a green Quicksilver variant knocking around at EM towers Dan? That would be a killer prize. I for one would squeal like a little girl to get my hands on one!

Deadpool said...

Makes a change from Sqeeeealing like a piggy. ... ouch !!


TheTooN said...

Thanks for the update Dan, was getting sick of Leighs whinging :P

Gamora is perfect, Vance looks great as does Constrictor.

Wolfsbane, visually is ugly as sin. Does she really look like that in the comics ?? Are any of the X fans happy with her CMFC appearance ?? I'll have to hide her or she'll get dropped accidentally.......

Moonstone's nice enough but I'm not sure what her boobs will look like in the flesh....By that I mean the cutout area of the costume, looks kinda weird on the pic. Maybe I'll display her backwards as I remember that view with fondness :)

Mirage - Meh

Firelord - I want to love him but the old school colours dont quite do it. Hopefully he looks much better in hand rather than on the white background as pic.

Never understood how/why Spidey2099 got in while so many others didnt. Not a bad fig by any means but not really bothered about him. Looking at the pics he's another one to display backwards, great detail on his web/cape thingy.

I would have loved to have seen some redoes before the collection bowed out. Archangel's looking at custom Perez 70's Iron Man and Ape Beast for me atm followed by Safari Jacket Wondy. I'd like to see first appearance Ms Marvel join my old school Avengers at some point too.

DCFC Bane replacement finally arrived !!!

Star Wars collection ?? $4 billion to recover.........K'CHING !

Robert said...

Can't believe that we're finally about to get Gamora! Been a looooong wait. Figure looks great.

Liking Constrictor and Firelod, even if the latter is not exactly a high point in character design. Quite like Mirage, too, even though I don't buy New Mutants.

I'm with Toon re: Wolfsbane, tho'. Butt ugly.

P.S. Bagman, thanks for the message. Speak to you soon.

John said...

I don't know if I'm upset that Vance Astro is such a simple character and I could have easily gotten a custom of him... or glad there's a new simple figurine to make customs from, haha! There's a LOT of Guardian and Captain Atom floating around as different characters.

Jacadoo said...

Have to agree with Roberto wolfbanes a bit of a hound.... Sorry I just could not resist!!!

Ryan Maxwell said...

Good looking stuff! Firelord needs a painting tweak. Fire is brighter when it gets hotter. White hot is hotter and brighter than red hot. The core of the flames on his head and the staff should be yellow, moving out to orange and red as you get cooler and further away.

gaurav sharma said...

My eyes just popped out discovering your post man. I've been waiting for like forever for a new post. This blog means a lot to me.

CGJ said...

Basically everything the Toon said.

I can't believe the amount of moaning that went on about Gamoras costume, definitely the right choice Dan, the other is a porn stars halloween costume.

Wolfsbane is awful. Awful.

Spidey2099 is one I couldn't care two hoots about either, its a shame to sneak a few duffers in so close to the end.

In fact, the only poor figs have come through either modern characters or modern costumes.

Don't people realise that Marvel died at 23.59 on December 31st 1989?

LAWay said...

haha so what if I whined for an update? There isn't much to get excited about nowadays unfortunately.

Nice update Dan. All look great, but I think we all agree that wolfsbane is a bit of a...howler.

thank you.

Competition sounds great. I worry about your postage bills if its all organized by you personally though. ^_^

(maybe horde them all and sell on eBay *wink wink)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Gamora is definitely one of the best figurines in the entire series. I'm really happy Dan opted for the classic costume, as it's so much more iconic than the modern one.

As for the mag covers, Constrictor's got to be one of the best in the entire series. A fantastic visual composition.
But the figurine should have had two coils. Nice marketing ploy, Dan! ;) We'll have to buy 2 figs so that we can transplant one coil from one to the other.

As for Vance Astro, while I love the character, I feel the figurine is a bit of a missed opportunity. He just stands there like a human coat hanger and someone has hung a shield on him. He should have been in a dynamic pose, arm lifted towards his chest, in the act of using his shield to fend off an attack. Also, given that he's a cosmic character, metallic blue paint should have been used. I'll have him repainted.

I love Firelord, both the character and the figurine. I think the fig is fab. The character's design didn't lend itself to easy 3D rendition, but EM/Dan managed to create a great version of him. A very lush sculpt, with beautiful flaming effect.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan.
Sad really that the last ten figures are so well so-so. I like Constrictor & Firelord but the rest Wolfsbane, Moonstone, Stingray, Mirage, Spidey 2099 are just not as impressive to look at as figures as say Attuma, The Cobra & Mr. Hyde, Baron Mordo, Stilt-Man, Jack O'Lantern, Molten Man, Jackal, Scarecrow & on & on would have.

Thor8 said...

Dan as you yourself said not every blogger can or will get a prize since there are 200+ members signed up,but many of these members are completely unknown since they have never posted here even when asked to. So maybe you could narrow it down by placing some rules,one of which could be having posted a certain amount of times during this blogs existence. I'm certain once you state the comp rules members will start popping up from everywhere this side of the negative zone and beyond. I still remember some guy called Angel winning the last comp. This guy had never posted before nor ever did after. True he picked a very good character(The only one of the comp characters I will actually buy,but still I find it a little unfair that guys like Robert,Jacadoo,Pirate,Ted,LAWay,MadThinker,Banshee,Tino,Toon,Blake,Sinister V,Deadpool,BobDiamond,and some others whom have kept this blog constantly alive did not get a chance to pick a favorite,so I guess that it would only be fair if these die hard bloggers would get a better chance of winning a momento of this great collection because they have earned it.

I know that if I lived in one of those old villages like Transylvania,the town's people would probably hunt me down with pitchforks and torches for having said this,but come what may,just like ol'Franky I'll hold my ground!

LAWay said...

I agree with you Thor8, purely for selfish reasons as I fancy my chances more with 1 in 12 rather than 1 in 200. ;)

Mark my words though, a mere mention of competition, and the blog will suddenly find itself 100 extra people who all of a sudden want to comment here. ^_^

Robert said...

While I love the idea of having the early stage Watcher in my display, I have to disagree with my lord, Thor. Over and above the logistics of how you define "regular", I don't believe that there should be any preferential treatment system.

Lars Nielsen said...

Thanks for the update Dan. You have made my day, week and month! Great the see these figures in the "flesh". Here in SA we have got just on 30 figures to go, but the end of the collection is slowly sinking in:(

Looking forward to more updates soon!

The Mad Thinker said...

Great work , love the covers and paint jobs on the figurines Dan.

Competition ?

If you do have this competition , can you have more than one winner depending on how many items you have up for grabs ?
You could do some sort of raffle maybe , where 1st prize gets first pick from the list of goodies up for grabs.
You could show us a picture of all the items and then let each winner pick their prize one by one.
I hope that the Arnim Zola figurine will be among the prizes , I think there's a lot of people on here that would like that one !!

The Mad Thinker said...

P.s :

Dan , do you have the unpainted Hulk figurine that's different to the one we got , as shown on the main site ?
That would also make a lovely prize , as we could paint it grey , red , or blue to get a totally different character to add to our collection.

Also -

I don't mind if I win a prize or not but I have to agree with Thor8 , it would be really great to see one of the regulars win.
Robert,Jacadoo,Pirate,Ted,LAWay,Thor8,Banshee,Tino,Toon,Blake,Sinister V,Deadpool,BobDiamond,or another blogger that posts comments on a regular basis.

Jacadoo said...

Mad thinker I would also enquire about the alternate hulk figurine, I also remember the huge debate on the blog when we all asked why we did not get the alternate version.

Please Dan, then you are free to announce the 2000ad collection.

For me I certainly would not consider another LOTR collection (I have the original), I also have Star Wars vehicles and the Star Wars figurine collection that launched before it.

I also think Warhammer would make a good collection and also a world wide brand.

I terms of a competition, sorry Roberto even if I did not win there should be something for the long term contributors on the blog, I echo the sentiments regarding the last competition winner, I am sorry just how I feel.

Anyway off to town to try and find a captain marvel base figurine, for blake's custom of bug.

SinisterVenom said...

Nice update Dan! Good to see you back again!
Fantastic covers once again! My favourite there has to be the Constrictor one, though Firelord and Moonstone were following close behind! So I believe the only covers left to see now are Spider-Man 2099, Wiccan, Deathbird, Hela and Skurge? Wow, can't believe how close we are to the end of the CMFC :(
Speaking of the end, I love the idea of another competition! I must also say that I feel some truth in what Thor8 has wrote above. I get that the competition will be open to all but there are many bloggers here that have helped keep this blog alive, given reason to come back and chat amongst us all and let's face it, we've helped the collection in many ways too with voicing some ideas, requesting characters just among a few of the things. I may have been here a long time but there are many that have been on even longer so I do think it would be great to see some prizes given to those that have been loyal followers of the collection and this blog. But we'll see anyway.
I just got home now after picking up Werewolf By Night, indeed a very nice figurine! Of course this means...that next is Gamora! (Jealous Robert ol' buddy? Love ya really pal hehe). Also worth noting is the leaflet for the Giant-Man special was inside WBN's magazine. He's due to be released on November 14th. Can't wait!

