Friday, 8 February 2013

It's been emotional.

I’ve officially designed my last bit for the CMFC (pgs14-15 for issues 199 (see pics). I’ve still got little bits here and there to finish off, but I’m pretty much done with this legendary collection that I’ve been proud to work on for the last 8 years of my life! Has it been that long?

Here’s a couple of other (unfinished) pages from Deathbird’s issue...

Sadly (for me) the honour of designing issue 200 (Hela) has been given to long time comics geek and EM design guru James Britnell (with my efforts reduced to the front and back cover) - What I’ve seen so far looks top notch. James has been working with us on the Marvel Figurines and the DC collections aswell as a lot of the web design for EM. Thanks for your efforts James. I'm sure we will work together soon...

Talking of soon... I on the other hand have been asked to start on another project asap. I’ll still be logging on to the blog from time to time (until they pull the plug permanently).
Still have a comp to do aswell at some point!!!

So this will be the last update in an official capacity (has it ever really been though?).

It’s been a blast. Dan out.


sLmT said...

Is worth to be coming to an end. What a great collection. Thanks for everything.
See you soon.

Banshee said...

8 years :-o

Wow so sad this has come to an end :( Have to say though Dan you have been fantastic. Involving the collectors into the fold so much must be a first for something of this nature. You have done yourself and EM Towers proud.

It's been an absolute pleasure taking this journey with you and of course with all you other bloggers. The collection would not have been the same without you all.

Really hope the competition takes us out with a BANG!! Looking forward to the final few figs and having the complete collection on display. Plus I'm hoping to extend mine with a few more customs :)


Thor8 said...

Glad to hear from you once more Dan,and sad to hear that it isyour last "official" post.

The end gets nearer and nearer and the sadness is starting to really fill the atmosphere around here.

fredpostman said...

And now the end is has been a pleasure reading your comments on the blog Dan,and best wishes for the future.
And thanks to EM for this 'once in a lifetime' collection that has and will give me hours of pleasure [i love looking at them].

Robert said...

A huge thank you to you, Dan - and to your esteemed predecessor, Rich - for all your efforts in keeping us posted about all things CMFC. It's been great and there really won't be anything like this ever again.

John said...

Thank you for all the updates, Dan. And I'm very glad to hear you're on the next project. :D

Buggerbear said...

I've only been collecting for two or three months, but have built up a nice display of 80 odd figurines in that short time. I love looking at the sculpts and appreciate the work that went into the collection as a whole.
I still hope Eaglemoss can carry on and produce a volume 2. CMFC must have been one of their all time big sellers, and will probably continue to be, judging by how quickly the figurines go out of stock on the shop site. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow...
I mean, no Rocket Raccoon?!
Have fun on the new project Dan, hope it is a good concept and as big as the last :)

Jacadoo said...

Alas we say goodbye to Dan the man, good luck buddy and thanks again for the support you offered me when I lost access to this site.

I think we can ask see we are in the final throws of the collection and this blog given the low traffic we see these days.

I will keep blogging to the bitter end and keep looking out for the old crowd far too many to mention.

It looks like it may be down to thor8 or me to switch the lights out at the end.

Really sad day coming.

Thor8 said...

Wow,to think that it's been over 4 years that I discovered this collection and this blog. It seems like only yesterday that I wrote my first comment that stated:

I discovered your blog a little late,so I missed out on voting on your polls. I hope to be able to vote on future polls. I'd really would like to see a mega special of either Goliath or Giant-Man or maybe both( one being the variation of the other). I'd also like to see The Swordsman,Wasp, Photon and Starfox get their own figurine. Good luck and I hope to see you reach 200 and beyond!

1 December 2008 09:13

I guess I should count myself fortunate. I got the mega I requested and every figurine suggested on that first comment except Starfox,and I did get to see the collection reach 200 (although not beyond). Thank you once more EM for a collection without precedence.

TheTooN said...

Sad times indeed. Many thanks for all your time and effort Dan.

Kal Brindle said...

Still so wrong this collection is ending. Sad cowboy.

Thor8 said...

I've been purchasing some back issues I had let pass by due to the fact that I was unsure if I wanted them in my collection or not. Amoung them is The Destroyer special. I had not purchase this figurine because I felt that he should have been a regular figurine sans the dead german soldier. EM could well have done a Jim Hammond & Toro special or a Whizzer Miss America special instead,thus giving us two super heroes for the same price. Don't get me wrong,I find that The Destroyer figurine in itself was well done and personally I would have loved to see more golden age heroes in this collection,but I find that the lead used to make a dead soldier could well have been used to make another hero. The Destroyer could just as well have been made standing on a german soldier's helmet. As for the magazine accompanying this special,I just felt that more heroes mentioned in this mag could've been added to this collection and that they would have sold quite well. Maybe in the not too distant future EM could make a sub-group titled "HEROES FROM A GOLDEN ERA" which would feature Heroes like Captain America,Bucky,Human Torch(Jim Hammond),Toro,Whizzer,Miss America,The Angel,The Patriot,The Thin Man,Red Raven,The Vision,Blazing Skull,Spifire,Spirit of 76,and many others.

I can dream,I can wish,for some dreams DO come true.(After all the CMFC is one of them).

Buggerbear said...

Good idea. I don't have any reading experience of the golden age, but those names conjure up that nice spread at the end of Marvels 1# . There are a few themes that could be done for subsets;
80's X-Men; posted this the last blog.

Marvel Tech; collection that is half Iron Man armours, half tech-based heros and villains (Stiltman, Titanium man, Ghost, High Evolutionary, Psycho-man ect.)

