Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Doctor is in...

Hello everyone.

I must again apologise for not updating the blog as much as I would have liked. The Christmas holidays play havoc with a fortnightly magazine’s schedules and so I, and all of the team on the figurine collection, have been working twice as hard as usual.

In the case of Alan ‘former editor’ Cowsill this means he’s started working at a normal speed (just kidding Alan).

So I wanted to kick off this update with the current list of characters we have for the 121-140 extension. We’ve chosen a few at Eaglemoss now and I do admit that I may have stolen one or two places for the team, we have:

Black Heart
Grim Reaper
Son of Satan

Black Heart, Chameleon and Jubilee were fan choices based on results and requests from this blog. Ant-Man and Jocasta were choices from the superherofigurineforum, who are choosing a third figure at the moment.

Son of Satan was Alan’s choice, X-Man was Designer Dan’s choice, Grim Reaper was my choice and Titania and Wasp were office choices. The character I’ve failed to mention so far is Nomad, he was chosen by our long-time collaborator and writer of the Behind the Scenes articles – Mike Conroy.

So once the forum has chosen their third figure we’re going to start the polls running again and choose the final eight figures. Obviously with all the cheating that went on on this blog I can’t have polls running here. It takes a lot of time and effort to set up fair and reliable polls, time which I unfortunately cannot give, so the forum shall host the majority of the polls, click on the link below:

I have personally met the chap who helped set this forum up and have full confidence in his ability to run fair polls. If you want to take part in the polls head over to the forum and sign-up. They’re a friendly and enthusiastic bunch, and if you obey the rules (which are all pretty much common sense) then I’m sure you’ll have a great time on there. I drop on to the forum anonymously every now and then to listen to the feedback the magazine gets and hopefully in the New Year I’ll be participating in a live Q&A.

The new polls won’t be up until the next year as I’m discussing them with the forum admins at the moment.

So with the extension aside, I thought I’d put the latest figure into the office up on this blog, check out Doc Samson.

The character’s costume hasn’t changed much over the years so it made the decision of which costume to put him in an easy one. The hair might be a little less frumpy than it was in the 70s but the costume is straight out of his first appearances. It's a very simple pose but hopefully it conveys the power and thoughtfulness of the character.

That’s your lot for this year, I hope everyone enjoys the holidays, whether your celebrating Christmas or not, and has a great New Year.


Fabio Mucci said...

Why again Wasp?

Anonymous said...

Doc Samson looks great indeed.

Thanks for the blog update, I'm looking forward to further polls to choose the other 8 figurines in the collection. Hopefully we can get another Alpha Flight member and a Thunderbolt representative in there (Snowbird and Songbird maybe...)

All the hard work done by yourself and everyone at EM is very very much appreciated and I hope you enjoy your Xmas, and I'm looking forward ot a great line up of figurines in 2009!

Ryan Maxwell said...

The Doc looks really good! The new list is shaping up nicely. Here's hoping Alpha Flight gets their 2nd representative. I only have so much time in my life to spend on customizing the team, I need some help, EM! :^)

jimbob said...

Fantastic!Wasp and Antman.

How about GIANT MAN mega special!

I hope the double packs will start soon.hopefully we can squeez alot more into the collection before the end.

Would be good to have the Alpha Flight team in the collection.

And thanks for you and everyone at EM for there hard work this year,merry xmas and a happy new year.x

Marvelbeast said...

Cheers Doc Sampson looks great.

I love the line up, thanks for the great names. Nice to see Wasp get her own magazine. She is one of the most important Avengers and needs her own inclusion. Yellowjacket still looks good with her on his shoulder though. I wouldn't mind seeing Ant Man on her figurine to even up the balance ;)

All we need are some Alpha Flight for the old names and RUNAWAYS for the newer ones. Sister Grimm would be a nice start but Lucy would be a close second.

Wiccan and Hulking would be a nice 2 pack.