Simon West said...

always good to get an update regardless of content, but that said.. the content was still good. thanks :)

The Mad Thinker said...

SV : I never got an advert for giant man in my werewolf by night issue :( surely they'd all have the adverts in ? Anyway , cool figurine , I've displayed him next to man thing and morbius.

The Mad Thinker said...

I've just seen the trailer for iron man 3 on you tube and it looks wicked. Can't wait for that , it's due in cinemas april next year. I noticed what looked like the mandarin , and the iron patriot.

Victor said...

SisterVenom, Giant-Man special is due to be released on November 14th. :)
Do you know when was the release date of the other specials? Anyone could help? I need those dates for info.
Thanks everyone...

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

Any preferential system leaves Dan in an awkward position, guys.

If he introduces some system for regulars-only, what's the definition of a regular? Regular poster or regular reader? If regular poster, how frequently qualifies as "regular"? One post a fortnight, one a week, four a week, more?

Is it regular contributer over a certain period? Six months, a year, two years, what?

What about the folk that post a lot, go quiet for a bit then come back on? Are they irregular regulars?

Is a guy who posts three times in August, none in September and ten times in October more of a regular than a guy who's been on here since 2008 and posts once every six weeks? And so on.

Apart from disagreement I may have with tiered systems of ranking us, I think you are opening up a huge can of worms for Dan and risking causing a lot of bad feeling.

The only guy on here I think deserves something right off the bat is Blake for his gallery. No one has been more dedicated to the CMFC.

Thor8 said...

When I made my comment about the comming comp. I did not mention all those whom have kept this blog alive,nor did I make any referance as to how long they've been a member. Some guys like Lars Nielsen joined this blog not too long ago,but since he did he has been an active member whom has constantly contributed to the same. It's not just a matter of how long,but also of how they've helped to keep this blog going. It's not that I'm looking down on other bloggers,or that I believe some are better than others,but what's fair is fair,and I truly believe that those whom have been an active voice on this blog should get some type of consideration.Just like our friend Jacadoo said and I quote"even if I did not win there should be something for the long term contributors".

On a different note: Has anyone considered a GI JOE series for EM to make. Don't know about your side of the pond,but this series made quite an impact and had quite a follwing on this side,both in comics as well as the animated series. It even had a couple of movies made based on them and there are quite a bunch of characters to choose from that would make quite a cool line up of both good guys and bad.

Lars Nielsen said...

:) Thanks for the mention Thor8. Unfortunately we are a bit behind the times here in darkest Africa :) I only recently discovered the blog as our local site for the CMFC has no link to the blog and is still advertising Cyclops as the latest figurine! :) Would have loved to be in it from the start. Maybe I could have even had the forethought to create a cool alterego name, rather that getting stuck with my real one!:):)

Most of the time I am however a silent observer, enjoying the banter between the regulars and the updates that we so sorely missed over here. Hell if it was not for this blog of the SHFF I would still be blissfully unaware of the impending end of the collection. Perhaps ignorance would have been bliss? But I do enjoy my morning fix of good laughs, interesting dialog and the much looked forward to updates. I think, to echo someone words from a past post, we definitely need to keep some kind of blog going after the end!

Cheers from a stinking hot Cape Town, time for a beer!

Jacadoo said...

Feeling good my search bore fruit, marvel in hand ready for paint strip tomorrow and blake's customs are underway!!!

I am kicking off one for myself as well, deadpool not a favourite character of mine, but I hada mad idea for a custom that plays on his insane image.

Well my birthday on Saturday is coming far too quickly and you older friend Jacadoo is planning to kill a few brain cells with alcohol, dancing and probably the worse singing voice known to man or beast!!

To be honest regarding the competition, it's more to do with the commaradery of all the longer term contributors, I do not think any of us have any selfish intentions just sharing the burden of knowing this great collection is really coming to an end.

Long live the CMFC.

sed tallis said...

Y'know Dan if there is still anyone oot thar that don't dig on Gamora , then Sodom, Sodom all.
Comp would be nice. BUT!! to give everyone a chance be they Peruvian, Welsh or Yankie Doodlings. Do an Ebay auction, Split the prizes into lots. Nominate a worthy charity to recieve the monies and eveyones a winner.
No no Dan don't thank me, it's what do.
Love ya , ya big lug.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

If I'm not mistaken I never used the term "regular" in my post. As for how long or how often one should have posted in order to be considered "regularly' there is no fixed time frame or quantity per update. There are those whom have posted in every update(some even multipled times)others like Deadpoll whom due to his personal responsabilities,comes and goes.There have even been cases such as Jacadoo's whom for unknown reasons was unable to log into the blog for a time,but all have participated in this blog constantly. Many of the silent mayority may have joined this blog way before I did,but how do I know that? How do we even know that they are there? How do you become a member of a fraternity,a club,or a team and never show up for meetings,debates,decision making and then when merits are handed out expect to receive any recognition or prize? Or worse,how does it feel when someone whom never showed up or spoke in favor or disfavor of something gets a merit and someone like Blake who walked the extra mile gets nada?

Robert said...

I wasn't specifically referring to your post, Thor. And I'm not trying to fall out with you. I have the same immediate reaction you did: reward the loyal guys who kept this blog ticking along - folk like Blake, Leigh, Ted, and of course yourself.

To use your own measuring system, then, you said a "certain number of posts". What number? Who goes back and counts? How do we know the count is right?

It's a mess.

Run a comp. That's it.

Regardless of how we do it, someone will moan anyway. We're already arguing over how o run teh comp and nothing's been announced yet!

P.S. I like Ted's idea as a Plan B.

Thor8 said...

Not to worry Robert. I know you weren't referring specifically to my post and I am not the least uncomfortable with your point of view. I understand what you're getting at and I totally respect your point of view and see it as a valid one,but I still feel a bit uneasy with the idea of some unknown from beyond the stars comming in at the last minute and getting something that I feel others whom were more worthy of getting something leave empty handed. Maybe we can vote on it. We the bloggers pick ten fellow bloggers whom we believe the most worthy and the top ? number of bloggers with the most votes compete (Rules given by Dan)for the different prizes. Dan can even give a special prize to a blogger he feels that contributed beyond the call of duty,such as Blake!

Anyway! New or old,regulars or unknowns,I wish everyone the best of luck.

Thor8 said...

I almost forgot to say.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACADOO!(Hmm,what should I get him as a gift? A Harp?, some grapes?,wait I know...a greek mini skirt) Just kidding mate,youse knows I love ya!

LAWay said...

haha lets not argue over a competition that may never actually come to fruition!

Ted's idea of making the auctions go to charity is a lot better (morally) than mine of just flogging them on eBay. lol It would be a nicer way to end things, and the people who really want it can spend what they want on a lil exclusive momento of the CMFC.

Judging on how much people spend on customs, or those recoloured variants, and even seeing the displays some of you guys have with your statues and busts, I know I can't compete financially with that. But if those are the terms I'd accept them. Its all going to charity anyway and everyone has a fair chance.

Maybe do that charity auction as an option, and maybe have 1 as a competition prize that is literally, everyone comments on the blog in an allotted time limit, say 2 days, and someone is just picked at random. Or try guessing a number Dan is thinking of, but the comment must be made on the blog etc etc

Just something completely random, but must be connected with the blog. No matter how many times you post or visit, as long as you do so for the competition its fine. That and the charity auction. Don;t think any one can really complain.

LAWay said...

I mean, of course people WILL complain, its human nature to be jealous, but we'll have to lump it. It's the gesture to end the collection that you can't complain about.

LAWay said... CAN complain if you don't win anything, but still. Let bygones be bygones.

The Mad Thinker said...

thor8 : it was actually me and not jacadoo that said that about not being worried about winning so long as a familiar voice won. And in response to your G.I Joe comment - hell yeah. I used to buy all of the figures when i was young , and there were so many different characters that would look amazing as lead or resin figurines in the same scale as the Marvel and DC collections.

Thor8 said...

Well that's one in favor of the Joe's series. Anyone else?

You're right MT you did make that comment and you even said it before Jacadoo did,but the comment I quoted was the one he posted right after yours.(Take another looksee!

The Mad Thinker said...

Also , a fairly similar idea to thor8 , maybe we could have a competition available for all to enter as normal , but also have another special prize awarded to one blog member nominated by us. We pick 1 blog member and vote for them , Dan counts the votes and the blog member with the most votes gets a special prize. I'd vote for Blake , anyone who takes the time to make a virtual gallery to give ourselves and the moss men an idea of how certain characters may look as figurines deserves recognition.

The Mad Thinker said...

thor8 : right you are old chap !! My apologies , it's easy to miss a post or part of a post when you are skimming through the comments. Jacadoo did agree with us and also said he wasn't worried about winning but would like someone who contributes a lot on here to win.

tinodragon14 said...