Marvel Cosmos; Cosmic characters. Guardians of the Galaxy (Rocket Raccoon, Starlord, Groot, Mantis, alternate Gamora). Celestial level characters (Beyonder, Death, Eternity, Tribunial, Celestials...). Generic alien race sculpts (Kree, Skrull, Brood, Rigellian...)

I would be happy to buy any of those...

Jacadoo said...

Sniff sniff I received moonstone and Danielle Moonstar numbers 194 and 195 respectfully ten realised I have only six more figurines left to look forward too.

Have to say I'm gutted and not feeling the love.

LAWay said...

Has it really been 8 years? Wow, it has flown by hasn't it. I don't think there will be another collection like this again, one which I will fully commit to, and one that will support such a great community of collectors.

I tip my hat to you Dan, a huge congratulations on everything you have achieved on the magazine, and I wish you all the best on all future projects! I am so pleased that you have moved onto something straight away and it isn't the end for people who worked on the CMFC.

It gives me a glimmer of hope that such hard working, dedicated, passionate people who listen to the fans are still going to be working within EM.

Like others, I wish I found this blog and the forum sooner to feel like more of the family, and I regret all the aggravations I stirred up with some of my views.

Anyway, I hope there will still be something to come back to even when the collection ends. The blog is a nice little time capsule and would be a shame it it got deleted just because the product has ended.

All the best

Thor8 said...

Leigh; Your comments and views didn't cause aggravations,they stimulated others to express thier views weather they were in agreement or opposed to yours.

That has always been part of the magic of this blog everyone could express their point of view and feelings with freedom of speach.(with respect for one another of course)

I'm sure that just like you and Jacadoo many of the other bloggers will miss this blog once it's gone.

LONG LIVE THE CMFC! It's a beacon that willlong shed it's light in many a collector's life!

Victor said...


Ethan Thane Athen said...

Got Moonstone and Danielle Moonstar the other day. Not up to the standard of recent figurines I'm afraid. I think with Moonstone it's just the paint job - I've tidied it up a bit and it doesn't look so bad now but not as good as I was expecting.

The Moonstar figurine just doesn't work for me (and it is a rare example of a modern character I quite like!). The arrow looks ridiculously long for the bow and the bow itself just doesn't look right. Shame because the recent standard has been really good.

Obviously neither of them are as bad as the 'ageing hooker' that was Marvel Girl though!

Interested in others views - am I just being an old curmudgeon?

kdthechef said...

I had to return both figures the bow was broken and I agree it does seem overly large the moonstar figure had bits of lead that where sharp and unpainted such a shame when the end is near thankyou for the blog Dan I to wish I had stumbled across the blog sooner but thankyou for the time I have had and to the help I received I'll be saddened to not get my little parcel every month

sed tallis said...

The Batman Automobilia collection is the perfect backdrop for my DC fig!.. so that's nice....
Dan me old cock, don't know if you have a firm idea for the comp.
Just thought it would be fun if you could somehow construct it around the characters that DID NOT make the collection,the likes of Bloodstone, Whirlwind,White Tiger, Grey Gargoyle etc etc.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the farewell update Dan & FARE THEE WELL!

However never going to be the least bit satisfied that EM killed this collection leaving many classic villains out of this classic collection. Attuma, Whirlwind, The Cobra & Mr. Hyde, Baron Mordo, Stiltman, Blizzard, The Grey Gargoyle, The Melter, Molten Man, Tombstone, Jack O'Lantern, The Scarecrow, Titanium Man, DRAGONMAN, Diablo, The Red Ghost, The Mad Thinker, Mastermind, Mesmero, Mr. Fear, Molecule Man, Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball, The Eel, The Living Monolith, The Super Adaptoid, The High Evolutionary will never be.

Thor8 said...

Hey Tino you forgot to mention; Immortus,Tarantula,Jackal,Karnilla,Pluto,Living Laser,Ulik,Blaster,Mongog,The Stranger,The Mimic,Vulcan,Nightmare,Graviton,Man-Ape,Grand Master,Hate Monger,Baron Blood,Ghost,Ultimo,Orka,Speed Demon,Krang,Byrah,Crossbones,Scorpio,Princess Python,Madam Mask,The Collectorand Disney Execs.

The Mad Thinker said...

callisto , caliban , the starjammers , darkstar , lionheart , marrina , meggan , silver samurai , strong guy , sunspot , vertigo , wendigo , atlas , blackout , blastaar , blizzard , captain atlas , century , count nefaria , diamondback , firebird , gargoyle , grey gargoyle , hyperion , justice , man ape , mantis , speed demon , stakar ogord , starfox , thunderstrike , unicorn , us agent , whirlwind , air walker , diablo , high evolutionary , lockjaw , mad thinker , maximus , nova , red ghost , sharon ventura , thundra , yondu , aunt may , boomerang , jackal , jack o lantern , madame web , puma , stilt man , tombstone , white tiger , baron mordo , brother voodoo , clea , jigsaw , cobra & mr hyde , living mummy , paladin , ulysses bloodstone , zombie - simon garth. YES THIS COLLECTION DID FINISH FAR TOO EARLY :(

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks Thor for filling in especially with Blastaar,The Living Laser, Nightmare, The Jackal & Graviton as well as the others including a few more like The Unicorn, Stegron, Puma, The Griffin, The Ringmaster, The Porcupine, Arcade, The Vanisher, The Enforcers (Fancy Dan, Montana & The Ox) but not Disney Axers. They are not classic & they are dream enders.

tinodragon14 said...

Darn it but thanks Mad Thinker I forgot Boomerang, Silver Samurai & Jigsaw as well.

