Friday, 25 March 2011

Brief update

Hello everyone,

It has been a crazy couple of weeks here at Eaglemoss. First, I want to say congratulations to the DC Super Hero Collection for winning a Diamond Gem award for 'Best Magazine' 2010. That's the second year in a row and our third here at Eaglemoss.

So first preview of the day is an early pic of Odin painted. The All-father is nearly there but we're going to make the blue a little darker, to match Thor's trousers.

The next preview I have for you is early Wizard sculpt. We went for a sort of evil thinking man sculpt – hope you like.

Moving swifly, I have the initial sketch for the Avalanche figurine. For this character we're trying to get a feel of him using his powers.

Sorry if there are loads of questions I should be answering, I will do my best to put a Q&A together for next update. If you have a question please put in the comments. I can't promise I'll answer all but will do my best.

Catch you all later.


Anonymous said...

Great work as always... Hmm onslaught news?

LAWay said...

What reference are you using for Odin's colour, because eveything I have seen he is more gold than blue. Really not digging the colour design. His chest plater and arms the same colour, yet they are clearly defined as separate materials. And the legs with gold and silver clashing looks abit naff. The Raven looks like the cartoon bird from Dumbo.

Dont get me wrong, i loved the sculpt, i love the scale, but the colours are atrocious and the raven adds nothing to the figurine, if anything, in colour, it takes it away, but maybe its just the angle.

Wizard looks quite camp and feminine the way he is wrapping his arm around his wait and resting his chin on palm of his fist. Not that impressed tbh.

I am liking a preview of a sketch! Thats a cool addition i wish to see more of. The pose looks pretty decent for a drawing, but for a figurine...slightly crouched and is going to be at an angle which I am no real fan of.

Well done to DC with their award. Here's a question. How come DC collection gets a subset and a batman vehicle spin off collection and nothing has been hinted at in Marvel...quite the reverse, that 2 packs would be troublesome, yet alone a spin off collection.

Rich said ages ago about a secret project he was working on. Can we hear more about it, even if the idea was scrapped?

Meh, released this post is quite negative. I blame it on my man-flu.

pirate adam said...

Odin looks awsome.

Question, any chance of a Warriors Three Triple Special


LarryS said...

Well ... here are the obvious questions:

(i) is Eaglemoss considering the cancellation of our collection?

(ii) if not, when can we expect the next extention to be confirmed?

(iii) assuming an extension is green-lit, can you persuade the powers to give the go-ahead to another 50 or 60 issues, rather than a measly 20 issues?

Regardless of the business merits, they'd have the satisfaction of setting fandom ablaze with excitement!

mgf said...

Odin's colour scheme and Avalanche sketch both terrific.

Wizard is a real gem. A perfect stance for him.

Great work.

mgf said...

There is no chance of a longer than 20 issue commitment, Larry. They never have done so even when the economy was reasonable, so they ae unlikely to do so now.

I hope and pray for several more extensions, but now consider it more and more unlikely we'll get through the 250 issue mark. I was once confident of 300 at least.

If they concentrated more on the classic second and third tier characters there is a chance for further expansion, but the more Nico Minwotsits and so on which make it in the less likely it will happen.

I'm not convinced those who like such as she have the cash to buy regularly, and incidentally, having been twice bitten on the choose a character competition I would think the chances of EM wanting to get lumbered with another dead duck by going with a third comp is unlikely as well.

To push this collection into 2013 and beyond we'll need GotG of both eras, some golden age greats, more classic villains, the odd re-do and fewer one dimensional females.

Of course there is also the possibility EM are growing tired of doing it and wish to move on. It's been six years after all.

Anonymous said...

all looking good if you ask me !!

questions now :

what was the top secret project that rich mentioned some time ago ?

can we marvel collectors get any surprises like a sub set or some other kind of marvel related collection in the near future ?

are you considering doing any other figurine collections in the near future ?
some interesting ideas have been listed on this blog by fans / collectors in the past and present.
tell us what you think rich , and are any of them achievable ?

are we going to get anymore specials this year ?
are we going to get anymore double packs ? they seem to be very popular in demand , especially northstar and aurora.

would you consider producing a few triple pack specials to complete teams ?
warriors three are mentioned quite a bit on here and the forum for example. also , piledriver + bulldozer + thunderball are also wanted by collectors to complete the wrecking crew team.

BobDiamond said...

Odin looks amazing. My one query is- why is he so much bigger than Thor? I know he's the All-Father, but he's usually depicted as the same or perhaps a little larger and bulkier than Thor and others, but they've made him a total giant. Is he a Mega- Special or just a 'regular' Special ?
Wizard looks very cool in that pose, and I'm sure Avalanche will be fab too.

Future Dream Collections?
TBH I don't think I'd have the space for any more- tight enough as it is with Marvel and DC (including Blackest Night). I'm not signing up for the Batmobile Collection- it looks excellent, but I already collected the 20-something piece Corgi one a few years back...
However, If they went ahead and did some very limited sets ( eg. 10-20 piece) I would certainly get the following-
Moorcock's Eternal Champion
Robert E Howard's Heroes and Villains
Judge Dredd and Classic 2000AD
Freak Bros, R.Crumb and Other Underground Comix
Best of Amalgam Comics

Can't think of any others I'd really want...


SinisterVenom said...

Woohoo another update! Woohoo Odin painted! Nice update already :)
Odin looks phenominal...and I don't think I've ever used that word in a sentence before! I cannot wait for him to arrive!
Wizard looks great too and I like the idea of him in a thinking pose. For some reason however, when I looked at the sculpt I thought he looked more fed up than in thought...Hmm I'll have to think on that.
I like the sketch of Avalanche's pose too, I sure hope we get to see his sculpt real soon!
The only question I ask at the moment is can we pretty pretty please see a sneak peak of a painted Blackheart soon please Rich? (I asked nicely).

Recieved my Quasar figurine today. I must admit when I saw the pic of him on here weeks ago I wasn't at all excited for the character. Upon holding the figurine in my hand however, my opinion has changed! He is one of those that are much better when you have them in front of you and the cosmic detail on the inside of his cape is simply magnificent. Well done EM.
Even more excited to be getting Prowler in 2 weeks time! Woohoo I am in such a good mood, the weather is nice around here and there have been plenty of nice ladies popping into work today! All in all a very good day! :)

ted sallis said...

Wizard's fine, i think it's a bit of a missed oppurtunity tho, can't remember the blogger that suggested portraying him preparing to levitate, like the first Superman fig over at DC, could have been nice.
Not overly turned by the big mans colour scheme, but as Rich mentioned the old feller never appeared in the same outfit twice.
So it'll be a wait n see fer me.
Question Time
If EM are having genuine doubts about extending this series past the #200 mark, Then i trust you must be seeking out new licencses.When might you be able to tell us of any future artwork series?
Avalanche idea who he is , trust the fig will be jimdandy.

mgf said...

I understand that the new EM figure collections will be 2000AD and then following in August 2012 will be the Simpsons.

The trials begin in the cities of Auchtermuchty and Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch shortly.

Robert said...

Three thumbs-up for me - with quibbles.

Odin is impressive, but, like Bob, I'm a bit surprised he is so large. Thor and other Asgardians are not dwarfed when they stand next to him, and when Balder, Thor or Loki have sat in Odin's throne - legimately or not - it does not look as if it was designed for someone much larger. Really can't understand why he is so big. As for the paint job, glad to hear they are darkening the blue, too, as it's a bit light at the moment. Not entirely won over by the bronze and golden legs, either: the colours clash a bit. I know I am criticising but this is one of the main guys I'm waiting for.

Wizard looks very good and I am very keen to add him to my FF villains' shelf. The pose plays to his pretensions to being a match for Reed Richards, so it catches his personality well.

I have little interest in the X-Men but the pose for Avalanche works for me, too.

Jacadoo said...

Avalanche pose would look great - but god how these later statues are making the "originals" look poor relations.

Oh and Odin for me looks superbish as long as you "rough him up" a bit round the edges as he looks a bit to clean at the moment.

Have to support the warriors three as a tripple pack - make it an optional purchase.

Oh I can only wish one day we would see a 2000AD collection - I have just finished reading the Volgan War and the thought of being able to line up the whole line up of the ABC warriors - mouth watering.

AVENGERS -87 said...

Wizard is fantastic .When can you will annonce a next extension ?

Robert said...

A 2000AD collection would be fabulous. Judge Dredd, the Stainless Steel Rat, Sam Spade Robo-Hunter, the A.B.C Warriors, the Harlem Heroes, Strontium Dog, the list goes on and on of great characters. And imagine a Dredd on a Lawmaster, probably the coolest bike ever conceived by a human mind. Now that would be an immense collection.

The Hood said...

Odin looks great, wizard looks good too, still waiting for Howard The Duck please.

Banshee said...

Odin and Avalanche look great. Wizard really isn't working for me :-(

I have one question only and I can voice it in three words...... Northstar and Aurora????????

browncoat said...

is it just me or is the allfathers robe a copy of galactus ?

sergiogf said...

Just two quiestions...

When are you going to announce the next extension?

Northstar & Aurora double pack is still in your plans?

Thanks¡ (by the way, Odin: superb, Avalanche: quite well)

ted sallis said...

Mgf thanks for the heads up as luck would have it i have a third aunt tice removed ( by force ) who lives very near Auchtermuchty, I'll ask her to lookout for those trial packs.
There have been a few partwork adverts on telly recently . theres one on the noo, build your own vroom vroom car complete in 80 issues ...each issue costs £7.99.
Are you thinking what i'm thinking Rich ??? A complete Xavier school for the gifted, complete with danger room and all the other exciting stuff it must contain. It's license to take money fae the terminaly sad, but hey business is business :)
Seeing those beautiful vehicular dioramas EM are releasing, makes me yearn for the classic movie scene diorama collection ( catchy title )issue #1 Jonathon E, being towed behind a teamates motorbike.
#2 mr Blonde cop torture diorama.

