Friday, 12 December 2008

Caption Contest Winner

Hello all,

I’m afraid it’s just another quick update, as I’ve been very busy this week.

First up, I want to announce the winner of the caption contest we had on here a few weeks ago, the one for the Valkyrie issue. Our designer Dan has gone with:

"Mmmm...the CMFC (mag) is like catnip..."

So thanks to Ryan Maxwell for that one, I think Dan is going to credit you in the magazine, so look for Valkyrie’s issue (93) when it comes out.

I also have an update on the Madrox figure, below is the near final (painted) version of the figure.

As for polls and choosing characters, I will have more details next week, we will be putting a good few up on one of the fantastic fan forums:

(Proper link to follow soon)

This will cut out all cheating and allow you guys to have your say. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to put one or two other polls up elsewhere as well so that we can have a little variety.

Hopefully I’ll be back next week with a bigger update.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Gremlin said...

Multiple Man looks amazing, even better than I had hoped for. I will definately be getting at least three of him when he comes out.

Anonymous said...

Multiple Man looks amazing, it's just a shame I have to wait until next September to get mine!

Glad to see we're going to get more polls, and they'll be more secure.

Just wondering what would happen with Alpha Flight in terms of selecting a character because we must be due another one to accompany Guardian eventually? I'm assuming Sasquatch would be a special, Aurora and Northstar would make a great double-pack, and Puck's a bit small to be on his own - so not sure how a poll would work out?

The obvious choice would be Snowbird, she's got a lot of history and would make a great figurine!

Also I'm hoping we'll get a Thunderbolts poll at some point as we're really missing them at the moment!

Carturello Fabio said...

Hi richard, Madrox is beautiful! He is one of my favourite X-men!And you made him with the new style, i love this look!

I hope you'll join us in our italian fan forum of Marvel and Dc figurine collection.



Anonymous said...

Madrox looks awesome. I'm really glad he made it into the collection. But I personally think the polls only being on them forums isn't the best move.

I just hope people fight their corner to get some awesome marvel characters into the collection

The Grim Reaper said...

Nice one Ryan, hopefully th etext you want will be tidied up a bit first. Glad the polls have come to SHFF and not via a blog which we know can be manipulated.

There are 3 polls on th ego at the moment, 1 for ANTMAN version, one to nail the Forum Choice and one to help Richard decide on Viper or Titania.

If yo are not yet a member YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER...only way we can guarantee fairness.



The Grim Reaper said...
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Fabio Mucci said...

Madrox looks fantastic!!!

jimbob said...

Multiple man is perfect!I like the idea Gremlin has of getting three of them i might do the same.

The SHFF site is a good idea,just got on it.So many characters to choose from!A few i dont no of but would look great as a figure like the Taskmaster.Hopefully this will encourage you Richard to expand the list.

marveljoe said...

Multiple Man looks great will more X-Force characters come be produced like Wolfsbane, Sunspot and Cannonball.

Ryan Maxwell said...

Sweet, thanks to Dan and yourself, Richard! Like Steve said above, hopefully it gets tweaked a bit so the quote is more specific to what you want, the line or the magazine.

Anonymous said...

Multiple Man looks great painted. Well done to all you guys at EM for getting it soo right. His coat looks absolutly great. Heres hoping you can pull off something even better when you fially realise the error of your ways and make Wisdom.

Also good shout on bringing the Polls over to the forums. I imagine it'll be alot easier to spot multiple votes on there.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...
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S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...
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S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...
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S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Jim Steranko's MADAME HYDRA please!!!

What do you guys think about New Thunderbolts' Yelena Belova (Black Widow II), Paladin?
I really would like to see them collected...

ikabodcrane said...

Hello dear Richard.
I have great difficulty to understand, like much French your policy of exit.
Indeed we are few interested of NOMAD, son of Satan and another X-Man at this stage. Only one is enough.
There is more enthralling and emblematic has our eyes.

Read our forum:

We want the discovery of characters less known.

However the list has our eyes would have more resembled:

121. Chameleon
122. Jack off Hearts
123. Toad
125. Typhoid Mary
126. Annihilus
127. Gorgone
128. Harfang
129. Wrecker
130. Radioactive man
131. Sunfire
132. Blackheart
133. Hydroman
134. Terrax
135. Arachne
136. Jubilee
137. Darkstar
138. Klaw
139. Owl
140. Shaman

141. Stingray
142. Omega red
143. X-man
144. Tarentula
145. Karnak
146. Quasar
147. Jocasta
148. Drax the destroyer
149. Grim reaper
150. Forge
151. Puck
152. Bird mocker
153. Gamora
155. Baron strucker
156. Hammerhead
157. Pyro
158. Crossfire
159. Shanna
160. Deathbird

161. Ant-Man
162. Ronana the accuser
163. Clea
164. Prowler
165. NOMAD
166. Sauron
167. Ronin
168. TigerShark
169. Exodus
170. Longshot
171. Brother Voodoo
172. Ares
173. Starfox
174. Magik
175. Moondragon
176. Avalanche

Double pack:
2. Northstar and Aurora
3. The jackal and Kaine
4. Hela and Odin
5. Balder and Sif
6. Cloak and Dagger
7. Outlaw and the Agent-X
8. Mary Jane and Aunt May
9. Gwen Stacy and J.J.Jameson …

Except series:
1. The blob
2. Sasquatch
3. Gold mouth …

And to make a number 58 (a) with WASP with its booklet and a quarter of page for the yellow jacket of information as on its booklet.

The idea is to always create waiting and desire…
I think that this list should be appropriate for English, American, and French etc…

Thank you Dear Richard of your attention!!! Devoted French.

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...