Pity he cannot do one last contest with say three winners each to pick a one final figure giving us three final figures.

Kal Brindle said...

Great to have an update from you Dan. Thanks. Really love the Stingray art. What an awesome bunch of figures we have coming - makes it even harder to say goodbye to this collection.

Still praying for a last minute reprieve regardless how silly that may be..I have waited for this collection my whole life and am SO grateful it came along at all, but am gutted that it's ended without Count Nefaria, Whirlwind, Grey Gargoyle, Mantis, Baron Mordo, Clea, Hulkling, Molecule Man, Thundra, Justice, Shroud, Misty Knight & Colleen Wing, Two Gun Kid, Corsair, Black Tom Cassidy, Arcade, White Tiger, Karma, Warlock, Vindicator, Fandral the Dashing, Spitfire, Arnim Zola, Diablo, Marrina, Thunderstrike, US Agent, Firebird and the list goes on and on...

Most anticipated figures for me...Gamora, Mirage, Hela, Wiccan and Constrictor.

Lars Nielsen said...

I like Mad Thinkers idea re a separate award for a faithful blog member, and let the rest of the prizes fall where they may. Great idea about a comp though Dan, judging by the amount of responses, it should be a hit! Personally dont like the e-bay idea. Opens up to the whole world, not just the blog, and people like myself could not participate :( (For some dumb reason I cannot even but a figure of e-bay and ship to SA due to the catagory it is listed in! Apparently we are not allowed toys or collectibles in South Africa!!!) On the subject, should anyone out in the blue yonder have an extra Man-Thing, I would be overjoyed to take it of your hands. Strangely even though it was sculpted by a fellow South African, it is the one figurine that is not available here :(

Anyway chaps, have a great weekend. Me, I got the day off to play xbox with some buddies who are in town, so just waiting for a semi-respectable hour to crack the first beer!!:):)

Robert said...

Nominating a few folk from on here sounds a decent idea. Like that one. (I'm a sucker for the democratic process.)

Also give my whole-hearted backing to a special for Blake. Like Thor said, no one's done more for the CMFC.

LAWay said...

I don't like the idea of nominating someone from the blog. Coming down to a popularity contest? What some people consider is doing more for the blog? We would then get people from the SHFF saying they deserve something for existing longer and running so many polls etc that are used for the collection. You could get some customizers saying they do a lot to promote the collection with their blogs. Those who post images of their collections.

I think it would open another can of worms.

If you want fair, it has to be completely random.

Its good where we can all discuss and disagree on a hypothetical competition. ^_^

Jacadoo said...

Regarding the competition lets eave it to Dan, there is such conflict on the blog regarding the whys and how's no matter what's decided nobody seems to be happy.

Yes I would love even just to see the alternate hulk, but for me to decide who most deserves, well I don't think any of us are a real authority.

LA you make a fair point regarding SHFF, but then again we have all seen the conflict when they have supported the main site.

To be fair I probably won't enter unless its a character (hulk) who I really want, as I would rather not win a character I did not really care for and deprive a fellow collector a character who they may cherish. That's just my view.

Thor8 make mine grapes as you would never want to see my legs in a manly Olympian skirt!!!!!! Thaks for the kind wishes buddy.

fredpostman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fredpostman said...

I will be the first to announce that i won't be entering the future comp cos i'm happy with the 200+ figurines i will have when the CMFC about a couple more specials though Dan the Man???

LAWay said...

haha yeh, like i said, its great that we can argue and disagree on a competition that doesnt, and may never, exist. ^_^

TheTooN said...

@Lars - Its never too early for that first beer mate :)

As far as a competition for the Blog goes its a great idea Dan. I'd love to have a chance of winning that unused Hulk sculpt.

I agree that Kirly has put an enormous amount of effort into his virtual CMFC project and if anyone deserves a reward its him.

Have a great Friday night Guys & Gals.

Eagle said...

Hi guys,

I have been away and only now read the comments that were made regarding the competition mentioned by Dan.
I am amazed at the suggestion that we should have first and second class bloggers. I do not write many comments but I read the blog almost every day. And what I have noticed is that many bloggers use this space to complain about many subjects or to enter into "friendly" arguments with other bloggers.
Considering that our importance as collectors of Eaglemoss figures should be measured by the number of figures, both DC and Marvel, that we have bought, then that fact should be the real measure. Not the number of times that a blogger has written a comment. After all, the money that each of us has spent is our contribution to keep the two collections alive.

Robert said...

I think the Hulk and Watcher figures are the two...

Hang on, that's the door.


I'll need to get back to you later, guys. There's some bloke here from Eaglemoss wants to count my figures...

Jacadoo said...

Sorry Roberto no matter how much you try to convince, cajole, bribe, beg and brain wash me your Betty boop collection does not count.......... And I certainly can't remember her fighting the hulk!!!!!!!!!!

The count is still.........

Robert said...

Betty Boop versus the Hulk? You shouldn't give Marvel ideas, Jacadoo! Didn't the Punisher visit Riverdale?

Nightstar1441 said...

Love the Robert Atkins's nice to see you are using the image I commisioned at SDCC last year (with some very minor tweaks)

I have the original at home :)

Jacadoo said...

So what's the feeling regarding Disney buying Lucas film?

Did a great job with the avengers, I hope the next three movies are the Jedi academy trilogy!!!!!

Ok Roberto you win I will include Betty boop, given your asgardian weakness she gives you a little credibility, just a little!!!!!

Robert said...

My feeling is that they will make more Star Wars films, further tarnishing the original three films and continuing to disappoint fans and critics.

While making a ton of money.

tinodragon14 said...

The Disnefication continues as Lucasfilm joins Pixar & Marvel under the Mouse Distator. Of course Lucas has marketed the very life & soul out of Star Wars with the original three movies lost amongst all the rejiggering & clutter as Lucas abandons the spaceship for over 4 billion in Disney dough.
If Disney does do more SW movies I guess they will not have The Dark Side in them for fear of offending someone. After all JJJ could not be holding a cigar & a cross cannot be used against Dracula.

Bagman said...
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Thor8 said...

Yeah,I guess the amount of figurines I've purchased does speak louder than the amount of post I have sent to this blog. So I have 10,687 figurines in 20 large displays in my home. Dan,feel free to hop on the next plane headed to the Carribean,give me a call and I'll pick you up at the airport take you to my home where you can count and verify this to be true and I'll even take you to all my buddies homes so you can do the same. After I'll take you back to the air port where you can head back home on the next flight to the UK. Boy that sounds as simple as rain. Why didn't I think of that?

Bagman said...
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Bagman said...

Bagman said...
With regards to the (hypothetical)competition i'm all for a straight up winner takes all kind of comp.,none of this two tiered blogger stuff (smacks of elitism) and the prizes for all suggestion.......please you enter a competition to WIN!!! not to come second or third or last.....
"Here you go Bagman you came 144th in the egg and spoon race but you still get a medal"
Nanny state stuff that is.
Victor Meldrew is alive and well and living in Oz :)

Thor8 said...

Tried that site before you gave it the axe and it didn't work. Do you have any other idea where we can get a peek of these figurines?

Eagle said...

Funny thing. It seems that in this blog only some people are supposed to have opinions. Even if they are silly.

Bagman said...

Hey sorry about that Thor8, had a bit of trouble trying to find it again,hopefully this works....

First three new figurines from Eaglemoss :)

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eagle said...

Robert: I see that you have just removed the comments that you had published moments ago. But, as you had requested, I will reply to you.
First of all, I notice that you are speaking on yours and Thor's behalf. I will, therefore, reply to you both.
Secondly, I appreciate the fact that you have replied directly to me instead of just being ironic.
Thirdly, I presume that I have the right to express my opinions, the same as anyone else.
Fourthly, it would be very easy to establish how many figures each one of us has: because we are all honourable persons, we would just say how many figures we have. In my opinion, this is just as valid as having to count how many entries each blogger has made.
My suggestion was made only because it had been proposed to separate the "very active" bloggers from the others.

Robert said...

Eagle, I removed the comment because I had included Thor's name without his permission. I had no right to do that. I also thought that it was rather ironic I was being accused of being argumentative - only to prove your point by arguing further! So I deleted it.

Glad we can have a rational discussion about this, though.

I have no idea when you joined, Eagle. When I first came on here (early 2009?), there was a huge tramash about multiple accounts. Hard as it is to believe, there were a number of guys using more than one account to vote for figures. That's why voting ended up on the forum, which can monitor that sort of thing much more easily.

Basically, there are collectors who are dishonest and will easily exploit your How Many Figures system. My own general feeling is that we shouldn't treat anyone differently and it should just be a free-for-all. Any other system - whether it's amount of posts, figures or whatever - is complicated and open to abuse. May not be entirely fair but there you go, neither is life.

And, yes, you can express your opinion. I didn't think my "Hey, there's someone at the door" comment was me denying you that. I'll admit it was cheeky but I would insist it was not meant in a malicious way. You should have realised by now that I don't excel at diplomacy. ;)

Eagle said...