Thor8 said...

I think the Wizard figurine is quite nice,no comments on the Avalanche figurine,as for Odin: being made this size most likely means more detail to the sculpt,so that's a plus,but he really is out of scale with the rest of the Asgardians. he is suppose to be close to Thor's height,being a bit bulkier which in return would make him look a bit taller,but if Thor is 6ft6,this figurine would imply that Odin is over 7ft tall. So if you could make Odin this big,how tall would you plan to make Hela?

Robert said...

While checking to find images of Odin standing next to Thor, I came across what looks like the main image they have based the figure on.

Google "Odin and Thor", scroll down to Page 7, and it's in the middle of the third row of images. It's very close, isn't it?

Gremlin said...

Odin looks great. It feels like he has been on the books so much that it's almost unbelievable that he is made.

Wizard. I like the pose. It must be hard to come up with decent poses for many of these characters.

Avalanche. I like the concept pose, he is going to make a great figure. Have you considered doing the same thing that you did with the Gorgon base.

As for questions.......

Have you a personal favourite sculpt? Ages ago you said you liked Gladiator but with so many amazing sculpts like Spiral, Cannonball and Blob have your favourites changed?

Have you got a shortlist of the next mega-special you are thinking of doing.....if you even want to do another? Mojo is popular but design wise I can see him being a nightmare. MODOK is another very popular choice and considering how good Cannonball and Adam Strange look he could be an outstanding sculpt.

Have you considered slipping generic units into the collection. Grunts like AIM agents, Hydra agents, Hellfire Club drones and Hand Assassins are just as important as individual villains. Plus you are more likely to sell multiple copies of the same sculpt for people to make mini displays.

Kal Brindle said...

Hey Rich,

I love the Odin sculpt, but agree that the darker blue will look better than what you've shown us. Personally I am not bothered by the scale at all. I was actually concerned he'd be too small, so I was delighted when you posted this pic with Ben & Thor for scale.

I think the Wizard sculpt is spot on. Nice job. Sometimes simple poses can have the most impact. I really like the Avalanche sketch too - did you have to sketch it out because you couldn't find enough existing material that would make a good sculpt or is this always a part of the process?

Now it's serious question time...sorry for the volume of them, but you did ask for them...LOL

Northstar & Aurora. Where are they? It has been months without a single word about them. Northstar was pulled from the last extension to make the two pack and then it's been nothing but delay after delay. So what's the real story with the Beaubier twins Rich? Are they coming or aren't they? I don't mean to sound stroppy but JP is one of my most wanted characters and it's frustrating to come so close time and time again only to see nothing materialize.

Along the same vein - what's the prognosis on two packs in general? We the collectors think they're a fine idea and want Colleen & Misty Knight, Cypher & Warlock, Darkstar & Vanguard among others to make the collection - what can we do as collectors to convince the bean counters it's a viable idea?

When can we expect the very welcome news of another extension? It was around this time last year that we heard about the current one. We are hopeful, expectant and perhaps slightly nervous. We all get rather antsy every year wondering if this is it? Will there be anymore? Will my favourite make it in? It's quite deliciously horrible.

Hopefully sales of the CMFC continue to be strong and the announcement is imminent. Has the use of resin actually had any impact on your bottom line? Has it increased the viability of the collection continuing? (This is where you say yes).

If there is an extension, will we see another contest to choose the final character of the extension? While the final choices always inspire debate - it is still very exciting and I'm always stoked for the winner!

Would you ever consider a contest for a Special Slot? There are SO many incredible special sized characters out there - it would be awesome to choose who might come next!

Is there a chance we will see some of Marvel's more esoteric creations in the next extension? Rawhide Kid, Two Gun Kid, Night Nurse, Werewolf by Night, Squirrel Girl, Killraven or Howard the Duck? Or will we be sticking to the more mainstream super-powered community?

Are you still enjoying the process five years on? I know I am. It's remarkable how much I enjoy this collection. It has become a treasured possession and activity and has caused me to make new friends all over the world through the online collector community. So I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for creating such an amazing product. I hope the CMFC continues for many years to come.

Texas Twister

Thanks much. Kal B.

CGJ said...

Wow. Odin knocks all other figs into a cocked hat. Absolutely amazing.

I look forward to seeing it as an exclusive preview at the Kapow Comic Con in April. Which is kind of my question too, will you be there?

mighty_marvel said...

i'm getting a little concerned that it looks suspiciously like we're only going to be getting 4 specials this year. blob in feb, sauron in june, odin in sept and i would guess one more in nov/dec. please say it isn't so.

we're still down the special that went MIA to make room for the destroyer, and now it looks like the production issues with odin are going to make us lose another special.

there's so few special slots and so many possible specials to be done. please don't let us lose another one.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Odin looks awesome, but yeah darker blue will be better, and pose for Avalanche is right.
Most important. We want next extensions, don't stop before 300 issues (don't know even this is enough for us, Marvel fans).
If Odin is in September, so who are May and July specials? Hope you will surprise, and give us Aurora and Northstar in May.
When we will see painted version of Blackheart?

Anonymous said...

500 and more
Odin looks mighty awesome, and Wizard oozes elegant malignity like he should. Looking forward to the painted preview. Keep up the good work. This collection is absolutely beautiful. What EM are doing for Marvel fans is immense. There are so many other amazing characters to cover, so please continue with this exploration of the Marvel Universe and I will be following for 500 issues and more.

John said...

I'm a big fan of the Wizard but don't really like the figurine. The pose is fine, the sculpt itself is amazing... its the costume choice. I think I was just so dead set on seeing Paco Medina's design, that he just doesn't have that certain look for me. I wanted the hover discs and big boots, the sleeker helmet, etc. But still, overall, nice job.

Let me echo a few other people and add in my own:

1. What's the status of Northstar and Aurora? These are highly wanted characters and a 2-pack would sell amazingly.

2. What's the status on 2-Packs in general? Is EM considering making more? I think they make for a very interesting way to make figurine's, but if you wait too long, you'll lose your best sellers to the main line (Misty Knight and Colleen Wing spring to mind.)

3. Is Blackheart doing okay? People are worried he's pushed back again.

4. It seems like a gamble to release a huge resin/lead dog, but can we please get confirmation on Lockjaw. Maximus and he are all that's needed to complete the Inhumans, and it would be weird if the collection ended and we had the likes of Triton and Karnak with no Lockjaw in the family.

5. What are your thoughts on classic characters versus popular modern characters? I ask because we don't see a lot of modern characters, but some like the Hood or Wiccan are highly recognizable to any Marvel fan and I think should have a place. Is it more of a gamble with newer characters?

6. Can we please have MODOK? :D

Suzene said...

Lovely previews!

Jumping on the bandwagon here -- with Marvel giving Alpha Flight another shot, is there any chance of finally getting additional info on the Northstar and Aurora two-pack, or the possibility of getting the last two members of the original team (Shaman and Marrina) in a coming extension?

mgf said...

I would not be surprised if the financial side of EM consider Lockjaw to be a Professor X style gamble, but he patently would not be and he is badly needed. Omega Red but no Lockjaw? Preposterous.

Maybe, just maybe, we could do without Maximus if the collection is faltering, but it seems plain to me there are four cast iron must haves if it's all coming to an end. Lockjaw, Northstar, Aurora & Shaman.

As for N & A it was said that if Northstar was not in the last extension then he would be in a double pack with Aurora. The thing is since that was said there have been certain financial events, and perhaps it is now believed by some at EM that such packs are unviable. II that is the case then they both need to be in any further extension.

Striking a more positive note, and reading between the lines, I see no reason why EM would mention a "super secret" project here in relation to the CMFC if there was not some exciting news coming down the pipe connected in some way to the MU. Why mention it here if it were not good news for we CMFC collectors?

mighty_marvel said...

why all the doom and gloom about the future of the collection?

the DC collection has just won magazine of the year and is selling well enough to launch 2 spin off collections. the marvel magazine is just as good quality and there is no reason to think it's not selling just as well as the DC.

sure, we haven't had the spin off collection yet but unless EM went with lots of resculpts (which i wouldn't mind btw) the same opportunities just aren't there as marvel hasn't had a big event in a while and doesn't have a character as known for gadgets as batman.

but what marvel does have is far more strong second string characters that have a large fan base, deserve representation and will sell. EM have done a great job so far in balancing extensions and making sure we always have big wants to look forward to and keep us collecting. long may this continue.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,Omega Red but no Lockjaw? Preposterous."

Dog to complete Inhumans but no leader of third most wanted team (Starjammers) in CMFC just after Alpha Flight and New Mutants? Preposterous.

LAWay said...

Do you think the reason the Marvel collection didnt beat the DC collection for best magazine was because Diamond is biased towards DC, or is it because of the figurine sculpts and actually magazine contents? Or is it character choice? DC are still in the position to hit out some big names, while Marvel, to be honest, are drying up. Could this be a reason?

Cant see a 2000AD collection happening. There was a figure line that featured indie comic characters by the creators of super popular figure line 'Marvel Legends'. After 2 series, the line was dropped because it didnt sell. And these were the 'A-list' names of indie comic characters. With the market share of indie comics being like 10% compared to marvel and DC (probably 50/40), it would be a HUGE gamble.

Also, its not marvel related, so why would they care about posting it here? Just reboot the collection. Add a buzz word to make it sound cool...'The Ultimate Marvel Figurine COllection'. Same old big name a-list characters, sculpts and poses on par with DC, price on par with DC, but doing the characters justice.

