Friday, 16 November 2012

Movember's star guest is....


cover and turnarounds...

Alan Cowsill (original CMFC editor) now freelance editor (who does the specials out of house) came in earlier this week and we both went through our library of comics hunting down his appearances. Worryingly he's not got a great presence in comics (about 75 official appearances, although over half of those are pretty awful one panel flashbacks etc.). So good luck to Gary Gilbert the designer of this special (he's a legend so I'm not worried really).

This cover image was THE only hi-res image of him on Marvel's official art database, which luckily works really well as the cover (I think we'll also use it as one side of the poster).

Anyway, here are the full turnaround shots from our photographer Simon Anning...

A nice one for the specials to end on (what with Hela being the last regular).

Working covers for #197 and #198 (getting nearer to the end!)

 This is from issue 3 of his series by Rick Leonardi, I'm hoping to get it re-coloured so it will look a lot slicker in the final version.

 One of Jim Cheung's many amazing Young Avengers covers, I have (cleverly) knocked back the rest of the gang so as to highlight monsieur Wiccan.

All the best for now. I will return asap – with hopefully some more fascinating insights into the final days of the CMFC.



Lars Nielsen said...


Thor8 said...

WOW,what a surprise to log in this morning and find this new update. Surge's cover is B-U-T-ful,and no matter which angle you look at this figurine from it looks great and makes me want to shout GIVE US MORE. Like the Spidey cover and Iguess The Wiccan cover is okay also. Man,I just can't help but wonder what The Warriors Three would have look like if done by this sculptor. Gotta go I fell tears starting to burst out.

The Mad Thinker said...

I don't like the Skurge cover because of the machine guns. Same reason I was against the original sculpt , he just doesn't look right.
He should be shown holding the axe.

max_0888 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. Can't believe it's almost over...
Guess this confirms Skurge is officially the last special. I would have loved one more!!

I was wondering why Mojo was skipped on the main site. You guys just put Giant-man, but Mojo isn't on there.


fredpostman said...

Don't like the Skurge cover with him and the guns BUT the actual figurine looks out of the world (Asgard)...sob...the figures are getting's gonna be all over soon.
Would love one more special please

Blog Master Dan said...

Not sure why Mojo was skipped on the main site. Will look into it.

SinisterVenom said...

I didn't think it would be long until people were saying they didn't like Skurge's cover because he has guns. As much as I also prefer him without the guns, I still love the cover he was given. It would of looked amazing with his axe too but we got the figurine with his axe so let's be happy with that :)
Spidey 2099's cover looks nice and I thought it obvious that Wiccan's cover was going to be that picture of him. It seems to pop up a lot whenever Wiccan does. Still looks good to me though.
I guess this means only Deathbird and Hela's covers to go. Makes it all seem all the more real. I kept my fingers crossed that we could fit one final special in after Skurge. Yes, I know we were lucky we got him in too but still, I don't want it to end!!!!! :(

Victor said...

One more special please... please.

SinisterVenom said...

Also Dan, Mojo isn't the only special not to be shown on the main site. I think these ones were on before so whether they were taken down for a reason I don't know but also missing are:
The Destroyer
Professor X and Lilandra
I was wondering if you knew the reason behind the disappearance and confirm it for us? Like have they actually stopped production and sold out or something?

Oliver Reilly said...

This is only my second post on this blog (although I have been reading it for quite some time).

I HAVE to ask, WHO can I contact about organizing a KickStarter campaign to fund an extension for the CMFC!?

I think this set is amazing, but a final 10-20 figurines would elaborate it's legacy. There are a few key characters that NEED to be made, especially to round out teams.

The final extension could be ALL fan-voted characters. Anyone that pledges money for the Kickstarter campaign would submit their top 10 character choices with their pledge. There could be different pledge levels, with a person's votes being counted multiple times depending on their pledge level.

Either that system, or have set monetary goals which, when reached, would guarantee (x) amount of new figures/specials.

I am not rolling in cash by any means, but I would STILL pledge at least $500 towards making some form of extension a reality. This set can't end without my favorite Marvel character of all time not being made (Warlock of the New Mutants)!

Would other people be on board with giving us this fighting chance?

Blog Master Dan, would Eaglemoss even CONSIDER this proposal? With Kickstarter you guys wouldn't have anything to lose... EM could decide how much funding would be necessary and if the amounts weren't met, we would be in the same position we are now.

PLEASE tell me this might be possible!

Robert said...

I was one of the voices raised against the sculpt with gun and axe but I have no problem with the cover image: that was the defining appearance of the character and his greatest moment. It's a cracking image.

As far as images of him, there's a fabulous image from the first Simonson run where he's standing with Loki and Amora. It's one of the great splash pages or endings in Thor history. Hope that makes an appearance in his mag.

Thanks for the update, Dan. Have a great weekend.

Thor8 said...

Dan: How's the ending comp comming along? Have you thought of anything yet? Not that you have to give us any details or info about it,I just want to know if you're working on it or giving it some brainstorming time.

Once this blog and the main site are given the axe,how will collectors who are not from the UK keep informed of future Marvel projects?

Oh and SV; I also expected to see people complain about Skurge and the guns.I would have preferred his axe over the guns also,but regardless of that detail,I still think this cover is one of the best in the collection,as is the figurine itself.

Victor said...

Dan: I would pledge at least 500 € towards making some form of extension a reality.

Oliver Reilly said...

I am actively trying to make the Kickstarter campaign a reality. I have contacted Eaglemoss with my proposal ideas and hope to hear back from them soon.

They also sent me a bit of info I think everyone will be VERY interested to hear! Here is the exact quote from the email I just received:


"Dear Mr Reilly. Thank you for your email. Kindly be advised there Eaglemoss is busy considering a survey in order for people to vote for the last 4 issues to the series. Notification will be sent regarding this project. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Pamela Kele

Customer Care"


Not sure if this is 4 regualr figures or 4 specials. Either way as happy as this news has made me, it just furthers my hope that EM might be open to an even larger extension with the right motivation (a la additional funding via Kickstarter).

Let the speculation/excitement begin!

SinisterVenom said...

Hmmm, interesting message there Oliver! Could EM really be considering giving us just that little bit more...? I would gladly take anything at this point!
I know this message says something about MAYBE getting 4 final issues but if EM did decide to give us 4 more figurines, who would you want? List 5 characters who you think would be the most important ones to put in for reasons like finishing a certain team or being a major villain etc...

Victor said...

4 regular:
Beast (ape version) to 1st X-Men
Magma to New Mutants
Mastermind to complete 1st Brotherhood of Mutants
Warlock to New Mutants


4 specials:
Brood Queen
Selene & Magma (double pack)
Strong Guy
Warlock & Cypher (double pack)

Thor8 said...

Victor are you by any chance an X-Men fan? I don't know why I asked,just a little hunch I quess.

Oliver Reilly said...

I truly hope my Kickstarer proposal appeals to EM and we can end up with more than just 4 figures. But My top picks for regular issues would be:

-Sunspot (New Mutants)
-Shatterstar (X-Force/X-Factor)
-Vindicator (Heather/Alpha Flight)
-Karma (New Mutants)

My top pics for specials would be:

-Warlock/Cypher (Double-Pack)
-Strong Guy Special
-Lockjaw Special
-Chase Stein and Old Lace (D-P)

Also would love a MEGA Special of Onslaught, or the first TRIPLE-Pack of the Warrior's 3.

Thor8 said...

Oliver that is great news if this is true My mind is just going to short circuit just trying to decide which for characters to pick.

CGJ said...

ok, so I've been debited £1.00 overseas transaction, £5.00, £5.00 and £2.50 all in the same day all listed as Eaglemoss magazine. Anybody else signed up to the new collection and experienced the same thing?

Smelling something fishy, although I am close to the wash basket

Thor8 said...

Oliver: Are you and Victor related?

Victor said...

I'm an old fan of the X-Men. It's a shame we can only choose 4. If I were more also chose characters that were not X-Men.

bethrezen said...

For me:

If only one characters from X-world:
Starlord/Baron Mordo

Strong Guy

Victor said...

No, I'm Portuguese.

Oliver Reilly said...