Thor8 said...

and those wher just afew bad guys that came to mind. If we add all the golden age heroes and siver age heroes that were excluded we would have at least 3 more extensions and many a special to add.

Victor said...

Beast (ape version)
Black Tom Cassidy
Boom Boom
Goblin Queen (Madelyne Pryor)
Moira Mac Taggert
Mystique (white)

Phoenix Force (as Dark Phoenix)
Strong Guy
Warlock & Cypher (double pack)

The Mad Thinker said...

don't forget the warriors three

Hawkeye said...

Just put some more photos on my blog - quite like the Colossus and Dr Strange ones so have a gander, fellow bloggers. Make Mine Marvel!

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Received my Constictor and Wolfbane figurines today along with my 2 Giant-Man specisals.

Constictor looks great. He is the only comp winner figurine that I actualy purchased.

Wolfbane looks much much better in hand than she does in any of the pics shown in the internet(IMO). Had second thoughts about purchasing her,now I'm glad I did. She won't make my top ten list,but she's an alright figurine.

Giant-Man was my biggest let down. The paint job is good,The details are spot on,but I paid for a "MEGA" special and wound up with a regular special. I never agreed to ahving the Blob made as a mega special he could have well been made a special in Kingpin's category,and Sauron could well have been made a regular figurine(as well as Destroyer),but GIANT-MAN should have been right up there with The Sentinal and Galactus and Uatu. He is just a tad higher than Terrax and Ronin,and is just about the same size as The Abonimation. I fell robbed.

By the way Hawkeye,you're photos look great.

Hawkeye said...

Thanks for your comment T8 - glad you like them. Like you I had hoped that the Giant Man special would be a bit bigger. Also had to re-paint one of his antennas as it was slightly bent and the paint had flaked off but it was a quick fix.

mgf said...

I'm spending more on this collection now than I ever did. The CMFC isn't dead, it's just the money doesn't go into EMs coffers anymore.

The customisers have taken over and a select few are producing superb figures which in many cases are better than EMs figures. Yes, it isn't cheap, but I bought many figures I didn't care for to try to keep the collection going and look where that got me.

Recently I've managed to get hold of a magnificent Lockjaw custom from eBay, as well as that wonderful 70s version of Torpedo, the blue furry Beast, and a Volstagg which would blow your mind - along with your wallet.

It's great fun getting the stuff you really, really want.

We need to face facts. The CMFC will relaunch in a year or two, and it will be exactly the same as the old one, but in resin. There will be no nod to we old guard. No Fandral dropped in at issue 11, no Grey Gargoyle or Whirlwind, no Yondu making an appearance instead of Jubilee. EM already have the moulds for the figures and the layouts for the magazines all safely tucked away waiting.

Customise or find someone who can and make the most of it. Don't wait to hope EMs new, exciting Marvel Ker-Plunk Collection might be in scale, because it will almost certainly be the same characters and deliberately not in scale or bronzed just in case we oldies might want to buy it.

Hawkeye said...

Just added a few more photos. Re: customising, I've been thinking of getting a Daredevil figure and repainting int he original black and yellow costume. And as the CMFC never saw fit to do the Human Fly (major oversight IMHO), I was looking at which one came closest for a revamp and I was thinking the DC Red Tornado one may be a good base for a re-design. Any other ideas?

sed tallis said...

Hey MGF , custom figs are all fine and dandy, but bear in mind they were only part of the CMFC experience.
I have cut up a whole mess of silver age FF's , I have made a lovely bespoke Lockjaw scrapbook . I have also written words underneath or to side of most of the pictures. This hand bound biography of the big dugg could be yours for less than a lot.
Oh. and I managed to find a Lobo fig that was fairly affordable :)

Thor8 said...

I've done some customizing myself. So far I have Red Raven,Jack Frost,and Whizzer from The Liberty Legion,with Thin Man,Blue Diamond,and Patriot soon to follow. I also have Justice,Phantom Rider,Red Hulk,Space Phantom(in the making),Princess Power,classic Punisher,golden age Human Torch,and now that I received my 2 Giant-Man specials(refuse to refer to them as megas),I'll be making my Goliath.

mgf said...

Hehe. I seem to remember a very wonderful Grizzly custom by someone...

By the way, what do people think of the new EM Doctor Who collection? Issue one is a figure wearing the clothes of the eleventh Doctor but with the head of the lovechild of Keith Floyd and a horse.

The monsters look pretty good though.

Hawkeye said...

Thanks for the heads-up for the Dr Who collection MGF - it can be found here Doesn't look too bad but with other false alerts such as the Star Trek ship collection and the Marvel Chess set (both of which have yet to be seen in the shops) I wonder how this will do? I suppose being the 50th Anniversary year it stands a better chance than most....

mgf said...

Doctor Who is a pretty hot property so it might get off the ground.

I see the first figures are all from the reboot, so whether we will ever get to see a Sea Devil or giant luminous maggot, let alone the first Doctor, must remain for now unlikely.

I'd buy all the Doctors, a TARDIS and the main villains. As for companions, a lifesize Billie Piper might be fun, and a Catherine Tate figure that could fit in a microwave is sure to be a big seller.

sed tallis said...

I would pick up the odd Dr Who fig , but to be honest my Who loving heyday was waaaaay back in the Pertwee/Baker era. There is a village nearby called Borgue if it gets any bigger we could end up being assimilated by them.........that is a very funny Star Trek joke in Galloway.
Batman Automobilia is already out, can geekdom really support 3 new collections??

Hawkeye said...

Guess we're a similar age Ted as Pertwee was "my doctor". The website says it will be doing all 11 Doctors so there may be hope for some older villains such as the Ice Warriors and the Sea Devils. 'Giant Luminous Maggots' - love it! Don't know if a Catherine Tate is the favorite for the microwave .... Bonnie Langford anyone?

