Friday, 5 March 2010

Next up is...

Another Friday, another update – welcome back.

I really like the idea of announcing one character a week for the extension, so here’s this week’s inclusion – Hydroman.

And as far as I’m concerned there is really only one costume for this guy – check out below.

I know a lot of people are waiting for news on the double pack specials and especially the Northstar and Aurora pack. Unfortunately, all I can say is that at the moment this double pack is struggling to get off the starting line. We’re having difficulty sorting out certain elements, which I can’t really discuss. I haven’t given up hope but I want to make sure we get the best Beaubier twin-pack we can. I know it’s a bit vague and not the best news but be assured that the characters are not being overlooked. By the time the full list (up to 180) is announced we’ll have made a decision.

To answer some of the enquiries from French collectors, I’d just like to say that as far as I’m aware the collection is doing very well in France and should be following the UK all the way to 180 – including specials. I’ve asked my French counterparts to confirm this and I’m waiting for a definitive response. It’s true that the Specials are a little behind the English releases, but Kingpin should be out soon and I expect Fin Fang Foom to follow. Obviously I’ll update this blog if I hear different.

So on to this week’s figurine preview. I present the Scarlet Spider for your consideration.

Despite being a product of the Clone Saga (which had its critics) he was technically introduced to the Spidey-verse back in Amazing Spider-Man #149 (1975). I think he adds an interesting element to the Spidey mythos, and is one of only a few costumed allies of Peter Parker’s that are exclusive to his universe and well recognized. As far as the sculpt goes, we quickly decided that it was important to make sure he matched our original Spider-Man in terms of size (well duh! He is his clone, I hear you say) so we got the sculptor who produced the original to make Scarlet Spider as well.

We also decided that as a clone of Spidey, Scarlet’s pose needed to reflect the first Spider-Man sculpt but be a little different as well. It’s always hard to sculpt Spider-Man standing-up – in comics he’s always jumping around, clinging to walls or web-swinging. Our first Spider-Man sculpt was supposed to emphasise the power and responsibility of Spidey. I like to think that the subtle differences in the Scarlet Spider’s sculpt show the character differences between Ben Reilly and Peter Parker. Ben was more reckless (at least at first) and lacked Peter’s experience, he also has a less-polished fighting style and enjoyed brawling more than Peter (hence the raised fist).

Right, have a good weekend everyone.


pirate adam said...

Hydroman at last


Anonymous said...

Cool! Glad to finally have Hydrant Man (Spider-Man Joke) confirmed for the collection. Now hopefully The Spot will be the next Spidey Foe. And agreed that the T-Shirt and Jeans look in a water spout is the only logical choice for him. Especially since his costume period looked kinda doofy. Here's some pics.

Gremlin said...

Great news. Not a big shock about Hydroman and I am glad you seem to be leaning towards the half water version. Can't wait to see how you tackle the paintjob on it.

As for the doublepack I am still holding out hope for Northstar and Aurora. If the worst comes to the worst then I would hope you might see to it that at least Northstar is put in the lineup. Hey, if later down the line doubles are viable you still have the option of removing him like you did with Ka-zar.

Finally, Scarlet Spider. To be honest he was never a character I cared for but he is certainly a smart sculpt and I like how you have echoed SpiderMan's figure in him.

Great work, keep the characters coming. (Photon, Forge, Tigershark...;))

Ryan Maxwell said...

Glad to see Hydroman included. Here's hoping his water elements don't give you any troubles if you include them.

I'm concerned about the twins. I really think they are the best choice for the next two-pack. We need more Alphans regardless, but they are the natural choice. I hope you figure out whatever the problem is soon. I'll be enjoying my customs in the meantime.

buffduffdan said...

YAY! Now Hydroman is what I call a great confirmation. Way over-due and as Grem said, no real suprise but so glad he is finally in. He has massive potential for the lead treatment. A water bottom half sounds good and possibly even a hand as a weapon (similar to Sandman). Either way great choice Rich!!

Scarlet Spidey looks great. Nice to see him have the essence of the original fig in him but still be have the personality of Ben. Can't wait to add him to my Spidey display!

Really hope you manage to work something out regarding Northstar & Aurora. However failing that, I think Northstar should be done as the next Alphan and I honestly wouldn't mind too much if he had to be done as a single :)

The Hood said...

Scarlet Spider looks great and hopefully so will Hydroman. Here are some suggestions for the next extension, Werewolf By Night, Howard The Duck, The Hood and Jigsaw. Thanks for the update.

Mr J said...

Hydro-Man no big shock but a welcome choice. Hope we hear about a New Mutant next week ;)

Hope that the problems with the Northstar & Aurora double pack can be sorted out. If not than just stick Northstar into this extension.

ted sallis said...

Excellent news regarding Hydroman
Not overly excited about spidey clones
but realise he is deserving of his place,
Nice to see main site updated Sunfire looks absolutely superb

Anonymous said...

WOW! Love Scarlet Spider! Really can't wait to have him in my collection :D

jarvis69 said...