I'm a HUGE X-Men fan! My #1 want for a new CMFC figure is Warlock (of the New Mutants). He is pretty much my favorite Marvel character of ALL time. Sunspot, Strong Guy and Shatterstar are all pretty big wants for me too though.

@Thor 8- I'm going to do AS MUCH as is humanly possible to try to convince EM that more than just 4 figures is entirely doable through additional funding via a KickStarter campaign.

jimbob said...

Skurge was a good choice for special.

Thor8 said...

Okay if only four figurines are going to be made and they're all regulars,I would pick;


If they are specials I'd pick;


deamon said...

Someone should tell Eaglemoss we're not interested in their new projects.
Chess colection? No thx.
They cancel Classic Marvel Figurine Collection for this?
Is this a joke EM?
Fact Files with facts every comic readers already know.
We want figurines, keep alive CMFC!
EM won't earn money from new projects, CMFC will give them money. 618

jimbob said...

I'm not interest in anymore EM projects, started DC chess but it was a big meh! Sold it!

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

The Skurge cover is the moment in his life/story, more epic than either(other?) Moments.

I like this choice!

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

My charachter choice:

Black Tarantula.9
Sharon Carter.4
High Evolutionary.6
Hope Summers.2
Doom 2099.5
Black Crow.3
Silver Samurai.8

Destroyer (Asgardian).4
Red Hulk.2

Meggan/Rachel Summers Phoenix.4
Red She Hulk/Thundra.1
Immortus/Rama Tut.9
Satana Hellstrom/Death.5
Phyla Vell/Nova Frankie Raye.2
Mary Jane/Gwen Stacy.6
Warrior Woman/Sin.3

One Above All.6
Dragon Man.5
Amatsu Mikaboshi.9
Living Tribunal.10
Oblivion(opposite of Infinity).7

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

And... finally, what do you think about new probably collection of eaglemoss, reltive to enciclopedya marvel, and some figures mega sized, of most popular charachters, like Spider Man and Iron Man...?

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

For the matter of Special that not appear in home page, in "repart" SHOP, Xavier and Lilandra, Colossus, and Destroyer are in, there aren't only Mojo, and Abomination(because is base are disapproved by Marvel?)

LAWay said...


I got billed the same amount. I don't understand why. I contacted them but no response. I have got a letter confirming my description, which may explain it:

"Your credit card will be charged £2.50 approximately every 14 days. Please be aware that your first two payments may be closer in order to bring you up to date. The amounts vary depending on your start issue."

I questioned whether I should be paying £2.50 for issue 1 which was 99p in shops.

Regarding free gifts:
"Wherever possible, your FREE subscription gift(s) will be packaged and sent along with your copies, as follows:
-Tin Plate -in your first shipment
-Ironman Figurine - in your second shipment
-Spider-Man Figurine - in your third shipment
-T-Shirt - in your fourth shipment
Please note the order may be slightly different than advertised."

I guess we just wait and see when we get the magazines and what comes with them. The website says you must give 28 days notice of cancelling, but I want to make sure I get my free-gifts first.

LAWay said...


We have mentioned a kickstarter but haven't really gone much further, but seems like you are the person to head it! Glad you took the initiative and approached EM with the subject and it's a really interesting response!

I wonder at the end we really will get a choice? I imagine multiple choice through the magazine like it has been done before, but this time, the results matter.

As for the kickstarter, I think you need to get pre-viz or mock ups of 10 figurines, whether its 3D sculpts, concept art, photo-manipulations, whatever. Maybe poll the forum and blog for the top 10. This can be a taster to get people to pledge. Then have stretch goals or add the incentive of being able to vote/be involved in the poll for the next 10. Maybe even do a high end $100-$500 where you get to pick a character straight up. Make it the last, highest point. Die-hard fans may just bite to see their favourite included.

Would be interesting to see if it would take off, but I have a feeling EM would not greenlight it.

LAWay said...

Anyway, nice update Dan.
Skurge cover looks good. Lack of artwork for the inside is worrying. I assumed there would be a lot considering how popular the character seemed.

Spider-Man 2099 and Wiccan covers look good too.

If no one is going to make a gif out of those Skurge turnarounds then I will. :)

BobDiamond said...

Four possible extra figs?....

My wish list would be;

Baron Strucker
White Tiger (original)
Killraven! (but realistically I'd be happy to have The High Evolutionary....or Whirlwind....or Arnim Zola...or USAgent...)


LAWay said...

Arnim Zola is a must I think.
I perfect gift from Dan to us. I have wanted that figurine since seeing it as his avatar. Would be a great figurine to have as a reminder of the blog community.

max_0888 said...

Thanks Dan for looking at Mojo missing from the website.

I don't want to be pessimist but I really doubt we would get 4 more. But with the recent Marvel fact files announce...without figurine...I just feel like EM's marketing team might regret the cancellation of the CMFC. We were so far into the Marvel universe. A unique collection, it's really a bummer it stopped. Don't get me wrong, i'm very grateful we got 200 + specials, but what can I say? I always want more :)

Id love to get Vindicator, Jessica Jones, Husk, Meggan, Magma, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, Monet St-Croix, Vermin, Paladin...

But a 4 realistic that id love?
How about:
Sunspot (X-men)
Mantis (Avengers)
Star Lord (Cosmic)
Misty Knight (Marvel Knight)

SinisterVenom said...

I haven't even given any names myself! Here are four names that I think would be most important to put in (at least in my opinion):
A no-brainer here really. We got Swordsman, he just needs Mantis at his side.
Baron Mordo
Dr. Strange's main nemesis who should of made it in the collection a long time ago!
A major villain in Spidey's universe and responsible for the Clone Wars. Plus Dan did say if we would get another extension, he'd be one of the first to be confirmed! (Think he said the same about another character. Silver Samurai maybe? Great timing with The Wolverine next year!)
With the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie on the way, Star-Lord's inclusion in the CMFC has never been more needed! Gamora and Drax alone just doesn't look right without him.

Which brings me on to my choice of special IF were allowed one more:
Groot and Rocket Raccoon
It goes without saying, there are many of us that want the Raccoon in the collection. But we can't have him without Groot. And for the reasons I put in Star-Lord's section, I think now is vital.
Or...if EM would be kind enough to allow a final special treat by giving us the only triple pack ever in the collection...
The Warriors Three
Need I give a reason apart from they are far overdue and are perhaps the most wanted figurines out there amongst us bloggers??
*Ahem* So there's my list. Though I am going to be honest and say I can't see this happening. But it's nice to have something to dream about again so EM, if you're reading this, please make our dreams a reality! ;)

tinodragon14 said...

Since Dan has not written a word about 4 final figures & even here talks about the end I doubt that EM was being honest about this. There is a difference between 4 final regular figures or 4 specials mega or regular or double pack or a mix of all of the above.

Skif said...

I'm not going to play the game of the 4 chars for the extension. My point of view is that I would like to have the whole Marvel characters in the collection!! So, whatever is coming (if) is absolutely welcome.
Can't still believe by the way that the collection is going to finish without any A.I.M. member or Hydra soldier...

Skurge is amazing and Wiccan is supreme!

Jacadoo said...

My choices in no particular order
Dragon man
Strong guy
High evolutionary
Star lord


And the warriors three in a SINGLE triple pack for the asgardians on the blog (nobody said there were any rules with the choices)!!

As for the kick starter campaign sorry I'm not in, if we look at the contributions being suggested, who would decide on who made the extension line up, given that marvel have to approve all inclusions?

I've been on the blog from the start and collecting every character without exception from Spider-Man through til today, I am going to miss this collection but unless a miracle happens I am preparing for the end.

Thor8 dude you have cost me a fortune this weekend...... I went into my local stockist and there on the shelf was giant man..... Two to be precise two of them, so I purchased them both, following on from your suggestion for FUTURE customs, I'm leaning towards Atlas and Goliath. I have to say Giant Man is a really nice clean figurine and look forward to my delivery of my subscribed figure.

Thor8 said...

Jacadoo: I envy you(Hey that kinda rymed). I still have to wait a few weeks before I get my Giant-Man special. I know you won't regret purchasing more than one,with your expertise in customizing I have confidence in you comming up with some great results.At this moment in time my next two figurines to arrive soon are Shaman and Werewolf

The Mad Thinker said...