Call it a day at 200, the final special a massive golden Stan Lee and start over. Alot of the characters in the 200 dont need to be redone, and can allow for some characters that never made it in the CMFC.

UMFC now! ;)

Anonymous said...

The choice of Marvel characters is not 'drying up' at all. In fact, loads of fascinating characters are yet to be covered. The CMFC is becoming more & more interesting and exciting. The deeper we venture into all MU areas, the more amazing it becomes, realising the dream of Marvel fans worldwide to have a figurine collection that attempts to cover as many heroes & villains as possible. We saw the wish lists on here & on the forum. From New X-Men to New Mutants, from Alpha Flight to New Avengers, from Starjammers to Guardians of the Galaxy, from New Avengers to
Asgardians, from Heralds to Squadron Supreme and more and more. We are in for a treat, with hundreds of awesome figurines. More power to EM and the CMFC. Keep them coming.

Robert said...

Loads of interesting posts and lots to think about.

Just back from FP. Thor8, there's a retro Kirby Thor mug for sale. Really cool. I bought a classic FF mug with the blue "4"!

ted sallis said...




Just received this email at last all my money worries are over,
If i give you 50% of my newfound fortune, will you include Bloodstone in the next extension?.
Man i off to look at new curtains, someone pinch me it's like some kind of wonderful dream.

mighty_marvel said...

wouldn't say that the choice of marvel characters is drying up yet leigh. sure, we've got all the real big hitters but they'd all been done within the first 80 - 100 issues to be fair. still plenty of strong 2nd and 3rd string characters left to be done imo.

hellfire club, starjammers, gotg, young avengers, new x-men to be started.
classic avengers, thunderbolts, new mutants to be finished.

we've got plenty of life left yet before we're remotely near the bottom of the barrel. although if EM decided the time was right to start introducing the occasional new and improved resculpt of the a-listers you wouldn't hear me complaining.

mgf said...

Great news Ted!

I made my fortune following the unfortunate demise of the Tanzanian defence minister when his helicopter was nutted by a leaping giraffe.

There are loads of superb Marvel characters left. moreso than DC. It is just a matter of choosing the right ones.

EM have a happy habit getting it right far more often than they get it wrong, but the current nervousness is understandable. We all know we are closer to the end of this marvellous ride than we are to the beginning. If we thought the competition for places was tight before just wait until we get to the final twenty.

It's going to look like the last chopper out of Saigon.

spidey_1979 said...
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spidey_1979 said...
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spidey_1979 said...

just 2 questions

1) northstar and aurora. what's going on?

2) are we indeed losing the 5th special this year because of the problems with odin?

John said...

"The choice of Marvel characters is not 'drying up' at all. In fact, loads of fascinating characters are yet to be covered."

Fully agree. Marvel's real strength is that its B and C characters are so strong. If we didn't have Paladin or Star Lord or Venus, Marvel would just get so bland and boring (like a certain distinguished other company :) But personally, I would just much rather have a new Shanna than an alternate costume for Cyclops or Hawkeye in a new pose... so thank you EM.

Adding in a question from earlier:

7: Street Fighter.
I think I remember some discussion on this from a long time ago, but I think someone from EM said a Street Fighter collection may work well. I am all for that and would seriously collect every one

So my question is; what are the chances of getting a Street Fighter collection from EM? Maybe not soon, but just in general? Is anybody at EM still looking to do it? Is it viable at all at this time?

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

4 specials? We want 5 like last year.
Best poses for twins IMO:

Robert said...

Anyone who thinks the interesting and worthwhile characters are "drying up" has a really shallow knowledge of the Marvel Universe. We may have all the A-listers now but they are merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

pirate adam said...

on the subject of other collections, i would love to see;

F1 - just started again and i'm very excited

Street Fighter - would this be so difficult? Marvel already has ties to Capcom therefor EM shouldn't have to many problems

Star Wars - the greatest franchise bar none in the world ever, i know there was one that came out about the time the CMFC started but the figs were small and not even close to the quality EM produce, plus we could get vehicles as specials

Transformers - YES!! but only the 80's cartoon version, but how would you have the figs? as the vehicle or robot? surely he only way would be to have them as both

and finally back onto subject, i know Odin looks rather large but Rich once said that the sculpts shrink once put into production so while he will still be bigger than Thor it wont be by the amount in the preview and he will only just be bigger than my Bor, one i get Odin i'll get Bor painted and post a picture of Asgards greatest kings all together

peace out


pirate adam said...

...and there is plenty of great characters left we just dont get too many of them per extension


LAWay said...

Maybe 'drying up' wasnt the best choice of words, but come on. Marvel have a very strong cast of A characters. A very very strong cast of main supporting B to C characters. Then they have an odd gem in the D list.

Depending on your interests to particular titles, of course people are going to want every character thats ever appeared. Sure there are still alot of characters I would like to see. But I just dont think the collection has the same gravitas and could stretch realistically to 300-500.

Although I could just be pessimistic and be trying to save money. ^_^

ted sallis said...

I know these little figs are the collectable equivilant of Angel dust, very hard to give up once sampled. But to suggest this series go on till 600-700 is maybe a tad over the top . Nearly 6 yrs in we have nearly 150 regular figs released. Soooooooooooo that would be a 24 yr commitment to reach ...600???? HELLO!!!!!! Some of us oldies will be fertilizer by then and some of us will be experiencing puberty.
250-300 is much more realistic.

Anonymous said...

Wants versus time
What I know for sure is that I would buy 150 more CMFC figurines right now if they were in stores and they included all Heralds of Galactus, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Squadron Supreme, Young Avengers, and all the other heroes and villains left to cover that I want to see in this collection. My personal wish list is easily 150 characters. Like me, many fans would love to see all these characters make it into the CMFC.
Yes, time is an issue coz we don't want to wait another 10 years. Which is why I am so persistent with my dream to see subsets, allowing us to cover the MU at a faster pace.

Robert said...

I don't know, Ted. At the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump, life is fulla surprises. I never gave it any thought at the start of 1976 I'd still be buying comicbooks thirty-five years later. When Masterworks first appeared in 1988, I hadn't considered I'd still be buying them more than twenty years later, either. I'd be happy to keep buying the CMFC for a good many years yet. I'm a Marvel fan for life and my family line is long-lived, so keep 'em coming, I'm not going anywhere for at least another five decades.

ted sallis said...

Fill yer boots big man

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Agree with Robert, we're Marvel fans till end of our life. I'm excited to wait and buy new CMFC figurine. If finishes just after issue 250, then life will be more boring ;)
Keep CMFC alive for next 6 years and even more. CMFC can give us so many characters, that other collections didn't.
Best for all true Marvel fans!

LAWay said...

Everything has to end though right?

Marvel Legends, the original marvel line that first offered the most varied cast of marvel characters 130 unique characters (out of the hundreds released in its 10 year run). Alot of characters in the CMFC never made it in the well as a few characters in Legends that have not been covered yet in CMFC.

Marvel Universe is also flying the flag of diverse characters and has taken over from Legends, mainly due to being cheaper to produce and people finding the scale more collector friendly. It meant they could restart the collection with the big characters and take risks with grunt characters as they were cheaper to produce, and they had the safety of restarting with the backing of popular characters to keep the collection commercially viable.

So to say no other collection has done what CMFC has done is wrong, others have done it, just they couldnt keep it going to the likes of 200, which is awesome and impressive. Even more so that we havent had to rely on rehashing a spiderman or wolverine every 3 months (to be fair, spiderman only appeared in marvel legends in series 10). But like I said, the collection ended, for some reason. Maybe because as it got on and kept producing more of the supporting characters, and maybe they werent strong enough sellers. Maybe people just got fed up, or their wallets couldnt handle series 20 or whatever.

Thats what I am afraid of. Other collections had to call it quits for some reason, whether its the characters available, or customer interest. Of course the blogs and forums are vocal that we could go on forever, but with increasing costs and the characters available, the chances of audience growth compared to the risk of decline, is it sensible for them to commit to another 6 years to reach 300-400?

Anyway, i dont even know what I'm typing. I blame the fever and snorting these lotus tissues. Maybe I am just saying dont get your hopes up. Other collection have tried to go the distance, despite what you say of it never been done before, and they had to cancel for some reason. I wish I knew what my original point was before I just rambled on, but I dont. It could all be nonsense. And for that, I will not apologise. :P

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Who said has done?
I said can give, not gave. That's why I want next extensions.

SinisterVenom said...

True, everything has to end at some point...but that doesn't mean it has to end now does it? It can end another 70 issues later if not more. I really don't want this collection to end yet and I am still willing to pay money for more Marvel characters.
On the subject of new collections, I personally would love to see a Final Fantasy collection as I am a massive fan of the series, as Ted and Leigh may know after seeing me play FF XIII on the Xbox a lot. I would pay any price for that collection.
But yeah Street Fighter will do well, Mortal Kombat possibly too. Other suggestions are Sonic The Hedgehog, Mario, Star Trek, Stargate, Star Wars, Kingdom Hearts, Family Guy, Disney, Legend Of Zelda...a few thoughts there anyway.

Robert said...

Yeah, everything ends but it's all about timescale. A typical Jordan marriage is measured in months, the sun will be around for another couple of billion years. Me, I want the CMFC to survive at least another half dozen disastrous Jordan marriages!

And, Leigh, to say "[N]o other collection has done what CMFC has done is wrong, others have done it, just they couldn't keep it going to the likes of 200," is contradictory. If no other collection has survived as long then no other collection has done what the CMFC is doing! Moreover, the mini-bust collection is still going, isn't it? (I may be wrong about this.) It's been around for donkey's - I know, I used to buy them years ago - and I'm still seeing new ones in FP of a weekend. So you're probably wrong on two counts with that statement.

ted sallis said...