Robert: OK, no problem. But I still think that we should all be treated in the same way.

Robert said...

When you say that we should all be treated in the same way, are you talking about a possible competition?

Eagle said...

Robert: Sorry, I forgot to mention something else. If proof is required of how many figures each one of us has, simply ask for a photo.

Eagle said...

Robert: Yes, I am talking about a possible competition.

Robert said...

Eagle, what's to stop me taking photos of my collection and some photos of my friend's and passing them off as all mine? Or stealing images off someone else and doctoring them? We've been recommending shelving to each other on here so some displays looks very alike. I only need to rejig my collection, take two photos, pass them on to a mate and it looks like he has the CMFC, too. I'm not even trying, by the way. Your idea is way too easy to circumvent.

Eagle said...

Robert: I agree with what you say. But do you think that some of us would go to all that trouble just to qualify for a competition?
Anyway, I only mentioned this possibility as an alternative to a suggestion that was made and that, in my view, would create a division among the bloggers. At a time when we should be considering alternatives to this blog, so that we could continue to exchange ideas about the collection, I think that we should unite and not divide.

Robert said...

Hey, I agree, Eagle. Quite incredible that people would actually cheat on a figurine vote. I was amazed at the time and still am. Ask the guys who've been on longer than me. I only caught the tailend of that particular controversy. They'd be able to tell you in more detail about all the shenanigans. I hate to say this about fellow collectors but there's a tiny element that need tied to a railway track. For example, they bought up all the Death of Cap issues from FP in an hour and then punted them on eBay, so regulars like myself couldnt get them; they spoiled the whole con sketching system by selling the art rather than cherishing it, etc. It happens. We can't pretend it doesn't, much as I'd like to.

Thor8 said...

Bagman: Thanks alot buddy I owe you one,I reall do. Those are some awesome figurines EM are cooking up.

LAWay said...

I get what Eagle is saying, and understand the counter argument, but it was just saying things shouldnt be decided on how much a person blogs, or how many figurines they buy, or if they make customs or websites.

If its a competition, just let people, anyone, enter and win. My only suggestion is instead of emailing and picking an email at random, let it be blogposts. Have a single update that says 'comment once to enter', and thats it.

Otherwise we may as well say this is unfair and there should be a competition leaflet in magazines for all those who don't go online etc etc.

But again, lets not get heated about a competition that doesnt, and may never, exist.

Eagle said...

LAWay: I agree with you. Thank you for seeing my point of view.

CGJ said...

I think this collection has been brought to a premature end by the cost of replacing Dan's computer after each blog post.

If it was me I'd be slinging it out of the window every time there is mention of some sort of competition or prize and then there are the countless propositions as to why 'I should be entitled to win instead of everybody else'

Stick a competition letter in the magazine that has to be returned and then all those that support the collection with cash, subscribers, shop collectors, pick'n'mixers, all get the chance of a little thank you for supporting the collection and making it something special that we are all sad to see go.

If you want to cheat the system and get multiple entries, well, it's £5.99 a go my friend and good luck to ya.

pirate adam said...

Happy Birthday!!!! JACADOO!!! Ya big Olympian skirt wearing, wine drink, grape eating wannabe Asgardian

Best wishes pal


Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Once again I want to wish the best of birtdays to my ol' renegade Warrior Three on the date of his birth. If it were an Asgardian celebration he would be feasting on dishes he himself hunted down with loud music and merrymaking and friendly jousting,but since it most likely is an Olypian get together he's probably falling asleep to the soft harp music and to many grapes. All jesting aside I hope you've had a very good one my friend

Robert said...

Happy birthday, Jacadoo!

Word verification, I kid you not, is "frackng". Is Lobo in my computer?

Thor8 said...

Eagle: I wish to offer my most sincere apologies if my post refering to your comp suggestion was offensive to you. It was not my intention to be disrespectful,I was just poking some fun your way,but it seems I may have gone a bit too far and was misunderstood. I myself on countless occasions have defended the right for everyone to have there own opinions and ideas and that the rest of us should(even if we don't agree) respect the opinions of others. Hope there are no hard feelings amigo.

When I first stated my suggestion for the may be comp. I was just trying to make it a little easier for Dan,not start figurine world war three. Believe me I'm cool with whatever Dan decides to do for a comp

tinodragon14 said...

Finally got the Arachne figure a character I was totally unfamiliar with though it turns out she is just another female rip off Spider-Man. I am buying all the figures even ones I'm not interested in. The hands & legs on the figure are just awful. It amazes me they would even let that figure be sold. I could never put it out on display even if I wanted to.
The Wizard figure looks fine. I wish they had done him lifted up in flight.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Wow. Quite a lively debate going on!
I think two different things are being discussed here:

1. a competition, intended as a way for EM to thank collectors for supporting the collection. Surely anyone who is a collector deserves a chance to win a prize. The best place for this competition would be on the magazine, via a flyer, so that it can a) reach people who really buy figurines; and b) reach all collectors, including those who don't know/use this blog.

2. the other thing you are proposing is an award or series of awards to those collectors who have been active bloggers, as a way for EM/Dan to thank them for keeping the CMFC flame alive in the online universe. I think this is a wholly different recognition, as it's about a person's contribution to the blog and to the propagation of the 'CMFC faith' via the blog. Quite frankly, it is only logical that these awards should go to people who have actually been active bloggers here, not just collectors who never participated in this online endeavour.

I am not saying the competition and the awards should happen. I'll leave the decision to EM/Dan. But I do feel that this blog has had 12-15 core bloggers who have invested a lot of passion, time and energy in it.

Many thanks to those of you who have spontaneously nominated me for an hypothetical award. You're very kind! Each one of you has hugely contributed to this blog, and I think all of you core bloggers deserve an award.
For me, the best award would be the news that the CMFC will continue or restart in a new incarnation, as a new series of figurines in CMFC style and scale.

Rest assured, my Virtual CMFC Gallery continues to evolve and I've got some special initiatives to share with you shortly.

Other than that, I've also commissioned 100 custom figurines, and this mega exciting project is keeping me very busy in addition to the Virtual CMFC Gallery.

Eagle said...

BLAKE: Two comments:
1. I am convinced that many collectors follow this blog but do not participate because of language difficulties. There are several very lively blogs in other languages. To exclude all these people would be unfair.
2. To insert a flyer in a magazine would also not be fair to collectors in various countries. For instance, the Marvel collection sold in Portugal is only up to number 60 (currently on number 57). I had to buy all the other figures through various other channels, sometimes at exhorbitant prices. So, if a flyer is inserted in a magazine, it might take a long time before I have the possibility to buy it and, by then, the competition might be finished.
What has to be remembered is that there are many collectors in countries other than England and the U.S.A. who go to great effort and expense to buy the figures. Excluding them would, in my view, be very unfair.

Robert said...

There are several other CMFC blogs in other languages?!!

You mean there may be a French Robert, a German Robert and a Polish Robert (to name but three!)!???! And multiples of Thor8, DP, MT, etc.!!

Doesn't bear thinking about!!

The Mad Thinker said...

eagle : if you had your way , the competion would be open to everyone and every thing on the planet including papa smurf.

The Mad Thinker said...

And to quote Jack Black from one of his movies - Tough titty said the kitty but the milk's still good !!

Eagle said...

The Mad Thinker: No, just the people who are registered on this blog. As you live in the U.K., I suppose you do not understand the difficulties that we go through.

The Mad Thinker said...

I think I'm starting to agree with Laway.
Maybe we should all stop debating over this and just wait and see what Dan comes up with.

Next subject / topic please !!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Eagle, you make a good point. I didn't mean 'active' in the sense that you post all the time. Being a registered member is also a way of expressign active support. Although, surely Google translation is very easy to use to translate your thoughts into English if you want to post them here? It'd be great for all of you to express your opinions here, where Dan can read them. Your opinions are important and can make a difference. We'd all love to read them.

Victor said...

I'm Portuguese and I live in Portugal. I have difficulty expressing myself in English, sometimes I use "google translate" but I note that most of the time is not right.
He liked to participate more, but not easy ...
In my opinion, the competition will be as it always was made to choose the last character of the extension 20. Not worth discussing without knowing what Dan thinks do.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eagle said...

Victor: Can you send me your email contact, por favor?

Thor8 said...

Let's carefully read once more what Dan wrote in his comment....

"There will a competition with some goodies up for grabs to say thanks (PERSONALLY FROM ME) TO YOU GUYS ON THE BLOG - obviously I can't give you all mentions/gifts individually (there are over 200 subscribers to the blog! where would I draw the line?)

I took the liberty of capatalizing part of one sentence so that we can better analyze Dan's comment.

First of all this comp is being sponsered by DAN not by EM itself,so the expenses and trouble going into this comp come from his pocket ant his time.(Sure wish there were some way WE could give HIM a reward,he sure deserves it).

Second of all he clearly states that these rewards are for those of us ON THIS BLOG,not for all collectors,or people from the forum,or the royal family or anyone else.