Oh yeah , and wiccan looks like he should be holding his staff in his left hand. Why wasn't this included ? Was the decision made by the same person/people who decided not to give jj jameson his cigar and the same person/people who decided to cancel this collection , and the same person/people who decided to cancel the marvel heroes and villains figurine collection and produce that fact file thing that nobody seems interested in ?

The Mad Thinker said...

EXCALIBUR - Meggan , SPIDERMAN - Tombstone , DEFENDERS - Clea and Gargoyle. Specials : X FACTOR - Strong Guy , INHUMANS - Lockjaw and Maximus , THUNDERBOLTS - Atlas , MASTERS OF EVIL - Man Ape.

The Mad Thinker said...

So where's the money making going to come from with this new marvel based fact files ? £2.50 per issue , so that's £10 for four issues right ? Yet they'r giving away gifts worth over £50 , the 2 figurines alone are worth £20 each. Surely the heroes and villains collection would make more money being as most of us were willing to pay £2.99 for the first issue and £20 for each issue after that. If that happened eaglemoss would get £22.99 for the first 2 issues , where as by giving them away free with the first 4 issues of that fact file thingy they only get up to £10. No wonder the CMFC is doomed if this is what these bright sparks see as a money maker !!

kdthechef said...

As a father of two and a husband as upset as Iam this is ending I'm also happy the expense of it all eaglemoss never give you a heads up as to when things are coming specials,plinths or folders it screws my money up I don't earn alot so when specials etc are posted its a bummer and of course you have to keep them it's part of the collection perhaps that's why the collection is coming to a end badly organized company that are realised they where making no money and as much as the fan boys and geeks love it nothing says failure like making no cash any way rant over what I would like if possible Dan is to have a schedule of when the specials are coming when the last batch will be sent out and if there's going to be any little surprises towards the end

mgf said...

These new Marvel Fact Files are rather annoying, if true. Not a single idea that could not have been incorporated in the CMFC to give it a shot in the arm, including the very thing many of us have been pushing for FOR YEARS, the revisiting of the big hitters.

It would have been just as easy to renumber and relaunch the CMFC from #201 as a new volume and new number one, and mix resculpts of the major characters, new costumes and all, with the characters still missing from the original run.

That way marketing could have gone around shouting their favourite word - "NEW!" - and the rest of us could continue collecting the finest representation of the MU ever devised.

Instead we get CMFC lite. Or rather someone else does, because I doubt many of us will start again with something which on the face of it seems derivative and bland, when placed alongside the thing it replaces.

mgf said...

PS - Although I expect the four more figures comment is a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, if it isn't the "don't even bother to petition for another extension" comment when the cancellation was announced seems premature, if not downright misleading.

It might take a year or so for EM to realise but the cancellation of the CMFC instead of going for a revamp is/ was a big mistake. There was plenty of life left in this collection. All it needed was a bit of imagination.

And yes, I'm STILL bloody annoyed about it. Does it show?

Oliver Reilly said...

@ Jacadoo- I understand your doubt, but I plan to do anything I possibly can to make that "miracle" happen.

Based on the e-mail I received from Pamela Kele at EagleMoss' customer care department, it claims that EM is currently considering doing a survey to decide a final 4 figures.

Still not sure if these would be regular issues or specials, but anything would be great at this point.

I say, why stop there? If handled correctly, I believe a final 10-20 figure extension could be beneficial to both EM and the fans of the collection. ALL figures should be fan voted and that would help ensure fans gets the characters they badly want which in turn would help ensure healthy sales and profits for EM.

Who knows, a final extension handled in this way might prove to be such a good marketing decision that EM may even reconsider ending the collection all together. Especially if they have noticed the general negative fan consensus of EM's upcoming announced projects.

LarryS said...

seems like a follow-up enquiry to the mysterious, wondrous Pamela Kele might pay dividends

mgf said...

As interesting as the Kele email is, let's not forget the South African department has never been the most reliable. Hope for the best, by all means, but don't hold your breath.

If there is truth in it then it must be specials rather than finishing on issue 204. That would be plain weird and would open them up to the pertinent question of why not just go up to 220?

It would also mean that there must still be an acceptable profit margin to be made or they would not bother at all, which again would make the decision to cancel seem hasty.

Is it possible that lukewarm reception to the projects which are seemingly intended to replace the dear old CMFC make it appear more appealing to the accountants?

A Marvel contract isn't necessarily a licence to print money. The success of the CMFC was not just because it was a good collection, it was also a unique idea in and of itself. The things which have sought to emulate it, the chess sets and so on, just don't have the same magic. It's just "reissue, repackage, repackage", as a wise man once said.

Bite the bullet, EM. Announce another extension, and we'll say no more about the day you decided to kill the golden goose rather than call the vet.

Jacadoo said...

Oliver I can see by your response you can my comments were not critical but more in line with not building my own hopes.

This has been a fantastic collection and we all know it has not been allowed to reach its natural end.

I would hope be it four or more extra characters that if we are to decide via avote then it should be across the main families avengers, xmen, asgardians and perhaps star lord oops, but you get my drift - this so we just do not get four xmen!!!!!

This does not mean I give up, but feel we collectors subsidising an extension after collecting close to 200 figurine so far to be some what morally wrong and I hope EM do not take this option up. No matter how much we love this collection.

Thor8 said...

If EM does conduct a survey to help decide on which 4 characters to make, I personally believe it should be done similiar to the way Skurge was chosen. EM can post alist of say 40 characters from which the top 20 will remain. Then they will conduct a second vote in which the top 10 will remain,and then a third round of votes from which the top 5 get made.(Yes I know they said 4,but I can't help but try to be sneaky).

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

Ok final 4 figures!

My preferences:

Hope Summers(the new messiah of world X)

Mantis(one of the most important avengers and cosmic charachter)

Mary Jane(to not leave JJJ, the only civil figure in collection, and because she is the real most important charachter in the family of Spidey, that aren't in collection)

And I pray for an ultimate triple special, with Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg, to complete the asgardian family, the most beautyful in the CMFC!

three women and three men perfect balance!

LarryS said...

If we're only allowed four, I vote for:

1. A multiple pack of the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime (that's about 7 figures)
2. the original Guardians of the Galaxy (that's another 5)
3. the Squadron Supreme excluding Nighthawk - already made (that's another 5)
4. A multiple pack of the Zodiac villains (another 12)

Total: 29 across the four specials

Yup, that'll do

Lars Nielsen said...

Hey Oliver, are you from SA?

World Abandoned said...

I will choose just one, not four! I WANT CALLISTO!!

Oliver Reilly said...

@ Lars- No I live in Ottawa, Canada!

The Mad Thinker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Mad Thinker said...

By the way , who changed Giant man's antenna's to blue instead of white ?
The original sculpt had white antenna's but were too long or wide apart so they were supposed to be shortened / changed.
They were but for some reason they've painted them blue now when they should be white for that particular costume.

The Mad Thinker said...

They made a mistake and missed a zero off , it was 40 not 4. Two more extensions yay !! Well we can all dream can't we ? I feel robbed of characters for both the Marvel and DC figurine collections.

Anyway , here would be my choice if we did get two more extensions (40)


Silver Samurai


Count Nefaria
Grey Gargoyle
Star Fox


High Evolutionary
Mad Thinker
Ms Marvel - Sharon Ventura
Nova - Frankie Raye
Red Ghost


Jack 'o' Lantern
Speed Demon
Stilt Man
White Tiger


Baron Mordo
Brother Voodoo
The Living Mummy
Ulysses Bloodstone
Zombie - Simon Garth


Lockjaw & Maximus
Madame Web

Man Ape
Strong Guy


The Warriors Three ( triple pack )

mgf said...

Not really given the missing MU must-haves much thought. Ahem.