Nice new update Richard .
My Sandman is wayting for his friend Hydro ! lol
Even if for me " The clone saga" doesn't existe in Spidey story , Scarlet Spider looks great .
About the double pack , I agree with Ryan ! We NEED the twins !and later....Puck and Sasquatsh...;)
Thanks for your interest about the french collectors. It seems taht we'll finally receive the Kingpin in last !
Have a good week-end and see You next week...with a new character of the extension

mighty_marvel said...

knew hydro-man would be in this time round after all spidey allies last time. hope we get another spidey villain in the extension. left up to me it would be jjj but tombstone or jackal would be good inclusions too. don't think it's time for the spot just yet.

please make the double pack happen. characters as connected as the beaubier twins simply must be done as a pack. and to much wanted characters will surely sell well

Timothy said...

Hydroman is a good Spidey villian, and I always had a fondness for the Scarlet Spider.

I hope the Northstar/Aurora two pack makes it through soon, I really want to have a complete classic Alpha Flight collection.

Still hanging on for hope that in this "final" extension, they make Count Nefaria, I want to pose a bunch of Avenegrs against the guy. ^_^.

mighty_marvel said...

even in inverted commas please don't use the word final in reference to this collection!

Killer Frost said...

Hydro-man is a cool second pick he was a given just like Karnak, Tigershark and Forge probably should be this extension too. I like the idea of one figurine been revealed each week.

Scarlet Spider looks fantastic and I will keep my fingers crossed for the twins double pack!

Can we get a look at the Destiny figurine next week?

jimbob said...

Thak you for giveing us Hydro-man.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't understand all the fuss about Northstar and Aurora. Yes, they are siblings so make a perfect double-pack. But they are also two of the least memorable Marvel characters ever, and their costumes are not very iconic either. I always thought that Alpha Flight had a very small following? Of course I'm happy if their figurines make other collectors happy, but I can do without them for a few more years.

My personal first choice for a double-packs is:

Their story is legend, and the whole Celestial Madonna saga is still resonating deep in Marvel consciousness. Not to mention they look awesome in terms of physical features and costumes.

BobDiamond said...

Got to agree, Original Swordsman and Mantis are a definite must. A classic piece of Avengers history.

Anonymous said...

hydroman = excellent! bring in jackal and kaine and we have us a complete set of spider-man's most important rogues' gallery. I m not counting the crime bosses cos to me, they're overrated. Why they bother doing things under spidey's nose is anyone's guess. it s not like he cant defeat them with all his limbs tied up like a salami. oh well...moving on...
i like the scarlet spider's sculpt except his eyes. they look, well...sorrowful. Ben Reilly was more gung-ho and happy-go-lucky than pete was, i daresay, and looking at pics of his,, i can say that they are shaped exactly like spider-man's not a teary-eyed spider-man!: pls pls pls make it look better. also try to fix his legs' direction cos from this angle it looks like his upper body s going one way and his lower is going the other :S

Thor8 said...

Hydroman eh! Wise choice as he has been amply solicited. Not a big fan of The Scarlet Spider,but I did like the character and mourned his demise.

Any news on the Wasp's wings,and the possibility of The Radioactive man being done with glow in the dark paint?

Kirlianeyes and BobDiamond; You guys have made me one very happy Asgardian. I thought I'd be the only one interested in an Original Swordsman & Mantis double pack,boy am I glad to be wrong! Anyone else out there who would like to see thistwosome done?

foxchilde said...

Liking the Scarlet Spider!

Also, Hydroman is a good, solid choice. His name has been heard a lot recently, so I thought his time was probably coming.

As for the Twins, that'd be a real shame if they don't get done. I know some people feel Northstar would be fine on his own, but I really like Aurora too. I hope this makes it off the ground!

jimbob said...

Tigarshark next week please!!!!!!!

Dan The Man said...

I can confirm (hope it's ok Rich? oh well too late now!) that Radioactive Man will indeed have glow-in the dark paint!!!!
Wasp's wings are now in the hands of our production department/factory as we speak, there are some issues with production so we may just be told what they will be made in rather than having a choice.

Gremlin said...

Excellent news Dan. It's actually quite creepy that I was thinking about Radioactive Man having glow in the dark paint this morning. I honestly think he will be one of the stand out figures if it works out OK.

jimbob said...

I take it there is much of a chance of Sasquatch & Puck double pack.

Which means Puck will have to be included in the regular line up.

Alpha Flight is still the most requested team in the collection.


SinisterVenom said...

Agreed Jimbob, ask any of us here, we want more Alpha Flight! I mean how many of us have asked for the likes of Northstar, Aurora, Puck and Sasquatch?

''Did you say Hydrant-Man? The dogs must love you!''
Really good news that Hydro-Man is on his way and the costume choice is spot on. And speaking of Spot, I don't think he will come before Hammerhead, Tombstone, Jack O Lantern or Jackal in my opinion. I would like him eventually too though. Scarlet Spider is looking great, matches the description you gave Rich.
I like the idea of a figurine being announced every week, gives us all something else to look forward to in the updates.
Finally can we get a sneak peak of Silver Sable or a painted Blackheart soon please?

SinisterVenom said...