When i say 250 to 300 would be more realistic ,it would be absolutely blimmin amazing and the collection wouldn't end till 2017/18.. hardly doom and gloom.
I have a dream it may be a corny sentimental one but nonetheless a dream i hold dear , That one day i can sit in my old worn armchair ease off my tartan slippers, spark up my crack pipe and gaze through my cataract ravaged eyes at my completed collection.

25 kids are about to descend on our local bowling club for my kids birthday party, i've made my rice crispy cakes....and a pitcher of Red Bull.

Robert said...

I know what you mean, Ted, it would be nice to have the whole collection while I can still walk up stairs and remember to remove my breeks and underwear before going to the toilet. (I also have a vision of lying in a geriatric hospital bed and being told I have weeks to live... just after Rich junior announces extension 780-800 with the Recorder and Pip.)

Not sure if it's Little Master Sallis or Little Miss Sallis who is celebrating their birthday, but I hope they have a great time today, Ted. Hopefully, no scraped knees or bumped noggins! Have fun!

Niels van Eekelen said...

You want questions? I've got questions.

Is there any design work on the Magik figurine you can show us yet? I'm eagerly awaiting the first pics to see if you've gone with a human look (hopefully) or a demonic one (still awesome).

Speaking of Magik, her teammate Warlock is probably the most visually interesting Marvel character you haven't made yet--any chance?

ted sallis said...

Robert, google "conservatives who love america et tu captain america"
Cap is apparantly a brainwashed liberal of the worst kind.
Let the festivities begin, it's a double birthday bash Robert one year and one day between the weans, when you get to my age you tend to hurry things along :)

LAWay said...

Maybe I should make it more clear Robert. Things were a blur of words, babble and drugs last night. lol

What I was trying to say was alot of people have said that no other product has given us a scope of character that the CMFC has done, saying they only focus on the main characters. I was just saying its wrong. Other collections have delved deep into the marvel vaults, and some characters have appeared in those lines that have not appeared in the CMFC.

I guess I didnt mean they havent gone on as long as the CMFC is wrong. Marvel Legends went on for 10 years, and still goes on in dribs and drabs. If you included all the marvel legend spin offs, you could be reaching a figure more of 200 unique characters.

What I was trying to say was, other product lines have done it successfully as well. They did it while constantly picking up new fans and including fan favorite characters as well as most wanted characters. But it also ended despite giving fans, collectors and kids the best of both worlds.

So maybe the real point of all this was, maybe collectors havent been aware of what has been available to them all this time.

Robert said...

I'd seen this before, Ted. The modern incarnation of Cap always has been liberal. It's typical of the internet to throw up such hysterical rubbish. In a way, it kind of sums up America. Capable of producing someone like Martin Luther King but it also has more than its fair share of James Earl Rays.

Kudos for the efficient family planning, by the way. Should be a great day in the Sallis family album.

michal9403 said...

Will you do Hellfire Club in collection. I think Selene is really famous and important person.

Robert said...

Leigh, just read through your last post. (It's amazing the difference it makes when you're sober and narcotics-free!) Your post raises another interesting question: how many different characters - including variants, which seem to be quite common in other collections - have been made as mini-busts, as Marvel Legends figures, as statues, etc. I know the issue of variants clouds the issue somewhat, but I wonder what the highest number of different characters/ figures in any collection is and how the CMFC compares. Actually, this is just the sort of thing that CBR Beast might know. Where is he anyways?

mighty_marvel said...

what are the lengths of the want lists you all have?

i can easily list about 120 regular sized characters that i would buy, which would take the collection to 300. but if told to list just my absolute must-haves i can shorten this to about 80, which takes the collection to 260.

LAWay said...

What do you mean Robert? How many characters in total, or how many figures in a series? Or how many different characters including variant costumes?

I didnt really follow the mini busts, so wouldnt know. As for Marvel Legends, like I said, I accounted for roughly 130 unique characters. Wolverine alone had at least 7 variant costumes in the Marvel Legends range. Iron Man I think had the most variants. But then if you include the spin off 'spiderman/xmen/fantastic 4/hulk legends series', then I believe Marvel Legends possibly covered the most about of variant costumes and unique characters, while the mini busts I am not sure if they are all covered under the same product with diamond and bowen doing their own lines.

I counted roughly around 290 unique characters and costumed variants in the Marvel Legends line, while other figures were simply different sculpts of the same costume or reissued figures (so i didnt count those ones). So, 290, still an impressive tally.

BobDiamond said...

Just been over at the SHFF, and they've announced yet another DC Eaglemoss collection!
The DC Chess Set.
It starts with all Batman related characters, but seems to have the potential to expand into other sets as it progresses. Wont be getting this either, but it does look good for major Batman fans (and chess players obviously...)
Surely Marvel fans will get something special now???...or not.


mighty_marvel said...

there is a marvel chess set too.

being trialled in france at first i believe. starting with a spiderman related set but will also move into x-men, avengers and fantastic four.

mighty_marvel said...

would rather have a 90s x-men subset than a chess set though EM. sort out the poor costume choices of rogue, beast, mystique, storm, cyclops and finally get us a jean grey fig rather than phoenix

jimbob said...

Chess set looks really really good!

If EM good just produce the main characters and complete the main teams with them,I would buy.

I agree with Rouge,It's time that we get Rouge in her 90's costume.

pirate adam said...

absolutely nothing wrong with the Rogue we got, i can see why people want a new Beast and Mystique but Rogue is fine


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

No chess sets, please!
Personally I think that a Marvel chess set would be horrendous, and I know I would not be buying it. But that's coz I dislike the chess format applied to any kind of characters. What's the point?

I find there is more finesse in classic figurines intended as sculpts to be displayed without the silly excuse of a chessboard.
I want Marvel characters coz I love Marvel, not coz I like chess.

The CMFC is great because

a) It gives us scultps (not plastic toys like other collections, and I don't care how many plastic characters these other collections have done, they're still plastic toys)

b) It accompanies each scultp with an awesome magazine with great character info and art. What magazine would a chess set include? The history of chess?

c) It treats the Marvel Universe like a modern mythology and literature which deserves to be studied, chapter after chapter, covering as many characters as areas as possible, exploring the awesome theories and concepts which each character represents.

Subsets versus chess sets.
Surely EM and fans don't need a chessboard as an excuse to get more figurines. Subsets are the way to go. With so many characters left to cover, plus the attractive option of including variants of A listers, subsets are the way to go. They represent an effective option for EM to make the most of their Marvel licence, and a great opportunity for collectors to get more Marvel figurines, ensuring we get all the characters we want.
C'mon EM, honour the CMFC with an expansion into subsets dedicated to exploration of themes, alternate realities, Golden Age and more. We need no chess set.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Oh, and by the way.
The above Blake Newman is me, KirlianEyes.
For some reason I was unable to post using my usual codename, and had to use my Google account.
No chess sets, please!
Subsets instead.

John said...

The difference between Marvel Legends and the CMFC is that Marvel Legends is sold at Wal-Mart and the CMFC is sold in comic book stores.

ML had to do variants to stay alive because the average mom shopping at Wal-Mart doesn't know who Mockingbird or the Lizard are. CMFC can get away with it because the only people that buy it, MUST know Marvel very well. I mean, in America, you pretty much had to already know about it and request it from your comic book guy from the Diamond magazine. People that go to that trouble to collect DEFINITELY know Mockingbird and Lizard.

So no, we don't need variants when the target audience are primarily hardcore Marvel fans.

Blake, I think everyone already knew it was you just in the way you type your posts and your vocal opinions. ;)

AVENGERS -87 said...

I am created a vote on the ,for the Avengers's foes : the top 20 (regulars)is : 1)Grey Gargoyle ; 2)Moonstone ; 3)Whirlwind ;4)Baron Von Strucker ; 5)Constrictor ; 6)Blizzard ; 7)Count Nefaria ; 8)Fixer ; 9)Living Laser ; 10)Madame Masque ; 11)Thunderball ; 12)Bulldozer ; 13)Piledriver ; 14)Armin Zola ; 15)Crossbones ; 16)Ghost ; 17)The Hood ; 18)Graviton ; 19) Blacklash/Wishplash ; 20) Hyperion . TOP 5 SPECIALS : 1)Titanium Man ; 2) Modok ; 3)Super Adaptoid ; 4)Mr Hyde ; 5)Skurge the Executionner

mighty_marvel said...

there's all sorts wrong with the rogue we got imo. wrong boots, wrong coat, wrong gloves, boring pose, weird face, dodgy paint job on the white in her hair. sure, we got the green and yellow main costume but enough about the rest of rogue's classic look was changed to completely ruin the fig. and plenty of others aren't happy with her as she is always one of the most requested variants.

i'm pretty certain that if a costume poll was run at the time rogue was made then we would not have got rogue in the look that we did. jim lee 90s look would have won by a landslide.

Robert said...

Leigh. Yep, that's what I was asking, so thanks for answering it.

Mighty Marvel, I have never composed a complete wants list. That said, if I did I doubt I would come up with one with less than a hundred names if I was writing down ALL the characters I want to see like Mantis, Swordsman, Gamora, etc.

Also read with interest John's post. He made a great point about point of sale that I completely missed because I buy practically everything - comicbooks, CMFC, t-shirts, statues, etc. - from FP. In Glasgow, the CMFC was initially available in newsagents as well as FP, but that didn't last long and now you have to make a specific trip to FP. And if you're a child you're hardly likely to come across it during a casual visit as it's eye-level with a tall adult! (The older ones are even higher.) So, it's not aimed at the casual market but folk who specifically want to collect, or already do collect, the CMFC.

I would argue that full-size statues, costing at least £120 each here, or the mini-busts (£40-60?) often have variants and they are definitely aimed at the hardcore market. So it's not true to say that the CMFC does not need to do variants as it has a hardcore audience who seek it out.