Grey Gargoyle, Whirlwind, Blizzard, Starhawk, Star Lord, Yondu, Martinex, Maximus, Kuurgo, Eel, Bucky, Rocket Racoon, Molten Man, Will O' The Wisp, Marvelman, Kid Marvelman, Young Marvelman, Marvelwoman, Warpsmith, Killraven, Demogoblin, Hyperion, Whizzer, Doctor Spectrum, Lady Lark, Tom Thumb, Nighthawk, Fandral, Volstagg, Hogun, Crossbones, Rocket Racer, Tarantula, Blacklash, Basilisk, Shroud, Unicorn, Blazing Skull, Red Raven, Blue Diamond, Count Nefaria, Omega The Unknown, Mirage, Paladin, Jackal, Porcupine, Blastaar, Captain Universe, Air Walker, Corsair, Raza Longknife, Bloodstone, Jack O'Lantern, Red Guardian, Torpedo, Cobalt Man, Red Ghost, Boomerang, Plant Man, Mimic, White Tiger, Two Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid, Ajak, Merkari, Sersi, Clea, Attuma, Baron Mordo, Living Laser,

plus the following specials:

Charlie-27, Lockjaw, Stilt Man, Super Adaptoid, Destroyer, Groot, Goliath (Pym), Goliath (Barton), Goliath (Foster), Ch'od, A-Bomb, Red Hulk & Titanium Man.

DC is a bit easier: Captain Marvel Junior, Blackhawk, a dozen more Legionnaires and the rest of the Metal Men. Oh, and a decent Elongated Man and Kid Flash.

LAWay said...

Here's a game for selecting a special 4 characters at the end of the collection.

1)I'll name 4 characters.

2)The next person who comments removes one character and adds their own.

3)Another person comments and does the same, replacing any one character with their own.

4)We keep doing this until everyone has commented or we get bored of doing it. ^_^

The characters I throw into the mix (no specials):
1) Patriot
2) Atlas
3) Paladin
4) Speed Demon

Next person takes 1 out and puts their own in.


LAWay said...

To make it clear, you are not just editing 'my list'. So the next person may post:

Patriot/Atlas/MARY JANE/Speed Demon

Then the next blogger edits that list with:

BLIZZARD/Atlas/Mary Jane/Speed Demon

And then that list gets edited by another blogger:

Blizzard/Atlas/Mary Jane/TOMBSTONE

And so on and so on. Remove any 1 name of the person who has posted last and replace.

Hope thats explained well enough. ^_^

LAWay said...

To make it clear, you are not just editing 'my list'. So the next person may post:

Patriot/Atlas/MARY JANE/Speed Demon

Then the next blogger edits that list with:

BLIZZARD/Atlas/Mary Jane/Speed Demon

And then that list gets edited by another blogger:

Blizzard/Atlas/Mary Jane/TOMBSTONE

And so on and so on. Remove any 1 name of the person who has posted last and replace.

Hope thats explained well enough. ^_^

SinisterVenom said...

I'll play Leigh. Interesting four to start off with. I'll choose to knock off Speed Demon and add Whirlwind.
1) Patriot
2) Atlas
3) Paladin
4) Whirlwind


Roberto Hacktuhana said...


My choice:

mary jane,
SELENE(for the next time)
TYRANT(for the next of the next time)


Thor8 said...

Seems as if someone didn't quite understand the rules so I'll go back to SV's list and knock off Paladin and adding Mantis. So we now have....


(*)Hey Leigh,I just noticed while writing this that you said NO SPECIALS and then added Atlas to your list of four. Wouldn't he be a mega?

The Mad Thinker said...

exactly , atlas would be a special. Stupid game , i'm out as the dragons say on dragon's den.

The Mad Thinker said...

what we should do is all pick 4 characters and see which character gets the most votes , that would be the 1st choice to be added to the extension. If there are 2 or more with tied votes we all vote again for our preferred choice out of the ones with the most votes to get an overall winner. We then do this all over again in the next update and continue until we get the 4 most popular character choices for this possible extension.

The Mad Thinker said...

my four would be meggan , tombstone , clea , gargoyle.

SinisterVenom said...

I'm happy to play both Leigh's game and MT's game. My 4 characters for MT's game would be:
Baron Mordo
So many more characters I could include! I was especially struggling with that last spot! I thought of characters like Silver Samurai, Count Nefaria, Jigsaw, Crossbones, Starlord just to name a few!

By the way guys, you all might want to hear this. The Marvel Fact Files have already been CANCELLED from issue 6! Apparently EM have confirmed this and advised everyone not to take out a subscription. So if any of you have already or thinking about doing it then don't or see if you can immediately cancel!

Deadpool said...

Deadpool reporting from Russia.

The Shi devil got me Giant man and Gamora.
Apparently he would be more aptly known as Tall guy in tights. Nevertheless he is supposedly a great figurine.

Shi also reckons i will love the Green girl in the fishnet body suit.

I was in a car crash tonight but escaped unscathed.

It's late here so, I will say goodnight.

Ps.... I would contribute to the next extension fund too.

Thor8 said...
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BobDiamond said...

Carrying on from Thor8...


And MT's Game...

Baron Strucker
White Tiger (original)


Thor8 said...

Glad to hear from you again DP and gladder still that you came out alright from the automobil accident.

Not surprised that they cancelled The Marvel Fact Files project. Seems EM realized that once everyone received their free gifts most subscribers would drop the series like a hot potato.

I just wish EM would realize and finally accept that the best thing they could possibly do is a follow up to the still existing CMFC series. They're so in demand,most everyone is willing to accept a fair price increase,and they're are still so,so many characters to do and heavy hitters to re-launch and characters redone in different costumes and/or identities.

Maybe that's what these 4 new figurines are all about. EM will give us four more figurines and study how they do sales wise,cost efficience,and subscription wise. If they do great they might continue the series,but if it does poorly profit wise they give it the axe,and since nothing was promised,nothing lost nothing gained. If this speculation were to turn out to be true then I guess we should all on our part choose our 4 characters wisely.

sed tallis said...

my fore are
1 The Scab
2 Cush
3 Pant Man
4 The Beast ( 70's Savile look )
. C'mon EM, yer new Marvel factoid will flop. never mind 2 or 3 figs , get the cmfc rebranded reboooted or reinstated. you know you want to.
then we can get back to playing the guess the reveal game every Friday.happy days

sed tallis said...

ps Would it possible for EM to use warehouse staff thare ARE NOT thievin B******s?

tinodragon14 said...

My four are :

As for the other game I take out Patriot & add

Jacadoo said...

Marvel fact files cancelled!!!!!

Not so unbelievable at all, now EM over to you - fan base and subscribers all in place not withstanding a fanatical blog following........

Long live the CMFC!!!!!!!!!

sed tallis said...

i'll resubscribe ....that should seal the deal ;)

The Mad Thinker said...

my idea was not a game , just thought that it would be a good idea to choose the 4 characters by a poll using that format. If it was done , so far tombstone , whirlwind , and baron mordo would be in the lead equally with 2 votes each. If it stayed like that then in this case everyone would vote again for one of those 3 and the one with the most votes would be the first of the 4 chosen.

The Mad Thinker said...

put the 2 collections together - marvel heroes and villains figurine collection and the fact files. That way each character fact file would come with a figurine. I'd subscribe to that. I think it's clear that we all seem to want more figurines.

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

Classic Marvel Firgurine Collection:

2000 figurines.

the firsts ten:

Wolverine dark costume
Wolverine original costume
Weapon X
Ultimate Wolverine
Wolverine Age of Apocalypse
Wolverine Days of future past
Wolverine aka horse of apocalypse Death.
Wolverine the end

First special:
Wolverine look of x movies(Hugh)

LarryS said...

Fact Files?

Strategic genius at work

LarryS said...

I'm wondering whether the progenitor of the unmourned Fact Files, doubtless the same numbskull who kibboshed the CMFC, has today been given the order of the boot by EM for serial misjudgements ... allowing reason and commonsense to be re-established in the corridors of power

LAWay said...

They emailed today and didn't mention this!

Probably get people to sign up promising cool free gifts and then not deliver yet still steal our money!

I hope its not true. I want that f'n spider-man statue dammit!

*Atlas can be a regular. Would be cool as a Mega, but I am not fussy.

SinisterVenom said...

It's over on the forum Leigh, check it out. I would have only wanted those Iron Man and Spider-Man figurines from that collection to be honest but otherwise no. I, like many others I'm sure, would much rather spend my money on more figurines in the CMFC. Come on EM, tell us the reason you're not doing the Fact Files is because you want to give us at least one more extension? Pleeeeaaaase?

Lars Nielsen said...