Have great Christmas and thanks for the input you allow us to have. This collection continues to impress and maze me so let it keep going for a long time yet!

All the best,


jarvis69 said...

Hi "lazy boy" lol.Thanks again for your informations and your update.Doc look perfect for me and , as You say, no change in his costume for years so....no pbl between "classics" and "new"..
I like the list ( well....9 of them...)even if everybody can't be happy all the time..
Merry Xmas and happy new year to all the fans (even to the X-Man fan lol)

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...
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S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Oops sorry guys!
Madame HYDRA is #108...

Anthony Stark said...

Hey guys, I know I`m not the first guy to say this but... Why Wasp again? There is really no need to put her in twice. Anyway, Doc Samson looks the part, now we just need Scarlet Spider & Crimson Dynamo and we`ll be flying.

Cheers and happy holidays Marvel fans!!!

ikabodcrane said...

Hello dear Richard.
I have great difficulty to understand, like much French your policy of exit.
Indeed we are few interested of NOMAD, son of Satan and another X-Man at this stage. Only one is enough.
There is more enthralling and emblematic has our eyes.

Read our forum: http://www.bdgest.com/forum/bdgest/Collections-et-demandes-d-informations/ParaBD/figurines-sondage-marvel-sujet_40515_52.htm

We want the discovery of characters less known.

However the list has our eyes would have more resembled:

121. Chameleon
122. Jack off Hearts
123. Toad
125. Typhoid Mary
126. Annihilus
127. Gorgone
128. Harfang
129. Wrecker
130. Radioactive man
131. Sunfire
132. Blackheart
133. Hydroman
134. Terrax
135. Arachne
136. Jubilee
137. Darkstar
138. Klaw
139. Owl
140. Shaman

141. Stingray
142. Omega red
143. X-man
144. Tarentula
145. Karnak
146. Quasar
147. Jocasta
148. Drax the destroyer
149. Grim reaper
150. Forge
151. Puck
152. Bird mocker
153. Gamora
155. Baron strucker
156. Hammerhead
157. Pyro
158. Crossfire
159. Shanna
160. Deathbird

161. Ant-Man
162. Ronana the accuser
163. Clea
164. Prowler
165. NOMAD
166. Sauron
167. Ronin
168. TigerShark
169. Exodus
170. Longshot
171. Brother Voodoo
172. Ares
173. Starfox
174. Magik
175. Moondragon
176. Avalanche

Double pack:
2. Northstar and Aurora
3. The jackal and Kaine
4. Hela and Odin
5. Balder and Sif
6. Cloak and Dagger
7. Outlaw and the Agent-X
8. Mary Jane and Aunt May
9. Gwen Stacy and J.J.Jameson …

Except series:
1. The blob
2. Sasquatch
3. Gold mouth …

And to make a number 58 (a) with WASP with its booklet and a quarter of page for the yellow jacket of information as on its booklet.

The idea is to always create waiting and desire…
I think that this list should be appropriate for English, American, and French etc…

doc samson and madrox are beautiful!!

Thank you Dear Richard of your attention!!! Devoted French.

The Grim Reaper said...

Thanks Rich for the kind words and chance to run the polls on the No.1 Forum. It would not be possible without the help of the Admins/Mods/and Members.

Registration on the forum is a necessity. If you are not yet a member and want to join then of course you are more than welcome, just follow these simple steps and you will be part of a rapidly growing community:

1. Go to website www.superherofigurineforum.com (SHFF)(or click on the link in rich's blog).

2. Register and choose a USER NAME (if you are already on other figurine forums then you can use your name from there, it makes it easy to know who we are talking to)

3. You will need to use an ACTIVE e-mail address as the forum sends a test mail to the given address. (I must admit I feel sorry for JoeBloggs@hotmail.com ; he must be a member on EVERY internet website LOL)

4. When you submit your application you will receive an e-mail which contains a link back to the forum- You MUST click on that link.