LAWay said...

The CMFC isnt even on display in my forbidden planet, and in the rare comic shops that are in cardiff, the figures have a hiked up price for any early figurine that would put anyone off from buying them.

Also, I am shocked at the announcement of the DC chess set. Marvel collectors raped once again by lies.

Notice the metal resin fill or whatever it says. The future instead of lead? Hmmm? I may get batman, but i have no interest in getting a chess set of batman. But its nice to know there will be a set limit of figurines and what characters are coming up fans are just left hanging on forever.

A clever way of doing variant costumes and redos though, so I applaud EM. Perhaps the DC collection just makes more money with more fans, and they have more money to burn in other projects...or maybe marvel just dont EM to do any more.

DO hardcore marvel fans want variants? Of course they do, otherwise comics would have made sure their characters never changed from their first appearance if people opposed new looks so much. Like Robert said with statues, its also with action figures, other collectibles, and computer game unlockables. If you are a hardcore fan, you want the variants as much as all the characters.

Anyway...I am disappointed in EM. Now we know why the update was brief...too busy hatching plans for DC. tut tut.

LAWay said...

oh, nm seen the marvel chess sets.

Large figurines, but still understated compared to the DC sets with better poses and bases.

Are the guys in Marvel EM just less creative?

mgf said...

I don't think they are less creative, as after all they were trying to flog a Marvel chess set three years ago, and the only board it stayed on was the drawing board.

It seems to me with the DC collection picking up awards left and right, EM are backing that collection more. Although I don't doubt EM are glad of our custom, they want new people to put money in their pockets, hence the new ideas to draw in new collectors. That means we probably won't see a Marvel subset until the new ones are seen to sink or swim. As a CMFC collector sink suits me fine.

I won't be imbibing in a DC chess set, but if EM have their wits about them the pieces will be in scale with the main collection, and let the re-basing commence.

Robert said...

While we all can understand your frustration and sense of unfairness, Leigh, I think the language used in the second sentence of your second paragraph (18:38 post) was really inappropriate.

mgf said...

By the way, the thing that will push this collection forward are re-dos.

An origin Hulk, a 60s Mar-Vell, a white Mystique, the furry Beast, and others would give the collection the shot in the arm it either needs or might one day need depending on your opinion.

pirate adam said...

i understand why your upset about the Rogue costume MM, but on the forum i have also seen people saying that they like it. EM will never please everyone and there are many more figs need re-do's before Rogue, who doesn't even need one IMO!


ted sallis said...

Aaaaaaaaah groundhog day ,i beleive the first mention of the wondrous possibilities of redos/subs was in the book of revelations,chapter 7;24.
Gave up asking, gave up caring..que sera sera.

Gremlin said...

I agree. Instead of calling them redo's just call them "costume varients". Plop an A-lister in the lineup every 10-20 figures with a different costume and pose.

It's interesting how some people view the chess sets with a doom and gloom attitude. Instead you could look at is as EM are confident with the success of the Marvel and DC lines they they are trying to expand on the concept.

Admittidly though I will not be buying the chess sets/ Chess has never been my thing, and if it were, I could just use the CMFC set anyway....they are the right size. Plus we now have enough characters to make team sets.

Roll on 181-200. Roll on Gamora, Deathbird, Baron Mordo, Wolfsbane, Meggan, Firelord, White Tiger, Count Nefaria, Grey Gargoyle, Darkstar, Constrictor, Justice, Mantis and Shaman.

mighty_marvel said...

yes some people have said they're ok with the rogue fig. but in the same post they've also tended to say that they still would have preferred the 90s rogue. but that still doesn't take away from the fact that she is one of the most requested resculpts (alongside mystique, beast and archangel) and surely the most requested ones are the ones that most deserve a resculpt.

you like it, i hate it. we have different tastes. but imo rogue is one of the characters who could benefit from a resculpt if they were ever done. now, i'm not saying there aren't others that could do with a resculpt. there are. rogue just bothers me more because she's my favourite marvel character.

mgf said...

I agree Ted. The re-dos is an old subject, which makes me wonder why EM don't do something about it.

ted sallis said...

Exactly mgf, Over at DC they seem far more DCisive in making... decisions, By comparison the CMFC collection seems frustratingly timid when it comes to making any kind of decision. A+N doublepack, Breakaway's in the canteen blah blah.This topic has been debated to death and i still have no idea what EM's plans are.

LAWay said...

Robert, depends on your context, but the word has other meanings instead of the usual one people think of.

Also, cool to see they mentioned it 3 years ago. But after seeing some character choices...I am severely disappointed in whoever picked them. Also the scale is disappointing that we cant have them side by side, but at least we get more detail hopefully. As long as we dont get cheated on with 'special' larger pieces.

So yeh, turnaround, its exciting. Was this the big secret news? Its cool that marvel have 4 chess sets in the pipeline. I will not subscribe to any of them I dont think...has to depend on the sculpts and the costume choices. I mean, the spiderman is pretty much exactly the same, just bigger. Just because he is cheaper would be the only reason to purchase him.

Done right, and I could spend a fortune over those collections. But just a reissue of the same costumes we have already had, and I would pass.

Also, whats the deal with France getting first dibs? Test run? WTF? If its gonna sell, then do it in the UK, and if its poor, then drop it.

Wonder if this will be brought up in the next update, and if so, shall we request an chess collection to scale with the CMFC, or stick with the larger figurines?

BobDiamond said...

Eaglemoss collections are a bit like waiting for a wait for ages, then three come at once. In this case four if you count Blackest Night, Batmobiles, DC Chess Set and Marvel Chess Set.
Personally I'm sticking with the Figurine collections only. They're enough for me, as I'm still a Comic Collector first and foremost. My other reasons are that I'm not a millionaire and I don't have a warehouse to store all my EM goodies. Wish I did, but that's life.
Leigh, my theory why the chess pieces are a larger scale to the normal figurines is that EM are being a bit crafty...if they were the same scale, then they might fear that some collectors will only buy either their fav figure redone, or fill in the collection with the characters not produced in the figs collection. This way they may be counting on people making a firmer commitment to the whole set(s).
I guess it should be seen as a positive thing- all this sudden expansion. They wouldn't be doing it if they didn't have a strong fan basis out there.


AVENGERS -87 said...

LAWay , the Marvel chess is in test in france , Why in France ?, i know not . Me , i am not interressing , my priority is th CMFC collection. My favorite for the next extension : Moonstone ,Silver Samurai ,Moonstar ,Grey Gargoyle , Whirlwind and Living Laser (he is very apprecied in France)

Anonymous said...

france got the green quicksilver variant too. Available on all good ebay websites for the bargain price of 99 smackers. Chess sets can just bugger off for all i care. More figurines please ? Rich it seems we're all p'd off right now so maybe some great news or a surprise of some sort , along with some answers would ease our minds in the next update. Hope we don't have to wait ages for that again.

ted sallis said...

Just helped my daughter snip and gouge her way through the ridiculous amount of wire and glue that holds toys in place these days.It's her big 5th birthday today.
One sour note spoiled it for me, as i helped her open her Sylvannian families,nursery school bus .
I was dissapointed to see the " classic" bunny family, have been replaced with a family of meerkats who have been popular for all of 5 minutes.
My daughter could see i was in distress , she gazed at me with her gorgeous big hazel eyes and said "it's okay daddy, let it go....just let it go"

Robert said...

It needs all that packaging, Ted. Otherwise, it would probably get damaged on the way from China. (Social commentary copyright Ben Elton, c.1984.)

Anyway, happy birthday, Miss Sallis! Enjoy it! The next one will be a school day!

Anonymous said...

isn't this supposed to be a blogg dedicated to the marvel figurine collection ?

Robert said...

Yes, it is a "blogg" for the CMFC, Mr. Smith, but only a misery guts like you would begrudge a happy birthday to a five-year-old.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

@ mighty_marvel
There are 90 characters on my wish list.
About chess, Sebastian Shaw should be Black King. Who the f... is Bloodscream? Where are Apocalypse and Sinister?

LAWay said...

Here's a question (not for EM). They get alot of good feedback from the blog. Sure, some is negative, and we talk some crap and off topic mostly, but do you think in future collections, like DC, EM will not bother with another blog?

I think it must be great. Better even than the forum. How long does it really take to skim through all these comments? Not long at all. Although at the forum, there are so many comments, thread, and pages, not to mention the distracting graphics, its alot harder to follow consistently. Its just weird they didnt do the same with DC, and you wonder if they will continue with the idea if one day the CMFC passes on.

I know the forum does offer feedback...I dont know how exactly, one person relaying information on. At least with the blog, everything is self contained, with no chance of editing in anyway.

Just a thought I had.

p.s. Thor previews Easter Monday.

Horacio said...

Incredible job you are done, congratulations.

My sugestions for a future:

Warriors Three

Air Walker

The Stranger

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry , happy birthday to ted's little one. It was my mum's birthday and anniversary today , are you going to send your congratulations robert ?

Robert said...

Dear Mrs Smith,

Have a happy birthday and anniversary. I believe your son means that both are today, but as he has used the past tense "was" instead of the present tense "is" I can't be entirely sure. I guess he will learn about tenses when he starts school.

Please also let your son know that I am happy to pass on good tidings to anyone bar him. Unlike him, I do not abuse the relatives of folk on here, only the offender him- or herself. And even when I do say something I regret, I apologise, and do not invent new identities in a pathetic attempt to wriggle out of owning up.

Anyway, have a good day.

Regards, Robert.

BobDiamond said...