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, as I hope it is true, but unfortunately I have had many dealings with Pamela (actually at the Jacklin customer service line and not eaglemoss as they are the distributors in South Africa) She can be very helpful, however on more than one occassion I have been told one thing by her, only to get the proper info later on from someone else at the helpline. As far as I know they have no advance info or knowledge of EM's plans and sometimes even struggle with basic info, like ordering a special edition etc.

We can however live in hope, and in the meanwhile pass the time by voting for our favourites.

The Mad Thinker said...

laway : even at normal size atlas would be too bulky for a regular , he doesn't have to be a mega special , just a regular special would do. Price mark similar to giant man. So many great characters left out , this collection should not have ended yet. :(

Oliver Reilly said...

@Lars- It is disappointing to hear of your previous dealings with Pamela. I thought it sounded like a promising lead.

I plan to call EM directly over the next few days. I know I am only a fan, but I have some creative and efficient proposals I want to present to them. It's clear that fans are not interested in EM's other planned projects, and we simply want the CMFC to continue.

If funding is an issue it sounds like there are plenty of us that would be willing to contribute financially to reinstate production of the collection.

If lack of sales for specific characters is of concern to them, they should be interested in hearing my ideas for a voting system that will satisfy both the company's needs and the customers desires.

The CMFC coming back from cancellation may have seemed like a pipe dream when it was originally announced, but with the disdain being shown by consumers for EM's planned upcoming products (such as the now cancelled "Fact Files")...things may not be as far-fetched as we once thought.

Bottom line is we CAN'T give up. We need to bombard EM with our support for the continuation of the CMFC. Send letters, send e-mails, call the EM offices. Greater challenges have been overcome by fewer people many times in the past.

Can I get an amen!? LOL

The Mad Thinker said...

lets not forget that dan had already made a list up for the next extension b4 the collection got cancelled.

CGJ said...

Not been on the forum but I can say this,

I got the Fact Files delivered today, a binder plus issues 1-5 and inserts for the files.

No subscriber free gifts, I'm hoping they will arrive seperately but tucked inside issue 5 was a postcard sized piece of paper saying

'Thank you for your support ...

Unfortunately, I am writing to let you know that we are suspending publication of the series after Part 5 until further notice.

However, we do hope to resume publication in the near future and if you are interested in continuing your collection please contact us at the email address below,....blah de blah'

So, that was short lived, I shall be checking the T's and C's to see whether I am entitled to receive the free gifts or if they can get away with not sending them.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Seems like you've become our embassador Oliver,I wish you the best of success with your phone call to EM's headquaters. Keep us informed of whatever info you might come acroos.

Oliver Reilly said...


Thanks for your support! I really do love this collection (as we all do), and while I can accept that not EVERY Marvel character deserves a spot, there are still some key characters that need to be made. Mainly figures to help round out teams, or just some of the glaring omissions. I am very dedicated to this cause, and am going to do anything and everything I can to try and get the ball rolling again. I do have some great ideas up my sleeve, but I just hope that EM is willing to listen! : )

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

in my opinion, the new project "Fact Files" of EM is not a bad idea, because dividing each major character, such as Wolverine, Spider-Man, Thor, Cap, etc., in their "family of belonging", as well as create an encyclopedia date of Marvel characters, we have a sort of reboot of CMFC, with the same main characters, in a larger scale, as a special, reviewing the previous realization, and for every family, add other characters not included in the CMFC, keeping the same scale and proportions of the little statues regular of the CMFC.

mgf said...

I thought the Fact Files was a pretty lazy idea. The information is widely available anyway, so what was the USP? Online interactivity? Yawn. Build a Marvel Encyclopedia? Why not buy one? Amazon, less than twenty quid.

Most of us would admit that although the CMFC magazines were decent enough we were in it for the figures. That was what made the collection a success. Who would have hung around for five years if it was just the mag? Anyone?

As I wrote earlier the Fact Files is (was) a jazzed up CMFC without the thing we really wanted. The figures. It was CMFC lite. The early demise is not unexpected, but EMs continued desire to launch a collection which omits the thing that really bites into the margin, those pesky figures, is.

Relaunch the CMFC. Don't call it that if you want to save face, but make the scale and the style of the figures the same. No metallic finishes. Increase the price point. Go to resin. Revisit the major characters as many of us have been begging for long before it all hit the buffers.

I'd happily go to £9.99 an issue if the quality was improved to DC collection levels.

Who am I kidding? Just shut up and take my money.

Deadpool said...

Thanks Thor, the traffic is totally insane here in St petersburg. I am surprised that I have got away without being in a crash before now.

I too would like to buy the big Spidey and Iron Man for that other collection.
Moss men, make them available to us to buy for full price at the end of CMFC.

Despair not fellow blog rats, eaglemoss has rebooted other collections like th Human Body skeleton part work so why not a new and improved CMFC.

My next report will be in a few weeks time from South Africa.... So until then I bid thee farewell.

A mercenaries work is never dine...sigh...I only do it for the money ;0)

Yours Truly Deadpool

mgf said...

"Human Body Skeleton reboot! New! Now with new shaped skull and extra arms!"

Thor8 said...

Roberto: I'm not quite sure,but are you under the impression that each edition of the fact files collection was to have a figurine along with it? This is not so. EM was giving away as gifts 2 figurines (Spider-Man & Iron Man) to those whom subscribed to the series. After that it was zilch,zero,nada!

Keep the faith Oliver,and if there's anything the rest of us die-hards can do to back you up I'm pretty sure most of us if not all are willing to do our share.

Take care DP and make sure your kiddie seat's safety belt is tightly strapped.

fredpostman said...

Blimey so the 'Fact Files' has been suspended after only 5 issues...give us what we want EM ...breath life back into the CMFC (and the first villain double pack;The Cobra & Mr Hyde please) know it makes sense..according to the Mayan calender we only have a few weeks to go before the 'END..make that decision EM...go out on a high.

sed tallis said...

I actually dreamt of receiving a Basilisk fig, being a dream i frustratingly coodnae read the number on the base.Think it may have been from the 260-280 extension.
I also dreamt my boss asked me to report to her office at the end of my shift, when i entered her office she grabbed me by.... if either of these dreams come true , i'll be smiling.

BobDiamond said...

Received latest subby-pack today, and it might be one of the best ever! Giant-man, Gamora and Werewolf are all figs I've wanted for some time, and they did not disappoint. All excellently painted and sculpted- as good as the DC Line at their best.

Oliver, thanks for all the hard-work you've been doing on our behalves, it's very much appreciated! I think an FFF award is due!


Lars Nielsen said...

@Oliver. Good luck dude. I really hope that it does turn into a promising lead. You never know. Keep us posted on your call to EM.

Hey DP, you coming to South Africa? Enjoy the visit. If you're in need of a cold one give me a shout :)

Perhaps time to start a letter campaign to EM again?

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Man oh man! I can see it clearly now. The Warriors Three added to my Aesir collection,and look,there's Heimdal and Tyr,and soon to come Karnilla,Ulik,Mangog The Destroyer,Surtur,Ymir. Oh glorious days! I'll be getting USAgent,Starfox,Mantis,Justice,Classic Iron Man,Ape like Beast,and here come the villians: Whirlwind,Grey Gargoyle,Count Nefaria,Graviton,Space Phantom,Melter,Living Laser,Jackal,Tarantula,Molten Man,and there's Attuma,Baron Mordo Cobra,Diablo,Warlord Krang. The line is endless.... !POOF! Aww gee honey what do you mean I was talking in my sleep?! I just had a vision. A glance at the near future of glorious things to come!

LAWay said...

From what I can tell, there are no T&Cs for the Marvel Fact Files, apart from mentioning 'Wherever possible...'

I am writing to them now saying that the figurines were the only reason I subscribed and that I hope to get them, otherwise they have falsely advertised their product and we should get on to trading standards.

Seriously after 5 issues? I haven't even seen a single one in shops, or received any in the post, and yet I am finding out its cancelled?! Joke.

People in EM are out of touch with Marvel fans. Apart from the guys in CMFC, I don't think any of them actually love the Marvel brand enough.

mgf said...