I thought of another Spidey villain that has yet to be in the collection: Morlun.
Personally I like Morlun and would like to see him in the collection but the fact he's only been around since 2001 and there are many other characters that were created before him makes it unlikely he will be arriving soon. But still, it's a thought.
I'm really hoping amongst the next extension (or ideas at least) are Crossbones, JJJ, Deathbird, Avalanche, Owl, Jigsaw, Marrow and Grey Gargoyle. I tried to sort of spread them out to different categories this time. Some ideas anyway.

jarvis69 said...

Another good news ! A glow in the dark figurine ! Thx Dan
By the way , nobody talk about Puma ? You don't like this character ? It could be a nice fig , no ?

jimbob said...

Okay if we are not getting Auora & Northstar double pack this year.

Then give us Sasquatch SPECIAL!

Definitely prefer him over others.

Omega Red 58
Ronan The Accuser 48
Lockjaw 47
Mojo 36
Odin 35
Sauron 35
Strong Guy 29
Terrax 22

Only been holding back because thought of haveing Auora and Northstar this year.

satanclayton said...

Scarlet Spider looks cool as.Now how about Crossbones,Blob,Avalanche,U.S.Agent,Palladin.Come on you know you want to.

mighty_marvel said...

you're not alone SinisterVenom. Morlun's the best spidey foe created recently imo and i'd love if the collection was going long enough for him to be in it. i imagine that jjj, tombstone, jackal and kaine at the very least are ahead of him but he's got a reasonable shot after that

ted sallis said...

EM have gone with original Ditko Beetle see wip here!!

max_0888 said...

I love having one fig announce every week. It makes us all the more excited and will go on for longer. Since the extansion of 161-180 is so far away anyway, it's not like we are in any hurry here.

So Hydro-man, another great choice. Beetle and Hydro are too great fig. This will be one goooood extansion. I also agree he needs to be made in that costume, obviously.

As for Scarlet Spider, I am more than happy with him. I honestly thought he wouldn't make that good of a fig since he looks like spidey, but you once again did it EM, the fig looks absolutely stunning. Simple and effective.

Thanks, can't wait for next week. I'm hoping for Magik or Karnak (and I would be realllly surprised Meggan or Monet would make the cut, but a guy can dream right? ;) )

BobDiamond said...

I believe that there are still areas of the Marvel Universe that need further representation....
The 1950's..Marvel Boy(Uranian), Yellow Claw, Venus or Namorita would all be worthy here.
The Western Heroes...the original Ghost Rider (a.n.a Night rider), with horse would make an excellent Special.
The Guardians of the Galaxy.. (in desperate need of representation!) my choices would be Starhawk or Vance Astro.
Humour...Got to be Howard the Duck, (with Beverley as a Double Pack)
The Golden Age...Cap America(with original triangle shield) and Bucky- double pack..or Original Human Torch (with or without Toro)...
just a thought..

BobDiamond said...

What a t...1
I ment a.K.a ....

ElvenBrit said...

Pleased with both Hydroman and Scarlet Spider, nice additions to the Spidey collection. Plus it saves me a job customising them for my own collection. I'd like to see a few more Daredevil characters like The Owl, Mr Fear, Lady Bullseye, Echo, or maybe older ones like Death Stalker.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that next week's announcement is a real surprise. Beetle and Hydro-Man have both done really well in polls and such. I'd like to see some more left field choices getting announced around the big guns. Kinda like last time when we had great announcements like Destiny. Someone who got mentioned a lot, but didn't do huge numbers in polls. Hell, even someone like Selene or Dark Beast would be something of a surprise. :)

Anonymous said...

hydro man is great news , and scarlet spider looks fantastic.
the bad news is that if this collection does stop at issue 180 we have no chance of getting all of the forgotten characters still left to be done.
i'm deeply upset by this and i hope that eaglemoss decide otherwise and go to 250 issues maybe , or close to it ?
we need more villains in the following categories :
fantastic four
marvel knights
x men
masters of evil + thunderbolts are a good choice to start.

bring on the twins , we need the rest of alpha flight too !!

please continue to show at least one figurine preview each week and also keep up the idea of announcing one extension character too.

BobDiamond said...

Sorry to harp on about this one, but I just had a great idea for the Original (Western) Ghost Rider...he could be painted in luminous paint a la Radioactive Man. On horse-back, like this, he would look excellent!(maybe a Halloween Special Sometime?)

Anonymous said...

I kinda hope that they don't do something like a character on horseback. That's basically probably going to be close to Mega Special price point if it did happen. And there's characters like Mojo, M.O.D.O.K., and Sasquatch who are larger than normal specials I'd rather see before something like that. And if we did have to get a character on Horseback, I think Dani Moonstar on Brightwind would be cool. It would be a unique way of doing that New Mutant and make her stand out from the others.

Gremlin said...

I would love to give my support to a Meggan figure. She fits into the curveball category but she has the history, the look and she would complete the original Excalibur lineup. Plus she is a British character ;)

Kal Brindle said...

I am terribly sad to hear that the twins are being delayed or worse even vetoed. Is there no way you could include Northstar in this extensions line up and pull him if the two pack gets the go ahead later?