Ah, can you feel the warmth? it's almost tangible...:)
So...let me just add my congrats to both Ted's little girl and MT's Mum...and just mention in passing that it's my parents 60th Anniversary this weekend- so we're all prepped and ready for that down here!
Oh, and if K-Eyes is, er.. Sub-sets- really good idea,...more Asgardians...explore the MU to the fullest.. change Mystiques costume...etc etc :)


ted sallis said...

Dear Bloggers
Sorry i could not attend last night's CMFC debate.
As i spent all night trying to buid a Playmobil dragon castle.
MT is right of course that this is a site plainly dedicated to the discussion of all things pertaining to the CMFC.
" But why was a grown handsome man like youreslf building a playset obviously aimed at a child???" I can hear MT ask.
Well MT today is my sons 4th birthday, so i will refrain from all mention of my offspring til March 2013.
Subsets,...... yes yes yes... but the man from Eaglemoss he never say nothing.

LAWay said...

Its my birthday next tuesday too.

ted sallis said...

Leigh , Treat yourself to that smashing Batmobile collection, I've ordered the series for my missus's birthday along with a beer holder in the shape of a fist with " Ted" written on it, The look of love in her eyes will be all the thanks necessary ;)

Anonymous said...

robert , get over it please. Life's too short to be holding grudges. I've always forgiven people for mistakes or harsh comments. I've apologised to you already. I don't understand you , you talk to me one minute and are nice and compliment me on an idea or character , then the next minute you are bringing up the past. You are upsetting me with your sarcastic words but i'm not going to start swearing abuse at you. I wish to resolve this like adults. So please do not keep referring to me as a child. I will be 32yrs old in 21days time.

Anonymous said...

p.s , i wrote that comment about my mum's birthday at 1.02am so i guess that's why i put was instead of is , as the celebrations had passed. So perhaps i should of put - it was my mum's birthday and anniversary yesterday , are you going to send your congratulations ? It was late though but then you could also say early couldn't you robert ? You could either go to bed at 1.02am or wake up at 1.02am. Night for some , morning for others. Oh 1 other thing , maybe i'm not the only one on here with more than 1 identity. Is it possible that robert and bob diamond are one and the same ? Bob is short for robert and their posts seem close together. It's been noticed b4.

Bagman said...

Glad to see the gloom and doom -- collection is ending/has no legs left/re-boot the collection to get wolverine in his undies figurine-- talk has stopped.
Still think there's plenty life left in this collection,one man's A-lister is anothers B-lister and vice versa.
And there's plenty cosmics left do -
G.O.T.G.(old & new), Starjammers, Imperial Guard etc.
What about A.I.M.,Hydra,Hellfire goons?
Liking the look of Odin, be interesting to see what Hela(if we ever get her) would look like next to him, maybe use the Bowen mini bust as inspiration,
have a look on the Bowen Designs page,excellent sculpt.
And if you get a chance fella's have a look at the Green Lantern time lapse chalk art from the C2E2 2011,have no interest in D.C.,but i can appreciate the skill.

ted sallis said...

Thanks for that Bagman, The guy has some amazing skill. When i sit like that for 5 minutes i end up rolling around in agony with the cramps.
Once saw an art student in Sauchiehall st in glasgow draw an absolutely amazing pavement mural in chalk, all he had fer reference was a newspaper with a colour pic of an old firm game.
I dropped a 50p in his cup... extravagent that's me that is :)

pirate adam said...


the MT and Robert show is off again, its getting boring guys, Robert i know his comment about you wishing his folks was made with sarcasm but your reply was rather spiteful to say the least, i dont think the crime warranted the punishment if you will

Mighty Marvel, it makes no difference to me if we get a Rogue re-do or not as i wont be buying it or many others for that fact, i just wanted to state that i am very happy with the one we got. although i am all for re-do's and variants i am more than happy with the majority of figs and if a new Rogue makes you happy then i'm happy for you matey...but...can i have a redone Hulk, Odin sized and a new Johnny Storm...please!!

play nice chaps, peace out!!


Robert said...

"Oh 1 other thing , maybe i'm not the only one on here with more than 1 identity. Is it possible that robert and bob diamond are one and the same ? Bob is short for robert and their posts seem close together. It's been noticed b4."

Yes, it has, Mr. Smith. Not sure anyone else was serious but even if they were they abandoned the notion months ago. Do keep up. Frankly, I am insulted that you think I would adopt an alias that is so obvious. Even you managed to come up with something better! And as for Bob's and I's posts being close together, that's because we are replying to each other! By your logic, I am also Ted. And anyone else I reply to and who reply to me. That does, of course, also include YOU! (Honestly, do you stop to think before you start to type [at a rate of two words a minute]?)

As for you apologising about your cowardly and reprehensible personal attack on my wife, I am certain you haven't. If you had - instead of launching the laughable subterfuge of a second alias to back yourself up - I'd have probably let it go. As it was, you chose to stoke the fires with a daft plan that backfired spectacularly and famously. Even after you were exposed you were full of excuses and accusations, as you were today with the stupid double-posting claim. You got and get exactly what you deserve.

P.S. Happy birthday, Ted junior and happy anniversary, when it comes, to the senior Diamonds. (No relation.)

mighty_marvel said...

i know you like the rogue fig PA. i even recognized this in my last post. but you were coming across as saying that because you personally are happy with the fig then it shouldn't get a resculpt. so i just wanted to state why many people aren't happy with her and, as she regularly comes near the top of most wanted resculpt polls, that there aren't that many characters ahead of her who should get a resculpt if they are ever done.

i'm personally happpy with the hulk fig but clearly there are many who aren't as made obvious from the poll result on the forum. so i would never say that he shouldn't get a resculpt just because i'm happy with him.

would like a human torch resculpt too. you should be able to see his F4 uniform in some way imo.

pirate adam said...

sorry MM, i'm not always clear in my posts, i simply meant that there are others who need doing before Rogue, obviously if enough people want her redone as does somewhat seem to be the case then she does deserve it but i doubt i'm alone when i say there are others who people are asking for allot more, Cable, Beast, Mystique, Doc Octopus. none of these matter to me and in truth if the whole collection was redone i would maybe buy 5 or 6 of the redos so bring on Rogue if it makes MM and others happy :)


Jacadoo said...

Re Dos have probably been the most repeated topic of conversation - OK apart from the pesky Asgardians asking for the next lady boy in turn...

Alas I fear unless Rich confirms as part of a movie tie in (which I'm sure Marvel would spport) we are all going to have to accept we are going to be left wanting.

I have been calling from the early days of this blog for Capt America, Wolverine and yes even Thor to be given a makeover - not forgetting Iron Man (which stinks).

Not wanting to start another list on the subject but we have seen Richs responce previously - we can only hope.

Mind you WHERE IS STINGRAY??????????

BobDiamond said...

Mad Thinker mon ami, I've always taken your bizarre notion that Robert and I are possibly the same person, with the proverbial 'pinch of salt'. However, even I'm beginning to get a little naffed-off with you bringing it up again after such a long period.
Firstly, Bob Diamond isn't my real name anyway (obviously) as I'm assuming your's is not Mad Thinker, Smiffy or whatever the third one was. I picked the name from one of my favourite groups of the 70s- The Sons of The Tiger.
Secondly, I'm from down sarff (south) and Robert (which may or may not be his real name- but I kinda think it probably is) hails form remote parts norff (north) of Hadrian's Wall, as I've deduced from the correspondences here...
You would come to realize that we are two separate entities IF you had been following this blog during your long mysterious absence...where have you been anyway??
No one else on here has made such strange allegations MT, so please, for the last time, get over it!!

PS...just want to say that Rogue is my least favourite figurine of all (I like the character however), but I still don't wish to have a redo- would always prefer new characters than re-sculpts. ....unless they did a new version of Man-Wolf as Star-God, then I 'd be in there quick as a flash!! :)


Robert said...

On the subject of Stingray, just read his first appearance in Sub-Mariner in colour for the first time and he is red and YELLOW in the story! It's heckuva loud. (Curiously, it's the usual red and white/ silver? on the cover.) He's not a major character at all but he does look rather splendid and would look great immortalised in lead.

Robert said...

Oh, great. Bob posted at the same time! :)

BobDiamond said...

We really must stop doing that!! :)

ted sallis said...

Can't remember if i signed in as Rob or Bob?? matter .
Rich, here's a money maker for EM how about an 80 issue partwork series " build your own Marvel display cabinet" when completed will hold up to 150 figs, @ £7.99 per issue, punters will buy multiple subscriptions to house their collections, you will be on to a nice little bonus. I need no thanks Rich, cough! Boodstone cough!

pirate adam said...

wow BOBERT!! 3 posts in 3mins, how do you type so fast?!


Anonymous said...

i changed my identity to try and get away from your comments robert. For many moons now you have treated me like a child just because my knowlege of the marvel universe isn't as great as yours and because i don't read comics. Do you not think that i made that comment about your wife that time because i was so fed up with your comments and sarcasm that i retaliated ? I know that's no excuse and that's why i apologised. Even pirate adam made a comment about the way you spoke to me in a recent post and said that you were being spiteful. Like i said in the past , i'm on here to talk marvel so if you don't like me or what i have to say about the collection just simply ignore my posts and leave me alone. Simples !!

ted sallis said...


Robert said...

Well, I will have to shoot you after telling you this, Adam, but obviously I called friends from the intelligence community. We met in disguise at a secret location deep withing the bowels of an old, unused military bunker behind the Iron Curtain. While there, we mapped this out in great detail. (My code name was Wet Blanket, apparently a joke at my expense that I didn't get.) We returned to the UK - one by helicopter disguised as a mouthy Australian pilot, one by commercial flight disguised as an over-sized American Labradoodle, one hidden under the planks of a pleasure cruiser owned by a randy Russian billionaire and another sneaking through the Channel Tunnel as an illegal immigrant called Ahmed Samosa. After we returned, we implemented my diabolical plan of multiple aliases.

