Friday, 30 November 2012

Hi chaps, as you know we are no longer working on any new figurines (I think we're waiting for final photography of Hela and Deathbird), so very little to preview for you guys. Here's some designs I've been working on this week.

My working design for the final issue. Nice bit of Art Adams.

Struggling to come up with a good Deathbird cover (these are very rough ideas so ignore wrong issue number and quality etc), the Jim Lee X-Men version seems to best, although she's in a different costume to the figurine (would have to get an artist to clone out the word balloons and re-colour).
The other one has Vulcan in it, so I'm not too keen on that either. Any views welcome!

Design for the Skurge box sleeve.

That's all for now.

PS been reading some of your replies and I'm not in management or marketing (I just do the figurines and magazines -  the fun stuff!), so I have nothing knowledgable to add to your comments and ideas about extending the collection. As far as I know issue 200 and Skurge will be the last CMFC issues and very little can be done to change that. Who knows in future they may relaunch the collection.



sLmT said...

Nice post.
Still sad for the end of the collection. I love your work.


fredpostman said...

Thanks for the post Dan..'And now the end is near..'

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Dan, the Hela cover is beautiful. Great stuff. As for the Deathbird cover, the second one is great and she's in the right costume. It'd be relatively easy to clone the Shi'ar guards on the right and put them on the left as well. If you need a extra hand with the task, I volunteer to retouch the image!

Banshee said...

Wow the end is real close :( I don't want it to be over! Let's hope there is a re-boot somewhere over the horizon, that would make me a happy chappy :)

Love the Hela cover Dan, especially the 'Legendary final issue' stamp, it looks crazy cool.
The second Deathbird one is the better out of the two. I like that Vulcan makes a little apperance, it's the only way for him now to make it into the collecction.

Simon West said...

:) always a nice suprise to load the page and see an update.
A little sad to see the 'legendary final issue' stamp but we knew it was coming.

And personally I prefer the first deathbird cover but i'd lose the speach bubbles. it's more my type of art style really.

Thor8 said...

The Hela cover is just great,as for Deathbird's,I'd go with cover #2. If you're bothered about Vulcan,I belive you can just have him removed.

Very very sad to know the end is so near. Dan will you be informing us when you plan to axe this blog? Are you working on the comp you previously mentioned or has it benn axed also?

Robert said...

Well, that's me back from exchanging my damaged Gamora for a pristine one. Great to finally have her in the collection. Would have been even better to have the whole Watch, but hey ho.

Deathbird? The top image is awful. 90's art at its excruciating worst. Awful. The lower image is a massive improvement.

Oliver Reilly said...

Fantastic work on everything! You are truly "the man"!

As for your comments regarding OUR comments... it's nice to know that you have been reading the chatter about hypothetical extensions/relaunches. While you said you have no real knowledge or control over the managerial aspects of the CMFC, is there any way you can pass along these ideas and questions to someone that IS on the managerial side of things?

One final fan-voted extension would be ideal. They could even be numbered differently so as to not affect the 200 issue numbering of the main collection. Perhaps FV#001-FV#020 (or something along those lines).

At the very least a few more fan-voted specials, mega specials or double packs. Specifically to help round out incomplete teams that are only missing one or two members,

ANY info you can share would be beyond helpful, and if there is ANY way you can pass some of these concepts down the EM grapevine, that would be stellar!

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan.

Hela's cover is okay.

Deathbird cover #2 is like the figure design & beautifully drawn. You computer wizards could remove Vulcan & add more guards.

Sheesh Dan can't you take out the gun in Executioner's hands & put in his battle axe. Bad enough his mag cover has him with the gun. I have seen work of him that could have been put on the cover without guns.

Coming to the brutal, unfair end. Thinking about it if I had ever won one of the contests I think I would have picked Stilt-Man. I think had things continued characters like Whirlwind, Baron Mordo & Attuma would have had a better shot then the tall one.

The Mad Thinker said...

I agree with Blake , 2nd cover for deathbird and lose the chap on the left :)

Lars Nielsen said...

Great update Dan. Always a nice suprise. Even the covers of the mag have become better and better as the collection has matured.

SinisterVenom said...

Good to hear from you again Dan. I gotta say I love the Hela cover too! Absolutely beautiful and the 'Legendary Final Issue' stamp is a cool touch too!
As for the Deathbird covers, I think the first one looks horrible! I love Deathbird and want her to have a great cover to go with the great figurine. If you'd pick that one, it's not just the speech bubbles that would need changing but also the whole design in general. Like how you changed the Puppet Master's cover to look more better and 'up to date' shall we say.
Otherwise, I'd go with the second Deathbird cover. She looks much better, has a menacing pose and Vulcan could surely be removed or placed in the background or something like you did with Wiccan's cover? But either way, I vote cover 2!

mgf said...