5. Once you are on the forum you must then make at least 1 post within 7 days otherwise the account gets automatically deleted. We do this to stop some spambots and also keeps things tidy.

6. 1 post is the minimum requirement but we hope you will dive in and join the chat and debate.

By being a member you get to see all the sneak previews and latest news PLUS (and this is what all this is about) YOU get to interact with Eaglemoss and can influence the figurine choices they make.

Now that cannot be a bad thing....

If you need any help there is ALWAYS a Mod or Admin online to help out; or just e-mail me TGR@MARVELCUSTOMS.CO.UK

Enjoy the forum


The Grim Reaper

Anonymous said...

Although not my choices I fully support the inclusion of the lesser known characters in the extension and am glad EM chose them.

I doubt many would have chosen Shang Chi in the current extension but look how great he looks, and the magazine will certainly be worth a read.

Plus it means that we will still have lots of big-name characters to be left for further extensions. I mean if we got our exact wants all in the same extension how many of us would continue collecting afterwards for just the slightly more obscure characters?

This way we get the more unobvious choices in lead form as well as the more popular one. Hopefully this also means Rich and EM are still looking strongly towards the future with the collection. We all know the guys at EM are massive Marvel fans and collect the figs as well and I'm sure they'd kick themselves for eternity if the collection ended without them producing certain big name characters, so I'm assuming they have a lot of faith in having future extensions - especially if the LotR collection is still ahead of us and the CMFC must get far more sales especially now it's gone abroad.

King Chris
(Holy Wolf)

Anonymous said...

great stuff! I'd still love to see a maverick and Omega Red figurine.... Perhapes a double pack?

asura said...

Where are Ares and Omega Red ???
We voted to get them in the list on the forum. They are one of the best looking figures.
I am so disapointed...I think I feel bored to vote on forums...for nothing.

lipstick said...

Οh, come oooooon! Where is Firestar...?

And why Wasp again? There are more and more and more characters...

Oh, come ooooooooon Richard....

Enik said...

Doc Samson looks fantastic!
Thanks for all of your hard work Richard & team :)

I'm pleased that Wasp is finally getting her due... a key character in the Marvel Universe who deserves a fullsized figurine and her own magazine.
Jocasta is a dream-come-true... I never expected that my favorite female character would make it into the collection so I'm really stoked!

I'm excited about the lineup and look forward to getting more old, new and obscure characters... what a rich collection this is becoming :)

I'll be buying them till you pull the plug (and yes I arc-welded the plug to the socket so good luck with that one)
Have a happy holiday and I look forward to meeting new members on the SHFF!

asura said...

If Wasp is released...then why not Ares in order to complete the Mighty Avengers ??? Why you didn't keep the first forum choice, with Ares, Jack of hearts, Omega Red and Toad...I think it was the best compromise...

jimbob said...

I agree with asura,i would be satisfied with the forum choice to complete my avengers team.hope you can squeez them in somewhere.merry xmas everyone.x

Thor8 said...

Seasons greetings to all! I don't understand why some people are asking; why the Wasp "again"? She deserves a full entry and her own figurine. She's been a mainstay in the Marvel Universe for decades.She
is a founding member of The Avengers and was the one who suggested the teams name. So I for one don't believe that a tiny speck on Yellowjacket's shoulder makes the grade for this "main" character. I like most of the choices that have been made so far
and will be getting all but one of them. Ijust hope The Original Swordsman gets his figurine done.

The Grim Reaper said...

ARES is currently in the Forum Choice vote along with TOAD and JACK of HEARTS.

Omega Red was also in there but seems he is more likely to be a Special rather than a standard figure: As it is standard figures that the forum is choosing then he has dropped out of the vote this time.

marveljoe said...

I can understand having wasp as she was not covered in the yellow jacket magazine. I can't see much point in ant man or giant man though as they are reincanations of hank pym or smaller characters taking up the mantle especially when they are other characters not looked at yet i.e. firestar, cannonball, quasar, moondragon

Thor8 said...