Third point: He also says that obviously he cannot give us ALL mentions/gifts because there are over 200 "members" on this blog and asked where would he draw the line? My original comment/suggestion was made with the only purpose of helping Dan think of a way of narrowing down the numbers. It wasn't meant to start a "tug a war" of whose worthy or not. If Dan is going to inclued everyone who has contributed one way or another into making this collection reach the heights that it has he would have to inclued every seller on ebay and other sites(those with fair prices and the money mongers) the distributors,comic shop owners,magazine stands,the forum and any other site that makes mention or promotes this collection and on and on.

My suggestion was intended to be something like the NBA games. A comp within a comp. Who participates in the NBA series? All members of all the existing teams. They go from the regular season to the semi-finals. At this stage there are less teams left to continue. Then they dwindle it down to the finals,and then to the championship. Whom get the final prizes(rings,trophy,recognition)? One team and the members of that team. There might have been fans whom never missed a game,whom spent there hard earned money on t-shirts caps,banners,suporting that team but they don't get a ring or a trophy or zilch. As for the members ofthe NBA they all had the oppotunity to participate but not all of them won. That's what I am trying to suggest to Dan.

All members of this blog can participate in the comming comp(whatever and whenever it comes to be) but as the comp goes thru different stages the numbers will dwindle down until only the winners are left.

As for handing out a prize to someone like Blake,I don't see any problem or unfairness with this. Continuing my comparrison with the NBA games a player/team member is selected as the series MVP,so Blake or some other blogger you people find worthy can be our MVP. God bless,and good luck to you all.

Victor said...

Eagle: my email:

Victor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sed tallis said...

Aha ha we literally could not agree on the colour ( color) of shite.
Yay . To Disney taking over the Star Wars franchise , episodes 1 to 3 were utter shinty.
The prospect of a new star Wars actually has me moderately excited . Han won't be able to smoke his crack pipe onscreen like wot e yoost too in ol va uvva fiun. But give it a go innit

deamon said...

Great update!
Next extension please.

TheTooN said...

I've been chortling away at this discussion for a couple of days now. Only collectors of 'little lead men' could go on like we do over a comment from Dan :)

If/when Dan goes ahead then imho it should be open to all bloggers that have taken the time to register.

Jacadoo said...

To the asgardians on the blog thank you for the very kind wishes, it was a night of Olympian proportions and I have been trying to recover all day.

Harp, graps no but lots of skirts on show mind you!!!!

Had wanted to do some work on blake's customers today, but no matter how I try I can't get off the settee.

Oh I feel really sick.......

Mind you I have ordered a resin moulding kit, this will enable me to mould and cast base figurines and as they will be resin, I will be able to modify far more easily.

Thor8 did you get any figurines into surgery as yet?

CGJ said...

Maybe wise King Solomon had the right idea, Dan, cut all the figurines in half and share them out amongst everyone

zombiedude13 said...

Y'know, I post occassionaly,but I am rarely responded to, so I don't post a whole lot. That doesn't mean I don't love this series or mourn it more or less than any of you. Don't equate my passion with my posting. Just because you feel you deserve some thing because you are a more elite member doesn't cut it. If you are a part of the blog, then you qualify, period. Leave Dan be. I feel he often regrets saying anything to us, because as soon as he does it leads to people barking at him like dogs after a sausage. Don't pressure the man, and be happy he cares enough to do anything at all, because if I worked there all those little things he is offering would be going home with me. He's a good guy, and I agree that our resident blogger who has time and again shown his support and enthusiasm for this collection with his virtual gallery deserves a special thank you.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

It's been a while since I last posted a link to my Virtual Gallery. Its objective was always to display all those great Marvel characters with potential for inclusion in the next CMFC extension. Now it's all in the realm of the What If, showing all those awesome figurines that could have been. I hope it will continue to provide inspiration for customizers, but also for EM to launch a new Marvel collection.

So here we go...
Click this link to see

Keep the faith.
There will be another Marvel
collection from EM.
Hope springs eternal, folks.
Hope springs eternal.

Thor8 said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again,your Virtual Gallery is simply amazing Blake. Tt's a real joy to look at all those characters that could have been,yet on the other hand it's sheer torture knowing they'll never be. Oh well at least those of us planning to do customs have a great reference source for making some of these characters a reality.

Wow Blake you have commisioned 100 customs? Really? Man that must cost you a pretty penny(or the equivalant coin). Sure hope you've gotten a good customizer worth the job. Hope you don't mind my asking,but just which characters did you pick?

Oh,and Jacadoo,Glad to hear you enjoyed turning 30 mate,and no I've have not performed any surgical operations as of yet.

LAWay said...

Yeh its getting a bit embarrassing now ain't it. Maybe its not being able to read the tone of a comment (seeing it as being more aggressive or negative than its meant), or maybe there is a lil loss in translation.

Like Thor mentioned this is from Dan's own back. So don't expect some grand competition supported by EM, this is just something he personally wants to do, and we shouldnt pressure him or fight amongst ourselves about who 'deserves' it.

If its a blog competition how about a piece of the competition in every update from now until the end. Maybe a question, maybe some clue, maybe a challenge. Its main aim to get people interacting more with the blog, and in those quiet months of lonely updates, it gives the bloggers something else to talk about and enjoy.

Otherwise if Dan just wants to pick winners, I would be happy with whoever he would pick. His competition and all that.

LAWay said...

Blake, could you make a blog/gallery of all your commissions? That would be interesting to see who well they have translated into the CMFC scale and how they sit together.

I take the Marvel Legends customs and the Bowen etc statues on CMFC figures with a pinch of salt.

I'd understand if you didn't want to though. Afterall, you commissioned them and may want to keep them precious to yourself.

LAWay said...

Oh, and belated birthday wishes to Jacadoo! The big 3-0.

I forget how old you guys are sometimes.


Thor8 said...

Well LAWay at least you and a couple of others have understood what I was trying to get through,and as you said,it's Dan's comp so we'll just wait and see what the new year will bring.(Dan did say he would probably have the comp ready by then). At least that remark hints to this blog being around for a few more months and on the positive side of this comp debate,it at least served to jump start this blog once more. It took a month and a half for the last post to reach 314 comments,and in only 4 days this post is already up to 125.

LAWay said...

haha the blog usually has more comments when we all argue though. ;)

SinisterVenom said...

Haha we should go for a new record of comments! I know we've gone past 400 before, why not aim to do it before the collection ends? Just a crazy thought there :P

Jacadoo said...

Wow thanks my asgardian friends, you all knocked 16 years off my age...... Mind you I am an Olympian love god - just don't get the wife to verify any facts i outline on this blog!!!!!!!

Come on sinister lead the way to the big 400!!!

The Mad Thinker said...

jacadoo : sorry for the lateness , happy birthday fella.

LAWay said...

has anyone been collecting the graphic novel collection? I dont see it in shops any more and the website only shows like the first 6 issues.

Off on my hols in a few weeks to Orlando. Cant wait to go back to islands of adventure, love the marvel area there!

Oh, and of course, all the cool marvel merchandise at a fraction of the price. ;)

Think they will stop me at customs smuggling CMFC figures to sell on at a higher price. ^_^

Thor8 said...

Hope you enjoy your trip to Orlando Laway,but if you want some advice you can purchase a great deal of Marvel merchandise at local comic shops and toy stores at a fraction of what they will cost you at the yheme parks! It's to bad I cancelled my plans of going to Orlando this December,if not I would have asked you to smuggle an extra suit case full of figurines for me.

SinisterVenom said...

Have a good trip Leigh! Btw I'm collecting the Graphic Novels Collection and so far I'm at issue 23 (I think). I've read most of them so far and there are some great stories told. I'm currently reading the Secret War story. I kinda know the gist of this due to having played Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 but it's still awesome to read the real thing and pick up on the things the game didn't cover.
Other favourites of mine that I've read in the GNC are Kraven's Last Hunt (I started reading this at midnight weeks ago and got so addicted to this I read the whole thing!), Avengers Forever, Iron Man Extremis and Marvels, with many more still worth a highly enjoyable read indeed.

TheTooN said...

I finished Secret War last night, I only knew the basics through playing the game too :) agree with your other highlights, Kravens last hunt was fantastic as was Marvels. Not been a dud so far imo.

LAWay said...

You guys got Marvel Ultimate Alliance? Damn, would have been good to team up online and do the story for those extra online achievements. ^_^

Do the books still have extras in them like backstory and sketches or is it just the story now? Been tempted to pick up a few recently of stories that I missed.

And cheers for the well wishes but I ain't going anywhere yet, sorry. ;)
I haven't been to Florida for ages, before the CMFC was created, so will be interesting to see how available they are out there. But I always make sure I visit practically all the comicbook stores there. I just hope they are still open, its been a long time. Hope the recession hasn't hit them too hard.

Deadpool said...

Vote Deadpool !

The modern day Quatermain.

Explorer of the dark continent.

Exposer of the incontinent.

Inimitable infiltrator of the Russian federation.

Advisor to some shady Mexican dudes.

And above all a poud member of this League of Extraordinary Gentlemen known as the CMFC blog.