I think that post probably marks the real death knell for anything resembling the old CMFC coming our way anytime soon, and particularly anything which might marry together with what came before. Any new collection will not give priority to missing characters from the first volume. It'll be all new and shiny. I shall pass. I've done the "buying figures I don't want in the hope of getting those I do" thing. Nevermore! (Caw!)

That first Deathbird cover is an absolute shocker.

Shaman yesterday. Very nice indeed. Can't recall how many I "need" now.

Today, after relaying drainage pipes in my back garden I shall be defenestrating the thirty or so CMFC figures I deem unworthy of houseroom. After a quick eBay valuation, naturally. Longshot Kick De Bucket, and so on. Lots of 90s females. All off to the local charity shop.

The Mad Thinker said...

Just seen Jedward's new music video and Wiccan sprung to mind. Could one of these 2 annoying plonkers play the part of Wiccan in a young avengers movie ? They both look the part in their new video lol.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

It's very quiet. The Hela cover has brought us a bit down with her official Legendary Last Issue logo.
Yes, the CMFC has been and will remain a legend.

Meanwhile, you know there's a parallel What If dimension where the CMFC continues to run and cover all areas of the Marvel Universe. Welcome to


including Overmind, classic Moonstone, Golden Age Patriot, Namorita, Protector, Lionheart and Boomerang. Have fun.

John said...

The Jim Lee cover is extremely striking, well composed for an issue cover, and instantly grabs a straight male's attention for a couple of reasons. I'd say its well worth editing out the word balloons.

LarryS said...

it's like watching a wounded animal in its death throws

Buggerbear said...

Talk about missing the boat, I have only cottoned on to the CMFC in the last few weeks and have quickly built up a set of 60 odd figurines. Lovely sculpts and paint jobs (Well, mostly; Ms. Marvel and She-hulk have had repaints to make em look sweeter) and at least I'll be busy for a while picking up favourite characters. I have to say its sad to hear the collection is finishing soon. I know its basically been capped now, but if I were Eaglemoss I would look at a relaunch, maybe with a tabletop/card gaming component. I would carry on the CMFC, in scale, re-dos of the main characters and fill out holes in the old CMFC. Then instead of a magazine combine the figurines with a few cards each issue that would build up to a customizable card game. There are so many decent figurines missing it would be a great angle to carry on the set and get to finally Warlock, USAgent and Mantis. Not to mention Warriors three. Fans could create cards for old figurines and voila, you're appealing to gamers, collectors and Marvelites in one product.

Just an idea.

Personally I would love to see the silver and red Iron Man so I could have a proper set of WCA! I guess it'll be a case of modding one.

Oliver Reilly said...

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a questionnarie that you can take on the official CMFC website here:

It asks a lot of questions, some of which are about how long we would be willing to collect this type of set for. Maybe Eaglemoss is trying to see if there is money in another expansion.

Either way I think we should all take that questionnaire!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Hi Oliver. That questionnaire has been there for years. Clearly it was designed to gauge interest in the collection when it started. I don't think it should be seen as an indication that EM are looking to gauge interest in a relaunch.

If EM really wanted to carry out a survey, they could create a very clear questionnaire about it. A questionnaire that asks: ARE YOU INTERESTED IN A NEW MARVEL FIGURINE COLLECTION that will give you awesome new versions of major characters as well as other characters you always wanted?

This is a survey we always needed, but was never done by EM. They could do it on the official website, on this blog or with a leaflet included in magazines. But they never did. Let's hope they will.

mgf said...

I think the chances of anyone from EM reading this blog (except a couple of the editorial bods) is remote.

fredpostman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...

Here's a radical idea for a Sunday afternoon.

Why doesn't one of the bozos from management or marketing make a guest appearance on this blog?

Dan says he can't address most of the issues we raise, because he isn't in marketing. Well, sort it out then!

I've worked in quite a few companies, and marketing is responsible for ... you guessed it ... customer communications.

So here we all are. A large number of customers merrily blogging away. How about a bit of communication from the guys and gals who are paid to be communicators?

Lars Nielsen said...

Just had a thought, and hope I dont get into hot water for saying it, but would it not be a great idea for another statue/figurine manufacturer eg Bowen to start making statue's in this scale? They could work on a pre order basis and make the right amount, making them limited and therefore more collectable. It would give many of us an opportunity to own one of the magnificent Bowen statues fitting in with our collection and hopefully being at a reasonable cost (I can only dream about owning a Bowen statue at the moment)

Sire-bd said...