They trial them in certain strange towns and hamlets first. Arbroath was famously one of the metropolises chosen for the CMFC I believe. That is why the first few issues still smell slightly of smoke.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Well... meanwhile there is only one place where the CMFC continues to run and expand. My Virtual CMFC Gallery, of course! Have fun and check this out:

.. coz where else would you ever see cool characters like Century, or classic Eighties villains like Nimrod or even the quirky Brothers Grimm and the monstrous Thornn from Salem's Seven? Hell, yeah!

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

My speech did not want to be a comment on the "Fact Files", but a consideration of how the two ideas, that of a new collection and the continuation of CMFC that all of us so desired, they could have common interests between Em and fan Marvel.

Ghost said...

Next batch has just arrived. Jack looks great, Giant Man looks like... well... a waste of a Mega slot, and Gamora looks OK. Overall... they are just Mhah, Jack is definitely the best of the batch (but all are well painted.. if a little basic.

A shame the Giant Man couldn't have been at least half as tall again and then it may have been worth the slot. Think I'd rather have had the dog!

Thor8 said...

Ghost you've returned to comment on the blog! Glad to hear from you again,even if it's to put one of my favorite mega specials down(oh well to each it's own).

Roberto: Ahora comprendo mejor lo que deseavas expresar concerniente a tu idea de unir ambas colecciones en una. Disculpa mi mal entendido.

Blake you're Virtual Galery keeps getting better and better.

Will be away for the holiday weekend so I won't be in touch till Monday.God willing,chow!

Oliver Reilly said...

@ Blake- Your customs gallery is really fantastic! I only hope we get the chance to see EM officially produce some of those great characters! You need to add the missing Runaways members to your customs! Karolina Dean, Xavin, Molly Hayes, Victor Mancha and a Chase Stein and Old Lace double-pack!

Just wanted to update everyone else... I am planning to call the EM head office today to further my crusade to resurrect the CMFC. I just hope I can get a hold of someone, and that they are willing to listen.

I have some creative and efficient proposal ideas, that I think will be right up EM's alley. My hope is that they will see the undeniable potential for commercial success.

I am more than willing to volunteer my time and effort to assist a relaunch in any way I can. Regardless of my limited hands-on capacity (being located overseas in Canada).

Wish me luck everyone!

LarryS said...

Good luck Mr Reilly

Lars Nielsen said...

May the force be with you!

mgf said...

If the CMFC returns in one guise or another it will be because it is the only proven success EM have made of a Marvel license. Spider-Man Tower of Power, nope, two goes at a chess set, another no, a blink and you miss it large Spidey figure and the now the Fact Files.

A price increase, coupled with a move to resin and revisiting some of the main characters should provide a decent enough margin, and a relaunch would deliver most of the old subscribers and a boost of new subscribers.

Eagle said...

I wish you luck Mr. Reilly.

Oliver Reilly said...

Hey guys. I called the EM head office and was answered by a very unhelpful employee that was only able to give me the customer service number (which is already available on the CMFC website!). I will be calling back persistently and daily until I can speak with someone that is actually in the loop of things.

Fear not! I've sent an extensive e-mail to both the EM editorial director (Maggie Calmels) and Emma Thackara of the licensing department. I can't seem to find any contact information for the Chief Executive (Andrew Jarvis). I can't say I'm surprised, but I have inquired about how to reach him.

Does anyone know how I can get into contact with Dan Rachael ("Blog Master Dan")?

I'd be happy to share the contents of the e-mail I fired off, if any of you are interested. Let me know and I will post it here! : )

p.s. I encourage EVERYONE to do as I am doing!

Victor said...

Please share the contents of the e-mail you fired off:

And any adress that you can share.

LarryS said...

Curiosity killed the cat. But I'm not a cat. I'd love you to post the email...

sed tallis said...

OOF!........that Lobo special from the DC collection is scarcer than a post from cbr Beast. Lost a bidding war on ebay £45.00 + POSTAGE...WHIT??
bought, Giganta,Man Bat and Etrigan instead for less than 45 notes.
Can't wait to see wy wifes face light up on christmas morning when she opens those little beauts.

mgf said...

Andrew Jarvis can be contacted via his Linkedin profile, however, I would question whether attempts to bombard him with requests to reinstate the CMFC would be successful. They might even be counter-productive. Mr. Reilly's drive is laudable, but even if he is perceived by EM as a lone nut or Wat Tyler, the result is likely to be the same.

Mr. Jarvis is presumably the man who ultimately pulled the plug in the first place. It would take someone of particular mettle to change his mind at this stage, plus he knows the very thing we don't - the margins. He wouldn't be much of a CEO if he allowed a loss making title to continue. We argue for the CMFC with our hearts, he does so with a financial report on his desk.

He would not have cancelled it if the profit was still there, so we need to hope a revamped and improved CMFC style collection could reinvigorate sales, and that EM might have the courage to try it.

EM currently find themselves in the position of having a Marvel license and nothing to do with it. I assume the development costs of trialling collections (even in Arbroath...) is significant, so this next Marvel product needs to be successful. Therefore why not try a subtle variation on the very thing which already has a proven track record?

Perhaps they will come to the conclusion that an extremely similar collection to the CMFC might be successful, attracting both the old collectors and the new.

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

What do you think of the difference between the possible dates of release of the special Skurge, and the last regular Hela? Do not believe that there is enough time for a few more special? Or am I wrong?

Thor8, there is no need to apologize, you did not say anything "offensive" or "bad."

TheTooN said...

@MGF - Your last post was bang on mate. Sad but true. CMFC has lived a long and fruitful life but its time to plan for the future. We just have to hope whatever the future holds its CMFC scale !!

EM have created a beast in the CMFC, so well loved its success is hard to dismiss. Can they repeat this ? On current form its up in the air...

mgf said...

Hi Toon,

Absolutely. The CMFC is dead and unlikely to be resurrected.

Any campaign needs to convince EM not to bring it back as was but to ensure any new Marvel product is one that has figures instead of online connectivity and a tin plate and is in scale with the CMFC. To me that makes commercial sense.

How do you overcome some of the (what eventually became) weaknesses which helped bring down the previous collection? To keep subscribers jumping ship at the end of every extension perhaps have clip out vouchers in each issue allowing you to mail off for an exclusive figure every twenty issues if you don't cancel. Not foolproof, no system is, but it might help retention.

Even if it's a simple repaint it would be an attractive inducement. Look at the green Quicksilver scandal. Mon dieu. EM will already have a rough idea of the likely take up. They do have vast experience in these matters, after all.

Secondly, promotion. Those TV spots don't come cheap, but surely the inside front page of some of the UK Marvel reprints or 2000AD wouldn't break the bank? Also, it always surprised me that EM could not have done a deal with Diamond Direct to advertise in the Marvel titles over in the States. All sales must go to the bottom line, after all. Perhaps distribution problems put them off.

Finally, I have an old horse to flog. For many if not most people now Marvel is a nostalgic trip back to their childhood. These are the people who stopped actually reading the comics a couple of decades back, but have the cash to splash on a collection which allows them to revisit Marvel when, OK, I'll say it... When it meant something.

You alienate those collectors when you seem intent on concentrating on characters from the last ten years or so which have not been able to successfully carry even their own titles.

I'm not suggesting those characters are ignored, I'm suggesting they are not given precedent. I got the feeling towards the end of the CMFC that there was a distinct attempt by EM to re-engineer the MU as some wonderfully right-on universe where the female characters were on a par with the male. That might be the case now, when they don't sell that many comics, but at the end of the sixties and into the seventies when they were selling sixty million copies a year it was not.

I understand the MU means different things to different people but I would hazard an unscientific guess that for most of EMs target market Yondu would always mean more than Nico Minoru.

Finally, Marketing's involvement in any new collection should not extend to vetoing characters. The experts are the editorial team, who have traditionally had a strong almost real time connection to the collectors. Editorial know and love Marvel as we do while Marketing would be just as happy flogging cigarettes to Namibian under-fives. I share Bill Hicks views on this issue.

They don't know what they are talking about when it comes to talking ducks and teleporting dogs. I can't say how proud I am as grown man in his forties that I do.

Robert said...

Finally picked up Gamora today.

Took her out the box and flakes of paint fell off her standing leg.

She needs to be repainted now.