The Mad Thinker said...

They should keep this blog going and change the name to the eaglemoss blog. That way we can all keep in touch and share our views of other exciting collections. I will definately be subscribing to the doctor who figurine collection. I think it looks great and will be a huge hit. I think they need to advertise it well though , maybe a tv advert would help. Anyway , all I can say is that I love these figurine collections and hope to see more in the future. What figurine collections would you like to see ? 2000AD , starwars , star trek , g.i joe , dandy and beano , the simpsons , hanna barbara , mortal combat vs street fighter. Anymore ideas ?

LarryS said...

Just 2 days until LSCC

Banshee said...

When is the Doctor Who collection being released? I love the Doctor almost as much as Marvel. Although I've only seen 3 of them in action I'd love to read up about all the old doc's and their friends and foes.

Hawkeye said...

Don't know Banshee - the 50th anniversary is in November so it may be released to coincide with that. Giving my age away when I say that I was just over a month old when the first episode aired about the same time as Kennedy was assassinated.

If you only know the Dr from the re-boot, you're in for a treat and I would recommend catching some of the older episodes, just don't expect the same level of special effects as they were decidedly dodgy, but that was part of its charm back then!

tinodragon14 said...

Just got my Constrictor, Shaman & Stingray figures.

Constrictor really looks great... great pose & paint job.

Shaman also looks very good.

Stingray is okay but I don't care for his hands gripping his cape but even that could be overlooked if they had not painted the inside of his cape black when clearly it is red in all pics of him. Also the paint job where the black meets the red is not well done.

Jacadoo said...

Thor8 - will we ever get to see your customs?

I am in deep shame as I still have not completed Bug for Blake.

Things are just not the same anymore I used to make it my first point of business to visit the blog on Fridays to catch up and maybe start a fight with the asgardians - now we seem to be dying a slow death.

BobDiamond said...

Hi all!
Jet lagged from a trip to NY...very cold but brilliant. We saw the Spiderman Show on Broadway, which had the most amazing set designs and costumes- however storyline was a bit naff in places...Bono and the Edge did the music,which was OK, but not great. The aerial sequences are excellent, and the overall experience was stunning, but don't expect it to be true to the comics if you're a real Spidey fan as this is a very different take on the whole thing.
Anyway, because I've just got back I've decided to go to the London Super Con on the Sunday now. Hopefully get a chance to meet Roy Thomas and Neal Adams and a few other legends. So LarryS, Robert and anyone else who might be going, I might get to see you there- I'll be wearing my Bob Diamond T-Shirt!! If we don't get to meet, I hope you all have an excellent time there anyway, and get the chance to meet some of your heroes.

Cheers, BD

LarryS said...

I'll certainly be keeping my eyes wide open for any T shirt with the legend Bob Diamond!

fredpostman said...

Skurge looks wonderful;groan only 4 regular figures left...

LarryS said...

Went to LSCC today. Amazingly, one of the first stands in the hall is ........ Eaglemoss!!! Took the opportunity to berate them about lack of marketing nous to keep CMFC alive. Proverbial brick wall, I regret to advise......

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Saw that Skurge was in the shops but, as a loyal subscriber, I'll have to wait several weeks for it to arrive..

Confused at Hawkeye saying the Star Trek ship collection was a 'false alert'. I saw several issues of this in my local newsagent?

Hmm Doctor Who - could have been tempted (I have all the originals on DVD - even reconstructions of the lost episodes) but to be honest I'm looking forward to the reduced spending now that this collection is ending...and I'll still be paying out on the Marvel Graphic Novel Collection for some time!

BobDiamond said...

Went to the Super Con and had an excellent time! Got to meet legends such as Neal Adams, Roy Thomas, George Perez and Herb Trimpe, and got loads of classics signed. And of course spent far too much money...
Larry, I went up to the Eaglemoss stand as well. I asked them if Dan (the Man)was there, but all I got was blank looks as if I was 'special' in some way. Even when I tried to explain who he was and what he did...not a clue. Same reaction when I asked after I shuffled off slightly embarrassed and spent more money elsewhere...a bit weird I thought.

Anyway, now to do some geeky comic cataloging,
So cheers for now,

PS. While in New York I brought 3 box sets from a Disney Outlet Store of Marvel Figures. One box of Avengers, and 2 of X-men. Each had 7 figures per box. Although plastic, they are extremely good figs and in very dynamic poses (with bits of scenery around them in a lot of cases). The X-Men boxes were on sale for $7 and $8 each! While the Avengers (more current I suppose) went for $21 a box.
I'm mentioning this because they are basically the same scale as the CMFC figs (certainly the X-men ones are. And you get 'Ape' Beast, Archangel, Jim Lee-era Jean Grey etc.
You can probably get them on Amazon or ebay, but I don't think you can get them in the British Disney Stores unfortunately.
Anyway, just a heads-up as they say these days..

Robert said...

I saw the Eaglemoss stand at LSCC and went up to see what it was like.

Like Bob, I also asked about Dan and Rich to similarly blank looks. They didn't even know about the blog.

I'm a bit out of the loop now and I was surprised to see the Fact Files there. "Haven't these been cancelled?" Oh no, I was assured. Would I like to subscribe?

"No, thanks. I have lots of Handbooks."


Cue my turn to look blankly at someone.

I just walked off after that. Utterly clueless. Well done, Eaglemoss. Employ people who know NOTHING about what you are trying to sell.

It's a miracle this collection lasted sixty issues, never mind all these extensions.

LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...

