Friday, 23 January 2009

2009 - The Year of the Figurine.

Hello and a very (belated) Happy New Year to everyone.

It’s the first update of 2009, so I thought I’d kick things off with some new images of figurines.

First we have the final paint for Shang Chi. Based on the costume we’ve gone for it’s pretty obvious that he’d be wearing his lovely red gee. I’m very pleased with this figure, he’s a little more dynamic than some of our previous figures but come-on he is the Master of Kung Fu, how could we not have him in a martial arts style pose???

Next up is a sneak preview of the Dazzler sculpt. Anyone who knows the character will recognise that this is based on a classic John Byrne piece of artwork. After a lot of thought we decided to go with this classic look, rather than her new ‘short pink hair, punk’ look or the slightly boring blue costume. The main reason for this is that the character was designed specifically to capitalise on the ‘70s disco scene and we feel it’s quite simply one of the best X-Men costumes to date. I mean c’mon she somehow manages to wear high-heels at the same time as roller-boots.

Moving swiftly on, I’ve got some exciting news regarding the last character choices for the most recent extension (121-140). The guys over at the have put together eight excellent polls, each based on a different branch of the Marvel Universe. If you head over there you can join the forum and vote for your favourite. The plan is that we’ll make the top character in each poll.

Now, I know some people tend to be a little shy of internet forums but the guys running superherofigurineforum are some of the finest collectors you could hope to meet (even if it is in a virtual capacity) and they’ll make sure the voting is 100% fair. I’m assured that you’re all welcome to join (as long as you stick by the more-than-fair rules), even if all you want is to vote and then never be heard of again.

But check out the threads, you never know you may discover some facts about the collection that you never knew and you may even discover some like-minded collectors, who enjoy nothing more than badgering me for more info. (Just kidding guys, you know I love you!)

You can click on the link below, check out the forum help link for registration help or e-mail the chaps in charge.

E-mail help :

Right that’s me out of here, everyone have a good weekend and I’ll be back with more news next week.



Ryan Maxwell said...

I couldn't be more thrilled with Dazzler. Perfect, absolutely perfect! Roller skates, woo hoo!!

Anonymous said...

You mean 120-140 extension right?

Dazzler looks great and I'm very thankful for the costume choice!

I'd like to take this moment to encourage everyone reading this to come over to the forums and make your vote, a lot of the polls are very close at the moment and your vote will make a difference!

Holy Wolf

Marvelbeast said...

Those two figurines are an excellent example of why I collect the CMFC. They look fantastic.

How are you planning to deal with Dazzler's mirror ball though?

Some great names on the forum polls too. It makes me realise just how many great characters there are still to be made. Plus there are some omissions that I would like to see in future.

The Runaways are and excellent team and are one of the best titles to be released by Marvel for some time. I hear that there is even a movie rumoured to be made. They all look individual too in case people think that they look too civilian. They would look awesome next to Power Pack ;)

They would be a good team to start in future extensions so would the Starjammers and Thunderbolts. I think that Power Pack would be better as a team pack as the amount of lead they would need is limited as they are kids.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the pics :)

jarvis69 said...

It's not too late : Happy new year Richard !! .
Shang Shi is perfect and Dazzler 'll be great too !!
For the other guys : VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!! lol
And once again , 140 is not enough !!!

Thor8 said...

Hi Richard and a belated Happy New Year to you too! Glad to hear from you again and I just wanted to say; just like everyone else, I think these figurines are great!
Cant wait to see more pics and to finally find out who the final 8 figurines for this latest extension will be. Till next week, Excelsior!

jimbob said...

Shang shi looks great!

Good choices on the polls.Gives everyone a chance.

Whats happening with the double packs or team packs,are we having some.Does anyone know if its happening.

Its just because there are some characters in the poll that could be potential double packs.

Avalanche & Pyro
Aurora & Northstar

And it does not look like 140 is not enough.Just look at the names on the poll lists.Plenty of time to descide.Thanks Richard

lipstick said...

I can see... 140-160 extension..!

Vote for Firestar guys !


Anonymous said...

Hello Rich. Happy New year! Dazzler is quality and Chang Chi looks great too... Hows the Onslaught figurine going? 2009 will be a massive year for this collection with such quality figurines coming out.

All the best

johnwebbesq said...

I love Shang Chi but Dazzler looks strangely off to me. The finished and painted product may well change my mind though I guess. As for the Superhero figurine collection. That is such a mess of a site it makes my eyes bleed. Having said that I have never managed to actually join up yet as all I usually get is error messages when I try to register.

Thor8 said...

Hey johnwebbesq; I know how you feel about the Super Heroes Figurine site. I was competely lost when I first joined and could't post a single comment. If you wish to join just contact The Grim Reaper. He helped me understant and get the hang of it and I'm sure he'll be more than willing to help you too.

The Grim Reaper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Grim Reaper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Grim Reaper said...

copy the above text into your web browser and follow the instructions.

Main reasons for people not been able to login-in or post are:

1. They have used a fake e-mail address.

2. They have Not replied to the auto-generated e-mail that validates their account.

3. They have forgotton their password.

4. They have not made the required welcome post to get their post count up to 1.

Sadly all four reasons listed above are out of my control....LOL

jarvis69 said...

Lol..;even a French like me ( with my poor English , sorry again..) can go and post on this forum so...everybody can do the same !!! lol

The Grim Reaper said...


Jarvis , I couldn't have put it better .....

jimbob said...

The superherofigurineforum is awsome.covers everything about this collection.

Hope that eaglemoss listens to the fans and give them what they want,to take this collection futher.

Good support on the double packs

The Grim Reaper said...

Jimbob, nothing to fear about Eaglemoss listening to the fans.

The main players in EM Towers are members and regularly read the is amazing just how much they DO take on board what is said.

Figurines have been chosen by us, costumes/incarnations have been chosen by us, Double packs are here because they listened (and i'm sure there will be more), Super Specials, we were even given free-reign to choose 3 figs for th enext extension etc etc the list goes on.

One of the few partwork producers that really does include the fanbase in what is going on....

10/10 to Eaglemoss.