I for one am glad Ant Man was chosen
and I'd also like to see Giant-Man or Goliath or perhaps both(one being the variation of the other)be done as a mega special.I'd also would love to see Stingray,Jack Of Hearts,Photon,Swordsman,Starfox,
Mockingbird,USAgent,and SpiderwomanII.

marveljoe said...

Does anyone know what characters 96 - 99 are ?

Thor8 said...

Marveljoe; #96 is Nighthawk,#97 is Blink,#98 is Gladiator and #99 is Morbius! And just in case you're wondering,#100 is Banshee!

The Grim Reaper said...

Just in case you had missed it over on the forum, our final choice has been confirmed as JACK OF HEARTS... personally I think he will make a very interseting, and visually stunning, addition to the CMFC.

It has also been confirmed that the ANTMAN choice will be Scott Lang.... so good news all round i'd say .. as that means TheSuperHeroFigurineForum choices of JOCASTA, ANTMAN and JACK OF HEARTS will finally materialise into lead. :-)

Thor8 said...

Glad to hear the news about the Jack Of Hearts figurine. I just hope they get the details in his costume right. Hey grim,I've tried to figure out how to post comments in TSHF but I haven't had much success. Could you help me out with this?

The Grim Reaper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Grim Reaper said...


go here


for a run-down on how to register and post on the SHFF...

anyproblems let me know.

ghost said...

Hi Richard.

Your choices for new characters seem (on the whole) great, and Doc Sampson looks fab. I've just seen a photo of Shocker and looks amazing (just hope your artists are capable of painting all those thin black mesh lines!!!)


There hasn't been a mention of Annihilus???

Is he in?

Surely this character is both more interesting and visually stunning than say... Antman or Wasp who we already have (in one form or another) in the collection. I want more variation (and more specials!)

Annihilus would make a great special!

But anyway... Happy New Year, and I look forward to more sneak previews.

Thor8 said...

We have Ant Man and The Wasp?? Gee where did you get them? I'd like to add them to my collection too. All I have is "Henry Pym" as Yellojacket with a very tiny representation of Wasp on his shoulder. I'd like to have "Scott Lang"as Ant-Man and The Wasp inclueded in my collection,no9t to mention a Mega Special of Giant Man.

Jacadoo said...

What's happening with updates for this site - I thought blogger would be great access - but never updated. Now Wasp although we all enjoy and crave latest releases, starting to feel a little ripped off when the collection starts to get needless padding like this - come on, there are enough viable characters without this. I know from bad experience same people do LOTR collection - we are now receiving people in the background in the movie - absolutely disgraceful, please do not go down the same path and try and continue delivering value for hard earned cash!!!!

Thor8 said...

I agree with you Jacadoo that updates have been rather slow lately,but as for the rest of your comment,I don't know if it's due to the fact that I've been awake for two and a half days straight now,but I just don't understand what your point is. Could you be a ittle bit more specific?

ghost said...

Thor8 may be tired and slow on the uptake but I agree with you Jacadoo. Wasp we already have and if we have to have antman can't we have a little one on the shoulder of someone else!). I'd like to see a character that has not been refered to at all, or better still characters that look fantastic even if their back history isn't so long. Given the choice wouldn't you rather see Annihilus, Sasquatch, Wolfsbane, wendigo etc! or any of the other 1000 + characters out there!

jimbob said...

I dont think that a dot on yellow jacket shoulder will do for the wasp fans!you guys are joking.the fans deserve a regular size figure of her.

How about a veriant costume choice.
Yellow jacket & wasp/Antman & wasp
I would be happy with this as long as they get made.

or have wasp to go with Giant-man mega special wich alot of fans are expecting him to be done.

Thor8 said...