Some really wonderful memories from the Convention - especially the Daredevil panel on Saturday with Klaus Janson, Bill Sienkiewicz and David Mack. Key insight: KJ explained that his role, as inker, was to keep Matt Murdock's look at consistent as possible as sundry artists come and go. He did this, in part, by redrawing the glasses so they looked the same.

Herb Trimpe was kind enough to draw a very quick complimentary Wolverine sketch in my 8-year-old's sketchbook (he's been taken it to conventions since he was 4, so it's now getting nicely filled up). Then bought an original splash page sketch from Doug Braithwaite from the Wolverine Origins series, of Wolvie attacking Daken attacking Cyclops. My wife wasn't too chuffed when I suggested this should replace the sunrise picture on the kitchen wall. Thank goodness she doesn't know how much it cost, but needless to say we'll be eating baked beans for the next couple of months.

Re the LSCC stand. The frightening thing is, the donuts we met are probably the famed "higher-ups" that Dan's referred to a few times ... the clowns who've been making the catalogue of lame-brained decisions on pricing etc. I concur that, with these meatheads in charge, 200 issues has been a minor miracle. So kudos to Dan and Rich on a job-well-done in unenviable circumstances.

I guess this blog will close before the next LSCC. But I'll still be on the look-out for someone with 'Bob Diamond' emblazoned on his T-shirt...

Eagle said...

Well, have you thought that, if Eaglemoss does not know about this blog, maybe it might continue which will allow us the possibility of continuing to discuss the figures, our collections, etc.

mgf said...

A bit unfair chaps. A weekend at a comicon might be great fun to many of us here but I doubt those you met were either EM highups or perhaps even wanted to be there at all.

The success of the collection was down to the editorial staff and their choices. The economy and poorer choices later in the collection led to its downfall.

If I was a sales director at a partwork company producing, say, five or six collections, the themes of which I cared nothing about, my favourite would be the one which sold the most.

It's a business. Was from day one. What was thrilling and fun for us was deadlines and headaches for many of them.

Eagle said...

Yes, but presumably, they were getting paid to do their jobs.

mgf said...

Indeed, a job whose written description almost certainly didn't require an encyclopedic knowledge of the entire Eaglemoss operation, ever.

I know a few people who work in publishing and the marketing thereof, poor beggars, and these events are frequent and tedious. The boss asks for volunteers, who are told they can have two days off in lieu, and if there aren't enough volunteers the beatings continue until there are.

I would have volunteered for such a gig at one point in my youth, but I must say the poor quality of the 2013 female cosplayers I've seen online would have been a major disappointment.

sed tallis said...

Rufus Dayglo tweeted from the LS ComicCOn " overheard cosplayers complaining fan boys are sad, priceless"
The poor Joe Shmoes at the EM booth, were undoubtedly "volunteers"
Many moons ago a flat mate of mine who worked at Fleetway PUblishing, asked me if i would like a nights work at the company shindig, serving drinks and twiglets.
The catch being, i would have to spend the night dressed as JEss, POstman PAts cat.

pirate adam said...

Hello everyone

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Lording it over the CMFC
I picked up Firelord today. Guys, let me tell you, this is a wonderful sculpt of a wonderful character, packed with wonderful details and wonderfully painted.
Oh, and did I say wonderful? Seriously. I'm a massive fan of Firelord and the heralds of Galactus in general, but he's objectively one of the best figs in
the entire collection. For me, Firelord is easily in my top 10 CMFC figs. A massive thanks to Dan and Eaglemoss for producing this.

Thor8 said...

I'm quite sure EM is not the only company who employs people unfamiliar with the product being marketed,but there are times and occasions when the people hired should have at least a basic knowledge of the product they are representing. More important still is the sales dept. You don't need to have an encyclopedic knowledge as mgf mentioned of the product you are dealing with,but if you see that said product is selling very well(despite the poor marketing advertisment) you should do some reseach and get your homework done so as to keep this product in the market and milk it for all it's worth. EM really miissed the train on this one.

Hi Pirate Adam glad to see you're still around.

SinisterVenom said...

Hi guys, sorry about my absense.
Indeed Blake, Firelord is a marvellous figurine and it makes me even more upset about the end of the collection seeing as how much the figurines detail has improved over the years. I also picked up Skurge and it's the same story with him, he's fantastic and goes with the Enchantress really well!
Unfortunately I missed the London Comic Con this year but I'm glad you all had a fantastic time! Shame about the Eaglemoss stand from what I've read. I still haven't decided about the Doctor Who Figurine Collection yet. I really want them too being a huge DW fan but like Ethan, I've been looking forward to saving the money from the CMFC as I am also paying for the Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection too.
Also noticed that the CMFC main site has updated for what looks to be the final time. Skurge and the final five figurines are now being shown there.

Thor8 said...

Well my Stingray(#193) and Moonstone (#194) were sent to me along with Carnage (#70) and X-Man (#128)and will be arriving tomorrow,leaving only 6 regulars and one special left for me to receive in this collection. Still hard to accept that I will not get so many great characters that could have gone into this marvelous set.

I always felt that more golden age heroes should have made it into this collection as was done with the DC counterpart collection.

Well,just for old times sake I'd like to play one of our blogger's game. If you could pick 8 golden age heroes to be added to this collection which 8 would you pick and why would you deam them worthy? I'll let someone else take first crack at it,and then I'll list my 8.

BobDiamond said...

Love a list game Thor8!

Golden oldies...going for 10

Miss America (strong female character, member of The All-Winners Squad)

Whizzer (standout costume, appeared in classic Avengers stories)

Angel (appeared in Marvel Comics 1, and was central to the recent Marvels Project)

Blazing Skull (a very cool character,has appeared recently in the short-lived New Invaders)

Red Raven (even had 1 issue of his own comic back then!)