Vote Deadpool as the CMFC Ultra Prize wangler.

Thor8 said...

Well seems like now that the debates and arguments are over,so are the posts and comments.

The Mad Thinker said...

It's all gone quiet said rhubarb , too quiet said custard !!

LAWay said...

Personally I think Deadpool killed the conversation. People would rather stay silent than show their support for him. ^_^

What sort of stuff do fellow bloggers collect that link in to Marvel, and do you like anything other than the comics?

I have often heard people mention they have a load of spider-man/wolverine/Cap etc merchandise, but then they say they dont buy things like action figures. So what sort of Marvel stuff do you buy?

And with media changing and the availability to access the marvel brand through so many different mediums other than comics, what sort of marvel things are you drawn to? Cartoons/ Movies/ Games etc.

Me? I buy loads of action figures. Marvel Legends/ Universe/ Minimates/ Superhero Squad, just most toy versions of any character. I have a couple of small busts, the cheap small ones, only a handful. A couple more just random things picked up, like bobbleheads or the odd little toy.

In terms of media, I dont buy comics any more. I do get the occasional graphic novel collection of big stories from time to time. I buy all the boxsets of any Marvel animation or films, watch all marvel movies and pretty much buy any marvel game for the xbox 360.

What of you guys?

tinodragon14 said...

I too collect action figures Marvel Legends/ Universe/ Minimates/ Superhero Squad as well as Bowen busts & statues & bobble heads & comic book artwork that I then get framed. Bought great face artwork then framed it of Doctor Doom, Magneto, Electro, Mysterio, The Rhino, The Vulture & Bullseye.

mustlovedogs said...

Hi Everyone! Please help! I have been looking for an Equinox figurine EVERYWHERE! Do any of u know where I can find one or be willing to sell me theirs?

Lars Nielsen said...

It all started with the CMFC! Read the occasional comic when I was a kid but they were hard to find and could never follow the storyline as you would get issue 1,5,20,100 etc. I have built a couple of Marvel Model kits (Toy Biz from the 90's) and have started collection the Graphic Novel Collection. Really enjoying them. Would looooove to get my hands on a couple of Bowen full size statues, but they are just so friggin expensive, and like hens teeth here in SA. The Marvel addiction has really kicked in :) Lucky for me, our son is now 16mnths old and I will soon have an excuse to buy lots of action figures etc for him :)

LAWay said...

What a brill advertisement for CMFC Lars! The collection actually converted you into a Marvel fan! I guess a lot of us take it for granted how available the products are to us.

Sounds like you got quite a mixed collection as well tino. Commissioned artwork as well? Brilliant! I'm waiting til I get a house so I can have my 'man room' before getting such luxuries. ^_^
You seem to have such a mix, but haven't you been against redos in the past? Is it the same rule for when you buy other stuff like the figures and bowen statues?

The Mad Thinker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Mad Thinker said...

I like Marvel and DC , I collect books only , and figurines of course.

I'm not a fan of chess pieces but I will be buying some of the DC chess pawns as they have similar bases to the DC Super hero figurine collection.
I'm going to get Commissioner Gordon , and buy the bat signal from Forbidden Planet which is only £5.99 , and also the Black mask , and Bat wing , simply because they look cool and was not in the other collection.

I will buy any figurine collection that eaglemoss produce as I love figurines !!

Bring on more Marvel characters !!
Bring on more DC characters !!
Bring on the 2000AD collection !!

G.I Joe
Star Wars
Street Fighter vs Mortal Combat
Dandy & Beano
Harry Potter
Hannah Barbara
The Simpsons
Legends of wrestling

Love to know what the secret next project is Dan.

Jacadoo said...

OMG.... What other items.......

Large collection of sideshow, lots of Bowen and figurine collections?
Star Wars vehicles and figures
Lord of the rings

I will post images if anybody is interested?

Comic wise I only collect electronic comics now and have boxes and boxes of marvel graphic novels (all looking for a good home), I have also been considering donating them to charity.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

I collect The Avengers and Thor comics. I have a complete run of The Avengers and a nearly complete run of Thor. I used to have the whole collection of Thor but I stopped collecting that title and sold nearly the entire collection. When his second series came out I started to collect Thor again and re-reading some of the old comics I still had of him I felt nostalgic and began to recollect this title I got over 200 books from a fellow collector at a basement bargain price and now I'm only missing 8 books to have the entire run once more.

I also collect any 6" Marvel Legends figure if it's an Avengers member,Thor statues and figurines.and 1/18 scale die cast corvette models,but nothing compares (figurine wise) to the CMFC. My love for The Avengers got me into this collection. I was just planning to buy Avengers and thier foes from EM,but once I had a couple of these figurines in hand it was love at first sight and I just had to buy them all(or close to it).

I also have the entire run of Amazing Spider-Man(including Amazing Fantasy#15) which I plan to sell in the new year.

LAWay said...

Like you MT, I can't wait for the secret project, hopefully a new great Marvel line similar to the CMFC and not like what the collection was going to look like before it got changed to what it is now.

I would love to see your collection of statues Jacadoo! I am always wish I could afford and have space for the large statues and busts, so I will have to live out my collecting through you guys. lol
Also, I have been thinking of converting to digital comics. Thinking of getting a tablet purely for just storing comics. But I haven't got wi-fi so that would be useless, so I'll stick with paper for now.
What graphic novels have you got? I am always interested in expanding my reading with all the big stories I have missed out on as I usually just wait for the graphic novel collections anyway.

Wow Thor8! Sounds like you got quite a collection of comics worth a few bob! What made Thor stand out in particular for you?

Deadpool said...

Before the cost of comic books became too expensive I collected every marvel title from the 70s through to the 90s.
I cut back to the x titles and spidey until a few years ago when I stopped altogether.

I have huge warhammer and 40k armies in addition to LOTR and hero clix.

I have many of the old GDW Star Wars gaming figures ..etc etc...too many others to list.

I also have a huge board game collection.

I have a collection of weapons, my sword collection is my favorite. I have some film replicas too from Blade and Lord of the Rings.

When I get the opportunity, I also collect ears.

The Mad Thinker said...

Changing the subject but how many of you would have preferred a jackal or tombstone instead of spiderman 2099 figurine ? It does look good but I for one wanted tombstone. All we can hope for now is an extension or a new collection in the same scale that would include some of the missing characters that were on our wish lists. It would be nice to still get the chance to complete other teams etc. Please give us some good news soon Dan. Maybe we'll get an extra christmas gift this year - some news from Eaglemoss HQ.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Well LAWay: Way back when I was a little tot,My favorite heroes were Thor and Spider-Man.I loved Spider-Man because he was so different from the other heroes of the time and many of us could relate to his personal problems(something most heroes didn't have in those days). As for Thor,when you're a kid and you play "superhero" you want to be the srongest there is and no one was stronger than The Mighty Thor. As I matured the stories with all the great characters,the cosmis scenes and all the glory of asgard captivated me and here I am decades later and still a Thor enthusiast.

Forgot to mention I also have a Bowen Bust of every Avenger that's been made.(Still trying to convince Bowen to make a Swordsman bust) I have some Thor statues,but just like you,lack of space and wallet pains keep me from acquiring too many.

LAWay said...

MT - personal choice. I prefer Spiderman 2099. But then, you could pick any character out of the 200 and say 'who would prefer this character over that one?'
Just gotta make do with what we have I'm afraid.

Interesting stuff Thor8. So were you never quite gripped by Superman as a kid? Or was it always a marvel thing for you?

I think Spider-Man was my fave just because at the time he was everywhere as I was a kid, comics, games, cartoons etc. I loved the costume, I loved the personal dilemmas and how relatable he was, with a great villains gallery, and he just seemed so unique to other heroes that added to that 'cool' factor. He was also funny. :)

I have a couple spider-man busts that are some of my prized possessions, but I would love to get a proper statue one day.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Marvel Fact Files

You can see/

This is purely an encyclopaedia of the Marvel Universe. No figurines included, apart from an Iron Man and Spider-Man figurines given as gifts to subscribers.

It's not what I wanted or needed, but I'm sure EM will do a great job as their research team proved excellent at Marvel research in the CMFC magazines.

I wish EM all the success in the world with this project. I will not be a customer in this case, but hope that the success of this collection may lead to another Marvel project including figurines.

Jacadoo said...

Blake must admit the two statues look really nice and would look great on my shelf, but sadly I won't be subscribing either.

I will be watching eBay with interest.........

The Mad Thinker said...

I won't be subscribing to that rubbish either !!
If I wanted an encyclopaedia , I'd go out and buy one for £30 and save a bundle on what Eaglemoss would charge for each issue over the weeks.

I am also very annoyed at the fact that they advertised a Marvel heroes and villains figurine collection on their website - Limited edition spiderman figurine at £2.99 then didn't bother to send a follow up email after I placed my order.
The collection was then cancelled and hey presto , we then see two fine looking figurines available only to subscribers of this new fact files collection.
I feel robbed !!