Like all rabid CMFC fans, I am paranoid that my favourite characters won't make the collection before it ends.

There is another way to appease AF fans though I suppose, make your next figure announcement on Friday Puck, Shaman, Marrina, Vindicator or Talisman and it will definitely soften the blow.

Thanks for giving us as much information as you have Rich, but to be honest you've given me the feeling that it's more than financial or production issues holding things up.

On a more positive note - great news for Spider fans of Hydroman and Scarlet Spider (while not a personal fave) looks awesome. I am loving the one figure at a time announcement too - it makes Fridays even more special for me.

Kal Brindle said...

Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to say that I really hope EM are going to throw us another curveball choice or two. I love it when characters come out of left field like that. (Nomad, Impossible Man, X-Man, Blink).

Here are few unsolicited suggestions of my own - LOL...Texas Twister, Squirrel Girl, Howard the Duck, the Rawhide Kid, Dust, Brother Voodoo, Paladin, Shroud, White Tiger, Phantom Rider, Firebird, Clea, Lionheart, Yondu, Oracle, Pip the Troll, Jennifer Kale, Sabra, Whirlwind, Porcupine, Marrow, Diamond Lil and Simon Garth the Living Zombie.

LAWay said...

Ok, best news ever! Not only are we getting hydro-man, but scarlet spider as well!!! I am well chuffed. Consider me a satisfied customer!

jimbob said...

Pete Wisdom would be a good curveball that everyone would be happy with,and a sure to be a good sell in the uk:)

Anonymous said...

I really hope that we get Beetle in the modern costume, and NOT the vintage one.

As for the poll... does anyone know when, where and how it's done?
I'd like to take part.

Let's also remember - this blog may include lots of requests for Alpha Flight characters, but I wonder if they are really popular with the majority of collectors who don't use this blog?

I do agree that more Alpha Flight characters need to be represented.
I'd be much happier with Sasquatch or Marrina, as they'd make much more interesting figurines than
Northstar and Aurora.

Anyways... Swordsman and Mantis are awesome characters and in a higher league, and they deserve a double pack as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

"Pete Wisdom would be a good curveball that everyone would be happy with,and a sure to be a good sell in the uk:)"

I wouldn't be happy with him. Annoying Warren Ellis "Mary Sue". Meh.

Thor8 said...

Even though Beetle started out as a Torch foe he ended up being a foe for Spider-Man,so he and Hydroman make 2 out of 2 for Spidey foes in this extension,which means we should move on to other branches of the MU!

Let's try a little game.Everyone try and guess who next week's inclusion will be. You can pick up to 2 choices. I'll start by saying that the next one on the list will be:

Remember it's not whom you want most but rather whom do you believe is most likely to be chosen

mighty_marvel said...

personally i don't regard beetle as a spiderman branch character as he's got around the MU far too much over the years.

beetle's been a foe for a few superheroes. human torch, spiderman, iron man, daredevil .......

and is now a thunderbolt which is where i am classifying him.

but onto the guessing game. after 2 male characters we might see a female next and i imagine EM will get through the more obvious choices first so my picks for next week are


Anonymous said...

Pls pls pls complete inhumans, alpha flight and excalibur!!!
karnak, lockjaw
marrina, puck, sasquatch, northstar, aurora
meggan, pete wisdom

sorry for repetition but an excellent curveball WOULD be some golden age surviving hero such as spitfire too, i guess. but i digress.
btw, if beetle was in his mach-1/2 costume i d consider putting him with thunderbolts, but he WAS an iron man villain too.

jimbob said...

With the Beetle costume poll,why isnt Mach-IV in there.

The poll is kinda ponitless as the othere two costume is not very familiar with most collectors.

And it has always been said that when Beetle gets picked that it would have been betwen Beetle and Mach-VI.

Gremlin said...

Well I think EM have settled on the Beetle persona and its a matter of figuring out which Beetle costume to use. he was always going to be a difficult character because of the fact there is such a stark difference between the two phases in his life.
You never know, later down the line if the collection goes on enough Mach IV may make it on his own.

Fabio Mucci said...

Cool the Scarlet Spider. At least Hydro-Man it's a good choise, Beetle a funny one.

But why don't put characters more important like Jigsaw, Howard the duck or Simon Garth to the collection?

P.s. And power pack and lockjaw!

Anonymous said...

hey , don't forget me , i too support the swordsman and mantis for the collection.
i love swordsman the most and he'd look great displayed near hawkeye.

my two guesses for the next figurine to be announced :

karnak or mantis

Anonymous said...

p.s :

where the hell is robert ?

Baroni_08 said...

Hydro man at last he is well overdue , and Scarlet Spider will be a great addition .

My choice for a special would be someone who is a unique character , in look and story , but i know its charaters of scale that are made as specials . But i would have The Fallen One , the first ever Herald and Only Herald of Thanos. but thats my choice , otherwise Onslaught or Living Tribunal.

And my two choices for Thor8's game .......

Nova (frankie raye )

peace true believers BARONI .

SinisterVenom said...