Thin Man(unusual character, also had major role in New Invaders)

Human Torch (THE classic character from Marvel Comics 1)

Bucky (I know we've got The Winter Soldier- but this costume is iconic)

Patriot (strong character, and 3rd guy to be Cap America)

Vision (great look, and member of the even newer Invaders)

I would LOVE a sub-set of these guys...oh well..


Thor8 said...
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Thor8 said...

Wow Bob,you picked practically every character I was going to put into my list (which,by the way should have been 8 characters). Well anywho,here I go...

1)The Angel:Central in the Marvel Project. Appeared in Marvel comics #1 and held a spot there for 79 issues (no easy feat when most heroes those days lasted from 1 to 5 issues).

2)The Whizzer: A member of The Liberty Legion,The Invaders,The All Winners Squad,and fought along side The Avengers in his senior years.

3)The Blazing Skull: A character who is visually eye-catching and with lots of untold history to unfold.

4)The Human Torch: Marvel's first Super hero. Subby and The Angel were also in Marvel Comics #1,but Torch was the one on the cover.

5)The Vision: Another hero shroud in mystery whom's powers have never truly been completely revealed.

6)Jack Frost: It's been hinted that he might be related to the Ice Giants from Asgardian lore. His past and origin are a mystery even to himself.

7)Bucky: This is a collection of classic Marvel figurines and Bucky's as classic as they come.

8) Miss America: We need a female representative of the golden age,and Miss A along with Namora were the best known heroines(as far as I know)

There are quite a few more I would have loved to see added,but I did say pick 8.

sed tallis said...

6 golden characters?? That's a toughy,
1 Molten Man
2 Nebulon
3 Goldbug
4 Cenntenial park Bloodstone
5 the baddie that fought The Thing and the Scarecrow in MTIO , he was golden.
6 Centennial Park Princess Python
Hopefully see the comp next Friday

BobDiamond said...

Bit curious...Thor8..why do you insist on 8? Is it because of your name?


Thor8 said...
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Thor8 said...

You hit the target dead center BD. Thor is my favorite Marvel character and 8 is my favorite #.

LAWay said...

Ok, with Thor's logic, what would be your 'Thor8' name. Random game. ^_^

I would be 'Spider-Man7'.

Anyone else? :)

Ethan Thane Athen said...

VisionFindtheideaofafavouritenumberbizarre ;o)

or Visionftioafnb for short...

or maybe just Vision.

Mephisto is one of my fave villains (though absolutely not as drawn by John Romita Jr - looked like some deranged porcupine!) so I could go with Mephisto666 I suppose!

Victor said...

I would be "X-Men3"

pirate adam said...

I'd be Thor21

Jacadoo said...

I'd be Hercules 0.0 - as you can't imitate a real god!!!

Jacadoo said...

Not golden age characters but I would have loved to have seen Mangog and Dragon Man make the final line up.

Sad to see the final six figurines all posted on the main site - but happt to see the Pirate has returned - even an Asgardian pirate!!

Has anybody seen the latest Iron Man trailer - OMG can't wait!!!!

Thor8 said...

Yes Jacadoo I did see The Iron Man Trailer,and we have less than two months to see the complete movie.

Oh by the way Jac did you pic Hercules 0.0 because subconciously you 're aware that that's exactly what he is a big zero?(HA HA HA)

Jacadoo said...

Thor8 easy answer first 0 is for the number of Asgardians macho enough to drink with Olympians.

The second .0 is The level of my excitement at being sent an email from EM towers offering me the new fact file as a replacement for this collection!!!!

Thor8 said...
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Thor8 said...

Your right Jac, 0 number of Asgardians would be caught dead drinking in company of a bunch of grape eating dudes dressed in mini skirts ans satin gowns. Who knows what ther're capable of after a couple of drinks

Thor8 said...
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Thor8 said...

By the way Jac,I totally agree with you on that second 0.

sed tallis said...

Hey Dan, if your still scratching yer heid , regarding the comp. Allow yer uncle Ted tae once again help ye oot.
All you would be required to do is read this blog. ???
Everyone wishing to enter simply makes a case for their fav character that never made it into the CMFC .
You choose your favourite pitch.
Love and hugs

Jacadoo said...

Thor dude and what's wrong with men in mini skirts? Have you seen brave heart??!

Oh no I can hear the clans rising already!!!!

Sed my one character who I have liked to have seen??

PAdams BOR custom come on Adam time to share.

sed tallis said...
sold it, now i can afford that Batcycle fig from the DC collection.

LAWay said...

Yeh, gave EM a piece of my mind with the fact files email. I dont remember getting an email for the CMFC, but because they have my details, they thought they would actually promote their new product. Can't believe after subscribing to the first run and hearing it cancel without receiving the free gifts, they then contact me to ask me what free gifts they should give new subscribers, as well as boasting about the relaunch and the new free gifts that I can subscribe to all over again.

Needless to say I was not impressed.

Thor8 said...

So EM can relaunch a big flop like the fact files of which there are at least 2 dozen of similiar products in the market,but they can't relaunch a super success project like the CMFC of which there has never been anything like it before or after? Just whom in the known universe does the research & marketing for this company,patients from The Association for The Mentaly Ill?

LarryS said...

Simple solution, LAWay

The free gifts should be ..... Figurines!

I have no interest in the Fact Files, but guarantee to subscribe - ON CONDITION THAT the free gifts with the first ten issues are High Evolutionary, Danger, Two Gun Kid, Jackal, Baron Mordo, Lady Deadpool, Miss America, Jigsaw, Daken ... and they can even throw in a Spidey resculpt if they absolutely must.