I personally would have subscribed to a figurine collection in that scale as the figurines look amazing and have a more dynamic pose.

Now I guess I'm going to have to buy them on ebay :(

Why didn't they just go ahead with the figurine collection ?

What's next ?
The Classic Marvel painting by numbers collection ?

Dan , have a word mate !!

The Mad Thinker said...

Hey guys and girls :

To get a closer look at the Iron Man and Spiderman figurines by Eaglemoss just click on my name - The Mad Thinker , then click on Dave's Blog and check out my latest post.
Two stunning looking larger scale figurines that could of been the start of another great figurine collection , but then I guess that the same bright sparks that canned this current collection decided to do the same with that too !! :(

LAWay said...

How did you come across that Blake?!

I have my doubts since we were leaked something early before and it never came to be.

*found out someone blogged about it here -

I dont particularly care for the magazines, but then I am spoilt having a marvel encyclopaedia aswell as collecting every issue of the CMFC.

However, I want that Spider-Man, Iron-Man, and t-shirt. Subscribing for £10 for 4 issues to get all that seems a bargain.

LAWay said...

Ok, just ordered, so hoping this is legit and I get the free gifts from the get go and not spaced out over time to forced you to spend more.

Be as cynical as you want, £10 for all that is a bargain. Cancel straight away then.

I did put my details in wrong first time, and I had two subscription confirmation emails. I only have 1 customer ID, so hoping I am only charged with 1 subscription. If not, I will gladly sell the free gifts to whoever wants them.

Lets hope this one is the real deal and not a test eh?

But like MT said, without regular figurines, I won't stay interested in this.

Thor8 said...

I have a few Marvel type encyclopedias in my collection so I'm not that thrilled about this new project,but I sincerely wish EM the best of luck and success with this new collection Living in PR I can't subscribe even if I wanted to,but I sure would love to get my hands on that pair of figurines and the T-shirt.

Thor8 said...

LAWAY: If you do end up with a double sub and you decide to sell the 2nd set of figurines and the T-shirt consider me first in line buddy!

CGJ said...

subscribed to that, couldn't resist.Maybe it's the 4 cans of stella that convinced me ....

ADParker said...

That's the new Marvel collection; a "fact files" encyclopaedia?! Marvel has produced enough of them on their own, and in a better format than this ring binder business, so no thanks.

I'm sorry, but a wholly unique (in terms of breadth of figures) figurine collection was dropped in favour of something like that?!

sed tallis said...

Wow I shall be subscribing to the new marvel history type thingy , there are 200 CMFC mags crammed with character histories but I need more. ...until I get all the free gifts then I'll drop it quicker than you can say ebay

The Mad Thinker said...

How can this new project succeed if most people are going to just subscribe until they have got the free gifts and then just cancel ?
If they'd have just gone ahead with the Marvel heroes and villains figurine collection , they'd have been on to a winner as most of us showed our interest.
Sack the decision makers !!

Thor8 said...

Going by the few comments posted here so far regarding EM's new Marvel project,it seems like it's off to a rocky start and a quick demise. Most comments have been negative and even those whom have said they'll subscribe are thinking of dumping it once they get thier hands on the free gifts.

If EM includes a figurine with each issue,then this project has a much better chance of success(IMO). I wonder what materials were used to make the figurine.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

I agree with MT. EM should have stuck to the Heroes and Villains series which seemed to have gotten a much better acceptance than this encyclopedia project.

Some may think the MH&V series was axed because of the pricing.but I don't really think that waould have been an issue. After all look at Bowen,Hardhero,and many other companies that keep making super high priced statues and busts with re-do's galore and they keep selling. So why can't EM make another figurine series with a different formated mag. to follow up in the steps of the CMFC greatness.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

We need to remember that Marvel is now owned by Disney, and it may be that they won't license EM to do a line of figurines. We don't know.

My opinion is, without figurines included, EM's Marvel Fact Files do not have a strong, unique selling point. In the digital age, where tons of Marvel images and information can be found for FREE on the internet, these Marvel Fact Files will need to offer something truly special for people to want to buy them. It remains to be seen if the editorial format and the quality of research are so special that these Fact Files will become must-have's for all Marvel fans.

Personally, I already have loads of official Marvel encyclopedias, and I also have the entire series of A-Z Handbooks of the Marvel Universe. Plus, I do my own Marvel research on the internet and am perfectly satisfied with what's on offer for free.

Like I said, I wish EM all the success in the world with this project. But I will not be a customer in this case.

The CMFC was a genius product including Marvel fact files AND beautiful figurines which created a unique, unmissable must-have Marvel Universe experience. I can only hope that EM will be able to launch a new CMFC-type of product.

tinodragon14 said...

I supported redos LAWAY especially if it would have extended this collection.

Since everyone on here knows by now I'm a big fan of Marvel's villains I collected mostly the Bowen villain busts & some statues. Just a small list of bad guy busts include Dr. Doom, Mephisto, Whirlwind, Magneto, Loki, Mole Man, Baron Zemo, Attuma, Galactus, Thanos, The Rhino, The Abomination, Sunfire, Bullseye, The Red Skull, Sabretooth, Tigershark, The Vulture, The Green Goblin, Morbius, Hobgoblin, Jackal, Doc Ock, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, The Scorpion, The Shocker, Electro, Kingpin, Tarantula, Mystique, Toad, Quicksilver both Green & Blue, Pyro, The Blob, DRAGONMAN, Terrax the Tamer, Firelord, Batroc, Enchantress & The Executioner, Blastaar, Annihilus, Gladiator, The Leader, Kang, The Mandarin, Son of Satan, All four of The Wrecking Crew, The Grey Gargoyle, Ultron, Baron Blood, Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo, Iron Monger, Taskmaster, Dormammu, Air-Walker, Super Skrull, The Absorbing Man, The Destroyer, A Sentinel, Constrictor, Lady Deathstrike, Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, Arcade

mustlovedogs said...

Haven't gotten any feedback on the equinox figurine...Ill pay whatever u charge! Anybody out there want to make a few bucks and make one for me PRETTY PLEASE!!!

Jacadoo said...

Must love dogs, I am half way through two customs for Blake but if I can find an ice man figurine from somewhere I would be happy to do for you!!!

If you could find one obviously let me know.

I was given a Thor figurine today at my local forbidden planet for free with some paint chipped off the cape, so it's time for my to really try and see what I can achieve from this starting point.

He has been in Dr Jacadoo's surgery already and the poor fella has no arms and only one leg left attached!!!!

Blake bug is coming along nicely and I hope to be pinning his arms tomorrow.

Thor8 said...

Gee Jacadoo I had an extra Iceman figurine but converted him into Jack Frost for my Liberty Legion group. Sorry.

bethrezen said...

This new collection sucks.

LAWay said...

Ah tino, was just checking. Makes perfect sense if you collected other figures and figurines. I just wondered.

I doubt Disney have any real say in this. It wont be stopping them making figurines if they are offering them as gifts.

I think the strategy for this new product is to get it in supermarkets and keep it there. A weekly publication, competitively priced with other things like comics etc. It's a bolder move to try and continually sell magazines and not rely on just subscribers, with this product aimed more at kids to young teens more than diehard collectors.

I do hope this is not one of the projects Dan was talking of, as it is a sort of rehash of the CMFC, but without the figurines. Of course, from all the feedback we give, its safe to say the only thing we agree on is that we want figurines. ^_^

TheTooN said...

I can only assume the new EM collection is aiming for a new younger audience. Anyone who has bought the CMFC for 7 years doesnt really need these. If however I hadnt discovered the CMFC or found it too late to go and collect all the back issues it might have been different. I would certainly have pestered my Mum rotten for these as a kid ;)

I like the look of the 2 figurines but as the scale doesnt match and there are only 2 its not reason enough to sub even briefly.

My custom plinth covers came in and I love them. Pics here for anyone interested

TheTooN said...

I'm banned again on the SHFF :( anyone else still suffering from these IP issues ??

fredpostman said...

Ha Ha Ha...they are scrapping the wonderful 'once in a lifetime' CMFC for this?
I won't be joining the stampede (sic)to get these....

Eagle said...

TheToon: I would like to see your plinth covers but I cannot access the site. Do you know if there is any problem?

The Mad Thinker said...

Toon : It seems that there is a problem with the shff web site. A few weeks ago I couldn't log in and got a message saying that I was banned. Sometimes I get an email from them saying we miss you. It's really strange. Then I go back on there and it allows me to log in. But at the moment I am having problems again and I can't log in because it says that I'm banned.

Jacadoo said...

Hi thinker I have given up completely trying to get in, same problems etc.

Shame really as I used to enjoy sharing customs and taking inspiration from the other contributors on the SHFF, I was a follower of the original marvel customs site prior to the SHFF as well.

I follow a number of the members blogs but miss the interaction of the main site.

Jacadoo said...

Thor I will be honest some of the prices of the back issues is horrendous, so come on buddy when will we get to see you're efforts?

I will post my statue collection today.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Hey Jacadoo
Thanks! You're a star. Check your email. I sent you a message.