I just don't understand why people keep referring to The Wasp and Ant Man as entries already done(and this time I'm wide awake Ghost) if I'm not mistaken,Ant Man has not been done. Yellowjacket is Hank Pym
while The Ant Man chosen is Scott Lang,a different person a different
costume and a different background and profile. As for the Wasp, as I and others have already stated,a speck on Yellowjacket's shoulder does not an entry make.She's an Avengers founding member who even named the team.She has an extensive
history who deserves her own entry.
I don't recall anybody protesting
when a second Iron Man figurine was made(and a"special" at that) so why the fuss over Wasp and Ant man?

Jacadoo said...

Thor8 please and understand we are trying to make a simple point – why consider Wasp now, when there are so many others more viable and exciting figures, that surly are more exciting then this addition.

I’m with Ghost with my personnel preference being Sasquatch – now try and explain to me again how another Wasp would be a better enhancement than numerous other selections????

A little weak to keep saying “a founding member of the Avengers” – incidentally the Iron Man special was worth every penny and looks great in the context of the movie and the overall development of the character – the only thing worth mentioning with the Wasp were the episodes dealing with wife abuse.

To have an out of scale version of the Wasp with wings – value for money??????

Bang on for the Ant Man – who incidentally was never drawn in scale anyway.

jimbob said...

Wasp is being done its been confirmed.I think that closes the argument.yellow jacket figure and the magazine was all about him anyway.

It was not much of a coverage and figure on wasp.In my view the avengers would not be complete without the wasp individual figure.

As for value for money of course it would be worth paying for full size wasp than just a spec size of her on yellow jacket shoulder

Anyway,THUNDER BOLTS team pack


And Mega-Special ATLAS

Thor8 said...

Jacadoo; I can understand your and Ghost's point of view and believe it or not I respect it. You asked me to explain to tou once more how a Wasp figurine can be a better enhancement than Sasquatch. Well
you know what? I won't! You know why?,because no matter what I say you won't accept it because Sasquatch is your personal favorite,and I'll keep defending the Wasp decision because she's my prefernce over Sasquatch.You believe that the Iron Man Special
is great and you purchased it. I on the other hand did not care much for it and didn't buy it.So are you right and I'm wrong? I don't think so. Then I'M right and your wrong? That's also a negative. This collection is being put together so that all collectors can enjoy them. If I don't like a particular figurine for one reason or another I simply don't buy it. But that doesn't give me the right to say that anyone who does like it is wrong or has poor taste ect. Sheesh I'm even clamoring for a Swordsman figurine! Now who in the world remembers this guy besides myself? Yet I would love to see him done.
I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.Keep enjoying your collection as I'm enjoying mine.

Thor8 said...

Hi Richard; When can we expect a new poll for the next figurines to take place? I'm ansious to see who the next candidates will be.
I hope we'll see some more members of The Inhumans,some original Thunderbolts and some more Avengers inclueded.

Anonymous said...

If Wasp has a quality pose and tons of detail then I think she'd be cool - a worthy addition. But there are far more eye catching and impressive characters still left to do... Maverick/Omega Red anyone :P

Jacadoo said...

Thor8 total piece - the blogger is a great way of debating all favorites and wish lists.

The important message has to be is to keep releasing and feeding our feeble addictions for this collection.

I feeeeeellll sssooooo weeeeaakkkk.

Thor8 said...

Jacadoo: I hear ya talkin! I just purchased the last four figurines available in the USA and PR plus two back issues Iwanted and It's plain torture waiting for them to arrive!

The Grim Reaper said...

The chance to have your say on the last 8 figurines in the extension is now upon us.

Register at www.superherofigurineforum.com

make one post and then all will be revealed.

to see the list of potential characters www.marvelcustoms.co.uk
click on my home page, top of page 1 there is an image thumbnail....

Oh and Rich hinted that this Blog will probably get an update in the next 24 hours :-)

jarvis69 said...

Thanks Steve. My vote is in the box !! lol

Anonymous said...