A 100% win-win situation.

EM get their wretched Fact Files published. They keep the CMFC officially cancelled. And they get to include a free gift with the product.

And fandom gets a load more of what we all actually want!!

fredpostman said...

I love the comments guys regarding the highly anticipated [lol] marvel fact files;there was a flier in issue 197 of CMFC..'Marvel Fact Files is a fantastic new weekly collection that builds,issue by issue,into an amazingly detailed and beautifully illustrated guild to the Marvel Universe..
Ha Ha no thanks

Jacadoo said...

Has anybody seen that marvel are allowing anybody to download 700 golden age comics for free?

Link to story:

Offer only good until Tuesday I believe.

Eagle said...

I have looked but I cannot find the way in which to download any of them. Is the story real or is it an advertising gimmic?

pirate adam said...

Ohh Jacadoo my old sparring partner, I will get around to one day painting Bor and when I do I promise to get some pictures to you


meady said...

Sad times. I hope eaglemoss start a new collection in 6" at £9.99 each.

Jacadoo said...

Hi eagle not 100% sure cant be just a gimmick but I have not had the time to deep dive.

Thor8 said...

Received my Stingray and Moonstone figurines yesteday along with Longshot and Carnage. Really didn't want to buy that last one mentioned,but since it cost only $7.00 I gave in and purchased it. Truth is it doesn't really look that bad in person as it does in the photos (but it will never be one of my favs of this collection).

Jacadoo said...

A question as fellow bloggers and collectors, from looking forward to receiving each figurine like me do you feel a little sadder as each one spells the end of the collection?

Received my second fact file email today not impressed.

But good news this weekend is the memrobilia show in Birmingham lots of nice marvel statues, comics etc....

And this bog just hit 100!!!!!!

Thor8 said...

To answer your inquiry Jacadoo: Yes it most certainly does. I still can't believe this collection came to an end without the likes of The Warriors Three,Hiemdall,Ulik,Grey Gargoyle,USAgent,Mantis,Yondu,Hyperion and dozens of others. Even the Jackal who was featured in the Marvel "Family Tree" in the bonus mag was left out. Bummer!

BobDiamond said...

Hi everyone,
Just received Firelord and Spidey 2099 today. Both are exceptional sculpts- especially Firelord which is stunning (and surprisingly tall).
Frighteningly close to the end now guys...but amazing quality to be going out on. will we be able to keep in touch once this blog is no-more? Any suggestions anyone?


kdthechef said...

So I broke lady deathstrike and electro I reordered them and a binder as eagle moss don't seem to automatically send out any more and so 8 weeks later I'm still waiting also has any one had the last display yet every time I call they say there out of stock the collection won't be complete without anyway moan over also I received firelord and Spiderman 2099 today firelord is a loverly sculpt really happy with it I'm rather depressed the collection is coming to an end but all good things must come to an end

Thor8 said...

We're a little bit behind on this part of the globe,I recently received Stingray and Moonstone,so I still have six regulars and one special to look foward to. In the meantime,I just added Doc Spectrum to my display and started to work on my Goliath figurine. I'm also working on the finishing touches on my my Marvel Legends Icon Falcon Custom. Now that this collection is comming to an end,I have no other option than tomake my own characters.

Speaking of which; Dan if you're still reading this blog,If I were to be one of the lucky winners of the final comp. I would love to receive any scraped figurine parts and discarded figurines as a prize to use in future customizing projects.

Jacadoo said...

Thor8 any chance of seeing your customs?

Thor8 said...

Jacadoo: I'm not to able when it comes to downloading photos ,but I'll give it a try ASAP . My customs really aren't anything great,but at lest I have somthing to fill in some gaps.

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Received Firelord and Spidey 2099. Both nice sculpts - though I still think including a 2099 character is an utterly bizarre decision with so many classic characters still missing. No Skurge though, even though I saw it in Forbidden Planet weeks ago.

Phoned Customer Services to check there hadn't been a mistake (paranoid now we're so close to the end that I'll miss a figure and thereby 'ruin' my collection!) and they told me they were out of stock!

Another example of subscribers being second class citizens - they know how many of us there are so how can they run out of stock?! I've long suspected they wait for returns from the shops before sending them to subscribers as we get them weeks after the shops (same with the graphic novel collection) and this adds fuel to that particular conspiracy theory.

As to the binders etc mentioned above - I've been buying my own for a time as they just stopped sending them...though I got one out of the blue the other day.

Oh well, Memorabilia on Wednesday at the NEC (nice to hear others are going). Will probably crack and buy a Skurge (risking getting two). I confidently predict there'll be no lack of stock there.

Jacadoo said...

Ethan "Oh well, Memorabilia on Wednesday at the NEC my friend its Saturday and Sunday.

I going early Saturday before setting off to Liverpool for a Half Marathon on Sunday.

Have a great day on SATURDAY mate!!

pirate adam said...

Got Skurge today, the Asgardians really are the best figs in the collection, shame we'll never see the warriors 3


LarryS said...

Cheer up team. At least you've now got your Fact Files!

OK, so that didn't work.

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Jacadoo - No idea why I typed Wednesday unless I somehow confused 'weekend' and 'Sunday'! I'll be going on Sunday as usual - rugby to watch on Saturday and there's always the hope they may sell stuff off cheaper on the Sunday!

kdthechef said...

Had a look on eBay today issue 199 and 200 are being sold the binders and display stands are cheaper the eaglemoss might risk it and buy as it seems eaglemoss are never going to deliver

Thor8 said...