LAWay said...

Toon - those plinth covers look great, especially stacked! A brilliant idea! Would love to be able to display the whole collection like that.

Not convinced by the free gifts though? £10 for 2 big figurines and a t-shirt?

What others are saying, I don't think the CMFC was 'cancelled' and replaced with this new collection. I think EM probably have a couple more projects up its sleeve and it would be foolish to release a figurine based collection while CMFC is still running. Watch this space in a year's time and we will see something different.

LarryS said...

Unique figurine collection stretching into wonderful hidden corners of the MU.

Or highly derivative Yawn Files Encyclopedia.

Would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

LAWay said...

Again, the CMFC is still ongoing for another year yet, so IS NOT BEING REPLACED by this new 'Marvel Fact Files' - which is a predominately a magazine collection. The CMFC is a figurine collection. You can't compare the two.

Again, wait for the CMFC to end and see what replaces it then. Then you can cast your judgements.

Logic hats on please people.

TheTooN said...

You cant get onto the Rumorbuster Eagle ? I thought you were a member there mate ? It should be open to anyone registered or not.

Try the frontpage here and then look for the section titled 'statues and pvcs' its the last message posted.

I've been flying the CMFC flag on this US board for years, rarely get a response in honestly but its been fun posting blog updates, customs and my Archangel repaints anyway :)

@Leigh - thanks mate ;) I'd love to have bought a cover for every plinth but it would be pretty expensive and I'm not sure just how many I'll keep in the long run.

EM's new free gifts are nice for sure but I'll wait until we see a figurine based replacement before spending on another Marvel partwork. Nothing against it its just not something that I need or want. I want more CMFC same as most of us on here :( Mixture of redo's and new characters would have suited me perfectly.

Going back to one of your earlier posts I did collect Super Hero Squad, Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends. My nippers just turned 7 and not that interested anymore so unsure if the toy side of Marvel is coming to an end for me. I'll keep some favourites from each line but the days of buying them all may be over. Not bought any Marvel comic since the mid 80's and never buy DVD's. I figure I pay Sky so much DVD's are a waste.....maybe I'm just a tight git :)

TheTooN said...

Thanks for letting me know I wasnt the only one without access guys !!

Oliver Reilly said...

How much money would it take to convince Eaglemoss to produce an additional 10-20 figurines (with a few more specials)?

The fans should vote on which characters would be included in the final run. I want to know how much because I'm wondering if a Kickstarter campaign could be organized to help cover the funding.

tinodragon14 said...

I did buy other Bowen busts of Spiderman, Classic Ironman, Beast with blue fur, Iceman, Angel, Archangel, Colossus, Iron Fist in green, Luke Cage with yellow shirt & chain around his waist, Doctor Strange, The Black Knight, Sub-Mariner in green trunks, Moon Knight, Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, Triton, Crystal, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird, Puck, Northstar, Aurora, Marrina, Odin, Banshee, Havok, The Vision, The Thing, Reed Richards, The Human Torch, Sue Storm, The Punisher, Hercules, Falcon, blond haired Captain Marvel, Modern Captain Marvel, Man-Thing, The Phantom (in purple), Deathlok, Yellowjacket, Wonder Man in his original outfit, Machine Man, Jack of Hearts, Stingray, Doc Sampson & several Wolverines.

As for Bowen statues I have only a few including Doctor Doom, Juggernaut, The Abomination, The Rhino, The Lizard, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Electro, Sandman, The Scorpion, Carnage, Loki, Quicksilver (Green), Wolverine, Iron Fist (Green & Red), Moon Knight, Spiderman, The Human Torch, The Thing

LAWay said...

Just been over charged for the Marvel Files collection after taking out a subscription. They said they sharge for 4 issues. Despite issue 1 being 99p, I thought I'd let that go, but have been charged £12.50 altogether.

Checked their website, to cancel you must give them 28 days notice.

IE-As soon as you subscribe for those free gifts, it seems you must unsubscribe straight away.

-I have mentioned doing a kickstarter campaign if people really want the CMFC to continue, but no one really seemed bothered. I think it would get backing, but whether or not EM would do it is another thing.

SinisterVenom said...

Okay so the Giant-Man special is now being advertized on the CMFC main site. But where's the Mojo special? He's been out for months now but he doesn't show up on the specials list...just like Abomination didn't.
Are these specials in some different category compared to the others? Always wondered about the Abomination not showing up before but now Mojo? I'm not massively fussed but I was wondering for my brother and anyone else that may want to buy these figurines?

Thor8 said...

The specials have all been advertised on EM's main site at one point in time or another,but for some reason some of them have been removed. If I'm not mistaken others at one point or another have been removed and then after a time they reappear.Maybe they remove those no longer available for purchasing or maybe they can just show a certain amount of specials at one time. I noticed that the specials missing at this time are: Prof.X and Lilliandra double pack,Mojo mega,Colossus,Abonimation,and The Destroyer specials.

So on the subject of specials;

1)Which is your favorite mega and which is your least liked?

2)Which is your favorite double pack and which double pack would you have liked to have seen produced(Just 1 please).

3)Which is your favorite "regular" special and which one of those produced would you rather had exchanged for someone else. State preference.(again just 1 please)

Lars Nielsen said...

1) Favourite Galactus - least The Watcher
2) Not received too many so far but so Far Prox X and Lilandra. Would have liked to see an Asgardian double with the Destroyer
3) Favourite Iron Man Movie special - least I would have to say Rhino. Would have traded him for Lockjaw any day

But to be honest I love each and every figurine (some more than others) and I would have rather added to the collection that choose which to swop or drop :) Just being greedy I guess. Currently awaiting my Odin, Sauron and Blob specials in the mail any day!!!

BobDiamond said...

Hi Thor,
Thought I'd have a go at your survey...

Fav Mega: MODOK
Least Fav Mega: Blob

Fav Double: Ka-Zar and Zabu
Double I would like to have: Cobra and Hyde

Fav (normal) Special: Thanos

Would exchange Omega Red for Frankenstein's Monster

That last one took the most thinking about, as I really like all the Specials, but to me OR is the least necessary.

Looking forward to the Giant-man Mega!

RIP The DC Collection- some excellent figs came out of it...

Here's to the twilight of the Marvel Collection. Still got some gems to go!!


Jacadoo said...

Ok Thor8 my list.

Fav mega galactus
Least mega mmmmm if I have to pick the watcher (but I really like)

Double pack Sasquatch and Puck
Would have liked...... Zeus and Apollo

Fav special Odin..... Dream on..

Real fav special sauron

Exchange mojo for eternity or
Exchange the awful destroyer for the asgardian destroyer.

LAWay said...

Fave Mega: Galactus
Least Fave: Tough one, there isn't many Mega specials to choose from. I'll go with Fin Fang Foom.

Fave Double: Tough, again, not many to choose from, and to be honest, all have been a wasted opportunity. But I'll go with Sasquatch and Puck.
Least Fave: Ka-zar and Zabu. Two terrible sculpts, 1 package.
Double I would like: Hmmmmm, Young Avengers fan in me says Hulkling and Patriot, spider-man fan in me wants to ake this opportunity to have Doppleganger and Man-Spider. ^_^

Fave Special: Tough, because there are a lot of good ones. I'll go with Thanos.
Least Fave: A couple do stand out as truly awful. Destroyer takes the top spot for me.
Would have replaced him for a Man-Spider or Doppleganger. ^_^

I should have read the rules properly before doing this. lol

The Mad Thinker said...

favourites : sentinel , sasquash & puck , thanos. Least favourites : watcher , prof. X & lillandra , destroyer. Who i'd most like to see : strong guy , lockjaw & maximus , atlas.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Yay! I like this kind games!

My favorite mega:
Watcher. I love the character and I was thrilled to be able to get this fab mini-statue of him.

My least favorite mega:
Blob. Hate the size of him. Awful decision to scale him like that. I'm not a fan of the character, but would have liked him more in a Odin-like size.

My favorite double pack:
Xavier and Lilandra. I think these figurines are beautiful. And, to me, Lilandra proved that curveball characters could make very interesting, striking figurines.

Double pack I'd have liked
to have seen produced:
Swordsman and Mantis. Such a classic Marvel couple. It's a bit of a crime to have released Swordsman without Mantis. This would have been the most perfect double pack ever, imo.

My favorite "regular" special:
Ronan the Accuser. Love the characters and the sculpt is majestic. Despite the fact EM avoided to paint the zig-zag pattern on his chest.

Which special I'd exchange
for someone else:
Get rid of Kingpin and get Psycho-Man instead. Use that bulk to reproduce a more imaginative Marvel design instead of a rather uninspiring civilian kind of character.

Thor8 said...

Well I'll take a go at my own survey.

Favorite mega Giant-Man. Least favorite Mojo.

Favorite double pack Sasquatch and Puck. Double pack I would have loved to see: Hogun & Fandral.

Favorite (regular) special Odin. Iwould exchange Movie Iron Man prototype for Destroyer.

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