My choices for the game:

For some reason I feel convinced Avalanche is coming soon so I'm putting him as one and Selene has been a people's favourite so we'll see...
It seems you and I are missing Robert the most Mad Thinker, it has been quite a while now...will be ever be back? Who knows huh

jimbob said...

I hope Avalnche will be in the extension since he missed out on a obvious double pack with Pyro.

EM can take inspiration from Gorgon cracked base for Avalanche fig;)

Gremlin said...

I could really take or leave Avalanche. Yeah he would complete that particular Brotherhood lineup but we had three B'hood guys last time. lets have Exodus for the Acolytes or Deathbird.

BobDiamond said...

Double packs that I'd really like to see in order....
1.Original Swordsman and Mantis
2.Golden Age Cap. America and Bucky
3.The Daughters of the Dragon(Misty Knight and Colleen Wing)
4.Howard the Duck and Beverley S
5.Original Human Torch and Toro
6. Silver Age Giant-Man and the Wasp (Special)
7.Whizzer and Miss America
8.Aurora and Northstar
10.Hammer and Anvil!!!(anyone remember them!)
Any thoughts team!?...

Thor8 said...

Hey I miss Robert too,I just hope he's alright. I've also been missing Lipstick and Madam_Medusa on this blog.

Don't really consider Beetle as a Thunderbolt,just as I don't consider Screaming Mimi or Goliath(the evil one)Thunderbolts either.They may be the same people As Mach IV,Atlas and Songbird,but they were never part of this team under those identities.

Forgot to thank you in my previous comment Dan The Man for the confirmation of Radioactive Man being done with glow in the dark paint.Guess is safe to assume that means he'll be sculpt in his classic costume.AS for The Wasp's wings,guess we'll just have to hope the best decision is made and they come out great.

Glad to hear you'd like a Swordsman Mantis double pack also Mad Thinker,so,do i hear moreback-ups for this duo?

SinisterVenom said...

I wouldnt say no to Whizzer or Miss America. I'd still rather have Alpha Flight for the next double pack and the twins would be the best choice (come on Rich, you know it's true ;D).
Actually I would like to know how the Cloak and Dagger figurine is coming along. Any news Rich?

SinisterVenom said...

I'm with you guys for Swordsman and Mantis Thor8, bring em!

jimbob said...

My thought is there is not much of a chance for any of them since Rich said on the blog that we might be lucky to get Aurora & Northstar double pack.

SinisterVenom said...

True Rich did say that but I'd be willing to pay good money for Northstar and Aurora, in fact I'd be buying two because I'm getting them for my bro too.

Thor8 said...

Nice list of double pack candidates BobDiamond,but I fear that when Jacadoo reaches #6 on your list he'll have one heck of a stroke,and I can hear him screaming all the way over here in the Caribbean "What, not another bloody Wasp figurine" aaaaaaaaahh!

SinisterVenom said...

My bro suggests a Mojo and Longshot double pack. I can see there being enough history for the two in the magazine but I think considering Mojo's size, he would have to be a single special. I think I'd prefer them seperate anyway.

BobDiamond said...

Well I certainly don't want to be giving Jacadoo a stroke,'s my thoughts on MEGA specials...
1. Eternity
2.Super Adaptoid (reminds me of my first Avengers comic -excellent cover, ah those were the days...)
3.a Celestial
4.Ymir the Frost Giant
5.Surtur (anyone remember the story where these 2 fought Dr.Strange and The Avengers?... brilliant!)
I'd really LOVE to see MODOK, but I don't know if he would be a Mega or just a Special...

Thor8 said...

I'm under the impression that you're an old Avengers fan BD,well so am I and I know which books your refering to and I agee,those were and still are real classics!

Anonymous said...

twin packs :

northstar + aurora
elsa + ulysses bloodstone
arleta + stakar ogord
hammerhead + tombstone
swordsman + mantis
kid colt + rawhide kid
cobra + mister hyde
marrina + puck
dark star + red guardian
whirlwind + blizzard

pirate adam said...

i may be well off base here, and if i am i appologise in advance, but is there a chance that BobDiamond could be our missing pal Robert pulling a Smiffy on us? just a thought


BobDiamond said...

Guilty as charged for being a massive Avengers Fan Thor8, have been for at least 36 years when i used to get the old British weekly comic (with Shang-chi/ Ironfist and Dr. Strange...anyone else start off that way?)
However I'm not Robert (pretty sure about that, and I'm sure he's sure too!)'s just that i've only just got into his 'blogging' thing!!

Thor8 said...

For awhile the same thought occured to me also PA,but when I checked his profile no relations turn up. If he were one and the same he's sure done a good job of covering his tracks! As I mentioned before I just hope he's okay. Hmmm,Robert-Bob(Diamond)isn't that the same name?!

Well anyway, anyone else wants to try and guess who the next character in the latest extension will be?

SinisterVenom said...

Wow, that's weird, I had the exact same thought early this morning that Robert may be under a new name and BobDiamond was my first choice. Could you still be on here under a different name Robert?

max_0888 said...