Dan: I know you officially said adios in your last post,but you also mentioned that you would log in once in awhile to read our comments. So if by chance you read this,do you think you could briefly log in and inform us if you've been able to do anything regarding the comp. This collection will be over very,very soon and we don't know how long afterwards this blog will follow'soif you can drop us a note.

On another note where are Mad Thinker,Blake,Tino,Toon,and many other lost bloggers?

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Memorabilia was quite disappointing on the comics front. For all the talk of a full 'comic village' in a separate hall there were actually fewer comic stalls than previously.

No Skurge figures for sale so at least I wasn't tempted to buy one in advance of my subscriber one finally arriving (still can't believe they've 'run out of stock' before sending to subscribers!).

Getting more nervous as each day passes and I haven't got my hands on it though...

Grrrr to all you who already have it... ;o).

Jacadoo said...

Ethan at least you got into memrobilia I went on Saturday and was directed into the hall next door, only to be told the halls were at capacity and we could wait to get in.....

With approx 500 in front of me I left gutted to be heading off to Liverpool with no chance to return on Sunday.

Although it does not sound like I missed much.

I will try again in November.

Jacadoo said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa eaglmoss please stop sending me emails for the cursed fact files......

I am an Olympian not an Asgardian, I cannot be bribed with cheep chattels and glittery imitations of this great collection.

Thor8 said...

Dear EM; Throw in a new mini skirt and a vine of grapes and you'll have Jacadoo for sure.

The Mad Thinker said...

Hello everyone , I'm still here.
Just waiting for news on the competition , if we ever get one !!

In the meantime , I've been taking a trip down memory lane , by watching spiderman - the 1994 animated series.

Also , if you go on you tube , you can watch Spiderman and his amazing friends episodes.
I used to love watching this Saturdays as a child.
Does anyone else remember this show ?

Thor8 said...

Ha! You want nostalgia MT? I not only remember Spidey and his amazing whatsis,but I also remember The Marvel Super Heroes show,and can sing the theme song of all 5 heroes featured.I'm not old,I just have a good memory (remember I'm an immortal from Asgard).

SinisterVenom said...

I'm still around too guys. Been popping by every now and then to see what's new and how everyone is. Been updating my page with new pieces of art every now and then too after taking a long break.
Managed to pick up Wiccan today. Another fine sculpt I must say, just makes me all the more gutted than Hulkling didn't make it in as those two would have looked great together. Only Deathbird and Hela left now, talk about setting up the death of the collection! :(
I also gave in today and bought the first issue of the Marvel Fact Files. As it was only 99p, I thought I may as well give it a try. Quite fascinating and not quite what I thought it would be and that's probably why I liked it more than I thought I would. I will admit, I'm mainly collecting them for the subscriber gifts, mainly the Iron Man and Spider-Man figurines but I may stick with this series a little while longer at least...

LAWay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...


Can I be the first vote on this blog requesting you to provide a few more details.

I'm intrigued to know what you're hinting at...?

You're amongst friends here, and I don't think EM is reading, so don't worry overmuch about landing yourself in trouble

The Mad Thinker said...

Any clues LAWay ?

Anyone fancy a game ?

List your favourite male and female figurines one of each from each group as follows :

X-men :

Male - Deadpool
Female - Blink

Avengers + Asgardians :

Male - Ares
Female - Mockingbird

Fantastic Four + Cosmic :

Male - Thing
Female - Gamora

Spiderman + Horror :

Male - Kraven
Female - Firestar

Marvel Knights + Defenders :

Male - Son of Satan
Female - Valkyrie

Regular issues only (not specials)

Answers must be based on the quality of the figurine , and not because he / she is your favourite character.

The Mad Thinker said...

P.s :

Check out my blog page , I've posted some photos of some custom made figurines that I have seen on ebay.

I think they look good , and wish that I had a Lockjaw figurine :(

sed tallis said...

CMFC is being relaunched at € 15 per fig, unfortunately it will only be available in Latveria.
Still. I'm loving my old Batmobiles with those lenticular backdrops.... I'm pretty sure the whole backdrop thing was talked about on this very blog. So someone must of paid heed :)

LAWay said...

I'll get a reply within a couple of working days about an investigation. I don't wanna say anything that can be taken out of context, but don't wanna say anything that can get me or the blog in trouble.

LarryS said...

Less like a Marvel blog, and more like John Le Carre.

Leigh, be sure we'll be checking in after a couple of working days

SinisterVenom said...

Guys, check this out! I came across a website called and apparently we're being given the chance to register to test out the latest Iron Man armour: Mark XLII!

It's being held in six different locations:
Newcastle - The Metrocentre: 29th and 30th March
Birmingham - Bullring: 6th and 7th April
Manchester - The Trafford Centre: 13th and 14th April
Sheffield - The Meadowhall: 20th and 21st April
Dundrum - Town Centre: 24th April
London - Westfield (White City): 27th and 28th April

Check the website out to register and find out more. It also gives the times for each day on there too. Worth checking out! I'm not 100% if I can definately go in case something comes up but I still registered just in case. Only took like 10 seconds to do. I'll be going to the Birmingham one too as that's the nearest one to me.

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barnabas said...

Tomorrow should see me get the last figure in this awesome collection. Awesome is an oft used word, but in this case it applies. I have them all bar 1 and that is the French Quicksilver. The discussions have been lively at times, bordering on bonkers at others. But this place has been a great place to read and visit when times allowed.

Dan how about turning this blog into a general Eaglemoss Marvel/DC one? At least that way we could all come to visit and throw our opinions around and the blog can stay.

It's been Epic.


Ralph Johnson said...

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