Thanks, Eaglemoss. I'm just glad this was a character I don't care about and who I have not waited years to see, otherwise I might be a tad disappointed...

The Mad Thinker said...

my comic shop had 2 damaged gamora figurines robert , perhaps if eaglemoss took the time to double check these figurines for quality and also package them as best they can before sending them out , they wouldn't lose so much money in replacement and postage costs. I can just imagine a factory somewhere with foreign workers earning less than minimum wage producing this problem. Do they use the same foreigners to answer their phones too ? I don't think I've ever spoken to an English person at eaglemoss before and it usually takes about an hour to place an order because you can't understand each other over the phone. And to top it all , the number is expensive to call , I hate 0844 , 0845 , and 0870 numbers. Tip folks - go on the web site say no to 0870 , you can search for an alternate phone number to call which will only be charged at local standard rate and not that high premium rate.

Oliver Reilly said...

@MGF- I see the points you are making. However, I think if you were to read the e-mail that I sent out to various EM would realize that you and I generally share the same opinions.

I recognize that rebooting the CMFC right from where it left off, doesn't make sense from EM's point of view. That is why the e-mail I sent out, takes a different approach.

I recommended that EM does one of two viable options:

1) Begin a new CMFC, possibly dubbed "The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection- Volume 2". Although it's a small detail, I think the name has a certain ring to it due to it's obvious comic book connotations.

This would allow them to start the numbering sequence back at #001, giving brand new collectors a perfect jumping on point to start a collection. This is done constantly in the comic book market, and seems oftentimes to work out well for the publishers.

Creating "CFMC-Volume 2" could also be used as a vehicle for revisiting the extremely iconic characters in different costumes. Characters such as Wolverine in his brown and tan costume, Spider-Man with six-arms, Iron Man in Hulkbuster Armor, etc. A mixture of 2nd versions of these kinds of big-names as well as classic characters omitted from the original CMFC would be the perfect blend. I would bet my left arm that sales of the CMFC steadily dropped as the issues went on. Because even though every character has it's own fan base, I'm sure the Spidey, Wolverine and Captain America issues sold much better than Constrictor, Vance Astro of Wolfsbane issues.

2) The second option I presented was that if a 2nd volume of the CMFC was absolutely NOT something EM was interested in pursuing... There should be one FINAL 20 figure extension of the CFMC (plus a few additional specials).

ALL characters in this last extension should be voted on by the fans. This would guarantee interest from a sales perspective and help round out the teams that are only missing 1 or 2 core members.


I also completely agree with your ideas about additional advertising. Over here in North America I am amazed at how few people are aware of the CFMC's existence.

I have to disagree about the Yondu/Nico Minoru comment though. am know quite a lot about both characters, and I personally feel Nico is just a much more interesting character. Like you said though, the Marvel Universe means different things to different people : )

I pray that something along the lines of my "CMFC- Vol 2" comes into fruition, however I would be more than satisfied with one last extension that was completely voted on by the consumers.

My favorite Marvel character (Warlock of the New Mutants) is the only character I HAVE to have to be super satisfied. I would like for all the other fans to get their favorite characters made too though.

mgf said...

Hi Oliver,

Nice to hear we are broadly in agreement with the collection. I haven't read you email, obviously.

I assume EM are reading this thread. It really underlines the great love this collection evoked.

Our best hope is to somehow persuade them to return to a figure based collection, and that those figures retain the scale and style of what went before. We don't want some clever dick in marketing discovering that 24.5% of respondents would prefer a higher base or metallic sheen. No, we want the same again, although better would be nice.

What is interesting, to me, at least is that after the 2008 economic crisis the collection still carried on. Although that must have had some impact it can 't have been the only reason it was pulled. I still maintain the choices towards the end became increasingly poor.

There are many main characters whose new costumes would sell well, Thor and Cap leap to mind. Storm and Mystique have decent alternatives to look to. Just as long as we also get your Warlock and my Yondu along the way, I'm in. I'd sign up right now.

What would be irritating would be the possibility we would get to 200 again and still be waiting for the old and new Guardians and Lockjaw, for example.

They need to try a new collection with one eye on the old. Will they want to? Probably not while they can try draughts, mah jong and sodoku.

Robert said...

Hi, MT.

I actually checked the figures out in the shop. They all seemed fine. It was only when I took it out that the flakes fell off.

She's back in the box and I'm going to take her back and get a replacement. Considering I put at least two of the owner's children through university, it's the least he can do.

On a more positive note, the inker of some of the images in the Gamora mag - Josef Rubinstein - has drawn me a Thanos-Warlock image. Haven't got it yet but it does look rather fabulous.

The Mad Thinker said...

Hey Robert , I hope that you are successful in getting that replacement.
I will have to wait and see if my comic shop gets some more in , otherwise I'll just order her online as I need to order a Drax the destroyer already , and I am still collecting back issues of the DC figurine collection.
Speaking of Drax , I wish they'd have gone for his other look , and I know you felt the same way about him too.
Perhaps a reboot is the best idea to save the collection and introduce new characters that were missing from the current one.
New costumes and poses from iconic characters plus other characters that were missing from the current collection.
Do I bore you all now with pictures of my new updated display ?
If one person requests that I post new photos on my Blog page , I will.

In other news , I have told my mum that if anyone in my family want to buy me a little something this christmas then I would like the Marvel gift set from ASDA supermarket priced at just £10 , you get body wash , deodorant spray , and an eau de toilette spray inside a lovely decorative marvel box which has a nice picture on the front of Marvel characters.
Go on folks , ask the missus for one , you know you want to !!
A bargain at £10.

The Mad Thinker said...

Characters I'd change in a new collection :

Spiderman - new pose
Wolverine - brown & yellow costume
Dr Octopus - green & yellow costume
Green goblin or hobgoblin on glider
Captain America - new pose
Dr Doom - new pose
Jean Grey - blue & yellow X costume
Iron Man - new pose
Daredevil - new pose
Storm - white X costume
Thor - new pose
Beast - ape like version
Human torch in F/four costume
Punisher - different costume & pose
Cyclops - blue & yellow X costume
Mr Fantastic - neck extending pose
Rogue - Short jacket & curly hair
Ice man - add dark X trousers
Red Skull - green Nazi costume
Submariner - swimming trunks
Mystique - white dress
Cable - new pose & costume
Quicksilver - running pose
Ms Marvel - Sharon Ventura version
Crystal - new pose
Madrox - X Factor headgear costume
Black knight - villain version
Drax - other costume with cape
Songbird - Screaming Mimi look

Bob said...

I'd like the powers that be to relaunch the series to volume 2. Add new variations to the costumes not yet published such as Jim Lee Jean Grey, Age of Apocalypse characters, Sentinel Prime, Iron Man armors from Classic to Movie Mk IV - VII, more X characters such as Bastion, Nimrod, a better Juggernaut,Wendigo, a bigger Hulk, Classic X-Men, Super Adaptoid, Strong Guy, Lila Cheney, Sage, Classic Beast, Grey Gargoyle, Fear Itself characters, Heimdall, Blastaar, Warriors Three, Warpath, Classic Cable and former X-Force members, Archangel, Marauders, Binary, Frankie Raye (Nova) and Shuma Gorath. This just a sample of issues that can be still be made and DRAGON MAN !!

Robert said...

"I have told my mum that if anyone in my family want to buy me a little something this christmas then I would like the Marvel gift set from ASDA supermarket priced at just £10 , you get body wash , deodorant spray , and an eau de toilette spray inside a lovely decorative marvel box which has a nice picture on the front of Marvel characters."

Marvel toilet set: £10.
A post from MT: Priceless.

mgf said...

I doubt any potential relaunch will be called "CMFC Volume 2" because of the dunderheads who would not bother to pick it up because they didn't get "Volume 1".

Remember how the movie "The Madness of King George III" had to be renamed "The Madness of King George" in the States because cinema goers were put off seeing it because they thought they had missed the first two instalments?

The new collection would need to be a brand new product, but with figures. EM could reuse much of the work that had been done for the Fact Files.

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

Hello everyone, I've read, and some understanding of the discourse on the reasons for which the EM can not / do not want to continue CMFC.

I do not know for how many other collections, there is and there was this huge "avalanche" of requests to assess the decision to close a collection.