I was thinking about the x-men spot in this extansion. Since there are so many teams outside of X-men yet to be completed (X-force 1 and 2, both Peter David's x-factor, Excalibur, Generation X, New mutants) it would be fun to try to get strategic characters that would help complete them the most. I really love that we are in a collection that could get some characters in that were never made as a fig before. When was Siryn made? Never. That is so cool. And I love those second x-teams.

Wolfsbane and Longshot are two obvious choices for that. Longshot would fill the X-men slot this extansion and would fit for the current X-factor one aswell. (With Spiral in, he'S a must)Forge could be hold for the next extansion to take the X-men slot.
As for Wolfsbane, she would be helping the new mutants team, the current x-force one, both of Peter David's X-factor and a later member in the excalibur.

I think, imo, both of them are the most strategic ones.

I know Domino, Forge and Magik are the most popular ones on the forum. I agree they are all deserving too.

I also think, Meggan would be a wise choice. Since, of all the teams left to do, she's the only one who could finish one. So, if (and I really doubt it), if the collection ends here, at least there's one team outside of the main X-men, that would be completed.

So, guys, which X-characters de you think is the most deserving to come first? Taking in consideration there will probably be around 4 this time.

I'd also like Monet but she's a long shot.

BobDiamond said...

Really guys, there's nothing sinister(venom) about my choice of name! It's because, as well as being a massive Avengers fan, I was also a huge fan of the 70's Kung-fu mags- such as Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu, which featured The Sons Of The Tiger. 'Bob Diamond' was one of these guys, so...
This is actually the first place I've ever 'blogged'(It took me ages to work the whole thing out!)
Speaking of people who have 'gone quiet'...whatever happened to Deadpool? He was my inspiration to have a go in the first place..

Deadpool said...

Excellent update to the blog and the web site.

I hope Hydroman will be done with tinted clear poly resin for the lower half of his body to represent the HYDRO aspect of the character.

I am looking forward to getting Jack of Hearts and the enchantress; they both look superb.

On the subject of clear poly resin - check out the update to the DC site "MR Freeze".

I think he is the first figure to incorporate plastic and metal in a single miniature in the Moss Men series.

Zatanna is also an awesome sculpt and would be a good benchmark for Marvel to follow.
I will be investing in more than one of those figures - I will mod Shi eventually; Zatannas curves and other assets are a good start.

Deadpool said...

Hey there Bob, welcome to the Deadpool appreciation blog.
Since I have a tendency to annoy;
Mostly deliberately but sometimes through sheer enthusiasm) I have decided to lower my volume somewhat.

Keep on Blogging Bob ... you are a real gem, also check out the DC site too for further inspiration.

The Hood said...

On the subject of mega specials, would anyone else like Stilt-Man to be made? I know he is a pretty terrible villian, but thats why I like him, and he has been around sine the 60's so that at least makes him a classic character.

And my choices for Thor8's game are Baron Mordo and Brother Voodoo.

jimbob said...

Im not sure if Stilt-man can be classed as a mega-special?

He is basically a regular size character 5'6" in a regular fitted robot suit that can extend his legs to 250ft.

He has not got the mass size of Galactus and Sentinel i dont think?

Personally i think there is a lot of much needed regular specials i would like to see before anymore mega-specials!!

Omega Red
Ronan The Accuser
Strong Guy

EM has no worries about sales if they confirm these guys:)

SinisterVenom said...

Nice little joke with the Sinister name there BobDiamond. I'm still practically new to the blogging thing myself, this was the only reason I came on for really, I've been here for a few months now and I'm certainly enjoying it. So it's cool but I do believe Robert could still be upon us here somewhere...
Stilt-Man is a figurine I can wait a while for to be honest, I can think of plenty more specials I would like to see before old long legs arrives in the collection.

PierreNZ said...

Hydroman! = Yay!
(crossing fingers for Tigershark for more watery goodness)

Beaubier pack: I'm sure the guys will come up with something awesome, although i'd love to know what the problems are cuz I'm nozy. that would make for a good "from idea to finished product" story.

Re French news: I wasn't even aware that there was a chance that different countries might stop earlier than the UK. I'm all the way in New Zealand and hope every single fig will make it here. We're only at Ms Marvel (#76), missing Apocalypse, Galactus and abomination, although we got Man-Thing a while back. Probably Special/MegaSpecial release jumble but frustrating. I wonder if I should simply source from the UK directly to be sure to get them all.

Anonymous said...

SCARLET SPIDER!!! Great stuff. Absolutely delighted he's in the collection as you've probably heard me say a million times before. Spectacular stance, sensational look, he's gonna be an amazing figurine. :)

The Hood said...

Jimbob i agree with all of your choices for specils and I would like to see all of them being made, especially MODOK, I was just putting the idea for Stilt-Man out there, but your choices are better characters. But if they do make him he would have to be a Mega Special, I know he has not got the mass size of the others but he would be too tall to be anything else.
Just had an idea for a double pack Werewolf By Night and Simon Garth, both are classic marvel horror characters and both would make cool looking figurines.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to share my views on why sales may have been effected at eaglemoss.