200 Final Issue ? It's impossible !

TheTooN said...

Hela cover is gorgeous. 2nd one for Deathbird, not a fan of 90's Marvel to say the least.

Not had any CMFC since Owl as I dont care for Hammerhead/Longshot/Trapster/Shaman. WBN is a nice looking fig but my next delivery will be once Constrictor's out. Great box of figs including Gamora, Vance, Giant Man and obviously Constrictor. Once thats out of the way its another long wait up to 200.

Quality of sculpts has improved massively since the early days but unfortunately the caliber of characters has pretty much run dry with far too many iffy 'fillers'

Dont get me wrong I would happily buy another 20/40/60+ but it would be more out of habit than anything else.

I'll miss collecting the CMFC like I would having to give up Beer. Nuff said :(

I hope to heck that whatever EM come up with as a replacement its the CMFC in new trousers.

Thanks for the update Dan :)

Bagman said...

Hi Lars, nice idea to have Bowen Designs to take over production of these figurines, there's just the one problem with that and this is taken from the Bowen Designs website -----

Notice regarding all Bowen Products: Per our contractual agreements, we are not permitted to ship or sell outside of the United States territory.

So hypothetically the vast majority of collectors (UK based) would have to use the secondary market, e-bay,comic shops in the U.S. that ship internationally or have American collectors that would be willing to buy extra figurines and then ship them abroad.
The made to order idea is OK as long as there's enough interest in the character being touted at the time if there's not enough interest it may be uneconomical to produce.
Still all avenues should be explored to try and keep the collection alive.

Kal Brindle said...

Sad to see us so close to the end. This collection has been a real joy.

Roberto Hacktuhana said...

End of an ERA!


mgf said...

The other issue with Bowen is they (rightly) would see themselves as producing a high quality product, and might not see a small scale figure to be a good fit with their core business. If they produced a small figure as high in quality as their busts and statues the price would almost certainly be prohibitive.

EM can't make this pay at either £5.99 on this collection or £6.99 for DC. That would indicate Bowen wouldn't be able to either.

I'm afraid the truth is some of us have been in denial since cancellation. This collection is dead, and is mourned by we collectors and the editorial team. The rest of EM feel no great loss. It's only a partwork. Another will be along in a few moments.

Right... Who wants an orrery? Please form an orderly queue.

BobDiamond said...

For those who didn't know what an 'Orrery' was (including me), Wikapedia says it's "a mechanical device that illustrates the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons in the Solar System in a heliocentric model. Though the Greeks had working planetaria, the first orrery that was a planetarium of the modern era was produced in 1704, and one was presented to the Earl of Orrery — whence came the name. They are typically driven by a clockwork mechanism with a globe representing the Sun at the centre, and with a planet at the end of each of the arms."

You definitely do learn something new on this blog everyday...and that's why we need to keep the collection going! :)


BobDiamond said...

...and oh yeah, I don't want one!

Lars Nielsen said...

Hey guys Was just using Bowen as an example, but it could be any manufacturer.

sed tallis said...

I love Orreyeos.

pirate adam said...

Me to Ted

sed tallis said...

Ha Hey . How ye doing PA?, I moved to the PS3 side of life after my last Xbox went mental. It's a lovely thang but there's no bugger i know who has one;)
Spotted an envelope with Marvel Premier 39 either that is a random Xmas present or she's got me an original Bob Brown page.
Can't see myself subscribing to a new collection, that boat has sailed for me , I would pick up redoes of Beast, Cap Britain Etc but if Princess Python . Killraven etc coodnae make the first 200 of the CMFC there's little chance of them featuring in any new series. But I wish it the best of British I' m sure it will be a 1st class product.

The Mad Thinker said...

I've got a load of comics for sale if anyone is interested ? Is killraven issue #1 worth anything ? There's allsorts , marvel , dc , amalgam , darkhorse etc.

SinisterVenom said...

Guess what Ted, I have a PS3! :) I've always been more a PS3 fan than an Xbox one and got a load of trophies on my account. My username is Ultima_Cid if you or anyone else wants to add me! Just let me know who you are so I know who I have on there :D

pirate adam said...

Hi ted, I have a ps3 but to be honest its shite compared to the xbox and I only use it as a blue ray player, hope you come back to xbox in time for the new gears, who else is gonna revive me when am gettin me arse kicked


Victor said...

I wish all Blog members a happy Merry Christmas & Seasons Greetings to all!