I know that the Marvel Universe is following around the world, always with more or less good time to sell, and if at this moment the product "comics" does not sell as at other times, the characters of those same comics, have other "ways media" to get to the final consumer.

One above all: the cinema, movies, and even the game. Products that cater to all age groups and at the same time in particular to a particular kind of user, so that even very "strong", you can count on in terms of probable gain.

The success of The Avengers, for example, in my country, led a well-known weekly national information, such as promotional gadget attached, about 20 statuettes taken from CMFC, especially prominent on The Avengers, but not only.

This is more than a reboot, is a reprint of the same product.

Now, a continuation of another 20 regular unpublished, is how to extend the agony of a dying man. Ever with only 20 other characters will satisfy the desires of all passionate collectors, and you can not complete all the groups, which lack certain characters.

Now, as I said in the past, I do not think that EM is so "naive", to not realizing the potential of the characters of the Marvel Universe, the proof is given by the "Facts Files", and a project on various Marvel families, to be divided into chess set...

Where I come from it is said that "the iron is beaten when it is hot."

Whether it's a remake, a new collection, or that has different characteristics. The success of CMFC, should not be ignored.

Otherwise, it would be like if Marvel decided to close The Avengers or X-Men and Spider-Man, because they have come to a number too high. It makes no sense.
And, of course, also would not make sense to continue this series without characters that allow its existence.

Of course, the example does not take into account the royalties to be paid for the publication, but the EM has to pay royalties for the use of the products, to anyone.

The "juice" of the speech does not change.

So, Eaglemoss, carefully consider your next steps.


mgf said...

Marvel relaunch with new number one issues every four months at the moment. That might be a slight exaggeration. But only slight.

Lars Nielsen said...

@ Sed Tallis. I feel your pain dude. I searched and searched for the Lobo special as I unsubscribed and then resubscribed to the DC collection, thus missing a couple of specials. I finally tracked it down with a local retailer for only R260! (about 18 GBP) I am currently buying all the issues I missed from him for less than the subscriber price, brand new. Dont know how he does it but he does. Have even managed to order my missing "Man-Thing" issue from the CMFC, which I have been unable to track down anywhere. Sometimes however the chase is half the fun and makes the figurine that much more special when you finally track it down and get it

The Mad Thinker said...

Hey Robert , I've just found out that Tesco are selling a similar marvel toilet set (as you put it) for only £8 but you just get the shower gel and eau de toilette spray , there's no deodorant spray in this one , but still a bargain !!

The Mad Thinker said...

Robert :

I've found the perfect gift for you , check this out -

Robert said...

Pretty snazzy, MT, but a pedant like me would never get to sleep in jimjams that carry a message that is missing the vocative comma.

I do have a mental image of you trying on similar jammies, only to fall over when you tried to put both legs down a trouser leg at the same time. Who knew gravity worked like that?

The Mad Thinker said...


Robert said...

Your ability to laugh shows me that your fall wasn't so serious, MT.

Obviously, you landed on your head.

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

"Marvel relaunch with new number one issues every four months at the moment. That might be a slight exaggeration. But only slight."

It's true, how true, however, that the characters are always the same, or has disappeared Wolverine, the Hulk, Iron Man is forgotten or was sold to Dark Horse?

Relaunch, is one of the keyword, possible keyword, for the CMFC

mgf said...

The renumbering is a real bugbear for me.

Marvel seem obsessed with the belief that readers have been deserting comics because there is no jumping on point. I disagree. This is merely one of many excuses for what has become and increasing poor product over the last generation. The problem will always be the story, coupled with the fact that once you lose a reader it is hard to get them back. Good stories will sell, bad stories will not. Put enough bad stories back to back and you alienate a generation.

When I was reading Marvel there was a little box at the top of the first story page which said, for example, "When high school student Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider... yada, yada, yada..." and that was all you needed to know.

It didn't really matter that Gwen Stacey had been killed by the Green Goblin sixty issues ago, anymore than it matters now. It's history. It is nice to know and part of the mythos, but doesn't weigh greatly on the stories which follow, anymore than knowing Holmes was believed to have died at the Reichenbach Falls detracted from his return.

The hunt for realism in the wider MU is all well and good but the entire thing is inherently ludicrous and always has been. Google "in the core Marvel Universe" for the full silliness of it. That daftness is half the fun. Here is the description of Nick Fury BTW... "In the Core Marvel Universe, worldwide espionage is handled by a World War II veteran who is immortal thanks to a serum, and who spends a good deal of his time thwarting either his evil brother, who leads a cartel of horoscope-themed villains, or HYDRA, which is not an acronym but is always capitalised anyway, an organization whose plans have included blowing up Washington DC with a horn. He does this by employing a flying aircraft carrier, robot duplicates of himself, a flying car, and a suit that is also a kite." [He is now black.]

It should be a source of great pride for Marvel to head towards publishing FF #1000. Instead, by this policy of renumbering they seem to see it almost as almost shameful.

++ Rants ends. ++

++ Next one imminent. ++

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

Ok, if you want to talk about how to consider the editorial policy marvel, let's do it, but then, we use the same yardstick with CMFC and see what comes out.

Marvel has decided to close newspapers, decided to relaunch, to renumber them, why? Because it follows a careful editorial, financial, economic gain.

If the comic Blade, does not sell, but suddenly the film Blade becomes an unexpected success, here come new opportunities for profit, and consequently the comic Blade, adjusts to the film Blade, by characteristics of perosnaggio, and history.

The film Blade, opens the doors of the cinema, Marvel Comics, and it produces its best-selling comic book, such as film, X-Men, then Spider-Man, then Daredevil, F4 and again and again ... get to the point of becoming Marvel Studios, and the success of The Avengers, is pure politics in many lovely Marvel Comics.

The comics? Adapt to what the general public recognizes the character at that time.

This is economy, is the law of change, which can not stop at old consoderazioni nostalgic fans of ten, that, in any case, in large part, will continue to give their pennies to Marvel, in one way or another, also through collections of lead, reproducing the classic characters, and less classics.

The Ealgemoss should do the same? How? Following what the public would be willing to buy more.

The CMFC is a success? Well, that somehow you feed such a success!

Or let's talk about market opportunities, or sharing of editorial policy for both parties, whether Marvel or EM.

mgf said...

Well, I think I get the gist.

Yes, Marvel adapt, but in doing so they have a history of alienating existing readers. They adapted their entire universe to Hasbro and Secret Wars in the 80s. Result: short term sales boost, leading to a long term decline, which led them to panic and repeat the same mistakes.

Anyway, enogh of that.

I got Terrax today. Absolutely terrific.

zombiedude13 said...

Marvel is not nearly as bad as DC. Every few years they do a complete reboot, erasing eveything that came before. The first crisis was a good idea, it allowed for a lot f housecleanin, and allowed thm to add some new dmensions to the DC.

By this last reboot I felt completely ignored, alienated, and superfluous to DC's fan base. I.E.DC didn't give a crap about what I thought, and handed over the reigns to 1/2 of the men responsible for the debacle known as Heroes Reborn.

Geoff Johns has become a mad god, when he used to respect the DCU and its characters, but now is some rabid diety intent on remaking the new 52 in his image.

Say what you will, Marvel has never ignored its fans (well, OK the clone saga and there was that time when Spidey got unmarried), but oveall all marvel has ever sought to do is keep thigs fresh. I'll take a renumbering over a reboot anyday.

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

Regarding the comparison between Marvel and DC, I quite agree, and the proof is also the overview of the different characters of their collections EM.

Speech on reboot or renumbering, the business risk is always calculated, but if you continue with that policy, obviously there are more positives than negatives.

In all this, however, what should the EM, whereas a successful economic policy?

I hope I do the best thing for us fans and buyers.

Robert said...

Have to respectfully disagree with you zombiedude. I collected Marvel from 1976 until last year, although I still buy back issues. I felt increasingly alienated from the characters as they changed beyond what I could recognise, both in terms of appearance and characterisation. Marvel are now chasing the folk who made the Avengers film such a huge success. We can only hope they eventually realise their mistake and go back to basics. And that includes giving top gigs to the likes of Ron Frenz instead of jokes like Humberto Ramos.

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Kurt Martin said...

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