1: iron man movie special

i for one never bought this issue.
not necessary in my opinion and a waste of a slot which could have been used for an important missing character - we've all seen the wish lists.

2: choice of twin pack specials

poor choice of characters to use in my opinion.
everyone seems to be asking for northstar and aurora and we may not get them. this is probably due to lack of sales on the last two twin packs , but then look at the characters used for these. hardly on the top of everyone's wish lists.
professor x would have been better as a regular issue on his own - making way for avelanche + pyro twin pack.

3: 70 year anniversary issue

in my opinion the choice of character used was poor and even then the figurine wasn't that great.
surely there could have been a better character used for this celebration issue ?
any ideas folks ?

anyone else agree with my theories or have any of their own ?

Anonymous said...

the hood :

here's an idea -
i would like to see stilt man in the collection so if and when he's done how about having him peering through the window of a building ?
this would make the sculpt big and bulky.
or he could be grabbing some loot off of a sideboard through the window of a building ?

Deadpool said...

All that "Thinking" will make you go blind.

But all things considered I think our resident Mad Man has hit the nail on the head regarding the Double Packs.

Moss Men had a bad choice of figures as doublers.

Better choices as previously discussed: -

Sasq and Puck
Swordsman and Mantis


My choice for a double pack would be: -
Original Captain Britain and Lionheart.

I disagree about the Iron Man special, it was an awesome sculpt.

I hate the base on the Abomination - he should have been done on a regular base - definately a figure we could have done without.

Similarly the Black suit Spidey on the roof top - mine had missing fingers and was a real disappointment.

Finally a big ---- hell no to ---- Siltman.

jimbob said...

I remember Rich saying that MODOK and Mojo could be classed as a mega-special.

So they could be next years mega-special.

And, sneek peek of Moondragon on the forum guys.looks good.

Deadpool said...

The 70 year special was a similar disapointment - mine doesnt stand up straight.

Why not have Cap with his original shield instead or one of the other Golden Age Invaders.

Let's face it we still don't have a classic Bucky Barnes.

jimbob said...

Yeah i wonder how the sales are for that 70 year special fig?

Deadpool said...

I have one last suggestion today.

Since the Moss Men are considering the use of transparent / translucent Poly Resin for their figures, how about Poly resin versions of the following: -

Nova (Frankie Raye)


The original Human Torch and Toro as a Poly resin enhanced double pack.
(Wouldn't that have been an awesome 70th aniversary special --- sigh)

Nuff Said.

Deadpool said...

If you are interested in seeing the effect of Poly resin on a figurine - check out some of the Heroclix figures - Sinestro, the Big Dark Phoenix or even Iceman or one of the later versions of the Human Torch.

BobDiamond said...

At last someone who agrees with me about an Original Human Torch and Toro Double pack, and/or Golden Age Cap and Bucky!!( I was beginning to think my mad ideas were falling on deaf ears..)
Thank you Deadpool!....
Now, do we have any love for a Sons of a Tiger Triple Pack??....
(I thought not....!)

BobDiamond said...

PS...and now for something completely different...
As a bit of a Completist (prehaps to a slightly worrying extent..)I would very much like to purchase a GREEN Quicksilver Variant Figure (as they have in France) but I don't want to spend loads of money on e-bay for the I believe we should be offered the same deal as our cousins across the water.
I've e-mailed the main site about this, but got no response so far..
Is there anyone else out there who feels that this figure is essential to completing their set?
Maybe the 'Moss Men' will do something about it if enough people show interest...

Anonymous said...

well i for one would buy it because i can have him displayed with the avengers and the x men then being as there would be two different coloured costumes. i am also considering buying 2 hydro man issues - 1 to go with the frightful four displayed with the fantastic four group , and 1 to go with the spiderman group.

marvelman said...

I agree with BobDiamond. I really want a Green Quicksilver but am not prepared to spend £50 for one from ebay. Rich - please can this one be made available in the UK.

Also crossbones, penance and avalanche for the new extension!

The Hood said...

I would also like to get the green Quicksilver, I need it to have a complete collection.

Anonymous said...


If, like I hope, we are going to get a green Quicksilver, please can we have it in a running pose.

In general, it is a pity when a figurine does not capture the character's most prominent power/ability.

Having Marvel's fastest runner done in a static pose was a bit of a lost opportunity in the first place, I think.

Anonymous said...

i hope we get speed demon and in that running pose you just mentioned

Deadpool said...

Unfortuantely Bob, we are the only ones with any true vision and creativity, but we can still hope.

I too would like to see Speed Demon - the Amalgam version is awesome.

As for the variant versions of characters, thinking laterally, why not buy two of the same and repaint the second one using the variant colour scheme?

That could save you a whopping £44 on Mr Quickie.

Deadpool said...

Oh and just for info - you guys may want to check out the figures on the DC site.

The latest green lantern is "Taking off" from his base.

Zattana is bootylicious

Black Canary ( the thumb nail doesnt work but if you click on it you see the full figure) is a true Babereham.

Just to reiterate - Mr Freeze has a poly resin helmet on.

Check out what we are missing in terms of detail and quality.