If I can fool Mr. Smith, thought I, I can fool anyone and the world will be mine! Bwah-hah-hah!

Or, alternatively, I work too long and too hard to have the time, energy or inclination to be bothered with setting up a double account.

Robert said...

A selective misrepresentation of the facts, Mr. Smith. It's nothing to do with your ignorance of Marvel. I treat you like a child because you act like one. If you want to quote other comments, then in the past others have described you as a child, too. (I actually think it was either Jacadoo or Adam but can't be sure.) Anyway, any more theories I can laugh at?

Robert said...

It was Adam.

25 December 2009 13:03
Blogger pirate adam said...

Slapstick you get treated like a child because you act like one, i wasn't happy with Max's choice but he won fair and sqaure and deserves to have whatever fig he wants, you didn't even congratulate him when everyone else did and thats just being bitter, also your choice of Constrictor, erm, words fail me.

Pirate Adam

25 December 2009 14:23

jimbob said...

I want to collect the DC chess collection.

Hope EM make all the Batman villian characters.

BobDiamond said...

Ahh...Slapstick-that was the third one-I remember it now...
Anyway...talking of The Constrictor, I think he'd actually make a pretty good figure. I'd prefer his 'classic' look however- with the coils- before the poor bastich got his arms cut off in 'The Initiative'. That seems to happen to a hell of a lot of marvel characters lately, come to think of it...

Pirate Ted 8

pirate adam said...

i was mean on Christmas day ??? i'm ashamed i'm never normally mean ;)


Robert said...

I quite like him, too, and said at the time (I think). To me, Omega Red is just a cross between the Constrictor and Sabretooth.

Oops, there's me talking to myself again!

BobDiamond said...

Strange coincidence there...'cause they used to be teamed-up back in the day -in early Powerman and Ironfist comics...

Mighty LAadoo

Robert said...

Don't remember that at all, Bobert. I read the stories once, in Essential form, a few years back but I was largely unimpressed and have clearly forgotten all about the experience!

Actually, when you look at the Sabretooth and Omega Red sculpts, it just shows how poor the Sabretooth one is.

Robert said...

Heroes Initiative 100 covers. Some incredible new Avengers covers by the likes of Perez, Byrne, the two Romitas, Wilson (on Thing again!) and a load of modern guys, too. Lovely stuff, well worth looking at and all for a good cause.

Word verification: "veryo". It is VERY "Oh!"

Anonymous said...

Characters that are in the chess sets but are not in the CMFC. List is below.

I list the ones I want in the CMFC, and I'm jealous that
they are in the chess sets.
Let's hope we get them
in the CMFC too...

In the Avengers set:
• Executioner
• Man-Ape
• Morgan Le Fay

In the Fantastic 4 set:
• Franklin Richards
• Lockjaw
• Blastaar
• Diablo
• Mad Thinker
• Psycho Man
• Red Ghost
• Terrax
• Thundra
• Trapster

In the Spider-Man set:
• Arana
• Prowler
• Puma
• Ricochet
• Carrion
• Symbiote

In the X-Men set:
• Arcade
• Black Tom Cassidy
• Bloodscream
• Brood
• Deathbird
• Mesmero
• Vertigo

Anonymous said...

If they deserve to be in chess sets, then they deserve to be in the CMFC as well.
Consider this: if EM chose these characters to be in the chess sets,
clearly they are iconic and worthy of representation.
By this logic, I'd like to think they should also appear in the CMFC.

CMFC collectors, too, deserve these amazing Marvel characters.
Personally, as a loyal collector, I would feel cheated and angry if they did not appear in the CMFC or in subsets at some point. They are magnificent characters. Think about Modok, Blastaar, Brood, Psycho-Man and Terrax, just to name a few, and how amazing they would be in CMFC format.

EM, do not even think that to get Terrax I'll have to buy him in chess format! You'll have to give us all these characters in the CMFC as well. Or I'll take this case to the Cosmic Tribunal!

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Agree, I want that characters in CMFC too. That's why our collection can't be finished before #300.

ted sallis said...

Must say i am a big fan of Steve Epting that Avengers sketch cover is sweet, love his style.
The one cover i would give my left testeclon for is the Bill Morrison "Simpsons" cover, I would be quite happy if that was the last piece of original art i ever owned.
I'll follow the ebay auctions , more in hope than expectation tho.

Robert said...

Wow! Diablo! Terrax! Franklin Richards!? I'd love these character as figures! And I assume we get classic characters, too? Does that mean a classic Shellhead is a possibility? Has it been announced what size the chess figures will be? Can we mix-and-match with the CMFC? Can I ask any more questions?

Anonymous said...

Robert, to answer your question: NO! You can mix chess figures and CMFC figures. The chess ones are double the size! That's why I'm saying proactively that those awesome characters should also appear in the CMFC. If they're so iconic to deserve to be in the chess sets, then it would be profoundly wrong if they did not appear in CMFC, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

And I meant NO, you canNOT mix them, coz of the different sizes and bases.

Robert said...

Thanks for asking my question, Blake. Pity. I really had no idea about the size. Is there a website with more information on the chess sets? Or was it all on the forum? I'd like to know more...

Robert said...

Gee, now I'm at it. Thanks for "answering" my question...

LAWay said...

I too have an alias on this blog, which I will post under this comment. I think guys will freak out that you never saw it sooner!

Anyway, thanks KE for that analysis of the chess collections. I am disappointed that we havent seen better 'new names'', but I guess there are not many better new names left really. Although I thought Prowler has been announced for the CMFC? Anyway, the best chess set looks to be the Fantastic 4. Some great characters in there.

I of course look forward to seeing how the old characters will be represented in which costumes. I demand a poll vote on every character. :)

and reveal the big twist....

Anonymous said...

laway leaves us hanging on the edge of a cliff not telling us who his alias is and robert still persists with his sarcasm. Tune in next time folks !! Right , anyway I'm leaving again now as i am forced to depart by robert's comments yet again. The man really irritates me.

Robert said...

Your choice to leave, Mr. Smith, no one's forcing you to do anything, just as no one forced you to insult my wife, hatch brainless plans to create other identities that agree with your other posts, swear at me, make silly accusations and basically act dim-witted.

Barnabas said...

Now now boys. Play nicely.

BobDiamond said...

Oi remembaa when all this were just green fields as far as the eye cud see...
Baack then all we 'ad to amuse ourselves was a funny little group o'wee lead fellas called The Classic Marvel Collection...or some such...

Now..the world seems to 'av gone suddenly potty! What wiv 'Batman o biles', 'Blackest somesuch', 'chess and dominoes'-I dunno- Caar't keep up with it all, I says..
Ahhh...those far away simpler times....guess it's tiom to fade gracefully away wiv 'memries o' 'roof-top' Spidey to keep me 'ol bones warm at nioght...

I bids ye all a fond farewell...

Farmer B

Barnabas said...

I read both Marvel and DC so I have no problem with new sets being created. This will bring in the new collector that was too young when the CMFC began. Us oldies see it as a raid on our savings, they see it as a beginning. I would doubt that many people would begin to collect ALL the back issues of CMFC now, which is why these things come to their natural end. I still maintain we have another 1 or 2 extensions to go.
I'm tempted by the Batmobiles, but not the chess sets (well maybe 1 or 2 selected figures).
It seems to me that we have reached a point where most of the main characters are done and it's now coming down to the individual wants of people who seem to think that their choice should be made now.
And sometimes I feel we're our own worst enemies. Take Odin for example. We're told that although it's painted, it will be changed, but then there's a raft of complaints because it's not right! And although we're told there are no plans for a CMFC subset a group of vocal people start stamping their feet demanding we have one as we're all p'd off and being treated unfairly.
I'm not p'd off so please don't assume I am.
Whatever happens in the coming months this collection has gone far and beyond any expectations. Long past it's original 60 planned issues, way past the norm for a partwork, in giving us a say for some figures, and all the specials while holding the price down - which is a Marvel in itself. (see what I did there?).
It could end tomorrow, but it will remain an impressive collection.

MossMen. I salute you.

ted sallis said...

yep, also if this collection were to end tomorrow that would be the best April's fool eva.
Good day to announce the Marvel display cabinet collection.
April 1st... a you have a corker of an update planned Rich my boy???

ted sallis said...

La Way, i never would have guessed in a million years, those guys over on the forum have jumped the gun, regarding your big reveal .Let me be the first to congratulate you on such a well executed ruse. For La Way is none other than Richard Jackson.
Yoo da man

Anonymous said...

how is your wife mr trebor ? Did she get the new batteries that i sent for her vibrating toy ? Ah , feel the love , is it true that you tried to re-create that famous scene from the film american pie but you didn't have a spare pie so had to improvise and use a haggis ? Oh how childish of me lol.

Robert said...

And so you show your true colours, Mr. Smith.


Go up to your room, put on your dinosaur jim-jams and later, after your mid-day nap, I promise I will tell you what happened to Jack after he climbed up the beanstalk.

Robert said...

By the way, didn't you say something about leaving...?

LAWay said...

I can now reveal that I AM 'The Mad Thinker'!

DIdnt see that coming did you? All that banter was just a joke with Robert being Bob Diamond.

Because my second big reveal is...I am ALSO Robert AND Bob Diamond!

It was all an elaborate joke talking and arguing with myself and dragging you all in. But I guess the joke has run its course...for now. ;)

LAWay said...

Or I may just keep playing up with the game...what with it being April Fool's tomorrow aswell.

Thanks for reminding me of that Ted. Not going to believe anything on the internet tomorrow. Stupid day.

Bagman said...

Mad Thinker, you deserve everything you get after that comment.
Not even remotely funny and you wonder why your not taken seriously.

pirate adam said...