Personally I would pay the extra £1 for Marvel to match the quality of DC.

Once again ... Nuff Said.

Deadpool said...

Having done a little digging on the Quicksilver variant, I think they are a scam.

The info I turned up and cross checked with Ebay suggests they were a limited run of 1000 produced without a magazine.

This seems awefully suspicious.

I reiterate my previous comment.

If you want variants purchase the standard figure and repaint using acrylics.

BobDiamond said...

I totally agree with you that repainting would be a quick(ish) way of obtaining a 'variant' DP, but it's because the Green Quicksilver is supposedly an 'Official' Eaglemoss piece that makes me want to have it in my collection.
Now, if they turned out to be part of some unofficial scam, then I wouldn't be interested anyway.
Prehaps Rich and the Moss Men could confirm if Green Quicksilver is an Eaglemoss Production, as Wikipedia leads us to believe?

Gremlin said...

The Green Quicksliver is official but so far has only ever been released in France of all places. It's a simple repaint of the original blue sculpt, I won't bother trying to get it.

I am glad EM have edged away from varients. It worked for the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix and Hulk/Grey Hulk but really that was it. Captain Marvel was a waste of money and blue Angel just angered me. I thought I would be getting Archangel but just got a lame repaint.
Some people say having US Agent as a varient of Cap would work but it wouldn't. There are too many minor differences in the costumes one of which is the shape of the shield. US Agent is a main character in his own right and deserves his own sculpt and magazine....just not yet though :) Same goes for Arachne, she could be done as a repaint of Spiderwoman but there are some differences and it doesn't do credit to the character.

Thor8 said...

Totally agree with you Gremlin,the variants done in this series are just repaint of the same figurine and really not worth the extra cash in acquiring them. Those who wish to have a green Quicksilver in thier collection should just purchase an additional blue one and repaint it. if a variant is going to be done it should inclued the proper changes that go along with the character such as those you mentioned and others. Example Giant-man/Goliath there are differances such as,goggles,belt design,uncovered ears no antenae,ect.

ted sallis said...

Variants were a bit of damp squib the first time round same mag , same fig with different lick of paint, I was just about to tell EM where to place "variant" figs when they thankfully stopped producing them.
I did my very first custom fig just before last christmas, For a wee joke i posted an image of my Daredevil "yellow" over on the forum , i passed it off as an exclusive variant limited to 1000 figs for subscribers to the welsh speaking magazine?
You would have laffed to see how many people fell for that little beauty :)

Deadpool said...

What do you guys think of the comparison between the quality of the DC figurines and the Marvel Figurines?

I collect both sets and have found that in general DC is far superior to the Marvel figures in terms of -Sculpt, Pose, Painting /Paint Quality and availability of specials.

Have you guys got any thoughts or am I now officially outcast from the Blog and hailed as a heretic?

jimbob said...

I dont see no diffrence in sculpt quality.

It seems they use the same sculpters.

Deadpool said...

Since I collect both I see a distinct difference.

The paint colours also seems to be much more vibrant.

Also -- My black Spidey has missing fingers.

BobDiamond said...

I also collect both sets dispite being far more a Marvel fan than DC.
I would agree that most of the DC figures seem more'robust'and usually have more unusual poses (excellent Riddler pose), they also seem slightly larger on average too. They are a pound more, so maybe this has something to do with it?
However,I think the choice of characters is a bit odd, (especially The Superman Statue- really not necessary!)and a little repetitive- too many villains that look like Superman, too many versions of Robin etc....(and The Marvel Magazine is a lot better too!).
There have been some amazing figures however....Hawkman and Gorilla Grodd spring to mind especially.

Anonymous said...

Re: Comparisons between the Marvel and DC Collection.

Rich has commented in the past that Marvel started first, so they learned quite a bit about how things work before starting the DC Collection. Yes, many of the DC Figurines are a bit more dynamically posed. But they can't really suddenly start deviating wildly from how the rest of the collection looks. They wouldn't appear to be part of the same collection.

And frankly, there's a lot of figurines in the DC Collection I don't find all that awesome. Many of the Titans have been rather static and ho-hum even. And Superman's pose isn't really great either. Ill stick with the Marvel collection, just way more enjoyable.

Hel said...

Having watched for quite a while now, I feel it is appropriate to comment.

Deadpool is correct on many accounts as regards quality.
Robert is also correct in his observation that some of the DC characters appear as unneccessary additions to that collection.

I also find that I agree with many of the annoying, yet amusing proposals that Deadpool makes.

I too am an avid collector and in common with one or two others, have a desire to see more Norse characters.

I like the idea of resins.
I have seen their successful use in many other statues and figurines.

Let's see if the so called "Moss Men" can deliver with a combination of metal and resin on Hydroman.

If Hydroman is a success, then let us petition for more use of resin on the proposal for the Original Human Torch and Toro.

I would also like to see a resculpt of the Invisible Woman and Iceman ,among others, that adopts a different more dynamic pose while enhanced with the use of the aforementioned resin.

Good Day kind sirs...
I look forward to enjoying your company in Nilfheim...very soon.