Robert me old pal, i feel i owe you an apology for one of my previous posts where i mentioned that you may have been a little harsh on MT, i now see the error of my ways. he has once again shown his intellectual level and lowered the tone on here far past anything that i myself did in the past and yet again has shown no remorse, i feel foolish now considering that i was willing to give him a chance well no more he really does get everything he deserves from you and not enough in my new opinion.

very sorry my friend

Mad Thinker, i'm not going to ask you not post or ask that you get banned as far as i'm concerned the blog is for everybody, but dont try to play innocent and the victim when you are clearly a very spiteful individual who in my opinion has now twice insulted another mans wife and as much as you say your sorry quite simply your NOT!! YOU ARE A CHILD AND WILL BE TREATED LIKE ONE BY ME IN THE FUTURE, as in i ignore stupid little children

now for kirlys sake...the Odin sculpt is amazing but what about the second birdie? any chance Rich


Anonymous said...

yeah well he makes me turn nasty. I was ok until he started winding me up. I wouldn't dream of saying stuff like that to anyone unless prevoked. Everything was ok on here until he started bringing up the past. I made 1 comment about this blog and that it's supposed to be about marvel and he had to start trouble. I think it was kirlyaneyes who also said the same about this being for marvel chat yet i didn't see robert bite her head off.

Robert said...

We're cool, Adam. Thor8's Warriors Three are still a team!

Funny thing was, I didn't really get angry or anything today. I was suprised by that. Maybe it's because this comment was not as bad as the last one (it was actually pretty lame), maybe because I have lower (i.e., less than zero) expectations of Smiffy, maybe I'm just a bit tired from work or maybe it's because he thinks Blake/ K-Eyes is a bloke and that made me laugh out loud (to the bemusement of the woman directly across from me who thought I was working).

Anyway, who knows where I can find out about the chess set? When does it come out? Is it a figure at a time or sold as a set? Etc.

BobDiamond said...

Hi Robert,
Firstly let me just echo everything said by PA- that foul post from the Mad One was so out of order that words fail me....
Anyway, we should all move on- giving too much credence to it will just boost his ego.

As for the chess set. The Marvel one is not a sure bet yet for us UK types- it's being trialled in France first (why I dunno)-but I expect it will come over here before too long. It's going to be a part-work just like the figurines and will probably be £7.99 a copy, as that's how much the DC one will be-which we are getting over here.
I don't know if they're going to do a complete set at a time before going onto another (eg. Spidey first, then X-men etc) or mix 'em up. If they do the latter you could be drawing the mere sheckles that this present government will call a 'pension' before you can play one game with your chosen pieces (little bit of politics...).

Hope that helps,

ted sallis said...

Looked athe Marvel Legends chess set on ebay. You can pick one up fer a tenner, some deluded souls have put the *rare* tag on them and are asking £150.00!!!.
I can't play chest... is it an olympic sport??, i would feel a bit of a phoney if i had one on display and someone actually asked me fer a game.Ted would feel like a t*t.

Robert said...

Cheers, Bob. I don't really have any interest in creating a Marvel chess set as such, just on some of the sculpts. (Someone bought me a plastic Marvel chess set years ago but I found it a bit off-putting to play.) Kind of disappointed that the figures are twice the size of CMFC figures, as I wanted to mix the collections. I already have a Giant-Man from an Avengers set that I converted into a statue standing in my Assemblers line-up, as well as a classic Iron Man from another collection whose name I forget. (I'm still thinking of getting a Quinjet from the Superhero Squad - just don't tell Ted.)

Any reason why it's being trialed in France? Why not Germany or Canada or, well, anywhere?

ted sallis said...

Well Robert i have a complete set of figs from the Marvel "Kinder" egg range, they are all about 2 inches high. the set is
1 spider-Man
2 Spider- Woman
3 Hulk
4 Thor
5 Cyclops
6 Silver Surfer
7 Wolverine
8 Iron Man
9 Thing
10 Cap America.
If you have a Marvel doll's hoose that needs occupying, then you would be most welcome to them :)

BobDiamond said...

Now that sounds like an actual Collector's Item Ted! I'd hang on to 'em if I was you!
I've got what sounds like a similar collection. I got them from those machines- it was Thorpe Park (local Theme Park down here) about 20 years ago. They're about an inch or so high and consist of Thor, Spidey, Punisher, Hulk, DD and someone else I can't remember. Weird thing was, I kept putting money in and just got the ones I needed to get the whole set! What are the chances??


Robert said...

Classic Kinder Iron Man, Ted...?

Anonymous said...


ted sallis said...

Bob, your wee figs may be 20 years old mine are barely 20 minutes, They are not from actual Kinder eggs, they are from the Marvel equivilant they are probably still available in your local sweetie shops.
Sorry Robert, the Iron Man is in one of his newer lingerie outfits.
I posted up a wee pic in the mosaic spidey blog.
Tomorrow is going to be the greatest update in the history of this blog.
See y'all

Robert said...

Darn. I was enjoying the sound of Classic Kinder Egg Iron Man.

Robert said...

Bob (and Ted?), a Savage Fists of Kung Fu Treasury for sale on eBay. Sons of the Tiger on the cover - and therefore presumably appearing inside. Two days left and going for buttons!

Anonymous said...

Hey Robert, I'll have you know, I'm a bloke. Very much so. What the heck! Did you think I was a babe? I described myself ages ago. I'm a strapping lad who looks like Clint Barton/Hawkeye. Fact.

Anonymous said...

Barnabas, we all have our different approaches to the CMFC. I must say I'm surprised by your fatalist approach, how you seem willing to accept that the collection may end soon. I'm surprised because, like you said, this collection is a marvel. It shines like a beacon, with its mission to explore as many MU areas as possible, and to cover as many Marvel characters as possible. It is awesome, so why would I not be passionate about its continuation and possible expansions with subsets. I wish Marvel chess sets every success, but personally all I want is to see another 300 characters in the main CMFC. I know I'm not the only one with a list of 150 characters that I'm ready to buy. I've analysed the lists of all bloggers and forum members, and I have identified at least 200 characters that recur across all lists.
No need to be critical. Let passionate collectors express their passion. And may you be happy with just 140 figurines if that's all you want. Many of us want twice as many. More power to EM and to the CMFC.

Robert said...

Sorry, Blake, I made a mistake and typed the wrong word. I knew you were a guy and was amused that you were referred to as "her". In all the hilarity, my brain got a bit scrambled and I typed "bloke" instead of "Sheila" or some equivalent. No insult intended.

Hopefully we'll have a calm day today, topped off with an update.

mighty_marvel said...

burning questions......

1) are we going to get northstar and aurora as a double pack? if so, are they likely to be the november/december special?

2) do the production problems with odin mean we're only going to get 4 specials this year? and if we are only getting 4 specials, will we get 6 next year to make up for missing one?

3) is a 181 - 200 extension likely?

4) what are the chances of resculpts?

pirate adam said...

Warriors Three, Richard???
Second Raven, Richard???

ted sallis said...

Arnie Schawrzenhauegeshlozzer and Stan Lee are working on a tv show called the "Governator"...weirdly it is NOT an Aprils fool

Robert said...

Number One question: is there going to be any announcement about a further extension in the near future?

Barnabas said...

We do indeed have our ideas about the collection. And I'd never question anyone's passion for anything. (the 100 boxes I have in storage will attest to that).
I was being more clinical in my thinking as to where the colection is going. To my way of thinking, and with 180 figures accounted for, it's unlikely that many new collectors will come on board and go the distance. So we end up with a static buying base. A few people have already stated that they will be more selective in the futute which fragments that base a little bringing EM less revenue. Add in the cost of actual production, going up in the current climate, and we end up with margins getting less. Now the price could rise, but that may put more people off buying............
That is my opinion of how I see all partworks eventually going.
I'll be very happy to be proved wrong though. And remind me when it comes around and I'll gladly stick my hand up and admit to the world, well this blog, that I was completely and utterly wrong!

Now onto my other thoughts about the sudden explosion in different comic sets. Disney have already said that they will honour existing licence holders which is a good thing for us. I just got to thinking that if the license is close to ending the new sets will have to run until their natural end, thus prolonging the license! Does that make sense? in my head it does. LOL. Of course, that would benefit us all, except for our pockets.


LAWay said...

LOL good one EM, nice update. :)

AVENGERS -87 said...

Questions for Rich : Living Laser ,Moonstone , Grey Gargoyle , Swordsman, Jewel , Bulldozzer , Thunderball and Piledriver are a chance for will confirm ? if it's not in this extension , but in the next

mgf said...

If EM get stuck into the GotG, both old snd new, Starjammers, Young Avengers, original Avengers, the Squadron - all eras - and start looking at some of those amazing Golden Age characters and dopey 60s and 70s villains the whole argument will be moot as the CMFC will soar through the 240, 260 plus mark.

If they don't it won't. It's that simple in my opinion.

ted sallis said...

I would be all for " The dopey looking Marvel villains of the 60's and 70's collection"
It could be our very own own Darkest night sub series.
The Ringmaster, replete with hypnotic swirly headwear.
Princess Python, with pete the python.
Firebrand, old shellhead villain.
first special.....
Xemu the cuddly titan.
verification horstam...poor tam

info said...

Excited about Firelord and JJJ. In the meantime, a humble plea.
In the next extension, might you consider one of the greatest super-villians ever - The Fury - in all its cybiotic purple glory?
I was so disappointed with the Captain Britain sculpt as the poor chap looks incredibly weedy when compared to the likes of Gladiator, Hawkeye, Yellowjacket, and my favourite sculpt so far, Taskmaster - who look genuinely superheroic. A Fury figurine would take some of the pain away. And a resculpt would be epic. Any chance? Keep bringing the joy...